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#genshin impact albedo
ikaroux6 days ago
How are they with their pregnant partner?
Headcanons NSFW (18+)
Not for minors !
Synopsis: Pregnant, your husband/partner is over the moon. But how would he take care of you during pregnancy?
Style: Cute, fluffy, female reader. A little NSFW bonus for each character!
Alert: May contain story spoilers for some characters.
Characters: Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya, Xiao, Venti, Albedo, Kazuha, Tartaglia/Childe.
for those with a dark text problem for Diluc, you will find at the end of the post a copy and paste of the headcanons
Note: For this headcanon, I assume that the reader is of age and that she has been in a relationship with the genshin boy for a while!
It's a little gift I'm offering to thank you. More than 200 subscribers, it's more than I could ever imagine! Thanks to all of you, you are amazing!
Tumblr media
When Diluc learned that you were pregnant, his world was turned upside down.
He was happy and scared at the same time. You had offered him your heart without hesitation and now you were giving him a child.
He was already so afraid of losing you, of not being able to protect you or of hurting you, so having a child... Will he be able to guarantee his a peaceful and calm life? Or to be a good father? What if he left too soon, just like his own father? Did he even have the right to have a family?
"Diluc, darling calm down." - You had caressed his cheek, then his ear, before tangling your fingers in his hair and pressing his forehead against yours. The softness in your eyes soothed him. - "You'll be wonderful. You always have been." - His hands had stopped shaking as he took yours in his. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. The fear had left him. Happiness was right there in front of his eyes, he loved you so much and he would love the new life the two of you had created just as much.
Diluc was too protective of you. He would never let you go out alone for fear that something would happen to you on the way. Even when you had to fetch a simple fork from the living room, he would take it for you. You had to scold him a bit by explaining that you weren't made of sugar, just pregnant.
Be prepared to feel his hands on your belly a lot when you are in private! He loves to caress it and when he feels your child's kick for the first time, the tears will roll down his cheeks.
He has taken to resting his head on your belly and talking to the baby when you are asleep. "I'll protect you and mom," "I love you both so much."
Another habit of his ( very adorable), is to help you, when you go out or stand too long, to support the weight of your belly. Whether in public or private, he will stand behind you, rest his chin on your shoulder and then support you with his hands resting under your belly (a few kisses, "I love you's" and praise are given as a bonus!).
He will personally cook for you, even asking his gardeners to grow some vegetables for you. He loves to pamper you, so don't be surprised if he brings you a beautifully flowered tray to bed.
Diluc didn't care if he had a boy or a girl, all he wanted was for his child to be healthy. The idea of giving birth frightened him a little... What if it went wrong? He would stay by your side and make sure he had the best doctors, midwives and nurses available.
You could say that your pregnancy brought Diluc closer to his brother, Kaeya. Even though it was complicated, Diluc gradually accepted that Kaeya would come to visit you, bringing gifts for the baby from time to time. He even tolerated that he was there during his absence, half reassured that you would not be left alone. We all need an Uncle Kaeya!
Diluc will never leave the mansion without giving you a hug and saying "I love you". He usually promises to return as soon as possible. He hates being away from you!
Diluc is even more adorable with you since the pregnancy. You'll feel like you're falling in love with him all over again. His love for you and your child is endless. He will definitely be a very good, loving and warm father.
Bonus NSFW:
Diluc was amazed at how much you've been craving sex since you got pregnant. Even though your sex life was already full, you now go to him more than once a day to solicit his help, pulling his tie to lure him into your bedroom. His cheeks were flushed with excitement...
The first time, he was so afraid of hurting you that he made you cum on his fingers and tongue, putting his needs completely aside. The second time, you reassured him that the baby was not at risk, that he could penetrate you without any problem. You didn't have to say it twice.
He will still go slowly at first, treating you like glass that can shatter at the touch of his fingers. His back and forth is sensual as his fingers happily caress your belly. He can't stop kissing you, his tongue latching onto yours. His hands roam your body with passion, enjoying the softness of your skin against his palms.
He can't resist your demand to go faster and harder, penetrating you relentlessly, his mouth letting out a few moans and grunts. He rarely got to a point where he couldn't control his own sounds from coming out of his mouth, he didn't know if it was your hormones affecting him too or if it was the knowledge that you were pregnant with him, but he felt insatiable, just like you. His sex hurt as he quickened the pace of his thrusts, surrendering to the softness of your walls tightening around him.
He savored the feel of your hand on his shoulder blades, feeling his every move. He cum inside you, again and again, going straight back to the assault when he was done. He was going to satiate you in the best way possible, as many times as necessary.
Tumblr media
Well, avoid telling him that if he has a cup of tea in his hand.
He will look at you silently with round eyes. He doesn't know how to process the information. Did you just tell him you were pregnant? Zhongli had never had a child, even after several millennia of existence. He didn't know how to be a good father, he had no role models after all. Besides, he was an ancient god, the first adepti, he could put you and the child in danger. And finally, how was your pregnancy and delivery going to go when the child came from a being as powerful and ancient as he was?
He gasped when he noticed the distress in your eyes at his (no) reaction. You were afraid, so afraid that he was angry with you. Zhongli dropped whatever he was doing to take you in his arms, regretting the thoughts that had gone through him.
"Forgive me dear, it's all right." - He hid his blushing face in your neck, preventing you from seeing the dreamy little smile forming on his lips. - "Thank you. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I love you." -
He had never known such happiness. When he looked at your belly, he imagined himself carrying his child in his arms, rocking him gently as he sang the lullaby an old friend had taught him.
Zhongli will take care of you as if you were the most fragile of gems. This is when you notice that he is extremely good at massages. He will often ask you how you feel and if you need anything.
He will go into depth about the benefits of tea just for you. Cook healthy foods. He will clean the house thoroughly to avoid any mess.
Like Diluc, Zhongli will be far too protective of you. He has lost too much in his life, and if anything happens to you or your child, he will not be able to bear it. He will tend to gently pull Childe away from you for fear that he will be too intrusive or exhausting.
The adeptis who know Zhongli's true identity will protect you with the utmost care. This was not Zhongli's doing of course, he felt it was not their duty to protect you, but his own. "Well, isn't that Xiao over there? It's rare to see him in town. "
When you're at home, he loves to crouch down in front of you to kiss your rounded belly. He finds it so adorable. Sometimes he just lays his head on it while wrapping his arms around you. Bonus if he feels the baby move!
At night, Zhongli will have this little habit of putting his hand on your belly to sleep.
You're much more sensitive now that you're pregnant. The first time you yelled at him because of a little remark he made to you, he flinched. He wasn't used to hearing you yell, you were usually so gentle and patient with him. It was Mrs. Ping who had to explain to him the principle of "hormones". He will make you a romantic dinner to soothe and relax you!
Zhongli will cherish you even more than usual. Not a day goes by without him saying "I love you". He will kiss you whenever he can, on the lips if possible and for as long as necessary. He will make sure to come home early from work and bring you a gift for you and the baby every time.
Zhongli will be a very affectionate and patient father, completely gaga.
NSFW Bonus:
Like Diluc, he will be surprised at first to see you so excited. You had explained to him that it was your hormones that made you feel that way. Don't worry, this man will be happy to satisfy you, as many times as it takes.
He'll position you on top of him most of the time, allowing his fingers to caress and excite your sex while his mouth works on yours. He will make you moan his name like a chorus, savoring the lust in your voice. He had never seen you so excited, which made him painfully hard.
He has to make you cum at least twice on his fingers before he'll allow himself to think about his own pleasure. He will position you on his sex, penetrating you slowly to avoid hurting you. Once fully inside, he'll wait a few seconds for you to adjust to his size, his hand sensually caressing your waist, the other gripping your buttocks.
He'll slowly begin to move you up and down on him, gritting his teeth at the sensation. You were already tightening on him, he had to make a superhuman effort not to cum immediately. He tightened his fingers on your buttocks to speed up the pace, making you scream his name.
When you cum first, Zhongli let out a loud grunt, rocking you back and forth on the bed to pound you in search of his own pleasure. He looked at your belly from time to time, imagining the little fetus growing inside. This image of you with a round belly finished him off, he cum inside you, letting out a loud moan of your name as you were swept away in a final orgasm. He'll give you time to rest before he leaves again...
Tumblr media
What? What? Baby?
Kaeya is completely lost. It's not that he's not happy to hear the news, on the contrary, he just wants to take you in his arms and twirl you around. But he is also conflicted about his situation. He knows that one day he will be forced to choose between Khaenri'ah and Mondstadt, a painful choice that will inevitably put you in danger. Keaya had left you alone that day, abandoning you in tears as you fell to the ground on your knees.
Kaeya returned late that evening, determined to protect you from everything, even the world itself. His choice was you and only you. But when he returned and saw you where he had left you, in the dark, broken down and crying, he broke down. He ran to you, knelt down and took you in his arms.
"Forgive me sunshine, forgive me, I'm so sorry! I am here now. I won't leave anymore, forgive me." He tenderly stroked your hair, burying his face in your neck waiting for your response. He thought you were going to reject him, tell him to leave and stay away, but instead you greeted him with loud sobs and arms hugging him to you.
From that day on, he never left you again, at least not without saying "see you tonight." Or "I love you, I'll be back soon." He will always bring you a rose from his outings.
He calms his teasing side a bit, preferring to avoid pissing you off. He knows that pregnancy can be exhausting, so he'll do whatever it takes to support you.
You tend to cry a lot because of your hormones. The first time you started crying, just like that, for no apparent reason, Kaeya was in a panic. He would try to soothe you in a rather awkward way, but at the same time so adorable. He always ended up making you laugh.
He loves talking to his baby! Even when your belly is still flat, he can't help himself, which makes you laugh a lot. - "Can you hear that my little princess? Mommy is laughing at daddy." - Kaeya often mentions a little girl, this is his dream. Don't worry, if you give birth to a boy he will love it just as much!
He has already bought lots of clothes (girl and boy, sometimes even neutral), he often talks to you about the decoration of the room, or the names you will give to your child!
Zhongli may be gaga, but Kaeya is on a higher level! He loves to talk about his unborn child and Diluc is often the victim of this.
He loves to see you pregnant, he never stops telling you how beautiful you are (even though he thought so even before you were pregnant).
He always makes sure he's home before you go to bed. In bed, he'll gently massage your belly, dotting your neck with kisses and flooding your ears with sweet words.
Kaeya will be a very good father. Protective and favoring his family over everything else.
NSFW Bonus:
You won't have to explain the reason for your sudden arousal. Kaeya will already be undressing you against the wall, his cool fingers roaming over your skin. His lips took hold of yours as he settled one of his hands on your already soaked slit.
He made sure you were ready for him before removing his own clothes and wrapping your thighs around his hips. He'll position himself at your throbbing entrance, his other hand grasping your buttock for support. He'll come in all at once, starting without delay to pound you.
He was incredibly needy himself, which made him incredibly hard. Your moans were driving him crazy as he increased the already frantic pace. He squeezed your thighs painfully, moving down to your knees to get them off his hips. He bent your legs a little more, pinning your knees to the wall, forcing your back straight against the hard surface. He moved closer to you.
He pounded you mercilessly, reaching incredible depths. His strokes were faster, closer together, you moaned his name over and over. The sound of your natural lubricant filled the room.
Kaeya was on the verge of orgasm, the spasms that ran through you told him that you would soon come too. He pulled back his face previously hidden in your neck to kiss you languidly. This simple gesture was enough to make you come, moaning loudly into his mouth. Kaeya followed you not far behind. He took time to catch his breath before taking you to bed for another round.
Tumblr media
To put it simply, you broke Xiao, error 404, Xiao must restart.
You've never seen him in shock before? Well, now he is. He will drop the spear he was holding when you told him. He won't know what to say to you, or what to think. His mouth hung open and his eyes were riveted on yours. He was completely frozen in place, his hands slightly shaking. He didn't flinch when you approached him to hug him, which in itself was very encouraging.
"It's going to be okay Xiao. I'm here, there will be two of us. Everything will be fine, I promise." - Your words soothed him a little. You stroked his back in a comforting gesture. Xiao raised his arms in extreme slowness to return your embrace.
For the next few days, Xiao didn't dare approach you. He was so afraid of hurting you and the baby. He always kept his distance from you, his karma suddenly weighing more heavily on his shoulders. Sometimes he would disappear for days at a time. It wasn't until you cried out his name that he came back, permanently. He couldn't bear to make you cry, nor could he bear to let you think he didn't love you anymore, because nothing could be further from the truth.
He made great efforts on himself. Even daring to touch your belly which was incubating his child. When he wanted to withdraw his hand, you put yours on it, silently telling him to continue.
When your belly grew, Xiao was behind you to caress it. He savored this incredible sensation, an intimate moment shared between you, your baby and him. He still found it hard to believe that he had been able to create a being as pure as a child.
Sometimes he would sit in a chair, on the bed, or on the balcony railing just to look at you with love and adoration while you went about your business. When you asked him why he looked at you like that, he simply replied, "I think you are beautiful...". Xiao knew how to make you blush violently, even if he didn't do it on purpose!
Since your pregnancy, you sometimes take naps on your bed, your couch or sometimes even on the swing on the balcony. If you ever fell asleep while Xiao was away, once you returned he would take you in his arms and sit you on his lap. He will rock you gently, whispering how much he loves you and how happy you make him.
He sometimes wonders if he will have a girl or a boy. If he or she will look like you or if the resemblance will come from him.
He will bring you crystal cores, lapis hearts or Qingxin flowers from time to time. He loves to see your eyes shining at his little attentions.
At night, when you are deeply asleep, Xiao will take advantage of this moment to kiss your belly, caressing the lower part. Every night, he makes a promise to himself to protect both of you. You are so precious to him.
Xiao is worse than Diluc and Zhongli when it comes to your safety. No matter how much you explain to him that he is doing too much, he will never stop being overprotective!
Xiao is an extremely gentle and distant father. He loves his child, but because of who he is, he will always be afraid to be around him. He made sure to let him know that he loves him and that he will always be there for him!
NSFW Bonus:
When you moaned his name so he could satisfy your cravings, Xiao unintentionally tore your clothes. His cheeks were incredibly hot as he felt the tension in his pants rise. He would lay you down on the first flat surface he could find, in this case, it was the dining room table. He removed his layer of clothing before attending to your need.
Xiao will first pleasure you with his tongue, lazily caressing your belly with his free hand, a reminder to him that he should not be too rough with you. At the same time, he'll pleasure himself by pumping his already erect sex. Part of him loved seeing you so excited, he could feel your hands gripping his hair to bring him even closer to you.
As soon as he's made you cum with his tongue, he'll penetrate you hard, leaning his torso towards you, your legs bent in half against your chest. He'll start right away with a fast pace, moaning your name and growling how much he loved being inside you.
He didn't understand why he was so excited. Was it because you were carrying his child? No matter, what he wanted now was to make you scream his name, to make you beg again and again for the pleasure he would gladly give you. The table moved at the same rhythm as his blows, making the feet of the furniture rub hard on the floor.
His speed increased and his angle of penetration changed as he straightened his back. He felt your legs shake in his hands as your walls tightened around him. When you came, Xiao followed right behind you. He pulled back gently, kissing your belly with love.
Tumblr media
He blinked a few times before he grasped the information.
"Eh? What? Pregnant!?" - He will abruptly get up from the chair he was sitting in before rushing over to you. He will take your hands in his, scanning your eyes carefully. - "Really?! "And when you nodded your head to confirm it, it was an explosion of joy.
Venti had never thought of starting a family, just as he had never thought of being able to love. All of this was a concept completely removed from who he was. But he had changed, his friends had changed him, but it was mostly you who had completely transformed his World View.
He will happily announce the news to everyone he meets. He is so proud! You will have to scold him to stop, or maybe it will be Jean or Diluc who will do it, not being able to stand the screaming in the streets for one and the tavern for the other (poor Diluc).
He learns from Lisa all he needs to know to take good care of a child. She will also give him some tips on how to take care of yourself during the pregnancy.
When you are at home, both of you on the couch with your heads resting on his shoulder, Venti will start playing the lyre. He had read that it was good for a child to listen to music, even while still in the womb. Seeing that it also relaxed you, it killed two birds with one stone!
Venti would often talk to your belly, tell you about his day, sing songs, explain how funny playing in the rain can be. He'll often end on a romantic note, whispering with a sweet smile about how wonderful and sweet his mommy is, how much he loves you and how much he owes you for the life you give him...
He'll give you a juicy apple after each of his outings, which he'll cut up for you and put in your mouth.
Venti will take care of everything for you, especially at this late stage of pregnancy. He was impressed by the size of your belly at the end of the eighth month, wondering if there was really only one in there.
He wants you to call him as soon as you feel your baby do somersaults in your belly! He loves to put his hands down to feel it: "Haha, that's my baby! Can you feel him (y/n)? He has so much energy!". Just like his daddy, you might think.
If you are asleep when he returns from a mission with the traveler, he will sit beside you and stroke your hair. He will whisper in your ear that he loves you before moving down to your belly to kiss it. He will prepare you a good meal to revive you.
As Barbatos, Venti will bless his child. He will ask Dvalin to be his protector (an equivalent of a godfather), which he will accept out of respect for his old friend. Dvalin's relationship with your child will be nothing short of beautiful and strong.
Venti will be an exemplary father who knows how to make his wife and child smile! He always sees the good side of life, which will have a strong influence on his offspring.
NSFW Bonus:
Venti will first look at you with round eyes as you settle over him, eyes full of lust. Your fingers unbuttoned his shirt, shaking until his hand stopped you. He brought your face close to his, a smirk on his lips as he kissed you.
He slowly undressed you, caressing your skin sensually. He removed anything that might be in the way, your clothes as well as his own, simply keeping his shirt open. He laid you on your stomach, the cushions of the sofa on which you were sitting a few minutes before supporting your weight pleasantly.
He positioned himself over you, his hand caressing your breasts, then moving down to your belly, which was carrying his child. He kissed the back of your neck, leaving your belly and moving down between your thighs. You were already ready for him, which made him smile. He lifted your hips slightly to give him better access.
Venti penetrated you like this, going at first at a gentle, sensual pace. He slowly gave in to his own pleasure, grabbing your hips for support as he penetrated you faster. The sounds you were making were driving the pleasure up inside him, he closed his eyes as he gritted his teeth, drops of sweat falling from his face to land on your back.
You screamed his name as the pleasure took you over. Venti followed you shortly after, slowing the pace of his thrusts in sync with your spasms. He was going to love this pregnancy...
Tumblr media
Albedo looked up from his papers and slowly put his pen down on his desk before turning his stool toward you.
His face was stoic, but you could read curiosity and...incomprehension in his eyes?
"Can you repeat that please?" - Erg, that was a bad sign. - "I'm pregnant Albedo..."
Pregnant? No way. Albedo was a homunculus, or at least that's what he always thought he was. Beings like him were supposed to be sterile, so how? In the multitude of possible theories that ran through his head, the one that you might have had an affair with another man made him blanch. His icy gaze scanned you, and what you read in it hurt even more. Your tears began to flow and you didn't wait for his answer to go away from him. Albedo did not move. You had been together for a few years now, he knew you, he knew in his heart that you would never cheat on him. He believed you, trusted you when you told him it was his child. The fear invaded his heart when he understood how much he had hurt you. He immediately went to find you to make amends.
He found you sitting on the couch with your face buried in your hands. The sight made his heart ache. He cautiously approached you, kneeling down in front of you and gently placing his hand on your knee. You looked at him with teary red eyes, his smile easing your pain. "What shall we call him?". You offered him a weak, trembling smile. He straightened up on his knees to hug you.
Albedo will take incredible care of you. He will read all the books in the knight's library about pregnancy and how to take good care of a child.
Sucrose will often be there to support you both. Albedo often asked him to stay with you when he had to go to Dragonspine for research. He will send you a letter every day asking how you are doing. He will always tell you that he misses you terribly and can't wait to get home to you.
He loves to cook for you. He'll be happy to make every dish and dessert you suddenly want. He'll become an expert at making strawberry and cheesecake, sometimes handing you a strawberry or letting you lick the spoonful of cream. (He occasionally teases you by putting cream on your nose.)
Albedo is more smiley and warm since your pregnancy. He will often hug you, your back against his chest. He will place his hands on your belly to feel his baby move.
Like Diluc, the first time he felt the baby move, tears rolled down his cheeks. Albedo was an exceptional alchemist, he was able to create life from nothing. But this child, his child, was a little piece of you and him. He felt so human today.
He will often massage your swollen ankles with essential oils he created himself.
When you go out together in the streets of Mondstadt, Albedo will hold your hand so you don't get lost. He protects you from the crowd and makes you sit on a bench when he thinks you've been standing too long.
Albedo took care of Klee for a long time while Alice was away. He knows how to deal with children, even if a baby is a first for him. He will be a loving and gentle father who loves to play games that mix fun and education.
NSFW Bonus:
When you whispered in his ear that you wanted him, a shiver ran down Albedo's back. He abandoned whatever he was doing to take you to your shared room, laying you on your back as he settled between your legs.
He removed his clothes slowly, watching your reactions carefully. When you begged him to undress you too, a smirk settled on his lips. He obeyed without asking, noticing that you were already incredibly wet. He knew that a pregnant woman's hormones could have that effect, so he had prepared himself by making himself available to you.
Albedo will be really gentle with you, kissing the skin he can reach while he pleasures you with his fingers. When you had cum, he would lick your substance greedily before kissing you back, making you moan with incredible sensuality. Albedo couldn't take it anymore, so he set up his sex at your entrance, thrusting first the head and then the rest in a slow, methodical way.
His rhythm was slow and precise, each time he hit bottom he rubbed that precise spot that made you cry. You were both sweating, your bodies crying out for the release you so desperately wanted.
Albedo wrapped your legs around his hips before accelerating. In this position, he was even better at pressing on your G-spot. His hair swayed with his continuous back and forth movement, he could feel your scratches on his back. Your screams pleasantly deafened his ears as you squeezed around him. He released his cum into you, moaning into your ear as his hands sought yours, intertwining your fingers together. He had done well to set up his workshop in his office...
Tumblr media
Kazuha was cleaning his sword when you told him.
He will stop all his movements to look at you with amazed eyes. He will slowly put his katana in its scabbard before approaching you with caution. When he is at your height, his hand will come to rest on your cheek. His eyes would travel down to your belly before returning to you. The wind would encourage him with a gentle breeze, causing his tears to flow. He pulled you into his arms, kissing your neck, your ear, and anything else he could reach with love. "I love you so much my dew..."
You and Kazuha had lived as nomads for a long time. He had proposed you to settle in Liyue to educate your child. At first you refused, knowing his discomfort in remaining locked between four walls. By dint of insisting, he finally convinced you that it would only be for the duration of the pregnancy. He did not want you to lose your child because of him.
He found a small house outside the city and rebuilt it himself. You had a view of the sea and the city. He went to buy for you everything you needed to make you feel comfortable and to make your pregnancy a success.
Kazuha took advantage of the proximity of the sea to sail on the Crux fleet. He always tried to come back as soon as possible with a generous paycheck that Baidou had offered him.
He is very gentle with you, always knowing what to bring you for your pleasure. Every day with him is a smile and happiness.
He loves to lie on the grass with you on him. He will dreamily caress your already slightly rounded belly. "Kazuha, do you think we will have a girl or a boy?". He laughed gently at your question, answering you in a mysterious tone that the wind had already given him the answer, but that he was leaving you the pleasure of discovery.
Since you could not travel anymore for the moment, Kazuha would sometimes bring you books or paintings of landscapes you had never seen before. He always promised you that one day, the three of you would go to all these places.
Kazuha loved to watch you stroke your belly, talking to your child about your day. His heart would swell with happiness at the sight and it was rare that he didn't join you to enjoy the talk too.
One night, after dreaming of his old friend who had died at the hands of the electro archon, Baal, he had a sudden urge to take the vision of his friend in his hands. He took advantage of your sleep to try to revive the sacred object, bringing it close to your belly in the hope of detecting a reaction. To his astonishment, the object trembled slightly in his hands before calming down...
When visions of the past cloud Kazuha's mind, he would come to you with pleading eyes. You would gently bring him to you and lay him down beside you, he would gently lay his head on top of your belly while you caressed his hair, rocking him gently. Kazuha would fall asleep to the sound of your voice and the warmth emanating from your rounded belly.
You had never seen such a beautiful smile on his face before he felt the bumps on your baby belly. He would stay until the baby stopped moving, kissing your belly and then your lips when he was done.
Kazuha is a wise, patient and loving father. He will teach his child to listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
NSFW bonus:
Kazuha had blushed violently when you whispered in his ear how much you wanted him to take you, right there, right now, against that tree. When he felt your hand wander inside his kimono, he grabbed your wrists, placing them above your head while his free hand lifted your dress above your hips. Kazuha would never make love to you outside, in plain sight, if he wasn't sure there was no one around, he knew how to listen to the sounds of nature and it whispered to him to let go...
His hand had gotten lost in your underwear, dipping two fingers into you, sensually rubbing the inside of your folds. He continued to hold your wrists together as he listened to your moans of pleasure. He wanted so badly to be inside you, to be one with you. He had felt insatiable since you told him you were pregnant, but he hadn't dared to tell you for fear you would push him away. He was delighted to see that you were in the same state as he was.
You quickly came on his fingers, and he silenced your cries by kissing you. He let go of your hands to free himself from his clothes, opening the top of his kimono which fell over his hips, completely exposing his toned torso. He loosened the belt that held the garment in place to pull his sex out of its confines. You placed your hands in his hair, removing the elastic that held it together. You thought he was so beautiful with his hair cascading over his shoulders. He wrapped your legs around his hips, slowly penetrating your soaked sex.
His pace was languidly slow. He let you moan into his neck, savoring the heat of your tongue against his skin. When you started moaning his name, telling him how good he was and how good it made you feel, Kazuha clenched his jaw, tightening his grip on your thighs as he picked up the pace.
He couldn't take it anymore, it felt incredibly good. He couldn't hold back the grunts that were getting stuck in his throat anymore. When he felt the telltale spasms of your vagina, he did everything he could to come at the same time as you. You called out his name as he moaned yours. He gradually slowed the sway of his hips, keeping pace with your orgasm. He whispered words of love in your ear, promising to do it again... But only at home.
Tumblr media
He won't give you time to figure out what's happening to you, lifting you up at arm's length and spinning you around happily.
A family? He's always dreamed of it! He'll immediately send a letter to his siblings telling them the big news.
Childe will take charge of your safety. He knows that with his job, he can put you in danger, that's his biggest fear. He will find it difficult to trust those around him, rarely entrusting your care to one of his minions. He will keep you away from Fatui, moving you to a country house in Liyue.
He is very concerned about your welfare. He knows that he has taken you away from your family, so he will try to be with you as much as possible.
The only people Childe trusts completely are the traveler and Zhongli, with whom he has formed a (strange but sincere) friendship. He will sometimes ask the traveler to keep an eye on you when he is away. If unfortunately the traveler is in a foreign country, Zhongli will be happy to help him.
Childe will take the time to learn how to make wooden toys for his child. He thinks it's so cute when you sit next to him and watch him.
"Ah!" Childe will rush back into your house at the sound of your voice, concern clearly visible on his face." (y/n) What's going on?! "You had stared at him for a long time before laughing, Childe relaxed without really understanding what was going on. "It's nothing my wolf, I was just surprised by the baby, he just kicked." He dropped the fishing pole he was holding in his hand to rush over to you. He knelt down in front of you to place both hands on your belly. "Come on baby, daddy wants to feel you too. I'll be jealous of mommy if you don't say hello! " You giggled warmly, stroking your husband's hair as he waited patiently for a reaction from your child. His cheeks flushed as he first felt your belly swell under the fetal kicks. Of course, this will now become one of his favorite activities!
He will buy you lots of clothes for pregnant women, taking care to respect your tastes without looking at the expenses.
He likes to put you between his legs to look at the stars, putting his hands on yours that press on your lower belly. If you fall asleep, he will whisper words of love in your ear, caressing your hands with his thumb. He will carry you in his arms and lay you down in bed.
If robbers come to threaten you while he's away, call him, he has keen hearing and is never far away. Anger will make him mad, threatening his family is a direct threat to him. He'll lock you in the house so you don't have to see the carnage he's about to cause. He knew this side of him was disgusting, but he couldn't control it, his lust for battle and blood being stronger than anything.
He loves to run you a bath, massaging your aching limbs and cuddling your plump belly. He loves to imagine his life with you and your children. Childe has always told you he wants a big family.
One of the best fathers in my opinion. He will be very loving and protective, never letting his work take over his personal life.
Bonus NSFW:
Childe was working out in the backyard, shirtless and glistening with sweat, when he noticed your eyes sparkling with excitement on him. He tried to focus on what he was doing, but he couldn't deny his own fantasies that had been eating away at him since he knew you were carrying his child. He wanted you so badly that he sometimes left the bed in the middle of the night to calm down outside. He couldn't help his eyes from turning to your form sitting not far from him on a tree trunk that served as a bench. When he saw the sensual way you were biting your lower lips while looking at him with envy, he threw down his spear. He walked towards you to take you inside your house.
He gently set you down on the ground as he sat down on the wooden chair next to him. He unbuttoned the buttons on his pants as he watched you eagerly undress. He reached out to pull you on top of him, immediately trapping your lips with his as he held you with one hand in your hair. Without letting go of your lips, he grabbed one of your hands to wrap your fingers around his sex, slowly pumping you while he searched your folds with his free hand. In turn, he pleasured you by pinching your clit, forcing a moan of pleasure into his mouth. He added to your pleasure with two fingers that caressed your walls, touching to perfection the place that made you call his name.
He quickened the pace of his fingers as you did. He held back his orgasm, withdrawing your hand from him as you came on his fingers, he continued the swing of his hand until you calmed down, only then removing his fingers from you. He released his hold on your hair to place his hands on your hips, pulling you over him so he could impale you. Your nails scratched the skin of his neck as he lowered you onto him. Once you were fully inside, Childe helped you set a pace.
You were so tight around him, he could hardly hold back. He rocked his hips at the same pace as you, moaning into your neck. Eventually he let go, leading you in a frantic rhythm himself. When you had swung your head back, he took the opportunity to bite your nipples.
He waited patiently for you to cum first before releasing his own pressure, painting your walls white. He protectively wrapped his arms around your waist, drawing you against him without pulling back. You both caught your breath, holding each other tight. He lovingly kissed your skin before lifting you into the bedroom, promising in a kiss to love you in every way possible...
Tumblr media
Hi ! I saw that a lot of people had a dark text problem with Diluc, I'm sorry :( 馃グ
Diluc (or those with a dark text problem)
When Diluc learned that you were pregnant, his world was turned upside down.
He was happy and scared at the same time. You had offered him your heart without hesitation and now you were giving him a child.
He was already so afraid of losing you, of not being able to protect you or of hurting you, so having a child... Will he be able to guarantee his a peaceful and calm life? Or to be a good father? What if he left too soon, just like his own father? Did he even have the right to have a family?
"Diluc, darling calm down." - You had caressed his cheek, then his ear, before tangling your fingers in his hair and pressing his forehead against yours. The softness in your eyes soothed him. - "You'll be wonderful. You always have been." - His hands had stopped shaking as he took yours in his. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. The fear had left him. Happiness was right there in front of his eyes, he loved you so much and he would love the new life the two of you had created just as much.
Diluc was too protective of you. He would never let you go out alone for fear that something would happen to you on the way. Even when you had to fetch a simple fork from the living room, he would take it for you. You had to scold him a bit by explaining that you weren't made of sugar, just pregnant.
Be prepared to feel his hands on your belly a lot when you are in private! He loves to caress it and when he feels your child's kick for the first time, the tears will roll down his cheeks.
He has taken to resting his head on your belly and talking to the baby when you are asleep. "I'll protect you and mom," "I love you both so much."
Another habit of his ( very adorable), is to help you, when you go out or stand too long, to support the weight of your belly. Whether in public or private, he will stand behind you, rest his chin on your shoulder and then support you with his hands resting under your belly (a few kisses, "I love you's" and praise are given as a bonus!).
He will personally cook for you, even asking his gardeners to grow some vegetables for you. He loves to pamper you, so don't be surprised if he brings you a beautifully flowered tray to bed.
Diluc didn't care if he had a boy or a girl, all he wanted was for his child to be healthy. The idea of giving birth frightened him a little... What if it went wrong? He would stay by your side and make sure he had the best doctors, midwives and nurses available.
You could say that your pregnancy brought Diluc closer to his brother, Kaeya. Even though it was complicated, Diluc gradually accepted that Kaeya would come to visit you, bringing gifts for the baby from time to time. He even tolerated that he was there during his absence, half reassured that you would not be left alone. We all need an Uncle Kaeya!
Diluc will never leave the mansion without giving you a hug and saying "I love you". He usually promises to return as soon as possible. He hates being away from you!
Diluc is even more adorable with you since the pregnancy. You'll feel like you're falling in love with him all over again. His love for you and your child is endless. He will definitely be a very good, loving and warm father.
Bonus NSFW:
Diluc was amazed at how much you've been craving sex since you got pregnant. Even though your sex life was already full, you now go to him more than once a day to solicit his help, pulling his tie to lure him into your bedroom. His cheeks were flushed with excitement...
The first time, he was so afraid of hurting you that he made you cum on his fingers and tongue, putting his needs completely aside. The second time, you reassured him that the baby was not at risk, that he could penetrate you without any problem. You didn't have to say it twice.
He will still go slowly at first, treating you like glass that can shatter at the touch of his fingers. His back and forth is sensual as his fingers happily caress your belly. He can't stop kissing you, his tongue latching onto yours. His hands roam your body with passion, enjoying the softness of your skin against his palms.
He can't resist your demand to go faster and harder, penetrating you relentlessly, his mouth letting out a few moans and grunts. He rarely got to a point where he couldn't control his own sounds from coming out of his mouth, he didn't know if it was your hormones affecting him too or if it was the knowledge that you were pregnant with him, but he felt insatiable, just like you. His sex hurt as he quickened the pace of his thrusts, surrendering to the softness of your walls tightening around him.
He savored the feel of your hand on his shoulder blades, feeling his every move. He cum inside you, again and again, going straight back to the assault when he was done. He was going to satiate you in the best way possible, as many times as necessary.
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amwired16 days ago
Tumblr media
鉂滺OUSEWIVES. 鈾♀潪 鈥 albedo, xiao, kazuha, scaramouche 18+ [fem! reader] NSFW
Tumblr media
.锝.:*鈽 summary: truthfully, there is no motive for me doing this, i just want to pleased them. and i know you do too 馃槇鈥硷笍
.锝.:*鈽 warning(s): thigh riding, spit exchanged, fingering, slight exhibitionist, dacryphilia, creampie, degradation, strong language
.锝.:*鈽 disclaimer: not proofread, grammar error, mc uses they/them pronouns here but the term wife/girlss is still being used on them.
.锝.:*鈽 notes: i dont know how to do an event so this is my only way of feeding my 100+ followers <3 also i did this half-asleep. if u saw @777-amos replying it's me! this is my 'side blog' hehe.
[kaeya, diluc, childe, zhongli]
Tumblr media
how long has it been? it felt hours since he had push your leg to your chest, his cock buried deep into your greedy cunt鈥 his words are either evident or faint, there is no in between. his hand holding both wrist atop your head, scaramouche had his patience running thin. first, his workers messing up everything he had planned, second, his obnoxious co-worker (childe) were pestering him the whole day.
scaramouche had such a bad day, wouldn't you help him relieve his frustration?
nonetheless, it's fascinating how rough he fucks you, your pussy continue to clung on him. you're so cute, being his good wife who offered their sweet tight pussy for their frustrated husband.
"scara, please." you mewled, gripping a handful of his hair. his breath hitched before peering his violet iris down to your bouncing tits.
"what do you want? you can expect me to know everything." everything felt like bliss, his cold finger ghostly running onto your skin, fondling your breast as he rammed into you. you're not even sure if you're able to speak, too fixated with the growing knot in your stomach.
"m-more, i want more!" you yelped when he had turn you over, pushing your back downwards as he teased your folds with the tip of his cock鈥 spitting onto his cock, scaramouche pushed himself back into you, quickly embraced by your twitching walls.
"stop being a greedy little slut and take whatever i give you."
ii. [ALBEDO]
you're so sweet visiting him at work, his lunch in your hand as you greet him with tight embrace鈥 he couldn't thanked you than bending you on his desk while he fingered you. teal orbs fixated on his laptop, while his other hand thrusting into your weeping cunt.
"be quiet now, we don't want sucrose and timaeus to hear you. that is if you prefer them disturbing our private session." it's so hard to keep your lips shut when his digit reaching your spot, sending you to stars. your heavy pants is enough to send the working man to the edge, but he's quite handful now, surely his loving wife understand, no?
but it doesn't mean albedo can't peek a glance to your face, eyes shut tight with your teeth dug onto your lips. you're so obedient, listening to his order鈥 and obedient girls such as you always deserved a reward, don't they?
"a-albedo, they're gonna catch us."
"i don't see a problem with that. do you not want to show them how pretty you are?" he watched as you grew embarrassed, hiding your face onto your arm to avoid his gaze, how wanton. the squelching sound of your pussy is erotic, let alone the sight of your glistening cunt tempting him. perhaps he could take a rest for a bit, his eyes is growing strained by facing the screen.
your legs trembled, warm slick running down to your leg, soaking the ground as you cum on his hand. you threw a side glance to your husband, seeing his hand slowly unbuckling his belt. his lips curled upwards, sending you a sly smile.
"what a shame, you just stain your skirt. i guess you must stay back a bit then."
iii. [KAZUHA]
you're so clingy (in a good way, of course).
you left him walking back and forth for worrying that he had make you mad. how could he not? you practically avoiding him despite living under the same roof. but he supposed that he let it slide, he isn't one to punish you so much鈥 even if he did, now is not the time, not when your bare cunt rubbing against his thigh, drool dripping down to the side of your lips.
"i don't understand why can't you just tell me." he sighed, caressing your face with his calloused hand, gaze softening as you desperately hump on his thigh.
"too s-shy, you were busy anyway," you replied, eyes dipping to his hand slipping under your sweater鈥 his warm palm rest on your tits. it's habit of him to grope your tits out of the sudden, he simply couldn't control it. why waste such divine opportunity when your tits fits so perfectly on his hand.
"we've been married for 3 years, it's useless to stay shy now, darling." pulling away from your tits, he lifts up your skirt to gaze your glistening cunt soaking his pants. nails digging onto his shoulder, you fasten your own pace, rutting against his as he watched you slowly chasing your high. kazuha find it so endearing to see how desperate you grew, how your back had arched from the pleasure, your head thrown back.
his precious wife missed his cock so much, he couldn't help but comply to their whines. after all, what good of a husband he is if he can even make his wife happy?
"kazuha!" you're so pretty, so much more when squirted all over the place. he just want to slide his cock inside and fuck you to oblivion now, and he knew you'd let him, because you're his doting wife, aren't you?
"it seems that you misses me that bad, i hope you don't mind keeping you awake this night."
iv. [XIAO]
"xiao... aah xiao.." you didn't meant to move鈥攐r perhaps you did鈥攂ut you couldn't stop bouncing on your husband fat cock. it's too irresistible, you need to satisfy the crave inside of you somehow. you could already imagine the disappointment plastered all over xiao's face, that why now, you had buried your face deep into your
"is it that hard to wait?" he sighed, his eyes dipped to his cock disappearing inside your pussy, strands of your slick connecting on his lower abdomen to your ass.
" 'm so sorry.." you whimpered, still fucking yourself on his cock, your breathing had long gone erratic鈥 to excited the moment he had agreed on you sitting on his cock. you did want to try cockwarming with him while you watch him work in peace, but the second the tip of his cock pressed against your spot, you didn't know what to do.
"you're such a greedy whore." he stood up, bending you against his desk. your teary eyes looking up to him, how adorable, to think that his shy wife is actually a cock hungry slut is such a great discovery. maybe you like it if he cum inside? maybe you'd like it if he slapped your ass until the evident red handprint adoring your skin.
"xiao!" you gasped, gripping the end of the desk as he pounded into you, every veins on his cock rubbing between your walls, let alone his tip relentlessly pressing onto your spot. the sting on your ass is almost unbearable due to how harsh he slapped his palm against your skin.
"don't you dare waste any of my cum." you couldn't even replied before he had pound into you, your weeping cunt gushing on his cock before you broke into tears, his thrust is too deep, creating a small bulge on your lower abdomen. it was not long until his thrust grew sloppy, cumming inside of your pussy, filling you with streams of warmth. unfortunately for you, he filled you to the brim that his cum fall onto the floor, staining the tiles with his load.
"let see if you can listen the second time."
Tumblr media
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elzetastuff7 months ago
I just saw Albedos new trailer. Quickly went to make this dumb short thing
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jade-parcels2 months ago
How you turn them on
The things you do that aren鈥檛 inherently sexual but really get em going with: Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Diluc, Xiao, Venti, Baizhu, and Albedo
- NOTSFW!! Minors don鈥檛 interact with this post! -
He loves everything about you! He鈥檚 always hyper analyzing you to gauge your reactions to flirty jokes or loving touches
He thinks about you all the time, thinks about all the ways he could make love to you. He could sneak you into his office or pull you into an alleyway or just stay home to have a romantic night together. The possibilities are endless
Something you really do that gets him going is when you praise him. Surprise surprise, pretty boy likes when you compliment him. Your remarks don鈥檛 even have to be inherently sexual at all 鈥淚 loved getting to listen to your speech today! You鈥檙e such a good public speaker!鈥 鈥淥oo~ Your hair looks great today!鈥 鈥淭here you are, Captain~ You better bring that pretty ass of yours down the the Angel鈥檚 Share tonight!鈥 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so strong, Kaeya, thanks for helping me out tonight!鈥
Your voice rings out in his head all day and night, he loves the way you call him strong and handsome. He KNOWS he is, he just likes hearing it from you. Maybe a little too much
He鈥檒l show off his strength by picking you up, relishing in the way you exclaim 鈥淲ow! Kaeya you鈥檙e so strong!鈥 again, he loves the attention
So in simple terms, he鈥檚 an attention whore lmao. He wants your attention and praise all for himself
We already know Childe鈥檚 a total horn dog. Just about anything you do could turn him on for no reason, just because it鈥檚 you
One thing that gets him every time though is when you come home after commissions. You鈥檙e sweaty, covered in dirt and blood. As long as you鈥檙e not too injured, he鈥檒l practically pounce on you the second you step inside
You鈥檒l whine about how tired you are, you just wanna go to bed but he鈥檚 all wired up
He loves that smell of sweat and blood, especially on you. It鈥檚 too bad he isn鈥檛 the one who got to fight you this time
He鈥檒l lick the sweat from your cheek and whisper in your ear, telling you how badly he wants you, how he can鈥檛 wait to throw you down on the mattress and fight for dominance with you
You could literally just be sweaty from working out or the weather and he鈥檒l be on you, grinning at you as he shoves his hands up your shirt to grope your sweaty skin. He鈥檒l be immensely disappointed if you insist on showering before he can have some fun with you lmao
Zhongli is an intellectual, he knows pretty much everything about everything. He鈥檒l humbly claim that there are plenty of things he doesn鈥檛 know but don鈥檛 let him fool you, he just knows things
That鈥檚 why he likes when you display intelligence or interest in things he likes
He鈥檒l hover over your shoulder while you read, letting a hand wander up your arm to your shoulder, admiring that focused look on your face
He鈥檒l occasionally get things wrong just so you鈥檒l correct him. He loves when you get cocky and confident in your answers 鈥淎h, yes you鈥檙e right dear. How could I have made such a mistake?鈥
One of his fantasies is one where he fucks you at his desk, forcing you to carry on a conversation with him. It doesn鈥檛 matter the topic, philosophy, economics, ethics, as long as he can keep you talking with moans between words. He has pretty good self control, he can talk for hours, so he plans on keeping you there as long as he can. He isn鈥檛 shy when it comes to initiating sex, he just wants to find a 鈥榩erfect time to鈥 do so
Diluc prides himself in being a traditional gentleman. He keeps himself in check and refrains from...improper thoughts when he can
But then again, he鈥檚 a bit too easy to rile up. You could brush his bangs out of his eyes or straighten his tie out for him and he鈥檒l be a blushing mess
There鈥檚 one thing that drives him wild though: corsets. He loves seeing you in them! However it鈥檚 inconvenient when he sees you looking so gorgeous in public, he鈥檒l have to avoid you even though he doesn鈥檛 want to
All he can think about is the way you鈥檇 gasp if he yanked those strings, the way your waist would cinch in and you鈥檇 struggle for air, his name spilling from your lips
He鈥檚 ashamed of his dirty fantasies, he can hardly stand to look at you cause all he feels is shame because it isn鈥檛 like you鈥檙e doing anything sexual, you鈥檙e just sitting there chatting away with your tavern buddies! But he can鈥檛 stop the impure thoughts from flooding his mind
He has to go home early, avoiding the public eye as he does, so no one catches on or worse: sees the tent in his dress pants
Right off the bat, Xiao doesn鈥檛 have much experience in this field
He DOES know that he really likes the way you say his name. He鈥檚 never felt like this with anyone else, it was very confusing at first
One time you called out to him while drunk, giggling as you called for him over and over until he appeared in front of you, as he always does when you need him
This was different though...When you said his name like this, in a teasing manner with that breathy-ness in your voice? Uh oh...yeah, he really likes that
He wants to hear you say his name like that again, he wants you to sob his name while he pleasures you 鈥淴iao! Please Xiao!鈥 uhhh... uhhhh.... he鈥檚 gonna short circuit just thinking about it
He tries not to think about that though because uh...well...Again, he isn鈥檛 super experienced so he just feels awkward you gotta help him out
All this man wants is to be smothered by your chest. He鈥檚 a perv through and through, he can鈥檛 help it!
He鈥檚 only 5鈥2 so most people are taller than him, all he wants is for you to hug him and let him bury his face in your chest please-
Because he鈥檚 short and has such an innocent smile he can get away with being a menace in public. He鈥檒l use wind currents to blow up your shirt or skirt, grinning like a madman as he catches a glimpse of you
He鈥檚 also the type to snap bra straps or drop something down your shirt 鈥淥h no! I lost something! If only I could get it myself l~鈥 what an asshole! He鈥檇 only do this if you鈥檙e together don鈥檛 worry
Baizhu honestly doesn鈥檛 have much desire for sex. He likes it but doesn鈥檛 seek it out often, he spends most of his time working to finally harness the power of immortality muahaha!!
One thing always gets him though: your morning voice. When you run your fingers through his hair and press warm kisses to his face and shoulders first thing in the morning...It鈥檚 the perfect way to wake up
He鈥檒l even pretend to be asleep just so you鈥檒l lean over and murmur sweet things in his ear with that lovely voice of yours 鈥淭ime to get up, Dr. Baizhu~ We have a lot of work to do today鈥 鈥淚 think herbalist Gui can handle things for a half hour or so. We鈥檙e not going anywhere just yet鈥
When he feels up to it, he loves having slow, lazy sex with you right at the crack of dawn. You鈥檙e both still warm and half awake, your hair is messy and your skin feels so nice against his
Albedo is extremely repressed, he spends most of his time working and any free time he has he dedicates to art or an hour of rest
He takes a lot of trips up to Dragonspine to work in the lab there so there are weeks where he goes without seeing you. He never realized how lonely he was until he met and fell in love with you.
On a whim, while he was packing for another expedition, he took one of your shirts with him. He was originally going to steal some of your underwear but he just couldn鈥檛 do it. With your shirt, he figured your scent would comfort him while he was away but instead, he found himself jacking off to the scent of your perfume
He did this over and over and now his brain has started to associate that one perfume with sex. He鈥檚 gone and 鈥楶avlov鈥檈d himself! That warm, vanilla scent brings forth hot, heavy memories. Now when you wear that perfume around him he has to focus on keeping those dirty thoughts in the back of his mind
He makes sure to compliment you when you wear other perfumes so hopefully, you wear those ones more often though part of him wishes you鈥檇 catch on. He鈥檇 never out himself though, he鈥檇 die from embarrassment
During those rare times when you鈥檙e away on commissions and he鈥檚 home alone, he鈥檒l indulge himself...He hopes you鈥檒l walk in on him
Whew! That was a long post!!! Thanks for sticking around! I like these guys a little...too much 馃槼 ((ignore the spelling errors if there are any! sorry!))
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witch-hazels-musings4 months ago
HELLOO can u * please * write how would xiao, albedo and childe if you sat ln their lap and they get a boner? hehe thank u <33
^ I have this obsession with being Albedo鈥檚 research partner - like 鈥 let鈥檚 love science together you sexy, stoic mystery seeker聽
I also really dig commanding Xiao - like, be strict with me while you touch me with so much need it鈥檚 unbelievable ---聽
Warning -> (18+, mature) NOTSFW* (touching***, a little public display of affection, cussing, and some other stuff)
Character X GN Reader聽| 聽Anthology
Includes: Xiao, Albedo, Childe
Closeness like this doesn鈥檛 come easy to Xiao. He much prefers when people keep their distance and not try to push their way into his space - though, you never backed down, and while he may have been annoyed on the outside, he was impressed on the inside聽
The first time you sat on his lap it was more of an accident than anything else. You were reaching for something and toppled back into him, the force of your collision sending you both into the nearest chair. He didn鈥檛 know what to think at first, but he found your presence, comforting?聽
He most likely wouldn鈥檛 ask for you to sit on his lap - instead, you鈥檇 need to claim the space yourself or wait for him to keep particularly touched starved聽
It didn鈥檛 matter when you showed up to meet Xiao, he was bound to be exactly where you needed him to be. Even as the days slipped by and your tasks kept you busy, you knew he would be there when you finally found time to visit him.聽
Walking up the flight of stairs to the tallest balcony of the inn, you found him sitting, gazing out across the dormant topography, his back to you.聽
You hadn鈥檛 even made it up the final step when he spoke, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e late.鈥
鈥淚 know. I kept getting held up.鈥 You crossed the space and came to a stop next to him, but he doesn鈥檛 acknowledge you more than his initial statement. The wind blows his hair and your eyes drift down to his neck, your fingers quick to follow. As you stroke the space under his ear you look out over the balcony and breathe in the altitude. It鈥檚 fresh and sweet, Smiley must be making something delicious down below.聽
Xiao鈥檚 hand drifts up to your fingers and he intertwines them for a moment before gently pushing them back to you. 鈥淵ou could have called on me. I鈥檓 sure I could have solved your little problem in half the time.鈥澛
You laugh, 鈥淢aybe, but I had to deal with problems which required the pen, not the sword.鈥 Your hand drops back to your side and finds its way to your shirt. Xiao huffs at your comment and folds his arms across his chest. 鈥淎re you hungry? I can smell something delicious and I can bring something back up.鈥澛
You turn and begin to head down the steps when Xiao鈥檚 arms wrap around your waist and pull you backward. A shocked exclamation flies from your mouth as your feet shuffle against the floor and come to a rest near his, your back crashing against his chest.聽
鈥淯m?鈥 Your hands hover over the arms gripped tightly around your stomach. This behavior of his was pretty unusual. He only reacted like this when something was bothering him. 鈥淒id something happen?鈥 You ask, moving your hands to rest on his arms.聽
鈥淣o.鈥 His breath is hot on your back and you shift on his lap.聽
鈥淒id you miss me?鈥澛
鈥... no.鈥 You feel his lips against your neck and your fingers grip tightly around his bare skin. He pulls you in closer and you're practically a part of him, your bodies are so close. His nose brushes against your ear and the feeling makes you hum.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry I鈥檓 late.鈥 You whisper and rest your head against his shoulder. His hands are possessive and greedy, and you start to feel something hard press against you. It鈥檚 growing fast and it鈥檚 such a powerful reminder of how lucky you were to be in his arms. Of how you were the only beings in this life that could break through the wall which surrounded him, and his intensifying desire for you filled your head with pride.
With heavy eyes you turn your head to him, when you see his expression it steals the air from your lungs. His eyes are taunting you, daring you to make a comment about this vulnerable reaction of his, threatening you to speak a word from the mouth he can鈥檛 keep his eyes off of. You lean in and leave a soft peck on his lips, pulling away only just so you can survey the green pool of his eyes.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 do it again.鈥 He warns, sliding one of his hands down to your crotch and the other to the back of your head, his fingers fanning themselves in your hair and pushing you back in for more.聽
The first time you sat in his lap he was pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoyed it. He found your weight to be comforting and the closeness of you rejuvenating
In this way, he could be intimate with you while still being productive. If you sat facing away from him, you could both look over research together, if you sat toward him and rested your head on his shoulder while you took a quick power nap, he could continue working or painting even with you on him聽
Most of the time it wasn鈥檛 a problem, but today, he was having a hard time keeping himself calm as you jostled on his lap
鈥淟ook at this!鈥 You exclaimed, reaching forward for one of the loose sheets of paper scattered across the counter. Offering the paper to Albedo, you leaned so he could see and pressed your upper back against his shoulder. 鈥淚 knew I recognized these results. Look,鈥 you pointed at the notes which had been written by one of the other alchemists, 鈥渨e saw the same thing happen yesterday. The conditions were different, but see, they are the same!鈥 You turned your head to look at him and had a huge smile on your face.聽
鈥淗mm, how inquisitive. These two opposing environments still brought the same outcome.鈥
鈥淩ight, I wouldn鈥檛 have expected this.鈥 You lean forward and start to take notes in your notebook. You shift and stretch in order to stay positioned on Albedo鈥檚 lap and the movement of your ass against him sends pleasant shockwaves to the growing problem between his legs. There is an abnormal push against your thigh and you adjust again in order to alleviate the sensation. When, suddenly, you feel his hands grip around your waist and his head drop against your back, you lean up to see what鈥檚 wrong.聽
鈥淵/N, stop moving.鈥 His voice has dropped into a breathy timbre and you freeze. His hips begin to move against you and when you feel the same pressure against your leg you realize what was happening.
You look around and can鈥檛 help but get embarrassed, there are still people working and while most of them are hyper-focused on their research it didn鈥檛 mean they couldn鈥檛 notice. The likelihood of that happening increased by the minutes, because the situation was turning into a bigger problem the longer you sat on him.聽
鈥淯h, let me get up.鈥 You whisper and begin to lift yourself from his lap. When you are inches from him, his hands dig into your waist and he pulls you back, making you fall directly onto him. A small gasp escapes your lips and you grasp onto the edge of the counter.聽
鈥淪tay here, I can calm back down.鈥 He鈥檚 husky, and even as he says the words his face digs into your shoulder and one of his hands slips over your inner thigh. Your heart is racing and the need, which is tightly constricting in your stomach, is getting harder and harder to ignore.聽
鈥淚 can get up鈥︹ You try again but he tightens his hold on you.聽
You feel him pressing, flexing against the eager space between your legs. His hands begin to wander over your body, his hips push against you, and the way he breaths against your back is sinful.聽
Shit, shit. You curse in your head and through the haziness of your mind try to come up with a solution. Leaning to your side, you reach one of the easels which have documents and other items plastered to them. This action elicits a moan from Albedo and sets your face on fire. No amount of shielding can protect the two of you, it was hopeless to think that would work.聽
鈥淵/N.鈥 He calls out your name and it sends shivers across your body, like electricity right before a strike of lightning. His hand slips closer to the place begging for his touch.聽
In a last ditch, desperate attempt you grab one of the small glass containers in front of you and throw it into an empty corner. It shatters and causes a startled cry from one of the research assistants.聽
鈥淒id you see that?鈥 // 鈥淲hat just happened?鈥 // 鈥淪omething fall?鈥 Their voices combine and begin to congregate in the corner.聽
You don鈥檛 miss this opportunity. With everyone's eyes diverted, you stand up, grab Albedo鈥檚 wrist and rush him through the door. When you are in the safety of his office and the door closes you let out a sigh.聽
鈥淚鈥檒l pay the knights back fo鈥︹澛
Your words are cut off, the use of your mouth replaced by Albedo鈥檚 tongue.聽
He loves having you in his lap - he loves having you close to him, to wrap his arms around you, to rest his head against your shoulders - it鈥檚 so comforting to him to have something to hold onto聽
Even if he doesn鈥檛 mean to get excited he can鈥檛 help himself - it鈥檚 just, the pressure of you on his lap, the way your ass feels ...
If you don鈥檛 stop moving, he might have to teach you a lesson about being still聽
鈥淎re you trying to turn me on?鈥 His head rested on your shoulder, his chin pulling you back into his broad chest and hands holding onto your arms.聽
鈥淚 鈥 I don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e talking about.鈥 Turning your head away from his face you try to hide the flush which has slowly covered your skin. It鈥檚 reached all the way down to your chest and you're sure it鈥檚 so bright people might think you got too much sun.
You had been sitting on Childe鈥檚 lap for a while now. He pulled you there some time ago and hasn鈥檛 let you go since. In fact, he seemed to be having a great time teasing you and forcing you to feel how hard he was, 鈥榓ll because of you鈥 as he had mentioned only a few minutes earlier. He liked to move you himself. Lifting you up slightly on his lap before resting you back onto him again or pushing you forward with his hips just so he could slide you back, over and over.聽
You tried to stay calm, taking in deep, slow breaths through your nose and out your mouth. He wasn鈥檛 going to win, he wasn鈥檛 going to triumph over this interaction he orchestrated all on his own, if you were going to suffer you were determined to take him with you.
Moving one of your hands in between your legs you slipped between the two of your bodies until you found the tip of his dick. You wrapped your fingers around it the best you could and relished in the reaction from the man sitting under you. His hand snaked around your wrist and pulled it away from his throbbing cock and over your shoulder, his lips connecting with the back of your hand.聽
鈥淲hat is this naughty hand doing, hmm?鈥 The sensation of his tongue sliding over your fingers forced a whine from your throat. His mouth engulfed your index finger and the combination of his tongue and teeth sliding over it caused you to shift against him, pressing into him as much as you could in this position.聽
It always shocked you how commanding he could be when the two of you were being intimate. There was such a stark difference between his public, friendly demeanor and his private, dominating one. You were never sure just which Childe you would get, but there was something about both of his personalities which set your body on fire and turned your brain to mush.聽
鈥淐hilde.鈥 You whimper. Your hips, your spine, your legs, your neck all shifting against him in a desperate attempt to alleviate the pent up desire growing in your stomach.聽
鈥淜eep calling my name, Y/N.鈥 He released your hand and chuckled at how it stayed there, unmoving and glistening in his spit. He wrapped one of his arms around your chest and dug his nails into your collarbone, his other hand slid down to your thigh and pulled you closer to him. 鈥淚f you鈥檙e good, I鈥檒l give you what you want.鈥
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umnvatra8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PLEASE Mihoyo i am begging. My primogems aren't enough for all of them please have mercy-
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zoco2008 months ago
*Sweats in bisexual with no primogems*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm not ready for these three
Mihoyo stop making hot characters challenge
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witch-hazels-musings3 months ago
Hi I just wanted to say that I LOVE your shy s/o series so much 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ I was wondering if you would be able to do another where it's a shy s/o asking "Can I touch you", where they want to touch their characters chest, kiss their scars, etc. Like it can be mutual (between the s/o and the character touches) but the s/o builds up enough courage to ask (like just very wholesome) 馃ズ馃ズ I was thinking Diluc, Albedo, Childe, Xiao and anyone else you want.
^ thank you for your patience!! I hope you like it!
also, good luck everyone on pulling for Childe - may this gingered haired man bring you conquest ;)聽
Warning -> slight lemon*聽(touching (a lot of touching**), making out, kissing, interruptions ...)
Character X GN Reader |聽Anthology 聽
Includes: Diluc, Albedo, Childe, Xiao
You wanted to touch him so bad, but you knew it was hard for him to be that vulnerable with others, and hard for you to build the courage to ask him聽
It was during a warm summer day when you gained the bravery - he was standing in his bedroom with his shirt off, his muscles highlighted by the sun as it flooded through the window
He is beautiful. Unbelievable, incredible, unrealistic in his beauty and you wondered how someone could be this attractive. You had been staring at him for a while now, the passing of time seemed unimportant to you.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e eyes, I can feel them.鈥 He said, glancing over his shoulder at you.
鈥淎h 鈥 sorry.鈥 You looked at the floor and felt the warmth of embarrassment rise across your face.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 fine. You鈥檙e allowed.鈥 He was always giving you permission, his level of patience when it came to you knew no bounds.聽
鈥淎m I 鈥 also allowed to touch you?鈥 You mumble, glancing at him from underneath your bangs.聽
He put down the shirt he had been fussing with and extended his hand to you. The sun filled his palm and spilled through his fingers, like sand through a sieve. Slowly, you walked toward him, placing your fingers in his golden palm.聽
It鈥檚 been so long since he let someone be close to him like this - the nerves in his stomach were going wild
When you stroked his skin he almost couldn鈥檛 take it; it was everything to him to experience your touch, he鈥檇 built up his walls so high and with a simple brush of your hands they came crumbling down聽
The sun burned your back as you stood in the light that flooded through the window, but it wasn鈥檛 nearly as hot as your fingers running over his chest. Those were steaming and you wondered if you鈥檇 have any fingertips left by the time you were done.
You traced the scars which covered his body. He had several on his arms, wrapping around his bicep and running up to his shoulder, and as you took inventory of them your fingers followed along the discolored skin. As you slide your fingers down to his chest you couldn鈥檛 ignore how his hand tightened around your own, his grip reassuring and encouraging you to keep going.聽
His chest had several scars from past battles he鈥檇 be hesitant to share with you. One stood out to you, an interesting shape, almost like a multi-pointed star in the center of his chest. It was practically in your face and something drew you to place a soft kiss against it. He grabbed your hip and pulled you close to him; you loved the sound of his breath as it passed through his throat.聽
You pulled away and watched as his chest moved, as he breathed, and the way his skin became covered in goosebumps as you trailed your hand down to his stomach, around his hips. He hummed and the sound sent a shiver down your spine. He took your hands in his, pressing them to his skin, and leaned down to rest his head against yours.聽
His heavy breathing made your chest tighten, his thick tone made your knees weak, 鈥淚f you go any further, I won鈥檛 be able to handle it.鈥 His words turned off all the functions in your brain and the only thing left was the drive to feel him even more. You pulled your hands from his and slipped your fingers between the fabric of his pants and the soft skin underneath them. He sighed, not out of irritation or annoyance, but out of yearning.聽
Suddenly, he lifted you from the ground and carried you to the bed where the two of you fell into the sheets. 鈥淚 warned you.鈥 His voice was husky and before you could say anything he descended onto your lips, his hand pulling your chin down so he could taste your tongue.聽
It was so challenging, bridging that gap of being connected with Albedo. Normally, the two of you keep your hands to yourself, but the desire to feel him, to caress his skin was boiling over聽
You were sitting next to him and the urge began again, he was so close to you and his skin so touchable - you started with a simple stroke across his hand. He opened his palm to you and the gesture emboldened you
He was looking at several documents, as he usually did. The smell of books and shaded pages filling the space, and of course, Albedo鈥檚 scent which you had grown so fond of inhaling. It was pleasant, floral fragrances mixed with patchouli and, of course, parchment. It pulled you in and kept you close, but never close enough.聽
It was hard to make the first move, but Albedo was always so generous and typically followed your lead; if you were okay with it, then he was okay with it. He never pressured you, not once, to move faster or further than you could handle. It was sweet and frustrating at the same time. If only he would just make a move, you wouldn鈥檛 stop him.聽
So, instead, you started small. Resting your hand against his, holding onto his jacket, or sitting close enough to him that your legs touched. He always let you test your boundaries, and today you were having such an impatient time with the line you had drawn. You decided to change that, to inhale bravery and exhale your desires. Today, you were going to take a step in the direction you wanted to take with him, and you hoped he wouldn鈥檛 turn away.聽
鈥淎lbedo.鈥 You call out to him. He pauses his musings and turns his head to you. 鈥淐an I 鈥 hold your hand?鈥 You point at his left hand and reach out yours to him.聽
鈥淥h, of course.鈥 He moves it to you and triumphantly you take it. Carefully, you run your hands up his arm until you come to rest at the top of his glove.聽
鈥淢ay I?鈥 You slip a finger under the fabric but wait for him to give you permission. He nods his head, a little curious you鈥檙e sure, but he doesn鈥檛 stop you.聽
You peel his glove off and rest it gently onto the table before you begin to examine what was underneath. Running your fingers over his arm you smiled at the golden strands of hair dancing in the sunlight, became giddy at the way his fingers flexed and relaxed when you manipulated them and traced your fingers over a small scar on his wrist. When you looked back at him he was watching you intently, his face relaxed but his breathing seemed faster.聽
Solving the mysteries of the world was the only thing he ever had on his mind. There wasn鈥檛 anything he鈥檇 really wanted than to answer the question his mentor had given him, and to see her one last time, but ever since he met you there was a growing desire in him to learn more about you, to experience new things with you聽
This, having you touch him was incredible, and it made his whole mind go blank - he鈥檇 never been in a situation where he didn鈥檛 already know how to deal with it, tackle it, explore it, and right now he felt out of his element聽
Perhaps it was okay to dive into the unknown sometimes, and everything about you was unknown to him聽
You were busy examining his palm when you felt something brush against your face. Glancing up you saw Albedo鈥檚 hand next to your face, his fingers incredibly close.
鈥淲ould you oblige my request too?鈥 You closed your eyes and nodded, when his fingers connected to your cheek you let a small gasp of air. As they moved from your cheek to your neck, to your shoulder you shifted next to him so he could reach you easier. It wasn鈥檛 fair that he could render you useless with a simple gesture, so you opened your eyes to return the gesture.聽
He turned and moved closer to you, the two of you practically sitting on one another as you began to go further and further with your touching. You remove the highest buttons on his shirt and slide your hands under it, feeling his neck and shoulders. He removed the light jacket you were wearing, the fabric pooling around your elbows until it eventually got in your way and you tossed it to the side. The both of you were getting desperate to see more, touch more, experience more, and what started as a simple, innocent request to hold his hand had turned into a heated exchange of requests.聽
It was like the two of you were playing a game of war, each trying to pull down the other, but Albedo was winning, and before long he had you lying against the couch, his body above you.聽
鈥淐an I kiss you鈥︹ He requested, ever the knight, ever the gentleman.聽
鈥淵es.鈥 You pant and quickly he pressed his lips against yours. This wasn鈥檛 the first kiss the two of you had shared, but it was the most passionate. His hand cupped around your face, yours gripped tightly onto his shirt. There was no way people would know that you were normally shy and timid, that you kept to yourself because right here, right now you were being bold. The boldness seeping from your skin at the same rate as your body heat.聽
He pulled away from your mouth and hovered over you as the two of you tried to catch your breath. It was so hard. Your body was ablaze with electricity, your fingers a writhing mess as they pulled against his shirt begging him to come back.聽
He was nearly there when the door to his office opened suddenly. 鈥淢ister, Albedo. I鈥檓 sorry to inTRUDE 鈥.!? AH! I鈥檓 so sorry!鈥 Sucrose yelled, the items in her hands spilling out onto the floor.聽
鈥淎h, Sucrose 鈥 um.鈥澛
鈥淚鈥檒l come back!鈥 She slammed the door closed and you heard her footsteps fade quickly into the now shattered atmosphere. The two of you pulled yourself back together. He fixed his shirt, tugging on the bottom of it after returning the buttons to their holdings. You smoothed your hair and wiped your lips with your thumb. In the silence, you heard voices echo in the hallway and as you looked at one another a laugh came bubbling out of your throat.聽
Albedo stood, and you handed him his glove. 鈥淚鈥檒l be back.鈥 He smiled, taking his glove and placing a quick kiss on your nose.聽
鈥淧lease, apologize to Sucrose for me.鈥 You giggled, picking up one of the books on the table and covering your face with it.聽
He is all about you initiating touch - but respectfully, he gave you the time to get comfortable with him - so it鈥檚 likely you could have multiple opportunities to touch more and more of him if you wanted - just be careful, because he鈥檇 have a hard time holding himself back聽
You walked in on him after he just finished in the shower. His hair dripping and shining in the light, his skin speckled with droplets of water, and his lower half hidden with a towel. The shock of seeing him in this state caused your brain to short-circuit and react nervously.聽
鈥淎h! I didn鈥檛 鈥 I didn鈥檛 know you were here!鈥 You backed up into the doorframe, its sharp edge digging into your back as you collided with the wood. Desperately, you covered your eyes with your hands and hoped he couldn鈥檛 read the embarrassment underneath your makeshift wall.聽
You felt his hand wrap around your own and as he pulled it away you were face to face with him, a playful smile reaching his eyes. 鈥淎re you sure you didn鈥檛 come in here on purpose?鈥 He kissed the back of your hand and chuckled to himself, 鈥淚 wouldn鈥檛 be upset if you did.鈥澛
鈥淣o, I didn鈥檛.鈥 You closed your eyes and shook your head. He was so close, his scent overwhelming, a mix of sandalwood and amber that pushed against you and held you against the doorframe. It made your head swim, your arms weak and heavy.聽
He pulled your hand to his chest and when your fingers grazed his skin you gasped. 鈥淵ou are welcome to do whatever you want, I won鈥檛 mind.鈥澛
He loved getting you flustered, it was so adorable the way you reacted and did your best to stay composed even as he pushed you to the edge聽
It was like you were a rabbit trapped in the corner while a wolf towered over you; he had captured you and couldn鈥檛 help but play with his prize聽
You kept your hand over your face even though you wanted to look at him. The nervousness and hesitation which you鈥檇 had your whole life was holding you back, no matter how badly you wanted to claw your way away from it. You were just about to break through when Childe let go of your hand, his presence gone.
He laughed and while he spoke playfully, you sensed he was a bit disappointed. 鈥淚t鈥檚 no big deal, I might have pushed you a bit too hard.鈥澛
His statement spurred something in you. You wanted to prove to him he didn't push you, you wanted to show him how much you wanted to touch him, how badly you wanted to express your feelings through your fingers. The little voice in your head screamed and it was like an invisible force pushed you forward. Stumbling, you reached out and grabbed onto his toned arm, wrapping your hands around him as best as you could.聽
鈥淚 want to touch you!鈥 The words flew from your mouth as if they were the last words you鈥檇 ever be able to get out. He turned to look at you, his eyes wide, mouth slightly open. 鈥淚 mean 鈥︹ You unfolded your spine, standing a bit taller but keeping your hands where they were. 鈥淚f you don鈥檛 鈥 mind. I want to touch 鈥︹ He didn鈥檛 need to hear anymore, in an instant you were lifted off of the ground.
Childe carried you to the nearest surface and sat you on it. Items were still dropping to the floor when you finally settled, your back flush against the wall and legs dangling on either side of him. He claimed one of the hands you had resting on his broad shoulders and pulled it up to his mouth, his breath hot against your fingers, 鈥淭ouch me.鈥澛
You鈥檇 never been so emboldened in your life, the butterflies in your stomach were captured in an instant and when you ran your fingers through his hair a new sensation filled your body. A sensation that stole your breath and clenched your sternum.聽
His hair was soft, light, and fluffy. It fell around his face, which as you run your fingers over his forehead, you couldn鈥檛 help but take in desperate breaths as you watched his eyes close and mouth dance between parted lips and a pleasing smile.聽
You traced his jaw and ran your hands down his neck, along his shoulders, over his collar bone. He had abandoned your hand some time ago, giving you free rein over his skin. There was something so rewarding about seeing him grip tightly onto the dresser as you touched him. It made you feel unbelievable pride and you were starting to get greedy with it.聽
Childe was yours, he came to you, chose you, wanted you. Watching him react to your touch was incredible, it was like an achievement that flashed above your head, 鈥淐onquering of Snezhnaya鈥 plastered in ruby letters and adorned with a golden frame. You won ... today.
It鈥檚 so tempting to touch him - his skin is always taunting you and it鈥檚 getting harder and harder to keep your desires to yourself, even if you felt the embarrassment trickle in behind your want - you wanted him to trust you and the both of you needed to take things slow聽
You watched as he stood in the slow-moving stream. His feet obscured by the dark water and his hands shifting through the surface. He stood and splashed the cool water on his face, and you felt the tug in your chest to be brave聽
You knew how violent his life was and how long he鈥檇 spent it going alone, thinking back on the times where he walked this world without a single person to share it with make your heart sink into your shoes.聽
As he bent over into the water, his hands dipping into the cool stream, his hair falling around his face and the muscles in his back stretching at the action, you couldn鈥檛 manage to pull your eyes away. Even with the scars on his back, you found him to be one of the most beautiful beings you鈥檇 ever laid your eyes on, and you wondered for the thousandth time why he let you be in his life. Not only because he was so out of your reach, but because he was normally so closed off. However, he never seemed to push you away.聽
He sat on one of the large rocks lining the stream and the fabric which decorated his waste rested on the water, flowing and dipping beneath the surface as he sat there. You watched as he tried to run the water over his back and the nerves in your stomach give you an idea.聽
鈥淴iao.鈥 You stood up from your place and walked over to him, he didn鈥檛 answer you, instead, he glanced over his shoulder. 鈥淚 can help you if you鈥檇 like.鈥 It made your ears warm at the thought of doing something so forward with him, I mean, the two of you barely held hands.聽
鈥淒o as you wish.鈥 He kept his face to the water, but you swore you could see a tint of red on his ears.聽
Xiao is sensitive - not in the way that things hurt his feelings, more in the way that he can sense what is going on around him聽
It鈥檚 often painful to be around so many people because he can sense all of their worries, fears, wishes, desires and he just wants to block them all out - it was just easier to be alone and to not let people get too close; deal with the problem and move on was his motto聽
When it came to you, that reservation which consumed you was like a clear box he could easily peer inside of - he knew your inner thoughts, even if you didn鈥檛 outwardly express them聽
The wind was warm and hinted at summer as it blew across the water, through the leaves in the trees, and against your face. The face that already felt so hot as you ran your hands down the back of the being you never imagined would let you be this close.聽
You dipped the cloth in the water and wrung out the excess before placing it onto Xiao鈥檚 back. As you wiped his shoulder and watched the water run down his bareback, you found it hard to stay focused and calm. You were sure your hand was shaking as you cleaned the dirt and grime from off of his skin, but it was the first time you were touching him, feeling him, and being so close to him that it was just a lot to deal with.聽
Even with the scars, his back was so smooth and as you cleaned him, you wondered how much further you could go. You placed the rag down next to Xiao and proceeded to run your fingers along his back. Sliding down the length of his spine, shaping his shoulder blades with the tips of your finger, the pad of your thumb. Your hands ghosting over his shoulders and down his arms, taking time to trace the lines of his tattoo, their twists and turns sending you into a trance. You were so transfixed on his skin, the feel of it, the look of it that you didn鈥檛 notice the goosebumps you were leaving in your wake, or how meekly he was calling your name.聽
When he shot up from the rock and turned to face you the spell was broken and you recoiled your hands into your chest. His cheeks were a lovely shade of pink, a shade that complimented his jade green eyes and jet black hair perfectly.聽
鈥淴iao 鈥 I-I don鈥檛 know where 鈥. I鈥檓 sorry.鈥 You stammered, trying to find an excuse as to what happened. You rubbed your hand against your forehead and through your hair before turning around and walking back to your pack, which you had left resting against a tree.聽
You stood, tossing the bag over your shoulders and when you turned back toward the stream Xiao was standing in front of you. He startled you, making you jump slightly and grip tightly onto the straps of your bag. Slowly, he walked closer to you until your back was against the large tree, its shade offering a delicious accent to Xiao鈥檚 chest. He reached for his shirt, his face incredibly close, so close you could still see the dampness of his hair.聽
His face had returned to normal, and the familiar sternness present in his voice as he spoke, 鈥淲e will finish this later.鈥 The words rattled in your brain and a wave of excitement washed through you. He walked away and threw his shirt over his head, the fabric clinging to his curves and muscles. Turning back to look at you he had a slight smirk on his lips. 鈥淟et鈥檚 go.鈥 He jerked his head in the direction the two of you needed to go and eagerly you followed after him.
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strawberrylucv2 months ago
Genshin HC's when you tell them "I think I'm in love."
LOL OK; so theres a very popular demand on the "get out of my house." fic and im already working on it!! have some headcanons for awhile!! here yall go :))
Tumblr media
鉁t. Diluc, Zhongli, Childe, Kaeya, Albedo.
鉁arnings : mutual pining, fluff!! headcanons under the cut, mild swearing
PART 2 IS OUT! : Confession time
.銆 *銆.銆 . 銆 掳 銆. 鈼 掳 ..銆 *銆.銆 . 銆 掳 銆. 鈼 掳 ..銆 *
would lowkey stop what he was doing
by lowkey i mean like, slowly place the wine glass he was wiping just a second ago on the table
"Love? That's a strong word, Y/N."
"I know that."
at the back of his mind, he wishes you would say 'I'm in love with you'
he would listen to you, ranting about what you were feeling
he tried asking what they look like
"What do they even look like?"
"Well, they're pretty good-looking, sometimes too serious, but deep down they're just trying hard to protect everyone."
yea, you were talking about him
but he's kinda dense
so he just stood there, pondering who is this person making you think you were in love
he was absolutely jealous
he begs to the archons that you weren't going to say Kaeya
because if you did, he would be so damn heartbroken
when it was time to go home, he grabbed your wrist
he didn't know why
he just didn't want you to go yet
"Tomorrow afternoon." he says as you look at his hand holding your wrist.
"Meet me here, Tomorrow afternoon."
"But tomorrow's your rest day?"
maybe he had something important to say to you ;)
he almost dropped his tea
he thought you would always stay with him
guess he thought wrong.
he would ask 'why love?'
"Why love? Can't it be just infatuation?
"Because, every time I go home, I want to see them again. They're always on my mind, it's crazy. Then, I could notice all the little things they would do. It's adorable."
he looked down at his tea
'Can't it be me'
"Will you let me meet them?' he smiles as he brings his teacup to his mouth
he would want nothing else but your happiness
he coughed up his tea back
what??? why not??
you grab a napkin to clean the mess on his face
you were so close
he looked at you with endearing eyes
he wasn't ready to see you go
with someone else
that wasn't him
so he stood up from his seat, you were taken aback by this
"I want to tell you something." he offered his hand to help you.
"What?" you say as you took his hand.
"Not here. Follow me."
guess he has to tell you something~~i wonder what--
but he wouldn't show you that
while you were getting giddy and flustered
he was thinking of plans on finding out who you like
like, he was about to order his subordinates for you
he was dead serious
he asked you 'who's the lucky person' with a smile
"To be honest, they're a bit stupid-"
"Then why are you in love with them?" he cuts you off, he looked at you with the most dead stare ever.
"They're also really caring. They just want their family to be safe and I think that's what made me fall for them. They're also very hot."
he accidentally thought out loud 'I'm hot too'
you looked at him
he looked at you
oh fuck, he said that??
well damn.
you laughed so hard
his ears turned red
god that was embarrassing-
he bit his lip and continued to hear your laughter
if only he could stop time,
if only it was him who you were thinking of,
if only he could have you by his side forever.
when you stopped laughing you turned to him
"Tell you what, I'll let you meet them!"
"..hooray!" his heart clenched when you said that.
"Meet me by the pond near Bubu Pharmacy in the evening?"
"...Y/N, I don't think-" he wasn't ready to be broken so easily.
"You'll come right?"
he could never say no to you, especially since you looked so excited
he'll tell you too, that he had feelings for you. even if someone else had your heart, he had to tell you.
"Of course." he smiled at you warmly, he had to be strong, for you.
ohh, how is he gonna tell you doee~
he was all smiles till you said that
he wasn't unhappy but he felt something wrong
oh, it might be the fact that he harbored feelings for you
but he was still questioning if it was just friendship
guess he was too late
wait, he didn't care if he was too late
what he did care was that you were in love
with who though.........
"Y/N, are you in love with me?" he joked around but he was hoping you would say yes, please say yes. This would be a perfect night for you to confess to him
"Oh Kaeya-"
"Say yes."
he caught you by surprise.
oh wait.
he's the one confessing to you now
he didn't even ask how and who the person was
he was getting red by the second since you just stared at him
sheesh, there this tension between you guys
you laugh by how red the flirtatious cavalry caption could get
"What would happen if I say yes?" you try to wipe the tears that were caused by his sudden seriousness.
what would happen?
he just
just wanted you to be with him
ok yea, he didn't want you to be in love with anyone else except him
so he says:
"Want to know?"
ohoho, i wonder~~~
he doesn't really know what love is
but he felt this twinge inside of him
like he was-
was it jealousy?
because he really didn't want you to leave when you made him feel like this
"What, Y/N?" he asked you while he placed his sketchbook on a nearby table
"Love? Well, your chest would feel like its always about to explode-"
was that what he was feeling every time you were going to his camp?
"-When they tell you that they have to go to dangerous places, you wished they wouldn't have to. That they'd stay here with you. Just with you."
oh, is that why he had those thoughts when you went off to do your commissions? where he silently wished you would be safe?
"When they tell you something that only you two would share, it would send you on cloud nine."
he was always feeling something whenever he's with you,
was that cloud nine?
is he in love with you?
is this love?
it is.
then the person making you feel in love-
who the hell? who was it?
there was one thing he needed to do
"Y/N. I think I'm in love."
"W-W-What?" you stutter your words. He was so straightforward with you. He shocked you by his sudden confession.
oh--with who? ;;;)
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