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#genshin impact headcanons
glazelilyy · 19 hours ago
i "like like" you
request from anon - "Single dad headcannons for Zhongli. Reader could be his kids teacher maybe"
a/n - *dies from how cute this is* AAAAAAAAAA YES YES AND YES single dad!zhongli is everything <3 (also i'm not sure if everyone heard of the childhood phrase "like like" but it's a way that we'd say we had a romantic interest in someone as children. i'm not sure if this is exclusive to NA which is why i'm explaining it, but i thought it was a cute title hehe)
Tumblr media
pairing - zhongli x gender neutral reader (modern au!)
word count - 8246
genre - fluff
format - headcanons + blurbs
warnings - alcohol consumption
summary - between raising his two beloved children on his own and running his own business, zhongli can't quite find the time for romance—that is until he meets you
Tumblr media
to most, zhongli is a professional businessman and ceo of his own company
though polite and mild-mannered, he's known for his sharp intellect and quick thinking
through his hard work and dedication, his tea company which manages several popular teashops in the city, has seen immense growth and success
though he dons the face of a hardened ceo while walking through the halls of his workplace, behind closed doors zhongli is known as "papa" to his two beloved children: ganyu (5) and xiao (2)
there's absolutely nothing zhongli loves more in this world than his children
he's quite the doting father: the wealth he amasses from his successful company is poured into ravishing his children with the comfiest beds, finest toys, the best education, and college funds to last them years to let them pursue whatever they want
ganyu is more of the quiet book worm of the two: she spends time with her papa snuggled in his lap with a picture book or two eager for him to read to her
though zhongli isn't a goofy character, he'll oblige his little girl's request to "do the voices" of the various characters in the story book and relish in her giggles
she loves to draw and write stories that she often gives to zhongli; his office at work and at home are both littered with framed pictures of ganyu's best handiwork and he's proud to show them off if anyone asks
much to his surprise, ganyu is quite adept at higher level thinking and as such, he's begun to teach her how to play chess and checkers
he's let her win far too many times though, but it's the thought that counts!
xiao, on the other hand, is always on the move: crawling and stumbling on stubby hands and feet from one room of their penthouse to the next, it's hard to get him to settle down unless his papa is there to lull him to sleep
he's not one to throw tantrums, but he is known to crawl into a corner and sulk until his papa comes to get him
though zhongli wouldn't exactly describe xiao as a terrible two year old, xiao certainly was quite fussy and picky with just about everything
from xiao's toys to his food to who held him, all three categories had to be managed either by zhongli himself or his personal assistant, childe, who often babysat for him while he worked overtime or had business meetings overseas
xiao has a preference for sweet things: specifically very soft almond tofu, and though zhongli does his best to manage the diet of each of his children to be healthy and nutritious, he can't help but indulge xiao when he tugs on the fabric of his dress pants and asks for "ah-mond to-hu"
zhongli has had difficulty in getting him to start talking, but he does have a few common phrases: "papa", "ah-mond to-hu", and "go" are the ones he uses most commonly
he often attempts to pronounce ganyu's name but has difficulty and just ends up calling her "yuyu"
xiao does love when his papa manages to sit down with him and play dolls or roll cars
zhongli finds that xiao is most at peace late at night when he's rocking him to sleep in front of the large, glass window pane under a blanket of stars
both of his children are his entire world, but some days he can't help but feel a pulsing emptiness
he's had lovers in the past, but they've never worked out either because some weren't interested in becoming a parent, and some couldn't deal with his hectic and evasive schedule
apart from external reasons, zhongli himself felt like there was simply no time for romance
but that all seemed to change the day he met you
you are ganyu's first grade teacher and a very patient one at that
the first time he lays eyes upon you is on ganyu's very first day of grade school
more content utc!
Tumblr media
zhongli wasn't an emotional man, but the manner in which ganyu clung to the leg of his charcoal dress pants, gripped his hand with all her little might, and tried to hide her sniffles in his waist had his heart crumbling in his chest. up until now, ganyu had been home schooled by private tutors and wasn't used to being in such an unfamiliar environment.
"come now, little one, no need to cry." he cooed, stooping down to cup her ruddy face within his large hands and dry her tears with his thumbs.
"papa or mister childe will be back to pick you up as soon as you're done, okay?"
to no avail, ganyu's muffled wails would refuse to cease and drew looks from other kids and parents in the schoolyard that zhongli did his best to shield her from by pulling her close and rubbing his hand soothingly up and down her back. though xiao had been left in childe's capable hands with only the slightest bit of fuss, ganyu was quite attached to zhongli and it broke his heart to see her so sad. his gentle shushing and loving kisses to her head did little to calm her down.
he'd always been quite helpless in situations were his children required some sort of softness for them to absorb their tears into. no matter how hard zhongli tried, he never quite felt like he fit into that role and the way ganyu wailed ceaselessly into his shoulder solidified that great worry in his mind.
a gentle tap twice on his shoulder brought him out of his own head and had him looking upwards.
if you had told him you were an angel, he would've believed it. calm, gentle (e/c) eyes peered back at him, matched with a reassuring smile. to top it off, a pale yellow apron hugged your body and laid overtop of your regular clothes. pinned near your breastpocket was a little name tag that read "teacher (y/n)" with stickers of flowers and hearts decorated around the border.
"if i may, sir?" you asked, whispering only to him.
zhongli struggled to maintain his composure and merely swallowed down his own awe in one gulp, before gently prying ganyu's face away from his shoulder.
"hi there!" you cooed quietly, crouching down so your palms rested on your knees and you balanced on the balls of your heels, "i'm teacher (y/n)! may i know your name?"
ganyu sniffled once, wide eyes wandering to the name tag on your apron, then to your kind smile. she looked up once to zhongli, who gave a reassuring smile and nod before replying, "ganyu," in a quiet voice, still half muffled into her papa's shirt.
"hi ganyu! that's a very pretty name for a very pretty girl," ganyu whines embarrassingly and burrows further into her papa's arms.
zhongli shot you an apologetic smile while running a soothing hand up and down ganyu's back, to which you meet him in the middle with your own equally radiant grin that needed no words to dismiss his apologies.
"do you like to play any games, ganyu? i have lots of toys in my class that you'd like: dolls, cars, robots, and there's lots of picture books too!"
at the mention of picture books, ganyu's head shot up and her glimmering eyes met yours with piqued interest. "books?" she asked, voice hoarse from wailing.
"yep! lots and lots of picture books. we can read them together until your dad comes to pick you back up, is that okay?"
gingerly, you stretch your hand outwards, palm up, in an invitation to the little girl. ganyu hesitantly looked back at zhongli as if awaiting his approval.
"go on, little deer." he gently ushered with the flat of his palm pressed against the back of her periwinkle dress.
ganyu timidly placed her tiny hand in yours and nodded once to accept your offer. you beamed brighter than the sun itself and quickly produced a napkin from a small pocket in your apron.
"come here, sunshine," you coo, bringing the soft fabric to dab at her eyes and wipe away the tracks of tears from her face with gentle motions.
ganyu was always his easier child, but she never took so kindly to strangers so quickly. zhongli watched in awe as her cries ceased and she so pliantly gripped your hand. he beamed with pride at the courage of his daughter, but also felt a part of him deflate knowing he'd have to leave her here all day.
"don't tell me i need to get a tissue for you as well, sir."
hand on your hip, there was no denying the teasing lilt to your voice as you met his eyes. upon his silence you fear that you may have overstepped your boundaries.
"a-ah forgive me it's just, you looked so sad." you hesitantly chuckled and rubbed the back of your neck.
"no, no, do not apologize. it was a humorous joke, i'll admit." he tailed off with a breathy laugh, still fixated on the way your eyes glimmered under the shimmering rays of golden, morning light.
"i must thank you, for being so kind to her. i'm grateful for that."
his heart trembled in his chest when you simply stood up with a small giggle and waved your hand dismissively.
"nonsense! it's my job to look after the little ones, besides," you paused to look down at ganyu, who still held onto your hand yet had her eyes trained diligently on her papa, "something tells me this is her first time being away from you for long."
your perceptiveness was a warm welcome to him, and he began to feel less hesitant about leaving ganyu in your care. with a pleased hum and rosy cheeks, he tried to dismiss the trembling of his fingers as the result of the beginnings of the bitter, nipping frost of autumn.
"i am zhongli."
and when you shook his hand and spoke your name, he felt the cobwebs around the rusted gears of his heart begin to rip and disintegrate. for the first time in a while, zhongli felt the faint beat of amour underneath his dress shirt.
he heads to work that day, a bit frazzled by this morning's encounter
there's no denying that he hasn't felt such a warmth in a long, long time
and he can't seen to get his mind off of how sweet you were with ganyu
childe was still preoccupied with xiao and other paperwork for the company, so zhongli is the one that picks ganyu up from school that day
he's a bit late and arrives when all the other students had already gone home
upon entering the vicinity of your classroom, he finds you sitting on a colorful beanbag chair with ganyu in your lap and a picture book in front of both of you
you read with such a soothing voice; not only that, but you did "the voices" of each character just as he does when he reads to ganyu
speaking of his daughter, her eyes are trained solely on where your pointer finger scans through the lines, and he can't help but be enamored at how easily you gained her trust
reluctantly though, he has things to do and takes her from your arms
you place your palm on his forearm—a friendly gesture—while you bid him goodbye and it's hard for him to deny how electric the area you touched made him feel
on the ride home, ganyu is more talkative than usual and the topic of her chattiness is all about you
apparently: you're the "bestest" teacher in the whole world (though zhongli has to remind her that "bestest" isn't a word) who loves to read and sing
the singing part intrigued him; with how lovely your voice had been just speaking to him, he couldn't imagine just how lovely the saccharine cadence of your singing voice must be
and so he begins to fall into a steady routine: drops ganyu off early in the morning at school in your care, then returns sheepishly around an hour late after school ends to collect her from your arms
it isn't until one day, when childe had important company matters to attend to and all his trusted babysitters were busy, that zhongli runs to pick ganyu up from school with xiao in his arms
and he discovers that you're most taken with his son
"mister zhongli, you never told me you had a son!"
intrigue lit your eyes up like a glowing lantern as you cautious peeked past the soft folds of the blue puffer jacket zhongli had carefully dressed xiao in to shield him from the bitter autumn air. his glimmering amber eyes peered up at you with bated curiosity just as your finger gently connected with his little fist.
"ah yes, apologies, teacher (y/n), it appears to have slipped my mind." he bashfully coughed into his fist and shifted xiao in his arms.
he couldn't help but let a rare smile creep onto his face as he watched you interact with xiao: the excitement laced on your face as xiao's little hand clasped around your finger, the sheer awe that had practically branded itself into your eyes as you locked gazes with xiao, it was all quite amusing to him.
"would you care to hold him?" he offered, shifting xiao's weight in his arms to extend him forward.
wordlessly, you took the toddler into your arms and giggled in tandem to the few words that did manage to slip from xiao's mouth.
"well hello to you too, little mister." your finger waggled over xiao's face as his little hands stretched up to reach it.
ganyu had been awfully quiet, watching from your side as you held her brother so fondly. zhongli had never seen her make such a face before: little lips turned downwards and brows furrowed to crease in the middle of her forehead. her fist clutched the soft fabric of your apron and it seemed that she'd tug every now and then. a particularly harsh tug got your attention...and zhongli's as well as you jolted with xiao in your arms.
"little deer!" he hissed, swooping in to scoop her up into his arms. "i apologize dearly, ganyu doesn't usually act like this." the last part seemed directed moreso towards the little girl in his arms, who shamefully buried her face into the crook of her father's neck.
you, however, seemed to realize exactly the intentions behind her actions immediately. "care to switch, mister zhongli?" you asked, extending out his son to him.
"please you need not address me so formally, just zhongli is fine." he countered, wordlessly shifting ganyu so her little hands stretched out towards your body.
"you as well, (y/n) is just fine." you smiled at him after exchanging the two children in your arms.
ganyu immediately melted in your embrace and slung her around around your neck, whereas xiao began to wriggle in zhongli's broad arms and babbled nonsense.
"i think she was just a little jealous." you giggled and whispered discreetly for only zhongli's ears.
"my, that's quite unlike her. i do apologize for her behavior though."
zhongli was quite sure he would've said more if not for how tender you looked with ganyu in your arms. your deft fingers gently tucked a stray lock of her hair from her head behind her ear and a pleasant smile had painted itself upon your lips. your very, very, soft looking lips.
but he was getting sidetracked, far too sidetracked.
"i-i do believe we must be going now." he cursed himself for his unusually unkept manner and hoisted xiao once more in his arms.
"oh yes! ahaha sorry about that. come on, ganyu, your papa's waiting." you stooped down and usher the girl away from your arms into her papa's hands.
ganyu reluctantly let go of your clothes and clung to zhongli's leg with each of her little fists full of the silk, charcoal material of his dress pants. zhongli relished in how warmly and fondly you looked upon his children, but not before realizing how dark it had gotten outside.
before he said his goodbyes and turned to walk through your classroom door, zhongli chose to make an offer that fell perfectly in tandem to the unnatural thump of his heart: "would you care for a ride home?"
zhongli ends up giving you a ride home that day (and bites back his amusement when you eagerly gawk in awe at his fancy, sleek, black car equipped with a touchscreen gps and heated seats
with your address in his gps, zhongli ensures that you're home within thirty minutes, no more no less
his routine continues, though you did shyly ask to see xiao a few more times and he would happily oblige your request by letting xiao tag along when he'd pick up ganyu
you've also grown on him quite considerably:
your quick wit, tender kindness, and complete and utter patience is a stark contrast to the world of stoic business that zhongli is deeply familiar with
not to mention you make conversation flow so easily, to the point where zhongli felt that he could sit and listen to your voice forever, even if his conversations with you only lasted briefly and were about his kids and your jobs, before he'd leave with ganyu in tow
he finds himself staying a bit longer with every pickup, and you're more than happy to indulge him just a little longer each time
zhongli often brings you samples of tea that his company had not yet put into wide distribution; majority of the time your feedback is very positive with the occasional wonky blends or two
there's something pulling him to you and for once, zhongli doesn't feel himself pushing against the tide
even his children have noticed how fondly their papa looks at you
ganyu once asked him during a game of chess if he "like liked" you, and after asking her for a brief explanation of what that meant, he nearly choked on the cup of oolong tea he'd been sipping
though his daughter's words are childish, they haunt him while he lays awake at night and wonders: does he really have a romantic interest in you?
his thoughts are answered oddly enough the very next day, when he goes to pick ganyu up from school and a very irate looking person who isn't you, is pushing ganyu into his arms and scolds him for his lack of punctuality
ganyu explains on the drive home that the "subtute" (she can't quite pronounces "substitute" yet, as zhongli corrects her and helps her sound it out while peeping through the rearview window at traffic stops) teacher had replaced you for the day, and you were sick and home
sick, and all alone
and something tugs at his heart once he's fed and lulled his children to sleep and leans against his counter with only his thoughts to keep him company
he's not one to give into impulse easily, but with only a quick phone call to childe, he's tugging on his jacket and slipping into his car with your home in mind
zhongli felt a bit...guilty, about forgetting to delete your address from his gps. he'd be sure to apologize properly with some extra tea and goods from his shop. a shopping bag filled with tissues and ingredients for rice congee jostled in the passenger seat when his tire hit a pot hole. he wasn't quite sure what you'd like, but rice congee had always helped ganyu feel better when she'd fallen ill.
his car pulled up to your modest, warm-looking home; flower beds decorate the front yard, along with little gnomes and garden decorations. if he were to look up "welcoming" in a dictionary, he'd find a picture of your house as an example. zhongli stopped the engine and exited the car with the bag in tow, heart in his throat and palms clammy and sweaty. he's a grown man who can strike a business deal with anyone and dominates bargaining offers, but still sheepishly hesitates to knock on the wood of your door, illuminated only by the nearby streetlamps and a little metal lantern that hung to the side.
against his better judgement, his knuckles find their way onto the wood of your door and knock thrice.
his breath caught itself in his throat the minute the door creaked open and your familiar face greets him.
you're bundled up in warm looking pajamas, snowy bunny slippers on each of your feet, and a thick, pale blue blanket draped over you body like a hooded cloak. all in all, you looked quite adorable if not for the redness in your eyes and obvious struggle to breath right.
"z-zhongli! what a p-pleasant surprise!" there was obvious enthusiasm behind your voice and yet its gravelly nature couldn't lie about how awfully sick you seemed.
"i apologize for coming so late, would you be opposed to me coming inside?"
you open your mouth to respond but are immediately engulfed by a fit of coughs, to which you motion for zhongli to come no closer when his arms automatically go to catch you should you fall.
"i-i'm quite sick...i'd hate for you to catch it."
with a sheepish, boyish smile that he admittedly hadn't worn in years, zhongli held up the plastic bag with his index finger and shrugged. "i do have a strong immune system."
that seemed to be enough for you, who gestured inwards with a giggle and shut the door behind him.
your living room is relatively clean except for the occasional scatter of books and sky-high pile of kiddy drawings on a nearby table.
"excuse the mess, i-i haven't really had time to clean up, heh..." you whisper meekly, tugging the soft fleece of the blanket to conceal your face.
zhongli can't help but find the action adorable and tugged the fabric back from your face to revel in your gleaming (e/c) eyes.
"please, i insist that your home is quite lovely, (y/n)."
you emerged from your blanket burrito, embarrassment written all over your face. you eyed him curiously with a warbled smile on your lips. "are you here to discuss ganyu's progress? i'm not feeling the best right now but i am still thankfully s-sound of mind."
"no not at all, i simply...ganyu informed me that you weren't at school today and i thought i would come by and prepare some tea and rice congee for you. they are things that have helped my daughter and myself in the past so-"
"zhongli, a-are you sure? i know i appear to be a mess, but i-i'll be fine! i really would hate to keep you from your kids."
you truly were so considerate, and he knew now that he'd absolutely hate to leave you on your own to bear the brunt of your illness.
"i promise, they are fast asleep and well taken care of. i'd like to help you out as well, if you'd indulge me." much like a business deal, his hand automatically stuck itself out forwards. but when you slipped your warm hand into his, the "business" element faded away and left something much more tender and supple than he could ever recognize.
a mumbled "thank you" is all you can muster before a fit of coughs took hold of you once more.
"come now, you should be resting in bed. i shall prepare the tea and congee," he paused and pressed his forehead against yours despite the lurch of his heart upon contact with your hot skin, "hmm, you are far too warm. your fever must break and then you shall be alright."
your sleepy mumbled did far too much to his hammering heart as you trailed off into your bedroom, zhongli's hand still in yours as if you hadn't realized. your room was quite modest with a bookshelf or two lining the walls, but you ignored the pile of texts on the ground beside your bed and clambered up onto the mattress under the sheets.
"i'll be in the kitchen should you need anything." he warned just as your warmth disappeared from his hand.
a muffled "okay" from the pile of blankets underneath your body let him set off to prepare the tea and congee for your consumption, all while his hand burned pleasantly with the remnants of your touch.
with muffle thoughts and flushed cheeks, he got to work. as the tea water began to boil and his large hands stirred a pot of congee, his mind began to slip under into his deep depth of thoughts. here he was, a grown man, who still treated love like a lovesick teenaged boy. it was most shameful to him to be acting in such a manner, but it seemed to be almost out of his control. there was no use fighting the vivid blush or panting of his heart when you'd connect eyes and talk about anything.
so lost in his thoughts, zhongli had nearly forgotten about the kettle on the stove and scrambled to turn the heat off just as the congee had finished boiling.
"archons above..." he mumbled and dragged a hand over his face.
just what were you doing to him?
he'd long since discarded his work blazer on the coat rack near your front door and rolled up the sleeves of his white dress shirt to better accommodate the cooking space. this, however, revealed the slightly embarrassing dragon-style sleeve tattoo on his right arm he had gotten so many years ago.
much to his chagrin, it seemed to be the first thing you noticed upon his entry with the congee and tea into your room.
bundled up under layers of blankets, you immediately locked onto the intricate lines of gold and charcoal ink that layered his arm.
"such a pretty tattoo..." you mumbled and tentatively stuck your hand out to trace over the detailing.
"a mistake of my youth, but i'm glad you find beauty in it." he hummed in an attempt to ignore your electrifying touch and set the tray of congee in front of you along with the tea by your bedside.
"i really can't thank you enough, this was all very sweet of you to do for me."
your body shifted to sit upwards only to wobble and collapse back downwards onto the soft sheets with a hissed "oof". zhongli's quick reflexes ensured that the tray holding the bowl of congee wouldn't have spilled all over your sheets.
"please, i insist that i help you. do not overexert yourself further." he gently chided and pressed one of his large hands to your shoulders, leaning you back against a fortress of pillows.
"spoon feeding me now, are we? i feel like a little kid." you wriggled under the sheets and lolled your head to the side just as zhongli pulled up a chair to your bedside from your desk.
"well you must remember: i am a father of two, so i'm quite accustomed to this."
your lips parted to greet the ceramic spoonful of congee, eagerly swallowing the warm food. zhongli's keen eyes picked up on a smidge that had caught on your bottom lip and instinctively went to swipe away at it with his thumb, palm cupping your cheek, only to feel the moment your breath caught in your throat and locked gazes with you. he's sure his cheeks are flushed a rosy red and judging by the pounding of his heart in his ears, he's quite sure you heard it too.
"i- um-, apologies that was invasive-"
"no, no! y-you're alright, don't worry i just got a little's been a while since someone has treated me so kindly, i suppose is all." you quickly reassured and placed a palm over his knuckles.
his mind wandered back to ganyu's question, and though he's not quite sure of a solid answer, as you babble on about how sweet ganyu is while he spoonfeeds you congee and helps you sip tea, he does begin to think that what he feels around you can be described as "like liking".
zhongli commits himself to staying by your side until you feel better
which means he does end up falling asleep at your bedside in the chair with his arms folded on your bed
as soon as he's awake, he's immediately on the phone with childe, apologizing profusely and reassuring him that he'll add on extra pay and more vacation days for the poor ginger
you're also an apologizing mess, but zhongli quickly shuts you down and reassures you that he'd rather have kept you company than you be all by your lonesome
he leaves that day with awakened butterflies swimming around in his stomach, but not without stopping at home first to greet his children and get them ready for the day
ganyu's questions about where her papa went are relentless and much unlike her usual quiet and shy self
whereas xiao clings to his pants leg for most of the time it takes zhongli to get ganyu ready for school
since his first visit, you often invite zhongli over
the invites are masked under "discussing ganyu's education" but in reality, you two sit and discuss so many things over a pot of freshly brewed tea
he finds himself coming to you a lot with new proposals and ideas for his company and your input almost always results in success! (except for the one time you mistakenly thought tea from pine trees would be a good idea, yikes)
his visits to your classroom are also a running ordeal, and he's begun driving you home as well even if you insist on not being a burden
"it's hardly a burden if i'm offering, now come, i wouldn't want you walking alone during nightfall."
even his children had begun to notice how close their papa and you were
ganyu would always ask to accompany him if she knew he was heading out to see you, and some times he'd have to indulge her because how can he say no to his little girl? (you're more than happy to have ganyu over at your house either way)
and xiao has surprisingly taken quite a liking to you after you showed up with your own homemade almond tofu and asked him to be your first taste tester (your almond tofu is now xiao approved)
you grow to become close friends with zhongli, and he finds that time seems to slip from his hands whenever he's engaged in a conversation with you
everything you touch, all the topics you speak of, they feel so incredibly warm in his chest
the more you talk, the closer you get
and one day, zhongli finally gets the courage to invite you over for dinner at his penthouse
"papa has a date?" ganyu asked with an innocent tilt of her head to complete the look. her little feet dangled over the end of the bathroom counter she sat on, and brushed the edge of her pretty pink dress as childe fixed a matching pink bow into her periwinkle locks.
"you bet he do-"
"no, little deer, papa does not have a date." zhongli scolded and eyed childe with a sharp look in his eye as he fixed his charcoal tie in the ceiling high mirror beside the bathroom counter.
"oh come now, mister zhongli, what part of this isn't a date? i haven't seen you so nervous since xiao's birth." childe poked and hoisted ganyu from the counter into the air. "isn't that right wittle ganyu wanyu? aww look how pretty you look!" childe cooed in his baby voice and spun her around in the air, making sure to rile up a good amount of giggles from her before he set her down. ganyu scurried quickly out of the bathroom lest she be subject to any more of childe's antics.
"this isn't a date, merely a dinner with a friend and my children." zhongli replied once ganyu was out of earshot
childe snorted and leaned against the bathroom counter with his arms crossed. "yeah, a friend that you run straight to for advice on tea flavors rather than the actual advisors that work for you."
"it's nothing more than a dinner, i can assure you that."
"oh? really? what's with the fancy getup then?"
it was rare for zhongli to feel such a buildup of irritation, cringing as it manifested into a nervous, weighted pit in his stomach. he owed a lot to childe, but as of right now he was being little more than a fly hovering in front of his face.
"alright, alright, i know when to call it quits, boss," childe raised his hands in surrender, metaphoric white flag waving pathetically, and strolled past zhongli on his way out of the bathroom, "i'm a phone call away if you need anything." he clamped a hand down on zhongli's shoulder with an encouraging smile and headed out to the front door.
zhongli would be damned if he said he didn't need the extra encouragement—his previous dates had gone running for the hills once they spotted xiao's toys or ganyu's coloring books, and yet you willingly chose to come over and tread the grounds of the unknown despite knowing he had kids. it thawed his heart ever so slightly.
"papa, is mister childe not eating with us?" zhongli broke from his thoughts upon feeling the slight tug of his dress pants via ganyu's little hand.
"not today, little deer," his knees stooped to collect ganyu into his arms and hold up her against his chest, "but we do have another important guest, so i must ask that you be on your best behavior. could you do that for papa?"
ganyu nodded feverishly, periwinkle locks that had been styled up into a pretty ponytail bounced with each motion of her head.
"very good." he hummed and smoothed down her frazzled locks.
as if on cue, xiao stumbled in past the bathroom door on shaky legs with his arms outstretched and eyes wide, watery, and wandering. how was it possible that zhongli had contributed to the birth of something so adorable? it was a question he often asked himself at moments like this when his children managed to wriggle their way into his heart.
"alright, little one, i know, i know." his back groaned as he shifted ganyu to one arm and stooped down to hoist xiao with his other arm.
xiao instantly went limp against the heat of his father, little dress shirt and clip-on-tie scrunched up against his coiled body as he pressed himself inwards to zhongli's chest. zhongli's amber eyes roamed the peaceful visages of his children, comfortable and safe in his arms. and for a moment, he recalled the many times you had held his children in such a similar manner—as if they were your own, with such tender, supple love and adoration in your eyes.
the gentle pound of three knocks against the door of his penthouse broke him from his thoughts.
"is that the important guest, papa?" ganyu asked, stretching her neck to peer at the door from around the hallway.
a hummed laugh bubbled up from the depths of his throat as he nodded and began hurriedly pacing towards the door. "it is indeed, and i'm sure you'll be quite excited to see who it is, little deer."
despite the outward courage and nonchalance he displayed, his insides were a gooey mess of nervousness that he hadn't felt in years. he managed to thickly swallow down a dry patch of air that had been caught in his throat and shuffled his children around in his arms so that his clammy hand could grasp the cool metal of the door lock.
the wood pulled open and zhongli felt his breath hitch once more in his throat.
elegant cloths draped over your skin and hugged and pooled around your body like an antique fountain. your hair had been styled so uniquely, and on your face lay your usual tender smile, and he couldn't help but bite back the thought that you were dangerously attractive.
"papa close mouf!" xiao's stubby little hand moved to zhongli's jaw and unceremoniously pushed upwards; he hasn't even realized that his jaw had gone slack.
"he's right you know, you'll swallow flies if you keep your mouth open like that." you quipped and smoothed over the top of xiao's fluffy hair, allowing your nails to scratch gently over zhongli's skin for just a brief moment (he'd have buckled at the knees if not for his children in his arms).
"need a hand?" you giggled and held your hands out in an invitation to him.
ganyu immediately clambered forwards, joy illuminated in her eyes as you scooped her into your arms.
"teacher (y/n)! are you here for dinner with us?" ganyu asked, fisting the fabric of your clothes.
you meet zhongli's stunned gaze with a slightly amused glimmer in your eyes and speak unspoken words to him in the brief moment your eyes connect, before you turn to look at ganyu.
"i sure am!" you reply and fix her bow into place. "my you look so pretty! your brother looks dashing too." you cooed and gently pinched the soft chubbiness of xiao's cheek.
"and your father..." your eyes meet his once again and zhongli's insides become a mess, "...looks quite handsome." you packaged a coy smile for him and fixed the silky fabric of his tie back down into the center from its crooked position.
zhongli managed to snap out of his stupor and moved to pick up your hand. your mouth opened to intervene and ask what he was doing, but the soft, tender flesh of his lips against your knuckles halted all and any questions you might have had.
"thank you, for coming this evening. you look beyond stunning." his voice vibrates against the skin of your hand, and you know you're a goner when flashes of his smile hit your heart like a beacon.
zhongli's not exactly known for being a mess but he can't help but want to impress you
he's pulled out all the stops for making this dinner go as wonderfully as possible
all the dishes are hand-made himself, and the desserts were made with the help of ganyu and the slight help of xiao (it was a challenge to not let him near the almond tofu though)
despite the aggravated pounding of his heart, he does his best to be a gentleman: leads you to the dining room by the hand, pulls out your chair for you, and pours you sparkling water all with xiao in one arm
the dinner overall goes quite well!
just like before, conversation is quite easy between you and zhongli despite the lingering alluring tension in the air between the two of you
but in addition to that, zhongli admires how you communicate with his children
ganyu has a tendency to ramble about things she really likes, and so you patiently nodded along as she recounted the story of a novel her papa had read to her the other night in between bites of crystal shrimp and adeptus' temptation
and upon discovering xiao's love for sweets, you were more than happy to slide him an extra portion of your almond tofu just to see the elated glimmer in his golden eyes (and though the action didn't go unnoticed by zhongli, he let it slide just this one since he found it adorable)
but there were a few hiccups here and there
xiao accidentally managed to spill his juice over his bib and the sensation is enough to have him sniffling
but before zhongli can react, you're already scooping him into your arms and rocking him back and forth until his tears had settled
ganyu had accidentally dropped a plate while helping her papa carry the dishes to the sink, and like before, you swoop in and immediately comfort her while zhongli hurries to grab a cutesy bandage and a dustpan for the broken porcelain
your skin connects briefly with his over the course of the meal as you reached for salt or swooped in to wipe food away from xiao's chubby little face
the tension between zhongli and you is so palpable that he was sure if he breathed in too much he'd be consumed by you
xiao had immediately fallen asleep at the table, and ganyu had been tiredly rubbing her eyes
but you'd taken the liberty of bringing each child to their bedroom and let zhongli redress them in their night clothes
and as he watched from their bedroom doors, how you tucked ganyu in and kissed her forehead goodnight, and made sure xiao had his stuffed bird and fleece blanket, he knew that his mind had come up with an answer to the question that had been haunting him for months
there was no denying that the question ganyu had asked him a while ago was one he could answer now
zhongli finished pouring a second glass of wine just as you emerged from the hallway to the kid's rooms.
"wine?" he offers, stretching out a glass to you from across the immaculate amber marble counter.
your brows furrow in thought before easing with a shrug of acceptance. "sounds lovely, what kind?" you ask between sugary inhales of the sweet liquid.
"osthmanthus. a fine brew i save for exemplary occasions such as this one." he smiled and scooped your hand into his to once again press his lips to the back of your knuckles. "have i told you how lovely you looked tonight?" he hummed with a coy brush of his nose against your hand.
"you have, but i wouldn't mind hearing it again from you." you smile against the rim of your glass and take a modest sip.
"come, the view from the veranda will be far more to your liking." his elbow jutted outwards in true gentlemanly fashion.
"i feel like royalty, you're quite the gentleman, zhongli." you teased and looped your arm through his.
"ah, that pleases me to hear. you deserve nothing less than the best treatment." he hummed and slid open the glass door for you to step out onto the balcony.
his forearms found their way pressed against the metal railing of the balcony overlooking the many twinkling lights of the bustling city below, wine glass still in hand. cars screeched and lights flared vivaciously and yet nothing could draw his attention away from the manner in which the world reflected like a kaleidoscope in your glimmering eyes.
despite the easy smile on his face, his heart nearly jolted out of his chest when you melted into his side and leaned your warmth onto his body. his arm unconsciously moved to shelter your body from the slight chilly evening breeze and it's when your eyes lock that he realizes just how close the two of you are.
zhongli set his wine glass down with trembling hands, not trusting himself to hold a proper grip on the glass without it slipping from his hands. much to his surprise, you downed the entire contents and placed the glass on a nearby table.
"the wine tasted really good...everything tasted really good tonight." you mumbled, more fixated on the structure of his face than the lingering droplets of wine in your mouth. "thank you for inviting me." with a smile warmer than a summer's day, your lips curled upwards and met his heart in the middle.
he was sure you could hear the aggressive pounding of his heart with how your ear had pressed itself against his chest.
"the pleasure was all mine, i insist. you were lovely to host for dinner." his fingers daringly moved upwards to swipe a bead of wine that had clung to your lips. the spur of confidence he'd been looking for all night had finally dropped into his lap when your hand overlapped his and allowed him to cup your cheek.
"ganyu had informed me of quite a peculiar term a while ago." he murmured, not breaking eye contact or removing his hand from your cheek.
"what would that be?" there's an inquisitive, invisible dance of tension beneath your layered words; unmistakable in his eyes no less.
"she inquired as to whether or not i...'like liked' you," your adorable giggles muffled by his palm interrupt him and he finds himself smiling along.
"ah yes, i'm aware that the manner by which i address this is a bit...childish but-"
"but nothing, zhongli," you murmured and pressed your palm against his lips to silence him, "keep going, it's sweet."
"very well," he chuckled and maneuvered your body so your chest molded against his and his hands settled at your hips.
"i've given much thought to her question, and i think that now i must admit..." his voiced mused in tandem to the gentle rising of his hands to cup your cheeks and lock gazes with you; deep enough to where his heart began to pound at the swell in your pupils,
"you occupy all crevices and cracks of my mind every hour of every day, and it's beyond any shadow of a doubt that i do indeed 'like like' you."
the thick bands of tension had finally come undone and what was left were the tender pulsations of both of your synchronous hearts. your lips parted and fell agape at his honesty and tender words masked beyond a childish shield.
"i-i recognize the implications of my words and by no means do i wish to force-"
"i do too."
his ramble is immediately halted with your gentle touch on his cheek to mimic his tender hold on your face. peering at your face reveals an endless treasure trove of piled on affections ravished by the illuminations of the city lights. your free hand gently wraps around his tie and tugs him impossibly closer before you whisper just under your breath,
"i like like you too."
his breathed hitched rigidly in his throat, the familiar jumpy nervousness coming back to bite him as his lips part to ask, "may i kiss you?"
he only needed a single nod of your head to dive inwards and slot his lips against yours. the immediate connection of skin sent a tingling feeling of electricity through his veins; a feeling that he thought he'd long forgotten. his eyes slipped shut and he let himself drown in your ocean. he'd lost count of how many times he'd laid awake at night imagining this exact scenario; how tender and supple your lips would feel against his or the reverent warmth emanating from your body.
your hands entangled themselves in his chocolatey locks just as his large hand moved downwards to splay against the small of your back. his lips hugged yours with such gentle intimacy, you'd swear you'd come undone in his arms if your embrace continued any longer.
a sudden clutter of noise drew your faces back from each other, breathy and flustered in the face. you longingly stare at each other for what felt like an eternity before you remembered the noise. both of your heads whipped towards the sliding door only to see a flustered ganyu whose tiny hands covered over xiao's eyes, still in their night clothes. a vivid blush covered the span of her nose and cheeks, and a single glance to the left would point to a tipped-over vase as the source of noise. she most likely knocked it over trying to back away from the sliding door.
"she must have seen us..." you gasp apologetically, but zhongli is quick to quell your worries with nothing but a gentle smile.
"i-i'm sorry p-papa..." ganyu stuttered and folded in on herself, clutching the hand of her brother tightly as zhongli slid the door open.
"it's alright, little deer. but you and your brother should really be asleep right now. it's quite late." he cooed, stooping down to be at eye level with her.
xiao shrugged ganyu's hands away from his eyes and stumbled towards you with outstretched hands out onto the balcony.
"aww, i think they missed you, zhongli." you mused and scooped the toddler into your arms, who melted into the crook of your neck.
"perhaps you mean that they missed you, (y/n)." he chuckled and gathered his daughter into his arms.
his hand guided you by the small of your back to the railing once more, a child in each of your arms. zhongli's arm maneuvered itself to wrap around your shoulders with ganyu nestled comfortably in his other arm. you gratefully leaned into his side and pressed a chaste kiss to his jaw as a sign of thanks. in that moment, something in zhongli finally clicked perfectly into place when he realized just how much of a family member you'd become.
"teacher (y/n)?" ganyu called, cheek smushed against her papa's shoulder.
"yes?" you hummed, hoisting the now sleeping xiao in your arms.
"do you and my like each other?"
zhongli can't help but fall into your depths when you look at him so lovingly with his child in your arms, and there's no hesitation in his reply nor does he break his gaze from you when he replies, "yes, we do."
he really like likes you.
Tumblr media
date published: october 21st, 2021
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weavingmemory · 2 days ago
How they get your attention
Featuring: Arataki Itto, Venti, Gorou, Thoma, Zhongli & Xiao
Tumblr media
✧ Itto will straight up start a fight in the middle of the city or make enough ruckus for nearby passerbyers to get concerned. He knows you’re not concerned over his safety, he’s pretty sure you could care less about that. But he knows you’ll come running if you hear his name and the word: “Rampage,” because you’re more worried about the innocent civillians more than him.
“Itto, what the hell are you doing?!” when he sees you running down the street, he immediately pulls his arm away from a poor merchants shoulders before bouncing over to you, opening his arms to engulf you in a hug: “[Name]! I missed you!” He shouts, a booming laugh following right after as he lifts you up before running away from the oncoming guards, all the while listening to you nag at him for causing a scene yet again, “But you wouldn’t have come otherwise!” he retorts: “Itto, I’ve said this time and time again, but all you have to do is knock on my damn door!” 
Tumblr media
✧ Venti will become a dramatic princess when he realizes you haven’t paid enough attention to him. How could you not pay attention to your most adorabelst, sweetest lover when he’s right there in the same room?! He will drape yourself over your shoulders or plop himself onto your lap with a pout and crossed arms, demanding attention or else he will quite literally die.
“Oh I can’t go any further, my legs are losing their strength, I can no longer find the energy to voice another melody!” as the bard says this with what you might add, quite a lot of energy, he drapes himself across your back, an exhausted sigh leaving his lips as he closes his eyes: “Whatever shall I do? I feel like I’ll cease from existence at this rate!” and then he cries. Sighing, you turn around, almost making Venti trip from the abrupt move before pulling his arm to make him land on your lap while kissing his cheek: Feel better now, my oh so poor lover in distress?” you muse, only getting a grin in return.
Tumblr media
✧ Gorou will make it painfully obvious that he wants attention, but also think he’s not making it obvious that he wants your attention. He will stare at you in not such a discreet way, if you were to look his way he would immediately turn his head around. But then look at you from the corner of his eye, if you were still staring with a raised eyebrow, his whole face will go up in flames and he’s scurrying away. If you still hadn’t given him attention within the 30 minutes after he runs away he will just take your hand and place it on his head, and you get the idea.
Feeling a tender hand take your own, caressing it a bit before placing it on top of brown locks. Holding back your laughter, you began to run your hand through said locks, before scratching behind one fluffy ear: “Gorou, are you purring?” you ask with a light giggle, the general denies it immediately. But the moment you’re about to retract your hand he legit whines, the tail that was previously wagging going still and ears lowering: “Alright my big baby, I got your message, let’s lay down by the field and relax together okay?” 
Tumblr media
✧ Thoma will ask you if you need anything every other minute even when he’s given you every possible thing you could’ve needed at that time. And after every drink or item given, he looks at you with this expectant look, but when you only thank him with a smile before returning to you work, he quite literally deflates. You notice, but his expressions are too cute to not take advantage of it.
“Thank you, Thoma. I don’t think I need anything more than this,” you say with a gentle smile, Thomas own smile slightly faltering as he sees you turn around again, about to leave the room when he feels a tug on his pant leg: “So how about we take a break and I’ll give you the attention you’ve tried to get, hmm?” you say, and Thoma can feel himself heat up on how blunt you were being: “I- I didn’t- I mean,” you only chuckle as you make him sit down, laying your head on his lap, the man still blushing but now with a soft smile on his face.
Tumblr media
✧ Zhongli is the normal one. If he wants your attention he will stop by your house or your workplace, give you a gentle smile and then tell you how he doesn’t see you often lately and thus wants to spend a bit of time together with you to quell that loneliness. You can’t really say no to that gentle smile and offer.
“Zhongli?” his name was laced in confusion, your eyes glinting with a hint of happiness, but mostly confusion, “What brings you here?” you ask, opening the door for him as steps in: “Hmm? I haven’t seen you for the past week, I’m afraid it has gotten a bit lonely not seeing you so often like I’m used to,” the man muses, brushing a strand of hair away from your face: “Is it wrong for me to want to see you when I haven’t seen your face for so long?” he asks, and you only laugh shyly with a shake of your head: “Of course not, I just got done with work too, let’s take a stroll down the harbor shall we?”
Tumblr media
✧ Xiao will deny the fact he actually misses you and craves your attention. Haha, he’s an adeptus, conquerer of demons! He shouldn’t be lonely, he can’t feel lonely after he’s spent centuries alone. How preposterous! But the moment you stop by or utter his name, he’s by you in a flash engulfing you in a hug.
“Xiao-” you could barely finish his name before you feel a gust of wind and arms wrapping around you in a tight hug. Blinking away your initial shock, you laugh out loud, the sound making Xiaos arms around you tighten: “Why didn’t you come by or call me sooner?” he mutters into your neck, you only hum while carding your fingers through his hair: “I’m sorry, I was busy and wanted to get everything done before visiting and staying,” you say, the adepti blinking before pulling away, staring at you with wide eyes: “You have my undivided attention for the rest of the week, Xiao.” 
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showing you their love
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: diluc, kaeya, gorou, zhongli, thoma, xiao, itto, thoma x gn!reader
♡ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: fluff <3
♡ 𝐚/𝐧: aaaaaaaaa self indulgent comfort. <3 | like/rb if you liked this!
Tumblr media
diluc's love is all about affectionate words and touch and the gentleness of a man at night. he is gentle with his words – they curl around you like a warm, pressed blanket. they are like freshly toasted bread in the morning, a cup of perfectly steeped tea. each word brings comfort to you, and you soak up every last bit of it. diluc also reads to you sometimes, and you find that even more comforting than anything. his deep, suave voice ignites your imagination and it's generally so soothing that you fall asleep every time! diluc loves seeing you like this; it makes him feel at peace knowing that you're at peace as well.
kaeya's love is all about your wellbeing and making sure that you're safe as possible. he's constantly on the lookout for you, bringing you his homemade food – yes, this man can cook – when you forget your lunch at home. he brings you cold drinks on swelteringly hot days. his care makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. expect his self-proclaimed famous tomato pasta, stir-fried foods, and the occasional pastry from Good Hunter that you love so much. kaeya shows his love through all these little things, and it's more than enough. he loves seeing you content with the little bentos he makes, and the smile on your face is motivation enough to make another.
gorou's love is all about making sure that you feel as at home as possible. he knows the importance of the notion of home; of being at home – that he would do anything to help you feel like that. be it sewing a pillow just like the one you used to have, or making foods just like the kind your mother used to make, or simply snuggling on the couch, gorou would willingly put all this effort in just for you. it's cute, and it makes you happy inside. he loves to see you happy, because it reminds him of the happier times that the two of you used to have before the civil war. he thinks you should smile more often.
zhongli's love is all about taking you out and making sure that he spends time with you. as an ex-archon, he understands that the time he has on teyvat is limited, so he makes sure to spend it with you as much as he can. you don't mind it, you love spending time with him! zhongli loves seeing the wonder in your eyes as he takes you around cujie slope, or showing you around jueyun karst. he loves your thirst and hunger for knowledge, hungrily soaking it up and asking for more. zhongli admires that a lot. he shares with you his adventures from the past, and the two of you eventually take a rest near the realm of the adepti, at the stone table with his name carved in it.
thoma's love is very much physical. hugs, kisses, snuggles, cuddles – anything you'd like. thoma loves the way your hand seems to fit perfectly in his – almost as if it was molded just for you. he buries his head into the crook of your neck on bad days, the warm touch of your body calming him and and reminding him that you're there. you're there, and he loves it! he loves every bit of you. all the hand-holdings, the hugs, the crying into each other's shoulders, the late nights spent staying up with you. he loves every single bit of you, and he shows it through the concept of physical affection. it's really very sweet, and you love his enthusiasm for it!
xiao's love is all about protection. he protects you to the best of his ability, which often causes him sleepless nights due to the frightening notion of losing you. he had lost too many already, he couldn't lose you as well! xiao enjoys spending his time with you, rather than fighting and defending. he loves to simply wind down after a long night, heart full of anxiety but thankfulness of that you were safe, in his arms. his karmic debt didn't discriminate against anyone, after all. xiao shows his love by constantly making sure that you are safe, shielded from anyone who dare hurt you.
itto's love is about physical touch and loving, honeyed words. each words flows out like a stream of milk and honey, and you have to admit that you love every single bit of it. itto understands the power of his words and the way it could act like a double edged sword, so he's even more careful to choose his words wisely so as to properly comfort you instead of the opposite. he loves how he could hug you out of nowhere and you would just melt into his arms, snuggling with him as he leads the both of you into the kitchen to dance. everything about itto screams physical touch, if i'm being honest. but i like it. XD
Tumblr media
this was so cute!! like and rb if you liked this please!
taglist: @bookuya, @mikachuchu, @starglitterz, @cherubbic, @noirkkat, @the-gayest-sky-kid, @ajaxeology, @icecappa, @almondoufu, @gnyuvile, @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst. @simplyxsinned, @heaven-dissolution, @xiaoyksa, @yua1106, @gnyuvrse, @mayple, @rim0na, @kamitoge, @abyssheart, @hushyouu, @thaliastea, @chichikoi
Tumblr media
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chichikoi · a day ago
More Random headcanons :D
Part 1 here -> [ x ]
Tumblr media
DILUC loves giving you massages. Self indulgent, but true! If he finds you trying to press your neck and try to relieve some pain, he will come to you and help you feel better <33
Bubble baths, XIAO loves them. Demon slaying takes a lot out of him, and all he wants to come back home and do is soak in a warm bath and unwind with you in his arms <3 (sfw, take your head out the gutter smh)
Cliche, but GOROU wraps his tail around you. You could be cooking, working, and he just walks up to you, puts his arm on your shoulder and his tail “accidentally” finds his way around your waist… (“accidentally.” sure.)
THOMA is very lazy at home. Yes, he is the Chief Retainer of the Kamisato clan, but at home, all he wants to do is sit on the couch and cuddle with you while reading a book. Don’t make him cook or clean, although he won’t mind, that’s the last thing he wants to do with his lover. But if you cook for him, he would take your food and… he won’t share with you </3 and he would chump it down so fast, you can’t get one bite!? But that’s okay, he makes up for it by covering your face in apologetic kisses <3
KAZUHA does not write you haikus! You might think he sits there on the crow’s nest and writes away for you, but no. He can’t put his feelings into words, how much he loves you, how much he thinks you deserve. What a pity, hmm? A poet, lost for words. But the times he does write haikus, you are his muse, his inspiration. He can’t write a poem without thinking of you. Rolling waves? Your smile. Dew on leaves? The glint in your eyes. He can’t not think of you at any given point in time </3
Tumblr media
Taglist: (send an ask to be added!)
@paradise-creator @mayple @heaven-dissolution @starrconch @almond-adeptus @ventirain @haliya-mori @myluvkeiji @luvajax @noirkkat @simplyxsinned @hunniewriting @hushyouu @cxlrose @somemothgoingferal @almondoufu @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst @joysinsanity @mooscutely
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teyvattwriter · 2 days ago
Participating in the Genshin Boys' Hobbies
Tumblr media
❧ Anon asked: hey! could i request something fluffy with the genshin boys? it could be anything that you want to write or something youve written before that makes you happy, i just need smthn wholesome after the week i've been having, and i hope writing smthn nice can brighten your day too :,)
❧ Genre: fluff
❧ Includes: Childe, Zhongli, Thoma
❧ Warnings: physical fighting in Childe’s
❧ A/N: I’m sorry you’re not having a good week, friend :c I hope this fluff will make you feel a bit better! I actually got this idea after doing Thoma’s hangout
~※ Main Masterlist ※~
Tumblr media
Now while it may not exactly be considered a hobby, Childe always said his favorite hobby was fighting — specifically training to get better in a real battle. He loved a good sparring match with someone that could keep up with him (but he usually settled for sparring with some new Fatui recruits since it was hard for him to find someone at his level).
You watched as Childe practice fighting against a training dummy. You could tell he wasn’t getting his desired effect from this “fight” seeing as his opponent wasn’t a real person. You hopped off your seat and approached the man. You picked up one of the training swords off the rack as you walked towards him.
“What do you think you’re doing?” he teased
“I’m here to spar with you,” you puffed out your chest, “I challenge you to a duel!”
“Are you sure about that, baby?” he chuckled, “I don’t think you could even hurt a fly.”
“How dare you underestimate me! I’ll have you know I’m quite strong.”
“I’m more than willing to spar with you, baby,” he smirked, “I’ll even go easy on ya to make it fair.”
“Don’t you dare go easy on me! I want this to be an honest fight!”
Childe, of course, went easy on you. He had no intentions of actually hurting you while sparring. You did come out of this with a couple scrapes however but Childe was kind enough to patch you up afterwards, kissing each bandaged up cut reminding you how much he loved and cared for you.
Tumblr media
The sun shined down lightly grazing your skin. The sounds of people bustling through the streets echoed up to where you and Zhongli sat at the Heyu Tea House. Zhongli was more preoccupied with the book in his hand rather than the sounds around you.
You took a sip of the freshly brewed tea sitting in front of you both. The warmth of the liquid made you hum in delight. You peeked over at the book in Zhongli’s hand curious as to what he’d gotten at the book shop earlier that day. He noticed your staring (it was hard not to notice with the way your neck was extended out to try and get a good look at what he was reading).
“Are you trying to read over my shoulder?” he chuckled
“No...maybe...yes,” you admitted, “I was just curious about what you were reading.”
“I’m not sure how interested you would be in this, love,” he showed you the cover, “It’s an in depth history on some rare gemstones and minerals found in Liyue.”
“I think that sounds rather interesting.”
Zhongli quirked an eyebrow up at you. In all the times he’s known you, you’d never once shown an interest in anything geological — not that he was complaining about your sudden intrige in the subject. It was nice to see you interested in the things he was fond of.
“Would you read to me?” you asked
“You’d like me to read this to you?”
You nodded. He thought about it for a moment before moving his chair a bit closer to yours. You rested your head on his shoulder as he started reading. His deep voice flowed into your ears and lulled you into a relaxed state. You could’ve fallen asleep right there but you were actually getting interested in the book he was reading and wanted to learn more about these rare gems and minerals.
Tumblr media
You sat beside Thoma on the couch all cuddled up underneath a heavy blanket. The cold winds hit the side of your home and got through the small cracks of your windows. The fire roared in front of the two of you keeping you warm and making the living room very well lit. You looked over at Thoma who was very engrossed with his latest knitting project.
“Hey,” you gently tapped his arm, “Lemme see.”
Thoma stopped and held up the back half of a sweater he was working on. You ran your fingers over the perfectly knit stitches in awe at how he could so easily whip something this well made.
“It looks so good!” you praised
“You’re too sweet,” he replied with a blush
“I’m serious! You never fail to amaze me with your extensive amount of skills.”
Thoma mumbled out a “thank you” while trying not to show you how red his face was becoming from your compliments. You continued to run your fingertips over his work; the soft yarn and bumpy texture of the stitches felt so nice.
“Can you teach me?”
“You want me to teach you to knit?” he asked with a smile
“Yeah! It looks fun and I wanna make something too.”
Thoma burst into a big grin. Of course, he’d teach you! He was secretly hoping you’d ask him so the two of you could have your own little activity to do together when you were both home on days like this.
He adjusted himself and you so that you were sitting between his legs with your back against his chest. He gave you the knitting needles to hold, his hands on top of yours. He moved your hands as he showed you how to do your first stitch. The rest of your night was spent in Thoma’s arms as he showed you how to make your first sweater.
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the-daiz · 2 days ago
Genshin charcaters comforting you headcanons
Tumblr media
Genre: hurt/comfort
Character(s): Diluc, Kazuha, Bennett, Xingqiu, Noelle
Warning(s): -
Side note: I had a terrible day today lmao, maybe I'm just overthinking it but I'm still sad HAH
I'm so tired I'll proof read this tomorrow
Posted on: 20/ October/ 2021
Tumblr media
The moment he finds you in distress he's at your side immediately
He asks you what's wrong and does whatever you ask him to do,
If you wish to be alone he'd leave you be, maybe checking up on you every now and then
If you're into physical affection/reassurance, he'll pull you into a hug, the deep ones where you lean into each other and feel your muscles slowly relax.
Though he might not admit it, he also felt a huge burden being lifted off his shoulder.
Tumblr media
He'll pop out of no where
You're just sitting there, a frown on your lips when a bush of fluffy hair materializes from beside you
With a soft tone, he asks what's bothering you
He'll use his gentle words and honey-mixed voice to comfort you, which eases your nerves
He takes you out to stroll around liyue, stopping by your favourite food place/store to buy you whatever you like
Tumblr media
When he sees that you’re upset he panics
He doesn't know what to do poor boy
He tries to cheer you up, doing dumb stuff to make you laugh, walking around Mondstadt, watching dandelions.
He read somewhere that smiling is contagious, which is why his smile never falters. He wants to make you smile as well
You two end up on Starsnatch cliff, watching the sun slowly fade into the horizon as you chatted all your worries away.
Tumblr media
He’s going to be... awkward at first
he’ll just stand there like... woops, my bad
He'll slowly try to approach you and figure out what's wrong and who tf he needs to beat up
Once he finds out what the issue is the first thing he'll do is try to fix it
If why you're upset is not something to be fixed, much like Bennett he'll attempt to cheer you up
He'll ask if you want to pull some pranks on Chongyun.
He'll drag you to the library, borrow some books and read them out to you (or read them with you)
Tumblr media
She’d get so worried
Franticly asking "what's the matter?" and "Can I be of any assistance to you?"
If you have any kind of job or work that needs to be done she'll do it for you
And she's doing it whether you like it or not
She'll make it her top priority to make you feel better, no matter what it takes
She'll make you some treats
She'll constantly comfort you and check up on you, making sure you're ok and well
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madamepingmain · 8 hours ago
BUB BUB BUB I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU, snuggles with albedo and Kaeya (separate), like CUDDLES, SNUGGLES, FLUFFY ADORABLE MOMENTS THAT MAKE PEOPLE HAVE CAVITIES with a gender neutral reader pls :DD thank you💕
cuddle sessions
Tumblr media
feat. Albedo, Kaeya, Scaramouche
♡ a/n: CUTE VERY CUTE, also I added scaramouche hehe
Tumblr media
“I’m home” Albedo softly calls out the moment he opens the front door
he had just gotten back from his work truly exhausted from today’s events (there was an incident involving Timaeus)
Albedo immediately sets his bag down before instantly slumping onto the couch just as you came into the room after hearing his voice
you walked over to the couch, softly chuckling at the sight of your boyfriend
his eyes were closed, but the moment he heard your voice they flickered open
and in one quick motion, he pulls you down onto the couch with him, hugging you close
“long day?” you ask, wrapping your own arms around him in an attempt to snuggle even more into him
“very long. I couldn't wait to get back home to see you” he murmurs
as much as Albedo loved his work, he sought out comfort from you. the joy you brought to him was something even he couldn’t replicate with science
"alright, but since you got home, you really should eat something!” you say, preparing to get up to get some food for him
but Albedo pulls you back down, holding you tighter than before
“please, just let me recharge first. Just for a little bit” he says
and so the two of you lay there on the couch in each other’s arms
Albedo starts humming a quiet tune to himself, and hearing his gentle voice made your eyelids grow heavier and heavier
that ‘little recharge’ Albedo had wanted was extended into you two falling asleep, cuddling one another
and honestly, that was his plan all along
you expected to come home to an empty house, but to your surprise, Kaeya was home
“oh? I thought you were gonna go to Angel’s Share tonight?” you ask, shrugging off your coat
Kaeya, sitting on the couch, crosses his arms and pouts
“there’s no point in going if Diluc isn’t there. who else am I supposed to tease?” Kaeya sighs dramatically
you sit down next to your boyfriend, and he rests his head on your shoulder
“that sounds awful. You must have had such a rough day” you chuckle, rolling your eyes playfully at the situation
“Why yes it was. Thank you for acknowledging my struggles babe” Kaeya says, stifling his own laughter
after a slight pause, he lifts his head up from your shoulder to adjust how the two of you were sitting
and when he was finished... well in this case the two of you were no longer sitting
instead you were laying on the couch, wrapped in his arms, and you could feel his face in the crook of your neck
"mmm even if Diluc was working tonight, nothing beats being with you Y/n” he says, his breath tickling your neck
“well, I’m glad to know that you prefer being around me over your own brother” you reply, causing Kaeya to let out a loud laugh
it was all true though, having you right next to him and in his arms was something that even all of the wine in Teyvat couldn’t amount to
"Just where do you think you’re going?” a voice stops you as your hand reaches out to open the front door
you turn your head slowly to see your boyfriend leaning against the doorframe of your shared bedroom, his arms crossed
Scaramouche had just woken up, and the moment he heard you shuffling about he sprung to his feet to catch you right before you left the house
“I’m just gonna run some errands right now!” you honestly tell him
“no you’re not. I know for a fact you stayed up late last night so you’re gonna go right back to bed” he says, but you ignored his words
“I’m just fine you know. Plus it’ll be really quick so- aH” before you could finish your sentence, Scaramouche grasped your hand and was dragging you back to bed
he got into bed and pulled you down next to him before using his arms to hold you close to him, draping one leg over you to prevent you from leaving
“If you won’t go to bed for your own sake, at least stay in bed for me... I don’t want to be alone” he murmurs
you silently curse at your boyfriend- how dare he be this cute
still, you didn’t fight or resist him at all, you lay there in bed, surrounded by the warmth Scaramouche gave off
your eyelids were growing heavy and you curse at the fact that he knew that you were lacking sleep
not that you were mad at him for being attentive towards you- it warmed you up knowing he cared for you like this
and before you knew it, you drifted back to sleep, practically cradled by your boyfriend
you hate to admit it, but this was far better than going out to run errands
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gnnhildr · a day ago
can i get some cute headcannons of kazuha and reader in a college!au. like what he does while he’s pinning over them and how he acts in a relationship during that scene. i just need some pure fluff for the love of my life <3 ALSO DONT FORGET TO DRINK WATER AND EAT SOME FOOD MWAH I LOVE YOU
double shot, light cream + no sugar
ft. kaedehara kazuha
Tumblr media
fluff (hcs), n/a, cute caffine addict meets adorably enamored barista, what could go wrong? (everything, at least that's what kaedehara kazuha thinks). cw, this WILL rot your teeth, college!au (i've never really done hcs, i hope this is to your liking T_T)
ꔛ to say that kazuha was caught off-guard the first time you stepped into the quaint little coffee shop he worked in would be an understatement.
ꔛ he had only seen you from afar in your shared psychology class, and even then, he had (respectfully) admired how effortless you had made it seem to be, as some would say, gorgeous.
ꔛ the silver-maned boy had walked past your usual seat in the large lecture hall and knew your usual coffee stop was not the same as where he worked, hence his surprise.
ꔛ so when you walked up to place your order, kazuha did his best to make sure it wasn't completely obvious how attractive he found you.
"may i take your order?" his voice was even and polite, as per usual. up close, he could see your complexion much clearly, only further causing the muscle in his chest to speed up as you met his eyes with a soft smile on your lips. you hummed to yourself, still examining the menu that hung overhead. "i'll have a caramel macchiato, double shot, light cream, and no sugar," you say, lips curling for one last pleasantry. "please." even as you were walking out of the shop, kazuha was still dazed.
ꔛ now of course the poor boy had no choice but to keep up the act of being unfazed, as you became a frequent customer at the shop, not only ordering to go but staying for the amenities.
ꔛ sometimes it'd be late at night, or just after opening, he'd find you needing a caffeine refresher, and every time it was the same order. at this point, kazuha had your drink committed to heart.
ꔛ it went on for a few weeks, you coming in and ordering before immersing yourself in your studies, to which kazuha would then attempt at his own work behind the counter.
ꔛ up until he had accidentally added sugar into your drink without realizing it and, despite your better judgment, you had to go back and reorder your drink.
"excuse me? i'm so sorry to inconvenience you, but i was wondering if i could get a different drink, i think there's sugar in this?" regret reflected in your irises and you hated the thought of making more work for the worker, especially over such a small thing. "i can buy another." tearing his eyes away from his own book, kazuha apologized profusely, embarrassment flushing his rather light complexion in a fiery scarlet at such a blunder on his end. he was quick to get started on remaking your drink, hoping this would smooth over. "akiko yosano, she's a classic." kazuha pauses for a moment, confusion cleared once he sees you examining his book. "she's my favorite," he replies quietly. when he hands you your finished drink, you notice the bandaids around his fingers, marveling at how delicately he's able to hold the drink with his fingertips. "i'm l/n y/n, i think we have a psyche class together?" he nods, still not fully registering the fact that you recognize him. "kaedehara kazuha."
ꔛ after that short encounter, kazuha noticed you had taken it as an invitation for further interaction. it started small at first, just simple greetings and chats during breaks.
ꔛ it moved to then full-on conversations during your break and when there were no other customers around. not that either of you was complaining.
ꔛ he felt as if it were so painfully obvious how much he was infatuated with you. the way you were able to make him smile more than just the curl of the corner of his lips. how when he listened to you talk, he'd look especially for the subtle glint you held in your eyes that'd appear at your favorite part of whatever story you were telling that day.
ꔛ most days though, he'd be much too busy minding the own red blooming at the tips of his ears to see the rose dusting your complexion.
ꔛ until the day it was made known that it wasn't just kazuha who was adorably enamored by the others' presence.
today was definitely different, kazuha could tell as soon as you had walked into the shop. eyes narrowed slightly, he watched you intently as you didn't take your usual seat at the table near the counter, but rather approached him directly. when you came to a stop in front of the counter, you held out a book, bowing while extending your arms out to him. (little did he know the courtesy was simply to hide the fact that you were a very obvious shade of scarlet.) "the usual?" you blinked, almost as if in a daze and not realizing you had been standing before him for a little too long. "oh, yes, thank you." your hands go to fidget with the cool metal around your fingers and he notices you biting the inside of his cheek as he begins to make your drink. "is something the matter?" "oh! no! everything's fine, why ever would you ask?" your words are a little rished and you can't seem to look him in the eyes. clearing your throat, you take a deep breath and try to regain composure. ". . . actually, uhm, i wanted to ask if you'd possibly like to . . . go out . . . with me?" kazuha nearly drops the mixing cup he's holding, eyes wide in surprise as he meets your own somewhat unbelieving gaze. the two of you are most definitely blushing and it is most definitely apparent. "p-pardon?" "i mean it's fine if you don't want to! i can completely understand, this was rather uncalled and impolite on my part, i apolo—" "i'd love to." there is a full beat of silence in the cafe, as if to allow the confession to settle. you can't help the crooked grin that pulls at your lips, warmth swelling up in your chest at his reply. "ah well, that's uhm, good, er, well, i'm really happy—" you had been backing up towards the door, only to trip over the very obvious chair and go tumbling to the ground. if you hadn't sprung up so quickly, the silver-haired boy definitely would have lept over the counter. "i'm okay! i'm okay!" kazuha let out an amused chuckle as you gave a clumsy smile whilst regaining your balance and resuming your path to the exit. "well, uhm, i'll see you later then, kazuha." offering a final wave, it takes everything in you not to prance on the sidewalk all the way back to campus. looking down at the half-filled mixing cup in his hand, kazuha realized he had never given you your drink. he shrugged at the thought, knowing it'd be another excuse to see you.
Tumblr media
© gnnhildr 2k21, all rights reserved; no copying, modifying, reposting +or the like!
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abyssheart · an hour ago
falling in love [genshin impact x gn!reader]
pairings: albedo, childe, diluc, gorou, kaeya, scaramouche, thoma, xiao, zhongli x gn!reader tw/cw: brief descriptions of gore in childe's, alcohol consumption in kaeya's, and tooth-rotting fluff <3 word count: 1.6k
Tumblr media
Within Albedo’s lab, nothing but the way of scientific thinking existed. His understanding of its philosophy was flawless, nary a trace of bias, his data always pristine, and his emotions erased. That was, until his new lab assistant arrived.
To him, you were like a newborn calf, crying out for him every time you needed his opinion on something, instructions, or even help with particularly difficult problems. He’d always reach out to give you the attention you needed, with a bit of extra fueled by love on the side.
Of course, you were oblivious to the love part, and so was he.
Within his lab now is the light, rosy scent of love, his work now tainted by his feelings for you. His data is stained pink with the liking he has taken to you, and the color of methyl orange indicator in his titrations now seem…pinker, strangely. But of course, none of these anomalies are even scientifically possible, and so he sets out to investigate.
He squints for the last time at the conical flask containing this coral shade, and then looked back at you, who is busy with work. Gently, he places the glass container down behind him without so much as a clink, and gazes upon your form.
Perhaps, he thought, perhaps you are the cause of the recent anomalies I have documented.
Tumblr media
Within Childe’s adrenaline-seeking heart, a warm love blossoms, and within it lies your sleeping figure.
He remembers monsters charging at him, growling and roaring, the sound of flesh being ripped apart by blade. And he looks at your sleeping visage, bearing not a trace of tension. His hand extends towards you, calloused fingertips making contact with the soft skin of your cheek, the silence of the room not obtuse, but filled with your soft breathing, and his own in sync with it.
Under the moonlight, just like now, he had fought beasts beyond what man could fathom, barely escaping with his life. But now, before him lies the one he loves, sleeping, instead of defeated monsters, dead.
What was once trivial to him, paling in comparison to world domination, has now become important.
His heart, once purely seeking action, now seeks your love as well.
Tumblr media
Mondstadt’s very own vigilante, Diluc, had previously believed that he would have to face the trials and tribulations of life alone. Of course, when he met you, he still believed the same. You weren’t particularly special to him—he thought of you as yet another stranger who wouldn’t be able to help him.
He was dead wrong.
You blossomed into what he could only consider to be the perfect companion, and though it took years for the both of you to come to this stage of friendship, to be able to sit on his roof and watch the sunset in comfortable silence, to be able to share your problems with him and him you, he has to admit, he’s the one who’s the cause of it all taking so long.
As he gazes into the swirling depths of your eyes, he thinks, if only he’d let his walls down quicker. Because for the first time in his life, he wants more. More, more, more. He can’t hold back any longer, so he presses his lips to yours.
Tumblr media
Everyone but you knows that Gorou has taken a great liking to you, as evidenced by his tail wagging furiously every time he talks to you. He also talks way too much to you, a mere sergeant in the resistance corps.
“Hey, Y/N, take a look at this please?”
“…General Gorou, I don’t even understand what I’m looking at.”
“Rationing plans!”
When seen running across Watatsumi island, tail wagging and stack of documents in hand, one knows exactly what Gorou is about to do—find you and ask for your opinion on the resistance’s operations, but really, it’s just an excuse to see you. And, really, his excuses to talk to you are just so poor, he can’t possibly do worse.
Now, though, he stands before the door to your barracks, tail rapidly moving left and right, a bouquet of flowers behind his back. No more poor excuses. No more hiding his feelings from you.
He steels his will, and walks towards you.
Tumblr media
The burn of alcohol down his throat is a sensation Kaeya has come to associate very closely with your company in Angel’s Share. Knights, criminals, civilians alike—all within his reach, should he choose to simply extend a glass. He is an affable man, to the extent that truths, secrets, and personal weaknesses slip from the mouths of his drinking buddies.
Mondstadt has been whipped into order following the advent of your presence within the City of Freedom. But when Death After Noon is in stock, crime rate goes up a significant amount, and that social order wavers just a little, for Kaeya is a greedy man who covets both the pleasure of drink and your company.
Under the dim, warm lighting of the tavern, he waits, fingernails tapping against the surface of the counter. The sound of the tavern’s door opening cuts through the fluff of the static, background noise of the room that he barely registers. A smile tugs at his lips, and as he turns to face you, he feels himself losing his tight grip on himself, his deliberateness, his calculatedness. This time, instead of maintaining a poor, loose hold on himself, he voluntarily lets go. If he is to pursue your heart, he will leave his own open to you.
Tumblr media
Scaramouche can remember being angry with a person, but not without a person. That person, of course, is you.
Your presence infuriates him. But your absence? It fuels the veritable inferno blazing in his heart. His patience has a shorter fuse; he snaps easily without you. You are akin to his reinforcement cable, for all it takes from you is your presence and a gentle smile at him for him to calm down.
“Kuni,” you start gently, but do not have to continue.
“…Tch. You’re lucky I like you.”
And when your smile widens, his heartbeat speeds up just a little, and his face heats up just a little. With a flourish, he turns his back to you, and walks off in silence.
And he wonders if you’ll ever notice that he does not like you just as a companion, but as a partner, because he doesn’t know if he could ever swallow his pride to tell you that.
Tumblr media
Thoma can’t believe it when he sees you on Inazuman streets. The child with whom he’d played tag with countless times has grown up to be such a beautiful young person. Though his memory of you is old, the person looking back at him with what is probably the same expression as his is most definitely, most unmistakably you.
“Thoma? That’ll be 3500 Mora.”
He hurriedly pays, collects the goods, and looks back. But you’re gone. It’s only the second time he sees you that he gets to exchange words with you.
It is most definitely, most unmistakably you. Just as he did when you were children, he links his arm through yours, roaming the streets of Inazuma. He doesn’t know it right now, but this’ll be a classic case of reunited childhood friends becoming lovers. Be patient, Thoma, soon they’ll return the affections you always had for them.
Tumblr media
Xiao swears he hasn’t seen something so pretty since he’d discovered crystalflies.
Stray strands of your hair shining in the sunlight, or your features illuminated in the moonlight—how he wishes he could get closer to you so he can have a better look. And during the fifth time (he’s counted) he sees you, he feels his heartbeat speed up and his face heats up.
For now, though, you’re something of a crystalfly to him. He can’t get too close to you, or you’ll fly away.
That is, until you finally catch on that someone’s been watching. “Come on out,” you command, and Xiao finds that he does not resist your order, almost immediately appearing before you. Before he even realizes what he’s done, he feels something in his chest bloom. The look in your eyes, up close, stirs something within him.
To you right now, however, he is just a strange boy who appeared out of thin air. One day, that boy will learn of what exactly it is he feels for you, and you will grow to reciprocate this affection.
Tumblr media
The stone-cold heart within the god’s chest finally stirs as you walk past him for the first time. Who is this beautiful person with such an alluring scent, dressed in such sophistication?
“Who is that?” Zhongli murmurs softly to himself.
“That? That’s Y/N,” a passer-by who happens to hear him informs, also gazing at your form as you walk away from them. “Beautiful, aren’t they?”
“…Yes,” Zhongli finds himself agreeing. “Yes, they are.”
Steadily, the thrum of his Gnosis guides him to you, whom he so desires.
Your speech is gentle, your words mild and your tone unremarkable. You do not stand out from the crowd of personalities he has memorized. But to him, you are all he can see within the sea of faces.
His Gnosis calls out your name.
And so he pursues you, his attempts pure and eloquently conveying his affections for you. But be careful, lest you fall completely senseless for him.
Tumblr media
taglist (open): @almondoufu @teyvat-fried-shitposts @shxnosuke @starglitterz @mikachuchu @ohmykazuha @chichikoi @callariri @bookuya @dilucbar @alberivh @gumdropfairy @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst @heaven-dissolution @ajaxeology @paradise-creator @kallm3k0i @hushyouu send in an ask to be tagged!
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genshin-scenarios · 2 days ago
Reading Together at Night!
A/N: These are a mixture of drabbles and headcanons! Xingqiu’s is a bit of a belated birthday present as well, so his are a bit longer (and under the cut to spare you guys some scrolling).
This is also a contribution to @ohmykazuha​‘s flufftober event, so do check out everyone else’s work if you’d like!
Characters: Hu Tao, Xingqiu
CW: Butterflies (the insect) mentioned in Hu Tao’s part! 
Tumblr media
“Ah, Hu Tao! Won’t they burn the curtains?” You turned around from the shelves, alarmed at the arrival of gold and vermillion creatures fluttering about the room. (Your room, to be exact, which was the venue of your little sleepover on the weekend.)
“Don’t worry about it!” The girl beckoned you to come to the bed where she sat, summoning another butterfly at the tip of her finger. It perched there, glowing with the power of pyro and wings flapping gently in greeting. “They may seem like fire hazards, but aren’t flammable unless I want them to be. So your curtains, clothes, and papers are all safe and sound.” She winked.
You sighed in relief, now able to properly appreciate their intricacy. “They’re beautiful,” you admitted, watching how the butterflies floated about your room like winking stars. “It’s like something out of a novel.”
“Except they’re real,” Hu Tao proudly replied. “Well, somewhat real. The details are boring anyways, so lets be youthful and just call them miraculous. It’ll make me feel impressive, too! Like a magician with their tricks~”
Needless to say, the two of you spent the rest of the night comfortably reading next to one-another, sharing a book. The blankets were drawn up to your knees, which would occasionally bump against hers on occasion.
When she was reading, Hu Tao’s demeanor switched to a quieter version of her usual self. She’d hum on occasion, though it wasn’t a tune you recognized, or hold her chin as she considered the plot’s twists and turns. 
You’d sometimes sneak a glance at her to catch the look in her eyes, her micro-expressions the only things that’d reveal her thoughts. It was a side of her you enjoyed seeing; the intellect in her gaze shining as she considered the words on the pages.
At one point you started creating a story of your own, brainstorming with together after feeling inspired from what you’ve just read.
“If I was in a novel…” Hu Tao tapped her cheek, considering her options. “What if I was a dragon instead?”
“A dragon?” You echoed curiously.
“Yep!” She drew an image in the air with the same glow as her butterflies from before. “A wise dragon that grants wishes to those that are able to find it. And you can be the illustrious protagonist that comes across my abode!”
You laughed as the mini-dragon flew from her palm and made a loop into the air, disappearing with a flourish. “I wouldn’t mind that.”
“Then allow me,” Hu Tao bowed dramatically, making you giggle. “With the power I have, I shall see to it that all your wishes come true, oh powerful and illustrious traveler.” An eye peeked open as she wore a smile. “So, what’d you think? Good enough?”
Tumblr media
When Xingqiu arrived at the usual rooftop, he hadn’t expected to be greeted by the sight of scattered petals and a bouquet of silk flowers in your hands. 
A part of himself was delighted, yet he only allowed himself a curious smile as he greeted you and asked what all this was for (he had an idea of course, considering it was his birthday).
You crossed your arms behind your back, the swish of the bag you had with you drawing his attention. “I know you find performances tiring, and I can only imagine what it’d be today with all those gift baskets crowding your door - so I thought that maybe I could be the one to perform this time.” You peered at him. “...Too little? Too much?”
As long as it’s you, it’s always just right. “I like it,” Xingqiu hid his smile behind his book. “Thank you for putting in the effort for this. It truly means a lot.”
Oh, but the surprises don’t end there, do they? You reveal that you brought some baked treats, and sealed away in an envelope was not mora, but rather…
“A bookmark.” You confirmed as Xingqiu ran his thumb over the engravings, patterns inspired by phoenixes and stags, with even a rabbit in the corner. You planned this design with a craftsman a month ago; the ones available in stores were nice, but not quite as fitting a gift for someone that could have anything if he so wished.
Call him competitive or keen to return your thoughtfulness, but Xingqiu suggested the two of you venture somewhere with a better view if you were up for it. Sensing that this was another hideout spot of his, you nodded and agreed with a grin.
The view certainly was worth the climb. (Granted, it would’ve been plenty hazardous if you didn’t have a guide with you.) You found yourself on one of the tallest buildings in the area, perched at the very top where the wind would graze your cheek in hello, and you felt like if you were looking over the city as a guardian deity.
With the two of you seated there (safely, of course,) your attention drew to the book Xingqiu brought with him, which he’d intended to gift to you if you liked it enough. Strategically situated by the lamps hanging around the city, the two of you took turns reading out the story to each other.
When Xingqiu was immersed in the book, he’d lean a bit into your side as his eyes stayed glued to its pages. There was a refreshing kind of excitement he’d adopt as he flipped them to continue, lips gracing from the tale that came to life in his mind.
He loved reading and enjoying his hobby in solitude - which was why sharing this together made your heart grow that much fonder of him.
By the end of the night you said your farewells by the window of his room, where Xingqiu stopped you before you could turn to leave. With an almost practiced swiftness, he tucked a silk flower behind your ear and lifted your hand to his lips, brushing the back of it with a murmured thanks for tonight.
“Don’t think I wouldn’t return the gesture,” He pointed at the flowers you’d braided into his own hair, eyes dancing with amusement. Xingqiu finally steps back, wishing you goodbye with a soft smile. “Until we next meet, my liege. And thank you - I truly had fun.”
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yuuki4646 · 14 hours ago
The fear of a Ronin
Tumblr media
Kaedehara Kazuha x Reader
~in which you find out that your beloved friend fears thunder and lightning~
gender neutral
warnings: mentions of thunder and lightning, i cursed like one time sorry
The Archons had blessed you with yet another storm. Truly, a blessing.
Beidou had just told everyone that they were going to stay in Liyue until the storm has calmed down and it was getting on your nerves.
Sighing for the nth time that day you decided it was time to annoy your beloved friend Kazuha, who had disappeared before the storm even started.
“Kazuhaaaaa! Where are youuuuuuuu?” no answer. Turning on whatever was left of your brain you decided to go into his room. The inn the crux was staying at was huge so those who wished to could have their own room.
Knocking is for losers, you just slammed his door open, scaring the shit out of the poor guy. He flinched and turned around “Oh, it’s just you.” he sighed, continuing to write what looked like another Haiku on the desk in his room, “Just me?” you glared in his direction. He, being the clown he is, just snickered.
Deciding not to kill him you sat down on the table, stealing the pen he was using “Hey-“ he was about to complain when loud thundering interrupted him. You could see him visibly freeze for a second, making you raise an eyebrow at him, “It’s getting late, you should go rest.” he mumbled, taking his pen back. “What are you talking about? it’s like 6 pm?” you eyed him suspiciously.
Kazuha waved his hand around, shooing you out of his room “hEy-“ you were about to complain about his insolence when yet another roaring thunder interrupted you, this time a lot louder. Lightning soon followed, illuminating the room for a quick moment, allowing you to see your friend flinch, in a moment of shock he had dropped his pen.
“Kazuha.” you stepped closer, picking up the pen he dropped and handing it to him. Without a word, he took it out of your hands. “Kazuha.” you repeated as he yet again didn’t answer you decided to be straightforward, “Are you afraid of thunder?” you asked and he looked down, staring at his desk.
There was a teasing smirk on your face “OoOoOooooo is the oh so fearless Kazuha afraid of thunder?” you teased, that smirk however dropped when there were no signs of a smile on Kazuha’s face.
“Sorry- I didn’t mean to-“ she was interrupted by him standing up “I think you should leave.” was all he said before leaving the room. With a dejected face, you did what he told you and left the room as well.
Once nighttime fell however there were no signs of fatigue. You couldn’t sleep so you decided to go and get a cup of water. Passing Kazuha’s room with a heavy heart you went back to your room. The storm had worsened and the thunder and lightning have been getting worse. A lot louder and clearer.
After another suffocating 5 minutes, you couldn’t take it anymore. In a moment of stupidity confidence, you walked to Kazuha’s room yet again, with no idea of what to say you kicked his door open to see a blanket roll on Kazuha’s bed flinch.
You stepped into the room, closing the door on your way inside. “Kazu…” you said his nickname and sat on his bed, laying down next to him, “come on, at least look at me?” you tried your best doing it nicely but apparently nicely doesn’t work with Kazuha.
Aggressively pulling on the blanket until you had it was pretty much your plan for now and surprisingly, you succeeded and now that you had the blanket all that was left was Kazuha with his face buried in his pillow.
You untied his hair, combing through it with your fingers, “wanna talk?” a shook of his head was what you received as an answer.
Once lightning struck again thunder was close to follow, causing the platinum-haired male to dig his nails into the pillow. You soon stopped playing with his hair, taking his hand instead you laid down next to him, waiting for him to feel comfortable enough to remove the pillow from his face.
After a while of hand-holding, he removed the pillow, looking you in the eyes with tears clouding his vision “(name) I-” and with a smile gracing your lips, you cupped his face in your hands.
And as lightning and thunder struck yet again, your lips on his were the only thing he could sense.
[All Rights Reserved.
This is a work of fiction. I do not own anything mentioned in my work except for itself]
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almondoufu · 2 hours ago
here for you
pairing diluc x gn!reader
genre fluff, hurt / comfort
warnings sickness
a/n hi koi your apology <3 sorry it's so short
Tumblr media
3:27 am. you wake up with a start, hair plastered to your forehead with frantic breaths that you just can't seem to control. there's an inexplicable sense of panic that courses through your veins and makes your heart race, and images that float just outside your realm of consciousness seem to swirl in and out of your vision. phone. where is the phone? your hand touches an object on the bedside table and it clatters to the ground before you frantically dial in the number memorised on your fingertips. and of course diluc picks up, his sleepy voice raspy and full of static through the phone. "you don't have to come over," you say, but your voice is longing, and he knows it. "i'm in the car already. don't worry about it, okay?"
11:49 am. the sunlight streams through closed curtains, and it's only after a few blinks that you realise the alarm hasn't gone off for four hours. throwing off the sheets, you scramble out to the living room to be met with the smell of your favourite breakfast food- and diluc is cooking it for you, two little plates and mugs set out on the table and the tv is on with your favourite show. upon hearing your footsteps, he turns around and flashes a sheepish smile. when you ask him why he didn't wake you, he says you needed your sleep, and that's... something you can't really argue with.
7:32 pm. the shower is already running when you step into the bathroom, and you can tell the water's at the right temperature for this kind of weather by the steam fogging up the mirror above the sink. there are tiny little smiley faces drawn into it, along with lopsided hearts- you giggle and poke the redhead standing with his back to you and he jumps with a start, rubbing the back of his neck in an embarrassed motion before picking you up and placing you in the shower. his hands gently untangle your hair, bubbles sliding down the skin of your back as you let yourself lean against his chest.
12:16 am. diluc would never admit it, but he simply can't resist that pleading look in your eyes as you roll over in the covers and pat the space beside you. he has things to do, you know, but a little cuddle can't hurt, right? he caves every time anyways, his warmth encapsulating you softly, deep voice lulling you to sleep as he tells you stories about his day- ones he calls mundane, but you find all the more captivating. and when he's sure you've drifted off into a peaceful slumber, diluc slips out of the sheets to sit at the desk. what he hasn't told you, though, is that the documents on the table are yours, and not his. he'll finish it all before morning comes. it's the least he can do for someone like you.
Tumblr media
taglist (open): @chichikoi, @noirkkat, @starglitterz, @urujiako, @abyssheart, @keokomi, @zierx, @mikachuchu, @shxnosuke, @stupidbirdcentral, @icecappa, @ayra2452008, @luceyluce, @masterofbrioches, @upsetpotatoo, @ariesreii, @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst, @alberivh, @rganvindr @mayple, @bookuya, @venti-le-bard, @melkxsh, @oh-well-then, @mityas-temptation, @tsubaki3192, @ventirain, @severedftaes, @simplyxsinned, @liqhtiny, @booksandhoneymilktea, @hushyouu, @solar-shatter, @nyctophilia108, @mc-park, @hellokittykuroo, @xoxovictoriaa
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3uphoriclies · a day ago
how & where they would kiss you (male edition); xiao, zhongli, thoma, diluc, kaeya, kazuha, venti, childe. [more to be added?]
Tumblr media
XIAO: xiao would kiss your hand(s). he'll do it whenever, when you're holding hands, if you're laying in bed, or if you're just talking. he absolutely loves holding your hand and his favorite place to kiss would be your knuckles. xiao would randomly come up to you just to kiss your knuckles before leaving. he also just loves looking at your hands, comparing hand sizes, tracing the lines on your palm, ect.
ZHONGLI: zhongli's favorite spot to kiss would be the top of your head and your forehead. he loves to hug you and give gentle kisses to the top of your head. whenever you part ways, he will always plant soft and sweet kisses on your forehead before leaving. honestly, if your talking to another person that he doesn't like, zhongli will come and kiss the top of your head before making an excuse to pull you away.
THOMA: he would 100% love kissing your lips. he is very big on pda, and will definitely show you off to people. although if you're not comfortable with that all you have to do is say the word and he'll tone it down. his kisses are always caring and passionate- even if they're quick, they show just how much he loves you. thoma will always be kissing you, his favorite time is when you're alone or in bed and he gets to kiss you all he wants.
DILUC: diluc's favorite is your neck/shoulders. he loves giving you hugs from behind and having his head in the crook of your neck, littering it with kisses. he doesn't like pda so he'll only kiss you in public when there's not many people around. but when you two are alone, he's a lot more comfortable and will spoil you with kisses. diluc would use the pet name love/my love.
KAEYA: he kisses your face, but his favorite part is your temple. expect a kiss on your temple everytime you see him. he'll do that then ruffle your hair before returning to his task. after a long day, kaeya will definitely cuddle you when you go to bed, he would plant quick kisses around your face before kissing your lips, then he'd say goodnight.
KAZUHA: this lovely man adores you, he does not have a spot he likes more than the rest. kazuha will kiss you wherever, but he doesn't like pda so the most he'd do in public is a quick forehead kiss. (you convince him to hold your hand most of the time anyways) when your alone, his kisses are purely loving- it's obvious how much kazuha loves you.
VENTI: venti will most often kiss your wrists. when you offer to hold hands with him, venti will kiss your wrist before interlocking your fingers. you often visit the tree in windrise together, it's actually where you had your first kiss! you'd sit next to each other and venti would sing to you. everytime he finished a song you'd give him a kiss on the cheek. he'd return the favour by giving a short and sweet kiss on your wrist.
CHILDE: childe would kiss your jaw. peppering your jawline in kisses then a soft and passionate kiss on your lips. he uses the pet names babe and sweetheart. he will often come running up to you just to get a kiss before running off again. when you go to bed, he will cuddle you and kiss your face every so often.
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inyazuma · 2 days ago
genshin impact characters working minimum wage jobs
includes: childe, zhongli, fischl, jean, barbara
content warnings: none
words: 426
Tumblr media
childe works at the register on his first day at mcdonalds and fights a customer (the third customer of the day) for being rude. flirts with customers if they’re into it. writes his number on your receipt (😭 this is literally a mcdonalds sir). but also he loses his job on the first day. how the fuck does he keep a job when he craves violence so dearly
zhongli works as a walmart cashier and says the most bizzare shit at check out, u remember that one tumblr post where the person is at a store or something and says their age as something much older and the worker goes “our kind are few and far between” that kind of shit. you stay at the checkout for 20 minutes longer. he bagged your groceries already, 15 minutes ago. you just want to leave
fischl works at hot topic and she is such a fucking nerd /pos. she is dressed full goth, what a fuckin icon!!!! her lanyard is covered in buttons and pins, she is taking full advantage of her deals as an employee. is really fun to talk with at check out if you share an interest, would be the friend that calls u abt clothing they get in store that she thinks u would like and buys it 4 u at a deal.
jean works at a thrift store, please be nice to her she deserves it so bad. she basically runs the place and is doing 4 different jobs at once (nobody asked her to!!!! she took on the extra responsibility herself!!!!). is good at handling ruder customers, where does she get her patience from. deserves such a better job
bennett is one of those ppl who flip signs for places, manages to keep his energy for the whole five ass hours he works!!!!!! he is sweaty and tired by the end of his shift but he’s still got the energy!!!! he loses the sign ALL the time, its is in pieces and soaked by the end of the day. almost got hit by cars so many times retrieving the sign :(
barbara works at claires, the kids adore her there, she is a highlight of visiting claires. if you’re struggling to choose what to buy she’s really good at helping find things that match your style. she is a godsend when it comes to kids getting their ears pierced, whether it be distracting a kid with a plush, singing to them, or just being a comforting presence. she does it so well.
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dourpeep · 21 hours ago
Going Out to Eat
Eats takeout at the shop: Gorou, Kazuha, Venti
Eats takeout on the way home: Xiao
Eats cold takeout at home, specifically at 2am: Albedo, Scaramouche
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teyvattwriter · 19 hours ago
Calling Genshin Boys Pretty
Tumblr media
❧ Genre: fluff
❧ Includes: Diluc, Childe, Zhongli, Thoma
❧ Warnings: n/a
❧ A/N: I just did this on my other blog and thought I should do it here (also I have a lot of feelings about Childe in the new event)
~※ Main Masterlist ※~
Tumblr media
Diluc wouldn’t know how to react when you called him pretty. There was a certain feeling of pride he got from hearing you compliment him but he just didn’t expect a compliment like this. Regardless, he still accepted it.
“Ah..well...thank you, Y/N.”
Tumblr media
Childe wouldn’t believe your compliments. He always deflects your compliments by complimenting you instead. He’ll smile and laugh like you told a joke and just pull an uno reverse card on you. 
“Don’t be silly! You’re the pretty one here!” 
Tumblr media
This was quite different to hear you compliment Zhongli. He was always so eloquent with his words so he would always compliment you. To hear you compliment him made a warm buzz fill his stomach.
“Thank you, my dear. You are beautiful as well.”
Tumblr media
Thoma would become flustered when you called him pretty. His face and the tips of his ears would go beet red as he sent you a sweet smile. He’d scratch the back of his neck as he thanked you. 
“Ahh, thank you cutie! That’s really sweet.”
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cometrose · 2 days ago
zhongli venti headcanons cause i can
they can’t stand slimes especially hydro slimes they either avoid them or kill them as quickly as they can
They’re old men at heart! If they aren’t taking leisurely walks throughout their nations or gazing at meadows and playing with fauna they’re probably drinking and reminiscing
they love flowers! present venti a handful of fresh flowers or zhongli a tightly wrapped bouquet they’ll probably start glowing
zhongli and venti are very different from the rest of The Seven and it painfully shows. While at a point they all got along the bond between morax and barbatos never quite compares to the others
zhongli is used to venti visiting him so he waits. zhongli has gotten very used to waiting
They’re exactly like grim reaper and goblin (from Goblin) in public. Beautiful yet mysterious, old fashioned and with a strong supernatural presence
don’t let venti deceive you he’s a boomer he’s just good at hiding it!
whenever they go to mondstadt they have little picnics under Vanessa’s tree or they go to Old Monstadt and bounce around the ruins. If theyre especially in the mood they’ll travel up to Starsnatch cliff and stare at the moon
whenever they go to liyue they either walk through the streets of liyue harbor, rest at mt. tianheng or relax in jueyan karst specifically at cloud retainers abode
whenever venti gets his grubby hands on zhongli’s hair he loves to place flowers in it or weave braids
zhongli’s doesn’t take many breaks but when venti pulls out his lyre it’s a rare opportunity to watch his shoulders relax he might even fall asleep
they’ll bicker for hours on end ranting about this and that maybe but then talk about their next meeting
“yes i can’t stand that bard but he did say he was meeting me next week i should prepare a gift”
At certain times they are very intense and quiet, when the feeling of millenniums bares down on you sometimes there are no words to describe it
“i don’t miss that blockhead why would i? anyway now that you mention him i should see him soon”
the earth rumbles whenever zhongli moves and a gentle breeze always passes by when venti is on the move
i think zhongli as the exuvia has definitely whacked venti with his tail like just sent him flying and everything
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shoureikuu · a day ago
Hey heyy! May I request a genshin impact matchup?
I’m a female, my mbti is INTP-T and my favourite things are cats, the colour red, sushi and strawberry milk. I'm usually pretty shy around people but really chaotic and loud with my friends. I feel like I’d be really clingy if I had an s/o. People either say that I’m too talkative or too quiet. My hobbies are painting, reading, playing video games and writing. Fun fact about me is uhhh i cant sleep without a bolster :)
Remember to take care of yourself, thank you in advance!!!! :DD
Tumblr media
I assign you...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝑊h𝑦 𝑠𝑜 𝑠𝑝𝑒𝑐𝑖𝑎𝑙?
Xiao doesn't really care about how different your personality is in public, because he expected that you'll be so ever since he met you. However, he loves it and finds it cute —how his usually chaotic and loud, but considerably is a softie, can be shy and cute. He cuddles with you A LOT, he knows you need it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐹𝑙𝑢𝑓𝑓 𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑒 !!
You woke up to a thought that made you highly uncomfortable, rather called a nightmare. You looked at both side of the king sized bed you and Xiao shared. Noticing his sleeping figure, you let out a bitter sob that woke him up. "Baby..." his voice sounded sleepy and raspy, though clear as day. His hands groped for your waist, tracing their way to encircle your body and dragging you to his chest. You broke up crying after the contact. He decided not to bother you, to let you get it all out. When you calmed down, he softly asked you, "What happened, love? I hope everything's alright.." You noticed the worry in his features, which made chuckle sweetly. He smiled at the thought that he had made you feel slightly better, but haven't quite reached it all yet. "Xiao.." you started, tracing hearts on his chest, "Promise to not leave me, until death does us apart." His still smiling face placed a warm kiss that brought along all his thoughts, good and bad. "I promise."
Tumblr media
𝑇ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑘 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝑟𝑒𝑞𝑢𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑔.
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luventi · 5 months ago
note. more of “sal nobody asked for this” but i’m still going to give you this because it’s just who i am >:) cw suggestive !!! please reblog if you enjoyed it is very much appreciated! read part 2!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kaeya: the kind of roommate that doesn’t know personal space, kaeya will purposely walk into your shared bathroom while you’re on the toilet or drying off from the shower just so he can ask you if you can buy some milk on your way back from work. you’ll obviously be frightened and by all means if you express verbal discomfort he’ll stop, but if you don’t you’ll just have to get used to accidentally seeing him naked as well as him casually walking in on you naked. sir please u can have me.
zhongli: he would like a clean and compassionate roommate, zhongli is not fond of anyone who’s messy or unwilling to compromise on certain things. for example: he washes the dishes and always makes sure the bathroom is clean when he leaves. and you cook the food and never leave any of your shoes lying around. it’s a perfect balance, so perfect that as the months go by you fall into a marriage like routine with him ;) .
diluc: does he even need a roommate? no. did he offer you this just because he felt bad that you didn’t have a place to stay? yes. it’s no surprise that the diluc would have no need for a roommate (dollar dollar bills yo) but you’re his friend and he can’t bare to see you stressed out about housing accommodations, so as all good friends do, he let you room with him in his gorgeous apartment. everything runs smoothly with you two, considering you’ve been over at his place often it’s very easy to settle in. except for the first night, your new bed hasn’t arrived yet and diluc was kind enough to let you share his bed. but sadly that very night is when he realized it was going to be far too troublesome to have someone as gorgeous as you share his place.
childe: he’s never home?? like do you even have a roommate at this point because you hardly see him! you’re honestly beginning to think you made it all up, but there will be nights around 3am when you find him shirtless in the kitchen —just in his underwear might i add—eating a bowl of cereal. you just stand in the door awestruck because you haven’t seen him for days, but he just smiles and pours you a bowl as well and starts to ask about how your week was. (off topic but messy hair childe?? sign me up!)
albedo: also never really home except that he makes it a point to cook breakfast/dinner with you! he’s not big on wasting food nor does he like when you always cook for him (makes him feel bad) so he’ll always be there to share the burden of cooking! albedo is a very kind roommate, he’ll give you your space but doesn’t mind if you need a shoulder to lean on when you’re reading a book and he’s going over his notes, it’s a quiet promise between the two of you. i’ll be there when you need me to be, and you’ll do the same. <3
xiao: the type of roommate that does not allow you into their room at all but he’s barraging into yours at 4am if he hears even the slightest sound of discomfort to check on you. i’m not going to lie there has been times when these sounds of discomfort have been solo sounds of pleasure but he’ll just close the door and not look you in the eyes when you greet each other the next morning. regrettably there has been times when he’s well aware of what you’re doing and closes his eyes to let his mind wander of all the things a “just a roommate” should not do.
venti: he’s either always in his pajamas or naked. there is no in between, the amount of times you have seen his butt cheeks? too many to count. he also has really good smelling shampoo and you sometimes sneak some for yourself as well. he doesn’t mind sharing but he’ll be smelling your hair often so just be ready for that. venti is also a very touchy roommate, he likes being in your bed and sitting you on his lap and when you’re close enough? taking showers with you because it helps lower the water bill.
scaramouche: he finishes all the milk before you wake up and declines your pleads of asking him to drive you to the grocery store. scara is the definition of sour than sweet, sure he’ll let you walk to the grocery store while it’s raining but when you arrive home he’ll have a warm shower ready and your towel in the dryer. he’s not so insufferable but there are times you truly have thought about committing a homicide. but you fear he’s also done this in the past.
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witch-hazels-musings · 3 months ago
Heyo Hazel! Could I request Diluc, Xiao and Kaeya having a dirty dream about the reader and then waking up next to the reader. Maybe what happens after that too ;)
teyvat desires🔅
Warning -> 18+ NS-FW (Penetration, (Xiao: wall sex, biting), (Childe: penetration from behind, cussing))
Character X GN Reader | anthology 
Includes: Diluc, Xiao, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli
The sound of your voice floated to his ears; a soft moan followed by shaky breaths, a whisper of his name on your lips. Eyes closed and cheek flush against the pillow he kept beneath your head. 
He watched how your chest heaved and couldn’t stop himself from tasting your skin. It was just within his reach and he needed to know what flavor you’d be today. His tongue caressed the line of your sternum, passed over your collarbone, and the way your fingers dug into his back in a desperate grip, only made him crave you more. 
There was so much about you that was distracting and he realized he’d stopped pushing into you for a while now. To feel you, to experience you just holding him like this was a pleasure he didn’t know he needed. Still, when he started again, his hips thrusting into you - length slipping all the way free before perfectly molding you into a shape for him - and the panting moans that you shared with him found their way to his burning ears, he wondered how he had the strength to stop something so addictive. 
You looked at him and just as he was to descend onto the lips he’d been neglecting -- 
There was a comfortable pressure against his chest and, when he breathed, his nose scrunched from being tickled. Weak and unhappy eyes pried themselves open only to find your head resting on his chest. The smell of your shampoo filling his nose in an instant, the weight of your hand over his heart more intense than the heat that filled him. 
His heart was pounding, but he wasn’t sure when that had started, and when he shifted only to hear you groan, the involuntary flex of his cock made him pause. It wasn’t appropriate to have this reaction, still, you were his lover - it wasn’t right to picture you the way his mind did, and yet, it wasn’t the first time his imagination got the better of him. 
With his mind distracted, he rested his hand onto yours and nearly regretted the decision because feeling your skin and being reminded of the images of his fingers possessively commanding them above your head came flooding back. Biting the inside of his lip and taking a deep breath, he attempted to slip out from under you.
“Mmm, don’t go.” Your soft voice pleaded and the quickness of his heart increased as if he had just fallen off of a cliff. It wasn’t until you moved your face upward and looked at him with sleepy, pleading eyes that he knew he’d lost. 
He swallowed and pressed his lips to your forehead, your hand slid up to his ear and rested its fingers on either side. When your leg moved over his and pressed against him, he gasped and wrapped his arm tightly around you. He didn’t dare look at your face, but he couldn’t help the bodily reactions that had taken on a mind of their own.
Your fingers trailed over his cheeks, his lips and his jaw clenched, they slid down his chest and came to rest on the boner which flexed at your touch. His hips lifted slightly and as your hand found its way under his boxers so too did his lips find yours. 
He had you in exactly the place that he wanted you. Back flush against the wall and hands reaching to grab onto anything that they could, legs possessively wrapped around him while he provided you the only support you needed. 
Dropping his head onto your shoulder, he let you slide further down the wall until the change in position made you exclaim in such a beautifully angelic way that he found it almost impossible to hold himself back. There wasn’t a way for him to communicate to you, all he knew how to do was follow after the insatiable high that was your body clenching around his. 
He pushed, deeper, harder, and every cry of pleasure, he pulled from your throat made him more confident until finally only the sounds of your pleasure and intertwined bodies filled the room. To hear himself become so lost in the body of a human, he had to bite down on your shoulder to stifle the moans and grunts that threatened to leave him and, when your breath hitched in your lungs and the sinful moans turned to a whimper, he ---   
Xiao was awake in an instant. His heart pounding in his chest, mind dizzy and filled with images from his dreams. Flashes of you pinned against the wall, the lust in your expression, and the way you called out his name made his skin ripple. 
He wasn’t even sure when he fell asleep, but as he looked to his side and saw your sleeping face resting in the pillow, your hands cupped together, cheek and neck presented to him as an offering, he couldn’t find the strength to settle his breathing. 
Desire is what clouded his rational thought and his fingers soon found their way to your skin. Gently, he ran them over your neck and watched how you stirred but didn’t fully awaken. He touched your lips and a flash of your desperation took his vision. 
Wake up - don’t wake up - let me have you - I can’t 
He battled and struggled harder than any fight he’d ever been in. To allow himself to have you only to know that one day you’d leave him … was he willing to let himself do that. When you stirred and your eyes settled onto him, your body stretching without a care in the world of the danger you were in - he allowed himself to taste what he may later regret. 
He held you; the look of his partially gloved hands wrapped around your waist as you settled onto him was more beautiful than any master painting. The look of your jaw as it fell open upon your descent, the crinkling of your eyes as you worked to take him in, made his mind reel and pride swell. 
“That’s it, you’re doing so good.” He whispered, kissing the fingers that he pulled from his shoulder, tongue licking over the tips and letting them rest in his hot mouth. He shifted, sliding slightly down, and smirked at the shocked whimper that slipped from the lips he’d worked hard to turn the lovely shade they were now. 
He left your hand against his cheek, allowing you the time to adjust to his size while he got to work on your shirt. These were his favorite, the ones he could unbutton or untie just enough to see the delicious skin hidden underneath, and if at any point the cloth slipped from your shoulder and fell down your arms, well it did something unbelievable to him. 
Your fingers ran against his lips, eyes locked there as if your life depended on it and your hips moved without you knowing. “Whenever you’re ready …” He hummed, kissing your fingers and closing his eyes as you lifted off of him only to --- 
Was it a bird or a branch that brought him to the waking world? He wasn’t sure but either way, he was unhappy to be brought from such dreams. No matter how desperately he closed his eyes he was unable to return to that place and, with indignant compliance, he turned onto his side. 
The throbbing in his crotch grew when he found your face. The slight part of your lips, the unruly hair that took the brunt of your slumber, the soft color of your cheeks before they experienced the day, and the hands he remembered tasting just within his reach. 
He wove his finger in between your relaxed grip and smiled when your fingers closed around his. Just a sample, he thought to himself as he pressed his lips to the tips of your small appendages. The action made you stir, he kissed another and carefully observed how your eyes fluttered open. 
“What are you doing?” You asked, voice still finding its way to you. 
“Kissing your fingers, isn’t it obvious.” He pressed another open mouth kiss to the pad of your index finger, his teeth lightly grazing the skin. You moved closer to him and hummed in compliance with his actions. “Does it feel good?” 
“Well then, I’ll keep going.” His hand wrapped around your waist and pulled you flush against him, hips moving to let you feel how hard he’d become. 
The first thing your voice practiced this morning was how to sing. 
Your back was perfect, shoulder blades near touching as he plastered his hands on either side of you. Your leg bent up toward your stomach and every once in a while he’d lean up to look at the display beneath him. The marks of affection that he showered onto your shoulders, back, and neck and the way your hands gripped into the sheets as he pushed into you again was a prize he long deserved to win.
From this position, he could see just how well you took him and if you kept your face turned to the side like he asked, he could witness the expressions that he knew you could make. His hand looked incredible as it pressed into the meat of your thighs, formed perfectly around his fingers as they held onto your glutes. 
“Damn, do you have any idea how good you feel?” He breathed, thrusting into you with more force than the last time and watching how your jaw dropped open so you could scream out your pleasure. He had mixed feelings - a battle in his desires - it was so tempting to stay where he was so he could see you, but he wanted to feel your body against his more, to feel the pounding of your heart as you received him. 
With a grunt, he leaned down toward you. His lips connecting with your shoulders, eyes watching your face and hand sliding down in between your legs to offer you -- 
The bright flash of light made his eyes squint, the sudden darkness of his eyelids now rudely disturbed by the open curtains he swore should be closed. Burying his face into the pillow, he tried to claw back the images that were so sweet but was only able to find flashes of them and, while his torso rested flush against the bed, he could feel the need building in him. The pressure a reminder of the one in his dreams. 
“Hey there, good looking.” Your voice rung in his ears and with eagerness in his arms, he pushed himself up to find you. You were standing by the dresser, the shirt you wore to bed still covering your body, and the legs he recalled holding onto were bare. 
Without any worry or indication he was radiating desire, you made your way toward him. It took him a single moment to capture you and lay you on the bed and less time to cover your lips with his own. 
“I’m desperate,” He whispered against your neck, your hand gripping onto his bare shoulder for support. “Will you help me?” Your body accepted him, your heart took him in, and your voice in the real world was far more perfect than what his mind attempted to recreate. 
You moved in sync with him. Hips rocking in a steady rhythm and hands reaching to his hair while he slipped his tongue into your mouth. He knew how long his was and yet you were always able to accept him, using your own to work around his before ending it on a playful nibble of his lip. He hummed, eyes opening slowly to look down at the face he cared so deeply for. You smiled and he found himself drawn to it. 
Slowly, he pulled away from our lips and trailed soft, featherlike kisses down your jaw, your neck, and chest. His hands sliding along your body as he moved until he uncoiled himself and stared at you from above. His toned, bare chest was like a statue that your hands sought to touch. Bending your legs into a comfortable position, he rested his arms over them, fingers trailing over the skin and eyes taking mental images of the body before him. 
He settled his knees up to your ass and lifted your body just enough to keep you comfortable as he slowly pushed into you. When his hands slid down to the space between your legs and he watched how yours covered your eyes, your breathing speed up, he found it impossible to look away -- 
Delectable visions turned to black before showing him the color of his bedroom. With a slow, steady breath he came to sense every inch of his body, from the tingling in his fingers, the rapid heartbeat, and the ache in his pants, he experienced it all at once. 
His hand covered his face and attempted to wipe away the sensations that lingered from the dream he had of you, but when he blanketed his eyes all he saw was your naked body accepting him. 
“Zhongli?” Your voice was so lovely, like a siren he would walk into the deepest stretch of ocean for. “Are you okay?” He felt your fingers graze his skin and with as much strength as he could, he moved slowly to grab your wrist. 
“I am fine … no need to fret.” The mattress dipped as you moved closer to him and he could feel the heat from your body, the closeness of you made the tightness of his pants worse. 
“Was it a bad dream?” You were so considerate, so empathetic and when he opened his eyes to see you hovering over him with eyes he knew how to capture, he allowed himself to dive into his desires. 
“It was the opposite actually,” His fingers abandoned your wrist and moved to cup your cheek, “Would like to hear about it?” 
“Of course.” As he positioned himself over you, his sturdy cock pressing against your leg, he made sure to tell you his dream in all its intimate details.
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