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#genshin headcanons
th9ma · 2 days ago
#1 milf fucker | itto arataki (1k event)
Tumblr media
pairing: itto x reader
contains: milf!reader, demon/oni!itto, dom!itto, set in inazuma, size kink, belly bulge, dacryphilia, praise & degradation, oral (f & m receiving), facefucking, overstim.
note: just messy unedited headcanons ish about milf fucker itto (rbs appreciated!!)
see my 1k event for other characters!!
Tumblr media
shocked is the only word to describe your face when your little son tells you about the man he meets on his way to and from school. horrified is what you are when he tells you that said man in his friend. you know who it is; how could you not? in your eyes the demon who happens to lead a gang is nothing but trouble. so you tell your son, like the rest of the village has, to avoid arataki itto like the plague.
needless to say, it comes as a surprise to hear a forceful knock on your door the next day. you’re met with a large physique standing in the frame and your son, slightly bruised, in its arms. you’re so focused on your child’s scraped knees that you don’t register the crimson eyes staring at your figure until your son perks up about how “mr. itto saved him” when you ask what had happened. and you’re so terrified — you’d never seen him in person, only heard from the stories that your neighbours once told; but he’s huge, looming over you with a calculating look in his eyes. you can’t even tell what he’s thinking, yet you manage to swallow your fear, clutching your child as you mutter out a meek “thank you” before averting your eyes. ah, he thinks that you look just so sweet — and that’s where it all begins.
itto who becomes a more frequent face at your little house atop the hill — much to your dismay. but your son seems to adore him, so you can’t bring yourself to take that away. they’ll stay just outside the house while you make dinner, right where you can see them. and although you’re supposed to be watching over your son, your eyes can’t help but trail over to itto instead; his biggggg arms and toned chest, the way his pants cling to his thighs — it makes you unknowingly press your legs together as you sigh softly. and you think you’re so secretive with your lingering gazes, but he knows all about it.
itto who gives a boyish smile when you sheepishly decide to invite him in for dinner, showing his fangs for a split second before following your son inside. but he’s so detached from the conversation, too fixated on the way that your little apron hugs your pretty body to care anyways. you’ve warmed up to him a lot more — gazes becoming more intentional and touches lingering for just a second longer — it makes him almost go insane.
itto who shamelessly says that he fucks his fist to the mere thought of you — he tells you this when he shows up at your house unannounced; your son isn’t home this time around, but staying the night at a friend’s for a birthday. he only laughs when you try to act all innocent and speechless, he already knows how desperate you truly are after all.
and you are desperate, pleading for him to give you more when he has you on your couch, legs spread to give him a full view of soaking pussy; he thinks that it’s so fucking pretty, too pretty for him to not dip his head between your thighs and taste you himself. it’s only then that you learn how different he truly is from human; his abnormally long tongue messily gliding over your folds, swirling around and sucking at your sensitive clit before plunging into your hole. you can barely keep your mouth shut, whining pathetically as you grab a hold of his horns and grind your hips against his face. ah, and he loves it so much; the scent of your arousal, the taste of your cunt, the way that you spasm in his hold, and how much you gush on his tongue and lower face.
itto who thinks that you’re so naive as you reach for his pants, palming at his bulge as you look up at him with doe eyes full of pure adoration — but how can he say no? god, he’s so much bigger than you can imagine, it’s sitting right against his defined torso, tip red and stained with precum — you can’t help but salivate at the thought of taking it in your mouth. he’s so loud, groaning as you cautiously swirl your tongue around his tip before sliding your lips down his length. you can barely fit him in, taking what your mouth couldn’t reach in your hands; but don’t worry, he’ll help you real good. tells you to relax as he gently grabs hold of your head, slightly tilting it up to get a better look at the scattered tear drops hanging onto your eyelashes before bucking himself into your mouth. all you can do is tack your nails into his thighs, gagging at the intrusion of his cock — and the feeling only spurs him on.
when he cums, it’s so much — thick and heavy as he stills himself down your throat. what else can you do other than swallow? he thinks that you’re such a gem; how is it that you’re without a partner? he’s unsure whether he should be enraged or grateful at the fact that the villagers aren’t pursuing you, but one thing is for sure; he wouldn’t give you up for the world.
itto who can’t handle how much smaller you are compared to him. he shouldn’t be so surprised; he’s larger than average — but when it comes to you it’s so different. maybe it’s because you’re shaking in his hold, crying about how it’s not fitting; yet you’re so needy, begging him yourself to make it fit. he complies of course, placing his palms flat against the back of your thighs as he bullies his way into your tight cunt like it’s no big deal. he praises you all the way through, peppering your skin with gentle kisses and whispering about how well you’re taking him — how your pussy is made for him. and with the way your velvety walls suck him in, it might as well be.
itto who loves seeing you go stupid on his cock. it makes his chest swell with pride seeing you like this; with a fucked out face, moaning incoherent nonsenses as he thrusts into you. he bets that you’ve never been fucked like this — fucked so good that the only thing on your mind and mouth is itto, itto, itto. he loves when you claw at his back in a desperate frenzy, crying for him to give you more like a cock hungry whore. your tears top it off — you look so beautiful like this; tear stained face begging him to cum inside.
itto who grows obsessed with the sight of his cock making a bulge into your stomach with every snap of his hips. he’ll even place a large hand on it, boasting to you about how he’s right there, to which you can only nod in response. you’re so wet and it’s too messy — you’ve cum more time than you can count, soiling his body and the fabric below. but itto loves the sounds of your cunt and the sight of the translucent ring at the base of his dick sososo much <3
itto who grows more vulgar as he grows closer to finishing, asking how it feels being fucked by a gangster as his pace grows more erratic. “how would the village act knowing you’ve been fucked by this demon huh? should give you another child so that they know.” he’ll say before brashly pressing his thumb to your clit, eliciting a sob from your lips as you cum for the nth time that night. it’s not until then that his hips start to falter from the feeling of your walls fluttering around him and he stuffs you full with his hot seed.
itto who watches his cum languidly seep out from your swollen cunt with a grin on his face like the little milf fucker he truly is <3
Tumblr media
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ohmykazuha · 2 days ago
♡ 𝐬𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐬
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: itto, childe, zhongli, diluc, xiao, kaeya, scaramouche, thoma x gn!reader
♡ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: fluff <3
♡ 𝐚/𝐧: this was so cute and it took me so long <3 | like/rb if you liked this!
Tumblr media
ITTO is a tad confused. a his pride is a little hurt, but it doesn't matter, because he loves you too much to say no. imagine is sara saw this? ah, the hurt! he's genuinely like a little puppy, he kind of melts when you do that. he doesn't mind it, he thinks its affectionate and would 100% cuddle you after. it's quite adorable. he asks you to do it only when he's sure that no one else is around, though. as the leader of a gang, he can't have his reputation tarnished, can he?
CHILDE just laughs. he sits there and snickers while you pinch his cheeks together. childe thinks it reminds him of his little siblings back home... but this time it's with you. childe sits there willingly as you giggle at his flushed face – occasionally yelping if you pinched him too hard, on accident, you swear! he thinks it's adorable, as he gazes at your cute and determined face. determined about what? he doesn't know either. the expression on your face is quite a sight.
ZHONGLI is intrigued. he's fascinated at the way you're so fascinated by his cheeks, but he allows you to pinch them anyways. he thinks it's cute, and would oblige when you tell him to come nearer, your palm cupped out into a position for him to rest his chin on. he thinks it's funny, even. it's cute. zhongli doesn't mind you doing that to his poor, stretched cheeks, honestly. he's like that video of the little puppy that runs to squish his nose within the little circle that you make with your fingers.
DILUC is a tad annoyed, but he loves you too much to tell you to stop. it's not hurting him, anyways. perhaps just his pride, but he would let go of that just for you, he thinks, as you hold his face and squish his not-so-chubby-cheeks. that's how much he loves you. he actually finds it hilarious how interested you are... about his cheeks. it's quite a sight to adelinde, truthfully. the poor lady is confused, but lets the two of you alone. bless her heart. he probably cuddles you after that – it's his turn to squish you! ><
XIAO is confused. why are you pressing his cheeks together? he's a tad embarrassed, but he lets it slide – just for you. he wouldn't let anyone else hold him in such an undignifying way, so you're special. it's silly to see him look so... like that. it's indescribable, really. but it puts a smile on your face, so he doesn't mind it. he loves you too much to say no to you. and he's quite calm about it too, he doesn't fight it. it's just.. *squish*. *boop*. it's very cute.
KAEYA is amused. but he thinks its better than getting his other cheeks squished, if you get what i mean. he stays still as you squish his cheeks together, laughing. his pride is ruined – he's just being dramatic – but he does it just for you. he loves you anyways. he's rather calm about it, just like xiao. kaeya thinks it's hilarious, even. he'd never admit it, but he genuinely likes it as a way to show you affection. kind of like... vulnerability? anyways, he loves you lots. it's very cute.
SCARAMOUCHE is annoyed. he grumbles and grumbles and grumbles when you do it. he can't really do anything. once he tried to shake you off and express his irritation, but was met with such... heartbreaking puppy eyes that he knew he had to put his chin back onto your palm to pacify you. he doesn't express his displeasure so openly, though. he may grumble, but at the end of the day, he loves you too much to see your potentially crestfallen face when he tells you that he doesn't like it. rip.
THOMA is the most willing of the bunch. like an excitable puppy, he happily squishes himself, making goofy faces at you as your try your best to contain your laughter. he thinks it's hilarious, and he tries his best to entertain you. it doesn't hurt his pride. he loves you too much to feel insecure about this. sometimes when he sees you, he comes over and plops his chin onto your palm – even without you asking. it's a little thing between you and him at that point. ayaka is very much a fan of the two of you's relationship.
Tumblr media
wee woo wee woo this felt so long help. like and reblog if you liked this!!! it really helps me!
taglist: @bookuya, @mikachuchu, @starglitterz, @cherubbic, @noirkkat, @the-gayest-sky-kid, @ajaxeology, @icecappa, @almondoufu, @gnyuvile, @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst. @simplyxsinned, @heaven-dissolution, @xiaoyksa, @yua1106, @gnyuvrse, @mayple, @rim0na, @kamitoge, @abyssheart, @hushyouu, @thaliastea
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glazelilyy · 2 days ago
for the sake of your smile
Tumblr media
pairing - scaramouche x gender neutral reader
word count - 2385
genre - fluff, lil bit of angst
format - headcanons + blurbs
warnings - scara is slightly mean in the beginning, very vague spoilers for the 2.1 archon quest
summary - on the eve of inazuma's harvest celebration, scaramouche finds himself torn between his lover and his own personal feelings towards the nation of eternity
a/n - this is my submission for the lovely @favoniuscodex's "fall festivities" collab with the prompt: 14. harvest celebration! here's a link to the masterpost so you can see a bunch of really cool work from some really talented authors that's been submitted already!! i'm super grateful to be able to participate in this, thanks to favoniuscodex for hosting and to all the other authors for contributing such awesome work!! i'm proud to be among you all!! :) (posting this a day early EST time for my friends on the other side of the world! :>)
Tumblr media
being the lover of the sixth harbinger had it perks, you thought
you often tagged along with scaramouche on his various missions and had the ability to venture out to lands in teyvat you'd never thought you'd ever set eyes on: from the calmest valleys of mondstat, to the icy basin of ice that was snezhnaya
currently, you were buckled down in inazuma's capital while scaramouche ran some sort of hidden operative on yashiori island
he never quite told you just what he got up to for the fatui, and you respected his silence, but you couldn't help but feel a little lonely at his constant absence
while taking a walk to clear you head, you stumbled upon a bustle of activity near the city's square: stalls were set up around the perimeter and draped in elegant cloths, lanterns hung from strings that connected various poles to each other, and most of all, the buzz in the air was electric
upon investigating, you learned that around this time the inazumans would harvest their crops before the coming winter and put them on display either to showcase or to sell
there'd be games, music, dancing, auctions, and fireworks that would set off at the end
the best part? the celebration was set to take place tonight! :D
growing up in natlan, you'd never experienced a harvest since everything was always boiling hot, so you were quite excited to attend what seemed like a joyous celebration!
the only problem would be convincing scaramouche to come with you
more content utc!
Tumblr media
much to your surprise, scaramouche was standing in front of the vanity mirror, unbuckling his elaborate belts when you returned to the hotel from your walk. a perfect occurrence; fate seemed to be in your favor today.
"welcome back, scara." you hummed and wrapped your arms around his waist.
scaramouche merely grunted in reply, but placed a callous hand over top your knuckles.
"someone's in a good mood, did work go well today?" you teased, poking your head out to the side so your eyes connected with his through the mirror.
"i suppose it did. of course, only i could've received the electro archon's gnosis so quickly and efficiently." a haughty smirk found its way onto his lips as he unraveled his palm to reveal the floating, lilac gnosis.
the flickers of electricity licked up the side of his pale skin and elicited little to no reaction, despite the overwhelming charge being far too much for you to even look at straight. your eyes glimmered in the aftereffects of the gnosis just as your lips parted in awe; scaramouche couldn't help but beam with arrogant pride and a snarky smile of hubris on his face.
"that's that, we can finally leave this horrid nation by tonight." the sparks of electricity disappeared from his palm as did his body remove itself from your warmth.
"wait, tonight?!" you gawk, following his figure with your eyes as he disappeared into the bathroom.
"i'm not repeating myself. get packed." he ordered.
you sucked in a sharp breath of air and fiddled with your fingers, unsure of how to bring up the harvest celebration. scaramouche wasn't quite fond of inazuma to begin with, nor was he fond of mere insignificant humans (though you liked to count yourself as a significant human to him).
"hey...scara?" you hesitantly call.
something's telling you not to bring it up: you've known scaramouche to never be one to partake in celebrations like this, but surely it couldn't hurt to ask, right?
"so there's this, uh, festival celebration thingy tonight?" you curse yourself for the nervous tingles in your stomach and continue forwards, "i-it's to celebrate the inazuman harvest, and apparently it's really fun! so i was kind of hoping-"
"absolutely not."
your face fell just as he emerged from the bathroom with both of your shower kits. "those things are far below me; i don't want to mingle with humans while they celebrate absolutely nothing." he scowled, tossing the kits into a nearby satchel.
"i-i know but-"
his eyes shot up and met yours. where they were once but calm seas and gentle waves, now brewed a tumultuous tempest flickering with violent violet lightning. "i said no. if you want to go frolic around and act stupid in this weakling nation, be my guest."
defiance still in your veins, you opened your mouth to retort but quickly shut it when scaramouche shot you an icy, cold look of anger. it was clear: he definitely did not want to stay in inazuma any longer. defeated, you bowed your head and swallowed your objections in one go. while scaramouche tosses all your belongings into the many boxes and bags that he'll make his agents carry, you opt to quietly slip out of the hotel room for some fresh air.
annoyance gripped him like a vice as he focuses on trying to stuff as many items as he could into his leather satchel. scaramouche despised the nation of supposed "eternity", and he'd be damned if he spent a single second longer in a country where his undesirability shone most.
daylight was still plentiful so you decided to bide your time until you bid farewell to inazuma by watching the harvest festivities from afar
a few times, children ran past you with sparklers and tasty looking treats in their hands
you hadn't brought any mora so there was no use in trying to quell the hungry ache of your stomach
the celebration came alight with life the more the sun lowered into the horizon and you couldn't help but feel slightly melancholic
sure, scaramouche wasn't the most social person, but even then you would've been more than happy just to browse everyone's proud harvest and buy a tricolor dango stick or two
maybe if he had been in an excellent mood, he would've considered dancing
but to no avail, you knew better than to try and change his mind
so you decided to lean your forearms on the crimson wood of a bridge and watch from afar until it was finally time to leave inazuma
scaramouche has never been fond of the nation of eternity.
it reeked of something putrid and vile; a stark smell in his nose or taste upon his tongue. the air was suffocating, if he breathed any more he'd choke to death. the nation of eternity had once discarded him like trash, but now he was eager to watch it unravel from the inside out from the safety of snezhnaya.
night had finally fallen and with your combined belongings packed tightly, he could finally leave this putrid island in the dust. the carriage in front of the modest inazuman hotel was packed with your belongings, two horses in the front ready to go.
"lord harbinger, we're ready to leave at your notice."
scaramouche dismissed the fatui underling and scanned the nearby roads for any sign of your figure. a scowl appeared on his face as he sharply snapped his fingers and summoned an attendant.
"where are they?" he ordered.
"master (y/n) is near the city square, they appear to be awaiting your summon, sir."
scaramouche felt his skin itch every moment he continued to be in this wretched city, so with an aggravated snarl on his face, he dismissed the attendant and set off to drag you back to the carriage himself.
much to his chagrin, the closer he got to the city square, the louder and more populated the streets became. the lanterns that hung from the many strings connected to various poles and building cast gentle glows of honeyed light onto the cobblestone below. laughter and cheering echoed in his ears, and from afar he could hear the telltale quick speaking of an auctioneer.
and then there you were:
quietly watching from afar on a wooden bridge, your arms folded over the railing and your chin rested snug in top of your arms. the light from the festivities rained down on your figure, yet there was such a solemn aura that engulfed you.
his boots thundered over the wood of the bridge as he spoke with no need to address you. "come on, we're leaving."
you didn't need to turn around to know that it was scaramouche, not with the way you awaited the slight twinkle of the bells from his hat to sound, nor with his unmistakable irritated voice.
"okay," you assented quietly, eyes still transfixed on the dancing crowds and displays of large fruits, "i'll be there in a moment."
he paused for a moment and finally turned around to glance at your sullen face. there was an obvious depletion to you, even noticeable to him. flickers of gold and fuchsia glimmered in your longing eyes from the faraway festivities, and a forlorn smile graced itself upon your lips. though his heart was no more than a frozen wasteland that beat for nothing, he couldn't help but feel a tightness grip his chest as you practically pried your eyes away from the celebration.
"alright," you started with a sigh, which then dissolved into a smile as you glided down the wood to him and slipped your hand into his, "let's go."
he should've been quite thrilled that you were finally letting go of those stupid mortal traditions that held no meaning to them. instead, he found his stomach swimming with nervous aches of worry. you'd been awfully quiet and lacked the usual vibrancy that often boosted his own mood. scaramouche couldn't find it in himself to ignore the longing side glances you cast out to the children who ran by nor to the way your your hand fit so snugly in his and spread warmth throughout his entire body; and perhaps that warmth melted his glacial heart just a little bit.
you broke from his grip, clambered into the carriage and scooted over to make room for him, only to find that he hadn't moved to join you. his violet eyes trained themselves on the faraway festivities with a look you couldn't quite place etched on his features.
"scara? are you coming?" you asked, inching forwards to the door of the carriage.
without warning or much grace, scaramouche gripped your hand and tugged you out of the carriage, sending you face-first into his body.
"we'll leave at first light tomorrow, send the carriage away and return by dawn." he ordered, ushering you away from the carriage with a strong arm locked tight around your waist.
"scara what are you doing? aren't we leaving?" you stumble behind him, feet unsteady and confusion written all over you face.
"what," he huffs, an annoyed tint to his voice yet a distinct softness in his eyes when he whips his head back to you, "you wanted to go to that harvest thing? well, we're going now."
if it meant he'd get to see the look of pure joy that spread across your face every single harvest year, he'd be willing to stay in inazuma forever.
you're so shocked that he's willing to stay in inazuma no less attend the harvest that you nearly trip over a crack in the cobblestone and faceplant into the ground if not for scaramouche's grip on your waist
"clumsy idiot, watch where you're going." he grumbles, but you're too happy to notice :P
the celebration is even more vibrant up close and you can't help but vibrate in place as your eyes take in each and every crack and crevice of the city square
scaramouche, on the other hand, is vividly uncomfortable and finds it hard to not immediately leave
you tug him around to various farmer stalls, gawking at each bulbous pumpkin or aromatic bushel of flowers that you come across
he doesn't quite understand what the big deal is about a pumpkin that looks slightly bigger than an average one
he also, much to your surprise, has never had tricolor dango, which you easily fix by ushering him to share a stick with you (there's no way in hell he'd ever admit how good it tasted though, good luck getting him to admit his sweet tooth)
"never EVER let scaramouche near the auction booth" is a lesson you learn very quickly after you find yourself gawking at the largest pumpkin on auction
his competitive spirit would never allow him to lose a feat in acquiring the big pumpkin for you (even if you didn't outwardly ask for it and try and tug him away from the bidding pool)
the fatui's pockets run deep and he's got a loud voice, of course he's gonna put it to use even more for your sake!
you do end up walking away with the title of "owner of inazuma's largest pumpkin" and with seven million mora less in scaramouche's pockets
there's a few stalls with games that you pull him towards, and though he'll grumpily comply he finds that he likes the little fishing game the best (you praise him for his efforts and suddenly his face is lit up like a lantern)
you knew his social battery was never high to begin with, which is why you found yourself tugging him by the hand to a secluded part of the city where there'd be less noise and even less interruptions. wordlessly, you plopped down onto a grassy cliffside and motioned for him to come sit beside you.
"thank you." you hummed and melted into his side.
scaramouche merely grunted and slung his arm over your shoulders to press you closer to him. "are you satisfied?" he asked.
"mm very. i'm a pumpkin owner too if that counts for anything."
comfortable silence engulfs the two of you before the unnaturally calm lilt of his voice gently cracks through the surface.
"i'm glad you enjoyed yourself." scaramouche hummed and pressed a chaste kiss to the top of your head.
under a thin veil of evening fog and glimmering stars, scaramouche makes a silent promise to himself to return next year to relive the smell of fresh spices and pumpkins in the air, the feel of cool water under his fingertips, and hear the soft melody of your beautiful laugh preserved in amber and illuminated under seasonal honeyed lanterns once more.
in any nation, he'd feel wanted as long as you were by his side.
Tumblr media
date published: october 13th, 2021
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kzuha · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
GENRE: FLUFF ♪(´ε` )
A/N: haha kazuha ur so pretty come kiss me haha…
Tumblr media
they’re such a big comfort for him stop :((
it’s makes him feel so warm and loved?? it always, 100% of the time, makes his day better, especially if he was on another yet unsuccessful treasure hunt (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
it doesn’t matter what you call him, he will get all smiley and giddy and sneak a tiny kiss 😾
…his favourite, tho? when you called him “my sweet boy” once- he ascended to celestia!!
no bc he’s also so proud of it, he’ll meet up with barbara and he’s like “guess what y/n called me today?!?!?!?!” (*^◯^*)
pet names are a commitment with him, so beware
you call him pretty boy or baby once (1) and he demands it every single time without fail
it’s flat out embarrassing to go out in public with him because he just won’t react to anything but pet names so you’ll have to be like “baby, please…” while the waiter is just standing there, waiting (´ー`)。。。
oh and don’t you dare stop calling him baby when you fight (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾ he will cry (maybe not, but you’re getting the silent treatment for sure)
“childe.” “…” “…childe?” “…” “right, sorry. tartaglia?” “…” “…ajax?” “…”
you’re gonna be the death of him- ψ(`∇´)ψ
it makes him so happy but he’s so bad at showing it…he also just gets embarrassed very quickly 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
you like to catch him off guard with it, and he almost always, without fail, pauses for a second only to then fumble his way through whatever he was saying, trying not to pay too much attention to what you said-
like he’s trying so hard to pretend like he’s okay, like it’s not big deal :(( he’s adorable
but!! his mind is replaying it over and over and his heart is racing (*≧∀≦*)
sometimes when it’s just you two he’ll be like, “can you…say the thing…” “…what thing?” “the…the name thing…” because he sometimes just needs to hear it :(
absolutely no restraint to be found in this man
he’s already so in love with you that he’ll drop about anything in a heartbeat but when you call him a pet name to get his attention?! \(//∇//)\
oh ho ho! what a great way to turn oh so tough general gorou into putty in your hands right in front of all of his troops- ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ
they’re having a really serious talk and you’re just like, “gorou, sweetheart, i-“ “yes, my darling?” and whoopdeedoo!! he is now distracted and all yours ( ´∀`) well, until someone reminds him why he called a meeting in the first place-
everyone is just standing there like (`・ω・´)⁇ while he’s just staring at you with hearts in his eyes-
listen. LISTEN!! he loves it SO MUCH-
he prefers it over his own name and a day without you calling him “baby” or “pretty boy” or one of the many other sweet names that make his heart race is not a good day Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)
beidou poked fun at him for the way he just gets so soft and heart-eyed for you and he gave beidou a “i will not be embarrassed for being in love” speech (she called him a weirdo but left him alone afterwards o(`ω´ )o)
kazuha enjoys those cute pet names so much that he thinks a lot about some adorable names he can call you :(( <3
sometimes he can’t think of anything so he’ll come up with a poem for you that essentially drips with pure love and adoration (๑>◡<๑)
you better stop or he will propose and yes that’s a threat- Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)
he thrives off of pet names, it just motivates him and gets him all happy (;ω;)
the first time you let “baby” slip, he very proudly told ayaka about it, “miss, they called me ‘baby’ today, can you believe that?!” “thoma, the hot pot-“
your pet names for him are very important to him and he takes them very seriously!! he loves them >:(…now, his pet names for you on the other hand…(*´Д`*)
he’s such a goof, he’ll try his best to think of new pet names he can call you :’) you’ll meet him after a long day of work and he’ll be like, “ah, my sugarplummie-honeypie!! how was work, my little crabcake?” lmao you hate him <33
music to his ears, he could listen to you calling him sweet names forever ♪(´ε` )
he’s so annoying!! ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ he’ll always be like “what was that?” “could you say that again?” “who?” “i don’t think i heard you-“
and then when you stop because he’s annoying he’s giggling and nuzzling up to you all cute like “aw i’m sorry!! it’s so cute, please say it one more time? just once more, i promise?”
no but he genuinely loves them :( it makes his heart soar and whenever one of those sugary sweet names falls from your lips he just wants to grab you face and cover it in kisses ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
but at the same time he’s annoying so sometimes he’ll follow you around with his lyre making up a song about the different pet names you call him </3
him flustering you? his absolute favourite pastime, but how dare you do the same to him by calling him all sorts of cutesy names!!😾
it makes his knees weak and he’s so baffled because usually he’s the one murmuring sweet poems into your ear and making you all warm and flustered-
and you somehow manage to do the same to him with just the words “my baby” or “my pretty boy”?! and he likes it?! \٩(๑`^´๑)۶//
so every time he catches himself go all mushy and bashful from your cute pet names he just starts teasing you all the more in an attempt to make you the flustered one-
he’s a menace <3
Tumblr media
TAGLIST: @whygz @blissmal
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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teyvattwriter · 2 days ago
Genshin Boys being Jealous of Your Male Friend
Tumblr media
❧ Anon asked: Hello there could I please request a headcannon where kaeya,diluc,zhongli,childe(separately) getting jealous of their s/o’s male freind bc their s/o is giving more attention to him instead of the boys? Thank you and have a great day 💗💗💗
❧ Genre: fluff and like a dash of angst
❧ Includes: Kaeya, Diluc, Childe, Zhongli
❧ Warnings: mild jealousy
❧ A/N: F/N -> your friend’s name also I lost my first 50/50 I’m so sad (I did get Jean tho)
~※ Main Masterlist ※~
Tumblr media
Kaeya doesn't seem like the obviously jealous type of guy. He's more passive aggressively jealous. He'll just make little comments about how much time and attention you give to you friend or, if he's with you and your friend, he'll be extra touchy with you.
Tumblr media
"Ok, I'll see you later Kaeya!”
You were about to open the front door when Kaeya peeked out of the kitchen.
"Where are you going?"
"I told you earlier,” you rolled your eyes playfully, “I'm going to hang out with F/N.”
Kaeya's eyes narrowed. He let out a small hum.
"What is it?” you asked
"You've been hanging out with him a lot."
When you heard that statement, the pieces clicked in your head. Kaeya was jealous. That also would explain all the other snarky things he's said recently. You smirked as you walked over to your boyfriend.
"You're jealous~” you sing-songed
Kaeya didn't say anything but the slightly defeated yet somehow still confident expression confirmed it. You giggled as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You pressed a chaste kiss to his lips making the sour expression he wore fade.
"How about I reschedule my plans and hang out with my wonderful boyfriend instead?”
"I'd very much like that."
Tumblr media
Diluc is very passive aggressive jealous. He'll silently brood to himself until you recognize that he's upset. It might take a bit of convincing to get him to reveal why he's upset. He knows how silly it is to be jealous of your friend since you two are dating but he sometimes can't help it.
Tumblr media
You'd been watching Diluc all afternoon and you could tell something was off with him. He'd been stand offish and had a sour expression on his face. You had invited your friend over for lunch and he was just acting weird about it. You waited until your friend had left to bring it up.
"What's wrong Diluc?”
“Nothing’s wrong."
"You're lying," you crossed your arms, “Tell me what’s wrong.”
"It's silly but I'm...jealous,” he admitted
“Jealous? Of F/N?”
"Yes. You two are so close and spend a lot of time together. But I know it's silly to be jealous of your friend.”
"It's not silly if that's how your feeling," you hugged your boyfriend, “It’d be silly if you did something rash about it."
"Hmm, alright."
He returned your hug, his arms wrapping around your middle. He held you close just relishing having you pressed up against him.
"I promise I'll make it up to you. I'll spend much more time with you."
Tumblr media
Childe is the most obviously jealous of these boys. He's going to make a big deal of how you're "neglecting your boyfriend" and "should only have eyes for him" (which he knows you do but he's just a little sad you aven't paying attention to him.
Tumblr media
"I have to go, Childe.”
"No you don't.”
"Yes I do," you struggled to get out of his grasp, “I promised F/N I'd meet him in 20 minutes."
Childe let out a small grumble of something inaudible under his breath. He still didn't let you go though.
"Seriously! I need to go.”
"Why do you have to go though?”
You looked at Childe's face; he had a displeased look on his face and a pout on his lips. Your eyes softened a bit as you realized the situation. Childe was jealous and wanted you to stay with him. You cupped his cheeks with your hands.
"Hey, I love you,” you pecked his lips, "And no one is going to change that. No one's going to get inbetween us."
Childe always hated how you could read him like a book but he was happy that you told him exactly what he needed to hear. His grumpy disposition dissipated and was replaced by a loving smile. He kissed your lips before letting go of you.
"I'll be back later and I'll give you all the cuddles you want."
Tumblr media
It would take a lot to make Zhongli jealous since he really isn't the jealous type. You would have to be hanging out with your friend very frequently to get Zhongli a bit concerned. And when he does finally bring it up, he does so in a very calm and rational manner.
Tumblr media
You quietly opened and closed the door to your home. It was a bit late and you were worried Zhongli might be asleep. You tiptoed through the house until you got to your bedroom. Zhongli was in bed reading, waiting for you to return home.
"You're still up?"
"I wanted to make sure you got home safely.”
You thanked him for his concern before going to chance into some pajamas. While you were changing, Zhongli tried to think of the best way to bring up how he was currently feeling while trying not to make you feel bad. You climbed under the covers and turned towards your boyfriend.
“What's on your mind?” you asked
“I have just been feeling a little… jealous recently,” he admitted
“Jealous? Of what?”
"You've been spending a lot of time with F/N and of course while I do not mind you spending time with your friends, I do miss you."
"Oh Zhongli,” you wrapped your arms around him, "I'm sorry. I should be with you more than my friends. I promise I'll spend more time with you."
"Please don't feel guilty, my dear," he gently pecked your forehead, “But more time with you would be greatly appreciated."
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plessieness · 2 days ago
— genshin headcanons ; getting back together <3
characters included ; zhongli, childe, ningguang, beidou, baizhu, xiao & ganyu
gender neutral reader
read part one here : fight/break up hcs
— It took Zhongli a long time to even get you to face him again. With Hu Tao’s persistence meshed with his own, they both somehow managed to get you to spend time with him again. The tension in the air was thick, however, and Zhongli could feel the weight of his mistakes heavy on his shoulders. Your expression and obvious upset only solidified that feeling for him.
— He tried his best to make it up to you— buying you a bouquet of flowers as an apology as well as taking you to dinner, but you just weren’t happy with him. He could tell. He’d wanted to apologize and had been rehearsing it over and over— hoping that if he was able to alleviate some tension between you both that maybe it’d be easier to say sorry, but he knew that wasn’t coming. Apologizing wouldn’t get any easier, though he supposed that it shouldn’t be considering his mistakes.
— As night fell, he took you out to the harbor to a desolate dock away from the bustling markets and people. You sat alone alongside him, staying silent as you could tell that he had something to say. He cleared his throat and you turned towards him expectantly. He hesitantly grabbed your hands and held them, and you allowed him to. You missed him. Avoiding him had been so difficult, but you knew you had to— the situation hadn’t been one you could just ignore.
— He apologized, explaining that he shouldn’t have hesitated on such an easy question. He’d never hurt you for the sake of a contract because he’d never allow such a contract to be made in the first place. No matter the stakes, if anyone asked him to make a contract that involved any sort of harm going your way, he’d never allow it. In regards to others, he wanted so desperately to break his contracts so he could be open with others, but he couldn’t find it in him to do so. He expressed that he would have never signed away his freedom to express his past if he could see what was going on in the present. He apologized for hurting you and for allowing your trust in him to be broken.
— You embraced him tightly and forgave him, though you told him it might take a while for him to fully earn your trust back, but you wanted to be with him again— that you still loved him. He explained that that was perfectly fine with him. He wanted to be by your side for a lifetime, and he’d do anything he could for you. He loved you and without you, life was a lot more dull. He truly appreciated that he was yours and that you were his once again. As long as he could control it, he wouldn’t lose you to a fight again.
— Ajax was unsure how he’d even go about approaching you after lashing out at you so harshly. Hell, he wasn’t even sure where to find you. After you two had your fight, he found out that you’d gone away from home and went to Liyue for vacation, and likely to avoid him. You had gotten your quarters arranged by Ningguang, and she didn’t exactly take lightly to Fatui, so he was unable to ask her.
— After a few weeks of you being gone and after Ajax had started work in Liyue under the Tsaritsa’s orders— he’d gotten lucky. He chatted with the traveler who gave him some rather shocking information despite their friendship being rather rocky. The traveler told him that they’d just met his little brother, Teucer, and that Teucer had been looking for him. When Ajax questioned where he’d gone, the traveler responded that Teucer had recognized someone who babysat him often and so they left him in their care.
— Ajax knew it was you— you were the only one who spent that much time with his little brother aside from his own family. The traveler told him where you were— sharing rooms with Ganyu in the heart of the city. With that, he ran to find you.
— He spotted you sitting outside with Ganyu and Teucer nearby where you were staying. Teucer jumped up to meet him and you whispered something to Ganyu before she walked off, likely to give you both privacy as Childe talked to you. He quickly greeted his younger brother, who told him that he’d gone to find you because you being gone was what was making him sad, and Teucer had noticed. Ajax thanked him before allowing the boy to run off and play on his own for a bit as he walked over to you.
— You scolded him lightly for allowing his little brother to go off on his own, telling him to be more mindful. He apologized before letting out a sigh and resting his head on your shoulder, mumbling softly that he’d missed you. You wrapped your arms around him and ran your fingers through his hair, sharing the same sentiment. You missed him, but you were still upset. You told him as much.
— He apologized for snapping at you— saying that it came from his own stress and his own fear that he wouldn’t be there for you and his family. He was afraid that he’d die and that his time with you was limited. He stated that he wish he’d just expressed his troubles with you instead of allowing it to build up and snapping at you. He knew you were only looking out for him and that you had his best interests in mind. He added that things weren’t the same without you at his side.
— You forgave him. When he asked if you’d take him back, you responded that of course you would, and he gave a brightened smile. He hugged you tightly and lifted you a bit and spun you both around. After a few shared laughs and indulging in each others presence for a little, he put you down, a fond look in his expression. He wanted you by his side through thick and thin and through the good and the bad. He figured that no matter what happened, he could handle it as long as you were there loving him no matter what.
— Ningguang had drowned herself in work since you were gone. After all, without you there to spend time with, she didn’t have much else to do aside from work. Beidou, Keqing and Ganyu all took notice, so they sought you out. Keqing was the one to find you. You were preparing to leave Liyue and were headed out to Sumeru to continue your own personal studies. Keqing asked when you left and you replied that you left the next day.
— Keqing was quick to rush back to Ningguang’s office and tell her of your soon departure. Ningguang tried to express that she was happy for you, and that she knew you’d go on to do amazing things. Keqing called her on her bluff, knowing that she was unhappy with the news. Keqing told her that she needed to run to you and apologize— she could see it in your expression that you wanted Ningguang to come and stop you. You wanted her to care enough to run to you and ask you to stay.
— That’s what Ningguang did. By the next day, she had a bouquet of the most beautiful glaze lilies at the ready as she rushed off to the harbor to find you. She saw you on your way to the boat and she ran to you, wrapping her arms tightly around you as she whispered a soft apology in your ear.
— She apologized for getting caught up in her work. She had lost the token of her hard work, and it made her upset. She wanted to gain back what she had because she wanted to be at the prime she was before— she wanted to be the successful person you fell in love with, and wanted to be worthy to stand by your side.
— You let out a light laugh, insisting that you didn’t fall in love with her possessions or her successes. You fell in love with her. The her that gave a small smile when she could smell you brewing her favorite tea. The her that was ambitious and always aiming high. The her that sacrificed everything she had and saved Liyue from an ancient god. Ningguang held back tears as you held her. You forgave her, and she asked you to stay by her side. She couldn’t lose you too. She loved you far more than any material possession she had.
— You agreed and after a few days of planning, she accompanied you on a trip to Sumeru to take a break from her own work for a few weeks. When she returned, she looked up in the sky and noticed a small room floating on a jade platform among the clouds. You wanted to help her restart, and she knew the journey of rebuilding would be much easier and far more redeeming with you by her side helping her.
— Beidou was unsure of how to win you back. She had the Crux docked in Liyue harbor while she tried to brainstorm ways to apologize to you, but everything she thought of never felt like enough. You deserved so much, and she wasn’t sure if she could give that to you. Kazuha eventually told her that you were a genuine person— that she should just apologize simply and express how she felt. Kazuha knew you— you didn’t need some grand gesture.
— Beidou did just that, she apologized to you for how she made you feel, and that she wished she could turn back time. She felt awful for making you worry and for leaving you out of such an important decision. You forgave her, but expressed that she’d need to earn back your trust. Beidou was dedicated to you, so she was determined to win your trust no matter what it took.
— The next few months felt like the beginning of your original relationship all over again. Beidou took you on dates to different restaurants, she took you with her on her expeditions in the sea and when she went on a journey she couldn’t take you on, you received plenty of letters and gifts from lands afar. Beidou always involved you in discussions when her missions were dangerous, and having a voice made you slowly regain trust in the Sea Captain.
— After a particularly lengthy expedition, you asked Beidou to meet you on the mountains overlooking Liyue Harbor. She arrived promptly and you presented her with a Jade pendant. You told her that you trusted her, and you felt like you’d fallen in love all over again even though you never really stopped. The past few months had been great, and you wanted to be the rock that kept her steady in Liyue again. You wanted to be hers again.
— Beidou was overjoyed that her persistence had paid off and she accepted immediately. She promised that she’d never betray your trust again and kept you wrapped in her arms for the whole night, scared that she’d lose you again if she let go, even if you insisted that you were there to stay. Beidou couldn’t take any chances though. She had commendable strength, and she knew that, but you were her soft spot and she adored you. She wasn’t planning on hurting you again.
— Baizhu wanted to win you back. He had to, he loved you too much to let his own mistakes end something so amazing. Gui had told him to take time away from his studies so he could focus on you instead and he agreed. No longer having you at home was devastating, and your once shared quarters felt hollow without you there. He wanted to devise an extravagant plan to win you back, but he didn’t have to. Surprisingly enough, Qiqi had helped him, though she didn’t realize it.
— Qiqi had dragged you into the pharmacy. She was bad with remembering, but she knew that your presence was a calming, familiar and warm one. She had seen you and noticed that you had fallen ill. You were feverish, coughing and weak, so she dragged you to the pharmacy all while using her cryo energy to keep you cool so you wouldn’t collapse.
— Baizhu rushed to your side upon seeing you and helped you into the back room and helped you lay down. Qiqi ran in with a variety of herbs and handed them to Baizhu, who thanked her and asked her to work the counter while he helped you.
— As he made medicine for you, he found himself understanding why you were so persistent about taking care of him. You didn’t want to see him collapse due to illness or exhaustion, just like he was seeing you now. He realized that you were afraid of losing him, just like he was afraid of passing on early. He sighed and finished the medicine and gave it to you before placing a cold compress on your forehead. He stayed by your side, holding your hand and taking care of you.
— When you became coherent again, you saw him sleeping by your side and smiled, running your fingers gently through his hair. Changsheng slithered up your arm and rested around your neck. The snake told you softly that Baizhu was sorry for what he’d done, and that he missed you. You nodded, expressing that you already knew and that you missed him too. Your soft whispering eventually woke up Baizhu, who wrapped you in a tight embrace upon seeing you awake and looking a lot better than before. You hugged back, thanking him for taking care of you.
— He was insistent that he never minded aiding you, soon starting to apologize for all that he’d done. You cut him off with a kiss, pulling away and stating that you knew. You could tell, and that you missed him just as much. You wanted to be by his side again, but that you hoped he’d start taking care of himself more. He agreed, knowing now how you had felt during all those sleepless nights.
— Baizhu spent the rest of the week nursing you back to full health back at your shared quarters. He took a break from working, allowing Qiqi and Gui to take over the pharmacy in his absence. He laid next to you and toyed with your hair while you rested comfortably in his presence. Qiqi made frequent visits and would often lay between you both. In your eyes, it all felt incredibly domestic. Baizhu felt the same, but he knew that there was nowhere else he’d rather be. He could focus on his research while still enjoying the present moment with you by his side. He was happy, and you were too.
— Xiao felt lost without you. He wanted so badly to protect you, but he knew that his overprotective nature shouldn’t mute the passion you had. He consulted Zhongli for advice, who told him that your shared passion of protecting people was much like how Xiao was. Xiao, of course, was paying off a karmic debt, but he also protected people because he cared. You two were a lot more similar than he initially realized. Zhongli told him to just apologize and hear you out, then try and compromise. He also expressed that you were far more capable than Xiao gave credit for, that even Zhongli credited you as an incredibly capable fighter.
— With that, Xiao pondered for a few days. He fought to protect others as per usual, and a few times, he ran across you. He saw the way you fought, the way your vision manifested elemental power that you used to fight off monsters. He also noticed how you took careful precaution to take care of yourself after every battle. He realized now that Zhongli was right, he’s underestimated you greatly and he felt terrible about it.
— Eventually, he gathered a few Qingxin flowers, and one day when you were on the balcony of Wangshu Inn, he approached you and handed you the flowers. You quietly accepted them with a soft smile, and he stood by your side. He apologized, expressing that he should’ve listened to you. He should’ve known you could protect yourself, but he was just afraid. He’d lost so much before, even lost people that were capable, and he didn’t want to lose you too. You responded with your own apology, expressing that you should’ve been considerate of his past, but that you forgave him. He asked to be by your side again, in which you responded that he didn’t have to ask. You missed him and would love for him to be yours again
— He leaned his head against your shoulder as you both stared out into the open mountains of Liyue. He held your hand and intertwined your fingers, enjoying the comfortable silence before he proposed his idea of a compromise. He wanted to protect you, and you wanted to fight. You also wanted to protect him, so he told you that he’d be honored to fight alongside you. You agreed. It was a good compromise, and it meant spending more time with him.
— Thus began the tales of the Vigilant Yaksha and his equally vigilant partner. The both of you fought together and returned back to the Inn together to enjoy a night spent by each other’s side. He loved you, and now he could help protect you. Having you by his side also kept his mind off of the karmic debt he was fighting for. You were his light in the dark, and he was glad that he didn’t have to worry about losing you too.
— Ganyu had finally taken to taking care of herself again. She realized now why you pushed her to do so. She felt a lot better. She wasn’t as tired, not as stressed, and made sure she didn’t take on more work than she could handle. It was nice not being overwhelmed, but she still missed you despite everything. She wanted another chance so she could show you that she cared about you and your relationship. Having your support meant the world to her.
— She asked Cloud Retainer for advice regarding what to do. The Adeptus told her that she should apologize to you and spend time with you without allowing her attention to falter. She needed to give you her real time and attention so she could show you that she’s improved and wasn’t letting work take over her life anymore. Ganyu took the advice to heart and began planning a date for the two of you.
— Once her plan was set, she sought you out and presented you with a bouquet of flowers and quietly asked you to join her on a date. You had missed her, so you agreed. You walked hand in hand with her as she took you to your favorite restaurant. You two spent a good amount of time chatting over your meals, and once dinner was over, she took you to one of the docks and sat alongside you, staring out at the starry sky.
— Ganyu enjoyed the silence for a bit before turning to you and apologizing. She apologized for neglecting you for her work, and that it took you getting hurt and leaving to notice how unsustainable her lifestyle had been. You accepted her apology, simply glad that she seemed a lot more well rested now. You were happy that she was taking care of herself. Ganyu asked you if you’d have her by your side again, and you agreed. You could tell that things would be different this time.
— Ganyu was overjoyed. She rested her head against you and you wrapped your arms around her. Eventually, she dozed off in your arms and you allowed her to rest. She put a lot of effort into getting you back, and you were flattered. You loved her, and she loved you just as much. She didn’t want to lose you, and as she slept peacefully in your arms, you could tell that there was no place she’d rather be, and the feeling was entirely mutual.
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ceciliafior · 2 days ago
Hiya! I loved the bathe with genshin character so...could you do Zhongli and Venti?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
authors note  ⊱ this fueled my archon-loving brainworms bless
part one of this is here! (diluc & kaeya)
part two of this is here! (xiao, albedo, kazuha)
part three of this is here! (childe)
characters ⊱ zhongli, venti
warnings ⊱ completely safe! please enjoy!
rating ⊱ sfw
Tumblr media
baths with him are relaxed and honey-sweet, with a very profound sense of intimacy
it is something that happens casually, but the experience itself is always meaningful: just because it happens often and without much pretense doesn’t mean it isn’t cherished
zhongli usually initiates, “would you like to wind down in the bath with me?” and it is a suggestion often said after long hours out of the house, tending to errands and business, and all he wants now is to relax into a smaller, comfortable space with you where he can pretend the entire world does not exist, just for a moment, and that it’s only you and him
he’s practical about making sure you both actually get clean, but to him, it’s more about the journey than the destination
he’ll comb his fingers through your soapy scalp, but the touch is soft, slow, and lingering: he does not rush anything about this, his voice is warm and low and his eyes constantly try to catch your gaze
when he washes your skin, it is just as slow; this calm, soothing pace is something that encourages you to reciprocate, to just take this moment and let go, to just relax and let things be
it can get playful, sometimes; he lets out a rusty, warm chuckle when you say something witty, or when you get some bath bubbles smeared at a curious angle on your face
but there’s still something tender about that, too; his laugh ends with a fond smile as his thumb brushes against the damp skin of your cheek, tracing your features with an open adoration
generally, he just likes to sit in the bath with you, tending to each other, making conversation; the appeal to it is that he likes the sanctitude, finding a sense of peace and stillness with you
his eyes always flutter closed whenever you touch him to help him rinse off soap or wash away the wear and tear of his skin, he lets out a deep sigh and makes no attempt to hide the way he slightly arches towards each soft touch of your fingertips
he likes to take turns between tending to you and letting you tend to him; it’s balanced and it brings him a strong sense of togetherness
appreciates special and extra attention to his long hair, and it is noticeably silky-smooth between your hands
he wouldn’t mind a change of pace with taking showers with you instead, but traditional bathtubs are more his preference; these tend to be less intense and have a lighter energy to them
honestly, he’s a little too impatient for a bath, sometimes, he’s more of a shower person
but it’s not really a preference thing, because he loves baths, it’s just he sometimes feel like he doesn’t have time for them, because he likes to do, do, do
he likes bath bombs, he likes different soaps, he’s thrown in flower petals a few times here and there—if you think of it, he’s probably tried it; it’s fun to experiment to see what he likes and try out all sorts of new things, just to find something that he enjoys, as well as explore new options
he has a tendency to sometimes doze in the bath, the heat of it is very relaxing and he just sort of melts into it, so sometimes he ends up staying in there for a few hours longer than he expected
bathing with you is more of a playful, light-hearted experience: he will eagerly share some of his ‘knowledge’ on bath products, as well as the ones he actually owns, but there’s probably only like two or three he still has left because he’s poor and runs out of things all the time
he likes to pull you in with an enthusiastic smile, eagerly pressing damp kisses to your face and laughing through apologies when he accidentally gets some soap on your lips
but the best bath experience in his opinion is being pampered
he likes to be taken care of; it’s... been a really long time since someone has really cared about him enough to touch him like this, to laugh with him like this, to make him stop and let the facade die so he can just be himself, not what everyone expects him to be
it’s almost heartbreakingly sweet, when you soap up his hair for him and rinse it out between your fingers, taking care of him with gentle, soft touches that have him oddly silent and somewhat flustered
but it’s a quiet flustered; he flushes softly on his skin and averts his eyes, swallowing back thick emotion that’s building up in his throat
when your hand ghosts over his chest, right above his heartbeat, he’s nearly afraid you’ll hear how it’s wrenching and thundering behind his ribs
easily becomes lazy and lethargic after being taken care of like that, he becomes more relaxed and loose-muscled, but now he’s sappy and he has feelings and so he’s going to kiss you, right now
he’ll return the favor, happily scrubbing your scalp while trying to make you laugh, doing his best to circumnavigate the well of emotions building and bubbling in his chest, because truthfully, he’s just one step away from tearing up from how loving you are, and how grateful he is to experience that
he’d love to shower with you, but he might get distracted through most of it because he’s eager to cling onto you, kiss you, and try to make you crack a smile or give him one of your sweet laughs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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adeptus-temptations · a day ago
—supreme deity
genre; questionable fluff
content; devout-worshipper!venti x gn!higher-deity!reader
wc; 1515
being someone of a higher deity, it was of no surprise that you wielded a considerable amount of power. being able to destroy and create worlds with just the flick of your finger, you were a well-known individual even amongst your fellow gods and goddesses. you never enjoyed stepping out of your realm and even if you did, it was just for a brief moment to visit close friends.
although you had created many other worlds with just a sliver of your power, those worlds could not hold your attention for very long. whether you created them out of boredom or simply for entertainment, you still frequently watched over them if only to make sure that they didn't drive themselves to extinction. but even if they did, you didn't make a single move to prevent it. it was interesting to see the cause and effect of creatures' actions, whether or not they kept themselves going for eons or just several decades were all up to themselves.
you had your attendants keep close eyes on worlds you didn't care that much about and you personally kept an eye on those you did care about, which was solely one world, teyvat. of course, there may be some favouritism playing in considering you had one of your loyal subjects within teyvat, but whether or not that rumour is true or not is up to you.
your eyes drifted from the confines of your room towards the table in front of you, letting out a yawn as you did so. usually, nobody except for him would've dared to talk to you, and thus you spent these several thousand years bored and alone. you normally wouldn't have simply just let any of your subjects randomly enter and leave a world at their own accord, but he was a special story.
"perhaps i should pay him a special visit…"
nimble fingers gently plucked at the lyre in his arms, an unfamiliar song that he hasn’t played in eons echoing throughout the lush green forest around. the melodious sound rang clearly, with several creatures shuffling towards the bard who’s hair was glowing a faint neon green. with each rise and fall of his chest and with each tug at the lyre’s strings, a content smile slowly grew on his face.
he loved to perform for the masses, to use music to spread joy and happiness, but he had never played this specific song for anybody else other than you. it was the first song you taught him on the lyre, the first and only song. although he was meant to be the subordinate and you, his master, your relationship was more alike to friends than a master-servant relationship.
he was created from you and molded for you. you adored listening to music, so he learned how to play the instruments for you. you loved the lyre, so he learned to love it as well. even as mischievous as he once was as a wind spirit—as disobedient as he was—you'd never once punished him, and he always thanked you for your tolerance.
the turquoise coloured notes slowed to a stop as he stopped playing, reverent eyes humbly meeting the person's sitting in front of them.
"you did well, venti." a flutter of pride arose in his chest at your praise. with a light smile and the curl of your fingers, you gestured for him to approach you. "it seems that your skills haven't deteriorated since the last time i saw you."
his lyre was swiftly forgotten from his mind as it disappeared in a burst of anemo and reappeared as the anemo vision that hung around his hip. but upon hearing the latter part of your words, he shook his head feverishly, protesting lightly, "of course not, my grace. i would never disappoint you."
the corner of your lips curled into a teasing smile, "of course not, venti. you are, after all, my most loyal subject and friend."
when the palm of your hand met his rosy cheeks, he felt like he was going back in time, when he held no power until you decided to bless him with yours. the warmth that seeped into his fragile body, the strength that situated itself within him, it was something he had never forgotten.
he drops to his knees, uncaring of the dirt that stained his knees and clothes, delicately placing his chin atop of your knees and looking up at you with that familiar look of worship. he looks at you as though you've hung the stars and moon, as though the moon was made out of every breath that left your chest.
haloed by the sun behind you, you felt nothing more than a mirage to him. even as your fingers brushed at his cheeks, teasingly pinching them occasionally and confirming that yes, it was reality, this moment didn't feel real. and if it wasn't, he would willingly beg for the dream to just go on a bit longer, for him to savour your warmth just a bit longer.
he shuts his eyes, body relaxing as he leaned into your touch, your deft fingers undoing the braids he had carefully weaved his hair into, but he didn't care much, if at all. he knew that you would offer to braid it back, and what kind of loyal follower would he be if he denied his god of something they wanted. of course, he always leaves out the convenient fact that he selfishly wanted to spend more time with you.
he stayed in that position for an unknown number of time. by your grace, you must've understood that it would feel uncomfortable if he continued kneeling, so you let him sit on a soft cushion as he continued to let you play with his hair. in the past, you would've simply let him go if you felt that he was uncomfortable, but the moment you looked into his twinkling aqua green eyes and pouty lips, you grew soft.
he knew for a fact that you weren't the most… soft-hearted person, nor did you particularly bother to confine yourself to the rights and wrongs of mortal beings. if you wanted to do something, nobody would be able to stop you, but perhaps even an unshakable god like you had your weaknesses. time can soften even the most cold-hearted of individuals after all.
by the time the creatures of the day had retreated and the moon had arisen, you let him go with slight reluctance. you didn't know whether your presence would subtly change this world in any way, but you figured that it would be unwise should you stay in this world for too long.
"my grace, if you would listen to me…"
he seemed nervous, you noted.
"is there anything you need, venti?"
you asked, your words a silent acquiesce to his request.
"don't you think mondstadt is pretty?"
you raised an eyebrow at his eager expression, "yes, it is. and the reason you asked is because…" you were merely teasing him, as usual. how could you not when he made himself so prone to it?
"well, wouldn't it be fun if we both explored mondstadt together? i'm sure you'd make great friends with dvalin!"
silently, you turned a blind eye to his rapidly reddening cheeks and lightly tilted your head towards the sky. the pale crescent moon shone like a silvery claw in the night sky while the stars shone as sugar spilt over black marble, glistening in the night sky. it was a stunning sight, but you didn't have the time to dwell on its beauty.
a rational god would've refused politely. after all, how could they stay even if they knew they had the chance to slightly influence the world?
a more hard hearted god would've refused outright. after all, how dare a mere spirit ask something from their deity?
a normal god wouldn't have even descended upon a mortal plane in the first place. after all, why should they dirty themselves with the affairs of mortals?
but you are none of those gods, and you are kind to those you trust, which included him. and you suppose it makes sense, you haven't seen each other in centuries apart from the occasional letter every few years, so wouldn't it make sense for him to miss you as well?
and venti waits for your answer silently and confidently. he knows how much his god favours him, and the fact that he's standing before you, imbued with your energy within the realm that you created only served to drive that fact in further. this is a privilege none has been bestowed with except for him, and he takes great pride in knowing that. and that is precisely why he knows you won't refuse.
you never have.
"well…" you start unsurely, a rare look on you for you have always been so self assured. "maybe i will stay, just for a short while…"
and he smiles brightly, sweetly, and it overshadows the bewitching sight of the starry night above.
Tumblr media
@tartagliaxx i finally finished this piece thanks to your encouragement! love ya, lei <3
i got inspired by @myuni-moon and @wisteriaisekai 's self aware au, but then i thought, what if reader rlly did create teyvat and this came out of it. ngl, i debated writing abt zhongli being the worshipper but lore, lore, lore, galore.
i don't even think it's within the realm of the self aware au, or is it? i have no idea anymore
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weavingmemory · 20 hours ago
may malewife thoma compel you 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thoma relationship hcs | gender neutral
Tumblr media
✧ To be honest you pretty much hit jackpot if you manage to nab Thoma for yourself, good for you! You got yourself a man who wllingly wants to do housechores and enjoys it.
✧ You’re gonna act like an elderly couple whose been married for 30 years. He gives off those relationship vibes. Cooking? Cleaning? Knitting? Gosh you’re married, not dating.
✧ He’s just the sweetest man? If you’re the type to not be good at housechores and rather enjoy being outdoors exploring Inazuma, he’s got a lunch box wrapped beautifully in a different cloth each day ready for your daily expeditions with a note inside to give you some motivation. 
✧ If you rather stay inside the Yashiro comission and do your own work, he’s got a cup of tea ready for you that he brings every few hours, and will also gently coax you to take a break by walking around with him.
✧ Let’s you be the taste tester for any new food he’s trying out or whenever he’s making dinner because it puts a smile on his face to see you enjoy his food so much. 
✧ He’s grateful for any help you may offer him with his work, whether that be helping him clean or cook, or go into town for some errands with him. He will often times be done faster than you and then proceed do to your own work too with a smile. If you really think this man gonna get distracted by you working with him you’re wrong.
✧ He’s aware of the rumours around him in the castle, and he’s also aware about how you’re the type to charge in and probably bash someones head into the concrete wall upon hearing it. Often than not, if he happens to see someone glance over at him, he will usher you apart from them to not let you hear what they have to say about him.
✧ You’re also painfully aware about his own reputation amongst the guards and what kind of misinformation that’s being spread about him. He will tell you that he doesn’t mind and it and that you should brush it off. But you do notice how his arms around you will grip you a bit tighter if you cradle his head into your chest. He will stay in that position for a bit, just to recharge and dismiss the negative thoughts as well.
✧ Knits you anything and everything, you have a small collection of scarves and sweaters he’s made you and you often wear it as well. Makes him really happy when he meets you the next morning and sees you adorning a new piece of garment he had knitted for you. 
✧ Brings you to the animals near the city for you to play around with them. Slightly offended at the cats for taking a liking to you faster than they did to him. After numerous trips, he’s considering adopting a cat or dog for the two of you to take care of. people say the first child is usually a dog or a cat
✧ His hugs are very warm and secure. It’s also his go-to method to relax whenever he’s having a hard day or there’s just too much work to do. He will often pat you on the head and give you a kiss on the cheek and you will know he will need some of those good old hugs that rejuvenates him ouo)9. 
✧ Prefers to be the little spoon. Tangling his legs with yours and burying his face into the nape of your neck while he lets you brush your hands through his hair. Sometimes will kiss or blow at your neck to make you jump and laugh. 
✧ When he’s knitting and you’re in the same room, he will walk up to you and place himself behind you. Then he will cross his legs over your torso and bring his arms around your body and essentially lock you between his legs before propping his chin on your shoulder and continue to knit whatever he’s planning on making this time. You’re stuck there, and often times you will just fall asleep like that.
✧ Kisses with Thoma are either rushed or deep and slow. There’s no in between. When he’s working in the day and the two of you cross paths, he will give you a quick kiss either on the cheek, forehead temple, nose or on the mouth with a quick: “Love you,” before he’s rushing down the hall.
✧ His slow kisses usually happens during the night or early mornings, because that’s when he’s free from work and housechores (most of the time). The two of you share a room, being the newlyweds you are. He will cup your cheek, softly brush his thumb along it and stare at you for a good second with a look full of adoration.
✧ He will start by kissing your neck, making you laugh a bit before proceeding to kiss your jaw, the shell of your ear and then your temples. He will then place a long kiss on your forehead and pull back and will whisper a very quiet: “I love you,” before bringing his lips down to your own. He does this for a long time, whispering that he loves you between every kiss with a smile.
✧ Lets you hoard the blanket. You become a burrito and he will just hug you from the outside, enough warmth like that. 
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qowerp · a day ago
helo, can i req domestic headcanons for thoma, kazuha and ayato? tysm have a great day :D
Thank you for requesting anon! Have a good day also.
Tw: (not proofread)
Tumblr media
Domestic hcs
Tumblr media
Every morning, Thoma will be that lover who will make you breakfast in bed, your breakfast consisting of your favorites with some milk or orange juice on the side. He'll wake you up by gently shaking you, his lips making contact on your forehead as he whispers a gentle good morning love.
Seeing as Thoma is a fixer in Inazuma and also the housekeeper for the Kamisato clan, he's definitely busy running around Inazuma or accompanying Ayaka.
If he got any free time expect him to do some spring cleaning in your home while you're away. You will come home to a Thoma who's sitting on the couch tiredly while knitting you a scarf for the upcoming winter. Malewife
Of course, Thoma ain't the only one who's gonna do the chores in this household. Thoma thinks doing chores with you is the most fun and intimate, while doing the laundry Thoma will cheekily put the bubbles on your and his head, his form bowing as he kiss your hands like a loyal knight to his royalty. "I exist for your majesty only." Your giggles and his laughter echoes throughout your house.
Tumblr media
Kazuha will take you with him on his adventures, this man doesn't like staying in one place. He’s a free spirit, he will take your hand with his as the two of you travel across nations. His head turning back to you with a soft smile as you guys walk along the path of Mondstadt.
With how many times you've been in the Alcor, Beidou now treats you as part of her crew. Her hands patting your head as she smiled at you brightly, Kazuha looks at you with so much adoration that Beidou can't help but whisper at another crew about how smitten Kazuha is.
After the vision hunt decree and the sakoku decree was lifted, You and Kazuha will definitely tour around. He misses his home so much and will show you around his favorite and amazing places he likes in Inazuma, I can see him introducing you to Tomo. His form sitting on his friend's grave as he talks on and on about you, the wind gently encouraging him to continue.
Tumblr media
Ayato will leave small notes on the bedside table every time he needs to leave early, his notes include his schedule for the day and the time he will get home, after every note he writes small quotes that's different every day.
He will definitely drag you with him on his meetings, his fingers playing with your thighs as he listens to complaints, after the meetings he will whisk you away to komore teahouse, his arms pulling you close to his arms.
Your fingers patting his silvered hair, "I thought you were gonna invite Thoma?"
A hum escapes his lips as he nuzzled into your neck, "I'm tired, I just wanna be with you right now."
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gensimp-impact · a day ago
Xiao soulmate au
(Literally any of the many soulmate aus there’s so many possibilities)
But he rejects you as his soulmate
And disappears
And you’re of course torn to shreds because of that
But xiaos thoughts eventually drift to you as time passes
And there’s mild regret
But he buries it
Until one day
The color disappears
And xiao literally goes cold
Because color disappearing
Means death
And you died because he was never there to protect you
- 🧶
Characters: xiao
Warnings: mentions od death, being ignored
Pronouns used: they/them
☕ omg 🧶 nonnie, pls don't kill me for taking 100 years lol
Tumblr media
· Xiao’s been around for ages, a soulmate is the last thing on his mind, especially if it’s something that basically binds him to another person. He doesn’t care whether or not his sight changes when he meets you, to him colors mean nothing and bring no joy when he’s suffered for years.
· Anything you do to acknowledge will be rejected, he doesn’t care and he wants you to get that through your head. It doesn’t matter what food you bring him, how many times you call him, he will never show up because he only listens to the traveler, they are what holds his number one priority.
· He’ll do anything to get you away, even if that means being harsh will his words.
· And then, you do leave and he has nothing to say, somewhere in his heart, he feels a twinge of regret but he pushes it away.
· Sometimes, he sits down to think that..maybe it was a mistake to send you away. Afterall, if he hadn’t met you, he would have never seen the way glaze lilies looked or how bright Liyue looked now that he could see color.
· A privilege that was taken away from him once again.
· The moment his sight goes back to the familiar colours of black and grey, he goes cold.
· You, the very reason he knew what the world looked like was gone and he did nothing for you. He didn’t even acknowledge you, not when you brought him trinkets, not when you sought him out to spend time with you, in fact he chose to ignore you for the traveller right in front of your face and he was beyond horrified.
· What if he was the reason you left, what if you suffered before you left? Whatever it was, there was nothing he could do you save you and it was nobody else’s fault but his.
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th9ma · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
note: hi, kori here! i just wanted to say a big thank you for 1k :)) it’s a big milestone that i’ve never hit before and i’m super excited so i decided to do a little event to celebrate!
synopsis: dilf genshin characters and milf readers everywhere basically! pls enjoy <3 (there is no dc in any of my works)
characters: genshin male characters <3
contains: afab!fem!reader, nsfw (16+ pls), breeding kinks, size kinks, age gaps (tame/not alarming), (more specific tags in the actual fics/hcs)
Tumblr media
you are welcome to suggest a male genshin character as long as you give me a scenario that fits my prompt (dilf character/milf reader/etc) :) repeats are also okay as long as i like the idea !!
Tumblr media
#1 milf fucker (arataki itto x milf!reader)
you cant help but get worried when your son mentions that he befriended the mysterious demon man he sees on the way home everyday from school
my lovely housewife (soon to be milf & dilf diluc x reader)
you love your husband — but you can’t help feeling invisible around him at times, so what better way to fix that than taking matters into your own hands?
apartment problems (xiao x milf!reader)
next door neighbours (childe x milf!reader)
guilty conscience (dilf!zhongli x reader)
house helper (thoma x milf!reader)
p*ssy killer (dilf!ayato x reader)
untitled (albedo x milf!reader)
more titles soon!! (still undecided)
Tumblr media
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ohmykazuha · 3 days ago
♡ 𝐚 𝐨𝐧𝐞-𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬:diluc x gn!reader
♡ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: angst <3
♡ 𝐚/𝐧: shitty mood at the end of the night = angst. enjoy! bon appetit! <3 | like/rb if you liked this!
Tumblr media
"Diluc, what do you mean?"
“You actually thought I loved you?” Diluc asked, harshly looking down on you. What a fool.
W-What?! Please be a joke, please let it be a joke! You thought. Had it just been one-sided all this time? Just a joke? A prank, a false love?
"You're... you're kidding, right?" You exhaled shakily, turning to look up at him with tears filling your eyes. How could he? Everything you had, you gave. You gave him the rawest love, the best love, you had ever given someone. And to think he never reciprocated it at all?
"(Y/N). Our parents forced us to marry. It was an arranged marriage, I've never loved you... since the start." He replied, not meeting your tear-filled eyes. How did you not know? His parents had ripped away the true love of his life and replaced her with... you.
Tears rolled down your cheeks – you buried your head in your hands, trying to escape the condescending stare of Diluc. He already saw you as weak, you didn't need to give him a reason to dislike you more!
As much as you tried to distract yourself from it, the heartbreaking fact that he didn't love you was inevitable. A cold feeling pooled in the bottom of your stomach, adding salt into each wound that cut you from his words.
You hated it.
You hated him.
"I see. Consider this contract.. terminated, Mr Ragnvindr." You looked at Diluc harshly, gathering your things off the bed. "I'll come to collect my things tomorrow."
Tumblr media
weeeeeeee enjoy :D. like and reblog if you liked this please!
taglist: @bookuya, @mikachuchu, @starglitterz, @cherubbic, @noirkkat, @the-gayest-sky-kid, @ajaxeology, @icecappa, @almondoufu, @gnyuvile, @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst. @simplyxsinned, @heaven-dissolution, @xiaoyksa, @yua1106, @geolatt3u, @mayple, @rim0na, @kamitoge, @abyssheart, @hushyouu, @thaliastea
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genshindreamer · 2 days ago
hello! how are you doing? 😊
i’d love to request general hcs for Ayaka, Hu Tao and Ei and how they’d react to being woken up with a kiss in the morning :)
Being Woken up with a kiss (Headcanons)
Characters: Ayaka, Hu Tao, Ei
Warnings: Kissing, and I had way too much fun with Hu Tao
And I’m doing great Anon, I'm heading to Texas for about two weeks to see my dads Girlfriend who he denies is his girlfriend.
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
Ayaka was usually up long before you were
But that didn’t mean she never slept in
Usually Sunday’s were the days she’d sleep in
So You made sure to be awake before her
You watched her sleep and planted a small, delicate kiss to her lips. 
She would always smile when you did this
It made her day just that much better!
“Hmmm? (Name)?” She asked, her voice laced with sleep. 
“Good morning, Ayaka.” you said softly. 
“Morning (Name).” She smiled warmly
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
Hu Tao
For one, good luck
See, you don’t share a bed because she kicks...HARD
She is a very restless sleeper until she finally does fall asleep, then you might need a canon to wake her up. 
Or Zhongli
Anyway, you shared a room, but not a bed 
(You got a black eye once and that was when you decided to sleep on separate beds)
You don’t have to try very hard to be awake before her. 
You decided to try waking her up in a new way (Before you’d bust out the ol’ airhorn)
Maybe she would actually wake up to a kiss
You braced yourself as you walked to your girlfriends bed, air horn on standby. You watched her sleep, chuckling softly. 
Zhongli was looking for her as it was almost noon and he had been running the funeral parlor single-handedly, and frankly, he was starting to get a little short tempered. Sure, it was in that refined way of his, but Zhongli only had so much patience . 
You leaned over Hu Tao and bent down, kissing her like the prince to the princess...just not nearly as creepy. 
Hu Tao naturally wrapped her arms around you and pulled you down. 
“Morning (Name)!” She grinned
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
Lets make one thing clear...this only happens if Ei has you in her plane
The Shogun doesn’t sleep
Ei herself also doesn’t sleep
But she does meditate
And occasionally, she will forget you are there and will fall into a heavy meditative state
Its quite hard to pull her out of said state, but you always had a solution
You walked to your purple haired maiden, smiling seeing her in her heavy meditative state. You had come for a visit using a trinket she had given you that would grant you access to her plane of Euthymia. 
You approached her and stood before her, leaning in close and kissing her soft lips. 
She fluttered her eyes open. “Oh, hello (name).”
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genshinlover101 · a day ago
hii!! i would like to request something<3!, so i don't know if you done this but, can you do some raiden shogun headcannons or, shogun being clingy because they're tired? (like just a lot of fluff lmfao). i hope you don't mind doing this! i hope you have a great day/night. thanks<33
Character: Raiden Shogun
Warnings: Slightly elusive to nsfw?
A/n: Thank you, thank you! Surprisingly I haven’t done this yet? I’ve done a cuddling headcannon similar in a way?
Tumblr media
• Being a puppet Raiden rarely slept, if she did it’s to feign humanity. Ei, however, already spending decades in a state of meditation sleeps like a baby when given a proper environment.
• Ei will cling onto you but only when she’s super tired and desperate. Fun fact I believe Ei is one of those people who can’t sleep without holding onto something whether if it’s a pillow, blanket, or better yet you.
• A more angsty answer to this is that she clings to things from the trauma of losing her loved ones in the past. She in return sub-consciously clings onto you like you’ll leave her someday for some reason.
• When Ei isn’t tired but it’s still bedtime, she’ll just sleep without you to be honest. Don’t expect much because nothing will stop this woman from her casual slumbers.
• She’ll love it if her clinginess isn’t one-sided. While you’re cuddling if you squeeze her back, she’ll appreciate it because she’ll feel as if her feelings are reciprocated. 
• When you’re clingy during bedtime she admittedly finds it a little annoying. But how can you contain yourself when she always looks like that. The way her nightgown draped over her body, you craved contact between the two of you.
You were brushing your teeth and washing your face and preparing to retire for the day. Ei who was already ready was watching you through the large door frame, leaning on the side with her arms folded. 
“You’re already so beautiful, come to bed okay?” She whines. She approaches you and links onto your arm which was splashing away in the sink. “Come on,” she tugs slightly.
“You know the more you cling on to me the slower I go,” You threaten. You couldn’t afford to miss out on your nightly routine, unlike Ei, your skin wasn’t flawless and your teeth couldn’t be replaced so easily from cavities. Nevertheless, she tugs some more.
“What if I command you to go quicker, you cannot refuse a direct order from the Shogun.” you look over at her, enticing you possibly with her body. Her robes were too revealing for her own good, and all you felt was the familiar soft squish against your bare arm. 
“Ah- you’re way too naughty. Go meet me on the bed I promise this is the last step.” You point her away to control your urges and she complies with a pout.
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teyvattwriter · a day ago
Genshin Boys Kissing you to Shut You Up
Tumblr media
❧ Anon asked: Hello there could I please request a headcannon for Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli where their s/o is ranting about something/someone and the boys kiss their s/o on the lips to shut them up and calm them down? Thank you and have a great day!!!💕
❧ Genre: fluff
❧ Includes: Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli
❧ Warnings: kissing, being interrupted
❧ A/N: I’ve been very much enjoying all the requests I’ve been getting! They’re so good
~※ Main Masterlist ※~
Tumblr media
Kaeya loves to tease you but he also just loves to kiss you. So things like this is his favorite. He gets to have a little fun with you while getting kisses from you.
Tumblr media
Kaeya watched you talk about some gossip you heard from a friend of yours. His mind was to preoccupied with his desire to lean over and feel your lips against his. Eventually, his desires took over and he kissed your lips. You attempted to pull away but Kaeya held you close to him. You tried to talk but he continued to peck your lips between your words.   
“I’m trying to talk!”
“I’m sorry. I just can’t help myself sometimes,” he laughed 
Tumblr media
Childe does this shit so frequently. The boy just sometimes gets distracted by your lips while you’re talking and just has the overwhelming urge to kiss you.
Tumblr media
You were talking about a coworker of yours to Childe and you were just so passionate. You were so animated with your words and Childe couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. Mid sentence, he just leaned over and pressed his lips to yours. You let him kiss you but eventually pushed him away when he started to get caught up in the kiss.
“Did you just seriously interrupt me with a kiss?”
“Yes,” he sighed dreamily
You stared at your boyfriend as he rested his chin on his hand. He stared back at you with such a dreamy look in his eyes.
“You look like a lovestruck fool,” you laughed 
“Maybe I am~”
“Well, you are definitely a fool,” you joked 
Tumblr media
I don’t really see Zhongli doing something like this since he hates to interrupt you while your talking but he’ll do it for your own good if he has to.
Tumblr media
You were talking about something that happened recently that made you very upset. Tears hung at the corners of your eyes threatening to spill down your cheeks the moment you stopped talking. Zhongli could see how upset you were and absolutely hated it. He desperately wanted to make you feel better and calm you down. He did the first thing he could think of which was kissing your lips. 
Your whole body relaxed and a few tears slipped down your face as Zhongli held you close to him. Feeling you relax into his embrace eased Zhongli’s mind and he pulled away when you seemed much calmer. 
“I’m sorry I interrupted you, my dear,” he apologized, “I just couldn’t stand seeing you so upset.”  
“It’s alright. I actually really needed that,” you smiled
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moontofuu · 2 days ago
arataki itto splash art leak + a new set perfect for him(?) ft. details for his kit:
from @genshin_intel on twt
A new artifact set seems to be the best suited build for him.
Husk of Opulent Dreams
2pc: DEF +30%
4pc: The on-field character's Geo damage grants +6% DEF and +6% Geo damage, up to one stack every 0.3s, for a maximum of 4 stacks. When off-field, one stack is gained per 3s. When new stacks are not gained, the buff loses one stack every 6s.
Tumblr media
Arataki itto splash art:
Tumblr media
Arataki Itto details:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sweet-flower-dreams · a day ago
Hey-I loved the Klee matchmaker one sm-is it alright if I request for another scenario but with Mona,Ganyu,Keqing and Yoimiya-hope I didn’t ask too much-don’t feel pressured to completely it you can take as long as you like just remember to take care!! :)
A/N: im a little tired so idk if this one is as good as the other, sorry 😭
Mona and Klee have a “strange” friendship
So when Klee notices how much time you spend with her, she’s a little conflicted
“… she’s nice and all, but she never explained why she wanted my box!!” she thinks
But that’s besides the point
Klee wants you to be happy!! So she’ll tell Mona there’s someone offering free housing…
And boom, Mona is at your front door
Does she know Klee gave her your address? Nope!
When she sees you behind the door, she’s really surprised
Klee is watching a little ways a way, giggling to herself and making sure you go through with the plan >:))
I mean, technically, if you two date… it’s free housing AND food right?
But jokes aside, Mona actually really likes you!! She’s secretly thankful to Klee because she wouldn’t say anything ever
Before you even told klee that you kinda liked Ganyu, she thought you two would be adorable together
She knows Ganyu will take really good care of you, so she’s more than happy to push you along
“Ms. Ganyu! Hi!! Y/N says they have some busness to talk to you!!” (Klee speech <333)
Ganyu rushes to find you, thinking somethings wrong
Turns out you’re waiting with flowers and a heartwarming confession for her awww
She just hugs you, bc she isn’t sure how else to respond to something so sweet !
Klee joins the hug too, since she’s BASICALLY ur lil sister so she deserves a part in this too
It’s was REALLY hard for Klee to think of a way to get you both together !!
Keqing is so busy all the time, and you’re too shy to go find her yourself
So Klee basically asked Ganyu to tell Keqing there was something weird going on at ur house
And Keqing showed up in record time!!
“What’s going on? Any suspicious figures?”
Lets ignore her blush while she talks, right?
Klee says “Yeah! Y/N always blushes when she talks about you!!”
Keqing is kinda,,, unsure of what to say???
But you looking at her so expectantly? She can’t help but just say “Well, they should come with me so I can… investigate.”
So awkward but adorable <3
When you introduced Klee to Yoimiya, they got along SO well !!!
Klee loves seeing you hang out with her bc her older sibling figure is obviously in love w her
“Hehe, Yoimiya! Y/N wants you to show them how to make fireworks!”
Yoimiya is a bit suspicious, since you never really showed interest
But none the less, she’s happy to show you!
Klee gave you the idea to make her a firework shaped like a heart for her,
And Yoimiya loved it SO MUCH
She thought it was adorable that you wanted to learn an entire new process to ask her out
How could she say no to such a cutie like you?
For @little-chaos-bitch hehe :3
Klee hangs out with Kaeya whenever Albedo is busy
So she heard from him first that he likes youuu
She went to interrogate you about it, and she got the answer she expected !!
“Hehe… Yknow Y/N… Kaeya likes you !! He said it himself, you should ask him to go on a date with you”
You don’t really believe her, but nonetheless, you really wanted to believe there was a chance that kaeya liked you
So you asked him,
“Hey Kaeya, is there.. I don’t know… anyone you’re into? Like, romantically?”
“I don’t know, love. How about you tell me?”
he makes it so obvious… but he tells you for good measure!!
“I suppose there is someone… and they happen to be right in front of me~”
well played, mr calvary captain.
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fischlel · a day ago
╰───►❝Are you new here?❞🌸 pt.2
Sypnosis: After you got hit by a truck, you teleported to a new dimension. A genshin x isekai'ed reader hc/headcanon (MALE EDITION pt. 2) Characters: Aether and Tartaglia A/N: Wrote this at 11:53 pm while procrastinating studying biology. The Tartaglia one's from an asmr I stumbled upon. (Check out riikami's yt channel!) I'll also be writing the female edition after I finish my bio test tomorrow.
Tumblr media
How you two met “Are you from another world?”
- Paimon would be confused but not surprised.
- You explained to them your current situation and they would kind of understand?
- “traveler, since you went to thousands of worlds, you must know a lot about her world!” “Actually Paimon, believe it or not, I’ve never been to her world before.” “huh? So there are more than a thousand worlds?!” “Yeah, I guess so…”
When yall are friends
“Video games?”
- When you told him about them being in a video game, he would be confused and paimon won’t be functioning well.
- He would be really curious about it.
- If you tell him about him having fans in your world, he would be flattered. You can see a faint blush in his cheeks. It's cute.
“You’re quite the gem~”
- You met him in the woods.
- “Who’s there?”
- When you decided to show yourself, he was kind of shocked to see a pretty person.
- He would ask why you’re here in the woods and you explain what happened to you.
- He’ll bring you with him to his camp area (or something). He’s also planning to show you to the tsaritsa.
When yall are friends
“Really? I have fans from your world?”
- Would constantly ask you about your world.
- When you tell him about him having fans, he’s basically Kaeya.
- Would definitely call you a gem or girlie.
- Would constantly tell you about his plans of conquering the world.
Tumblr media
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adeptxs-xiao · 2 days ago
𝐍𝐏𝐂 𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐤; 𝐃𝐚𝐲 𝟕 - 𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐜𝐭 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐲
Tumblr media
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫/𝐬: Electro Cicin Mage/GN reader
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠/𝐬: NSFW Content; Porn without plot; impact play (spanking); hate sex(?); sadistic reader/sub character; dumbification (?); genitalia slapping
𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞: Late again. Sorry, been busy. But I hope to make the women’s week today. <3
Tumblr media
“Maybe this,” a harsh slap echoes in the room as the woman squirms in her spot. You couldn’t care less though; this is her punishment for ratting you out. “... will teach you to shut the fuck up.” You palm her ass cheeks, red from each hit you’ve landed on her plump butt. “Yeah, let’s hope so...” you spank her ass even harder, grunting quietly as she jerks in response.
She bites into the cloth that muffles her cries; she’s shaking slightly, her elbows and knees sore from having been put in such a weird position. With wrists tied to the foot of the bed, there is very little she could do when forced onto her knees, a pillow beneath her hips that keeps her ass in the air. You, of course, had to have perfect access to her cute rump, after all.
Her cute ass was the star of the show tonight; cherry red from being spanked, you’re still unsatisfied. One particular hit has her crying harder, hips jerking into the pillow. She starts humping the pillow wildly, enough so that you’re left baffled at the possibility of her cumming. “You dirty litte bitch... did you cum?” Reaching for her hair, you pull her head back, forcing her to look up at you. She’s since discarded her blindfold, looking up at you with those teary eyes.
You force the gag out of her mouth, ignoring the strings of saliva connecting it to her lips. “Did you really just fucking cum from that?” You’re a bit surprised, almost disappointed but when she nods weakly at you, you can’t help but scoff, a sadistic look spreading across your face. “Aren’t you just a pathetic little thing?” You lean down enough to have your face mere inches from hers. “You can’t even fucking speak; is slapping your ass all I need to do to shut you up, hmm?” You tighten your grip around her hair before you flip her on her back.
“Spread your legs.” You command and she complies in a heartbeat; the pillow is stained from her release, a wet patch forming on it. That would be a pain to clean but you don’t pay much attention to it. “Look at that...” your hands slide from her knees to her thighs, rubbing just by her pussy and chuckling lowly just as you watch her jump at the harsh slap to her inner thighs. “Since you wanna cum without letting me know....” A choked cry comes from her throat, eyes rolling to the back of her head as she grips the sheets tight. Your fingers plunge inside her cunt with a small purr; sadistic, perhaps, but how could you not be? With a face like that... she’s just asking for more.
Your fingers move skillfully in and out her wet cunt, a soft and deep chuckle rumbling through your chest as you press your nose against her cheek. “Let’s make you cum again and again, yeah?” Your fingers betray the gentle tone of your voice, slipping out of her pussy as you land hit after hit upon her cunt, enjoying the way she jumps at your touch. You’ll then slip them back into her, not even being gentle as you thrust your fingers deep, curling them into her soft spot.
“Make you into the dumbest cumming mess before me....” you purr against her skin, eyes gazing at how your fingers dive in and out of her cunt, the lewd noises filling the room. “Cry all you want, until you’re throat’s sore, mkay?”
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