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#genshin fluff
evelxtus · 2 days ago
okay okay so basically
characters: venti, xiao, childe, albedo, and if you possibly can scaramouche
so basically you get into an argument that results in you going to take a walk to clear your head when you feel a pair of eyes on you. you try and call out to (character) but they’re purposely ignore you because they’re mad. just kinda like a “(character) i know your mad but can you come look at this?” and then they hear you scream and come rushing back to you ( y/n can get attacked or just get scared you can decide ) blah blah (character) gets very worried when they hear you scream and come to your rescue with a bunch of “im sorry”s and “i love you”s 🧍‍♀️(cringy i know)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— ❛ Eᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴡɪʟʟ ʙᴇ ғɪɴᴇ !
pairing. . . . . . . . venti, xiao, childe, albedo x gn! reader.
warnings. . . . . . no pronouns specified, angst to fluff, established relationship, not proofread.
a/n. . . . . . . . . . . hewwoo, i didn't add scaramouche because actually i just accept 4 characters per post, at least for now. sorry ;-; <3 hope you like it tho.
Tumblr media
It was night when it happened, so after your heated discussion, the best remedy you saw was to go for a walk alone, and feel the night breeze to clear your mind.
That's what you thought until you heard the branches rustling near you.
You weren't able to see anything with so much darkness, and that sound made you remain static in the place. You decided to call your partner's name, but there was no response.
Maybe it was just your imagination.
Again the same noise, this time closer. You didn't want to look scared despite how stiff every muscle in your body was, so you called your partner a little higher this time.
That creature reveals itself running towards you. You let out a terrified scream, just to notice it was a poor boar, that looked more scared than you, finally disappearing into the bushes on the other side of the road, passing you on its way even without touching you.
The first time you called his name he barely heard it. It was only like a faint whisper that the wind brought him, and for this reason he assumed that you would be venting out there talking to yourself.
“Pfft.” he lets out, after a long sigh. It left him more exhausted the simple fact of arguing with you than to fight with any enemy. “After everything we've said to each other, do you still have things to add? Funny.”
Venti heard his name once more, this time something in him woke up, and his attitude seems more serious and attentive than before. His heart was beginning to beat strongly, and he furrowed his eyebrows as he looked in the direction you had previously left.
It wasn't until he heard you scream that those strong heartbeats seemed to stop in terror at the thought that something had happened to you while he was purposely ignoring you. How could he forgive himself?
Without realizing it, his feet already had him running towards you relentlessly, finally finding you crouched down with your eyes closing tightly and covering your head with your arms, waiting to receive an attack that was not going to come.
Venti was prepared with his bow, or prepared to summon a hurricane if necessary to save you, but all he did at such a scene was kneel before you and take your hands, separating them from your head as he desperately tried to get you to look back at him.
“Shh, shh, y/n. I'm here... look at me... please look at me... nothing's wrong, there's no danger around.”
At those words, you opened your eyes slowly, meeting the tearful eyes of Venti, who hugged you when your gazes connected. That way you wouldn't see a few tears falling down his cheeks.
“Forgive me for leaving you alone. It's my fault, sorry, sorry... I love you, I'll never let you go again.”
Bonus: when Venti realized that you screamed because a little boar scared you, he bursted out laughing. He wasn't sure if it was because the scene was funny in his mind, or he was just relieved that it wasn't anything really dangerous.
Were you calling his name? Well, keep doing it, because there is no way that an adepti will succumb to the temptation of ever seeing a mere human like you. A human who minutes before made him completely lose his composure. Ignoring you now was your punishment, and his own too.
Your scream made all thoughts of the arguing dissolve, making him return violently to reality. With the spear in hand and his fist white due to the force he was using while holding his weapon, he appeared before you, taking a step forward and meeting... absolutely nothing dangerous.
Seeing you over his shoulder, he carelessly tossed the spear aside and kneeled before you, putting his gloved hands on your shoulders, on your cheeks, on your hair.
“What happened? Who hurt you? Which direction did they go?” his incessant questions accompanied every movement of his hands in search of any wound on your skin, until finally you calmed down.
“I'm fine, sorry for the scare I gave you... There's no danger.”
Your words caused the boy to drop his head in relief, leaning his forehead against your shoulder and feeling a great weight leave his body. With one knee bowed to the ground in front of you, he closed his eyes tightly.
“y/n... my apologies for not appearing when you called. I am the one to blame for everything. I must protect you... because I love you. It's the least I can do for you, and I'm not even able to do it right...”
His sadness begins to turn into rage, you can tell by how his muscles begin to tense under your soft touch.
Bonus: A few simple sweet words and you will have the boy totally melted in your arms, allowing you to caress him as you wish. He is so glad to be by your side again... safe and sound.
You were calling him? yeah. Did he care? nah. He won that argument, the fact that you left his sight just to calm down and take a walk was as if you had accepted defeat for him.
So, he's not coming back for you.
Or so he thought until your scream made him run in your direction like he had never done before in his life.
He was panting when he reached his destination, looking around him for any hint of danger, extending an arm slightly at his side, in a gesture of protection before you.
“...? Are you okay?” he asked hurrying to get you up carefully, letting you lean on him. Any rancor in that discussion was a thing of the past.
His gaze did not leave your face, searching for any gesture of discomfort. He sighed loudly when you replied that everything was fine.
“Oh my, you scared me there. Let's make sure that doesn't happen again, okay? Just... stay by my side even if things get ugly. There is no way I can ever leave you... you get it? Good. Now let's go home... we deserve a good rest. Together.”
Bonus: That night, when you are already lying in bed, he will call you several times, unintentionally disturbing your sleep. “y/n..., hey, y/n, are you awake?” When you answer yes, he will hug you from behind, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. “You know that I love you no matter what happens... right?”
He was too focused on tidying up some notes on his table to pay any attention to your futile attempts to get his attention.
Of course Albedo was hearing you perfectly, but he just didn't want to listen to you. This boy was deliberately ignoring you.
When the scream reached his ears, his expression changed to a great concern, leaving him breathless and putting his notes aside, messing them up again, so as not to waste any more time reaching you.
The first thing he did was kneel beside you, gently pushing your head against his chest with a protective aura that you had rarely seen in him. After all, your safety always comes first. His always serene gaze now looked around frantically, searching for the root of the problem.
There wasn't a second in which he released his firm yet gentle grip on you.
“Everything is fine, y/n. Come, get up.” he commented helping you getting up again.
When you confessed to him what really scared you, his expression didn't change one bit. He was still as serious as before.
“It doesn't matter what the origin of your fear was, what matters is that now you are safe. And I must apologize — it was irresponsible of me to let you go alone in this darkness. Let's go back and forget that irrelevant discussion we had, shall we?”
Bonus: starting now, he won't separate from you all day. He will keep an eye on you, alert that nothing happens to you, even if that leads him to neglect his obligations a little... “Don't feel bad. I do this for both of us, not just for you. You get to be permanently safe and I... feel reassured by this.”
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monicahar · 2 days ago
How they react to an indirect kiss
characters; Itto, Thoma, Kazuha, Eula, Sara
; just to clarify, you aren't dating them in this scenario. not yet atleast.
Tumblr media
He might be unusually quiet or unbothered as he watches you use his chopsticks to try out the ramen in his bowl, but he'd be screaming his head off about it to anyone after you bid each other goodbye. "I kissed [Name] today!" Crossing his biceps as he proudly exclaims, he brags about it to his gang, the Tengu warrior, along with her army, the Narukami priestess, you name it! Including the Raiden Shogun, but we don't talk about how she almost banished him from Inazuma. But honestly though, Itto, please stop. You're now currently struggling to tell everyone that, no, you didn't kiss him.
The housekeeper would probably just laugh it off, telling you that it's okay to take a bite from his dango. For the rest of the day, he'd probably just keep the stick in his pocket, then just stare at it during dinner with the Kamisatos. Ayaka and Ayato occasionally throw worried glances at the man as he stares at the stick, unmoving and unchanging(lol), and repeatedly muttering nonsense under his breath. "T-Thoma...?" When he doesn't respond, they're completely sure that he has malfunctioned. And it's all because of your oblivious self.
Instead of being the one flustered, he's the one who flusters you. He'd smile as you both share some grilled fish near the shore, nonchalantly telling you that you just shared an indirect kiss, sneaking a small smirk onto his visage as you scramble your words, unable to form a proper retort. "It's alright, I know you didn't mean it." Although, he silently wishes you did. But he'd never tell you that. Maybe next time, you'd give him a direct one instead. The poet would let the wind lead your lips to his, if it ever decided to do so in the course of time.
"Utterly disrespectful", is her first thought. Her rational and noble side tells her to call out your rude actions immediately, but another side of hers which secretly yearns for you, stops the harsh words at the tip of her tongue. Her eyes scan as your lips wrap around the straw of her drink, your face swirling in delight at the taste of the drink...or is it the taste of her? Eula shakes her head at the perverted thought, cheeks burning at she says out of the blue, "Vengeance will be mine." to which, you sweatdrop at. What did you even do this time...?
This isn't the first time she shared a meal with another person, due to her upbringing as a soldier, there has been countless times where she had to share utensils with her comrades. But why does it feel different this time? She asks herself as you eat from the bento she had supposedly made for herself. When she asks you how it tastes, you reply with a wide smile, "Everything somehow tastes better when it's with these chopsticks!" She chokes on nothing, finding a deeper meaning in your words by accident. She simply looks away with a 'hmph' when you question what's wrong. Eh?
Tumblr media
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sprayio · 2 days ago
Genshin Boys as your beloved Cat <3 P1
Tumblr media
Including: Xiao, Kazuha, Scaramouche
Warnings: None? Just wholesome fluff and cat scenarios :3
Pairings: Reader and their Platonic!Genshin Cat
Genre: Platonic modern AU, Bulletted HCs/drabble. Not Edited!
Read Part 2 Here!
A/N: Dedicated to my lovely menaces Draco and April. A lot of the HCs are based off my own kitties hehe!! (also while i was writing Scara draco proceeded to run in and throw stuff off my dresser.. it was a sign to publish this ASAP). Will probably redo/edit when it’s not 1am ♡
Small n slender silver tabby!! Black toe beans <33
Extremely grumpy all the time to anyone and everyone
…Except you.
Not very sociable but not a bad/violent cat either. Just prefers to go sulk in another room when you have guests come over.
Affection varies a lot. 
Will NEVER show you affection in the presence of others. No one believes you when you say your little meow meow Xiao Xiao is a secret cuddler you have to secretly catch him on tape
Was abandoned as a little kitty when you picked him up from the trash so he really only lets you touch him.
His favourite is when you boop the little diamond on his forehead.
Doesn’t really partake in cat speech hmph foolish meowrtals
The one thing he will do though, is come to you whenever you call. 
He could be in the litter, in the middle of a cat nap, or snoozing in your closet.
If you call, he comes RUNNING.
And gives you this little look, like he’s raising an eyebrow at you. Turns his tail and leaves when he realises you just wanna squish his lil cheeks.
Secretly sleeps on you at night but leaves before you wake up
In your past life, you conclude, he must have been your guardian angel, sent back to protect you again <3
Smol Calico kitty!!
No idea where he came from ngl?? He just shows up in your yard one day and follows you around. 
One day he follows you INSIDE So Ig he’s your cat now <3. You don’t get a choice <3
He loves to travel with you.
In a catsack? Sure let’s go. On your shoulders? No problem. A harness? He’s already out the front door.
Has a cat flap he uses every now and again but Kazucat really just wants to hang out with you <3
Has littol boots for the snow/when it gets cold in the Autumn so his feet don’t get cold.
He likes to chase the leaves! Stop him from eating his catch and he sulks.
Chasing butterflies in the dawn of spring, while you follow him to the balcony with a cup of coffee in your hand
Reading in the backyard hammock as Kazukitty lazes around sunbathing, occasionally nudging your hand with his head, as if to say
“Can I read too?”
You have to give him a few flicks to get him to stop clawing at the pages. He claims a torn edge from the page before settling.
Sits on your chest near your heart purring, gazing intently on the book you’re focused on.
As his small eyelids droop, you feel your heart filling up with every gentle purr.
You can’t help but wonder if the two of you were travellers in another life, somehow getting lost from each other.
Thankfully, he managed to finally find you once more <3
Black Tuxedo cat that looks like a kitten
But is actually just an overgrown, overangy young man who never hit puberty
Constantly pees on things and pees on you.
Kills your fish but then gets stuck in the aquarium and starts crying like a little bitch
Gets stuck on your roof and cries like a little bitch
Gets trapped in your closet and cries like a little bitch
Ofc you give in bc. this man knows his fucking charm he is cute asf.
But as soon as you rescue his sorry ass, he turns his tail and scrunches up his nose, walking away all high and mighty
Licking his paws as if nothing happened.
Randomly walks up to you, touches your face,then leaves.
Sleeps on all your clothes and gets drool on them.
cries if you lock the door on him but if you open it he gives you a shitfaced grin and saunters off.
meows like a MOTHERFUCKER in the dead of night for no reason.
slowly and comedically throws EVERYTHING off of your dresser to get you to notice him
In another life you were probably archenemies
You lovehate him. In exchange you get to flatten his face and squish his little paws while he’s asleep <3
Mf tsundere even as a cat. Pretends to be asleep so you cuddle him. too embarrassed to outright not be a menace to society for more than 5 seconds and play nice.
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almond-tofuxiao · a day ago
genshin characters being hot pt.1 ✦ childe, zhongli, itto, thoma, kaeya, diluc
📄 : just a new series about genshin characters and how they’re hot and you have a crush on them and they are hot, and also some cuteness and soft stuff, and also did i mention they’re hot?
✧.*.:。 gn reader
✧.*.:。 warnings: it’s a bit suggestive here and there, but overall nothing too crazy. lemme know if there’s anything i missed tagging tho
✧.*.:。 ✉️ : had brainrot for the tall genshin men (specifically childe, zhongli and itto) and so this came about. oh and lowercase was intentional! OH I FORGOT! this is set in like a modern, college!au type of thing forgot to mention that when posting so as to not confuse ppl this isn’t in the teyvat canon universe
Tumblr media
he’s the type to tease you obviously. but he never takes it too far or would make you uncomfortable, he’s quick to apologize if he does so. he literally is both the best friend you’ve always wanted and also want to trade away every 0.00002 seconds.
he likes it when you play with this hair. i won’t debate this one. he ADORES when you card your fingers through his hair and believe me it’s so soft and fluffy you genuinely just wanna push your fingers into it all the time. (you also wonder what it’d be like to tug on it but that’s neither here nor there).
he likes to have his hands on you all the time, and yes that sounds suggestive but he genuinely loves to have a hand on you or hold onto you in some way. he loves to hook his chin onto your shoulder and wrap his strong—very defined—arms around your waist. or he pulls your back into his chest when you’re standing together, he’ll swing his arms around your shoulders and hold you close. he just does things to you…
you think he knows the effect he has on you—he has to—but he never comments on it, so he’s got you hella confused. he does a lot of things that would be considered FAR AWAY FROM THE FRIEND ZONE.
he likes to wrap his arm around your shoulders when you walk, he doesn’t like the looks you get sometimes, they aren’t friendly, they feel icky and a simple look from childe sends any creep packing.
he whispers things in your ear and his lips brush the shell every. fucking. time. you’re scared he’s gonna nip your lobe at some point but he never does. he just lets you melt to the sound of his rich voice.
he offers you his clothes all the time. he says you look cute in them and his favorite articles to lend you are his hoodies and his t-shirts. seeing you walk around in his clothes always leaves him smiling like a dope.
he spoils you constantly. he absolutely refuses to let you pay when you eat out with him. he buys you little things that you mention you’d like, or thought of buying. you tell him to stop but that only makes him spoil you more because in his words “you deserve every little thing you want love!”
speaking of nicknames, his favorites for you are baby/babe, and love. whenever he uses those, it is a guaranteed hit to your heart. you melt and cover your face in shyness, that only makes him laugh though and he pries your hands away from your face to leave a teasing peck on your nose.
childe would be the type to tell you to call him ajax. like it’s not everyday he tells someone his real name, he prefers the nickname he has most of the time. but with you? no, he wants to hear you call him ajax.
the first time you do though, WHEW you’re lucky he didn’t jump you and kiss you right then and there. you’re just friends though, so that’d be hella awkward to explain later. after a while he gets comfortable with hearing his real name fall from your lips, he’d hum in content to himself every time he hears it.
still childe is a little shit so he can’t stop his dirty mind from picturing you saying it breathily while he kisses every inch of you. or maybe when he has you on his lap, back to his chest, and he’s sucking marks into the skin of your nape and leaving ghost touches on your body.
yep. he’s got a dirty little mind and he both scolds and thanks himself for it.
Tumblr media
without a doubt he’s the tutor type. he just is. i won’t argue. how else is he gonna make himself some money? he can use his large knowledge-filled brain too.
you met him when you needed help on a particular subject, and lo and behold he tutors a wide variety—to say the least—of topics. so when you arranged a meet up at the library with him, you came early to get prepped, but again, behold, he was already here.
you check your phone and you were almost forty minutes early, you expected to get some of this material in your brain before he came, but nope. how long had he been here?
as you walked up to him, you were graced with one of those serene smiles you’d ever witnessed. his whole aura radiated, gentle, caring, warm.
“you must be _____, i’m zhongli. nice to meet you in person.” he greeted you.
his voice… dies…
you also couldn’t get over his beauty, like what the hell he’s fucking gorgeous. his amber eyes were piercing, his dark hair looked so shiny and soft and the orange tips added a little flare to it.
you jumped after you realized, yeah you were just openly staring at your tutor. you apologized hastily and introduced yourself properly.
needless to say zhongli is the best tutor ever. he’s also a student himself but he says he loves helping other students who need some assistance. “there’s nothing wrong with asking for help.” as he so kindly put it.
he literally is the best though. he’s calm and patient, he helps you whenever you feel lost or don’t quite get what he’s explaining to you. he goes back and repeats things as much as you need and he’s never annoyed by it. the patience he has is insane, you’re so sure you’re bothering him when you say you still don’t quite get it. instead he lets out a very low chuckle and the bass from it is about to knock you back. he tells you it’s fine and he explains it another way, when it finally clicks you smile and look to see him giving you a proud smile as well. it makes your stomach do a fucking thing.
you’re honestly sad when it comes time to end the session as zhongli says he has three other tutor sessions today. you know you’ll see him again as you paid for more than one session, but some part of you hates that you won’t see him until then. what the heck was this?
you don’t know what compelled you to do this, but you called out to him gently, making him turn with a curious look. so you trot up to him at the library doors and ask him “um would you… maybe like to grab a coffee sometime? i’d really like to talk more… and not just about studies.”
zhongli’s eyes widen, and for a minute you think you screwed up. you hear how it sounds and you wanna backtrack and say it’s not supposed to sound like you’re asking him out. he can see the visible panic on your face as you try to think of a way out and he chuckles again. he knows you don’t mean what you’re worried you meant by it and he pats your head. yes, he fucking pats your head. as quick as you felt his warm hand on your head, it was gone.
“i’d like that very much.”
after that you and zhongli get closer. you both meet up regularly for coffee or a meal, and it’s some of the most pleasant times you can remember. he just has a gift for relieving all your stress and anxieties. something about him is so goddamn calm. he just emanates peace and serenity.
you felt so lucky that you and him became friends. zhongli was the best tutor yes, but he was also the best friend. all the little things he does make you swoon for him even more and you feel ridiculous but at the same time, ecstatic.
he checks in on you regularly, and sends you little tidbits of info via text that probably have nothing to do with anything but they make you smile nonetheless. it was just so very him.
if you’re sick he sends you a ton of texts with tips and pointers on how to handle whatever your ailment is. the wall of texts he sends is definitely his way of showing you he’s worried. he also says he’ll come by with homemade food for you and you insist he doesn’t have to.
he is very attentive and notices when you’re stressing. if you’re studying together—which by the way he tells you to stop paying him for sessions because you’re friends and you wanna melt because he’s soft—he’ll notice your furrowed brows and you chewing your lips as you try to force yourself to focus.
he’ll literally do that thing where his finger move across the shell of your ear, like he’s tucking the hair back but it’s just the movement even if your hair is already tucked or you don’t need or have anything to be tucked. he will do it anyway and the feeling of his finger tracing that same pattern repeatedly soothes your nerves tremendously.
you thank him but he’ll tell you it’s no trouble at all and he’ll give another signature warm smile.
best person ever award goes to this man for real.
if you lived in a dorm he would stop by to visit from time to time. whether it’s to invite you out, or check up on you. and you would get “those looks” from your dorm mates. you swear it’s not like that, and they just have mountains of questions for you when he leaves. like how the fuck did you manage to befriend one of the hottest guys on campus?!
you didn’t think it was big deal, but you should’ve, because if you thought zhongli was kind, and handsome, and smart—and really fucking hot—why wouldn’t the rest of the university? you weren’t the only person he tutored, and he had other friends as well. how in the hell did you not think that zhongli would be massively popular?
you won’t lie, you have a weird possessiveness over zhongli. not the creepy kind where you feel gross and you think of him like an object. it’s more like you don’t wanna share his attention with others sometimes. you just want him all to yourself.
you want him to look only at you, and no one else. you want him to save all those warm smiles and low chuckles for you.
you’ve never felt this way and the small prick of jealousy you feel when you spot zhongli tutoring someone else makes you want to scold yourself.
because zhongli is not yours. he is not something to be owned, of course you know that. he is a person and he shares his kindness with everyone. teachers, students, strangers, you’ve seen it yourself. he has an infinite amount of kindness to give, and it doesn’t make you feel as good as it should, which in turn, makes you a little mad at yourself.
you just can’t help that small part of yourself that wants him to see you as special. see you in a different way that only he gets to see. you want to see him in a way that no one else gets to see too; hear what no one else gets to hear. you want to be special to him. you want him to look at you like no one else matters in the way you do.
that’s when you gasp and realizing just how deeply you were thinking, and when you catch yourself thinking like this, it hits you like a fucking freight train.
fucking hell. you like zhongli. you like him a lot.
Tumblr media
BIG. BOY. yeah there’s all the discrepancy about his game model but we’re not gonna talk about that here (fyi he’s still beautiful). we’re just gonna appreciate itto’s himbo vibes and also how hot he is.
anyways beefy itto. so yeah he’s your friend and he’s ginormous. it has its benefits though, mundane things like lifting heavy stuff for you or reaching all the things that are too high for you. he freakin’ towers over you and you never even ask him to help you, he just does.
still the cons to this are… slightly beneficial you suppose. like seeing him shirtless on accident more times than you can count now. the worst part? you never acclimate to it, so you always go into shock when you see his defined abs, his broad shoulders and back, the dips that make up his v line. you’re mentally drooling and trying to not stare. it’s really hard though because fuck he’s hot.
itto knows he’s hot, he’s a self-love king. he doesn’t need people to tell him things he already knows. when he catches you flustered he can’t help but tease, in fact he honestly stops caring about being shirtless when you visit him in hopes of catching your flushed cheeks and your stuttered speech.
the thing you don’t know is that the fact that you even get flustered at all, FLUSTERS HIM! he likes knowing that you think he looks good. he doesn’t really care about what other people think of his body, but to know that you like his body has him over the moon. it makes all the days at the gym and all the sports clubs he joins worth it. you’re probably the only person—other than himself—whose validation has him flying over the moon when it comes to how he looks.
piggyback rides. they happen more often than you think. you’re walking to class together? you sprained your ankle? you’re just feeling down? he kneels down—which somehow still has him looking way too fucking big and tall—and offers you his back. you gently climb on and he grips your legs, ignoring the heat from his palms that you feel on your thighs.
he insists that you hold on tight sometimes, so you wrap your arms around his neck and tuck in (this makes him blush, feeling your warmth so close) and he starts running. it’s wild and a little bumpy but it honestly has you laughing which in turn makes him laugh.
itto. loves. skinship. like I’m not even joking, even if you guys aren’t in a relationship, he wants you close. he melts with you, he’s like a big puppy for you always. his favorite forms of skinship with you are your infamous piggyback rides, having you on his shoulders, picking you up so you can look just a smidge taller than him, and… get this… having you on his lap.
yes, he likes it when you sit on his lap; it wasn’t supposed to be a suggestive thing initially. he would plop you down, your back pressed against his hard chest, and he’d still tower over you like the tall freak he is. he’d nuzzle into your nape, he’d play with your fingers—you paint his nails in this position too and he LOVES it—and sometimes he’ll just wrap his beefy arms around your waste, you love it all. you feel safe in his strong hold, like nothing in the world can put a finger on you.
now here’s where it got a bit risqué. itto was sitting on his bed once, and he asked if you could pull out one of his shirts from his closet for him because yes, again, he was shirtless when you came into his room. this was fine, sort of, you couldn’t help but peak at the dips in shoulders, his collarbones and his thick neck. he was totally unaware this time as he was messing around with his phone. so you took a deep breath and refocused as you opened his closet. his shirts looked like goddamn blankets to you as you pulled one out for him.
this was fine. that is, until you trip on something and itto sees you stumbling so he preps to catch you, but you just stumble forward, a knee on his bed and you come face to face with him. he presses his hands into his bed as he leans back to give you space. however it doesn’t do much as you grabbed his shoulder for support and to not fall on him. your fingers grip his muscles and you try not to melt because itto is this close to you, your fucking breathing the same air, noses almost touching, and neither of you have the guts to move.
“i-i’m sorry..” you whisper. your breath fans his face and it makes his hands shake on the bed. “s’all good..” was his muttered reply.
uh oh. this was bad. because you were imagining things. you had sat in itto’s lap before, plenty of times. but it’s always been facing away from him, never facing him. part of you couldn’t stop imagining if you just sat down, and maybe he’d grip your thighs, or press one of his huge hands to the small of your back and keep you close. maybe he’d kiss you.
WAIT! you were getting carried away, you tried to shoot those thoughts into the stratosphere but he was so close and god he was beautiful. honestly you understood why other people were jealous of you because you were so close with him. who wouldn’t be jealous of someone who got to spend time with such a fucking specimen? still you didn’t hang out with itto just for his good looks. he was funny, kind, caring and an overall lovable idiot. he was your idiot.
this was new territory though, it was both scary and thrilling.
itto felt the exact same way as you though, he wanted to pull the bends of your knees and have you plop right down on his lap. he wanted to leave little marks on your neck, and hear you hum at the feeling. he wanted you to push your fingers into his hair and tug.
yeah this was new. it’s not as if he didn’t think about the possibilities from time to time. you were adorable and kind, he's had times where he thought, yeah, he might’ve had a crush on you. this just fucking confirmed it though.
Tumblr media
best. man. ever.
honestly it’s kinda insane how amazing he is, and it’s super unfair of him.
like come on, he cooks, he cleans, he loves animals! you’re just soft for him every single second you’re around him.
he has this insanely infectious optimism that’s practically beaming off of him. when things just seem awful or stressful, he has this magical gift to turn your mood around. his laughter makes your stomach jump and your heart soar, because when he’s happy you just can’t help but be happy too.
now let’s look at the other side of things, thoma is very very hot.
he’s quite lean but he’s very fit. all the chores and going out for early morning runs and dog walking he does on the side pays off.
I’m not sure what exactly he’d study in school but I could honestly see him wanting to become a vet, I just think he cares for life and animals so much, it just fits him.
you live in a dorm but he lives in a small apartment across the way and so you see him, tank top and shorts and all, leaving for his early runs. when he gets back you’re usually headed to school early, while he comes home to get ready for school himself. when he does though you take a pause to look (respectfully).
his muscles are a bit taut, droplets of sweat fall off of him and he runs a hand through his blonde hair, panting for breath after running who knows how far. still when you see him like that you can’t stop your mind from falling down the rabbit hole and god you just wanna stare at him all day.
school waits for no one though and so you pry your eyes off of him, only to hear him call your name and run up. he asks if you’re heading to school and when you say yes, he asks if you’ll just come in and wait for just a bit while he gets ready. that way you can walk there together.
yeah, you’re pretty early so you have time, so the first time you accept this offer it’s fine. you sit on his couch and when he comes out, freshly showered and casual clothes on, you smile and leave with him. it’s pleasant, and nice, and you make the nicest small talk you’ve ever had with someone.
this becomes a routine with you and thoma. you stop by his house early and then walk with him to school. he’s either coming back from his run and you wait for him, or you knock on his door to find him just about ready and then you head out.
this was one of those times where it was the ladder. you had nailed down the times when he went running and so you had hoped that when you knocked on his door he’d be there.
just as you did, he came to the door and you know what happened? he was shirtless, absolutely, shirtless.
he smiled at you like nothing was out of the ordinary, but the sweatpants he’d thrown on were low on his hips and you could see his v line and the little trail leading below the band. his abs were toned and his shoulders were broad, you had to keep from drooling on the spot because HE IS HOT! it only made you pay attention to the other things, when you looked up you saw his beautiful smile, his stunning green eyes, his soft blonde hair that was still wet from the shower.
thoma snapped a finger in front of your face to bring you back from your trance and he looked a bit concerned “you okay?”
“y-yeah! totally! ready to go yet?”
it was a dumb question as you looked at the half-dressed man, he giggled and he told you give him a couple minutes to change. he of course invited you in rather than have you wait outside, so you sat on his couch like you always did, only this time your heart was racing.
no dear god, he’s so hot, you wanna run your fingers along his body and feel every inch of him. you bet he feels soft, but his muscles must be firm. oh god no, you cover your face with your hands and groan.
your friend and neighbor is really hot and now you wanna kiss his stupidly pretty face.
Tumblr media
this hoe man I swear to god he’s such a fucking handful and he knows it.
like don’t get me wrong, kaeya is great. he’s incredibly attentive and kind in ways that take you by surprise in comparison to his normal joking and smug personality. he’s also just that though, smug and a major tease.
he loves loves LOVES making you blush. that’s the first and foremost thing.
whenever he gets the chance to see those cheeks burning, he’ll do it. be it by complimenting you on something, or telling you one of his many many naughty jokes, a chance to make your cheeks and ears burn is a chance he will take every single time.
he’ll always point it out too like a little bitch. he’ll touch your cheek with the back of his cold hand say something like “aww baby your cheeks are burning up. are you sick?” and yeah that sounds nice, but he says it with a shit-eating, smug as fuck grin that makes you wanna punch his pretty face. but it’s too pretty to look at—and you don’t think your shot will even touch him anyway.
he also does like to catch you off guard and fluster you. his hands are always cold so when you’re focused on studying or literally anything else, he’ll come up and place both his hands on the side of your neck. you’ll yelp and look back to see him laughing, he apologizes swiftly but part of you doesn’t think he’s sorry.
he kabedons you. yes he does. all the time. when you can’t help but get a little distracted by his perfect face and his pretty hair and oh god his voice-
BAM he will slam a hand on the wall closest to you, trapping you and you can’t help but get shy. he leans in and smirks at you “why aren’t you listening darling?” he’ll ask and fuck him because he already knows why. you stutter and can’t get any words out as you choke on all of them, he’ll giggle and lean in to whisper in your ear “you need to pay attention.” and his breath is somehow cold too, or at least you think that because it has you shivering.
he knows exactly what he’s doing, he had assumed you’d had a crush on him, but every time he even joked about the possibility, you flat out denied anything of the sort the very second it came out of his mouth.
now kaeya knows how to hide his emotions, he’s dealt with so many people both genuine and fake, he knows how to handle it all. but it kinda hurts, a lot, when you deny liking him at all so quickly. you’d never be able to tell, as he simply laughs and teased you saying you’re being harsh. but no, he means it, it’s kinda harsh and makes him think, okay, maybe you don’t like him.
does that stop him from teasing you and flirting with you though? no. he just decides that if you don’t like him, then he can get bolder. and no, kaeya no, please you can’t handle more.
he takes it further from time to time, he’ll pinch the back of your neck now with his icy fingers. he’ll wrap his arms around your waist and lean into you, he’ll nuzzle into the crook of your neck and hum. he will fucking kiss your cheek or the palm of your hand too and that was the final straw.
you melt into his hands despite how cold he always is, and it confuses kaeya because if you didn’t like him like you said then this shouldn’t be an issue right? you’d just brush it off as him playing.
but no, you do like him, you’re just absolutely terrified of him rejecting you. it’s not as if you think kaeya would stop being your friend but hearing him say “sorry i was just messing with you.” would absolutely destroy you! you always had a small hope that his teasing was because he liked you back, but it’s scary, kaeya is always composed, he never shows his true hand. all of this could really be him playing around and finding your reactions funny. then he’ll be swift to reject anything real.
you want him badly, and yet you’re scared to even reach, fearing his cold hands will slap yours away.
Tumblr media
hi. i love this man. he’s honestly that guy that just seems unattainable sometimes to me. at least at first, then you get to know him and you realize he isn’t unattainable. he’s just the right amount of perfect once you dig a little deeper. but yeah, at first you think, there’s no way.
i mean come on, he’s nice, he’s a perfect listener, he’s attentive to your feelings, he’s protective in just the right way that doesn’t make him an ass, and also if it isn’t obvious, he’s fucking beautiful.
god he’s just so perfect, he even cooks you meals. like for real he will cook you dinner if you visit him and he will make you lunch for work/school. you just wanna hug him and kiss him till he’s begging for air because you wanna push all the love you have for him out and into that one kiss.
still with how perfect he is, it almost seems like he’s too perfect sometimes, and by that I mean you just feel like there is NO WAY you can ever see him liking you back.
he’s the type of guy to me that’s a rich boy if it’s modern, because yeah I just can’t see him any other way. like he’s a college student, but he’s also the heir to something really gigantic and so he’s also studying for that.
he’s got this fancy black car that’s sleek and shiny and he picks you up in it sometimes which makes everyone look at you like “bitch wtf?”
diluc doesn’t seem like he’s just a college student—that happens to be amazingly wealthy—he honestly is so dignified and elegant that he already seems likes ceo. it’s also because his mental age skyrockets whenever he deals with kaeya or any of the others of the loud and rowdy bunch so he just carries himself as a bit older than he is.
he’s definitely the chaperone/sober friend as he hates alcohol. so if you drink you can guarantee he’ll look after you, and if you don’t then you two then become the pair of sober friends in your group.
diluc is not one for public skinship at all, he prefers for intimate moments—romantic or platonic—to be private. he does enjoy smaller showings of physical touch, like you resting your head on his arm or shoulder to relax, or when you hug his arm tightly to show your thanks to him—he always thinks that looks adorable.
his favorite though? holding hands. his hands are always warm, he loves holding your hand, interlocking fingers and giving little squeezes. when you thumb over the back of his hand it leaves him with his odd, giddy feeling he can’t pinpoint.
diluc is a very stoic man, this we know, but when it comes to you he’s very soft. don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely still stoic, but there are these minor changes that set how he interacts with you and how he interacts with others apart.
he makes sure you’re the first to enter the first leave, always opening doors for you and watching you go in and out of places. he likes being aware of where you are.
he reads to you, now this is a very private affair when it does happen. he lets you sit next to him or on his lap as he reads the story he’s engrossed in to you. his smooth voice lulls you to sleep and he dares to kiss your forehead when he knows you’re fully off in dreamland.
he is always first to check on you if you’ve injured yourself or are sick. everything stops. full stop. if you’ve hurt yourself or have fallen ill he is on his way. it doesn’t matter where he is he is coming. he also wants to be the one to take care of you as well.
needles to say diluc is very much whipped. you are too though, how could you not be?
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primofate · 11 hours ago
Genshin Series - The sides of him only you get to have and see Part 2: Flustered [All male characters]
Notes: Might be a bit biased but this might be one of my favourite series
Other works in this series: (Part 1 - Soft and Gentle)
Characters: Aether, Albedo, Bennett, Chongyun, Dainsleif, Diluc, Gorou, Itto, Kaeya, Kazuha, Razor, Scaramouche, Tartaglia, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Xingqiu, Zhongli, gn!reader
Warnings: not proofread, slight sexual connotations and implications in some of these, still SFW tho, alcohol consumption
Personal Favourites in this work: Bennett, Gorou, Itto
When you wear something different and innocently ask him “Do I look alright in this?”
He will blink and look you up and down.
There’ll be a small blush forming on his cheeks cause he’s taken aback by how good it actually looks on you.
“Uh...” will cough on his fist to hide the fact that he’s been caught off guard. “Yes, fine, totally fine. I mean, it’s good,”
Wants to take a picture and forever keep it with him. 
Getting him flustered is a challenge.
You’ve done it accidentally, not thinking much of what you were going to say.
He catches you staring at him once and asks if there’s something wrong, or if you’re interested in what he’s doing. 
You absentmindedly state you think he’s just so handsome, and you say it with such seriousness that he has to turn away from you and can only mumble a small “Mm...”
You realize he’s flustered cause although he’s turned away from you the tips of his ears are red and he’s just standing there trying to get his bearings back.
When you say “You’re my hero!”
It’s because he has this “I’m unlucky” thing stuck in his head. Anything bad that happens, he always thinks its because of him.
So when lil ‘ol you comes sticking with him through thick and thin, even when he does the littlest of things, singing him praises will always, ALWAYS get him flustered.
“A-Awe shucks Y/N... It’s nothing... Opening a jar’s no big deal,”
Please praise him more.
Flustered 24/7 with you.
He just doesn’t quite know what to do most of the time. 
He wants to hold your hand? Flustered.
He wants to sit next to you? Flustered.
He wants to walk home with you? Flustered.
When HE takes the initiative he’s gunna be flustered, but when YOU take the initiative, he’s broken. He’s beyond flustered.
When you suddenly hug him. Like completely out of the blue. He could be talking about something and if you suddenly wrap your arms around his middle he’ll have this ?! look on his face.
That’s not to say he doesn’t enjoy it, you just surprised him. 
He’ll recover real quick and hug you back.
He gets flustered by it all the time but it’s still his favourite thing ever.
When you wear anything of his. Shirt, jacket or whatever. 
You come strolling into the dining area in his shirt and he nearly sputters his coffee out. 
“Y/N... You--” He doesn’t know what to say because he thinks its bad for his heart but at the same time there’s just something in him that feels great seeing you in his clothes. 
Basically spends breakfast trying to focus on eating rather than you
You quickly notice that you wearing his clothing is doing things to him cause he’s pink on the cheeks every 10 minutes.
You can’t be sure but you think at some point you hear him mumble “You’re killing me here...”
When you nom on his ears. Listen, you just do it playfully, alright? Both in private and in public. You kiss his ears from time to time but sometimes its just so cute and you can’t help yourself.
You don’t actually bite it, it’s just more of a gentle kiss bordering on nibble type of thing.
“Y/N!!!” He always squirms when you do it and you think it’s funny because his face is battling between happy and flustered. It’s like he doesn’t know whether to resist or give in.
He secretly likes it but won’t ever ask you to do it.
When you innocently tell him that you miss him and want to spend more time with him. “I miss you, can you stay a little longer?”
You look up at him with an almost pleading puppy dog look and he’s starting to combust a little inside.
Oh gosh, his precious partner, his favourite person in the world wants to spend more time with him?! He expected that, of course! He’s such good company after all, but he stutters when he responds to you.
“Y-Yeah? O-Of course! I’ll stay as long as you want!” and he’s melted and has become jelly inside.
He’s almost always the one who’s flirty and makes you flustered. 
So when you’re the one who pulls the more assertive moves on him, sometimes it catches him off guard. 
As in, when you pull him by his shirt and land a kiss on his lips, assertive.
When you pull back he has this shocked look on his face for a split second before he chuckles a little.
“Well, I wasn’t expecting that. Can’t say I didn’t like it though,”
Will encourage you to do it again.
He’s always so calm and collected it’s rather hard to get him flustered.
But it happens when you sit on his lap and lovingly tell him he’s your greatest treasure. “I wouldn’t trade you for anything, Kazu-kun,” 
He’s pleasantly surprised by the sudden statement, though it does bring a blush to his cheeks to hear such affectionate words from you.
Still, he smiles and brings you closer to him to touch foreheads with you. “Likewise, Y/N,”
When you cuddle up against him. Your head in the crook of his neck type of deal.
When you first do it he goes stiff as a board, unsure of what to do.
Gradually he just lets his instinct dictate him and he cradles you against him. 
Still, every time you do this he’ll be flustered at first cause of the amount of contact there is between the two of you, but he also finds it very comforting.
You show any type of affection towards him and he gets flustered. Literally if you just pull on his sleeve and look at him expectantly, there are days where his facade will break and he’ll ask, feigning annoyance. “Wh-What is it now?”
and then when you say “...Kiss me,” (You always have to ask for it because he isn’t going to kiss you on his own accord) The usual reaction is for him to turn red and start walking away. 
Minutes later when he’s finally gathered enough courage to do so he turns around and pulls you in for a kiss. He tries to keep a straight face when he pulls away and asks. “There, happy now?”
You know that little flap on his shirt/coat thing, where he shows a little bit of his stomach? 
Sometimes you like to just randomly slip your hand in through that flap. Sometimes you wrap your arm around his waist, sometimes your hand travels up his stomach, just depends on your mood.
The important thing is that you’re just craving a little skin on skin and it makes him jump from time to time (specially when your hands are cold) 
“Hey now, that’s cheating,” you can see in his face that he was caught off guard. He still enjoys it though. 
May ask you to continue later on, in private :D 
When you show him off to others/are clearly proud of him.
A scenario like, say, some townspeople of Inazuma are talking about how lazy their other half is and you’re just like. “Thoma is better than me at the housework!”
He’s not there to hear it but when he walks around town and spots those same people, they stop him and talk about how you were basically singing him praises. “Oh! R-Really?” he scratches his cheek cause he’s a little shy.
When he’s actually there to witness you showing him off he’s even more flustered. “He’s excellent at nearly everything, and he’s strong too!” 
He’s just being modest and tries to wave off all the compliments. In truth he’s beaming that you’re so amazed by him.
When you drunkenly tell him he’s cute and some other NSFW stuff that you whisper in his ear. 
I mean it was HIS idea to take you drinking, he didn’t know what he was in for. 
“Hm? What’s that?” He’s a little tipsy too as he feels your breath on his ear telling him that’s he’s cute. “Ehe~ I know you feel that way Y/N!” Sober you vs drunk you saying it is different though.
Just when he thinks you’re done whispering you continue and the bartender just watches Venti’s face turn pink around the cheeks.
“O-Oh, wow, uhm...” When he recovers he hurriedly pays for the drinks and pulls you along with him to who knows where :) 
He doesn’t even finish his own drink. 
At the beginning of your relationship, any type of physical contact that lasts for more than 10 seconds will get him flustered. 
Like sitting next to each other, shoulder to shoulder. He’ll get antsy after a while and try to scoot away from you. It’s not that he doesn’t like it, he’s just not used to it and it feels like his skin is getting unbearably warm. 
All that warmth is gathering in his chest and he’s afraid he’ll burst so his first instinct is to pull away. 
You pick up on it and ask if he’s uncomfortable or just don’t like to be too close and he’ll deny it almost immediately. “I-It’s not that,”
Then you realize he just needs more time to get used to it.
When you push his hair/bangs back and look into his eyes to say “Xingqiu don’t hide your eyes, they’re such a magnificent colour,” 
That always gets him cause you’re starting intently into his eyes and you look like you really mean it.
He’ll start off on a light blush and then will clear his throat, “Thank you for the compliment...”
It’s the only thing he can say, what else can he say? 
Whenever he remembers the serious look in your eyes though, even when he’s alone. He’ll turn red all over again.
When you flirt with him as if it’s your first time meeting + using his Archon name.
“Rex Lapis, what must I do for you to agree on spending dinner with me tonight? Perhaps... a massage?” and when you drape your hands over his shoulders starting to knead at it a little you recognize the small upward quirk of his lips. 
He chuckles bashfully, but almost always plays along with you. “Well... it’ll depend on the quality of your massage, dear Y/N,” 
Inside it’s almost like electricity for him when you get sly like that. 
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bluexiao · a day ago
reader who asks xiao if he can pretend to be their boyfriend because there is someone who bothers them like flirting with them
imagine xiao telling them "y-your w-what??" with completely red face akxmkfvirb he would be so cute I can't
THEMES. kind of modern au. bffs to lovers? kinda bittersweet honestly but mostly fluff!
WARNINGS. Albert is bothering you here (that annoying npc who’s a fan of barbara)
NOTES. this seems kind of short but i tried to lengthen it more than i originally would! i enjoyed writing this one and i would probably write a part 2 of this somewhere along the way<3 aaa thanks for this req!
Tumblr media
This guy… this guy named Albert had been following and flirting with you around like a fly and you absolutely couldn’t make him get lost.
From what you’ve heard from Aether, this guy is like this towards Barbara, one of the school idols, but you’re not really one yourself so his actions confuse you tremendously. It was to the point that you began thinking about the unthinkable—something you never thought would ever cross your mind for you to do it yourself.
Your hands were near sweating—or were they already?—as your footsteps lead you to the rooftop. You just hoped the person you were looking for was there and that you had lost Albert somewhere along the way.
“Xiao” you called him with a relief in your voice, stepping further onto the rooftop as he turns around, hands crossed over hjs chest.
“You called?”
You giggled at the way he talked, finding yourself amused amidst the situation you were about to reveal to the only person who ever had your full trust in everything. Not that you were hesitating bevause of your reservations, it was more so with his reaction to it.
“Is it alright to ask for a favor from you?” you looked at the ground, realizing how much this sounded more sane in front of your mirror, when you were trying to practice it by yourself. Now that you were in front of him, your throat clogged up and your heart was pounding in your chest.
“What favor?” his brows furrowed, noticing the way you were acting up—it’s unusual, for you to shy up in front of him, unless this was something you’d been keeping for a long time.
Then, you met his eyes, “Could you… pretend to be my boyfriend?”
This time, it was him who experienced the symptoms of nervousness—“W-What? Y-your what?” Did he just hear it right? His palms started to sweat and he could feel his face heating up as well, yet he tried to make it look like he still had his composure.
You rambled your explanation and thankfully, he agreed in the end, with him grumbling about how “It’s dangerous to leave you alone, then.” and that “That man clearly has an unusual way of showing his affections.”
XIAO is mad, of course he was. Mad and hella confused.
It’s completely understandable for someone to take a liking to you, but for you to ask for someone’s help because you felt uncomfortable and wanted the man to hopefully go away. He’s mad that it had come to this, but a part of him is perplexed and bewildered as to;
“Why me? Of all people, why would you choose… me?” he questions, unconsciously biting on to his lip just too slightly, making them seem pursed on the outside.
“Because… I trust you the most, Xiao.”
If he said his heart didn’t skip a beat at that, he’d be lying.
But of course, your safety was on top of his priorities, rhus he sets aside any of his “feelings” and makes sure he was playing the role right.
Only… he doesn’t know how. So he mostly appears stiff next to and he couldn’t even hold your hand without flinching first because he absolutely was not so used to it!
He will though, and it was actually to the point that even if the act got that man driven away, he couldn’t bring himself to even imagine going back to how you two were once before the act.
It was like relearning friendship all over again, yet this time, his feelings for you grew more than he could contain by now.
After all, it was difficult to determine the fake when what he feels towards you were all true.
Tumblr media
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wisteria-writings · 2 days ago
genshin characters as random (poetic) lines (pt. 2)
> cw: fluffs! angsts! romance. (not all of them are going to be romantic)
a/n: i'm bored and i wanna make something beautiful;; also these quotes are all mine! don't steal pleaseee
diluc: "the sky is so pretty when it burns."
kaeya: "what do i fear? i fear never being loved."
venti: "be still, darling. the wind will show us a way."
barbara: "i will be alright... but only because i must be."
rosaria: "you melted this frozen heart. but now that you're gone, it is trapped in ice once again."
jean: "these dandelions shelter all the wishes that never came true. they catch the prayers that fell from the stars; the dreams that are now long forgotten."
lisa: "laugh with me, my love. for our time together is so little; and our love too large."
noelle: "i only wish to be happy. is that too selfish of me?"
albedo: "one day, these bones and this flesh will fade. one day, the earth will crumble, and the universe will burst with colors unimaginable... but for now, i am here. and i love you."
klee: "i want to say i'm sorry... as late as it may be."
eula: "this world has wronged us too many times. so let us stand together, my dear. we shall face its storm together."
ningguang: "i love you. isn't that enough?"
beidou: "come the lightning and the thunder; the storm and the sky. i will protect you, my love."
childe: "hush, darling. i love your scars, too."
zhongli: "forever? forever is but a moment, my dear."
xiangling: "i want to love everything! why? well, because everyone deserves to be loved."
xingqiu: "a thousand pretty words and a hundred pretty pictures are useless. a simple, 'i love you,' will suffice."
hu tao: "what do you call a longing for something you've never known?"
raiden: "what faults have we, my darling? none, save for loving each other, and being loved by the other."
sara: "i will be okay, i know it. why? because i am with you."
kokomi: "how is it that i have not known love until i met you?"
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plotti · a day ago
How they ask for your attention: a sequel
Characters: Kaeya, Kazuha, Xiao, Gorou, Lisa
Headcanons - fluff, suggestive on Kaeya and Lisa
Will have his finger frozen and lay in on your neck. It’s guaranteed, it will happen multiple times and it won’t even always be because he wants your attention either.
Always makes you jump and drop whatever you had in your hands. Although he tried to be mindful of what is in your hands, you have dropped and broken several cups and other dishes.
In private, or in leas populated areas, he’ll go in and kiss your neck, even give you hickeys. He’ll grab your waist too and push himself against you. Doesn’t happen all the time, but he does it whenever he feels needy. You gladly reciprocate.
Going on with the last point, he’ll just whisper the dirtiest shit in your ear to fluster you. You’ll completely forget what you were doing and basically “break”.
He won’t do this all the time, but I can definitely see him making a snowball and throwing it at you if you’re far away.
He’s one of the other ones who’ll admit that they want your attention. He would cup your your face and bring it closer to his, giving a kiss to your forehead. Very gentle.
Since you both get separated for long periods of time, his attention will fully be on you. But if there’s something occupying you he’ll try and distract you with poems and haikus. Even tries to convince you to put whatever you need to do aside.
You miss him, and depending on how urgent it is, you’ll be out and about with Kazuha in the mountains or have him humming behind you while you finish your thing.
He would start playing with your hair too. Put all sorts of braids and flowers in it to make it pretty (make it prettier in his eyes).
Won’t ever admit it, but he really likes your attention. Having someone insisting on staying with him even after he warns them about his karmic debt will make him annoyed and appreciative. More of the latter.
Behind his seriousness he can be quite mischievous, he’ll blow a bit of wind towards you and when you ask him about it he’ll just deny it. Doesn’t knock stuff over, more like turning the pages of your books a few pages back.
He’s a little more impatient too. You would notice it when he glares and stares at you more often.
You’ve come to associate that with him needing some of your attention. If you tease him about it he will disappear on you, too embarrassed to say anything and won’t want you to see his bright red face. He’ll come back once he’s calmed down and lay his head on your shoulder.
Sometimes when he just wants to be with you he’ll take you up on the roof of the inn. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing, he’ll just pick you up bridal style and fly up there.
As the General, he usually doesn’t have much time for quality time with you. You’re always on his mind tho.
He’ll usually request your presence in his tent, using the excuse of “preparing more plans”. With that usually ending in cuddle sessions, you now associate “preparing more plans” to “I need cuddles and some time with you”.
You wouldn’t have it either way, time spent with Gorou is time spent fully. You’ll usually lay down together and catch up, talking about whatever came to mind.
As for scratching his ears, he’ll lay his head on your chest and push his head up under your chin, almost rubbing you. Another physical indicator would be his tail getting twitchy. It would also wag almost violently when around you.
Another way would be tickling your sides with the end of his tail, only in private tho. Will act like he didn’t even do anything.
Will just come up to you and hug you tightly, even brings your head down to her chest sometimes. Will chuckle a bit when you stutter when talking to her.
She can be a bit like Thoma, she’ll sometimes come up to you and slump over while hugging you.
If you’ve been overworking yourself or haven’t been taking care of yourself as much as you need to (no sleep), she’ll try to get you to have some fun ;). It works all the time.
She’ll want you to assist her with her librarian duties. You know she’s perfectly capable, but you also want to spend time with her so you always help her out and stay by her side.
If it’s quiet, she’ll ask you to read to her. She likes hearing you talk and half the time she’ll fall asleep to your voice. You end up playing with her hair while reading.
Part three perhaps? I want to do more characters 👀
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cloudenthusiast2 · a day ago
I JUST read your headcanons about Scaramouche after learning more abt his backstory and all,I was wondering if u could write more but this time with the concept of 'what if he actually had someone he cherished,someone he loved? Maybe a crush?' I'll send more hc asks abt this if that's alright! I wanna read more abt him but most fanfics abt him are either yandere or very heavy angst,,,which there's nothing wrong with those,I jıst prefer fluff and comfort over those concepts 👉👈
Scaramouche x reader headcanons - After getting to know his past
Tumblr media
A.n: This is what I wanted to write initially, it was later that I switched to general headcanons, but I'm glad you reminded me to go back to the original idea. Bold of you to assume I wouldn't go full angst with this one though... But don't worry, I added some fluffy parts just for you, anon:)
Genre: angst and fluff
Warnings: spoilers for the def artifact set
The Balladeer firmly believed that he was unloveable and not able to love either. His only goal in life was to get the gnosis and the power coming with it. He had kind of brainwashed himself into thinking that this is his only purpose
Therefore he denies all the feelings he actually occurs. Doesn’t matter where they’ve come from or what caused them, if they warm him, they must be false
At least that’s what he tells himself hundred times a day after he’s met someone who actually makes his heart beat faster.
When he first set his eyes on you, he thought he had some kind of disease and later visited Dottore to have himself checked. Much to his confusion and annoyance it turned out he was completely alright.
It takes a really long time until he can actually accept he has normal human-like feelings. The more patient you are about this, the sooner he’ll feel comfortable with them
He is a puppet who was thrown away even by its own creator. He is not a human, he just longs to be one even though he's also scared of the same thing
He’s only not capable of loving in his own head. The only thing that's true is that he genuinely doesn’t know how to treat someone he has feelings for
He’s seen couples together before but it’s all very surreal to him. He’s desperate to have a relationship like they do though
So he’ll try in the weirdest ways possible. Actually, he does normal couples things but the way he acts them out makes it incredibly obscure.
Bring you gifts but throws them at your face. Insists that you sit down but doesn’t sit next to you, just stands near you straight like a broomstick the whole time. Picks a flower but instead of giving it to you, he shoves it in your pocket.
Incredibly awkward with physical affection. Try to hold his hand and he’ll pull away his arm immediately. That is actually kind of hurtful, but little did you know he only does that because he’s afraid his skin is too cold for you to touch
He goes through different stages all the time. One day he wakes up carving love and affection, next day he’s numb and crude. It takes a long time until you finally realise it’s not because he wants to hurt you, it’s because he still couldn’t perceive the fact he could be loved
He needs someone who loves him fully but loves him slowly. Let it sink in, let him register and fully understand it
He tries his hardest to be tender with you but he still manages to hurt you sometimes. He usually doesn't even realise, he's just so used to hating everything, hating mortals that the words accidentally slip his mouth
The other Harbingers were really amused by your odd relationship at first. Well, not just at first, they continued to seek entertainment by it even after they've gotten used to seeing you around the Balladeer
Except Signora. She didn't care about anyone outside her status but when she realised what you actually meant to the Balladeer, she didn't laugh at you any more. Your love reminded her of the one she had lost. And even though she couldn't really stand Scaramouche, she made sure to drag you away and tell you everything she knew about him in a dark corner. Then left like nothing had happened and she didn't just help you understand him better.
Except Childe. Scaramouche despised him and the sheznayan fighter loved to annoy his short colleague back. But when he saw how desperately The Balladeer tried to change for the better, he never made fun of your relationship again. Family meant everything to that man. So he made sure to drag Scaramouche away and tell him all of the advices he could think of. Then left like nothing had happened and like he didn't just help him understand humanity better.
A year or two has passed and he is now capable of holding his loved one's hand. He still worries about his cold skin but it's the hundredth time you tell him his cold touch only makes you want to warm him up and he slowly starts to believe it.
A year or two has passed and he doesn't call himself a puppet any more. But he doesn't call himself a human either. He has no idea who he is - the only thing he knows is that he is loved.
A year or two has passed and he still wakes up in cold sweat every night. The tears he used to shed no longer come but he doesn't feel the need to cry any more either. He has someone next to him and that's enough. She's enough.
...Or is she? He is incredibly attached now and has improved a lot. The flowers he picks, he puts in your hair. When he sits next to you, he rests his head on your shoulder. He doesn't accidentally hurt you with cruel words any more and doesn't get annoyed by your foolish mortal habits either. Instead, he lets you hug him, lets you play with his hair, lets you complain about pointless things, lets you sing stupid little songs to him.
But he still has his plans of getting the gnosis. You're the one that actually turned his life around and made him have a heart but he's still torn.
He knows he doesn't really need the gnosis any more but it's hard to let go of an aspiration, especially that it was the only thing that kept him alive for long years.
So he doesn't let go of it. But one thing is certain: if he does decide to betray the fatui and get the gnosis, he is going to do it while still keeping you as his number one priority. At this point he'd rather die than to let you get hurt. And if he does die, then so be it.
But, oh God, just don't let him lose you now that he actually has someone.
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reilliane · 2 days ago
Tyranny ⊱⊰ Genshin!Various
Tumblr media
A/N: VILLAIN MC MEDIEVAL AU. Unlike my WIPs, this is just a lovely scenario I made up~ Kudos to the various Villainess manhwas I've been reading lmao- but wait, MC is an actual villain. Oh dear.
✤ she/her
✤ Mentions of death, blood, torture, and nudity
✤ LIs in this section: Kazuha, Xingqiu,
✤ LIs for the second part: Bennett, Alatus, Diluc, Childe
≿————- ★ ————-≾
The world was a sinister place to be in. Sometimes, you wished you never opened your eyes to this place—but if you hadn't, you'll have never seen the faces of your older twin siblings. Aether and Lumine looked after you to the best of their abilities even if you all are gated with social standing. You three were orphaned peasants, but you didn't care. They loved you and you loved them, no one was going to tear you three apart.
But of course—life was wicked.
You were only eleven when it happened, your siblings thirteen. You've always been the sickly child, so your beloved brother and sister were out buying things with the money thrown to them at the streets. Oftentimes, they earned it themselves. So imagine your horror when you trudged out of your poor excuse of a bed, struck with fever, to the plaza where they've gone to—only to find them being beaten to death. Framed of stealing. But they would never steal. They would never and you knew that because they worked so hard day and night, helping around town in exchange for bits of money. You could not bear the fear that petrified you in place as Aether thrashed, yelling underneath the feet of strong, older men. He was raging, bellowing for the others to take their filthy hands off his sister, Lumine, who was screaming. Hands were all over her and you were so, so scared for her. And that was when she saw you.
"No! [Name], run! Get away from here!
The look on Aether's face when he realized that you were present gave you nightmares. It didn't take long before he was crying out for you to run- before they get you, too. The men were quick to silence both of your siblings, and when they began to stalk towards you, you ran. As fast as you could. To get help from anyone- anywhere! The villagers in town loved your siblings because they were helpful in all situations. So why-?
"Please..! My siblings- y-you have to help them!"
Why wasn't anyone helping? The stationed guards, too... why? Was it because you were a peasant..? No matter how much you screamed... how much you cried.. why weren't they doing anything? Even when you were grabbed by the hair and dragged back screaming, dizzy and hot from your fever, no one was helping. They were all looking away, afraid. It was cruel. They were cruel. Your siblings didn't deserve this. None of you deserved this. But at least, you thought as you were thrown against the wall, at least I'd be seeing them soon. Help came when you least expected it. When your vision was closing in to the darkness, help came in the form of a woman who beat the assaulters in less than a minute. She helped you. But your siblings were too far gone.
That woman was named Rhinedottir. A Duchess of the Kingdom. She gave your siblings a proper burial and took you in the Manor as her step-daughter, where you met Albedo. Your new brother, the same age as Aether. You avoided him at all costs, not wanting him to replace your dearly beloved siblings, and he was oddly fine with that. Your enmity was validated, after all. For such a child to go through to something... You found out that Rhinedottir hadn't taken you in as her daughter for no reason. She was cognizant of your burning hatred for the citizens, the guards—everyone. It was almost ironic how you loathed the people but not the nobility nor the Imperial Family. It turned out that Rhinedottir was searching for someone to help her overthrow the Imperial Family, someone who had done her wrong by banishing her from the Kingdom. All because of a mistake that could be amended. Albedo claimed the title of Duke at a young age and was hiding his mother the entire time, in on the plan to overthrow the royalty. He, however, had no intention of claiming the throne. You were the perfect person to add to the mix. So, you took the offer with no hesitance. You've got nothing to lose anymore. What else could life take away from you? It was about time... it was about time to take others' lives. It was revenge—revenge for Aether and Lumine, who could've been here with you. This mindset stuck around in your journey to queendom. It was difficult to learn things day by day, and at such a limited time, too. Rhinedottir had given you eight years. Eight years to learn everything. It was immensely difficult, having to catch up to studies taught at your age, from geography to politics. She was making sure you were the perfect fit—and you were. No, you are. Albedo had helped you along the way. He was silent, the complete opposite of Aether, but you appreciated his presence. He was there for when you would wake up from nightmares, reliving the memories of your siblings' deaths. And he was there, too, when you debuted into nobility eight years later. The same day your new family would create havoc—kill the Imperial Family. Leave no heirs behind. No hard feelings. It was a bloodbath.
Corpses upon corpses, skulls upon skulls, and sitting atop with a golden crown stained with blood was you.
[Name], the Bloodthorned Queen.
"A beautiful a rose she may be, remain vigilant of the thorns that you see."
Tumblr media
The Kaedehara. Ah yes, you remember them. Once of nobility, now reduced to mere peasants—now the only son is a simple servant at your beck and call. To be honest, you do not know if he loathes you and your new family for claiming the throne and calling the only Kaedehara left to the Palace only to make him a servant. Still, he was no simple servant. He was proficient with the blade, so he served as your personal Knight, as well. He would draw his blade to anyone—whenever you want.
"My, it's lovely today, isn't it?"
Kazuha doesn't respond, already used to your rhetorics as the two of you stroll down the city. He is exactly a step behind you at the right, a second away from any of your commands.
The citizens cower at the sight of you, walking with well-refined grace, willfully ignorant of the fear you cause them.
It feels nice.
The smile on your face has been practiced ever since you accepted Rhinedottir's contract, so keeping it up as you enter the nightmarish alleyway is done with relative ease.
For a moment, it feels like the hems of your grandiose attire is being stained by the same blood that has spilled here years ago. You try not to remember Aether and Lumine's faces as you cross the alley, ending up in a specific section in the city.
You can never forget this place.
"H-Her Majesty, the Queen is here!" exclaimed a young girl who throws herself to her knees afterward.
The butterfly takes flight with its impeccable chain reaction a second later. Faces, faces you know and remember stare in horror as they started kissing the ground.
An old woman, the baker, the one you've gone to for help, shrinks when you walk towards her.
Each graceful step is followed by impending doom.
The silver-haired man unsheathes his blade, the scintilla on the silver earning pitifully restrained shrieks. He goes to step forward, void of emotions, but you press a hand to his chest.
You open your palm and he glances at it once—before handing you the sword.
The woman groveling at your feet begins to clutch the ends of your gown, weeping.
Sneering, you angle the weapon by her neck.
"Did I ask you to soil my dress?"
She jumps back, shivering. "N-no, I'm sorry, my-my Queen! Please spare me, I-I'll do anything!"
Oho? How laughable.
Your reiteration causes her to jolt, undoubtedly thinking twice over her slurred words, but she nods in a frenzy anyway. It is vexing how she can't remember you.
"Yes..!" she cries.
You laugh, tilting her head up with the use of the sword.
"Then die."
Her eyes started dilating, tears spilling as her cries echo in the silent district. There are plenty of onlookers, but none wish to come and help.
How does it feel? You ask in your head as the woman clings to your dress again, begging for mercy. Pitiful.
You were once the pitiful one.
"P-please, my Queen! I have a family!"
When she gets a good look at your face, she goes silent. There is a light of recognition in her eyes that has you smiling in triumph.
"I had one, too."
The screams from around the place are so infuriating. It's as if they haven't been watching the executions you've put out at least twice a month.
Or perhaps their fear is something different.
Perhaps it's because they never thought it would be them.
How unfortunate. You've just been saving the best for last. This whole segment of the city.. refused you once. They killed your siblings.
"Kazuha," he takes the sword from your hands and wipes the stray blood that has stained your cheek like a tear.
"Yes, my Queen?"
You close your eyes, relishing in the warmth of his palm. It's comforting, this servant—this Knight's hand. Sometimes you are aware how his optics hold the faintest trace of sympathy, but you do not care.
"Silence them all."
His hand departs from your cheek and he bows.
"As you wish."
≿————- ★ ————-≾
Sometimes, you'll get lost in the waves of your memory. Where you are doesn't matter —in the great hall, the throne room, the barracks— your mind will still get swarmed.
More often than not, they are nightmarish fiends that seek to hinder you from doing anything. Sometimes, they work, most in at the strike of midnight.
The moon is high up in the sky and the kingdom is silent for now, everyone is at peace except for you. Unable to sleep, you stand by one of the palace's grand balconies, overlooking the city you once roamed in as a peasant.
You swallow the lump in your throat.
I did it, Lumine... Aether. The cold wind sweeps by as if they are responding, and you hold yourself close. If only you two are here..
They would hug you close, if they're with you—and you'll smile with them. But laughter now is a privilege.
It is something that wealth cannot buy, you know that the second you accepted the contract. Now, you are at the top with a bloodstained crown, you have everything.
But you're never truly happy.
There is no one to comfort nor assure you when you are sick and weeping, no one to caress your cheek when you feel burdened by the world.
But do you care?
You don't, for you know this to be the outcome after choosing to walk on the bloody path.
You do not care, but yet, you weep for yourself.
"If I may be so bold," someone's voice flutters in the wind as your chin is turned to the right.
Stunned that someone has caught you in a moment of weakness, your eyes are wide. Carmine pools reflect back at yours as the silver-haired servant reaches to wipe your tears with a handkerchief.
Kazuha? You flinch with a sharp intake of air.
He pauses at this, withdrawing that instant to dip his head.
"Punish me as you see fit, my Queen."
He doesn't move and you keep your stunned stare fixated on his bowing profile. It's midnight—since when did he appear.. ?
Ah, he saw you.. !
Hastily wiping your own waterworks, you swallow again, collecting your composure. "No need."
He visibly tenses, but you are already walking away, wanting nothing more but to retire to your room after being caught in a state of vulnerability. How encumbering this is.
Kazuha only uprights himself when the doors to the grand balcony shuts and he hears the click clacks of your footwear fading away.
He then flitters his eyes onto the handkerchief on his hand. There is an evident damp stain on it. Tears.
Truly, when he is giving the halls a last look over, he didn't expect an awakened Queen to head outside. If she isn't at the throne room answering the pleas, or at the study in debate with officials, she keeps to herself.
So, seeing a murderer cry alone in the dead of night is far from his expectations. He honestly thought he was dreaming.
But he wasn't.
Kazuha doesn't know the Queen's story, nor the reason for her waterworks, but as he pockets the handkerchief, there is a single thought in his head.
The Queen is much more human than anyone thought.
Tumblr media
Ah yes, the son from Feiyun. A noble house whose first successor had been slain after challenging your rule. Although the same age as you, Xingqiu, the next successor after the death of his brother, has since then had bad blood with the Khemia family. He's chivalrous, but what can chivalry do at your reign? He knows better than to disobey, so his enmity lies deep inside, unvoiced yet acknowledged. You do not bother with his hatred. He knows nothing about your upbringing.
"But my Queen, this is just too ludicrous to even consider!" Xingqiu is, as always, the only one in the Court of Exchequer who dares to speak against you.
From the head of the table, you arch an amused eyebrow, motioning for him to continue.
He does so without a beat, uncaring of the fearful looks cast his way.
"The Kingdom is already wealthy as it is, why must we raise the taxes twofold? We'd be extorting the citizens!"
Reluctant murmurs of agreement follow his exclamation and a haughty laugh spills from your wine-colored lips. With a snap of your fan, you point it to him.
"You miss a part. The nobles are not excluded from tax."
"M-My Queen!"
"Nobles will pay, as well!?"
"This absurdity.. ! Nobles have never paid taxes!"
Ugh, this chatter. As if Kazuha can pick up on your growing discontent, he unsheathes his sword, the sound scaring the officials into silence.
Grateful for the swift quietude that swept the room, you speak up again.
"You must be feigning idiocy, have you mistaken me for a fool?"
Xingqiu recoils at this, "No, your Grace!"
Hm? You narrow your eyes with a tight-lipped smile, "Did you all truly think that your crimes will go undiscovered? You lot, stealing wealth from not only the citizens but the Crown, as well."
There are a lot of figures who shrink when this is addressed and you sigh, satisfied. Caught you.
You aren't meant to attend these kinds of meetings, but you've gotten word from a trusted few about the unlawful exchange and thievery done by a handful of nobles.
"So since you're all bleeding with gold, anyway, then contribute to the Kingdom,"
You lay your fan down, content at their stammers.
"But wait... ! Don't you have reasons for deciding to amass illegal wealth? Of course!" you clap your hands as if recalling crucial information.
"Count Tricus, you were stealing so you can flee to the enemy Kingdom.. weren't you?"
Xingqiu gawks at this, his head turning to the shaking man in question. The latter is unable to hide his own fear.
The amber-eyed noble is wordless as the Queen sighs, her servant stalking off to the side, inching closer towards the mentioned Count.
"We are on the verge of possible war.. perhaps you were thinking of escaping to their safety after divulging the plans of the Crown? Oh, that simply won't do, Count!" she snaps her fingers and Kazuha traipses to the back of the man.
"You must've forgotten who I am, Tricus."
"Wait, wait, m-my Queen- I only stole a tiny portion! I could return it with interest, sp-spa-!"
"I am your Queen."
The beheaded drops to the floor, the separated head rolling like dice across the table, staining blank sheets crimson. Horrified gasps ring in the room and Xingqiu is frozen in place.
He hasn't witnessed an execution this up close.
How- how can the Queen decide something so quickly without warning!? He feels his blood boiling. To carelessly execute someone without a proper trial... !
"My Queen, you are being too hasty. Eliminating a noble when it's supposed to be decided over by the Parliament is imprudent!"
The [c]-eyed Queen smiles his way, her cheek resting on her palm. It takes him all that he can to not yield to his emotions.
After mindlessly beheading his brother... now she's doing the same thing to possible innocents!?
Her stare on him is unbelievably heavy and it's only when he realizes that he's locking in on the eye contact does he avert his gaze, knowing how much the royal looks down upon someone challenging her stare.
He can't. He can't die. His brother's legacy...
"It appears that I've made someone nauseous. Well," one command from the lady and knights storm through the doors. "Throw them all in the dungeons. Await the Parliament's verdict."
"I-" Xingqiu falls back to his seat as the knights start to yank nobles and officials from their chairs, some going as far to haul them when they stubbornly cling onto something. I'm innocent!
Swarmed with fear and disdain for the unfairness of everything, he slams his eyes shut, submitting to the biased Queen who wants everyone to be skulls and bones at her feet.
It seems that she wants to remake the entire court from the ground up, and if it takes killing them all off, she'll see to it.
The sound of stomping greaves goes louder... and louder until the last screams of those in the room are pulled out, and someone is holding him. He's next.
A giggle makes him snap his eyes open, only to flinch when he sees none other than the Queen herself holding him by the arm.
"Why so fearful, Xingqiu?" she whispers as her servant places down a pile of filed papers. "You are innocent, are you not?"
Heat rises to Xingqiu's cheeks—be it of vexation or fluster—as the [c]-eyed Queen peers down at him, her lips daringly close.
"Your chivalry is admirable... if only you extend such quality to those worthy of it."
He furrows his brows. Is she implying that his fellow noblemen are not worthy of respect? A Queen she may be, her audacity knows no bounds.
[C] eyes flutter to the papers on the table, her fingers reaching to grab him by the face and make him look at the compilation of parchment.
"Written there are the crimes of the arrested aristocrats, please yourself with the knowledge of their felonies. Since you doubt your Queen so much, don't you?"
The fingers grabbing his cheeks slip off and the female royalty gives him a look over, complacency all over her features. Without saying anything else, she exits through the enormous double doors, her servant following close behind.
Xingqiu is left behind in the now-empty conference hall, clutching the documented evidence in his trembling hands.
≿————- ★ ————-≾
a/n: OH GOSH THIS WAS LONG. But I suppose it was because of the interlude, too. villain mc! no thoughts, just villain mc >:))
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Return to the Scrying Glass ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
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kae3yaa · a day ago
Ahhh hello can I suggest/request some hc of diluc, and/or thoma, and kaeya with a slightly insomniac and stressed reader that’s school/work related?
Wish me luck y’all I’m legit never been so brain empty for so long but thank you in advance! (Also can I be 🍄 anon?ok ok I’m heading out now I promise lol have a good day/night)
parings: diluc, thoma, & kaeya.
warnings: mentions of stress/workload, insomnia, & a little suggestive w/ kaeya's hc.
a/n: hi hello! i'm not sure if you wanted this into a comfort fanfiction but here you go! i hope you enjoy <3. this is quite short since school but welcome 2 the fam 🍄anon ☆⌒(*^-゜)v.
Tumblr media
☆; DILUC !
diluc felt like he had to do something about the current problem and state you were in.
he was convinced that you needed help from these assigned tasks you were given. of course, he tried telling you that he doesn't mind helping you but you refused his offer.
he knows that you haven't been sleeping recently, due to your large and deep eyebags.
you've been working on tasks but it seemed like to him that it was a never ending loop of work.
most of the time, he can hear your voice around 3-4 in the morning, he could hear your distressed voice and it just by hearing it- he could tell you wanted to stop and take a break. sadly, you couldn't.
he was surprised that you'd reach this far and still kept on going.
nonetheless, he'd always come and check on you everyday to see if you need anything.
he would always cook your favorite dishes.
"did you eat today? don't worry, i already cooked your favorite."
and he loves holding your hand + petting your head while you work, he gives you a lot of affection and reassures you that you'll be okay.
he'd say things like:
"don't worry my love, i'm always here by your side."
since you haven't gotten much sleep, he'd tell you to rest on his shoulder and wakes you up on the designed time you had to wake up.
Tumblr media
☆; THOMA !
thoma likes to enter your room and spread love & support to you. even if the love is just hugs, kisses, and positive sayings it meant a lot to you. reason being is because he never wants to see you sad, lonely, and miserable.
since you were stressed, he would give you some peace and quiet for a while seeing how you would be quite irritated if anything disturbs you.
he'd mostly knock on your door to give you a cookie as a tiny snack and reminds you to stay hydrated along with not forgetting to eat food.
he'd ask you on what you're working on so he would give you tips and notes on how to complete it faster!
when he's out, he'd send loving and sweet messages. an alternative since he's not around physically. he knows how hard you're working so he tries his best to be best of help!
and he would also give you a teddy bear to cuddle when he was sleeping/not around. <3.
when you finally got out of your room, thoma would be so happy since you've finally gotten a break. so after that, you two would spend your time sleeping and cuddling together.
he always says how he's so proud of you for being so strong.
"i'm so proud of you, i know you can do this !!"
if you're very stressed, he would calm you down by pulling you close and slowly combing your hair.
Tumblr media
☆; KAEYA !
kaeya seems to be the type to help you whether you like it or not. he's quite stubborn. you really can't argue back since you're already tired.
ever since he knew about your situation he'd check up on you more often than before. don't get me wrong, he checks up on you daily but it just shows on how he worries about you.
his friends noticed his unusual behavior of staying home all the time. when he finally explained why he was acting unusual. diluc- of course didn't believe him at first.
he doesn't mind waiting for you to finish your work, and he'd sometimes watch you while you do your assigned tasks.
since kaeya is a wine addict, when you get the chance of a break he would tell you to drink some wine with him as a "bonding" time. but of course, he would stop if you didn't feel like it.
he would set you on his lap & rest his chin on top of your head as well in addition, he'd plant small kisses on your forehead.
sometimes you'd lay your ear on his chest, hearing his heartbeat seems to calm you down. it felt ,, right.
he loves joking with you, it appears to also help you with stress & work so he'd do it more often to hear your sweet laugh and precious smiles.
"don't forget i'm always here for you."
he'd say, reminding you everyday actually.
there wasn't a time that he was with you all day, finding attention. buut, he's mostly patient, supportive and respects your decision whatever it may be.
Tumblr media
END <3 .. !
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evelxtus · a day ago
All I can think about is Diluc, Itto, and Kazuha (separate) having a crush on their best friend BUT their best friend is hilariously oblivious to all of their advances because of how little experience they have in romance so the reader just confuses them for extremely platonic gestures and brushes them off even though they like them back. And then when they finally get confessed to, the reader is like “Ohhh… OHHHH.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— ❛ Oʜ ᴀʀᴄʜᴏɴs﹐ ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ !
pairing. . . . . . diluc, itto, kazuha x gn! reader.
genre. . . . . . . fluff, best friends to lovers.
a/n. . . . . . . . . hope you like it. <3 it was fun and nice to write.
Tumblr media
You're the only one that Diluc loves spending time with. What's more, he's always the one who tells you to stay with him a while longer. Whether in the tavern, at the Dawn Winery, just relaxing or hanging out together. If others require the presence of Diluc, they will be the ones who have to make an appointment with him. But in your case, he'ill be the one who will go in your search without wasting any time. Don't you see something strange there?... Well, according to you, it's just a privilege of being best friends!
The only person who can get the warmest smile from Diluc is you. With other people, be it customers, co-workers from the tavern, his own maids... they all see the more professional and distant side of this man, and are already used to it. Therefore, when they see from afar how smiling he is when you are around him, everyone is surprised and they know that there is something else that Diluc hides. Of course, his feelings for you! At this point, everyone knows it except you. He is very cute, isn't he? But that's normal, if he didn't smile with you, you would be doing something wrong as his best friend!
Not to mention all those times you managed to make him blush like never before. In these situations you think that he suddenly became ill. That's strange, yes, but the situation could happen. “Is everything okay, 'Luc? You have a fever?” You ask peeking out to a better observation of his face, but he doesn't make it easy for you. Diluc clears his throat, covering his face from the side in an attempt to avoid your gaze. All you can see is the back of his gloved hand, so you resignedly sit up with a slight pout. “Everything's fine, no need to worry... just give me a second.”
Or when you sit on one of the benches of the vineyard, enjoying the presence of the red-haired man and the night breeze, being lit simply by the moon and the various streetlights that decorate the building from the outside. By then, you tend to be very sleepy, and you can't help but tilt your head heavily, resting it on Diluc's shoulder as you close your eyes. At times like that he can only look at you out of the corner of his eye and try not to move much so as not to disturb your slumber, sometimes surrounding you with that same arm to hug you and push you against his chest so you can get completely invaded by his comfy warmth.
Once during this moment he couldn't help himself anymore. You looked beautiful under the dim light of the streetlights illuminating your face, your slightly split lips, breathing calmly while you leaned on him. “I love you...” He whispered, completely unaware that you were still in a lucid moment. You hummed, snuggling closer to him, which caused the boy's heart to stop and his cheeks to fiercely redden. “I love you too, you are the best friend anyone can have.”
You'll never see his expression change so fast. With a resigned sigh, he looked away from him to the stars. 'You're never gonna learn, right?'
And by the time he can't hide it anymore, he'll repeat that phrase. “I love you” He is trying his best not to blush and not to take his gaze away from yours. “Oh, I know, I love you too!” you respond by looking away to continue your thing. He sighs, grabbing your wrist so you turn and focus his attention on him once more. “No, I mean... I love you... Uh... Not like friends...” He's starting to get nervous, but he doesn't let go of his soft grip on your wrist. You turn around, looking at him with a new expression, more hurt. “You don't see me as a friend anymore?” That was the last straw. He pushes you closer to him. His eyebrows are furrowed and a slight blush is traceable on his face. “Damn it, y/n! I'm in love with you!”
That's when your lips form a little 'o' of astonishment. Now all of his previous actions made more sense to you. He has always loved you, no matter how ignorant you were about it. But that doesn't matter anymore, you're very happy that you feel exactly the same way about him.
We all know that this boy is very proud of himself, but if anything compares to his greatness, it's you. He loves to show you off to his gang, being as loud as possible, which makes you sometimes embarrassed when he flatters you in front of everybody. “Hey! What's that face for? Head high, little one, let everyone know who you are! The number two of the gang, because of course you'll never be as cool as me... I'm kidding. Don't be mad at me, please.” Always so chaotic that he makes you smile in any situation.
Itto always has just enough money to eat and make ends meet, but he doesn't mind sharing a little of his earnings. He only does it with you tho! He will even share you desserts that he likes the most just to make you smile. “Look, you can have this piece, it looks bigger. Let no one say that the magnificent and number one Itto is not a charitable soul! And only for you! did ya hear me? For. You!”
Oh no! in his last shower, the paint you put on his horns last time disappeared. Whenever that happens, he comes to you to paint them as you want again. He will let you do what you want with them. Fancy a black color, or maybe a pink one with pastel blue touches? “Hold on, hold on — I have another idea! Why don't you put your name all over my horns? This is how you mark territory! oh wait —” wow, that was pretty cheeky.
He literally can't keep quiet. That is why he says out loud things he's thinking! Things like “oh archons, you are precious”, or “if we were a couple we'd be unstoppable” and it will leave you thinking “is it for me? nah.” He takes advantage of these moments when he can't keep his mouth shut to see your reaction, or see if you feel the same way. But since you think they are not directed at you, you will simply remain silent, leaving the oni completely devastated.
It's over. He is not going to shut up anymore. If you don't get direct hints from him, it's your problem, not his. “Yo, y/n” will start off calmly, but soon the excitement will invade his body and his mind. “Have I ever told you how good we look together? I'm sure I have, but you just ignore me... hah... well, whatever, I love you! And if you don't get it I'll say it louder, I LOVE YOU! I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU, Y/N!” at this point he is screaming, leaving you completely stunned. Some birds flew out of the tree branches, you would swear that all of Inazuma has heard it. But you couldn't be happier.
His feelings for you are very strong, even if his attitude shows otherwise. He can be indifferent in some situations, but it's because he has great self-control. That's why Kazuha thinks he should get carried away a bit if he wants you to realize his love for you.
He will dedicate haikus to you, almost all with the main theme of love and pure feelings towards another person. What Kazuha can't understand is... if he's dedicated those lines to you, why are you acting like the topic isn't with you? Don't you understand that those lines are only capable of coming out of a true love affair?
Sometimes he looks for you inside Beidou's ship to see the night sky together while you all sail calmly. For him, these are precious moments and he absolutely hates to be disturbed while you both are having a moment alone. Kazuha literally becomes a bit passive-aggressive when someone interrupts your peace. Any situation in which your well-being is at stake, however minimal, will upset him as well. He can't help but get pretty protective...
This boy will bring you various gifts when he goes out for a walk alone. Whenever you don't accompany him, you end up with a detail of his part, just so you know that you have not left his mind for a moment. And if you don't get this, he will tell you himself. “Look, I brought this. This flower looks young and delicate, just like you. It is impossible not to think of you, if every thing worthy of admiration reminds me of you.” Well that's because you're best friends, it's normal, right?
Until one day it becomes impossible to keep his feelings to himself... and Kazuha must let them flow as he has always wanted, freely. “y/n. there is something I must tell you. oh, it's nothing bad. I will accept whatever you answer.” Now that he has your full attention, it's his long-awaited moment to talk about his feelings, and this time, he must go straight to the point, so there will be no risks that you do not understand what he wants to convey. “I'm deeply in love with you.” he seems so calm when he admits it, but inside his heart is beating faster than you think.
Now that you are aware of what is happening to him, you can safely say that you love him as much as he loves you. But how is it possible that you never understood all those clues about his feelings? He couldn't be clearer!
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tender-rosiey · 2 hours ago
❥ Genshin Voicelines about you
Includes Keaya, Diluc, Albedo, Venti, Childe, Zhongli, Xiao, Kazuha, Thoma and Itto
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
y/n? she is quite the captivating mystery, I never know what to expect from her. So far, she is the only one able to catch me off guard especially when she smiles. She accompanies me to the tavern every time, it’s honestly comforting; but enough about that, if I keep talking I may reveal some…private stuff. Would you like to meet her some time?
You met her? That’s lovely; i hope it was a good time. For me, whenever she is around somehow the world seems brighter and everything goes smoother. Perhaps that’s the effect love has on people, you seem to loose track of time; for that I really don’t know how to repay her…
She is quite the character, I could spend years trying to study her and I would still not have her fully figured out; however, of course like any good lover I do notice when her mood changes or if she wants or is disturbed by something. I do not like when she is down, it puts me in a foul mood.
Oh my happy heart! Her name alone is a beautiful melody to my ear! Y/N, a gorgeous face that blooms under the moonlight; I can not put into words how much I love— I mean I can because I am a bard, but they are never enough to express how I really love her! We should go drink wine together, it will be a blast! Hehe!
Do you see that lovely lady over there? That’s my stunning lover, y/n! She is an absolute sight for sore eyes, don’t you think? But seriously she is so lovable, it’s never a dull day with her and she is pretty good at sparing too! Just my kind of woman.
Ah, I take it that you’ve finally met her. It was but a matter of time, how was your encounter? I would like to assume it was a rather sweet one. Why? Well, y/n is a wonderful lady, the type to make your worries go away in a glance when she smiles ever so brightly. She makes me loose sense of time and not worry about the…matters that concern me most of the time. But enough about that, would you like to come over? I am sure y/n would love to see you again.
Huh? Y/n? She…she is my lover. No, I am not embrassed, I merely still don’t believe it, somehow. I can see her by my side smiling crystal clear, but I can’t help but think that it’s just a fever dream. After all, my karma is still ongoing for the rest of my life; though it has become lighter when she appeared.
You would like to know who was that person I was speaking to? That was y/n, she is my lover and one of my biggest inspirations to my poems. Till this day, I am convinced that she is a blessing from the Archons; I am content with my life yes, but with her around, I can’t help but feel like the happiest person alive.
Ah Y/N! You wouldn’t believe how we met, she was carrying some boxes and clumsily slipped; thankfully though I was there to help her and since then we got closer! Oh you want to know who she is to me now? She is my one and only lover! And my primary taste-tester!
THAT’S MY GIRL! Oh hey traveler! You mean the absolutely badass woman fighting in the arena? That’s my girlfriend and she is pretty strong let me tell you! When I first started dating her, there was a Rifthound that was gonna attack her but I was too far away and feared that she might get hurt, but guess what? SHE DEMOLISHED THAT THING AND SENT IT BACK RUNNING WITH ITS TAIL BETWEEN ITS LEGS!
Tumblr media
taglist: @magenta-cat-drawingss @pompompurin1028 @scul-pted @dazaisdeathwish @requiem626k @nameless-shrimp @shinys-bsd-world-1 @sonder-paradise @ravenina14 @jessbeinme15 @todorokichills @ginneko
Tumblr media
copyright © 2020 tender-rosiey
do not copy or plagiarize or you will be reported
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sprayio · 18 hours ago
Genshin Boys as Your Beloved Cat <3 P2
Tumblr media
Including: Zhongli, Albedo, Arataki Itto
Warnings: None, completely SFW!
Pairings: Reader and their Platonic!Genshin Cat
Genre: Platonic modern AU, Bulletted HCs/drabble. Not Edited!
Read Part 1 Here!
A/N: The way this is just me projecting my own cats onto these scenarios LOL. This is the final part of the series (she announces after making a mere 2 parts). But if I have inspo for the Shota gang they will be included in a later post! Enjoy the Geo Boys <33
Neighbourhood stripey ginger tabby cat. Y’know, the one every single neighbourhood seems to have?
Lovely chub boy.
In love with your neighbour’s cat, Tarti, an American Bobtail (another ginger cat albeit more slender). 
They love to play together n cuddle in the sun :)
They’re known by the block as the gingerbread boys <33
Loves to go up to everyone, do a lil purr, affectionate head rubs, before walking back over to you.
Extremely spoiled, but you don’t have the heart to tell people to stop giving him treats
Everyone always buys him presents and toys for his birthday. This mf living the high life without having to spend a single cent💀
everyone in the block is enamoured with him. You have had kids ask you multiple times if they can have him
Ofc to which you reply to with a fake smile “haha haha, haha, no😍.”
Outdoor catto but doesn’t stay outside for long. Whenever you’re home he comes trotting back.
LAPCAT LAPCAT!! Your lap=his home.
He loves to give headbutts and touch your face with his paws.
Always up very early in the morning, but is never annoying.
Curls up by your side on the bed (you have a special pillow set out specifically for him)
Patiently waits for you to wake up. If he gets bored he’ll nudge open the blinds and bask in the morning sunlight streaming through the window.
At breakfast, he eats by your side while you sip your tea <3
A perfect morning <33
The feeling of spending mornings with Zhongli is so nostalgic.
Perhaps he enjoyed your company so much in a past life, he’s back to spend time with you again ♡
Give him a sip of tea too please! His favourite is jasmine green><
Cream coloured British shorthair with little orange, speckles :D
He looks like. A  little biscuit.
He’s like… a very average indoor cat? Not overly affectionate, but not like… feral scratchy boy either.
Rather than cuddles he more likes to be around you!! Which is why you’re perfect for each other, since you’re able to give each other space.
His pet names are Alblobbo, Albebba, blob cat, blobby, Biscuit Boy and Mr. Bedo
But if you need him to come for dinner or something he won’t respond to anything other than Albedo 💀
Always snoozing by your feet.
However he is VERY curious
Very softly and cutely walks around wardrobes, dressers, (any tall thing tbh). Carefully makes sure not to topple anything.
Loves to scan the surroundings from high places.
He watches Cat TV too! (Like chasing mouses around the screen)
 But Albedo prefers to watch animal documentaries with you. He’ll plod right up to the TV and smush his face in as close as it can go (’Bedo no you can’t go into the screen).
To compromise you bought him a littol cat warmer/hammock thing that can be attached to the radiator so he can keep nice and warm… and watch TV at a SAFE distance.
He much prefers the cardboard box the thing came in though :’)
Well atleast he sits somewhere that’s not 5mm close to the screen so mission failed… successfully?
Mf LOVES the vet it’s so weird. One of the rare times he meows is when you bring out the cat-carrier. He gets so excited and burrows inside, mewing at you as if to rush you.
Probably since he’s such a curious cat, he loves the new environment and atmosphere in the strange land known as the ‘vet’.
This prompts you to hide it when it’s not needed or else he just randomly demands to go there💀
Another one of his most favourite activities is staying up late with you when you study <3
He sleeps right beside you on the work desk, mirroring the Lofi girl and her cat playing on the screen.
In another life, maybe the two of you were partners venturing to discover the truth of this world. 
Albedo’s experiments aren’t over yet; it’s only natural he’d find you again in this life <3333
Arataki Itto
big C H O N K E R the sequel
Even bigger chonker. This boy is CHONK. Very BIG. CHUNKY.
Blacky-brown Maine coone.
“Wait is this even a cat?” Moment from everyone who visits
Bc he straight up acts like a very happy/excitable dog.
Yall seen the “oh lawd, he coming” meme?
Yep that’s Itto. You better brace yourself when you come home, bc as soon as Itto hears the keys jangling at the door,
he BOUNDS full force into your arm.
He will not let you live one second without him. Itto has got to be involved.
Since he’s this big, majestic, fancy breed, everyone at first glance thinks his elegant name “Arataki Itto” matches him perfectly well.
But that name is just for show and you know it 💀. Itto doesnt even know his name anymore since you only call him by nicknames.
Seeing this huge grown cat prance into your arms when you call “wheres my itty bitty kittyy?!!<33” or “wheres my little muffin boy!!” Is so fucking cute and funny.
Cue arrow through chest cat itto is so wholesome.
But be prepared for cat hair EVERYWHERE. You will be drowning in it, I promise.
He’s literally trained to take walks like a dog since he loves it sm so.
Yall just go to restaurants and stuff together.
Imagine going into a mcdonalds or something that says “no dogs allowed” and you walk in with your glorious chonk Maine coone and the employee is just “uhhhh”
Dog parks too! Itto loves to hang with his besties😎 he chases them arnd the park LOL.
Another hobby of his is yowling/trilling as loudly as possible.
Nothing even has to happen he just does it for fun. Has woken you up and scared you shitless multiple times at night😌💖
Playtime is his favourite time. Likes to play fight with you so bless anyone’s soul who walks in on you wrestling this 10kg cat💀.
Likes to learn tricks too! Any kids who come to your house gets a high five from Itto😌.
In your past life, you were comrades in arms! And in your current life, that hasn’t changed a single bit💖.
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sohcah-toa · 21 hours ago
hiiii your childe sick fic was adorable 🥺 i love him so much
can i request something similar with thoma? i've been sick for a few days (cold or smth i guess) and i keep thinking about falling asleep on his chest and him using his vision to heat up his hands and massage anywhere painful 😭 hes so cute 😭 don't worry if you don't wanna !!
Tumblr media
Concern | toa
Tumblr media
cw — fluff, thoma x sick reader, thoma is inlove with you but you don't know about it
n — i hope you feel better soon 🥺 thank you so much. tip or donate at ko-fi, content under the cut
synopsis: Thoma thought you were mad at him
Tumblr media
Thoma was feeling antsy. You and him had an argument yesterday and now he has no idea where you are or what you're doing. He really wants to not care, to show he's tougher than you but he's so worried, he couldn't handle it. He tried asking everyone close to you, but all of them haven't seen you.
The fight wasn't even that big a deal. You just argued whether an ice cream should be bitten or licked. You picked bite while he picked lick, you told him that's because he was too soft, it was a playful argument but turned into a debate none the less. Thoma's worried that you took it the wrong way, maybe he's the only one who thought of it as playful.
Tumblr media
He immediately went to buy something for you. Dango in a milk, fruits, something to drink. Anything he could ever think of before going to your house.
He knew where you lived, knew where you hide the spare key because you told him. He usually goes in and out as he pleases, you don't mind. He immediately went in and started apologizing "I'm sorry!! You were right, I'm too soft! I can't even handle not seeing you half of the day, look at me! I even bought you — wait" he jogged towards you, putting all the food he bought on the table.
You just stared at him, you were laying in your bed with a thermometer on your mouth and some wet towel on the side of your bed "Thoma, what are you doing here?"
"You're sick? You're not mad at me? That's not important right now. Why didn't you tell me you were sick?" He asked, he immediately changed the towel on your forehead "Oh no, you're burning, how did you even manage to take care of yourself?"
"I'm — tougher than you" You sneezed. You always tease him, saying that you're waaaay tougher, that you could take on anything "Must be the battles, my body is aching"
"You're fighting too hard" he sighed, frowning. He looked so adorable just now "Did you eat?"
"Thoma, I can only do — so much, I haven't eaten — yet" Your sentences were full of coughs and sneezes. Your voice was different, but you tried your best to show him that you're fine.
He stood up then started preparing in silence, letting you rest, his moves were swift. He was really good, in just a few minutes he already finished cooking. He helped you sit down then started feeding you.
"I can feed myself, Thoma, you should leave, thank you for the food" You said, grabbing the spoon but you were far too weak to even feed yourself so you dropped it. Earlier, you were still feeling a bit fine, hence why you could prepare the wet towels and the thermometer but now you feel weaker than ever. You even feel cold.
Thoma cleaned up the mess you made in a jiffy "Don't be stubborn, alright? I'll feed you" he was blushing as he says this. He was too shy so he keeps averting his gaze everytime he takes the spoon to your mouth.
"I'll be fine really" You protested, but still you kept eating the food he was giving you. It was too good to be ignored "Don't you have other things to do?"
He shook his head "No, I'll be here. I thought you were mad at me"
"Mister, do you think I'm that low?" You said, drinking water after. You feel a lot better than before but still kind of worse "What did you bring me?"
Thoma's eyes widen, he placed the spoon in your mouth almost immediately to divert your attention "N-Nothing! Just get some rest"
"Thoma, go home, I know you're always busy" you say, it was true, Thoma had a lot to do today but he can't just leave you alone especially that you're sick.
He placed the spoon in your mouth again to stop you from talking "Don't be stubborn, alright?" then he thought of something "I know, you said your body was aching right?"
You nodded "Yeah, but I'll be fine"
"A massage just might work" He said, putting the plate he was holding down "Alright, a massage it is, you should take off your shirt" he said it unconsciously
"Thoma!!" You exclaimed, coughing multiple times "Did you just hear yourself?!" then he immediately blushed, realizing what he just told you
"B-But—" he looked at everything except for you "How can I massage — i-if—" he kept stuttering, feeling embarrassed. It was fine if it was others, he really doesn't care about them but you, taking your shirt of in front of him, it was going to be too much for him "I-I want to make you feel better"
Even though Thoma's kind, gentle and soft, he can be quite stubborn. You sigh "Turn around" your face flared up, asking yourself what you're doing right now.
You laid on your chest quickly after removing your shirt "It's fine now" then Thoma turned back around. He was afraid to even touch you but he really thinks a massage would make you feel better.
He gathered his courage then started the massage. He would do a technique where he'd use his vision to make the massage feel better and boy did it work.
You tried to prevent yourself from moaning out loud but it felt so heavenly that you couldn't help but do so "You're good at this"
He gulped, he was a blushing mess, he was thankful you couldn't see his face right now "Y-You feel warm, but I assure you this would make you feel better"
He used another technique, where fire was visible but it didn't feel extremely hot at all, he has full control of what he was doing. Being extra careful because it was you.
"Thank you Thoma, you were right. I can breathe easily and the pain is just gone, poof, this is amazing" You can't help but praise him, making him more embarrassed, his heart was basically beating on his face.
After the massage you put your shirt back on then fell asleep without even noticing it. Thoma took the time to clean up and arrange the food he got for you on your pantry.
He kept looking at you, worried, he sighed while cleaning up "When will I be able to say my true feelings?"
After cleaning everything up, which he did for only a short time, he sat beside the bed, staring at you. Changing the towel on your forehead from time to time.
You sneezed while sleeping and that made him smile "You're so adorable, you act all tough but you're soft as well, not everybody knows this" he stroked your hair gently "I wish I had the courage to tell you" he held your hand tightly with a soft look on his face.
Thoma was about to prepare a warm drink for when you wake up but you unconsciously pull his hand while you were sleeping. This surprised Thoma, leaving him blushing yet again.
"Thoma?" You mutter in your sleep "Lay down with meeeeee Thomaaa" you sniffed, pulling him closer to the bed while you were sleeping
"H-hey! Y/n, wake up" Thoma mumbled under his breath but you pulled him even closer, making him fall on the bed. You immediately hug him.
"You're so fluffy Thomaa" You said, hugging him closer to you "Staaay"
Thoma gulped, feeling extremely nervous, he laid on the bed awkwardly as you hug him tightly, not letting go. You were stronger than him, he couldn't shrug you off.
"I'm fluffy?" Thoma said pointing at himself, maybe he could let himself have this moment. He loosened up. He fixed your position, making you lay down on his arm. For Thoma it felt surreal.
As you lay on his arm, your arms and legs wrap around him, hugging him like a long pillow, your head laying on his chest "Thoomaa, m'hungrryyyy" you were sleep talking because of how tired you've been lately also because of the medicine Thoma made you drink earlier.
Thoma giggled, having this moment for himself "Alright, alright, I'll cook you something later" his face was almost smoking from embarrassment.
What you said next, left Thoma speechless.
"I like you, Thoma. Do you like me?" You were still sleeping but he double checked if you still were. He felt so guilty about hearing your confession while you're fast asleep "Heyyyyy answer"
This was all the sign he needed. He would definitely confess once you wake up. He was blushing while cuddling with you, unsure of when to move or what move he should make.
You were always tough so seeing you like this, vulnerable and acting all cute, made Thoma felt special. He definitely loves you.
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bluexiao · 2 days ago
I've just seen that you're asking for Thoma requests so I thought to ask (if you're comfortable with it) if you'd do some headcannons if he was self aware like Monika from Ddlc if you're not feel free to ignore this :)
#self aware!thoma
WARNING. may have slight spoilers on his story (about his parents)
NOTES. I will be basing this off on how I built thoma lmao i’m sorry this is slightly self-indulged. I’m laughing so hard while writing this, enjoy everyone
Tumblr media
Appreciates you especially if you tried so hard to pull for him. He really did his best in order to come home but he’s such a generous person to others and let them come home to you first before himself--such a gentleman, huh?
Oh! You have a Staff of Homa or Deathmatch? Are you going to-
Black Tassel… alright, well at least it gives him a lot of HP! It doesn’t matter that it once was from Zhongli or maybe Hu Tao or you specifically built it for him. He doesn’t really mind because you puting him in your team is just enough for him to be happy.
If you level him up to 80 or 90, he’d be extremely grateful, but to be honest? Whatever level you have him on, he will still do his best whenever you put him on your team and remain loyal to you til the end. The additional power and strength are just bonus points to him.
Helping you is his pleasure, he takes absolute delight in having to assist you and your team in any way he can.
When you don’t place him on your team, he’s a little bit sad but he doesn’t brood over such negativities and is just here to help… that’s it, basically.
Take him to Mondstadt every once in a while! He gets homesick as well, of course, so he will appreciate you if you take him there. You’ll probably see him with the dogs or cats around the square near the fountain, or maybe greeting the vendors and trying to meet the others whom he hadn’t seen for a long time. Where’s his mother anyway? He should try to find her.
When you or your team is in danger he would probably switch to himself on his own accord. You’d sometimes think this is a glitch but he does that most of the times, especially since he was beginning to have feelings for you.
You probably will see your foods increase when you look so closely, or even your fishes that comes from Inazuma. The culprit? Of course, it’s him. There’s no one else who can cook a lot and also catch fish for you like that.
Your teapot house oh Archons. You were just muttering how you like things this way and that in your teapot but you just couldn’t find the time and the next time you log in, he already did it for you.
Your smile makes his day so there are probably times he crits better when he feels energized by your positivity! You’ll find yourself praising him and this continues on until the end of the fight.
When you realize it had been him all long and that he became self aware, he won’t try to hide it from you and would just go along the flow, basically.
I could imagine actually in the Dream of Bloom event, you will find a couple of extra flowers on your inventory, probably one each day--he did that too.
Tumblr media
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zuo-ran · a day ago
Good enough
Characters: Zhongli x gn!reader
Genre: angsty fluff?
Contains: low self esteem
A/N: this is quite self indulgent ngl AYO WHERE MY LOW SELF ESTEEM PEEPS AT ILL COME LOVE YOU
What’s the difference between loving and simply being intrigued? There would be a thin line between those two, where it’d start with being intrigued and a small detail catching your eye, having a slight chance for it to morph into love.
Zhongli was a wonderful man, a polite and charming with both looks and words. People young and old gathered in his presence to listen to his stories and adored him for his charisma. His sharp mind recalling moments and details, no one would’ve paid attention to if he wouldn’t have pointed them out. You had to admit, that it has always been lovely to see him interact with others.
The golden gaze and the proud shoulders of his, would always be admired by you. He carried himself with confidence and power, exuding a kind of regal aura, a look stern, but knowing and understanding. The chuckles that sometimes rumble through his chest in delight, the sound so enchanting that it drowns everything else out.
To you, he was simply perfect.
Too perfect.
You personally thought yourself to be mediocre at best. So what exactly made him end up with you? A classy man like him would surely pick a more suitable loved one, a match to his charismatic self, but he still decided to be you. Why?
Quite amusing how demons from your childhood brain, supposedly creatures hiding under your bed, vanished and morphed into monsters and voices in your head instead. The longer you thought of them, the more they fed off of your insecurities and the worse the case got. In your eyes you saw yourself as replaceable, just another sand grain in life’s hourglass. Forgettable with time and nothing extraordinary, for you were just another insignificant little light that is dimming each day. Though Zhongli has always been good to you, you thought of it as unfair towards him to end up with a person as insecure as you.
Down, down the rabbit hole you spiral. Curling into yourself as a futile attempt for comfort, you let yourself go and dismissed all that you’ve been holding back in your mind.
But when the consultant found the face of the one he holds dear adorned with silent tears instead of a smile, his chest tightened in discomfort. The way he held you was tender with affection, love that you didn’t feel deserving of, things you’ve lately only shortly indulged in, before snapping out of your lovestruck trance. Gently brushing the tears from your cheeks he gazed at your questioningly, caring eyes full of mellow worry.
“Talk to me, my beloved”, smooth lips brushed against your forehead in a chaste kiss as an attempt to soothe you. The familiar scent surrounded you as two arms wound themselves around your torso to pull you up into his chest.
When you met his earnest eyes, you saw nothing but concern, a look so gentle that you couldn’t help but spill all of your worries.
“Why did you choose me? Wouldn’t you think someone else would be more suitable for you?”
Countless irrational questions welled up into words you could barely comprehend in your plagued mind. Yet his gaze never left your face, his heart never failing to sympathise with your despair.
He made sure that you had been able to let out all your concerns, so he could properly tend to you.
Slowly his hand, which was running up and down your sides until now, moved to gently grasp your own, intertwining your fingers before pressing a kiss on the backside. Next thing you know, is that he pressed your hand to his chest, his heartbeat strumming in a strong and grounding matter.
“My heart beats for you and you only, my treasure.”
One by one, he erased your insecurities with his own opinions and encouragements, promising that you’ll always be more than perfect. Knowing how cruel one’s own mind can be, he knew that he couldn’t fix you wholly, but for you he’d always strive for the unknown, always willing to be of support.
And as the eerie night went on, the two of you shared loving whispers of sweet nothings, demons be damned and forgotten.
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asyathefool · 2 days ago
Albedo x gender neutral Dendro artist from Sumeru! reader
genre: fluff
warnings: none. except for that that I haven't checked grammar mistakes
I couldn't think of any gender neutral term in one part so I wrote both male and female versions
you met him when you were traveling to Mondstadt. he was painting something outdoors and you just had to come closer to him and silently stare at what he was painting
he immediately noticed you but at the beginning didn't say anything. when he finally spoke to you he asked what do you think about his artwork. he didn't expect you to give him full speech of what you feel while looking at the beautiful landscape he created
he was intrigued, since he hadn't really thought about things like that when he was painting, but was glad that one of his works made such an emotional impact on someone
you talked for a while and told him you were an artist from Sumeru and you were currently heading towards Mondstadt. now you really caught his attention, so he offered to show you the easiest way to the city
you quickly became friends and even Sucrose was suprised that he started spending so much time with someone
you often accompanied him during his trips to Dragonspine and painted your own artworks while he run experiments
he started to notice how he enjoyed your company much more than anyone else's. he even started making up excuses just to spend more time with you! like testing how your Dendro Vision works since it wasn't the most popular element in Mondstadt
like sure. he WAS interested in how much your powers can affect plants. can you bring withered flowers back to life? do you have control only over smaller plants like flowers or ivy or trees as well?
it was during one of his "experiments" that he confessed feelings he had for you
Klee had been putting daisies in your hair to see if they would react in any way and he'd been taking some notes when he suddenly stopped doing that and looked you straight in the eyes
"do you think it's possible to recognise romantic love even if you hadn't felt it ever before?"
you were... a little bit confused. you liked him a lot and was silently hoping he felt the same towards you, so after hearing this question your mind suddenly made millions scenarios what could happen next. but you didn't want to make wrong assumptions only to be disappointed later, so you asked what he meant
"I mean that I think I have feelings for you, Y/N. I've read how your mind and body acts when you're in love. and while I'm still confused about some parts of this I think I'm self aware enough to recognise those symptoms. so what do you think? is my diagnose right?"
you hesitated for a second but then smiled softly and said "I don't know, but I hope it is, cause it would really be a shame if I was the only one in love"
he leaned slightly towards you and you were ready to receive a kiss, but Klee's happy scream interrupted you
"Y/N is gonna be my auntie/uncle!!!"
Albedo chuckled at her reaction and hugged you tightly
"Yes... they will"
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infatui · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❀ 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐤 𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬 ; 𝐧𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬 ❀
there they are— the love of your life. with all the grace of a trained warrior, you launch yourself at them and place a quick, affectionate kiss to their cheek.
cw: cheek kisses, fluff
Tumblr media
they look at you, shocked, before the biggest, cutest grin spreads over their face. lemme do one too! they reach for you, and your heart sings, ridiculously fond, as they pepper your face with gentle kisses.
↬ ITTO, tartaglia, beidou, YOIMIYA, venti
their hand goes straight to their cheek where your lips were, and a blush rises to their face. o-oh! for me? you can't help but giggle at the stupefied look on their face. it makes you want to kiss them again, so you do.
↬ ayaka, GANYU, keqing, xiao, jean, THOMA
they huff at you, immediately defensive, but you can see the soft little glimmer in their eye even as they berate you— so improper, my love. you can't take them seriously, though. not when they're pulling you into their lap for another kiss.
↬ albedo, kujou sara, NINGGUANG, diluc
their firm stare pins you in place, and they approach you, looking for all the world like a cat that caught the canary. that wasn't quite fair at all, they say, cupping your face gently and capturing your lips in a sweet, chaste kiss. let me balance the scales.
↬ zhongli, EULA, raiden shogun, kaeya
Tumblr media
© infatui 2021. do not copy, repost, or modify.
Tumblr media
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