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You are going to die, hehe ❤️

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Pattern by @souchannau here!

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Thank you so much for 5K! Have a Baizhu :)

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|| don’t you fucking dare.


pairing. scaramouche x reader

word count. 558


genre. fluff

authors note. im not sure if i wrote him right,, but honestly scaramouche with blushing red ears is my favorite headcanon of him. actually shit no my fav hc is that he’s a 6th grader who plays fornite and cussed out his english teacher and made her cry


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Finished coloring Reinette!

Oh btw she is also wearing a white form fitting turtleneck underneath the romper.

She wears white socks and black boots too. Most of her outfit is usually covered by her cloak, so I just wanted to show what her outfit looks like underneath.

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Hu Tao : Let the Living Beware ”

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Genshin fandom is so bad that the nerf of an unreleased character’s boob size has ignited a war between people who think this is horrible censorship infringing on artistic freedom and people who think big boobed women don’t exist in nature and you’re not allowed to like big boobs because it makes flat chested girls insecure.

In the span of like thirty seconds I saw one person go “This change is horrible because it destroys the artist’s original vision” and another person go “It’s great because she looks more natural this way, she shouldn’t have big boobs unless she’s chubby”

I also saw one person be like “You can’t complain about this change because complaining the boobs got smaller implies bigger boobs are better and that’s offensive” and then immediately go “smaller boobs are better anyway”.

This is your reminder that if you like Genshin, stay far, far away from the fandom.

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anon asked: 

May I request some Albedo x reader cuddling after a long day?


faihodjsa i hope i did albedo justice;;



tired cuddling fluff

warnings ; none


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Thinking about Hu Tao and Hanako-kun crossover ideas and for some reason I see so much potential in interaction between Hu Tao and Minamoto Teru

Because in my crossover the idea is that Hu Tao is more or less a ghost in Kamome which would immediately put her at odds with the exorcists but she has a pyro vision and a spear so is she going to be easily exorcised? Absolutely not

But I think she’d have to force teru to see things her way since she’s not going to just stand around and be exorcised when she needs to return to the funeral parlor and Teyvat and is still technically alive and I bet the exorcists must have some oath to protect the living otherwise they wouldn’t be fighting dangerous supernaturals

Which means they come to a tentative agreement that as long as Hu Tao doesn’t do anything threatening living souls he won’t exorcise her and she takes this and exlpoits the hell out of it to play pranks on students at Kamome

Teru is used to being the strongest one around lol probably one flash of his sword and most spirits would be dead. But Hu Tao is stronger than that, and if Teru can’t scare her off, he really has no choice but to put up with her singing “silly-billy hilichurl” in the middle of class when no one but him can hear it

Anyways. Crossover thoughts

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Красотка и злюка

У Гань Юй очень красивая атака (๑♡⌓♡๑)

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please add me on genshin I’m lonely and I need stuff to do I’ll help with anything you need *cries*

my UID is 615831572 my name is Sio

I main Zhongli or I can use Diluc if you want haha just let me play with you QQ.

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Diluc x Reader

sᴏᴜʟᴍᴀᴛᴇ ᴀᴜ


ʏᴏᴜ ᴄʀʏ ᴛᴇᴀʀs ᴏғ ʏᴏᴜʀ sᴏᴜʟᴍᴀᴛᴇ’s ғᴀᴠᴏʀɪᴛᴇ ᴅʀɪɴᴋ

Warning(s): Kith, smooch, fluff


You hate yourself for being this emotional. Ever since you were a kid you’ve always cried to little things much likely about tripping or maybe even when your food accidentally fell.

You’ve distanced yourself from things that you think will make you cry. What confused you tho is the colour of your tears; purple with a hint of a pinkish reddish colour. But you shrugged it off, you saw many kids wept and they all have varied colours. But what confused you, even more, is why your parents have clear ones.

Anyways, now that you’re an adult, your emotions started to bottle up and you can surely keep them to yourself now.

Or so you thought.

1st Pov

‘I will never be able to find my soulmate.’ I assumed, sulking about the notion of being alone forever.

I started to feel tears at the edge of my eyes. I stopped walking, clenching my fists. 'No! No crying here!’

I somehow managed to do so. I sighed in relief and continued walking my way to Mondstadt; our next destination.

Minutes pass by and I finally arrived a what looks like a bridge— 'That’s dumb, of course, it’s a bridge.’ I thought to myself.

I saw a kid who was seemingly waiting for someone– or maybe he just watching the birds.

I shrugged and continued walking along the bridge causing some of the birdies to fly away. I looked at the boy– if looks could kill I would be dead right now.

I started shaking. 'WHY WOULD I BE SCARED OF A KID!?’ I blinked several times, building up the courage to approach the kid. Before he could speak, I showed him the box of bird seeds my mother gave me– for an emergency when I need food. “Here!” I blurted forthwith.

He gave me a doubtful look but eventually accepted the small box. “Just- get some seeds in there a-and throw it on the floor. The birds will come back!” I said, resisting to look at the kid.

“They do come back usually even without this… But what happens if one day they leave and never come back again?” he said, looking at the box of bird food. “Just like Daddy…”

It was getting quite awkward, I don’t know how to comfort someone since I’ve been alone ever since my parents gave me independence. I stalked my way out while he’s distracted by the box.

Finally reaching the gate, the guards both greeted me saying:  “Welcome to Mondstadt!”, “Mondstadt welcomes you!”

I smiled at them, actually feeling welcomed. I continued my way and asked a girl who goes by the name 'Flora’ and asked which way was the Angel’s share– from what you’ve heard, they sell fine drinks.

“I supposed you’re new here,” she said with a warm smile. “Just go straight to your right and you’ll see it! Here, have some dandelions, it’s on the house!”

I accepted it and said thank you with a nice and friendly smile. Following her directions, I went on my way not before hearing someone said, “Gosh! All I could think about is Diluc!” a little too loud.

'She sounds obsessed, and she shouldn’t be saying that out loud! The Diluc guy might hear her and think that she’s some crazy person-’ my thoughts got caught off when I arrived at the said restaurant.

Opening the door halfway, I saw a flash of Red. Curiously, I opened the door fully and saw a fine young man at the bartender station; cleaning the mug he was holding and putting it back in place.

Finally aware of my presence, he stoically greeted me and told me to sit anywhere I like. I did what was told and sat in front of him.

“What would you like?” he asked, starting right in my eyes. I glanced around feeling my self-confidence went down a bit. My eyes started watering but I quickly blinked it away. He seems to notice the tears and gave off a confused and puzzled look right at me. “You’re new here, aren’t you?”

Finally looking at him but not directly in his eyes- I answered, “Yes… Do you have something to recommend?”

It was a quiet answer but that’s all I could muster up.

“If you’re fond of wine then, I recommend you our Dandelion wine. If not then, Grape juice is the best we could offer,” he said.

The thought of grape juice made my eyes shine, and he noticed it– giving a soft but small smile.

“It seems like we’re going to be close”

3rd Pov

It’s been a month now. Y/N learned his name was 'Diluc’- the guy that the obsessed girl mentioned- it was him.

Y/N managed to be friends with him and which shocked some of the people from Mondstadt.

For a Pyro vision holder, he has such a cold demeanour. Y/N Have also met his brother who goes by the name 'Kaeya’.

Y/N didn’t know why they hate each other not about their history, but Y/N can wat.

2nd Pov

You’ve stayed in Angel’s share longer than usual, the people who usually goes here already went out. Here you are holding a bottle of Grape Juice- your arms crossed at the table and your head resting on them.

Diluc sighed, “Im done here.” he said putting the clothing back in its place. He heard sobs and turned to look at you. He has learned that you are emotional over little things, and he accepted that.

“Why are you crying? You’re not even drunk” he said in a harsh tone which he didn’t intend to do so. That causes you to cry more.

You tried containing your sobs but it seems you just can’t.

Diluc doesn’t know what to do but he chooses to approach you. “Hey, Hey. What’s wrong?” He pats your back.

“I-Im not- gonna… M-meet my soul-mate now… D-Do I?” you said in between your sobs.

Diluc stared at you for a moment and eventually decided to seat with you. “How come?” he asked raising a brow.

After seconds of trying to calm yourself tears still pouring like waterfalls, you answered, “Theres this book that I read and- i-its just weird that- the archons choose our tears to be the bridge way towards our s-soulmate…” you chuckled dryly.  You finally looked up at him with puffy red eyes, tears still pouring.  “I-I mean- there are many people who likes the same flavor.”

Diluc unconsciously moved his right hand toward your face- wiping your purple reddish tears. He brings his hand back and looks at it. He began to lick it.

Your eyes widen and your mouth agape, not expecting him to lick it.

He put his hand down and looked at you.  The look that you can’t quite describe.

He slowly leaned in on your face and began licking and sucking your tears.

You closed your eyes to the feeling, your tears started slowing down.

As Diluc was finished, he leaned back but not fully. You opened your eyes and looked at him directly.

“Grape juice, its sweetness is perfect…” he mused, holding your left cheek leaning in again but this time for a kiss.

You kissed back, admiring the way his warm and soft lips fits perfectly to yours, and enjoying the moment while it lasts.

'You don’t need to cry anymore, for I am here now.’



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