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arroelin · 2 days ago
— when they come home in the middle of the night
Tumblr media
characters: xiao, ayato, diluc
genre: fluff
<i thought this idea was super cute so hope you enjoy! >
Tumblr media
the sky is colored a hue of deep blue when XIAO returns home.
he slowly pushes open the front door and carefully sets his spear against the wall before making his way to the bedroom.
the moon through the open bedroom window is the first thing that catches his attention– radiating a soft glow that illuminates the small room, before finally, his gaze flickers to you.
you were curled up in the corner of the large bed and xiao suddenly feels a pang of unexplainable guilt when he sees the empty space beside you– one you no doubt left for him.
with a small sigh, he lowers himself onto the ground and leans against the side of the bed. sorry for making you sleep alone.
he feels the mattress dip as you shift in your sleep, and his eyes snap to you.
the moonlight from the open window hits your pillow at just the right angle, and xiao melts at your peaceful expression.
almost subconsciously, his hands reach towards you, and with gentle fingers he brushes a small strand of hair out of your face. he hesitates to pull away, which is why he couldn’t help the way his hand lingers for just a moment longer on your cheek.
when night falls in liyue, demonic spirits appear all throughout the region, and xiao knows he shouldn’t waste anymore time here. so in one swift motion, he pushes himself up from the ground.
“see you in the morning,” he whispers softly– a promise that you won’t wake up alone in an empty bed.
Tumblr media
AYATO lets out a sigh of relief when he reaches the familiar front gates of home, but the curious soft glow emanating from under the front door makes his steps falter.
that’s peculiar, the lights are still on at this hour? he frowns to himself before slowly pushing open the front door.
“welcome back.”
ayato’s head snaps up at the sound of your voice and his gaze catches yours. it’s currently an unearthly hour to be awake so the sight of you holding open the front door was an unexpected surprise.
“you’re still awake?”
“just doing some light reading,” you respond with a small smile, casually holding up the book in your hand.
your voice sounded weaker, and your eyelids looked heavy– ayato notices.
he shakes his head lightly, laying a hand gently on the top of your head, “you shouldn’t stay up for me.”
you shrug, “I wasn’t tired.” yet ayato doesn't miss the way your eyes flicker away from his.
with a small sigh, he places a hand on your cheek– a gentle request for your attention.
he chuckles lightly when your eyes flutter shut and he feels the weight of your head rest against his hand. “you’re not a very good liar,” he tells you lightly.
“'m tired now,” you mumble quietly.
ayato slowly lets his hand fall from your cheek before pulling you into his chest, supporting the weight of your body with his own. “I know, love,” he responds softly. “let’s go to bed.”
Tumblr media
the heavy curtains draped in front of the window do a good job at shielding the moonlight, so DILUC is thankful for the small orange lamp on the bedside table when he steps into the bedroom.
he slides carefully under the blanket into the spot beside you, cursing inwardly when the bed frame creaks loudly.
“diluc?” your groggy voice cuts through the silence of the dimly-lit room and he freezes in place.
he watches as you slowly roll around to face him and lift your head off your pillow, blinking the sleep out of your eyes.
you’d always been a rather light sleeper, and diluc knows it’s selfish of him to want to sleep beside you instead of settling on the couch for the night, especially since it's currently well past midnight.
“sorry for waking you,” he whispers softly.
but you shake your head, reaching out to give his hand a gentle tug, and he’s coaxed further into the comfort of your presence.
diluc relaxes when you cuddle into him and his arms wrap around you instinctively.
“I’m glad you're here,” you mumble into him, and his lips curve into a small smile at your words.
he chuckles lightly into your hair and places a soft kiss on the top of your head, “shh, go back to sleep.”
holding you in his arms and feeling the steady rhythm of your chest rising and falling with each breath, diluc finally lets the fatigue wash over him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pristine-rose · 2 days ago
need to know what your headcanons for kujou sara's hands please 🧎🏻🧎🏻🧎🏻🧎🏻🧎🏻🧎🏻🧎🏻🧎🏻
…….. ur genius. why didnt i think of her. lemme add others too that i for some reason left out the first time
Tumblr media
Part One . Part Two
Tumblr media
⊹ characters : sara, jean, eula, shenhe
⊹ synopsis : genshin women fingers/hands hcs and drabbles
⊹ warnings : NSFW, fingering (all), oral (sara), slight worship (sara), guided masturbation (jean), slight praise (jean), overstimulation (eula & shenhe)
⊹ female reader (afab, she/her usage), not beta read
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh, the way she holds her bow. Her sword, too. She’s grown up learning how to wield these things, and so her hands are incredibly tough and defined from years of practice.
She tends to show desperation in her hands—in the way her rather defined knuckles curve out when she grips tightly on your skin. It shows her need. Her desire for you.
The general’s hands have endured in countless of battles, but they instead treat you like the manifestation of salvation.
Her hands—so sinful and filled with war—performed their prayer in the form of touching your body.
How blessed she must be. A general like her, so serious and so undeserving, yet gifted with the chance to worship you like this. Her fingers gripped your thighs so tightly, so much so that her knuckles and joints stressed from holding on. You felt the roughness of her fingers on your skin, holding you like she holds her bow, or like she holds the hilt of her sword.
In the same sense, your body is an art she fears to let go.
Her tongue slowly works wonders into you. And every little whimper that spills from your pretty lips has her gripping your thighs and pulling them closer to her. She pushes them against each side of her head, so that she may envelope all her senses to be filled with you, and only you.
“My lady,” she whispered breathlessly, pulling away from your heavenly core for just a moment. One of her hands twitched from desire, before she begged, “Please, may I—”
One little yank on her hair closer to your core was enough of an answer to dive in.
She let go of one of your thighs, her pointer finger quickly and almost shakily rubbing against your clit to collect its fluids. And then she plunged in without warning—her immediate fingering had you gasping, and she shivered from delight at the sound.
Her fingers relished your core like it was the last night she’d ever live, for war was all the general knew. But at least she’d get to indulge in your taste for another night before she goes.
Tumblr media
A bit nimble, though you can presume it’s from how long she has to hold a pen every day. Sometimes a bit shaky, too, especially after a long night of paperwork.
But her hands are still so toned from her skill with a sword. They look like that of a strong warrior, yet also of a tired desk-work woman all at the same time.
She has a nicely thin wrist to grab so you can guide her hands. They are skilled in fighting and in holding her pen, but they get shaky trying something new.
“Start reaching down for me, will you?”
She whimpered a bit at your words, too shy to start following them. Her hands were already kneading her own bare breasts, right under the mischievous gaze you presented her.
So ridiculously did she sit in her chair; yet so irresistibly adorable in your eyes. A wild blush painted her face as she followed your instructions on how to touch herself, though her hands were unskilled at such a feat. And that was why you were in front of her, telling her exactly how to move her shaking hands.
They were so pretty. They were beautifully built hands, though tainted with a few ink stains on her palms from her pen. Upon her hazy state, she whimpered at sudden contact—your own hand had dived to tightly grip at her small wrist. She found her breaths growing shallower as you snaked her shaking hand down her stomach, closer and closer to her core. Once you brushed her own two fingers against her clit, she squeaked.
“Now press on it,” you instructed her, and she gasped when she felt your breath hit her little bud. “Slide them up and down. You’ll do good for me, won’t you?”
Oh, how she was weak for your praise. So desperate to hear it—so desperate to learn just for you—she began to slide her fingers. A soft moan erupted from her lips, and her mind felt dazed when she saw your lips curl upwards.
“Adorable,” you whispered, before you took her fingers in your hold. She gasped as you inserted her own digits inside of her; the feeling was so foreign and so wet, but somehow your adoring eyes made her squirm in breathless delight. Her shy fingers looked so pretty buried inside of her, and the way you smiled said it all.
Tumblr media
They’re elegant and graceful, yet so strong at the same time—and she doesn’t even know it.
She moves her hands as practiced from growing up with the aristocrats, so it’s only natural she presents them so eloquently. But her hands have also learned to endure the heaviness of her greatsword, thus shaping her hands to look like a mixture of a princess and a warrior.
Because of this, she doesn’t know when she’s being too rough with her pretty hands. She’s too used to it by now, that she has no clue when her fingers are fucking you so hard.
“Quiet down, please.”
She utters this, because she doesn’t know how much she’s downright breaking you right now. She believes it’s a normal pace—slow, even—that she is fingering you in.
Slow, steady, and even. Her hands have been rougher with her greatsword; they’ve curled around the hilt so tightly before as she swings it around with the force of a strong fighter. They’ve gripped tightly like no other just to prove her own worth.
But you were no weapon, and she did not treat you like one. And yet here you were, sitting on her lap and crying out such indecencies like “‘s too fast, Eula!” and “please… not so rough.” She couldn’t understand; her fingers were pumping into you at a normal intensity in her books, though your body was squirming uncontrollably against her own.
In fact, she felt a little offended. Were you implying she was just too rough? Was she too much as a person? Did you want her to be more aristocratic?
She gritted her teeth right next to your ear. If you claimed such false things, then she will have her vengeance. Her fingers plunged into you deeper and harder than before, and this time she was actually trying to go rough. She hooked on your cunt the same way she hooks on to her hilt—tight and brutal.
You almost screamed out at every curl and every thrust she gave you, your body practically collapsing right on to her.
Good, she thought. If you cried rough, then she’ll show you what rough is.
Tumblr media
So dainty yet so defined, fit for a warrior and a goddess. She grew up with the adepti—of course she has her own way of doing things.
Light blue painted. Some nails are really short, some are a bit longer, but nothing sharp. She keeps them at a short-ish height for best combat performance.
Untrained in the art of fingering, she likes testing all her fingers. And yes, she keeps her little hand glove on <3
Tumblr media
“How does this one feel?” she muttered.
Four fingers splayed out on your inner thigh, meanwhile her thumb both plunged and rubbed inside of you. It almost felt like she was just doing this to experiment—which you honestly couldn’t doubt—instead of trying to pleasure you.
And perhaps, pleasuring you wasn’t her intention in the first place.
“Mm… good. It’s good,” you whimpered.
She made no verbal response, though from the corner of your eyes you swore you saw her head nod. The only real confirmation you got was when her thumb exited from your already soaking wet hole—she already tried all her fingers, with her thumb being the last one. And you’ve already came twice; once from her middle finger and now just from her thumb.
You thought she was done, or at least you hoped she was done. And so you let out a sudden moan when her pointer and middle finger suddenly plunged into you out of nowhere.
No slow slide, no warning—just straight in. You felt your walls pulsing to take both of them in, her hands feeling like magic inside of your already overstimulated mind.
“So it seems two fingers together gets more of a reaction out of you…” she observed. “I don’t… think I understand…”
She sounded confused, and if you weren’t pleasured out of your mind right now, you would’ve called her cute. In some sort of trial and error experiment, she slowly exited her fingers, then tried a different combination: her middle and her ring finger this time. You gasped once again from the full feeling; she seemed to take note of it.
“Hmm…” she thoughtfully hummed. “I guess I’ll just keep trying until I get it.”
Tumblr media
you guysss this is making my hand obsession worse ☹️
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ninlilwinds · 2 days ago
hi! Not sure if your reqs are open but first they aren't you can ignore this, can I get a genshin characters x reader who says I love you without much thought? Like if someone does something for them they'd say thank you and then I love you [maybe the genshin chars don't know that and have a crush on the reader? So when they help with something reader just says ily without much thought?] anyone is fine
Characters x reader who says I love you without thinking!
Of course! I'm pretty new here so until further notice my requests will be open! I tried my very hardest to vary a little between scenarios. I could get to too many characters, so i apologize. Let me know if you would like a pt2 of other characters!
Also, any pointers anyone has one how to better my writing style or how I post I would be happy to hear!
Plot: Reader who often says I love you for simple things such as along with a thank you from favors. How will they react?
Characters: Monstadt: Diluc, Kaeya, Venti. Liyue: Xiao
Warning: Not proofread. Let me know if there are any major mistakes.
Diluc had done a favor for you which involved your friend's birthday. He had let you use the bar as the place to hold the party, despite that day being one of his busiest and most productive of the weeks. 
Diluc was signing papers and finalizing deadlines in his office when you come in. He looked up and saw you there and gave you a polite smile.  
"Good Evening, (Y/N)." He said. 
You nodded and smiled, "Good evening."  
He saw how nervous you looked and raised an eyebrow, "Might I Inquire what brings you here this fine afternoon?"  
You shuffled nervously and then took a deep breath, "May I ask a favor?"  
Diluc nodded and set his pen down, letting you know you had his full attention, as you usually did when he was with you. Diluc had tried his best to suppress his feeling, but he just loved all of the qualities that made up you.  
"Well you see, my friend's birthday is on a Friday, and I wanted to do something special for them. Would it be too much to ask to rent out the bar in Mondstadt?" You asked. 
Diluc looked over at a appear he had just been analyzing before you come in which gave a report of the sales on the days of the week. Friday had been his highest one along, and he knew he'd lose a lot of sales if he closed out the place for evening. But how could he say no to you? Besides it was just one day. 
"Of course. Write up a contract and you can pay me any amount you wish whenever you get the chance." He stood up and made his way to his bookshelf where he had contract guidelines. 
"Really? It wouldn't be too much to ask?" Your eyes shined as he walked over to you and handed you a book on previous contracts as well as rules and regulations 
DIluc nodded and smiled, "Yes. It is your friend's special night is it not?" 
You sighed excitedly and then grabbed the book enthusiastically, "Oh thank you thank you thank you! I love you!" You hugged the book and smiled at him. 
Diluc's cheeks felt a bit hot, but he was going to blame on the heat of the candles around you two. To preserve his sanity he would pretend you said it to the book. He cleared his throat and nodded, "No worries, it is my pleasure."  
You quickly hugged him, "I'll write up the contract as fast as I can and come back." You then turned on your heel and ran out with a little skip in your step.  
He smiled a little to himself as he looked after you. Maybe one of these days he'd wrack up the courage to say that to you so boldly as well.  
It wasn't the first time he'd heard you say something like that to a person, and he was sure you didn't even notice 
Kinda made him a little jealous knowing you'd said it to other men like his brother  
This man is quite the flirt, so his automatic reaction when you thanked him for helping him with a quest you had been stuck on was to flirt back. Not to mention the feeling he had been developing for you...well of it together caused for some chaos 
Kaeya froze the last hydro slime causing it to disappear into ash. He turned to you with a smile, "That would be the last of them, no?"  
You quickly scanned the area and nodded and affirmative. Ou finally touched the last of the puzzle piece and a chest appeared, "Yes! We did it! Ah I love you!" You jumped up and down in excitement, "Thank you for coming out this far!" 
He lost his composure for a few seconds but quickly regained it. Did you just say you loved him? "Oh don't try to change the subject on me, snowflake." He smirked and looked at you with a seductive air. 
"Wh-what are you talking about?" You stepped back a little, never really seeing this side of Keaya. He'd always tried to maintain a more mature and cooler manneri8sm around you rather than his flirty one.  
"Well you just admitted you loved me did you not?" Kaeya let his sword disappear and supported all his weight on one foot crossing his arm and looking at you intently 
"I did?" You laughed nervously, "Whoops. Don't think much of it, it's kind of a thing I do without much thought." You waved him off and then turned to the chest. 
You didn't notice how much that affected Kaeya. He had just given his 100%. His flirtiest side. And you quite literally waved him off! Playing hard to get I see.... 
After that day he would often do favors or be around you just to hear you say that. Well more than he was around you before  
He also would say it back sometimes to with a sly smile  
He'd get you one day.  
Venti would be really flustered and use his playful side to hide it. Sitting in the Plaza where the big statue of the anemo god was playing his lyre, he heard footsteps coming up behind him. Who could it be? He wasn't expecting and audience 
"Hey Venti!" You sat down next to him, "I heard you playing and you know I can’t miss any performances if I can help it." 
Venti smiled. What a delightful surprise, "Oh this isn’t a performance. This is but a mere practice. I am much more skilled and advanced than these simple tunes!" He chuckled in his way (ehe~) 
"Could you teach me a bit maybe?" You asked. Venti was a little surprised at how interested you were in his lyre. You often came to see him perform but he didn’t think you'd ever want to actually learn. He handed his lyre over and showed you the finger placement to a certain chord, eventually adding more until you could play the very first few lines of a piece.  
"Ah this is so cool!" You smiled and handed the lyre back, "I'm so happy! I love you! You're the best!" 
Venti blushed a little. Your smile was so radiant. You truly shone brighter than any star, "It was but a small lesson. I could teach you more if you'd like." He beamed brightly. The I love you had truly made his day.  
You nodded, "That would be so cool!"  
He stood up, "Well then I better get planning my lessons and clearing my schedule up."  
You stood up as well, "I forgot I was out shopping too! Best I head out too. Goodbye Venti" You waved and turned to leave. 
He had walked a little ways off before he turned, "Oh (y/n) wait!" He had t do this before he chickened out, "I love you too!" He smiled and then ran off. 
You stood in the middle of the square a bit flustered as many heads turned towards you. You couldn't help but smile after the silly bard. 
After running for a bit, Venti stood behind a pillar to hide, his face all red from running and how flustered he was 
He was slowly but surely earning his way into a special place in your heart, even if the I love you didn't mean much when you had said it just now  
Who knows maybe the lessons will....spark something  
Xiao isn't used to human interactions or the ways of humans in general, so his knowledge isn't that much. He doesn’t know which phrases are special or not, and he had heard you say I love you to other people multiple times.  
Xiao found himself listening in on a couple at Wangshu Inn who were staying near his room. As the couple sat at the balcony. One of the two reached out and fondly caressed the cheek of the other, whispering I love you before bringing their lips into a kiss. 
Usually, Xiao would be disgusted and he'd decide to come back later, when they had finished their moment. But something about what the person had said and how they said it caught his attention.  
The individual had said the same phrase you often say, but it was in a way he had never heard you say it before. His mind wandered to you saying it that way, but to him. He blushed at the thoughts flooding his mind and decided exterminating demons was a good way to clear his mind.  
But just as he was about to disappear he felt hands grab his shoulders and a voice yell, "Boo!"  
Xiao made his spear come into existence and he jumped away, weapon at the ready. When his eyes focused on what had caused him to jump so much he blushed.  
You were there having a giggling fit, "I managed to scare you. You looked so surprised and it was so funny haha, I love you! Ah I'm sorry I didn’t mean to scare you so much." You finally calmed down.  
Xiao's blush reddened when he heard you say I love you. With the thoughts he had just had swimming around his mind, it really wasn’t the time! His bad Karma was out to get him today.  
 Xiao looked away, "I didn't hear you come in." He said.  
You smiled a little and nodded, "I know. Why were you distracted?" You asked tilting your head to the side a little. 
Xiao frowned and looked away, "Its best if we don't discuss that now. I have things to do." He then turned and disappeared, off to fight hilluchurls. 
That night will forever be embedded within his mind. It was the most adrenaline he had had coursing through him in a while  
Xiao felt ashamed at himself for having such thoughts and he'd often beat himself up over it  
He'd never touch the subject again, but maybe if one day you brought it up...he'd be willing to talk. 
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lerolie · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Enchanted | Childe x Reader
Summary: what it's like to play with his hair.
Warnings: not proofread. second person. reader has an unspecified gender. lots of fluff and cuddles.
A/n: fell into a trance and when i finally broke myself out of it this drabble was awaiting me in my notes. gingers, man.
Tumblr media
Sometimes Childe will sit still long enough to let you play with his hair.
Usually that's only when he's sleepy, but hey, you'll take what you can get.
He'll groan about how it's such a waste of time, and that he should be out of bed and training or doing something else ridiculously superfluous, but you know he enjoys it. Even if he never gives in and admits it—the way he leans into your touch says what words can't.
His hair really shouldn't be as soft as it is. The first time you gathered the courage to reach out and touch it, you were genuinely floored. It looks so messy, and while you do admit its messiness is kind of... charming; it's pretty obvious he never actually tries to take care of it.
Luck must just be in his favor. Like, a tremendous amount of luck.
It should be illegal how nice it feels to run your fingers atop the crown of his head, carding through his hair and fluffing it up even more. You twirl a piece around your finger absentmindedly.
He mumbles something you can't hear, somehow curling up closer to you underneath the bed sheets. He's always so docile when he's sleepy, all tired words and slow movements. It's a hidden side of his not many get to witness. Well, except for you of course. You see this sight each and every day, and you don't think you'll ever tire of it.
Maybe you just know him too well at this point, but there are so many things about Childe that he thinks he's good at hiding. For example, he thinks he's being discreet about his sudden hair growth. When you had first started dating him, it had barely touched his neck. But now it curls around his ears and cheeks, becoming longer and more unkempt by the day. Hell, even his bangs were starting to caress his eyelashes.
The other day when you had reached over and tugged at his strands, saying something about him needing a haircut, he had squirmed away; trying to hide his flush behind a confident smile. That's when you understood. He was growing it out because he liked the feeling of you playing with it that much!
The thought alone brought a smile to your face. Your Ajax really could be ridiculous.
When you first met him, there was not a single thought in your mind about a future where you would be happy to lay in bed and play with his hair all day. But now here you were, petting the hair of a famed Fatui Harbinger. What would your parents think?
"What're you thinkin' about?" He whispers into your collarbone, pulling you out of your own thoughts. So he isn't asleep.
You bunch up some of his hair at the top of his head, ignoring the stupidly cute pout you can feel pressed against you. Men like him shouldn't be so adorable.
"Oh, nothing. Just about how cute you would look with pigtails."
"...'m gonna chop all this hair you love so much off." He says, trying and failing to make his voice sound harsh. He shakes your hands away from his head, but his arms move to wrap themselves more tightly around you.
And that really doesn't help prove his point. It does, however, make you want to settle back in for some more sleep. Ajax and his damn hugs.
You nuzzle right into his hair, kissing his head and smiling all the while. "Sure you will."
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loser-loalo · 2 days ago
How they react you hugging them              (my head cannons)
Took a small break from smut today so here some fluff!
Genshin impact like always (i might do obey me )
Warnings: ? none i don’t really think (maybe kissing with you)
16+ and above may interact thanks please enjoy this!
oh yeah! PAIRINGS: childe, zhongli , scaramouche , kaeya ,
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Childe WOULD loves hugs they make him forget about stress with life
i think this guy would have to ruin the hug by saying a small pickup line
Small head cannon when you hug him he always tell you that you remind him of his brother
tears that all i say
definitely has a small hug kink (would beg for more) he must think hugging for losers then the next day his begging you to give him attention
Tumblr media
Would tell you stories about his past life making you bored
has something with your touch like his addicted
just like childe he would definitely want more hugs (please-)
just a small canon zhongli cares for his love ones
He has to have a jump-scare when you hug him
he has a love kink just wants love from you
all i say is back hugs are on the table , like it his favorite hug position
Tumblr media
Sadist always blushing when you hug him
pretend he hates the hug then kisses you slowly, making you the one blushing (sometimes you blush or not)
Did i say sadist, this boy would definitely call you a idiot for
hugging him (he loves the hug tho)
marks his hand on your back while going to your ear and saying “thank you”
he loves your hugs he just crave for them and then BOOM youd in tje bed with him hugging him till he sleeps
Tumblr media
Will pouted because he not to one doing it to you
maybe once or twice he threw you on the bed and force you to sleep
has a hug kink, or praise kink once or twice he ask if you were suducing him
just like his brother he has fangirls so he will hug you out of nowhere just so they will leave him alone
maybe kissing?,
no no no don’t tell me this guy won’t try to make out with you?
Tumblr media
Hugs and kisses
he will love to hug you forever but can’t do till work
sometimes kaeya stresses him out so he always crave for your hugs
No hugs? no food
he blushed more red then his own hair
loves sleeping with you
Tumblr media
Please- when i was writing this it was so wholesome🫶
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drabbledealer · a day ago
No but hear me out 😭
Imagine yandere emperor zhongli who doesn’t allow you to the leave the palace or the entire empire at all
You get lost in the palace as you try to escape, you can't see him but you can hear his voice as it bounces off the walls. He tells you there's no escape, that this is your home now. You keep running but as you do you look behind to see if he's behind you. Suddenly you bump into something and fall down, for a second you feel hope as you think that it must be a door. But soon you felt despair as glowing amber eyes stare down at you.
"Caught you~"
My asks are open to yandere ideas, headcannons and ideas! ^^
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explicitred · a day ago
Inazuma Random Headcanons - (Male Reader)
Tumblr media
-Kokomi often invites you to read with her when she has free time.
-Gorou allows you to touch his ears and tail. You’re the only one who has this special treatment, take advantage of it lol
-Baal can’t cook to save her life, but guess what she does? She tries to make breakfast for you but sets the house on fire because she tried to cook an egg.
-Yae likes to chat with you to get inspiration to write best selling books. You told her about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and it’s stands.
-You and Itto beetle fight a lot. Like, a lot. (You beat him every time though)
-One of Kazuha’s favorite things is watching a beautiful scenery while being with you. It doesn’t matter if he’s simply talking with you. Anywhere with you is one of his most favorite days. If someone asked who was his favorite person, he would answer with your name with no hesitation.
-You and Ayato go out for boba a lot. He would like to call these dates, however, he doesn’t know how you feel about it. But, that doesn’t stop him from calling it a date to his sister and housekeeper.
-Ayaka likes making Sakura Mochi and bringing them to you. She neatly packs everything, hoping for a praise on anything from you. She adores you a lot! Adore as in love? Perhaps.
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pain-teaisventi · a day ago
If he was your boyfriend.
Headcannons, drabbles. Not proofread, sfw. I think.
Ft. Kaedehara Kazuha
Tumblr media
Kazuha is an early bird. He wakes up early, let’s say 6 to 7 am, yeah. And when he wakes up, he’ll probably stay in bed with you. He’ll brush your hair as he admires your sleeping face while smiling softly. He’s very thankful to have you as his.
If he gets up, he’ll probably make breakfast for you in the kitchen. He’ll make you the most delicious bacon and eggs in the world. He’ll make simple recipes into a wonderful dish since he pours his heart to it.
“Ah, good morning, darling. You’re just in time, come take a seat, I made breakfast for us.”
He’ll look so happy when he sees your face enjoy the meal he made. He’ll have that smile on his face even when he’s eating. So pure-.
When you wash the dishes, he either does two things.
First is, he’ll watch your figure. He’ll watch your back as you wash the dishes, thinking that you were finally his. And he gets to see you everyday, every second. And that nothing can make him happier than this.
Second, he’ll hug you from the back. He’ll wrap his arms around your waist and will rest his chin on your shoulder while watching your hands scrub the plates. He’ll even give your neck a small and light peck. So fking pure wth—
He’ll probably be the type to pull you close to him and will randomly sway each other’s body, as you guys dance with the melody he hums. Especially every rainy days. Seeing you flustered was so adorable for him, he can’t help himself but to chuckle whenever you get shy.
I think he’ll dance with you outside even if it’s raining. He’ll just laugh lightly when you try to scold him that you might get sick, but he continues.
When you guys go out, he’ll take you to a walk in a park or by the seaside. He prefers going near the sea when the sun is about to set.
Gives you flowers randomly. Or will either place it or tuck it behind your ear.
He’ll quietly take a picture of you with his Kamera when youre not looking , and he’ll keep that picture safely.
Sometimes when you can’t sleep, he’ll take you out too. You guys will climb trees and sit on a branch, while gazing at the beautiful moon. He’ll have your hand intertwined with his, as he tells you stories, haikus, and how he’s thankful that you’re here with him.
He gives forehead kisses when you sleep. He’ll tuck you in the bed so warm beside him and he’ll hold you close.
Rubs your head until he feels sleepy as well.
“Good night. May good dreams come to you, love.”
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starglitterz · 2 days ago
to all the boys i've loved before.
─── DILUC ! // the boy you never spoke to until quarantine.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
─ a short series based on my own personal experiences with love and crushes. a sort of messy goodbye to all the boys i’ve loved before.
cw ; among us </3 (i wish i was joking)
series masterlist.
Tumblr media
it's strange, isn't it? how you've never even noticed diluc ragnvindr. he joined your grade a little over a year ago, and you've barely noticed his presence. sure, he's in the other class, and your circles don't really mix, but how could you have ever missed his fiery hair and crimson irises? you don't really get it, and honestly if you could you'd slap your past self for not talking to him sooner.
but perhaps what's stranger is the way you both start talking - a game of among us. yup, that's right. the space murder game the internet decided is cringe. well, to be fair, at the time you both started talking among us was the latest 'in' trend, with everyone around the world playing it with their friends and family to drive away the boredom of quarantine.
you were no different, having agreed to download it at the request of your best friend kaeya who invited you to play with your classmates over discord. in the voice channel, you all ended up playing so many rounds it's incredible how much fun you had, with everyone constantly yelling and screaming and pulling excuses out of nowhere to defend themselves.
then you start teasing diluc about the in-game username he's chosen for himself; 'darknight hero'. it's cute, though you'll never tell him that as you burst into laughter and joke with him about it. he sighs at first, but as he warms up to you he starts poking fun back at your username. one round both of you switch names for the fun of confusing the rest of your friends, and it's just overall a hot mess but in the best way possible.
you text him for the first time that night, a simple 'goodnight, mr darknight hero' and you fall asleep with a smile on your face.
from then on, you're not really sure how, but the two of you end up talking all the time. texting during online classes, trying not to laugh at all each other's stupid jokes, talking all the way up to and past midnight. it's been a while since you enjoyed chatting with someone this much.
through text, diluc is almost like an entirely different person than in real life. in school, he's quiet, strolling through the corridors with his tightknit group of friends without involving himself in any drama. but online, he seems to come alive, texting in all caps and with so much energy you can barely relate it to the boy in the heavy coat you see at school.
but underneath it all, diluc seems sad; like there's some buried despair hidden deep beneath his layers of politeness and the aloof facade he presents to the world. it seems to mirror you, in a sense, and there's a tacit understanding that passes between the both of you not to bring up topics like these, as you skirt around them when it comes up in conversation while he brushes it off and swears he'll be fine.
maybe that's why you get along so well, because the two of you know not to push each other about things you aren't willing to speak about - everyone's got a few skeletons in their closet, after all.
diluc makes nicknames for you which you swear you'll punch him for when you see him physically again, stupid plays on your name and inside jokes which you pretend to hate but you both know you don't mind. (he hasn't figured out that you adore them.) your contact name for him stretches almost a mile and it's the peak of comedy for both of you, as you send him screenshots every time you add yet another nickname onto the end; 'diluc / darknight hero / deelook / redhead (derogatory) / the worse brother' etc.
he even plays genshin with you! he started playing later than you but got addicted and is now a higher adventure rank than you (diluc never stops making fun of you for that, but you get the last laugh when he gets childe in his first 10 pull while trying to get yanfei and saving his guaranteed for hu tao's rerun). somehow he's always the one carrying you through fights like when you die for stupid reasons such as accidentally falling off the cliff when you're both trying to fight the pyro regisvine.
diluc even gets you into sherlock, swearing it's one of his favourite shows. so you watch the episodes together via netflix party, though you both keep pausing it to annoy each other, and he listens to your absurd theories while telling you to apply to harvard when you actually get it right. your discord calls last hours, or sometimes only minutes - it's just nice to hear his deep voice through the phone.
you send diluc a really long message at midnight on his birthday, just so you can be the first to wish him. you know he doesn't really look forward to important days like these, but you promise that this one will be a birthday to remember. he tells you that he's happy he got to know you, and it isn't even your birthday but you're the one over the moon.
at his surprise party later (which you obviously had a hand in planning), you and your friends are all at an escape room. while solving one of the puzzles, diluc comes up behind and leans on you, balancing his chin on your shoulder to get a better look at what you're doing. you freeze, but turn to ask for his opinion about it. one problem; you misjudged the distance between you both.
now you're close enough that your noses are practically touching, and you're just kind of staring at him awkwardly except it isn't awkward because he's doing the same thing. he's so close, and holy fuck you just want to scream "you're so pretty! i have a crush on you!" but neither of you say anything until the moment is shattered by jean appearing at the doorway and telling you they've solved another riddle. the two of you spring apart as if caught doing something illegal, but with one more glance at each other you both hurry after her.
later, he doesn't complain when you link your arm in his and smile up at him, asking if he enjoyed today. diluc looks at you for a moment as if pondering the answer before his face breaks into a soft smile, a sight you rarely get to see, as he nods, "yup. all thanks to you."
Tumblr media
a/n ; haha bursts into tears,,, i hope you like this ! <3
© starglitterz 2022. do not repost or modify in any way.
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yujishima · 2 days ago
he likes to keep you close. you know, like the saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” but itto likes to add: “and keep your lovers as close as can be.” you can’t really shake him off that idea anymore. he says he heard it from granny oni so it must be true!
he imagines what it’d be like if you were small enough to sit on his head, legs dangling by his forehead as you held onto one of his horns while he was on the go — as if he were a ship and you were a sailor. you, with a compass in one hand and a telescope in the other, guiding him the same way he uses the north star to find you, no matter where you were in the world.
arataki itto likes to keep you close but he’d love it even more if he could actually hold you in his hands. he’d keep you in his pocket as he goes off on some adventure, plucking flowers and handing them to you despite the very big and very scary size difference. you’d use it as a bed, petals and anthers surrounding you the same way the earth circles the sun. he’d gaze at you as if you were a glistening pearl inside a clam knowing that loving you is so, so worth it.
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an-emovision · a day ago
𝓒𝓾𝓭𝓭𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓬𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓸𝓷𝓼 - 𝓩𝓱𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓵𝓲
Tumblr media
A/N: I feel like Zhongli should be added into that anime boy crush starter pack, throw him in with Kaneki, Levi, Sabastian, and Giyuu. Warning(s): None ——————•°•✿•°•——————••——————•°•✿•°•—————— ❀- mmmmmmmmmm he might ❀- I know we all love to think of him as the loving dad type but this mf is as emotionally unavailable as you can get. ❀- But he's pretty and I'd let him crush me so I'm gonna pretend he'd be all lovey dovey anyway tf
❀-So Zhongli would probably just be coming home after a full day of window shopping because he probably forgot his childe- i mean his wallet ❀- You ran to meet him at the door like the excitable little thing you are and he smiles at you with nothing but love behind those wise eyes ❀- You welcome him home and he replies with a 'thank you love' ❀- You're quick to follow him to your living room after he's taken off his coat ❀- He took a seat on the couch and chuckled as he saw the expecting expression across your features, so he patted his lap as an invitation ❀- You grinned, hopping on over to plop onto his lap and allowed him to wrap his arms around you ❀- He proceeded to press kisses to your face while asking about your day in between, really you felt that you should be the one to ask him since he was the one that was out all day but nevertheless you answered his questions ❀- It had always amused him, the dealings of mortals and how excited they got over the smallest of things. You're no exception to this, though he does find everything you talk about interesting ❀- He began to explain his day to you after you'd asked about it, but of course when explaining his trip to the docks turned into him telling you about things that happened from hundreds of years ago you didnt mind, in truth you could listen to him ramble for hours ❀- So thats what you did. Sat in the comfortable warmth of your lover as you talked endlessly about the past, present, and your future together.
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sweetl9ve · 2 days ago
Mad scientist darling/reader. But Sagau.
Warnings: blood, injuries, talks about inhuman creatures and descriptions dead bodies. Let me know if there is any o should add.
Tumblr media
Imposter au.
First of all, either Rubedo and dottore are working with/for you. Since they are useful with experiments.
Secondly, I feel like ms! Darling has no problems with blood and gore in general.
I imagine that they started off with like killing small animals and beating up little kids.
So something was wrong with them from the start. But something made it so they got no help for it.
So they stayed on the border of 'idiocy', which is what everyone assumed it was. Or they thought you were a curious child with anger issues.
But, ms! Darling is still bordering in insanity, so if we 8magine that they are extremely wealthy. Doing all these experiments are bo problem. How you get away with is up to you.
But back to sagau
Starting off with mondstat, I would say that darling dislikes the place, but likes the people.
Not like as in enjoying them and what they have to offer. But enjoying what they can offer darling.
Maybe stealing visions or kidnapping people for experiments.
Maybe you kick Albedo and Sucrose out of Albedo's dragonspine lab and take it over.
Your helper goes and kidnappes people to experiment on.
Maybe you even do experiments on robots.
But somehow the 3 nations come to end you. But they have to deal with the experiments that you made.
A more common experiment would be project Mhxa or moxa. A mutant super human that is basically an artificial demon.
They have the horns, tails and even the wings (which are a bit more baty). They seem to like you a lot.
Moxa is more of a tank-healer. They set up a sheild and put down a heal ball/orb thingy.
Moxa seems to understand simple commands like 'attack' or 'heal'. They usually deal with experiments that go berserk.
Like Project Xcin, or ecin. A tall sludgy monster in the form of a very tall person. They have earrings tho :).
Ecin was a somewhat failed experiment although they work well for their intended purpose, they don't listen to most commands.
Even worst is that they can't function without some kind of meat. So they usually wander the edges of the mountain, grabbing what ever meat they kind find, including people.
And finally there is project je6k or the Celias. Or make it their problem to make problems for everyone chasing you.
Mostly taking forms of crows or doves with little jewelry on them. They swipe down and steal from the general public.
The steal weapons and food from everyone. That r5 mistsplitter that Baal had is now in the hands of stupid birds. And her dango, not even the stick remains. Dan must've ate it.
That scary Yaksha that spends all his hours chasing you? His weapons was stolen and used to assault birds other than the Celias.
Got to make sure they stay on top of the food chain.
But either way, everybody else is royally fucked. But at least you have gem birds.
It's most likely that ms! Darling would forgive the acolytes, but only if they give then stuff for experiments.
The experiments make sure they don't over stay their welcome though. They have to make sure all your love is reserved for them.
Tumblr media
An: I'll make soft au later but it'll probably be way shorter than this. Also can someone tell me how to make a readmore on here?
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polluxminor · a day ago
modern au! things you guys actually do in the back seats of computer class.
Tumblr media
— watches porn ironically
Tumblr media
— take photos for insta
Tumblr media
— on ao3
Tumblr media
— writing on ao3
Tumblr media
— passed out
Tumblr media
— high and just vaped in the bathroom
Tumblr media
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ninlilwinds · 2 days ago
hi!! may i request platonic cuddling with xiao, childe, scaramouche and venti with a fem best friend reader?? have a nice day!!
Fem Best Friend Reader cuddling with Characters!
Ahhh thank you so much for requesting this makes me so happy! I'm not very good at writing platonic, but I tried my best. I hope you liked it! Let me know if you have any tips or tricks on how to improve my writing
Plot: Fem best friend reader cuddling with characters!
Characters: Xiao, Childe (Tartaglia), Scaramouche, Venti (In order)
(Not Proofread, let me know if there are any major mistakes!)
I don't see Xiao being very cuddly, and her certainly wouldn’t initiate  
But if u manage to gain this Yaksha's favor, he wouldn't retract from you when you reached out  
At first, he was somewhat awkward, and you took the lead. Knowing your best friend, you took it pretty slow (You didn't want him disappearing on you after all) 
You took it one step at a time. It started off with light touches such as brushing your hands together or petting his hair  
But one day while you two were admiring the sunset and talking, you took the big jump. You snuggled up against him pulling the blanket on the sofa over both of you  
     "There," You smiled. 
     Xiao could only look at you with shock. He felt your warmth against him, something he had slowly become accustomed to.  
     "What?" You pursed your lips, "No need to be so shy. Come on you cuddle me too. This is how people show love and affection." You grabbed his arm and hooked it behind your shoulders 
Instruct him on every step, he isn't used to it. He will not know how to do things at first 
But as he gets more used to it, he will grow more comfortable, although he would never initiate  
He might show signs of wanting to spend more time together  
     "(Y/N)," Xiao appeared behind you as you were sitting by the edge of a small lake, looking at the fish swim around. He sat down next to you and looked at this fish as well 
     The fact that he didn’t dare look at you gave it away. You giggled and hugged him, "Yes Xiao?"  
     Maybe this concept of human affection wasn't so bad  
I'm kind of conflicted with this man  
Like I can see him being touchy but at the same time I can see him being more arm's length type  
But, he can tell you like the touches so he feels more comfortable being touchy  
You two don't really remember when was the first time you two started the physical affection, but you know what the first few acts wee  
You would hook arms and walk around, or play fight  
He would also pick you up and walk around with you hoisted over his shoulder, his face with a calm smile as you struggled  
     "Put me down!" You lightly hit his back. You had been yelling at him to put you down for the past few minutes, so when he did you didn’t really expect it. He hauled you on the sofa and then jumped down himself. 
     "Ah I'm so tired from work." He said as he slowly sank down and started to smush you underneath him. You giggled, a little out of breath, "Childe!"  
     He stopped and then sat up correctly, hugging you a bit more seriously this time. You guessed he must've had a hard day at work, he needed this today.  
After the first few times you guys actually cuddled, it became a normal thing that you two did often 
When you'd go over to his house, you'd probably cuddle on the couch with him reading a book of some sort and commenting on it 
Or you'd eat a snack together under a tree  
     "Book characters can be weird sometimes. If you hear a strange noise, why would you go towards it?       Especially knowing there's danger" 
     As if the fates had wanted to test your patience, you heard a noise outside, and Childe perked up,             "Stay here." He said getting up. 
     Oh boy... 
     You grabbed his arm and yanked him back down, using your blanket to trap him, "What did I just say!" You closed the book using your finger as a place holder and lightly tapped his head, "Come on we're about to finish the chapter" 
     Childe sighed and smiled, grabbing the book so you can both read, "Very well then."  
     You leaned your head against his shoulder and kept reading, and by the end of the evening you’ve somehow managed to get the whole book��finished. Time really does fly.  
Another one I don’t really see cuddling much.  
He's cold and a little teasing, so maybe to catch you off guard one day he just.... 
     Scaramouche pulled you down on the couch next to him as you passed him by. He had seen how flustered many people had gotten when they were touched by others and truthfully wanted to see your reaction  
     "Ah, Scara what are you doing?" You asked a bit surprised. He pulled u against him, wrapping an arm around your shoulders so you can't escape. 
    "Well?" He smirks at you. 
     You chuckled, something he didn’t expect and caught him off guard, "Aww you wanna cuddle?" You hugged him back. Scaramouche was shocked and didn't know what to do, so he simply pushed you off the couch stood up and walked away. He's not paying for his consequences  
After that day, when Scaramouche learned you were ok with physical touch and cuddles, he kinda hinted at wanting it. 
Like he would sit on the couch and tap his foot impatiently clearly expecting something  
Or he'd make a comment about how cold he was when in truth he just wanted to cuddle next to you 
In all honesty, after years of being so closed off, he found the physical touch and warmth refreshing  
     "(Y/N), close the door? It's cold." Scaramouche said in a flat tone, his legs crossed and a book in hand. One of his arms was resting along the back of the couch and there was a space that seemed to be reserved for a certain someone. You closed the door and then made your way next to him, grabbing the book out of his hand and throwing it behind you, "I'll warm you up faster" 
     He opened his mouth to say something back, but you cut him off, "But! As payment you have to tell me about your day."  
     Scara scoffed and rolled his eyes, "What a nuisance."  
Out of all of these, he is definitely by far the touchiest!  
Since the beginning he would always be surprise hugging you from behind and tackling you. He'd often hold your hand walking around Monstadt as well! 
Venti loved physical affection and he is happy to show his love and adoration for you! After years of being lonely without a friend, he isn't going to let you slip away that easily!  
On top of that, he has many regrets regarding past relationships, so he is going to make sure this one counts  
     "Yaho~" Venti glided down from the top of the tree at Windrside where you had to just stopped for a rest. His course was directly for you and you yelped and quickly began to run, you knew where this was going  
     Venti tackled you to the ground with a hug, "(Y/N)! Don’t run away I missed you. Having you go away to Liyue was as painful as having my heart ripped out and destroyed before my eyes."  
     "You're so dramatic. It was four hours." You pushed him off and laughed, dusting your shirt off.  
     Venti grabbed your hand and pulled you along to the top of the tree using his anemo powers. On one of the large branches he leaned against you and took out his lyre, "Four hours is enough time to write a sad tune about how lonely I was. Want to be my audience?"  
    You nodded and leaned your head against his shoulder, ready to listen. 
Venti sometimes also needed cuddles for when he wasn't feeling so playful. He's lived many years and seen many things, and sometimes he has doubts  
The memories from his friend and the archon war as well as all the mistakes he had committed along the way were sometimes better to remember some days rather than others.  
     "(Y/N)" Venti slurred. He had knocked on your door and when you opened you say the bottle he had in hand and his tipsy movements. 
      You helped him inside, "Venti have you been drinking again?"  
      Venti shook his head, "I have to Idea what you're talking about my dearest friend" His smile faded and he looked down to the floor. 
      You didn't know how to tell what was going on in his head, but you knew how pained he looked. Gently taking the bottle of wine away from him and leading him to the couch, you whispered reassuring words, like how he was going to get through this and wasn't alone now. Once on the couch he cuddled up on your side, hugging you close and his breathing slow. He eventually fell asleep, his thoughts before drifting off being of how grateful he was to have found a friend like you.  
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kyatoge · 13 hours ago
Angst to fluff scaramouche x reader i think laughs giggles snorts
short ig
Tumblr media
you and scaramouche enjoyed hanging without eachother, actually you really doubted if scaramouche actually enjoyed hanging out with you. you grabbed your phone to text scaramouche, a new movie came out that you’ve been waiting for ages!
y/n : “scaramouche want to watch a movie with me?”
scaramouche : “can’t”
y/n “oh okay!”
it hurt you because he’s always busy. you’ve been telling scaramouche how excited you were for the new movie coming out, now you were wondering if he has been listening. he always has work, the time he gets home your asleep. does he really have work that often or does he just not enjoy hanging out with you?
you got text, you peeked to look at your phone. it was from scaramouche. you could tell from the custom ringtone. you really didn’t want to check it because you were upset with him. literally not even 5 mins later out of curiosity you checked his message. how could you not open the text from the love of your life?
scaramouche : taking the day off tmrw 4 you
scaramouche : promise we can watch it then
scaramouche : btw can you open the door
y/n : WHAT
try to guess if y/n is more shocked that he sent more than 2 messages or if he’s at the door 🤯🤯😱😱
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cecistarsnatch · 15 hours ago
ceci's 200 follower mini-event masterlist.
Tumblr media
this is a small series consisting of five works that are inspired by five of taylor swift's songs. i've posted about wanting to make a mini-series and i thought to put it out because you guys made me reach 200!
thank you so much for all of your support everyone, i'm hoping that you'll keep supporting me as time goes by <3
taglist: open [send me an ask, or reply to this post to be added]
Tumblr media
ceci's playlist.
track #1: don't blame me. kaeya alberich.
release date: 05/18/22
track #2: august. kamisato ayato.
release date: 05/20/22
track #3: right where you left me. xiao.
release date: 05/22/22
track #4: champagne problems. ajax/childe.
release date: 05/24/22
track #5: my tears ricochet. gojo satoru.
release date: 05/26/22
Tumblr media
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drabbledealer · a day ago
I heard you wanted yandere hcs sooo I come with diluc ones
-Has a secret drawer of tons of photos of him and you (mainly you though) that he keeps at both the tavern and his personal office
-Paid the traveler to take said photos as commissions
-When Diluc would get a little *ahem* needy he would pleasure himself while admiring the photos
-Why go through all of the trouble with the photos? He wanted to keep you safe from himself. He didn't want to take away your joy and innocence for his own selfish reasons
-However, soon his cravings would need to be indulged by you and you alone
It's not like the other regular commissions traveller gets where they have to fight or deliver something but it's an easy and simple one so they take it.
They easily snap pictures of you and even go up and talk to you asking you to pose for them which gets Diluc pictures with amazing shots and quality. Because of that Diluc doubles the money and quickly leads traveller out so he can be alone and admire you in peace. He pours himself a cup of wine and sips it as he holds a picture of you in his hands. You're smiling and if his guess is right you were smiling when the picture was taken.
He sighs and swirls the drink as he thinks about you, he thinks about holding you, wrapping his arms around you and never letting go. Nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck and breathing in your scent. He imagines that you're sensitive and dreams about how you'll shiver and shake from his touch. The thought gets him hot and soon he has to relieve himself with the same picture.
He imagines your sweet smile as he makes love to you, he'll tell you how much he loves you and that you'll say the same to him.
I have a few more asks to get to so this is all ^^; I'll make a pt 2 later
btw I used they/them for traveller so you can imagine it with either Lumine or Aether!
My asks are open to yandere ideas, headcannons and ideas! ^^
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howlantic · 2 months ago
— revoked privileges 
Tumblr media
summary: taking away their cuddling privileges for a month after a fight had happened
warnings: grammatical mistakes may occur, having to reject their cuddle sessions, usage of petnames, slight crack, tiny angst
genre: hurt/comfort, fluff
inc: childe, diluc, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha (separated)
part two
Tumblr media
will be whiny and won’t leave you alone 
the fight had grew big, to the point the both of you are on each other’s nerves. it started as a simple competition, but as he tells you that he won and you lose, that’s when all hell breaks loose and the both of you came insulting each other back and forth
the moment you told him that you’re revoking his cuddling privileges for a whole month, he felt as if his whole reason for coming home was gone. you swore that his shoulders dropped and the eyes that hold such fierce when you were fighting was now replaced by eyes that looks like a child when their ipad has been confiscated by their parents
you know those kids do when they want a toy? where they will whine their parent’s name about how they want this toy? yeah, he will do that no matter how much you ignore him. be it inside or outside, he has no shame whining your name about how he just at least want a single hug from you
he tried multiple times cuddling or even touching you, to the point where you have to slap his hands away. he even comes back home every day with gifts in his hands as he expects he will get a hug, a peck on the cheek or even at least a pat on the head, but no that didn’t happen at all
every now and then, if he can’t get his cuddles then he’ll just stay in the same room as you, ignoring your complains. you aren’t giving him any cuddles now, do you expect him to stay away from you?
when you look across the room, his eyes are already on you and he’s trying his best to give you those eyes that a single kiss or hug won’t hurt your pride. nevertheless you still ended up ignoring him
once the whole month’s over, expect that you when you wake up in the morning he’s already hugging you like you’re a teddy bear. when you’re planning to leave the bed, he will grab your arm and trapped you again in his arms, as he whines that you aren’t allowed to leave the bed for a whole day, whining how you need to make up for the lost cuddles he didn’t get
he will still follow you around, he became very clingy and had been glued to your side for the rest of month. at the same time he’s also very cautious now since he doesn’t want it to happen ever again. but you can’t complain though, after all he was not the only one who missed the daily cuddling sessions
“Huh? Where are you going? Let’s stay here a little longer, pleaseee”
thinks it’s not a big deal and you’re just being childish at the moment 1/2
the fight was about overworking himself, to the point he had to skipped meals every day and to add to that, he’s not getting enough sleep. his hair was a mess and his eyes wasn’t doing well. so when you had finally enough of this, you told him that he’s not going to get cuddles from you starting today
he will scoff at first, thinking that you’re just being irrational again, as he thinks you will get over it after a few hours. oh how wrong he was
nighttime has come, and you didn’t even pester him to go to bed like usual. thinking that maybe you’re right this time, he exited his office and made his way to the master’s bedroom. only to be met by your back facing from him, a pillow in your hands and there was another pillow placed in the space between the two of you
he rolled his eyes of how childish you are, but the moment he took away the pillow and he tried to spoon you, you moved away from his grasp as you clung to the pillow you here hugging. he was startled and was frozen in the position he was in, as he just let out sigh and laid on his side of the bed while facing your back, hoping that it will be better the next day
the next day when he does realize you aren’t giving in and staying true to your words, he didn’t enter his office the whole day, he skipped work at the tavern which was rare and he keeps stalking following you around mondstadt as you do your daily errands
and when you come back to the winery, you almost got a heart attack because the moment you opened the door, he was already there as if he was anticipating for your arrival. he tried to be subtle about his touches, by placing a peck on your cheek or sneaking a hug, but instead you walked away from him before he can do so. a certain cavalry captain teased him about it but when diluc doesn’t react to it and he can see diluc’s dejected face, he tried to have a talk with you. keyword: tried
the moment the month was over, he had never wrapped his arms around you so fast when you entered the winery after your early errands. his arms were wrapped tightly around you that you have to tap his shoulder that you need air to breathe. work? yeah he doesn’t know that, you best believe that he will be attached to you in the hip wherever you go. he will only go to work, once you tell him you will accompany him
you’re practically a diluc magnet now, he doesn’t want his privileges to get taken again because he had came into a realization that he really needs it, so when fights suddenly occurs he will try to be gentle as much as possible since the only thing that actually scares him in tevyat is an angry you. archons, you have him wrapped around your finger
“Love do you need help with that? No....I insist”
“they will get over it” he says, the answer was wrong
the fight had escalated about how he sometimes needs to take a rest and he should spend more time with you. it’s not that you don’t like what he does, but sometimes a little lovey-dovey moment with him won’t hurt a little right? to add to that he promised you countless time he will be there in a minute, but those minutes had turn into hours
so when you finally snapped at him that you’re revoking his cuddling privileges before turning your back away from him, he just shrugged it off at first. you were understanding, you will probably get over it tomorrow. that’s what he thinks
to his surprise you didn’t dare to set foot in dragonspine to visit him on his lab, he reassured himself that maybe you’re busy and that you just forgot it but when the next day came again you still haven’t spoken to him and the poor alchemist was starting to feel guilty about his irrational actions. until.....somebody had entered his lab, he was about to let out a sigh of relief but those had faded away when he realized it was klee and it was not still you
he asked klee where had she been, and she said that she visited you since you haven’t been coming back for the past 2 days and she’s starting to miss the playtime the both of you used to do together. albedo asked her if he was even mentioned when klee was talking to you but to his expectations he wasn’t. and that was the moment he knew, he needs to see you as soon as possible
at first he tried to purposely show it to you that he needs a hug or he needs to hold your hand, which of course you just ignored it. until he formulated a plan on his own, he tried to woo you by asking you if you need his coat, if you want his signature hot chocolate or if you want to spend some time as the both of you are together inside the blanket nest you always make when you’re at his lab, and still it was a decline from you
he is not even ashamed of trying to hide the fact, that the both of you had bumped into each other for more than 3 times, a day. even klee had sometimes asked him, why are the both of them suddenly making a detour when they should be going back to the mountains now, only to receive the same response from him, that he forgot something in a certain location, and that location was where you’re currently at
after the month ends, do you expect albedo to just stand there? best believe, that he might even go as far as inviting and making you stay in his lab until the night falls. as soon as you opened your eyes first thing in the morning, albedo has your head placed on his chest as he hugs you and when you tried to roll away from him, his arms hugged you tighter preventing you from escaping
he will not go back to his experiments right away, no no. he can’t risk losing again his cuddling privileges, your probably going to be living with him in his bed for the whole month, as a payback for revoking it
“Your going home? Such a shame, I was thinking of making a blanket nest with you..”
thinks it’s not a big deal and you’re just being childish at the moment 2/2
entering a relationship with this purple bowl cut head, means that fights are going to occur anytime, and anywhere. his ego is literally high above the stars, so when it comes to fights he wants to gain the upper hand of the situation
the fight had happened, when he was just in his usual shitty moods that also caused you to be in a shitty mood. and because his loud-ass mouth won’t shut up and let you explain for yourself, you shouted at him that you’re taking away his cuddling privileges for a month. of course, he just glared at you practically speaking “make me” as he thinks that it’s you who won’t be able to last without him. but oh how the tables have turned
the next day, he actually expected that you’ll forget what you told him so when he subtly tried to link your hand with his, you practically moved away from him leaving him shocked by your actions. he swore he could feel his eye twitching from the sudden irritation, and it’s probably going to get worse since he will lash this out to his agents, hell he might even lash out on a certain ginger head
so when the time came that two of his fatui agents, came crawling to you as the both of them are pushing each other of who should speak and who should stay quiet as they talked, it was not long before the both of them revealed that scaramouche’s rampage was making every single person from the fatui make it as their own problem. no matter how much they plead you to just talked to him, you ignored it as you tell them it’s what he deserves SLAYYYYYYYYYY
when you are in the same room as him, you won’t missed how he will intently follow every movement you make and if there comes a time that you will make eye contact with him, he will stare at you before looking away. noticing how there is a slight hint of desperation and eagerness in his eyes
instead of being more loud and demanding than usual to his agents, his voice was calm as water and honestly, the agents prefer the first option rather this because they don’t know what is he planning in his mind if they fail his orders, especially that right now you’re practically staying away from him
when the month does ends, you swear to your life you have never been dragged to his office so fast as if he was waiting for this moment to come. after locking the door to his office, he dragged the both of you to his couch and made you seat down, while he took off his hat and laying on your lap, before wrapping his arms around your stomach as he also buries his face in it
do you expect to leave his sight after that? no, he needs to have at least one of his arms wrapped around you whether it’s your waist, your hands or on your shoulder. he’ll be subtly clinging to you wherever you go, that sometimes he goes very defensive mode if you ever speak about it
“Tsk, just let me lay here for a while okay? It’s not like I missed hugging you or anything like that..”
very very sad kazuha noises
fights with kazuha are very rare, since the both of you always managed to solve it. he’s calm when it comes to misunderstanding situations but when a fight had happened one day, he expected that this will be managed, however when the fight is slowly going to nowhere, he’s slowly losing the patience he has
he tends to be rational but when you suddenly shouted at him that he’s not getting it, that’s where all his calm persona has been thrown out of the window. at first he was still being gentle, but as each time passes the more you raise your voice at him, the more he is also raising his voice which resulted to the both of you unexpectedly saying things you don’t even mean. so when you suddenly yelled that you’re revoking his cuddling privileges for a whole month, his attitude did a whole 180 and his eyes softened as if he’s begging you to take that back, that you didn’t mean it at all
he tried to grab your hand, in hopes of changing your mind but before he can do so, your already walking away from him. to make it more worse, it just had to happened in the cabin the both of you share in captain beidou’s ship, of course the crew and the captain herself all heard about it. you ignored the looks they were giving you before finding another vacant cabin and slamming the door shut, isolating yourself from them
you know those pouts that you used to gave him? he’s doing that now, whenever he’s in the same room as you, whenever he’s in close proximity with you, he’s going to stare at you with his lips formed in a small pout and pleading eyes. no, he doesn’t even care right now how much of an embarrassing thing he’s doing, he just wants his cuddles back. but still you ignored his subtle pleases
kazuha had never wished for a month to passed by so fast, he feels so lonely whenever he sleeps in your shared bed, and when he often gets restless he’ll just write random haiku’s that are all about you, whether it be about you or the things you adore. the only time he gets to sleep peacefully, was hugging a piece of your clothing that reminds him of your comforting presence. beidou and the rest of the crew was starting to worry that your relationship will fall apart
he will subtly follow you wherever you go, sometimes you will even catch him peeking from the corner and you can really see how much of a damage you have done to him. which of course led you to being feel bad, but because your ego is high you had to wait for the month to end. after all you always can’t resist the swordman’s hugs
when the month is over, as the sun rises and the rest of the crew were still in deep slumber, your door was slammed so loud that you jolted out of your sleeping position and was trying to stay calm, thinking an intruder entered the ship, only for the realization to hit you that you were tackled by kazuha to your now “second” shared bed, with his face placed at the crook of your neck. of course, too sleepy and also too touch starved you didn’t hesitate running your fingers through his hair as he mumbled how much he missed you
the both of you will spend the first day of the new month, all tangled up in bed and are just cuddling together. as he will mumble from time to time that you will never do that again because he can’t risk a second of being apart from you. beidou had to knock on your door if the both of you are still alive, since none of you exited the cabin the rest of the month...well, except for rather important purposes
“Hm you need to be dropped of in Liyue for something? It can be done next month, I’ll come with you. Just hug me right now, please”
Tumblr media
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pleniloon · 17 days ago
if you want thirst I’ll give you thirst 😭 maid!reader walking in on their master jerking off 🫠 can be anyone idc
“You Called, Master?”
Tumblr media
part one (cont.) / part two
characters: albedo, ayato, childe, dainsleif, diluc, kaeya
summary: maid!reader walks in on their master getting off.
genre: smut
warnings: afab!reader (no pronouns); pet names (darling, dear, love), unprotected, overstim (dain), master-maid dynamic
note: head in hands,, i didn’t even finish reading this before my brain went DING‼️ DING‼️ DING‼️ like a thirsty mf 🫠 also guys i am on my knees BEGGING for more dain content please i will give you my c6 xingqiu 🙏
Tumblr media
you just had to be so good and obedient for him, didn’t you? getting on your knees and smiling sweetly after walking in on him fucking his fist in his office. giving his tip kitten licks and sucking on it, holding his shaft with both your hands and teasing him. it’s only when you lower your head and feel his cock hit the back of your throat that your master lets out a low moan. his gloved hands find purchase in your hair, pushing you down ‘till you’re gagging on his dick. oh, how your lips feel divine wrapped around him.
— diluc is gentle, letting praise fall off his tongue between every labored breath. “so good…” “you’re doing so well…” “just like that, dear…” he pushes your hair to the side and watches you suck him off, groaning when you moan so prettily around his cock. even amidst his pleasure he notices the way you rub your thighs together. “get me off with your mouth, and i’ll fill your pretty little cunt as a reward,” he promises. you swirl your tongue around his length and let him use your throat as he pleases, all with the hope of being stuffed full. and, when diluc does cum on your tongue, he keeps that promise. with your back pressed against the polished wood of his desk, diluc bunches up your frilly uniform at your hips and yanks your panties down your thighs. you let out such a sweet moan when he penetrates you, the leather of his gloves pressing into your hips so tightly to keep you still. the way your slick walls took him in so deep made his head spin. “m’gonna fill you up now, okay? you deserve a reward for being so good for me…”
— ayato is a tease above all, even in a situation like this. with you on your knees in front of him, moaning and drooling while he treats your throat like a toy. he can’t help the amused chuckle that falls from his parted lips when he notices your squirming. “go on, darling… get yourself off.” ayato watches you slip your hand under your skirt, pushing your panties aside just enough to slide two fingers inside your cunt. another sweet moan vibrates against his length, and he almost pulls you off his dick to fuck you himself. almost. “such an obedient little maid, hmm?” he teases you as if he isn’t affected by the situation. “i should have asked you to suck me off a long time ago…” he muses, pulling you by your hair off his length. ayato uses his thumb to keep your lips parted as he cums on your tongue, the possessive spark in his eyes igniting when you cum on your fingers at nearly the same time. “such obedience deserves more ceremony than this, don’t you think? sit on my lap, dear - let me give you a reward worthwhile.”
he didn’t need a maid, you were well aware of that when you took this job. your master kept you around because he enjoyed having something pretty to look at when he came home, and you did a wonderful job keeping the place clean for him. being the only servant in the home meant not needing to worry so much about “professionalism,” and your master took advantage of that on every occasion. still, you never expected to walk in on him getting himself off. just like every other household duty, satisfying your master was left to you.
— kaeya let out a pleased hum as you lowered onto his cock, your fingers pushing your panties aside to make room for him. you pulled your hand away and dug your nails into his shoulders once he was fully sheathed in your cunt, letting out a breathy moan when he rolled his hips into yours. his hands rested against your lower back and under your ass, giving you little time to prepare before he started bouncing you up and down his length. kaeya spoke right next to your ear and teased you incessantly. “you– hah, fuck– you’re really enjoying this, huh? you love serving your master like this?” his teasing words all but disappeared when you circled your hips and started bouncing yourself. instead of playful remarks and comments, kaeya was praising you like no other. “keep going, just like that… you’re so good, love…” he groaned, rutting into you like a man depraved. he pulled out, stroking his shaft a few times and releasing on your clean uniform. he looked at you with amused smirk as you tried to get up. “oh, you thought that we were done? i still need your services, love.”
— childe pressed your face into the cotton pillow, muffling your moans as he sunk into you with a single thrust. “ahh, this is what i’ve been waiting for.” he declared, wrapping his hand around your hair and pressing his palm into your shoulder. “obedience is so wonderful, isn’t it?” you could hardly form a coherent thought with your master setting a brutal pace, the sound of his hips slapping against your ass being the only thing you could focus on. you tried to match his pace, tried to meet his hips with your own, but he leaned over your back and chuckled next to your ear. “no need to think about anything else right now,” his arm wrapped around your body and reached for your clit, rubbing fast circles on the sensitive bud and making you sob into the pillow. “that’s it, just fall apart…” childe cooed in your ear, his sweet voice starkly contrasting the way he fucked your cunt like it was his only chance to do so. “i’ve got a lot of fantasies to live out tonight, so don’t get too lost in the pleasure just yet…”
your master was seldom home - you often wondered why he employed you at all. if you ever questioned his reasons, he would simply brush you off and say that your services were necessary. judging by the collection of antiques, documents, and other items that filled the shelves of his home, you were left to assume that your master employed you to keep those items safe. and, despite seeing little of him, you had developed a number of fantasies about him. somehow, being laid out atop his underused bed with his head between your legs was not one of them.
— albedo claimed it was all for an “experiment,” but his notebook had long been discarded on the floor. he took your clit between his lips and lavished it with his tongue, sliding two fingers inside your slick folds and curling his fingers up. you bit your hand to keep from sobbing his name, whimpering when he pulled away and stared you down. “don’t silence yourself. if you do, then i won’t let you touch me,” you knew that his threat was true - as albedo resumed his ministrations, scissoring his fingers and licking a stripe up to your clit, flicking it with the tip of his tongue, you let out a series of whiny moans. he pulled back just enough to speak, his hot breath fanning over you. “see, was that so difficult?” his skilled fingers were soon joined by a third, making you arch your back as your walls clenched around them. albedo hummed around your clit and pressed his free hand into your stomach to keep you from wiggling too much as you came. “hmm, interesting… but, i think i may need to run this experiment a few more times.”
— dainsleif was the most enigmatic of all - despite rarely saying more than a word to you, he was straightforward when telling you to sit on his face. now, he had your thighs in an iron grip as he licked into your pussy like it was ambrosia. you could do little but grip the headboard and tug at his messy locks, your moans bordering on sobs of your master’s name. he laid his head back against the pillow and huffed, clearly annoyed. “i told you to sit, not hover. listen to me when i give you orders.” dainsleif pulled your hips down and pressed your cunt against his lips, caring not for his own neglected cock or need for air. he let out a low groan and pressed his thumb to your clit, rubbing small circles around it while his tongue dipped into your folds once more. you wriggled your hips and tried to ride his tongue, but to no avail; your master was far stronger than the average man. even when you came on his face, he continued his abuse of your cunt, licking and sucking up everything you had to offer and coating his chin in your slick. only when you whimpered and begged him to stop did he pull away to catch his breath, chuckling softly at your panting and pretty whines. “no need to worry about me… i’m quite alright staying here for the rest of the night.”
Tumblr media
a/n: i have never responded to an ask so quickly… what does this say about me and my blog. 🫥
Tumblr media
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ugeni · 16 days ago
open wide.
when you try to spoon feed them, intentionally or not.
Tumblr media
cast: diluc, kaeya, itto, childe, scaramouche and zhongli.
warnings: none i thought i should mention.
Tumblr media
DiLUC RAGNViNDR! stared at the food on the fork you held out, motioning for him to try it. his face reddened at the thought of it but he was the one who asked to try your dish, he just hadn’t imagined this was how you’d share. he lifted a hand to his face after eating it, unable to concentrate on its taste.
KAEYA ALBERiCH! looked up at the spoon and took the bite before going back to his papers, completely unfazed. he’d insisted you’d feed him while he worked, leaving you in your current situation.
iTTO ARATAKi! had his hands full with the boxes you’d offered to deliver for a friend, but the food you were eating while you walked looked so good! he didn’t look away from it for the duration of your walk. as a matter of fact, he was so distracted by it he didn’t hear a word you said. you noticed this and with out any thought, lifted the chopsticks to his mouth. he ate what you offered happily, interrupting your story to ask for more.
CHiLDE! found joy in annoying you, so when he saw a couple in the park feed each other he was set on doing it, too. “feed me, babe!” his blunt request confused you, but you obliged. you tossed the grapes in his direction, to catch with his mouth, knowing full well that wasn’t what he meant.
SCARAMOUCHE! would have slapped the food out of your hand, but had self control. his face turned a shade of red, due to embarrassment and anger and a large hint of confusion. he could see the smile on your face change the longer he stared at you, he grew fearful by the second but still didn’t know what to do. “do… are you feeding me? give me that, i can feed myself!” he insisted, snatching the chopsticks out of your hands (and spilling the food.)
ZHONGLI! was talking too much. what he was saying was so complex you needed a moment to reflect, and his food was getting cold. you lifted a spoon full of what you were eating to his lips to shut him up. he ate it and looked at you expectantly, he took this opportunity to eat and hear out your opinion. his silent, former fear of awkward silence dying out as his smile grew.
Tumblr media
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