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when you say their dick is too big
feat.: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Itto, Scaramouche, Ayato, Albedo, Xiao
warnings: nsfw content, size difference, dacryphilia, degradation, praise, breeding kink, choking, Itto has a knot and barbs on his cock, Zhongli has two dicks
Tumblr media
DILUC stops immediately when you tell him to — hurting you is the last thing he wants —, though he can't help but chuckle when you, teary-eyed, tell him that his dick is too big and that it won't fit. He quickly shushes you with a gentle kiss, his smile warm and loving as he reassures you that it'll be fine, he'll try to be as careful as possible.
Even though he tries to go slow for your comfort, he groans in pleasure when he finally bottoms out inside of you, your hips flush together, and while he had originally planned to give you some time to adjust to his size, he can't help but pick up a fast and hard pace a few moments later, because what you don't know is that your words sent a white hot spike of pleasure up his spine. His size kink is thriving, especially when there's a slight bulge showing through your stomach as he thrusts into you.
“You're alright, dear. It'll fit, don't worry. Ah, fuck—, you feel so tight around me. Archons, you can even see my dick through your stomach — fuck.”
Tumblr media
When you complain to KAEYA about his cock being too large to fit inside of you, he genuinely can't help but laugh. You're adorable — really, he's at a loss of words here. There's a smile on his lips as he tells you that you'll be alright, and he doesn't bother to stop pushing into you; giving you time to breathe would only result in you overthinking even more. Besides, he knows you'll be fine.
When he finally pounds into you, his hips slapping against your own with lewd squelching noises accompanying each thrust, you're moaning and keening, your back arching, and there's mocking words and teasing sentences falling from Kaeya's lips before he can stop himself, but, really, who can blame him? Just a moment ago, you were protesting and worrying, and now you're taking his dick like a champ — it's almost ironic, really.
“Ah, look at you, darling. Weren't you just whining about my dick being too big for you? Now you're practically sucking me in. That's adorable. Makes me wonder if that innocent persona of you was but an act, doll.”
Tumblr media
CHILDE has got you bent in half in a mating press when you whine about him being too big, his dick being too deep inside of you, and he couldn't deny that your words made his cock twitch inside of you even if he tried. He scoffs, obviously amused, and it's such a huge ego boost that he thrusts into you roughly, his hips flush with yours as he bottoms out in one quick movement that has you gasping and crying out.
There's some half-assed shushing from him as he assures you that it's fine, you'll be alright, but in reality, you're barely able to understand what he's saying with the almost violent pace he has set and he knows it. You're drooling while he pounds into you, saliva dripping down your chin, and Childe isn't shy to mock you for how desperate you look. By the end of it, he makes sure you're literally dripping with his cum.
“Fuck, babe, that's so hot—, you think I'm too big for your tight little hole, hm? Don't you worry, baby, I'll fill you up so good. You'll be fine—, ah, fuck, I promise, just let me make you feel good. Just let me breed you.”
Tumblr media
ZHONGLI raises his eyebrows when you complain about his size in a seriously worried tone, but he's quick to shush you despite not understanding why you seem to have trouble taking only one of his cocks. The other one is resting against your abdomen as he slowly but surely continues to push into you, the tip of it dripping precum onto your skin.
While he's constantly praising you for how well you're taking him, he can't help that he enjoys seeing your eyes all glassy with tears, and his thoughts immediately go to how you'd cry and whine under him if he were to fuck you with both dicks, only to fill you up and breed you.
“You're so good for me, darling. You take me so well. In fact, I'm quite certain you'd even be able to take both of my cocks if you'd like to try.”
Tumblr media
Honestly, ITTO is used to this kind of reaction. He's a big guy all around, which is why it doesn't come as a surprise when you claw at his back and whimper about him not being able to fit inside of you. Still, while he understands your worries, he's too much into it to stop now; he can't help that he continues to push into you until you're stretched wide around his dick.
He at least has the decency to apologise while thrusting into you, his hips slapping against your ass, even though he gets a massive ego boost from the way you're crying out. His apologies don't make it better — especially because his size isn't the only thing you have to deal with. What's much more difficult to take are the barbs on his cock, as well as his knot once he fills you up, but what can he say; he's an oni through and through and his biology is intent on breeding you.
“Ah, baby, fuck, 'm sorry, I don't wanna hurt you, fuck, I promise, you just feel so good, can't stop, please, babe, I need to fill you up—”
Tumblr media
Honestly, SCARAMOUCHE thinks of you as ridiculously naive for even hoping that he'll be merciful when you blabber something about his cock being too big. You're on all fours underneath him, cheek against the ground and ass raised, and he's not above taunting you as he repeats your whiny plea in a mocking, high-pitched voice.
As if inspired by your words, he thrusts into you at once, his pace rougher than it needs to be solely because he wants to see you cry on his cock, your cheeks flushing and your eyes crossing as you clench around him. When he feels particularly mean, he even wraps a hand around your throat, if only to hear your high-pitched keening noises as you choke and whine, your thighs trembling and tears dripping down your cheeks.
“What are you saying? It won't fit? Oh, I'll make it fit, don't you worry. Besides, you're already dripping wet. Fucking slut. This is the only thing you're good for, so shut up and take what I decide to give you.”
Tumblr media
While AYATO is quick to coo soothing words at you, his voice a low purr and with his hands gently caressing the curve of your hip, his lips also curl into a smirk. You can't see the way his eyes sparkle with mischief and something more sinister because of your position — your cheek pressed against the pillows, your back arched and ass raised —, but that his polite words are just a facade is obvious in the way his hips snap against yours.
The urge to make you cry just because of his cock makes his movements more hurried and rough, his usual effortless grace bleeding away into impatience and brutal thrusts. His nails dig into your hips as he rocks into you until your thighs are shaking and tears drip down your flushed cheeks, needy noises falling from your lips, and Ayato can't help that he wants nothing more than to truly break you.
“Oh, am I too big for you, love? Are you saying you can't take it? That'd be a shame, I was hoping to have you come on my cock. Ah, there you go — look, it fits. You're such a slut in reality, hm, darling?”
Tumblr media
ALBEDO pauses the second you whine about his dick being too big to fit inside of you, his head cocked to the side in a curious manner as his gaze meets your teary eyes. While he's an attentive and observant lover, he also can't deny that his cock twitches inside of you at hearing you say that.
He tells you matter-of-factly that there's no need to worry, that your body is quite literally made for this and that it's obvious in the way your cunt is basically sucking him in, before continuing to push in until he bottoms out, your hips flush together. If you haven't relaxed until then, he's honestly at a loss of what to do, though a feeling of pride spreads through his veins when you finally moan and mewl in pleasure rather than in fear. He just loves being correct.
“Oh? Look at you, dripping wet around my dick. Didn't I tell you you were going to be alright? You're literally made to take my dick, love, and it seems you're a natural at it, too.”
Tumblr media
When you first tell him to stop, please, that his dick is never going to fit inside of you, XIAO scoffs, his eyebrows drawn together into a frown. For a moment, he genuinely thinks you're making fun of him, though he quickly stops moving when he notices that there's tears welling up in your eyes.
The last thing he wants is to hurt you, which is why he pauses immediately. It doesn't matter how aroused he is, your comfort is his top priority, which is why he'll only continue once you give him the consent to. Even when he finally bottoms out inside of you, his hips flush with yours and with you mewling underneath him, he checks in on you to make sure you're alright.
“Fuck, I—, please, love, are you alright? Tell me. How are you feeling? May I continue? Fuck, you're so damn tight around me.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Happy C10 Kaeya (aka I pulled Kaeya from standard banner for the tenth time today)
Tumblr media
I was like "WHY???" But then "Okay welcome home again you silly man."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
upcoming characters in version 2.7 ◆ KUKI SHINOBU
The capable and reliable deputy leader of the "Arataki Gang" - Please note: capable and reliable are not appellations for the "Arataki Gang," but for their deputy leader in specific.
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🌸Pink characters🌸
Tumblr media
aka pink/yellow/red characters
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Their interaction can be like..
But my final thought about them is..
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Happy Birthday, Yun Jin!
Tumblr media
Thank you for your support. How was the song? I'd love to hear what you think about it.
It is thanks to everyone's love and support that my opera skills has continued to improve.
As it is my birthday, the audience have come especially to wish me well. I shall respond in kind by putting on the best show I can.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
The detective suspects... you!
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A Small Problem
Pairings: Various Genshin Men x Isekai'd!Reader
Summary: Albedo was coming up with a concoction that would strengthen the men during combat. But one little mix-up caused you to become a parent for a day.
Note: I think this is my longest Various Genshin Men x Isekai'd!Reader fic :o For this story, in particular, I set a goal for myself to type out at least 1k words a day, and I'm glad that I was able to do that! But I don't think I'll be able to do that with my other fics until after I've graduated ;v; For those who are new or returning readers, I post on AO3 as well, so if you have an AO3 and see a work similar to this, it’s me (Aaliah_exo on AO3). I don’t post anywhere else but on Tumblr (Genshinluvr) and on AO3 (Aaliah_exo).
Warnings: Mentions of pregnancy (the reader is still gender neutral, pregnancy is just mentioned), slight mentions of weight and insecurities (because of pregnancy being mentioned). Itto and Childe almost knocked you down the stairs, oops.
Word Count: 10k
You swore everything was normal and okay before you went to bed last night. Before heading off to bed, everyone was their usual selves. They were surrounding Albedo excitedly after he had mentioned making a concoction that’ll strengthen them in combat. Since it didn’t really have much to do with you, you sat idly by on the couch, trying your best not to fall asleep. It didn’t matter whether you got plenty of sleep last night or not. You felt like a zombie and that you could fall asleep with your eyes open if you would allow yourself to do so, but that wasn’t the case. You couldn’t help but have a nagging feeling that something wasn’t right in your and the fifteen men’s safe abode. 
The only memory you could recall from last night was the men gathering around the dining table, watching Albedo pour ingredients into a big glass flask before mixing them together. You tried to stay awake during the entire thing, but you couldn’t keep your eyes open any longer. Albedo mentioned something about a concoction that can strengthen them during battles and some other thing, but you were so tired that you didn’t really hear the other thing that Albedo had mentioned. You only caught onto some things that Albedo had said (a strengthening potion of some sort) while the rest went in one ear and out the other. You covered your mouth and yawned, trying not to fall asleep.
“Did you really need to include lizard tail into the mixture?” Diluc asks, looking at the glass container skeptically.
“Yes, it is part of the experiment to see whether these ingredients will go well together to make the perfect strengthening potion.” Kazuha nods his head; he continues to help Albedo stir the glass flasks on the table.
“It doesn’t smell too good.” Gorou groans, covering his nose with both of his hands. For a moment, you swore you saw Gorou turn green at the smell of the concoction that Albedo was inventing.
“I don’t think it’ll taste good either.” Thoma laughs nervously, scratching the back of his neck.
“I’m sure it won’t taste too bad! The aftertaste is what you’ll have to worry about the most.” Ayato says, leaning back in his seat.
“So! Who will be the taste tester of the experiment?” Childe asks, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Everyone will be testing it out,” Albedo says. He grabbed the glass flask and began to hand it out to every person that was standing around the table.
“Oh, is [Y/N] going to be the taste tester as well?” Venti asks, pointing over to where you sat. You quickly shook your head in protest.
“Sorry, boys, but I’m going to have to skip out on this little experiment. For some reason, I’m feeling pretty exhausted today.” You said, getting up from your seat before stretching with a big yawn.
“Aw! But you’re going to miss out on the exciting stuff!” Itto whines, giving you the puppy dog eyes with his bottom lip jutting out, forming a pout.
“It’s okay, Itto! I can always join in on the next experiment whenever I’m not feeling like I’m going to pass out on the spot.” You gave Itto a sympathetic smile. “Plus, this will be a great time to bond with each other and try something new with one another.” You gave them a small smile. 
“We don’t want to leave you out,” Xiao mutters, frowning at you.
“Nor do we want you to feel left out; it’s best to be included, right?” Kaeya asks, tilting his head at you like a curious puppy. You giggled softly and approached the men, giving each of them hugs before walking over to the bottom of the stairs. Albedo starts to pour the light blue concoction into small glass cups.
“While I do appreciate that you all didn’t want me to feel left out, I’m going to have to sit this one out.” You said.
“I believe that I will sit this one out too.” Said Zhongli.
“Oh? Why’s that?” Dainsleif asks, looking at Zhongli with a raised eyebrow.
“He doesn’t have to give it a try if he doesn’t want to.” Baizhu sighs, shaking his head.
“Maybe he’s afraid that it won’t make him as strong as he used to be during his prime time as an archon,” Scaramouche says nonchalantly, picking up the glass cup that Albedo had handed over to him.
“Wait, he’s an archon!?” Itto asks, looking around with an alarmed look on his face. The others around him sigh in defeat, shaking their heads at Itto’s confusion.
“Itto, we’ve known about this for a while now.” Thoma pats Itto’s shoulders.
“Yeah! He revealed it to us a long time ago when we first got the abode!” Venti exclaims, shaking his head with a lighthearted chuckle.
“Wait, aren’t you an archon too, Venti?” Childe asks, making Venti freeze in his spot. Venti lets out an anxious “Ehe” while trying to act casual.
“I’m going to bed now. Goodnight!” You chuckled softly before turning around and walking up the stairs. 
You hear a chorus of “goodnights” from the fifteen men while walking up the stairs. Once you’ve entered your bedroom, you close the door shut behind you. You rubbed your eyes before collapsing on your bed, mentally praising yourself for brushing your teeth early before you’ve decided to get into bed. You snuggle into your bed, pulling the extra pillow close to your chest before slowly drifting off to sleep.
You didn’t know why you were awake, but you’ve assumed that the sounds of whispering and quiet giggles were what roused you up from your slumber. You felt something, or someone, poke you in the face. You furrowed your eyebrows and cracked your eyes open, only to see a tiny face staring down at you with a broad smile— a child. You quickly sat up on your bed and looked around your bedroom with wide eyes. In your bedroom were fourteen children. You were assuming their ages ranged from eleven months to five years old.
“Why’d you wake them up!?” The tiny redhead hissed, slapping the blue-haired boy beside him.
“Because my tummy is growling, ‘Luc!” The blue-haired boy pouted, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Diluc? Kaeya?” You whispered. The two boys glanced over at you in confusion. Oh, dear archons, they turned into children! Adorable children. You hear little babbles and little giggles. You slowly turned your head, only to see an eleven-month-old Xiao and Venti sitting at the edge of your bed, gnawing on one of your pillows.
“Oh, archons.” You whispered, quickly getting up from bed before scooping up Xiao and Venti. Both were squealing and mindlessly babbling as they clung to you with their chubby little hands. Venti began to gnaw on his fist while Xiao stuck to you like you were his lifeline. 
“Oh, good! You’re awake!” Kazuha says, waddling up to you with Albedo in tow. The two of them grabbed onto your pajama pants leg.
“What happened to all of you!?” You ask softly, carefully trying not to startle the others. Albedo pouts and starts to mess with his oversized t-shirt. Albedo looked nervous as he tried to come up with a way to explain things to you. 
“It seems like I have mixed up the ingredients for the strengthening concoction,” Albedo says, looking up at you with a small pout on his face. His bottom lips quivered as tears began to flood his eyes.
“Oh, Albedo! It’s okay! Accidents happen! No need to be upset!” You cooed, kneeling down in front of Albedo and Kazuha, wiping his tears away with one hand. Albedo sniffles and nods his head, wiping his tears away with his hand. You stood up and looked around your bedroom, counting each little heads in your bedroom. Fourteen. You only counted fourteen heads.
“Hey, where is Zhongli?” You ask.
“Maybe he’s busy doing old man things,” Scaramouche says, putting on the hat that was way too big for his head.
“I think he’s still sleeping!” Ayato comments, walking over to you with Thoma following after him while sucking on his tumb.
“Is he… de-aged like all of you?” You ask nervously. They all shrugged their shoulders in response to your question. You gulped and walked out of your bedroom with twelve toddlers following after you.
“Zhongli!?” You called, jogging down the hall towards his bedroom. “Zhongli, are you awake!?” You called out once more. Right before you could open his bedroom door, his door opens, revealing a perfectly normal Zhongli.
“[Y/N]? What’s the matter?” Zhongli asks groggily, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Xiao and Venti stared at Zhongli, still in your arms. You stood in front of Zhongli with the children standing around you, looking up at the ex archon with wide eyes.
“When did we have children?” Zhongli asks, looking at you bewildered. 
“Are you two our parents?!” Gorou asks in a hopeful tone, causing both you and Zhongli to become flustered.
“At least Zhongli is still himself,” Baizhu says, pouting with his arms over his chest. You almost did a doubletake when you saw that Changsheng had become a baby snake as well.
Xiao starts to squirm in your arms, small sniffles coming from him. Venti looks at Xiao in confusion, his mouth agape.
“Oh, Xiao! What’s wrong?” You panic, looking down at the yaksha worriedly. Xiao points at his tummy; you can hear faint rumbling coming from his stomach. 
“It appears that Xiao is hungry. We’ll need to make him and the others some breakfast.” Zhongli said softly, reaching over to Xiao, taking him from your grasp. Xiao’s arms immediately wrap around Zhongli’s neck, snuggling into the former archon. Zhongli smiles and gently strokes the back of Xiao’s head with his right hand while holding him up with his left arm.
“Oh my gosh, my heart can’t take this.” You gushed, staring at the adorable sight in front of you. Venti pats you on the cheek with his fist, making you wince. “Ah, okay, okay! Let's make you all breakfast.” You gently grabbed Venti’s fist before turning around.
Venti giggles loudly, clapping his hands while cheering, “Yay!” 
You smiled and kissed the top of Venti’s head as you walked towards the stairs with Zhongli following after you with Xiao in his arms. As you were walking down the stairs, the twelve children followed after you while shouting incoherent words at one another. Itto and Childe being the rambunctious children they are, the both of them were loudest and caused the most scene as everyone was heading downstairs for breakfast. Childe and Itto began to push and shove one another, causing one person to stumble into you, causing you to lose your footing.
Quick on his feet, Zhongli wraps his arm around your waist before you could fall down the stairs with Venti still in your arms. You held onto his silk t-shirt tightly, looking up at him with wide eyes. Zhongli looks down at Itto and Childe with a glare.
“Do not push and shove one another! Both of you could’ve gotten hurt, and [Y/N] and Venti could’ve fallen down the stairs!” Zhongli scolds the two unruly children. Itto and Childe pouted, looking away with their arms crossed over their chest.
“Sorry [Y/N] and Venti.” The duo apologizes, hugging both of your legs with puppy dog eyes.
“It’s okay, boys. Just, please, be careful next time.” You gently rubbed the top of their heads.
“Bad!” Xiao says, pointing down at Itto and Childe with an angry pout on his face. His cheeks flushed red with anger before looking up at you with a small pout. You giggled and pet Xiao’s head, kissing his chubby cheeks. Zhongli held onto your hand, looking down at you with a soft gaze, causing you to melt on the inside.
“Are you okay?” Zhongli asks, lightly squeezing your hand with his. You squeezed his hand back with a smile on your face.
“Yeah, I’m okay, Zhongli. Thank you for catching me.” You said shyly, standing on the tips of your toes before pressing a kiss on his cheeks. Zhongli stares down at you, his cheeks bright red with a shy smile on his face. You pull away from Zhongli, giving him one last smile before continuing on walking downstairs towards the kitchen and dining area. Zhongli presses his on the spot where you have kissed him, his cheeks burning red.
“Eww, cooties!” Scaramouche says, scrunching his face up in disgust.
Zhongli rolls his eyes with a faint chuckle, “Alright, boys. Let’s go downstairs for breakfast now.” He gently nudges them forward. Once everyone had arrived at the kitchen and dining area, the boys sat down at their respective seats, with the help of Zhongli.
“Looks like we need to get high chairs for both Xiao and Venti.” You said, gently bouncing Venti up. Venti giggles loudly and claps his hands with joy.
“Would we really need to get them high chairs when they return to their normal selves soon?” Zhongli asks, leaning against the counter with Xiao propped up on his waist.
“Honestly, I don’t know. I think we’ll need it either way since we won’t be able to cook, clean, or feed them with them in our arms.” You said, searching through the wooden cabinets for ingredients to cook some breakfast for the fourteen children. An idea suddenly pops up in your head. You held your index finger up, signaling Zhongli to give you a moment as you walked out of the kitchen and dining area. You grabbed a plush throw blanket and began wrapping it around you and Venti, making a child carrier sling.
“That’ll do for now!” You said, walking back to where Zhongli stood with Venti strapped to your chest, snuggling up against your chest, the top of his head peeking out from the makeshift child carrier sling. Zhongli felt his heart swell up at the sight of you with a baby Venti wrapped up against your chest, his tiny head poking from the top. Is this what you’ll look like if you and he have children?
“Time to make breakfast for the kids.” You hummed softly, bringing out the pots and pans to make pancakes for them to eat.
“Tofu.” Xiao blurts out, clinging to Zhongli as he watches you from a distance. You chuckle to yourself.
“Alright, Xiao. I’ll make some almond tofu just for you!” You said, pulling out almonds, milk, sugar, and tofu. While you and Zhongli were making breakfast for the kids, the twelve children were talking about the most random things while waiting for their breakfast. Being the helpful kid out of the others, Diluc and Dainsleif set the table and placed utensils down in different areas of the table for everyone.
“Will Xiao and Venti need a utensil too?” Dainsleif asks, looking up at you and Zhongli curiously. 
“They’re babies, Dainsleif. I think [Y/N] and Zhongli will be feeding them instead.” Diluc approaches the blond boy with his arms over his chest.
“Some eleven-month-old children can feed themselves. Not perfectly, but they can.” Dainsleif crosses his arms over his chest.
“But we don’t know that for Xiao and Venti,” Diluc argues.
“Boys, boys.” You said, looking over at them. “Zhongli and I will be feeding Xiao and Venti for now. I don’t really trust them with utensils.” You said, placing pancakes on each plate.
“There’s no need to argue over this. Go sit at the dining table; your breakfast is almost ready.” Zhongli says, motioning them to go to the dining room. Dainsleif and Diluc muttered to themselves, turning around before walking to their seats. You and Zhongli give each other a look before continuing to put pancakes on the plate and sliced fruits into little bowls.
“Do you think one of them is going to start throwing a tantrum soon?” You ask, looking over at Zhongli.
Zhongli sighs and shakes his head, “Dear archons, I sure hope not.” You chuckled and continued to prepare breakfast for the little ones. Once you and Zhongli had finished preparing breakfast, the both of you began setting down the plate of pancakes and little bowl that contained sliced fruits in front of each child. After placing their breakfast in front of them, you and Zhongli poured a glass of grape juice and valberry juice into the cup. The children immediately dived into their food, stuffing their faces with pancakes and sliced fruits. 
“I think we might need sippy cups as well.” You muttered, stroking your chin as you mentally prayed that none of them would spill juice on themselves.
“I believe that you’re getting a little bit ahead of yourself, dearest.” Zhongli chuckles, shaking his head as he spoon-feeds Xiao almond tofu. Xiao’s cheeks were filled with almond tofu as he chewed on his favorite dish.
“I-I’m not getting ahead of myself!” You sputtered, cheeks turning bright red at the nickname Zhongli had given you. “I’m just being prepared for the future!” You mumbled, feeding Venti valberry and sunsettia oatmeal. Venti hums in delight, munching on the oatmeal happily while clapping his hands.
“Oh? Will we be having children in the future?” Zhongli teases you, looking over at you with a small smile. There it was again! That soft look he was giving you! You felt yourself melting in your seat from the look Zhongli was giving you. You were sure that your face was almost as red as Diluc’s hair by now.
“Zhongli!” You whined, covering your red face with your empty hand. “You rascal!” You hissed, pouting to yourself as you continued to spoon-feed Venti oatmeal. You hear a soft chuckle coming from where Zhongli was sitting. Your face was so red that it reached the tip of your ears, turning them just as red as your face. If this is what your married and family life would be like with Zhongli? Just the thought of being married to the former archon and having children with him made your heart skip a beat.
“You’re cute.” Zhongli chuckles, reaching over to where you sat before lightly squeezing your cheeks with an endearing smile on his face. You looked over at Zhongli from the corner of your eyes, your bottom lip jutting out as you mumbled incoherent words. You continued to feed valberry and sunsettia oatmeal to the eleven-month-old anemo archon, watching him eat his breakfast gleefully.
“My, my. You’re quite a flirt and a tease today, aren’t you, Zhongli?” You huffed, feeling your face heat up even more at Zhongli’s little teasing smile and soft gaze. If you weren’t in love with Zhongli already, you most certainly are now.
“I’m full….” Kazuha says, pushing his plate away from him. “But I also finished my pancake, not my fruits, though,” Kazuha adds, a small pout forming on his face.
“That’s totally fine, Kazuha! We can save the fruits as a snack instead.” You said, smiling at the small samurai. 
“I finished everything!” Kaeya says, pointing at his empty plate and fruit bowl with a triumphant smile. “But I feel like my tummy is going to explode,” Kaeya mumbles, rubbing his now round belly. 
“I don’t think that’s possible, Captain Kaeya.” Baizhu drones, tilting his head to the side. He looks over at you and Zhongli, pointing at his plate. “I also finished my breakfast.” He smiles.
“That’s great to hear! I’m glad that you’re able to finish your breakfast.” Zhongli smiles, ruffling Baizhu’s hair.
“Can we get boba later?” Ayato speaks up, grabbing a sliced sunsettia from his bowl before munching on it.
“Did you finish your breakfast?” You ask, raising an eyebrow at Ayato with your head slightly tilted to the side.
“Yes, I finished my pancakes, and I am almost done with my fruits,” Ayato nods his head, holding up his almost empty bowl.
“This is the best breakfast I’ve ever had!” Thoma chimes happily, taking a sip of his grape juice with a bright smile on his face. “Can I help you with cleaning up?” Thoma asks sweetly.
“Of course, Thoma! Thank you for offering your help. We really appreciate it.” You stroked Thoma’s soft blond hair. 
“Should we really let the children have boba after breakfast? Isn’t it quite filling?” Zhongli asks, raising an eyebrow at you.
“We won’t let them immediately have boba after breakfast.” You shook your head. “I believe that we should all take a nice walk around Inazuma and let the children digest their food before we grab some boba.” You said, wiping Venti’s mouth with the cloth napkin.
“I believe that we shouldn’t be letting Ayato, in particular, drink so much boba. He’ll develop a sweet tooth, and he’ll get cavities.” Zhongli sighs.
“Aw, look at you!” You cooed, reaching over to gently pinch his cheeks with a teasing smile. “Someone’s fatherly instincts are kicking in.” You giggled.
Zhongli sighs, reaching up to grab your hand and interlocking his fingers with yours. “Well, when we have children in the future together, I want them all to be healthy,” Zhongli says. Your face turns bright red at Zhongli’s nonchalant response. How could someone like Zhongli say that so calmly?! Your heart couldn’t take this much longer. If he wanted to breed you right then and there, he could’ve just said it himself! You quickly shook your head, ridding the dirty thoughts that were surfacing in your mind. You heard a faint snort coming from the former archon as he sighed softly, examining your facial features with that soft gaze once again.
“You want to have children with me?” You squeaked; Zhongli chuckles at your reaction before pinching your cheeks. 
“I wouldn’t want it to be anyone else but you.” Said Zhongli, leaning over to press a soft kiss on your cheeks.
“I heard we’re going for walkies!?” Gorou asks excitedly, popping up between you and Zhongli with stars in his eyes. You and Zhongli leaned away from one another with flushed cheeks, clearing your throats awkwardly.
“Who says walk like that?” Scaramouche asks, crossing his arms over his chest.
“I do! Now hush!” Gorou glares at Scaramouche.
“No need to be a big meanie, Scarapoop.” Itto huffs, crossing his arms over his chest while glaring at the Inazuman child.
“Pffft! Scarapoop.” Childe giggles, stifling his laughter behind his hand. Both Itto and Childe giggle with one another while Scaramouche’s face becomes flustered at the nickname that was given to him by Itto.
“Hey! Don’t make fun of my name!” Scaramouche scowls, zapping both Itto and Childe. Itto and Childe shriek in pain before running over to where you and Zhongli sat, climbing onto your laps while whimpering.
“Childe, Itto! Do not make fun of anyone’s name; it’s rude and disrespectful.” Zhongli scolds the two rambunctious children.
“Meanies,” Xiao says, batting Childe’s hand with his tiny hand.
“Bad!” Venti points at Itto and Childe with a small glare on his face.
“Other than that, yea, we are going to go on walks soon before we get boba.” You said, getting up from your seat. You grabbed Venti and placed him back on the makeshift child carrier sling. Zhongli followed after you with Thoma tailing behind him. As much as it was sweet for Thoma to offer to help you and Zhongli clean up since there wasn’t a step stool, Thoma struggled to help. So, what Zhongli did was hand him a fluffy towel to dry off the freshly washed plates, bowls, and utensils.
Thoma didn’t seem to mind much about not being able to help you wash the dishes; as long as he was able to help you and Zhongli out in some kind of way, he’s content. While you were drying your hand on the towel, Albedo walked into the kitchen and grabbed ahold of both your and Zhongli’s pant leg.
“Can we go collect some butterflies as well?” You and Zhongli look at Albedo in confusion. “The strengthening potion, I think I mixed up some ingredients that have caused us to turn into children,” Albedo says.
“Of course.” Zhongli nods his head. “Do you know when the potion will wear off?” Zhongli asks; Albedo shrugs his shoulders. Zhongli sighs in defeat, his shoulders slumping. Xiao gently pats both of Zhongli’s cheeks as if he was trying to comfort him. Zhongli smiles and gently strokes Xiao’s hair.
“I believe that we all need to get ready, but…” You trailed off with a weak sigh, running your hands through your hair. “I don’t think the clothes in your closet would fit you all right now.” You muttered, scratching your cheeks. Before your hopes could drop into the deepest depths of the ocean, an idea popped up in your mind. A few weeks ago, you jokingly said that you wanted to learn how to sew clothes, and Diluc and Childe surprised you with a sewing machine and some clothing fabrics. At first, you were against it because you were just joking around about it, but they took it literally and got you a sewing machine, fabrics, threads, and many more.
“This is going to take a while, but I don’t want the kids to step foot into Inazuma in clothes that don’t fit them.” You said, handing Venti over to Zhongli before pulling out your sewing machine, threads, clothing fabrics, and pencil.
“Are you making clothes for them?” Zhongli asks, raising an eyebrow at you. You nod your head in response before unraveling the fabrics. “Won’t that take a while?” He places Venti on the floor, letting the eleven-month-old anemo archon run off with a loud squeal.
“It will, but I cannot let them leave the abode looking like this.” You sighed softly. 
In the end, you were able to sew some shirts and pants for the boys with the help of Zhongli and Xiao being the little helper and model. After being able to sew clothes that fit the fourteen children, you have decided to make a makeshift backpack leash for the twelve children and two child carriers to carry Xiao and Venti in. At first, Zhongli was taken aback when you said that you were going to be making leashes for the children. He was almost horrified at the thought of leashing children until you gave him a perfect reason and that it wasn’t an actual leash that people would put on their pets.
“It prevents the children from running off and being kidnapped. Plus, with twelve rambunctious children, I think it’s best that we keep them leashed.” You said, putting Venti in your handmade child carrier. For something that is made within a few hours, it looks pretty decent for something that was handmade.
“Do people in your world do that with their children?” Zhongli asks, raising an eyebrow at you.
“Yes, they do, actually!” You said, strapping each child to the makeshift backpack leash. “Since the children in my world tend to run off and cause trouble, their parents will put them on backpack leashes to prevent them from running off and causing chaos.” You said. You were grateful that you were able to make yourself look presentable before leaving the abode. And by presentable, I mean athletic shorts, a plain black shirt, and sandals. Instead of wearing his usual attire, Zhongli decided to wear some comfortable clothes. Black sweat pants that hung low at his hips, a white silk t-shirt, and closed-toe shoes. You couldn’t help but admire his appearance; even when he’s wearing clothes that he usually doesn’t wear outside of the abode, he looks perfect.
“Are you liking what you’re seeing?” Zhongli asks, cocking an eyebrow at you with the corner of his lips quirked up. You quickly looked away from Zhongli with a huff of breath; cheeks tinted pink.
“Alright, kids! Are you all ready to go to Inazuma?” You announced, trying to shake off the feeling of embarrassment that was rested upon you after getting caught by Zhongli for staring at him.
“Yes!” They all chorused, and you giggled at how adorable they all sounded. You were just glad that you weren’t the one to turn into a child.
“We’re ready!” Albedo smiles.
“Let’s go! I want some boba!” Ayato tries to run off, only to be pulled back by the backpack leash that Zhongli was holding onto. Ayato pouts with his arms crossed over his chest, mumbling under his breath about not being able to get boba immediately. Zhongli gives Ayato a disapproving look, causing the young Inazuman child to flush with embarrassment. You chuckled to yourself. Zhongli is such a strict father figure, but the boys know that he means well and doesn’t want anyone to run off and get hurt. Or worse, get kidnapped. 
“Now, now, Ayato. I know you’re excited to get boba, but please don’t run off.” Zhongli sighs, shaking his head.
“Yeah!” Xiao says from his child carrier, pouting down at the other twelve boys.
“Let’s head out into town now, shall we?” You said, opening the door of the mansion in the abode. The children around you cheer loudly, trying to run out of the house, only to be held back by the leashes that you and Zhongli were holding onto.
"Oh, come on! We’re not puppies!” Childe whines, glaring down at the backpack leash that he was strapped to.
“Hush, Harbinger. Did you not hear what [Y/N] said earlier? It’s for our own safety.” Diluc scolds the ginger-haired boy. Childe pouts with his arms over his chest, looking away from Diluc.
“You know, if you all continue to act up and not want to be on the backpack leash for your own safety, we can always stay home instead.” You suggested. The children immediately protested against your suggestion. Both you and Zhongli gave each other a knowing look before leaving the abode with the fourteen children.
Before leaving the abode, you and Zhongli didn’t think about the looks people would be giving the both of you as you were passing by them with two children strapped to your chest while the other twelve were on backpack leashes, rambling and talking loudly amongst one another. It felt almost normal to you and Zhongli, and the two of you didn’t mind the side glances you two were getting from bystanders. What you and Zhongli assume were people whispering about the backpack leashes, but they were talking about something else.
“That couple has such a huge family.” The woman whispers to her husband, looking at you and Zhongli, speechless.
“And they have two more strapped to their chests!” The husband would whisper back to his wife behind his hands, trying not to make it seem evident that he was staring at your little family.
“Fourteen children! How do they handle such…. Energetic children?” Another couple would whisper to each other, looking at your little family in shock.
“How do they have that much time to have fourteen children? They must’ve wanted a huge family.” An elderly man says to his coworker, glancing over at where you, Zhongli, and the fourteen children stood. You adjusted yourself awkwardly, attempting to ignore the comments that were being made about you and Zhongli’s big “family.”
“I mean, both of them are quite good-looking.” The man says, stroking his chin as his wife looks over at you and Zhongli from the corner of her eyes. “It must be hard for them to contain themselves when they have a significant other that is so alluring.” He adds, shrugging his shoulders.
“You’re not wrong. Those two must’ve go at it like rabbits.” The woman says to her husband. Both yours and Zhongli’s faces turned bright red at the woman’s comment; you gulped and pulled at your shirt collar. You prayed to whichever archon was listening to you, praying that the ground would just split open and swallow you whole.
“Do you think they’re expecting another child?” The elderly woman whispers to her friend; her friend shrugs her shoulders in response, not knowing what else to say at the sight of you and Zhongli with fourteen children.
“If they are, I would be shocked because how can someone handle this many children?” The elderly woman’s friend answers.
“I think the other one is pregnant.” She points at you, causing your eyes to widen. You turn to look at Zhongli, feeling offended that the woman assumed that you were pregnant. Did you look…. Fat?
“Zhongli, do I look fat!?” You whispered, tugging on his shirt. He looks at you in confusion, his eyes scanning you from head to toe.
“Fat? You don’t look fat.” Zhongli says.
“One of the elderly women said that I looked pregnant! Therefore, I look fat to them!” You said, looking over at the women, causing them to become flustered before scurrying off somewhere.
“Dearest, you don’t look fat at all!” Zhongli reassures you, caressing your face in his hands, his thumb brushing over your cheeks gently. You couldn’t help but pout to yourself and look elsewhere. The sixteen of you were waiting for your boba drinks to be ready. The snide comments by the older women made you feel self-conscious about your weight now. Tsk. Do these women know how to keep the comments to themselves? It's like they intentionally say it out loud so that you can hear what they are saying.
“Do I need to go on a diet?!” You muttered to yourself, pressing your empty hand to your cheek, pinching the fat of your cheeks with a small frown.
“Don’t go on a diet. I love you just how you are; you don’t need to change yourself just because someone made an unnecessary comment about your appearance.” Zhongli says, gently grabbing your hand, pulling it down away from your face.
“You love me?” You squeaked, looking up at Zhongli in awe.
“Of course! I-I mean, we all do. Not just me.” Zhongli sputters, looking away from you, flustered. The tips of his ears were just as red as his face.
“Yeah! We love you!” Kaeya says, wrapping his arms around your waist, smiling up at you cutely.
“We love you very much!” Kazuha says shyly with a bright red face.
“We love you just the way you are!” Gorou says, bouncing on the balls of his feet, his tail wagging happily. 
Scaramouche hugs you tightly, a big pout prominent on his face. “Don’t listen to those old hags! They only have a few years on their lifespan. They’re just jealous that you’re still youthful compared to their wrinkly butts!”
“Yeah! What Scaramouche said!” Itto nods his head.
“Their comment was very unnecessary,” Dainsleif grumbles; his eyes were scanning the crowd for the elderly woman that made a jab towards your appearance. 
“Please don’t listen to them and take their comments to the heart,” Thoma says softly, giving you puppy dog eyes.
The boys surround you, attempting to give you a hug. You laugh softly, gently petting each boy’s head with a small smile on your face. Xiao reaches out to you with grabby hands; Zhongli approaches you and wraps his arms around your waist, careful not to crush any of the children while doing so. Zhongli had his arms wrapped around your waist while Xiao attempted to hug you. Venti, not knowing what Xiao was doing, hugged Xiao. Xiao grumbles and lightly brushes Venti’s arms away, awkwardly clutching your arm.
You couldn’t help but melt under their hugs, feeling an overwhelming wave of emotions hit you all at once. You laughed and gave each of them hugs, letting them know how much you appreciate each of them and how they all mean to you. The sixteen of you end up sitting outside of Inazuma City, sipping on your boba drinks while Albedo is trying to catch some butterflies for the strengthening concoction.
“I can see why Ayato loves boba so much,” Baizhu mumbles, sipping his matcha green tea boba happily while chewing on the tapioca pearls.
“It’s quite delicious and comes in a variety of flavors.” Zhongli hums, mixing his osmanthus milk tea and tapioca pearls with the boba straw.
“I think Xiao is enjoying his almond milk tea boba.” You giggled, wiping the trail of almond milk tea from his chin. “Be careful, Xiao. We wouldn’t want you to choke on your drink.” You cooed; Xiao looked up at you with doe-like eyes before continuing on sipping his boba. Zhongli chuckles and adjusts Xiao in his child carrier sling, giving Xiao some space to be able to move around and drink his boba in peace without feeling restricted. Xiao slightly squirms in Zhongli’s lap as he attempts to hold the boba cup with his tiny hands. Zhongli grabbed the bottom of the cup to make sure that Xiao didn’t accidentally drop the cup or spill it onto the ground.
“Yummy,” Xiao says, smacking his lips together before he continues to sip on his drink. You looked down at Venti, who was drinking your boba peacefully. You gently rubbed the top of Venti’s head, looking over at where Albedo and Dainsleif were, attempting to catch as many butterflies as they could for the strengthening potion.
“I’m glad that we’re able to hang outside of the abode together.” You said, smiling at Zhongli as you looked at the kids scattered around you and Zhongli, yet still in close proximity. “Granted, they are children, but I hope we can all hang outside of the abode together when they return to their normal selves.” You added.
Zhongli smiles, “I’m sure they will agree to go outside of the abode more. We can all explore different areas of Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma together.” He places his hand over yours, gently squeezing your hand.
“I’m a little nervous about exploring more of the regions.” You sighed, resting your head on Zhongli’s shoulders. “What if we run into some trouble while doing so?” You ask, looking up at Zhongli.
“We will protect you,” Zhongli says simply; you shook your head.
“What if you guys end up getting injured because you were all trying to protect me from harm?” You whispered. 
Zhongli gently grabs you by the chin and tilts your head up, making eye contact with you. He brushes his thumb over your bottom lip, giving you a small reassuring smile. You feel your face heat up for the thousandth time today.
“There’s nothing to worry about, [Y/N]. We’re all capable of protecting one another and staying away from danger. If we can protect you just fine, we can protect one another without any issues.” Zhongli says, giving you a small smile.
“Promise?” You squeaked, holding up your hand for a pinky promise. Zhongli stares at you in confusion before chuckling to himself. He held up his hand before locking his pinky with yours.
“It’s a promise,” Zhongli says. You smile at Zhongli before resuming resting your head on his shoulders, pinkies still intertwined with each other.
“Watch this, Itto!” Childe says, nudging the oni with an evil smirk on his face. He takes a sip from his boba before filling the straw with just tapioca pearls. Childe began shooting a large number of wet tapioca pearls at Itto, causing Itto to shriek with laughter. 
“Oh, it’s on Childe!” Itto smirks, loading his straw with tapioca balls before shooting them at the Harbinger. Itto and Childe continue to blow tapioca pearls at one another, causing them to fly all over the place. One tapioca ball, in particular, ended up hurdling towards you and Zhongli, smacking you right in the face, before bouncing off of Zhongli’s forehead. The two of you jumped, startled at the sudden contact.
“What was that?” You muttered, touching the area where the tapioca pearls had hit you. Your face scrunched up at the feeling of the sliminess and cold of the tapioca balls.
“Ajax, Itto.” You and Zhongli look over at Itto and Childe with a scolding look. Itto and Childe froze in fear before running off to where Diluc and Kaeya sat while sipping on their boba.
“How much longer are they going to be like this?” You sighed weakly. It’s been only a day, but it felt like an eternity. As much as you enjoyed having the fourteen men as children because of how adorable they are, it doesn’t stop a few of them (Childe and Itto) from being troublemakers and rambunctious. You just hope that Albedo is able to figure out how to reverse the potion and get them all back to their usual selves, or else you and Zhongli will have to play house until they are all back to normal. Although, you didn’t mind playing house with Zhongli. You were able to catch a glimpse of what Zhongli would be like if he were a father and a husband. The mere thought of being married to Zhongli and having a family with Zhongli made your heart flutter in your chest, your cheeks burning from the constant teasing coming from Zhongli’s end.
“I wish I have the answers to your question,” Zhongli says, taking a sip from his cup. “But unfortunately, I don’t have any answers.” He frowns.
“As long as you’re by my side, I’ll be okay.” You give Zhongli a small smile. Zhongli presses a kiss on the top of your head, resting his cheek on your head while Xiao continues to drink from his boba cup.
“‘m tired,” Venti says, rubbing his eyes before letting out a huge yawn. You gently took the cup away from Venti, situating him in the child carrier sling. Venti leaned his head on your chest before letting out another yawn.
“Looks like it’s time for us to head back to the abode for the children to rest, don’t you think?” You murmured, caressing the back of Venti’s head. You looked over at Xiao, seeing him slowly dozing off in Zhongli’s arms, his head tilted forward.
“It appears so.” A smile appears on Zhongli’s face; he takes the now empty boba cup from Xiao’s hands. 
“Alright, kids!” You said, getting up from your seat. “Let's head back to the abode. I believe that it’s nap time for everyone.”
“I’m not feeling sleepy at all.” Diluc protests, getting up from his spot with Kaeya.
“Yeah, me neither! I think it’s just Xiao and Venti that needed a nap the most.” Kaeya says, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Well, if you don’t need a nap, then that’s fine. We should head back to the abode before lunch.” You said, ruffling Diluc and Kaeya’s hair.
“It’s not even lunchtime yet?” Thoma asks, his eyes widening in shock. 
“Today feels like a really long day.” Ayato sighs, throwing his boba cup into the nearby trash.
“It does, doesn’t it?” Baizhu hums, tossing his empty cup into the recycling bin with a yawn.
“Looks like you need a nap too, Baizhu.” Zhongli chuckles, standing up before stretching. The bottom of Zhongli’s shirt lifts up slightly, revealing his lower stomach. You quickly looked away and cleared your throat.
“Albedo, did you get the butterflies that you need for the strengthening concoction?” You ask as he approaches you and Zhongli with Dainsleif tailing behind.
“Yes, I got the butterflies that are needed for the concoction.” Albedo nods his head.
“We also collected some Naku weed for the concoction to hopefully return us back to our usual self,” Dainsleif added, holding up a pile of Naku weed.
“How are you so sure that the Naku weed will help us turn back into our regular state?” Kazuha asks, looking at Dainsleif and Albedo curiously.
“Let’s not question the alchemist that got us into this situation.” Scaramouche sighs, leaning against your leg before letting out a small yawn.
“Yeah, let’s go home before any of us fall asleep,” Gorou says, clutching onto Zhongli’s pant leg. Zhongli smiles and places a gentle hand on Gorou’s head, lightly scratching his ears, causing Gorou to hum in delight, leaning further into Zhongli’s hands. You smiled at the adorable sight before strapping the children back onto the backpack leash. The last thing you would want to deal with is children running around Inazuma City. After putting the twelve children on their backpack leashes, the fourteen of you began to walk out of the city. While you, Zhongli, and the children were walking back to where the teapot sat, a couple approached both you and Zhongli.
“Excuse me, are these your children?” The woman asks, looking down at the twelve children curiously.
“Of course they are; why?” You ask, looking at the man and woman warily.
“Oh, we were just wondering because there’s so many of them. Plus, the children do not look like their parents at all.” The woman says casually, giving you a fake smile.
“You know, adoption is a thing.” You cocked your eyebrow at the woman. She became flustered and began to stutter, her face almost as red as Diluc’s hair.
“Are you implying that my significant other and I kidnapped these children?” Zhongli asks, raising an eyebrow at the couple.
“What! No, no! We’re not accusing the two of you of kidnapping children!” The man sputters, shaking his head in denial.
“Well, if you’ll excuse us, we’d like to go home in peace now.” You said, brushing by the couple with your left arm linked with Zhongli’s right arm. The children glared at the couple before letting out a huff of breath, shoving through them while giggling mischievously. 
“The sheer audacity of that woman.” You grumbled, rolling your eyes. “People have no shame these days, I swear.” You sighed.
Once you, Zhongli, and the fourteen children got back to the abode, everything felt like a blur. Despite the entire day dragged on and it felt like an eternity. The last thing you remembered before nightfall was feeding them and having to give the children a bath before changing them into their pajamas right before making dinner for the children— which ended up being a disaster. The bath part was a disaster.
Has anyone ever witnessed an archon chasing around a couple of naked children just to give them a bath? Well, needless to say, you’re the first person to have ever witnessed it with your very own eyes. It was a comical sight! You nearly died laughing while Zhongli gave you the “help me dammit!” look as he was chasing around the giggling naked children. You ended up giving in because you felt bad for watching the archon struggle to catch these energetic and devious children to bathe them.
After the whole bathing fiasco, you and Zhongli made them all dinner. The children are all fresh and clean; they all sit in the living room, occupied with Albedo’s attempt to make the potion that’ll turn them back to their usual selves. They crowded around Albedo, watching him fix the ingredients to make the concoction.
“Do you think it’ll work?” Kaeya asks, peeking from Albedo’s shoulders to see what Albedo is putting into the glass flask.
“It should work! I’m sure these are the actual ingredients this time. I’m almost done, so we can all drink this before dinner starts.” Albedo says, lifting the glass flask up while mixing it with a stirring rod.
“Wait, is this the strengthening concoction, or is this some concoction that’ll turn us all back to normal?” Kazuha asks, crossing his arms over his chest. The blue-green liquid was swirling around in the glass flask; it was almost glittery by the way the light was reflecting off of the concoction. It looks pretty but also intimidating because the boys didn’t know whether it would turn them back to normal or make it worse.
Before Albedo could answer, Zhongli called them all to the dining room for dinner while setting up the dinner table. Albedo quickly finishes up, adding a few ingredients to the potion and mixing the ingredients together. Albedo hands the small test tube to each person. They all downed the concoction, wincing at the taste of the elixir.
“Well, it doesn’t taste nearly as bad as the first one did.” Ayato clears his throat, wincing at the aftertaste of the elixir.
The boys quickly cleaned up and organized the small lab corner that Albedo had set up before walking over to where dinner was waiting for them to ingest. Even though the boys wanted to tell you and Zhongli that they had ingested another round of mystery concoction that was made by Albedo, they were worried that they would jinx it if they were to do so. So, they remained silent and began to eat the food that both you and Zhongli had prepared for everyone to eat. 
Dinner was pretty tamed and quiet—small comments here and there, mainly from you and Zhongli. The little flirtation between you and Zhongli was evident to the fourteen children. Even though they are all children and couldn’t do many things about it, they had to sit idly by and watch Zhongli get you all for himself. 
For the remaining time during dinner, they were all pouting. Whenever Zhongli would make a comment that would make you blush, the boys would interrupt with a random comment. They were trying to cockblock Zhongli, and it was hilarious to see. While the boys expected Zhongli to lose his temper and snap at them, he actually kept his cool and acted as if the boys had never interrupted him at all. Whenever you were eating and had a small crumb at the corner of your lips, Zhongli would wipe it away with his thumb while keeping eye contact with you. 
Sometimes, you would squish his cheeks with your hands when you thought the children weren’t watching. The only time you knew that they were watching was when Venti or Xiao started being fussy, whining for your attention. Right after dinner, you were about to tuck them all into bed (after brushing their teeth). But they all protested and suggested that they wanted to sleep with you in your bedroom.
“I don’t think I can fit fourteen children on my bed. I don’t have much space on my bed except for one other person aside from me.” You said, stroking your chin.
“What? Is that other person Zhongli?” Scaramouche asks, looking over at Zhongli with a pout on his face.
“Hehe….” You giggled shyly.
“No! I forbid!” Childe protests, throwing himself at you with tears in his eyes.
“You forbid what?” You cooed, lifting Childe up in your arms before lightly pinching his cheeks. Childe lets out a series of sniffles before wrapping his arms around your shoulders, burying his face into the crook of your neck.
“Us turning into children put Zhongli fifteen steps ahead of us!” Itto wails, wrapping his arms around your thighs.
“If you’re going to sleep in the same bed as Zhongli, then we will have to sleep in the same bed as you!” Dainsleif declares, crossing his arms over his chest with a faint pout on his face. Dainsleif was never outright affectionate with you, but he does show it subtly. 
“Yes, I agree with what Dainsleif says!” Ayato nods his head, shuffling up to you while dragging Thoma with him.
“Just to make sure there’s no funny business going on, that’s all!” Thoma adds, giving you an innocent smile while rocking back and forth on the tip and heel of his toes.
“Funny business?” Gorou asks, tilting his head to the side in confusion.
You sighed and glanced over at Zhongli; he quirked an eyebrow at you, causing you to become flustered. For some reason, the way Zhongli raised an eyebrow at you was so attractive. Zhongli is just effortlessly perfect, and it was unfair that he has this kind of impact on you.
“Looks like we’ll all be taking a nap in the living room.” You said, turning around to walk out of your bedroom with the boys and Zhongli following after you. “I’ll bring out the extra blankets and pillows.” You said, walking down the stairs with Childe still clinging onto you while Zhongli held both Xiao and Venti in his arms as he walked down the stairs.
“Do you want me to bring out the extra-large mattress we have stored in the closet?” Zhongli asks; you nod your head.
“Yes, please. At first, I thought it was odd for Itto to bring home a huge mattress out of the blue, but this is the perfect time to use it.” You chuckled, placing Childe down on the ground. You pulled out extra pillows and blankets from the same closet where the huge mattress is stored. Zhongli placed the mattress down in front of the couch before helping you prepare the bed, putting bed sheets on the mattress, and tossing a series of pillows onto the bed before organizing them.
“So, we’re all sleeping on this one giant bed?” Diluc asks, patting the giant mattress.
“It seems like it.” Baizhu nods his head, sitting on the edge of the mattress.
“It’s getting late; we should go to bed now.” You said, walking over to the light switches before switching them off. The only thing that kept the living room illuminated was the small nightlight that was plugged into the corner of the living room. The minute you sat down on the bed, the children climbed onto the bed, arguing over who could lay next to you. Zhongli lays down beside you, and Xiao plops on top of Zhongli, snuggling up against the archon. Xiao subconsciously begins to suck on his thumbs, making you coo at the adorable sight.
“It’s like Xiao is your child, Zhongli.” You poked Zhongli’s cheeks as you lay down. Before Zhongli could reply, the boys piled on top of you. You grunted when someone accidentally kneed you in the stomach; Venti was lying on top of your chest, almost asleep. You can hear other children around you grumble in discontentment, muttering about how they wanted to cuddle on your chest, but the spot was occupied by an eleven-month-old anemo archon.
“Hey, be careful.” Zhongli sighs, shaking his head in disapproval while the boys quietly bickered over who gets to lay on your arms and who doesn’t. You ended up laying your head on Zhongli’s right arm while the children were scattered on top of you. 
“Are you comfortable?” Zhongli asks softly; you nod your head with a soft hum.
“I am, but the number of children laying on top of me isn’t so comfortable.” You laughed softly, brushing Venti’s bangs away from his face.
“Do you want me to move them?” Zhongli asks. You shook your head in response.
“Nah, I think we can move them when they fall asleep.” You said, brushing a stray hair away from Zhongli’s face with a tired smile. “We should get some sleep now.” You whispered, letting out a yawn.
Zhongli presses a kiss on the side of your head, “Goodnight, [Y/N].” He whispers into your ears. You feel goosebumps forming on your arms, heat rushing to your cheeks at the proximity between you and Zhongli. You swallowed the forming lump in your throat before snuggling up against Zhongli with a content smile. Even though today felt slow and was crazy, you were glad that Zhongli was there to help you with everything. From assisting you with handling the unruly children to feeding the children, you will forever be grateful for Zhongli and everything he has done for you.
“Goodnight, Zhongli.” You feel Venti snuggle up against your chest, tightening his grip on your shirt. You gently stroked Venti’s head, slowly closing your eyes. Soon, you drifted off to sleep to the sound of soft snores coming from the children around you.
The very next day, you woke up to the feeling of a heavy chest. You cracked your eyes open, only to see Venti peering down at you with a cheeky smile as he was straddling your waist, caging you in between his arms. 
“Venti! You’re back to normal!” You squeaked, gently pushing him off of you so you could sit up on the bed.
“Technically, we’re all back to normal.” Xiao sighs, crossing his arms over his chest.
“You’re really comfortable to sleep on, [Y/N]!” Venti chirps, snuggling up against you with a smile on his face.
“That’s a relief.” You sighed, feeling the tension leaving your body as you struggled to get up from the bed. Diluc and Baizhu help you get up from the bed, clearing their throats awkwardly.
“You’d make a fantastic parent one day, [Y/N],” Diluc says, his cheeks bright red.
“I agree! Although it’s been only a day, I believe that you’ll be a fantastic parent.” Baizhu smiles, patting the top of your head.
“Zhongli would be a terrifying father. So strict.” Childe shivers, ignoring the glare the shirtless archon was giving him. Wait, shirtless?
“Why are you shirtless? Although, I don’t mind seeing you shirtless.” You giggled, covering your reddening cheeks.
“Xiao drooled on me, and I needed to change my shirt,” Zhongli says simply, causing the yaksha to sputter in response. His face was bright red from Zhongli’s response. How dare Zhongli reveals to you that he drools in his sleep! This was one of the reasons why he rarely sleeps, other than the fact that adeptis don’t need sleep to be able to function. You couldn’t help but laugh lightly at the thought of Xiao drooling on Zhongli’s chest, completely knocked out and unaware of the puddle of drool forming beneath his cheeks as he slept.
“I’m relieved that the concoction was able to return us back to normal. It would be a shame if we all remained as children for quite a while.” Albedo says, entering the room in his usual attire.
“I honestly wouldn’t mind it at all!” You said, lightly pinching Scaramouche’s cheeks with a smile on your face. Scaramouche grumbled incoherent words to himself with his arms crossed over his chest, continuing to let you squeeze his cheeks. 
“After all, you guys are pretty adorable children. And also rambunctious and quite troublesome.” You said, looking over at Childe and Itto, who were trying to act casual.
“Now that you got to experience the parenthood with Zhongli over here, would you want to experience the parenthood with the one and oni?” Itto asks, wrapping his arms around your waist before pulling you up against his chest.
“Ha! Get in line, Itto.” Kaeya snorts, pulling you away from Itto with a small glare.
“As if you’re the only one that wants to experience parenthood with [Y/N].” Gorou huffs, grabbing onto your arm while shooting a glare in Itto’s direction.
“Hehe, I don’t think I’ll be a parent any time soon, but I don’t mind being one.” You said, scratching the back of your neck with a sheepish smile on your face.
“I just find it unfair how we all turned into children except for Zhongli, and Zhongli was able to experience parenthood with [Y/N],” Kazuha says, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Yeah! It was unfair!” Thoma frowns, looking away from everyone with a tiny pout as he sulks silently.
“Did you guys see how the two of them flirted with each other?” Scaramouche asks, looking over at you and Zhongli with a look of disapproval. The men grumbled in agreement, nodding their heads.
“Yeah! Right in front of us and everything!” Childe grumbles, sulking beside Thoma.
“All right, all right, let's save this talk for later. We still need to eat breakfast.” Dainsleif says, rolling his eyes at the sulking men.
You don’t know what’s waiting for you after breakfast, but you know for sure that the men will be questioning you on whether you would want to be a parent with a particular man or all of them. While you don’t mind being a parent with the men, what you do mind is what these nonexistent children would be like. Would they be like the men, or would they be the complete opposite of the men? The real question is, would you even be in Teyvat long enough to be a parent with one of the men or all of the men?
Note: Since I have a few weeks of class left, I'm just hoping that I can start taking requests soon, around June. I have, like, 4 requests from people and I haven't fulfilled those yet. I will start on them once this semester is completed. But we'll see how things go because, for some reason, fate is never in my favor.
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— 5wirl kissing you to shut your trap
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing : 5wirl (aether, venti, xiao, kazuha and heizou) × gn!reader
genre : hard-core fluff | scenarios
word count : 2.4k (0.4 - 0.8k each)
pov : first person point of view
summary : just 5wirl trying to calm you down or shut you up with a kiss because they cannot think of anything else.
author's note : please do not murder me for ooc heizou. written before character release.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"You're trying to kill me, aren't you?"
It was wrong to believe that the adepti could endure everything. It was even more wrong to believe that they never bled. I stood beside the conqueror of demons on the Wangshu Inn's balcony, being loath of my inability to admire the landscape it evinced in the darkness.
It was preposterous to be in love with nature when your friend was bleeding beside you. I couldn't help my eyes from darting at the cuts and gashes all over his arms, dripping with shimmering golden liquid— ichor. Adepti weren't more Gods than they were humans but they still possessed the divine blood in their veins. Sometimes, it made me a little jealous of them. Despite being half adeptus, my blood was the generic red of humans.
"Are you sure you don't want me to patch you up?" I asked, for what must be the fiftieth time of the day.
"No," he grunted, "Go away."
"Not happening, " I shook my head. I was used to Xiao and his blunt hurtful remarks to be affected anymore," Not unless you get your wounds taken care of."
"Hmph," I could feel his patience running thin, "Adepti do have the human tendencies to be taken care of. Nor do they need such assistance. Do not mistake me for a human."
It would be a lie if I said I wasn't expecting this as a response. Xiao was as reserved as an owl and as prideful as a lion. It wasn't an easy task to tear those traits away in an instant. And bleeding wasn't as gothically romantic as writers often describe them to be. I couldn't just give up and let his divine blood go to waste.
"Look here, Xiao," I tried again, "I'm not trying to make you look human even for a second. But you need to understand that the thing you're doing is not right. You might be super strong and super great but that won't matter if you bleed to death. Let me help you, yes?"
He glowered at me, the kind of look that was supposed to incinerate me to leave nothing but ashes. But there I stood, whole and scowling at him as is he was an annoying little kid. He turned away.
"You would be deluded if you think you can't die," I dared to say, "So if you don't want to regret this—"
The rest of my words were drowned in Xiao's mouth. Both his hands snaked around me, pressing me to his chest as if he were trying to mould us both into one being. His lips tasted like the brightest of sunny days dipped in the essence of the darkest of nights, revealing the most vulnerable of nightly secrets. At that moment, I knew I would want for more when this was gone, want for it over and over and over again.
He pulled away from me, our noses only millimetres apart as he stared down into my soul, "Just this once. Do whatsoever you must like."
I must have interpreted his statement wrong since he clapped his hand to my mouth when I tried to close the distance between our lips again.
"You're trying to kill me, aren't you?" he rasped.
And that was when I realized he was allowing me to tend to his wounds. I could feel a smug smile growing on my face at the thought that I affected him in a similar way he did to me.
Tumblr media
"My heart was always yours to begin with."
The legs of the chair screeched against the cobblestones of the floor as I pulled it toward many of my shelves lined with ancient relics and figurines. I climbed on the wooden seat to dust the artifacts on the very top. At that moment, the bell to the door of my shop jingled, signalling the arrival of an antique-loving customer.
"Welcome, dear customer, what relic must I present to you?" I recited without even looking, the words stitched to my heart.
"The attention of the shop owner, if you please."
It took less than a second for the corners of my lips to tug into a smile. It was an unforgettable voice— softer than the wind tickling your face, smoother than a clear creek washing over the stones.
"It would be my greatest pleasure," I hopped down from the chair, the duster long forgotten on the ground in my longing to embrace the one I loved.
He wrapped his hands around me with the familiar warmth I was so deprived of for so long. "Been long, Kazuha," I sighed aloud.
"I'm aware," he rubbed his hand over my back, " I'm not leaving anymore, now that it's over."
"I hope not," I nuzzled my head on his chest.
He kissed the crown of my head, "I won't, sunshine. Do you need help with cleaning?"
I parted from him and nodded. He leaned against the counter as I went to fetch another duster, watching me. When I returned to hand him one, I saw a faint crease between his eyebrows.
"What's worrying my sunshine?" I posed, worried about him.
"They didn't return your vision yet?" he asked me, climbing on the chair to dust my figurines.
I sucked in a sharp breath through my teeth to stop my frustration from breaking free. The Vision Hunt Decree was over and the Shogun had promised to hand over all the visions she had confiscated. I got mine back as well, just as promised. But getting it back didn't mean it was in the same condition as before.
"You're not answering me?" Kazuha's voice was gentle.
"They broke it," I said flatly, trying to keep the anger away from my voice,"They returned it to me with an unfeeling apology. It was in shambles."
I pulled out a wooden vase to wipe it clean. Kazuha paused, unable to collect the words that would make me feel better.
"Sunshine, I'm sorry—"
"It's alright," I looked at him," It's not your fault. Sometimes, I wish I had run away with you. Staying back was the worst decision I've ever taken. Now, look where it's gotten me to."
Guilt rose in my throat. I didn't want to lose my cool and make him feel bad just after his return. But here I was, letting everything out that I had been so meticulous in bottling up.
"They pinched a hole in my hopes and dreams and stole half my heart with that broken vision," I complained, "They just don't care—"
Kazuha yanked me to him, covering my mouth with his. His hands rested on my jaw as if he were afraid I would disappear. My heart was a flower, dripping with the sweetest nectar in this world as it rolled down to my stomach, satiating the butterflies dancing within.
He pulled away, just to brush his lips on the space between my eyebrows, both my eyelids and the tip of my nose. I could feel the heat dominating my skin, licking at my throat and ears.
He smiled, seating me on the chair while his hands rested on my shoulders.
"Don't you worry about them stealing half your heart," he said, with all the gentleness in this world," You can have mine. My heart was always yours to begin with. As long as you have me, I'll sew your hopes and dreams together. "
That was the problem with Kazuha. His eloquence was evil dipped in innocence which always made me want to cry. His words had the tenacity to shred me into pieces only to sew me back together in a way that made me see him a little differently everytime.
His words were nothing if not curses which made me fall deeper into the chasm of his love, something I was sure I would never escape.
Tumblr media
"That ought to do the trick, don't you think?"
It was a glorious day under the huge tree in Windrise. The breeze was sweet, carrying soft seeds of dandelions and the dignified strum of a lyre. But it did nothing to make my heart dance to the joyous nature.
"C'mon, Y/N!" Venti called from a branch on the tree, his fingers sliding over the strings of the lyre,"It's okay to lose a book. Lisa won't have your head!"
I let out an exasperated sigh,"That is not what worries me. I am flabbergasted at my own irresponsibility. I can't even take care of a book."
Lisa loved her books. She trusted me enough to let me borrow one and I ended up disappointing her hopes of taking good care of it. Indeed, Lisa was scary when she came to collect overdue books, but that wasn't an excuse to hide my mistake.
"What do I even say to her?" I continued, pressing my hands to my head,"She'll be so upset."
"Y/N, listen to me, it's—"
"I should probably buy a new one to replace it," I decided,"That should do it or maybe—"
"— I must look for it more. She obviously holds her copies very dear—"
I heard a soft thud on the ground beside me and then I was rendered speechless. Venti pressed his mouth to mine and all my words died in my throat. His hand slid behind my waist to pull me closer. As if my hands had minds of their own, they cupped his soft cheeks on instinct.
My heart was a tangle of strings on which he played a merry tune with that kiss. With each strum of my heartstrings, he seemed to suck all my worries away.
He pulled away and rested his head on mine, smiling, "That ought to do the trick, don't you think?"
Tumblr media
"I'll do much, much worse than just kiss you!"
I had been sitting atop the outstretched palms of the Anemo Archon's huge statue, lost in the world of the book I was reading. I had not realized that I was staring straight ahead of me until Aether took it upon himself to snap me out of my reverie.
"What are you thinking about?" he asked me, voice dripping with innocence.
I, on the other hand, felt annoyed at being called back from my own world. So I decided to test his patience.
"What else?" I said, as if it were very obvious, " I was thinking about Captain Kaeya."
"And what about him?" I could practically hear him frown.
"What ain't there to think about him?" I pretended to be surprised, " He's the knight in shining armour everyone dreams about. He's tall, beautiful and everything out of a fairytale book."
I gave Aether a sideways glance. He was playing with the fabric of his gloves, utterly downcast. I felt guilty for my relishing this torturous experience I was putting him through. I couldn't help but snicker a little.
"Oh, just imagine him smiling at you," I spoke in my dreamy voice, trying to impersonate Donna, " Or the cruve of his lips on—"
Aether didn't let me finish my sentence. He put his lips on mine, washing away all my words with the sunshine within him. And I hadn't realized how much I would want this. He was oxygen I was dying to breathe. He was the sweet I was dying to taste. It was an eternity so short-lived, giving me nothing at all but everything all the same.
"Don't you think about Kaeya ever again," he growled at me with his cute voice.
"And what if I do?" I teased him.
He gave me the you-are-insufferable look and balled his fists together, saying, "I'll do much, much worse than just kiss you!"
At that, I was sure I wouldn't have any more witty rejoinders anymore. He was so adorable and I was dying because of it.
Tumblr media
"You don't have to be perfect all the time, babe."
Heizou lounged on a straight-backed wooden chair, his feet propped up on the table and crossed at the ankles while his hands cushioned his head, serving as a makeshift pillow. A pair of moths fluttered around the single yellow lantern dangling down the ceiling as he sat watching me.
I was sitting with my back to his bookshelf, troubled at my recent failure with a case. It had been quite simple if I'd thought about it harder, then, I wouldn't have embarrassed myself like that in front of everybody else who expected so much from me.
"Y/N," he spoke softly, "It's alright. Even the best of us need help sometimes."
"Not with a petty theft case," I shook my head with belligerence, " Especially not when the thief is right in the line of sight, doing a good job to blend in with the crowd."
I heard him sigh aloud. I knew I was annoying him quite a lot. But I still couldn't fathom the stupidity that brought him down along with me. What worried me was that he considered it to be next to nothing. But for me, who called myself a detective with a keen eye, it was a big deal.
"Y/N, chill out," he drawled. It was a miracle that he hadn't given up on cheering me up yet.
"You don't understand," I whined, raking a hand through my hair," If I were worried about my dignity, I would've locked myself in a room and isolated myself. But I'm not. I just managed to bring your reputation down in an instant and I can't believe you're so cool about it."
"We caught the thief," he tried to reason with me," We're good."
"But still." I shrugged, "It's always going to be there in the back of my mind, poking me like a needle all the time."
The chair scratched. Heizou pushed himself out of the sitting position only to come and crouch down in front of me. He tucked a single strand of hair behind the shell of my ear," It's alright. All is well that ends well, yes? According to that logic, we're grand."
I parted my lips to object but found myself obstructed by the force of his mouth on mine. The way he was kissing me, it was as if I owed him complete access to my mouth, whensoever he must want. If I could bottle up that feeling of his lips on mine and get drunk on it every night, I would do it all the time. Oh, wouldn't anybody?
A smirk stretched on his lips at the sight of my face which I suspected was a gradient of red.
"You don't have to be perfect all the time, babe."
Never had I realized that his words could ever make my heart stutter that way.
Tumblr media
© mxplesyrvp 's work 2022, all rights reserved. reblogs are highly appreciated. Do not plagiarize, take heavy inspiration or translate.
Picture credits to the rightful owners.
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what it’s like going to bed with the genshin boys
Includes: Ayato, Childe, Diluc, Gorou, Kazuha, Kaeya, Itto, Thoma, Albedo, Scaramouche, Xiao, Zhongli, Venti, Aether
Genre: Fluff! The reader is gender neutral.
Word Count: 170-250ish words each. Some characters are harder to write than others lmao
Notes: Bullet imagine. Nothing suggestive or scandalous lmao. I just find comfort in sleeping amongst all my pillows sometimes and I can’t imagine how comforting it would be to sleep with a pryo vision holder who owns a winery!!! I decided not to do all the younger boys just because these are considered romantic relationships. I also am unsure of how old Gorou is, but I see him as being a bit older than Xingqui or Bennett. If he’s not though and y’all think it’d be best to remove his part from this, I will do so. Sorry for not posting in forever btw. Hopefully I’ll be able to write more and post more since summer break is here! I got excited to post this lol so I apologize if there’s any mistakes or anything. I hope you guys enjoy!!
I think Ayato, with his prestige role in Inazuma, probably seems like he wouldn’t care much for cuddles at bedtime. He’s just too prim and proper for that.
Top secret information, though, he does! He cares so much for them hehe
He just loves it when you curl up next to him, with your head on his chest and his arm wrapped around you so he can rub comforting circles on your abdomen or play with your hair if he wants.
When you wake up in the morning and it’s a bit chilly inside, he just loves it when you get as close to him as you can.
He normally wakes up earlier than you, so while you continue sleeping, he’ll patiently wait for you to wake up so he can give you all the good morning kisses you deserve.
Honestly, after a long day of dealing with Yashiro Commissioner things, he just can’t wait to hold you all night long. Sometimes when he wakes up, he’s already anticipating for the night to come so he can hold you close and tell you how much he loves you.
More often than not, he’s not exactly present at home since he’s doing Fatui things. You’ve gotten accustomed going to bed alone, unfortunately.
That’s why Childe is more inclined to spoon you when he finally comes home.
It’ll be the dead of night when he quietly sneaks his way into your little cottage in Snezhnaya. The bitter cold outside was just starting to nip at him, so all he had on his mind was getting in bed with you.
He’d walk into the bedroom with soft footsteps, having already discarded of his boots at the front door along with the rest of his belongings. You’d be fast asleep, as expected, on your designated side of the bed as you snuggled a pillow beside you. Sometimes Childe wondered if you always slept on your side of the bed, hoping each night for his long-awaited return.
Carefully, Childe would climb in bed beside you and wrap an arm around you to draw you closer to him as gently as he could without disturbing you.
It wouldn’t ever take long for him to fall asleep. Between being exhausted after being away on a mission to being in your soft, comforting presence, it was impossible to not drift off into one the best sleeps he’ll ever have.
Chances of you actually going to bed with Diluc at the same time was pretty much half and half. Sometimes he’d be at home and accompany you to bed. Sometimes he’d had to be at Angel’s Share late and you wouldn’t see him until the morning. And then sometimes, he’d go to bed with you, but you’d wake up late in the night to find him gone on some Darknight Hero mission.
(He’d never forgive the Traveler for starting that nickname.)
Because of this, he’d settle for spooning you since if he had to leave, he could do so without bothering you much and when he came back, it would be easy to resume.
The only downside was that when he left, the extra warmth he seemed to radiate because of his vision would leave too, leaving you to get a little cold whenever he left. Normally, this wouldn’t be enough to wake you up right away.
If you did happen to wake up when Diluc was leaving, though, it was hard for him to not stay. He had such a soft spot for you, if you gave him just one little pouty look, he’d be getting back in bed before you could even ask.
Oh, but his cuddles are always the best. In comparison to you, his stature and build is much larger, so it’s like having a nice, bear hug constantly.
It was always a challenge getting up in the morning since neither one of you wanted to leave the other.
You and Gorou are all over each other at bedtime.
You spoon him, he spoons you, he cradles you, you cradle him – it’s just a tossup, honestly. There’s not preference, as long as you two are with each other and comfortable.
He’s normally tired at the end of the day after doing all his general duties, so it’s not hard for him to just find a spot amongst the blankets and pillows with you and be perfectly content.
If it’s within easy reach, yes, you will brush his tail hehe. He acted super embarrassed about it at first, even though you two are dating. He didn’t view you in the same way as Yae Miko on this sort of thing, but he did feel anxious about you knowing this about him! He was okay with you knowing his secrets, of course, but this!! He was a general, for archon’s sake! He couldn’t let people know he enjoyed his tail being brushed!
Well, except you now. Because you knew exactly how he liked it and it was you!! He loves you!! Please, brush his tail!!
Just… don’t tell anyone… for his sake.
For starters, if you and Kazuha are on a voyage on the Crux, you both just have to squeeze in somewhere to occupy what little space is available on the ship. There was really no set “position” as long as you two could sleep comfortably in those conditions.
However, whenever the ship was docked and you two were staying in Liyue Harbor for a little bit, you could take up as much room as possible!
You two would definitely take advantage of this opportunity and spread out in the inn’s bed as much as you possibly could.
At least he would. Kazuha would sprawl out like a little starfish, with one arm out to the side while the other would be underneath his head and his legs outstretched. The free arm would be your invitation to cuddle him hehe
You’d fill in the space next to him, either facing him or not since both worked just fine. If you faced him, his free arm would wrap around you to hold you to him while an arm and leg of yours would drape across his body. If you faced away, the free arm would just be a little pillow for you and yes, it would definitely be numb in the morning but that didn’t matter! As long as you were happy hehe
One thing you didn’t expect from Mondstadt’s heartthrob was how punctual he was to bed. Not that Kaeya had a specific bedtime, but if you were going to bed, he was, too. It was endearing, really. You didn’t have to wait up for him and the nights where he wasn’t at home all night, he’d somehow always return right when you were getting ready for bed. He just knows, ya know.
Most of the time, you lay beside him with your head on his chest and an arm around his torso. Kaeya would rate this a 9 out of 10 for reasons he wouldn’t disclose, but you were sure one point was deducted just because he couldn’t easily give you kisses like that.
However, some nights this wasn’t the case. Sometimes, after having one too many to drink that night, he’d find a comfy spot in the bed beside you, wrap his arms around you and rest his head in the crook of your neck.
He’d place sloppy kisses on your exposed skin, chuckling a little to himself for no reason. You’d chide him for drinking too much to which he’d reply with, “You’re so cute when you lecture me,” before hiccupping. “You’re just the cutest,” he’d slur and a soft sigh exhaled across your skin would signal to you that he was finally asleep and wouldn’t be waking up until late the next day.
Not exactly sure why, but Itto insists that you sleep on top of him. Not that you’re complaining. It was rather comfortable.
Since your head would be on his chest, you could hear his heartbeat clearly, which always lulled you to sleep very quickly. His arms would wrap around you in a nice hug.
Yeah, good luck trying to get up or leave. Itto was not letting that happen.
And it’s not like you could leave without waking him up. He was a light sleeper, so the slightest move would cause him to stir. He knows exactly what he’s doing.
Your only fear was if he rolled over, which hasn’t happened yet, but you always have that little thought in your head. At this point, it’s just an irrational fear of yours.
Oh, and whereas this sleeping position of y’all’s might warrant some chuckles, the Arataki gang does not even pretend like they’re amused by this.
Itto will definitely challenge them to an all or nothing onikabuto fight. You’re not sure what the “all or nothing” implies, but you know Itto’s pretty harmless, so you assume it’s nothing bad.
At least… you hope it’s not.
Thoma is always exhausted when it’s time for bed! He’s been doing all sorts of stuff for the Kamisato household and now that there’s a new outlander in town, he’s been dealing with that, too.
So when you two are in bed, he clings to you, wrapping his arms around you and placing his head on your chest. He just wants to take it easy before he has to do it all again tomorrow.
On the days where he’s not exhausted and yearning for your touch after a stressful day, the roles are reversed. But when is this man not running all over Inazuma helping out whoever he can?
(And when he is not yearning for you? Hello, this man is head over heels for you!)
Sometimes you wish he’d just sit still and take a day off, but you know that’s not going to happen. No matter how many times you and the Kamisato siblings tell him it’s okay to slow down, he just can’t. But, you have to admit, when he winds down for the night and is all snuggly and warm, you do love those moments just as much as when he’s not falling asleep as soon as his head hits the pillows.
And when you play his hair!! Yes, please!! Braid it, tie it up, give him silly hair do’s – he loves it!! Literally helps him get to sleep faster.
Albedo rarely went to bed with you. He’d always be up late, taking notes or continuing an experiment he was working on until it was finished or completed enough to his satisfaction.
The times he would go to bed with you, he’d stay up with his nose deep in a book while you laid at his lap, sleeping peacefully.
The times he wouldn’t go to bed with you, though, would be much different, as expected.
He wouldn’t want to wake you up, since he knew sleep was important (to everyone except him, apparently), so he’d settle for just occupying the space beside you. He’d make no move to touch you, afraid the slightest movement would cause you to stir.
He’d fall asleep with his back to you on the opposite side of the bed, only to wake up in the morning with you spooning him.
Or, on other occasions, he’d wake up face to face with you in the center of the bed, hands intertwined between the both of you.
He had no preference, really, but he was starting to think being spooned was one of the best things in life.
Would insist on sleeping back-to-back. You expected as much, but you kind of wished Scara would at least make an attempt at physical affection.
But he did! Just in secret hehe.
He’d wait until you fell asleep to roll over and spoon you and after a while, he’d drape an arm over your torso to hold you closer to him.
Sometimes you’d be awake to witness this and would smile to yourself, not understanding why he couldn’t do this when he thought you were awake. You had been together long enough anyways, so it wouldn’t be a surprise for you to see him affectionate.
Unfortunately, it was starting to be a surprise when he was affectionate since it was so rare. Maybe he was just trying to keep you on your toes…
Nevertheless, you’d both fall asleep like that, and sometime during the night, his hand would slip underneath the shirt you wore to rest comfortingly on your stomach.
You can guarantee that this display of affection would be gone in the morning. He always woke up before you, so by the time you stirred, he’d already be up and out of bed, leaving no sign of any cuddles.
Just trying to get Xiao to sleep with you was a battle. You knew as a yaksha he didn’t need to sleep and he wouldn’t, but just trying to convince him to at least pretend was like talking to a wall.
It wasn’t until you told him that it’d help comfort you at night since you were wary of being alone sometimes. He couldn’t just leave you to yourself then, right?
He was definitely super rigid at first. Not only had he no experience with this sort of thing, he felt awkward being in this position. He settled for just sitting beside you and to make him feel better, you let him (though one day you were going to get him to cuddle you!).
He’d be sitting up, his legs outstretched in front of him while you laid beside him with your head in his lap. For the first couple of weeks, his arms were either crossed in front of his chest or out beside him. But he slowly got comfortable with touching you.
He’d gently stroke your hair as you slept or place a comforting hand on your arm.
The only downside to all of this was if and when he had to leave during the night to protect Liyue. He’d try his best to slip out of the bed as quietly as possible, but he could never do it just right and leave you awake and saying quiet goodbyes to him. Those were always the worst.
Ideally, Zhongli would like to spoon you when bedtime rolled around.
However, most of the time, you’d end up sprawled across his legs or curled up in his lap as he told you endless stories to help you sleep.
Don’t get me wrong, he enjoyed this just as much. Sometimes he wondered, though, if the reason you always fell asleep during these times was because you thought he was boring. This was not true, as you quite enjoyed his stories.
But, since he’d tell you them when you were sleepy and curled up next to him and his deep voice just gave you a wonderful sense of comfort, you couldn’t help but doze off when he’d tell you some little snippet of Liyue’s history.
The position would be similar to that of you and Xiao’s, though, Zhongli would not be uncomfortable with holding you or running his fingers through your hair. That, and you weren’t exactly always confined to his side. Sometimes you’d laid out across his legs, as said before, in between them, or even just sitting up next to him with your head on his shoulder.
It really didn’t matter to Zhongli, though. As long as you were getting a good night’s sleep, he was content.
Just lots and lots of cuddles honestly. You and Venti are just very loving toward each other, so bedtime is just full of cuddles.
It can range from spooning to just holding each other, to whatever y’all are feeling at the moment. I feel like y’all would mostly settle for just holding each other tight, face-to-face so you can pepper kisses on each other cheeks when needed hehe.
(According to Venti, they’re always needed.)
Venti is away a lot due to his free spirit, so when he comes home to you, you both want to spend as much time as possible with each other.
So pretty much you’re both just in each other’s arms until he leaves again.
I think like Xiao, though, when the time to leave comes, it’s always heartbreaking since he can’t even leave without you waking up since you’re both so close and tightly embraced. Sorrowful goodbyes are whispered to each other, and small kisses planted all over your face before he departs.
He never wants to leave, but sometimes he has to. But you know he’ll always be back sometime. The constant breeze flowing through your open windows during all hours of the day lets you know as much.
Being Aether’s travelling companion has gotten you used to staying in weird inns and small tents pitched in the middle of nowhere. Before spending your time with him, you definitely wouldn’t have been able to live like this, or even if you were alone. Between Aether’s comforting presence and Paimon’s comedic relief, the otherwise uncomfortable trips were made pleasant to you.
Aether knew you were a bit timid when it came to new places. After meeting you during his stay in Mond, he asked you to accompany him on his travels to other places. You were very apprehensive, since you had never left Mondstadt before. But Aether reassured you that nothing bad would happen to you on his watch, and Paimon said she’d beat him up if he did let something bad happen to you. Nonetheless, you were welcomed to his travelling team with open arms!
With you being so nervous in new areas where danger seemed to lurk around every corner, you couldn’t help but always curl up right beside the blonde when nightfall came around. You’d have your head on his chest and an arm holding him to you – not out of force but out of reassurance he was still there and hadn’t left you.
Sometimes Aether opted to sleep on his side, in which case your head would be underneath his chin and your body close to his, each with an arm loosely around each other.
Sometimes, you’d be embarrassed by your display of affection when the morning came, but Aether’s good morning kisses always reassured you that he enjoys every second of your company.
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mmmairon · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
master diluc sits down and manspreads on the only chair in the room and gives you this look, wyd? 🤔
Print available
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kkaags · 23 hours ago
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sum genshin things i forgor to upload
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cchaiart · a day ago
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lipstick, chateau, wine color~
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I need to-I LITERALLY NEED TO read something about rough Zhongli, I am tired of seeing soft Zhongli when he is literally Morax
Tumblr media
okay but like...mean zhongli fulfills my massive size kink fr. even in his "human" form he's like 6'1 so imagine his morax form 👀 also i feel like he tries to be gentle with his lover, but he would definitely go feral bc that man is touch starved. i just know it.
warnings: dom!zhongli and sub!fem anatomy/pronouns reader
rough sex, size kink!!, manhandling, penetration (sub!receiving), asphyxiation, dacryphilia, degradation & praise, riding, mating press 😏, you call him 'sir,' overstim
Tumblr media
zhongli hovered over you as you laid on your back on his bed. it was massive to accommodate his larger size when he grew tired of his mortal form.
your eyes were clouded with desperation as you stared up at him. his hair, now pulled from its ponytail, cascaded freely down his shoulders. the ends tickled your bare skin lightly as his expression remained cold.
tears were building in your eyes from frustration as he refused to touch you where you wanted it. you whined and begged for him, writhing under his stony gaze.
fingertips teased their way up your thigh and then back down. trailing up your sides, stopping just below your breasts before instead sliding around your throat.
he effectively silenced your pitiful cries as he leaned down next to your ear. "do not forget your place, little human. you take what i give you and you thank me for it. do you understand?"
you nodded, face warm as your breathing was controlled. his hands were large as they splayed across your skin before he pulled you up and onto his lap. you shrunk down when you realized how small you were compared to him.
"i trust that you prepared yourself earlier like i instructed?" he asked you, piercing eyes meeting yours as he tilted your head up.
"yes, sir." you answered him as he nodded once, pushing you back from his lap. he waited for you to take the hint as he leaned against the headboard.
your hands were shaky when they reached his belt, undoing the fabric and pulling his cock out. your eyes were comically wide when you saw just how big he really was.
as if he read your mind, he scoffed, grabbing your chin and forcing you to meet his gaze. "don't look so surprised, dear. you've taken me before, and rest assured, your body was made for this. for me."
you shivered at his tone, feeling him pull you back over his lap. his fingers wandered down to your pussy, rubbing over your lips and playing with your clit as you gasped. your hips wiggled over the pads of his fingertips, biting at your lips to hold in your whines.
he removed his fingers, wiping them on the bedsheets before positioning you over his cock. you gulped as you felt the head kiss your opening as you looked up at him nervously.
"s-sir, i don't know if-"
growing impatient, zhongli pulled you down, forcing you to take his dick in. you let out a loud cry of his name, writhing against his iron grip.
he let out a low moan at the feeling of your tightness around him. you always squeezed him so well, body too small to take something like him. oh, how cute it was.
he gave you little time to adjust before he controlled the pace, picking you up and dropping you repeatedly to have you ride him. tears leaked down your cheeks at his pace, barely able to keep up with him.
his eyebrows furrowed as he stared at your face, currently contorted with pleasure. your hands were braced on his shoulders, body shaking against him.
"are you enjoying yourself, little one?" he asked, voice low and sultry as he adjusted his hips. he was hitting your spot expertly with every thrust, causing you to tremble and cry for him.
"yes, fuck, oh- sir, please." you babbled as he smirked, increasing the pace as he felt you tighten even more around him. it became like a vice grip around his cock as you came, vision going white. he hummed, seemingly pleased as your eyes were shut tight, tears escaping still.
he suddenly changed your position, pushing you onto your back and moving over you. giving you no time to adjust, he pushed back into your still spasming cunt as you gasped.
"wait- i'm still! i just came!" you complained, though he was having none of it. he shut you up again, wrapping his hand around your throat and squeezing carefully.
"i thought you had learned by now? you devoted yourself to me. now i will have all of you." he released your throat and folded your legs up, pressing them to your chest as you pouted, feeling exposed.
you couldn't help but shake as he fucked you even harder. now that you were under him, though, you had nowhere to wiggle away to. you were stuck taking everything he gave you. the sensations were all too much on your poor, overstimulated pussy. zhongli paid no mind to your mortal limits however, expecting you to keep up with him.
he pressed your thighs down harder against you, smirking as you cried out, voice airy. his grip would surely leave bruises on your thighs. it was too much all at once as he continued to abuse your sweet spot. the slight patch of hair on his lower pelvis rubbed against your clit, making you twitch on the bed.
his stamina greatly outpaced yours as he continued to pound into you, fucking you through another orgasm. the sounds of your pussy were downright lewd, and you would've been ashamed if you had not been so thoroughly fucked out.
zhongli loved you like this. eyes hazy and teary, lips parted with moans spilling out, hands gripping at the bedsheets desperately. he loved his sweet little human. but he loved it more when she was broken just for him <3
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Happy Birthday, Yun Jin!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ryuko · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lxpical · 2 days ago
high school au genshin scenarios
kazuha writes small sonnets for you when the class gets too boring and whenever you read them, you're always confused whether you should classify them as shakespeare level love poems or a grade memes making fun of school.
heizou, whenever he can, ditches his own classes to come sit in yours and he does it so flawlessly that no one notices the fact that he wasn't supposed to be hear. he doesn't ever listen to what the teach is going on about, because all his attention is on your concentrated expression as you take down anything you deem important or finish the work the teacher's given you. lord, he does not know how you manage to stay focused on something so mundane as this, but as long as he gets to doodle cute stuff in the corner of your notes and hold your hand under the desk whenever you're not writing, he doesn't mind.
thoma teaches you crotcheting on your stay at home dates. it's one of things you always look forward to doing after exhausting weekdays, because he's always so patient and thorough while teaching you which needle goes where. his heart practically spasms when you gift him your very first piece: a keychain with two small dolls of you and him attached to it.
ayato has two spare pens in his pencil case. one is for himself and the other is for you. should anyone ask him, he'll deny having one in the most genuine way that could fool the devil, but when you need one, it's in your palm with a complimentary angelic smile from him.
zhongli always helps you with history homework. he always carefully explains every analysis questions that you find eye-wateringly painful to answer in depth and detail and he doesn't mind you asking him the same things over and over. you always buy him his favourite food in return, but you always feel like it's a bit... less for the amount of effort he was putting in to help you. so when you asked him if there was something more you could do, he gave you one of those gentle smiles with something more to it and asked if you were free this weekend.
kaeya always snatches whatever you're holding in your hand at any random time and makes you play cat and mouse with him to get it back, and he will have the absolute time of his life watching you chase after him. be it your homework or be it your lunch, you will have to chase him around the entire campus to try and get it. key word: try; as his speed would've easily allowed him to dodge a bullet. so in the end, he always manages to have you do something for him in return. it was usually making an excuse to the teacher for him being absent next lesson, or helping him with home economics homework. but wait... did he just ask you for a kiss?!
diluc always gives you his notes for any lesson you missed. being as efficient as he was, he was always present in every class, so his notes were pretty reliable. and damn, his handwriting was a work of art. you wouldn't be surprised if it was put up for an auction! and whenever you try giving him something in return, he politely declined, saying that it was his duty as your friend and as class president. however, when you give him a small box of chocolates out of nowhere, saying that you made them yourself. he accepts them gratefully, but not without a slightly faster heartbeat and a blush that complimented his hair so well.
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c6jpg · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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