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#genshin diluc
Diluc: A vodka for me, and she'll have, uh... a juice box.
Diona: I'm ten.
Diona: I can buy my own juicebox.
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2-dsimp · a day ago
Hello for the event please yandere Demon Diluc and a nun reader please
You got it!
Tumblr media
Yandere! Demon! Diluc
Headcannons ❤️‍🔥
🔥Diluc is a high ranking demon of 5 stars so he’s well cut above the rest of his demon brethren, when it comes to salvaging souls and taking the sinners straight down to hell
🔥Diluc is an pure fire-blooded demon meaning he’s been born a demon since birth and have grown accustomed to the cutthroat rules/regulations its inhabitants have to abide by unless they take it upon themselves to be purged leaving no chance of their inevitable reincarnation
🔥His main job is to not corrupt but to wrangle in the wayward souls of the dammed that miraculously escaped from the fiery pits of hell and send them back to where they belonged
🔥 In order to do that he had to set up a cover, a fine brewery famous for its impeccable liquor that he himself finds detestable, but for the sake of his mission he tolerates it seeing that his potent liquor served as a lure for the condemned souls running rampant in the human realm
🔥He found his Darling purely by instinct as he was bartending he saw they pass by his brewery watching from the window in pure a shock and partial hunger
🔥Dignified they were as they took in elegant strides with their robes clothing affiliated with the church was fluttering peacefully in the wind as they carried on to complete their duties for the Lord
🔥the Darlings soul was one of a kind, it was as pure as a newborn baby, so bright, lively, and most importantly so inviting for demons like him
🔥He nearly lost his composure as he tried not to chase after them in an attempt to bask in the enticing spectacle that brought him almost to his knees, quickly he retreated back to his office
🔥 In order to stop his demonic traits from coming forth, only to drool and pant, using the desk as his lifeline. His hand clenched at his chest
🔥Only tightening in realization that the demon heart he had from within was finally beating, a sign that meant only one thing…
🔥 They had to be his.
🔥And with a soul like that they needed him to keep all the little parasites away
🔥He wouldn’t allow anyone else demon, human, nor angel to take them away from him.
🔥Disguised as a lost soul that needed guidance he successfully managed to worm his way into their life, slowly but surely becoming the one his Darling relied on
🔥But it wasn’t enough at first he thought he wanted to protect them and shelter them from the dirty clutches of those that seeks to cause them harm/lead them astray
🔥It turns out he wanted them selfishly all to himself, he was a demon after all the need to indulge in one’s temptations were near impossible to ignore.
🔥Their smiles, affection, and the taste of their lovely soul, greedily he wanted it all.
🔥Sooner or later he had planned to take his Darling with him back to his domain where every little thing they’d want will be full filled all they had to do was entrust themselves to him
🔥If they refused…well he’d only tilt his head back in an dry chuckle caressing their face with his clawed hand, as he directed them to look deep into his serpentine scarlet piercing eyes
🔥” My beloved, I’m sorry to say this but there wasn’t an option for you to chose, you’re mine. So be a sweet nun and worship your new master ”
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moimimi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Young Pyro users buly adult pyro user
PRT 2. of the pls Mihoyo let them be happy again art - PRT 1 : here! 
I did not think much when i added the lil doodle of Diluc akwardly standing there secretly wishing for a hug as well (Archons knows he needs it), but most comments and reactions I got was people yelling at him to stop being so stubborn and just join the hug, so i decided to turn it into a mini comic!  
Amber Klee and Bennett literally giving him a push in the right direction 
Prt 3 will hapen when i have time to draw that HAH
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kaespost · a day ago
minors dni
you dont know how bad i want this man to fill me up to the brim
just imagine holding diluc's hands while you ride him slowly he guides and praises you and letting out little whimpers when he feels himself hitting your cervix.😍 ugh id let this man doggy style me like sir ill even take you from tha back 😍
something like this
"c'mon darling you can do it" diluc whispers, seeing you visibly struggling to take him in. you slowly started stroking up and down, whimpering because of the slight pain. you slowly fasten your pace, placing your hands on his stomach while diluc settles his hands on your hips, slightly lifting you up for support. "hngggah,,, im close diluc...." you whisper, going as fast as you can to release. "go ahead darling, come for me." diluc whispers, roaming his hands on your curves, feeling every inch of your body.
"you're such a good whore for me, why dont you ride me till you're weak, hm?"
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hazelsinteyvat · 2 days ago
Eating snacks totally absorbed in a book, you accidentally grab the hand of a stranger (character or your choice) sitting next to you instead of your food 👉👈
This wouldn’t be your first choice, might not even be your second choice but right now it was the only choice. With the pouring rain outside, the intense wind that threatened to knock over the heavy chairs normally so braving of the weather, and the on-coming seasonal changes you knew it was better to wait out the storm than take your chances in it.
It was surprisingly nice. The dry and relatively empty tavern was almost as comfortable as your living room, except for the abundant amount of alcohol, oh, and the red-head who set your chest on fire. When you barged in through the door dripping and heaving from the brisk run you made toward it, the last thing you expected was to see Diluc standing on the other side of the bar. The intensity of his eyes as he watched you drip onto his floor made you second guess your desire to stay there. However, there was no other place to go so, with an apologetic expression, you took the towel he offered you and tried to be as ‘out of the way’ as possible.
Even with your eyes slipping every once in awhile to the man you had a hard time breathing around, you found the space he occupied warm and inviting. The stool closest to the wall provided you some protection and, after he made a warm beverage for you, the enticing call of your book finally pulled you back into the text.
You became lost in the words between the covers. Your once wet hair now dry as you brushed it from your face, palm sliding to rest under your chin as your fingers turned the page to a new and unexpected journey. There was something wonderful about getting lost in a story, about leaving the world you know behind and transcending into one of the unknown or, if it was one you loved, how easily you’d dive into again and again.
Giggling, you ran your fingers down the page before reaching toward the small bowl that Diluc had left for you a while ago but when you pinched them closed an unfamiliar texture, you quickly pulled your eyes from the book. It was like time stopped moving. Instead of the snacks you were reaching for, you instead wrapped your fingers around Diluc’s, your gaze traveled up his arm only to see their owners shocked and uncertain eyes staring back at you.
“Ah! I’m so sorry!” Both of you pulled your hands back at the same time, you collecting yours in the protective shield of it’s partner while he clenched and moved his down to his side. “I … should have been paying attention.”
“No harm done.” He spoke, turning away from you and leaving the bowl where it was. You stared at his back and felt your stomach grow ill. Was he so disgusted by your touch that he had to turn away as to not offend you. Was he wishing you never barged into his tavern - this was the second time now that you’d inconvenienced him.
“I’m really sorry.” Slumping back onto the stool, you fidgeted with your book while stealing glances at him. How was it that even with his back turned to you, you were still completely smitten. There was no way someone like him could like someone like you. You were about to say something when he cleared his throat and returned to grab the bowl.
“It’s late.”
“Ah, yeah. I can-”
“Once the rain subsides, I’ll escort you home.” He glanced at you before looking away and even under the soft light of the tavern, you swore you caught an unexpected color on his cheeks.
“Are you sure?” You asked more in a whisper, eyes falling to the pages of your open book.
“I’ll make sure you leave safely.” Diluc placed the bowl on the back counter before crossing his arms and leaning against the thick wood. He kept his gaze to the floor and while yours landed on the line that made you giggle moments ago. The sound of the rain pattering against the windows made your heart ease while you and Diluc existed under the protective roof of Angel’s Share.
“Don’t you know, silly boy, I love you.” Cameron whispered gazing at the face of their one, and only, love.
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starrconch · a day ago
★ Includes: Diluc, Thoma, Childe / Tartaglia, GN reader, mentions of a member of the reader's family dying, hurt to comfort, leaks for Thoma's namecard as it's being used to section off his piece of writing
★ Word Count: 1743
★ Master List
★ Notes: Request information can be found here :)
Tumblr media
★ Diluc knows how it is to lose a family member, having lost his father not too many years ago, so he would have an inkling of an idea of what you were going through.
★ He would be at your disposal throughout your time of grief. If you needed anything, it would be brought to you without a moment’s hesitation. If, by chance, the person you had lost had been killed by another person’s hand, your partner would dispatch them at your request.
★ All he wanted was to see your smile again, but he also knew that dealing with all the emotions that came with losing someone couldn’t just be brushed aside.
Diluc found you sitting on the steps of the Dawn Winery as he came back from being Mondstadt’s famous Darknight Hero. It broke his heart to see the way your body silently shook with the sobs you attempted to keep inside, the way you held a crumpled piece of paper in your hand for dear life.
He rushed over to your side, leaving his claymore on the ground, and embraced you in his arms. One of his hands gently held the back of your head and pushed you into his chest, while the other rubbed circles on your back in hopes to ease your pain.
“It is okay, my love. Let it out.”
“They're gone, Diluc. They’re gone.” Another piece of his heart shattered at the wobble of your voice. You clung onto his jacket, letting go of the paper, and sobbed into him, finding the warmth he emitted a solace in a moment of torment.
Keeping you close to him, he picked up the paper to read the words written on it that caused you to suffer. It was a letter informing you that a member of your family had just passed away and that the funeral was to be held in a week’s time. The letter included no clue as to how they had died, but it offered the sender’s condolences.
“Y/N, I-”
“I’m not going to be able to make it to the funeral,” you stated through your sobs. “They lived all the way in Fontaine! It takes more than a week to get there without even stopping for breaks.”
He pulled you away from his chest so he could see your tear-stained face. “Would you like to go to Fontaine? Even if you cannot get there in time, would you still like to pay your respects to them?”
You nodded, curiosity replacing your saddened expression for the slightest moment.
“Wait here one moment then, my love.” Diluc quickly headed into the Winery, leaving you for only a few minutes, before returning and sitting next to you on the steps once more. “A carriage has been requested to arrive as soon as possible to take us to Liyue. From there, we shall exchange horses so we do not have to take any unnecessary breaks, and also in Sumeru too so we can get to Fontaine in a timely manner.”
His plan only made you break down even more and reach out for his hand so you had some sort of anchor to ground you. “Thank you so much. You don’t know how much this means to me, I-”
“Do not worry about it, Y/N. Anything you need, you shall have.” Diluc brought your hand to his lips to kiss the back of it. “I know how it is to lose a family member so suddenly, that it is not easy in the slightest. Please remember that I will always be here with you throughout your grief if you need or want me. You don’t have to go through this alone.”
★ Your partner continued to hold you until you had gotten through your initial tears. Afterwards, he carried you indoors and ran you a warm bath where he stayed with you to help you wash. He’d let you sleep (if you could) until the carriage arrived where the two of you would travel to Fontaine.
Tumblr media
★ The Kamisato Estate’s Housekeeper had seen people around him grieve for lost loved ones before, but he had never experienced it himself. He imagined it would be heart-shattering, however.
★ At first, Thoma would need to process your emotions as seeing you so upset also made him tear up. As soon as he had done that, he would dive straight into comforting you, assisting you with anything you needed.
“Hey, my love, why do you look so down?” He walked over to where you sat in Komore Tea House, sat next to you, and cupped your cheeks in his hands. The tears that streamed down your face had some welling in his own. You looked so broken, so defeated.
You, your partner, and some other friends were meeting here to enjoy some hot pot together, but you had received some tragic news on your way to the tea house.
“Thoma,” you cried between hiccups of sobs, “they’re gone. They passed away. How- I-”,/p>
Thoma cut you off by removing his hands from your face and placing a kiss on your trembling lips. Your own hands found their home on his chest, bunching up his shirt as they balled into fists. “I know it hurts,” he began, pushing you gently so that you rested on his shoulder, “But I’m right here with you. Cry and let out all of your pain.”
“They’ve been gone for a while now, and I didn’t even know. I was just carrying on with life without knowing any better. I only just found out because the letter came all the way from Mondstadt.”
His eyes widened in shock at the mention of his home town. He never expected people from the City of Freedom to be so unorganised with a matter this urgent and important.
“Would you like to go to Mond to visit their place of rest? I have a few favours that I can pull to get us out of Inazuma hopefully by tomorrow. Is that something you think would help you, my love?” With the utmost care, he gently placed kisses on your cheeks, absorbing the tears that rested there.
You nodded, resting your forehead against his. “That would be great.”
“If there is anything else that you need, know that I am here for you, Y/N. I won’t hesitate to get you whatever you may need.”
★ Your partner asked you if you still wanted to stay to meet up with your friends for the hot pot, sending short letters to the people who were indebted to him. No matter what you answered with, Thoma would stick by your side to keep you company and make sure you were doing as well as you possibly could.
Tumblr media
★ Childe couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose a family member. He was so close to his family that losing one of them would be like a limb being ripped from his body.
★ His first instinct to comfort you would be to hug you as that was what he usually did. Your partner wanted to shelter you from the world and protect you any way he could.
★ But if you needed him to do anything specific, all you had to do was let him know and it would be done.
As soon as your partner returned home, hanging up his coat by the door, he could hear your faint sobs coming from the dining room. Without bothering to take off his shoes, he followed the heart-wrenching sound to find you sitting at the table with your head in your hands, furiously wiping at your tears as you noticed him approach you.
“Oh, Childe!” You smiled in surprise. “Welcome home.” Your voice broke as you spoke, too troubled by whatever was causing your sorrow.
The harbinger frowned, pulled out a chair next to you and tugged you into his arms. His hold could have potentially crushed your ribcage with the strength, wanting to protect you from all that brought you harm, but it was also the most gentle thing you had ever felt by the way he cradled you carefully.
“What’s the matter? Who hurt you?” Childe placed his chin on your head and stroked his hands through your hair.
“I- They’re gone.” You couldn’t help but break down even more at the crushing reality of your words. “They’re gone and there was nothing I could do about it. Nobody even came to tell me in person, they just sent a letter.”
Your partner eyed the folded piece of paper on the table that was sat atop its envelope. When he picked it up and read its contents, he discovered that another one of your family members had written to you to inform you of them passing away. Their funeral was to be held in a few days, but as the letter was sent from Natlan (Childe could tell from the stamp), the funeral had most likely already arrived and ended already.
Anger rushed through his veins at the fact that they had held the funeral without you, especially as you were really close to them, but he restrained himself from sending a fatui agent over there to sort things out. “Did they live a good life?” He whispered into your ear, soothingly rocking you back and forth.
As you paused to think for a moment, Childe pressed soft kisses to your neck and cheek, hoping it would ease your pain. “They did, I think so anyway.”
He hummed, sending calming vibrations throughout your body. “That’s good. Would you like to visit their place of rest in Natlan? I can arrange for the fatui to organise something to take us there as soon as possible, that is if you would like to.”
When you nodded into his chest, he held you even closer. “If I’m to be honest, I’ve never experienced something like this before myself, so I don’t know first-hand what you’re going through. However, I will be here at your disposal if you need anything. Let me know and it will be done for you.”
★ While Childe waited for some of his agents to return with your transport to Natlan, he made you some of his special Prize Catch Soup to eat. Even if you couldn’t seem to find the motivation to stomach anything at that moment, he made sure you at least had some water as he knew crying would make you dehydrated.
Tumblr media
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starglitterz · 2 days ago
celebrating birthdays is much more difficult than expected.
Tumblr media
feat; diluc x gn!reader
warnings; i forgot how 2 write lol,,, food mention,,, not proofread we die like how everyone thought kazuha would <3
a/n; KOIII! @chichikoi !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE !!! im not sure what timezone ur in but this is scheduled to post for 12am 15/9 aka as soon as ur bday starts in my timezone! i hope u like this mwahhhh also theres a better letter for u in the a/n utc ♡
please reblog ! it helps a lot :)
Tumblr media
diluc ragnvindr has rarely been close enough to anyone to celebrate their birthday, nor does he feel the need to. he pretends he doesn't remember the birthday parties crepus and him threw for kaeya when they were young, and the parties he had for his birthdays too - isn't he too old for that now? he doesn't feel so inclined to sit awkwardly with a party hat on his head while he waits for everyone to finish singing happy birthday. but with you, things are different. he desperately wants to commemorate your special day, the day you were brought into this world, the day that's the sole reason he's able to date you now. unfortunately, he has zero clue how to.
originally, he considered asking the knights for their opinion, but when he thought of how kaeya would tease him, the proud smile jean would wear as she realised that he was asking for help from the knights of all people, the way eula would take this as just another reason to exact vengeance, how klee didn't even like him, and how albedo probably had no idea too, diluc changed his mind very quickly. hence, he sought assistance from none other than the workers in his house. hillie and moco were unhelpful, merely starstruck at the chance of speaking to their boss face to face, while connor suggested making you a special brew, which diluc rejected. thankfully, adelinde and elzer managed to save the day. adelinde whipped up a delicious birthday cake that was your favourite flavour, with elaborate edible decorations and a 'happy birthday!' illustrated on it with icing. elzer, with his eye for detail and skill at handling important affairs, plotted out your schedule and found the perfect time for diluc to surprise you - right after you wake up the next morning.
to say diluc is terrified would be an understatement. he's been in so many battles, defeated hundreds of fatui members, yet here he is; quaking in his boots at the thought of you disliking his surprise. but then he thinks to himself that he's got to thank you somehow for everything you've done for him. the way a smile from you brightens up his entire day, how your warm hugs never fail to cheer him up, your reassurance and light scolding whenever he overworks, the infinite wonderful memories the two of you have made together that he keeps hidden like precious treasures in his heart - he's so lucky to have you, and diluc is planning to show you just how grateful he is today.
from outside the door of your shared bedroom (no, he still can't get over the fact that you live with him! and sleep in the same bed!), diluc lights the candle on the cake in his arms. he can hear the sounds of you faintly stirring, and his cheeks redden slightly with excitement and anticipation as he thinks about how he's going to gift you with a kiss too, aside from the present waiting for you downstairs; it's something you've mentioned wanting for ages, and diluc recalled you saying that and purchased it. the candle flame flickers gently, and diluc smiles at no one in particular, imagining your joyous expression when you see it. it may not be his birthday, but as he looks up from the dancing flame and enters the bedroom, diluc makes a silent wish.
archons, i hope they have the best birthday!
Tumblr media
quill speaks !
happy birthday !!!!!! i rlly hope your bday goes amazing, and that you have the most awesome day ever! shoutout to you for being one of the no1 diluc simps omg i hope u like the fic too <3!!! you're super funny and friendly all the time, i love seeing ur posts and even willingly followed the brand new koithe2nd for a clogged up dash! LOL but seriously, you're a great person, the only person i can tolerate making fart jokes (besides genesis), and i rlly hope we get to become closer friends & that diluc comes home for u ASAP ! mwah i think that's all for now, happy birthday again koi !! keep being the super awesome person you are, ily <3
quill <3
um to the rest of u 🙄 /j
i cba to use my taglist for this post im so tired im sorry </3
but anyways heres a tag for my beloved sarah @almondto-fu bc hashtag elzer mention 😋
i know i said i wasnt going to be writing but kois bday bash is an exception!!!!!!!!!! im going back into hibernation now !!!!!!!!! /hj
anyways i dont rlly have much to say except that i had to go boil water halfway thru writing this and then nearly cried bc of injury pain but its ok who cares we die like crepus 😎‼ LMAOOO pls im too tired to tag this properly i just wanna sleep ahhhh goodnight all of u !!
hope you enjoy your stay at quill’s dessert cafe, and do check out the menu if you’d like ! 🍭
© starglitterz 2021. do not repost or modify in any way.
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5aph · a day ago
red skies, sore eyes
you couldn’t put your son to sleep and thoughts of incompetence begin to swarm your head.
note: yes this was me being frustrated that my dog wouldn’t eat
AFAB!Reader, mentions of pregnancy, post-partum
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it had been three weeks since you first met your son. he bore tufts of brown and you were sure they were bound to turn bright red like his father’s soon.
until then, it was his cheeks that resembled diluc’s hair whilst his wails wracked the mansion’s halls. you were sure it was two am last time you checked, but with the sun beginning to peek maybe you had lost the concept of time weeks ago.
you rocked him back and forth, your eyes beginning to droop which only incited the swelling panic within you.
“please,” you quietly begged.
it was embarrassing to even imagine what you looked like now, tears seeping through the corners of your eyes like your son. maybe he had gotten his hair from diluc to balance out the tears he got from you.
it had been three weeks and already you knew that someone else could have given him a better life than he had now. you couldn’t even calm him for god’s sake! just imagine the next eighteen years of his life!
it had been instinct to bury your face into diluc’s chest once you felt a tap on your shoulder. and like your son, you cried.
“i’m s-so sorry diluc.” your voice was muffled and your eyes were tired. you sought comfort in him but the wailing child in your arms was a reminder of what you couldn’t become.
“hey,” it was a just a whisper followed by a gentle touch under your chin. he signalled for adelinde to calm his son while he focused on you.
before you gave birth, you vowed to raise your child without the help of anyone else. you refused to let them live a life of neglect. so when adelinde had finally emptied your arms, you broke into diluc’s arms.
your wails filled the room, dyeing your thoughts red. you were sure that the wrinkles you left along diluc’s sleeves were permanent by now, even such a menial task you couldn’t seem to accomplish.
his hands were warm behind your back. it was a different shade of red. one that you wanted to succumb yourself into.
“why did you marry me?”
you couldn’t meet his eye. not when you were questioning the grounds of your love.
“i see myself nowhere other than by your side,” he was earnest and hoped that you could see that. “even if we had never met or gotten married, i would still be under the same roof but it wouldn’t be the same.”
you wrapped your arms around his waist, blinking a few times to let your eyes adjust to the morning sun.
“without you, i would have rotten away along with the floorboards of this mansion. i’d be working tirelessly both day and night. i’d have no regard for my health because i wouldn’t have had you to come home to.”
he tilts your head up again with a cupped hand. you found yourself leaning into his warmth, into the red that was his love—that was him.
“but i can’t be the wife you wanted me to be, or the mother our son wanted me to be. i—“ you released a shaky breath. “i’m just me, diluc. i can’t be what you want me to be.”
he brushed the tears that pooled in the corners of your eyes. you thought of how you would miss his love and miss his gestures, and the thought of even leaving him brushing your mind caused more tears to silently race down your cheeks.
how could you think that? how could you even think—
“through thick and thin, you and i,” he recited. you remembered saying those words to him as a joke during a rough commission. it had gotten an eye roll out of him making you laughed. and now it had followed you through til now.
“i don’t want you to be anything else but you. it’s scary being a parent. not a day passes by where i doubt myself, call me selfish but i know everything’s going to be okay when i see you with me.”
“you showed me how to properly tie my tie this time without there being a huge knot at the tip of my throat—“
you snorted. “you looked like the blunt end of a baseball bat.”
he gave you a playful look. “we all have our preferences but that’s okay.”
“you looked like a bottle of wine wrapped by kaeya on a thursday afternoon.”
“hey, now that’s too far.”
you giggled and he places his lips at the top of your head. you relished at his touch. the comforting smell of home when you bury your head in his chest.
he pulled away from your embrace, wiggling the finger with a single silver band. “we’re tied by fate.”
“our red string of fate—through thick and thin, you and i.”
he gave you a smile and you swore that his eyes shone brighter under early morning rays.
“there’s nowhere else i’d rather be.”
Tumblr media
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kyinpeachichu · 2 days ago
Genshin impact boys reaction to showing them your magical serenitea pot
===================================================Basically their reaction when you show them a whole adeptal world of your own inside something that can fit in a bag. Characters mentioned: Diluc; Kaeya; Childe/tartaglia; Zhongli; Bennett; Xiao; Kazuha; Albedo. ====================================================
"Your house? I never knew you actually had a place to stay."
- Aaaannnndddddd he turns you down cuz he's busy at the moment.
- You had to ask him a few times but he pretty much turned you down every time.
-He didn't mean anything bad by it. He really was just busy. He still is the dark knight hero after all.
- When he had free time though, he was sitting by himself in his room, and he feels like he's forgetting something.
- Then he remembered you and he thought "Well I have free time now. It would be interesting to see where the traveler lives."
- He went out to find you, and when he did, he brought it up.
- You were so excited and happy when you pulled out your teapot from your inventory..... that it confused him for a second.
- "Oh... uh, I didn't know you collected antiques too Traveler. Is that a new decoration you found for you home?"
- To be honest he thought the teapot looked kinda normal, and it didn't have any historic value by the looks of it. But he didn't want to be rude and question your tastes.
- You looked at him for a second before remembering that you actually have to explain
- "Oh, right. This may be a little confusing but...... this teapot, is my house......"
- Diluc was just straight up confused. He didn’t know what to say. "Uh..... I see....."
- But you didn't let him wait and you let him your teapot home.
- He was surprised of course, but at the same time, he somehow knew something like this could happen to you.
- He was in awe, but he didn't show it. (Much to your disappointment)
"Oh my, Are you inviting me over? Well what gives me the right to say no?"
- you were happy he said yes almost immediately.
- "So, where do we go?" / "Oh, we dont need to go anywhere. My house is riigghhttt- Here!"
- He was surprised when you dug through you inventory and pulled out a teapot.
- He was confused but he didn't say anything.
-You didn't waste time pulling him into your humble abode~
- You turned to see his reaction, and you were happy to see it
- He showed more reaction than Diluc did. His one un-covered eye was open wide and his mouth was ajar. But he didn't let out so much as a gasp.
- After that he laughed and said "You never cease to amaze me Traveler."
"Sure, I dont have anything to do at the moment."
- and just like that, he agreed
- Being a rich bank owner- (*cough* sugar daddy), you can bet his home in snezhnaya will be a friggin mansion.
- He doesn't expect your house to be a mansion though. But if he sees that it's just an old shed, he's gonna buy you one.
- "So where is this home of yours?"
- You pulled out your teapot from the inventory and he didn't seem surprised.
- But he did wonder what that teapot was for.
- When you finally showed him what it was for, he definitely didn't expect a whole terrain. Much less the mansion infront of him.
- it was smaller than the one he had back home, but it was still a mansion.
- His face was full of wonder than with shock or surprise.
- "I gotta say comrade, when you said you we aking me to your house, I definitely did not expect this."
"Your house you say. Well I dont have a reason to decline right?"
- To be fair, being an archon who associated with the adepti, he wasn't surprised and immediately knew the second you pulled out a teapot.
- However, the thing that surprised him most was how one of these fell into your hands.
- He cant assumed you found one on your travels. No adeptus would be so foolish as to leave something like this around for a human to find.
- Anyways, when you were both inside he immediately knew who gave it to you.
- "Ah, I see, it was madame Ping who gave thus to you."
- "How did you know?"
- "I feel a certain..... presence of hers. Also, the terrain seems to have her touch."
- He was pleased with how well decorated the place was. (Assuming you didn't fill the place with pine folding screens)
- (He was considering getting one too because he's probably too broke to get a place of his own)
- (But lets leave it to the imagination and hope he's living with Childe in the meantime)
"Oh, you have a house? Gotta say, since you were a traveler, I didnt actually expect you to have a place to stay. Sure I'll visit your house!"
- You dug through your inventory and presented him a teapot
- "Woah whats that? An artifact?" / "Nope, this is where I live."
- Then lo and behold your very own world!
- His eyes were ✨sparkling✨
- Probably have the best reaction out of everyone.
- "Wooaahhhh!!!! Traveler..... you live here?!? I-in the teapot?!? This is a teapot!?!"
- The boy was so excited, running around the place and exploring the whole place!
- He almost didn't even notice the giant mansion that was actually the place where you stayed.
- When you let him inside he was even more excited.
- He asked if he could stay the night before he was even aware he said it.
- And you let him, even gave the guy an extra room.
- "I gotta say traveler, you really are lucky to have a home right in your bag! And I'm lucky to be invited here. Thanks so much!"
- such a sweet boi
"Perhaps I can spare some time. Alright, I'll come for a visit."
- Well he was alot easier to convince than you thought
- Actually no you had to find him all over liyue and whenever you did find him, he'd be too busy.
- This is like, the 6th time you asked him
- "Where is it? Is it somewhere within Liyue?"
- You got your teapot and he was confused for a second but immediately knew what it was later.
- before he could say anything you were both inside.
- He was more or less the same as Zhongli. Being an adeptus himself, he had an idea on what was going on, but was surprised you had access to this kind of adeptal magic.
- So sadly, he didn't have the best reaction except for: "Huh, I didn't know you had access to an adeptal world like this. Much less make it your home."
- "Do you like it Xiao?" / "Well ...I suppose it is quite peaceful here."
"An invitation to the home of the traveler who saved Inazuma? Well, it's not like the wind tells me not to."
- He had to ask permission from Beidou first before leaving. She didn't mind.
- "So traveler, where's this humble home of yours?"
- While still on Beidou's ship (cuz thats where he was), you took out your teapot, and he looked quiet puzzled.
- "Fogive me but, is there something you need with this teapot?"
- You let him in (the crew on the ship didn't even notice)
- He was amazed yes. His face looked like he was watching a firework show.
- It was night time in your teapot so the stars were out.
- "Amazing, a whole entire world, all to yourself, inside a simple trinket that a person could turn a blind eye on if it were at a flea market.
And to think suck a world could fit inside a bag, and in the palm of our hands. Traveler, you have always been one to be full of surprises."
- Aw god his poetic speech is just 👌👌👌 (and I'm putting in more)
- he closed his eyes and inhaled the air, listening for the slightest gust of wind. (Yes there is wind the the teapot I think, I do see the grass blowing)
- "It's quiet here, so peaceful. It feels like it's completely safe here. I could find the nearest rock and doze off right now. It's beautiful here traveler. Do you mind if I stay here, just a little longer."
- Boi you can live here for the rest of your life more rent free than Mona if you'd like!
"Huh, I never thought a traveler would have the need for place to settle in and sit still for a period of time. But sure, I'd like to see your house. I'm not too busy at the moment"
- You were in his research place right in dragonspine when you asked him.
- He began to clean up his things and getting ready to go, but then you told him that wasn't necessary.
- "Hm? Aren't we leaving?"
- You brought out your teapot, and he looked at it like it you were holding a baby bird.
- "strange, why would we need a teapot traveler?"
- without any further explination you grinned and then you brought him in.
- He was in awe.
- his eyes widened slightly while his mouth fell ajar. But other than that, he was quiet.
- "Amazing, traveler, may I be so bold to ask on what sort of alchemy you used to create this? Or maybe, this isn't alchemy at all....."
- He was more curious about every explination there is to be made than the actual place you two were at.
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witch-hazels-musings · 16 hours ago
Hi Hazel! This is TiredImpact - I wish Tumblr let us 'ask' things with side blogs, but alas 🙃 One of your recent asks about Diluc's chest gave me a sudden burst of inspiration (because of course it did). I decided to share this little scene - maybe it'll bring you a bit of joy? Your writing always brightens my day, but it's the person behind the blog that keeps me coming back. From one internet acquaintance to another, I hope you're doing well. 💖 No pressure to respond!
A grandfather clock strikes once, echoing from somewhere down the hall. You creak open the door of Diluc's study and find him sitting in a backless chair, shirt open, about to take off his boots.
He hears your approach but feels your hand in his hair before can shake the cobwebs from his brain. You gather a few tangled strands and brush them to the side, exposing the wrinkled collar of his shirt. The fabric slides over his skin and suddenly he feels your lips on his neck.
His breath hitches as you trail down his shoulder and softly slide your hands under the loose fabric of his shirt. He slowly leans back into your embrace, relinquishing some of his weight into your arms. You can't help but smile when he tilts his neck, opening himself to you. The hands on his torso make him shiver and he let's out a small, delicious noise from the back of his throat when you gently bite his ear.
You finally settle on his chest, fingertips running over every scar and indent. He whispers your name and you hum in response, prompting him to speak. His voice is hushed and deep in the late hour.
"What did I do to - to deserve this kind of-" he shudders at your thumb gently caressing his nipple until it hardens under your touch, until he's pressing into your hand. You switch sides and massage his chest, your manner just shy of hungry. He tilts his head back against your shoulder to watch your hands on him, eyes heavy-lidded and lips parted.
His body is usually hidden from view, away from assumptions and unwanted questions about his shiny, mottled skin. But you hold him with acceptance and reverence; he is momentarily uninhibited beneath your caring hands. These small moments with you, hidden away from prying eyes, allow him enough peace to relax. His worries slowly fade into the background until all he can think about is you - about the way you feel wrapped around him, the way you smell, the way you hold him-
"What were you saying, Diluc?" The breathlessness of your voice sends a shiver down his spine.
"I..." he chuckles weakly, "At the moment I - I can scarcely remember my own name."
"Mmm? Do you want to?" There's an agenda in your question and you wait patiently for his answer. His calloused hand gently covers your own, pressing you further into the meat of his chest. If only you could see the softness of his expression.
"I don't believe I do."
"Then..." he shivers at your warm breath in his ear, "I'll help you remember tomorrow morning."
WHAT THE HEEEEEELLL — THIS IS INCREDIBLE IT’S BEAUTIFUL IT’S AWESOME AND I’M HEART IS POUNDING IN MY CHEST!! So much about this I loved omg … i … where were you hiding your secrets because I want to read so much more of what you have - if this is what you bring me from a simple bout of inspiration T.T I just … in love. Thank you for this it’s incredible and it did make me smile so sos so much
First you hit me with the feels at the beginning and then this .. I am smitten
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ganyuslily · 21 hours ago
how could a heart like mine love a heart like yours? — diluc
Tumblr media
pairing: diluc/gn!reader (romantic)
category: angst, hurt/no comfort and when i say that i mean it, royal!au, lovers to enemies!trope, major character death
a little summary: you entertain the thought that yes, maybe, you loved him at one point. that yes, your heart fluttered when you saw him and that you looked at him with an unmistakable softness. but as much as you may have loved him once, you loved your people more.
note: i have a special subcategory in angst which is “making diluc feel pain” wheter it be physical or emotional i cant seem to give that man a break<3 cutely tags @xiaophobic
Tumblr media
“i don’t love you,” there is a certain uncertainty in your voice, but even though it’s slightly shaking, your hand is steady.
moonlight is seeping through the window, illuminating the room — it makes him look quite peaceful, with his hair messily scattered on the pillows and his shirt unbuttoned, leaving his chest exposed.
diluc ragnividr was a handsome man; one would have to be an idiot to not see that. with his sharp features and tall posture, he was the closest idea of a god the people of mondstadt would get to. he was a living, breathing masterpiece — he was beautiful, breathtakingly even. it seemed as if he was created by the gods themselves, because he was too perfect.
maybe that’s why it was so hard to plunge the knife into his chest.
“i can’t love him,” you say to yourself. you can’t, you can’t, you can’t. you can’t love a traitor.
your hand is steady — scarily steady even, — but you can’t get yourself to make the final move. maybe it’s the way he’s breathing soundly, innocent and unknowing like a young child or maybe it’s because a part of you still held some kind of a sentiment to him. whatever it was though, you wouldn’t let it get in your way.
not when diluc ragnividr was the very person that was gonna send your people to their death.
not when diluc ragnividr was the one that had a knife right under his pillow, the very one you knew he would use to kill you if you wouldn’t kill him first.
not when diluc ragnividr was the one that fed you lies wrapped as truths on a silver platter, false love confessions and hope.
you entertain the thought that yes, maybe, you loved him at one point. that yes, your heart fluttered when you saw him and that you looked at him with an unmistakable softness. but as much as you may have loved him once, you loved your people more.
you don’t love him — and it’s survival of the fittest and you’re not going to sit here and watch his men slaughter yours. you’d rather die protecting them than be the spouse of a man like him.
and so because of that, you didn’t flinch at all when the blood splattered on your clothes.
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childeluv · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
A/N; :)
ᥫ᭡ HOLDING YOUR HAND IN PRIVATE; Eula, Diluc, Baal & Barbara
They wouldn’t mind holding your hand in public, but they only want to hold your hand when it’s a moment that can be shared between only you two.
ᥫ᭡ HOLDING YOUR HAND EVERYWHERE; Kaeya, Venti, Rosaria, Childe
Adores being clingy. Though despite their quiet or extremely loud attitude they want to hold your hand anywhere. They always just take your hand into theirs despite the situation.
ᥫ᭡ HOLDS YOUR HAND WHILE SLEEPING; Yae, Zhongli, Diluc, Albedo
Likes to hold your hand while they sleep. Because it brings them gentle comfort and it makes them sleep very well. They shall forever thank you for allowing them to hold your hand while you sleep.
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rarity1577 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact Oneshot/Imagine
Diluc Ragnivinder x f!reader
Warnings: Angst, hurt/no comfort, mentions of violence and fighting, minor character death, minor archon quest spoilers. (I’m so sorry Diluc I swear I love you T_T)
Tumblr media
“Then leave!” he yells, throwing his arms in the air in exasperation.
You pause, gritting your teeth. Clenching your fists by your side, his next words knocking the breath right out of you,
“I don’t need a weakling like you to pull me down! Just like you did your brother!” He spits in your face, turning to face away from you, “Why did I ever choose someone as pathetic as you over Jean in the first place?” 
It was meant to stay with him, but you heard him loud and clear. Left alone in the middle of the night to simply  stand around and watch his figure disappear towards Mondstadt. Suddenly feeling weak, your knees buckle and you fall. Bracing yourself on the ground, you blankly stare at the soil as fat droplets of salty sorrow drip one by one.
Of all the people to compare you to, he had to choose Jean. The trophy child of the Gunnhilder family. The young prodigy and future Grand Master. To you, the family disappointment.
Nails digging into the soil, mud collects in your nailbeds, odd little splinters stinging your palms, but you’re too enraged to care about that. Too consumed by anger, hurt and betrayal. The one who vowed to love you, promised to wed you when you were older, to care for and cherish you till death do you part- just left you broken hearted in the wilderness in the middle of the night. Your breathing picks up, eyes crossing out in silent fury as you pant from the fire bubbling under your skin.
He left you because you were weak.
Now you’d show him, and his back stabbing, heart breaking ass, that you are not weak.
You’d stormed back home, heading straight for your room, after washing up you pick up your duffel bag, stuffing in some change of clothes, and a few other necessities. Zipping the bag up you calmly stroll over to your closet and pull everything out. Once all your belongings were out, which wasn’t much, you toss it all out the back window.
Dumping a barrel of gasoline over your items, you take a step back, placing a cigarette between your teeth, you light a match, lighting your smoke before tossing the match at the pile and watching in silent fury as the flames rose higher and higher. Clouding over the dark nigh, you watch as the flames spread and engulf your little home and burn it down to ashes. Once the smoke died down, you turn on you heel and leave. Your family, your past, friends, education- everything. Only one thing matters now,
To get stronger.
And you wouldn’t stop until the flames of your hatred and rage scar the man you once loved more than life itself.
It started as aimless wandering, slaying anything that came in view. From slimes to ruin hunters, you didn’t hesitate to swing your polearm and slice clean through. It was until your wandering led you to stumble upon a Fatui that changed your fate, and it was accepting his guidance that sealed your fate.
Days upon days you spent in the cold snow of Snezhnaya, with nothing but thin veils and adrenaline to keep you warm. You spent each waking moment in training, fighting, killing, hunting, murdering, plundering and seething. Each time you swung your sword you couldn’t help nut picture them, in the place of your victims. Being at your mercy, wounded and helpless, begging you to spare them, to forgive them. And each time you swung a little harder, a little faster, a little swifter- a little more cruel.
And while you were gone, you left the once esteemed, honorable, dignified and proud young master Diluc Ragnvinder a crumbling, sobbing mess. The night you left, came to your house- your quiet and isolated little cabin- to apologize for his cruelty to you. Granted he was mourning his father’s loss, but so were you. Not just for Diluc’s father, but also your brother. And the fact that he pinned the blame for his unfortunate and untimely passing on you, was beyond cruel, it was unforgivable. So with his head hung low, and salty tears lining his eyes he treks up the dusty trail, only to have his eyes widen in horror and pulse race in trepidation.
Your house was gone, burnt to cinders along with everything in it. He cries out your name, desperately into the night, pleading, sobbing, begging for you to suddenly peek out around the corner and take him in your arms. To reassure him that he truly hadn’t lost everything.
But he had. Whatever was left of his family, his home- he’d torn it apart with his own bloody hands.
Ever since then, Diluc spends every moment he can trying to find some information on your whereabouts and if you were even alive at all now. Until he sees you for himself with his own crimson eyes,
With the Fatui. La Signora, who’d stolen Barbatos’s Gnosis, there you stood by her side, a weapon hanging off your shoulder as you simply scoff at the traveler, and mumble something to the archon solemnly before trailing after the blonde woman.
After seeing you there, he’d requested to accompany the traveler on his journey to Liyue, overhearing something about the Fatui expanding their business in the city of stone and contracts, hanging desperately on the thinning thread of hope that you would be there. And there you were, so similar yet completely different.
While the traveler conversed with the Harbinger, Diluc’s eyes were pinned on your figure standing idly beside the ginger. Your dark hair that used to reach past your hips now shortened to reach your shoulders, your small odd pouches of baby fat replaced with stretched skin and stiff, tightened muscle. Your once vibrant, sparkling eyes, full of curiosity and life, and undying, unconditional love for him, now dull and seeming lifeless.
No longer could he see his childhood beloved in your deep, rich, soulful eyes. Now, he saw the reflection of the culprit. The one who murdered his lover with his words and cruel choices that cold night years ago. The man who ripped the life out of you and tossed you into darkness with his own hands.
Now left to see you be a part of his pain. As if the grief of his father wasn’t enough, now he’d live with the fact that he willingly thwarted you into the root of his despair. The Fatui.
It was a cold night, the chilly breeze sending a shiver down his spine. Diluc opted to take a walk, to somewhat calm his nerves. His thoughts were a racing disaster. Ranging from deep rooted self loathing to baseless accusations. Although he was yet to speak with you, he knew deep in his heart that he was the reason you left, that he was the thief who robbed the light in your eyes, that he was the murderer of his precious little Y/n. The adorable and shy little girl, who was afraid of the simplest of things, who could hardly hold up a decent stack of books in her arms without staggering, who used to sing lullabies and ballads to him at night, who used to lay with him and listen to all his senseless babbling and indulge him further. His loving little Y/n who loved to learn and preferred pen over sword,
Now stood before him, blood staining her clothes as she taunts the helpless and wounded Lawachurl, chuckling darkly when it makes a pitiful sound. His once sweet and kind Y/n was now a cold hearted killing machine, who wielded a bloodstained polearm rather then her favorite pink pencil with hearts on it. 
His Y/n who now looked him in the eyes and sent a chill down his spine. 
His Y/n who used to run towards him and leap into his arms to embrace him, stalked towards him as if he were prey and she was the predator.
His Y/n, who used to shy away from his intense gaze, now had him lowering his own eyes, from the darkness that loomed around the corpse reflected in your orbs.
“If it were up to me,” you muse, placing your spear on your shoulder. Even your voice had changed, from sweet and charming to dark deep and threatening. “I would have tried to kill you by now,” you say with such ease, as if you’d been yearning for the day to finally say it to his face.
“What’s stopping you?” he rasps.
There’s a flicker in your gaze and for a moment he dares to hope, the you’re still in there, somewhere, waiting for him to pull you out. Yearning for him as badly as he’d been yearning for you. However, his fleeting hope is easily trampled on when you scoff, smirk coiling at the corners of your lips,
“Childe has some business with the traveler, and you by extension,” 
The way you’d said his name rings hauntingly in his head. The nostalgia clutching his lungs in a vice like grip until he feels like he’s drowning. You’d uttered it with such care, gentleness and adoration, the way you used to call him. He swallows the growing lump in his throat, struggling to keep his tears from escaping past his lashes.
“What is he to you,” he asks thickly, his tone uneven and strained.
His heart clenches when he sees your eyes sparkle in sadistic glee. You cock your hip to the side, placing a hand sassily on there as you smile charmingly up at him, “I’m sure you can guess,” you taunt. Removing your polearm, you twirl it playfully in your hands, the skillfulness in your handling giving away the practice and effort that’d gone into it, only feeding the ever growing guilt in his heart.
“But if you can’t,” you hum, “Here’s a hint,”
“Something you used to be,”
His knees buckle and he drops to the ground, unable to contain his tears. The sorrow pours out in loud, childlike wails, helpless cries and pleading. He grabs your ankles babbling incoherently for your forgiveness. Staring up at you through wet lashes with tear stained cheeks and heavy, hooded eyes.
For a moment you almost crumble, but memories of the night he’d abandoned you flash through your eyes and you instantly harden. Feeling the little ache in your heart fade as quickly as it came, instead replaced by growing mirth.
Kicking your ankles free from his grasp, you kneel before him. Dead eyes piercing into his, cupping his chin you glare down at him, “You think a little sob show like this will make up for what you did?” its a taunt and he knows it. His breath hitches in his throat when your grip on his chin tightens and he sees the unshed tears that dried up inside.
“I spent my childhood, crying for you. While you were out hanging with little miss perfect, I waited every goddamn night for you to come home and hold me, help me deal with my loss, my pain. Instead what did I get?” You push his face down onto the ground, holding him by his head against the rough, stony soil, “Instead I got taunts and mocking glares for being weak and pathetic. When I was suffering, you were out hanging with that trophy child AND STILL I forgave you afterwards. Who was with you when your father died? Who held you through the nights when you’d bawl your eyes out? Who spent years by your side, growing, adapting to your likes and dislikes just so you would look at me? Who spent hours taking care of you day in and out when you were hurt? Who listened to you rant and bitch about the smallest things?” Standing up you glare down at his pathetic form, limp on the ground, taking every word you so cold hearted spat out.
“Was it your little miss perfect? The one you wished you’d chosen over me?”
You place your foot on his head, pressing it down when he tries to lift himself up, and he yields. The ever proud Master Diluc surrenders to your wrath, “And now here you are, with the audacity to beg for forgiveness? Tell me Mister Ragnvinder, one reason I should forgive you?”
There was but one,
And the realization lifted the weight off your heart, one that’d pulled you down and chained you to bitter memories of a past you swore to never return to, panting from fury, finally voicing your pent up misery from decades ago, you lift your chin to- for once- look down on him..
“I still remember exactly what you’d said to me,” you bitterly mumble, removing your foot from his head and instead taking a few steps away from him to recollect yourself, “You told me to leave. That you didn’t need someone as weak and pathetic as me pulling you down like I did my brother, that I was the reason he died. You said you couldn’t recall why you chose me over Jean. Well Master Ragnvinder? Can you recall now?” you chuckle darkly as his exact words ring through your ears like a stubborn curse, “Why are you here when I wasn’t the one you wanted in the first place?”
His shoulders tremble as he wraps his arms around you, pressing his cheek against your once clear skin now adorned with scars, he begs and begs, promising to cherish you now, that he was wrong and that he knows.
“You were always there when I needed you. But I wasn’t, I know, I’ve ruined our happiness- your happiness with my own hands but I’m begging you-” he kneels before you, holding onto your legs like his life depended on it, “I died everyday I woke up without you,” he hiccups, pressing his face into your stomach as you simply stand there. “I died every night I closed my eyes without you. I suffocated every moment I spent alone. Barbatos is witness, my ears ringed and eyes bled every moment I spent without you,”
“I’ve caused you so much grief and I know, I don’t deserve your forgiveness but-”
“Then why are you doing this?” you deadpan, blankly peering down at him, “You know you’re undeserving and yet here you are, shamelessly begging for it,”
“Because I know you died the way I did,”
It’s the only sentence he’s said all night with actual confidence, tone even and eyes unwavering, “I know you can’t live without me, just the way I can’t without you,”
Your eye twitches, lips curling from the side. The itch to smack him is incredibly hard to resist, instead you run your fingers through his hair and watch as his tired, glassy eyes flutter shut at the sensation, how his shoulders immediately ease up and he practically melts like butter beneath your fingertips. However,
his breath hitches when your nails dig into his scalp and your fingers firmly tug his hair. Panicked, shocked, fear riddled crimson orbs meet your blank and dull gaze and he knows-
He lost you a long time ago.
Fingers that once caressed his skin as if he was glass, always so warm and gentle- as if kissed by flower petals with the strength of a butterfly’s wing beat, now seared his skin and shoved him away with the strength of a mammoth. “I’ve lived five years without you, and feel just fine. So I think I can live a few more decades without a bloodsucking leech like you,”
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rorowrote · 2 days ago
The Darknight Roommate [Ch. 5]
Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four
Synopsis: You move in with Diluc and though he is aloof at first, you soon find out there’s more to this mysterious man than meets the eye…
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Featuring: (Modern AU) Diluc x g/n reader - this chapter from Diluc's POV
Warnings: SFW, death (no characters), violence, guns, anxiety, identity crisis ?
Announcement: my 100 follower event is still on! If you want to request some cute drabble, pick a color from Roro’s Box of Crayons <3
A/n: This chapter is a bit longer than the ones before oops and Oh Boy, looks like shit escalated~ hehe we've taken a darker turn... stay tuned to see how this ends!!! I'm excited!
Tumblr media
The setting sun casts long shadows across Diluc’s pale features as he places his phone back into his coat pocket. A text message from his roommate informs him that they’re at a friend’s place over the weekend; they would be safe. He breathes a sigh of relief.
One less worry.
He kneels atop the roof of an abandoned warehouse not far from the ruins of Old Mondstadt. His fiery hair blows past his face as the winds pick up speed. At his feet is a large rucksack, lying open with its contents neatly displayed. He surveys the other buildings that pepper the compound and with a relenting nod, he crouches to the gravelly ground, reaching into the bag. His gloved palms wrap firmly around the cold metal barrel of a rifle, its condition indicating use by practiced hands.
With a grunt, he lowers himself to the ground, lying on his stomach with his legs sprawled out behind him. The absence of a parapet, while certainly vertigo inducing, presents an interesting double edged sword from a tactical standpoint - on the one hand he enjoys an unobstructed line of sight, on the other hand he’s a sitting duck. He grumbles quietly to himself, irked that this is his best option at the moment. He’ll need to be fast and faultless.
A sudden gust of wind sends a flurry of scents from the ruins his way - notably the unmistakable perfume of windwheel asters and dandelions, and he finds himself distracted for a moment. The scent is familiar. A childish wish to throw all this away and return to the comfort of home, and a certain housemate, pokes at his mind, but the thought vanishes as quickly as it appeared. This isn’t the time for a daydream.
Refocusing, he studies the documents Kaeya left by the backdoor when they last spoke. The information is disjointed, some of it annotated with handwritten scribbles that barely qualify as legible. However, Diluc knows his brother’s writing as well as he does his own. On top of that, a detailed diagram from a scout (with points of interest marked with bunny eared circles) makes up for the garbled writing.
Tumblr media
The complex he now finds himself in turned out to be a Fatui hideout. The Knights had learned several facts from scouting missions - most importantly, its layout.
The entire compound can be roughly drawn out in the shape of the letter L, with the shorter line facing north, housing the old factory building. The longer end of the plot contains the partly demolished remains of a security complex, office buildings and a raw material storage house. Every structure within the vast compound is in some state of disrepair and the gates are heavily barricaded. To the untrained eye, the place looks like nothing more than a decrepit mess. To Diluc, perched patiently at the corner of the L, the signs of a Fatui presence are clear.
Sure enough, he senses movement to his far left. Slowly turning his head, he glances through a pair of binoculars and confirms the Knights’ findings.
Two figures pace idly around the old office building - a hydro and cryo gunner to be precise. They do not appear to have their shields up, confirming his suspicions that the enemy here have grown complacent, sure that they’ve evaded discovery. To his right, along a walkway leading into the factory, are two more Fatui - one a pyro gunslinger and the other a geochanter bracer. Once again, unshielded.
Diluc takes a deep breath, pauses. His surveillance over the last couple of days revealed that these scant Fatui forces are nothing more than doormen, guarding another facility whose entrance is likely somewhere in the raw material house. The problem lies in the possibility that the fall of one group will alert the other, not only then increasing the duration of the operation, but inviting further reinforcements. And Diluc is alone.
“Damn it, Kaeya,” he mutters.
This will take considerable strength and impeccable timing. While he certainly keeps himself occupied most nights fighting petty criminals, it’s been several years since he’s had to expend the kind of firepower he needs now. He looks down at his hands, scars peeking out from behind the fabric of his dark coat. His body remembers. It has to.
A buzz in his pocket snaps him back to attention. It’s nearly time. In approximately one minute, both teams of Fatui will report to their leaders. In other words, they'll be distracted. It's the slimmest window to launch an attack but it's the best there is.
Time slows. The soft cries of a distant falcon, the rustling of leaves in a far away field, the skittering of small creatures across the concrete around him - none of it exists. There is only him, and his present task. He blinks once, twice, each time more deliberately, as if to sharpen the images in his sight. His crimson eyes almost glow with every surge of blood that courses through his tense veins. Now.
With choreographed mastery, he attacks from two fronts at once. He keeps one eye trained on the pair to his right - whose foolish decision to stand one behind the other spells their doom - and a hand on the trigger of his rifle. Exhaling gently, he shoots. At the exact moment the bullet takes flight, so too does a colossal bird of flame, materializing in a violent storm and speeding towards the gunners to his left. In an instant, it’s over. The curtain falls, the enemy is defeated.
He exhales. A small smile creeps onto his lips and he hates it. Muscle memory takes over and like a robot, he disassembles the rifle and places it back into the bag. He reaches for the closure when, out of the corner of his eye, a tiny slip of paper lying at the bottom of the bag calls to him. He fishes it out and- his breath fails him- it’s this month’s utility bill for the house. In a flood, it all comes back to him, and the fact that he had let himself forget his own reality stuns him. It occurs to him now, that for the past hour, he had indeed transformed into some long forgotten version of himself. A Diluc who lived a different life, knew different people and had different responsibilities. His mind staggers, a low throbbing pain coming into being somewhere deep.
Despite it, he stands up. One foot in front of the other, there is work to be done.
He understands his role in these great fights. He has no love for the Fatui and their machinations. He has seen the extremes they are willing to go to. He knows the anger that drives others to fight, he lives with it. And yet, his once clear vision is clouded over with a red haze.
Get it together.
Gritting his teeth, his fists clenched so tightly they threaten to shatter, he glides off the roof towards the raw material storage. A faint violet glow emanates from within. Through the dirty glass windows he sees it - a trapdoor on the floor, no doubt leading further underground into, possibly, a Delusion manufacturing setup.
What happens when you return home? His mind is relentless. What if they find out who you really are? What if they hate you, despise you? They’re going to leave you, too.
“Shut up.”
Rubbing his temples, he leans against the outer wall, his back melting into the structure. Nerves along his forehead tingle in confusion - he’s sweating? Droplets dot his brow.
Get. It. Together.
Flexing and unflexing his fingers - an old habit, he pushes himself off the wall. He slips through a gap and finds himself standing in front of the trapdoor. Exhaling, with one hand ready to summon fire, he lifts it. Nothing greets him.
He catches faint voices travelling upwards through a narrow corridor that he now stands at the entrance to. Carefully, he jumps down and follows the path, the dim fluorescents that light it creating an unsettling atmosphere. The floor is dusty and grey, littered with haphazard tracks of lazy footprints. He stays close to the walls, studying the space before every step forward. After what he guesses must be several dozen feet, the corridor grows dimmer and more claustrophobic, multiple broken lamps along the ceiling plunging the room into darkness. In the shadows, he spots a solitary door.
He pauses to press an ear to its cold metal. Muffled conversation? Two- no, three people? He glances towards the floor, observing the faint light that spills out ever so slightly from underneath the door. Multiple shadows move from time to time. Definitely at least three people.
Quickly formulating a plan, he knocks on the door as if he were an expected guest. Then, not wasting a moment, he places both palms flat against the door, steadying his breathing, eyes shut, focused.
A footstep falls behind the door and its source is met with a white hot burst of concentrated flame. The force devastates the door hinges and in a cacophonous tempest, searing fire fills the room, blinding the inhabitants. The door, now glowing from the heat, falls to the floor with a dramatic clang, and the two Fatui agents that were fortunate to be farther from the door than their third member amble stupidly in aimless circles, dazed. They are quick to recover, however, and fix their furious glower on Diluc, who stands at the doorway, ready.
“You!” one of them hisses, almost in recognition.
“You dare interfere!” the other bellows, “The will of the Tsaritsa shall--”
A flash of red flies past him, grabbing him, and finally pinning him to a wall.
“Silence, Fatui scum,” Diluc spits, his temper boiling. He turns to the first agent, whose stance gives away his now lowered confidence, “You will tell me everything, or this one dies.”
“I’m not saying shit! Who do you think--”
A strangled scream cuts him off; a thorny ring of flame now grips the other agent’s throat, tantalizingly close to skin.
“Alright, alright, I’ll talk! Just let him go!”
Diluc loosens the ring of fire slightly. He maintains one hand on his leverage’s shoulder and stares expectantly at the man who just agreed to divulge the Fatui’s plans.
“As you know, all we do is in the name of her exalted Highness, the Tsaritsa, whose noble and honorable wishes--”
“Quit stalling!”
“Ah- yes, yes,” the man stutters and sweats, eyes wandering. Diluc watches him with a piercing focus. “So you see!--”
The man’s exaggerated speech is deliberately interrupted by a bang and a growing cloud of smoke. Disoriented, Diluc glances at the man he holds captive only to be met by a sneer. The man, displaying great dexterity and stealth, had silently set off a tiny smoke bomb from inside his sleeve.
Immediately realizing the outcome, Diluc turns back to where the first agent was standing and confirms that he has slipped away.
“You’ll never win! The Fatui always--” a short cough and splutter finishes the second man’s vain boast and he falls to the ground, silenced by flame.
Alone once again, Diluc scans the room, his eyes feverish. The soot-stained walls are not very high and are lined with vents at irregular intervals, but they are too small for even a cat. There are no other doors or windows. Frustrated, he walks forward and as he does, he hears a soft click under his feet. Eyes wide, he kneels down and--
“Damn it!”
Yet another trapdoor in the floor. And by the looks of it, this one has a locking mechanism accessible only from the other side. The lid sits completely flush with the floor tiles, giving no purchase to pry it open with.
Groaning, his head spinning from increasing exhaustion, he presses his palms to the trapdoor and with the same force as before, explodes the structure entirely.
To his surprise, beneath him is not another corridor leading archons-knows-where but a sizable panic room of sorts. Its walls look to be industrial grade steel, meant, no doubt, to withstand enormous impact. The room is littered with communication devices, documents and all manner of Fatui paraphernalia, obliterated by freshly fallen rubble. At the center of the chaos, is the agent. He lies spread-eagled on the floor, unmoving, his features distorted by flame and debris. In one fist he grips a phone, whose cracked screen still displays the call log, and in the other he holds a slip of paper with what appears to be the last words of a doomed man: Long live her highness the Tsaritsa!
Diluc sighs. The sense of accomplishment he expected to feel is absent. Instead all he feels is hollow. And unlike himself.
He lets his tired body lean against the wall. His eyes shut, his brow furrows. A warm, kind face appears in his mind’s eye and the deep pain from earlier stabs him once more.
Home. I need to go home.
Dawn breaks by the time Diluc returns. The walk from the curb to the front door feels like an eternity, and every step he takes is punctuated by a nauseating mix of dread and longing. Questions fill his head, weighing him down.
Do I tell them? What would I even say? They’d be safer not knowing.
The thought of his roommate’s little habits, their laugh, the peace they bring him… a timid flicker of joy pushes his worries aside. He is not one to wear his heart on his sleeve, but for the first time in a while he has begun to care. For now, the truth doesn’t matter. It’s only been a weekend apart from them and yet, he smiles, impatient for a reunion.
At the door at last, he reaches for the knob out of habit, keys in hand. They jingle softly, a merry little tune. The keys hover inches from the lock when he realizes- the door is open.
Color drains from his face. The worry from before leaps into his mind again, louder, more frantic. A thousand drums beat in his ears - his heart pounds harder, his breathing staggers. White as a sheet, he steps through the threshold, through the foyer and into the living room.
There, sticking out from the hardwood floor like an ugly sore, is a dagger emblazoned with the Fatui’s symbol. Pinned underneath is a card.
Hands trembling, he reaches for it. The words swim in his mind as he reads them.
“An eye for an eye - the Fatui pays you back. Come alone, or watch your friend die.”
The floor falls away beneath him. Every doubt, every fear, every sliver of guilt that has plagued him for some time now, comes hurtling towards him like a storm of shrieking ghosts. His limbs forget themselves and he falls, a hand gripping his chest, willing his heart to keep beating. His lips part but no sound emerges, there is no sound that can translate the waves of terror gripping him. His eyes burn, anguish ripping his stricken mind.
They’re gone, too. And it’s all my fault.
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gayturtledoves · a day ago
The concept of Diluc's mom dying in a horrible accident and Crepus taking up the Delusion because if he can't protect his son what does he even have left? And the thought that the Delusion took his mind rather than his physical age, chipping away at the memories of his wife slowly but surely until at the end of his life he couldn't even remember her face or her voice? Is something that can be so personal actually
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Requests now open!
Hello Everyone! long time no see aye? Its been a long time since i talked so i thought id cover some things :) 
Why i haven’t been posting frequently:
School. i’m gonna be graduating next year so i needed to cram for my exams in the past couple of months 😢 Now that i have more time on my hands for the next few weeks lets get my hands dirty! ( ͡❛ ₃ ͡❛)
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Last time i had my requests open it was for the genshin matchups. To all those who i missed during that time i’m very sorry (╥︣﹏᷅╥). There were so many beautiful requests and i could only answer so many :(. Please don’t take offence if i missed your request, i appreciate each and every one of you for giving me work! (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥
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✨💖‼️ straight outta blingee ‼️💖✨
THE SECOND COLLAB I WAS WORKING ON IN THE 1 MONTH PERIOD I DID NOT POST!!!!!!!!! collab with kieren (chillytide on instagram), i had immense fun doing it tysm!!!! check out their post on ig and give it some love as well :3c
sketch/childe render/bg: kieren
lines/diluc render: me
plz direct all “not pregnant!!!!!11!!1!” questions to kieren. if you are us you will understand
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