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Childe barely hides his snicker, his index finger jabbing you in the side in retaliation for elbowing him in the gut. “Hey! No need to be so mean, that’s my job.” He giggles at your squeal like a child caught red-handed, rolling away across the mattress before you have the chance to get back at him. He eyes your hand poised to attack, prepared to jump on you and insight an actual tickle war.

He huffs and raises an eyebrow at you. “Let me just have my moment, okay? You’re just so warm and soft, I can’t help but wanna get closer!” He pouts and makes grabby hands at you like a child. Truth be told he’s not that far off from the truth - a moment so intimate and soft like this, it’s ultimately foreign to him. But, he is who he is and he’s curious at heart. Can’t blame him for wanting more, heh.

You flip him off and he chuckles, grabbing your hand and pulling you both closer. He slides up to you, saccharine smile on his face. 

He quirks a brow. “Hey,”

Smooth bastard, you have to give it to him, really you do. You flip him off with your other hand but he just presses his face into your neck and laughs. “C’mon, I promise to play nice this time.”

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Please enjoy a crying Diluc, hehe.

  • It was the first night that you two slept together, and Diluc woke up ahead of you.
  • You were laying in front of him, so divine, so serene, so peaceful. He can’t help but guide his hand to your cheek as he’s squeezing himself closer to you, craving the touch of your skin. Seeing you like that instilled into him a feeling of peace and serenity, his whole body just instinctively getting closer to yours as if it was acting on its own, any distance between you feeling like a howling abyss that needed to be surmounted. You were his home, his safe heaven.
  • As you lay in front of him, Diluc would feel a wave of strong emotions washing over him. He’s been so alone, so cold, so guarded for so long, and he thought that this is his destiny, a written fate never to be changed, a truth deeply woven in the fabric of his being.
  • Then, he met you.
  • He fell in love with you, hard, and you tore down any walls that he may have built, showed patience when he was being stubborn, loved and tended on his wounds. You crawled under his skin, finding your way to his heart, and this realization was so overwhelming for him that he couldn’t help but cry - cry because he loved you so much, cry because he wasn’t alone anymore, cry because he had you. Tears would start weighing down on his eyes, silently falling down on his cheeks, stumbling on the pillow and sinking into its fabric.
  • He buried his eyes into his hands, trying as hardly as he could to suppress the flow of tears, worrying about what you’d think if you were to see him in such a frail state.
  • He tried not to wake you up, but he failed. His movements jolted you awake.
  • You opened your eyes and instantly felt your heart sinking into your chest at the sight of him: he was a mess, his face red, wobbly tears crawling down on his skin, leaving behind salty trails. You swiftly grabbed his wrists, pulling his hands away, giving him a worried look, asking him with a tear in your voice about hat was happening, wanting to know the reason for his tears. The crackle of your voice, the worried look of your eyes, just pushed him even further, crying even more vigorously. How could he be so lucky to have such a kind lover? Did you even know what effect you had on him? How smitten he was? You were so inconspicuous, you had absolutely no idea. You were so innocently staring at him, unaware of all of this, and he was making you worried. Over what? Over how much he loved you? Is this really a reason to cry for? As those thoughts were running across his mind, he’d want to cry even more. If only he knew how to cry with style, then maybe things would’ve been better.
  • He’d bury his head into your shoulder, drowning into your scent as his wet tears are slipping down on your chest, drenching your shirt, his hair sticking to your skin. You allowed him to collapse onto you, holding him into your arms, caressing his hair, telling him that whatever happened, you are there with him and everything is going to be alright. He wouldn’t dare to look you into the eyes, not yet, he’d just try to calm himself down, well aware of how confusing this sight may be for you, embarrassed at his state.
  • He loved you. He really did. Truthfully, deeply, unequivocally. He wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you close to him as he’d try to find the words for at least half of an explanation. He’d bother with the rest of it when he’d regain his composure, as right now, he was by all means a mess, and he couldn’t leave you worried for him.
  • He’d lift his head, bloodshot eyes meeting your gaze as you felt your heart clenching into your chest. You didn’t know what happened. You didn’t know why he was crying; you were left in a bitter darkness, and all you could do was hold him, and you held him so close to you that your fingers started to tingle, your knuckles turning marble white.
  • He’d open his mouth, hushed, almost inaudible words leaving his trembling lips as he’d apologize for worrying you, reassuring you that he feels fine. He’d exhale, his hot breath against your skin sending a shiver down your spine. He’d hold in his tears, placing a burning hand on your cold cheek as he’d tell you that he loves you so much and that he’s thankful to have you in his life. You’d mimic his gesture instinctively, holding his face into both of your hands as your thumbs ran across his wet, blotchy skin, disturbing the channels that the tears left behind. He’d place his hand over yours, interlacing your fingers, and would lean forward, pressing his forehead to yours as he’d whisper tender, heartfelt words.
  • “I love you, y/n. I love you so much it hurts”, he’d tell you. Tears started flowing again, washing over his gentle smile.
  • Hearing his crackled voice made your eyes heavy too, and soon enough tears started streaming down your face. You loved him just as much and you understood, you completely understood him.
  • His hair is tickling your skin, his hand is scorching hot, almost burning your cheek, yet you don’t care, you don’t want him to push away, you don’t want to let go. The tears will flow, bringing down any walls that may stand between you two, leaving behind just peace and serenity. He is your home, you are his home.
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Diluc blinks at you owlishly, caught off guard by your brazen question, a blush steadily forming across his cheeks. He’s used to the advances of others, he isn’t called the most eligible bachelor in Mondtsadt for nothing, after all. But for you, darling you, to so suddenly come up to him and ask him so sweetly for a hug - for personal contact - his mind is reeling at merely the prospect.

He swallows.

“Ah. Hugs - I,”  A nervous laugh escapes him as he flounders, so soft it could be a sigh. “I’m quite flattered you think so, that I look like I give good hugs.” He says softly, eyes looking down at your feet. Then, as an afterthought:  “I’m quite relieved.” 

He feels a little vulnerable if he’s being honest, maybe even a touch scared at the idea of rejection. It’s silly, he thinks to himself - you offered, afterall. Diluc inhales, steels himself as his eyes suddenly pop up to meet yours. He sticks his arms out in front of him, unused to just - offering him a hug. He tries not to pout.

“Alright. Come here. I’ll - give you a hug, just, make it quick.” 

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Bailey’s Comet - Reader x Diluc

// Two things that bug me a lot in all fandoms is there isnt enough Top reader stuff and also hardly any readers that aren’t ladies or afab. Reader is still pronoun neutral but Heads Up reader has a dick.



“Sssh, someone will hear you, dearest.”

A strangled gasp and sigh escaped Diluc as he pressed his face against the wall of his pub, groaning deep in his throat at your teasing words.

It was early daytime, and the bar wouldn’t be open for several hours, but the threat was still there, seeing as people would be nearby outside.

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