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#genshin imagines
teyvattwriter · 2 days ago
Genshin Boys Wanting Your Attention
Tumblr media
❧ Genre: fluff and slightly suggestive in Kaeya’s 
❧ Includes: Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Thoma
❧ Warnings: slight teasing, kissing
❧ A/N: this was originally gonna be something else but it sorta just turned into this lmaoo I’m not mad at it
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Tumblr media
You sat at the table, your focus was entirely on the papers in front of you. You were so concentrated that you didn't hear Kaeya coming up behind you. You jumped when you felt him place his hand on your shoulder.
"Sorry sweetheart," he chuckled “How’re you doing?”
"I think I'll be done soon," you sighed
"That's good."
"Yeah, I think I'll only need like…2 hours.”
"2 hours? That's quite long sweetheart.”
You only hummed sadly in response. You continued to work practically ignoring Kaeya's presence. He hated seeing you work yourself to the bone without taking a second for yourself. He also was feeling rather selfish and wanted your attention all to himself. It didn't take him long to think up a fool-proof plan that would get you away from your work and into his arms.
You could feel Kaeya's warm breath fanning your neck. You tried to ignore it but his face kept creeping closer. His lips pressed a soft kiss to the side of your neck. You shifted slightly in your seat but didn't react. Kaeya was rather impressed with your self control but he knew you couldn't last much longer. He trailed wet kisses all along your skin occasionally stopping to suck red marks. You let out a small whimper.
"I think you need to take a break.”
"Come on, baby. Come relax with me.”
You cursed Kaeya in your head. He was seducing you into neglecting your work and you were falling for it. You let him take your hand and lead you into the bedroom where you could take your much needed break.
Tumblr media
Childe groaned for the 5th time in the last 10 minutes. You knew he was trying to get your attention but you needed to get this work done. You continued to ignore him and he was not having it. 
“Babeeeeee,” he whined, “You’ve been working for so longggg.”
“I have to get this done.”
“But you’re neglecting your boyfriend.”
You looked over at him and laughed at the large pout on his lips. You got up from your seat and walked over to where Childe sat. You kissed his pouty lips holding his face in your hands. You pulled away much quicker than he would’ve liked. 
“Let me finish my work then I’ll give you all my attention.”
“Nope,” his arms wrapped around your waist, “I’m not letting you.”
“Childe please-”
You struggled to get out of his grasp but he used all his strength to keep you in place. He stood up and easily tossed you over his shoulder. You wriggled around trying to get him to let you go but he held on to you tightly. 
“Seriously, I need to work,” you attempted to escape yet again
“No you don’t. You need to give your boyfriend some attention!”
He gently tossed you down on your bed. Before you had the chance to run away again, Childe plopped down on the bed and laid down on you. 
“You’re crushing me.”
“You’re fine,” he cuddled up against you, “If you give me the attention I require I might let you get up.”
Tumblr media
Zhongli watched you work diligently without uttering a single word. You couldn't remember how long you've been working but you know it's been a long time. Zhongli understood you had work to do but he was missing you. Yes, he was in the same room as you but he wanted your attention. All your attention. He stood up from his chair and came to stand behind you.
"Are you doing alright, love?” he asked
"Yeah, I think so."
“Do you need anything?"
"No, I'm fine."
"Alright," he pause for a second, "Do you need my assistance with anything?"
"Ok, what's wrong?” you turned to look at Zhongli
"Nothing is wrong, my dear."
"Well, something’s up because you’re never this inquisitive with me unless you need something.”
"I world like it if you took a break," he took your hand in his, "I know your work is important but I'd like to have your attention for just a little while."
You smiled up at your adorable boyfriend. He was always so elegant with his words and he always seemed to enraptured you with them. You couldn't deny your boyfriend any longer especially after so honestly admitting his true desires. You told him you’d face a break and his face lt up. The gently kissed the back of your hand and led you away from your desk buried in papers.
Tumblr media
You and Thoma were quite busy people. He was always off doing is work with the Kamisato Clan and you had your own work you were passionate about. Sometimes the two of you were like ships in the nights— the only times you’d see each other was late in the night right before you both headed to bed. 
For once, Thoma had some time off and you were supposed to as well but you had brought home some work. You were deep in piles of papers while Thoma spent the day relaxing. He honestly felt guilty for enjoying his time while you were buried in work. He also was feeling sad he didn’t get to spend some time with you like he’d been hoping.
He came to sit beside you, your eyes never moving away from the papers you were currently working on.
“You’ve been working for a long time.”
“I know,” you sighed, “I’ll hopefully be done in a couple hours.” 
Thoma went quiet for a bit. He knew how important your work was to you— trust me, if anyone understood, it was him. But he really wanted to be selfish for once. He gently place a hand on your back.
“I know you’re dedicated to your work but I miss you.”
You looked over at your boyfriend. His green eyes pierced right though your soul and you immediately felt so guilty. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug. 
“Ok, lets spend some time together.”
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chococolte · 2 days ago
"hey, is it alright if we hold hands for a while..?" for kazuha, thoma, and gorou please? also congrats on 100 followers!
event is closed!
word count. 361
cw. yandere, unhealthy relationships, possessive & obsessive behaviors/thoughts, g/n reader. i do not condone yanderes irl.
a/n. apologies for the dialogue im only good at it when it's my own characters jdhfhgjh i hope you like this anyway, nonnie
Tumblr media
art credit
kazuha ⊹ ⋆゚꒰ఎ ♡ ໒꒱ ⋆゚⊹
"Hey, is it alright if we hold hands for awhile...?"
Your words settle in Kazuha's mind and are then lit ablaze.
They devour his mind in its entirety with its enticing, capricious flame. His attempts to wane the fire only seem to fan it; his face burning a deep shade of scarlet as he struggles to compose himself.
His senses are overwhelmed by you. All he can feel is you, you, you. Your scent encompasses him; your voice swathes him, your very being dulcifies him.
"Of course," Kazuha says after a moment, swallowing thickly. He hopes you don't notice how his voice shakes with delight. "I would never deprive you of anything, least of all something I could provide."
Your hand touches his and he feels a shudder of bliss run like a current of electricity down his spine. Your fingers interlock and Kazuha stares at you with rapture; though you don't seem to notice.
Tumblr media
art credit
thoma ⊹ ⋆゚꒰ఎ ♡ ໒꒱ ⋆゚⊹
Thoma feels his pulse quicken underneath his skin.
He can't focus on anything but the sound of your voice. The way you enunciated it, how you stared at your feet as though you were afraid he'd reject you, how you played with your thumbs as you did so, timidly biting your lip.
Thoma can't stop staring at you. Rhapsodies of pure devotion, unbridled adulation, and eternal infatuation send frissons through Thoma's body. He smiles, deep and charming; one he hopes won't set you affright, one he hopes beguiles you as much as you do him.
"No need to be so shy! You know I'll never say no."
Tumblr media
art credit
gorou ⊹ ⋆゚꒰ఎ ♡ ໒꒱ ⋆゚⊹
Gorou's ears perk up immediately.
He looks at you with wide, blinking, dazed eyes. Gorou's breath is caught in his throat, his breathing soft and shallow as his hands turn clammy. He tries to reach into his pocket for the manual Kokomi left for him, desperately searching for how to respond without embarrassing himself, but quickly realizes that his current predicament wouldn't be anywhere near inside of it.
Gorou's fangs graze over his bottom lip, nearly biting. His hand brushes against yours, his senses being overloaded. As you draw closer, he breathes in deeply, hoping to etch this moment into his mind forever.
He gulps audibly. "Uhm, yes! P-please..."
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childe-dni · 2 days ago
where they like to be touched by you
diluc, xiao and childe
word count: 248
genre: fluff hcs
warnings: none
a/n; just a short little thing because my brain wouldn't let the thought go + I wanted to force myself to post something after my short break before I accidentally abandoned this blog lol
Tumblr media
diluc - hair
hates it when anyone touches his hair
probably only adelinde is allowed to
(i hc, she styled/took care of/taught him how to take care of his hair as he grew up lol)
but you're different
he likes when you massage his scalp and run your fingers through his hair and when you braid his hair
he finds your touch relaxing – often dozes off while you massage his scalp
it's a symbol of how much he trusts you and is able to let his guard down around you
Tumblr media
xiao - face
likes when you cup his face and he can just melt into your touch
he feels so calm and safe and grounded
you hold him with a gentleness that, before you, he couldn't imagine experiencing again in his lifetime
he almost feels undeserving of such tenderness but you've taught him that he's deserving of such gentleness and is allowed to be selfish sometimes so he allows himself to indulge
Tumblr media
childe - arms
whether you're clinging to his arm or his arm is around your shoulder
he just enjoys the feeling of showing you off
tends to flex his arms when u grab his biceps
likes when you cling to his arm for whatever reason – whether you’re excited or scared or upset
he enjoys knowing you find security and safety in him
he feels reassured having you by his side when you touch his arms – after all (though not often) he can be pretty rash sometimes so having you with him keeps him in check.
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dilucsgoodboy · a day ago
itto drabble <3
itto x afab!reader
[ #! warnings : nsfw, degrading, drinking/alcohol consumption, mean itto, jealous sex, spanking, i think that’s mostly it ]
[i’m so so sorry for posting late i’ve been so tired recently and caught up on some sleep. also senior year is killing me a little but anyway, here you guys go with the itto fic i promised!]
Tumblr media
you cried under him pathetically. legs pressed up to your chest, heaving heavily with each deep breath you took.
itto was being and so mean. way too mean and rough for your liking; he knew you could barely handle it. however, you knew making the oni jealous wasn’t a good idea. you knew it was awfully pathetic of you to go make your love jealous all for the sake of getting fucked. now your bare back is pressed up against the bed, fat cock resting deep inside your tight heat. getting just want you wanted. ittos big hands holding down your shoulders, panting slightly above you.
you called out for him but only got a hand gripped on the fat of your ass. it was harsh and hurt a little, but it hurt even more when he spanked you right on the same spot.
“so pathetic, stop begging” he slapped the red spot again making your body jolt. a whine followed right after the spanks that itto left fresh on your skin.
did you really think itto would just forgive you after you flirted with those group of guys at the bar? of course not, he’s not that stupid.
he couldn’t let you get away without some much deserved punishment. after he stopped spanking you, the real punishment was given. itto steadied your hips, making sure you’re pressed right into the soft bed before shoving himself in and out of you. just using you like you were nothing but a plaything for him.
he loved seeing that rim of slick near the base of his cock. letting him know just how wet you were for him. that, and how stuffed full you were. it was really amazing how well you took him for being so fragile. but when you’re so pathetic and at ittos will, it isn’t a surprise. you tried to latch onto the bed sheets, but it was little to no use. too shaky from all the pleasure and pain.
the feeling of getting stretched out by him was nothing you’d ever experienced before and itto loved watching you try and take him each time. especially when he’s going so rough and just hearing you scream out for him to slow down but feeling too good so everything comes out like a string of moans and whines. how messy and sloppy you look and all because of itto.
pumping in and out of you while you were at his disposal. even with how tempting it was, you shouldn’t have done what you did. having men group around you, begging to talk to you. admiring how pretty you looked in that tight little dress. making lewd comments to your own face while itto just watched from the corner of his eye. he hated watching them eye you up and down at all. not only that, but also your flirtatious comments back; it got to the oni so bad he had to drag you home. away from those men and away from the alcohol.
itto was being so selfish. making you pay for the jealousy you caused him. just you in his bed, undressed, which was just him ripping off your clothes, and manhandling you like you were a doll. the filthy sounds your pussy made with each thrust and the slapping of his skin meeting yours. it drove him insane seeing you so pathetic and messy. all for him. groping your soft body, feeling the warmth of you just near him made itto lose it.
“hm, fuck itto..”
“you like that huh?”
grabbing your waist tight when you squirmed too much for his liking. all you could think of was itto, he was making you dumb on his cock. but you loved it. just letting him fill you up each time. maybe you did all this on purpose just so itto could punish you.
knowing even with how sweet and innocent you look, inside you’re just a helpless, pathetic slut for itto.
[edit: comments are finally turned on!! please send any asks or thoughts if you’d like it’s much appreciated!]
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sidemariana · a day ago
heyoo!! this is my first time requesting on here so sorry if it sounds so weird but i had an idea the other day and i absolutely adore your acc so i was wondering if i could request one for venti x fem! reader? i had a weird but hotttt!!! idea where the reader is an offering to venti and hmhm stuff happens and he just ends up fvcking the hell out of her- ehe!! :))
thank you!! have a beautiful day! <33
• Offer •
(Being f*cked the hell out of you by Venti)
Pairing: Venti x Fem!Reader
Warning: Sexual content ahead (consensual).
Contains: Oral sex (female receiving), vaginal sex, creampie, overstimulation.
A/N: Tysm for your request and your love ♥️ I hope you enjoy this work! Ignore any mistakes for now, I really need to sleep.
"An... An offer to Barbatos?" You whispered, walking faster down the stairs of Monstad's church almost like you were trying to escape something. "This... This can't be right. This must be a misunderstanding... I can't-" You closed the door of your house quickly, arriving your bedroom while your heart raced.
"How could the church even think about making someone as an offer to an Archon?"
"Why do you despise the Archons so much?"
The windows were open.
And your friend had a weird habit of entering your place out of the blue from there.
You didn't know he was Barbatos himself. Yet.
That only made your situation worse.
"I don't despise them. I just-" The distance between you two was quickly vanished with the bard's steps to your direction, making your mind foggy.
His eyes seemed to glow even brighter that night.
Those same eyes who made you fell in love with Venti.
The same eyes who made you nurture feelings for a god.
"I just... Suspect they aren't so innocent and kind like people think..."
His lips.
So plumpy.
So beautiful.
Asking for you to kiss them.
Your attention was a wreck.
"Have you even met one before, (Name)? Have you been in front of a god to tell if your words are true?" His hand grabbed your wrist with delicacy just before he gave you a kiss on your wrist.
"Venti..." That gasp sounded more like a plea than anything.
"Don't deny being my offer, (Name). I chose you. Of all the citizens of Monstad, I chose you"
"Venti, you... You must be out of your mind-"
His expression didn't lie.
He was different.
He was Barbatos himself.
"Am I, (Name)? Am I out of my mind? You're only upsetting me, yet I'm being patient with you. You won't want to make your Archon frustrated, will you?"
A kiss on your neck.
A single kiss against the skin of your neck.
Desire runned your veins as you tried to keep your composure.
"What... What will you do with me...?"
His hand took off the hair that were hiding more skin from your neck just to kiss the newly exposed skin.
"You already know the answer, my muse. I know that you do" By that time, some of your clothes were already on the ground.
🍎 Time break (pls don't kill me, it's worth it) 🍎
"Open your legs, my muse" You slowly did what he asked as he started kissing your inner thighs. "Relax your body, (Name). Focus on the sensations I'll provoke on your fragile body"
He used his left fingers to rub your entrance, and, for you, it was a pleasant and warm sensation to feel.
"Venti..." His name echoed through your lips, while your hips bowed under his touch.
That was the kind of reaction he was specting. He was proud he could make you moan his name by just stimulating you for some seconds.
His firgers massaged a little more of your pussy right above the fabric while you gasped under his touch. 
"I'll take your panties off now, right?" He asked while his fingers carresed your inner thight.
"Mhmm..." You pratically cried, feeling him slipping your panties down your legs.
He kissed your shins, climbing the caresses to your thighs and then, delicately and slowly, he separated your legs a little wider.
You closed your eyes hardly while he nibbled  your inner thighs.
He started licking you down there and a moan scaped your lips. Stimulated by your reaction, he started eating you out.
Your hands went to his dark yet blue-ish locks, guiding him in the pace. Gasps scaping through your lips, as you squeezed your legs around his head. You shuddered when he slipped one finger inside you.
"Shush... It's fine, my muse"
After some seconds, the bard slipped a second finger on you, while his tongue played with your clit.
"Venti..." A gasp. "I'm close..."
You sounded so angelic.
Yet so damn sinful.
He stopped his movements.
"I don't want you to realease just yet"
A fucking tease.
"Aham" He cleared his throat. "Even though I could spend all night long savoring you, the winds tell me we'll get more along while I'm inside you, my muse."
And so you reached a more fragile state for him.
And only for him.
He was the only one you craved for and he was the only one you'd ever allow to see you in such delicate state.
Your back arched in pain and you caught your breath when he fucked himself into you.
Starting a rough pace, his hands gripped at your hips tightly.
"I think I have to give you a lesson, right, my muse?" You stayed silent, the shame you were feeling overwhelming you.
"Speak" One of his hands pulled your chin harshly, but not enough to hurt you in any way.
"Barbatos, please..." You pleaded with difficulty.
"Calling me by my true name won't save you, (Name). You almost didn't obey me. Even with me giving all the love I had to you, you wanted to stay away from me" His pace was now running wild, his tip almost brushing your cervix.
You didn't answer him. You thought you'd be better off quiet.
His hand left your wrist, going to one of your breasts. Venti pinched your nipple indelicately, making you close your eyes hardly, your pain mixing with pleasure.
The archon started sucking your breast until it was sore, dark hickeys now on your skin right before doing the same thing with your other breast without stopping ravishing you at all as your body built up your climax with all the stimulation you were receiving.
"You're squeezing me so much, my muse... It feels so good to have your walls clenching around me this way... You're loving to be fucked like this by me, aren't you, my muse?"
Your orgasm made him proud.
Your walls were pulsating around him warmly.
His nails hurted the skin from your hips, drawing blood from of the flesh.
But it felt good.
Archons, it felt like heaven, even though his pace was too much for you to handle.
After some more minutes, with the pressure of his fingers on your clitoris, you came a second time, already sensitive from your first orgasm.
Venti's thrusts became sloppy as he put your legs leaned on his shoulders, reaching deeper within you.
"Take it... Take it all... I don't want you to waste one single drop of my seed, my muse" His hips collapsed against yours in an almost hurtful way as moans left his pink lips.
A few more thrusts...
And soon he came inside you.
He made sure that his semen wouldn't escape inside of your body, so he stayed inside of you and pulled you into a kiss, which you accepted.
His tongue explored your mouth, as his hands traced patterns in the exposed skin of your thighs.
Finishing the kiss, he left more hickeys on your neck and collarbone just before toying with your breasts once more.
Soon his shaft was hard again inside you. And another round started.
You were overstimulated already.
That would be hard to bear.
"G-Give me a break, Venti" Your voice was hoarse from tiredness.
He made your legs enlace his waist as he moved inside of you, some of his cum dripping down on the sheets.
Tears of pure overstimulation left your eyes just to be cleaned by the bard's fingers.
"Shush... I know, my muse... I know... But, I've been waiting for this time for so long I fear I can't stop right now. You can understand me, right?"
You assented to his words.
You were his offer, afterall.
He knew you could handle more.
He knew exactly your limit and he would make you reach there.
You crossed that same experience two more times.
On the last round you couldn't barely move any longer, the exhaustion almost making you pass out.
It had been hours he had been doing that to you.
How many times have you came throughout this hours? Seven? Eight?
Your body ached by now.
You just needed some rest after all of that.
Your legs were sticking with his cum.
The skin of your body was marked in lots of places.
Everything was blurry.
But he had chosen you.
Barbatos himself chose you to be his.
He had claimed you.
He had marked you and explored your entire body.
He was proud of you.
He was proud of himself.
He got off of you and layed down next to your worn-out body, making you already miss the sensation of him inside of you.
Venti soon cuddled you up. His left hand was on your back, stroking it, making the pain fade away for some seconds, due the warmth. His other hand was playing with your hair.
"I'm sorry I made you feel in pain" He mumbled in your ear, kissing your nape afterwards.
The difference between "Barbatos" and "Venti" was so clear to be seen.
"Hey... You didn't hurt me... I enjoyed it..."
Nuzzling his head on the crock of your neck, he whispered:
"I love you, (Name)" You never expect he would be the one who would say it first.
"Iove you too, Venti" 
His soft voice humming a melancholic song made you sleep soon.
"Please, be mine forever..." He whispered but you were already fast asleep.
He would give you proper aftercare afterwards, but for now, the archon enjoyed the way to cuddled against him as it was all you needed.
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slimearchon · a day ago
Arataki Itto x GN Reader Comfort and Care
Word count: 3104
Warnings: Being sick. Very brief mentions of blood and torture. 
Title: Arataki Itto  x GN Reader Comfort and Care
Summary: Itto takes care of you when you are sick.
(Picture/Gif not mine, credit to owner)
Tumblr media
🍮-You had been fine that evening, you had taken a long relaxing bath and eaten a good meal that night. You had to dine alone that night, your husband having a huge meeting with all the other gang leaders in the area.
🍮-He didn’t exclude you, you requested to dine alone yourself, you enjoyed dinner a lot more when blood and torture weren’t brought up constantly. You had welcomed them into your house before retiring into your room to eat and laze around until the moon was high in the sky.
🍮-You treated yourself to a long soak in the tub, taking extra care to scrub your skin with soothing oils and soaps. You even treated yourself to a face mask, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated.
🍮-Itto had been known to spoil his spouse and you weren’t one to refuse any gift sent your way. You weren’t shy about him spending money on you, every shiny coin of mora he sprinkled you with brought a smile to your face and that was the only thing he was after.
🍮-Your praise and your lovely lips peppering soft kisses on his face.
🍮-He might have spoiled you in mora but you tended to spoil him in affection. Lazing on his lap constantly, like a cat who found a good sunspot by the window. Running your hands lovingly up and down his chest when he would get a little too aggressive in meetings.
🍮-Washing his hair in the luxury bathhouse that he had constructed on the property, its use was only exclusive to you two. Countless hours of you combing and washing his hair in the very big tub.
🍮-The Oni was a big man so it was only right he had a bath that was the size of a pond to share with his spouse. The dark wood he had picked out giving an amazing smell of cedar to the whole room.
🍮-He also had no problem joining you in face masks and scented oils, he was a man that took pride in smelling and looking good. Not caring if anyone thought any different from him. One of your morning rituals being you standing on a stool and lovingly applying polish to his horns.
🍮-The transparent ointment making his red horns glisten nicely in the sunlight.
🍮-Once out of the bath you had dressed for bed, putting on a little more layers than usual since the season was changing and the nights had started to grow colder, which usually didn’t bother you much, your husband providing enough heat to make the sun jealous.
🍮-But with his absence, it brought not only a mental coldness but a physical one as well. One of the maids had already lit the stove in the room while you were in the bath, you hummed happily at the toasty room.
🍮-You crawled into bed without trouble and settled into the headboard, enjoying a nice book to help pass the time before your eyes began to sting in tiredness. You blew out the lamp by the bed and settled into the sheet.
🍮-The bed was also custom made to fit your husband’s size, without his massive frame cuddling up next to you the bed felt even more ridiculously big. It seemed your body had changed from being happy and content to miserable and uncomfortable in just an hour.
🍮-You had been tossing and turning in the bed, not able to get comfortable, you had assumed it was because your husband wasn’t with you but soon a chill overtook your body. You felt sweaty and overheated but the moment you tried to take your hands out from under the comforter you felt them grow ice cold.
🍮-Soon your throat started acting up as well, it was becoming itchy and swollen, the sides of your neck becoming tender, forcing you to settle into the bed flat on your back.
🍮-Itto’s dinner meetings usually ran late, well into four in the morning when he would finally stumble his way into bed with you. You tended to get clingy when sick, not wanting anything more than to being coddled a tiny bit when you weren’t feeling well.
🍮-You imagined it was because in your childhood if you had fallen ill barely anyone would show an inkling of concern for your health your way. Leaving you to take care of yourself when ill, you were often jealous of those around you who had a caring parental figure who would make them soup and brew soothing teas for their throat to aid them in getting better.
🍮-Instead, it was you who made yourself soup and brewed tea. Each time cutting yourself on the knife while chopping up vegetables for your limbs had grown weak in sickness or burning your hand on the tea that you had shakily poured into your cup.
🍮-The thought of being miserable and alone like that had made you reach over to the nightstand and pluck the bell off it.
🍮-You rarely touched the object before, feeling that it was rude to call on your maids in such a way. You much rather preferred to go to the door and call out for them yourself. The bell rang in the dead of night, startling the servants outside your door.
🍮-Birds outside your bedroom flying away into the night at the harsh sound.
🍮-The servants rushing into the room, concerned for your wellbeing. Three of them rushing to your side, one of them lighting the lamps hurriedly and another coming to your side trying to figure out what was wrong.
🍮-The third person wasn’t a servant but a knight tasked with making sure you were safe and sound, they had stalked into the room, eyeing every corner like an intruder would jump out at any moment.
🍮-“Is something a matter, your grace?” The maid asked, leaning down to your head, nearly gasping when the candlelight revealed your poor state. Bloodshot eyes and a frail wheeze to your chest with every breath you took.
🍮-“My husband, please.” You whispered, your throat too sore to talk much louder without irritating it.
🍮-“Yes, right away, your grace.” She nodded, rushing out of the room to find your husband.
🍮-She knocked politely at the door that led into the big dining room, waiting until she was given consent to enter, once she was approved she darted inside, her presence going undetected by most of the bumbling and drunk men in the room.
🍮-No doubt all five barrels of ale and wine they had ordered for the occasion were already drained and empty.
🍮-The head of the household sitting the farthest away from the door at the head of the table, laughing boisterously at his subordinate’s drunken antics. The maid went to his side and bowed, leaning into his ear to tell him that his spouse had fallen ill and wished to see him.
🍮-The shift in the mood of the room was prominent, big Oni slamming his ale mug onto the table with a loud thunk, his fanged smile no longer adorning his face. The booze in his system seemingly evaporating from his blood on sheer will.
🍮-“My spouse has what?” He thundered, his ruby eyes blazing in worry and concern.
🍮-The whole room was now so quiet you could hear the hooting of the owls in the trees near the residence.
🍮-“They have fallen ill, my Lord.” The maid deepened her bow, showing her submissiveness but also giving her a reason not to look into his eyes, she doubted she could stay upright if she did. “I’ll fetch the physician right away.” She bowed once more and left the dining hall.
🍮-The Oni stood, his hulking figure dwarfing those in the room even more since most still sat on the padded tatami flooring.
🍮-“This meeting has concluded, everyone must be off my residence in under fifteen minutes.” He said nothing more, his frame leaving the room quickly, dashing to his spouse’s side. Everyone was quick to follow his order, clearing the house in record time.
🍮-He crashed into the room, not caring in the slightest that his big frame nearly splintered the shoji door frame with his horns, usually, he bent down some before entering the room but he was much too preoccupied with his worries to care for such trivial things.
🍮-“Sweet one, I heard you were sick.” He soothed, his voice losing all its thundering sternness and morphed into a soft croon.
🍮-Your tired eyes connecting with his, the miserable look in them lightening some, you just nodded at his statement, not daring to speak with your worsening throat. He disrobed quickly, he crawled under the covers, reaching for you and pulling you into his chest.
🍮-His skin felt blistering to your sickened body, a scratchy wail tearing through your throat, you tore yourself away from him, far enough away from him that his warmth wouldn’t reach your side.
🍮-The wail you had let out causing tears to spring in your eyes, your throat raw from the disturbance.
🍮-Itto was frozen to the bed, too shocked to do anything but stare down at your weak form crawling to get away from him. Never in your two years of being married had you ever slept so far apart, you certainly never tore yourself out of his awaiting arms.
🍮-Your throat was already hurting to you didn’t see the point in staying quiet anymore. “Too warm Itto. Lend me your hand.”
🍮-You had seen the pain in his eyes when you moved away from him, you both needed comfort from the other. You didn’t grasp his fingers but instead rested your fingertips on his lengthened nails.
🍮-His cool talons being a neutral source of comfort. You sighed at his touch, sinking into the bed with your eyes closed, his presence enough to calm you enough that you faded away into unconsciousness.
🍮-Itto didn’t move his hand an inch, staying on his side and watching you as you slumbered, sickness to him was a foreign subject, the Oni blood in his veins making him immune to human illness.
🍮-A bitter taste settled in his mouth, not liking the fact that his spouse wasn’t immune to illness like him.
🍮-The physician had chosen that time to enter the room with his large wooden box filled with healing pastes and herbal pills, glaring red eyes and a fanged scowl greeted him. “Leave for now. Stay in the residence, I’ll call upon you once my sweet one awakens.”
🍮-“Yes, my Lord.” He bowed before quietly shutting the door, his legs nearly rattling together.
🍮-The next morning the sun was barely warming the dew on the grass when a cough rang out in the bedroom. Your eyes shot open with a wince, your husband’s eyes blinking open the second your body began shuddering the bed.
🍮-“Sweet one? How are you feeling?” He asked, trailing a talon across your head, careful not to let his skin touch yours and cause you discomfort. He called for a servant and asked them to fetch the physician.
🍮-You weakly pointed to the tissues on the nightstand, as embarrassing as it was, you couldn’t breathe so did what you had to. You made sure to toss the soiled tissue into the basket by the bed, not wanting to infect any of the servants if they had to pick up after you.
🍮-The entire time your husband didn’t bat an eye, not caring in the slightest at the display. You were ill it was only natural for things like this to occur.
🍮-The physician had come in and examined you, once everything was all said and done he prescribed some medicinal leaves to put into the bath to help relieve some of your congestion and soothe your aching muscles.  
🍮-He prescribed some pills to help with the infection in your body and left some instructions on how to brew a tea that should help soothe your throat. He cautioned against solid foods at the moment, not wanting to irritate your throat more than necessary.
🍮-No sooner than the doctor had left, Itto was dropping a kiss on your forehead and leaving the room as well. He called in a servant to sit with you and watch over you in his absence. You wanted to call him back but sleep was pulling at you once more and you drifted off once again.
🍮-The soft sounds of the maid doing needlepoint lulling you to sleep.
🍮-While you were getting your much-needed rest, Itto was out terrorizing the town, he was a man on a mission. He ignored the local vegetable market and went straight to the farmer’s door. The poor farmer’s wife nearly had a heart attack seeing the Oni at near dawn on her doorstep.
🍮-He politely asked if he could pluck up the vegetables to make a soup from their farm, making sure to compensate them with a massive pouch of mora for the inconvenience. The farmer and his wife nodding hurriedly at his request and leading him in the direction to their radishes, carrots, and cabbages.
🍮-The Oni judged the vegetables for a few minutes, scrutinizing each one of them with a fierce look. Once he decided on which ones he would take he wasted no time using his hulking muscles to rip them from the soil.
🍮-Borrowing a basket from the farmer to wash off the vegetables and hurrying on his way to his next stop, he tore through the tea house like a bull in a china shop. His big figure having to bend and squat down to the grandma who ran the shop as he showed her the prescription the doctor had given him.
🍮-He got everything he needed and went to the butcher, requesting bones to make a nice stock for the soup and nice cuts of beef as well but he also made sure to buy a vegetarian option in case you preferred that instead.
🍮-His last stop was at the local bee keeper’s house, he had suited up and went to get the honey himself, not caring that the beekeeper’s suit was much too small and tight for him. He went home victorious with a big golden jar of honey and a few red bumps on his skin as battle scars.
🍮-He had paraded into the kitchen with his bounty, all but shoving the chef aside as he set bit pots on the stove to make two different soups, one a nutritious tofu soup with a vegetable broth and the other a hearty beef stock with nicely cubed chunks of red meat and vegetables.
🍮-The bread he made was rising in the oven, not quite done yet.
🍮-He was called away from the stove when a maid had come into the kitchen and informed him that you had woken up and were refusing to drink any water. He went to the cupboard and plucked a tea glass from it, brewing a tea as the doctor had written down.
🍮-He was generous in adding the honey, knowing it would help mask the bitterness of it and it was very beneficial to your body. He grabbed a handful of salted crackers and put both of them onto a serving tray. A smaller jar of honey also accompanying everything.
🍮-He walked out of the kitchen with the tray, not caring that the white apron he had tied on earlier was still wrapped around his waist.
🍮-He walked into the master bedroom, a pointed look meeting your sheepish one when you refused water from your maid once again under his watchful eyes.
🍮-“What’s this I hear about you not wanting to drink anything?” He softly reprimanded, he laid the tray on your lap.
🍮-You looked down at the spread and grimaced, you would have rolled over to avoid it if it wasn’t sat in your lap.
🍮-“None of that sweet one. Once you get the first swallow of tea down it should help soothe your throat just like the doctor said, I even went out and got the honey to sweeten it. Try it.” He ordered, picking up the cup and holding it to your lips.
🍮-You took the cup from him, heat warming your heart at his gentle demeanor. Your eyes catching a few red bumps on his forearms. You guilty swallowed the liquid, tasting its bitterness but the honey did help.
🍮-You spooned more honey into the cup after the first sip. Swallowing the liquid for a second time was much easier than the first. You sighed happily, the tea numbing your throat some. “Thank you, darling.” You hummed, setting the cup down and grasping his arm, and bringing it to your face.
🍮-You peppered kisses on the bumps, feeling a tad guilty for when you woke up and held traces of ire at your husband’s absence. He was busy dedicating himself to make you better, that was why he wasn’t at your side.
🍮-Heat rushed up to the Oni’s face at your gentle kisses. “I want all of that drained and at least a few of the crackers eaten. Your soup is almost done.” He softly commanded, allowing his nails to rake across your scalp to soothe you.
🍮-You nodded, obediently, picking up a cracker at his words. “Thank you, I love you.” You sweetly whispered, your eyes gazing up at him with a tender gaze.
🍮-“And I love you.” He grinned, happily for the first time since finding out you were ill.
🍮-Later that night after he had forced two bowls of soup into your stomach the both of you rested in the bath, the medicinal herbs the doctor provided floating around in the water. Itto was softly scrubbing at your skin, afraid if he rubbed too hard it would cause you discomfort.
🍮-You laid in his lap, your fever had gone away later in the night, causing you to plaster yourself to his side like you wanted the night before.
🍮-“Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me.” You softly said, your fingers following the water droplets that trailed down his chest.
🍮-“Of course, anything for you my sweet one.” He smiled down at you, moving on from washing your body and bringing his hands up to your head to wash it.
🍮-“Once I am better I’ll be sure to switch places with you, I know how much you love when I wash your hair, my darling.” You promised, grinning up at him.
🍮-“It’s a promise.” He chuckled, happily enjoying your weight in his arms once more.
🍮-Under his comfort and care, you would never have to suffer alone again.
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genshinboys · a day ago
Modern AU headcanons - Kaeya as your chauffeur
Tumblr media
Warning: NSFW
Pairing: Kaeya x gn reader
Tumblr media
Kaeya’s squinted eyes zero in on yours as he glares at your exasperated face adjusting the rear-view mirror in your disgustingly expensive car. The reflection of your silhouette always leaves him puzzled.
What a pretty little thing you are. Seemingly innocent and sweet. Your angelic features magnetically lure him in, scoop him closer like the warm embrace of the most affectionate lover. But then, the illusion bursts like a bubble and the softest arms turn into hideous tentacles tightening around his neck. Yes, Kaeya has no doubt. You are nothing short of a fucking hellion.
It’s not that he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. The fact is that he did. He knew very well. He had heard these stories. All these people quitting their jobs, voluntarily breaking the contract to free themselves from you. There were very few of them who made it to the first monthly check, which was, to be fair, a very enticing sum of money.
It was what convinced Kaeya, the notorious visitor of the local bars and the lover of any type of alcohol, to apply for that position. Him a chauffeur? What a fucking ridiculous joke. He would have surely laughed off this notion no more than a couple of months ago. He absolutely did not imagine that sometime later he would be actually desperate enough to sacrifice his drinking hobby. And, on behalf of what? This spoiled little shit sitting on the back seat?
Kaeya’s veins pop on his neck and he clenches his fists on the steering wheel. A deep breath. Another one.
Self-control. Yes. It has helped him to keep his sanity intact despite your best efforts to break him as you did with the rest of your employees. But, Kaeya is rather proud of himself. He actually has managed to lift the curse and today it is exactly 5 months since he first had the dubious pleasure of meeting you.
At first, he was just curious. The youngest prodigy of the cyber security software he’s ever heard of. Your innovative project earned you lots of money and soon enough companies were knocking at your door, willing to cooperate with you. It was like an avalanche of successful ventures, stuffing your pockets full of cash.
Kaeya would be a damn liar if he didn’t admit to being jealous of your talent and all of these accomplishments. Heck, how old are you exactly? That baby face does not go well with the expensive clothes you are wearing.
It’s atrocious. You have probably spent more on these awfully tight leather shorts than he has during this entire month. It’s a painful realisation that almost nearing his 40-ties he is forced to kiss the ass of a bratty punk with more money to waste than he could ever think of.
And as Kaeya has been somehow hanging in, merely a hair’s breadth from snapping, today his patience has reached its peak.
„What’s wrong with that coffee? Is it too difficult for you to buy me a decent cup of espresso?”
Kaeya lets out an annoyed breath, nervously drumming his finger against the surface of the steering wheel. „Stay calm. Just stay calm.” His inner voice dictates him, however, there are also other temptations running wild in his head. The traffic jam has dragged out the morning trip to your office, like the nastiest hangover in Kaeya’s drinking history, going on without end.
„It’s the same coffee you tell me to buy each day. The very same one from that pisshole of a cafe located in the farthest end of this city.”
Kaeya informs, not giving himself a chance to breathe.
You blink at the man. His irked response too tempting to simply let it go unexploited.
„Well, then. It tastes like an old man’s cum. Can’t you do better than that, huh? What a shame.”
You criticise, jutting your chin out. Kaeya’s observes with widening eyes as you, to his greatest bewilderment, slightly tip the plastic mug to the side, letting the coffee pour down the seat and the floor mats. A sound of protest dies in his throat. The effort he put into scrubbing off the chocolate ice cream that you insisted on eating in the car has just gone down the drain.
You cover your mischievous smirk with the palm of your hand, faking an act of remorse.
„I can’t believe how clumsy I am. I guess you’ll have to clean it all over again.”
With the mockery still tasting sweet on your tongue, you drop the mug to the ground and it rolls under the seat, splashing the brown liquid all over the mats.
After a moment of prolonged silence, Kayea laughs out loud, almost hysterically. He is livid. His pupils dilate and he shakes his head in disbelief.
„I’m too fucking sober for that.”
He mumbles under his breath.
With the screeching of the tyres, Kaeya pulls over, parking the car in one of these back alleys within the walking distance of your company building.
He turns off the engine and gets out of the car. He discards his blazer and angrily loosens the tie while heading for the passenger door.
„What the fuck?”
You snap at him, pressing your back against the window under the weight of his piercing blue eyes. He sits right next to you, slamming the door behind him. Once he turns and your eyes meet, you feel your insides twisting. Heartbeat speeding up rapidly when he locks the door with his car keys.
„What are you doing, idiot?”
He chuckles again, this time not losing this charismatically melodic quality of his voice to the bubbling in his veins anger. He wets his lips and your gaze immediately drops lower, focusing on this creepy smirk that makes him look hotter than the devil himself.
It’s the sound of the zip that pulls you out of your trance, and then you notice his beautiful long fingers basically whipping out his hard erection before your trembling self.
„Showing you the taste of an old man’s cum, you fucking little shit.”
Not giving a single fuck about the consequences, he snatches you by your hair and forces you to go down on him. Your hands land on his thighs to prevent yourself from falling. It hurts like bloody hell and you wince in pain but it only encourages him to yank you harder, shoving his cock down your throat.
Kaeya pushes himself all in, down to his pubic hair that presently tickle your nose. Fuck. He smells so good. Your nostrils flare as you fight for breath with his tight grip keeping you nicely in place.
He moans, wantonly bucking his hips upwards and your eyes brim with freshly gathered tears.
„What, not so fucking clever anymore, are we, eh?”
Kaeya teases, silently shocked by the fact that you don’t even try fighting back. It stuns him to the point that he forgets that you need to breathe. It’s only when you dig your nails into his thighs that it dawns on him and he hurriedly drags his cock out of your pretty face.
His clenched fist tugs at your strands, lifting your head off his enormous cock with a lewd pop. A small dribble of saliva trickles down your mouth and you inhale deeply, the air finally flowing freely in your lungs.
Kaeya’s cock twitches impatiently and he is confident that he could fucking nut on the spot, just looking at your rosy cheeks and these averting his gaze eyes. You cough once or twice, obviously not used to having anything that big in your mouth. Your throat burns and, when you swallow, the bitter after-taste of his precum dissolves on your tongue.
Kaeya watchfully observes your struggle to compose yourself and he realizes that he must have just discovered a new kink of his. It involves you, with your face full of his cock and unable to talk back to him.
He smiles pervily before swathing your neck with his fingers. His hand is so big that it really covers you snugly, all-around your throat. He pulls you closer, dipping his digits into the soft skin. He can sense your irregular pulse and he inches forward, stopping with his nose bumping into yours.
Kaeya expertly adjusts the pressure around your throat, enjoying how you gasp for air. Feeling light-headed, you reach for his hand and pathetically wrap your fingers around it to push him away.
He eases his grip on you, placing a gentle kiss on the corner of your mouth.
„You’re gonna swallow everything nicely. Otherwise, I’m not going to let you suck me off.”
He whispers and waits for you to gulp down the rest of the salty pre-cum. When you fail to follow his instructions, hesitating for the briefest of moments, Kaeya once again steals the air from your lungs. Unforgiving fingers clamp around the neck with more force than before.
„Well? You’re such a slacker.”
He nags and you swallow hard. Kaeya feels how your larynx tightens when it all goes down your throat. It’s exhilarating.
„Here you go. Wasn’t that difficult now, huh?”
He releases your neck and you take a greedy breath, trying to ignore the tightness in your chest. Air whooshes inside and out of your mouth as you fight the shortness of breath. You’re still a bit dizzy when Kaeya decides that he has had enough of waiting.
He buries his fingers in your hair and, strangely enough, this time it’s devoid of any aggression. He massages the back of your scalp and tingles erupt all over your body, making your skin prickle. It’s bizarrely tender, vastly different from what you have experienced with him so far. Is he giving you a chance to back out?
Kaeya brushes his nose over yours and peers at you expectantly. The urgency in his azure eyes tells stories that his lips and body won’t and you don’t need any better invitation than that.
You awkwardly sink to your knees cursing under your breath. The unpleasantly wet floor mats stain your knees with brown liquid as you steady yourself between his thighs. Kaeya giggles.
„You know what they say...,”
He ogles you with a glint of dominance that makes you clench around nothing. Your underwear is soaked. You would even risk saying that it’s wetter than these disgusting floor mats.
„What goes around comes around, no?”
He then pushes you down on his dick, hands placed on both sides of your head as he guides you on him. Much more gentle than before. You’re shaking. It feels so good to have your mouth around him even though you don’t exactly know what you’re doing. You’re shit scared that he might notice your inexperience and it makes your stomach churn.
He doesn’t let you take him all, forcing you to stop somewhere mid-way. He exhales shakily, heart thumping madly as he is engulfed by this lovely heat. He shudders and his hands fall down to his sides. He balls up his fists as if he was preparing himself for what’s about to come. Your anxiety is over the roof.
You fix your eyes on him and he stares back. It’s pure lust that radiates from him but he doesn’t rush you into anything.
Hesitantly, you bob your head up and down and he purrs in delight. You don’t know if it’s right or wrong but you repeat the same movement, each time attempting to cover him fully with your lips. Kaeya’s dick hits the back of your throat and you gag. He would be ready to empty his balls marvelling at how you choke around his dick but he reassures you instead.
„Hey, easy there Little one.”
Kaeya coos, lifting your hand from his thigh to place it around the base of his cock.
„Don’t bite more than you can chew.”
He jokes to lighten up the mood but his voice grows heavy with unreleased tension, especially when you swallow around him. Your tongue flattens and tickles the swollen tip of his erection. His thighs quiver and he hisses.
Fascinated by his reaction, you swirl your tongue around the sensitive tip repeatedly while pumping his long shaft with the palm of your hand. He keeps glancing down, bewitched by the view of his cock disappearing in your pretty mouth. He would like it to last forever but the thrill in his lower abdomen zips through him, time after time vibrating through each nerve in his body.
„Fuck f-fuck, you’re making me cum, na-ahhh--,”
He pants, recognizing the continuous coiling in his lower abdomen. He’s teetering on the edge of a mind-shattering orgasm, only a mere step away from the release. He briefly wonders whether he should pull out, not sure if you can take his cum without choking on it but then his brain freezes. Your body rocks into his leg, desperate for any sort of tension.
You moan around his cock, rubbing yourself all over his shin and Kaeya’s hips jolt upwards as your name rolls off his tongue.
The desire that Kaeya’s throbbing dick has smouldered deep within your sex is getting to you. As pitiful as it sounds, you were ready to cum around nothing but his leg would have to suffice as you absolutely cannot stand it anymore.  
Kaeya’s guttural moan reverberates in your groin. He has never felt like that before, you burned a path through his body straight to his cock.
You’re both cumming and Kaeya’s cock twitches in your mouth as you hump into him, almost frustrated. Sticky liquid trickles down your throat but you don’t stop pumping and licking, the heat turning into a raging inferno that is beyond control.
Quickly getting overstimulated, he cups your cheek and gently removes himself from your mouth.
Kaeya is breathless. If the man wasn’t handsome enough before then now he is just fucking divine. His brows furrowed and chest heaving, his warm hand still lingering on your flushed cheek. He is having a hard time going back to reality after you’ve just successfully thrown him into the deepest pits of raving ecstasy.
You’re trembling, partially due to your orgasm, but it’s more likely caused by his azure pools stripping you naked. Your throat is parched and it’s like the swarms of butterflies have collectively decided to nest in your stomach.
Kaeya moves forward and without a care in the world seizes your lips with his in a possessive and uncompromising kiss. You have no choice but to let him dictate the rules in that game. He is tasting you as if you were the finest dish he’s ever dined on and he himself was a starving man. Yet again you find yourself running out of air in your lungs, and you fumble with the fabric of his pristine white shirt to escape this violent attack.
It’s when your phone starts ringing does he finally let go of you.
You answer the phone, but Kaeya does not appear to be pleased by it.
„Be there in a few minutes.”
You cut the conversation short and hang up.
„Leaving me so soon, Little one?”
Kaeya asks. There he is, smiling again but it seems hollow, different than usual.
„You have some cleaning to do.”
You deadpan, wanting to look unbothered and slam the door in his face.
It makes you fuming mad that the next couple of days he acts as if nothing happened. He doesn’t even spare you a glance when you sit behind him in the car, ordering him to take care of some silly stuff for you. It’s infuriating. Who does he think he is? Your head feels heavy and the constant headache leaves you teary-eyed.
It’s Friday night that you call him, quite tipsy too, and demand to be picked up from the club. You woke him up and at first, he didn’t know what was going on, but when he heard some noises that were strangely like the voice of another man, he bolted out of bed and with blood boiling under his skin rushed to the place you mentioned
He is about to pull over and then he sees you.
You are standing there, wearing a killer outfit that would make his cock hard and balls full in a flash if not for the leech whispering something to your ear. Kaeya parks nearby and storms out of the car.
„Hey, you asshole!”
He shouts and the guy next to you turns his head to look at approaching Kaeya.
„Yeah, you.”
Kaeya stops in front of you, his piercing blue eyes, colder than usual, staring daggers at the bewildered man.
„Don’t you know it’s not nice to touch things that belong to somebody else?”
„The hell? Fuck off you mo-,”
Kaeya punches the guy and he stumbles backwards, holding his face. Kaeya snatches his hair and prevents him from falling. He lifts him slightly off the ground and the guy winces in pain.
„Get the fuck out of my sight.”
And then he just loosens the grip and the man limps, slipping to the ground. He takes off, tripping over himself.
You’re left alone with Kaeya.
There is absolutely no one around and it thrills the shit out of you.
„Did you have fun, huh?”
Kaeya inches forward and his cologne enters your nostrils, reminding you of how delicious he tasted in your mouth. His fingertips play with the loose strand of your hair and a shiver roots you to the ground. It’s so not fair how much control he has over you. He leans in, wrapping his hand around your throat again. His hot breath crawls over your skin, fogging your brain and you close your eyes when he whispers against your earlobe.
„Bend over the car and spread your legs.”
Petrified, your pulse quickens and you go into the full panicky mode, quivering uncontrollably before the navy blue-haired man.
„You want me to drag you there? Because I fucking will, and it won’t be nice.”
On cue, you shake your head fervently and turn around with no dignity left. On wobbly legs, you walk up to the hood of the car and do as you were told. You can hear his footsteps following after you and it makes you more and more anxious. He is getting closer and your palms begin to sweat. Everything goes into a standstill when you feel his knees bumping into you from behind. He grabs you by your hair and forces your head up. He kisses the nape of your neck and one of his hands gropes your clothed crotch.
You whimper and Kaeya chuckles right next to your ear.
„Congratulations Little one. You made me so angry I’m gonna fuck you raw, right here, in the open.”
He starts sucking on your neck and rubs his hand all over your arousal. A broken sob falls from your lips and your cheeks burn so badly.
„How about that, huh?”
Kaeya reaches for the zip of your low-rise distressed jeans. Ashamed and somewhat scared of your virginity, you try to snatch his hands away.
„Kaeya, p-please don’t!”
„Now you’re begging? Tsk.”
He is having none of it and as if he was in some type of trance he pushes his hand into your underwear. You arch your back and moan helplessly, knowing full well that you won’t be able to take him without any preparation. Squirming in his hold, you attempt to break free but he is stronger. Unfortunately, your body betrays you and Kaeya smirks feeling how your wetness starts gathering around his digits.
„Kaeya, don’t. I’ve never..., I-I, fuck. I’m a virgin.”
Paralysed, he takes a step back and you turn around, shakily. You can see the sense of guilt slowly creeping over his beautiful face and you open your mouth to say something but the words simply won’t come out of your tight throat. He lets out a breath and takes off his leather jacket.
„Get into the car.”
He commands and without any explanation covers your trembling body. The jacket smells like him and it further sets your body ablaze. You wish you hadn’t said anything and with dull eyes watch him sit behind the wheel.
You get inside, full of conflicting emotions.
„Kaeya I, uh-,”
„Not a word.”
He says, anger or frustration seeping through him and you get so dizzy. He starts the engine and drives you in what seems to be the direction of your apartment. You sit there with clenched fists and you try really hard not to let the tears spill. Once he stops in front of your apartment you don’t make a move to get out. He breathes out, a long and frustrated type of sigh.
„If you continue sitting here I’ll just take you upstairs and fuck you as I intended.”
Kaeya warns but his usually smooth voice cracks a bit. He can’t get a grip of himself, his erection making it really difficult for him. Why does he get so easily aroused when you’re around? He is so annoyed with himself for losing control and almost forcing himself on you. It just simply didn’t occur to him that you could be so inexperienced despite your cheeky demeanour. He is aware that he shouldn’t have behaved the way he did and it bothers him immensely. You’re just a little brat and he let himself get carried away.
He repeats his habit, nervously drumming his fingers against the steering wheel.
„Have you gone deaf?”
He inquiries, biting his lip. The way your big eyes stare right back at him pierces through him and Kaeya absolutely despises himself for feeling so susceptible to your charms. Wait a second, are you going to cry?
„Fucking hell. I told you to get the fuck out.”
He snaps, losing his temper and it makes you flinch but you are aware that he just wants to scare you away.
„I won’t.”
You fight back, narrowing your eyes.
„I won’t unless you go with me and fuck me as you said you would.”
He shakes his head in denial and laughs out loud, but it is not a merry giggle.
„Don’t act all tough on me, Little one. You’re a fucking spoiled kid, that’s all. You better find somebody your age to play with.”
Kaeya’s words sting more than you would like to admit and you’re infuriated. This aloof motherfucker.
„It’s you who acts like a fucking wuss here, old man. What, not feeling up for the challenge? I guess I’ll have to ask my new friend from the club then.”
You walk out on him, slamming the door behind you.
„Fuck, fuck, fuck!”
Kaeya curses, hurriedly exiting the vehicle and running after you. He grabs your elbow and spins you to make you face him. For a second, your surroundings get blurry and everything whirls around quickly in front of your eyes. The next thing you register are his hungry lips claiming yours in an open-mouth kiss. He moans, pressing his hard member to your pelvis and you rub yourself all over him, reciprocating with equal urgency, which is brimming in the pit of your stomach.
You’re not quite sure how it all transpires but Kaeya drags you to the lift and you continue making out there, absent-mindedly dry-humping each other and touching in all the possible places. Has anyone seen you? Who knows. Not that it matters at all with Kaeya’s rock hard dick protruding against your exposed by the low-rise jeans waist. When the lift ticks, Kaeya grunts angrily and picks you up. His hands grope your ass in the process and you swaddle him with your legs and arms.
He doesn’t stop kissing you but somehow manages to get to the apartment. He must have memorised the way, which is really no wonder considering how often he comes here to deal with your annoying requests.
He carries you to the kitchen and places you on the marble counter. Kaeya is agitated. When was the last time that he was in such desperate need of someone? Craved so badly that it clouded his judgement and made him feel vulnerable?
The man shudders and a small whimper graces your ears when you remove his hairband. He didn’t see it coming, like many other things that have already happened tonight. Blue strands freely dangle over his shoulders and you admire him, fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. This chocolate brown skin is addicting, button after button, you indulge in this sweet pleasure of stripping him naked. When your palms finally come into contact with his chest, once you feel the wild beat of his heart, your eyes lock for a brief moment and Kaeya can’t handle it anymore.
He leans in, pushing his tongue into your mouth and fervently guiding your sex into his cock. Too bad it doesn’t help much. The pent-up desire that pulsates in his groin, makes his dick twitch each time you moan into his domineering lips.
He breaks the kiss, snatching your chin to get your attention.
„Stop being so fucking impatient.”
He says, maybe more to himself and his swollen cock rather than to you, but it will be ok. He just needs a drink and he will be just fine. He leaves you to walk up to the bar and fetches a bottle of whisky. He takes a glass from the cabinet and pours himself a generous amount of the beverage. He gulps down more than a half of it and promptly goes back to you.
„Nobody told you that it’s very rude to only think about yourself?”
You cock an eyebrow, stealing the glass from his hand and, unceremoniously chug down the rest of it.
„Ain’t you too fucking smart, eh?”
Kaeya doesn’t wait for any answers and pulls you in for another heated kiss. His hands are busy taking off your clothes. It all happens so quickly. Next thing you know, you are naked and pushed down on the counter. It is so cold and you don’t like it one bit. Your heated skin further deepens the discomfort and your back arches, as you miserably try to escape this unpleasant sensation.
„Stop squirming around.”
Kaeya grabs your ass with both of his hands and yanks you towards him. You shiver helplessly when his hot lips land on your arousal.
His tongue, velvety smooth, freely glides all over your sex and it’s all new to you. It is borderline ticklish but also nothing like you ever felt before. You don’t know what to do with your hands. Your legs just pathetically hang over the counter. Unsolicited goosebumps erupt on your skin as Kaeya continues his journey, pushing his tongue into a place that makes you self-conscious.
„N-no, not there!”
You want to push him away but he won’t budge, chuckling into your wet core. His saliva mixes with your juices and Kaeya can freely delve his tongue inside, dragging it through the tight opening between your legs. You inhale a jerking breath and it’s like the last of your stubborn resistance melts away. Kaeya tongue-fucks you and you bonelessly slump on the counter. Your cheeks burn, burn so badly that all you want to do is to hide it from the man’s eyes that are transfixed, taking delight in all of your reactions.
Instead of fighting, your hands fist his hair and pull him closer to your pulsating core. Kaeya places his palms on your thighs, spreading you further for himself.
„You taste like candy, Little one.”
He praises, needing more of that sweetness that is hidden deep in you. It leaves him shaking and his cock keeps reminding him that he should fucking hurry up. He was a fool thinking that he could control himself. All your moans fuel his relentless desire and end up going straight to his tightening gut.
When his lips firmly close around your arousal and he begins sucking harshly, you are swept away by these tingles. They keep getting stronger and stronger, spiralling deep inside, making you thrash around underneath him.
You cry out, trembling and Kaeya’s pulse spikes. He is making you cum and he fucking loves it. Your eyes shut tight, lips parted and he feels the first spasms of your sex. It comes all at once, quickly evolving into intense throbs that tantalize your body. You grip his hair even more harshly and shove him onto your clenching core. He obeys, lewdly moaning right into your heat and your eyes fly open, only to witness Kaeya’s glowing with desire and need eyes.
You’re shattered, lifeless. It took all of your strength away and you fight to regain the ability to breathe. Kaeya sensually pepper-kisses your thighs, going up to your stomach and then to your chest. His fingers trace your body, teasingly caressing the delicate skin and you shudder again.
„Sensitive much?”
Kaeya whispers seductively into your ear and you just whimper helplessly.
„I’m still not done with you. You know that, right?”
He nudges his nose into your neck and you try to shoo him away. He giggles airily and your hole flutters again.
„I’m gonna fuck you. Can’t really say no when you asked so nicely, Little one.”
He lifts you as if you weighed nothing and takes you to your bedroom. He carefully places you on the bed and admires his work. You look so pretty. Cheeks covered with a dusty shade of pink and bruised lips. You barely can keep your eyes open and it arouses him even more. He will fuck you, awake or not, he will surely claim you, make you his.
„Lube, the lube is in the drawer.”
Your weak whisper puts his daydreaming to an abrupt end and he smiles cheekily at you. He reaches for the bedside table and finds the object with ease.
Kaeya coats his hands with the sticky substance and spreads it all over his shaft. The little moan that escapes his lips when he brushes over the tip of his cock sounds like the most beautiful piece of music you’ve ever heard.
„C’mere, Little one.”
He purrs, wrapping his arm around your waist and scoops you closer to him. His wet dick presses to your lower belly and Kaeya notices your sharp intake of breath. It leaves him insatiably needing more.
„You still want me to fuck you, right?”
Kaeya kisses your jaw and then brushes his hand over your forehead to sweep away the strands that cling to it. He cannot tear his gaze away from your perfectly flushed face even if he wanted to.
You swallow hard and nod, looking at him through half-lidded eyes.
„I’ll stop whenever you want me to. Just tell me when it hurts too much.”
He promises in a husky voice, thick with desire. He moves his pelvis and his dick rubs all over your belly. Your breath hitches and you dig your nails into his shoulder. His heart pounds so fiercely when you open your legs for him. Kaeya accepts the invitation, sinking right between your thighs.
„I need to warn you, though.”
He begins, sounding almost wolfishly as he takes your hand into his and places it over your head. Your free hand gripping his pelvis as he nudges his cock to your entrance.
„If you let me do it once, I’m going to fuck you each day, over and over again.”
Your body flashes hot at his boldness and you squeeze your thighs around him, experiencing this thrilling sensation in your groin that led to your orgasm moments before.
You whimper needily, rocking your hips into his cock and he gasps. His mouth quickly finds yours and, he kisses you ardently, inching himself into you.
„D-dammit, ahh-hhh,” he cries out.
You stare at him, moon-eyed. His patience is admirable and you can see how hard it is for him to keep his needs at bay. He is thick and long, angrily swollen and Kaeya does his best to tamp down this temptation that tells him to just bury himself to the hilt and fill you up with his hot cum.
His shaft brutally stretches your hole, but somehow you imagined it to sting more. Whatever the reason is, his coated with lube erection is progressively hugged by your tight walls, and even if it is not the most pleasant feeling, you don’t mind suffering a bit. Especially if it means hearing more of his strangled whimpers.
Clenching your jaw, you pull his pelvis, guiding him deeper in you. His head slumps forward and he freezes for a second.
„So fucking tight, I c-can’t.”
He confesses and you moan his name, bucking your hips forward. He is fully inside. Your chest heaves, moving up and down rapidly.
He rolls into you, without warning and it hurts but, you take him in, tangling your trembling limbs behind him. He growls, unsheathing his cock only to push it back in, determined to hit the spot that will make you reach your bliss despite the obvious pain you must be feeling now. Your bodies keep colliding as he drags himself in and out, all the time holding you in place with the tight grip on your wrist.
He presses hard against you, panting uncontrollably. Kaeya’s firm abdomen muscles help him pound into you with ease, powerfully crushing you beneath him.
He groans like a man undone and you realise that you made him feel that way.
„Ka-Kaaeya, feels good!”
You scream, experiencing the same wave of hotness that previously possessed you wholly.
„F-fuck! I have to have you. You’re all mine. All fucking mine.”
Kaeya knows he is going to burst any time soon and aims his hips to repeatedly thrust into you at the same angle that made you cry in pleasure. He slides his hand all over your hot flesh, skimming his fingers over your erected nipples. His thrusts are shallow, much weaker than he is used to, but he wants to go easy on you, thinking only about your satisfaction. He was ready to cum just from sucking you off. There will be other occasions for showing you what he is really capable of, for proving how feral you make him feel.
The need flaring in his hot gaze and his cock so precisely brushing over this sweet spot inside push you into the daze of wild excitement. Your back goes rigid when bolts of pleasure explode like fireworks in your groin. Kaeya follows right after, cursing loudly when you start rhythmically clamping around his ejaculating dick.
He covers your mouth with his to muffle the sobs that fall from you when he almost animalistically rides out his orgasm, rutting into you. It’s preposterous how you manage to just wreck him. Such a little thing and he feels ravaged, controlled like a puppet by his desire to please you and call you his.
Kaeya stiffens, halting all the movement when he is back to his senses. He secretly hopes that he hasn't hurt you too much and hastily cups your cheek to have a better look at your exhausted face.
„All good?”
He asks, breathless. His azure-blue eyes worriedly seek reassurance in yours.
„Not bad for an old man.”
You tell him, attempting to smile but the burning sensation in your lower parts makes you grimace in pain. Kaeya chuckles, sealing your lips with his. It’s a tender kiss, laying bare the emotions that are blooming in his heart. A lump forms in your throat and you wrap your arms around his naked torso.
He props up on his elbow and makes a move to stand up.
„What are you doing?”
You panic, reaching for his shoulder.
Kaeya looks at you bewildered, and then it dawns on him. He leans in to kiss you again, lazily moving his lips against yours, as if he wanted to calm you down. He is not going anywhere, and you better be ready for round two soon enough because he sure as hell won’t be able to wait for it too long.
„Wanted to prepare you a bath. How about that, you Little brat, hmm?”
Tumblr media
Other boys:
Childe as your swimming instructor
Zhongli as your history professor
Xiao as a tattoo artist
Kazuha as your gardener
Diluc as a wine industry tycoon
Other series:
Going out on a date with Genshin boys
Thigh job with Genshin boys
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ryekoo · a day ago
some random, small thoughts i had while i was in the car a few days ago. gn!reader & modern au by the wayy xD
Tumblr media
"are you really sure about this?" you asked for the nth time, making childe turned to look at you. he just parked the car by the side of road, his hand still on the steering wheel while the other resting in the space between the two of you.
right, the typical 'stuff hot guys do', you thought. though it's true he looked extremely hot doing it (especially when his pale, toned and a bit veiny forearms were bare from when he pulled up the sleeves of the hoodie he was wearing), you internally rolled your eyes nonetheless.
"yes, babe. it's totally fine. we're almost half way to my family's house anyway. besides, teucer loves you!" he reassured with a soft smile. your eyebrows furrowed, contemplating. "but what if i'm just a bother? you even said this is going to be a 'family hangout', after all."
childe grumbled. "y/n, i said it already and i'm saying it again. you're never a bother, and you never will be. i asked you to join because you're family too." he said as his hand reached out to hold yours. you were silent for a few seconds, only staring at him but it seemed childe was not backing down so you sighed and nodded with a little smile, "okay then."
he grinned. "good. now stay put while i go buy some snacks for my siblings." he said before opening the door and stepped out. you watched as he rounded the car to walk towards the convenience store.
childe was about to enter the store when he suddenly backtracked, approaching the window on your side of the car. he tapped the window a few times with a finger. after obliging his request, you raised an eyebrow in a silent 'what is it?'
"sorry i forgot to ask. anything you want, sweetheart?" he asked sheepishly, leaning against the window. you chuckled, amused at his cute expression. "no, not really. just buy anything you want. i told you there's no need to spoil me all the time." you murmured, your fingers mindlessly moved to brush a few strands of ginger hair away from his mesmerizing ocean eyes.
he hummed. "i'll still buy something for you." with the back of his knuckle, he swiped a quick yet gentle stroke on your cheek.
you felt your heart soar at the small, loving gesture and how childe was reassuring plus considerate enough to ask what you want. not just that, even his small mumble of "lock the door," before heading back towards the convenience store made you flutter because he was just so thoughtful, prioritizing your safety.
how is he able to make you fall in love even deeper, you wonder...
Tumblr media
am i dumping my brainrots ? yes, yes i am 😇
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mitachurls · 2 days ago
slow mornings | childe
summary: maybe waking up to him every morning is your favourite part.
pairing: childe x gn!reader
genre: fluff. and more fluff . just sweet mornings with the love of your life <3 also childe is a morning person lol
wc: ~0.4k
Tumblr media
sunlight filters through the window lazily, shedding light onto the tangle of limbs that was you and ajax.
he sighs, pulling you into his chest. “morning,” he says, before pressing his lips to your forehead.
“morning,” you mumble. you don’t care what time it reads on the clock, it still feels like it’s way too early to get out of bed.
ajax is a morning person. you don’t understand how, but all you know is that he always seems fully awake and functioning in the early hours of the morning.
he leans his chin on your head. “want to sleep in some more?” you can hear the smile in his voice. as you hum in reply, he runs a hand along your back gently, his touch feather-light - but comforting.
the two of you lie there for several minutes, in comfortable silence. the birds chirp outside, and you can hear the bell of the mailman’s bicycle as he passes by. the world seems so peaceful.
you wish you could freeze time, and stay there in your lover’s arms forever.
“you know,” ajax starts gently, “back at home… i’d always be the first one up, somehow. everyone else slept in, while i was awake all by myself. so... i cooked for them. i didn’t mind though, because the look on everyone’s faces after they woke up in the cold mornings to breakfast always made it worth it,” he lets out a small laugh, reminiscing.
that’s cute, you think. you look up at him, “what about making breakfast for me?” you joke.
he laughs, then pauses. “hmm,” he hums, before breaking into a smile. its golden - the sun lights up his face, and he looks like he’s glowing. “you know what? maybe i will, just because you asked”
“wait, you don’t have to! i was just-”
“it’s okay,” he kisses your forehead, before he lifts himself out of the bed. “i want to. you’re my home now, too,”
he leaves the room, his hair still in a mess. not too soon after, you hear pots and pans being shuffled, him humming, and the stove being lit up.
you lie there, basking in the warm sunlight as it creeps up your skin, dwelling on ajax’s words.
he was your home, too.
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zhonatxxic · 11 hours ago
hi!! i see requests are open and i wanna ask if i can have xiao with a gender neutral s/o who (previously) is a mortal but has gained immortality, like having a really slowed down aging process, imagine a thousand years is just one year for the physical body. i'm curious to see how his reaction would be, if that's alright for you??
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠‧₊› xiao x gn! reader.
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲‧₊› reader gains immortality, how does xiao react?
𝐒𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞‧₊› fluff headcanons.
𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞‧₊› this was so so cute to do! i hope you like it <3 and sorry for the waiting!
Tumblr media
When you gave him the news, Xiao could already feel a strange energy emanating from you, so he already had an idea of ​​that change in your being. Xiao doesn't know how to feel about it. For him, who spends his life tormented by his past, eternity is something painful. But now that he'll be by your side until his last breath, that may change...
Xiao will care about you, will spend more time with you. He doesn't want you to spend your life suffering like him, it's something that this boy simply would never forgive himself even when he's not guilty of that. But he wants, NEEDS, you to feel good all these long years ahead of you.
Every time you say goodbye, shy questions like “will you be okay?”, or “Do want me to stay with you tonight?” can be heard from this boy, who cares too much about you. So much longevity can lead to the darkest loneliness you can ever feel. Everything ages except you. But if someone like him decides to spend more time with you... that could change.
Of course, Xiao still loves you like he did before, but this has undoubtedly made him be more aware of you and your mood. You won't be alone, and he won't be alone. All you have to do is protect each other every day of your life.
He knows that this change may be too much for you, and that you need time to reflect on what is happening now. So don't doubt that this cute boy will be softer with you, supporting you and keeping you company as you think about the future that lies ahead. Take the time you need, Xiao is in no rush.
He will think about this whole situation a lot too. “Is it considered a selfish act... to rejoice because you'll be by my side for more years...?” And it does not matter that he has all the time in the world to dedicate to you, because he will always be attentive to you, with his eyes on you, without getting bored for a moment. Enjoying every expression or gesture you make, and he will never get tired for many years to come.
“Seems like I'll be by your side until you can't deal with me anymore” is what you finally say to him. Xiao can't help but hide a small genuine smile that his flushed face unconsciously drew. “That will not be a problem. I will never get enough of you.”
Yeah, his painful past was long. But now, the sweet and refleshing presence of you in his whole future will be longer.
— <3
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sohcah-toa · 2 days ago
omg pls I'm dying at the uber driver hcs like HELLO?? IT'S FULL ON SLANDER BUT ITS SO FUNNY LMAOOAO 😂😂💀💀💗
since requests are open could you do the same but with the boyz as restaurant waiters? like imagine them goofing around with the customer while the customer literally just like: 👁️👄👁️
* coughs childe/kaeya *
and diluc/xiao just being dead asf 💀💀
xiao: iNcOmpReHenSAbLe
if you can't write it it's okay!! thank you for all the posts you make hehe 💖💞✨
Genshin Men as Waiters | toa
thank you so much for reading and for the support!! i'm so glad you like it! ♡
ft. Childe, Kaeya, Diluc, Zhongli, Xiao and Thoma
cw: SFW, kinda crack, headcanons, modern au, readers as customers, POSSIBLE SPOILERS (only on Zhongli's)
Tumblr media
extra context: lumine and paimon are their boss and they only work there so they could return a favor; they all work together.
Tumblr media
- so done with his job, it's like he's not even trying anymore, paimon just kept pestering him to do his job well
- purposely changes the customer's alcohol beverages to juice
"Waiter, this is grape juice, not my wine, so if you could just—"
"Grape juice is good. Good for you, I'm jealous"
"Uh— wait don't leave yet! 😧"
- gets annoyed by Kaeya everytime he sees him flirting with a customer so he ends up breaking plates accidentally
"Isn't that guy embarrassing?"
"Isn't he your co-worker?"
"Just hearing that makes me sick, here's your order. Eat and leave, don't ever come back"
"😢 You broke my plate, the food is all over the floor sir"
- always in a hurry when doing his job so he could go home immediately
- has a resting bitch face. customers always get intimidated and orders as fast as they can to not make Diluc mad
— ๑
Tumblr media
- actually glad to work there but he's not good as a waiter, keeps on messing up orders even though he's trying his best
- tells you stories about every little thing
"Do you have anything spicy?"
"Yes, we do. Actually, back in the day I had a friend, the stove god, he sacrificed everything for the land of Liyue. He was divided into thousands to be able to help its people. In the end he went into deep slumber, there was this nice girl, her name was Xiangling, who gave food to what once was a stove god. Now, that creature follows her everywhere, named Guoba. Xiangling once cooked Jueyun Chili Chicken and I do believe we have that here"
"...Right, I'll just— take that I guess 😨"
- always call thoma (head waiter) whenever he needs help; which is everytime
"Do you have a website?"
"Uh- yes?"
"Okay, what is it?"
"Uh- Thoma! What is a website? You know we don't have a website back in the day because we all did things —" (proceeds to tell a story about it)
- most likely to fall asleep on the job because he got so tired just trying to understand things
- we all know he steal tips from Childe because "childe's already rich" (actually his words)
— ๑
Tumblr media
- would purposely serve the food late if he doesn't like the customer
- mess up orders on purpose
"Sorry this isn't my order"
"And this isn't my real job, so we're even"
- would try to flirt but will fail horribly
"I'm Childe, your waiter, been waiting all my life for someone like you"
"Anyway, what's your order? Love? I got you"
"Right, I'll just—"
Lumine & Paimon: 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
- most likely to slap a karen, throw money at them after then leave
- always believe in Kaeya's pranks and is somehow always excited about it
Kaeya: "Fire!! There's fire!"
"Everybody!! out out out! Hurry hurry!! Holy shit holy shit — I feel the thrill! Let's go! Whoo! I wonder who'll die today"
Kaeya: "Dude 😮"
Lumine & Paimon: "You drove all the customers out!!! 👺"
— ๑
Tumblr media
- actually the best waiter there is but is real sloppy with everything; water spilling on his mouth while he's drinking
- head waiter; would teach others how to do their jobs properly
- gets super stressed out while handling the other waiters, he cries in the bathroom alone when he have free time
- begs everybody to their jobs properly or else the restaurant will be closed down
"Zhongli, you can google things if you don't know how to deal with it, I'm very busy too"
Zhongli: "What is a google? 🤔"
"Diluc, please be nice to the customers. Also, please stop breaking our plates"
Diluc: "Sorry, I want to puke everytime I see Kaeya flirting with a customer so I just accidentally break them 😖"
"Another issue! Kaeya for the love of Barbatos, Morax, Baal and all the other gods, don't harass the customers, don't eat their food, that's just nasty"
Kaeya: "I don't have a god 🤠"
"Childe please don't mix the orders up, why do you even do that?"
Childe: "Um— because it's fun and thrilling? Duh 🤨"
"And Xiao, oh my god Xiao please.. Just please try to be at least a little bit nicer. We had a customer who went home crying because you told her that her armpit stinks and you can smell it from a mile away"
Xiao: "Not lying, we can't have people like that in this establishment"
"Xiao, you shouted it to everybody else and she was embarrassed in front of everyone 🤦‍♂️"
Xiao: "I panicked 🤷‍♂️"
- so stressed out that he's balding (he just covers it with his horns headband lmaoo)
— ๑
Tumblr media
- takes his own precious time, doesn't ask for orders if he doesn't want to
"Waiter! I've been calling you for the past 5 minutes. Could you please take our order?"
"Later 😑"
- literally flirts with you non-stop until he gets what he wants
"Hi. I would like the hashbrowns please"
"And I would like your number"
"Um.. 🤨"
"What's your name baby girl?"
"Sir, this is highly inappropriate"
- would eat little bits of food on your order (like on fries or nuggets); sometimes he would take a bite on your pasta before serving and would drink on your straw
- will be the most likely to prank the whole restaurant by yelling 'fire fire fire!'
— ๑
Tumblr media
- hates the job so much but can't quit cuz lumine and paimon
- always sigh loudly whenever asking what you want to order
- complains about his job to you
"Hi, yes, I would like to order Mora meat"
"Don't you want to order Almond Tofu instead? It's the best cuisine in here"
"Um no-- Just the--"
"Alright I'll just put Almond Tofu in here, anything else? Do you want pain with a side dish of pain and pain water?"
"Um 😥"
"Alright. I'll just add that here too"
Lumine & Paimon: "Xiao! Stop scaring the customer! 👹"
- literally can't get the job done because he can't talk to customers normally; talks like he's an ant sometimes so the customers would ask for another waiter instead
- is the meanest out of all the waiters
"What's your best-seller?"
"How should I know? I'm just the waiter"
"That's the reason why. You're the waiter you should know"
"I'm not the chef, just order whatever it'll probably be good idk 🤷‍♂️"
— ๑
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teyvattwriter · a day ago
Dating ChiLi ~
Tumblr media
❧ Genre: fluff and smut (under the cut)
❧ Warnings: mentions of breeding kink, making, hair pulling, overstimulation (nothing very explicit)
❧ A/N: this was one of the ideas that made me want to start a Genshin writing blog
~※ Main Masterlist ※~
Tumblr media
♡ dating these two gives you the best of both worlds ♡ you get cool and mature Zhongli  ♡ but also excitable golden retriever boy ♡ (yes, that’s Childe) ♡ sometimes you’ll be a bit of a third wheel ♡ y’all seen these two together? ♡ it looks like they’re in their own little world sometimes ♡ but if you pout enough you’ll get two apologetic boys ♡ Zhongli seems like the type to get you gifts often ♡ on Childe’s dime so it’s also from him ♡ Zhongli will just see something while he’s out ♡ and he can’t resist getting it for you ♡ he gets scoldings from Childe sometimes ♡ but not really cause Childe loves to spoil you too ♡ ooooo so much affection ♡ Zhongli isn’t into PDA ♡ but Childe isn’t bothered by it ♡ despite not participating in PDA much ♡ all of Liyue knows of your guy’s relationship ♡ neither boy can shut up about it ♡ they just have so much love for you and each other ♡ so they will talk to anyone about y’all ♡ cuddlesssss ♡ in private, you’ll never be alone ♡ one or both of the boys will be on you ♡ hugs, kisses, cuddles, you name it ♡ Childe is very clingy and very much loves hugs ♡ Zhongli is more partial to kisses ♡ give him nose/cheek kisses to see him blush ♡ omg lots of dates at restaurants ♡ you’ve tried all of Liyue’s restaurants at this point ♡ you teasingly call yourselves food critics ♡ you have tried to teach Childe to use chopsticks ♡ so has Zhongli ♡ it’s not been an easy task ♡ both boys are quite protective ♡ not over protective but just protective ♡ they worry about your safety and wellbeing ♡ if they can, one of them will join you on your adventures ♡ Archons forbid you come home injured ♡ Zhongli will be tending to your wounds ♡ while Childe is trying not to destroy the entire Harbor ♡ he’s just so furious that you were hurt ♡ Zhongli seems calm on the outside ♡ but on the inside, he’s just as upset as Childe ♡ overall, these two would be so fun to date ♡ just so much love and cuteness ♡ I could go on for a while about poly!ChiLi
♡ now for stuff ♡ so I think both boys are switches ♡ they have preferences but switches nonetheless ♡ they both have things they’re into ♡ some overlap but some don’t  ♡ both are very into marking ♡ Zhongli isn’t as bold about it as Childe ♡ Childe will cover your neck/shoulders with hickies ♡ Zhongli will strategically hide them on your body ♡ like in places that would be covered by clothes ♡ and Childe loves to be marked up  ♡ Childe also loves having his hair pulled ♡ that’s an easy way to get him riled up ♡ both boys have a breeding kink ♡ you can’t convince me otherwise ♡ talking is a great way to get Zhongli turned on ♡ dirty words tickle his brain and it gets him going  ♡ call Childe by his actual name  ♡ I dare you ♡ calling him Ajax during sex will make him feral  ♡ Zhongli really likes to overstimulate ♡ he’s quite the giver  ♡ there’s something about how you look all blissed out ♡ of course, he loves seeing Childe like that too ♡ as subs, ♡ Childe is a bratty sub (don’t @ me) ♡ Zhongli is a service sub  ♡ and as doms, ♡ Childe is a bit of a sadistic dom ♡ Zhongli is a service dom ♡ Zhongli just loves to please, what can I say ♡ I really could go on and on about poly!ChiLi
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glazelilyy · 2 days ago
For the event thingy,
a romantic confession letter+ Albedo+ sort of royalty au where Albedo is a prince asking for your hand in marriage (?)
Tumblr media
𝟏𝟎𝟎𝟎 𝐅𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐎𝐖𝐄𝐑 𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐓 - 𝐚 𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮
Tumblr media
pairing - prince!albedo x gender neutral reader (royalty au!)
prompt - romantic confession letter
warning - none
a/n - AAA YOUR BIG BRAIN!!!! :D i stand by the superiority of prince!albedo >:) i hope i did this justice!
Tumblr media
to my dearest (y/n),
i find myself underneath a blanket of stars while i write to you, and though i've reveled in their immense beauty, this breathtaking view pales in comparison to you, my loveliest cecilia.
for so long you've remained by my side through arduous and gentle tempests, and for that i am forever in your debt. you are most curious; i've never felt what i feel for you before, it's quite a lovely feeling i must say. you are a fragrant breath of fresh air and always so lovely, so radiant, so inexplicably ravishing. the heavens themselves envy your kind heart and illuminating beauty.
my kingdom demands that i take up a partner, and i believe that i have sat on this issue for far too long. there was no one who caught my eye, until you. no other person could ever come close to touching my heart in the ways you have, my flower. and with that, i would be most thrilled if you would accept my hand and rule by my side. i understand that gravity of my offer, and rest assured you may take all the time you'd like to consider my offer. but know this: my heart belongs to you, and no one else.
forever yours,
prince albedo
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hahaimnotdeadyet · 12 hours ago
Hybrids feel you're pregnant HC (Zhongli vers)
Warnings and tags: English is not my native! Pregnancy of course, Zhongli being a little too much overprotective huzbandoo
- of course he feels this little half-dragon he put into you. Not with his mind, but with his long forgotten - or as he thought - instincts that he was able to overcome in himself till now. Well, everything happens for the first time.
- his first heir in six thousand years is not an exception.
- it starts with his concern about your health. At first it was sweet, but after some time it's irritating. He is not your parent, he is your partner. He shouldn't always try to feed you more than you want, even if food is "healthy" or bring extra clothes because "you are cold".
- you have to confront him one day with "Zhongli I understand you are much older, but I'm not a child either!" He looks at you embarrassedly and apologies. Yeah, he really did overreact.
- anyway you still see him frown when you do something potentially dangerous. The same was before, of course, but if in previous situations he only observed, watching closely and ready to help you, right now he is on edge of dropping his stuff and run to you.
- this new Zhongli is even kinda cute, you have to admit.
- you find it even hilarious how he starts to react for conflict you possibly could get into. First moment - you are in the middle of argument with unscrupulous seller who tried to trick a child buying sweets. Second moment - the seller turns pale, handing in those unfortunate 100 mora to the child and walks away with a brisk step, glancing back a couple of times. Almost running. Third moment - you turn around only to see charmingly smiling Zhongli. He praises you, "you made a great deal, darling. I'm so proud of you." almost murmurs.
- did he just rub his cheek over your head right now?
- you are taken back by his actions, but he feels natural. Probably tease him about being okay with PDA outside? He answers only with a low chuckle and leads you farther.
- no one dares to mess with dragon's bride.
- if he knew better he would call it "nesting", but for himself he just wants everything around to be clean and regulated.
- brings home some strange looking décoré, but patiently explains each small detail about it, from ornaments with symbols protecting from bad karma to unique author's paintings telling about the legends of the Jasper Forest.
- you don't really understand what for, but okay to let it be here. One more souvenir Zhongli'd like to safe.
- his eyes on you all the time. Not to break you personal space, just to scare off those people who dare to touch you. No, not today, hands off.
- when you stand somewhere together it became a habit his hand find its place on your waist or on your hip.
- always respectfully supports you from behind. His fingertips are between your shoulder blades or lower: "don't worry, darling, I'm here, beside you."
- you turn at him, look of incomprehension: "it's just fireworks, it's all good."
- he thought you'd be scared by flashlights..?
- finally begins to suspect something not only at the level of instincts at the very moment when you have questions as well. He knows something is horribly wrong, he misses something. It upsets him that he doesn't understand /what exactly/.
- Zhongli's mind playing tricks on him, ironically. His dragon side knows about your condition and put a lot of effort into preparing everything for the day your little one sees the light.
- at the same time rational Zhongli's mind can't put two and two. He knows he has been irrational for some time now and it feels confusingly right. But why? Why, whywhywhywhy..?
- answer came to him when you announced your suspicious were correct. Your period was almost two weeks late because of one month old baby.
- Zhongli is not upset, neither surprised when you tell him. It is so crystal clear and logical that he wants to slap himself in the face for stupidity.
- he just hugs you, carefully. He knew it from the beginning and was ready weeks ago.
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athenaistired · a day ago
✄┈𝒀𝒐𝒖 𝒉𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝒍𝒐𝒔𝒕 𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝒐𝒇 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒎𝒆𝒎𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒔 pt.2↠
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ: ᴀᴍɴᴇꜱɪᴀ, ᴅᴇʟɪʀɪᴜᴍ, ᴍᴇɴᴛᴀʟ ɪʟʟɴᴇꜱꜱᴇꜱ, ᴛᴏxɪᴄ ʀᴇʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴꜱʜɪᴘ, ɢᴀꜱʟɪɢʜᴛɪɴɢ, ᴍᴇɴᴛᴀʟ ᴀʙᴜꜱᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴀ ᴄᴏɢɴɪᴛɪᴠᴇʟʏ ᴠᴜʟɴᴇʀᴀʙʟᴇ ʏ/ɴ, ɪɴꜱᴜʟᴛꜱ, ᴀʀɢᴜɪɴɢ, ꜱʜᴏᴜᴛɪɴɢ, ᴇᴍᴏᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ ᴍᴀɴɪᴘᴜʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, ɴᴏɴ-ᴄᴏɴꜱᴇɴꜱᴜᴀʟ ᴋɪꜱꜱɪɴɢ, ᴘʜʏꜱɪᴄᴀʟ ᴀʙᴜꜱᴇ, ᴀʙᴜꜱɪᴠᴇ ɪɴᴛɪᴍɪᴅᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛꜱ ᴏꜰ ꜱᴜɪᴄɪᴅᴇ, ᴀʟᴄᴏʜᴏʟɪꜱᴍ
✄┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ 𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚍 𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚝: 2218
— 𝑱𝑼𝑺𝑻 𝑨 𝑺𝑯𝑬𝑳𝑳 ꕤ !2!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It took you a lot of courage to be able to stand in front of the exit door. It was something that you had never touched or approached before. To be honest, you even avoided looking at it since it always made your husband displeased. But today... Was going to be the day you’ll take a new step into the future. With an odd feeling at heart, you looked back and saw dread and darkness in front of you.
Maybe this was your time to leave.
Kaeya was right. You were not the same person who he married. You had no knowledge of your name, age, family or past. How could you possibly pretend to be someone without knowing anything about them? The worst part was when you did discover something familiar — the blue haired male would instantly dispose of it. It left you confused on what he wanted from you. To remember or to forget? Or... Did he want you to be the way you were without having memories? But wouldn’t that be impossible? Just... What were you supposed to do to please him?
You shook your head. It didn’t matter because you were leaving and you were not planning on coming back. Your hand tightened on the handle and you pushed it open, and instantly flinched at the cold air that hit you in the face. Your eyes widened at seeing a street with tonnes of different buildings and decorations. In complete awe you took a step forward and simply stared.
It was a deep night with a full moon shining in the sky, making the central street seem as clear as ever. You deeply breathed in and out; the air felt so fresh and refreshing and with each moment you felt more filled up with energy and inner power.
For the first time in months since your memory loss you were smiling. Grinning like a complete idiot while observing the empty streets of the city. So pretty. So beautiful. So mesmerizing. You couldn’t wait to go forward and see even more of this amazing world-! You were finally—
“Where the fuck do you think you are going?”
You felt complete horror wash over you. Your heartbeat picked up its pace and you froze. You knew that you needed to run but you felt so scared and paralyzed that your body was not listening to you. Suddenly everything felt like a trap and a cruel joke. You opened your mouth to mumble out some sort of excuse but instead the man harshly grabbed you by your shoulders and spun you around while pushing you back inside the house. Your legs were still clumsy and weak, so you instantly fell onto the wooden floor and slowly turned around to face your husband.
Kaeya in front of you had locked the door and stared back at you with bloodshot eyes. His gaze looked terrifying; it was filled with absolute hatred. Compared to him you felt so weak and vulnerable, it was almost pathetic just how small and frail you were.
“What the fuck was that?” He asked, and you attempted to answer but your voice was not working. You were so scared to say the wrong thing. So, so scared, “Did you not hear my question?!” This time he shouted while hitting the wall with his fist. A small crack instantly formed, which made you realize that Kaeya was strong. Very.. Very strong. On an instinct — just like a prey in front of a predator — you felt yourself slowly scooping away.
At that your husband quickly walked up to you and all you could do was flinch away while shutting your eyes as you saw his hand rise high up in the air — you were expecting a blow that...“Go to sleep. I’m going out. And don’t you dare try to escape.”...never came. Instead he grabbed you by your chin while forcing you to keep an eye-contact with him, “No matter where you try to go I will find you and bring you back.” At that he let you go and you fell back, feeling fatigue and nauseousness wash over you.
You watched without moving him leave and lock the door with the key. And once you were sure that he was gone, you instantly ran to the bathroom to empty out your stomach. You were so scared that you could feel your insides tying themselves in knots making your head spin from pain. And fear. Your eyes glanced back at your notebook, and all you could do was cry while thinking of how stupid and naive you were — expecting that you could possibly leave that easily.
You were nothing compared to your husband. It was just how he said. You were an empty shell of a person of who you used to be.
Kaeya disposed of all books that had anything in them about the outside world. Instead they were replaced with cleaning, cooking, laundry and other home-working guides. But... You could not bother reading them. All you did was lay in bed all day, staring at the ceiling while thinking about nothing. You couldn’t sleep. All you did was think and fantasize. Eventually, your husband noticed it.
“You toss a lot in bed at night. Are you even sleeping?” He asked when the two of you were eating. Today you were having fried chicken with boiled vegetables, which your husband seemed to enjoy. You were glad, because that meant that he was not going to be angry at you.
“Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.” You tried to reassure him but all he did was sigh.
“I’ll get you sleeping medicine. You look horrible.” He said while finishing his plate. At that the man got up and grabbed his coat, “I’m going out. Clean before I come back.” You watched him with a dull glare as he disappeared just as quickly as he appeared.
Without saying a word you got up to wash the dishes in the sink, wiping them and placing them into the same place where they always were. After that you went into the bathroom to look at yourself. Kaeya pointed out that you looked bad, but you couldn’t see what was the problem. Weren’t you always like this?
“Here. Take one pill before going to bed, the healer said that it should instantly knock you out.” He placed a small glass bottle into your hand and you stared at it in question. Inside there were small red button-looking tablets, “Don’t make them go to waste, they cost me a lot, understood?”
“Yes...” You mumbled out and went to place them on your nightstand.
When the time came to sleep, you laid down and gulped down one of the pills. At first you felt nothing and silently watched Kaeya peacefully sleep on his side of the bed. But soon you felt the effects. You became drowsy, tired and exhausted. You haven’t craved sleep as strongly as you did now, and without any protests you shut your eyes going into your dreamland.
You dreamed of the stories that you read in books. You dreamed of you adventuring around Teyvat. In your dreams you saw so many beautiful colors, so many magical creatures and you met so many different people. There was no Kaeya in your dream — it was just you, free and strong. In your dreams you felt so good. So happy. So free. Like a bird that could float among the clouds without any effort.
But soon you opened your eyes and you were back in the cage. You slowly turned to see that Kaeya’s side on the bed was already cold. Then you looked to the opposite side to see the pills. Shining red color seemed so tempting. You wanted to go back to that place and never leave.
‘Here. Take one pill before going to bed, the healer said that it should instantly knock you out.’
But Kaeya told you to only take one pill before sleep. You felt your hand retreating back. You couldn’t disobey him like that... What if he will shout at you again? What if he’ll hit you? With a heavy sigh you got out of bed feeling as heavy as a bag of rocks to do the same things that you did yesterday. You felt like a lifeless doll.
“Why do you always look at me like that?” Kaeya grumped from the couch. Recently he developed a new habit — drinking at home. At first it did not bother you, since he told you that it was somewhat like a medicine that you were taking for sleep, but soon you realized that it was a lie.
He would drink that odd dark-pink liquid in uncountable amounts everyday after he would come back from work. And if he did not drink it at home, he’d drink it somewhere outside and would come back in this unexplainable, sluggish state. Kaeya was already an emotional and aggressive person, but when he was under the influence of this... “medicine” ...he was a lot worse.
“Like what?” You asked as you picked up empty bottles to put them into trash.
“Like you hate me.” He mumbled back and then dramatically sighed, “Do you hate me?” Kaeya questioned, and stared at you while expecting an answer. But instead you came up to the coffee table by the cough with a warm towel to wipe it, “Did you hear me?!” He shouted at you, and you tried your hardest not to flinch. Slowly, you were getting used to this treatment, and it was getting less and less scary... just... tiring.
Enduring your husband’s temper was exhausting.
You gasped in pain as your head got pulled back the moment Kaeya tugged at your hair; it felt like he was going to rip them out of your scalp.
“Are you barely eating on purpose?” He whispered, while furrowing his eyebrows, “Are you trying to attract attention to yourself? Or do you think that if you fall ill I will take you outside to the healer?” You actually did not consider such options, but now that he had given you the idea...
“Well, just know that it won’t happen. If I have to I will force feed you.”
And here it was. Every time that you thought Kaeya was not that terrifying anymore — he’d prove you wrong by becoming even worse. His hold on the locks of your hair had tightened, and he did the worst thing that he could ever do to you.
He locked your lips together in a kiss.
What was he doing? Why was he doing this?
You were so confused and stunned that at first you did not move and just let him do as he pleased. This was when you realized that you couldn’t breathe from disgust and terror. Your eyes widened when you felt his tongue enter your mouth and try to explore deep within you. You kept trying to turn your head and push him away, but soon he completely hovered on top of you while locking his hands by both of your sides and pushing you on the floor.
All you could see was red. All you could feel was fear. All you could do was grab the nearest bottle and with all might smack it against Kaeya’s head — but you were too weak. You were hoping that it was going to break against his form, but all it did was simply surprise him for just a moment.
“Do you know... That if this bottle had shattered... It could have killed me?” Kaeya asked in a dark, deep tone that sent shivers down your spine. You were already regretting everything. You shook your head in denial, but it was like he did not even care what you wanted to say or what you were thinking as he locked his hands around your throat and squeezed with all might while completely knocking the air out of your lungs.
You were so shocked.
Your hands weakly tried to reach Kaeya’s and scratch him off yourself but you could barely do anything to save this situation. You could feel your legs moving by hitting the floor in protest meanwhile your eyes were rolling to the back of your skull. You couldn’t breathe. Your lungs felt like they were getting torn apart while your throat felt like it was about to pop from Kaeya’s grip. You opened your mouth in an attempt to get at least some air inside of you, but nothing. Your airway was completely blocked off and crushed.
Were you going to die like this?
Right now?
Kaeya was going to kill you?
If only you could run away—
If only—
“Honey, are you alright?” You heard a voice call out to you, which was when you turned your head and saw a man by your left side in bed with you. He had long blue hair, night-sky eyes and a stunning face — but you had no idea who he was, “You look rather pale...” He kept talking while reaching with the top of his palm towards your forehead; you stayed still while trying to understand what was happening, “A bad dream?”
“W-who... Are you?”
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zeezelweazel · a day ago
Genshin Impact| Inazuma Women + Cuddling Headcannons
I did promise soft fluff so I'm finally doing it 😌
It's been a while since I wrote something cute so take this as my apology for making you sad.
I totally didn't forget how to write cute staff and run out of ideas after the second character-
• Ayaka •
Poor bby is really flustered.
She's new to this whole physical touch thing so she's probably really stiff too.
She does enjoy your cuddling sessions though :)
There's no way she'd ask you to cuddle first ( not in the beginning of your relationship at least ) so you'll have to ask her instead.
She smells like sakura blossoms and jasmine, you can't convince me otherwise.
Doesn't have a preferred position, though she does like it when you play with her hair.
She usually rumbles about her day while you read a book or drink tea.
She also loves to hear you talk while she holds you.
Has 100% fallen asleep during a cuddle session before but is always embarrassed whenever it's brought up.
Thoma uses that on his advantage, that little shit.
You assured her that it's fine because queen deserves some rest.
Her Cryo vision does tend to make things complicated though.
Unless you have a Pyro vision your cuddle sessions will be limited to summer only.
Since Baal is throwing a temper tantrum I'm assuming the weather isn't nice during summer either, poor you.
Unless you want to freeze to death of course :)
Also since she's like rich or something, I'm sure her bed is very comfy, honestly best place to cuddle.
I like to think that she loves cuddling outdoors too.
Maybe under a sakura tree or in a river bank.
I think that your cuddling sessions become her favorite time if the day after a while.
• Yoimiya •
Yoimiya is the total opposite of Ayaka.
She absolutely loves cuddling but she's not sure if you do so she probably wouldn't bring it up first.
After she made sure that you're fine with it she asks you for cuddles three times a day at least.
She smells good but most of the time due to her job you'd have to put up with the smell of gunpowder and such.
Much like Ayaka she doesn't have a preference when it comes to positions.
She just wants to be able to look into your eyes.
You're the one mostly doing the talking surprisingly. She just likes to look at you and admire your features.
If you want to start a conversation she will participate though.
Yoimiya has come up to you a dozen times to ask for cuddles while being dirty because of the inevitable explosions during her work.
You just look at her and sigh softly, tugging her hand and leading her to the bathroom.
You love her but there's no way you'll cuddle with her when she's like that.
Again much like Ayaka her vision will get in the way of your cuddling unless you're a Cryo vision holder.
At least you'll be able to cuddle with her more of often with the excuse of the poor weather.
She loves cuddling you to worm you up especially if you get cold easily
I can imagine you cuddling Yoimiya after a hard day of work, when she's feeling stressed.
She also really likes back rubs while her head is tucked on your neck :)
Cuddles are an absolute must after any of your dates.
She says date that night isn't over without some cudfles first.
• Kokomi •
Pretty fish lady :)
Honestly I think she loves the idea of cuddling but isn't as experienced.
She also probably doesn't have much time for cuddles either.
She's the leader of a resistance after all.
Has no problem with asking for cuddles and is likely the one that brought it up first.
Smells the best out of everyone here in my humble opinion.
Her hair looks really silky and soft as well :)
She doesn't mind the position you guys are in but her favourite place to be is in your arms.
She feels safe and secure, probably the only time in the day when she can relax.
If you place soft kisses on her head, face or neck while holding her she'll ascend to Celestia.
You both talk about various different topics and things. She likes to keep the conversation going, mostly to keep her thoughts in the present, away from the million things she has to do later.
The best thing you can do when you notice that she's feeling down is give her a massage.
Honestly her back must be so stiff after carrying the resistance on her back, so please help her out and you'll get lots of kisses later ;)
I think her Hydro vision is affecting her body temperature too so she's the same as Ayaka unfortunately.
Her fish become a part of your cuddling sessions if you don't mind :)
They're just really cute and Kokomi loves seeing you play with them while she tells you about the plans for the day in the early morning.
• Sara •
Sara is very awkward to say at least.
She's so tense whenever you're cuddling :(
You feel like you're cuddling a log most of the time.
She's probably training or planing strategies for upcoming battles so she won't have much time to cuddle during the day.
Will never ask you for cuddles but will cuddle if you want to.
I don't think Sara smells like anything in particular, probably just the clothing wash that she uses for her uniform, and even that has a very natural scent.
After all the training when she's all sweaty she will refuse to cuddle with you before she's taken a shower.
She likes every position that you like.
No matter what your favorite position is she'll be down for it.
While cuddling, you mostly ask her about different topics, other than her job or the military, in hopes of her relaxing and lowering her guard down for a bit.
She'll ask you about your plans too and she's always excited to hear about your adventures.
Her Electro vision will get in the way if it's really hot, but that almost never happens so you'll be able to cuddle with her during the entirety of the year :)
As time goes on Sara trusts you more and feels herself feel at ease whenever she's around you.
She'll eventually warm up to the idea of cuddling and she secretly loves it.
On some rare occasions she'll release her beautiful Tengu wings and envelope you in a big hug.
Even though it doesn't happen that often it's her favorite thing in the whole world. She feels like she can protect you from all harm when you're in her arms like that
You love it too and you made sure that she knows it.
● Yae ●
Yae loves affection in general so cuddling isn't an exception.
I think that she'd be the only one to leave her work just to cuddle with you.
She's the head priestess so she can ask the shrine maidens to handle her work for a few minutes.
Will absolutely ask for cuddles whenever she needs them and will become all whiny if you don't comply to her needs.
She has lived for many years so she's most likely an experienced cuddler.
Smells like herbs and sakura petals.
Soft fluffy hair go brrr.
She has fox ears ( and a big fluffy tail cuz I said so ) so she's the best to cuddle with.
Her favorite position is laying on your chest with her arms wrapped around your torso.
Pls pet her ears while you're cuddling cuz she loves that.
I feel like when you're cuddling during the day you will most likely have light hearted conversations but when you're cuddling during the night she'll softly sing a song in order to get you to sleep.
You always have a cup of tea before or after your cuddle sessions.
Again her Electro vision won't be a problem especially since it must be especially windy up in the Narukami Shrine.
Imagine Yae feeling so relaxed during your cuddles, half asleep, that she actually purrs.
You'd immediately coo at her and squeeze her closer to your body cuz that was just so adorable.
She'll refuse it ever happened and would be embarrassed for some reason.
Might actually let you cuddle with her while she's on her fox form when she trusts you enough.
● Ei ●
She likes cuddles but is too shy to ask :(
Many cuddling sessions while she meditates.
Kind of unresponsive when you're cuddling. She just doesn't know how to act or what to do.
Most likely scared that she'll do something wrong.
You'll have to be the one to ask for cuddles at first but give her a while and she'll gain confidence, finally opening up and demanding some cuddles.
She smells like sweets obviously.
I'm not even joking btw
With the sheer amount of candy she must consume every day she started to permanently smell like them too.
Makes cuddling with her even better.
Loves being the little spoon :)
She feels her worries go away when she's in your arms, that's why she needs you to cuddle her whenever she's feeling down.
Dead silent most of the time. If you want to talk she has no problem at all, she can listen to you talk for hours and wants to make sure you know that. She'll just add a few comments here and there.
When she does want to talk it's mostly about things that she likes.
Her gnosis won't affect anything unless she wants it too.
Are you cold? No problem she'll just use the Electro energy in her body to warm you up.
She's absolutely set on cuddling at least once a week.
I'm pretty confident that she'd have a whole cuddling schedule because it is that important to her.
Gets all pouty and moody if you miss a cuddling session for whatever reason.
You'll have to buy tons of sweets to make it up to her.
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ivoryseia · 2 days ago
Zhongli brewing you a tea and sitting himself behind or beside you. Writing words on your back and having you guess what they are. After doing so he may pour both of you a glass of wine after insisting, after all he is the host. He runs his fingers through your hair and singing praises about everything he finds about you to be perfect. And in return you cup his face and give him a kiss on his forehead and touch your own with his. After all who needs the wine when you are drunk enough off of him?
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galair · 10 hours ago
Self Aware! Genshin Headcanons / Cult!AU
Tumblr media
MDNI / All characters are +18
More headcanons after the cut!
Warnings: Mentioned death, murder, Yandere behaviour.
»»————- ✼ ————-««
- Perhaps it started out with a little of escapism. A little wishful thinking, trickling down into a whole ocean of ideas. Endless scenarios, countless of situations, fuelled by none other than yourself, and your imagination.
- You like the game well enough, enough to perhaps imagine yourself with the characters or even bring them into illustrations and tales that fans will cherish for years to come.
- The game grows, and it brings you joy to discover new places and new people, as much as does to wait for them, always with baited breath.
- And just like that--gone.
- Perhaps it's an accident. Perhaps not. Perhaps you die of old age, game nothing but a fond, or bitter memory to burn at a corner of your mind. But the next thing you know, as you open your eyes once again?
-You're falling. Falling into a blue, endless sky, as thousands--no, millions of memories flood you. Events you had no way of witnessing, threads of time closing, pressing so tight together it feels like they'll snap. Memories not even yours, names you do not know, faces you recognize, others you don't.
- And they all scream your name.
- And you know, you know as you draw you first breath, plummeting from the skies and breaking through the earth, that this is your home. A home you left, oh so long ago.
- The archon of the winds, the first face to greet you when you open your eyes. He cries, but his face isn't twisted in agony, no. He has such a pretty smile, as he takes your hand and presses it against his wet cheeks.
"I know you."
He cries even harder after that.
- Waking in a world you created after millenniums of absence, and in a mortal body no less is too much to take in at first. There's...well, everything, crammed into a body that is struggling to catch up. Venti is the first to welcome you, as he holds you in his arms, void of breath. Under the shade of a tree, he offers you water and--to the surprise of nobody, apples, while sitting anxiously still.
- He is your first devotee. The first to show up, mind you. See how he was the fastest to answer your call?
- Venti is eager to take you by the hand, almost childlike in his glee--but the trembling of his hands isn't something he can hide, no matter how often he shakes the excitement out of them-- and show you into the little shrine he has built by the Starsnatch Cliff. It is quaint and rather cute, crowned by cecilias that are capricious enough to circle it, quietly paying their respects.
- He helps you back on your feet as you grow used to this new vessel. This strange, wonderful vessel, which is everything you ever wanted to be. No matter the shape, the spirit molded it into what you believed was perfection. What you always yearned for, but could never have. It does come with some drawbacks, such as the head-splitting headaches you sometimes get--particularly when too many people whisper your name, or when it feels as if the foundations of the world shake at your feet as it grows used to your presence again--
Some time will have to pass until you grow comfortable.
- The next one to greet you is the twin you chose at the beginning of your journey, somehow reverted to a near the beginning but still retaining memories of your presence-- it is a mind-twisting time-paradox, but neither of your two neophytes seem too worried about it. You decide not to think about it too much either.
-As soon as the sky clears, and you're back on your feet? It feels like a dream.
To travel Teyvat, not as someone else, but yourself?--you thought at the moment, lost in your joy. To discover that--yes, you had once created this world!
All by your hands. All on your own.
But--it was not as simple as that. Not when most of your creations, you'd discover later, were much more interested in slitting each other's throats for a speck of your attention.
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shaydeoffical · a day ago
Comrades to Lovers: Childe / Tartaglia / Ajax x Fem! Visionless Reader
Tumblr media
Summary:  (Y/n) meets a mysterious man while trying to hunt down the artifact that will change her life. In (Y/n)’s mind, all she wants to do is save her little brother from the hands of their father and rewrite their future. However, a confident masked man keeps adding himself to that future. In fact, he might even be expediting the process. Can (Y/n) learn to accept help? Will Childe let go of his morally grey past? Will their dedication to their family bring them together or tear them apart?
Themes: Family, Self Sacrifice, Breaking through Barriers, Comrades to Lovers, Hurt and Comfort, Slow Build.
Warnings: Child Abuse, Family Abusers, Broken Home, Reader Injury, Harassment, Violence. 
Length: 9k
Notes: It’s our favorite Morally Gray characters second re-run and I am so happy to share to this fic to celebrate. Childe is always on my team and I love him very much. I want to add that I’ve been hesitant to share this fic due to some themes, but I hope it is well received! 
Comrades to Lovers: Childe / Tartaglia / Ajax x Fem! Reader
    It happened by chance the first time. I was following a lead on a priceless artifact that had been missing for over three thousand years. It was a timepiece said to be embedded with the energy of the god Osial. While it wasn’t uncommon to find average artifacts from old gods and powerful vision wielders, it was hard to find one that belonged to such a notorious god. So, it didn’t surprise me when I ran into a masked man on my expedition. Thankfully, I had already cleared the monsters that lurked in the long empty halls of the ruins.  
        “Oh, I see you’ve beaten me to the punch.” He drew his weapon, two water daggers forming around his hands. A vision barer, huh? “We’ll just have to fight for the prize.”
        “While the prize is of notable value, I doubt it’s the reason you or I ventured through these halls.” Dropping my shoulders, I held up the artifact. The decrepit mask did not belong to Osial or anyone else of notoriety. “But if it’s a fight you want, then you can use all the energy you saved walking through the halls, I cleared, to try to beat me.” I tucked the mask into my bag and twirled my spear around my hand. “In less, you wish to back down now?”
        “Oh, a worthy opponent?” He nodded, stepping towards me. “Don’t worry, comrade. I won’t kill you, but I won’t go easy on you either.”
        “Fine by me, Tangerine.” Charging into his personal space, I jabbed towards his chest, his thin body easily missing my strikes, even catching onto the pattern I used to throw people off their rhythm. Strike after jab, he danced to the pace I set, laughing all the while.
        “Oh, no vision, huh?” He hummed, cutting the side of my arm. While he was focused on the blood, I slashed his side, planting my boot to his hip and propelling him to the floor.
        “Don’t need one.” I waited for him to get back up, catching my breath. “Just for the record, I don’t intend to kill you either. So that’s why I’m not kicking you while you’re down.”
        “Ah, so you like an honorable fight. Interesting, I thought treasure hoarders didn’t have any morals?” He kicked his legs over his head and slammed them back, forcing himself to feet.
        “I’m not a treasure hoarder.” I closed my eyes, dodging his dagger and whacking him with the butt of my spear. “I do contract work if you must know.”
        “Is that so?” He elbowed my side, and I tumbled onto the floor.
        “Yes. Though this is an independent endeavor.” To my surprise, he waited for me to get on my feet before trying to stab me again. The tile under my foot shifted, the walls opening up. Snap.
        “Huh-ah” The floor split open, and I was going down fast. Tangerine grabbed my hand. Tumbling into his chest, he steadied me...he was stronger than he looked.
        “Run.” He let go of my hand, sprinting towards the door that was closing. He beat me to the door, pulling out a bow and wedging it open. “Go on, I got it.” He grunted, slowing the door so I could slip through.
        “Crap.” The next door was closing too. Picking up a rock from the floor, I tossed it into the mechanism, lodging it open.
        “This isn’t looking good.” My competitor held the next door while I did the same rock trick, going back and forth through each room. Each time the openings were smaller and smaller.
        “Nope, how didn’t I trigger that tile earlier?” I huffed, swinging my arms and pumping my jello legs faster.
        “Once the artifact was removed, it could have triggered the switch.” The last door was up ahead, and it heavier than all the rest, with no visible mechanic. I grabbed the man’s hand and gave it all I got. Pushing him through the door, I barely slid through, landing face-first into the grass. I gasped for breath and kissed the earth.    
        He just laughed. It was deep, his hands clutching his stomach as he tried to catch his breath. “You okay, Comrade?”
        “All that work for a lousy artifact? No, I’m not alright.” I giggled, my lungs burning with every heave. “But, that was a fun fight, though I do think you won this time. Only because I was already pretty beat up from getting through the Hillichurls.”
        “I see. Well, if we are both looking for the same item, and I think we are. Then we’ll see each other again before you know it.” Once he was on his feet, he hovered over me, offering his hand. “Until next time?”
        Taking his hand, he pulled me to my feet and placed a roll of gauze in my palm. “Sure thing. But I’m not letting you take that artifact.”
        “I wouldn’t want it any other way.” And like that, he was gone, jumping off into the distance. As soon as he was out of eyeshot, I rested my hands on my knees and audibly caught my breath. Beyond exhausted, I decided to camp outside the domain and call it a night.
        The next time we met, it was expected. Only, for this round, Tangerine had gotten himself into a bind. He was halfway through the Hillichurl domain when he ran into a hydro abyss mage. He was handling himself well enough, but no matter how hard he hit the mage's shield, it wouldn't go down. Lucky for him, I was on the upper level. Taking my spear, I jumped on top of the water shield, breaking it.
        "Hey, Girlie." He smiled, taking his bow and finishing the mage in a few well-placed shots. "Falling from the sky suits you." The ground shook under us; we both nodded, pushing deeper into the ruins.
        "What's that supposed to mean, Tangerine?" I skipped over a weak spot on the floor. Tangerine clutched my waist and yanked me to his side. With his free hand, he made a melee and stabbed a hillichurl hiding behind the door frame.
        "It means you're a fallen angel. Or that's what I meant." He let me go, widening his stance as more monsters poured out from the next door. Like he didn't just invade my space and save me a nasty bruise. "Back on the topic at hand, how about we work together? When we find the artifact, we'll battle it out with each other."  
        "That sounds like a solid plan. Plus, if we split the mobs, I'll have more energy for work tomorrow." I dove headfirst into the crowd, sweeping feet and jabbing masks. Tangerine backed me up with his bow, our duo working through the group at a decent pace. Still, after several minutes of fighting and wave after wave. We both were getting low on energy. The domain had to go on forever. I tripped on one of the Hillichurls feet and barely caught myself. I was grabbed by my hair, and just as quickly, the grip went lax, and a monster fell dead behind me.
        "Girlie, come here." He motioned me back, opening the crowd with multiple shots. Weaving through the sea of monsters, I tucked behind him and took a moment to catch my breath. "Riptide." His vision glowed, and he pointed his arrow to the ceiling. A wave of water flew out from around us, and arrows rained from the sky. They hit the monsters on the field, slashing them.
        "Thanks." Gripping my spear, I was about to dive back in. He grabbed my arms and handed me his bow.
        "How's your aim, Comrade?" The monsters started to get to their feet, and more joined them.
        "Not great. But don't worry, I won't shoot near you." I took the weapon, the tension on the string stronger than most bows I've used before, but still not so intense I couldn't' draw it.
        "Good, I trust you. It's my turn to take the front." He charged into the spot I had just been in, his water daggers cutting through the monsters with an easy that was hard to pull off. Now that I had a chance to see his fighting style from behind, I could tell he was well trained and proficient at his craft.    
        Refocusing on my task, I shot the Hillichurls that were firing arrows at us from above. My aim wasn't great, but I managed to knock them back a few times, glancing at my 'comrade' to check his status. In the few seconds I looked away, he had cleared the mob.
        "Impressive." Running to his side, I passed him the bow. "So let's see if the artifact is truly here."
        "Lead the way, Comrade." He stayed a few steps behind me, but it didn't feel dangerous as it should have. From the way he had just finished that mob, there's no way he wouldn't beat me in a full-on fight. He was holding back the last time we met…but why.
        "Damn it." I opened the chest and saw it filled with books and a few rusty swords. "A bust."
        "What a shame." He peaked into the chest. "Hmm, you missed something." He leaned past me, pulling out a scroll from the bottom corner. "Yea, this should be worth something."
        "How can you tell?" I cocked my head, wishing I had seen it first. While the paper was yellowed, the words were still in perfect condition.  He handed it to me, letting me get a closer look at the details.
        "It's worth 20,000 mora at the least. You should sell it in Liyue harbor. I heard someone was looking for a piece like this." He stalked towards the exit.
        "Hey, don't you want to fight for it?" The words flew from my mouth before I could think about what I was saying. He could and might possibly kick my ass.
        "We haven't found what we're looking for yet. There will be plenty of time to battle, Comrade. Go home and get some rest." He ran off once more, not evening taking a trophy for his efforts.
        "What a strange man." I hummed, tucking the scroll in my bag, along with a few books. I tied the swords to my side and began the long trek out of the ruins.
        When I arrived home, Father was already asleep. This made my life so much easier, as I snuck to my room and sorted my treasure. Tomorrow I’d sneak away during lunch and sell all my bounty for the month. I had learned a heavy lesson six months ago, and I wasn’t going to make the same mistake this time. So, I pushed my treasures away and changed into something more comfortable. Sitting on the wooden palette, I tried not to wake my siblings. There was so much left to do.
        With the money tucked away in my new bank account, I returned home. Tangerine was right, the scroll brought me over 20k mora, and the extra books I grabbed were worth 500 each. It was more than enough to open up a savings account and ensure that my money wouldn't slip away this time. It didn't take too long to set up, but I would have to hustle to make it back to the boat.
        Jogging through the harbor, I noticed a stall selling ticker fish. My stomach growled so loud a few people turned their heads, but I pushed past the cramp as my stomach begged for food. I took another step and almost tumbled. My little brother was pulling at my apron, pointing at the toy booth.
        "Sis, sis, I want the dragon kite. It looks just like Rex Lapis." He tugged me to the booth, making sure I could see the intricate pattern on the scales and the white fangs. "Can we get it? Please. I've done all my chores this month."
        "You are making a strong case." The 3000 mora in my pocket wasn't much, but it might be enough for a kite. "Let's see what I can do."
        Kiri clung to my leg as I waded to the older lady that was running the booth. "Good afternoon, ma'am." I bowed slightly, gesturing to the Rex Lapis kite. "How much for the dragon kite?"
        "Ah, that's our special edition kite honoring the memory of Rex Lapis. That one costs 5000 mora." Suddenly, my pockets didn't feel heavy as they should have.
        "Please." Kiri wrapped his arms around my thigh, burying his head into my skirt.
        "Do you have anything in the 1,000 mora range?" I glanced around to make sure father wasn't close by then pulled the money from my coin purse.
        "Of course." She held up a beautiful red and gold kite. The shape wasn't as intricate, but the pattern of the fabric was stunning. "This has the same scale pattern as the other one."
        "Look at that Kiri, it's beautiful." His eyes fell, and I wanted so badly to go to the bank. But the minute he was caught with such an expensive toy, I was busted. "It matches your shirt too. Come on, you can fly it on the boat ride home."
        "I guess." He took the kite, running back down the docks.
        "Kiri, you- ah." I turned back to the lady, placing the coins in her hand. "Sorry for him running off. Kids will be kids."
        "Trust me, I am well aware." She laughed, "thank you for the business."
        "Thank you." I turned, running towards where I had seen Kiri last. The harbor was always full of life, so it was easy to lose a kid. He was old enough to safely make it to the boat, but I still wanted to talk to him about the details. He found the coin on the street and bought the kite for himself. That was the story.
        "Kiri?" I called, looking up and down and around the port. "Kiri, come here." He was nowhere to be found. Minutes ticked by, and I wasn't panicking, but I was curious what he was doing. It was a safe area. Kids walked alone all the time. Everyone helped watch over the children, and it was a great area. But he usually was easy to spot.
        "(Y/n), (Y/n)!" he bounded around the corner, holding up the dragon kite. "Look what I got!"
        "How did you get that?" My mouth hung open, pulling him towards the docks.
        "A man bought it for me. He said he was your friend." He shoved his hand in his pocket and pulled out an ornate hairpin. The teal jewels were in the shape of a wave washing over the base of the clip. There were white jewels making the sea that shined so bright against the sliver base. "He got this for you too. I promised I wouldn't lose it, so he got me the kite for bringing this to you."
        "Huh, which friend?" I knew several men in the harbor. Most were older s who had given me a gift or two on occasion. It's not totally out of the ordinary, but this gift seemed…more expensive than most. It could be fake, which would make sense, but even if it was fake, I still loved it...yea, it had to be faux jewels.
        "Next time you see them, point them out. I need to thank them. And you better had thanked them too, since you got not one, but two kites today." I patted his hair.
        "I did. I was very grateful." He paused, tilting his head. "But I did earn these kites, to be fair."
        "Yes, you did. Hard work pays off, bub." I ruffled his hair, picking up our pace. "Maybe next time we come to town, we can get another little treat." I slipped my fringe back with my new pin and got ready for a barrage of questions that were bound to come my way.  
It was days like this I prayed for a cryo vision. The mask resting against my swollen face was bearing down on the most sensitive parts of my head. Pulling it away from my skin, I wet my fingers and ran the cool water over my scalp. It didn't ease the pain, but it made me feel a little better about my circumstance.
        The Tangerine and I had run into each multiple times over the past month, spending almost every night clearing ruins or navigating treasure hoarder supply lines. At this point, whoever got there first, waited on the other to show up. We never planned where to go next, but I was sure we had the same informant. How else would we keep getting the same intel?
        A stick broke, and I whipped around, ready to greet my' comrade,' but was met with a group of bandits. Taking a deep breath, I let my mask rest against my face again. "Good evening. What can I do for you lads?" I crossed my arms and leaned against the entrance.  
        "You can move." One said, holding up a bottle, which was on the verge of bursting into flames.
        "Oh, so you and I have the same end goal." I hummed, scooting to the side. "Go ahead. I'm not in the mood to fight for a piece of junk." Odds were, the inside would be another bust. I wasn't in the best shape for a one v eight, fight to the death.
        "Smart girl." The leader put his bottle away, approaching the door, but instead making a detour. He looked me up and down, his eyes lingering a little too long on my chest. "But what is a pretty young girl doing at a temple alone? Seams like a poor decision."      
        "My friend will be here any minute." I shoved him back a few feet. "Even if I was alone, the only person making a poor decision would be the man who chose to cross me." I summoned my weapon and held my head high. Glaring at him through my mask, his face contorted in anger.
        "You bitch." He swung a haymaker, which I dodged by drawing up my arm to block. With a swift flick, I jabbed the blunt end of the spear into his throat. He fell to his knees, turning purple as his windpipe collapsed.
        "Y'all better get him to a doctor." I looked at his crew, unsurprised when several flaming bottles flew at my feet. The fire broke out under me, scorching my legs. Jumping through the sparks, I was hit with an electric shock that sent me to my knees. While I was down, the biggest man on the team drove his shovel against my spine. Before he could swing again, I cut his ankles. This bought enough time to get back on my feet.
        "She's nuts." One man mumbled, drawing my attention back to the leader. Two of the lackeys were carrying him off towards the nearest town, and the rest were still poised to fight.
        "Got her." I was grabbed from behind. "Don't struggle." A blade was pressed to my throat, and my wiggling stopped at the first trickle of blood. "Now, let's see who's under here." He cut the strap of my mask and shoved me forward.
        "It's the Fisherman's daughter." One of them mumbled, and the whispers only got lower as my blood rushed to my ears.
        Clutching my throat, I picked up my mask from the ground and tried to fix the string. The men mumbled about needing to scram before my father came looking for me. He was a notorious sea bass fisherman, bringing in the best fish this side of Liyue. But he wasn't just known for the fish he caught, but the men he dumped outside the harbor. He was a gambler and a cheat, he didn't play by the rules, and when he lost, he lost hard. If he caught someone cheating, it was rumored he'd string them up on the deck of our boat and get rid of them before dawn.
        The truth of it, he was a drunk. He was a strong man, capable of killing another living being, but he was more interested in women and alcohol. He had no concern for me, past what I could do for him, which is why he would never chase me down. But I didn't need to mention that the goons were about to run for their lives. Maybe that dumb rumor was in my favor tonight.
        "We need to scram. We'll come back for the treasure." That was the final push, and they started to run in the direction the rest had gone.
        "Tsk tsk tsk." Someone was in the shadows, blocking their path. "It seems you've done something unforgivable. Hurting my comrade is something I can't let slide." Tangerine emerged from the shadows, soaked in blood...
        "Run." The men scattered, some climbing the mountain and others trying to hide inside the ruins.
        "Run all you want. I'll still win." Tangerine sprinted, standing over me and pointing his bow towards the sky. It was the same move he had done many times before, but it was imbued with more power this time. Water wrapped around the bandits, slashing them multiple times before they all fell. Their screams were soon drowned out, and it was silent once more. All it took was one move...and they weren't moving.
        "You would come right as I had them running." I tried to laugh, but my throat ached.
        "I'm here now. I'm sorry I was late; work got in the way." He pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and pressed it against my wound, peeking at the size. "From the looks of it, you'll be okay. But we still need to find a doctor to wrap this properly."
        "I can't afford a doctor." My vision blurred, my hand giving up from under me. Tangerine grabbed me before I could hit the dirt and positioned me into his arms.
        "Don't worry about it, Comrade. It's on me. I was the one who didn't get here in time." He started running off like he did at the end of every night, but I was with him this time. The boy could run so much faster than I ever could, his long legs covering tons of ground. Even carrying another person, he always surprised me. "Just hang in there, okay."
        "I have to get home before the sun rises." With every word, my throat ached more and more. "My family, they can't know."
        "Shh, I'll take care of it. Just try to rest."
        I did as he asked, closing my eyes and keeping my hand over my wound to stop the blood flow. Everything hurt, from the previous injuries and the fight with the bandits, I was worn thin. I shouldn't have come out at all tonight. Truth be known, I was relying on my citrus friend too much. He made things easier. With his vision, we cleared ruins in half the time it would take me alone. With so much free time, I was able to sleep more and wake up earlier to sneak breakfast to my little brother. My life had gotten so much better over the past few months. Even just selling all my treasures every month, I had collected more money than I ever had before.
        "Tangerine," I mumbled, feeling him slow his pace. We were close to the city.
        "Yes?" he pushed me up in his arms, turning down a side street.
        "What should I call you? We've spent so much time together, but I never got your name…or told you mine."
        "What an odd time to ask." The wind picked up, sending a shiver through my bones. He balanced me on one knee and wrapped his scarf around me. "I go by many names, but you can call me Childe or Tartaglia."
        "Tangerine and Tartaglia, I was kind of close." I grimaced, a new wave of blood slipping down the front of my shirt. "Call me (Y/n)."
        "(Y/n), it suits you." We entered a beautiful building outside Liyue harbor. "Well, (Y/n), just relax. Help is here." Several masked doctors were around the bed I was laid on. They began to heal me with their vision and traditional medicine so quickly my head began to spin. As they worked, my eyes fought to stay open. All I knew was that it hurt less, and I was suddenly being lulled to sleep.
        I needed to get home.
        Dad would be upset if I wasn't home.
        "(Y/n)." Kiri jammed his finger into my cheek. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would. "Wake up, dad's still not home."
"Huh?" I rubbed my eyes, and there was no pain to be found. "He's probably asleep on the boat."
"I'm worried." Kiri pulled me from my sheets and into the kitchen. I stopped by the mirror and noticed I was completely healed from the night before. Even my skin looked more hydrated than before.
"Just relax, Kiri." I peered outside, seeing Dad stumble down the dock to the house. "Look, there he is." He had a bottle in hand, and his eyes were sunk in from a sleepless night. Which meant I'd be running the boat alone today.
"I'm glad he's okay." Kiri grabbed a piece of bread before Dad got into the house. "I'm going to go eat real fast."
"Good idea. I'm going to clean up in my room." We parted before Dad could explode on us about his night.
Back in my room, I looked my body over. There wasn't so much as a scar from the fight yesterday. Whoever Childe got to heal me was a professional, which meant a bigger bill. It didn't matter what Childe said about paying for it. I needed to make it up to him. There wasn't much I could do, but I needed to try.
My mask caught my eye. It was tucked under my bed and was just visible from my position at the mirror. Scooping it up from the floor, there was a note attached to the repaired string.
Same spot tonight. I'll be there early this time. Don't worry, I'll handle all the hard stuff. ~Tangerine      
I smiled, tucking the note into my pocket and putting my mask into the usual hiding spot in my closet. A clatter in the kitchen let me know Dad has made it inside. My lips went back to a tight line, and I prepared for whatever was about to happen.
        Even when I prepared for a fight with my father, it never went over how I imagined. No matter how many times I tried to hit him back, I froze. While it was easy for me to take a whole Hillichurl camp on alone, I faltered when it came to the man who raised me. Well, he provided, and my mother raised me. She raised me till I could fend for myself, and she moved back in with her mother far, far away. And I was left with Kiri to raise by myself.
        Every inch of my body ached. My hands were splinted from trying to fix Kiri's kite after Father tore it to shreds yesterday. That started the fight. Money was always a hot topic and the idea of wasting it on a toy? Preposterous.
        "Fuck him." I kicked a rock at the same ruins from the night before. Someone coughed. "Hmm, hey, Childe. Thanks for yesterday." I noticed him by the entrance. He was in good spirits, swirling his arrows around his fingers. but hie brow was quirked.
        "Ah, Comrade." He bounced on his feet. "We meet again. I see you found your gear." We started to walk into the lion's den. He led the way, bow at the ready, but I was just inches behind him. While I was self-sufficient, I had no business getting in a fight tonight.
        "I found it right away. I didn't know you had a whole team on standby. You must be some big shot, huh?" I nudged his shoulder, shuddering as my bones shifted. Stopping in my track, I took a deep breath and forced myself to keep going.
        "It's best if you don't know." His demeanor shifted, his eyes narrowing on me. "Do you need to see them again? I noticed you're favoring your left side. You were unconscious, so it was hard to know how much healing you needed."
        "Ahh, I just got in a scuffle today." I downplayed it, trying to use my left and right more evenly. "Got my ass handed to me, but I'm not too worried about it. I probably shouldn't have come tonight, but I also can't let you beat me to the treasure."
        "Is that so." He hummed, shooting a Hillichurl that was in the rafters. "Well, I won't be fighting you for it tonight. Whatever we get is all yours."
        "That's not fair, I need to earn it." Several more monsters appeared, and our conversation was strained by the fight. I stayed put while Tangerine took care of the enemies, which didn't sit right with me.  While brooding, a rock bounced off my shoulder, making a tiny puncture wound. Blood dripped, sliding down my arm. In a wave of pure exhaustion and hopelessness, I fell to my knees and held back tears.
        "(Y/n)." Childe finished the mob in front of him and kneeled by me. "Where does it hurt?"
        "Everywhere." I wheezed, curling into myself. "Inside, outside, all of it. I can't fix it. I can't dig my brother out. Even now, I'm just riding on your skills and waiting for this to turn sour. I should just go home."
        "Wait." He grasped for me in the darkroom and grabbed my mask instead. It clamored to the floor, and I kept walking. "(Y/n), please. Hold on."
        "I'm sorry." I faced him under a torch. His eyes didn't widen like I thought they would. Instead, they narrowed, his jaw going tight. "I just don't know what to do anymore. And this isn't working."
        "It's your dad, right." He walked past me towards the entrance. "He did this to you."
        "Childe. It's complicated, it's messy, it's not your problem." I followed after him, unable to meet his stride. It was day two of not finishing the temple, but there wasn't much else I could do. I didn't think he'd care so god damn much. "Please, just finish the temple, and I'll handle him. I just can't be getting a free ride..and I'm in no shape to fight."
        "You can't handle family. There are few people as capable as you, and if someone was going to beat you to this point, you'd have to be soft for them." He stopped, grabbing my hand, pulling me with him. I hobbled behind him, staring at his back. "You need money, right."
        "I had saved enough to leave a few months ago, but father found it. It was gone within a day. I've been working really hard to save up again, but we've had some bad luck." I spewed words before I could think. "I d-didn't waste it. I know you were really nice and let me have some valuables without a fight... and I couldn't hide it well enough."
        "I see. Well then, I'll supply you with work and compensate you for our time together, and I'll let you earn it." We exited the domain and rushed down a familiar path.
        "What?" I tripped on a stone, his hand righting me. Pulling me under his arm, he slowed his pace. "We're competitors. Are you buying me out? I'm lost."
        "The truth is, I found what I needed last week. The item I convinced you to sell to the bank, I bought it." He paused by a river, resting both hands on my shoulder and facing me. "I enjoy your company. You and I are fighting for the same thing. Our family. Let me help you get your brother into a better spot."  
        "You bought him the kite, didn't you….and me the hairpin" It all made sense. The extra money I earned from certain sales, the fancy lunches delivered to me when I was docked, and the kite... Childe was trying to help me.
        "Hm, that's not important." He walked to the same cabin we had been to the night before.
        "I've had more opportunities since I met you. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I know who you work for, but I have to say Kiri is the most important person in my life. He deserves a happy childhood. I don't want him to live in fear anymore."
        "Then allow me to keep stepping in. Become my partner, even just for a few months, and you'd be set for life. I'll make sure of it." His eyes were still narrow, but the sparkle had returned for a split second.
        "I can't do that." I looked at the house, wishing for a soft bed and a decent healer. "If you will extend your healer and a bed for a few hours. That would be wonderful. After that, I'll find a way to repay you, and we can go our separate ways."
        "What?" he watched me walk away. I glanced back to see the confusion on his face. He had just offered me a way out, and I didn't take it. Even if I wanted to, it wasn't worth giving up my freedom to go and act as I pleased. As much as I loved my brother, he would be okay after I got him to our aunt. I just needed enough money for the journey. And I was close.
        Once inside the cottage, I was healed and sent to the back room to rest. I told them when to wake me, and I drifted off to sleep without much fuss. Though my dreams were a different story, shrouded in hard choices and being seconds too late. Kiri's lifeless body on the floor of our shared home. Our father smoking on the porch, drunk out of his mind. Ready to kill me for 'murdering his precious son.'
        Sitting up with a start, I didn't feel very rested.  Shuffling my shoes on, I said goodbye to the people in the small cabin, and I jogged back to my home. It took some time to find a landmark, but it was easy enough to get there once I saw Wangshu inn.
        Slowing my pace, I reached the front door and hurried inside. It was cleaner than I had left it the day before. It was eerily quiet until I heard a slight moan. Following the sound, I found my father. Both of his arms were twisted in the wrong direction, his face black and blue.
        "Holy shit." I closed the door to my father's room and went to check Kiri. He was fast asleep in his bed, under a sleeping that I had seen healer in town use before. There was a letter with the way to wake him and a tiny 'sorry' in the corner. Under the note was enough mora to get him to my aunt in Quince village. I didn't know how I was going to pay him back, but now I had to work harder. He had taken the choice from me, and maybe that was for the best.  
        Grabbing Kiri, I wrapped him in a scarf and tied him to my back, like when he was a baby. He was my top priority at the moment, and it would be better if he didn't hear or see our father. Once he was secure, I packed the few items he had into another scarf and tied it around my waist. I wanted so badly to go back to sleep, but instead, I left the house as fast as I could.
        Once outside, I walked in the shade and put as much space as I could between my father and me. He would be pissed when he woke and ready to swing his useless limbs until I did something to stop him. Childe did this to me. He was the one who forced my hand to do this. Running with a baby on my back to Liyue harbor to catch a boat for him. I should be mad. I should want to break his nose. But instead, I was relieved. Kiri was going to be okay.
        Hours of walking without rest, I finally found the fairer I had talked to for years. He smiled, seeing me approach with Kiri. "Ah, someone has finally made their mind up. Time to go see Auntie?"
        "It is." I carefully slid Kiri into my arms and waved the herb under his nose to wake him. "Kiri, listen to me. You can go back to sleep on the boat."
        "(Y/n)? Why are we here?" He stood up, rubbing his eyes. "Why are you crying?"
        "I'm happy. You're going to stay with Auntie." I forced a smile, handing the farrier the scarf full of his clothes and a hefty sum of mora. "It's a long journey to Quince Village, but you'll like it there. There are lots of other children and so many pretty flowers. Mom's there too, last I heard." I put some mora into his hand. "You hold on to that and tell Auntie I will come to visit soon."
        "Aren't you coming now?" He hugged me, gripping fistfuls of my shirt.
        "No, I'll come by foot soon. I just have to square some things away and keep working. Okay?" I kissed him and placed him on the boat. There were no boats that ran a normal route to Quince village. It was a very special route and would involve the farrier walking him from a certain point. But it was worth the price to get him there safely. I wasn't able to go that far without falling behind on fish orders.
        Even with the money left, I didn't really need to work for a while. But there was a loose end in this city. And his name was Childe.
        Two months had passed since I sent Kiri to Quince and moved into the Wangshu Inn. I had been running the fishing boat on my own and spending my nights looking for Childe. No matter how many ruins or temples I looked at or through, he was nowhere to be found. It didn't help he always wore a mask while we were together. That fact gave me enough reason to relax during the day. There was no use looking every second of every day.
        But I kept looking at night. While I searched, I did remind myself how capable I was on my own. Traveling with him was easy, but I could still handle almost any monster on my own. I was powerful, in control, and self-reliant…but I missed him. In truth, we hardly knew each other, but I wanted to watch him use his finishing move again or banter about how much to charge for the artifacts or switch places in a fight. How I yearned to awkwardly fire his bow while he took the front lines, putting all his trust in my aim.  
        "Hey, there, (Y/n)." A young man hopped off the trail and skipped to the edge of the water. The brim of his sun hat flared up for just a moment. "You got anything good for me today?"
        "Ah, Ajax. Nice to see you." I set down the nets I was organizing. "You're here early today." I steered the boat towards the shore.
        "What can I say? Maybe I just missed you." He waded in the water to his knees and pulled himself up the side with ease.
        "Hey now. I just sell you fish; there's no reason to miss me." I laughed, offering him my water pouch. He took a quick swig, handing it back to me. He paused, grabbing my hand.  
        "What happened?" His brows furred, reaching into the pouch on his hip.
        "Oh, just those pesky Hillichurls playing with fire. It's just a slight burn." His grip was so firm, I didn't dare to move. Pulling a canister out, he popped the lid, setting it on the edge of the boat. He dipped some salve on his fingers and ran it over the wound.
        "You need to be more careful. Didn't anyone tell you it's dangerous to go into ruins alone?" He chastised me, but his tone stayed light.
        "It's not a big deal. You should see what I can do. Why with a flick of the wrist, I can take down three monsters with ease. Just as long as they don't sneak up on me." I scratched the back of my neck. "One almost got me, but I caught the club just in time."
        "Where are you going tonight?" he flipped a crate over and sat down. I steered the boat back into deep water. While he was just a customer, he was quickly becoming a friend. The past few months, he's helped me fish in exchange for some fresh cod. It was a massive help since father was busy healing. I needed to use this boat as long as possible before he got better and wanted it back.
        "Huh, here and there." I dropped anchor and started to set my nets. "Truth be told, I was looking for someone. I haven't found him yet, but I know he has to be around still."
        "Oh, what happened?" Ajax set out the nets on the other side of the boat.
        "Well, we had a- I don't really know what it was. But he helped me get out of a tough spot. I feel like I owe him the thing he wanted from me. But I can't do that. So instead, I want to pay him back and become equals again. If we ever were equal." I wrung the water from the bottom of my shirt.
        "I think you were." Ajax tied off the buoy to the net. "From getting to know you the past few months, you really put a lot of pressure on yourself to not accept favors. It's okay to let someone help you. Maybe your friend knew that, and that's why he asked for something in return?"
        "I won't know unless I find him." Whatever longing inside me was left, I pushed it aside. "But I shouldn't talk about things that make me sad. Not when you're here."
        "You can talk to me about anything." His lips pressured into a thin line. "I do want to ask something that might be sensitive. Have you heard from Kiri?"
        "Oh, I forgot to tell you. I got a letter yesterday. He's with our aunt and has already made many new friends. It took too long, but he's finally getting to be a kid." I drove the boat to the next spot, ready to drop more lines. "So it's a happy topic for sure. How's your family?"
        "They're doing perfectly well." He smiled, standing behind me as I steered. "Over there, by the fallen tree. I bet that's a good spot."
        "You think so? Let's try it." Ajax set anchor as I kept the boat in the right spot.
        "Perfect." He went to set out the next net, cautious to avoid the tree's limbs. "I'm sure you know this, but fish love to hide in the sunken trees."
        "Yeah, but the nets also get tangled if the fisher isn't careful." I tied off the buoy at the end of the net, and he took it from my hands.
        "I wonder, is the risk worth the reward?" At this moment, standing so close to him, his hat casting shade over my face, I realized just how tall he was.
        "Depends on how close the fisher can get the nets to the tree. Which is hard to guess without seeing in the deep dark waters. If the fisher is smart or lucky, it's worth the risk, but some things shouldn't be pushed." I stepped back, but he stepped forward.
        "So, do you think I put the net too close?" He smiled, his canines easily visible.
        "We won't know till we pull them in." I tapped his chest, backing up. "Actions are more telling than theories."
        "You're quite philosophical for someone who enjoys the action." He rolled up his sleeves. "It's as if you enjoy my banter."
        "That, I do quite enjoy." We both talked with a careful choice of words. Ajax stepped over a net, but his foot tangled.
        "Oof." He fell, hand clamping down on his signature hat. It stayed in place, but his chin busted against the splintered wood of the floor. "I'm okay."
        "Come here." I pulled the medkit from its cubby and grabbed the salve he used on me from the banister. "You're gushing blood."
        "I am?" he touched his face then looked at his red fingers. "Shoot. That wasn't very graceful of me."
        "Hey, I've tripped there plenty of times. It's just cursed." I poured fresh water over the wound and saw it wasn't deep. "But you're in luck, it's not going to need stitches today. A little cream, and you'll be all set. But first, to stop the bleeding." I pressed a clean cloth to his chin and grabbed two crates for us to sit on.
        "You don't have to do this." He tinged red, trying to grab the rag from me.
        "I want to." I hummed, grabbing the back of his neck to keep him in place.
        "What will I owe you?" His lips were barely parted, breath still.
        "Why would you owe me anything for this? You're hurting, and I am able to help. So I'm going to do that, no string attached." I nodded, suddenly getting at what he was saying earlier. "Oh."
        "Oh is right." He smirked before grimacing and resting his face to a softer expression. "When you care about someone, you go out of your way to make their life better. Even if it's a small act."
        "You're right." I dapped at the spot, the blood letting up. "My father, you meet him a few times. He's not always the nicest man, but he always taught me to keep tabs. You don't let anyone jib you of what you're owed, and you don't take nothing for free. He liked to remind me how much I owed him for raising me. How important it was I worked hard to make up for the times I couldn't help out. After a while, I guess it just becomes a mindset." Ajax tensed his whole body, hands digging into his shorts.
        "What kind of parent acts like that?" He spat, grabbing my free hand. "(Y/n), kids aren't supposed to live their lives, making it up to their parents. You didn't choose to be born." He pulled me into his chest. "You didn't deserve that, and I'm sorry."
        "Ajax." I don't know what broke in me, but I cried. Water flew from my eyes, and I cautiously wrapped my arms around his waist.  He gripped me tighter, and for the first time since I was in Childe's arms… I was safe for just a few moments. Nothing could touch me, my walls were down, and it was safe to close my eyes, to feel and to process the changes that needed to take place inside.
        "Just break, damn it." I was sweating bullets; fire blazed and lapped at my skin. It was the first time in a while that I'd run into a pyro abyss mage. This one was particularly cocky, spraying me in fiery embers. It was times like this I wished I had a vision, but no. It was just me and my sharp stick, stabbing at the elemental shield.
        "Foolish human." He snapped his fingers, fiery bird heads circling me.
        "Shut it." I stabbed the ground and vaulted myself over the trap tile, landing on the crumbling bridge. "Ah." It shook under me and started to fall. "Help!" I screamed, the ground under me giving out. I grasped a solid rock before it was too late, but I couldn't pull myself up. "Anybody?" I squealed, kicking my legs, trying to find a foothold. "Hello!!"
        The mage above me giggled, dropping his shield and walking to step on my toes. His shoe hoovered over my fingers, taping them slowly before adding pressure. This was it. I was going to fall to my death or die waiting for help at the bottom.
        The mage went silent, tipping back. An arrow was lodged in its chest, glowing with a familiar symbol. "Childe?" I yelled, unable to look backward. "I- I found you."
        "Old tight, (Y/n)." His voice was more familiar than I remembered. Even after months of searching, I thought I'd forget how he sounded first. "You're going to have to trust me. Do you have wind gliders on?"
        "Nope. Never got around to learning to glide." I swallowed hard, my hands slipping. "Hurry, please."
        "I'm coming." I heard his wings open, and then I felt his body crash into mine. I let go, and together we plummeted to the bottom of the ruins. His wings opened, then shredded right before we hit bottom. It softened our landing, and Childe cushioned my crash even more.
        "Childe? Are you okay?" I crawled off him, noticing the mask he always wore was partly shattered. "Oh my archons, I finally find you again, only to kill you. I'm so sorry." I checked him over, trying to see if his spine was in one piece.  
        "I'm fine." He sat up, rubbing his head before turning his blue eyes on me. "You hurt?" He caressed my jaw, rubbing at the dirt on my chin. His eyes then went to my hair, the pin he gave me still in place.
        "No. That was some quick thinking." My arms burned from supporting myself, but the thought had to be put away. There was movement around us in the shadows. "It's not over yet.." I materialized my spear, getting to my feet. "Listen, there's some stuff I want to discuss with you. I have a feeling you only showed up because I was in trouble. But please don't leave again." A monster lunged from the darkness and went for Childe. I blocked the clubbed monster, slicing its throat with precision.
        "We need to get out of here first." He got to his feet, staggering to right his lanky body. I wedged myself under his arm to act as a crutch. "Thanks, Comrade."
        "I believe I owe. No. I just want to thank you for helping me back there and all the other times." I caught myself. There was no reason to indebt myself to him. It was out of admiration, out of friendship, and out of comradery that he helped me. Though breaking my fall was a little extra.
        "Like I'd ever let you fall to your death." He bent down and tapped his head to mine. I smiled, patting his side that my hand was resting on he. He laughed like the first night we met, but that changed.
        An arrow came from above, hitting Childe's mask. What was left of the shell fell away, and I noticed the cut on his chin, then his beautiful blue eyes and dazzling smile. Instead of gawking or saying something regrettable, I took my mask off and covered his face.
        "Well, I know why you clung to your hat, Tangerine. That would have been your dead giveaway. I can't believe I didn't see it sooner." I picked up a rock and chucked it at the archer Hillichurl, and it fell from its vantage point. "I guess I don't need to explain as much as I initially did, huh?"    
        "You're taking this better than I expected." He pulled away from me,  manifesting his bow and finishing the monster before it could reload and shot again.
        "I told you a month ago I was looking for you. And you made me wait this long? Honestly, I can't tell who's the coward between us."
        "It was me. I couldn't face you as Childe. That night I made that offer, I thought I was helping you, help yourself. But I was selfish. I just wanted you to stay by my side, despite how dangerous my work is.-"He shot a monster in front of us, sighing. "I just wanted you to accept my help."
        "I understand that, and I also understand why you wanted to stay together. I think we make a great team…and I really needed this time apart to remind myself that I am powerful. I'm not just relying on you, but I'm helping. Our skills are different, and that's how we make it work." I stabbed a monster as it rounded the corner.
        "I couldn't agree more. I think we both needed this break, though I wouldn't say I was very good at staying away." He used his ultimate move, clearing a mob on the stairs. The water fell like stars,  encompassing the enemies in exploding water whirls. It was breathtaking.
        "So, I'll see you tomorrow?" We slowly took the stairs one at a time, the sun coming up and lighting our path. We were close to the exit.
        "We can talk more freely then." He stopped before we reached the top. "(Y/n)."
        "Yes." I cleared my throat, my heart racing in my chest.
        He moved the mask to the side of his head, grasping the bottom of my chin. "Let me just express how much I admire you. Will you allow me to do that?" he leaned down, closing the space between us, spare a few centimeters.
        "You may." We kissed. His hands slid over my hips, up my back, and into my hair. His nose bumped mine, and I giggled, breaking the kiss long enough to compose myself.
        "Come on, it's not nice to laugh." He chuckled, pushing the stray hairs away from my face. "You're so beautiful." He kissed my forehead, once again using me as a crutch to get up the stairs.
        "Thank you Childe. You're a handsome fellow yourself… though, I thought I was going to have to break your heart for a friend of mine. He likes to help me set my nets and seemed a little smitten. But I think you two will get along just fine."
        "Oh, to make a comrade fall for me, twice. What a wonderful feeling."
        "Okay, don't let it get to your head." The tension between us was gone. There was more to discuss, but we had time.
        "So Ajax is?"
        "My birth name." We sat on the bank, a picnic of fresh food from the Liyue harbor laid on the blanket under us.
        "Final answer?" I laughed, spilling a little water from my glass onto his lap. "Oops, sorry, Tangerine." I wiped the spot, his hand laying over mine.
        "It's fine. But I would prefer you call me Ajax in public and the other name when we work. As for Tangerine, I'll let it work in every scenario." He rubbed his thumb over my wrist, leaning closer to my ear. "Though I won't be working as much now."
        "Why is that?" I pressed until our heads touched. "If I may be so bold?"
        "Well, you reminded me of something very important." I rested my hand on his chest, feeling his heart rate spike. "Someone I respect didn't sell their soul in order to save their family. While I am in too deep to ever fully leave the Fatui, I've made my stance known." He rubbed his nose to mine. "Somethings are worth more than power and money."
        "I'm glad someone was firm enough to try to carve their own path. But I think that because you sold yourself out, you saved not only your family but mine. If it takes ten years or a hundred to free you from their grasp, then so be it." I kissed his cheek, his nose, then lingered by his lips.  
        "Are you inviting me to seal your lips?" Ajax brushed our bottom lips.    
        "I am." His hand caressed the back of my head, pulling me closer, our lips melting into a perfect rhythm. Crawling over the food, I spilled my water but kept going until I was in his lap.
        With the leverage from his hips, I hovered over him, taking control of our kiss. My hands tickled his sides and back, making us both giggle. He moved his hands to rest under my thighs, helping me maintain my position over him. To think he'd let me have so much control was surprising.
        Pulling away, he planted his head on my chest, catching his breath. "That was nice, (Y/n)."
        "I keep thinking you're about to call me comrade." I ran my fingers through his hair and massaged his scalp. "But I'm more than that, right?"
        "Very much so." He hummed, sitting upright. "How does romantic partner sound?"
        "I love you add romance, so I don't think it's another business transaction." I nudged his chest, noticing his tense brow. "I'd like that a lot, Ajax." Grabbing his hand, I kissed his knuckles. "Now, the foods getting cold. If we are going to fish the rest of the day, I need you to stay strong."
        "You give me the feeling that I'm going to be doing most of the hard work." He let me feed him, lips slipping off the chopstick.
        "It's a right of passage. When you join the crew, you take on the hard jobs. From today on, you're a fisherman. I know you are a pro at ice fishing, but there are still things to be learned about my trade."
        "And I'm ready to learn them." He picked up a piece of meat and popped it in my mouth. "Hey, (Y/n). Did that net tangle in the tree? The one we sat a few weeks ago."
        "No, it came out clean and full of fish. You picked the perfect spot." I wiped the sauce from my lips.
        "I knew it." He grinned, pouring himself a new glass of water. "I won't always be right, but I'm glad it worked out. I have to admit, I was worried I made life harder on you."
        "In the end, you've made things easier. Even if it didn't feel that way at the time." I sat my plate down and laid on my back. The fluffy clouds slowly rolled by, slightly changing shapes. "I'm happy I meet you."
        "I'm glad I meet you too." He held my hand, laying beside me. "I think we've taught each other some valuable lessons." He kissed my wrist.
        "We did." I moved, laying my head on his chest. "We really did."  
~The End~
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Diluc left a letter for you early in the morning. You weren’t sure when he had the time to write it since his schedule had been unbelievably packed these last few days. It was a stroke of luck that you both were even in the same place long enough for you to wish him well as you escorted him to the door, coffee still in your hands as he kissed you goodbye. He drifted down the path and out of your sight long before you decided to return to your own work. You felt like he spoiled you everyday and the fact that he supported you when things were slow with commissions was a kindness you could never repay.
You nodded your head to the maids and attendants before slipping into the desk just beyond the winery doors. It was here that a lot of the background work was accomplished and, when things were slow for you, you aided him instead. All the documents were handled by you and Elzar, the finances were more of a him thing while you handled the correspondence and shipment orders. It was because of both of your diligence that Diluc could easily run off to deal with fires when they arose … it was just that lately it seemed like they were happening more frequently than normal.
The day went on and you finished the tasks without any issue. Lunch came and went, a small refreshing meal followed by soothing tea. As the afternoon slipped into evening, you couldn’t stop yourself from glancing more frequently out the windows and to the path Diluc traveled. His letter, which you found waiting for you on the top of the paperwork asked you to wait for him, among other things.
My dear,
I have several things to attend to in Mond but I will be back later this evening. I have a request of you, if you can spare me some of your time. Wait for my return and I’ll explain it all in greater detail.
Ps. Dress warm
So, as the hour grew late and the sun began to settle behind the cliffs, you departed from the desk to prepare for an evening you could never had anticipated.
“Excuse me.” A maid called to you from the door, her head lowered into a polite bow. “Master Diluc is waiting for you in the front entrance.”
“Thank you, I’ll be right down.” Your heart pounded in your chest as you shifted your coat over your body and wrapped a scarf around your neck. You weren’t sure why you were so nervous but no matter what you tried to do, nothing settled the butterflies in your stomach. That was, until your eyes fell onto his face - that seemed to silence everything else.
“You look comfortable.” He expressed, tugging on his gloves as he turned your way.
“You said dress warm. Is this .. too much?” It wasn’t like you were dressed for an adventure on Dragonspine, but you might have overdone it. It wasn’t your fault that you were chronically cold.
“You look fine, are you ready?” Nodding your head, you felt his hand against your back as he leaned to open the front entrance. “About my request …” He began but when the doors opened and you saw what stretched out before you, you couldn’t help but gasp.
Stepping forward, your hands found your lips while you looked at the Winery. Before you lay lines of tiny candles flickering in the gentle breeze. Lamps and other lights swayed from trees or lit the way, the landscape usually illuminated by the moon was now sparkling and glittering like a magical ball from a fairytale.
“Diluc …”
“Would you be available to join me this evening?” His frame entered your vision, waving yellows and oranges highlighted his face, shined brightly against his hair, brought attention to the hopeful smile that you would never be able to deny. When he presented his elbow to you, your answer was given with a loop of your arm around his.
He escorted you down the lighted path and toward a small carriage surrounded by hay. The bed which was normally covered by a canopy had been removed and now held several bales of rich, earthy smelling hay. In the center were blankets, pillows, and a small basket filled with items you were sure he spent days searching for. At the front was a smiling coachman who nodded to you as you drew near.
“I can’t believe …” Shaking your head, you followed Diluc to the carriage. His hand extended to you so you could climb safely up into the back of it, eyes never once leaving your face. “You did all this?” He only smiled at you which caused you to bite your lip to push away the tears that threatened to spill over. Once the pair of you settled onto the comfortably laid out floor, Diluc quickly worked to cover your already shaking legs in blankets but still made sure you were close enough to feel his warmth. For someone so used to using words you sure were struggling to find any right now.
“Ah, here.” Leaning forward, he pulled out a glass from the basket but before he offered it to you he filled it with something that made your nose tickle and mouth water. “Apple Cider, I’ve adjusted the recipe a bit. Let me know how it tastes.” The cup was warm by the time you got it and you were sure it was because he made it that way. Taking a tentative sip, you let the sweet and crisp liquid fill your mouth before swallowing. The heat spread across your body and made you shiver with excitement.
“Incredible.” You expressed, breathing in the smell.
“Yeah.” Glancing at him, you couldn’t hold back your giggle when he embarrassedly cleared his throat and poured himself a glass. “Connor, if you would.” Just like that, the carriage jolted to life but he made sure you weren’t jostled too intensely.
The sound of hooves against the dirt path, rolling wheels digging into the earth. The scent of cider, sugar, and amber surrounding you. The comfort of your heart as it beat close to its partner. It was all so perfect that it was hard not to get emotional.
His arm rested behind you on a barrel of hay, fingers grazing your coat every once in a while. “So,” You started, fingers running over the rim of your cup, “what did I do to deserve such an incredible experience?” As you looked up at him, you caught sight of the moon in his eyes before he turned to you.
“Do I need a reason?” Searching irises made your heart pound until, eventually, you had to look away.
“I guess not, but you know I’ll have to pay you back somehow.”
“You already do.”
“How?” You inquired, squinting at him.
“You chose me, that’s more than I could ever ask for.” It was like he took all your senses with him, captured all that you were. His hand moved to pull the blanket further up your legs before they moved to cup your face. You felt his thumb run over your cheek and sighed as it caught your love.
“Wow … I really am spoiled aren’t I.”
“Only a little.” He hummed, nose brushing over yours before his lips finally made contact. The kiss was tender, unbelievably tender that you almost couldn’t breathe because of it. He pulled away but didn’t stop. One, two, several kisses he left on your lips and you returned each and every one without question.
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