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#genshin impact
j-amatus19 hours ago
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im back at it again
edit: forgot his birthmark we are pretending it is 3rd albedo thank YOU
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nagarnia23 hours ago
*gently hold*馃げ馃悏
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kilruas22 hours ago
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badlydrawngenshin18 hours ago
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one million mora smile..
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sarcasmprodigy21 hours ago
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Yeah that's why I'm zoning out! I hit my head! Ha ha!
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ttvck19 hours ago
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had to quickly scribble the vision-w-
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sangonosmiya21 hours ago
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a pretty smile from a pretty boy.
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2dart22 hours ago
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primofate15 hours ago
Genshin Series - The sides of him only you get to have and see Part 2: Flustered [All male characters]
Notes: Might be a bit biased but this might be one of my favourite series
Other works in this series: (Part 1 - Soft and Gentle)
Characters: Aether, Albedo, Bennett, Chongyun, Dainsleif, Diluc, Gorou, Itto, Kaeya, Kazuha, Razor, Scaramouche, Tartaglia, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Xingqiu, Zhongli, gn!reader
Warnings:聽not proofread, slight sexual connotations and implications in some of these, still SFW tho, alcohol consumption
Personal Favourites in this work: Bennett, Gorou, Itto
When you wear something different and innocently ask him聽鈥淒o I look alright in this?鈥
He will blink and look you up and down.
There鈥檒l be a small blush forming on his cheeks cause he鈥檚 taken aback by how good it actually looks on you.
鈥淯h...鈥 will cough on his fist to hide the fact that he鈥檚 been caught off guard.聽鈥淵es, fine, totally fine. I mean, it鈥檚 good,鈥
Wants to take a picture and forever keep it with him.聽
Getting him flustered is a challenge.
You鈥檝e done it accidentally, not thinking much of what you were going to say.
He catches you staring at him once and asks if there鈥檚 something wrong, or if you鈥檙e interested in what he鈥檚 doing.聽
You absentmindedly state you think he鈥檚 just so handsome, and you say it with such seriousness that he has to turn away from you and can only mumble a small聽鈥淢m...鈥
You realize he鈥檚 flustered cause although he鈥檚 turned away from you the tips of his ears are red and he鈥檚 just standing there trying to get his bearings back.
When you say聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e my hero!鈥
It鈥檚 because he has this聽鈥淚鈥檓 unlucky鈥 thing stuck in his head. Anything bad that happens, he always thinks its because of him.
So when lil聽鈥榦l you comes sticking with him through thick and thin, even when he does the littlest of things, singing him praises will always, ALWAYS get him flustered.
鈥淎-Awe shucks Y/N... It鈥檚 nothing... Opening a jar鈥檚 no big deal,鈥
Please praise him more.
Flustered 24/7 with you.
He just doesn鈥檛 quite know what to do most of the time.聽
He wants to hold your hand? Flustered.
He wants to sit next to you? Flustered.
He wants to walk home with you? Flustered.
When HE takes the initiative he鈥檚 gunna be flustered, but when YOU take the initiative, he鈥檚 broken. He鈥檚 beyond flustered.
When you suddenly hug him. Like completely out of the blue. He could be talking about something and if you suddenly wrap your arms around his middle he鈥檒l have this ?! look on his face.
That鈥檚 not to say he doesn鈥檛 enjoy it, you just surprised him.聽
He鈥檒l recover real quick and hug you back.
He gets flustered by it all the time but it鈥檚 still his favourite thing ever.
When you wear anything of his. Shirt, jacket or whatever.聽
You come strolling into the dining area in his shirt and he nearly sputters his coffee out.聽
鈥淵/N... You--鈥 He doesn鈥檛 know what to say because he thinks its bad for his heart but at the same time there鈥檚 just something in him that feels great seeing you in his clothes.聽
Basically spends breakfast trying to focus on eating rather than you
You quickly notice that you wearing his clothing is doing things to him cause he鈥檚 pink on the cheeks every 10 minutes.
You can鈥檛 be sure but you think at some point you hear him mumble聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e killing me here...鈥
When you nom on his ears. Listen, you just do it playfully, alright? Both in private and in public. You kiss his ears from time to time but sometimes its just so cute and you can鈥檛 help yourself.
You don鈥檛 actually bite it, it鈥檚 just more of a gentle kiss bordering on nibble type of thing.
鈥淵/N!!!鈥 He always squirms when you do it and you think it鈥檚 funny because his face is battling between happy and flustered. It鈥檚 like he doesn鈥檛 know whether to resist or give in.
He secretly likes it but won鈥檛 ever ask you to do it.
When you innocently tell him that you miss him and want to spend more time with him.聽鈥淚 miss you, can you stay a little longer?鈥
You look up at him with an almost pleading puppy dog look and he鈥檚 starting to combust a little inside.
Oh gosh, his precious partner, his favourite person in the world wants to spend more time with him?! He expected that, of course! He鈥檚 such good company after all, but he stutters when he responds to you.
鈥淵-Yeah? O-Of course! I鈥檒l stay as long as you want!鈥 and he鈥檚 melted and has become jelly inside.
He鈥檚 almost always the one who鈥檚 flirty and makes you flustered.聽
So when you鈥檙e the one who pulls the more assertive moves on him, sometimes it catches him off guard.聽
As in, when you pull him by his shirt and land a kiss on his lips, assertive.
When you pull back he has this shocked look on his face for a split second before he chuckles a little.
鈥淲ell, I wasn鈥檛 expecting that. Can鈥檛 say I didn鈥檛 like it though,鈥
Will encourage you to do it again.
He鈥檚 always so calm and collected it鈥檚 rather hard to get him flustered.
But it happens when you sit on his lap and lovingly tell him he鈥檚 your greatest treasure.聽鈥淚 wouldn鈥檛 trade you for anything, Kazu-kun,鈥澛
He鈥檚 pleasantly surprised by the sudden statement, though it does bring a blush to his cheeks to hear such affectionate words from you.
Still, he smiles and brings you closer to him to touch foreheads with you.聽鈥淟ikewise, Y/N,鈥
When you cuddle up against him. Your head in the crook of his neck type of deal.
When you first do it he goes stiff as a board, unsure of what to do.
Gradually he just lets his instinct dictate him and he cradles you against him.聽
Still, every time you do this he鈥檒l be flustered at first cause of the amount of contact there is between the two of you, but he also finds it very comforting.
You show any type of affection towards him and he gets flustered. Literally if you just pull on his sleeve and look at him expectantly, there are days where his facade will break and he鈥檒l ask, feigning annoyance.聽鈥淲h-What is it now?鈥
and then when you say聽鈥...Kiss me,鈥 (You always have to ask for it because he isn鈥檛 going to kiss you on his own accord) The usual reaction is for him to turn red and start walking away.聽
Minutes later when he鈥檚 finally gathered enough courage to do so he turns around and pulls you in for a kiss. He tries to keep a straight face when he pulls away and asks.聽鈥淭here, happy now?鈥
You know that little flap on his shirt/coat thing, where he shows a little bit of his stomach?聽
Sometimes you like to just randomly slip your hand in through that flap. Sometimes you wrap your arm around his waist, sometimes your hand travels up his stomach, just depends on your mood.
The important thing is that you鈥檙e just craving a little skin on skin and it makes him jump from time to time (specially when your hands are cold)聽
鈥淗ey now, that鈥檚 cheating,鈥 you can see in his face that he was caught off guard. He still enjoys it though.聽
May ask you to continue later on, in private :D聽
When you show him off to others/are clearly proud of him.
A scenario like, say, some townspeople of Inazuma are talking about how lazy their other half is and you鈥檙e just like.聽鈥淭homa is better than me at the housework!鈥
He鈥檚 not there to hear it but when he walks around town and spots those same people, they stop him and talk about how you were basically singing him praises.聽鈥淥h! R-Really?鈥 he scratches his cheek cause he鈥檚 a little shy.
When he鈥檚 actually there to witness you showing him off he鈥檚 even more flustered.聽鈥淗e鈥檚 excellent at nearly everything, and he鈥檚 strong too!鈥澛
He鈥檚 just being modest and tries to wave off all the compliments. In truth he鈥檚 beaming that you鈥檙e so amazed by him.
When you drunkenly tell him he鈥檚 cute and some other NSFW stuff that you whisper in his ear.聽
I mean it was HIS idea to take you drinking, he didn鈥檛 know what he was in for.聽
鈥淗m? What鈥檚 that?鈥 He鈥檚 a little tipsy too as he feels your breath on his ear telling him that鈥檚 he鈥檚 cute.聽鈥淓he~ I know you feel that way Y/N!鈥 Sober you vs drunk you saying it is different though.
Just when he thinks you鈥檙e done whispering you continue and the bartender just watches Venti鈥檚 face turn pink around the cheeks.
鈥淥-Oh, wow, uhm...鈥 When he recovers he hurriedly pays for the drinks and pulls you along with him to who knows where :)聽
He doesn鈥檛 even finish his own drink.聽
At the beginning of your relationship, any type of physical contact that lasts for more than 10 seconds will get him flustered.聽
Like sitting next to each other, shoulder to shoulder. He鈥檒l get antsy after a while and try to scoot away from you. It鈥檚 not that he doesn鈥檛 like it, he鈥檚 just not used to it and it feels like his skin is getting unbearably warm.聽
All that warmth is gathering in his chest and he鈥檚 afraid he鈥檒l burst so his first instinct is to pull away.聽
You pick up on it and ask if he鈥檚 uncomfortable or just don鈥檛 like to be too close and he鈥檒l deny it almost immediately.聽鈥淚-It鈥檚 not that,鈥
Then you realize he just needs more time to get used to it.
When you push his hair/bangs back and look into his eyes to say聽鈥淴ingqiu don鈥檛 hide your eyes, they鈥檙e such a magnificent colour,鈥澛
That always gets him cause you鈥檙e starting intently into his eyes and you look like you really mean it.
He鈥檒l start off on a light blush and then will clear his throat,聽鈥淭hank you for the compliment...鈥
It鈥檚 the only thing he can say, what else can he say?聽
Whenever he remembers the serious look in your eyes though, even when he鈥檚 alone. He鈥檒l turn red all over again.
When you flirt with him as if it鈥檚 your first time meeting + using his Archon name.
鈥淩ex Lapis, what must I do for you to agree on spending dinner with me tonight? Perhaps... a massage?鈥 and when you drape your hands over his shoulders starting to knead at it a little you recognize the small upward quirk of his lips.聽
He chuckles bashfully, but almost always plays along with you.聽鈥淲ell... it鈥檒l depend on the quality of your massage, dear Y/N,鈥澛
Inside it鈥檚 almost like electricity for him when you get sly like that.聽
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iridescentpsychoart13 hours ago
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Humans are such practical creatures. They only want those things that are good. Once they have learned to distinguish between good and bad, they will never stop comparing things in their mind.
Useless things should be disposed of at the outset.
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2dart3 hours ago
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animepopheart19 hours ago
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鈽 銆恖uffie銆 銆 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 銆 鈽 鉁 republished w/permission 鈯 鈯 follow me on twitter
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8d2t19 hours ago
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pluvioseprince10 hours ago
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Klee built a strikingly familiar snowman...
Tumblr media
...wonder where she got the eyepatch from?
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genshin-impact-updates13 hours ago
Happy Birthday, Ganyu!
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"This is a sugar-free Sweet Flower dessert made from special ingredients the Traveler found. Don't worry, just have your fill!"
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