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ohmykazuha · a day ago
♡ good morning, darling!
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: itto, childe, zhongli, xiao, diluc, kaeya, scaramouche, albedo x gn!reader
♡ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: fluff fluff fluff!
♡ 𝐚/𝐧: waaah this was so fun to write! | like/rb if you liked this please! consider giving me a follow if you liked it as well ^u^
Tumblr media
ITTO wakes you up with a kiss on the nose, embracing you in his arms as you wipe the sleep from your eyes. "but i'm sleepy, itto.." you whine. nope. itto's having none of that. he’ll pepper kisses all over your nose, cheeks, lips, neck — until you decide to start your day. cuddle in his arms for a bit to start the day right.
CHILDE wakes up with his hands intertwined with yours. his hands reach up to rub your back, hearing your sleep-filled whines as he shakes you to wake up. childe leans over to kiss you on each freckle as you start to wake up, holding your hands in his abs rubbing his fingers over your knuckles.
ZHONGLI wakes up with him spooning your smaller frame. his arms are wrapped around you, like a knot blanket, and he watches your peaceful smile as he runs his fingers through your hair. “good morning, darling,” he smiles lazily. he cuddles you in his arms for a while before deciding to start the morning.
XIAO wakes up with the two of your bodies curled around each other, huddling for warmth. he can feel the intimacy between the two of you. he cradles your face in his hands, sleepily pressing a kiss to your cheek. “早安,我的宝贝。” he greets, hearing your hushed whines and giggles as he peppers your face in kisses.
DILUC wakes up with a smile on his face, knowing that he gets to wake up with his favourite person in the world — you! he runs his fingers through your hair, watching you smile sleepily as you start to wake up, wiping the sleep from your eyes. diluc curls his hands around you, holding you close and whispering good morning to you. time to start the day.
KAEYA greets you with the sleepiest smile adorned on his face, his messy bedhead hair and a faraway look in his eyes saying hello. mornings with him are calm and quiet, with kaeya kissing your lips and dragging you to the bathroom and doing the silliest dances in the mirror. kaeya adores being able to wake up with you in the morning.
SCARAMOUCHE is arguably not a morning person, but he’d show a rare, sleepy smile every now and then. scaramouche wraps his arms around you, tiredly burying his head into your shoulder and humming exhaustedly. you’re the only person who gets to see him all ‘vulnerable’ and ‘weak’ — he rambles, until you shut him up with a kiss.
ALBEDO is usually up before you, so expect breakfast and a steaming mug of coffee ready for you when you make your appearance in the dining room. albedo loves to braid/comb your hair before he decides to start the day officially. expect lots of sleepy cuddles in the morning as he tries to wake you up as well. ;)
Tumblr media
heheee this was so cute and fun to write! i hope you enjoyed it too >< remember to leave a like and reblog and consider giving me a follow! ^u^
taglist: @bookuya, @mikachuchu, @starglitterz, @cherubbic, @noirkkat, @the-gayest-sky-kid, @ajaxeology, @icecappa, @almondoufu, @gnyuvile, @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst. @simplyxsinned, @heaven-dissolution, @xiaoyksa, @yua1106, @cruxdou, @mayple, @rim0na, @kamitoge, @abyssheart, @hushyouu, @thaliastea, @chichikoi, @cxlrose, @xiaos-tofuu, @yuezhong, @whsprd-lullaby, @myluvkeiji, @melkxsh, @haliya-mori, @kxllmelia, @irethepotato, @alonelysimp, @keiq0
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fuwon · a day ago
Chasing Daybreak (II)
(A/N: If the formatting looks weird, this chapter is uploaded through desktop! Also, PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS FOR THIS! The chapter deals with some sensitive topics and if you feel uncomfortable regarding them, please don't read ahead! And special thank you to @star-gods for going through this massive word dump!
Characters: Reader, Childe, Amber, Eula, Tomo, Kazuha
Warnings: Implications of suicidal thoughts, attempted murder, has basis off certain SAGAU tropes so there will be instances of OOC)
Pairings: Childe x Reader)
Previous || Chapter 2 || Next
You and Childe landed on the soft grass just east of the quaint village. Though the sun was still high up, you thought that securing the necessities was your first order of business.
Honestly, it was all on you, not realizing how difficult it was to hunt and secure some reasonable rations. Every possible tree that you remember having any semblance of fruits were all wiped clean, and trying to hunt for game was nearly impossible. It was only a testament to Childe's skill as a hunter that you even got any meal for the day.
Before you knew it, the sun was finally setting and it just hit you that you both had no camping equipment to use.
"Childe, please tell me you have some sort of emergency Fatui Harbinger camping gear."
"Unfortunately, no such things are given to us in training." He laughed, not understanding how dire your situation is. "Besides, if I was given that in the first place, we wouldn't have had to hunt for our food."
Yeah, he had a point.
"So… any plans?"
"We could technically ask to spend the night from those villagers over there."
"That's a start." You nodded as you made your way across the dusty roads, carefully avoiding the Hilichurls dancing merrily by the rocks.
"So, do we just ask them for a room?"
"That's right."
"And if they don't have any rooms available?"
"We ask them nicely." You turned to look at his grinning face and despite knowing that it wasn't directed at you, you felt a chill crawl on your spine at the hidden implications of his words.
"Can we leave murder and forceful entry as our last option, please?" You heard a sad 'yes, Your Grace' but decided not to mind it. You had bigger problems to worry about than your companion being sad at your refusal to commit crimes.
As predicted, none of the villagers had any spare rooms to let the two foreigners stay for the night. You were about ready to give up and maybe just lay down beneath the stars, but Childe tapped your shoulder and pointed at a camp.
It was occupied by two Nobushi, but all you could see was the warm campfire and cozy tent.
"Don't take out the fire, okay?"
"As you wish." Childe got ready to confront them, hands gripping at the…
"Uhh, Your Grace? I would appreciate having access to my skills back."
"Ah." You grinned sheepishly, as you felt your power surge once more and unlocked Childe's abilities. He let out a whoop, summoning his bow…
"What… why does he have a Slingshot for his bow?" You gawked at his weapon of choice, not that it stopped him from slaying the unsuspecting Nobushi. He gave you a cheerful wave as the battle ended without much fuss.
As you both settle in for the night, you questioned Childe about his lack of any good weapons.
"It's… not easy to come by a good ranked weapon, Your Grace." The ginger explained, bringing out his pitiful weapon. "Normally, you have to be quite lucky to even come across anything higher ranked than a three star. As for a five star…"
"You need actual god tier luck… ugh." You slumped down, poking the campfire with a stick. "How do you even get them without the gacha feature? Do they just spawn randomly? Do the Archons have them?"
"Cheer up, Your Grace! I'm sure we will come across a few with your influence." Despite knowing how unlikely it is, you still smiled at Childe's pep talk.
As the night fully settled in, you began fixing your part of the tent to sleep in. As you laid down, you felt Childe's warm body lay down beside you.
You didn't mind it until he wrapped his arms around you.
"H-hold up!" You scrambled away from him as his blue eyes looked at you in confusion.
"Is there a problem?"
"What exactly are you doing?"
"Ah, I'm sure you don't need such trifling matters like sleeping, Your Grace, but--"
"Not that!" You nearly smacked him had he been closer. "Why are you… That… uhh…"
"Oh! It is to share and retain warmth between us." At his reasonable explanation, you felt yourself calm down, though your heart was still beating a mile a minute. You gave him an unsure look before settling down once more. He followed through, arms once again wrapping around you, his chest firmly pressed onto your back.
'He's right.' You thought, as sleep slowly overtook your brain. 'He's warm…'
In no time, you were out like a log.
The next day, you woke up with a smile. You felt like nothing could ruin your day.
“Not even a minute in and the day is already ruined…” You bitterly mumbled, sleep still covering most of your brain in a fog.
"Enemies, Your Grace?" Childe stood in front of you protectively, stance ready to attack in a moment's notice. In a flash, you felt your brain finally gear up as your eyes widened at the two familiar girls in front of you.
"Amber and Eula…"
"Your crimes of impersonation and attempted deicide have been recorded and decided," the brown haired Outrider announced, stern face and hands on her hips.
"Your stunt at Starfell Valley is unforgivable," the cryo Reconnaissance Captain declared, Broken Pines towering over her form. "For that disgraceful act, vengeance will be mine!" In a split second, her claymore arched through the air before it was stopped by Childe's hydro spear.
"Sorry to break it to you, but that vengeance has to wait indefinitely, I'm afraid," the former Fatui snarked back as he parried Eula's claymore.
"Your Grace, leave this one to me." Without another word, Childe headed straight to battle against the Reconnaissance Captain with a feral grin. You were about to stay put, but you heard the sound of a charging arrow. With all the strength you could muster, you rolled to the side, as the grass where you stood before lit up in flames. You heard Amber’s familiar voice call out for Baron Bunny and you knew you had less time to get out of its explosion range.
For a moment, the giant explosion distracted Childe from his ongoing battle, resulting in a free hit from Eula. You knew that this battle can't drag on for too long, so you pull up their status screens as you mumble your plan to yourself.
"Okay, okay, it worked for the Tsaritsa, so maybe I could--"
<Notice: The amount needed exceeds the Authority you have>
"You're kidding me--Childe!" You saw your partner knocked back by his opponent's weapon, worry and rage slowly forming in the pit of your stomach. You felt helpless, that despite your status as a god, the damned Leaker still has you beaten.
"You foreigners are always the rude type, aren't you?" A new voice popped up just as Amber was about to fire her arrow towards your position. Both of you looked around in confusion, trying to spot where the voice came from. Suddenly, there was a flick of an electro pulse followed by a phantom hilt of a sword burying itself on the ground next to the Outrider. Before she or you could react, the electro hilt exploded, knocking back the pyro archer.
You turned to look at your savior, messy blond locks in a high ponytail, a stalk of wheat in between his grinning mouth, and a white kitten tucked in his scarf and haori. You swore that he felt familiar, but not enough to put a name on him.
He climbed down from the tree he seemed to have been resting on, blade stabbing the ground as he landed with a thud.
"Geeze, all I wanted was some sleep, then I got woken up by some foreigners making a racket. Ahh, it's fine, it's fine, isn't it, Yuki?" He seemed to have been lost in his own world, coddling the cute white kitten pawing in his sleeve. Without looking up, he held his blade back up, electro infusing the sword, and sliced the ground aimed at the still fighting Eula and Childe. The phantom electro sword hilts popped back up once again, confusing the cryo user.
Once the hilts exploded, Childe took advantage of the opening and finished the fight.
When the two ladies didn't get up, you grabbed the new-comer's hand and made your way towards Childe, grabbing his own hand as well. You checked the map and teleported by Araumi, bringing the two men with you.
'I wonder if there is a way to remove my marker from the map…' You hovered over the green marker indicating where you were, as a pop up is once again triggered by your action.
<Hide your marker?>
"Well, that takes care of that at least." You sighed in relief, thankful that you have more room to traverse without being harassed by that damned Leaker.
"Your Grace! Are you hurt?" Childe checked you for injuries, his blue eyes roaming around your perfectly intact self. When he deemed you in perfect condition, the former Harbinger turned to thank the busy-body for the help.
"You have my thanks, comrade. We'd be in a much tougher situation had you not intervened."
"At least you're much more polite than your opponents. Tsk, there goes my morning nap." The stranger spat out the wheat stalk he was chewing on before plucking a new one from his sleeve. "So, what's up with you two?"
"Huh?" You looked at him in confusion, not understanding the question.
"Come on, you don't have to hide it from me~" the man grinned smugly, teeth all flashy. "Runaway nobles not agreeing to an arranged marriage?"
"Or lovers running away from debt?"
"Wait, what are you--"
"So, what is it?" You could barely get a word in as your mysterious savior had pretty much made conclusions based on your situation.
"Ah, they are the creator god and I am their consort."
"Wh--Childe!" You could feel the blush forming on your cheeks once again after being reminded of your rather bold proposal. The man looked at you with clearly judging eyes, obviously not believing a single word.
"I mean, if you two are into that sort of role play, than by all means~"
"We aren't!" Resisting the urge to face palm, you let go of the stupid conversation. When the jokes finally died down, you curiously stared at the grinning man's stature. He really did seem familiar but somehow, not a single name is popping up from your memories.
'Was he an unreleased character? I wasn't involved much in most of the Inazuma characters…'
More importantly, what's bothering you more…
"Is there any destination you have in mind?"
"Hoh, are you two volunteering to accompany me?"
His smile felt empty.
If Childe's eyes were described as dead, that's how you would describe this man's smile.
He's like a smiling corpse.
You shook the thought away, filing it in for later reassessment.
"It is the least we could do after you saved us." At your admission, the man briefly paused, most likely considering your offer.
"Inazuma City." He stated, eyes wandering across the land from atop the cliff you were both standing on. "That's my destination."
"Off to the city then, Your Grace?" Childe reappeared with a rather fluffy coat on his hands. You assumed he got them from the nearby Fatui camp that loitered around the area. He draped the extra cloak on your head, hiding most of your features and clothing from the public.
You were kinda mad at yourself for not thinking of this earlier.
"Right. Inazuma City then. Hold my hand and get ready." Like an excited puppy, Childe gripped your right hand firmly and without any hesitation. The other man, however, stared at your open palm before shrugging and proceeded to also grasp your available hand.
The world shifted and suddenly, you're by the stairs and close to where the Adventurer's Guild was stationed. The man whistled at your ability, though he still seemed unconvinced at Childe's claims of your godhood.
Honestly, the less people know, the better. That Leaker might lose your trail if you kept this up.
"Right, now that we're here, let's grab some breakfast!" The man walked with false confidence, though he seemed to know exactly where he was going. You and Childe simply followed him, hand still clasped together.
By the time you made it to the food stand, the people of Inazuma were all out, the streets were bustling, and the city felt lively.
‘I guess it's because the Sakoku Decree hasn't even been put up yet…’
You followed the man, sitting down at the stall he pointed you two at. When the three of you had your orders done, Childe tried slinking away unnoticed.
You, however, noticed him.
“What’s wrong?”
“Oh, uhh, nothing, Your Grace.”
“It’s just that… I may have to inquire with some of the Fatui agents for some… extra mora.”
“Oh.” You tilted your head, remembering that Childe technically doesn’t have the Fatui resources at his disposal now. Asking to borrow money from the Fatui would actually put him in debt.
You frowned at the thought, holding his arm before he got away.
“Hold on, let me try something.” With the revelation that your Authority was similar to the resin system, you thought how you could also use it to gain resources, just like in the game. Quite frankly, you hoped that you didn’t have to go around and find a leyline to disrupt before getting your hard earned mora.
“Spawn mora.” You visualized the leyline bloom that gave players a couple hundred thousand mora and felt your Authority drain. On the bright side, you hoped that meant that your plan had worked.
At the sound of mora dropping together, you thought that it probably worked a bit too well. Mora wasn’t the problem as it was counting the hundred thousand or so that was all over the stand that was your newly growing headache.
At least it only took five resin compared to twenty.
After your brief breakfast, the sun was now fully up above as clear weather occupied the skies. You still followed the man that had a corpse-like smile, as you weren’t exactly sure where else you and Childe would go. Despite it being a shaky plan, it’s at least much better than running around with no clear path.
Besides, having more people with you when you face off against another attack against that Leaker would definitely help.
“Now, he should be right around--Oi! Over here!” The man waved at someone under the sakura tree and seeing who he was made you pause.
Platinum hair with a red streak and a side ponytail, red eyes, bandaged hands…
“Someone you know, Your Grace?”
“No, I… Hold on, if that’s Kazuha, then…!” Finally, you figured out why that blond man seemed very familiar. A companion of Kaedehara Kazuha, someone who made a brief cameo in his story quest…
An NPC whose fate is to be a stepping stone of the story’s narrative.
“There is no need for all this fuss, Tomo.”
He’s the man who will meet his end in Tenshukaku, whose masterless vision will end up in Kazuha’s hands, a man who made a stand and braved the lightning’s glow.
“Ah, have you perhaps gone out of your way to scam innocent people this time?”
“I have more honor than stooping that low! Ain’t that right, Yuki?” As the blond babied the tiny kitten on his chest, Kazuha stepped forward to meet you two.
“Though sometimes his actions are questionable, I can assure you that he means well.” He started calmly before finally introducing himself. “I am Kaedehara Kazuha, a wanderer who roams the land. The suspicious man you followed here, I assume he has told you his name?”
“We’ve yet to have any formal introductions, no.” Childe answered by your side, as it occurred to you that you haven’t even actually introduced yourself properly to the blond.
“You can call me Tomo.” The blond samurai finally decided to insert himself in the conversation, as you and Childe reintroduced yourself to them in turn. You felt Tomo’s eyes on you when Childe added in a remark about you being the creator god. As you turned to question him, he simply gave you a smile.
You hated that dead smile.
The four of you headed out near the bounds of Inazuma City, making small talk. You’re kinda glad that Tomo and Kazuha didn’t seem to mind how the two of you were following them. Though you tried your best not to eavesdrop on their conversation, your ears couldn’t help but pick up some bits and pieces of their talk.
“..right? So… payment…”
“...wouldn't… but… Yuki sad…”
“She’d understand… namesake…”
“Your sister…”
‘Tomo has a sister?’ For a brief second, you see his purple eyes cloud with sorrow and guilt. ‘Oh. Maybe he had a sister.’
“Your Grace, if you are truly interested, we could just scoot forward, yes?” After Childe caught you shamelessly snooping, you felt your cheeks go red in embarrassment. “After all, I’m sure they won't mind, seeing as they’re letting us follow them around.”
“Ah, right.” You widen your stride as you crept closer to the two samurai, their conversation now fully accessible to your ears.
“Nevermind that…” Tomo sighed in frustration, as he moved the conversation to a different topic. “Say, in any of your travels, do you know anything about this sword art called ‘Musou no Hitotachi’?” At Tomo’s question, Kazuha paused in his step, his eyebrows furrowed and a frown made its way onto his face. He looked up to see the hopeful inquiry of his friend’s eyes, shining a bit more vividly than what he’s used to.
Perhaps that's what made him give in.
“That sword art…” Ruby eyes closed in contemplation as he continued his explanation. “It can only be witnessed when divine punishment is administered, as it is the pinnacle of the Raiden Shogun’s skill.” As Kazuha finished, Tomo turned to face him, a grin present in his pleasant face.
You note that this smile is the most alive you’ve seen him wear so far.
“There must be one who can withstand it.” You remembered those words, a long distant memory of a rather melancholic cutscene and an equally mournful narrator.
You don’t know why but you didn’t want to hear him say the next few phrases.
“Well, maybe a really good geo shield could withstand it? Between Rex Lapis and the Raiden Shogun, who do you think will fall first?” At your sudden interruption, you could see how Tomo’s lively grin switched back to its usual lifeless form.
“An interesting proposition, hmm. What do you think--Tomo?” Kazuha called out worriedly for his friend who simply left the conversation. You felt rather awful, thinking that inserting yourself in the conversation may have pissed off the normally laid back samurai.
“I’m sorry. I think I probably interrupted something important.”
“Not at all… In fact, I do believe your distraction helped.” Kazuha summoned a blade broken by the hilt. He handed you the blade, the weight of it settling onto your palm.
“I would… like to ask for your help in this manner, if you will.”
‘How do I unsummon this--woah!’ The worn down sword disappeared in flash, bright particles floating by as a byproduct.
“Perhaps a distraction is all that he needed. He asked me to help him find a blacksmith capable of restoring his father’s old blade. I… did manage to find one; however, I am rather hesitant to complete this task.”
“So, I’m supposed to hide this sword for a while?”
“As a last resort, yes.” He looked back to where Tomo had left, voice tinged with worry. “I dread that he will do something… irreversibly bad.”
“He will not listen to me, had I told him to… let things go. I am too close, too invested.” He looked down regretfully, mourning his helplessness at the situation. “However, two rather odd wanderers, one even claiming to be a god… Someone outside his sphere of influence…”
“Do you think I can convince him?”
“Quite possibly so. Ever since his sister’s passing, Tomo has never been quite the same. He needs to heal.” You glanced at the direction that Tomo went, contemplating the mysterious man’s troubles.
“I mean, I guess I’ll try. I’m not really good with these talks, you know?”
“I believe in you, Your Grace.” Childe encouraged you, and his boundless belief in your nonexistent ability somehow gave you that courage to at least try.
As you left Childe with Kazuha, you hurriedly try to chase after the path Tomo took. You finally spot him sitting beside a worn down house, wheat stalk between his lips and eyes gazing upwards.
“Hey! Uhh, I’m sorry for butting in your conversation.” You didn’t receive a response at first so you at least tried to make small talk with him. “I… heard about your sister.”
At that, you received a blank stare from the blond samurai. Intense purple eyes seemed to be drilling holes into your very soul and for a second, you thought you had to tap into your Authority in case he attacked. You didn’t have to, as Tomo’s eyes gazed down, his figure slumping by the wooden floorboard.
"Yuki was always sickly, y'know? The type that would lose their breath just by standing up for a few minutes." Tomo started, his dead smile still present though his voice is stained with pain. "Her dream had always been to witness what our father used to tell stories off: 'Lightning flashed, thunder roared, as her eminence drew her blade and all fell under her mighty sword art--the Musou no Hitotachi'" His voice sounded wistful, fondness seeping out of his every word.
"One day, she told me that her dream is to witness it, to brave the lightning's glow, and in that moment--" He laughed, though the laughter held no joy, just incredulity. "Father's old, masterless vision from when he died, lit up and turned purple. My bedridden sister had gained a vision." The implications of his story dawned on you, as his smile fell from his face and an expression of guilt and anger finally appeared.
"How cruel are the gods to have given such dire hope to a dying child? I tried all I could to make her ambitions come true, even at my expense. I…" You heard him take a deep breath, the quiver in his voice betraying his attempt to steady himself.
"I pleaded for the Almighty Shogun in Tenshukaku for one strike, one flash of lightning. One slash… But it was all for naught. I came back home to find my sister had passed on and the vision she and my father shared was blank once again."
"And like the coward I am, I ran away while holding onto that vision. I wandered for days, not knowing what to do." Purple eyes stared blankly at the glowing vision on his hand as he continued his story. "One night I just… woke up from it all. I thought to myself, 'if Yuki didn't get to bare witness the Lightning's Glow, then I would in her place.'"
"So that--"
"Yeah. It was as if the gods heard my challenge and granted me the same vision, all shared by my family." He stood up, eyes wistful but the smile he wore no longer looked like that of a corpse.
Maybe because rather than a smile, it was a grimace that adorned his face.
"That is why, if Kazuha is correct, that the only way to witness Musou no Hitotachi is through divine punishment, then all I have to do is be someone worthy of receiving one, right?" He began making his way out of the house you both were in, steps firm and shoulder much more steady. You followed him, worry etched on your face as you know what the result of this decision he made would culminate into.
Further along the path, Kazuha and Childe came into view, both seemingly discussing something. When they saw you two, the ginger gave you a cheerful wave while the former noble nodded in your direction. You saw Tomo gave them that same listless, dead smile and you knew you had to do something.
'I know I promised Kazuha I will help but... He’s important to Kazuha’s future story event.' Your mind saw that annoying smile again as you asked yourself, 'Then again, do I have it in me to ignore him knowing what will happen?' You shook your head, decision made.
"Tomo, please wait!" At the sound of your voice, the blond samurai stopped, as he turned to face you. Childe and Kazuha decided to join in, after hearing the distress in your voice.
"Is there anything else, Your Grace?" You winced at the small mockery present when he called you by the title you wore. There was an indignant feeling rising within you, at being held in contempt like this.
You stomp it off, knowing that this isn't about you.
"If witnessing the Musou no Hitotachi is all you desire, I can provide it." Tomo would have nearly laughed at your ridiculous statement had he not heard the seriousness of your voice.
"Your Grace, if it were that easy--"
"It is." You cut him off as you stepped forward "Showing you something like that is easy. You don't need to trouble yourself with all this if that is truly where your ambition stands."
"Hey, this isn't funny--"
"But is that really what your desire, your ambition, and will lies, Tomo?" You questioned him, eyes tearing up at the next question you asked him. "Or is it Divine Punishment you were truly after?"
"Perhaps, is your real ambition simply to die?"
Behind him, Kazuha stood still, red eyes wide with horror as he finally understood his friend's questions regarding that particular sword art. Childe looked away, feeling as if he shouldn't be listening into something deeply personal.
"... Tell me, Your Grace. What is there to live for when there is nothing left? A samurai’s end would have been enough for me but… perhaps I could at least see for myself what my sister could not…"
You felt a lump form at the back of your throat, the dread of your suspicion being confirmed finally engulfed your head.
No wonder he smiled like a corpse, he was practically one anyway.
"So? Tell me what I need to do. What do I live for!? Almighty creator god, what does someone who lost it all have anything else left to live for?!"
"... Yourself."
"You're still alive, so live for yourself. Don't live for your sister's dreams or your father's memories!" There was a desperate, raw tinge in your voice as you struggled to let out what you wanted him to hear.
"Live for yourself! For you who will see the sunrise, for you who will eat breakfast, for you who will chat with Kazuha! Live for a better tomorrow!" You hear yourself shouting now, your feet stomped the earth and a throbbing headache now forming at the back of your head.
"What are those hands of yours if not to spar with your friend? Those ears to hear the world laugh, those eyes if not to see a brighter tomorrow? How else can you witness all that if you're gone!?" You don't know when the rain began pelting all over the two of you but you didn't care. You just wanted to give this man in front of you the one thing that kept you, yourself, going in the darkest of hours.
"Your Grace." Childe stepped in and placed his own coat on top of your dripping wet one. You clung to him and pressed your face into his chest. The ginger stared back at the tranced Tomo, as he gave the samurai his own opinions.
"Sometimes, seeing the daybreak is all we need for a reason." He lifted you from the ground, carrying you bridal style.
"Their Grace gave you more than enough. Whether you agree or disagree is all on you now. We will wait for you and your answer by the tree tomorrow at daybreak." He left the storming field, as Kazuha simply stayed by his friend.
"Childe, what if he doesn't change his mind?" You let your head lean onto his shoulder as Childe's hand wrapped around your waist protectively.
"Then his will to die was simply stronger. If your words could not reach him, then no one else's can." Your eyes closed, hoping that you had done enough to change his views. You knew that you had done what you could, short of just handing him over to an actual therapist. You no longer have any sway in this matter, whether his fate follows as the original would...
… Or perhaps a second chance would be reborn.
The next morning you opened your eyes, worry and guilt settling in your gut. Childe's support had been godsent, really. You didn't know how you could have functioned well if he wasn't there with you.
There may have been some misunderstanding when he joined you on your escape, but you still had to admit, asking for his assistance had been one of the best decisions you came up with.
The two of you made your way by the entrance of Inazuma City, just below the giant cherry blossom tree. You both agreed if… within the next thirty minutes, if they don't appear, then it was a bust and that you and Childe should leave. You were practically biting through your fingers as the five minute mark past the original time arrived.
"Hey~ Is your team still accepting some late comers?" A voice broke you out of your reverie and you turned to face the man that's been causing you despair for the past few hours.
He chose to live.
"Well comrade, I'd say you look pretty well." Childe greeted him with a smile. "But you also made Their Grace worried sick."
"Ah, my bad." Tomo replied sheepishly, a grin making its way onto his face. This time, you note, his smile looks brighter, more resolute.
He doesn't look like a dead man walking anymore.
"Do forgive his carelessness. Had his head been detachable, he would surely have forgotten about it too, I reckon." Kazuha piped up, ignoring his friend's betrayed look.
"You're supposed to sell me as a good companion, Kazuha!"
"I am merely stating what my experiences with you had brought upon myself.” At their casual bantering, you laughed, relief finally flooding your body.
“And what about you, drifter?” Childe turned to the other newcomer. “What do you plan to do now that we’ve snatched your travel companion?”
“Though our time together was short, I do hope you have an extra space for a drifter such as I.”
“Hold on, you’re coming with me?” Tomo asked excitedly, genuine joy could clearly be heard in his voice.
“Well, do you not want me to?”
“You know that's not--Come here!” The blond samurai lunged at his friend, trying to place him under a headlock. Kazuha simply dodged him, swift as the wind.
“I guess… welcome to the team you two.” You smiled, warmth filling you up as you saw the relaxed expressions of your two new companions. Tomo’s purple eyes met yours, and the gratitude and life present in them made you all the more glad that you managed to pull him out of his despair, of his original fate.
“Uhh, I know this might be a bit odd but, are you free to send me somewhere, Your Grace?” Finally stopping their shenanigans, he turned to face you properly. “There is just one last bit I need to do.”
As he described to you the place, you concluded that the closest place to teleport would be by the Court of Flowing Sand. The four of you went a few ways west before hopping down past a broken bridge. On top of a small hill, there was a mound with dried dendrobium placed on top of it. You swore the area looked familiar and it finally hit you where this place was when the tiny kitten resting on Tomo’s scarf hopped down and settled by the shaded side of the area.
This would have been Tomo’s makeshift graveyard. All it needed was his broken blade and the masterless vision.
“Hey, Yuki.” Tomo’s soft voice was carried by the gentle breeze fluttering about. “Your big bro’s got an important job to do so I can’t… be with you for a while. I brought a friend to keep you company, at least.”
The white kitten with his sister’s namesake looked up before laying down by the grass.
“I’m okay now. I… I’ll stop living for both of your sakes and start for mine. So that’s why, you gotta keep Pops company there for a bit, okay?” There was a wistful tone present in his voice but you weren’t worried for him. You knew he needed this closure.
“So, uhh, yeah. Sorry I couldn’t fulfill your ambition.” He laughed, though the tone sounded sad, it felt alive in your ears. “I know what you’ll say, ‘it’s fine, it’s fine, go do your thing!’ and maybe it is high time to follow your words.” As he finished his last words, you took a step forward, as you brought out the broken blade that you were asked by Kazuha to hide as a last resort. Understanding your sentiment, Tomo nodded before stabbing the blade onto the mound, making it appear like a makeshift gravestone.
You took a peek at your Authority and conceded that using it on this one action would be worth it.
“There will always be those who brave the lightning’s glow...” As your words cut through the silence, a strand of purple lightning struck the broken sword hilt, electro spreading onto the grave. “But there will also be those who choose to stray from that lonely path.” The electro covering the hilt seemed to cover the grave with a shield, protecting the mound from outside forces. In awe, Tomo and Kazuha stared at your enigmatic form, words barely making it out of their mouths.
“Your Grace…”
“Come on now, we still have to restock our supplies!” You turned, a smile spreading across your cheeks as you recall the tool tip you read when you checked the mound.
[Broken Blade Mound]
《The thunder incinerates body and bone — in nourishing the earth may they both find rest.》
<```A reminder of what will not come to. A lone samurai who chose to bury his sister’s ambition and his father’s memories, the warrior now chose to live for himself as his new will and ambition.```>
Taglist: @weakestpoint @flyingpansaurus @thai @baalbigboobas @aballion
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apompkwrites · a day ago
hello!!! this is my first time requesting omg this is so exciting- anyways i really really love your blog it's just so comforting tysm for starting this series <33 can i please request a xiao, albedo, childe, scaramouche, aether (you can remove some if these are too many) where reader is a villain and then there's a scene where reader kicks them or smth (kinda like signora to venti but this time to the traveler) and then they just short circuit bc of ((their masochistic asses)) ur hot :)
reader impact || maso-kick
series masterlist characters: aether, albedo, childe, scaramouche, xiao genre: fluff contains: streamer's traveler gets kicked, la signora type kick summary: (name) just kicks our streamers and they freak out. notes: for the sake of this ask, we'll change up the au for aether so that you aren't the traveler :) also kinda changed it from less of a villain type thing i hope that's okay! also kinda wanna write replaced! au because om! angst fics have been a jam recently also unrelated but i just finished stars align/hoshiai no sora and i was not prepared at all :))
aether -
please he actually can't say anything because lumine will laugh at him.
correction: lumine is laughing at him.
she's his twin so she has a basic gist of how he feels during this scene.
he will basically melt into his seat upon seeing you kick his traveler character.
he's definitely hiding his face in his sweater and whining.
great, now his chat is laughing at him too.
"so, this is famed outlander who is in search of the gods."
"please... mmmhmh..."
albedo -
the calmest out of the five, for sure. he won't let anyone catch onto how affected he is right now.
now, that's not to say that he isn't affected by the cutscene, oh no no no.
in fact, that's all he'll be thinking about for... probably a few months.
ha artist brain go brrr part (i've lost count at this point).
he's for sure expecting a bunch of people to ask him to draw you and the traveler.
and he will.
but he'll save his favorite ones for himself :)
bonus: if this takes place around the same time as the shadows amongst snowstorms event and it's the imposter who's doing it, he's going to be thanking them under his breath because gODS THEY'RE FEEDING HIM CONTENT
"let's try a new experiment, shall we?"
"oh, what kind?"
childe -
oh he's in too deep now.
not only do you call him (or more accurately, his traveler) sweetheart, but you also kick him to the ground??
please, he's actually in love.
his chat is also making fun of him.
but then he'll switch it up and call out his chat on having the same thoughts as him :)
"aw, sweetheart. we haven't even started and you're already out of commission? such a shame..."
"who says we were done? ...CHAT YOU WERE THINKING THE SAME THING SHUT--"
scaramouche -
he barely manages to keep it together.
and by that, i mean he keeps it up and abruptly ends to stream to freak out in privacy.
look, he has to keep up his angry image somehow.
(although, most of his chat already knows why he ended stream seeing as how he literally left in the middle of the quest)
he's not that slick...
"oh, don't look at me like that, traveler. haven't we had fun?"
"yeah, for sure..."
xiao -
like he actually malfunctions on stream.
he's stuck on the screen that followed the cutscene and is just.
you've broken him, are you proud of yourself?
oh, you bet he's gonna be searching the internet for fics inspired by this one cutscene.
"what a pathetic little mortal. this is who saved liyue and begs for my respect?"
"hhh... m... mhm..."
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reveltica · 2 days ago
wish i could've held you much longer
Tumblr media
pairing: childe x gn!reader
a/n: i am silently praying that this would be the last installment and hopefully my brain would not fart out more ideas.
WARNINGS!: my favorite: ANGST, hurt with no comfort (on childe's side), cussing and the daily reminder for people to refrain from harrassing childe or any other character mains just because of a fanfic. thank you~
part iii
"You're listening to Radio Revel"
Tumblr media
Having a best friend whom you have no contact over a number of days, and by chance you two did talk as if those days were nothing. It's pretty normal, right? But having no contact to your best friend/crush/the person you are falling in love with all over again could be painful!
Take Childe for example. He looked pretty normal, for a Childe. He functioned properly. Worked efficiently in the Fatui. Played with his siblings on his free time. Fished on frozen rivers with his father. Nothing wrong with him or anything.
But inside, he is a mess. A tumultuous hurricane of emotions ranging from worry to flat out lovesick. Well, maybe. He just couldn't sit still knowing that you're up there in the Snezhnayan Alps, an unexplored terrain with maybe possibly weak comrades to accompany you!
What if you got seriously injured?! And he's not there to help you ease the pain? What..what if you suddenly got seperated from your group and have no ways of contact?
Even with all of these thoughts, he still stopped himself from charging his way to those alps. Because he knows you. He knows that you could put up a serious fight, even without a Vision!
You have raw power and unbelievable hystical strength, to which he was grateful to never be on the receiving end. During the days of his and your reconciliation, he saw you fight those treasure hoarders by the foot of a mountain.
He never saw you fight like that in his entire life! It was one versus five. It was an uneven match but you didn't back down. With your skills and strength, you've beaten them up with no sweat. While watching your footwork and combat, he began admiring you far more deeper than before.
So, he has nothing to worry about! Of course! You're you! Strong, responsible, graceful, admirable, beautiful... oh so beautiful—
"Childe, please focus."
A voice interrupted his daydreaming. It belonged to a Harbinger superior to him. They had a meeting regarding about Inazuma, the Gnosis, and the sixth and the eighth Harbinger.
They seemed to have lost contact with Scaramouche, and La Signora...well. They have assigned Childe to step into the shores of Inazuma and look for The Balladeer.
Well, I know that everyone here knows what happened there, now do we? The only difference was, it was pretty awkward between him and Lumine.
Right, Lumine...
He still haven't told her that during the events that he had spent time with her, he already had someone in his heart. He was just really stupid to realize that. So the moment when Xinyan asked the Traveler if he could join the team temporarily while inspecting the domain, Lumine was very conflicted.
But after some careful contemplation, she had just agreed. After some much needed distraction (a.k.a fighting), and seeing that the domain had no corelation to what happened or where Scaramouche have gone to, Childe was so ready to get out of there.
Not until Lumine stopped him.
He turned around and had met with Lumines golden eyes. The same eyes his past self seemed to admire. They were beautiful, he isn't going to lie about that. But yours were far more superior. Like a whole glittery galaxy filled with so much character. So much life, curiosity to the mystical, and full of passion unlike his own.
"So uhh, nice seeing you again." she started with an awkward smile. He returned it with equal awkwardness "Yes, you too." The usual conversation starter began and it eased Lumine up to say what she really wanted to say.
"I really hope there isn't any static between us. You're a good friend of mine—even if you being a Harbinger might spell trouble for me later— but you were nice to be with. And if you need any help, you can count on me."
Childe blinked and bellowed out a hearty laugh, making Lumine sigh in relief that at least their friendship is safe. Only, she didn't expect him to ruffle her hair which made her move her head away from him in a playful manner.
"Don't let my status as a Harbinger hinder our relationship, comrade. Same for you as well! Whenever you're in a predicament, you can always rely on me." the same boyish grin returned to his quiet demeanor earlier.
But he returned to it in a matter of seconds because of the thought he had earlier. Lumine noticed his restlessness and spoke up. "I've noticed you being so quiet. What's the matter? I just chalked it up to us being awkward with each other because of...your confession in the past."
And there it was. The opening Childe seemed to have needed.
"Lumine...about that. I've done something really horrible. And I couldn't forgive myself for it, for maybe a lifetime." he said so solemnly, Lumine felt like her heart could break.
"..Go on."
Childe looked at her with a pained expression. "The days when we were hanging out almost all the time? How I used to "like" you before, I already have somebody. I already had a lover."
He dropped the bomb.
And Lumine was flabbergasted! She couldn't believe what she was hearing right now. If only she knew back then, she would've made sure to reduce the amount of time Childe decided to be with her when instead he should've been with you.
And being the awesome woman that she is, she sent Childe flying to the other side of the room, making Xinyan, Shiki Taishou, and Paimon be alert.
"What happened, Traveler?"
"Ah! Big Brother is attacked! Are there more enemies?!"
Lumine turned to her concerned friends and raised an apologetic hand. "No, it's fine. He was just being clumsy and stumbled on some debris. I'll go help him, so stay right here and continue investigating."
Childe was quite dusty, a bit in pain lying flat in his back, and he sighed thinking nothing of it. He actually expected her reaction to be more explosive.
And just then, her feet appeared beside him. She bent down to help him stand up. "You know, you deserve a lot more than that Childe." she deadpanned while he just laughed bitterly.
"I expected that."
Lumine frowned and for the last time, she slapped his arm. She sighed and crossed her arms, thinking that she might've contributed to some degree. But she didn't know about his relationship with you at all and she treated him right, like what a friend should.
"You were a very horrible person—"
"I know that. I've known that for a long time now." he interrupted, his voice firm and hard.
"Only because of what happened back with you two in Liyue. Heartbreaks are very hard to mend, Childe. And if they did mend, that meant that they've reflected really hard and deeply into the matter." she then placed her hand on his arm, not to slap it again but to reassure him.
"That is the only moment you were horrible, not you as an entire being."
Childe at that point just wanted to turn back time and slap the hell out of his past self before losing the person he held very dear in his heart. "And that's not the worst part." he mumbled.
"What is..?" Lumine prodded.
And at that moment, Lumine, never in her life thought that she would see the day Childe would cry. Well, not actual crying but close to it.
"I'm helplessly in love with them."
It's been nearly 4 months since you left for the Snezhnayan Alps and Childe being assigned on a mission to search for Scaramouche.
And he is growing very antsy and restless because you and your team are two weeks shy from returning! He's been planning a lot of activities for the both of you. He wanted to spend some quality time with you, may it be just a relaxing day at the shores of Liyue or a thrilling adventure on Mondstadt's mountains. He's planning on maybe taking you on a short vacation to Fontaine on his next days off.
Just a best friends care package for the hard work you've put into contributing to society. He was really proud of you and he wanted you to know that.
Right! This is just a bestie outing! Nothing more, nothing less. At least, that's what he kept on telling himself.
And the day of your return arrived. Childe was at the front of the Guilds building, waiting for you with a bouquet of paper flowers Tonia made for you. Of course by the request of her big brother since he remembered that the specific type of flowers you love couldn't grow in Snezhnaya.
The large car that took you to the alps, returned. Adventurers and researchers spilled out from the vehicle, some he had recognize from when you introduced him to them.
And there you were, in all your glory. You gracefully stepped down from the car, your thick winter cloak covering you from the cold. Did you hair grow? It loooks great on you! Your face seemed to glow even more too. It seemed like you had a fun time up there and he couldn't wait to hear your stories. didn't run to his arms like he expected you to. Instead you were still there, standing by the car, not even looking at his direction. His gut twists and curled into something he didn't like, telling him that something seems to be different, in a bad way. A man stepped down, carrying two heavy-looking bags.
He must be another researcher or adventurer who came with you on the trip. And Childe did not like that one bit. You two were talking rather enthusiastically, like you two knew of each other for a long time.
4 months isn't that long for somebody to be buddy buddy with his very close buddy. At least that's what he thought.
You noticed Childe way ahead of you, holding a bouquet of paper flowers. Your smile widened and Childe's heart melted, all his troubles with that man beside you have vanished. Especially when Childe saw his petrified look.
You ran towards your best friend and greeted them with a gentle hug. "Aww, roses! They're my favorite." you chuckled as you felt the texture of the said flower. "Let me guess, you made Tonia make this?"
"Guilty as charged." he said playfully. Then, your eyes sparkled with life. "I have a lot to talk with you about!" Childe smiled softly at you before saying a gentle "I missed you."
"Ah, right! I'd like to introduce you to a new friend of mine. Damien, this is Ajax. Ajax..this is Damien, he's also a researcher stationed at the Adventurer's Guild." you made a quick introduction for the both of them. Damien, who had black hair and piercing red eyes held out a hand for Childe to shake.
"Nice meeting you Sir Ajax, I've heard a lot about you from [Name]." he smiled a gentlemanly smile. Childe obviously didn't like him already. Knowing that he must've been with you at day one on that cold and unforgiving alps and had the audacity to bear the title of "friend" from you.
But he didn't want you to think badly of him, he was doing his best to redeem himself for you. He begrudgingly returned his handshake and mumbled a silent "Likewise."
Damien nodded and handed Childe your bag. "Well, it was nice being with you [Name] for the last 4 months. See you when I see you?"
"Of course we'll meet again! Remember of that mysterious flower we saw? By that frozen lake." you reminded him, making Childe's slack open. What? You two will still meet up? What about his plans with you?
Damiens eyes sparkled with realization. "Oh right, of course. Alright, we'll meet up by the guild and talk it over." The two of you continued to talk about plans regarding the fascinating find, while Childe was standing quietly beside you.
"Oh, I'm sorry Ajax. You see, I need to meet up with Damien again today. We're meeting up with a scientist from Sumeru to test out the properties of the flower we discovered. Maybe next time?"
No, there wasn't a next time.
"Oh..that was today? I'm really sorry Ajax. I was too caught up with our research. We even had an alchemist from Mondstadt come over yesterday and I haven't slept a wink. Maybe tomorrow? I promise."
You didn't keep the promise.
"Oh, I'm sorry Ajax. Damien and I planned to do something today."
"I have something to do with Damien—
"Damien actually invited me to—"
"Damien and I—"
....What about Ajax and you?
Childe's plans for the two of you is still that. Just, plans not put to action. He didn't want to get angry at you or at Damien. This was your discovery of a new flower! Of course he would support you and understand your situation. But things with the Fatui have been slow since the other Harbingers were given the heavy load for now. He just manages the Northland Bank from home for the moment as well. And the Traveler seemed to have gone back to Mondstadt because of an event.
Basically, nothing can distract him from his invasive thoughts about you and Damien spending time together. It was like this when he came up with excuses to tell you just so he could be with Lumine. Surely, this isn't what you were purposely doing, right? Or, did you find him boring now? Damien looked smart and well kept, should he start being like that as well? He even took the liberty to look at Damiens background and after his subordinates came back earlier than expected, he was stunned.
Damien was a Fatui Pyro Agent.
"Ajax! Wake up!"
His curtains flew open and the warm sunlight poured in. And hearing your voice, telling him to wake up? Seems like he has a very good domestic dream with you. But that soon changed when his blanket was thrown off of him. It really was you! You were in his room, trying to wake him up!
He immediately sprung up to greet you with a smile and a hug. "Good morning!" he greeted. You gasped and chuckled at his surprise hug, your arms wrapping gently around his head. "Good morning too, Ajax." you said softly.
Finally! His nightmare days are over! You told him that you were free for the week and decided to spend some quality time with your best friend. Childe led you to every place he wanted to go with you before. You two visited Fontaine's tourist spots, courtesy of Childe's hefty wealth. He treated you to various delicacies in Sumeru, and he took you to see a festival in Inazuma. It surely was the best week for you, but mostly for Childe as well. It was the best and he wishes it wouldn't end.
But...after that, things seemed to go worse for him. You did still spend time with him, but you involutarily included Damien in your conversations. You didn't mean any harm, you were just really proud of what you two have progressed so far.
Childe still listens to your ramblings, especially since you looked so passionate about this. But with Damien on the mix? He didn't want any of it. He also wanted to tell you of his work, that Damien is not what he seems. He wants you to stay away from a dangerous man like him! But it would unironically apply to him as well.
It's now, Damien this, Damien that and he was getting annoyed and jealous now. It would've been fine if this happened in the past, not now when he realized that he still had feelings for you that has grown stronger every passing day. And, realization kicks in. He also did this to you in the past. Always talking about how great Lumine was and their adventures and sparring sessions. This must be how you felt before.
And jealous, wishing that were him you were talking about. Not Damien.
Just before the day ends and you would walk away from him, he hurriedly took hold of your wrist. Afraid that you would walk off and leave him alone for good. He looked at you in desperation and your heart wrenched in worry. Was he okay? Was he in trouble?
His grip slowly went down to intertwine his fingers with yours. "Can selfish, right now?" he quietly says. You immediately nodded, your free hand on top of your tangled hands.
"Of course, what's your request? I'll do anything for my best friend." you smiled genuinely.
"Best friend", right. That's what he was to you of course.
I wish I could've held you much longer [Name]...
He gulped and hurriedly hugged you tight. As tight as he could before letting you go for tonight. You gasped at the surprise but you obliged with a soft giggle. "Aww, there there Ajax. I'm here."
No you're not. You feel distant from him, no matter how close you two are.
"I think you know why you're here." his voice cold and firm, elbows propped up on the table in his office. His dull ocean blue eyes stared down at ruby gems.
"Sir Childe.."
Tumblr media
yea, there will be a last part of this focusing on Childe and Damien and what the future will be for all of you.
tags: @tartaglia-please-come-home @ilylifebutwhy @iamconstantlyinpain @s-kiyomi @cyanpasm @raiiny-night @xzviana @kaeyasplsmarryme @deathkat657 @roseycottage
last part
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chilumi-shipper · a month ago
Little Lamb
Diluc x Fem!Reader/ Kaeya x Fem!Reader /Xiao x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Smut, NSFW, Noncon, Dubcon, Manipulation, Overstimulation, Lambgirl!Reader, Pussy Slapping, Dumb and Innocent Reader, Squirting, Sex Toys.
Summary: Genshin boys manipulate you into fucking them. They can't help it, everytime they see you, all they want is to bend you over, rip off your clothes and grab onto your fluffy ears as they rail you from behind.
Part 2 with Zhongli, Childe, Albedo, Kazuha, and Thoma: Little Lamb (2)
"O-Ouchie, M-Master Diluc-" You whimpered as your master's dick brushes against the walls of your cunt.
He just couldn't help it. The moment you screamed for help and he came to your aid, seeing you in your little maid uniform with your thighs forcibly spread apart by a cluster of rope that you fell onto while you were cleaning the storage of Dawn Winery.
Your panties just fully exposed to him, begging him to rip it off of your pussy and claim it for himself. And when he saw your face, glossy eyes and a frown as you try to find a way to get free, your ears flat against your head, feeling uncomfortable with the way the rope just fully holds you open.
"Master Diluc, please help me." You pleaded, your back against the wall to balance yourself as you reach out a hand for your master. "Hurts..." You whimpered whilst the rope digs on the skin of your thighs.
Diluc had walked closer to you, with every fiber of his being just begging him to take out his hardening cock and shove your panties aside before fucking the absolute life out of you.
Fuck you so hard that all the innocence will be sucked out of your body and just turn into a slutty desire for him.
He grazed the rope wrapped around your thigh with his fingers. "Hmm, this is a pretty thick rope. I don't know how to get you out, Y/N." Diluc even faked a sad voice, enjoying as your expression seemed to turn sad.
"I'll be stuck here forever?" He chuckled a bit, his lambgirl's a little slow in the brains.
"Of course not, little one." His finger trails from the rope onto your panties where he presumes your clit is. "Master would never allow that to happen." You let out a cute little gasp as he starts to rub your covered clit with two of his fingers.
"W-What is Master D-Diluc doing?" You asked in confusion, a strange feeling consuming you as your master look at you with a calm, reassuring face. "Ahhh..."
That's what led to this moment, you don't really know why your master is doing... whatever this is to you, but Master Diluc is the strongest and smartest person you know! Whatever he's doing to you right now, it's surely a way to get you out of the tangle.
"Ughhh..." Diluc groaned as you felt something liquid-y flow within your walls again, that's been happening quite a while ever since your master shoved his cock inside you. Hmmm...
"Master Diluc, my tummy hurts." You frowned at him again, well it doesn't actually hurt per se, but it feels weird, like when you really need to pee, but with your vocabulary, you don't really know how to describe that feeling.
"Are you about to cum, my little sheep?" Master Diluc asked you, his lips kissing your fluffy ears. You giggled at his question.
"Silly Master Diluc, how can I come when I'm already here?" Your giggles were music to his ears. Cute little lamb, he can't help but smile at the thought that he has fully defiled you and you don't even realize what had happened.
You looked down and suddenly frowned, "Master Diluc, your trick didn't work, I'm still stuck." You whimpered, resting you head on master's shoulder.
"Ohh, that means I'll have to fuck you even harder, huh?" His hips started to move again, starting off with slow but hard thrust. He makes sure that you can feel his cock as he fucks you, makes sure to cum very deep so that it wouldn't drip out, he makes sure that you are completely and utterly his.
He really loves the way you whimper and moan as he roughly pounds your cute little pussy.
"Sir Kaeya, is this a part of my new knight training schedule?"
"Of course. A good knight must have a decent pain tolerance and endurance. And lucky for you, my dear Y/N, I know exactly what you need for this exercise."
You've always strived to be the best sheep knight that you can be! Prove to everyone who says that you're a lamb in a world of wolves, that you're no scaredy cat---- err, lamb.
That's why you let your Captain Kaeya do all this to you...
Shove multiple dildos into your pussy, until your completely full and plugged (even if you are already full from one dildo, he just likes multiple cocks shoved into you).
Slap your pussy whenever he saw that you're about to cum... you don't know why he does that though, what does cum even mean?
Lick your clit as he gropes your ass or breasts.
You let him do all that to you... Cause it's your "training".
"Hah..." You gasped as Kaeya's cold fingers grazed your sensitive clit, shivers running up your body.
You try desperately to get his approval, that you're strong and resilient, a very capable girl.
As you lay on his bed sideways, cum leaking out of you from his brutal fucking, your body feels sore and sensitive.
You panted heavily, not having the strength to even look at your Captain.
"AHHHH!" You screamed as you feel Kaeya shove a vibrating toy inside your pussy, making you quiver as cum starts to continuously squirt out of you.
You cried as the feeling of overstimulation consumes you.
"Kaeya..." You sobbed.
The blue-haired man laid next you, tracing your ears with his ice cold finger. He even smiled as your ears twitched at the sensation.
"It's okay, Y/N. You've been very good today." Kaeya has reassured you, making you smile a bit, despite the tears staining your cute face.
"T-Thank you, C-Captain."
The Yaksha has never seen anyone be so, so weak. A little lamb in a slaughter, he thinks you are.
Your paths have crossed multiple times before, everytime you look up at him in awe as he battles his way through enemies and coming out without a single scratch.
"I wish I can be as strong as you, Xiao!" You had exclaimed one time, after you had served him some meals that you helped Cloud Retainer make.
You were asking for it, asking for him to dick you down in the most brutal way possible.
Everytime you look at him with your doe eyes, shining bright as you throw every single compliment known to man at him.
Everytime you had asked him to train you to become strong as well. As an Adeptus, you want to do your part as well!
Yet all he sees is a girl who's just so desperately trying to get his attention, begging him to chain you down on your own bed and take you till you're crying.
"Hurts---" You whimper as Xiao brutally thrusts his cock into you over and over, your forearms clamped over your chest and tensed to distract you from the bruising grip he has on your hips.
"Little slut, you like this, don't you?" He sounded aggressive as he continues his pounds at your poor cunt.
Do you like this? You're not so sure...
For hours, he used your body like a ragdoll, groaning at the feeling of your soft insides rubbing against his cock.
It did hurt when he started hitting your cervix, tip entering your womb after each thrust. But looking at Xiao's face, you can make out that he seems so happy and content pounding your insides.
You would be a very very bad lamb to tell him to stop even though he deserves to do whatever he wants after all he's been through.
More hours had passed and Xiao had barely given you a break, just stopping for a second after his orgasm then bending you to another position, forcing moans out of your mouth as he penetrates you.
"Xia---haaaah..." You couldn't talk anymore as he took you from behind, your left arm in his hand, using it as a leverage to fuck you even harder.
Every night, Xiao had his way with you. "Think of this as the training you've been asking for." He would say, promising you that if you let him fuck you whenever he wants... at some point, you'll just become stronger.
That very much is not true, but he enjoys seeing you believe and thank him as he defiles you in your own abode.
He enjoys your little, "T-thank you, thank you" as his cruel thrusts almost break you in half.
Sometimes, you even ask for him to go harder, just to speed up the process.
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jade-parcels · 6 months ago
How you turn them on
The things you do that aren’t inherently sexual but really get em going with: Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Diluc, Xiao, Venti, Baizhu, and Albedo
Part 2 here!
- NOTSFW!! Minors don’t interact with this post! -
He loves everything about you! He’s always hyper analyzing you to gauge your reactions to flirty jokes or loving touches
He thinks about you all the time, thinks about all the ways he could make love to you. He could sneak you into his office or pull you into an alleyway or just stay home to have a romantic night together. The possibilities are endless
Something you really do that gets him going is when you praise him. Surprise surprise, pretty boy likes when you compliment him. Your remarks don’t even have to be inherently sexual at all “I loved getting to listen to your speech today! You’re such a good public speaker!” “Ooo~ Your hair looks great today!” “There you are, Captain~ You better bring that pretty ass of yours down the the Angel’s Share tonight!” “You’re so strong, Kaeya, thanks for helping me out tonight!”
Your voice rings out in his head all day and night, he loves the way you call him strong and handsome. He KNOWS he is, he just likes hearing it from you. Maybe a little too much
He’ll show off his strength by picking you up, relishing in the way you exclaim “Wow! Kaeya you’re so strong!” again, he loves the attention
So in simple terms, he’s an attention whore lmao. He wants your attention and praise all for himself
We already know Childe’s a total horn dog. Just about anything you do could turn him on for no reason, just because it’s you
One thing that gets him every time though is when you come home after commissions. You’re sweaty, covered in dirt and blood. As long as you’re not too injured, he’ll practically pounce on you the second you step inside
You’ll whine about how tired you are, you just wanna go to bed but he’s all wired up
He loves that smell of sweat and blood, especially on you. It’s too bad he isn’t the one who got to fight you this time
He’ll lick the sweat from your cheek and whisper in your ear, telling you how badly he wants you, how he can’t wait to throw you down on the mattress and fight for dominance with you
You could literally just be sweaty from working out or the weather and he’ll be on you, grinning at you as he shoves his hands up your shirt to grope your sweaty skin. He’ll be immensely disappointed if you insist on showering before he can have some fun with you lmao
Zhongli is an intellectual, he knows pretty much everything about everything. He’ll humbly claim that there are plenty of things he doesn’t know but don’t let him fool you, he just knows things
That’s why he likes when you display intelligence or interest in things he likes
He’ll hover over your shoulder while you read, letting a hand wander up your arm to your shoulder, admiring that focused look on your face
He’ll occasionally get things wrong just so you’ll correct him. He loves when you get cocky and confident in your answers “Ah, yes you’re right dear. How could I have made such a mistake?”
One of his fantasies is one where he fucks you at his desk, forcing you to carry on a conversation with him. It doesn’t matter the topic, philosophy, economics, ethics, as long as he can keep you talking with moans between words. He has pretty good self control, he can talk for hours, so he plans on keeping you there as long as he can. He isn’t shy when it comes to initiating sex, he just wants to find a ‘perfect time to’ do so
Diluc prides himself in being a traditional gentleman. He keeps himself in check and refrains from...improper thoughts when he can
But then again, he’s a bit too easy to rile up. You could brush his bangs out of his eyes or straighten his tie out for him and he’ll be a blushing mess
There’s one thing that drives him wild though: corsets. He loves seeing you in them! However it’s inconvenient when he sees you looking so gorgeous in public, he’ll have to avoid you even though he doesn’t want to
All he can think about is the way you’d gasp if he yanked those strings, the way your waist would cinch in and you’d struggle for air, his name spilling from your lips
He’s ashamed of his dirty fantasies, he can hardly stand to look at you cause all he feels is shame because it isn’t like you’re doing anything sexual, you’re just sitting there chatting away with your tavern buddies! But he can’t stop the impure thoughts from flooding his mind
He has to go home early, avoiding the public eye as he does, so no one catches on or worse: sees the tent in his dress pants
Right off the bat, Xiao doesn’t have much experience in this field
He DOES know that he really likes the way you say his name. He’s never felt like this with anyone else, it was very confusing at first
One time you called out to him while drunk, giggling as you called for him over and over until he appeared in front of you, as he always does when you need him
This was different though...When you said his name like this, in a teasing manner with that breathy-ness in your voice? Uh oh...yeah, he really likes that
He wants to hear you say his name like that again, he wants you to sob his name while he pleasures you “Xiao! Please Xiao!” uhhh... uhhhh.... he’s gonna short circuit just thinking about it
He tries not to think about that though because uh...well...Again, he isn’t super experienced so he just feels awkward you gotta help him out
All this man wants is to be smothered by your chest. He’s a perv through and through, he can’t help it!
He’s only 5’2 so most people are taller than him, all he wants is for you to hug him and let him bury his face in your chest please-
Because he’s short and has such an innocent smile he can get away with being a menace in public. He’ll use wind currents to blow up your shirt or skirt, grinning like a madman as he catches a glimpse of you
He’s also the type to snap bra straps or drop something down your shirt “Oh no! I lost something! If only I could get it myself l~” what an asshole! He’d only do this if you’re together don’t worry
Baizhu honestly doesn’t have much desire for sex. He likes it but doesn’t seek it out often, he spends most of his time working to finally harness the power of immortality muahaha!!
One thing always gets him though: your morning voice. When you run your fingers through his hair and press warm kisses to his face and shoulders first thing in the morning...It’s the perfect way to wake up
He’ll even pretend to be asleep just so you’ll lean over and murmur sweet things in his ear with that lovely voice of yours “Time to get up, Dr. Baizhu~ We have a lot of work to do today” “I think herbalist Gui can handle things for a half hour or so. We’re not going anywhere just yet”
When he feels up to it, he loves having slow, lazy sex with you right at the crack of dawn. You’re both still warm and half awake, your hair is messy and your skin feels so nice against his
Albedo is extremely repressed, he spends most of his time working and any free time he has he dedicates to art or an hour of rest
He takes a lot of trips up to Dragonspine to work in the lab there so there are weeks where he goes without seeing you. He never realized how lonely he was until he met and fell in love with you.
On a whim, while he was packing for another expedition, he took one of your shirts with him. He was originally going to steal some of your underwear but he just couldn’t do it. With your shirt, he figured your scent would comfort him while he was away but instead, he found himself jacking off to the scent of your perfume
He did this over and over and now his brain has started to associate that one perfume with sex. He’s gone and ‘Pavlov’ed himself! That warm, vanilla scent brings forth hot, heavy memories. Now when you wear that perfume around him he has to focus on keeping those dirty thoughts in the back of his mind
He makes sure to compliment you when you wear other perfumes so hopefully, you wear those ones more often though part of him wishes you’d catch on. He’d never out himself though, he’d die from embarrassment
During those rare times when you’re away on commissions and he’s home alone, he’ll indulge himself...He hopes you’ll walk in on him
Whew! That was a long post!!! Thanks for sticking around! I like these guys a little...too much 😳 ((ignore the spelling errors if there are any! sorry!))
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bookuya · 5 months ago
genshin impact x gn!reader┊fluff: how they carry you
Tumblr media
ingredients: how do some genshin men carry/hold you in certain situations?
calories: childe, diluc, kaeya, kazuha, xiao + gender neutral reader
serving size: fluff・very little angst・2k words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in a situation where you are injured, childe will not hesitate to carry you in his arms! even if you protest and say that you are okay, he will definitely just ignore you and start looking around for a healer.
he thinks that hoisting you onto his back will take too much time and in a very critical situation (where you are extremely hurt), time isn't on your side.
if you keep being stubborn and saying that you are alright, childe will say that he will knock you out if you keep objecting and you literally can't tell if he's joking or not
once however you accidentally tripped over your own feet and ended up being swooped into his arms... you had to remind him that you weren't on death's door
oh no. what have you got yourself into?
childe's arms immediately go under your knees and shoulders; you have to wrap your arms around his neck so you don't fall off when he swings you around
but princess style isn't the only way he'll hold you! childe will sometimes pick you up and put you on his shoulders (if you get embarrassed by it, good luck cause he's not putting you down anytime soon)
he will definitely tease you by wrapping his arms around your waist from behind you and lifting you up just like that; if you kick your legs then he'll definitely put you down and laugh
i think we all know that this man is strong— in some situations, childe doesn't let you down on the ground for a LONG time. the only way you can get him to put you down right away is if you start tickling him, but if you do that you better be prepared to run cause this man WILL chase you down
for once, childe will give you a piggyback ride! in a scenario where you aren't too tired, he will run around liyue with you on his back (it's a bumpy ride 💀) it's also a way for childe to show off his lover wherever he goes, so he'll be doing it for a while
there may have been some occasions where childe was having some normal conversation with someone and you're just sleeping on his back; he honestly just finds it cute how you trust him enough to do that like it's a normal thing
he might even go over to zhongli and coo about how adorable you look while sleeping on his back
Tumblr media
another one who will carry you princess style; it's just efficient and quick, so who wouldn't?
however if needed, diluc will also give you a piggyback ride! there's more contact that way and provides more warmth, soothing and taking some of your pain away
in the piggyback position where your head is lying on his shoulder and your ear is close by, he will whisper sweet things to you to distract you from the pain. he also asks questions so when you answer, he knows you are still alive and conscious
remember that diluc's probably reliving his worst nightmare of losing someone he holds very dear to his heart; when you get better make sure to reassure him that you're okay :'(
this can truly go many different ways!
if you ask diluc to carry you while in public, he's at a loss of words.. but who is he to say no to your adorable pleading face?
won't princess style carry you in public but the most he will do is giving you a piggyback ride (and ignoring everyone's stares as he's walking down the street with you sticking to his back like a koala)
if it's in private however, diluc won't hesitate to carry you in his arms and spin you around! he will bend down a little bit to press kisses all over your face and laugh at your reaction
will let you go if you ask, but if he's looking for a bit more touch on that particular day then he'll pout and ask for just ten more minutes (please give it to him SOBS)
another situation where i can see things going different ways
let's say you and diluc were having a date outside and you just fell asleep on the picnic blanket, then he chooses to just pick you up onto his back
if you're very exhausted, he'll carry you princess style (but you might have to promise him that you'll walk on your own once you reach mondstadt's bridge)
however in a situation where you pretend to be tired so he can carry you and he notices, then he'll playfully throw you onto his shoulder BUT only in private. if there's people around the area you're at, he'll just quickly tickle you and give you a forehead kiss to wake you up
Tumblr media
princess style all the way. kaeya does not want you to possibly be in more pain if he carries you on his back, so he gently puts you in his arms and immediately looks for barbara
probably one of the ones who looks very calm on the outside but is an absolute wreck on the inside, he doesn't want you to panic if you see him panicking so he tries his best to look strong for you
like diluc, he'll talk to you. unlike diluc, he whispers different things like praises.
for example: "you can do it. you are strong, don't let the pain get to you." and etc.
i think we all know how teasing this man can be; the moment you ask, kaeya will pick you up and throw you onto his shoulder- kind of like his brother, but absolutely does not care if you two are in public!
you could literally be standing around talking to someone and kaeya would walk up behind you and just pick you up; it's kind of normal at this point 😭
other times though, he will actually wrap his arms around your waist and carry you, swinging you around and nuzzling his nose against yours
another fellow who will carry you on his shoulders! i don't think he will do it much but will definitely do it if you asked; he likes it when you hold onto his hair or bend down a little to look at him
when kaeya sees that you're tired, he immediately offers to give you a piggy back ride. this man may be a tease but he genuinely wants to give you some rest, plus he likes it when you snuggle your face into the crook of his neck :)
bonus: he also likes piggyback rides because you're a bit closer and he can breathe in your scent
however princess style works too! kaeya likes it SO MUCH when you cuddle your face into his chest and doze off just like that
Tumblr media
could carry you either on his back or in his arms but kazuha would probably prefer on his back so he can feel your breathing on his shoulder and neck to confirm that you're still alive
whispers things like "when we get home after you get better i'll make you your favorite soup" to make himself believe and trust that you'll be okay
if he carries you in his arms instead however, he would hold you up a bit higher so your ear is pressed against his chest and you can hear his heartbeat. anything that can distract you from the pain and soothe you even just a little bit works for him
another calm on the outside and completely wrecked on the inside; he keeps a small smile on his face to reassure you that everything will be fine
teases you at first but makes it seem like he's oblivious: "i'm sorry dear, could you please repeat that?"
but eventually, kazuha will hold and carry you: if you want him to give you a piggyback ride, then he will! how about in his arms? he'll still do it!
loves it when you're in his arms so he can lift you up a bit more higher to nuzzle his cheek against yours
i don't think he would mind if it was in public? probably would go up to beidou while he is still carrying you and you're just there flustered as kazuha talks to beidou so casually (this man oh my lord)
i don't know why but i can visualize this man gently picking you up then tossing you on his shoulder for fun. only in private though! he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable in public in that uncomfy pose
if you ask kazuha for a piggyback ride one night on the way back home after a date, who is he to decline?
talks about random things while you're on his back in a sleepy state and you aren't complaining; his voice is so soothing it almost makes you fall asleep the moment you hear it
gets so flustered if you play with his hair or you actually do fall asleep while on his back, it makes kazuha very happy that you trust him to hold you as you sleep
Tumblr media
xiao immediately picks you up in his arms; whatever is the fastest will work cause in that moment all he is thinking about is losing you and how he cannot let that happen
says things like "don't die on me" or nothing at all, all the thoughts in his head are clouding over and he's just desperately trying to hold onto reality
he could be calm on the outside and panicking on the inside but at the same time, everything currently happening stresses him to the point where how he looks on the outside is the last thing on the priority list
when you get better and he's carrying you back home, be prepared for a lecture. no he's not mad (if he is it's at himself), he just deeply cares about you and knows how fragile mortals can be
you probably broke him cause now he's just a very blushing adeptus
in public? xiao will definitely decline but if it's a private place outside in nature or in the privacy of your room at wangshu inn, he'll begrudgingly pick you up (cause let's be honest he can't really say no to you for long)
could carry you on his back or in his arms; sometimes he will just get to a very high place while holding you so he can see your reaction to the beautiful view
likes it when you hide your face into his chest (while you're in his arms) or into the crook of his neck (while on his back) when he's literally jumping in midair cause you don't want to see the height below you
xiao already knows it himself that he won't be able to handle it if you fell asleep while he was carrying you princess style
he cares about you so much and still wants you to get some rest so reluctantly he will offer his back to you
doesn't know if that decision was a good thing or a mistake cause when you fall asleep and he can feel your breathing on his neck xiao is instantly a flustered mess
literally thinks you're doing it on purpose because of how you can easily make him blush but honestly he's just touch starved and hasn't had physical affection in a long time (until he met you)
bonus points if you kiss him on the neck before you doze off; yeah he thinks he's going crazy now
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ohmykazuha · a month ago
♡ 𝐬𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐬
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: itto, childe, zhongli, diluc, xiao, kaeya, scaramouche, thoma x gn!reader
♡ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: fluff <3
♡ 𝐚/𝐧: this was so cute and it took me so long <3 | like/rb if you liked this!
Tumblr media
ITTO is a tad confused. a his pride is a little hurt, but it doesn't matter, because he loves you too much to say no. imagine is sara saw this? ah, the hurt! he's genuinely like a little puppy, he kind of melts when you do that. he doesn't mind it, he thinks its affectionate and would 100% cuddle you after. it's quite adorable. he asks you to do it only when he's sure that no one else is around, though. as the leader of a gang, he can't have his reputation tarnished, can he?
CHILDE just laughs. he sits there and snickers while you pinch his cheeks together. childe thinks it reminds him of his little siblings back home... but this time it's with you. childe sits there willingly as you giggle at his flushed face – occasionally yelping if you pinched him too hard, on accident, you swear! he thinks it's adorable, as he gazes at your cute and determined face. determined about what? he doesn't know either. the expression on your face is quite a sight.
ZHONGLI is intrigued. he's fascinated at the way you're so fascinated by his cheeks, but he allows you to pinch them anyways. he thinks it's cute, and would oblige when you tell him to come nearer, your palm cupped out into a position for him to rest his chin on. he thinks it's funny, even. it's cute. zhongli doesn't mind you doing that to his poor, stretched cheeks, honestly. he's like that video of the little puppy that runs to squish his nose within the little circle that you make with your fingers.
DILUC is a tad annoyed, but he loves you too much to tell you to stop. it's not hurting him, anyways. perhaps just his pride, but he would let go of that just for you, he thinks, as you hold his face and squish his not-so-chubby-cheeks. that's how much he loves you. he actually finds it hilarious how interested you are... about his cheeks. it's quite a sight to adelinde, truthfully. the poor lady is confused, but lets the two of you alone. bless her heart. he probably cuddles you after that – it's his turn to squish you! ><
XIAO is confused. why are you pressing his cheeks together? he's a tad embarrassed, but he lets it slide – just for you. he wouldn't let anyone else hold him in such an undignifying way, so you're special. it's silly to see him look so... like that. it's indescribable, really. but it puts a smile on your face, so he doesn't mind it. he loves you too much to say no to you. and he's quite calm about it too, he doesn't fight it. it's just.. *squish*. *boop*. it's very cute.
KAEYA is amused. but he thinks its better than getting his other cheeks squished, if you get what i mean. he stays still as you squish his cheeks together, laughing. his pride is ruined – he's just being dramatic – but he does it just for you. he loves you anyways. he's rather calm about it, just like xiao. kaeya thinks it's hilarious, even. he'd never admit it, but he genuinely likes it as a way to show you affection. kind of like... vulnerability? anyways, he loves you lots. it's very cute.
SCARAMOUCHE is annoyed. he grumbles and grumbles and grumbles when you do it. he can't really do anything. once he tried to shake you off and express his irritation, but was met with such... heartbreaking puppy eyes that he knew he had to put his chin back onto your palm to pacify you. he doesn't express his displeasure so openly, though. he may grumble, but at the end of the day, he loves you too much to see your potentially crestfallen face when he tells you that he doesn't like it. rip.
THOMA is the most willing of the bunch. like an excitable puppy, he happily squishes himself, making goofy faces at you as your try your best to contain your laughter. he thinks it's hilarious, and he tries his best to entertain you. it doesn't hurt his pride. he loves you too much to feel insecure about this. sometimes when he sees you, he comes over and plops his chin onto your palm – even without you asking. it's a little thing between you and him at that point. ayaka is very much a fan of the two of you's relationship.
Tumblr media
wee woo wee woo this felt so long help. like and reblog if you liked this!!! it really helps me!
taglist: @bookuya, @mikachuchu, @starglitterz, @cherubbic, @noirkkat, @the-gayest-sky-kid, @ajaxeology, @icecappa, @almondoufu, @gnyuvile, @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst. @simplyxsinned, @heaven-dissolution, @xiaoyksa, @yua1106, @gnyuvrse, @mayple, @rim0na, @kamitoge, @abyssheart, @hushyouu, @thaliastea
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witch-hazels-musings · 29 days ago
Sudden Titles
Warning -> fluff, reader suddenly calls them a title they’ve yet to be given ;) 
Character X GN Reader | Anthology 
Includes: Albedo, Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, Scara, Thoma, Zhongli, Xiao | Beidou, Ganyu, Jean, Ningguang, Sucrose 
A-N: this was also a request, funny that I started this WIP a bit ago lol - blame discord shenanigans for this one (we get into some headspaces there often)
Tumblr media
Didn’t hear you since he was busy measuring ingredients for his experiment 
“Albedo.” You hummed his name in an attempt to pull him from his work. He’d been focused all morning, almost all afternoon too, that you were starting to worry he would pass out if he didn’t take a break. “Are you nearly finished?” 
“Mmm.” He answered you, kinda, even if it was more of a habitual vocalization rather than a real acknowledgement of your question. 
“Husband, can you take a small break for me?” You watched his fingers steadily pour the right amount of liquid into the container noting the complete lack of change in his expression. 
“Can you pass me the lid please, it needs to be sealed immediately.” With a sigh, you resign yourself to assist him but when you get close enough to look into his sea-foam eyes, eyes that reflect specks of bluish-green, you can’t help but try again. “Thank you.” He extended his hand but before he could pull away, you wrapped your fingers around his, leaned forward, and made your words as clear as crystal. 
“You’re welcome, husband.” Albedo slowly looked up from his work, his head stuttering as if he kept going back and forth on whether he heard you or not until, finally, his eyes connected with yours. The two of you stared intently at the other, unsure what to do next but you were certain the longer he looked at you the weaker your will was becoming until, like a blessing, the bottle in his hands caused a big enough reaction that his attention snapped to it while you dashed out of the room to hide your embarrassment. 
Wait ... 
“This isn’t what we agreed to, you’ve changed the price.” Huffing, you crossed your arms and listened to the pitiful excuses from the vendor. They were going back on their end of the deal and you weren’t going to take a single second of it. Unfortunately, no matter what you did or said, they weren’t listening to you which only further pissed you off. 
Scanning your eyes for another tactic, you spied Childe walking down the street and eagerly called out to him. “Childe!” You waved him over and hoped his reputation was known even by this shady garbage bag. “Thank you, can you please explain to my husband here why you’ve gone back on our agreement?” 
Childe blinked so fast you were sure his eyes were going to get sore but you tried to maintain your neutral expression even if you felt your cheeks flare up and the corner of your mouths twitch with a smile. It wasn’t your intention to put him in a difficult spot but, just as you expected, the notion that this Fatui ‘diplomat’ was your husband was enough to shake the nerves from the salesman. 
“Hu-husband, you are ...” They pointed at Childe whose expression had slipped into his acting grin. 
“Oh yes, I don’t take kindly those who upset my spouse.” His arm draped around your shoulder which caused your heart to pound in your chest. 
“No-no of course not. Let me get the re-rest of the supplies.” They stammered, tripping over their stock as they rummaged through to find what was missing. 
“Thank you, Childe I was at my -” 
“Husband?” He leaned down, lips brushing against your ear and a devious smile on the lips you didn’t dare look at.
“It was just a t-tactic ... don’t let it go to your head.” 
“Too late.” He whispered, pulling you closer to his side before returning to his full height and watching you stumble your way through the rest of the transaction. 
operating system full shut-down 
The morning felt more rushed than normal and yet, somehow, was reminiscent of every day prior. You ran back toward the winery after having a brief conversation with several coachman, their wagons ready for travel but without the purchase ledgers there was no way they were going to know where to go. 
“Ada, where did ... have you seen the ledgers?” Shifting through the papers, you felt Adelind’s presence next to you. Quickly, she pulled a stack of documents from the drawer and laid them on the desk and, with a thankful sigh, you rested your hand on the leather bindings. “You’re a life-saver.” 
“Master Diluc just finished signing those, they should be ready to go.” 
“Excellent, where is - ah! There you are.” Diluc descended the steps and you made your way to him without pause. “Is there anything else we need, the coachmen are ready to go.” 
“There isn’t anything that I can think of.” His fingers curled around his chin as he thought which bought just enough time for an attendant to interrupt. 
“Excuse me, several items came for you. Where shall -”
“Ah, my husband can handle them, I’ll be back in just a moment.” You didn’t catch the light leaving Diluc’s eyes or the sudden silence blanketing the winery because you were already skipping into a light run and passing through the open door. Not a single attendant attempted to move out of your way, it was like they were frozen in time. 
After handing off the forms to each carriage, you made your way back to the winery but, when you heard Adelinde’s voice riled up in a stern lecture, you wondered what could have happened in the last five minutes. 
“Master Diluc, this is unacceptable!” Peaking your head in, you saw Diluc sitting on the stairs, head in his hands and several maids, attendants, and other workers crowding into the room. “For years I’ve been your housemaid, I’ve watched you grow up, seen you become a fine man but to find out you are MARRIED.” 
“Adelinde ... please.” 
“No, I have so much to do now. A reception to plan, guests to invite ...” Her arms were crossed but as soon as you stepped into the foyer her head snapped to you. “And YOU are no better.” She pointed to the stairs and, like a child in trouble, you made your way to them. 
“Ada, it was a slip of the tongue, we aren’t actually ...” You tried to explain, sitting on the step next to your ‘husband.’
“No excuses, there is work to be done.” With a loud clap of her hands everyone was rushing off to make preparations for two people who weren’t actually married. 
“I’ll try again when she calms down ... I can’t believe I accidently ...” Devastated and worried he would be furious with you, you hid your head against your knees and behind your arms. “I’m so sorry.” 
“It’s alright.” His hand moving to pat your back for a moment, “This was always expected. I guess I should have asked you sooner.” 
“Wait, what?” Lifting your head up, you caught sight of a small box in his outstretched hand. Frantic, you looked at him, his head resting in his palm, cheeks burning in red and eyes looking toward the door. “D...” 
Trembling hands reached for the box but when you saw the ring inside you felt your heart clench in your chest. “I was going to ask you but ... now I’m not-” 
“Ask me, please ask me.” Turning toward him, your placed your hand on his shoulder while your fingers hovered over the box and waited for the question you had always been ready to answer. 
well now ;>
Dashing, skipping, launching yourself from the higher levels of the city, you glided toward the front gate, your heart pounding in your chest. Today was the day your favorite knight was returning from his mission and you weren’t about to miss his homecoming. 
Your feet skidded over the cobblestone, hands stretched outward before colliding with the ground and, like a pro, you furled the wings that helped you get here. “Any sight of them?” You asked several other citizens waiting for their friends, family, lovers' to return as well. 
“Not yet.” Wrapping your arms around your chest, you leaned against the stone wall and waited ever so impatiently. Nearly an hour went by and no sign of them until, just when you were about to find a more comfortable position to wait, you saw signs of several people peaking out over the horizon. Hopes ignited, nerves set on fire, you wrung your hands together until you saw him - your Calvary Captain. 
“Kaeya!!!” You shouted, louder than any other call and welcome home but as soon as you saw him at the other side of the bridge you didn’t have the strength to hold yourself back. Running as fast as you could, you stretched out your arms and flung yourself into his before he had a chance to say your name. “Husband! You’re back!” You exalted against his neck, nose finding it’s home against his skin. 
“My, my what a reception.” 
“I missed you.” Several knights passed by but you didn’t pay them any attention, all you cared about was captured in your arms already. 
“I see that.” Easily, he lifted you onto the stone barrier, his body moving to the space between your legs, face turning away from the reunions happening behind him. “Now, I have a question for you.” 
“What??” Curious, you tilted your head, fingers slipping under his vest and low cut V-neck. 
“When is the wedding?” 
“What wedding?” 
“Ours of course.” Your confused expression made him laugh, a sound you hadn’t heard in weeks. “You’ve already called me your husband, I’m merely waiting for the rings to prove it.” 
“Whaaat, OMG.” Embarrassment sliding up your face, you hid behind the hands Kaeya tried to pry away. “I did mean ... Kaeya I’m sorry.” 
“No need for apologies. I am very pleased with this arrangement. I guess I should tell Master Jean I need time off for my honeymoon.” 
“Kaeya ... stop.” Shoving his shoulder you sighed when that didn’t halt the bombardment of jokes he let fall from his silver-tongue. 
“Samuel, join me for a celebratory drink! I’m Marr-” Desperate, you cut him off with a kiss but as soon as you let his lips go you knew this wouldn’t be the end of your torment. “Full of surprises today, aren’t we?” And you answered him with a groan. 
the hell you say?
“What is it?” Scara’s voice called out to you from behind the door. You half-expected him to disregard you completely but if you wanted him to take a break you had to be brave. 
“Are you busy?” You asked, pushing the door further ajar before stepping into the light of the study. He was sitting at his desk, hat hanging on the rack behind him while his hand curled into a fist and pressed against his temple. 
“Yes, what is it?” The quill he was using found it’s way to it’s stand, his arms crossed about his chest and eyes focused on you as you made your way toward him. 
“You’ve been working all night, how about a quick break. I made you something.” Setting the plate down on the desk, you waited for him to give it attention before making your next move. His hand reached for the small treats and you sighed relief when he placed it in his mouth. “These are your favorite.” 
“Mmhm.” He stood, hands busying themselves with several documents. Your nerves made you fidget even more and, soon, those butterflies were making all sorts of words fall out of your mouth. 
“I figured we could take a walk around the estate. It’s a lovely night.” He slid several files into the bookcase before heading back toward the desk, his hands resting on the arm rests as he began his descent into the chair. “Does that sound like fun, husband?” 
The sound of Scara falling onto the floor caused you to jump. The chair he was trying to sit in launched itself across the room while your hands extended to help him. 
“Scara!?” He stood quickly, face hidden from you and you worried he might have hit his head. “Are - are you okay?” 
“I’m fine, stop fussing.” He blocked your hands but there wasn’t much he could do when you finally saw his face. His cheeks were redder than the apples on the trees, it spread across the bridge of his nose in such a lovely shade you covered your mouth at the sight. “Do-don’t look at me.” 
“Okay.” Turning your head, you glanced at the poor state of the chair in need of repair when you felt a hand tug at your clothes. A hand caused you to take in every single thing he said as if your life depended on it. 
“Don’t ... say that in front of other people.” 
“Oh, okay, sorry. I won’t, I mean I didn’t -” 
“Just in front of me.” 
“You can only say it ... in front of me.” He whispered, eyes flashing to you before the color of his skin deepened and he quickly stormed out of the room leaving you a shocked and near giggling mess. 
.... flustered af ... 
You were looking for him, though that wasn’t anything new, but no matter where you searched you couldn’t find him. That was until you spied him working in the sand garden, his hands busy with removing weeds and watering the plants. Yellow hair illuminated in the light, his accessories reflecting the world around him but it was him, just Thoma, that captured all your attention. 
“Thoma!” You shouted. Eyes glittering in anticipation but when he didn’t answer you or appear to notice your calls, you tried again. “Thomaaaaa! No reply so, in a huff, you moved to another location and tried again, this time with a little extra something that might pull him from his work. “HUSBAND!” 
He shot up so fast at the sound of your voice that he nearly stumbled backward but luckily was saved by a tree branch hitting the back of his head. Grimacing, you ran the rest of the way down to him and immediately offered him aid. 
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” 
“Ouch. You didn’t ... well ... you did ...” He tracked your face while you stood on your toes to examine the back of his head, your hand on his shoulder, fingers rummaging through his hair, lips dangerously close. 
“It looks okay, are you okay?” 
“... I’ll be fine.” 
“Good!” Giggling you brushed the dust off his shoulders and he found himself unable to stop the words tumbling from his mouth. 
“You ... you called me husband?” 
“Yeah, I wanted to get your attention. Sorry, I’m sure that was a shock.” 
Your smile, your eyes, your brightness made him sigh but he couldn’t deny that the word sounded quite nice from your lips. “It was but, I didn’t .. mind much.” 
“Oh, so can I call you husb-mm.” His hand covered your mouth, the scent of rich earth and sweetness filling your nose while your eyes soaked in the shade of pink slipping up his neck and chest. 
“Man, you’re gonna make my heart explode ...” He dropped his gaze and you were happy he was covering your mouth because, if he wasn’t, you’re squeal might have startled the birds. 
pays it no attention at all
“How’s the tea?” You asked, setting the kettle on the circular pad in the center of the table. 
“Delicious, you’ve grown quiet skilled at this.” 
“I had a good teacher.” Giggling, you turned from the table and made your way to the cabinets that held several dishes you wished to use for the evenings meal but no matter how strained you made your body, you couldn’t reach them. “Zhongli dear, can you help me?” You shifted, tried again and waited for him to appear but when he didn’t you turned your head to see him distracted by the world. “Husband, a little assistance.” 
Immediately, he turned his attention to you and as soon as the teacup rested back on the table he was out of his seat, headed your way. His eyes gazed into your own, his chest so close to your arm you could feel his heat but the hand he placed against your back was even hotter. “Those ones, please.” Pointing, he followed your request easily and soon the plates were resting in your hand. “Thank you, hu-husband.” Glancing up at him you hoped for a bit more of a response but found only the standard Zhongli. 
“You are welcome, dear. Is there anything else?” He tilted his head and waited for you to reply but all you gave him was a quiet ‘no.’ 
Carefully, you placed the dishes on the island countertop and watched him turn back toward the table. “Husband.” You whispered thinking he wouldn’t really hear you. 
“So you can hear me ...” 
“Of course I can, do you need something.” 
“... No, I just expected more of a reaction from you ... nevermind.” Turning toward the sink, you reached for the faucet but stalled when a hand covered yours. 
“You are welcome to call me anything you wish.” Zhongli began, fingers running down your spine. “I will answer it because it is you. Though this title is currently unofficial, I have always considered you my partner and one day I will take your hand and this title if you’ll have me.” 
“Mmhm.” Nodding your head, you looked up at him and became lost in his auburn eyes. 
“I will get things in order, this contract is important after all.” He kissed your forehead and disappeared down the hall to his study while you stood god smacked near the sink. 
what does that mean ...?
“Xiao Xiao!!” You called out, desperate to see him since you were going to be gone for several days. You were heading out to see some of your dear friends but felt a pain in your heart for leaving Xiao alone without you. Would he forget you, would he feel lonely, or get hurt. All the thoughts you dreaded came flooding into your head but you did your best to keep them subdued. “Where is he?” 
Leaning over the railing, you tried to see if he was below you when a huge gust of wind pushed you back and into the arms of the man you were looking for. 
“That was dangerous.” Xiao’s voice filled your ears and you quickly turned to face him. 
“I was looking for you.” 
“Just call my name, don’t put yourself at risk like that.” He gave your head a small shove and sighed at your silly reaction, the lighthearted giggle that told him you weren’t listening at all. 
“I wanted to see my husband before I left tomorrow! Are you busy, we can get something to eat?” 
“I’m not hungry, but I will join you.” 
“YAY!” Giddiness flowing through you, the archway toward the stairs had already seen your face before Xiao managed to grab your wrist and hold you steady. “Xiao ... what’s wrong?” 
“You ... you called me something different.” 
“.. huh? what did I ... oh ... OH MY.” The words you normally shared with your friends slipped through your barrier and into the ears of the one person you didn’t want to hear them. “Uuh, it’s just well ...” He crossed his arms and waited for your explanation. “It’s like a term you call someone you really like ... uh someone you love and admire ...” 
Terrible explanation there friend. 
“I see. Alright then, husband, let’s get you something to eat.” 
“AH! Xiao wait ... that’s ...” Your hands covered your face in utter embarrassment but he was already half-way down the stairs and offering greetings to Smiley before you heard the word “husband’ spill from his mouth yet again. “NOO!” 
tag list: 
@star-gods @mercurysmaiden @dourpeep @clemmywrites  @handswritteeen @lucifucker @beelsdessert @odafashioned @coolcats09 @ninqat @musekala @sufzku @mooshymello @heavenlyang @plenilunegazes @glazelilyy @justyoureverydayqueer @idunkar @twokissesforamelia @the-mermaid-of-mondstadt  @fuwon @goat-mama-breezie  @shesleire @zentoruu @smol-knife @aoirohi @nitorious-ghost @mguerra11 @ryekoo @youaskedfurret @nonniechan @tempehlust @zenith-impact @plumpkie @jaggedsi @salty-salty @onlyhereforinteractivestories @gultonluvv @shy-specter @liebestraumss @jaemjenjam @softlybeloved @anatthesavage @mkazuyuh
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xiaosmoon · a month ago
Tumblr media
pairings: diluc, childe, & kaeya x gn!reader
summary: the kiss was on accident, you swear it!
warnings/content: pure fluff!!
a/n: for quill's cute fluffvembr <3 @starglitterz
Tumblr media
-> diluc
the power outage at dawn winery wasn't unexpected. the storm outside had grown worse over only a few couple of hours and all of mondstadt was strictly advised to stay indoors. the wind was howling loudly- banging on the windows and the rain pour was heavier than it's been all year, overflowing all of the rivers.
the old building that was dawn winery wasn't exactly built to withstand such extreme weather, but she was holding in there real tight. "master diluc?" your voice carried through the almost empty winery. but there was no response besides the echoing of your own words. where on earth could he be?
it was pitch dark, you couldn't see a thing. but just because one of your senses wasn't liable, doesn't mean your can't use your others! taking baby steps around, you feel out for the wall. you bumped into what you think was a table, and hit your head on what was possibly a lamp, but you finally found your hands on something soft. "what on earth?" you whisper to yourself. before you could take another step, you fell straight forward, onto the mysterious fluffy thing that went down right with you.
your lips were met with another pair, unfamiliar to you. and suddenly the situation hit you. you kissed master diluc on the floor. quickly, you move off of him. "m-master diluc?" your voice was shyer than you had expected. "it's me, y/n. i had come here to find some candles, i'm sure you didn't find them yet?" diluc was almost thankful to barbatos for this storm. the darkness was keeping his absolute flustered state a complete secret to you. "o-oh, no not yet. let's look for them together?"
the suggestion was sweet, and of course diluc accepted. "here, take ahold of my hand. let's try and not to bump into anything else."
more below the cut!
-> childe
anyone who had the blessing of two eyes could see that the both of you were deeply and madly in love. well, except you and childe of course. no matter how many dating rumors the two of you turn down, no one seems to believe you.
and why should they? with the way childe gazes at you with every chance and the way you cling onto him like he'll disappear, there's just no way there isn't something going on. so childe kissing you in front of the town square wasn't exactly helping the rumors.
but he couldn't help himself, he was just so excited. "y/n, i did it! you are now looking at a man who has mastered every weapon you could ever lay your eyes upon." when your eyes meet childe's, you can see the pure form of happiness; even if it is about weapons.
"that's wonderful, ajax! i'm proud so proud of you!" while you were pulling childe in for a hug, he had other plans. childe swooped down and took ahold of your wrist, pulling your body to his. he pushed his lips on yours without a second thought.
childe was kissing you. and before you got the chance to do anything else, childe pulled away in haste. "i have to go, see you later!" and just like that, he ran away into the morning fog.
what the hell just happened? you don't have the answer to that, but what you do know is that you liked it more than you should've. and some part of you wants it to happen again.
later that afternoon, childe realizes he kissed you. you who he's not asked out yet and was probably now terrified of him.
the ginger proceed to drink away his idiocy at a local bar.
-> kaeya
with kaeya's love language being physical touch, it wasn't a surprise when kaeya were to let his arm hang around your shoulders, or even have his chin resting on top of your head.
but today, you noticed your friend being a little extra clingy today. "don't you have anyone else to pester? i have to get all of this turned in by this evening." you sigh, not sparing a glance at the pouting man. "but you're my favorite person to annoy." his whining advances were once again ignored.
"my lovely y/n, the light of my life, the stars of my darkest nights, the–"
"that's enough, kae." you let out a huff, continuing to scribble down notes with a bit more pace to it. kaeya rolls his eyes, finally accepting his defeat. "alright alright, i'll let you get to it. i'll be at the angels share." kaeya snuck up a little closer to you, to place a farewell kiss to your cheek before departing.
as he was leaning in, your head seemed to turn as well. "oh one more th-" smooch.
instead of his lips leaving a kiss on your cheek, kaeya's lips were now pressed against your very own. for a slight moment, neither of you moved. but after finally snapping into your senses, you pull away. it didn't take long for your face to turn a deep shade of crimson. "u-uh, never mind. see you later." your words were sharp.
kaeya himself was caught in a flurry. he almost forgot english for a second. "right, sure." without wasting more time, kaeya stepped out of your office. did that really just happen? did he cross any boundaries?
he didn't want to admit it, but he enjoyed the kiss. you on the other hand were panicking, afraid kaeya might never speak to you again.
the next day, the calvary captain did more than just speak to you.
Tumblr media
taglist: @rim0na @sunny-star021 @xiaos-wrld @how-simpy @icecappa @clemmywrites @urujiako @xiaophobic @zhongchi14
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1000feuille · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
childe makes a pun at his own expense
(the joke here is that childe compares zhongli to a crab without claws: in chinese, no claws “没钳” is pronounced exactly the same as no money “没钱”)
instagram ✦ twitter ✦ patreon
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strawberrylucv · 6 months ago
Genshin HC's when you tell them "I think I'm in love."
LOL OK; so theres a very popular demand on the "get out of my house." fic and im already working on it!! have some headcanons for awhile!! here yall go :))
Tumblr media
✦ft. Diluc, Zhongli, Childe, Kaeya, Albedo.
✦warnings : mutual pining, fluff!! headcanons under the cut, mild swearing
PART 2 IS OUT! : Confession time
.  * .  .   °  . ● ° ..  * .  .   °  . ● ° ..  *
would lowkey stop what he was doing
by lowkey i mean like, slowly place the wine glass he was wiping just a second ago on the table
"Love? That's a strong word, Y/N."
"I know that."
at the back of his mind, he wishes you would say 'I'm in love with you'
he would listen to you, ranting about what you were feeling
he tried asking what they look like
"What do they even look like?"
"Well, they're pretty good-looking, sometimes too serious, but deep down they're just trying hard to protect everyone."
yea, you were talking about him
but he's kinda dense
so he just stood there, pondering who is this person making you think you were in love
he was absolutely jealous
he begs to the archons that you weren't going to say Kaeya
because if you did, he would be so damn heartbroken
when it was time to go home, he grabbed your wrist
he didn't know why
he just didn't want you to go yet
"Tomorrow afternoon." he says as you look at his hand holding your wrist.
"Meet me here, Tomorrow afternoon."
"But tomorrow's your rest day?"
maybe he had something important to say to you ;)
he almost dropped his tea
he thought you would always stay with him
guess he thought wrong.
he would ask 'why love?'
"Why love? Can't it be just infatuation?
"Because, every time I go home, I want to see them again. They're always on my mind, it's crazy. Then, I could notice all the little things they would do. It's adorable."
he looked down at his tea
'Can't it be me'
"Will you let me meet them?' he smiles as he brings his teacup to his mouth
he would want nothing else but your happiness
he coughed up his tea back
what??? why not??
you grab a napkin to clean the mess on his face
you were so close
he looked at you with endearing eyes
he wasn't ready to see you go
with someone else
that wasn't him
so he stood up from his seat, you were taken aback by this
"I want to tell you something." he offered his hand to help you.
"What?" you say as you took his hand.
"Not here. Follow me."
guess he has to tell you something~~i wonder what--
but he wouldn't show you that
while you were getting giddy and flustered
he was thinking of plans on finding out who you like
like, he was about to order his subordinates for you
he was dead serious
he asked you 'who's the lucky person' with a smile
"To be honest, they're a bit stupid-"
"Then why are you in love with them?" he cuts you off, he looked at you with the most dead stare ever.
"They're also really caring. They just want their family to be safe and I think that's what made me fall for them. They're also very hot."
he accidentally thought out loud 'I'm hot too'
you looked at him
he looked at you
oh fuck, he said that??
well damn.
you laughed so hard
his ears turned red
god that was embarrassing-
he bit his lip and continued to hear your laughter
if only he could stop time,
if only it was him who you were thinking of,
if only he could have you by his side forever.
when you stopped laughing you turned to him
"Tell you what, I'll let you meet them!"
"..hooray!" his heart clenched when you said that.
"Meet me by the pond near Bubu Pharmacy in the evening?"
"...Y/N, I don't think-" he wasn't ready to be broken so easily.
"You'll come right?"
he could never say no to you, especially since you looked so excited
he'll tell you too, that he had feelings for you. even if someone else had your heart, he had to tell you.
"Of course." he smiled at you warmly, he had to be strong, for you.
ohh, how is he gonna tell you doee~
he was all smiles till you said that
he wasn't unhappy but he felt something wrong
oh, it might be the fact that he harbored feelings for you
but he was still questioning if it was just friendship
guess he was too late
wait, he didn't care if he was too late
what he did care was that you were in love
with who though.........
"Y/N, are you in love with me?" he joked around but he was hoping you would say yes, please say yes. This would be a perfect night for you to confess to him
"Oh Kaeya-"
"Say yes."
he caught you by surprise.
oh wait.
he's the one confessing to you now
he didn't even ask how and who the person was
he was getting red by the second since you just stared at him
sheesh, there this tension between you guys
you laugh by how red the flirtatious cavalry caption could get
"What would happen if I say yes?" you try to wipe the tears that were caused by his sudden seriousness.
what would happen?
he just
just wanted you to be with him
ok yea, he didn't want you to be in love with anyone else except him
so he says:
"Want to know?"
ohoho, i wonder~~~
he doesn't really know what love is
but he felt this twinge inside of him
like he was-
was it jealousy?
because he really didn't want you to leave when you made him feel like this
"What, Y/N?" he asked you while he placed his sketchbook on a nearby table
"Love? Well, your chest would feel like its always about to explode-"
was that what he was feeling every time you were going to his camp?
"-When they tell you that they have to go to dangerous places, you wished they wouldn't have to. That they'd stay here with you. Just with you."
oh, is that why he had those thoughts when you went off to do your commissions? where he silently wished you would be safe?
"When they tell you something that only you two would share, it would send you on cloud nine."
he was always feeling something whenever he's with you,
was that cloud nine?
is he in love with you?
is this love?
it is.
then the person making you feel in love-
who the hell? who was it?
there was one thing he needed to do
"Y/N. I think I'm in love."
"W-W-What?" you stutter your words. He was so straightforward with you. He shocked you by his sudden confession.
oh--with who? ;;;)
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