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#genshin impact kaeya
imalwaystiredzzz · 2 days ago
“A part of me wants to cover with you kisses right now but the other half isn’t ready yet to deal with your teasing. Hmmm what a dilemma I have with you *chuckles*” with yan ish Kaeya please! Congratulations on getting 100 followers! I love the way you write 🥺
NOTE: Hii thank you and sorry for the wait! I hope that you like this one I wrote, I'm starting to enjoy Kaeya as a yandere because that man is just the epitome of manipulate mansplain malewife and just when you think you've got him, he swipes the metaphorical carpet under you and BAM you're now his darling!
Tumblr media
“And what if I stopped?” He quirks his brows, lips turned to a small challenging smirk as he leans closer and closer until it’s almost touching yours and you can smell his hot breath lingering with the smell of wine. You had half the mind to give in to the temptation, to pull him close and ravage him with the promised kisses that you speak of, but you relent, pushing him away with a hand on his chest. Skin against skin, it’s warm despite the cold.
“Can you?” You return his expression, mischief playing in the twinkle and curve of your lips as you sip from the cup; it’s safe to say that Kaeya is amused, playing by your game and the impossible rules that you’ve set for now, and the man wouldn’t have it any other way. He always wins at the end of the day, because as much as he could never resist your allure that intoxicates him more than any drink that he’s ever had, you couldn’t ever dream of a day without his presence.
But how long will this back and forth go? How long will you or Kaeya pull until the cord finally snaps? No one but him really knows, even as you think that you’ve got him wrapped around your silly little fingers.
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simplyxsinned · a day ago
Just imagine-
Kaeya in a button up shirt with some left unbuttoned revealing his chest early in the morning. He woke up before you, finding you asleep by his side. He plays with your hair while watching your chest heave up and down, listening to your slow breathing. He kisses your head before going in the kitchen to cook breakfast aaaaaa this sucks but oh well
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teyvattwriter · 2 days ago
[ 1:02 am ]
Tumblr media
The light from the moon shined down on to the cobblestone streets of Mondstadt. Your shadow trailed behind you making you feel uneasy. Yes, it was natural for you to have a shadow but after the dream, or nightmare, you just woke up from the darkness made you nervous. You were currently walking around to try and calm down enough to go back to sleep.
You quickly turned around to see who called out your name. Your body relaxed some when you recognized who stood behind you.
"Jeez Kaeya! You scared me!"
"Well, you should be a bit more aware of your surroundings,” he playfully scolded, “What’re you doing out here anyway?”
"Oh, I just...wanted to walk!" you lied
"Oh really?"
"Yup! It's just a really nice night.”
Kaeya took a few steps closer to you.
"You're not a good liar, Y/N,” he smirked, "Now, what's going on?”
"I...I just had a nightmare," you sighed, "it's silly, I know but it shook me up."
"No, it's not silly. We all get them from time to time."
You hummed in agreement. You get out a big yawn as exhaustion caught up to you. But flashes of the nightmare in your mind woke you right back up. it was clear how much you wanted to sleep but your mind refused to let you rest.
"Come on.”
Kaeya held out his hand and you tentatively took it. The two of you began to walk down the streets hand in hand. You couldn't help the little butterflies that fluttered in your stomach as you looked down at your hands interlocked together. Eventually, the reasonable side of you kicked in as you realized you were in an area you weren't too familiar with.
"Where are we going?" you asked
"To my home.”
"I'm going to help you sleep."
Kaeya couldn't help but laugh at the look on your face; your eyes were wide and the tips of your ears were very pink. He patted the top of your head before continuing down the street.
"My, I never thought you'd be someone that had such dirty thoughts," he teased, “I never suggested anything like that."
The teeny tiniest part of you was actually a little sad that wasn't what he had in mind. You pulled your hand out of his grasp making the male stop.
"What is your plan then?”
"No plans or ulterior motives here, sweetheart. I just want to help you sleep.”
"And how is being at your place supposed to help me sleep?”
"I'll be there in case you have another nightmare," he said matter of factly, "I'll protect you from whatever evil thing tries to haunt your dreams."
" That's…really sweet. Thank you, Kaeya."
"No need for thanks. I just want to help you out.”
You both stood silent for a moment basking in the moonlight. You were sure you were reading too much into it but it seemed like he was favoring you — like you were special in his made those butterflies In your stomach flutter even more.
"'Now lets go. It's getting rather cold. You'll get sick if you stay out here much longer."
Kaeya held out his hand towards you again and this time you took it with no hesitation.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bisexual Kaeya icons for Mari anon!
(Transparents/renders credit: 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙)
Please do not tag as kin unless you are the requester!
Credit is very much appreciated, but not required.
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jade-parcels · an hour ago
Been thinking a lot about being rich boy Kaeya’s neighbor ;)
You already know who he is when he moves in next door, he’s been on the cover of business magazines for years now, he’s super successful in the wine industry because of his family. He’s gone and coined his own brand that’s a branch off of his adopted father’s. That and he’s heavily involved in the champagne industry as well. Despite having millions, he doesn’t actually enjoy the whole…rich guy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, he has a nice car, designer clothes and fancy furniture but the thought of living in a mansion alone made him feel small and lonely so he opted for a small, cozy house in a low-key neighborhood and ended up moving in next door to you.
You’ve tried to talk to him many times, always trying to greet him if you’re both getting your mail at the same time or waving when you water your flowers but this guy just won’t say hello back. All he does is smile and wink. You think that he just might be shy and decide to let him be but oh man it becomes hard to just let him be. He takes his shirt off to do yard work, he hand washes his fancy car right on the driveway where you can see perfectly from your kitchen, he leaves his bedroom widows open to get a nice breeze in and you can see right into his room from where you lay in your bed at night. So…you do what any good neighbor would do. You start watering your flowers in tighter, more revealing clothes, you work out in your back yard where he can see and for the first time, you wash your car in your driveway the way he does. You two go back and forth like this for awhile, losing more clothes while doing chores and looking in each other’s windows, sending flirty winks or blowing kisses but not yet having a real conversation.
Eventually, you decide to be a bit bolder. The current pace of your little game is fun but it would be even more fun if things heated up quicker. You left your windows open before showering, making sure Kaeya was in his room when you left. You took the quickest shower you could and came back to your room to change right in front of the window. You dropped your towel, looked yourself over in the mirror and let your hair down, smirking as you felt your neighbor’s gaze on you. You took your time getting into your clothes and when you looked back to close the curtains, Kaeya was leaning on his windowsill “Why hello neighbor~ That was quite the show” he twirled his hair around his fingers
You did the same, leaning against your window, giving him a nice view of your chest “Oh yeah? I’m glad you enjoyed it”
“Say, you aren’t busy right now are you? I’d love to come over for a bit of…Socializing~ That is, if it’s alright with you” and the second you agreed, he was throwing his shoes on and hopping the fence between your yards, letting himself in through your back door which was so conveniently unlocked ;)
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bookuya · 4 months ago
genshin impact x gn!reader┊fluff: how they carry you
Tumblr media
ingredients: how do some genshin men carry/hold you in certain situations?
calories: childe, diluc, kaeya, kazuha, xiao + gender neutral reader
serving size: fluff・very little angst・2k words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in a situation where you are injured, childe will not hesitate to carry you in his arms! even if you protest and say that you are okay, he will definitely just ignore you and start looking around for a healer.
he thinks that hoisting you onto his back will take too much time and in a very critical situation (where you are extremely hurt), time isn't on your side.
if you keep being stubborn and saying that you are alright, childe will say that he will knock you out if you keep objecting and you literally can't tell if he's joking or not
once however you accidentally tripped over your own feet and ended up being swooped into his arms... you had to remind him that you weren't on death's door
oh no. what have you got yourself into?
childe's arms immediately go under your knees and shoulders; you have to wrap your arms around his neck so you don't fall off when he swings you around
but princess style isn't the only way he'll hold you! childe will sometimes pick you up and put you on his shoulders (if you get embarrassed by it, good luck cause he's not putting you down anytime soon)
he will definitely tease you by wrapping his arms around your waist from behind you and lifting you up just like that; if you kick your legs then he'll definitely put you down and laugh
i think we all know that this man is strong— in some situations, childe doesn't let you down on the ground for a LONG time. the only way you can get him to put you down right away is if you start tickling him, but if you do that you better be prepared to run cause this man WILL chase you down
for once, childe will give you a piggyback ride! in a scenario where you aren't too tired, he will run around liyue with you on his back (it's a bumpy ride 💀) it's also a way for childe to show off his lover wherever he goes, so he'll be doing it for a while
there may have been some occasions where childe was having some normal conversation with someone and you're just sleeping on his back; he honestly just finds it cute how you trust him enough to do that like it's a normal thing
he might even go over to zhongli and coo about how adorable you look while sleeping on his back
Tumblr media
another one who will carry you princess style; it's just efficient and quick, so who wouldn't?
however if needed, diluc will also give you a piggyback ride! there's more contact that way and provides more warmth, soothing and taking some of your pain away
in the piggyback position where your head is lying on his shoulder and your ear is close by, he will whisper sweet things to you to distract you from the pain. he also asks questions so when you answer, he knows you are still alive and conscious
remember that diluc's probably reliving his worst nightmare of losing someone he holds very dear to his heart; when you get better make sure to reassure him that you're okay :'(
this can truly go many different ways!
if you ask diluc to carry you while in public, he's at a loss of words.. but who is he to say no to your adorable pleading face?
won't princess style carry you in public but the most he will do is giving you a piggyback ride (and ignoring everyone's stares as he's walking down the street with you sticking to his back like a koala)
if it's in private however, diluc won't hesitate to carry you in his arms and spin you around! he will bend down a little bit to press kisses all over your face and laugh at your reaction
will let you go if you ask, but if he's looking for a bit more touch on that particular day then he'll pout and ask for just ten more minutes (please give it to him SOBS)
another situation where i can see things going different ways
let's say you and diluc were having a date outside and you just fell asleep on the picnic blanket, then he chooses to just pick you up onto his back
if you're very exhausted, he'll carry you princess style (but you might have to promise him that you'll walk on your own once you reach mondstadt's bridge)
however in a situation where you pretend to be tired so he can carry you and he notices, then he'll playfully throw you onto his shoulder BUT only in private. if there's people around the area you're at, he'll just quickly tickle you and give you a forehead kiss to wake you up
Tumblr media
princess style all the way. kaeya does not want you to possibly be in more pain if he carries you on his back, so he gently puts you in his arms and immediately looks for barbara
probably one of the ones who looks very calm on the outside but is an absolute wreck on the inside, he doesn't want you to panic if you see him panicking so he tries his best to look strong for you
like diluc, he'll talk to you. unlike diluc, he whispers different things like praises.
for example: "you can do it. you are strong, don't let the pain get to you." and etc.
i think we all know how teasing this man can be; the moment you ask, kaeya will pick you up and throw you onto his shoulder- kind of like his brother, but absolutely does not care if you two are in public!
you could literally be standing around talking to someone and kaeya would walk up behind you and just pick you up; it's kind of normal at this point 😭
other times though, he will actually wrap his arms around your waist and carry you, swinging you around and nuzzling his nose against yours
another fellow who will carry you on his shoulders! i don't think he will do it much but will definitely do it if you asked; he likes it when you hold onto his hair or bend down a little to look at him
when kaeya sees that you're tired, he immediately offers to give you a piggy back ride. this man may be a tease but he genuinely wants to give you some rest, plus he likes it when you snuggle your face into the crook of his neck :)
bonus: he also likes piggyback rides because you're a bit closer and he can breathe in your scent
however princess style works too! kaeya likes it SO MUCH when you cuddle your face into his chest and doze off just like that
Tumblr media
could carry you either on his back or in his arms but kazuha would probably prefer on his back so he can feel your breathing on his shoulder and neck to confirm that you're still alive
whispers things like "when we get home after you get better i'll make you your favorite soup" to make himself believe and trust that you'll be okay
if he carries you in his arms instead however, he would hold you up a bit higher so your ear is pressed against his chest and you can hear his heartbeat. anything that can distract you from the pain and soothe you even just a little bit works for him
another calm on the outside and completely wrecked on the inside; he keeps a small smile on his face to reassure you that everything will be fine
teases you at first but makes it seem like he's oblivious: "i'm sorry dear, could you please repeat that?"
but eventually, kazuha will hold and carry you: if you want him to give you a piggyback ride, then he will! how about in his arms? he'll still do it!
loves it when you're in his arms so he can lift you up a bit more higher to nuzzle his cheek against yours
i don't think he would mind if it was in public? probably would go up to beidou while he is still carrying you and you're just there flustered as kazuha talks to beidou so casually (this man oh my lord)
i don't know why but i can visualize this man gently picking you up then tossing you on his shoulder for fun. only in private though! he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable in public in that uncomfy pose
if you ask kazuha for a piggyback ride one night on the way back home after a date, who is he to decline?
talks about random things while you're on his back in a sleepy state and you aren't complaining; his voice is so soothing it almost makes you fall asleep the moment you hear it
gets so flustered if you play with his hair or you actually do fall asleep while on his back, it makes kazuha very happy that you trust him to hold you as you sleep
Tumblr media
xiao immediately picks you up in his arms; whatever is the fastest will work cause in that moment all he is thinking about is losing you and how he cannot let that happen
says things like "don't die on me" or nothing at all, all the thoughts in his head are clouding over and he's just desperately trying to hold onto reality
he could be calm on the outside and panicking on the inside but at the same time, everything currently happening stresses him to the point where how he looks on the outside is the last thing on the priority list
when you get better and he's carrying you back home, be prepared for a lecture. no he's not mad (if he is it's at himself), he just deeply cares about you and knows how fragile mortals can be
you probably broke him cause now he's just a very blushing adeptus
in public? xiao will definitely decline but if it's a private place outside in nature or in the privacy of your room at wangshu inn, he'll begrudgingly pick you up (cause let's be honest he can't really say no to you for long)
could carry you on his back or in his arms; sometimes he will just get to a very high place while holding you so he can see your reaction to the beautiful view
likes it when you hide your face into his chest (while you're in his arms) or into the crook of his neck (while on his back) when he's literally jumping in midair cause you don't want to see the height below you
xiao already knows it himself that he won't be able to handle it if you fell asleep while he was carrying you princess style
he cares about you so much and still wants you to get some rest so reluctantly he will offer his back to you
doesn't know if that decision was a good thing or a mistake cause when you fall asleep and he can feel your breathing on his neck xiao is instantly a flustered mess
literally thinks you're doing it on purpose because of how you can easily make him blush but honestly he's just touch starved and hasn't had physical affection in a long time (until he met you)
bonus points if you kiss him on the neck before you doze off; yeah he thinks he's going crazy now
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scaramouche-bully · 4 months ago
— ☆ Keeping His Cum Inside You
Includes: Kaeya, Dainsleif + Albedo
[ Sub ] Gender-neutral reader
Contains: coming untouched, slight exhibition, almost getting caught, crying, riding, overstimulation, wall fucking, large cock, size difference, gloves, bratty sub, dirty talk, slight cum play, possessiveness, soft sex + rough sex
— ☆ Bratty Sub headcanons - Kaeya, Diluc, Xiao, and Childe 🐑 [ GN ]
— ☆ Overstimulation headcanons - Kaeya and Venti 🐑 [ GN ]
— ☆ Size kink headcanons - Diluc and Kaeya 🐑 [ GN ]
[ masterlist ]
My mind suddenly decided it wanted to think about this. While I have other requests to write, I couldn't let this opportunity pass by and speed wrote this entire fic. I'm thankful to my anons for reminding me that there is no content for Dainsleif or Albedo. I don't know how to title this but my original title was "there is no title. I'm just horny". This is gender-neutral but the reader is wearing a skirt.
Tumblr media
— ☆ Kaeya
You're so cute. Kaeya stares down at your folded in half form as you desperately cling to him as he fucks into you. One of your hands covers your mouth so the entire building doesn't hear how good he's wrecking you. The other is tearing at his sleeve as tears spill from your eyelashes. Kaeya wants to reach over and wipe your tears away but he knows that if he relaxes his arms that are pinned beside your head, he's going to crumble. Your tight walls hugging his cock, sucking him in deeper even if there's no room left, he thinks he's being drugged.
"K-Kae," you whimper as you make grabby hands at him to come closer. He's addicted to you. But Kaeya wouldn't be Kaeya if he didn't tease you, just a little bit.
"What is it, sweetheart?" he asks, slowly pulling out just to shove back in.
"Don't be-ah! mmh! a tease!" you moan as he laughs at your weak glare. He hums along and continues to play dumb which only irritates you further. You swear, if he wasn't so pretty he wouldn't get away with half of the things he does. It's when you reach over and roughly yank his long hair down do you reach up and kiss him harshly, fully done with his teasing
"Fuck me like you mean it or I'll find someone who can."
He loves you. His heart swells with adoration even at your harsh words as he lifts your legs up higher. Pressing his weight against you as he uses his leverage to thrust into you roughly. Feeling your walls pulse as you come from his cock alone as you bury your face into his chest to muffle your cries.
"There we go. Just like that sweetheart. Let me hear you," Kaeya chuckles as he grips onto your waist, digging new bruises into your skin, as he cums inside of you. Slowly rocking in to shove his cum deeper, making sure none of it spills out as you cum alongside him.
"Hurry..up! ..Jean is supposed to be coming soon," you breathe out as you slowly come down from your high. Batting him away with your drowsy hands as you try and wiggle your way out from under him. It only serves to draw out a low moan from you both but he huffs a laugh of amusement as he pulls out slowly. He can't help himself as he parts your thighs to see his cum drip out slowly and onto the desk.
"You pervert," you grumble but he knows you find it just as hot as he does, that cute flush of yours does nothing to hide it. The moment's ruined when you both hear a knock on the door. You both stare at each other with wide eyes as Jean announces her presence, much earlier than expected. You quickly scramble to make yourself decent when you realize your underwear isn't anywhere to be seen so you quickly pat your skirt and clothes down just as Jean opens the door.
"Oh! I didn't know you were also here Kaeya," Jean remarks surprised as she heard her Calvary Captain would be doing a patrol outside the City of Freedom.
"Seems the Hilichurls took a day off." Kaeya shrugs nonchalantly as Jean nods along before returning her attention to you. She mentions how she wanted to see you for your help on weird elemental traces surrounding the city. You try and listen to her words but you can feel Kaeya's cum slowly running down your thighs. You try to clamp them shut and you really hope that the summer heat is a good enough excuse to explain why you're so flushed as you grip onto your skirt, slowly trying to pull it down further to hide your shame.
"Of course. But give me a few minutes, let me get some supplies and I'll meet you outside," you smile at Jean as she nods and thanks you for your time. She closes the door behind you and you finally let yourself breathe properly. You hear Kaeya laugh under his hand as you spin around and glare at him.
"Something wrong?" he grins smugly as he leans over you, placing one hand on your hip and lifting your shirt up to make room for his fingers so he can rub circles on your waist. You huff at him and hold your hand out to him but lean into his touch anyways. He waves your anger away as if you were a puppy and digs into his pockets to give you back your underwear. You snatch them back and turn around and hurriedly put them on. He makes a noise of surprise when you don't bother to clean yourself up, he knows his cum is still leaking out of you when you slip your underwear back on. You cheekily stick your tongue at him as you walk out the door.
He leans back as he laughs amused at your actions. His fingers touch something sticky and wet and he looks down to see your mixed leftover cum that leaked out of you from earlier. He ponders it for a second before using his index finger to wipe it up as he brings it to his mouth.
Tumblr media
— ☆ Dainsleif
Your hands are wrapped around his head as you smother him with your chest, whimpering and moaning softly into his fluffy hair as he rocks in and out of you. He doesn't mind when you do this even when you worry that you're hurting him. He doesn't think you realize that he isn't delicate but he likes listening to your heartbeat. He breathes slowly before lifting you up and sitting you on his lap so you can ride him at your own pace. He's worried if you hand him the reigns, he might lose himself and accidentally hurt you. You're his first partner in a long while so he's a bit out of touch with what mortals can take.
"Dain...ngh- please," you whine out above him, he looks up to see your teary eyes as the cute pout on your lips. He chuckles at your expression as he adjusts you on his lap again. Wrapping both his arms around your waist to hug you closer to him before bouncing you on his cock.
"Do you feel it?" he asks softly even when you're both moving so slowly as you adjust to his size. He feels a light bat on his shoulder for him to lift you slowly off his cock so you can catch your breath. It always makes a small part of you purr that Dainsleif can lift you so effortlessly before you reach down and realign his cock to slide back in you. Your thighs wrapping around his waist as you squeeze around him.
"Mm 'okay. You hahh..can move," you gasp and contently nestle your face into his hair again. He nods before reaching under you and slowly lifting you up and down on his cock like his personal cocksleeve. His hands are deathly gripping your hips and his breathing stutters is the only indication that your fucking is affecting him. If you weren't so hazy you would be annoyed that his face seems completely unfazed. While it feels so good having Dainsleif stretch your walls, you know that this pace won't be enough for him. But you know he worries for you so you take matters into your own hands so when Dainsleif lifts you up, you drop all your weight so his cock slams into you. He hisses as your nails drag down his back, red angry lines decorating his skin as something inside him snaps as he growls in your ear.
"Bite me if it's too much," he groans out as he buries himself as deep as he can go. You mewl as he picks you up and pins you against the wall, fucking roughly into you. You're leaking all over his huge cock as you cling to him tighter, your thighs digging into his back while he punches choked moans out of you. Helpless tears of pleasure race down your cheeks as he rolls his hips against you, forcing a small whimper that he eats up as he kisses you. His hips jerk up into you as he groans into your kiss, the last warning you get when you feel the first pump of searing come coating your insides. The rush of warmth and pulse of Dainsleif's cock sends you over the edge as you orgasm with him before sagging into his arms. He relaxes and carefully sits back, adjusting your body on his lap as you rest you're against him.
"Dainsleif...kiss me?" " you mumble out sleepily, completely exhausted. He smiles softly at your request as he tilts your chin up to kiss you deeply whispering sweet nothings.
"Come. Let's get you cleaned up" he breaths out as he's about to reach over and grab a cloth when you quickly pull his arm back. You can feel his questioning gaze on you but you dig your face closer into his chest.
"It's ok," you whisper as you feel your ears grow hot. It takes Dainsleif a moment to understand what you're trying to say but he hums in acknowledgement. His face is hidden from your view so you miss the flash of possessiveness that shines in his eyes. The thought of you keeping his cum inside you has his body flexing in want but he quickly pulls himself back. Holding you steady as you brace yourself against his shoulders to slowly stand up on shaky legs. He asks for you to stand still as he lifts your skirt up with one hand, his other helps you put your underwear back on trapping his cum inside you. He smooths out his own clothing as he gives you one more once-over to make sure you look decent enough.
"Come. Let's bring you home before your companions worry about you."
Tumblr media
— ☆ Albedo
"I've been meaning to ask.." Albedo starts as he gets up from his seat, slinking his coat off and adjusting his gloves to make his way to where you're sitting. Your back is towards him so you look up to peer at him standing above you wondering what the Chief Alchemist seemed to be curious about. He doesn't say anything at first as he studies your features, running the fingers of his gloves over your eyelids carefully before cupping your cheek. "What is so interesting about Master Diluc that you need to spend so much time around him?"
"Diluc?" you blink at him before the question fully sets into your mind. It was unusual for Albedo to initiate affection but he never took a personal interest in what you do in your day. "You know he runs around at night, right? I'm just patching him up whenever he gets a scrape or two."
Albedo nods at your words. You weren't lying, he would be able to tell the second you do anyways. It was pretty obvious who the so-called "Dark Knight Hero" was despite the general public and Knights remaining oblivious. You knew a thing or two about medical care and Diluc was a good friend of yours even if he pretended to deny it. Albedo knew this and he never seemed to care about Diluc too much so why was he so interested?
"Why? Are you worried about something?" you feel the tug of a grin pulling at your lips as you swivel your chair around to properly face him. You lean over to wrap your arms around his waist and nestle your face against his stomach.
"Don't speak. I'm mad right now," Albedo kicks your thighs apart and brushes your skirt up to see the mess that he left earlier in the day. "Did you plan this? Is this why you asked me to cum inside you? I didn't know you were such a dirty slut. Being in another man's company with cum leaking out of you."
"Al-" "It's rude to interrupt."
He manhandles you up out of your chair and turns you around to lay across your desk. You brace yourself against the desk as Albedo's hand pressed against the small of your back for you to arch even deeper. Your heart is pounding in your chest in desire when you feel his hand slip your underwear fully off to see your red and puffy hole. Albedo can barely see without the mess of cum slopping out. Something deep inside him grows feral and hot, he shudders before digging his hand in your hair to balance him as he forcefully relaxes his body.
"Mov-" you're cut off when you feel his hand reach down in between your thighs and you feel his fingers scoop up the cum that leaked out. His hand is covered by your skirt but you can feel his nimble fingers brush softly up before harshly plunging back inside your hole. Whatever strength in your arms fails you as you crumble onto the desk as you moan. He hadn't bothered to take his gloves off so the hard leather scraps against your sensitive spots that have you keening in pleasure.
"A-Albedo..-- nn, wait," you moan softly as he repeats the motion. You can hear his breaths become hotter as he places his chin over your shoulder. His half-hard cock digging into your ass that you try not to grind back onto. Your hand curls into a fist as your knuckles go white but Albedo's hand reaches up to pry your grip apart and lace your fingers with his. It's when Albedo leans down further to blow against your neck before he bites down hard. You squeal at the burst of pain but with his weight pinning you against the desk you have to lie there and take it as you feel pricks of blood run down and stain your clothes. Bitting your lip as your other hand grips onto his arm as you hump onto his hand before you finally orgasm.
"There. Now you have a mark to let everyone know you're mine," he whispers as he leans upon his own arms caging you under him.
"Aren't you being a bit possessive Albedo?" you can't help but quip back. He grins smugly in return as he pulls his fingers out of you to show the globs of cum clinging to them. You flush embarrassed as you turn to face away from him but it only irks him more. You're suddenly flipped onto your back as the buttons of the shirt are ripped off and he splays his cum covered hand across your chest, marking you white even further.
"Please, this is nothing close to me being possessive. But if you're asking for it so much then I'd be forced to show you right now."
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damare-draws · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"This world is truly... fascinating"
The story of how Kaeya got his vision is so sad, it breaks my heart
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lunamochii · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Genshin men having their fun by playing with your tits❤️ [ Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Thoma ]
notes&warning :
w — cum denial, fingering, squirting, groping, bit rush, not proofread
n — to the people who have requested don’t worry I will do yours once I’m done with my other threads~, REBLOGS ARE SO MUCH APPRECIATED ❤️
Tumblr media
Sitting on the couch inside his room while his kneeling with one leg and the other one is to keep him steady, hands groping your left breast, mouth sucking and biting softly your right breast while his red eyes stare at your flustered face
Soft moans slipping out from time to time on your lips, hands gripping on the couch as you lean your back on the couch, breath hitching every time his tongue traces circles on your chest
It has been a long day for Diluc and he wants to let out his stress by playing with your breast, also he gets to hear your whimpers every time he will suck both of your nipples at the same time
“Such a good girl, it’s still not enough. Let me lick you more.”
Tumblr media
Kaeya took a break from his work and he already have you sitting on his lap, surely the captain didn’t waste no time on getting rid of your top and immediately indulge his self with your breast
At first he would bury his face but his hands would start groping it softly and it will end up with you begging him to suck your nipples, just by groping it your nipples got hard
Kaeya finds it amusing and he would tease you by giving it a lick one at a time, fingers pinching it softly then stopping it when you let out a voice
“Ah-uh~ make a noise and I will leave you and your hard nipples alone~”
Tumblr media
Childe likes showing you off he even will buy a off shoulder dress for you, telling you to wear it exposing the marks he have decorated your body with. Especially on the chest area Childe made sure a red mark is visible just so everyone will know that you belong to him
The other reason he bought that dress is he can see your cleavage and he loves the view he gets especially when you bend a little in front of him, unable to control his lust he will lean down and whisper dirty words at you making you look at him and Childe is just smiling at you
He would grab you by your hand and the both of you will end up in a abandon alley, his knees rubbing at your clothed sex, hands groping your breast harshly. He would suck your nipples alternately then suck it at the same time making you let out a loud moan, that earn a grin from the man
“Heh— love it when I do that, yeah ? Hmm then I will do it more~”
Tumblr media
Sitting on Zhongli’s cock and keeping his cock warm at the same time, not daring to move you held on to his shoulders letting your moans cover the four walls of the bedroom, the man getting crazy over your breast loving how it feels having your nipples inside his mouth
He would spit on it and knead it making you moan even more, then he would slap it not too rough earning a low moan from you, he jerk his hips up and you almost curse at him feeling your insides getting stretch
Zhongli chuckles from your reaction and return on sucking your tits, pinching your nipples and tugging on it wanting to let you experience much more pleasure from his touch
“Don’t worry sweetheart. I will be filling you with my cum in a bit. Just let me enjoy your breast for the time being~”
Tumblr media
Clothes on the floor and your bra is even hanging on the lampshade luckily no one is home and you can moan freely, Thoma enjoying on sucking your breast and fingering your insides, his bedsheets already soak from your juices
Tears running down from your eyes as he overstimulates you, orgasm to orgasm Thoma won’t stop fingering you and he will bit your breast whenever you try to push him away
The way his tongue circles around your nipple and the way his fingers move inside you is making you go crazy, your fingers scratching his back as your toes curled, indicating for your another orgasm that you seems to have lost count, Thoma notices how your insides tightens around his fingers so he move it more faster, when you scream his name he move and grope your breast hard and let you squirt out your juices on to his bedsheet
“Seems like I have to change~ damn baby! Look at the mess you made~ let me change the bedsheets then let’s fuck on my couch~”
˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚ masterlist
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strawberrylucv · 5 months ago
Genshin HC's when you tell them "I think I'm in love."
LOL OK; so theres a very popular demand on the "get out of my house." fic and im already working on it!! have some headcanons for awhile!! here yall go :))
Tumblr media
✦ft. Diluc, Zhongli, Childe, Kaeya, Albedo.
✦warnings : mutual pining, fluff!! headcanons under the cut, mild swearing
PART 2 IS OUT! : Confession time
.  * .  .   °  . ● ° ..  * .  .   °  . ● ° ..  *
would lowkey stop what he was doing
by lowkey i mean like, slowly place the wine glass he was wiping just a second ago on the table
"Love? That's a strong word, Y/N."
"I know that."
at the back of his mind, he wishes you would say 'I'm in love with you'
he would listen to you, ranting about what you were feeling
he tried asking what they look like
"What do they even look like?"
"Well, they're pretty good-looking, sometimes too serious, but deep down they're just trying hard to protect everyone."
yea, you were talking about him
but he's kinda dense
so he just stood there, pondering who is this person making you think you were in love
he was absolutely jealous
he begs to the archons that you weren't going to say Kaeya
because if you did, he would be so damn heartbroken
when it was time to go home, he grabbed your wrist
he didn't know why
he just didn't want you to go yet
"Tomorrow afternoon." he says as you look at his hand holding your wrist.
"Meet me here, Tomorrow afternoon."
"But tomorrow's your rest day?"
maybe he had something important to say to you ;)
he almost dropped his tea
he thought you would always stay with him
guess he thought wrong.
he would ask 'why love?'
"Why love? Can't it be just infatuation?
"Because, every time I go home, I want to see them again. They're always on my mind, it's crazy. Then, I could notice all the little things they would do. It's adorable."
he looked down at his tea
'Can't it be me'
"Will you let me meet them?' he smiles as he brings his teacup to his mouth
he would want nothing else but your happiness
he coughed up his tea back
what??? why not??
you grab a napkin to clean the mess on his face
you were so close
he looked at you with endearing eyes
he wasn't ready to see you go
with someone else
that wasn't him
so he stood up from his seat, you were taken aback by this
"I want to tell you something." he offered his hand to help you.
"What?" you say as you took his hand.
"Not here. Follow me."
guess he has to tell you something~~i wonder what--
but he wouldn't show you that
while you were getting giddy and flustered
he was thinking of plans on finding out who you like
like, he was about to order his subordinates for you
he was dead serious
he asked you 'who's the lucky person' with a smile
"To be honest, they're a bit stupid-"
"Then why are you in love with them?" he cuts you off, he looked at you with the most dead stare ever.
"They're also really caring. They just want their family to be safe and I think that's what made me fall for them. They're also very hot."
he accidentally thought out loud 'I'm hot too'
you looked at him
he looked at you
oh fuck, he said that??
well damn.
you laughed so hard
his ears turned red
god that was embarrassing-
he bit his lip and continued to hear your laughter
if only he could stop time,
if only it was him who you were thinking of,
if only he could have you by his side forever.
when you stopped laughing you turned to him
"Tell you what, I'll let you meet them!"
"..hooray!" his heart clenched when you said that.
"Meet me by the pond near Bubu Pharmacy in the evening?"
"...Y/N, I don't think-" he wasn't ready to be broken so easily.
"You'll come right?"
he could never say no to you, especially since you looked so excited
he'll tell you too, that he had feelings for you. even if someone else had your heart, he had to tell you.
"Of course." he smiled at you warmly, he had to be strong, for you.
ohh, how is he gonna tell you doee~
he was all smiles till you said that
he wasn't unhappy but he felt something wrong
oh, it might be the fact that he harbored feelings for you
but he was still questioning if it was just friendship
guess he was too late
wait, he didn't care if he was too late
what he did care was that you were in love
with who though.........
"Y/N, are you in love with me?" he joked around but he was hoping you would say yes, please say yes. This would be a perfect night for you to confess to him
"Oh Kaeya-"
"Say yes."
he caught you by surprise.
oh wait.
he's the one confessing to you now
he didn't even ask how and who the person was
he was getting red by the second since you just stared at him
sheesh, there this tension between you guys
you laugh by how red the flirtatious cavalry caption could get
"What would happen if I say yes?" you try to wipe the tears that were caused by his sudden seriousness.
what would happen?
he just
just wanted you to be with him
ok yea, he didn't want you to be in love with anyone else except him
so he says:
"Want to know?"
ohoho, i wonder~~~
he doesn't really know what love is
but he felt this twinge inside of him
like he was-
was it jealousy?
because he really didn't want you to leave when you made him feel like this
"What, Y/N?" he asked you while he placed his sketchbook on a nearby table
"Love? Well, your chest would feel like its always about to explode-"
was that what he was feeling every time you were going to his camp?
"-When they tell you that they have to go to dangerous places, you wished they wouldn't have to. That they'd stay here with you. Just with you."
oh, is that why he had those thoughts when you went off to do your commissions? where he silently wished you would be safe?
"When they tell you something that only you two would share, it would send you on cloud nine."
he was always feeling something whenever he's with you,
was that cloud nine?
is he in love with you?
is this love?
it is.
then the person making you feel in love-
who the hell? who was it?
there was one thing he needed to do
"Y/N. I think I'm in love."
"W-W-What?" you stutter your words. He was so straightforward with you. He shocked you by his sudden confession.
oh--with who? ;;;)
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jade-parcels · 5 months ago
How you turn them on
The things you do that aren’t inherently sexual but really get em going with: Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Diluc, Xiao, Venti, Baizhu, and Albedo
- NOTSFW!! Minors don’t interact with this post! -
He loves everything about you! He’s always hyper analyzing you to gauge your reactions to flirty jokes or loving touches
He thinks about you all the time, thinks about all the ways he could make love to you. He could sneak you into his office or pull you into an alleyway or just stay home to have a romantic night together. The possibilities are endless
Something you really do that gets him going is when you praise him. Surprise surprise, pretty boy likes when you compliment him. Your remarks don’t even have to be inherently sexual at all “I loved getting to listen to your speech today! You’re such a good public speaker!” “Ooo~ Your hair looks great today!” “There you are, Captain~ You better bring that pretty ass of yours down the the Angel’s Share tonight!” “You’re so strong, Kaeya, thanks for helping me out tonight!”
Your voice rings out in his head all day and night, he loves the way you call him strong and handsome. He KNOWS he is, he just likes hearing it from you. Maybe a little too much
He’ll show off his strength by picking you up, relishing in the way you exclaim “Wow! Kaeya you’re so strong!” again, he loves the attention
So in simple terms, he’s an attention whore lmao. He wants your attention and praise all for himself
We already know Childe’s a total horn dog. Just about anything you do could turn him on for no reason, just because it’s you
One thing that gets him every time though is when you come home after commissions. You’re sweaty, covered in dirt and blood. As long as you’re not too injured, he’ll practically pounce on you the second you step inside
You’ll whine about how tired you are, you just wanna go to bed but he’s all wired up
He loves that smell of sweat and blood, especially on you. It’s too bad he isn’t the one who got to fight you this time
He’ll lick the sweat from your cheek and whisper in your ear, telling you how badly he wants you, how he can’t wait to throw you down on the mattress and fight for dominance with you
You could literally just be sweaty from working out or the weather and he’ll be on you, grinning at you as he shoves his hands up your shirt to grope your sweaty skin. He’ll be immensely disappointed if you insist on showering before he can have some fun with you lmao
Zhongli is an intellectual, he knows pretty much everything about everything. He’ll humbly claim that there are plenty of things he doesn’t know but don’t let him fool you, he just knows things
That’s why he likes when you display intelligence or interest in things he likes
He’ll hover over your shoulder while you read, letting a hand wander up your arm to your shoulder, admiring that focused look on your face
He’ll occasionally get things wrong just so you’ll correct him. He loves when you get cocky and confident in your answers “Ah, yes you’re right dear. How could I have made such a mistake?”
One of his fantasies is one where he fucks you at his desk, forcing you to carry on a conversation with him. It doesn’t matter the topic, philosophy, economics, ethics, as long as he can keep you talking with moans between words. He has pretty good self control, he can talk for hours, so he plans on keeping you there as long as he can. He isn’t shy when it comes to initiating sex, he just wants to find a ‘perfect time to’ do so
Diluc prides himself in being a traditional gentleman. He keeps himself in check and refrains from...improper thoughts when he can
But then again, he’s a bit too easy to rile up. You could brush his bangs out of his eyes or straighten his tie out for him and he’ll be a blushing mess
There’s one thing that drives him wild though: corsets. He loves seeing you in them! However it’s inconvenient when he sees you looking so gorgeous in public, he’ll have to avoid you even though he doesn’t want to
All he can think about is the way you’d gasp if he yanked those strings, the way your waist would cinch in and you’d struggle for air, his name spilling from your lips
He’s ashamed of his dirty fantasies, he can hardly stand to look at you cause all he feels is shame because it isn’t like you’re doing anything sexual, you’re just sitting there chatting away with your tavern buddies! But he can’t stop the impure thoughts from flooding his mind
He has to go home early, avoiding the public eye as he does, so no one catches on or worse: sees the tent in his dress pants
Right off the bat, Xiao doesn’t have much experience in this field
He DOES know that he really likes the way you say his name. He’s never felt like this with anyone else, it was very confusing at first
One time you called out to him while drunk, giggling as you called for him over and over until he appeared in front of you, as he always does when you need him
This was different though...When you said his name like this, in a teasing manner with that breathy-ness in your voice? Uh oh...yeah, he really likes that
He wants to hear you say his name like that again, he wants you to sob his name while he pleasures you “Xiao! Please Xiao!” uhhh... uhhhh.... he’s gonna short circuit just thinking about it
He tries not to think about that though because uh...well...Again, he isn’t super experienced so he just feels awkward you gotta help him out
All this man wants is to be smothered by your chest. He’s a perv through and through, he can’t help it!
He’s only 5’2 so most people are taller than him, all he wants is for you to hug him and let him bury his face in your chest please-
Because he’s short and has such an innocent smile he can get away with being a menace in public. He’ll use wind currents to blow up your shirt or skirt, grinning like a madman as he catches a glimpse of you
He’s also the type to snap bra straps or drop something down your shirt “Oh no! I lost something! If only I could get it myself l~” what an asshole! He’d only do this if you’re together don’t worry
Baizhu honestly doesn’t have much desire for sex. He likes it but doesn’t seek it out often, he spends most of his time working to finally harness the power of immortality muahaha!!
One thing always gets him though: your morning voice. When you run your fingers through his hair and press warm kisses to his face and shoulders first thing in the morning...It’s the perfect way to wake up
He’ll even pretend to be asleep just so you’ll lean over and murmur sweet things in his ear with that lovely voice of yours “Time to get up, Dr. Baizhu~ We have a lot of work to do today” “I think herbalist Gui can handle things for a half hour or so. We’re not going anywhere just yet”
When he feels up to it, he loves having slow, lazy sex with you right at the crack of dawn. You’re both still warm and half awake, your hair is messy and your skin feels so nice against his
Albedo is extremely repressed, he spends most of his time working and any free time he has he dedicates to art or an hour of rest
He takes a lot of trips up to Dragonspine to work in the lab there so there are weeks where he goes without seeing you. He never realized how lonely he was until he met and fell in love with you.
On a whim, while he was packing for another expedition, he took one of your shirts with him. He was originally going to steal some of your underwear but he just couldn’t do it. With your shirt, he figured your scent would comfort him while he was away but instead, he found himself jacking off to the scent of your perfume
He did this over and over and now his brain has started to associate that one perfume with sex. He’s gone and ‘Pavlov’ed himself! That warm, vanilla scent brings forth hot, heavy memories. Now when you wear that perfume around him he has to focus on keeping those dirty thoughts in the back of his mind
He makes sure to compliment you when you wear other perfumes so hopefully, you wear those ones more often though part of him wishes you’d catch on. He’d never out himself though, he’d die from embarrassment
During those rare times when you’re away on commissions and he’s home alone, he’ll indulge himself...He hopes you’ll walk in on him
Whew! That was a long post!!! Thanks for sticking around! I like these guys a little...too much 😳 ((ignore the spelling errors if there are any! sorry!))
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nyaaifu · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
genshin au where everything is the same except KAEYA WEARS HEELS
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relxion-kunp · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Outfit swap with my favorite.😫💕 Diluc in Yoimiya's, Kaeya in Eula's and Aether in Lumine's!~
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luventi · 5 months ago
with. kaeya, diluc, childe, zhongli.
genre. fluff + slightly suggestive.
note. new banners !
Tumblr media
[ reblogs are appreciated + masterlist ! ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
surprisingly not a jealous type! i mean he’s very friendly with others as well so it’s just whatever to him. he trusts you enough to take care of it yourself, and if you ever need help he’s here.
but if diluc so happens to open a door for you?
then kaeya is right by your side smothering you with kisses and giving his brother dirty looks and snide comments like ;
“master diluc isn’t my s/o so pretty?”
“i bet you want to kiss them huh?”
poor diluc just sighs and tries to get out of there as quickly as possible because he hates having to deal with petty kaeya.
while kaeya is making you make it up to him later tonight because how dare you let stinky grape juice drinking diluc open a door for you when he’s always here to do it?!
Tumblr media
who would honestly try to flirt with the richest and arguably strongest man in mondstadt’s partner? who in their right mind would do such a thing?
easy! kaeya :)
and it makes diluc very angry. he’s somewhat of a jealous person but it’s amplified when it comes to kaeya trying to sweet talk you right in front of his grape juice!
he instantly makes an excuse for you two to get the hell outta there and away from kaeya. you’re kinda confused when you two round a corner and he kisses you, hard.
“what was that for?” you laugh at his puffed up cheeks when he finally lets you pull away.
he won’t answer, just brings you in for a hug and nuzzles into your neck while he mutters about how annoying kaeya is.
Tumblr media
childe is always so ready for a fight, it’s not that far fetched he’s a raging ball of jealousy.
if another man so happens to compliment your outfit he gets very visibly pissed off and threatens whoever dares to hit on you. it’s gotten so bad you have to pull him away from the poor merchants just trying to butter you up so you buy from them.
it’s also inconvenient that zhongli is such a kind gentleman, childe knows he’s only being nice to you when he offers to do things for you or compliments the way you smile but he just can’t help but get pissed off.
the anger boils up inside him until he—as kindly as he can because he’s still his friend—tells him to back the fuck up off of you.
you are astonished!! because how rude!? but gladly zhongli is an understanding man so he just apologizes and holds in a chuckle while staring at you scolding childe for being mean.
Tumblr media
he’s 6000 years old, and tired. being jealous or jealousy is something he won’t entertain. he just finds it silly and not worth while.
even when childe gets a little touchy with you, he knows that you’re more than capable enough to kick him in the shins or where the sun doesn’t shine and that’s that.
but in private, when childe likes to make specific comments about you, that’s when he gets somewhat angry. but zhongli is a quiet type of angry and it’s very unsettling.
childe just rubs the back of his neck in embarrassment and changes the topic. the air in the room instantly gets less tense and more breathable.
when you ask zhongli why childe looks like that when you greet them later that day, he just shrugs and says “sometimes mortals need to learn their place, nothing new darling.”
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