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( calling them by their name ) — GENSHIN IMPACT genre. fluff, boyfriend au cw. male genitalia mentioned in a joking way. pairings. xiao, kazuha, zhongli, childe x gn!reader.
Tumblr media
tries to pretend he’s not bothered by it
tries miserably
with any other person, its literally just routine for them to call him by his name… y’know being a big bad yaksha and all
but when you call him xiao instead of your normal “sweetie”….
expect him to be an ass the next couple of days he gets so pouty and sulky
which is ironic cuz when he first met you he hated being called anything but his name
and now he finds that the best part of his day will always be in your presence with you calling him pet names
he’s absolutely whipped but he’ll never tell you that
the biggest little shit in teyvat
he can and WILL ignore you for as long as he needs until you submit
his name isn’t childe. or tartaglia. or ajax. it’s honeybear.
corny as hell but he would genuinely ignore you until you call him that, poker face and all
and when you do call him that…. expect an even cockier childe with a shit eating grin smothering your face in small kisses
freezes up when you call his name
he literally feels his heart drop into his pale, firm ass when you call his name
he thinks he did smth wrong
so while you’re waiting on his response he’s frozen in time trying to tap into his memories and try and remember if he did anything to upset you
but he literally cannot think of anything.
but he apologizes anyways with a sad, small voice and sympathetic eyes which makes you confused ??? like why is he apologizing
when he sees that you’re confused he explains and you’re left like ö oooohhh
all he wants is for you to call him your prince he’s like a clingy cat he loves attention and esp if its from you
yes he is a grown ass man with dick and balls and bills to pay
yes you will call him your baby because he is exactly that
your baby. not zhongli.
when you call him by his name he’ll stop you immediately and tell you to call him “that funny little name” you call him
while he wasn’t really a fan of pet names… you calling him that just makes him feel warm inside
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Wind’s Destiny
PAIRINGS: yandere childhoodbestfriend!kazuha x reader
TAGS: noncon, full nelson, fingering, creampie, mirror sex, breeding, insecure reader, implied fem!chubby!reader, childhood friends to lovers, forced marriage au, brat!reader, kinda mean!reader, manipulative!kazuha, reader has self-esteem issues and is afraid to get pregnant, kaedahara ‘just the tip’ kazuha
WORDS: 3.5k // crossposted on ao3 // my masterlist
NOTES: this is for @miniatureneckpandamug​ who won first place on my milestone raffle! thank you for giving me such a big brain prompt that i got carried away, i honestly loved writing this. this is for my big girls and kazuha fuckers out there, come get y’alls food!
Tumblr media
Kaedahara Kazuha’s return shocked everybody.
After the widespread news of successfully stopping the Musou no Hitotachi, he became a hero to Inazuma and your hometown’s pride. It’s hard not to reminisce childhood memories when he’s the talk of the town; that big cherry blossom tree in your uncle’s courtyard was where both of you would chase finches when the sun rose and rest under the shade as the sun sets. He was a mere boy when he left to train as a samurai, and now he’s grown to his features and became a formidable young man known for his swordsmanship and artistic poetry.
The future of the Kaedahara Clan is now on his palm. And with the rise of a clan, a new heir shall come.
“You may now kiss the bride.” The priest announces, and for a second, you hold your breath– until Kazuha gently lifts up your veil and seals your fate with a kiss.
Tumblr media
In the reception, you were all fake smiles and thank you’s while your husband seemed to be having the time of his life mingling with the townsfolk who hadn’t seen him in years. They swarm and ask him questions about his travels, ignoring your presence. You stay still and look pretty like a porcelain doll until he finally waves them off with a smile and move on to the next guests.
Sensing your discomfort, Kazuha looks back and squeezes your hand every once in a while. You brush him off and continue to stare up ahead.
The crowd was on the peak of their joys—drinking, chattering-- when he finally takes you to meet Captain Beidou, the traveler, and his floating companion. ‘They’re the most special to me,’ he says and he wasn’t wrong. The captain charmed you with anecdotes of her wild adventures, and the traveler made great conversation along with his companion who never ran out of stories to tell.
You exchange pleasant goodbyes. A brooch on the captain’s collar glints and catches your attention.
You remember crafting the very same brooch in your small workstation in Inazuma City just a few weeks ago.
“Pretty, ain’t it?” She chuckles. “I would refer you to the store, but last time I heard of it, the owner closed off. Shame.”
Anger welled up on your chest. Shame indeed. A year ago, you launched your jewelry business; you were dedicated, hard-working, and quickly made a name for yourself in the industry before Kazuha came back and you were forced to leave it all behind. For his stupid desires and a stupid wedding.
Resentment flooded your veins. You excuse yourself to the balcony, and the image of your work is ingrained in your mind as if mocking your demise.
Light footsteps follow you. “My love… are you alright?” You avoided looking at him all night and the stupid red and white montsuki that adorned his frame. It’s a painful reminder that he wasn’t the little boy you grew up with anymore; he was your husband.
You lean against the wooden patio, fidgeting with the shiromuku that must have been his mother’s. The crest of the Kaedahara clan is embodied on its right shoulder. “I already told you to not call me that. I’ll be fine, just… trying to keep myself together and–”
“‘I don’t do well in big crowds, Kazuha’ I know, you’ve told me before.” A frown etches his face. “I understand that this is a bit sudden for you, but you deserve to be happy at your own wedding. I’m sorry about the guests, we can leave early if you’re tired.”
A bit sudden? You face him. “It’s only been a month since the Vision Hunt Decree ended. Everything was going well with my life, and—and—my work, my passion, then you suddenly came home and announced your marriage. To me.” It’s hard to keep your voice down as your temper flares, but attention is not what you want right now. From the corner of your eye, you see residents of the Alcor mingling with his old friends just a few meters away. “Just because we pinky-promised to marry each other a whole decade ago doesn’t mean you can gatecrash in my life like this!”
Ever understanding, your husband only nods. ”It’s not just about our oath years ago. This is also for your own safety.”
You grit your teeth. “And how is this for my own safety?”
He sighs and speaks slowly as if talking to a child. “I’ve seen the world out there, (Y/N). Both the beautiful and things that are better left hidden. As I wandered aimlessly after my friend’s passing, I couldn’t get my mind off you no matter how hard I tried.” He takes your hand and presses a chaste kiss on your ring. His lips leave a tingle on your skin. “What if something bad happens and I’m not there to save you?”
You attempt to pull away, but his grasp was as firm as his word. “I admit that this arrangement was brought by my selfish desire to… keep you safe, but I swear that I only have the best intentions.”
“And in our honeymoon?” You finally ask the question that plagued your mind. “Do you intend to ravish me, then?”
His palm is calloused and warm against yours. “Nothing has to happen, and I will never do anything you don’t want. Just say the word.”
When he wipes a stray tear with his thumb, only then you realize that you were crying. “Everyone expecting an heir soon, Kazuha. Don’t lie to me.” You gulp and try to stop the fear from taking over. It was an undeniable truth; the pressure that crawled on the back of your head, hitched your breath, and left you terrified of anything and everything that could happen in the following months. “I can’t– I don’t want to–”
“Don’t let your worries get to you, my love.” He says, and you barely miss the deception in his eyes. “You’ll be alright. We can get through this together just like how we always did.”
Tumblr media
The honeymoon cottage was paradise on Teyvat.
You remember this place. Its every Kaedahara’s official start to married life— his parents stayed here during their honeymoon, and so did his grandparents. Just one carriage ride away from the reception and was decorated with lit scented candles with an overlooking view of the island. Kazuha left over an hour ago, and since then, the maids have been scrubbing and washing you in the bath.  
It’s foolish to trust the man who wedded you by force, but did you have any other choice? Even before the wedding, he already poured a waterfall of apologies for putting you in this situation. Deep down, you want to trust him.
(But if he meant his apologies, then… he would’ve stopped. There would be no wedding, and he would’ve courted you properly.)
You look at yourself by the large mirror facing the bed, robed in sheer lingerie that barely covered anything. The maids did a great job of cleansing your skin so soft and supple, plump as you are already.
You hide under the thick blanket. Was the wind always this cold and piercing at night?
Kazuha enters, and the wind blows more laboriously that it bites pinpricks on your body.
“Well,” He stares at you. “You look like a little burrito.”
You force out a chuckle. “It was shivering out there.”
He undresses and hangs his kimono by the dresser. You don’t know whether you clenched your fist out of habit or unease. “This village used to have a normal climate before, back when we were kids, remember? Until one summer, my dad received a letter that their icy winds never stopped and the residents need help moving out.” He removes his ponytail and turns his back to you. You marvel at his scars and notice the oldest one from long ago where he fell from a Kanzan tree while reaching to pick flowers. “Some believe that it was punishment for angering the winds, but my senses say that it was a natural change that was bound to happen. Interesting, no?”
You don’t know if he’s just buying time, but it works on calming your nerves. And getting on them. “So what I get is that you’re saying that everyone in this town owes you?”
Kazuha laughs, light and airy. As if he’s not the reason why you’re on this bed. “This used to be my sanctuary when the clan residence closed off. Memories cannot be replaced, and that includes you.” He looks at you, sincere and nervous. “After this, I wish to take you on a journey with me, (Y/N). Just like the old times.”
You roll your eyes, done with his pretenses. “Look what Mr. ‘I’ve-seen-the-world-out-there’ is talking about now.”
He sits on the bed and makes sure he’s not invading your space when he catches you grasping the blanket tighter around your body. “You’ll be under my protection, sweetheart. Captain Beidou has already agreed to take you in when the Alcor sails again. Only if you want to, of course.”
The Captain knows, it dawns on you, and she’s tolerating it. The lump in your throat grows along with your discomfort, lips quivering. “I have no choice, do I? Screw you, Kazuha. I should have never shown my face in Ritou when I heard that a fugitive was looking for me.”
He remains placid, used to your sharp tongue and dripping sarcasm. His fingers thrum on the maroon sheets, and you notice how big his hands are compared to yours. “I heard that the next stop will be Liyue Harbor, so give it a chance, will you? To see distant lands is not an opportunity to pass up, and you won’t regret it. This reminds me of a poem I once wrote…” He trails off. “Rewards come in many forms, in a slash of a sword--”
“Or in the light of her smile.” You reply, and he stills, eyes wide as if contemplating what to say next. You cut him to the chase. “Don’t look so shocked. I read your poems about me.”
“The lock of the box we kept under the tree disappeared one day, so I opened it and imagine my surprise when dozens of papers flew out, and they were all journal entries about me,” Your words almost stuck in your throat, distress seeping in. “Why did you put that there knowing that I’m the only other person who can see it?”
He’s stunned to silence, and you wonder if the maids can hear you down the hall. “This dream girl you’ve been chasing on those letters… that’s not me. I’ve changed, and you’re just going to be disappointed.”
“Everyone changes, (Y/N),” Kazuha doesn’t move from his side of the bed. The candle lights illuminate his tense shoulders and concerned gaze. “I was one of the most carefree kids around town because you brought me out of my shell. After losing countless people, I couldn’t bring myself to be happy again unless I was thinking of coming back home to you. You were my savior, and you still are.”
Frustrations bubbles on your chest, and the sheets crumple under your balled fist. “You don’t understand; you’ve been away for so long! It’s hard being friends with me, being a relationship with me, and I don’t think I’m worth all this!” You heave a breath. “A few years down the road you’re going to wish you made a better choice. I’m rotten work, goddammit.”
The bed dips beside you, and his warmth makes your shiver fade. “Is this what this is about?”
“Yes! Yes, Kazuha, this is what this is about,” You grit your teeth and look away. Why is it so easy for him to probe you? “You wrote haikus, poems about me, describing this hometown beauty that you never forgot because she was so kind, so selfless, and you were sooo lucky that you made a vow to marry each other someday.” Tears escaped your eyes as you sob and he takes this chance to wrap his arms around you.
“Let’s not forget that you wrote about how you’re not going to hesitate to use your sword to eliminate those that stand in the way of our ‘love’ and you plan to plant your seed inside me once you get back–- I mean, what the fuck was that?”
The revelation startles him. Or at least he acts like it. “Darling, you need to understand that I was miles away from you for so many years. There were times that I was driven to the brink of madness thinking of you.” He whispers in your ear, his hot breath sending chills down your body and your mound. He kisses the red tip of your ears. “Pay no mind, those words are only half-meant. I would never do anything so brash.” Except when it comes between us.
Your body turns feverish in his embrace, and you don’t pull away when he begins to press kisses on your neck, trailing for your shoulder. He treats you so tender, like the most delicate piece of treasure owned by a royal. “Calm now, love. You’re safe with me. Always have been.”
He lays you down on the bed and takes your lips with his. Your fists move to his shoulder, gripping, anchoring yourself for what was to come. “Kazuha, wait!”
“This is just customary, darling. Can I not admire my wife on our first day together?” You shake your head, trying to push him away.
“Just relax and let me do this for you, alright? I won’t go too far.” He lifts your wrist and kisses it from the back of it up to your arm, your shoulders, capturing your lips in the end. His hands travel and roam upon the unexplored breadth and expanse of your aching body until his fingers find your folds and dips inside.
It makes your head dizzy, his digits going in and out so slow. “Ka-Kazuha,” He adores how sinful you look: tresses all tangled on the pillows, breast spilling out from your lingerie, pussy leaking a syrupy mess, and your head thrown back on his shoulder like a panting goddess sent in his arms to pleasure. His cock swells and twitch, swears in the back of his mind that he could devour you right now. “Your fingers…”
“Feels good? Told you it would.” You moan, and he smiles a depraved smile, and adds another one. “You’re so good for me.”
In your dazed head, all you hear is the rhythmic squelch from his fingers stretching you out before you were lifted and plopped on his lap. “What are you– I’m too heavy, wait!”
He only sucks on your tits and flicks your nipples in response. “Do you think so lowly of me, (Y/N)?” He pins your thighs further with his to settle yourself properly, and you squeal. You cling to his shoulders for support, fully conscious of your weight against him. “I’ve fought countless enemies, stood against the sword of an archon, and you think I can’t carry your body against mine, sweet girl?”
A strangled moan came out of your mouth as he softly bit and groped your breasts. “This body was made to be held, loved, cherished– you are what poems are made of, my muse.” You’re all up in your head, dizzy and dumb, that you don’t notice his thick, throbbing cock nudging against your entrance until it touches your clit, and you tremble.
You look down and see the engorged tip of his cock, glistening with precum. He grabs your hips and lowers you down. You jolt against him. “No, no no, wait, I said we can’t– I don’t want to put it in yet, Kazuha, please,”
He presses a kiss on your arm. “Okay, okay sweetheart, I won’t.” The shadows overcast his cunning smirk. “We can do this, alright–”
“Just the tip, darling. Just the tip,” He flips you over again, this time laying your head on his chest as he lets both of you face the mirror. It’s both debauched and borderline romantic seeing yourself tangled up with a man whose only goal is to make ruins of your body and songs of your broken moans in the air. “Spread those legs for me, love. I want to see that dripping hole of yours.”
You reluctantly part your legs, and he spreads them wider once he takes hold of your ankles. “Look at that honeypot just begging to be licked… for someone so worried you seem to be enjoying our time a lot, (Y/N).”
You want to smack his stupid face. “I don’t– I don’t want you getting me pregnant this first night, Kazuha. You better just put the tip in.”
“As you wish,” He whispers, and his cock drags to your folds, tapping your clit, until it finally enters your hot core. A mere inch in, and Kazuha looks like he’s about to explode when your perfect cunt is so snug against his aching cock. “You feel that, baby?”
“Yes, yes, just stay like that, you’re so big– don’t move too much,” You let out a gasp, a shudder, and your nails dig to his arms.
Kazuha isn’t contented, though; now that he’s finally inside you, all he can think about is warmth, give you my seed, mine, breed, fill you up like his brain is fried. There’s nothing left but his primal desire. He loves you, he really does, but why would you make him suffer like this? Stopping him from entering you when you’re finally at his reach for the first time in years.
“I’m sorry, baby, you know that I love you, right?” He whispers in his stupor and you lean your head to look at him properly. His gaze burns with yearning, guilt, and desire. “What—Kazuha, why?”
He starts to push further, and you panic, reality hitting you at once. “Nonono, stop!”
He drags his cock, stretches you inch by inch, and your weak tiny fists hit his chest. “Please, it’s too big, no…” You beg weakly and try to find reason why he’s not stopping. At this rate, you’re afraid he might split you apart.
Kazuha can only mutter apologies, hands softly prying yours from pushing him away. He knows he can overpower you by strength, but he doesn’t want to scare you more than he’s doing right now. “I know, I know baby, I’m sorry, I’ve wanted you for so long, and you’re so tight and irresistible around me,” His words melt to incoherence, praises left in the air as both of you are overwhelmed in the sensation of your bodies connecting together.
It was just you, his greedy hands, and your breaths mingling together under the ocean blue sky of your hometown, and Kazuha couldn’t care about anything else. His hips stutter and jackhammer into your womb. You remain locked in place, watching yourself in the mirror as he fucks you full nelson, soaking the sheets with your juices. He grabs the plush of your thighs, travels to the round of your stomach squeezing the ample flesh, and you mewl.
“(Y/N), I’ll make it up to you, alright? You’re giving me everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I wanted you for so long now, ah!” The room spins as he manhandles you to your back again, trailing kisses from your stomach to your neck as he climbs on top of you. He slides his cock inside again and continues his rigorous pace. His balls tighten, and his cock is about to spill his cum inside while you whimper and cling to him like he’s your last lifeline.
Kazuha takes a moment, breathes, and kisses you passionately because his heart knows that it’s not just entangling of tongues and slapping of flesh that’s happening on this ravaged honeymoon bed, but the worshipping of the person who saved him in his past, present, and future. The highest offer he can give you is his seed, so take it, will you? “I’m gonna cum, sweetheart, I’m gonna cum,”
“No, not inside Kazuha, please!” You cry out a confusing mix of moan and desperation as your hot core is all ready to snap if he keeps fucking you this way, almost touching your cervix. “Anything but that– you’ll get me pregnant.”
“Then so be it.” He thrust forward, hips jerking, convulsing, with globs of thick cum threatening shoot out from his cock onto your womb. “Ready?”
“Kazuha, no! Fuckfuckfuck–” You cry out, and he grips your hips on one hand and takes yours in the other. “Here, hold my hand, we’re gonna cum together, alright? I love you so much,” Were his last words before both of you exploded in ecstasy, fluids mixing with each other inside your womb and he’s thrusting it all inside to prevent it from spilling. Your pussy clenches, feeling the juices still inside you.
Kazuha lays still, his cock resting inside your warmth. As you doze off, he lays you on your back. The moonlight glittered your skin and he hopes that your cries of pleasure are heard by the wind and makes it clear that you were finally his and no one else’s. “Thank you, my muse. I’m finally home.”
Tumblr media
taglist: mo0o0milk vanessa211 shigarakiplayertwo  tojishugetiddies feral4slashers picklejuiceboba parallel-ink nowkithplz rogueofbullshit snobsessed  aphroditemushroom blackstaw  dmtriaamatthewss  nikkiiisworld  xxx-frankie  sunnyanarchy  sewergummies
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May i please have some yandere venti headcanons with a female s/o? Maybe with some nsfw? (Preferably dom venti if you don't mind)
i love the stuff you've written so far! i'm so curious about your whole take on yandere Venti
content warning: fem!reader, not sfw/smut, unprotected sex, emotional manipulation. reader discretion is advised.
word count: 0.8k (this was longer than i expected oops)
answer: oooh yan venti! thank you for the ask, anon; i don't see much of him in the genshin fic landscape, but he's one of my favourites. venti's such an interesting character to me as a yandere (and quite difficult to pin down), what with god of freedom and all that. writing him is always so... delicate? there's a fine line to straddle between the possessiveness and his canon nature. as for his personality, it's very Cheshire Cat-eqsue with a touch more trickery involved. overall, all I can say is: i thirst. i extremely thirst. venti rerun when
Tumblr media
heartstrings | yandere venti headcanons
There's a balance to be struck inside Venti when it comes to you. On the one hand, he'd love to bind you to his side, eternal and undying; on the other, he finds the idea distasteful and reminiscent of the slavery that he's purged from Mondstadt.
The solution? You'll stay with him willingly. You have to. Venti has trickery and wiles in spades, and he's not afraid to use them. A sad pout of his lips, a glint of tears at the corner of his eyes, a whimper about how scary he feels, how utterly alone. Would you really leave him when he's so miserable? When you hug him in comfort, he'll give a secret smile against your skin. Venti strums your heartstrings like a lyre, and you fall for it every time. You always give into his neediness, this innocent travelling bard and his beautiful, mesmerizing songs.
Venti is clingy, and that would be putting it mildly. It shocks you at first, his casually intimate touches. You protest in the beginning, chastising him about 'inappropriate behaviours', and he rubs his neck sheepishly, chuckling. But you soon come to realize that Venti treats everyone closely, even strangers, and your worries lessen. So without your notice, it increases, the frequency of his touch. The duration. In the beginning, his touch is like the brief brush of the spring wind, but now, it lingers. Sometimes, your skin prickles, as if feeling a phantom touch.
Definitely a closet pervert... or maybe just an outright one. Oh, you're wearing a skirt today? Somehow, the winds coincidentally manage to be extremely strong during those times, and you're shrieking as your hand flies to hold down the fabric. It's all to no avail though, because he's getting a perfect view of everything. a A small smirk on his face, Venti shouts through the wind, "Do you need any help with that, miss?" All the while, there's a mischievous twinkle in his green eyes.
Venti's very particular about your scent. Being the god of the winds, he's sensitive to smells. He gets jealous when there's someone else's scent on your skin, sulks and has a silent tantrum. Maybe it should be extra rainy that day, just so that foreign scent disappears. He likes it best when there's a subtle celilia undertone, as if you had been scrubbed clean of all but harsh winds. As if you've been touched by none but him. As if you're being covered by him.
His touches start to escalate into plain pervert territory. Faceplanting himself into your breasts, snuggling into them as you squeak in surprise. His hand finding its way onto your waist, hips, until it goes lower, lower to caress your—! He expected that slap, but it's still worth it.
One way that he gets you to sleep with him is through pity. Tearing about how he's so lonely for a woman's touch, how no one wants him because he's too boyish looking. That's right... Venti goes for the pity sex route. He doesn't really care that it's pathetic, that you're not too into it, because at the end of the day, his needs are being met, and that's the important thing. This man has absolutely no shame. Besides, he'll make you sing soon enough.
You relunctantly offer yourself, saying that's it's just one time, and before you even finish speaking, his whole composure shifts. Immediately perks up and jumps for you.
That mischievous nature doesn't disappear in sex. He's a tease. Venti gets you worked up with the lightest of touches. Swipes his tongue on a nipple and then blowing softly over it, the cool breeze making you shiver. Dips his finger ever-so-briefly between your folds, collecting your slick and shows it to you as you blush. But he's also impatient. Once you start writhing in his lap, grinding into his hardened cock, the flash of pleasure he gets makes him forget all about his initial plans to drag it out.
Venti is surprisingly forceful when he fucks you, rough drags of his cock against your walls. It's fire, the heat of the friction. He'll lather kisses everywhere, sucks bruises over skin, forcing you to moan for him. He'll tells you exactly what note that was, and then laugh your embarrassment. Coos about how you're so pretty with his marks on you. The Anemo Archon becomes a harsh tempest in his movements, not stopping his rut into your cunt until he peaks with a cry. You'll beg for him pull out, but he doesn't listen, a fake apology already on his lips about how he can't help it as he groans and releases in you. And then, he'll scoop out his cum and rub it into your skin, slow and gentle, draping you in his scent. He sighs, content. Now you'll smell like him for days.
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actual cultural realities of dating Zhongli if you/your oc/your mc are not Liyuen:
FOOD: I know this guy does a lot of cooking and enjoys it since his specialty is 腌笃鲜. So at home you will be eating Liyuen food half the time because that is what he knows how to cook and that is his comfort food. The other half of the time is him learning to cook your comfort food from your culture esp if you get homesick. You go to all the best restaurants in Liyue and taste Liyuen fine delicacies, and you have to pay for it all, sorry
MUSIC: You listen to Liyuen music 24/7 not only because you're in Liyue, but also because that is what Zhongli just happens to listen to and plays/hums in his free time. You start humming along just from naturally learned familiarity.
Also I just KNOW Zhongli is an expert in the Six Arts, so he can quite masterfully play the guqin and tries to teach you one time. It's hard as shit but he will patiently give you lessons if you'd like. He learns to play your favourite songs from your home on the guqin for you to listen to in the evenings. He is also curious about any other music from your country and somewhat depressingly, becomes more knowledgable about the history of music from your culture than you are...
HISTORICAL/CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE: From his interactions with Traveler, we know that Zhongli does a very thorough job of teaching foreigners about the history of Liyue and Liyue's rites/traditions, and thoroughly enjoys it too. (Actually this also ties into the Six Arts!) If you are exploring Liyue together he will happily tell you the history behind literally every sight you see. By sheer osmosis you too will eventually gain textbook knowledge of Liyue's history and can start reading classical lit and historical novels, which Zhongli is going to talk to you about 24/7. Yes you are one of those couples who spends time with each other in complete silence, reading the exact same book.
Conversely, Zhongli will want to know THE ENTIRE HISTORY of your country and acquire the same level of expert knowledge about it. He asks to visit your homeland and the two of you spend 90% of the time in museums and at historical landmarks. Again, quite depressingly, he is going to know more about your country's history than you do by the end of it.
LANGUAGE: So in the OG Chinese version of the game, Zhongli tends to drop many 成语 or idioms that are derived from ancient Chinese literature and poetry. Pretty soon, again from osmosis, you start dropping these idioms in your regular speech. The locals are INCREDIBLY confused about why you sound like you were born and raised in Liyue, but they roll with it.
On the other hand, what Zhongli DOESN'T know is modern trends in Liyue. If you are friends with a lot of younger folks and get exposed to modern Liyuen trends, suddenly YOU will be teaching Zhongli. He looks stoic as usual but is secretly extremely confused when he listens to you and Hu Tao talk to one another in completely unintelligible slang.
CLOTHING: Obviously you can wear whatever you want, and like a lot of foreigners in Liyue, you can just stay in your default clothing. But as you will eventually need new clothes, you are going to end up purchasing Liyuen clothing, assuming that you don't want to make the trip back home for it. Zhongli himself wears pretty modernized Liyuen fashion (he doesn't wear a changshan or anything close to it) and will probably recommend the same for you for everyday clothing since that's his preference. But if you feel like you want more traditional influences in your new outfits, he will know EXACTLY which designers and tailors to send you to. Unfortunately, they are all exorbitantly expensive, and Traveler will need to help you haggle down the pricing.
Also, before the two of you get hitched, you WILL have to do stupidly elaborate engagement photoshoots in traditional clothing from every time period. I am sorry but you are still going to have to pay for it all. Congratulations on your engagement!
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✧...It's the Little Things : Genshin Impact
Tumblr media
warnings // none!
summary // the small promises he'll forever keep and you'll always believe in.
featuring // diluc, dainsleif, tohma, zhongli
masterlists // genshin impact + tokyo revengers + haikyuu + obey me!
✧ rules and guidelines ✧
✧ like // comment // reblog if you enjoyed! ✧
Tumblr media
"don't worry, my love," Diluc whispers in your ear lovingly, a fond smile on his lips when he sees you blinking harshly to rid your eyes of sleep, "i promise, i'll be still here when you wake up, and you can tell me more of your stories then,"
Tumblr media
there was no uncertainty in Dainsleif's eyes when he stared into yours the day he left, "because no matter where i roam, or how far i go and who i meet along the way, i will always come back home to you,"
Tumblr media
"hush my dear, no more of that," Tohma quiets your worries with a finger pressed against your lips, "we have all the time in the world - more than quite enough time - to be hopelessly in love with each other, to chase each other around under the petals of falling sakura blossoms, and do all the things you want us to do together,"
Tumblr media
"of course it's you," Zhongli reassures you, and there's a gentle peck on your lips before he smiles, "today, tomorrow, until the end of time and even if liyue is swallowed up by the earth and sea, it's you as you are,"
Tumblr media
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xiaoandhisthicksnow · a day ago
annotations of love
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: although you're always looking out for any mistakes he makes, you think you've found the perfect rival in kazuha. but when you begin to spend more time with him, you begin to realize he's also the perfect love interest... after all, why else would someone lend you an personally annotated book?
pairings: kaedehara kazuha x gn!reader
tags: enemiestolovers!au, modern!au
genre: fluff, humor, slight angst
a/n: i've been having something of an obsession with sylvia plath even tho we finished reading her work last november. i love it and i will not stop talking about her potrayal of women and will include it in a fic about kazuha. god, i just want to have an academic rival who will convince me to read an annotated book so that i can fall in love with them. okay, enjoy this brainrot <3 also ps: i enjoyed writing this kazuha a lot so if you have any requests i will be more than happy to cater to them :)
“So, class how did we like reading Sylvia Plath?” Miss Aranaki, your Literature teacher, crosses her arms across her chest as she regards the twenty or so of you sitting in front of you, “Any thoughts?”
“I didn’t like it much, actually,” a voice pipes up and without seeing, you know who it is, a groan escaping your lips. Aranaki gives an amused laugh, “Kazuha. Please do elaborate on why you dislike Plath so much.”
Unwillingly, your eyes travel until they come to rest on the mostly-platinum-blonde-headed boy who has his copy of The Bell Jar dismissed on its back by his elbow. “Well, to start with, her poetry is too easily interpretable once you know everything about her enough and the themes are usually just the same old feminist, complaining about privilege and children. Although I must say the touch with the cheating husband in The Rival was interesting, but that was as good as it got.”
Before Kaedehara Kazuha can continue, you, who’s had Plath’s novel clutched tightly in your hands, interrupt him. “Excuse me, to me it sounds like you’re complaining about having to read about a complex female experience. It’s a shame to see men like you roaming around in the campus’ feminist activism clubs when in class you cannot tolerate the slightest shred of powerful women in action.”
Kazuha meets your eyes in a flash, a familiar smile in place - one that is almost friendly, but at the last moment, turns smug. “I’m sorry if I came across as discarding Plath’s unique persona - but I just refuse to credit her writing simply because she’s a woman. It wouldn’t be fair otherwise, don’t you think, Y/N?”
“Please,” you scoff, ears a little red from exasperation, “Her poems are not easily interpreted, Kazuha, you’re just overly entrenching them in context. You can’t make Plath’s poems all about her factual life if you want to take anything from them. The Rival is not definitely about her bastard husband’s mistress - it could just as easily be about her mother if you try to keep your mind open.”
Kazuha opens his mouth to speak but Aranaki cuts him off, “Alright, alright, the two of you. Always a pleasure to hear you go back and forth. Some very valid points have been made. But remember, this class consists of 18 other students. Let’s give allow everyone to speak.”
“Either you really were not paying attention to what we’ve been saying in class, or your brain is simply broken,” you stand up, following her out of the class.
“I don’t know about that, Y/N. You both seemed like you were having a lot of fun-”
“I don’t know about that, Y/N. You both seemed like you were having a lot of fun-”
“Fun? Hu Tao, that man is borderline misogynistic and you think-”
“I think I deserve a little more credit than a borderline misogynist, my dear Y/N.”
You stop in your tracks with a sigh when you spot Kazuha behind you, bag slung lazily over his back. He’s holding his copy of The Bell Jar by the very edge, you notice much to your dismay. “You’re going to have to work harder if you want to seem like you actually care about reading feminist work from writers who are actual women. Not just old horny men—”
“Please don’t tell me you’re still holding that time I praised Murakami against me?” Kazuha’s brows furrow, looking almost genuinely concerned about what you think of him. You roll your eyes, catching the ill-covered laugh that leaves Hu Tao, who has been observing the two of you silently.
“No, but you really don’t think Murakami’s flat female characters, who by the way only function to serve the lonely loser men, are anywhere near the same kind of writing as Plath’s honest depiction—” You cut yourself off when you catch Hu Tao throwing you a suggestive look and scoff, “Never mind, I don’t have time to have this conversation. Let’s just go, Hu Tao.”
“But—” You promptly block Kazuha’s attempt to probably retort by taking Hu Tao’s arm and marching off, carrying a growing a feeling of doubt in your chest.
“That will be $15, please.” You nod at the cashier, internally crying at how expensive a single coffee was. You feel yourself cry even louder when you rummage through your wallet to only find a total of $10.
“Um, sorry, just a moment,” you feel yourself beginning to panic, ready to just about be hit by lightning, “I couldv’e sworn I saw another—”
“Here, I’m paying for them.” You jump up at the voice beside you and you swear to God if this morning could get any worse, it’d have to be because Kazuha stepped in to save you from some kind of financial crisis that would’ve inevitably lead into a public mental breakdown.
“W-What? No, I can pay for myself— ”Thank you for buying from us. We hope to see you again.”
You’d rather not the hold up the rest of the line any longer so you step away, pulling Kazuha with you, with a scowl on your face. You shove the $10 you’d been holding into his palm which he looks at in confusion, “I’ll pay you back the rest of it later, I—”
“No, you really don’t need to do that, Y/N,” the boy smiles, a soft comforting look in his eyes that you’ve never encountered before. It annoys you.
“Honestly, would you stop cutting me off all the time?” Kazuha shuts up with a serious raise of the brown, “I was very much capable of paying for myself back there but thanks. Bye.”
You intend to distance yourself from him as much just because you’re equally embarrassed and confused by his presence, especially at having been caught in a moment of somewhat vulnerability by him of all people. You take a seat in the cafe by the window, hoping to ease your worries with a productive rush.
Of course, the universe, and specifically, one crimson-streaked head, has other plans. “What the fuck are you doing?” you question as Kazuha settles into the seat across from you, resting his bag beside him, hands coming to drum against the table - the table that you’d taken to get away from specifically him.
“I’m doing what you’re doing. Studying,” he says, pulling out his laptop, nonchalant as if the two of you aren’t after each other’s throats in class all the time. You’re actually speechless as he actually starts typing away, eyes on the screen. You let out a frustrated sigh at his behavior, unable to just ignore his presence, a weakness of yours you absolutely despise.
“Kazuha, I think you’ve asserted your compassion enough for a day. You don’t have to continue acting like you don’t actually hate me,” your voice threatens to falter when Kazuha looks up with wide eyes.
“What do you— But I don’t hate you,” Kazuha replies, not losing a second of time after you’ve spoken. You shake your head at him, a headache imminent, as you stand up. “Wait- where are you going?”
“Somewhere else. See you in class, Kazuha. Leave me alone or I’ll report you.”
You suppose you feel kind of bad about the recent encounters you’ve had with Kazuha. You only met him in class, first in a course called The Graphic Novel where you had your first argument with him (you wanted to focus on the postmodern themes of V for Vendetta, while Kazuha was overly obsessed with the art and a specific sequence of events). From there, it just seemed like the two of you couldn’t get away from each other - next it was a creative course about nonfiction where you found yourself competing with him to see who could impress the famously cold teacher.
Before you’d known, you’d settled into a sort of rhythm with Kazuha where you’d each challenge and infuriate each other, always ready to pounce. It was surprisingly an interesting part of your education - maybe even the most interesting, since you hardly were able to spend a lot of time doing anything other than work on essays and study for the next thing. But recently, you were feeling more... bitter? around him. It was unsettling, especially when suddenly it seemed like Kazuha was capable of more emotions outside of disdain for you. You weren’t stupid enough to not realize you were having fun but when Hu Tao had so explicitly pointed it out... it almost felt wrong. Like you’d been lying to yourself somehow.
You groan as you zone back into reality, coming to terms with the fact that you had made no progress with the last assignment of the Plath course. It has been a few weeks since the course ended but Aranaki had sent out a final feedback-slash-evaluative essay question asking you to talk about a favorite text from Plath. It is optional, you recall, but you physically cannot forgo the opportunity to do extra work. You hit your head in thought, wondering what you are to do with yourself.
“Having trouble picking a favorite?”
You are not proud of the squeak that leaves you in surprise as you jump around in your seat. “Kazuha! You fucking— Stop sneaking up on people in the library! I swear that’s so insensitive.”
Kazuha, clad in a red sweatshirt that matches the red streak in his hair, sits down besides you with an amused laugh. You’re met with a sweet almond scent as he shifts closer to peek at your screen. “Sorry,” he whispers, “You’re writing about Ariel? I’m surprised.”
“Why? Don’t want me writing about the same thing as you?” You gesture toward his bag, which reveals the corner of a sheet with the essay question, “I’m sure you wrote a whole pretentious thing about how shallow and trite Plath’s poetry is.” The boy pins you with an unreadable look as he looks down at his hands before looking back up at you.
What is he so serious about?
“You don’t actually think I’m a woman-hater, do you?” You are tempted to retaliate with a compilation of all the times he was even remotely dismissive of a female author, but you cannot bring yourself to the longer you look at Kazuha. His eyes are downcast and don’t meet yours when you give a preliminary laugh of ridicule, which greatly worries you. Though you find it hard to believe, Kazuha seems genuinely hurt at the idea of you perceiving him as someone against women.
“Oh, well, not really. But you did seem slightly on the wrong side when you dismissed Plath’s experiences like that. And then, making her seem like she was entirely about her hatred for her husband wasn’t a very good look, either.” You try to stay in character without actually hurting Kazuha’s feelings but he seems crestfallen either way. You begin to feel bad for some reason when he pulls out a few sheets of paper from his bag, before handing you one.
“And what is this?” You raise your brow questioningly and all Kazuha replies with is, “Read this.” You look down at the sheet and find that it is a print-out of Plath’s poem, The Munich Mannequins. Your course on Plath didn’t include this particular poem because there wasn’t much time but regardless, you’ve read the poem enough times to not have to go through it again. What catches your attention is the little scribbles in green around the printed text.
It’s Kazuha’s annotations of the poem, you realize, and already find yourself somewhat moved. You know for a fact that Kazuha does not annotate something he doesn’t find truly meaningful. “Hmm,” you look back at Kazuha with a smile that is completely unlike you. But you can hardly help it, “Your analysis of the metaphor of the mannequins is... insightful, although I don’t agree with it.”
Kazuha’s dullness suddenly melts away when you speak, a bright grin in its place. “I’m glad you think so. I realized I was spending so much effort in trying to find out what Plath actually wanted to convey that in the end, I didn’t even have my own interpretations. And looking back at it, her work is actually pretty cool.”
This time you laugh, teasingly nudging Kazuha’s shoulder, “Way to go with the academic language, Kazuha.” Your laughter only grows louder when the boy’s cheeks color slightly pink. “But I’m really happy that you were able to appreciate Plath. I think maybe we found something we agree on.”
He nods, his usual easy smile returning, “I have to admit that I only gave Plath another chance because I couldn’t stand the thought of you thinking I was a borderline misogynist.” You feel yourself flush and you cough to cover it up, “Still can’t believe you were so bothered by that comment.”
“Of course, I was,” Kazuha says matter-of-factly, “You said it so seriously. And then that day in the cafe, you seemed to truly hate me. You even accused me of hating you. I felt like I’d done something unforgivable.”
You grimace in guilt. “Sorry about that,” you pat his back hesitantly, “I was just a bit in my head back then. I don’t actually hate you. Or think that you hate me.”
“That’s good. I wouldn’t want to have you stop talking to me, I think some life-giving part of me would die.”
Here’s the thing: you know how you’ve hardly been able to do anything outside of worry about your grades and keep track of your deadlines? Yes, that meant you hadn’t even enough time to have crushes, or even think about who you’re attracted. Which is why you’re caught in some real fucking trouble when you realize you like Kazuha.
Since your conversation with him in the library, something had changed between the two of you. You still made sure to battle each other fiercely in class, no doubt, but when you weren’t in class, you were actually able to hold a civil conversation. In fact, sometimes your conversations outside of class were more enjoyable than your arguments and disagreements, given that those same dissents would often turn into inside jokes outside of class.
It started with Kazuha asking you to peer-review an essay for another class (he wouldn’t dare to ask your help with a common assignment, that meant war) and you getting impressed again by his ability to analyze and argue. Slowly, it became a ritual for you to meet Kazuha after classes to work on something together, which took more time than required because you’d be bothering each other the whole time, chattering away loud enough that the librarian had banned your entrance in the library. So now you met him on the college lawn where your time together almost felt romantic.
“God, I hate myself,” you mumble into your hands as you cringe at your internal monologue. Hu Tao who’s keeping you company while you wait for Kazuha, laughs knowingly, “Stop hating on yourself for having feelings, Y/N. Believe it or not, it’s normal.”
“I know, but not for me! I’ve had like one romantic experience before and it involved hand-holding.”
“Hey, hand-holding can be pretty intimate, too,” she retorts, frowning, “I’m sure if you tried it with Kazuha, you’d actually combust on the spot.”
“Keep it down, Hu Tao, this is not exactly something I’m proud of—”
“What are you not proud of?” You freeze as Kazuha comes into sight from behind you but relax when you examine his expression and see nothing out of the ordinary.
“Nothing, just her usual spiel about hating life,” Hu Tao covers for you as she rises from next to you, smirking as she pushes Kazuha in her spot. He falls all too close to you, head hitting your shoulder.
“Careful!” You scowl at Hu Tao as you steady Kazuha with a hand on his back. She winks at you as she turns to leave, “See ya for dinner tomorrow, stupid.”
Kazuha chuckles beside you and you can feel the sound vibrate through your hand, still warm against his back, “You must be really close to her if she can walk away alive after calling you stupid.”
You cough a little as you are suddenly reminded of the proximity, thanks to how Kazuha has made no move to remove his head from against your shoulder, even though you’d retracted your hand from his back long ago. “I’m not that easily offended, you know.”
Kazuha looks amused as he shifts to look at you, much to your chagrin because fuck! you’re still way too close to him so now you’re basically sharing the same air. “So if I called you stupid—?”
“Don’t even dream of it,” you push his head off and he pulls away, laughing lowly. You sigh in relief now that you’re at a distance that won’t kill you as Kazuha pulls out a red book from inside his jacket pocket.
“What book is that?”
Kazuha holds it for you with a hesitant smile, “It’s for you, actually.” You hum questioningly as you take it and scoff when you see the title. Sputnik Sweetheart. By Haruki Murakami.
“Before you chase me away for bringing Murakami in your sights, listen to me, okay?” he says, with a hand on your elbow and you fall silent, a little nervous. “I think you should read it because this book actually has complex female characters, unlike all his other work. There’s a lesbian relationship in there and a very unexpected plot twist, too. You might like it... I think.”
The amount of effort it takes to not scream on the top of your lungs because Kazuha’s cheeks are dusted adorably red as he rants to you about the book, his eyes not meeting you and you can’t take it because he’s so shy about it all. You silently open to a random page and you swear you die right there when you see notes in pencil along the margin.
“You’ve annotated this?” you ask through a small smile. Kazuha rubs the back of his neck, “Well, yes. I usually annotate my novels. I hope you don’t mind. Think of it as having a really long conversation with me?”
You chuckle as hit Kazuha’s forehead with the book lightly, “Why the fuck would I want to have a conversation with you about a book? I’m bound to give myself a migraine.” You bite your lip to stop yourself from grinning as you continue, “But oh, well. Since you went back to Plath for me, I think I’ll give Murakami a chance.”
Kazuha pumps a fist in the air, beyond delighted, “Yes! I promise you’re going to love me after this.”
“Kazuha, I have to something to tell you,” you say, hands clutched behind your back. Kazuha turns away from the conversation he’d just been having with Aether to give you a warm look.
“What is it?” He waves goodbye to Aether, grinning when you reveal the red book he’d lent you a few weeks ago. Kazuha jumps up and down as his hands cup to hold yours and you can’t help but jump excitedly with him. “Did you finish? What did you think of it? How was his description of Miu and Sumiere? Oh, what was your reaction to Miu’s backstory?”
You laugh as you pause to form your response. “Well, I actually did not hate it. I actually enjoyed his descriptions of the women—” Kazuha squeals in excitement as you continue, “But! There was man still, you know. And his presence as the narrator of everything was a bit suffocating. So, not perfect. But dammit, the parts about Miu watching herself that night in the park and everything Sumiere writes in her letters - Ahhh, that was just amazingly disorienting.”
“So?” Kazuha grins at you, shaking you by the shoulders, “You don’t hate Murakami anymore? I succeed in convincing you that he wrote one decent novel? You love me?”
You successfully ignore the last question he asks as you reply, “I guess I don’t hate him but I can’t say he’s a good writer still. He’s definitely got some dimension but he needs to stop putting men at the center of his universes.”
Kazuha nods as he takes back the book from you, “That’s fair enough, I suppose. I didn’t expect to—” he pauses, a new kind of smile blossoming on his face as he fans through the pages, “Oh, what’s this? Did you make notes on the book?”
Shit, you’d nearly forgotten about that. “Oh, right. I thought it would be funny to respond to some of your annotations. You like some really strange paragraphs, you know.” You quickly take away the book from him before he can grin at anymore of your notes, “I made them on sticky notes so that I can remove them. I just forgot.” You begin removing the loosely glued pieces of paper when Kazuha snatches away the novel back, holding it away from your grasp.
“No! Don’t do that. I want to read them. I can’t lose this opportunity to actually get to read your annotations,” he says, a full-fledged blush on his cheeks for some reason.
You laugh awkwardly, “F-fine, weirdo. Just remove them after you read them.”
“Why would I do that?” Kazuha hugs the book protectively with an annoyingly smug smile on his face, “I’m cherishing this for the rest of eternity.”
You turn around at that, clutching at your chest as if in pain, heart racing, “W-Whatever. I’m going to study. Come if you want.”
An hour later, you fall back into the grass with a whine because you really cannot get your mind off of Kazuha, which was not exactly aided by the fact that the boy was right next to you, opting to bump knees with you as he managed to concentrate with no issues.
“Y/N? What’s wrong?” You open your eyes to find Kazuha leaning over you, arm placed next to your head. You watch as his forehead is curtained by his hair and you pout as you silently flick at a chunk of his hair. “I don’t know why you even bother to tie your hair if it’s all over the place anyway.”
Kazuha shrugs with a playful smile and is about to reply before he cuts himself off, “Oh, there’s something in hair, I think.” You reach for your hair but Kazuha beats you to it, leaning closer to your face as he gently plucks off the said something off your hair, holding it up so you can see. “It was a leaf. Heh.”
You reach for your hair self-consciously and are surprised when you find Kazuha’s fingers through the strands. You pull away just as quick you touched him but his hand chases after you, coming to capture it in his, his fingers resting through yours.
“Mhmm,” Kazuha hums delicately, face hovering dangerously close to yours, “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.”
You make an embarrassing choking sound before you place a hand against his chest, pushing with little effort. You avert your gaze as you speak, “S-Stop doing that.”
You can’t see it but Kazuha’s smile weakens as he asks, “Stop doing what?”
“Stuff like this. Like what you did back there with my annotations and- and- right now, this hand-holding stuff. It’s not funny, you know.”
“I don’t think it’s funny either, Y/N,” he says, “I’m always serious about you. So would you please look at me?” Your hand twitches in Kazuha’s as you glance at him and instantly turn away when you see him gazing at you. He does look serious, intense in fact as he looks at you.
His fingers tighten around yours when you suddenly feel a cold pressure against your ear. Your heart nearly leaps out of your chest when you realize it’s Kazuha’s nose pressed up against your neck. “K-Kazuha, cut it out—”
“I like you, Y/N,” he whispers softly, “Actually, that’s an understatement. I really, really like you. I’ve never been so excited to have arguments with someone and I’ve never cared so much about what someone else thought about a book. You’re the smartest person I’ve met.”
You can’t believe your ears, though they turn red anyway as Kazuha pulls away to look at you. “I think you’re so beautiful. I can hardly think right when I’m around you.”
You feel breathless when Kazuha looks at you like that, with an intimacy of a lover and fumble to reply, “I- I like you, too, Kazuha. You’re cool, I guess. And ridiculously handsome.” You mumble the last part but he seems to hear it, probably because you’re so close.
“Would you go out with me?” His eyes are swimming with adoration when you finally meet them. When you nod, a gasp falls from your lips at the feeling of Kazuha’s lips against your cheek. “Kiss me already, would you?” This time, you feel his laughter through your own bones, strong and loving.
“I really wish you would go easy on me in class, dove,” Kazuha complains against your lips and you pull away to laugh at the slight pout in his features. You run a hand through his open hair, arranging the red strands together, “No way, babe. Sorry but sometimes, you’re just wrong.”
He deflates against your neck and you pull him inside the blankets with you with a chortle, “But if you want, we can read Mrs Dalloway together for class?” He instantly perks up, arms coming to hugging you tight, “I would love that. I want to hear your reading voice. We can even play the parts to make it more realistic.”
You groan, “No, we’re not doing that, Kazu. Please don’t make me regret this.” Regret it you do later that week, when Kazuha proudly declares to the whole class, including Miss Aranaki, that the two of you had read the assigned reading together.
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captaincryolicious · 2 days ago
Date at the Amusement Park!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➳ Chongyun, Beidou, Xiao, Thoma, Gorou, Ayaka (separately) x gn!reader
➳ Headcanons ; I'll add word count later
➳ Fluff ; No warnings
What is it like to go on a date to the amusement park with them? (spoiler alert, lots of fun!) [18.O1.2O22]
content under the cut | masterlist
Tumblr media
≡;- ꒰ CHONGYUN ꒱
He is nervous beforehand, not because he is afraid of the rides, but because he doesn't know if he will be comfortable in these surroundings.
This is a bit of my personal view, but Chongyun seems like someone who is prone to experience sensory overload quite fast?
Amusement parks draw in a huge number of people, meaning his senses will have a lot of imput to deal with the entire time. He worries that it might become too much for him, that he will leave you disappointed when he needs to take a breather away from the busy heart of the park, that you will come to the conclusion that he isn't fun to go out with.
Still, he decides to risk it, only to find out that it's totally worth the risk!
He actually likes the elated atmosphere that hangs in the park and as long as it doesn't get too crowded around him he is totally fine.
Most rides aren't all that intimidating, he also comes to find, and the excessive music and flashing lights add to the fun factor, so he can bear it pretty well.
Okay, maybe he isn't too big of a fan of the more extreme rides, only hopping in occasionally if he knows you enjoy them but please give him a bit of time so he can ground again after being shaken up by that one rollercoaster with multiple loopings, freefalls and corkscrews.
With Chongyun, there are quite a few moments where you just retreat to the more quiet areas of the park, to sit and relax for a bit while you eat and drink something and just relish in the small break from the liveliness.
Oh, give him cotton candy. The blue one because Chongyun with blue cotton candy is adorable for obvious reasons.
You two also decide to eat churros but I speak from personal experience that it takes quite a while before the nauseous feeling disappears after eating them so you spend a lot of time skipping past all the rides and just walking through the park hand-in-hand.
He preferably goes home long before the amusement park closes its doors for the day, but you convince him to stay longer by telling him how the park will empty out as it grows darker. Having the park almost all for yourselves brings a sheen of peace over the area, and it's a good way to process all the events of that day before you go home.
≡;- ꒰ BEIDOU ꒱
Yo, Beidou absolutely loves it here.
The buzz in the air, the liveliness, the contagious joy shared between all the visitors, the rowdy rides that are sure to set the adrenaline pumping; yeah, that's her definition of entertainment.
You're bound to have the time of your life when you visit an amusement park with Beidou.
She's so cool!! Truly not afraid, not even the tiniest bit nervous at all, for any of the rides. This woman is probably the calmest person in the queue between all the nervously fidgeting people. Even the waiting time doesn't really bother her, I think she's pretty patient and only thinks of it as an opportunity to talk to you and not as a waste of time.
"That was quite tame," she states after getting off the most intense ride in the entire park.
You are standing next to her, trying to process what kind of rabid storm you just went through as you thoroughly wonder how Beidou is so unfazed.
Is there even a ride that can impress this woman to begin with? I honestly don't think there is. Nothing can stop her.
Maybe it's just a thing in my country, but a lot of the amusement parks here have pirate-themed rides and of course Beidou would gravitate towards them.
Her excitement is so contagious and you too enjoy the buzz of adrenaline as you go from ride to ride though you are a lot more nervous than Beidou lol.
She also really values the moments of leisure, though. Taking a seat near the arcade or near the food stalls, taking a break from the adrenaline and enjoying the livelihood around you.
Yeah, she still favors the bustling parts of the park over the quiet parts, but if you tell her you need a break from the chaos she'll listen to you without second thought and find a calm spot with you.
In these moments, she still makes sure to have fun and the two of you enjoy some light-hearted conversations and a good laugh together while sharing a drink. Even now, there won't be a dull moment with Beidou around.
≡;- ꒰ XIAO ꒱
He genuinely doesn't see the appeal of amusement parks. Those big metallic structures? The loud noises? The lights that flash everywhere? Mortals have peculiar ways of passing time, he thinks, following you through the park with his hands buried in his pockets stubbornly.
Don't worry, he isn't completely appalled by the idea of being here. The joy in your eyes when he said yes is all worth it, he just isn't expecting to have fun at all and his expression is a bit sour.
Maaaybe his mood is a bit grumpy at the beginning of the day as well, but it is quick to dissipate since your joy and excitement is pretty contagious and Xiao loves it when you look so happy – how can he possibly stay grouchy when you are smiling like that?
It's fairly easy to convince him to join you for rides, and it doesn't really matter which rides you line up for because he follows you anyway. If this peculiar form of mortal entertainment makes you happy, then he shall partake in these activities as well.
Xiao seems quite unfazed by the rides, and even if he is nervous at all, he doesn't show it in the slightest bit. At the same time, he doesn't really get why you are nervous because you're the one who wants to take the ride?? Still, finds it adorable but won't admit it, just quietly tells you that nothing bad will happen and emphasizes that he won't hesitate to confront whoever is responsible for this place when something does go wrong.
His protectiveness makes you laugh softly – of course you know nothing is going to happen, it's just the adrenaline and excitement that makes you a bit jittery.
It's not long before he comes to find that he kind of likes the adrenaline rush that awakens during rollercoaster rides.
"Hey, Xiao," you call out, taking his hand in yours and using your other hand to point at a specific ride ahead of you. "Wanna try that rollercoaster?"
Even though he replies with a gruff "fine, whatever," you can see the excited glint in his amber eyes and it's the cutest thing ever.
He still isn't a fan of the crowd and all the flashing lights and chaos that surrounds you, but he endures it for you and now that he has found his enjoyment as well, it bothers him less and less and against your expectations, you end up staying until closing hours.
Also, please take this guy with you on the ferris wheel at night.
You softly take his hand and watch his awestruck gaze when you reach the top of the ride, where you have a wide panorama view over the almost fairytale-like scenery that stretches out afore you.
He is speechless, the sea of tiny lights reflecting in his eyes. He turns to you and for the first time that day, or maybe even for the first time in a while, he offers you a grateful smile.
≡;- ꒰ THOMA ꒱
Honestly, I think amusement park dates are a reoccuring event with Thoma, simply because he truly enjoys going there with you and it's his goal to visit all the parks across the country together.
Expect to be there from opening 'til closing hours!
Cool guy who isn't all that intimidated by any of the rides but exits the more extreme ones with wobbly legs and a look on his face that says "what the heck just happened–"
That doesn't stop him from lining up again, though. Especially when you enjoyed the ride, he will gladly go in once more despite feeling like he has just conquered a hurricane.
Oh, prepare to also spend quite some time at the arcade section.
Thoma must and shall win the biggest plushie for you, no matter what it takes please stop him as soon as it gets out of hand!
He's doing really well, and you can't quite tell if it's skill or just plain luck, but without wasting too much money he manages to reel in quite some smaller prizes, but as I said, he isn't satisfied before he wins you the biggest plushie of them all.
Yeah, of course he succeeds.
He realizes too late that you now have to drag the massive dog plushie through the park for the rest of the day but he takes responsibilities and thus, he walks around with a massive stuffy in his arms.
He won't complain, not even once!
But you might catch him looking at the plushie with a very troubled expression sometimes.
Thoma is a real gentleman.
He carries your bag and all the snacks and drinks and prizes he won, on top of the huge stuffed toy. He also hold your hands reassuringly in line if he notices that you are a bit nervous for the ride, but yeah even if you're not nervous he still holds your hand because why not?
This guy just wants to give you a nice day full of fun and enjoyment and he doesn't care if he ends up with sore muscles the next day because of all the stuff he carried for you all day.
You don't even have to thank him. Seeing the smile on your face is the best reward he could wish for!
≡;- ꒰ GOROU ꒱
He's a courageous baby.
Even if some rides initially intimidate him a bit, he doesn't hesitate to line up, reassuring you that he'll be fine.
Maybe a tiny little bit to look cool in front of you, or maybe even because he wants you to be proud of him, but mostly because in his eyes, fears are something to overcome.
Especially since he knows that he will most likely have lots of fun as soon as the nervousness wears off, and he really wants to enjoy all the rides with you.
I think Gorou sometimes has these little burst of energy every now and then and then he's skidding next to you excitedly with a sparkle in his eyes, while a little later, he's more laidback in his demeanor and just looks around him to take in his surroundings and all the things that happen in the bustling amusement park.
Shooting games at the arcade!
He's very good at them and he looks absolutely adorable when he's like super focused on taking aim to guarantee a bullseye hit in nearly all of the targets.
He ends up winning a lot of stuff but I can see him as the type to forget them somewhere and by the time you realize you can't find them anymore no matter how many times you wander around the park.
He feels so guilty!! But you tell him that it's okay while secretly gushing over how cute his adorable pout is.
Also expect a lot of hand holding because he doesn't wanna risk losing you in the crowd.
But he also uses this as an excuse when there is hardly anyone around because he just wants to hold your hand y'know?
Every time the two of you take a break he will heave out a relieved breath now that he can finally stop summoning up the courage for all those crazy rides for a minute or so, but it won't be long until he decides that it's about time for the next ride.
Yeah, he really likes it here.
Bonus; Gorou getting all shy as you offer to share a huge fluff of cotton candy but he's more than happy to do so, and he takes really tiny bites until you stuff his mouth with a big floof of candy floss and burst out in laughter until he returns the favor!!
≡;- ꒰ AYAKA ꒱
She never really did anything like this before, so you two visiting an amusement park together is really special to her!
The days prior to the visit, she is super excited, though she is quite timid when it comes to showing it, and it's the little things and habits that let you know how much she is looking forward to it.
On the day itself, though, she gets quite nervous. She has absolutely no idea at all about what to expect and is happy that you are going with her because she wouldn't set foot there with anyone else.
Though she is kinda used to big crowds because of her family's importance, she still gets quite overwhelmed once you arrive, due to the jittery atmosphere and flashing lights and cacophony of sound.
Please hold her hand!!!
She will take some time to let loose a bit, but over time you see the smile on her face grow wider and brighter as she points at rides and games she feels like trying.
Ayaka isn't a fan of the extreme rides, not because she's afraid but because she just doesn't find them enjoyable at all, prefering the calmer rides where she can actually enjoy your presence instead of being trashed around in rollercoasters filled with loopings and freefalls.
Your date has a lot of wholesome times where you just share ice cream or other snacks you buy around the park and talk about small things that come to mind and Ayaka is just smiling softly all the time and it makes you so happy because her smile is so precious and it's so sweet to see how she enjoys her time with you!
Ooh, hear me out! Getting plushies together at the arcade!
Ayaka holding her breath and cluthing her hands against her chest every time you are close to winning a prize and the little encouragements she lets out when you are nearly there and trying her best to hide her disappointment when you lose because she doesn't want to give you the feeling of pressure.
Maybe the claw machine isn't in the best mood, maybe you end up pushing in a few more coins than you initially planned, but the smile on Ayaka's face when you hand her the plushie is all worth it!
She is sooo happy!
As grateful as she is, she thanks you over and over again, telling you how much she enjoys her time at the park with you and how much it means to her.
You leave quite early since both of you are pretty worn-out, but you make a silent promise to take her out on another date again soon!!
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genshingorls · 2 days ago
Beidou, Jean, and Rosaria meeting S/O's parents
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- Beidou would keep it casual when meeting S/O's parents, being respectful when the time is appropriate.
- Other than that, she's herself, very interested in meeting the people who raised her sweetheart.
- Beidou would tell S/O's parents that she sails the seas with her crew but miiiight leave out the detail she's technically a pirate.
- It's not difficult for her to get along with them unless they're very stiff.
Tumblr media
- Jean would be professional but at the same time be extremely nervous.
- After all, meeting your significant other's parents was a huge step in the relationship, she couldn't afford to mess it up.
- She would be very polite the entire time, the textbook example of "the kind of girl you bring home to mom."
- Any parent would absolutely love Jean.
Tumblr media
- Rosaria is the textbook example of the girl you do NOT bring home to mom.
- She wouldn't really change her demeanor when meeting the parents, but she would at the very least be polite.
- Rosaria is more surprised when S/O's parents don't immediately treat her with suspicion or make a comment on her attire.
- If they did have a problem, she doesn't say any remark as she would solely for S/O's sake.
- Otherwise, getting past her rough exterior, she's not a bad person for parents getting to know.
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m2ko · 12 hours ago
wiping their kisses off ( a tiktok trend )
kazuha, xiao, albedo and childe x reader, g: fluff
Tumblr media
stares at you for a pretty long time, he’s just trying to think back to see if he got you angry at all but when he can’t think of anything he gets confused but that slowly morphs into guilt and sadness
he continues to stare at you like a kicked puppy before eventually mustering up the courage to ask you what was wrong. but when he sees the small smile that you think you’re hiding he understands it’s one of your stupid pranks don’t think he isn’t going to sulk
stares at you pt 2 unlike kazuha instead of staying with you and trying to think it through i think he’d just leave not because he doesn’t want to be with you or anything he just thinks he genuinely messed up and that you’re sick of him or something so yes as you can see xiao should be the last person you do this to </3
once you find him and explain everything out he kind of just lets out a huff and stares at you in fake disappointment later on you’ll notice he got extra clingy ( he’s just trying to make up all the affection he didn’t get for the week )
he already knows it’s one of your stupid pranks he tries it again and when you once again wipe it off he goes back to his experiments he too can play that game.
he literally won’t budge mainly because he gets very focused on his work but that doesn’t mean when eventually you come around he won’t welcome you with open arms
does not give a flying fuck he’s gonna keep trying to kiss you, he just won’t get the memo. eventually he’ll play into your prank and act all hurt and sulky but it won’t last too long before he’s back to peppering your face w kisses
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teyvattwriter · 14 hours ago
Genshin Boys’ Partner has a Nightmare
Tumblr media
❧ Genre: comfort fluff
❧ Includes: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli
❧ Warnings: mentions of nightmares but nothing specific
❧ A/N: btw my requests are open! My inbox is pretty much empty so I’d love some requests
~※ Main Masterlist ※~
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Diluc is always so gentle with you but he’s extra gentle with you when you’re scared. Even after just waking up from a deep sleep, he’ll give you all the comfort you need. He’ll hold you close to his body, his arm tightly wrapped around you, and remind you he’ll never let anything happen to you. 
“It’s alright Y/N. I’m here. I won’t let you get hurt.”
Tumblr media
Kaeya has had his fair share of nightmares. He understands how upsetting they can be and will try so hard to make you feel better. He’ll wrap you up in his arms and hold you close to his chest. His hands will gently rub your back while he whispers soft comforting words into your ear until you drift off to sleep. 
“Shhh, it’s okay. I’m right here sweetheart. You’re alright.” 
Tumblr media
Childe would want to be really comforting but if you wake him up from a deep sleep, he’s not the greatest at it. He’s usually quite sweet, even making jokes to try and get you to smile and relax. He’s quick to notice when you’re getting upset again and will start to whisper sweet words until you’ve fallen asleep. 
“No one’s allowed to mess with the 11th Harbinger’s partner so rest easy, baby!”
Tumblr media
Zhongli is very level headed so of course he’s amazing at bringing you back to reality. His calming words and deep voice could easily lull anyone to sleep. He does assure you that if you want to talk about what happened, he’s there to listen but he’ll never make you talk if you don’t want to. 
“It is alright, my dear. It was just a dream.”
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hanniejji · a day ago
a moment in time
[ child!albedo x khaenri'an!y/n ]
summary: "painting is bringing forth life, to capture the moment," his guardian once said. albedo, too, wants to capture the moment he cherishes from his guardian.
note: i ended up not writing anything at vacation at all lmao :') neways reader is khaenri'an here and bedo's just a tiny new born homunculus | m.list
words: 540 | warnings: spoilers? not much, it's vague
Tumblr media
eyes blue as the clear ocean watches as his guardian sketch across the canvas, coal leaving dark lines on the white surface and slowly forming the paradise that his guardian loves oh so much—wide field of grains, wild flowers dancing from the distance, tall trees that bordered the area, a windmill paused from its spinning, and a small cottage.
"master l/n," albedo quietly called out from his place beside his guardian.
"yes bedo?" they turn to the child, "i told you to stop calling me master, didn't i? i'm just your guardian, your master is out there doing who knows what and i couldn't care less, but please," they boop his nose gently, "call me y/n, alright?" a chuckle and a chase peck on his forehead got him flustered, still not used to affection from his guardian.
affection is an endearing action towards a loved one, someone you care for, someone you are fond of, he remembers them say when he asked the first time he received a pat on the head and his cheeks bloomed a pinkish hue and his heart—artificial as it is—felt warm and at ease.
"what are you painting, ma- y/n?"
the latter grinned at the mention of their name, albedo feeling somewhat happy at their beaming smile.
turning back towards the canvas, their smile softened into a nostalgic look, a flash of sadness that disappeared within a second, but albedo's young and perceptive eyes caught it.
did i say something wrong?
"it's from my homeland, little one. it's where i was born, grew up in, and left."
"why did you leave?"
"you're a curious one, aren't you?" they chuckled, softly patting the mop of ashen blond hair, "it just wasn't… safe anymore. it's not home anymore, little one. the place was lost to time."
"lost to time?" his guardian hummed, their eyes a little glossy from the memories of their home. albedo turns to the canvas, imagining the vibrant colors on the landscape of their home and picturing it in his mind. the calm breeze of the wind, the whistle of birds, the sound of humanity from the city nearby, his master and guardian's peaceful humming into the field of grain and the clear blue sky with white patches of cloud. he can imagine the movement of life in his mind, wondering what kind of place his guardian's home is like.
"is that why you paint? to capture and remember the moment?"
"precisely, little one. it's only a matter of time before our memories turn to dust," they set aside the coal, now gathering their paint and brushes, ready to bring their picture to life, "to paint, is to give birth. birth to life, to a memory, to something that is dear to you, to an emotion we want to bring forth."
albedo watches in awe, the white canvas slowly becoming life itself. this ignited something in albedo's heart, a desire that's unfamiliar to him.
albedo turns to the variety of brushes in the cup beside the easel, picking one and tugging on his guardian's shirt.
"can you teach me how to paint?"
someday, he hopes he'll be as good as his guardian and capture the moments that are dear to him.
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falconcoast · 2 days ago
There’s just something about and they were roommates (omg they were roommates) that hits different.
thank you for your ask :)
modern au, cw: alcohol
Tumblr media
kaeya -
it was only supposed to be for a little while.
when you had first moved to the city for a job, you were astonished by the soaring prices of apartments.
kaeya, an old friend from high school, was coincidentally looking for an apartment
thus, you decided to live together, for a little while
but a month turned into a few months and a few months turned into a few years together
thus, you got to know a few quirks about living with kaeya
the most notable was his personality
he hadn’t quit his flirtatious behavior. you that maybe he would leave his boyish charm in favor of a more mature persona fitting of a businessman, but it stayed
“hmm… i think we should have dinner together, darling.” “…kaeya, we have dinner together everyday.”
he’s fond of saturday morning jogs around the block and at the gym almost every weekend. why he has to go shirtless every time, you have no clue.
his room can be slightly askew, depending on his mindset. it’s sparsely decorated, with a few plants, lamps, and photos of your friends and his coworkers
kaeya is a good cook. he’s certainly no professional, but he knows how to make a decent dinner for the two of you
…when he wants to, at least. sometimes, when he or you’re too lazy to make something, he has your favorite takeout place on speed dial.
he’s terrible at laundry, but amazing at washing dishes. kaeya also always forgets to water his plants, but always remembers to take out the trash. the two of you compensate for one another.
kaeya’s awfully scared of horror movies. as you’re eating takeout for the night, he’ll be clinging onto you like his life depends on it, attempting to play it off that you’re the one holding him
but perhaps the most endearing thing about him is that kaeya is always up for an adventure
such adventures include:
running around the grocery store, shoving as many sweet treats that definitely weren’t part of meal prep into the cart
impulsively buying tickets for some random entertainment (i.e., skyline helicopter tours, comedy shows way past midnight, etc.)
timing one another to see how fast it takes to get to an agreed location
he gets you out of your comfort zone. he’s wild and free and everything that you wished you had.
so when you find yourself falling for him, you can’t help but feel disheartened.
after all, everything he says is ungenuine—or at least he doesn’t mean it and want a relationship along with it. and he does this kind of thing with everyone one, right?
so when you hear him trying to settle a deal for a new apartment, you’re kind of relieved. after all, if you got into a major argument, you would’ve been left with next to nothing.
when the power goes out across the city on a hot summer night, you decide you you don’t have much to lose.
more utc !
Tumblr media
it’s too hot.
the open window compensated for the lack of air conditioning, a swift breeze blowing through the window. you’re lucky that kaeya made dinner right before the power went out.
the wine was lukewarm at that point. the pasta kaeya made was fine. your legs are crossed as you raise your glass to your lips once more.
kaeya is silent, observing you from across the table. you can hear how his foot taps against the hardwood of the dining room of your apartment. his white dress shirt is open in an attempt to stay cool. his elbow is pressed against the table as he pushed around the pasta.
in the dim lighting of the candle, your only source of illuminance in the power outage, you let out a sigh. it intermingles with the sound of honking cars and the classic music playing out of the vinyl.
“so, you’re moving out already?“ you say with apathy, to try in vain to keep yourself composed.
“how did you—…yeah. yeah, i am,” he sputters until he stops like a broken engine.
“we live together. i’m bound to hear some things,” you shrug. “before you ask, no, i’m not mad. we’re both beginning to outgrow this place, seeing as how stable we are in our careers.”
you watch as the candlelight casts a shadow against kaeya’s face. he’s silent for a moment more. “i was planning on tell you today,” he says.
you let out a smile. “i’m sure you meant to make this a dinner date too,” you reply teasingly.
he lets out a soft chuckle at that. for a moment more, utensils scrape against the porcelain plates. you wait for him to say something, anything, to keep yourself sane.
when he does, he says the worst thing possible.
“i’m in love with you,” he says casually. “always have been, always will be.”
you spit your wine out. “sorry, what?” you exclaim, thinking you misheard him over the chimes of taxi cabs and helicopters.
“i’m not kidding,” he replies. “i thought to myself ‘fuck it’. the mood is right and i love you and i might as well since i’m moving out in a few weeks.”
“you’re drunk,” you say as your hands begin to shake with adrenaline. your voice is soft as you look away from him. tears crease your eyes. “kaeya, don’t be like this. what are even doing this for?”
he reaches across the table, past the candle illuminating the room. the move blows out the wick, letting moonlight and skyline lights illuminate you. “i love you,” he repeats.
“and if i said i feel the same?” you question softly, pressing your forehead against his.
“you make me the happiest man in the world,” he reassures, lips so close that they brush your own.
you don’t respond, instead cradling his cheek and kissing him with fervor you’ve never felt before.
Tumblr media
rip y/n and kaeya’s apartment lease
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albedoswifehusband · 2 days ago
so.. I have this idea from my dream. Can I request of Tartaglia and Thoma reacting to his lover erect again immediately after being called 'good boy' ? even they just finished? thank uu~~
Under a cut!! use of good boy and handsome man ahead.
"Ohh~ good boy~"
You can't help but get hard again at this. Fresh cum still all over your stomach and Childe's hand, he grins and tips your head back messily to bite and suck at the tender flesh of your neck. Running his hand along your length your length again he practically almost growls against your adam's apple,
“I think my handsome man is in for a looooong night.”
"You're such a good boy for me!"
Punctuating the last word with a kiss to your forehead, he looks down and gives a quick, "Oh?" At seeing your hardening length. You'd just came less than a minute ago, were you really this quick to be ready to go again? He gives you a minute of sweet kisses to your cheeks and lips as a break before whispering in your ear,
“Do you want me to give you more?”
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raidengaile · 2 days ago
Genshin driving headcannons!
A/N: this is nothing but a random brainrot that i have in my mind! :D sorry i don't know shit about cars
Tumblr media
The type to recklessly drive while blasting love game by lady gaga—it's fun but dangerous.
Beidou, Lisa, Childe, Kaeya, and Xingqiu
The one who you trust to drive you home safely when you're drunk, often plays whatever is on the radio or their car is extremely quiet—or, they let you play what song you like
Jean, Eula, Shenhe, Albedo, Aloy, Diluc, Kazuha, Gorou, Kujou Sara, Thoma, Aether, Lumine, Noelle, and Rosaria
The type to force or plead you to drive/drop them off to somewhere because they're underaged, doesn't know how to drive, broke, or you volunteered to drive because they're straight up chaotic.
Hutao, Ganyu, Diona, Klee, Qiqi, Sayu, Zhongli, Yunjin, Amber, Itto, Barbara, Bennett, Chongyun, Fischl, Ayaka, Keqing, Razor, Sucrose, Xiao, Xingqiu, and Yoimiya
The one who's extremely rich and has their own drivers—but dw they also know how to drive. (Or not.)
Ningguang, Diluc, Childe, Ei, Ayaka, Ayato, Kokomi, Barbara, and Jean
Literally the one who throws up and gets sick everytime they smell or get inside the car. (They prefer bikes or motorcycles)
Itto, Bennett, Diona, Fischl, Razor, Klee, and Sucrose
Tumblr media
give me asks guys👹
Taglist: @chibikiibielle @xyliope @dapperishere @under-a-starry-night @zhongchi14 @ognenniyvolk @callmemeelah @irethepotato @bardisipatos @uchihaeirin @chaosinanutshell @thatgoodolswitcharoo @lotterymology
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andraxicated · 6 hours ago
DCKZ being the performer at the Victoria's secret fashion show
Tumblr media
Pairings: Diluc, Childe, Kaeya, Zhongli x f!reader
Synopsis: Dckz performing at the fashion show where his gf is walking
Tags: spanking | pda | cursing | suggestive jokes | eimiko as side ship
a/n: if anyone doesn't know what's DCKZ its an idol au from an artist in twitter last year. there's also 4nemo but I'd only write for kazuha and xiao there. and i know itto is already here for DICKZ but i'd like to write for the original four. (would actually write for all the genshin men because i simp)
and if you can't feel yourself in this au because you feel far away from those real models, its okay! any size. body proportion, height is valid and beautiful! have a little more confidence gorgeous ; )
dckz reference image
based on Maroon 5 Victoria's secret fashion show 2011
Tumblr media
"Ladies and gentlemen D.C.K.Z!" The announcer drags out the last letter and hyped-up screams fill the air as the stage illuminates and the atmosphere goes lively. A thing that only the most popular boy band in the world can do. Your boyfriend's band!
He sent you the management's invitation to their band a few months ago and you can't help but flood the chat with texts of happiness. They have been on tour and you're busy with shoots so you two haven't met in a long while.
What makes this more special is that you will be wearing the fantasy bra this year! A bra adorned with jewels and crystals wore by the chosen Angel in the roster. You never really knew what's the purpose of sticking gems on a bra but hey it looks good!
Him: "Why do I feel like fucking you in that?" You laugh at his text after sending him a selfie with the million-dollar bra.
And now after months of preparation, the day has finally come with you and other models dressed extravagantly while lined up. Compliments were thrown your way here and there as the staff takes the utmost care for you.
"Yeah! Yeah!" The music starts playing and your heart jumps at the voice of your boyfriend saying just a few words. It was enough to comfort you and you can't help but smile at his enthusiasm on the tv.
However, everyone, including you did not expect the next words to fall out of your boyfriend's mouth.
"(y/n) babygirl go rock it"
The audience screams and hollers as you see him hide his smile with his fist and mic, celebrity friends clasping their hands over their mouth and you do the same. What a way to feel loved. Everyone backstage also screams and your girl friends shriek in envy.
"Okay! Okay! Everyone calm down, Miko come back to the line! You're the first one!" The organizer angrily shouts and motions at your bestie and you laugh, Ei is watching from the VIP and you both were squealing about your s/o's watching!
Soon everyone is positioned and the backstage atmosphere has changed in a mix of nervousness and excitement. "Go!" The organizer motions for Miko and you clap your hands as you see her gracefully exiting and entering the stage.
Just shoot for the stars If it feels right and aim for my heart If you feel like And take me away and make it okay I swear, I'll behave
His bandmate starts the song and models exit the stage one after another as the song progresses.
It's finally your turn! You take a deep breath and exit the stage carrying the aura of a confident woman.
Oh, so get in the car, we can ride it Wherever you want, get inside it
Childe raises his eyebrows playfully shocked at the sight before him and takes your hand while singing his part. You laugh at his antics and continue to look forward while walking with him. He swings your hands together and points at you while walking, showing you off to everybody as if saying 'this is my girlfriend'.
And you want to steer But I'm shifting gears I'll take it from here, yeah
He lets you go for you to take the spotlight and you swing your hips while walking, leg in front of the other switching, hands placed on your waist and you're finally near the center of the stage.
And it goes like this Take me by the tongue and I'll know you
You pose sticking your neck out slightly and parting your lips for that sexy pose you've been rehearsing in front of a mirror. Then Childe comes up to you, arm around your waist, hand on your chin; then faces your head to him and kisses you on the lips in front of live tv.
Kiss me 'til you're drunk and I'll show you
The audience screams for the umpteenth time that night and you are very very shocked because the balls to this! Your cheeks heat up from the happiness and you turn your back to the audience, walking backstage.
Before you reach the entrance of the backstage. he sends you a wink and you blow him a kiss while he reunites with his bandmates and you with your colleagues. A warm feeling stays in your heart throughout the night and it's because of him.
Twitter is definitely gonna go wild
I've got the moves like Jagger I've got the moves like Jagger
You come out of the backstage and Kaeya makes the fuckboy face with his hand on his chin, face contorted, lip bit; the audience laughs with you because he looks like the handsome squidward but he quickly returns to his normal face full of admiration for the girl he's holding hands with.
I don't need to try to control you Look into my eyes and I'll own you
Kaeya nods at you sexily and racks his eyes up and down your body together with the lyrics, owning and marking your body as his. He lets go of your hand and you pose pushing your hair back, showing off your neck, and leans slightly to the left with a fierce look.
Then Kaeya comes up behind you and he slaps your ass on live tv. That's not the only thing he does. He fucking affectionately placed his hand behind your ear only to nibble on your lower lip. What a tease; and the audience who enjoy the show whistles and hollers, others who are getting sick of pda sat with a passive look.
Kaeya has his arm around your shoulder while you walk back, he blows a kiss to you and you roll your eyes at him before turning away. He doesn't mind it because he knows you're smiling after that. Kaeya continues the song and almost bursts out in laughter after seeing the face on Diluc.
Diluc who is very not into pda is very bold tonight and you wonder why. Maybe he's so fired up seeing you like that? That's what you were thinking as you go to the stage.
You wanna know, how to make me smile? Take control, own me just for the night
The tone of the song changes and the atmosphere turns mellow and calm. Diluc smiles hugely at seeing you and your fingers are entwined immediately like magnets. The camera zoomed on Diluc's love-stricken face and Kaeya can't help but cover his mouth and look down, trying hard not to be hysterical.
And if I share my secret Nobody else can see this
It's not hard to force a smile, unlike the past shows where you weren't dating him before. Everything is just natural with Diluc around. He looks at you from time to time because he can't take his eyes off you.
Nobody else can see this
He prolongs the last word while looking at you, he stops walking and you continue to walk towards the center. Hands resting on your waist, you tilt your head, wink, and smile. After that, Diluc walks over to you while singing and kisses you on the cheek.
Your friends scream the loudest and you shyly lower your head and go back hand in hand with Diluc. He gives you a smile full of meaning and you know he's proud of what you accomplished tonight. You smile back at him and wave before parting with each other.
Diluc returns to the main stage and his mood turns sour upon seeing Kaeya and Childe's knowing look. He reminds himself not to portray violence on live tv.
So watch and learn, I won't show you twice Head to toe, ooh baby, rub me right But if I share my secret You're gonna have to keep it
Has a trick up his sleeve to make you shine the brightest. Zhongli is not fond of bettering others but for his girl, he has the urge to just show everybody that she's better than them.
DIluc was singing the previous verse while Zhongli faces the entrance of the backstage like it's a wedding. He kisses the back of your palm and gives you a pink rose as you exit and a murmur of 'aww's fills the venue.
Nobody else can see this yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You walk hand in hand with him and you've never seen Zhongli so energetic before and it boosts you up to strike your best pose for him. He lets you go and bows down, hand stretching out to you while you walk to the center and pose.
And it goes like this Take me by the tongue and I'll know you Kiss me 'til you're drunk and I'll show you
You take the rose and look at it, held between your hands while the fan moves your hair. You look up and smile, the audience claps and shouts because you truly look like an angel. A certain someone places a hand on your waist and presses a kiss to the side of your head. The screaming gets louder and claps double the amount.
Going back, Zhongli only smiles at you because his plan works and you close your eyes and kiss the rose, messaging him a thank you and an I love you.
Tumblr media
"See that Ei?! You should be like him! Why can't you show anything while I walked and posed for you! You were so emotionless and dead at a lively venue!" Yae whines and pats Ei's shoulders hand after hand, playfully hurting her girlfriend.
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catoholicqq · 11 hours ago
⊹ just imagine taking diluc in the backroom of the tavern. telling you to be quiet so the others outside don’t hear the way you babble about while he rams into you. can’t help it though hhh. the way his cock hits that perfect spot inside you that makes you see stars every time, ahh pure bliss
⊹ the patrons probably wondering whats taking master diluc so long to “get extra cups”,, all while you bounce and spasm all over his dick. definitely becomes an every night thing between you two <33 always surprises diluc how no one ever catches on.
Tumblr media
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lex-lee-666 · a day ago
♡♥︎ - sub!xiao
Tumblr media
☆★ - warnings : sub!xiao, degr4ading, publ1c, d1rty t4lk.
Tumblr media
It was a peaceful evening and you were sitting next to Xiao as he peacefully ate Almond Tofu on the terrasse of Wangshun Inn.
What was actually happening was that you were stroking his dick under the table as stuffed his face with Tofu to keep his moans from getting out.
“Y/n, get your hand off my dick” he whispered, angrily glaring at you as you feigned innocence, absently staring at the people happily eating their food.
“Y/n” he sternly called out again but you were set on ignoring him as if you were doing nothing.
Suddenly, he grabbed your cheeks, pulling you close to him before shoving a spoonful of Tofu in your mouth to not make others suspect a thing.
“Hands. Off.”
Instead of listening, you squeezed his dick tighter, making him let out a moan that you muffled by placing your lips on his.
“Dear vigilant Yaksha, remember I’m the one in control here. If you don’t want me to make you scream in front of everyone, be good a little slut and shut your mouth” you whispered in his ear before pulling away and continuing your work as if you said or did nothing.
The look of innocence on your face while doing the most vile unholy things was what turned Xiao on the most, the harsh words only he got to hear beyond the sweet polite exterior you showed everyone.
He grunted and looked away, rolling his eyes before cursing you under his breath which earned him another squeeze.
His breath hitched and this time your lips weren’t keeping the noise down.
“Y/n…” he whispered, the look of anger on his face replaced with one of despair.
“Are you going to beg me to stop?” you taunted, staring at him through the corner of your eye.
“Not here, please…”
“That’s my good boy, all you had to do was be nice about it” you whispered back before pulling your hand away and ruffling his hair with your clean one.
Xiao’s body finally relaxed and he let out a long breath, a shudder shaking his body upon thinking of what you had in store for when you got to his room.
Should he be scared to excited….?
Well, why not both?
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mar-s-bar-s · 2 days ago
of sunstone (1/4)
summary: as the sun god, your duties are lonely; days spent driving the sun chariot for countless years rob you of companions. except one, morax. befriending him before the cataclysm, your time is cut short and you are cursed to become a ghost of who you once were. brief friendships means nothing in the piercing sunlight. 
basically me tying greek myths to genshin
pairing: zhongli x gn!god!reader (reader’s title is ‘helios’ - it’s not your actual name, like the title ‘morax’)
warnings: major lore of teyvat spoilers, they/them pronouns used for reader, mentions of loss and death, graphic violence (chapter 2/4), angst to fluff
enjoy :]
next part
The libraries of Celestia boast of worn tomes of sacred wisdom, penned by many mortal and immortal scribes. All who hold the privilege of entering this temple of knowledge remark on the myriad of scrolls, tablets and many other methods of recording information available to them.  Hungry smiles almost devour on their faces as they recall tasting new-found education as if it were ambrosia. 
Humans were ever so curious about the workings of the world; their contributions had made way to countless pockets of their thoughts appearing in the libraries. You slide out a scroll from your pile of books, sitting down in an empty alcove. The characters simply read ‘Sun-children, rulers of Byakuyakoku,’ and with a frown on your face you ease it open. You don’t have any children, therefore you wonder who came up with a title so inaccurate. Whilst you had been worshipped by a small sect of people in Byakuyakoku, they had never before referred to their mortal rulers as your children.
A puff of breath releases in frustration. Your eyes skim the pages quickly as the words floated around your head. 
“The Divine Bridle? A symbol of office for the Sun Child?” your eyes widen as you continue reading. Not hearing the steps of your friend behind you. Steady, confident steps. 
“Greetings, Helios,” a deep voice greets you with your given title; handpicked for you by the Primordial One themselves. It has never really fit you; you stick with it as it is the official title most know you as. When you are not in Celestia, you prefer to go by a different name when you interact with humans - yet you’re stuck with your title when talking with gods. You roll the scroll back up in exasperation, before turning to face Morax, who watches you with a small flicker of amusement in his stony gaze. “You have completed your duties, I presume?”
“Yes,” you tell him. shoulders slumping forward as you flex your fingers to get rid of the stiffness that comes with steering the Sun Chariot. “Otherwise the sun would not have gone to sleep.”
“Of course,” Morax replies, gracefully sitting next to you. His eyes are scrutinizing, as sharp as a blade. “What exactly are you reading today?” 
You shrug, taking up the scroll you had discarded. The text is yellowed and delicate, and you carefully place it in his outstretched hand. As he goes though the scroll, your eyes take in his rigid posture, the way his eyes almost absorb what he is reading. The soft golden lamplight brushes over his features like a delicate painter creating a masterpiece, and he glows in the illumination. 
“What do you make of it?” you raise a brow, gesturing to the scroll. “Any ideas why they chose that specific title to give to their rulers?”
Morax ponders your question. Golden eyes lift in thought. “I assume because if the mortal child sovereigns were labelled as your children, it would quell some rebellions, as they wouldn’t get on your bad side. The divine bridle as a symbol of office would be taken as proof of your favor, and so it would seem to the citizens that you are in control. Byakuyakoku has sunk beneath Teyvat, however, so I doubt this will be relevant to the present day.”
You slowly blink - acknowledging his wisdom. Giving a brief nod, you roll the text back up before rising from the chair. “That does make sense, yet the sun that presides over them is an invention, mortal-made.”
Morax stands up as well, moving to carry the rest of the scrolls on the table. “Yet it is still a symbol of you. It still represents your power.”
His face darkens slightly. His eyes narrowing as he carefully places the scrolls in their respective areas in the alcove. “I must leave you. The harbor needs my guidance, and there is news of a disturbance in Lisha.”
Shimmering air ripples around him, before he disappears. It’s quiet once more. A sigh is let out from you as you continue watching the air where he stood once. 
“The duties of the Geo Archon are many,” you tell yourself in resignation, before you decide on your destination for the night. Visiting old friends is long due, therefore your journey tonight will take you to the Lunar Palace. The crumbling halls were once glorious and sheltered the three moon sisters, Aria, Sonnet and Canon, before their Chariot was overturned and bloodshed arose. They fought between themselves in a brutal war. To this day, you still don’t know which of their corpses floats in the sky as the moon. Only one remains, after all. 
The library side doors creak open softly as you exit the building. The main doors have been locked since you finished your daily journey. Not a problem; you like the library better at night. The daylight brings with it too many people to a place you consider a safe haven from your toiling work. Cold wind lingers on your body. Its frigid fingers bring you to a slight shiver. You draw your robes around your body tighter. 
The walk to the Lunar Palace is long and chilly. Miniature clouds are expelled from you as you breath out - they dispel just as quickly in the harsh weather. Winter creeps towards the edges of Celesta especially fast.
Paying respects is something you’ve established for yourself at the times when the sisters would change places at the Chariot three times a month. The memories are numbed by time, yet they still pain you as someone who witnessed the tragedy when you were young. They were like your family after you had been brought into existence as the Sun God by the Primordial One, and they taught you how to drive the sun. 
Bittersweet. You view these moments as such, when you look back upon the past. Yet you must continue moving forward. Bringing light daily to Teyvat is your sole duty. Shaking your head as if to clear it, your journey brings you to a stop at the dilapidated Lunar Palace.
Thorny vines cover most of the once-glorious stone. Their leaves tangle and drown the palace in a dull green flood. Even centuries after their deaths, the scent of evening primrose still lingers. It’s a delicate scent, one that lulls you to a quiet, grim relaxation as you kneel at the memorial you carved out of moonstone. Grey stone welcomes your body as you sink down, bowing your head. Small crystals and flowers are placed by your careful hands, and you exchange the old food on the memorial for fresh fruit grown by the most talented gardeners in Teyvat.
You don’t need to speak. Words aren’t necessary with the ghosts of the sisters that you visit. Your presence is enough, as it has been since they met their fate. You don’t know how long it’s been since their deaths, yet you still keep track of when they would’ve changed reins. You never know if they see you during your visits. Perhaps they’ve moved on from this plane of existence. Hopefully. Closing your eyes, you wish them well and utter a silent prayer to the stars that they’ve found peace. 
Standing up, you brush the leaves from your robes, deciding to sweep up a bit in the ruins. Surveying the area, no brooms are spotted, and so you make do with burning the leaves you gather with some of the heat you summon from the sun. The ash is then scattered amongst the soil, in hopes that the flower seeds you planted on your last visit will one day bloom. It’s the least you can do to repay the kindness of the sisters. To make the dilapidated ruins more bearable would bring you only joy.
You leave the grounds with one final bow to the ruins. The journey to the Solar Palace would take up the rest of the night, and so you make haste in getting there. Teleporting would cost too much energy, as someone who isn’t one of the Seven; they have access to a part of Celestia itself with their Gnoses. You pass through the realm with relative ease as most are elsewhere during the chill of the night. 
The desolate Solar Palace is your abode that you barely spend time in - preferring to frequent the city itself, or visit the mortal realm below. On days when you find yourself too weary to drive the chariot, you simply allow part of your consciousness to duplicate and steer the sun; you favor spending time in the palace on those days. Your chambers are filled with warmth when the sun shines. The dust motes lazily float in the glow of the light. Exhausted, you spend those breaks reading and enjoying the respite.
As the moon slowly approaches the horizon, you grab the four bridles from the hall and stride to the stable. The horses never tire, and on days when you send in your consciousness to drive them, they still know it’s you who holds the reins. The stables are constructed out of honey-gold wood. Age-old doors are smoothly oiled as you open them - heralds to your arrival.
Pyrois, Aeos, Aethon and Phlegon are geared up; it’s been countless years of work each day, and so they all know exactly what to expect when you harness them to the Sun Chariot. Yet today seems to be an unexpected day as you spot Morax at the gate of the stables. 
“Morax?” you call out to him, eyebrows raising in surprise as you approach, after giving the steeds the command to stay. His eyes glint a brighter gold as you move towards him, a habit of his that you notice he does when thinking deeply. 
“I have come to ask of you a favor,” he states. His impassive stare pierces through you. You cannot tell what he wants, but judging by his posture relaxing slightly, you know it won’t be anything too arduous.
“Depends on what it is,” you reply, gesturing simply to the Sun Chariot. “My duties need to be fulfilled soon. It is almost time to steer the dawn forward.”
“Of course,” Morax inclines his head in consideration. “My request is to be a passenger on your chariot.” 
Shock. It paints your face with even wider eyes and parted lips. Never before have you taken someone with you as the dawn opens; your job is a solitary one. Yet you can’t think of a reason to not allow him to join you; the request itself isn’t outrageous. 
“Be my guest,” you tell him, but lift up a hand to pause his step. He tilts his head in response, and you slowly gesture at the layers of clothing he’s wearing, before pointing at your simple robes. “Rid yourself of those layers, before you cook in the sun.”
Shrugging off his overcoat, he is left with robes similar to yours - simple trousers with a sleeveless top, which show the golden tattoos running down his arms. You pause to admire them, tracing your eyes along the patterns, before you hang up his coat in the stables, the fabric landing on the peg with a satisfying thump. 
“I must bless you with a ward before you join me,” you warn him. Glowing hands hover before him. As soon as he nods, your eyes close as you materialize a barrier between him and the unforgiving sun rays. A faint seal of deep red appears over his heart, before it sinks into his body. 
“I believe it is time to depart,” Morax notes, before walking forward to greet the horses with some sugar cubes.
“Watch out,” you call out, hurrying after him urgently. “Phlegon doesn’t like strangers.”
“Phlegon?” Morax inquires. Confident steps pause momentarily as he gestures to the fiery steeds. They stare at him, unnervingly quiet. They aren’t the average mortal horse; instead their manes and tails flicker as a flame. They were created as a gift for you to drive the Sun Chariot by the Primordial One. 
“A mane of carnelian-red,” you point out Phlegon amongst the horses, patting their nose. You turn to the steed, and point at Morax. “No biting.”
Morax gives Phlegon a considerable berth as he steps into the Sun Chariot, handing over the sugar to you to give to the horses. 
“Discouraged?” you inquire, visibly amused. You offer the horses the sugar cubes, before easing into the chariot, which creaks under you, as if to greet you as it has every day. The reins are familiar as you hold them. “Hold tight.”
Morax’s grip tightens on the rail of the chariot and he simply just looks at you. You take that as acknowledgement and the chariot begins to roll smoothly forward, picking up speed as the edge of the Palace comes to be seen. Wind rushes in your ears and you let out a laugh; the feeling of the drop off the edge never gets old to you. The chariot picks up speed and soon it is soaring in the sky, bathed in the light of the sun. 
Once the chariot has steadied in the air, you turn to gaze questioningly at Morax as he looks down upon Teyvat. In the forefront of your mind, only one word waltzes around. 
“Why?” your voice is barely audible over the roar of the wind. Morax only points to the land south-west, a land you recognise as Liyue. “Why did you ask to come with me?”
“Isn’t it beautiful?” his low voice is almost drowned out in the wind as he avoids your question. With a sigh, you cast a warding around the chariot so you can properly hear each other.
“Yes,” you muse, looking down at the sprawled-out land. Crooked mountains are cast down like jagged spears - which, gazing at Morax, you suppose is his doing. The Archon War was brutal, and you had not desired for yourself a seat among the Seven. You were content in a position that didn’t draw unwanted attention to yourself, one that allowed you to move more freely under the watchful eyes of Celestia.
“Why have you asked to come with me?” you repeat the question, side-eyeing him. He’s quiet for several breaths, as if he’s wondering what to say.
“There is going to be grave danger soon,” Morax begins, voice quiet. He moves closer to you, your faces almost touching. His lips are right next to your ear. Softly warning you. 
“Something is churning out monsters into the mortal realm, and the gods must be prepared to fight in this war. I fear many of us will perish.”
Lips parted, you turn to face him. Hands subconsciously guide the reins through muscle memory. Death is not a stranger to you, yet the thought of bloodshed makes you queasy. “Do you have any suspicions on the perpetrator?”
Morax’s stony gaze flickers down past Liyue into the Chasm. His amber eyes narrow. “I will soon be under a contract not to speak of what will occur. To avoid eyes, I have asked you to allow me to come with you. The conflict will be bloody, and so I bade you to be careful. I have my suspicions, however, I can only do my duty as an Archon. Tread very carefully.”
“That’s cryptic,” you attempt to lighten the dark atmosphere, which ironically is on the Sun Chariot. “I shall complete my duties too in driving the sun, though I doubt I’ll be allowed to miss the conflict.”
Morax’s hand lightly skims your arm. His serious gaze lessens he looks at you with a flicker of concern. “I know you can take care of yourself, but take this as seriously as possible. Many lives will be lost before this ends, after which I am not allowed to say anything about it.”
It’s silent. Quiet in the little refuge you created. You look away from his face, eyes tracing the path your chariot has always taken through the sky. It’s cloudless on this day, and the blue of the sky is peaceful. A contrast to the bloodshed that will occur soon. 
“You be careful too,” you respond. “Remember to be patient in your battles.”
“Try to stay alive,” Morax asks of you, voice steady as stone. “A promise to do so is foolish, but try to, at least.”
You simply nod, unable to escape the sinking feeling settling in the pit of your stomach. Your eyes pick up the bustle of civilisation as you pass over Liyue over Sumeru. Watching. Wondering if they too are unaware of the dangers seeping into their lives, poised to attack. 
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genshingorls · 2 days ago
Eula's S/O with a boob window
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- Eula isn't unused to boob windows, as people like Kaeya and Amber had them.
- She did have to wonder why it was a trend around Mondstadt...No, not even just Mondstadt, the people from Liyue as well.
- So she didn't react too much when she saw that S/O's attire included it as well.
- Until they began a relationship that is.
- Sometimes she can't help but stare, especially if she's seen them take off the shirt a few times before.
- She always slaps herself mentally and looks away with the faintest blush.
- It was not exactly noble-like to not look at someone's eyes, especially if you were just staring at their chest.
- If it's ever brought up, Eula just tries to brush the subject off since the more she thinks about it, the more flustered she becomes.
(Eula) Don't think it, don't think it, don't think it-
- ...Maybe S/O would take off their shirt if she asked-
(Eula) STOP IT.
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sextape-vhs · 2 days ago
powerful but weak
Tumblr media
slight nsfw but not smut, worshipping, yandere, mentions of killing, and mentions of kidnapping
Tumblr media
a powerful diluc that is willing to kill anyone and anything that gets in the way of his goals
but weak when you scold him for having a mindset like that
powerful diluc that is worshipped by becuase of his wealth and face
but weak that he basically begs to worship you, knowing how much you deserve it
powerful diluc that has a eyes sharp like a hawk, that would scare everyone away
but weak when he is his below your teasing gaze, asking for more attention on his on the tent growing in his pants
powerful diluc that has lines of people begging to take him to bead
but weak that he would beg only you to satisfy his sexual hunger
powerful diluc who ignores anyone that he deems annoying
but weak when you give him the silent treatment, forcing him to beg just for a second of your attnetion
powerful diluc wanting to kidnap you and keep you all to himself
but weak when you demand to be realesed, bending to your every wish even if it pains him
powerful diluc that cant help but be weak around you
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