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tartagliaxx · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
━━ INCLUDES: diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli
━━ SUMMARY: in which your siblings, aether and lumine, express their feelings about the men who are courting you. it's only fitting, is it not, for them to look after you now when you have spent almost the entirety of your life looking after them?
━━ CONTAINS: aether as the traveler and lumine as the lost twin (for story purposes), established relationships, lore, and backstory spoilers
Tumblr media
。 DILUC — “ noctua | owl ”
the favored one. aether had first-handedly witnessed him in his glory. sure he’s cold and sometimes detached but he knows that diluc is a good man and he’ll put you above everything. he approves of him and would often tease him lightly whenever he drops by the tavern for information. diluc gets a little annoyed but ultimately, they’d share a good relationship, often asking the other advice about how to tackle a problem they have with you. it’s also nice to watch them bond by… well, fighting monsters.
lumine has never met him personally but she has interacted with his ancestors. she’s okay with him and while he does stand in the way of her plans, she respects his desire to protect and his strength as well. setting aside her relations with the abyss, she knows that diluc would be your level ground which is why she wouldn’t have any qualms if you pursue a relationship with him. being a sibling who looks after you comes first before her grand scheme.
a giddy smile props your cheeks up as you casually twirled a strand of his crimson hair around your fingers. someway, somehow, you managed to convince the man to rest his head on your chest as you cuddled him in your now-*usually*-shared bed in the winery. it has been a long day for the both of you; the most striking evidences of which being the soft sighs that slip out of his lips and his drooping eyes.
“what are you feeling?”
“…nothing particularly striking,” he pauses before clicking his tongue in defeat at the sight of your unimpressed gaze, “relieved, i suppose. i know how much your siblings mean to you so having one of them approve of our relationship puts me at ease.”
“aether thinks highly of you so… i had no doubt that he’d like you. as for lumine… well, she’s more hardheaded and aggressive than aether but she can spot a good person from miles away. if she was here, she’d like you too.”
“what if she doesn’t?” you quirked your brow at his sudden question.
“then i guess i’ll just have to find a way to let her see things i see in you. i technically don’t need her permission and i could date whomever i want but her support would be nice.”
diluc didn’t miss the way your voice wavered or how your smile fell at the thought of your sister. he could understand the pain of missing someone — in a way — and he knew all too well that it wasn’t an enjoyable feeling. he parted his lips to say something, anything that may be of comfort to you, but ultimately, he decided against it.
“i’ll try my best to make a good impression.”
“you better get ready then… if you think aether’s bad with his jokes, you’d think lumine is a menace.”
he figured that nothing he can say would comfort your longing heart. the most he can do right now, though, is to pretend that he couldn’t see the cracks in your composure. you’re doing enough, just keeping your head up for aether who’s just as lost as you are without the third of your family.
“she can’t be too bad...”
a laugh slips out of your lips as you remembered one of her many pranks on her poor brother, “she is.”
shaking his head, diluc turned to wrap his arms around you. the warmth he radiates touches your soul and for a moment, you felt your heart race a tad bit faster as you picture your family reunited but this time, with the addition of a certain lovely man.
“good night, love and…”
you shook your head though you knew he couldn’t see, “nothing. go to sleep, diluc. you must be exhausted.”
muffled words slipped past his lips and you weren’t sharp enough to catch it. no matter, drowsiness began settling on you before you could ponder about it for too long. not even a minute later, consciousness slipped past you; the last thing you saw was your entangled legs that felt warmly domestic for someone who had traveled for way too long.
thank you.
Tumblr media
。 KAEYA — “ pavo ocellus | peacock eye ”
aether is very suspicious of him and he has his doubts. the vibe he gives off is just strange and it keeps aether at the edge of his seat. he’s not against the relationship per se but he would prefer if you pursue someone less mysterious. if you really insist on him though, aether would keep a very strict eye on him and eventually see that kaeya genuinely cares about you. it’s then that he calms down a little but his wariness would never fully leave.
lumine is also suspicious of him but she is also more sympathetic. she knows about his past — somewhat — and she can’t exactly fault him for the issues she knows he’s facing. while she doesn’t hold anything against him, she also doesn’t support your relationship. if she were able, she’d sit you down and ask you if you’re really sure about him. still, she’d have your back and let you do whatever you want but let it be known that she’d be the first to draw her sword the moment kaeya does as much as think of harming you one way or another.
“are you breaking up with me?”
there was much you didn't know about kaeya but you never tried to pry. it would've been hypocritical to do so when you had secrets you didn't wish to divulge either. perhaps that was why you understood him — saw him and the little intricacies of his actions. even now, you understood that everything was a lie. his unbothered composure, his ever-so-charming grin, his casual tone. he would never admit it, not even to himself, but the less than savory meeting you had with your brother certainly had an effect on him.
"kaeya," the firmness in your voice and gaze caused him to pause in surprise, "where is this coming from?"
in truth? he doesn't know. well, he does. he just doesn't know how to say it. the words get lodged in his throat and suddenly, he's had to work twice as hard to breathe. he felt winded and it's strange. when was the last time he felt... uncertain? kaeya hated showing vulnerability and he hoped that you were the slightest bit duller so you wouldn't notice the panic that reigned in his mind.
"nothing, nothing... i was just fooling around. i know you'd never get enough of me, sweetheart."
you groaned when kaeya reached up to smoosh your cheeks together, playfully swaying your head from side to side as if you were but an adorable child. you had half the mind to complain but as you noticed the tension in his shoulders slowly leaving, you figured that there would be no harm in letting him have his way with you just this once.
"i'll have you know that you're stuck with me for the rest of your life, mister. no take-backs."
kaeya snorts, finally letting you go in favor of interlacing your fingers, "what are we, kindergarteners?"
"with your horrible play pretend, we might as well be."
a genuine laugh spills out of kaeya. this was all too strange. he thought he'd be more at the edge with the way you pointed out his act but now that he was here, he felt nothing but content — like everything was sheltered in domesticity and light banter that would never extend to hurting him.
"give me a break, darling. your brother didn't give me any room to breathe. hell, i think he did better than our official interrogators."
your smile dropped, remembering the events that transpired not even a few minutes ago, "about that... kaeya i—"
"i'm not mad or anything. i understand the traveler's feelings about this matter."
"no," you sighed, feeling a headache coming back at the thought of your brother's overprotectiveness, "i mean, yes. i understand. ever since we got separated with lumine, he's been more... on edge. i can understand why because... i'm all he has right now but it's just..." you shook your head, leaning your head on his chest so he wouldn't see the tears welling up, "it's uncalled for. you didn't deserve that suspicion because yes... you might have questionable methods sometimes but you're a good man with a good heart and—"
kaeya silently pats your back as soon as he felt tears staining his shirt. it was awkward because kaeya was never one to provide comfort for others and even beyond that, kaeya was never one to be cried for. still, a part of him selfishly felt good. it felt good to have someone stick up for him and it felt good to be cared for.
"you're so good to me. you treat me well and it's so frustrating how everyone else only looks at your surface and not... at everything delicate underneath your layers. you treat me so well, kaeya and that's enough for me. i understand my brother's worry but god! i've never felt so mad before! i was angry for both of us because i know for a fact that you'd never try to defend yourself against other people's words against you. i guess that's frustrating too… even you refuse to see yourself the way i see you."
he hesitates but ultimately, he wraps his arms around you — firm but gentle, tender and affectionate, "i'm used to it, and to be frank, i've long stopped caring about how others see me but... you came along and i suddenly want to be only good in your eyes. i'll be fine as long as you're with me and as long as you see me like this."
"really?" you look up to see kaeya's rare soft smile and you knew that he was being honest for once, "okay... i guess i'll just have to stay with you until the end..."
you didn't miss the flash of relief he held in his eye but before you could appreciate it for long, it was gone and replaced by a mischievous spark and a sly grin. instinctively, you shook your head with a sigh, pulling away from him but not without an amused smile on your lips.
"pinky promise?"
"you're an idiot."
you still hooked your pinky with his.
Tumblr media
。 TARTAGLIA — “ monoceros caeli | narwhal sky ”
aether typically pursues the pacifist’s route in things, only drawing his sword when necessary but with tartaglia? the thought of civilized talks never even crossed his mind. he’s fully aware that the guy you were seeing was one of the cruelest men in teyvat. sure, he would probably see at some point that tartaglia loves you genuinely and that he treats you just as well as he treats his precious family but no matter how hard he tries, the sickening reality that this same man didn’t do so much as to blink before deciding to sink an entire city just doesn’t sit well with him. so what does he do? he draws his sword, fully intent to battle with one of his greatest enemies but this time, for the sake of the sibling he still walks with.
lumine is more open with the idea of you dating tartaglia. at least, more than aether was. she’d interacted with him before and she saw determination and strength. to her, those are good qualities, and to be frank, he intrigued her. however, she also saw recklessness and greed for power. she can’t help but think that all tartaglia would do is drag you into danger until you lose sight of yourself in favor of keeping your gaze at his ambition. she doesn’t want to see that happening so she’ll do whatever she can to keep you two apart despite how much she hates seeing you cry now.
"ajax! what the hell was that?!"
"now, love. no need to raise your voice. it was your brother who started it this time and who am i to decline an offer for a good fight?"
“you—!” you gritted your teeth, skin bristling out of sheer anger as you recounted your brother and your lover’s recent meeting, “i am sick of you two!”
the harbinger opened his mouth to retort but you beat him to it, pacing back and forth as you held your head in your hands, “just one day! i wanted you two to be civil for just one day! heck, i’m not even asking you to be buddies with my brother! i just want you to stop trying to kill each other on my freaking birthday!”
you pushed his hand away, seething “don’t you dare touch me. i am so tired of having to stand in between you two every single time you’re in each other’s vicinity. i am so sick of hearing you curse each other’s heads off and i am so goddamn sick of being forced to choose between the two people i care about the most.”
you didn’t bother hiding your tears. what for? so he can pretend that he wasn’t hurting you and your entire relationship? of all the people you knew, you thought it was him who’d understand you the most. you’ve seen the way he looks at his family — at his siblings. if there’s anyone who’d understand how much your brother means to you, it should be him and if he did, he’d know that it’s unfair of him to add fuel to the fire and back you to the corner. because truly? every time you see them damn near close to murdering each other, you feel as if you’re the one who’s being stabbed and struck into pieces.
tartaglia sighs, ruffling his hair before calling out your name, “you probably think i’m being reckless and immature and you know what, maybe i am. but there is nothing in this world that couldn’t be solved by a little battle.”
you shot him a glare, ready to fire back another remark only to be met by his serious gaze. it’s rare of him to don that look — the last and only time you’ve seen it was the time he asked you to be exclusively his after months of flirting around. the sheer memory causes your shoulders to go slack. aether was right. this man has made you weak and it’s annoyingly easy to admit that you didn’t care too much about it; not when it’s him that you adore oh so wonderfully.
“it’s not just about spilling blood and asserting dominance. this is about you and i would never dream of taking this lightly. i’m not ignorant, you know. i know that your brother was right to say that i don’t deserve you. if i was a bit saner, i‘d probably tell you to find some good man who wouldn’t hurt you like i would but i’m a bad person, aren’t i?”
tartaglia’s frown eases, giving way to a defeated smile as he crosses the space in between you two. slowly, he reaches up to weakly grip your arms; a silent request for you to keep your eyes on him.
“i selfishly want you all for myself. i want to be the one who makes you laugh; the one who gets to hear you complain about your workload and the one who tells you that you look great when you try a new outfit on. i want to stay by your side even if i know that i shouldn’t. i want to be yours — just you and me. nothing else.”
weakly, he wipes away the tears that he unwittingly caused though you know in your heart that by now, the reason for its fall has changed. the world was cruel. you shouldn’t even need to be fighting to love because where exactly was the crime in linking your cracked soul to one that was equally damaged but just as beautiful as yours was?
“i’m determined to win your brother’s respect. i would do everything to prove that even if i’m me, i’m worthy of your love. i don’t know how long it’ll take but i promise. one day… i’ll win his favor for you.”
Tumblr media
。 ZHONGLI — “ lapis dei | stone god ”
aether is surprisingly not wholly comfortable with you two seeing each other. sure, he’s powerful, reliable, wise, and unbelievably gentlemanly but at the same time, he’s an incredibly great actor. he could never get a good read of him and his intentions so he is unable to gauge his sincerity. not to mention, zhongli has secrets and aether is painfully aware that whatever they were would most likely hurt you. he’d try to warn you and tell you to think twice before falling for zhongli and would try to pull you away when he sees you getting too close.
lumine holds the same animosity aether has with tartaglia with zhongli. he’s an archon. he can’t be trusted. what she has seen 500 years ago was enough of a reminder that the gods of this world were selfish, inhumane, and power-hungry. seeing you with him, blindly falling for his tricks and lies, merely reminds her of why she’s doing all or this. it’s so that they can’t hurt anyone more but most especially so they can’t hurt her dear siblings anymore.
the tea was running cold or maybe it was the air that was turning cold.
the late-year winds of liyue may not be as freezing as the winds of snezhnaya but it does well enough on its own to provide the residents some shivers and chills. it doesn't blow harshly but it blows hard enough to rattle the window screens of zhongli's home by the outskirts. it's cold tonight, holding the slightest bit of tension that could not be shattered by the soft clinks of the spoon to the teacup.
"you..." you hesitantly broke your silence, glancing at the man across you for the briefest of moments before you went back to tracing the curvatures of your face on the tea's reflection, "you heard him, didn't you?"
zhongli did not reply or at least, not as soon as he would've on a regular day. instead, he mirrored your actions; amber eyes striking against similarly shaded liquid, "i did."
"i'm so sorry. you didn't have to. i'll talk to aether tomorrow and... i don't know. i'll have him apologize at least," at his admittance, the tension left your shoulders only to also leave you sagging in defeat. instinctively, you reached up to hold your head in your palms — half-knowing that if you didn't, you would crumble down to a heap of confused, sobbing tragedies.
"there is no need for that, dearest."
the mild chuckle that left his lips sounded genuine enough but you've had your own bit of stubbornness stored in yourself.
"he was being rude! he's entitled to his own opinions, yes but... he crossed the line. it's not something we do."
zhongli hummed before placing the dainty teacup down in favor of grasping one of your hands in his, "i am truly fine, my dear. my time as the geo archon that watches over liyue has taught me a great many things. however, if there was only one thing i have learned, then it would be to properly accept criticism. it is... disappointing, perhaps, to know that the traveler's perception of me has been tainted by what he now remembers and knows but i shall respect it, nonetheless. though i am not the god of freedom, the contract that binds us does not aim to bound him solely to seeing myself in a positive light."
it took you a moment or two before you fully digested his words. hearing him say that did give a sense of relief on your part though, you chuckle weakly yourself — finally having enough peace to relish the taste of the tea he so kindly brewed for you — you supposed that was to be expected of him. zhongli was nothing if not mature and eloquent. with his firm, warm words, he is able to quell all sorts of worry that brews over in your chest.
"i have to ask though, my love," blinking in surprise, you redirected your attention back to him even if the last thing you expected was for him to address you, "does it bother you?"
does it?
you knew your answer though you wondered if it would be better to lie and hide the truth. ignorance is sometimes truly bliss and— before you knew it, you were already relinquishing your hold in the situation. with a defeated sigh, you leaned back to your chair, amused at the amount of power zhongli's stern gaze has on you. the man does not ask for much in your relationship, much preferring to be the one that gives, but you knew that the bare minimum he expects from you was your honesty.
"a little. i'm scared," you took a shaky breath, eyes starting to fill up with crystalline tears that seemed never-ending. you didn't want to cry in front of him but alas, some things are out of your hands. "i'm scared that aether's right. i'm scared that the day will come when i can no longer see you. i'm scared that the next thing i know, i can only look at you with hate for all the things you allowed to happen. i love you but i don't know if i love you enough to forgive you for all the things you're keeping from us and i—" you shrug yourself from his weakened grip; a sharp contrast from how he usually is, "i'm scared of questioning everything we have shared together."
zhongli's silence had gotten your mind reeling. had you done it? had you ruined everything before anyone else can try to?
"i'm sorry. i know how horrible this sounds. i'm not this pessimistic — not with us at least and it's not that i don't trust you—"
"your brother... was not wrong to say those that he has," a bittersweet smile lifts his lips up as he stares ever so deeply into your eyes, "i cannot stop you on this journey you are trekking nor do i wish to. perhaps your fears will indeed come to be when you have been illuminated by the truth. forgive me, my dear, for selfishly making this request but... whatever you see ahead of you, learn from it but do not hold onto it for so long. the memories i have carried are not all sightly and i would not wish upon this burden to anyone but most especially not to you."
"i will not ask you to stay with me until the end nor will i ask you to hold onto this version of me as the truth and the real. if you must let me go to be at peace with yourself, then so be it."
when he reaches out to you once more, you no longer made a move to push him away. this time, you clung onto him — entangled your fingers with his, so intricate and taut as if willing the world to aid you so you may never part. it might be wishful thinking or maybe just selfish denial but his request was looking to be the one request you cannot fulfill. not when you had the say.
"but know this, my heart. i will continue to remember you until the end of time. i will let you live as the fairest one i most adore and though we may end up only loving each other in memory, with you, i vow to have no regrets."
Tumblr media
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sprayio · a day ago
Genshin Boys as your beloved Cat <3 p1
Tumblr media
Including: Xiao, Kazuha, Scaramouche
Warnings: None? Just wholesome fluff and cat scenarios :3
Pairings: Reader and their Platonic!Genshin Cat
Genre: Platonic modern AU, Bulletted HCs/drabble. Not Edited!
A/N: Dedicated to my lovely menaces Draco and April. A lot of the HCs are based off my own kitties hehe!! (also while i was writing Scara draco proceeded to run in and throw stuff off my dresser.. it was a sign to publish this ASAP). Will probably redo/edit when it's not 1am ♡
Small n slender silver tabby!! Black toe beans <33
Extremely grumpy all the time to anyone and everyone
...Except you.
Not very sociable but not a bad/violent cat either. Just prefers to go sulk in another room when you have guests come over.
Affection varies a lot. 
Will NEVER show you affection in the presence of others. No one believes you when you say your little meow meow Xiao Xiao is a secret cuddler you have to secretly catch him on tape
Was abandoned as a little kitty when you picked him up from the trash so he really only lets you touch him.
His favourite is when you boop the little diamond on his forehead.
Doesn’t really partake in cat speech hmph foolish meowrtals
The one thing he will do though, is come to you whenever you call. 
He could be in the litter, in the middle of a cat nap, or snoozing in your closet.
If you call, he comes RUNNING.
And gives you this little look, like he’s raising an eyebrow at you. Turns his tail and leaves when he realises you just wanna squish his lil cheeks.
Secretly sleeps on you at night but leaves before you wake up
In your past life, you conclude, he must have been your guardian angel, sent back to protect you again <3
Smol Calico kitty!!
No idea where he came from ngl?? He just shows up in your yard one day and follows you around. 
One day he follows you INSIDE So Ig he’s your cat now <3. You don’t get a choice <3
He loves to travel with you.
In a catsack? Sure let’s go. On your shoulders? No problem. A harness? He’s already out the front door.
Has a cat flap he uses every now and again but Kazucat really just wants to hang out with you <3
Has littol boots for the snow/when it gets cold in the Autumn so his feet don’t get cold.
He likes to chase the leaves! Stop him from eating his catch and he sulks.
Chasing butterflies in the dawn of spring, while you follow him to the balcony with a cup of coffee in your hand
Reading in the backyard hammock as Kazukitty lazes around sunbathing, occasionally nudging your hand with his head, as if to say
“Can I read too?”
You have to give him a few flicks to get him to stop clawing at the pages. He claims a torn edge from the page before settling.
Sits on your chest near your heart purring, gazing intently on the book you’re focused on.
As his small eyelids droop, you feel your heart filling up with every gentle purr.
You can’t help but wonder if the two of you were travellers in another life, somehow getting lost from each other.
Thankfully, he managed to finally find you once more <3
Black Tuxedo cat that looks like a kitten
But is actually just an overgrown, overangy young man who never hit puberty
Constantly pees on things and pees on you.
Kills your fish but then gets stuck in the aquarium and starts crying like a little bitch
Gets stuck on your roof and cries like a little bitch
Gets trapped in your closet and cries like a little bitch
Ofc you give in bc. this man knows his fucking charm he is cute asf.
But as soon as you rescue his sorry ass, he turns his tail and scrunches up his nose, walking away all high and mighty
Licking his paws as if nothing happened.
Randomly walks up to you, touches your face,then leaves.
Sleeps on all your clothes and gets drool on them.
cries if you lock the door on him but if you open it he gives you a shitfaced grin and saunters off.
meows like a MOTHERFUCKER in the dead of night for no reason.
slowly and comedically throws EVERYTHING off of your dresser to get you to notice him
In another life you were probably archenemies
You lovehate him. In exchange you get to flatten his face and squish his little paws while he’s asleep <3
Mf tsundere even as a cat. Pretends to be asleep so you cuddle him. too embarrassed to outright not be a menace to society for more than 5 seconds and play nice.
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kokonoisgf · 16 hours ago
Golden - Albedo (m)
Tumblr media
⋆ ⋆ ⋆
+ character: Albedo from Genshin Impact 
+ tw: MINORS DNI - sexual explicit content, sweet love making, clueless albedo, fingering, blowjob, praise, “baby”, “angel”, ”princess” - female reader.
+ wc: 5.7k
+ note: lil repost from my ao3, chuuyari ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ I combined both Golden part 1 and part 2 <3 wish you guys the best luck at pulling him if you’re wishing on his banner at the moment, will manifest for you. I love you lots
⋆ ⋆ ⋆
✨ I ✨
“How inquisitive of you, I always knew you possessed great abilities “ The alchemist praised as he scribbled your observations on the board. It was around midnight or so? Truth be told, you had lost track of time for a while now. Working overnight with Albedo had become such a habit that time would always fly by in his presence. His gaze was focused on the equations he wrote down, before delicately dropping the chalk to pass a gloved hand through his hair. You hummed, looking over your notes “ I think that adding a drop of essence of a sweet flower would indeed be valuable for creating that anti-frost potion.” Lost in your thoughts, you continued to flip pages over pages, looking for that note you left yourself. You gasped as you felt Albedo’s hand rest gingerly on your shoulder, trying to grasp your attention. At your reaction, he quickly retracted it “My apologies, It was not my intention to startle you” his voice was delicate, almost whisper-like as his sapphire orbs gazed at you. You waved your hands dismissively, “No. don’t worry about it, I was just a bit too focused there” you chuckled, settling the pile of documents down on your lap. Bringing back your attention to the man, your gaze lingered on him before asking “What did you wanna ask me?” Taking a quick glance at the clock, Albedo leaned against his desk pensively “It is getting pretty late, shall we continue the experiment tomorrow?” His head tilted to the side as he asked, making your heart feel warm and fuzzy. The more time you spent as his assistant, the more your feelings for him grew and rooted themselves deeper into your heart. Yet, you assumed that with how incredibly busy the alchemist was, that it was near impossible for him to reciprocate those feelings. Thus, you’d always ended up repressing them, just trying to cherish those small fleeting moments together. Those restless nights of experimenting were making your attention span shorter and shorter to the point that it was nearly nonexistent, Albedo taking notice. Leaning down, he scanned your face, “Are you alright? You seem-” he paused, thinking of a proper way to word his thoughts, “quite pensive lately.” You blinked, running a hand through your locks “I just need some rest Albedo, don’t worry about it too much” your response seemed to satisfy him as he nodded, leaning back up. Before you even had time to go retrieve your stuff to head back home, you were met with a proposition that made a blush rose to your cheeks “ In that case, would you desire to spend the night at my home? I happen to live close by, and if my memory serves me right, you live quite far?” His face stayed as emotionless as ever, not really deciphering what he could be implying. You were completely starstruck, looking at him with wide eyes. Was the Albedo really inviting you to stay over at his house? You must have been daydreaming again. Rummaging through his chestnut leather bag, he grasped his key, before continuing: “However, do not feel obligated to. I merely just wish for you to rest as much as possible. If you desire to go home, I will accompany-” “No- I want to!” You gasped, feeling as if this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. His expression remained unchanged, before a slight smile spread across his lips for a mere second, seeming to mock the way you accepted his proposition in such a hasty manner. Truth be told, he was correct. You lived quite far from the Knight’s headquarter taking you a good 30 to 45 minutes walk. Plus, how could you refuse such a proposal? Your heart hammering against your chest, you nodded. A wave of shyness hit over you, imagining how his house looked, was it orderly? What could possibly happen tonight? It made you feel giddy. Grin disappearing as fast as it appeared, you both made your way outside in the middle of the night.
The cold wind hit you, and suddenly you were glad you accepted his offer. The walk home would have been absolutely horrendous, the freezing winter breeze sending shivers down your spine. The alchemist quickly noticed your state but was left crumbling with uncertainties on how he should act. Relationships never were his forté, always debating what to do or not do. Deciding to go with what seemed like his best option, he extended a gloved hand to you. Your eyes widened, looking up at him for an explanation as he spoke “Studies show that sharing body warmth with another being is proven beneficial to reduce cold” You let your hand rest in his, as he softly brought you closer. Your shoulders touched, cheeks burning before muttering a soft thank you. He hummed, enjoying the moment, stealing a couple of glances at you, to make sure you weren’t getting too cold. Taking out his keys, you felt your glance drift toward his other hand, studying it cautiously. Your gaze lingered, making the alchemist smile softly“Something on your mind?” He questioned before stopping in front of one of the houses right behind good hunters. “No, nothing-” you mumbled, giving his hand a light squeeze. He blinked, before inserting his key twisting the lock. Stepping aside he let you enter his humble abode first.
Your jaw dropped at the sight of his home: covered in plants, artistic supplies properly organised in numerous shelves, and large golden leather couches. It smelled of vanilla, the scent intoxicating your whole being. Albedo made quick work of his boots, properly placing them on the shoe rack. Stealing a quick glance at you he urged for you to do the same. "Please, do make yourself at home." Nodding shyly, you slowly crept in after discarding your coats and shoes. Albedo went straight to his desk, covered with numerous tubes of coloured paints, starting to scribble some stuff down. You assumed it to be the results of today's experiment, a small smile crossing over your features. He was always doing remarkable work, discovering things one after another. You had so much respect for the man. His locks framed his face perfectly, eyebrows frowning in concentration. You felt as if you could stare at him for your whole life and never get tired of it. Leaning back up, Albedo brought back his attention to you: "My apologies for the wait, you can sleep in my bedroom, I shall rest on the couch for tonight-" You grasped his sleeve slightly, a blush creeping on your cheeks. Your sleepiness was getting the best of you, making you act impulsively and rashly. Your mouth fell open, gaze twinkling: "I-" You paused, gulping "I don't mind you sleeping next to me." Your voice was barely above a whisper, the confession making your heart race. Albedo's eyebrow slightly rose, as he gazed at you pensively. He had never slept next to another human being, he was intrigued by what might happen if he did. "As you wish" nodding, he motioned for you to follow him. Opening the door to his bedroom he stepped aside, letting you go in first. His expression remained unreadable as if he really wasn't about to spend the whole night laying next to you. As for yourself, your face was most likely the same colour as Diluc's hair by now. Handing you a change of clothing he pointed toward a door located in the corner of his room: "You can change into these for tonight. I believe these to be more comfortable than your usual clothing."You were once against starstruck, realising that you'd get to wear the famous alchemist’s clothes. You nodded softly, thanking him as you rushed to the bathroom to get changed. The ivory shirt wasn't too loose, considering Albedo's small physique. Nonetheless, his smell was intoxicating, driving you crazy. You were giddy, bringing the material to your nose, dwelling into his sweet vanilla aroma. Done changing, you walked back into the room to find him slipping his own shirt down. Barely managing to catch a glimpse of his toned chest, a blush erupted on your cheeks. Albedo didn't notice your slightly early arrival back into the room, putting his outside clothes away for the night. Motioning for you to come to bed, the man slowly unbraided his golden locks, looking at you with sleepy eyes. You felt like an old married couple, your heart threatening to burst out at any moment now. Sitting next to him, he was silent, studying the blanket as if pondering the worlds’ secrets. He felt the strange need to hold you close, to bring you flush against his body. He wanted to see you fully in all your beauty. Waves of unknown emotions came crashing unto him, before feeling a gentle hand lay on his forearm. Your gaze was swirling with worries, "Are you okay?" You questioned, making his heart leap at the gentle tone you used. Relationships truly weren't his forté, knowing barely anything about it whether it was platonic or romantic. He had read a bit about it, but found the subject quite difficult to grasp. Nodding, he let his gaze drop on your soft hand before letting his instinct guide him. Interlocking messily his fingers with yours, he felt as if he was floating by mere physical touch. Your jaw almost dropped, at Albedo's bare hand snuggly interlocked with yours. "Is this okay?.." He whispered, lifting his gaze to meet yours. You could feel his hesitation as if he was ready to bounce back at any moment. Nodding, you shifted closer, shoulders flushed against his. Reassuring him, your thumb rubbed soothing circles on his hand, feeling as if time had stopped for a minute before muttering: "Can I try something too?" you questioned him, his eyes glinted in the pale moonlight, "Of course." His voice was soft, with a tint of eagerness, awaiting what you could possibly offer him. Trailing one of your hands up his chest, you slowly pushed him down on the bed. His back against the satin ivory bed sheets, hair spread out, he looked absolutely ethereal. You knew that behind his eagerness, the man was still fragile as glass. He knew absolutely nothing of this, so you wanted to be as delicate as possible. Leaning down, you scooted closer, body now flush against his side. Hiding your face in the crook of his neck, you let yourself relax in his embrace. His slow breathing relaxed you, feeling the warmth of his body envelop you. He was rigid at first, not completely processing what was going on, before one of his arms slowly wrapped around you bringing you even closer to him. He liked this, the feeling of warmth shared between your bodies, the feeling of being held close, it felt so unfamiliar yet he desired more. He smelt of the tea he had earlier and of fresh clothing. Nuzzling closer, your lips placed feathery kisses along his neck, going down to his collarbones. Albedo's head fell back, as if subconsciously giving you more access, soft breathy moans escaping his parted lips. His eyes were closed, basking in the delightful feeling. Grip tightening on your waist, he brought you even closer, before turning on his side to face you. Pressing his forehead against yours, his instinct took over him, glossy gaze losing themselves into your eyes. What was this feeling? It felt so strange, yet he wanted more. Your mere presence was making him lose his composure, becoming merely putty in the palm of your hand. A thin veil of what seemed like lust swirled into his gaze, his lips unbearably close to yours. "May I kiss you?" His husky voice broke the silence, and before he even had the chance to wait for an answer, your lips were on his. Butterflies erupted in your stomach, feeling your heart about to explode. He messily kissed back, grip tightening on you at the surge of feeling rushing through his every vein. He didn't know what to make of those, merely wishing that time would stop and that he could bask into these feelings forever. His hand caressed your cheek softly, before parting for air. His breath ghosting over your lips, glossy eyes that couldn't take themselves off of you, he was entranced. He wanted to cherish those feelings forever if he may. Azure eyes boring into yours, his thumb rubbed soothing circles on your cheek, before one digit caressed your lips. Parting your lips, you leaned forward and captured his digit. Tongue lapping in between and twirling around it, the man's jaw dropped as if overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stimulation."Y/N-" He breathed out huskily, almost shaking eyes glued to his finger disappearing into your mouth. He felt waves after waves of heat rush to his groin, dick throbbing against the soft material of its underwear. The mere contact made him moan, moans sounding like angelic music to your ears. Your touch ignited fires within him, wondering how good your tongue would feel against the underside of his throbbing cock. Such filthy thoughts never occurred to him beforehand, always focused solely on work, but ever since you meddled into his private life, he had been wondering more and more about this "intercourse" that so many people gushed about. He wanted to try it out, desperately wanting to have a taste. His glossy eyes fluttered shut, letting himself fully immerse in the feeling of your velvety tongue lapping at his digits. Your gaze fell back to the growing tent in his pants, before letting go of his fingers with a wet "pop". Reaching forward, you palmed him cautiously as if asking if he desired more. Albedo groaned, throwing his head back before locking gaze with you, eyes half-lidded. "Touch me more please" he begged, needing more and more of your fluttering touches and plump lips. Your fingers hooked under the waistband of his pants, ever so slowly dragging them down. His grey underwear were strained, cock pulsating at the need to break free from its confine. Albedo was growing desperate, chest aching, feeling as if his lower body was set on fire by your touch. "Albedo is this your first time?" your whisper echoed throughout the walls of his room, azure gaze looking sheepishly to the side. "It is'' he admitted, breath hitching as you pressed a warm kiss on top of his clothed dick. "I'll make sure to do good then" you said tauntingly, before lowering his soaked undergarment to his knees. His cock sprung up hitting his abdomen, beads of precum running down its girthy length. You gulped, before licking a clean stripe, collecting all of his precum, tasting him on your tongue. "You taste so good " you breathlessly purred, capturing eye contact with the man. His face was flushed, lips parted as he gazed at you with such loving eyes. His pale complexion reddened at your observation, "Stop teasing me-" he ordered, cock throbbing into your hands. He felt as if waves were crashing unto him repeatedly, as you suddenly took him fully into your mouth setting up at a merciless pace. Sputtering nonsense, his hands itched to hold unto something feeling as if he was drowning into endless pleasure. His chest heaved, beads of sweat collecting on his forehead, head basking against the satin pillows. Archons, he wanted to dig himself deeper and harder into your mouth, the sensations driving him wild. Moans after moans spilled from his pretty lips, golden locks sprawled upon the pillow, you couldn't take your gaze of him. You wanted this image of the alchemist drowning in pleasure. Jerking his head from side to side, he felt an unfamiliar coil in his stomach about to snap. Feelings as if he was drowning in pure pleasure, tears gathering in the corner of his eyes, he gasped. Back arching, he stuttered: “I- I feel like i’m-” His thoughts were rambling, mind hazy. Hips twitching, his lips parted as silent cries fell out. It wasn't long until your mouth was filled to the brim with his cum, cock jerking as moans filled his room. “Y/N!-” He cried out, mind basking in ecstasy, breath heaving. You swallowed every drop of his cum, before slowly cleaning his cock of any remnants, before pulling away. Albedo moaned at the loss of contact, face flushed as he gazed at you through half-lidded eyes. His mouth agape, he looked absolutely starstruck. You smiled softly, bringing a hand to his cheek: “How was it?” you purred, eyes scanning his face, trying to burn this image in your memory. “It was-” He paused, gazing at you with such lust you almost doubled over. “Interesting, I really enjoyed it.” The alchemist’s face burst into a scarlet shade at the confession, a hand running through his now messy locks. Azure eyes drilling into yours, he suddenly flipped you over. Towering above you, he let himself drop in between your legs, regards locked unto your most precious parts. Long fingers hooking under the side of your underwear, he pushed the material aside exposing your glistening core to his hungry gaze. Licking his lips, he placed a chaste kiss on the side of your thighs as if to grab your attention: “If it's alright with you, i’d like to experiment some more.” Let’s say you both overslept for work the next day. The night was indeed a short one.
✨ II ✨
The sunrise reflected through the golden windows, illuminating the young alchemist’s face. His nose scrunched, as he tossed to the side nuzzling his face into something warm to peel himself away from the infuriating light. Those restless nights of experiments always got the best of him, sleep becoming quite the rarity. Laying by his side, you smiled, gaze resting on the way his arm tenderly wrapped around the small of your waist. The man’s face was buried in the back of your nape, grip tightening around you ever so softly. You wished you could have catched a small glimpse of his resting face, but did not wish to wake him up to do so.
Basking in the afterglow of yesterday’s events, you still couldn’t believe it. It all felt like a dream, your wildest dream coming true. The lead alchemist had spent hours drilling into your pussy, filling you up time after time. His actions had been rough, sure to leave bruises on your waist from how tight he was holding unto you. However, his words had been as soft as a feather, praising and complimenting you all night.
Replaying these on loop in your mind, you felt a blush creep unto your cheeks. Memories of yesterday’s unforgettable night imprinted into your brain for life, you felt giddy. Not to mention that before he fucked you stupid for hours, the man also tried his best at eating you out. Needless to say that for his first time, he was indeed a quick learner. After guiding him slightly, as he listened to your moans and purrs, Albedo was quick to understand what felt the most pleasurable to you. Slowly analysing every little reaction of yours, he refrained himself from moaning from the sheer pleasure of bringing you to euphoria, just to listen to you. You remember how his hips ground into the edge of the bed, cock leaking with precum as he desperately tried getting off to eating you out. The sight was one you’d never forget indeed. As you reached your peak, your hands tangled into his hair, you remember him cumming from the mere stimulation of his tongue dipping between your folds, licking your juices clean. The moan he had let out, mouth muffled into your pussy, echoed throughout your whole being, as he released his seeds unto the ivory sheets the both of you reaching your peaks simultaneously.
You were brought back from your fantasies by a soft squeeze on your hips, Albedo unconsciously pulling you closer to his chest. Your ass rested on his clothed cock, a shiver running through your spine at the feeling of how hard he already was.
Manoeuvring you even closer to him, Albedo’s eyes fluttered open. He felt as if he was basking in total bliss, those sensations unknown to him. Waking up next to another being, the warmth you provided, how good it felt to have his arms enlaced around you, it was amazing. As he shuffled to lift himself up on his forearms, his azure eyes locked with yours.
“Good morning” He whispered, rubbing the sleep off of his eyes. His hair was messy, locks all over the place, yet he still looked as ethereal as ever. “Morning” You smiled, gaze lazingly going over the way the blanket pooled at his hips, bare chest glistening with golden hues. His gaze dropped to the way his shirt wrapped so perfectly around your form, as if it was made for you. A small blush dusted his cheeks, before he laid back down facing you. He pondered what to say. What did all of this mean? What was he supposed to do? Should he mention last night’s events? His mind was going into a frenzy, desperately trying to figure out the right thing to say.
“Did you sleep well?” You cut his train of thoughts short, as he blinked bringing his attention back to you. You were laying on your side, facing him with a loving smile gracing your features. He nodded, bringing a hand to your hips, before retracting it as if wondering if he was even allowed to touch you there. He inhaled, brows furrowing slightly “I did, are you feeling any kind of-” he paused, gaze dropping to the visible bruises next to your hip bones “unwell?”
You chuckled at his question, shaking your head.
“I’m feeling good, don’t worry”. “I am glad.” You knew that his lack of experience in regards to relationships was probably messing with his mind at the moment. Most likely debating what was right to do, trying to find the best way to handle things. Taking the reins, you scooted closer pushing a strand of hair that fell near his eyes back behind his ear.
Albedo gulped at the closeness, sparks of memories from yesterday igniting in his loins. His gaze locked with yours before he looked off to the side pensively. He wanted oh so badly to touch you like yesterday, hands itching to peel unto your skin and please you like he did a couple of hours ago. He already felt his member rub against the tight material of his underwear, thankful that it was at least slightly hidden under the satin bed sheets. He felt slightly ashamed of his sinful desires, but felt as if there was something dormant underneath. Something he couldn’t quite decipher. Something that drove him wild at the thoughts of pleasuring you, feeling as if only your needs mattered. Something never experienced before, that had been growing unto him ever since you meddled into his private life.
Your lips were inches away now, hand caressing his scalp, twirling golden locks between your pointer and middle finger. Your gaze examining it under the sunlight, until his voice broke the silence:
“May I ask you something?” “Sure, go ahead” Your heart trembled, an unspoken fear rising within you at the thoughts of him dismissing yesterdays events and possibly asking you to leave. No, Albedo wasn’t like that, you tried to reassure yourself. Leaning up on his elbow, his gaze locked with yours, cheeks burning. He had to push himself out of his comfort zone to ask you something so bold. Yet, he couldn’t hold himself back, desperately needing to experiment with your body again, to feel you close.
“Would you perhaps desire to um-” He paused as if mustering the courage to finally say what was on his mind. Stating facts and experimenting were Albedo’s strong points, but asking to do such intimate actions were really taking the best of him. Clearing his throat, he locked gaze with you before speaking: “Have intercourse again.”
Your face now covered in a crimson hue, you couldn’t hold back the giddy smile that formed upon your lips. Your worries dissipating, you nodded inching closer to the alchemist, pressing your whole body against his. He exhaled, breath shaky, lashes fluttering as his regard fell upon your lips. “I’d love that Albedo” The mention of his name sent a rush of blood to his cock, twitching against the confinement of his underpants. His lips quivered, emotions swirling inside his heart, craving your touch. Lowering a hand down his toned chest, your index finger slowly caressed every crook and definition of his muscles before stopping at the waistband of his underwear.
You gave it a slight tug, before cupping his member, eliciting a needy groan from the man. “I missed this” He admitted huskily, pushing his hips against your hand, trying to get as much friction as possible. You giggled, “It’s only been a couple of hours already” you reminded him teasingly, his cheeks now painted scarlet. Before he could say anything you pressed your lips against his, tasting his sweet flavor. His tongue was warm, slowly invading your mouth. His movements were comfortably slow taking his sweet time to explore everything once again. Soft moans spilling into your mouth as your hand lowered the material of his underwear, wrapping around his girthy length.
“You’re so big” You praised him, your insides melting at the chorus of moans he kept spilling. “Y-Y/N-” He stuttered, hips desperately trying to meet your rhythm, before halting you fully before he could lose himself into this sinful pleasure to much.
“I want to bury my fingers inside you Y/N” He purred, eyes half-lidded, as one of his delicate hands squeezed your hip, almost begging you to give him the go.
“Do whatever you want to me”
It was all he needed to hear before flipping you over on your backside. Golden eyes twinkling under the sun, he lowered his head just in between your thighs. His gaze lingering ever so slightly on the way your underwear framed the curves of your pussy, taking his sweet time studying it.
Lifting one of your legs up, you delicately rested it on his shoulder. He blinked, as if brought back to reality when you scooched closer to him, desperately trying to get him to make you unravel into bliss. Catching a glimpse of the desperation swirling into your eyes, his index finger made contact with your pearl flicking it ever so slightly. His gaze scanned your whole body for a reaction, which you trembled under him, mouth falling open.
“Albedo please-” You begged, lashes fluttering shut. His finger trailed down collecting your leaking juices before going back up swirling and twirling around your clit. Bringing his gaze back to yours, he stopped.
“Look at me.” His voice was hoarse, commanding you to open your eyes and meet his. Complying to his request, your gaze locked, before he spoke again. “Good. You’re so lovely like this”, lips replacing his fingers, he latched at your bundle of nerve tongue lapping at it oh so delicately. He was still experimenting, data already collected from yesterday but he needed more. He needed to know what pleased you the most, what area could bring you to euphoria by a single flick of his tongue. Index and middle fingers now buried deep within your core, you were a trembling mess under his touch. Angling his fingers upward he easily found your sweet spot abusing it repeatedly, tongue never leaving your clit for a second. You felt the coil in your stomach about to unravel, as if waves were crashing upon you.
“Albedo i’m gonna cum-” You tried warning him as best as you could between the series of moans spilling from your mouth, before he shushed you gently.
“Please do so, I want to taste you.” His desire sent you over the edge, juices leaking down your core into his sinful mouth. Your body spasmed under his touch, as he gently lapped at every drop of your orgasm, moaning sinfully into your core at the taste.
Catching your breath, you opened your eyes slightly to see him hovering above you now. Arms on each side of your head, he caged you between him and the bed, pressing his hips against yours unconsciously. “I’m really-” He stopped mid sentence, trying to formulate his thoughts clouded by sheer lust, “I really want to be inside of you Y/N.” His voice was husky, hard on rolling against your hips, desperately seeking any type of friction that would cause fire to spread in his loins.
Face flushed, you extended one of your hands to caress the side of his cheek, leaning up to capture his lips in a needy kiss. “Take me Albedo” you purred, letting your body fall back against the bed sheets, as he chased your lips back down crashing his unto yours. He felt his insides melt, the same feelings from yesterday pounding through his veins, threatening to make him burst at any moment. His lower area felt as if it was on fire, all his thoughts concentrated on the need to relieve himself of this feeling, to attain yet again blissful orgasms.
He was overwhelmed, throwing his head back as he pushed his length slowly inside of you. The stretch felt delicious, your walls fluttering against his cock nestling comfortably against your plush walls. The alchemist’s jaw fell open, eyes closed in delight and face slightly flushed. His movements halted, deep inside you, before his eyes opened, locking with yours. The way you looked under him was absolutely heavenly, if there was such a thing as perfection, it must have been you. You fitted everything, everything he ever needed he saw it in you.
Leaning his forehead against yours, he never once broke eye contact as his hips started moving. Cock twitching, he ever so slowly built up rhythm, moans of your name spilling from his pretty lips. He desired to fill you up so badly, to force you to carry his cum inside of you all day, today and every day.
You moaned under him, his cock filling you up so perfectly, the ache absolutely delicious. "Albedo-" you hiccuped, eyes teary from overstimulation, feeling the knot in your stomach tighten again. He was pushing you again over the edge so incredibly fast, nails digging into the soft skin of his back. His pace was ruthless, never once stopping for a breather, before he gripped the underside of your knees angling you up. You yelped in both surprise and pleasure and before you could even manage a word, the alchemist's pace increased tenfold, hitting instantly that sweet spot he discovered last night.
"If my observations were right, this is most pleasurable to you, isn't it Y/N?" He panted, azure eyes piercing into your whole being. His lips were slightly parted, face flushed as his hot breath hit the side of your ankle. You only managed to nod between your cries of pleasure, feeling him press soft kisses on your ankle, cock drilling into your abused cunt. Biting down on his lips, he refrained his moans just to listen to yours. He wanted to ruin you, to abuse you and make you feel good, so good that you’d only think about him.
As his thrusts became harder, fucking you rougher into the mattress, you gasped hands tangling into his locks. “A-Albedo-” You stuttered, bringing him closer to crash your lips unto his. His heartbeat increased tenfold, feeling not only the sweet euphoria washing over him, but also his heart squeezing in his chest. It had happened at multiple occasions before, like when he asked you to be his assistant and you gladly accepted, or when he first felt your soft lips on his. Reading books after books he chased what these feelings could mean, finally coming to one conclusion.
Thrusts getting sloppier he threw his head back, jaw dropping. Teary eyes he glanced down at you, hands gripping the sheets tighter. Moving one of his hand to grip yours and lace his fingers with yours, sweat dripped down his back, thrusts sloppier by the second. His hips stuttered, whole body shaking, letting his forehead rest on yours. You felt the coil in your stomach tighten, his cock filling you whole to the brim.
“I’m gonna-” You warned yet again, lips colliding with his in a desperate attempt to ground yourself as waves of pleasure crashed upon you. The sight of you basking in bliss was more than enough to send the alchemist over the edge, cock unloading his cum inside your abused hole. Right then was when his mind snapped: “I-I love you, I love you Y/N'' He babbled repeatedly between moans, feeling overstimulated, mind clouded and hazy. His emotions finally making sense to him, the powerful orgasm made him spill it out, almost unconsciously. Love. A feeling that he had yet to experience, ever since you appeared in his life.
The confession shook you to your core, seeming to extend your orgasm as your lips collided with his again. You were overwhelmed, but so dearly ecstatic. Cum spilling out of you, Albedo slowly lowered himself down to rest his head on your chest. His breathing was erratic for a moment, before it settled and his lashes fluttered shut. His heart was hammering against his chest, and he swore you could feel the nervosity creeping in his every veins. One of your hands came to tangle in his locks, gently caressing his scalp as you softly kissed the top of his head. “I’ve been waiting for you to say that since forever…” You mumbled, face buried in his hair. He smelled so sweet, everything felt so fleeting as if this was nothing but a mere dream. Lifting his gaze to meet yours, a gentle smile appeared on his features:
“Shall I interpret this statement as you feeling the same way?”
You chuckled, pressing a chaste kiss on the tip of his rosy nose, “Of couse silly.”
⋆ ⋆ ⋆
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kae3yaa · 2 hours ago
Ahhh hello can I suggest/request some hc of diluc, and/or thoma, and kaeya with a slightly insomniac and stressed reader that’s school/work related?
Wish me luck y’all I’m legit never been so brain empty for so long but thank you in advance! (Also can I be 🍄 anon?ok ok I’m heading out now I promise lol have a good day/night)
parings: diluc, thoma, & kaeya.
warnings: mentions of stress/workload, insomnia, & a little suggestive w/ kaeya's hc.
a/n: hi hello! i'm not sure if you wanted this into a comfort fanfiction but here you go! i hope you enjoy <3. this is quite short since school but welcome 2 the fam 🍄anon ☆⌒(*^-゜)v.
Tumblr media
☆; DILUC !
diluc felt like he had to do something about the current problem and state you were in.
he was convinced that you needed help from these assigned tasks you were given. of course, he tried telling you that he doesn't mind helping you but you refused his offer.
he knows that you haven't been sleeping recently, due to your large and deep eyebags.
you've been working on tasks but it seemed like to him that it was a never ending loop of work.
most of the time, he can hear your voice around 3-4 in the morning, he could hear your distressed voice and it just by hearing it- he could tell you wanted to stop and take a break. sadly, you couldn't.
he was surprised that you'd reach this far and still kept on going.
nonetheless, he'd always come and check on you everyday to see if you need anything.
he would always cook your favorite dishes.
"did you eat today? don't worry, i already cooked your favorite."
and he loves holding your hand + petting your head while you work, he gives you a lot of affection and reassures you that you'll be okay.
he'd say things like:
"don't worry my love, i'm always here by your side."
since you haven't gotten much sleep, he'd tell you to rest on his shoulder and wakes you up on the designed time you had to wake up.
Tumblr media
☆; THOMA !
thoma likes to enter your room and spread love & support to you. even if the love is just hugs, kisses, and positive sayings it meant a lot to you. reason being is because he never wants to see you sad, lonely, and miserable.
since you were stressed, he would give you some peace and quiet for a while seeing how you would be quite irritated if anything disturbs you.
he'd mostly knock on your door to give you a cookie as a tiny snack and reminds you to stay hydrated along with not forgetting to eat food.
he'd ask you on what you're working on so he would give you tips and notes on how to complete it faster!
when he's out, he'd send loving and sweet messages. an alternative since he's not around physically. he knows how hard you're working so he tries his best to be best of help!
and he would also give you a teddy bear to cuddle when he was sleeping/not around. <3.
when you finally got out of your room, thoma would be so happy since you've finally gotten a break. so after that, you two would spend your time sleeping and cuddling together.
he always says how he's so proud of you for being so strong.
"i'm so proud of you, i know you can do this !!"
if you're very stressed, he would calm you down by pulling you close and slowly combing your hair.
Tumblr media
☆; KAEYA !
kaeya seems to be the type to help you whether you like it or not. he's quite stubborn. you really can't argue back since you're already tired.
ever since he knew about your situation he'd check up on you more often than before. don't get me wrong, he checks up on you daily but it just shows on how he worries about you.
his friends noticed his unusual behavior of staying home all the time. when he finally explained why he was acting unusual. diluc- of course didn't believe him at first.
he doesn't mind waiting for you to finish your work, and he'd sometimes watch you while you do your assigned tasks.
since kaeya is a wine addict, when you get the chance of a break he would tell you to drink some wine with him as a "bonding" time. but of course, he would stop if you didn't feel like it.
he would set you on his lap & rest his chin on top of your head as well in addition, he'd plant small kisses on your forehead.
sometimes you'd lay your ear on his chest, hearing his heartbeat seems to calm you down. it felt ,, right.
he loves joking with you, it appears to also help you with stress & work so he'd do it more often to hear your sweet laugh and precious smiles.
"don't forget i'm always here for you."
he'd say, reminding you everyday actually.
there wasn't a time that he was with you all day, finding attention. buut, he's mostly patient, supportive and respects your decision whatever it may be.
Tumblr media
END <3 .. !
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empherealzen · 2 days ago
a night with you
hello friends ! it's time for my monthly post when i remember i have a tumblr account. Genshin Character Arcs I'd Love to See
- Diluc and Kaeya. Not in a ship way: : I'd love to see Diluc and Kaeya being forced to work together. I think they'd have like the five stages of grief at the sight of it. Maybe they were on a Golden Apple Archipelago type adventure and had to split off into groups or something, and they had to work together. I'd LOVE to see Kaeya having to work through his eight identity crises and Diluc having to be like 'ok that happened years ago' AND ALSO CREPUS' DEATH... imagine something like: Kaeya: albedo please. Albedo: im really sorry kaeya but i cant trust klee's care to anyone else.
Kaeya: albedo... Diluc: im not that bad, you fucking -
Kaeya: finish that sentence, fire hoe, and we'll see how COMPATIBLE cryo and pyro are. literally ready to throw hands
Klee: sleeping blissfully in albedos arms unaware of the altercation between her uncle kaeya and the weird adult
Albedo: youll survive...
---- in some random cave somewhere, waiting for Albedo to come find them or something
Kaeya: diluc Diluc: not responding in annoyance, which like - same bestie
Kaeya: diluc
Diluc: still ignoring Kaeya
Kaeya: im sorry.
Diluc: looks at kaeya like hes on drugs
and then kaeya spills all his heartfelt feelings and albedo finds kaeya and diluc crying together.
: [mild Inazuma Archon Quest spoilers] raiden shogun, kaedehara kazuha and sangonomiya kokomi - again not in a ship way
- ok since they were like AGAINST each other in the war and raiden did the whole 'killing all your friends like a ruthless dictator' thing it would make a veryyyy interesting story! raiden and kazuha have to work through the whole 'you killed my best friend' thing and kokomi and raiden have to be like 'you literally killed my god for fun AND trapped the entirety of inazuma under lockdown.'
imagine: waiting for yae miko under the sakura tree because they all need to talk to her. kokomi keeps giving raiden pissed off looks and whispering w/ kazuha. ei: literally why are you being so bitchy kokomi: glares at her ei: oh kazuha: ... i just wish i could say goodbye to him. kokomi: listening sympathetically like a good friend
ei: i wish i could've done things, too, but the past is in the past. eternity is a good way forward, so we can no longer be defined by loss.
kokomi: firstly wtf have you lost and secondly your dictatorship LITERALLY harmed us more than it HELPED. which is why we had a whole rebellion and everything, did you forget ei: uh- well-
kazuha: do not argue with the raiden shogun - we have no idea what her agenda is. remember, she is as ruthless as she is heartless.
ei: literally why are you all acting like i killed someone
kokomi: has had enough of ei's bs BECAUSE YOU DID. ei: oh. oh yeah. you're right. kazuha: do you really make such a habit of murdering your own people that you forget you do so. at this rate, we will have nobody left in inazuma.
ei: well you see-
kazuha: please, do not. refrain from telling us any excuses you have.
kokomi & kazuha: oh that was ooc but you get the point
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bumbleklee · a month ago
baby goes to work with dad
masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | baby series
pairings: diluc, kaeya, childe and zhongli x female!reader (separate)
warnings: babies
Tumblr media
Diluc never intended to bring the twins to work with him but when a messenger came to let him know that Charles had gotten violently sick before his shift, he strapped the babies to his chest and headed out the door. You were away at your own job and wouldn’t be returning until late that night. Besides, how hard could it be to work with two babies wrapped around you?
Oh, how wrong he was.
Hidden below the counter lay the nearly six month old babies in a makeshift playpen (it was really just an empty storage bin cushioned by Diluc’s jacket). They were quiet for a while, making small sounds and pulling off their socks, until Isaac realized that his mom wasn’t around and started to get upset. The second Diluc heard the fussy whining from his son, panic began rising from his throat.
Clara didn’t seem to be bothered so Diluc used the opportunity to swoop Isaac into his arms. He perched the baby on his left hip while he tried to pour drinks with his free hand.
Isaac leaned into Diluc’s hold for a moment, ready to snuggle in his embrace, and recoiled when he realized it was his father and not his mother.
“What’s the matter?” Diluc asked his son quietly, readjusting him in his arms.
“Is that a baby?” He heard someone say from somewhere in the tavern. “Do you think he stole it from someone?”
Someone else answered, “No, you idiot. Master Diluc has kids now.”
Diliuc ignored the gossip and continued to rock Isaac, even stopping bartending for a moment. Isaac only grew louder and visibly annoyed.
“Does he hate you?”
Venti leaned over the bar, an amused look on his face. He never thought he would see Master Diluc holding a crying baby but here he was. Diluc glared at Venti, “He just prefers his mother.”
The bard grinned and held out his arms, “May I?”
Diluc hesitated but when he looked around the tavern and saw his patrons becoming irritated, he handed Isaac across the counter. He watched intently as Venti poked the baby’s nose, almost instantly calming him down. Venti cooed at Isaac in a hushed whisper, rubbing his cheeks gently and pressing little taps around his head. Isaac giggled - already in a totally different mood than he was moments ago.
Diluc glanced down to see Clara staring at him. His independent baby held a goofy grin and he gave in, scooping Clara into his arms.
“Hey, Bard,” Diluc said, “Think you can hold two kids at once?”
Soon after Calla turned six months old, a tooth started growing. And, Archons, it made her uncomfortable. Calla would be up all day and night screaming her head off and not even Kaeya’s cryo vision could soothe her aching.
To give you a chance to rest, Kaeya decided to bring Calla to work with him. The change of environment put Calla in a better mood for a while. Kaeya held her on his lap while he did paperwork, holding her body in place with his large hand. When she wasn’t possessed by a demon, Calla really was adorable.
It was when Kaeya laid Calla down on the couch in his office that she started to cry again. Not even her favorite toy, a bunny shaped rattle, could take her attention away from her tooth. Kaeya stepped away from his work completely to bend down and try to cheer his daughter up.
“It’s okay, sweet girl,” He said gently. Calla screwed her eyes shut and cried louder, her mouth open and wide. Kaeya glanced down to see if he could see where the tooth was coming from and gazed at the tiny white spot on the top of her gums.
The door to his office opened and Amber poked her head inside, “Everything alright, Captain?”
Kaeya looked over his shoulder, “Oh, hi, Amber.” His voice is filled with exhaustion and Amber picks it up quickly.
“Do you need any help?”
Kaeya sits back on his heels, “She’s teething and nothing we do seems to work.”
Amber stepped into the office and shut the door behind her. She dropped to her knees and looked at the wailing baby. “If I may?” Kaeya nodded and Amber gently lifted Calla into her arms, cradling the baby with ease. “I used to watch my cousins when I was younger and they had trouble with teething too.”
Calla quieted down in Amber’s arms but continued to fuss, bringing her hand to her mouth.
“This always worked with them.” Amber took her pointer finger and lifted it to Calla’s mouth, massaging the spot where her tooth was coming. She rubbed her gums gently and within moments, Calla had relaxed completely. The baby’s eyes closed halfway and drool pooled from the corner of her mouth. Kaeya stared in amazement. You and him had been up for hours trying to get Calla to feel better and Amber had done it in seconds.
“It was that easy, huh?” Kaeya asked, still in disbelief.
Amber grinned, “You’ll get the hang of it!”
childe (cass cass cass cass big brain cass love u)
When Childe had to bring Nikolai to work with him one day, you were freaking out. Childe didn’t work an office job - he was a Fatui Harbinger! Your mind was filled with horrible scenes of your precious baby boy being caught in the middle of a showdown. But Childe didn’t seem to be as worried as you.
He knew his men and he knew none of them would ever try so much as to touch Nikolai. In fact, they would probably put their lives on the line for the baby. After hours of reassurance, you and Childe separated for the day. Childe watched you anxiously look over your shoulder as you walked down Liyue Harbor to your own commitments before turning on his heel and heading off to his destination.
Childe wore Nikolai around his body in a baby sling that you forced him to bring. The baby babbled the entire way, staring at the moving clouds.
“Good afternoon, everyone,” Childe grinned at the men. The new recruits gazed at their boss in amazement, wondering why he had a baby strapped to his chest. “Welcome to the Fatui!”
“Is that a baby?” He heard someone mumble.
“Why, yes it is,” Childe answered happily. “This is my son, Nikolai, and you’ll respect him as much as you respect me.” His tone was venomous and Childe saw a few recruits visibly shiver at it.
But no one questioned him farther and Childe went on with training as normal. Instead of getting involved like he normally would, he stood back and gave feedback to what he was watching. This new crowd of recruits were strong, promising, and Childe felt himself getting more excited by the minute.
The atmosphere was shaken when a low cry was heard. The recruits halted in their training but Childe instructed them to continue, stepping farther away from them to finally unravel Nikolai from the wrap.
“You have been in there all day,” Childe softly said to the grumpy baby. Nikolai’s bottom lip pouted and his eyes squinted at the bright sun. “Don’t cry now, buddy.”
Nikolai looked like he was going to burst into tears at any moment and Childe gulped. A crying baby was the last thing they needed right now.
Getting an idea, Childe activated his vision and squatted down to the ground. He held Nikolai out towards the field in front of him and used his hydro vision to create small animals. A few ducks waddled past the baby before bursting into a puddle of water and Nikolai squealed, his legs instantly kicking back and forth.
“Yeah? Did you like that?” Childe grinned. He summoned two crabs and had them battle each other, their claws hitting one another. A squirrel ran up to Nikolai and kissed him on the nose before evaporating. Soon, the baby was a giggling mess and any sign of a meltdown was far gone.
“Mr. Zhongli, your baby is adorable but is now the best time to bring her into work?”
Hu Tao stared at the little baby girl on Zhongli’s lap as he filled out paperwork at his desk. Zhongli looked up sympathetically, “Sorry, Hu Tao, it was an emergency.”
The Wangshu Funeral Parlor was in the middle of planning an important funeral for a top businessman in Liyue when you were called away for a family emergency, leaving baby Jia in Zhongli’s care. Normally Hu Tao wouldn’t mind the baby but she was nervous Zhongli was going to get distracted and mess up something vital.
“At least let me hold her so you can focus.” Hu Tao held out her arms for Jia and Zhongli hesitated. “Please? I promise I won’t play any pranks on her.”
Zhongli sighed and handed Jia to his boss, waiting to make sure everything was fine before returning his eyes to his paperwork.
“I’m going to give her a tour!” Hu Tao grinned and before Zhongli could protest, she had sauntered away. Zhongli shook his head - he trusted Hu Tao. The young woman had been excited to meet the baby and she had been helpful so far, whether it was running errands for the family or buying Jia new clothes. And besides, Zhongli didn’t think she really had it in her to hurt even a fly.
With his mind at ease, Zhongli finally finished up his paperwork. When he finished, an hour had passed and Hu Tao hadn’t returned with Jia. Wondering what she was up to, Zhongli stood up and headed farther into the funeral parlor.
They weren’t in the basement morgue (thank god) and they weren’t in the break room or the procession room either. “Where did that troublemaker go?” Zhongli asked himself.
He continued to poke around the building until he saw the door to Hu Tao’s office was cracked open. Instead of knocking, like he usually did, Zhongli slowly pushed open the door and couldn’t stop the smile from creeping on his face.
Hu Tao was sitting at her desk, her body leaning back in her chair and her eyes closed. Her arms were loosely wrapped around the baby, who also had her eyes closed. Quiet snores came from patrons.
Zhongli stepped closer, trying not to wake either up, and felt warmth spread through his body. He reached across the desk and gently pulled Hu Tao’s hat off, placing it on the desk.
“Huh?” Hu Tao mumbled, her eyes barely opening. “What time is it?”
“Shh,” Zhongli whispered, “Go back to sleep. I’ll handle everything.” And with that, he tip-toed out of the office and shut the door behind him. Babies weren’t the only ones that needed to take naps sometimes.
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beige-babyyy · a month ago
Tumblr media
itto drabble- being his cumdump
tw: rough sex, unprotected sex, breeding
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he has so much cum :(
he needs someplace to store it, he needs a little whore that he can fuck whenever he wants
someone he can breed and stuff full
that someone happens to be you
so now here you are: tears streaming down your face and thick globs of his cum pooling out of your puffy little cunt
he's been going at it for hours now. cumming thick loads inside you over and over again.
he pulls out and takes a moment to admire you. watching his thick load escape out of you, him having stuffed you so full there's just absolutely no way anything more could fit.
you look so lewd. naked and shivering. face teary and red. your pussy exposed and on full display for him.
his cum feels warm inside you. it makes you feel sticky and heavy. you like the feeling.
itto chuckles as he places his hand on your bloated stomach, making more cum come rushing out of your exhausted hole.
you whine, the stimulation being too much, causing you to arch your back in pleasure and squeeze your eyes shut.
"gotta make some room, princess. i'm not done filling you up yet"
Tumblr media
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primofate · 4 months ago
Modern au of xiao, zhongli, childe, diluc venti getting jealous when their s/o gets a lot of attention from others
Oooof modern AUs are special. It’s like Hey, when am I gunna run into a Zhongli in real life? lol.
Zhongli, Xiao, Childe, Diluc, Venti x fem! reader
That traditional boyfriend. The one who asks your parents for permission to date you or take you out.
“I’ll make sure to have her back by 10 sir,”
Opens doors for you. Carries bags for you. Pulls out chairs for you.
100000% gentleman
Forehead kisser.
When he sees you getting a lot of attention the first thing he would think of is yes, you deserve that attention. You’re a goddess in his eyes.
But when he realizes it isn’t easing up and all these guys are just hovering all around you he’ll appear at your side and whisk you in by the waist with a soft kiss on your forehead.
He’s smoothly moving you away from the guys and walking away from them while making small talk. “How was class today?” all the while ignoring the guys who had finally stopped badgering you.
You wouldn’t even sense he was jealous but he’s always looking out for those guys now. 
Other bois below the cut
The cool guy in school.
Possibly one of those popular players in the school’s sports team that all the girls wait around in the hallways for.
He deadass doesn’t give a shit about his popularity or the attention he receives, he’s always just focused on his game.
.......and you
Is always going to ask you to watch his games.
Is used to getting a lot of attention and is used to ignoring it.
So when YOU get a lot of attention and you DON’T ignore it he is gunna be PISSED
Like who the hell are you people hovering around Y/N? You’re not even in a sports team!
Is panicking a little inside because if you’re already this popular what’ll happen if you actually join a sports team and gain a bit more fans?
Grabs your wrist and pulls you away from the crowd without any explanation, just a glare on his face.
Is a proud boyfriend. Like “Yeah! That’s MY girlfriend y’all are thirsting for,”
Is totally okay with it until one of ‘em guys actually touches you
Yo he must be looking for a fight or something
Will slap away said guy’s hand with a very innocent looking smile
Inside he’s thinking of all the ways he can cut that guy’s hand.
Gets in between you and the guy and starts talking to you as if nothing happened.
“Hey hun! How was your day?” 
Is back to being flowers and daisies after cock blocking that guy.
Also a gentleman, next to Zhongli
Seems like a pretty chill guy but has lots of the feels underneath it all.
Doesn’t have much of a problem when girls in your class gives you attention (you’re that friendly-everyone-likes-her-girl, Diluc somehow doesn’t understand how you end up choosing stoic-strict-faced him) It’s all just friendly girly chit-chat.
When GUYS get involved though, he be sittin at the back of the classroom watching all these guys and closely watching whoever gets too close to you.
People will feel the ominous presence he’s emitting, it’s only a matter of time before the guys realize your boyfriend is staring them down and blasting holes through them.
Relaxes when they’re all gone. Like in a snap.
This man will happily watch all the guys or girls gather round you.
Is rather patient about it.
Because he knows when it comes down to it he can monopolize you whenever the fuck he wants. 
Including right now, when all them people are around you.
Venti will just stroll up behind you and hug you from behind, smiling sweetly at everyone.
“Ehe, Y/N is so popular right?”
Just kidding, his tactic is to show excessive PDA when you get too much attention so that everyone’s just like ew, and backs off.
Masterlist :
Taglist: @larkspyrr @outlet-0 @rim0na @sweeti-pie @yamsthegod @reaped-winnower @sacredmouche @tkshoki @fanfictionenthusiast @skatercashew @leefletter @kimbapsana​ @hentaje @marginmaster87 @tempehlust  @l3mon-mxshroom @tastypaimon
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bukojuiice · 4 months ago
⎯ genshin boys and the subtly cute things they do as your husband
Tumblr media
ೃ ft. childe, diluc, kaeya, zhongli, xiao, and kazuha x gn! reader
ೃ tags and warnings: domestic fluff, husband! au, tooth-rotting fluff, mention of food!
ೃ 200 to 300 words per character.
ೃ genshin masterlist  ♡ mha masterlist  ♡ aot masterlist
ೃ note: if you enjoyed this, please do reblog! and if you want to be a part of my taglist, answer this form! ♡
ೃ gn everyone imma queue this and go back to exploring inazuma 👩‍🦯
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he loves to make breakfast in bed for you. he never fails to. he wakes up an hour early just to prepare something for you. no matter how hard or easy the recipe is. you're craving an oriental breakfast? childe shall provide. you're craving avocado toast? he's got you. childe makes you a cup of coffee in the morning (in any palette you'd like. ) and he somehow always manages to shape a part of the meal into a heart. (the toast is cut into a heart and even the sunny side up egg is shaped into a heart.) once he brings the breakfast to you, a "kiss the cook" apron is hanging loosely on his torso, almost as if inviting you to give him a quick peck on the cheek, a measly yet loving reward for his efforts. every single meal he has cooked tastes absolutely divine and as far as "kiss the cook" goes, you can't help but beckon him to come back to bed and cuddle because thank the archons, you have someone as loving and thoughtful as him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mr. Ragnvindr isn't the most physically affectionate beau out there, as he's always been the more poetic type. the one to woo you with his words and sayings. he has written a dozen of songs for you on the piano, serenading you with his honey dulcet voice, he wrote a poem for you on your first anniversary, and even if he's grumpy in the morning, he will still willingly-unwillingly entertain your flirtatious teases. but when he was particularly in the mood and was feeling a bit playful? ah yes, you bet he's the sweetest and most affectionate lover in the entirety of teyvat right now. he vibes to your cheesy spotify playlist, no matter how many times you listen to it on repeat. midnight drive-thru cravings with you. he loves to dance in the kitchen underneath the refrigerator light at 3 am with you. he watches every movie you put up on Netflix (yes even those atrocious Christmas rom-coms and Hallmark movies) Love truly makes him do the wacky and although he may be known as the uptight and cold heir of the Dawn Winery, he is simply Diluc Ragnvindr in your household. The Man you love the most.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He is known to be sociable. charming. charismatic. yet, Kaeya hides many secrets. secrets that only you know. It's not that he's a fake person. but somehow, it is only because of you that he is able to be himself. to be vulnerable. he is able to bring down his emotional walls because of you. you are his peace. his comfort. his safe space. He may look perfectly fine on the outside (sending you sweet text messages and bringing you lunch to work which you do the same for him) but... sadness and distress were inevitable.  On some days, when he doesn't have to play the part of Kaeya Alberich, the COO of the Favonius Knights Company, the two of you talk the night long. Just talk about anything. It's usually he who initiates this. May it be talking over a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Sometimes whilst cuddling, in bed or just lounging around the couch. Sometimes it's the stress that Kaeya has been hiding or the stress that you have been hiding. Your discussions divulge sometimes and before you know it, you're talking about how amazing Shrek 2 is right after you released your frustrations about work. It's all just to release the stress and it works wonders. It helps to know that your husband is by your side always. As you will be there for him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He has a book club. In attendance of said book club are pretty much his co-workers and subordinates in his company. Ganyu, Keqing, Ningguang, Xiao, Madame Ping,  and even Childe. What you didn't know was that through his book club, Zhongli has been secretly crafting stories for you to read. Consulting his friends and associates on how to do so. He's always been the wise man filled with so much knowledge of the universe whereas you were the most enigmatic being in his life whose thoughts were always filled with wonder and curiosity. He vows to write one every year for your anniversary. And so, on this particular year, he decided to write you a romance novel. Heavily referenced and inspired by your love story with him. And so, when you came home that night, he surprises you with a bouquet of glaze lilies and a book titled "our love not bound by contracts" that you were not familiar of. He asks if he can read it to you, to which you happily agree as two of you navigate your way to the mini library in your home, cuddling and sitting in Zhongli's lap, as his soothing voice narrates to you your love story.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Playing video games is a hobby that the two of you shared. It's not a particularly unique activity that was only exclusively done by the two of you, but it just feels right. After Xiao carefully and incredibly built your Gaming PC for you, that was when you realized that he truly is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. The both of you are utterly oblivious to the fact that you both let each other win games. Fighting games in particular.  He mainly plays as Cloud (because he's "edgy") whilst you play as Kirby in Smash Bros (because who wouldn't want to main a cute ball of fluff?) Whenever he wins the current round, he makes sure you win the next one. While... you do the same for him. And yet somehow, the two of you have not realized that yet. Xiao has an affinity for first pov horror games (Outlast, Resident Evil) and Heavy Fantasy games (Skyrim, Final Fantasy) whilst you were fond of Life sims (Persona series, Animal Crossing) and Visual Novels (Dangan Ronpa, Phoenix Wright) it was quite a unique combination of genres but whenever you force each other to play each other's games? It's utter yet loving chaos. Xiao holds your hand as you navigate through Beneviento Manor because archons forbid you to have to escape from that giant baby fetus. Whereas you massage his temples as he frustratingly contemplates what dialogue option to choose during a Class Trial in Dangan Ronpa. You're even contemplating making a "Couple Review Video Games" channel at this point. Truly, no one does it better than you and Xiao.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Whenever he has to leave for a week due to a business trip on the crux fleet, he leaves sticky notes everywhere. for every hour of the day, you find notes filled with i love yous and haikus professing his love for you. he knows you so well and has hidden sticky notes that follow your daily patterns around the house. most are poetic, some are cheesy, humorous, but romantic all the same. whenever you do laundry on Thursday, you find one attached on the side of the dryer that says: "when will we wear our matching sweaters again? i want to go on a date with you whilst wearing them so bad :( and even the lyrics to sweater weather  "These hearts adore, everyone the other beats hardest for" stuck onto the clothing hangers. the last note, the one that you finally find when he's about to come home from his trip says the following, "you are my home. the one i will always come back to."
Tumblr media
ೃ taglist: @ganyuuxs @mignonextte @inlovewithadeptusxiao @duhsies @qimiie @volleybloop @latteshinsou @catgirlkomi @reaped-winnower @monaa @dibhachu @midnightangelfox @call-me-moonfloweer  @hu-tao-main @crapimahuman @vivisimpact @eissaaaa @yuki1s--note​– @klessboom @albedos-apprentice​ @ch8rrybl0ssoms​ @the-one-that-lurks​ @yummyyumi​
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versadies · 5 days ago
Okay but can u imagine the househusband AU with Scaramouche? Fits the bill of “last person to be a housemaker”. People in the neighbourhood thinking is-is s/onokay? Are they being blackmailed? People doubting his ability to be a househusband and Scaramouche just being all competitive like “You dare doubt me?!” Cant be aggressive to get his way no more so he has to rely on his two faced behaviour a lot. Scares people with his smile.
Soft only for s/o? Yes but not the way u think.
S/o rushing to go to work. He’d be all menacing like “Oy, you forgot to give me my goodbye kiss”.
No one was allowed to make a mistake back when he was in the gang but imagine past members seeing s/o ruin the kitchen to make him a dish and he just gushes and eats with with a smile.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
content: spoilers in scaramouche’s real name, mentions of death, mentions of violence, fluff/no-angst
post-script: no but like, im super obsessed with this ask tysm for providing this brainrot to me anon 😍😍😍😍
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the way of the househusband masterlist
when scaramouche thought of retiring from his crime life after he finally fulfilled his revenge against a certain woman who became the very reason why he’s a part of the yakuza, he instantly rejected it. why should he retire when he has so much power anyway?
you, apparently.
just the thought of being able to spend with you for the rest of his life was only but a dream, and now? now that scaramouche can do whatever he wants, – whether it’d be being able to make his organization more powerful, be more feared by people in his city, or even become the most powerful yakuza boss – he chose to be with you, the person who’s been with him for so many years.
i don’t really think scaramouche would gracefully announce that he’s retiring, especially when the police and the last of his rivals’ organization are still after his head, so he decided to fake his own death to make things more easierz
which led him to where he is now, running away from his crime life after faking his own death as the both of you move to a small town where no one can find you.
despite being considered as dead by the police, scaramouche still decided to change his name into his old one for the sake of not being caught.
he was reluctant about becoming a househusband when you first suggested it to him at first, but after having no other choices to pick, he decided to become one — an amazing one, in fact.
you never expected your lover, who’s definitely the last person everyone expected to be a good househusband, to be so great at it. like? you’ve never seen your man cleaning or cooking at all.
whether it’d be cleaning up every single thing that exists in your home, cooking dishes and make them look like they came from a 5 star restaurant, and even managing to win almost 80% of the neighborhood’s hearts by his “sweet” attitude — everything he does is scarily on par with househusband!thoma.
scaramouche would be lying if he said he wasn’t proud of himself –
except being able to win 80% of the neighborhood’s hearts, he absolutely seethes the fact alone.
the man always scowls to himself before going out from his beloved home and put on his fake happy-go-lucky charade, hoping that no one has to come up to him so that he wouldn’t have to fake his tone as well.
given that scaramouche has been a yakuza boss for practically most of his life, he wasn’t used to not become aggressive to get something he wants on his underlings – causing him to use his happy charade once more just to get it, especially when it comes to getting discounts for items (which usually works).
it’s true that none of the neighborhood weren’t convinced by his happy-go-lucky attitude, until there were incidents where the man did a lot of good things, such as saving a kid from being in a car accident for instance, and made most of the neighborhood believing that the househusband is a good guy.
in reality, all those “good deeds” were just scaramouche trying to win a bet from you that he can make the whole neighborhood believe his fake attitude.
if it weren’t for a certain nosy neighbor who had accidentally caught him saying a colorful language while trying to open the front door of your shared home with the house key, the whole neighborhood would’ve been convinced by his fake charade.
the 20% of the neighborhood are just the neighbors who gossip a lot, and boy it was hellfire when they find out that scaramouche is not who he seems to be.
you were surprised to say the least when donna suddenly came up to you with a concerned look on her face, asking if you’re being abused by your lover or not.
despite reassuring donna that you‘re not being abused by scaramouche, the woman reluctantly didn’t speak further about the topic and left, leaving you alone in front of your home in confusion.
although your beloved husband’s attitude outside is fake, his attitude in your shared home is genuine.
but not in a way you’d think.
“oi, where’s my goodbye kiss?”
“you’re coming home late? you better be careful while you’re on your way back here 😡😡”
“what? that was your favorite food? i don’t know what you’re talking about.” deep down he knows.
he’s an affectionate menace as he always has been. unlike the way he treated others, he treats you far better than he ever did with anyone else. his underlings from his organization can see that clearly.
his secretary can see the way his dark expression suddenly changed when the secretary brought in his lunch that you made after finding out that he doesn’t eat a lot, his security guard can see the way scaramouche often checks up on his phone to see a notification from “❤️” — just seeing their boss being so in love with you made them want to thank you for being a part of his life.
you’ll never know it but his subordinates always thanked you mentally for saving their lives from his wrath whenever you called him out of nowhere, causing him to be in a good mood again afterwards.
ever since scaramouche became a househusband, you were never late from your work at all. everyday, your lover would wake you up early and make sure you have time to get ready and eat breakfast with him – he’s basically your human alarm now.
i could honestly see scaramouche calling you during your lunch break so that the both of you can eat meals together while talking through your phones, a habit that‘s been happening even back when he was a yakuza boss.
he’d also do something such as cooking a meal just to try and sleep like in one of the new episodes of the way of the househusband, causing you to sometimes wake up if the smell is super strong.
he’d also sometimes have cats follow him whenever he comes out, not noticing the furbabies following his trail as he gets weirded out by people staring at him while passing by. by the time he realized the reason, he didn’t seem to pay mind to them.
sometimes, you’d see a few cats eating food in a large bowl in front of your home.
given that scaramouche faked his “death”, there was no one in his organization who knew the truth.
besides the woman who unintentionally caught him in a grocery store.
“who knew la signora would fake her death by burning the place.” scaramouche said with a smirk as the two retired yakuza bosses stood across from each other in the grocery store.
“it’s rosalynne now.” la signora said, rolling her eyes. “and watch your mouth. at least i didn’t fake my own death the way you did it, the cops wouldn’t have stopped the bounty on you if it weren’t for dottore giving them a fake body.”
the man shrugs the woman off. “forget that, will you? and why are you even here in the first place? i thought you’d go for mondstadt.”
“i was, but this is my lover’s hometown.” la signora explained, grabbing one of the food cans from the aisle next to her. “and you? what brings you and your spouse here?”
“it’s our only option since my spouse isn’t too fond of staying in another country.” scaramouche replied, looking around his surroundings in hopes of finding your figure.
his actions didn’t go unnoticed by the woman, who chuckles in amusement. “i found it hard to believe that the balladeer would be smitten by a person until now. how long have you been together?”
“…five years. you?”
before la signora could respond, scaramouche immediately heard the familiar sounds of your footsteps followed by you appearing in his view.
“i finally found the stupid noodles, you had no idea how long it took me to find it.” you comment, placing the noodles inside the cart.
the woman watched as scaramouche got distracted by you, amused by the way the man stares at you with a soft expression, something she never got to see back when they were both in the yakuza life.
she could see why he faked his death as well.
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“no more worries with you by my side”
how the genshin boys feel when you hold them
includes: kaeya, diluc, albedo, childe, xiao, venti, scaramouche
pairing: gn!reader
genre: scenarios, fluff
warnings: mention of death
a/n: nothing. just empty head and a writer’s block. tomorrow i’ll finally post the first event request,, gn !! <33
Tumblr media
KAEYA loves it when you kiss his hands/wrists. he finds the gesture quite intimate and simply a symbol of your love. he also loves the way you lift your hand to caress his cheek under his eyepatch or simply the way you tighten your hold on his hands as a secure sign. he loves it when you do all these things that show him how much you love and trust him, and when you hug him? all of his worries seem to vanish, leaving behind not even a grain of dust.
DILUC doesn’t seem a fan of pda to people who don’t know him. he’s simply touch-starved, so please give him all the love you can. he loves when you stroke comfortingly his hair or when you simply snuggle up in his chest. he feels the tips of his ears mimetize with his hair every time you do so. it’s like your touch has some magic in it, it puts the bad thoughts to sleep and brings out happiness and the light. your arms are his safe haven, or maybe it’s your heart.
ALBEDO is fond of you. really. he sees you as the only subject for his paintings, the only one worthy of being his muse. he isn’t quite sure of the word ‘love’ and its meaning, but with you by his side he can try, he wants to try because of the desire to know where do the butterlfies in his stomach come from every time you kiss his cheek or you simply look into his azure eyes? why do the bad thoughts still as soon as your hands wrap around him?
CHILDE doesn’t let people he doesn’t know touch him carelessly. of course, as a trained fatui harbinger, he wouldn't be able to do so. but when with you, his barriers crash down and shatter, the walls around his heart crumble and the veil shading his eyes dissolves as he leans into your embrace, murmuring words filled with affection and a desperation of salvation.
XIAO isn’t into pda. well, some may think that’s because he simply deems himself as being more important than humans, but the real reason is that he doesn’t want his touch to be the cause of yet another death. yours. but you seem not to care as you smile sweetly at him while sneakingly wrapping your arms around his body. and in the end, he gives in to your touch and the comforting feeling brought with it.
VENTI feels secure when you hold his hand, and more when he’s between your arms. for the first time he’s able to relax and forget about his responsibilities, now that he’s with you, nothing seems to matter. and as the wind caresses your bodies as a mother does to her newborn, he snuggles in your embrace and fills his nostrils with your sweet and familiar scent, his home.
SCARAMOUCHE never admits it, not even to himself, that your touch seems to chase away the darkness that fills his head every time. he doesn’t want to admit it, he doesn’t want you to become his weakness. but you’ve already penetrated his mind and heart, so when you ask him to be held, he simply pulls you in his arms, the familar warmth calming the both of you, as your hearts dance from the amount of feeling. with you, he feels saved.
Tumblr media
© sanzusgrl / do not copy or trace, reblogs are very appreciated <3
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
━━ ☆ INCLUDES: childe, diluc, xiao, zhongli
━━ ☆ SUMMARY: how would the boys react to being transported in the future and seeing that they married and had a family with their crush?
━━ ☆ WARNINGS: a few curse words, xiao's hits a little different
━━ ☆ SIMILAR WORK: it's a bright future ahead of us ii
━━ ☆ OOGA BOOGA: reblogs are much appreciated!!
Tumblr media
in the face of teasing comments from your mutual friends, childe denies his infatuation with you. no, his eyes don't drift to you every time you are within his peripheral and he most certainly doesn't see your visage in his dreams on the rare occasion that he does get them.
but when he's alone — when all that is left to judge him is the space in his bed that he so badly wished you would take — childe admits that yes, he does like you and he's just a little bit scared of the power you have over him. even the faintest smile from you had him weak in his knees and whatever strength still left in him was spent as he scurried off to hide under his blankets like a giddy teenager in love.
this vulnerability often costs people their heads on the battlefield but to him, this vulnerability also allowed him to preview the 'what-could-bes' of the world. besides, a little gamble isn't going to hurt him!
when he felt a weight on top of him, his mind immediately thought of an intruder but the childish giggle that he heard soon after disproved him. was it teucer? no... teucer's voice was a little deeper than that.
childe opened his eyes to meet similar blues and his heart, for a reason he didn't understand yet, soared. instinctively, he left a supporting hand on the young child's back as he mumbled a confused but otherwise, light good morning.
"honey? are you awake now?"
he knew that voice — a little too well actually and gods, honey has never sounded as good as it did when it came from your lips.
childe finds that, for a brief moment, he lost the ability to breathe. you peeked into the room from the doorway and you wore an easy smile. his sharp eyes caught the glimmer by your ring finger and was that... a ring? tentatively (and with a little bit of nervousness because what would he do if he was wrong?), he checks his own, and sure enough, an identical ring was wrapped around his finger.
it's a little childish but childe erupts into loud laughter as his heart began racing in a hundred miles per hour. it appears that the shadows of his mind decided to cut him some slack that night.
he's always wanted a family of his own so dreams where you and he were together didn't come off as much of a shock. this is why he didn't even consider the possibility that he traveled into the future. rather, he shook it off as another wishful dream of his.
childe decided to keep the questions to himself. inquiries are boring anyway. isn't it so much better to savor the moment? wholesome interactions came so rarely for him nowadays. it wouldn't hurt to indulge and pretend for a short while, right?
he spends the entire morning helping you with chores like a dutiful husband, popping jokes left and right, and pulling you into a random concert with brooms as your microphones. your child sits in the sideline, amused and laughing before childe picks him up and spins him in the air.
your jubilant laughter reminds him that this is such a good dream but he knew deep in his heart that as long as he remains to be 'childe,' it's all it would ever be. that dampens his mood but as he watches you spoil your son, he figured that reality could wait for a second longer.
for the first time in forever, childe awoke with a smile on his lips.
he's not one to be overly religious but that didn't stop him from putting his hands together to thank whomever deity was out there that took pity on him. while it was just a dream, it was enough to leave him feeling gleeful all day long. it was like the adrenaline high he gets after a challenging fight. the way his breathing left a tasteful burn, the way his heart thumped louder than usual — all of it left him feeling alive.
when he arrived at the northland bank, his agents tried to pretend that the skip in his steps didn't exist; the same way they pointedly ignored the way his eyes glimmered under the light when they were empty voids in the kindest of days. heck, ekaterina had to stifle a gasp when she walked in on him humming a local love song. nadia thought it to be a little sweet and she couldn't help the knowing smile from appearing on her face when you came in to say your daily greetings.
"still hanging on over there?" childe looked up from his paperwork to see you peeking from the doorway. immediately, he remembered the 'dream' and he had to swallow to hide his uncharacteristic sputters.
"barely." the connotation could go both ways. "what's up?"
"nothing just..."
he couldn't hear you over the tempting whispers in his mind. no matter how hard he tried to contain his feelings, the possibility that there is at least one way that something good could come out of his confession against the nine hundred, sixty-one thousand ways this situation could go south had his mind reeling.
"you okay?" your concern... god! why must you be so hard to deny? it was then that he decided — fuck it. he'll do whatever just to hear you laugh as you did in his dream. taking a deep breath, he tried to picture you then — your occupied ring finger, your lovely son, his and your family. it was from there that he gathered the strength to ask the questions he has been avoiding.
"are you free this evening? maybe we could grab something to eat together? i can book us a spot in liuli pavilion or... or you can pick!"
and how could you resist when the eleventh was looking far too bashful — far too vulnerable than he would commonly like to be?
"sure! how does that hole-in-the-wall we found last week sound?"
Tumblr media
diluc was a bit of a nagger — a true worrywart and you had always enjoyed poking fun at his 'motherly' nature. he always scoffed, muttering something about how 'unbelievable' you are and it was something so endearing to you. if it had been anyone else (such as a certain cavalry captain), you were certain that he'd issue them a permanent ban from his tavern. a true nightmare to a citizen of mondstadt.
his affections for you was something that he didn't actively deny but it was also something he vowed he would never act on. not until he had enemies, not until the world was safe enough to shed his walls because he swore to all the deities out there — one playful jab from you had him pooling at your feet.
you were right, maybe he should 'loosen up' after all... but when the world keeps playing tricks on him every second of the day, he has learned that it was better to keep his guard up.
he felt a body pouncing on him, effectively tearing him away from his sleep and he would've flung it off if it weren't for your panicked whispers.
"don't do that, sweetie! you'll wake daddy up..."
...daddy? his body stiffened up at the unfamiliar term but he can't deny the way his stomach did somersaults in a good way. still, it didn't take long before he regathered his wits. he was certain that he didn't have a son and certainly not with you (he would remember if that were the case).
his mind began racing. was he drugged? had he finally lost his mind? was this a hallucination? a simulation? dear lord, were you kidnapped and forced to play the part?
the sound of hushed laughter — both yours and the child — brought him back to reality (if it was still real at least) and reluctantly, he opened his eyes.
the sight that greeted him had his heart melting faster than his vision could and he had to pinch his thigh to remind himself that you all could be in mortal danger.
"hm? diluc darling! you're awake! good morning!"
the man in question nodded stiffly as a reply, teeth gnawing at the insides of his cheeks because the way his heart palpitated was enough proof that you weren't a fake.
but if so... was he dreaming?
the child had similar red tresses and he couldn't help but smile softly. his father once told him that the ragnvindr bloodline had strong hereditary genes. it was amusing and dare he say, cute.
as the child positioned himself in his lap, he heard you playfully chastising him for not greeting you back. at that, he scoffed. some things never change, he supposed but some... they age. while you still looked as beautiful as before, he noticed a few wrinkles that were not there before.
he entertained the prospect of being transported into the future but... it couldn't be, right? there was no way you'd want to marry him although the ring on your finger proved otherwise.
for the rest of the day, diluc just awkwardly stood there. he watched as you busied yourself around the house, sometimes offering to carry the heavier stuff. while being idle, diluc found out that his son knew how to play chess, much to his delight. he didn't know why but he offered to play against him and the smile he was rewarded with oddly made it feel as if his 'risk' was worth it.
the moves the child was making were familiar and he had to cough to hide his chuckles. they were the same moves he used to make as a child, taught to him by his father. diluc, moved by the silent determination of this young kid, decided to lose on purpose. it's something that his father did too and while he didn't enjoy being fooled, it meant everything to him when he was young and unknowing.
looking back, diluc had a few regrets. if he really was in the future, then he could've learned more about the state of the world. and if not... well, he did enjoy the time away from the business plans and abyss troubles.
when diluc awoke, he did so with renewed determination.
it wasn't as if he was lacking it but sometimes, small reminders would do the will well. he fights for mondstadt and for every family that makes it. though it was a short time, the peace he felt as he walked around the familiar manor but with the presence of his two loves (again, under the presumption that they were real) was incomparable. he fights for that. he fights so that those types of families can sleep at night and leave their worries behind. he fights so that the children wouldn't have to.
and as noble as his first thought was, a part of his mind went back to your older self — happier than ever. did he do that? did he make you happy? he only ever wishes you to be happy even if it weren't in his arms. the thought of a family with you didn't leave his mind even as he buttoned up his shirt. it remained in the backdrop as a tiny whisper that he tried to ignore as he signed one paper after another.
"diluc! are you awake already? you are! good morning!"
his heart hurts. it feels like it was going to combust in any second from now. he didn't recognize it then, too busy thinking it was some sort of plot by his enemies but now that he was in the comforts of his study, his feelings for you all came crashing down. how pretty would you look with your hand adorned with his mother's engagement ring? how beautiful would you look walking down the aisle dressed in the finest of whites? how nice would it be to build a family with you, brick by brick, piece by piece until you welcome another addition to the house? diluc was never the romantic but the way he had to hold on for support at the dizzying sugar rush he felt had him rethinking his decisions.
you rambled about the fresh apples you picked and he could hear you perfectly fine. however, no matter how hard he tried to focus on your words — or your lips because he's fallen victim to the way they move — he couldn't understand any of it. this must be what they call love. he miscalculated. his affections far exceed that of merely 'liking' your company. and what does he do with this realization? he expresses it in the one way he knows how.
"be careful. you're going to trip."
"oh loosen up! you worry more than the grandparents in springvale!"
loosen up, huh? you didn't see it because it came and went faster than the wind but for a second, diluc smiled softly. maybe he would do just that, he thinks to himself as he entertains the future ahead of you. someday... someday he'll tell you and maybe his dreams would come true but for now... he's more than content in being the man who watches and worries over you in the shadows.
Tumblr media
he's not human therefore, he does not have a need or the ability to feel human emotions. it's a simple concept and yet, one that was constantly challenged as you appear time and time again in front of him.
xiao denies not only his affections for you but the entire construct of love. it's foolish. why bother stripping yourself bare if you're going to receive some barely passable gratification and a generation's worth of suffering in return? he's lived long enough to know that love is not worth it. those who dared to love end up being alone — lonelier than what they started with. how is that a fair deal?
but maybe, his rejection stems from the fact that he believes that love will never come to him, the same way he will never be brave enough to give his heart away.
and yet, here he was — atop the highest stone peaks gathering qingxin flowers because you caught some sort of cold. mortals are high-maintenance and it annoys him to no end that he, a being that has lived for thousands of years, knew little to nothing about maintaining physiologies. perhaps he should've taken care of himself better if only to know how to take care of you when you're about to cough your lungs out in a room in wangshu inn.
it came all too suddenly but he felt it. he felt the lingering presence of his kin and he had to bite back his curses as the wind around him picked up. nothing good ever comes after when the dead meddled with the living's affairs.
and that was proven true yet again as when he opened his eyes, he was no longer by the mountains. rather, he was in your home by the outskirts of the city. he's been there before — watching from afar to make sure you came home safe late at night.
this, however, was different. he was sitting on your dining table and he could hear the sizzle from within the kitchen.
he wasn't dumb. he knew exactly what was happening but just as how he denied the very obvious feelings he had for you, he, too, denied reality.
"dear? can you help me bring the plates to the table?"
'dear' must be him. with a grunt, he stood up — ignoring the little tingles that littered his bare arms from the 'pointless human term of endearment.'
as he walked into the kitchen, he made the effort to avoid your eyes. he argues, in his mind, that it's because you might cast some worse illusion but he knew, in his heart, that it's because he fears what he would see.
when he kept his head low, it was easy to spot the ring on your hand. while not interested in courtship, he recognized the engraved patterns to be ancient scriptures carved by yakshas as vows to the humans in the early ages. how... senseless.
you called out an unfamiliar name and he furrowed his brows. it couldn't be... anything but that...
a near-identical copy of him appeared by the walkway not too long after that, the only difference being her gender. at the sight of her, his throat closed up and he had the urge to curl up and cry out in frustration. this girl... far too innocent for her own good carried the features of a murderer and sooner or later, her nature and the duties tied to it will hurt her. just like it did with him.
he cannot spare himself the suffering but this child deserved none of it. if he could, he'd carry the weight of her karmic debt alongside his and even better if he didn't have to.
deciding to spare you two of his unstable presence, he moved to cancel the adepti art. all the while, his teeth remain to be gritted as if it was the one thing keeping him together.
xiao stumbled for a second but when he regained his bearings, he ran.
the mountains reminded him of the events that have transpired while wangshu inn contained you — the source of his dilemma. liyue harbor and its outskirts were off the table and the other adepti would pester him if he went to jueyeun karst. with nowhere specific to go to, xiao ran and ran, letting his feet lead him anywhere because wherever is better than the looming reminder that the weight of your future resides in his palms.
he arrived at yaoguang shoal where the waters pushed back and forth undisturbed by matters such as the ones in his head. it's funny. when he was held in captivity, he didn't curse his nature as an adepti. when he was forced to bear the weight of his karma, he didn't curse his nature as a yaksha. when he was left all alone, dealing with grudges that never cease, he didn't curse his role as morax's believer.
now, however... he cursed his immortality.
perhaps if he was human, he would have the things he wished to have. perhaps if he was human, he wouldn't need to stow his feelings away. perhaps if he was human, he would have the luxury of loving and being loved in return. perhaps if he was human, he would see the future as a blessing and not a curse.
the fact remains that his karmic debt would eventually drag you into the quicksand he has been stuck in for millennia. the difference? he was made for it. you? you and your kind, compassionate and lively nature were not. he was made to suffer and you, to be happy. how could he deny that for you? and that child... when she grows up, capable of holding her own spear in her hands, what then? should she just keep quiet as she suffers the same fate that he is bound to? xiao is not selfish, never, but just this once, he hoped that she would never learn of murder and if the only way to stop her from doing so is by making sure she was never born, then so be it.
xiao has long accepted that he would never be happy and if he was going to be unhappy for the rest of his pathetic excuse of a life then he would rather be unhappy alone. after all, those even the faintest bit associated with him are bound to a fate of unhappiness as well. he wouldn't want that for anyone, especially not for you. or maybe... all of that was just half-truths and the reason why he denies himself of his seemingly happy future was because he wants to protect himself. from you and your inevitable death, from you and your potential faded interest, from you and the promises you wouldn't be able to keep. hasn't he suffered enough? hasn't he hated himself enough? must he really be reminded of the gruesome part of his soul that was happy to not be alone anymore when he saw the child that was born and made to suffer just like he was? it's all absurd and cruel — too much for him to handle.
and when fate asked him what he would do now that he has known this information? he runs, leaving behind the qingxin flowers by your bedside when you're fast asleep, never to appear in front of you again — at least not willingly. that was his answer to fate's question and xiao, for once, decided to test fate back. would it be so cruel as to let your lives collide once more?
Tumblr media
he has lived for far too long, seen far too many things, and felt far too many feelings. if he had not learned anything from his experiences then what was the point?
zhongli was not as obtuse as some people make him out to be. in terms of mora, maybe, but when it comes to feeling human emotions? he was not a stranger to it. not completely, at least.
he has loved before and he has grieved before — for his friends and his people. all these are human emotions and the only difference between now and then was that the zhongli of today recognized that emotions, by themselves, are not weaknesses that he must strive to destroy.
when the familiar song of his heart — reminiscent of the ones he had sung to the glaze lilies of before — began ringing in his ears once more, he welcomes it. he opens the front door and lets it sit by the coffee table. he offers it a warm drink and he does not question why it took so long for it to come back. it, in question, was love.
he loved you but he chose to keep silent because he thought that engaging you when he did not know how to engage himself as a mortal man is reckless.
besides, things fell to the course of time and time? he had a lot of it.
out of all of these men, it is zhongli who takes the situation in stride. the sudden shift in the air, the crumble of the soil beneath his feet... all of these were not unfamiliar and it was precisely because he knew what was happening that he swiftly made a shield for you who was too busy in a battle to notice.
he hoped it would be enough to keep you safe until he comes back.
when he opened his eyes, it felt like coming home and it was because he knew from your very first meeting — the one held in a similar situation as this — that your eyes would be his home.
"good morning, dearest..."
he smiles softly... dearest... he liked the sound of that... would you like it if he said it in return?
before he could, the mattress dipped and he turned to meet familiar amber eyes. at that, his heart drops. no, not in a bad way. his heart dropped in the same way a bird would when they take off from their nest for the first time only to realize that nothing should be feared because they can fly and with flying came a soaring feeling of elation.
zhongli also knew that he would recognize the curves of your lips anywhere and it's right there on your child.
he tentatively ran a hand through the child's hair and his heart throbbed from the wholeness the small act gave him. perhaps he has never known peace after all... not until this.
he offers to make you tea and even invites you for a day outside. he carries your bags and lets your child cling onto his legs as you stop by stalls. he held your hand gently as you sat by a bench, watching fondly as your child played with kids his age.
zhongli knew the pains of longevity but he knew better than to let it be the reason why you would deprive yourself of life's little treasures. wouldn't it be better if you enjoyed the present and worry about the trifling matters later?
perhaps it's wishful thinking from a romantic but it wasn't his fault that the person he learned it from — guizhong — was her era's greatest romantic.
he knew that if she was seeing this, she would be happy and at peace, knowing that zhongli finally understood her little puzzle. maybe... this vision was precisely what he needed to fully let go of the past that had corroded him more than he would like to admit.
he awoke for the third time that day and for the second time, it was your eyes that greeted him.
zhongli chuckled as you began voicing your concern. rocks do not fall apart easily but when they do, they do so immensely. a displaced stone could easily mean a landslide, and truth be told, he wouldn't mind it too much — falling apart for you, that is.
"are you feeling unwell?"
"not at all... why do you ask, if i may be so bold as to inquire?"
"nothing it's just..." you laughed nervously though you didn't know why. maybe it was his piercing gaze on you? "you seemed preoccupied. is something on your mind?"
he hummed. reluctant, maybe, before he finally decided to speak a moment later.
"i had... a vision of sorts."
"a vision? what happened?"
zhongli purses his lips and the rare mischievous glint appears in his eyes. instead of a proper reply, he lifts your hand to his lips, pressing a sweet kiss on your knuckle. all the while, his gaze never left yours. the intimacy had your mind buzzing and your skin heating. you don't mind it but it was, indeed, a little embarrassing. knowing zhongli, he'd simply laugh it off before saying that he finds your reactions (and your obvious affections for him) to be lovable. not like you can blame him... even the faintest brush of his thumb against your hand as he was doing now sends your mind in a mad search for the perfect poetry to describe his beautiful existence.
"let's keep it a surprise, shall we? i can say, however, that i am looking forward to experiencing the future with you, dearest."
a squeak escaped your lips and... ah... so you do like it... he'll keep that in mind.
Tumblr media
━━ ☆ NOTES: 'm sorry. it's kinda shit because i made it on the fly after procrastinating for so long... not to mention, i forgot that it was supposed to be them fighting together then him getting transported eye— i'm sorry... i'll read better next time 😭
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sprayio · 4 months ago
Traveller: So Jean, what do you think makes someone qualify for an Anemo vision?
Jean: Surely, Barbatos looks to reward those with a free, kind, and courageous heart.
Traveller: Thanks for seeing kindness and courage in me Venti. I wouldn't have my anemo powers without you.
Venti: What? All I'm looking for is swag and trauma.
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rqkuya · 18 days ago
kissing them the first time ; various.
Tumblr media
⇝ childe, ganyu, & albedo x gn!reader.
⇝ possible ooc characters, i dont know akjdak im sorry
Tumblr media
all they want — no, need — is your touch. day after day, they come home and seek you out, seek your attention, your love. however— having been together so long, it's become apparent to them that they've started craving something else ; albeit being unsure what it is, they do know that it's something worth waiting for.
Tumblr media
« — CHILDE !
i think it'd be pretty difficult figuring out whether or not the two of you feel the same way
yes, childe is really flirty, and yes, he's not the shyest person you'd ever meet, but he's also young and in love. so things get a tiny bit complicated because he's also having trouble figuring out how he feels.
he kind of gets it at some point
probably when he teases you about kissing .
like " ooooh, you wanna kiss me so bad. dont you ? "
and he's just like ??? because that was supposed to fluster you. not him . but here he is
i like to think the first kiss was an accident
i mean what
ok but not in a whoops i fell on you and our lips connected type of way but more like god, i wanna kiss you so bad out loud.
he doesn't deny it, either. god damn, he really likes you . it's evident in the way his cheeks explode in color
i mean, screw it ? no sense prolonging the inevitable.
once he's got the okay, he's so giddy about it
but he's very very slow, a little nervous, he doesn't wanna scare you away or worse, piss you off
he gives you every chance to pull away before his lips are on yours
and when they are, he never wants to pull away
« — GANYU !
she kinda gets it
i mean kinda
like, she knows she wants more than what you're giving her now
but she's afraid she might not deserve it
what if you don't like her as much as she thinks you do ?
what if it's too soon ?
questions like those are probably why it takes you so long to figure out how she feels . i mean at that point she knows what she wants but doesn't wanna ask for it
she does . she's just a little bit nervous
i feel like a first kiss with ganyu would be very soft, nothing more than a gentle press of lips.
it's kind of a wordless agreement between the two of you
like you'll have your chin resting on her shoulder while she works, and you'll ask her something and she'll kinda just turn her head in your direction
mutter something like " so pretty, 'yu. ", and she melts, nuzzling her forehead against yours.
in such a moment, she kinda just lets it go
its a tiny little peck, and then she's back to work, her face blossoming in color once she's realized what she's done
its cute, though.
« — ALBEDO !
he likes likes you
like . a wow kinda like that he knows he's never felt before
so, knowing albedo, it probably dawns on him the moment he feels a little more touchy than usual.
but also knowing albedo, he takes note of everything
if he doesn't think you're ready for that, he won't push it
he probably won't mention anything, either.
he'll wait
pick up on any of your cues.
and once he's sure, or at least as sure as he can be — because he's become so impatient he doesn't think he can stand it anymore —, he'll be straight up about it
like not just i want to kiss you but more like would you let me kiss you ?
and he doesn't think asking something that seems so simple could actually affect him as bad as it does but hell, does it affect him
waiting for your response feels like a wildfire spreading throughout his limbs, he's afraid now, he's unsure.
but once he gets the chance, he dives in.
and mind you, albedo is a quick learner.
Tumblr media
a/n : mmnahufkmnja
Tumblr media
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plessieness · 2 months ago
— genshin headcanons ; when you fight & break up
characters included ; zhongli, childe, ningguang, beidou, baizhu, xiao & ganyu
gender neutral reader
read part two here: getting back together
— Fighting with Zhongli is a rare occurrence, but when it does happen, it is probably one of the most unpleasant experiences you’ve both had.
— You probably fight with him about things regarding how deceitful he can be at times. As well as the way he commits to contracts even at the expense of other people’s well-being. You remember the traveler’s dejected face when Zhongli denied them any information on their sibling. You even remember Childe, despite being a harbinger, showing betrayal upon hearing that Zhongli had been working with La Signora throughout their entire comradeship.
— These scenarios cause you to bring it up to Zhongli, who brushes it off by saying that he was just “upholding his end of a contract.” This causes you to get upset and question if he truly cares about those around him or if the contracts are more important. It leads to a question of if Zhongli would willingly deceive or hurt you if it meant holding up a contract.
— Zhongli didn’t respond, saying that it was nonsense, but you didn’t think so. So you left. You couldn’t be with someone who may harm you for the sake of some spoken promise. You avoided any place that the former archon may have shown up, and haven’t seen him since.
— Hu Tao has updated you that he’s since drowned himself in reading and work, feeling incredibly remorseful over how he treated the situation, and how he hates that he hesitated over such a simple question. He would never hurt you— he loves you, but it’s too late to take back his earlier silence and hesitation.
— Friendly, playful fights are frequent between you both, as well as friendly sparring. Childe loves to make you happy, so he tries his best to ensure that you two don’t fight.
— However, problems arise when you start to notice how his delusion is taking a large toll on his well-being. You express your concerns, but Ajax is quick to defend himself, stating that what he does is for the honor of the Tsaritsa.
— You quickly explain to him that he’s no good if he’s injured, or even worse, dead. You knew that Teucer needed him, and you wanted him to be able to live a long and fulfilling life. Ajax completely misunderstood, claiming that you were making him out to be incompetent or unworthy of such power. Despite any attempts to clear up the situation, it only exploded and ended with a yelling match between you both.
— You leave after he snaps at you, claiming that you’re simply jealous he’s able to handle such power. You respond that he was completely off the mark, and you just didn’t want to have to be the one to deliver the news of his death to his beloved little brother. After that you walked out. If he cared so little about your concerns, you wouldn’t stick around, though you made it a point to still watch over Teucer when he specifically sought you out.
— Teucer has asked you if you were going to come back to Ajax, and that he missed you a lot. According to the little boy, Childe has since drowned himself in “toy making” and although he tries to keep a smile for Teucer, the boy can tell that his older brother is hurting. Childe feels awful that he didn’t hear out your concerns, and drowning himself in training and fighting made him realize just how much the delusion has been hurting him. He wants to live a fulfilling life— and most especially with you and his family at his side. He wants to be able to start a family of his own. He only wished that he could go back in time and say that to you instead of resorting to anger.
— With how Ningguang carries herself, any potential fights usually end up becoming open conversations. You both usually negotiate whatever problem you come across. Typically, that is.
— After the destruction of the Jade Chamber, Ningguang becomes swamped with work as she attempts to rebuild from the ground up. You try your best to support her, but soon you see less and less of her until you go a week without even speaking to her. You bring it up and the resulting conversation isn’t a pretty one.
— She explains that she has too much work to do, and asks you to stop by later, in which you respond that she’s completely neglected you for a week. Her pent up frustration eventually pours out as she snaps at you, explaining that she’s basically lost everything and now has to rebuild all of her success and hard work all over again. She then followed with saying that if you weren’t going to support her, you may as well leave because the last thing she needed was you breathing down her neck.
— You were distraught that she felt so frustrated, but hearing that she seemed to value you so little hurt you beyond what you could express. You told her that all you wanted to do was be supportive, and that you didn’t think she lost everything because you were still there, as were the rest of her friends. She didn’t respond, so with that, you told her you’d stay out of her way and left.
— Keqing eventually approached you, saying that Lady Ningguang was looking all over for you, to which you responded that you knew, but were avoiding her intentionally. You had plans to leave Liyue, anyways. From Keqing, you heard that Ningguang had shut herself into her temporary chambers to work, yet had thrown out any plan to rebuild her chamber. Ningguang misses you more than anything, and no Jade Chamber was worth losing you. She’s certain now that she’s lost everything, because she’s lost your love and your support. Her most valued treasure above anything physical.
— Beidou is incredibly relaxed, but she cares. More often than not, you won’t fight simply because you always hear one another out. However, the first real fight you had was an exception to that.
— Beidou made a promise to you that after she dropped the traveler off at Inazuma, she’d head right back to where you awaited her at Liyue. Considering that she was harboring a fugitive, and knowing how ruthless the Shogun was, you insisted that she come right back as to ensure that she didn’t die similar to how Kazuha’s friend had. The last thing you wanted was to see your lover, or to see someone as young as Kazuha meet such a fate.
— Despite the promise she made, she never showed up back home. You got a letter from her soon after where she explained that she stayed in Inazuma to help the Resistance fight in the war. She apologized, and you were left without anything else. You had spent weeks worrying— wondering if your girlfriend had gotten herself killed in a war against the Shogun. You had no way of verifying either. There was no safe way for you to get to Inazuma, let alone make it past Ritou.
— After a painful few weeks, she returned and you were reasonably upset. She defended herself, insisting that she had to protect the rights of the vision bearers in Inazuma. You understood her reasoning, but the betrayal of trust was far too severe for you to just blow off. You left soon after that, unable to find reason to trust Beidou after she broke a promise and made you wait to find out if she was dead. The emotional burden was one you could no longer bear and you couldn’t find it in yourself to forgive her.
— A little while afterwards, Kazuha had stopped by and updated you on the news regarding Inazuma opening up and the return of the true Raiden Shogun. You were glad to hear that, but soon after, Kazuha explained how Beidou had been drinking more and wasn’t the Captain she used to be. She had messed up and lost the rock that kept her grounded when in Liyue. She didn’t regret helping Inazuma, but she regretted that she didn’t involve you in that decision and conversation, especially since it’d have a large emotional toll on you. She wished that she had just made a stop back at Liyue and told you everything so she could’ve avoided making you suffer the way you did in her absence. She wished she could take it back.
— Baizhu is definitely quite the spectacle to other people. Many don’t understand him, but you do, so the both of you hardly fight. You have little arguments that usually solve themselves. The one time you did fight, it was worse than you could’ve imagined.
— You’ve always been aware of the rather strange conduct in which Baizhu carries himself, and you’ve always known of his ailments and illness. On days that he feels particularly weak, you take care of him. Usually, at least. You start to have concerns when he doesn’t come home one night after gathering herbs and making medicine. You pay it no mind at first until a knock at your door startles you and there in the entrance is Qiqi accompanied by Gui, who seemed to have helped her to your residence.
— After a rather confused explanation from Qiqi and some assistance from Gui, you find out that she was trying her best to tell you that Baizhu was working himself too hard, to the point that he was getting sick. You asked the herbalist to watch over Qiqi and rushed to the pharmacy, confronting Baizhu directly after seeing his condition. Even Changsheng had been trying to wisely inform him to take a break to no avail.
— He tries to say that he’s fine, but you insist he isn’t and that he needs to rest, causing him to then state that he needs to keep working— that he feels like he’s so close to an answer. You argue back saying that it can wait until he has more strength, but that seems to upset him. He yells at you, stating that if you’re going to hinder him from his goals, then you need to leave. You respond softly that you were only wanting to take care of him to ensure he could be strong enough to reach his goal, but you left after, feeling that your words were left unheard.
— After a week or so, Gui shows up at your new temporary quarters with Qiqi once again. You all sit down and Gui explains that Baizhu has drowned himself in his studies, that even his snake is fed up. He hasn’t been resting, and hadn’t had you around to take care of him like before. Despite Qiqi’s forgetfulness, even she’s started to notice a shift in Baizhu’s demeanor, expressing that there’s a certain warmth missing. Baizhu can’t forgive himself. He feels that he needs to reach his answer now, but he can’t without you there to help him. He feels like he’s taken you for granted for always ensuring that he was eating, resting and taking medicine when he needed. He feels incomplete without you and he can hardly focus on his work. He only wished he had listened to you instead of allowing his study to cloud what was most important to him. You.
— Xiao has a lot of trouble properly communicating with you, and him opening up to you was a whole different dilemma that you both somehow managed to overcome. You two had a lover’s quarrel from time to time, but it usually didn’t have an impact on your relationship. Usually.
— You rely on Xiao to an extent, and he relies on you as well, but you’re both still your own people. You’re a vision holder, so you can fend for yourself when it comes to monsters or whatever other evil was out in the world. Besides, it was a good form of training for you anyways. Xiao was more hesitant to allow you to fight. He’s lost too much, and he didn’t want you to be another casualty he had to add to that list. Besides, he was a Yaksha— fighting off evil was practically his specialty. With how protective he is, he’s the one who eventually brings this up with you.
— He casually mentions if you always have to fight on your own, and that he doesn’t mind helping you. You respond that you understand his concern, and that you appreciate that he’s looking out for you, but you can hold your own just like he can. It wasn’t the answer he wanted, and his concern still ate at him so he pushed the issue more. It got to a point that you felt as if he doubted your ability.
— You asked if he didn’t think you could handle a fight on your own. Xiao went quiet before responding that he just felt like he could protect you better than you could protect yourself. You then respond that you appreciate it, but you enjoy fighting on your own and allowing yourself to build up strength. Xiao snaps, questioning you and asking what would happen if you died. That left you speechless. You couldn’t understand why he saw you as that weak— or in that much need of protection. Xiao couldn’t understand why you wanted so desperately to fight and train when you could do so in a controlled environment.
— Eventually, you both mutually agreed to take time apart to process and hopefully, to allow you both more independence. It led to you telling Xiao that perhaps it was better off if you both worried about yourselves, since you both couldn’t compromise with one another. Despite the breakup being a mutual agreement, Xiao couldn’t help but feel like he lost everything when he let you walk away from him. He knew his worrying was okay— but he felt that he shouldn’t have tried to mute your passion or your drive to get better. He only wished that he could’ve handled the situation differently. Perhaps then he could still have you by his side and have someone to return home to at night.
— Ganyu is a gentle person. She always has been. She’s more communicative and peaceful, so you two don’t fight, instead choosing to talk things out. However, the one fight you did have wasn’t really much a fight at all. Just exasperation.
— Ganyu works very hard and you know that especially well. She tires herself out trying to assist everyone with tasks they need done, hardly setting any time aside for herself. She’s so focused on where she fits in and if she’s pleasing people that she overlooks her own well-being and overlooks you entirely.
— Usually you brush it off, but the day of your anniversary, she was a no show. Ganyu had busied herself with too much and the date had completely slipped her mind. You had just returned home and sat on it for the night. The next morning, you awoke to frantic knocking at your chambers and upon answering it, Ganyu had appeared looking incredibly apologetic.
— She apologized for missing out on such an important date, giving the same excuse that she always did. Work kept her busy, so she couldn’t make it. She promised to make it up to you, but you just sighed and explained to her that she had said that the last time and countless times before that, and that you were done waiting around.
— Ganyu was distraught, but you eventually explained to her that if she could hardly find time for herself, you don’t think you fit into that schedule either. Ganyu tried to defend herself, saying that she could make plenty of time for you if you gave her another chance, but you rejected it. You told her that she needed to start taking care of herself instead of overworking herself, and that you were worried about her health if she never took any breaks and didn’t sleep properly.
— You parted ways after that. Ganyu took what you said to heart and tried her best to be more conscious of her health. She worked, but allowed herself breaks when she was tired. She made sure she slept fully, and didn’t take on more than she could handle. She was happier, but she missed you more than anything. She wished that it didn’t take a break up for her to realize how she was treating herself. She wished that she could’ve gotten better with you still at her side cheering her on like you used to be.
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akirahira · 21 days ago
act like a brat infront of itto
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
→ content — brat taming, choking, thigh riding, praise, dom! itto x fem! reader
→ from aki — thank you for requesting, baby <3
Tumblr media
if you have a death wish, just try bratting itto. on the surface he seems level headed and able to keep his cool but there's only so much one can take before they snap. and here you were testing his patience as the thread of it ran thin.
you've been nagging and whining in his ear the entire day, pawning at muscled arms and huffing when itto didn't even spare you a glance. he's been absorbed in his own little world of work, leaving the ache between your legs to grow as the day progressed.
"itto," you whine for the nth time that hour, slumped next to him in a bar chair of some tavern he decided to visit, cheeks puffed to show your distaste, frowning at him. "when are you gonna drop this stupid search party and give me some attention?"
that was the very first mistake you made.
within seconds the chair itto once sat on scrapes backwards with a sharp sound, a squeal leaving your throat when you find a thick hand wrapped around your throat and his body looming over yours. despite heat radiating from his hand and his fingers closing around your neck to apply just the slightest amount of pressure his expression remains amused, flashing you a toothy grin.
"what was that?" he tilts his head as he looks down at you. "are you whining about interrupting me yet again or perhaps it's because I haven't fucked you in a week?" he leans closer to you, his nose just barely grazing against your own. "which is it?"
your throat feels far too thick to speak all of a sudden, eyes wide as you peer up at the man looming over you, his shoulders almost wide enough to block the low light spilling from the various lamps. "i-it's... you... you're so busy lately..." your voice is quiet, weak, trembling. "it's not fair."
"not fair, huh?" he coos at you, eyes glinting with the promise that he'd take care of you like he always did, the hand that once was wrapped around your throat falling down to cup your cheek. "we can't have that now can we?"
wordlessly he takes one of your hands into his own and pulls your body closer, plopping down on one of the bar chairs and guiding you so that you were straddling one of his legs. your hands grip at whatever material and muscle you could find to keep yourself steady, your feet dangling on either side.
you blink up at him and a low laugh rumbles from deep within his chest. "oh, baby. don't look so confused. you said you wanted some of my attention..." he tucks a lock of hair behind your ear, smirking. "now you have it. you have me."
itto's hands have always been big but somehow they feel far larger and heavier against your hips as he curls them around the curves there, applying just the slightest bit of pressure to encourage you to start moving on his thigh. there's a zing of pleasure that shoots up your spine when you begin to sway your hips in forward and backward motions, the friction of your clit against your panties and the hard muscle of his thigh being just enough to feed the fire that's been bubbling inside you.
"itto..." you sigh in dreamy pleasure, allowing your head to lull back and your lips to part, breathy moans spilling from them as you grind against his thigh. now and then he flexes the muscle, just to hear you whine out his name again like a prayer. itto could get drunk off the sight of you — the way your brows curve when you're caught up in the pleasure, how your hands look so much daintier as they grab desperately at his arms for purchase, how your lips have gone glossy from biting down on them.
"there you go, baby," he coos in a much softer and gentle tone than ever, guiding your ministrations as he studies your face, drinking in every pleasured expression you gave him. "god, you're so insatiable, aren't you? always needin' me to make you feel good, huh?"
"mhm!" you agree far quicker than you would've liked but you're already so high off the pleasure that you forgot about your pride for a moment or two. "want more, p-please. more."
itto couldn't deny you, not when you looked so ethereal on his lap, grinding down on his thigh and making a mess on it, your slick staining the material of his pants with a glossy shine. "alright, alright. shhh shhh. I've got you."
itto's thick fingers have an almost bruising grip on your hips as he grinds you down against his leg with renewed pressure, listening to you squeal at the sudden heavy stimulation, smirking as your body begins to tremble with the tell tale signs of your orgasm. every rub of your clit against the fabric nudges you closer and closer to your high that has your head feeling light and your body buzzing.
"there you go, just like that, baby," itto praises, leaning forward to hungrily capture your lips with his own. the kiss is heated and messy, spit staining your lips as you moan into his mouth, your fingers digging into the thick muscles of his arm to keep yourself grounded. itto rests his forehead against yours for a moment, his breathing just as heavy as your own. "gonna cum? yeah? are you gonna be a good girl and cum for me?"
"mhm! g-gonna cum, shit. itto, 'm gonna -"
you swallow your own words as your orgasm takes over you, itto's name like a prayer on your tongue as you whine. pleasure zings through your body as you convulse, your clit twitching and your legs shaking. he holds you tight against him, keeping you secured against his chest as he lets you ride out your high with small shaky moans and heavy pants.
one of his hands smooths across your hair, low murmurs rumbling in his chest. "there you go... that's it. good girl." you faintly feel a kiss being planted to your temple. "you look so pretty when you cum." he smirks. "now mm... can you give me another one?"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bumbleklee · 2 months ago
masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | pregnancy series
request: sorry if this is confusing !! can i request the pregnant reader s/o of diluc, kaeya , and childe with the kids of mondstadt/liyue or maybe childe’s siblings acting as their protectors in a way. like helping her down stairs or making sure she isn’t tired from standing. sometimes checking on her or giving her gifts to give to the baby when it’s born because babies are exciting lol. their response being they have to be good sibling and asking to touch their stomach and feeling the baby kick. you can put the loving husband’s reactions to the lil protection squad the reader has unintentionally made lol
pairings: diluc, kaeya, childe and zhongli x female!reader (separate)
warnings: pregnancy
a/n: i wasn't sure if this was a request for the series or not but decided to put it here anyways because it’s *chefs kiss* 
Tumblr media
“Why didn’t you order your usual drink?” A straightforward voice broke you out of your conversation and you turned your head to the side to see Diona staring at you. Her hands were on her hips and her eyes were narrowed at you. “You always order a Frisky Cocktail but tonight you just ordered water. Why?”
You hesitated to answer the young girl. But by the stare she was giving you, you knew she wasn’t going to let up anytime soon.
“Um, well,” You started, wondering if you could come up with a lie. You and Diluc hadn’t told anyone you were expecting yet but with a deep breath you said, “It’s because I’m pregnant.”
Diona raised an eyebrow at you, “You’re pregnant? Meaning you’re going to have a baby?”
Her ears perked up and a smile broke out onto your face, “That’s right.” Diona had the glimmer of a smile on her face as well and said something under her breath before tending to someone else at the bar.
Since that night, Diona had been more attentive to you. She bragged that she knew the news of your pregnancy before anyone else when you finally told everyone and she found herself talking to you more than ever. As your pregnancy progressed, Diona became even closer to you. She would give you gifts, mostly flowers or food, and ask you questions about the, now known, twins.
Truthfully, it was nice having Diona around when Diluc was busy. In fact, it made you so much more excited to meet your own babies. You wondered if they would grow up to be as ambitious or as compassionate as her.
On a day where Diona wasn’t working and Diluc was busy tending to his orchard, you invited Diona over and took the young girl to the lake. You basked in the sun as Diona collected rocks and chatted about her busy week.
“This is for you,” Diona said shyly, holding out a sweet flower to you.
You grinned, “Why, thank you.” You took the flower from her and slipped it behind your ear, “Does it look nice?”
Diona nodded and sat down beside you. Her eyes were glued to your growing baby bump and when you noticed, your smile softened. “Do you want to touch it?” She nodded again and reached out, her hand gentle on your belly. Suddenly, she ripped her hand away with a gasp. “What happened?”
“They kicked me!” She squealed, causing you to just laugh. From the grape vines, Diluc smiled to himself as he watched Diona take good care of you.
When Kaeya told the teenagers in town that you were pregnant, it was like a switch had been flipped on them. The boys, Bennett and Razor, had turned from rowdy pranksters to mature young adults (at least when you were around). Even Fischl, who was once lacking in the reality department, was so much more attentive to you and your needs.
The teenagers were, in fact, so obsessed with the fact you were bringing a new baby into Mondstadt that Kaeya felt comfortable leaving you in their care when you stopped going to work. He even had Lisa make them matching shirts that said ‘Y/N’s Protection Squad’ on them.
At first, it was a delight to have them around. They kept you company and anything you needed, they were there to help with. But soon it became bothersome.
“I can walk down the stairs fine, boys,” You said, laughing awkwardly as the teenagers held onto either of your arms. Where you were in your pregnancy, you didn’t need assistance down the stairs. Maybe when you were farther along but not now.
“We just don’t want you to fall Mrs. Alberich,” Bennett said politely. “Captain Kaeya said to help you with everything!”
“Did he now?” You said through gritted teeth. “Are you guys hungry? Why don’t you run along and grab us a table.”
Finally, Razor and Bennett let go of your arms to race down the stairs and towards The Good Hunter. You sighed in relief and took your time down the steps, relishing in the quick moment of freedom before you reached the table where the boys sat.
“Is this a good table? We can find another one if-”
“It’s fine,” You cut Bennett off and sat down yourself. As you were looking over the menu, Bennett spoke up again.
“Sorry if we’re being annoying,” He said, his head down, “We’re just excited to have a little brother or sister.”
Razor nodded in agreement, “”
Your heart melted at their words and you sighed deeply. While their help was unnecessary and sometimes annoying, it was nice to know that these kids would do anything to keep you safe.
“It’s alright,” You finally said, smiling, “Now, what do you want to eat?”
“So, you know how you said you were bored when I was away during the day?” 
Childe’s voice startled you and you almost choked on the soup you were eating before regaining your composure. You swiveled to the side to see Childe with his hands behind his back, holding onto something.
You raised your eyebrows, “Yeah?”
Your boyfriend pushed something around his waist and you were now staring at Qiqi. The little girl looked at you with wide, blank eyes. “Hello,” She said flatly.
“Did you steal her?” You asked Childe in a hushed whisper.
Childe laughed, “Of course not. I was talking to Baizhu about your problem and he suggested Qiqi to keep you company!”
You blinked slowly. Qiqi continued to stare at you. “Um, are you hungry?”
Qiqi nodded and without a word, hoisted herself onto the seat next to you. She picked up a spare pair of chopsticks and grabbed a dumpling off your plate, shoving it into her mouth.
When you turned around to face Childe again, he was already heading back down the harbor. Sighing, you turned back to Qiqi. She was still chewing on her dumpling and kicking her feet back and forth.
“So, what do you want to do?” You asked her. Spending time with Qiqi felt like babysitting more than anything but if Childe insisted that she would cure your utter boredom, then you trusted him.
“Qiqi wants to…” The little girl stopped for a moment and put her hand on her chin to think. Then she looked at you with gleaming eyes, “Qiqi wants to meet the baby!”
You smiled, “Oh, Qiqi, the baby isn’t here yet.”
She cocked her head in confusion, “But Childe said Y/N had a baby.”
“My baby is here.” You pointed to your small baby bump and Qiqi stared at it for a moment. Her hand reached out and she touched your rounded stomach gently. “You’ll be able to meet them soon.”
Qiqi pulled her head away and looked up at you with dazed eyes, “Meet who?”
The teenagers of Liyue were somehow more excited for your pregnancy than you were. Xiangling was constantly making specialty dishes that were packed with vitamins and healthy ingredients, Xinqiu was making a collection of children’s books to give to you, and Chongyun cleansed your house weekly of bad omen.
It wasn’t a surprise to anyone that you had grown attached to them.
“Can I adopt them?” You asked Zhongli one night after a day out with the teenagers.
Zhongli peered at you from the kitchen table, “The children? Unfortunately, no.”
You frowned and sat down across from him, a hot cup of tea in my hands. “Why not? I think they deserve to have a little sibling, don’t you?”
Your husband chuckled softly at you, “Darling, they have parents of their own. We can’t steal them away from their biological family.”
You knew he was right. Your pregnancy brain was just making you emotional and sensitive. You pouted and stirred your tea, “They’re the best, Zhongli.”
“I’m sure they are.” Zhongli smiled fondly at your appreciation towards the teenagers. He felt remorse for not being able to be there with you during the day but was glad you had company. He was also glad that you felt secure in the presence of them. “Besides, I’m sure they’ll look at our little one as their younger sibling nonetheless.”
You perked up, “You’re right! And that means we’ll have extra hands to help with them, too!”
Zhongli nodded in agreement. An idea formed in your mind and when Zhongli headed to bed that night, you stayed up to create it.
The next day, the teenagers rang the doorbell of your apartment to get you. Zhongli kissed you goodbye and you left, excitmenting running through your veins. You took the children to the harbor before reaching into your bag.
“I can’t explain how grateful I am for all three of you,” You told them, feeling nothing but pure love cloud your brain, “So I wanted to thank you with this!” You handed each of the teenagers a similar bracelet. It was made from pieces of different crystals and rocks strewn together with a string. “When my baby gets old enough, they’ll know that their big siblings are the ones with the special bracelets.”
Xiangling was the first to run forward and hug you, “I can’t wait!”
The boys joined in quickly after, “We’ll be by your side until then.”
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beige-babyyy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“ᴀʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴄʟᴏsᴇ ᴀɢᴀɪɴ?“
now playing: bottom bitch by doja cat
now reading: one more, featuring kazuha
description: overstimming kazuha
contents: overstimulation, bottom-ish kazhua, blowjob, handjob, begging, teasing, swearing, nsfw, gn! reader, aftercare, kisses
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
another loud and shaky moan ripped from kazuha's throat, his hands gripping harder into your hair. tears have been rolling down his cheeks for a while now, leaving glossy stains on his skin.
"ah, are you close again?" you tease.
you leaned forwards to flatten your tounge at the base of his cock, licking upwards until you traced around the slit. this elicited a harsh hiss from him. his figure slightly quivering from the overwhelming sensations. your hands still worked up and down his shaft, easily guided by your spit and his cum from before. when your hands reached the top, you allowed your thumb to rub over his sensitive slit, causing kazuha's thighs to shake as another orgasm washed over him.
he came with a pathetic mewl, his body absolutely exhausted and worn-out. his cum had coated his stomach again, with some dribbling down onto his thighs and the sheets.
"you're making such a mess, kazu," you fakely jutted your lips out, making a face of disappointment at him.
you tried to lean down to lick at his tip, intending to clean him off of the excess cum collecting there. he quickly jolted and tried to scoot back. his body screaming at him to escape the oversensitivity you planned to bring him. you easily pulled him back towards you, laying your head on his knee as you looked up to him.
"plea- please... please stop," he shuddered out, more tears brimming in his pretty red eyes.
"you're not tapping out already right, kazuha? not after you've been so needy all day. practically begging me to touch you?" you gave his a knee a little kiss after your sentance, as if it could be the encouragement he needed to keep going.
he breathed heavily for a moment, the only sound in the room being his laboured breaths. you allowed him this moment of rest, smiling lightly while placing more soft kisses on his leg. kazuha then shook his head, wanting to please you.
"what a good boy, you can give me one more right?"
another quick nod came from him. kazuha's throat being too raw and hoarse from the hours of whining and groaning.
the second your hand touched his dick again, he jumped. the electricity from the touch shocking him. his body shuddered, and he let out a pained gasp.
you kissed the top of his cock, letting your hands find purchase at the base of his shaft. you slowly lowered your mouth over him, tounge dragging and licking at the skin on the way down. he violently thrashed, his hands dropping from your hair to the sheets, where he held them in a white-knuckled grip. you had to place your hands on his thighs, keeping them from moving and closing again. you began to bob your head and up down, coating his cock in your saliva once again. harsh mewls and grunts, gasps and moans slipped one after another from his mouth. kazuha didn't have the strength left to control them anymore.
you pushed yourself further onto his dick, his hips bucking up and making you take him even deeper. you moaned around him, the vibrations rumbling through and bringing him closer yet again. you began and hollow your cheeks and start sucking, moving your head faster now.
he came unexpectedly. the wave crashing into him far harder then he expected. his sticky hot cum shot into your mouth before you even had a warning. you didn't mind though, lifting your head off his cock to swallow what was there, before leaning down again to clean off the rest.
kazuha laid back in the bed, having no energy to keep himself up. his heavy eyes closed, although his chest was still heaving heavily.
you lifted yourself up, heading towards the bathroom to grab a damp towel. you came back to him and started to clean him up. dragging the towel around his thighs and stomach, then any other part you could see that needed to be cleaned. you threw the towel into the hamper before climbing into bed with kazuha.
he was already sleeping, passed out from exhaustion. you grabbed the blanket that was carelessly tossed to the floor, before wrapping it around him and yourself. you took a look at him, admiring his pretty and calm features. you leaned over to kiss his cheek, whispering into his ear a soft "i love you", before falling asleep yourself.
Tumblr media
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kouque · 23 days ago
ur genshin bf feeding u with a spoon hcs idk (xiao, scaramouche, aether, kazuha, venti, albedo)
genre: fluff
a/n: it’s 2 in the morning also gn pronouns used also idk what to title my fics and stuff lol
Tumblr media
~He would only do this for two reasons: one, because he loves you. and two, because why not??
~I mean it’s not like he had a choice either way, you’d force him to some way or another and he’d just have to accept his fate ig
~It’s not like he dislikes it, in fact— he likes it because he gets the opportunity to be intimate with his lover (but it’s probably just because you offered him his favorite sweet snack)
~While feeding you, his hands would probably be very shakey, nervous that he might drop the utensil and spill whatever he’s giving you down your shirt
~(it’s not like he doesn’t want that to happen iykyk)
~Other than that, i feel like he’d probably only do this if you’re in a secluded area— somewhere that nobody would catch the adeptus in such a love-strikes state like this
~Besides, it would be awkward having to protect the person, then then probably bringing it up later on to him
Tumblr media
~Like Xiao, he’s only really doing this because you wanted him to. He’s probably hella embarrassed the whole time, talking about how “you’re making him look like a fool” or “you’re making him seem vulnerable”
~But it’s not like he doesn’t enjoy feeding you stuff, he’s just hesitant because he isn’t used to this act of giving and receiving affection like other people are
~I think, like Xiao, he would only agree if you both do it in a private area. I mean, he’s a mighty harbinger, an intimidating one at that. If anyone caught him like that— well, it’s not like they’ll live to tell anybody anyways.
~But still, even if it’s just you two on a mission or something, he still might insist on taking you somewhere more private for the romantic aspect of it all
~He’s trying okay ;-;
Tumblr media
~That’s a boy
~He has NO shame about feeding you— whether it be from a utensil, his hand, OR EVEN HIS OWN DAMN MOUTH
~He doesn’t mind being romantic towards you, after all he doesn’t really have anybody to let these built up feelings out towards except for you and Paimon, but Paimon’s pretty much out of the picture
~He might act all confident while it’s happening, but trust me— this fool is HELLA quivering in his booties rn
~His cute lil face is probably red too, not only from excitement but also from the Mondstadt heat
~If you get some on the side of your face, be either wipes it off with his finger and licks it, or straight up licks it off your face (if you’re comfortable with that ofc)
~As i said, not has NO SHAME in being intimate with you; he doesn’t care if other people see you both being cute and stuff because they all just coo at y’all anyways
~“Eugh, can you both do this somewhere that Paimon CANT see?”
Tumblr media
~Like Aether, when it comes to romance, he isn’t really one to hide his feelings. I think i’m this case, however, he may insist on a more secluded area for the romantic aspect of the whole thing, like Scaramouche
~But once you two are alone, he’s just like Aether.
~No, worse than Aether.
~He’ll no doubt start kissing all over your face telling you how cute you are and how he’s so grateful to have you in his life
~Why am i making him sound like my dad
~I think later on he would start toning it down a bit and becoming more intimate and romantic with you
~After all, he’s just some hopeless romantic poet looking for his muse or whatever people say
~I feel like he would only feed you with a utensil, worried that if he fed you another way you might get sick or sum
~But yeah that’s all i have for this sweet man
Tumblr media
~I feel bad for you
~He’s definetely the one who forced you into this, talking about “it’s his pleasure his chasing after” and “he’s the god of freedom so he’s free to do whatever he wants with you” and blah blah blah, he probably makes it come off as a sexual thing but doesn’t realize it
~Anyways, like Aether, this kid has NO CHILL AT ALL
~Like holy shit, he’s probably on drugs because he’s bouncing off the walls from this
~He’s most likely out of all of these characters to do that thing where someone puts food in their mouth and kiss the other person, the food going into the other persons mouth
~“Oh, BuT iTs So CuTe!” shut up
~He’d do this anywhere he pleases, and if someone told him to stop he’d pull the “We’re in the city of freedom, my good sir.” and then leave like it’s nothing
~So yeah, he’s pretty public about the whole thing and isn’t nervous when feeding you anything
~He just has that dumbass smile that i fucking hate with my entire existence on the whole time
~I’m gonna stop here because this dumb bitch is making me wanna jump off of a 80 story building fr
Tumblr media
~Definetely won’t agree right away, you’ll have to do some hardcore begging for him to even think about it
~But i mean, how could he say no to you? Besides, his test is almost complete so he can surely spend some free time with you in his cute lil labby lab
~He probably doesn’t have that much food in there, knowing that he (probably??) doesn’t need to really eat he doesn’t keep a full course meal tucked away
~He did keep a few of your favorite treats in there for you whenever you did come over— you weren’t an alchemist so you couldn’t really add anything to his tests so he’s just like “ok wait here” and then comes back with the goods
~I think he’ll kinda hesitate for a moment, worrying that if someone walked in and saw this, they would either be embarrassed or make fun of him for some reason
~So he decides to make it quick, yet too quick, resulting in him shoving a whole utensil of food down your throat and getting back to his work, basically choking you
~And hell, he probably won’t even notice that you’re dead until like, the next day
Tumblr media
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theabyssorder · 5 months ago
Genshin Impact Simps?!
Characters - Zhongli, Albedo, Diluc, Childe
a/n - so I saw this post of genshin impact boys being simps by @cursedxiao and I got pretty inspired to write this :)
Zhongli is a very subtle man when it comes down to adoring you.
He's the type of guy who's heart skips a beat the second you smile, laugh or call his name
His day is immediately better when you do anything near him
Along with his great memory, Zhongli remembers everything about you in scary great detail.
"y/n likes their tea with two cubes of sugar and not too hot and loves chamomile tea"
Or sometimes, when he feels sad and he can't be near you, he just starts playing "Top ten moments y/n acted cute"
He can't do much when it comes to giving you items unless he borrows from Childe, but his homemade gifts slap hard
Feeling down? Please take some tea and homemade cookies
Miss a certain food or place? Here's an item that will make sure you remember it fondly
And he will compliment you like a man from the early days
"Their eyes can't be compared to jewels or gold"
"Their voice could outshine the anemo archon"
This man thinks he's sly but he isn't
If you glance at an item, it is suddenly on top of your bed with a handwritten note
He will "lowkey" brag about you to anyone who asks about you
"Is y/n fine? Oh they're doing fine, they just finished up with a commission in DRAGONSPINE :)))))))
If this was modern hcs, then he would take so so so many pictures of you
And every time you fall asleep near him, he goes crazy
Once he assumes your asleep, he just turns into mush
His brain just alt+f4s and he can only think of you
"oh gosh they fell asleep on me akmansjsjs they smell so nice I love them so muchdneijene"
Lowkey is like "Why is y/n talking to them? I feel like they don't deserve to be in their presence
You are his pride and love and sometimes he just looks at photos of you together
He dies mentally when you wear his clothes and he just
He loves you so much?????
10/10 will say "I understand why you are interested in y/n but they're completely out of your league"
He believes he got blessed to be dating you.
He doesn't realize he is simping for you until Klee points it out
If you look in his sketchbook there are little doodles of you and some fully colored artworks of you
He might have a whole sketchbook of you
His eyes immediately lock on to you when you walk into the room
He's too sneaky about it
When he reads Klee her bedtime story, they also go about what happened in their day
Klee points out how many times he mentions you when he talks about his day
Klee thinks Albedo is going to marry you
Albedo is also very blunt about his feelings towards you
"y/n, I cannot take my mind or eyes off you. You simply take all my attention and worries away"
He also takes note on things you say
He will do alchemy for you within reason
You wanted to see a certain flower bloom? Here's a whole boquet of them
Sore muscles? Cold? He'll take care of you!
He's also lowkey possessive about it
"Yes, I like y/n and here's 1000000 reasons why starting off with number 1
The most obvious simp of them all
You want a chocolate bar? He can give you a dozen
Expect ten million pet names
Beautiful, sunshine, perfect, my sun and moon, adorable, cutie, comrade (sorry lmao) the list goes on
The second he understands your relationship is steady is the day he introduces you to his family
He wanted to marry you when he saw how amazing you were, but you both decided to take it slow
His family knows everything about you before you realize they exist
"Dear Tuecer, I have met this amazing person who I care for dearly and they have amazing...."
He will find any reason to hang out with you
Going on a walk? Might as well walk with you!
Doing commissions? He can give you a helping hand!
Wanna spar? He can teach you most weapons!
He's the type of person to roll around in bed and squeal about you
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