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#genshin impact scenarios
adeptxs-xiao · a day ago
( could be noncon or dubious consent. )
Imagine running away from dragon lord zhongli and accidentally getting stuck in a wall.
Can you guess what happens next when he finds you?
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫/𝐬: Zhongli/GN reader
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠/𝐬: NSFW Content; Porn without plot; playful resistance(?); predator/prey(ish); cnc; noncon/dubcon (just in case); humiliation/degradation (just in case too);
𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞: the first thirst I’ve expanded in a while! Ehehe anyways, idk where I went with this but it’s not as intense as I thought it would be; regardless I hope it’s alright.
Tumblr media
Oh darling, you should’ve known better.
You are in his domain. He knows this place like the back of his hand. He can hear you footsteps, no matter how soft they are; he can hear your labored breaths as you try jumping over rocks and wade through the waters of his realm.
But he allows you to run; and only reason he allows you to run, to escape from his hands and to hide from him— is because he loves the feeling of hunting you down. The chase; the thrill of the hunt is what really sends the blood rushing to his cock.
“My, my... what a precarious situation you’ve gotten yourself into.” His deep voice rumbles, a purr mixing with his words as he stands tall before you. His golden eyes watches as you squirm, attempting to pull yourself through the hole; you almost looked embarrassed when he had caught you, eyes cast to the side with cheeks and ears flushed. You should be, you looked ridiculous.
He crouches down, allowing himself to be at the same height as you before he catches your face in his hand. His fingers press into your cheeks deeply, pursing your lips as he faces you towards him. “Do you know how pathetic you look right now, hmm?” His voice is deep and warm, golden eyes trained on your lips before they meet your own.
“Allowing yourself to get caught like this— it’s almost like you want me to have my way with you....” he sounds thoughtful, humming slightly as he spares a glance at your pathetic position. “Perhaps I will; you have presented yourself for me, after all.” You can only squeak out in response when Zhongli releases your face, standing up to full height once more; imposing and domineering.
“For now,” he pulls off the golden ropes that are tied around his waist. “I’ll make do with your mouth.” The smooth white robe is then pulled back, allowing Zhongli to pull down his bottoms off just enough to have his cocks dangle in front of you.
He holds them by the base, taking a step forward to press the tip against your quivering lips. “Look at me,” when you don’t comply, he grips at your hair and forces you to look up. “Do a good enough job and I might just pound you in the bed tonight.” There’s a slight curve in his lips when he says that. “Or else I’ll just take you here until the night comes.” Zhongli rubs the tips against your lips, partly open and breathing hot against the sensitive heads making him shiver.
He doesn’t suppress the near animalistic groan that rumbles from his chest; he’s still holding back, nearly bursting at the seams but he’s still controlling himself. But with the way you look up at him while suckling the tips of his cocks, he might not last long.
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madamepingmain · 2 days ago
Omg hi bubs! can I request a prompt "Are you guys dating or just talking" with Kaeya, Zhongli, Childe and Thoma? ~3~ thank you!
(I was so whipped when I found out you have a genshin blog T~T)
 “are you two dating or just talking”
Tumblr media
feat. Kaeya, Zhongli, Childe, Thoma
♡ warning: mentions of alcohol
♡ a/n: i was gonna make y/n the jealous one but i’ve made a jealous reader prompt before so uhhh i’m gonna make the boys the target of it hehe
Tumblr media
Even though he was at the tavern, enjoying his time with you and some of his friends, Kaeya remained sharp as ever. And one of the things the calvary captain didn’t miss was the way some guy across the tavern was eyeing you.
Although could he blame them? You were clearly stunning, so Kaeya wasn’t that surprised you managed to steal glances. As such, Kaeya tried to ignore the man and go back to hear Eula bicker with Rosaria about ‘vengeance’.
But as the man stood up and started walking over to the table, Kaeya snaked his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him.
When the man approached the head of the table, he knocked on the wood, gaining everyone’s attention. You felt slightly uneasy when you saw that this man’s gaze was fixated on only you.
“Are you two actually dating or just talkingl” the man asks.
You grimace are his words, scooting closer to your boyfriend.
“We are dating so please leave us-” Kaeya’s words are quickly interrupted.
“Well I could treat you far better than he ever can” the man’s words slur, his confidence skyrocketing in part due to the amount of alcohol consumed.
Kaeya takes a deep breath, calming himself down. The last thing he wants is to cause an outburst in public. He stands from the table so he can be eye to eye with the man.
“Oh this should be good” Rosaria murmurs, taking in the scene before her.
“I gave you a chance to back down before, and normally that would be it. But I’m feeling awfully generous tonight. I’ll give you one more opportunity to leave us all alone. You wouldn’t want to get into trouble for harassing a citizen of Mondstadt in front of one of the captains of the Knights of Favonius, would you?” Kaeya leers at the man.
“Make that two captains!!” Eula adds. She’s quite in a drunken stupor but she’s as serious as ever.
The man starts sputtering apologies before stumbling his way out of the tavern to avoid trouble. As soon as he exits the doors, Kaeya sits back down next to you, wrapping his arm around you once again.
He personally couldn’t care less what a stranger says about him. But because you were put an uncomfortable position, Kaeya knew he had to speak up. He would go to great lengths to make sure you were alright.
And he would continue to do so, he swears on it.
Your boyfriend loved to talk. You knew this from the moment you met him. And you absolutely adored how knowledgeable he was on a vast array of topics and how he talked endlessly about them.
Zhongli sat across from you at the tea house, passing time by telling you the history of some event that occurred long ago. To anyone passing by- it was as if he was a history professor enraptured in a lecture. No one would have guessed it was him recounting his past experiences.
From the corner of your eye, you saw a man from the next table over staring at your table. But you ignored him- he was probably just looking in this general direction. It wasn’t until the man walked over to your table, pulling a chair to sit right next to you.
“So you two are just talking right? There’s no way you could actually be dating this walking encyclopedia” the man asks, ignoring Zhongli’s presence entirely.
“This guy you’re with? So boring. I’m surprised you didn’t leave after the first minute of hearing him talk. How about you and I go on a date, what do you say?” the man slides his hand over yours. In a panic, you splash your cup of tea onto him, pulling your hand away quickly.
The man springs to his feet, helping in pain.
“Why you little-” he raises his hand to hit you, and you squeeze your eyes shut, waiting for the impact that never comes.
When you open your eyes again, you see Zhongli, also standing. His hands were gripped around the wrist of the strange man. Zhongli’s eyes no longer had the same soft look you were so used to. No, anyone could tell that his gaze was angry- one that could frighten anyone at a glance.
“Let go of my wrist or I’m going to call the owner!” the man shouts in Zhongli’s face, spewing colorful insults towards you and your boyfriend.
“You may think that you’re the victim here- but allow me to assure you that when the owner comes to assess the situation, it’s our words against yours. And I don’t know about you, but this walking encyclopedia is more reputable than you will ever be.” Zhongli warns, squeezing the wrist just a bit tighter. The man’s wrist is finally released, and you watch as he quickly scampers away, not bothering to apologize to either of you.
Zhongli takes the seat next to you, and he immediately begins fussing around to make sure you’re okay and not hurt in any way.
“Please, I’m fine- I really am. Now would you please stop worrying about me and just finish your story?” you tell him, resting your hand on top of his. Zhongli smiles, he knows how earnest your words are- and it makes his heart flutter.
Perhaps next time he could go on a long ramble on how much he adores you.
It wasn’t often that you and Childe had a chance to go out and have a proper date. With how busy he was with the Fatui at the moment, as well as your own personal affairs, you two relished whenever you were able to spend a full day together without any interruption from your work lives.
Never did you ever expect your date to be bothered by some extraneous variable- in this case, some strange man. As you and Childe walked around Inazuma for a little day trip, you kept noticing this man out of the corner of your eye. But you shook it off, thinking that your mind was playing tricks on you.
Unfortunately for you, your occasional glances were perceived to be an invitation for him to approach you. He did notice your boyfriend by your side, but that meant absolutely nothing to the stranger. You instantly stiffen, the gaze the man had on you made you uncomfortable and instinctually you reach out to hold Childe’s hand for comfort.
“So are you two dating or just talking?” the guy asks you, paying no attention to Childe whatsoever.
“Yeah, we are actually. Anyways nice chat, we gotta go now-” you answer back, turning away from him. But as you do so, the man’s arm lunges out, grabbing your shoulder in an attempt to talk to you more.
Childe immediately reacts to seeing this man touch you. It happens all too fast for you to process. Your boyfriend grabs the man’s hand, shoving it back to the man before kicking him straight in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Bystanders hear the commotion, and their heads turn in curiosity as they walk past you three. 
You watch in shock as Childe stands over the guy, arms cross to intimidate him further.
“Alright buddy, get up. We’re gonna fight.” Childe says, not even giving the guy space to get up.
“I- wait what” the guys stutters, scooting a bit back so he could get back on his feet.
“It’s only fair. You put your hands on my s/o so let me return the favor by putting my hands on you!” Childe shrugs, pushing back the sleeves of his jacket.
And before Childe could absolutely curb stomp the stranger, you grab onto his arm, tugging him away. You didn’t mind what your boyfriend did- he’s certainly done worse. But today you didn’t want any time to be wasted, and Chile knew this too.
“Hey now, I don’t interrupt you when you’re having fun with your hobbies” Childe jokingly whines, shooting the man one last glare before taking off with you. Perhaps another time he’d beat that man up- but not today.
Thoma just wanted to have a nice date with you around town. Sure, the date was mostly him running errands, but it was wonderful to spend time with you regardless. But luck would not be in Thoma’s favor today as a few strangers had begun tagging along with the two of you with the sole intent of flirting with you.
You tried to keep your distance and remain friendly, but when the men refused to get the hint you frantically grabbed onto Thoma’s arm. This action took the men by slight surprise- but not enough to end their chase.
“Wait you’re not actually dating the Kamisato housekeeper right?” one guy said, inciting laughter amongst his friends.
“I heard he’s actually from Mondstadt. Says a lot about him, huh?” one of his friends points out.
You blink at the group, completely confused. Since when did someone’s birthplace dictate the type of person they were? But before you could even question them, one of the men reaches out to grab your arm.
“C’mon, wouldn’t you want to hang out with guys like us over this sorry excuse of a man” he says, flashing you a smile that sent chills down your spine.
Thoma shields you from the man by wrapping his arms around you. You look up in shock, only to see his eyes glaring straight at the group of men.
“I know you all see me as some housekeeper, and that’s fair. It’s my job. Doesn’t seem like anything too threatening. But I swear to all of the gods in Teyvat that if you bother Y/n one more time I will make sure that the Kamisato clan covers up for whatever the hell I do to you guys.” Thoma says, his usual jovial voice gone.
And before the men could even stammer out an apology, Thoma drags you away from the group. As soon as the two of you are out of sight, he lets out a big sigh.
“Ah I hated that” he shakes his head in disbelief before burying his face into the crook of your neck. He’s no stranger to confrontation of course, but not on such a drastic level.
“It was still quite entertaining to see you threaten them like that!” you chuckle as Thoma lifts his head from your shoulder.
“I honestly don’t know how much weight my words hold. I’d like to think that the Kamisato siblings have my back....” Thoma muses, his hand finding yours as the two of you continue your date.
You’re not sure if you’d want Thoma to test his theory out- but for now it’s best not to think about that.
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hyacinthian-chateau · 2 days ago
--You meet the glare of the man you once loved as he cradles the form of a delicate-looking female. You can't help but feel slighted as she gives you a self-satisfied smile in the arms of your former fiance. Biting back your tears and fury, you stare the two individuals down before straightening your back and donning the role of being the villainess.
Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli (ft. F!Reader)
Notice: SFW, History will remember you. If not for greatness, then for how you had thrown the peace of your homeland into chaos effortlessly.
╰ ☆ ╮
Tumblr media
He's expected much more from you seeing as you had both been betrothed to each other since childhood. Both your parents came from ducal nobility and it only made sense for them to unite both families in the hopes of strengthening ties. You grew up looking forward to visiting him at his family's estate and vice versa until your mother had pointed out that it was rather undignified for a lady to show such childish excitement.
“As the eldest daughter of a Duke, you have to conduct yourself in a dignified manner. Remember, you aren’t some common child but a member of the nobility.”
From there on, you had handled yourself impeccably whenever you met Diluc and that meant curtsying and keeping yourself composed at all times—even if he told you that you weren’t the prettiest girl he’s seen. Children say the most darn things and you chalked it to him being a bit more on the shyer side. Between the social gatherings, etiquette lessons and dance classes, you still find time to meet your intended fiancé for tea every two weeks, much to the insistence of your parents, bonding over your shared love for animals specifically birds of prey.
Although, he’s grown from a lively child; You can tell he’s become quite distant as he entered adolescence. It was only after the sudden death of his mother that he became much more closed off. You could still remember the month when the bedridden duchess had summoned you and asked that you take care of her son in her place. From there on the biweekly meetings dwindled as Diluc became much more engrossed with his duties related to inheriting the dukedom from his father and you can’t help but miss the caring and impressionable boy he used to be.
Seasons pass and soon enough it was time for the annual debutante ball to be held in the capital once more. The parties had always been lavish and the red-haired man had been there to escort you, although he seemed more closed off and stoic as the years passed--If anything he still tried to be cordial. You try to maintain a healthy relationship, sending him letters just to check on him and visiting him when permitted.
You weren’t so attached to the crimson-haired man and instead learned to entertain yourself with your friends until it was time for the much-anticipated dance which only consisted of the annual debutantes and their male counterparts. You cannot help but search the room for Diluc until you see him slowly making his way over to you begrudgingly. You ignore his expression and ready yourself--alas, you cannot ignore the far-off look in his eyes as he remained indifferent even as you tried to make small talk while he spun you on the gleaming marble floors.
You thank him for the dance as a courtesy but he merely passes you by and disappears into the sea of attendees. Your fiancé had always disliked socializing and crowded places so you had chalked it up to him finding a quiet place and resting for a bit. No matter, you had always learned to keep yourself amused considering you had grown without any siblings. The night had been enjoyable, seeing as you had tried a handful of delicacies as well as made a few acquaintances with others your age. You find yourself standing by the wall with a small plate of cake in hand when you catch sight of something you wish you hadn't.
“Isn’t that the young Master Diluc?” You hear someone whisper from your left.
“Last time I recall, His fiancé wasn’t blonde?” Another one whispered behind their fan. “But who that dancing with him?”
There was your betrothed, escorting another girl towards the dance floor--and they dance, beautifully. For others who knew of your engagement, it sent tongues wagging as they gossiped about the unknown girl dancing with the Ragnvindr's next head. You feel a slight tinge of jealousy creeping its hold around your heart after seeing the rather affectionate gaze he held. It was nearing the early hours of the morning when you had decided to leave, making your way into the carriage and ignoring the pitying looks of other partygoers as there was no one to see you off or at least escort you.
In the next few weeks, you receive a letter of apology from Diluc and a bouquet of Windblumes--he says that he had been too late in escorting you home during the ball and wished to accompany you for luncheon at another noble's home. You wrote a reply to accept the offer at the insistence of your mother although you had been reluctant to do so.
The maids flustered over your appearance and you had thought that even the most beautiful dress would not divert your fiancée's attention, seeing as it had been elsewhere--If not with his duties at his father's business, he had been spending time roaming the streets of Mondstadt dressed in commoner's clothing. You had cared less what he had been doing but your informant had been keen enough to report that he had been visiting a certain female commoner, the very same one who had been present at the debutante ball.
The moment you arrive at the luncheon, you're met with the red-haired man who offers his hand to you as you step out of the carriage. You fake the smile on your face and strengthen your resolve. You give your fiancé a pleasant greeting only to be answered with curt 'hello' before he leads you into the garden where the gathering was held.
You sat with him, trying to make conversation and inquiring about his health but again his responses are brief and short that you ultimately give up on chatting with him. Within an hour, he excuses himself even when you gave him a pointed look before leaving you alone once more. You try to hide your irritation behind a cup of tea before deciding to find him and give him a piece of your mind. How dare he string you around like an accessory? You had been nothing else but amiable to him and yet he treated you like any other noble.
You find yourself stalking down the hallway after seeing familiar red hair rounding the corner of a hallway. You open your mouth to call out to him but you were only imminently surprised when you catch him with that same girl. You can’t help but roll your eyes at the coincidence before deciding to listen in on the conversation.
“I thought of nothing else but you since the first time we met.” Your stomach dropped when you hear Diluc, the same frigid and detached man, confessing his love for this woman.
“But, My Lord—“
“Diluc.” There was a softness in his tone, you need not see his expression to hear it. “I told you to call me that when we are alone.”
“Diluc, I love you.” You bite your lip to keep yourself quiet. “But you are promised to another woman. I cannot be that woman.”
“That is true.” You hear a set of steps against the floor and you strain your ears as your fiancé continues. “But I cannot deny that you are the only one that I want.”
If you had been exasperated earlier, you were now seething in pure unadulterated anger. How dare he string you around like an accessory? You wanted no part in becoming the subject of Mondstadt's gossip mill.
You leave moments before the conversation is done, intent on finding the host to excuse yourself--citing that you weren't feeling well enough to see to the end of the gathering. You don’t even glance at the other attendants who seemed confused at your sudden departure before entering your carriage alone once more. It seemed that your fiancee merely invited you as a ruse to meet with another woman and it infuriated you to no ends. If he wished to be rid of you, who were you to deny his wish!
From there on, it took months of planning, compiling and gathering information on your fiancé’s entanglement and before you knew it, the date to announce your marriage ceremony was looming dangerously close. The red-head still kept in contact with you but you asked that he keep his visits short and his letters even briefer, something he didn't mind. You had half a mind to ignore all the notes he had sent, seeing as he held no affection for you. You weren’t blind! It was all a pretense.
The appointed day had arrived and you walk inside the Duke's home, declining any need of an escort as you prepared to enter the ballroom. You kept your face blank whilst entering, only pretending to scrunch your face at the two figures standing on the other side of the room. The pounding in your chest was not from anxiety but elation. You tried your hardest not to smile at the thought of his reputation being stained by the end of the day.
You listened as your previous fiancée announced your broken engagement as he held the hand of the woman who would be replacing you. A pretty little, innocent thing with large doe eyes and delicate features--someone who would not survive high society. All eyes had been trained on you for your response but you merely give an uncharacteristically sweet smile and curtsey.
"Very well then." Dignity and elegance had been ingrained into your very bones but alas, you had a hard time fighting the smirk that appeared on your face. "But I would also like to air out my grievances. If I may?"
The stage had been set for you and you begin to speak. You talk of his deception and the emotional distress he has put you through. You had been nothing but a companion to the said man who only saw you a tool and nothing more. Wiping at the fake tears at the corner of your eyes, you can see the pitying looks people were giving you before moving on.
"Is that not the previous Countess Magnilda's prized Peridot necklace?" You raise a hand towards, the woman who couldn't help but hide behind the red-haired man, before pointing out the jewel that hung around her neck. "It had been stolen about three years ago by the infamous Darknight Hero."
That statement had started a commotion and the relatives of the previously mentioned deceased countess stared intently at the couple. They began to scrutinize the young woman who had the look of utter horror on her face. Diluc glared at you and you merely brushed it off and continued.
“It seems that my former fiancé had not only deceived myself but others as well.” You carry on with your disquisition,
Drawing attention to the very same man who had plundered a multitude of aristocratic dwellings to provide for those less fortunate under the infamous name of the Darknight Hero.
"Where is your proof!?" The heir to the Ragnvindr dukedom thundered as he glared at you--if looks could kill, you would have been found six feet under already.
Ah, the question you had been waiting for has finally appeared. Your motion to an associate of yours who merely hands you a stack of documents. Flipping through the pages you began listing the items that belonged to various aristocrats before procuring receipts that had been written by none other than the man before you.
You merely smile at the chaos erupting around you as people began to talk loudly, multiple voices filling the hall as many of them point accusing fingers at the two individuals across you. The air buzzed with electricity and you met rage-filled eyes with your satisfied ones. Everything had gone according to plan.
It took longer than you had anticipated for the news of Diluc’s dealings as the infamous Darknight Hero and his inconstancy towards you to die down. It had been weeks since the dramatic reveal at the party and you had received confirmation that your engagement would be annulled. Although your darling parents had offered for you to go on vacation in Liyue, you opted to stay within the vicinity of your home—wishing to bask in your accomplishment.
You had been situated in the privacy of the balcony, admiring the estate’s lush garden when the doors to your bedroom suite slams open. You catch a flurry of crimson hair making its way towards you and yet you don’t make a move to defend yourself. You merely lift the handle of your teacup daintily, not even flinching at the hands that slam down against the table causing the porcelain to rattle loudly.
"What did you tell my father?" The deadly tone in Diluc's voice would have made grown men shake in their boots but you remain unperturbed, settling your cup down on its saucer.
"Well, I felt it was important to inform him in detail of your…clandestine dealings." You glance at him before taking a small item from the tower of pastries.
"You must feel relieved. No longer the next head of the Dukedom of Ragnvindr and focus on your beloved fiancée.”
"You--" You can see his hands shake and the sound of leather tightening. "You are a wretched person."
"You think so?" You merely carry on with your leisurely tea time, glancing behind him as a few of your estate's guards began appearing in your bedroom doorway. "Ah, But I am merciful enough to grant you your heart's desire."
"And that is?"
You lift a hand to signal the guards to take the discourteous man from your space. If this fool thought he could storm into a noble woman's private quarters, he should have thought twice. You had been pliant long enough and you would return all the damage he's caused to your family's reputation.
"Oh? But isn't this what you always wanted." You meet his glare with a sneering smile. "To be one with the common folk?"
Usually, the children of nobles were betrothed at a young age but your parents could never find a suitable partner for you. It wasn't that you were unattractive or a troublesome child per se but it was rather the cold expression you always sported on your face that was enough to intimidate others. In the past, you were always disappointed seeing other people heading the opposite direction when you entered a room but as grew older, you began to care less.
At some point, you eventually overlooked the idea of marrying and threw yourself into your studies--especially enjoying the field of law and learning about legislations originating from your homeland and distant foreign lands. Unfortunately, a noble lady could not live the life of a misanthrope and your parents announced that they had found a respectable man as your future spouse. Thus, an engagement between you and the second adopted son of the Ragnvindr dukedom—Kaeya Alberich—had been settled. Furthermore, you had been invited to the duke's estate to meet your fiancée in the following week.
The days pass and the day of the meeting comes, the moment you took a step out of your carriage, you are immediately greeted by the head butler and before being led into the garden. Amidst the blooming rows of Cecilias, was a handsome man, holding what seems to be a wine glass. Wasn't it too early to be drinking? It was only eleven, not even lunchtime yet.
The navy-haired man notices both you and the butler as he was about to take a sip of the red liquid. He merely flashes you an alluring smile before approaching you and giving a slight bow, introducing himself as Kaeya Alberich, your fiancé. You merely nod respectfully, accepting his arm before leading you towards a table set for two. You sit down after he pulls the chair back and you can't help but admire the elegant spread of various canapes, small cakes and delicate ceramic tableware.
It only takes you half an hour for you to decide that you barely had anything in common with the man sitting across you. Starting a conversation was rather difficult and it took quite an effort on both your parts and he--thankfully--suggested that he give you a tour of the estate to which you accept. He talks as you listen, nodding occasionally and following along as he leads you through the vast corridors. It was past noon when you depart the duke's estate, citing a prior appointment you had to attend to.
You are pleasantly surprised that he accompanies you to the front yard, taking your hand and pressing a kiss against your knuckles causing a bright flush to appear on your cheeks. He merely chuckles as he closes the carriage door, his bright eye twinkling in delight while watching your vehicle move away.
Months pass and your fiancé accompanied your multiple times to a handful of social gatherings and parties. He still retained his flirtatious temperament and you can't help but be charmed when he showers you with affection. He never fails to send you a bouquet of Cala Lilies and a box of confections, or a package of scented stationery. Soon enough, your indifferent mask began to fall apart and you find yourself enjoying his company and sharing your love for Jurisprudence while he listens intently.
In the past few weeks, the captain of the cavalry knights became busy, having to travel and take part in various military exercises with the neighbouring countries. You send letters and small things you thought would make his time away from home bearable—at this point, it seems that you had truly become infatuated with the man as you always had him and his best interests in mind. How could he not when he writes your words so sweet and comparing you to the moon on a midsummer evening?
It was during the Windblume festival that you were both expected to attend the annual ball that you decide to gift him the sapphire brooch you had bought a few months back. It was an icy blue sapphire larger than your fingernail, cut in an elegant octagonal shape and framed exquisitely by silver lattice vines. It oddly reminded you of Kaeya and you couldn't help but cover your cheeks with a fan when you catch yourself thinking about him.
The night of the ball, you found yourself dressed in a simple but elaborate black dress—an odd choice but it bought the colour of your eyes. The navy-haired man escorted you into the hall but it seemed that he was slightly distracted but you chalked it up to him being exhausted from his duties. He converses with you but his eye scanned the vast room every few minutes as if searching for someone in the sea of people.
Dismissing the pointed stares that followed your figures, your fiancé leads you to take part in the first set of dances. You seem to notice the way his body stiffened when he turned in a certain direction when he spun you around. Although those bow-shaped lips move into his trademark grin, his periwinkle eye remained detached. Was it your imagination? You can't help but excuse yourself, explaining that you weren't used to dancing in such lofty shoes and needed to rest for a bit to allow Kaeya to mingle with others. A close friend of yours, Miss Greta, accompanied you in one of the settees located at a more secluded area of the hall. You try to make small talk but it seemed that she needed to tell you something--something that seemed to be upsetting her.
"Is everything alright?" She inquires while handing you a flute of chilled juice. "You look a bit pale."
"Ah, I-it's just the nerves." You respond softly before taking a sip of the liquid.
You ignore the look she sends you, keeping your gaze on the dancing figures in front of you--Your fiancé's disappeared in less than five minutes already, surely, he's just catching up with some friends. You barely feel your friend's gloved hand around your arm, forcing you to turn your attention to the solemn expression on her face.
"He's not what you think he is."
"What?" You blink repeatedly, taken aback by the sudden statement. "What are you talking about, Greta?"
"Sir Kaeya. He's been deceiving you." Miss Greta speaks softly, only enough for the two of you to hear as she clutches your hand. "I can't stay silent like this. Please believe me."
"He's been seeing a particular woman during his travels." You stare at her pleading visage as she continues. "I just saw with her leave a few minutes ago and-and he followed suit."
"T-that's not possible." You shake your head in disbelief before placing the half-empty flute and detaching yourself from your friend. "W-we've been exchanging letters. Kaeya would never."
"I know it's all so sudden but please believe me." You can hear the desperation in your friend's voice but you ignore her, opting to excuse yourself to clear your head somewhere quiet. "Wait!"
"Excuse me."
You can't seem to hear anything other than the loud sound of music filling your ears while the figures of partygoers moved around you almost dizzyingly. And yet, you can't help but scan the crowded ballroom with wide eyes only to find no sign of a certain man. Closing the door behind your dark lonely figure, you make your way towards one of the empty balconies connected to the hallway to calm yourself--maybe the cold breeze would ease your tension.
You barely take a step towards the veranda when you see a couple, wrapped up in an embrace from behind translucent curtains. You were about to turn away but you caught sight of familiar blue hair. It felt as if lightning had struck you when you see your betrothed leaning in to kiss another woman deeply, his gloved fingers cupping her chin. You feel a constricting sensation I’m in your chest when the two separate and gaze into each other's eyes lovingly, clearly in a world of their own.
"Was that enough to convince you, Sweetheart?" A lone tear rolls down your cheek as you feel your fingers turn frigid at your beloved's next choice of words. "I don't love her. I want to marry you."
"Oh, Kaeya!” You hear the breathlessness and happiness in the woman's voice and you turn to leave as tears begin to well up in your eyes.
Your dress billows around your fleeing form, only coming to a stop in front of the two doors leading into the ballroom. The frigidness in your hands had reached up your arms and you tried to ignore the pricking sensation as you compose yourself but the sound of footsteps approaching prompted you to enter the hall. You hear someone calling your name but you ignore them in favour of making it to the door leading to the main entrance. The door was almost at arm’s length when familiar gloved hands caught unto your arm, you glance back to see a breathless Kaeya.
"Leaving so soon?" He has the gall to seduce you with that sultry smile when he had been kissing another only a few moments ago.
"Hands off." You tug your arm away, glaring at him with indignation, if looks could kill he would have been six feet under already. "I am going home. Now."
"What's the rush, Darling." He is slightly taken aback at your aggressiveness, his hand trying to catch your cold hand but you only continue to glare at him.
You wanted to throttle him but you held back as angry tears prickled in the corner of your eyes but you tried to keep them at bay--you would be damned if you cried in front of this man. Opening your mouth for a scathing retort, you catch sight of the woman he had been messing around standing a few meters away--You recognized her as a noblewoman from the neighbouring country from the clothes she was wearing. You can't help the exasperated tilt on your face as she avoids your gaze promptly. The commotion between the both of you had caught the eye of curious individuals and you tried to separate yourself from the navy-haired man.
"My Love?" He tries to pull you close but you wretch your hand from his hold.
The pet name would have flustered you especially if in the company of others but you knew better than to be swayed by honied words. He had always been charming and you applaud him for his performance but it was time to draw the curtains.
"It would be in your best interest to refrain from addressing me with such familiarity." Straightening your back, you simply stare deep into his stunned beautiful expression for a few moments. "Not when your love lies elsewhere."
Opening the double doors, the clear night sky with the moon high up in the sky is revealed behind you. The hands that were once formed into fists, gracefully moved in a flourish as you held unto your skirts, the fabric of your dress shone alluringly as the moonlight framed your figure. Directing your cold gaze upon the man--the very same man who whispered sweet words and promises of a happy life only to betray your trust-- who can’t help but stare at your captivating figure.
"Please tell the Duke to expect a letter regarding the annulment of our engagement, Sir Alberich.” Anyone listening could hear the ice in your voice as you practically spat his name. "I shall be taking my leave now. Farewell."
Once you reach the safety of your carriage, you unravelled your palm and there sat a gleaming Cryo vision and you couldn't help but laugh at the irony of it. The next day news of the abruptly dissolved engagement between you and the Cavalry Captain from the Knights of Favonius spreads through the city of Mondstadt almost like wildfire--you weren't surprised after the rather ostentatious scene you had caused. At the end of the day, you received a letter from the Duke of Ragnvindr inviting you for a private meeting three days from now to clarify the rather sudden change in your engagement with his son. Of course, you accepted the invitation but on one condition: You bring another guest.
It took quite the effort to prepare for the meeting but you weren't too worried as you boarded your carriage on the day of contingency--Everything would fall into place at the end of the day. You arrive a bit later than the appointment time and you could spot another familiar coach a few meters away. When you exit the carriage, you don't wait for anyone to accompany you to the Duke's office but instead, you make your way.
You knock on the heavy-looking double doors and push open the doors, not bothering to announce your presence. The three individuals within the room look up to your appearance, clearly not expecting you to appear so suddenly. The current Duke, Crepus Ragnvindr, blinked in surprise and tried to rise from his seat to address you. Walking inside the large office with measured steps, you take a seat opposite everyone and muster a civilized smile but everyone could see that it didn't reach your eyes.
"Apologies my lady but as you can see, we have a guest and--" The crimson-haired man started.
"No. I invited her." You interrupt the duke before finally meeting the gazes of the other two people in the room--your former betrothed and his current lover--both looking quite stunned. "I hope you don't mind me using your name to get her to come, Sir Alberich."
All three stared at you incredulously and but you ignore the looks, helping yourself to a cup of tea and a cookie from the serving plate situated between all four of you. Leaning back against the back of the comfortable sofa, you breezily continued.
"It only makes sense for all parties to be present when discussing such important matters." You take a sip from your teacup. "After all, a woman who would steal another's isn't much of a woman. Wouldn't you say so, Lady Emeline?"
"If you are implying that I stole Kaeya from you--!" The woman named Emeline interjected whilst the said man visibly stiffened.
"Then what would you call it then? Borrowing?"
You hear the absurdity in your voice as the duke frowns at you three, no doubt trying to make sense of the conversation. You feel the Cavalry Captain's piercing glare as you merely shake your head, trying to keep yourself from laughing.
"I would rather you keep him, Sweetheart. I don't know where that tongue of his has been." You hide behind the teacup as your lips curl up wickedly. "But I'm sure you have an…adequate idea."
"That isn't true!" Your ex-fiancée's beau denied vehemently as she grabbed onto Kaeya's arm. "Your Grace, please believe me!"
"Where's your evidence?" The Duke looks tired as he directs his question towards you.
You recount the testimonies of those who have witnessed the couple across you meeting multiple times during his time away from Mondstadt. You remind the man in question of the many times you requested he accompany you to social events only to be rejected--Why? He claims he was far too busy with the knights when in reality he was cavorting with the said woman beside him.
"And of course, let us not forget that faithful night as well."
You speak then describe the night of the Windblume festival's ball, that very same night you choose to annul the engagement after having caught the two embracing before Kaeya's impromptu proposal and her acceptance. The petrified expression on Emeline's face and Kaeya's pale visage was enough evidence for the duke who raised a hand to stop you.
"It seems that my son has done a great discourtesy to you, My Lady." The duke apologizes before sighing, he looked as if he had aged three years. "If there is any way he can make amends, I shall gladly see to it."
"I wish for two things." You place your empty teacup on the table and tuck your legs together. "One, the broken engagement should not affect the business conducted between my father's company and Duke Ragnvindr's."
"We can easily arrange for that."
"Lastly, I demand that you pay me palimony." You tuck a stray lock of hair behind your ear, looking like the epitome of composure. "I would like ten percent of the Dukedom's annual income to be deposited into my account every year."
"W-we cannot meet such ludicrous expectations!" The navy-haired man retorts heatedly while sending you a menacing look.
"That's a shame we cannot settle this quietly then."
You sigh softly at the said man before making a move to get up. You give the duke a curtsey before turning towards the door, glancing at the nearby grandfather clock in the corner of the room to check the time.
"I supposed everyone will come to know about the scandal involving the Knight's Cavalry Captain by the end of the day." The look of intense alarm appeared on Kaeya's face as you spoke.
"Then again I didn't expect much." You give the three a fake smile, eyes silently appraising the satisfactory damage you had dealt. "Betrayal comes easily to men who hold no conscience."
Those steel-blue eyes of his had always intimidated you but the raging anger within you was on the brink of release. The air was tense and everyone within the vicinity of the Grand Ballroom can feel the overwhelming pressure coming from the ginger-haired man. You stared in bewilderment at the female he held in his arms protectively. What a minx of a friend she had been, using you to further her agenda and scapegoating you. It had been a stupid mistake on your part to even trust her and you can't help but regret making those decisions.
You can only listen in horror as one of the harbingers read out the list of charges against you. Your now ex-fiancée’s acquaintances present various circumstantial points of your support for the revolution as he merely watches alongside his new beau. Within the next few minutes, you realize there was no use in defending yourself as none of your friends or family took your side—you had been pinned as the mastermind.
It was true you had been gathering information behind enemy lines considering there were whispers of an uprising in the making. You can’t help but feel all the more wronged as your fiancée had the gall to break your engagement during a crowded gathering of nobles before putting you under an impromptu trial. You try your best to defend yourself, seeing as no one seemed eager to come to your aid.
You struggle against the hold of two guards who suddenly appeared behind you, forcing you unto your knees and causing your hair to fall off its delicate bun. You sharply turn your attention to the balcony to the one who could have easily cleared the charges against you—the same individual who had ordered you to send out spies to infiltrate the opposition's base of operations.
The Tsaritsa didn't even bother to glance at you as she kept half of her face hidden behind a feathered fan, choosing to remain unconcerned. You stare at her, mouth slightly agape as the people around you continued to listen to one of the Harbingers read out the verdict. You catch your former friend clinging unto the ginger-haired man as he watches the proceedings with levity.
You are kept kneeling as they finally announce your crimes: Conspiracy to commit treason against the current head of state, participating in and contributing to the activities relating to the rebellious opposition, and espionage. The guards were rough in their handling and drag you unto your feet and you finally snap at them.
"Unhand me, you fools!" You try to wretch your arms away before glaring at the people around you--there was no point in being calm, not when everyone has turned their back on you. "I am not an animal you can drag around as you wish!"
"You can be easily mistaken as one with the way you look right now." The man you had loved spoke, his arm still wrapped around the female beside him. "But then again, I shouldn't expect much from a traitorous woman like you."
"You bastard." You feel yourself trembling—not in fear but utter fury due to the baseless insult and the humiliation. "All of you. All of you will regret this."
"Take her away."
Glowering at everyone who met your gaze within the ballroom whilst you are escorted out, the guards having to push your back harshly to get a move on. You hear the mocking laughter of the person you had once called an ally and a friend as you turn away. You could barely remember the walk down to the dungeon as your mind was clouded by intense vehemence.
Suffice to say, you found yourself spending the next few nights in a damp cell with only the nearby torches providing you warmth and light. That bastard, Childe, came to mock you in the sorry state you were in and tried to get more information regarding the enemies of the Tsaritsa—of course, you would never yield considering that you weren't even a rebel.
You were stubborn and your anger had reared its head, calling him a dog--considering that he was only good when it came to following his master’s orders and pursuing his debauched needs with anything with its legs spread open. In the next few moments, you find yourself slammed against the wall with his gloved hand wrapped around your throat painfully tight, leaving an angry red handprint. He only releases you when a few of the guards wrestle him out of your cell. He was still the same as you remember--brazen and eager for a fight. In the next few weeks, you had been served with stale bread, cold soup and partially rotten fruit and yet you wouldn’t trade anything in the world to see that look of anger on his face.
It took a few weeks for one of your colleges to finally sneak you out of the dungeon, dressed in shabby maid’s clothing, before leaving you in Morepesok, a small seaside village. During your stay there, you hear that the Fatui had been tasked with capturing and that meant having to make drastic changes to your appearance and finding a place to lay low for a while.
It took a few more months of adjusting to your new life when you hear rumours of Ajax and his new fiancée—you sneer at both their names—preparing for their engagement. The Tsaritsa had been gracious enough to host the party at the Zapolyarny Palace, the very same one where you had been branded and made an enemy of the public.
According to your sources, the rebel army recruited more people to their cause and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. It took over a week of travelling through the snowy lands and avoiding the villages where a few Fatui agents frequented before you arrived at the rebels' encampment. The frontrunner, a large scarred man that was flanked by many others merely stared you down and shook his head before declaring that he did not need women who cannot fight.
"Conquering one's enemy without having to shed blood is the greatest victory." You give him an unnerving stare from underneath your hood before continuing. "You will need my help if you wish to take the capital."
"And what makes you think I will let you in so easily." The man replies with a huff and yet his gruff reply doesn't deter you. "We don't take kindly to nobles, especially traitorous ones."
He scrutinizes you and notes your rugged appearance. A noblewoman such as yourself wouldn't have made their way behind enemy lines to merely try and infiltrate them. What would you have to gain from siding with them? Surely, you knew the repercussions and you could easily be taken as a hostage when things go south for them.
"A person doesn't think about treason until they realize that they cannot betray a country that's never theirs."
You watch as astonishment took over the men's expressions and exchanging glances at one another before finally the person you assumed to be the leader finally invites you into one of their tents. The walk to the temporary shelter has been fast and yet you felt the cautious glances but you merely ignore it; you were used to it at this point.
Of course, you expected everyone to be suspicious of you but it seemed they were more dumbfounded at your bold statement a few minutes ago. The rumours surrounding your mysterious figure seemed to be true: underneath the graceful and dignified image was a calculating and malevolent character. How fitting it was to traverse to the other side and plot against the faction you had once been a part of, it was quite thrilling.
Once settled in a chair, you note the multitude of weathered maps on the table in front of you before introducing yourself formally and cutting straight to the chase. You address the elephant in the room: You would provide intelligence to the rebel army and fully support their cause for three years but it must be within that period that the Snezhnayan nobility must be destroyed along with its head of state--the Cryo Archon--and a new form of government to be inducted.
You easily point out the different locations on the maps where a handful of agents have been stationed by the Tsaritsa. You explain that it would be best to acquire more mercenaries before taking one of the nearby forts that kept prisoners. Releasing those who had been imprisoned would most likely send both a message to the people of Snezhnaya and prompt others to join the cause.
“Whether you choose to act upon the advice I’ve given you or ignore it is up to you.” You speak solemnly with your arms crossed in front of you. "Whatever decision you make, I promise to provide you assistance of any form."
The chief—his name was Rurik from his short introduction—continues to scrutinize you from across the table. You watch him rest his elbows on the edge of the lacquered table with his bearded mouth pressed against his folded hands. You knew it was too good of an offer to pass up and both of you knew that he had no choice but to accept your help if he wished for the reformation of the state and for his men to survive this coming winter. Holding his gaze, you remain resolute as the tense silence fills the room.
“What is it that you wish to gain?”
You can’t help the sudden surge of heat swirling around the delusion that has been tucked carefully into your waistband. It had been months since you had made the drastic change from dainty lady to wanted criminal and yet your goal had been the only thing that drove you to even get up in the cold, winter mornings.
“Ah, that would be the most delightful thing one can dream of tasting after going through the depths of hell.” Your mouth perked up at the familiar word. “Revenge.”
It takes less than half an hour for a contract between you and the resistance leader to be made and suffice to say, you are pleased by the outcome. It only takes you a few months to adjust to the everyday life at the camp, between meetings with Rurik and taking part in reconnaissance missions, you watched as the rebel forces gradually grew. It took a while for the seed of insurrection to bloom but with your loving efforts, money and flowing network of information throughout the land, you were beginning to see results.
Planting spies among the servants of the elite and Fatui members while leaving fake evidence of their liaison with the rebel group for the Tsaritsa's agents to find was child's play. It doesn't take long for that trust to break when you hear of the military forces beginning to lead an inquisition among the upper class. Still, it doesn't surprise that it only takes half a year for those who had forsaken you in the past to come flocking over to your side seeking refuge.
When you proposed that several high-ranking members of the Fatui and a handful of the Harbingers be assassinated, you are immensely delighted to see that a majority of the people--both commoners and nobles--agree to the suggestion. It takes another year for the bloody affair to be concluded, you mourn for those who had lost their lives but it was all worth it when only one of the eleven Harbingers were left to defend the Tsaritsa.
It doesn't take long for a full-blown war to occur and after seizing multiple key locations, only the Zapolyarny Palace remains. A source from within the castle walls painted a rather desolate picture for the Cryo Archon, who had unfortunately greatly suffered from a failed assassination attempt a few weeks back. The rebel army marches towards the abode of Snezhnaya's head of state without much opposition with only the sound of their footsteps echoing through the silent streets.
Within the hour, the revolutionaries easily breach the palace walls and they had began swarming into the throne room where only a handful of the Fatui remained. You smile as you meet the Tsaritsa who remained seated on her throne, flanked by what remains of her guard and of course, who else would be there but the infamous eleventh Harbinger as well.
You could tell from their body language that they had no intention of surrendering quietly and yet you warn them of the outcome if they drew their weapons. You silently watch your former flame draw his hydro daggers as he keeps his eyes trailed on the people trickling through the door behind you. Rurik nods towards the small group surrounding the weakened Cryo Archon before the room erupts into violence.
You were the first one to take a swing your sword towards the ginger-haired man as he parried your next blow. Ten minutes turned to twenty and Childe could barely keep up with the onslaught of sharp blades being thrust towards his direction and the crowded room made it difficult for him to dodge. For every one of your men he struck down, three more emerged from the door but you hardly noticed them coming in as a red tinge began to appear in the corner of your vision.
"Your cause is futile, Harbinger." The intense gleam in your eyes caught him off guard and he couldn't help but feel excited when the bloodlust emanating for you was so palpable.
"Where have you been hiding this whole time?" He sports an insidious grin to hide his fatigue, trying to overwhelm your group with brute strength alone. "Have you been training to gain my attention?"
You narrow your eyes at the bastard before pressing on. Whatever ounce of affection you had for him had dried up years ago and it was too late to ask for a spar. You watch his exhaustion beginning to catch up to him before you use your delusion to produce sparks dangerously close to his visage. The said man must have been too caught up to see the short sword in your hand before it found itself digging deeply into his left shoulder.
The pain must have been unbearable seeing as liquid red bled unto his dirty clothes and yet you press on. Your blade dug deeper and as soon as he loosens his hold on his weapons, you give him a swift kick to the abdomen forcing him on his knees. Without speaking, two of your soldiers take the vision that had been hanging on his belt and the delusion in his coat pocket before tying the back of his hands tightly.
Ah, how familiar this situation seemed to be.
The chief, Rurik, catches your gaze before nodding and you could feel everyone's eyes on you. Only the sound of the Cryo Archon's laboured breathing and your heavy footsteps echoing against the tiled floor filled the quiet throne room. You give a glance at Childe who was struggling against his captors, glaring at you with those steel-blue eyes with unrelenting scorn.
"S-stop!" The Tsarista struggled as two of your men pinned her arms behind her back and one pressed a dagger against her pale neck. "How dare you put your filthy hands on me!"
"How funny, it was only years ago that I was in your position, Your Highness."
The nonchalant expression on your face doesn't change as you approach the fallen royal who also had now been forced onto her knees. This is the same woman who didn't make a move to help clear your name and ordered a manhunt--you don't feel any remorse whatsoever. You stop right before her and she jerks her head towards your towering form.
"W-whatever it is that you want! I'll give it to you!"
"Your Gnosis then."
You lift the delicate diadem off the woman's head with one hand, the crystals sparkle even in the dull lighting before your delusion engulfs the ornamental headband in flames. You feel a triumphant smile beginning to appear on your features as you finally drop the exuvia carelessly onto the soot-covered marble floors.
"Your rule has ended." You speak in finality as the woman in front of you couldn't take her eyes off your burning ones. "Either hand it over or I will take it by force."
You hear a commotion behind you as the men were having a hard time subduing the ginger-haired man who kept struggling against them. Even with the wounds, you had inflicted upon him, he continued to defy your expectations. You unsheathe your blade and press it against the delicate collar of the fallen monarch who slowly relinquished the gleaming chess piece into your awaiting hand.
You take a moment to marvel at the pulse of power and before anyone can say a word, you slide your blade against the young woman's neck effectively slitting her throat. The cacophony of startled gasps and shouts filled the room as you secure the now deceased Archon's source of power in your vacant hand. You ignore the shimmering blood of the Tsaritsa staining your feet as you give everyone a malicious leer.
"Why the surprised looks?" You feel a burst of sinister laughter bubbling past your lips as your eyes trailed over the faces within the desolate hall then finally settling on a ginger-haired man. "You made me into the woman I am today, so you only have yourselves to blame."
From a young age, your father had been the mentor that encouraged you to expand your horizons--both literally and figuratively. His position as Liyue's merchant ambassador exposed you to the rich cultures that different neighbouring countries had to offer--from architecture, cuisine, music and technology--you took everything in with wide eyes. You were about ten years old when you met Zhongli who was also accompanying his father at Yujing Terrace. It didn’t take long for the handsome brunette to introduce himself and befriend you.
"Would you like to accompany me for the day?” You blink at him with inquisitive eyes. "I know a few excellent shops you may enjoy."
From there on the two of you became inseparable and became close friends. At the age of fifteen, both Zhongli's father and your own had discussed an engagement between the two of you seeing as you were both quite happy with each other's presence and were also expected to become prominent figures in Liyue's future. You watched as Zhongli had grown into a refined and handsome man who could match any scholar or historian with his intellectual prowess but also handle himself when it came to a fight. As time passed, the said man had taken to accompanying you to various banquets and events, playing the role of a gentleman impeccably and making your heart flutter whenever you were together.
Both of you mostly see each other in between your busy schedules at Luijing Terrace, giving each other small smiles before being whisked away for the next meeting. Once the working day is done, the geo-user will be found waiting outside the screen doors of your office, always punctual when it came to accompanying you home. You relished the times you spend with your beloved, hoping that these peaceful circumstances would remain for a long time.
The rain had been pouring from the skies when you arrived home, carefully making your way to your father's study after being summoned abruptly. You find him sitting in the usual chair but instead of the usual grin he reserved for you a disheartened expression greeted you. He motions for you to sit and you do so immediately, giving him your full attention--the business contract between your family and Guhua Clan can wait. Your father slowly reveals the news concerning your engagement to Zhongli to have been annulled.
You can't help but gape at your father who remains quiet and solemn-faced. It takes a while for the information to sink in before you finally find the courage to ask why. He explains that an agreement had been formulated between the countries of Liyue and Sumeru and it required a union between two respectable noble houses. A Sumerian nobleman had offered his daughter and there had only been one eligible bachelor amongst the ranks of the Qixing and it happened to be Zhongli.
You feel indignation flaring up at both the news and the idea of the geo-user having agreed to the match without telling you. You demand your father to tell you of the terms and agreement of the pact in detail and as the minutes passed and the more you listened, it becomes clear that it was a contract that was too beneficial to pass up. The council must have been thinking about the perks of cementing relations between the neighbouring region but you can't help but feel betrayed. You retire early after sending word that you will be taking time off from work. That night you laid awake in bed, pressing your face into your pillows to stop the tears in your eyes and muffle your pitiful cries.
Had the council thought so little of you, a child that had been raised to become the next ambassador? Had you not proven your worth?
Your father? Yes, you knew he loved you but had he considered your happiness and not just the prosperity of your homeland? It seems that love is useless against Mora.
And Zhongli? You had been his long-time friend and betrothed. We're you so easily discarded? Did it all mean nothing in the end?
The days easily bleed into one another and before you knew it, you were back to work and walking mindlessly from one conference to the next. The gossip around Zhongli's recent betrothment to a Sumerian nobleman's daughter after your annulment had spread and you try to carry on with your work and remain impassive. You see him in the halls but you had taken to either avoiding his route entirely or quickening your steps and avert your gaze if you were to pass each other.
It had been another rainy afternoon when you found yourself gazing outside your office windows and noticing a gathering of people at the entrance. You spot your former beloved welcoming what seems to be a new face-- a woman with exotic yet attractive features, carrying herself in a dignified manner and instantly you could tell that she had been the promised bride from Sumeru. You quietly watched your first love take hold and press a gentle kiss on the back of his future bride's hand, a smile on his handsome visage. As cliché as it sounded, you can't help but feel the small fissure in your heart slowly widening as the feelings of betrayal and longing weighted heavily in your mind.
You attend yet another assembly, ignoring the uncomfortable feeling in your chest when you see Zhongli and his fiancée taking their seats. It only takes half an hour for you to figure out that it had been the Sumerian noblewoman who had requested for the meeting. Ever since her arrival in Liyue, she insisted on joining the council meetings with Zhongli to learn about her new home. At first, you don't mind her presence but rather admire her desire to learn but her constant interruption to interject her own opinions didn't leave a good impression among your fellow members.
Currently, Miss Elahe had proposed to lessen the number of Millelith seeing as Liyue was a peaceful country and to instead invest the remaining budget into the Sumerian economy. Indeed, the young woman was of high standing but to many of you, she had no knowledge nor experience when it came to commerce. Suffice to say, you alongside some fellow acquaintances cited the proposition to be high-risk and it would possibly hinder Liyue's thriving economy whilst leaving the country open to attacks. You can see behind the kind mask on her face that she is peeved at another rejected proposal but you remain impassive at her glare.
It was then everyone's attention was directed towards the Tianquan who began to announce rather important news: You would be replacing your father as Liyue's official envoy to the various allied nations. You can't help the corner of your mouth from lifting as the woman bestowed you the title as you kneel before her. You leave Luijing Terrace after being congratulated by a few individuals, happy to be finally acknowledged after working for so long--You hoped that things would begin to get better for you.
Unfortunately, your exuberance was rather short-lived. You found yourself being accompanied by multiple Millelith guards to a dark courtroom in the dead of night. You see a dozen people already within the room and you found yourself forced to stand in front. You recognized a few people as you struggled to make sense of what was happening.
"Surely, you could have called a trial at a more appropriate time." You can barely hold back the irritation in your voice.
"I'm glad to see that you recognize your trial." A tanned man with exotic features spoke up as he stared you down from the opposite side of the room. "Unfortunately for you, justice and retribution will always find a way to dispose of sinners."
"I do not know what you are talking about."
You watch as the group clamoured and amidst the cacophony of noise you discerned the familiar hooded figures of Zhongli and Elahe. You watched as the man tried to comfort his companion who merely shook her head and whispered something to him before walking towards the front accompanied by another. It was only upon closer inspection that you could see that she was sporting a few cuts and bruises on her lovely face. Before you could even speak, a bespectacled man--you assumed to be the judge called for everyone within the room to settle down.
"An assassination attempt through the use of a contract killer." The judge reads from the document in front of him as the tanned man beside Miss Elahe nodded--you assumed it was her representative. "And where is your proof?"
"I will be testifying, your Honour." You recognize a close associate of yours who avoided your gaze as they took the stand. "I have seen the defendant meeting with one of the Fatui agents shortly before Miss Elahe was attacked while on her way to Qingce Village."
The judge holds a hand up towards you before you can interject and motions for the 'witness' to continue. The individual states that you have also been seen writing dreadful threats to the victim to prevent her from attending council meetings. A small stack of letters with what appears to be in your writing is then placed in front of you and you immediately deny doing so.
"One's handwriting can be easily replicated and I have no memory of writing such things."
"Ah, but you didn't write these only because you disliked my client." The Sumerian man reasoned out as he begin to circle your still figure. "You wrote them because you were jealous of her--specifically, her position as Mr. Zhongli's fiancée."
The accusation was almost akin to being stabbed in the back with an icy dagger and you can't help but glower at the man who smiled knowingly. Elahe's representative merely took a step back before motioning towards his client who finally stood up to speak, her soft voice trembling ever so often as she began to recount the night of being assaulted by the band of Fatui agents you had allegedly hired. Halfway into the story, the female began to tremble and Zhongli silently appeared beside her and gathered her into his arms protectively.
"That's enough, Dearest." You hear him whisper before those amber eyes flashed dangerously in your direction. "We have all heard enough."
You could have easily discerned that it was an elaborate setup and that Elahe must have connived a good amount of people within this room that you were the mastermind behind her alleged attack on her life. But you come to realize that it was useless. Everyone within this room didn't believe anything you said and the one person you had thought to be of reasonable mind had completely turned his back on you, embracing the wretch that started it all. You stand in the middle and for a long time, you found yourself overwhelmed by the onslaught of accusations.
The judge continues to speak but you can barely concentrate on his words when the Geo-user leads the still crying woman to the side, holding her tightly to console her. You are finally pulled out of your chaotic thoughts when you hear your name being called and the bespectacled man finally reads out your punishment as two Millelith guards descend upon your still figure.
"The merciful Lady had requested that the death penalty be overturned and instead you shall be stripped of your position as Liyue's ambassador and banished." He speaks but you don’t even flinch. "May the Archons have mercy upon your soul."
"I do not need your prayers nor clemency." You turn towards the individuals in the room, intent on remembering every one of their faces before finally settling on both Zhongli and Elahe. "And I do not wish to be tied to a land that upholds no justice or honour."
The occupants in the room clamour at your impertinent words but you catch the pleased expression on your former fiancé’s woman just as you are escorted out of the courtroom. Within the next hour, you are forcefully ferried into a rather small ship with only the clothes on your back, a light cloak and a small bag that contained a few of your belongings. You watch the lights of Liyue Harbour, the place you called your home, slowly disappearing behind the fog as the boat drifted further away. It is only when you reach the sandy beaches of the neighbouring country in the early hours of the morning the next day that you realize how grave the situation was.
You don't wait for the ship to depart the port when you set out towards your destination, careful to stay on the main road to avoid any monsters. For days you only come across abundant rainforests with odd patches of desert areas and it was on the fifth day that you finally reach the city. If Liyue had its panoramic view of mountainous terrain and the sprawling harbour, Sumeru was a small but sparkling city filled with lights located in between a valley with dense forests surrounding it--from where you stood, you could see the famous Academia. As you make your way into the centre of the capital, you find the citizens of Sumeru were rather friendly and directed you towards a merchant’s guild.
It doesn’t take long for the merchants at the Tizqar commerce to take you under their wing after seeing your immense potential. Years of being under the tutelage of various tradesmen in Liyue had taught you to read a person’s body language coupled with your extensive knowledge in financial literacy, the guild master had enough tact to hire you. Within the year, you become a respected entrepreneur. From weapons, literary texts, rare antiques and classified information you had a knack for attaining them quickly for clients that ranged from politicians, other merchants and the common person.
Within three years, you finally began initiating your plan and that consisted of expanding your own business and gathering information on a certain Sumerian noblewoman. Your establishment was rather hard to miss--a large building that functioned as a hub for information and a gambling house that anyone can visit. It doesn’t take long for people to come flocking in with dreams of living lavishly only to diverge any type of information to save both themselves and their families from their crippling debt.
After confirming the information, it was made clear that Lady Elahe's family were closely related to members of a certain business faction and you kept a very close eye on their leader, Rashaad Dhidah. The said man had been frequenting the gambling den almost every week alongside his entourage, drawing attention to themselves and flaunting their status and wealth as nobles.
You order your staff for all of them to be treated as precious clients as a sign of respect--Whatever they wanted, you would deliver. Within another year, the man came to see you as a trusted friend and visited every other day all the while trying to convince you to join their guild. It was one faithful night that you had both been partaking in indulging in a few bottles of Dandelion Wine that you finally made your move.
"If you win a round against me, I will join the Dhidah Sect but also--” You motion toward the coffee table in front of you where a chessboard sat with a small wave of your hand. “--give you this building.”
“That's quite the offer.” The man across you laughed almost drunkenly and you merely flash him a charming smile. "And if I lose?"
“You shall owe me a favour: I would like to experience being in your shoes for a day.” You say in a sing-song tone before leaning back against the couch. “I am still young and I would like to think of it as learning from the best.”
"That does sound like a reasonable request," Rashaad mumbles before finally nodding weakly and allowing you to formulate a written contract.
The game lasts about an hour or two and you coolly beat the man across you to which he demands a rematch. The second match doesn't take quite as long seeing as Rashaad had fallen asleep shortly after you had captured his queen, grumbling about youngsters being too smart for their good these days to which earns a chuckle from you.
Had it been luck that allowed you to easily snatch power from a drunk man's hands? Or maybe that the leader of one of the most powerful organizations in Sumeru was dumb enough to believe your words. You did not need a day but only a few hours to make a few amendments to some legal documents ensuring that Lady Elahe will be no longer recognized as the firstborn of her family and thus lose the support of the Dhidah commerce guild.
Ah, but that wasn't enough for you, was it? You had already seized power, why not use it to its fullest extent?
It doesn’t take much for you to take another spare piece of parchment, quill ready to create another new and improved draft of the agreement. After giving the document another look over until you were satisfied, you forge Rashid’s signature and take the signet ring from the sleeping man’s fingers to finish off the deed. Calling for a few members of staff, you hand the sealed document with orders to present it to the Dhidah Sect’s headquarters in the morning and for the man currently passed out on your couch to be brought to a spare room.
After your personnel had left with the contract and taken Rashaad away, you feel a small sense of triumph coming over you. For how long you had spent planning your retaliation and finally it was all coming together. You feign confusion when you are summoned to the country's high court but this time you had a handful of skilled representatives defend your case. You watch the proceedings with your small party, taking pleasure in watching one of the most powerful commerce factions in Sumeru come apart after learning their leader had essentially handed their organization to you after losing to a simple game. Not once but twice.
It doesn't take much for the judge to hand out his verdict and you merely flash the previous head of the Dhidah Sect a coy smile before being escorted out into the crowded road. You weren't that heartless though, you offered him a job working as an underling for one of your shops located near the border of Natlan. As you exit the building, anyone on the street could tell by the wide grin on your face that you had now taken over the prestigious group. By lunchtime, you found yourself looking down from the large windows in your new office, located right in the centre of Sumeru's busiest district.
You watch in silence as a few dark storm clouds began to slowly make their way across the evening skies. Admiring the scenery, you had thought it was a delightful coincidence that rain would always come when a rather consequential event occurred in your turbulent life. You lean back against the supple couch with your eyes closed for a few minutes whilst your fingers absent-mindedly played with the opened letter in your hands.
"This is rather amusing. It's the third letter this month.” You tell your assistant, Inanna, as she served you a cup of steaming herbal tea while you waved the piece of paper around. "The mighty Qixing sending an official letter of apology in the hopes of settling a trade agreement?"
"It seems the economy is not doing very well." The woman informs you as you drop the letter on a nearby coffee table in favour of the tea. "There are reports of the Northland Bank denying loans to the public due to the declining state of the nation. Rumours are circulating that they will be withdrawing from Liyue within the next few months.”
Purchasing all stocks that was related to common household items such as textiles, paper, and medicinal herbs but also weapons, minerals and ores had proved to be quite an effect on the people of Liyue. The increased prices on such commodities eventually became a concern to many Liyueans who had lost their jobs after being discharged from the Millelith, courtesy of a certain individual. Unrest slowly began to take over the hearts of many who also began to whisper corruption taking root amongst the Qixing.
"Hmm…" You hum softly before taking another sip of your drink. "Any news within the circle?"
"The merchants are desperately trying to keep themselves afloat whilst trying to meet the demands of the people." Inanna remarks before adding. "They have resorted to purchasing several products from our stores located by the border. At twice the market price."
"Impressive. This is an opportunity for us." You tilt your head thoughtfully before lowering your empty cup and glancing at your companion. "Make preparations, Inanna. We're going on a trip."
At end of the week, you find yourself on a vessel accompanied by many people whom you entrusted to keep you safe during the journey. Sailing the sea, you were a rather refreshing experience considering that you had been mostly surrounded by stacks of paper and accounting ledgers. You welcomed the sound of waves hitting the side of the wooden vessel and the faint smell of saltwater. On the third day, you found yourself staring at the horizon as Liyue Harbour slowly came into view.
The moment your ship docks, a curious crowd had already begun to appear at the port area. You don't recognize the faces among the sea of people as you are escorted off the boat by your two guards. A young man by the name of Bu'yun introduced himself as your guide and lead your party to Luijing Terrace. Before departing the port, you sent a few individuals from your party to gather information and get a better understanding of the current situation within Liyue. During the short walk, you keenly observed your surroundings. For a city that was on the verge of civil unrest, there were a few shops and people still going on about their daily lives and you can't help but be impressed at their perseverance.
At the entrance of the pavilion stood a pretty but formidable-looking young woman--you recognized her as Keqing, the current Yuheng. She gives you a bow, welcoming you to Liyue and apologizing for the lax decorum seeing as the public wasn't too keen towards members of the Qixing at the moment. You wave her off her concerns and allow her to guide you towards one of the main assembly rooms where most crucial affairs were discussed.
"Please follow me."
The doors open and you recognize the courtroom as the very same one that you had been falsely accused of instigating an assassination plot. The sound of chattering ceases as your small party walks into the room quietly. You approach the large conference table and steadily meet everyone's gaze within the tense space. You observed the mix of both new and old faces before Keqing directs you towards a reserved seat while being closely followed by Inanna from behind. You had noticed Lady Elahe hovering beside her significant other who seemed faintly dumbfounded at your appearance.
"We welcome the Representative of the Tizqar Commerce." An older man approaches you with a smile on his face, holding out a gloved hand and you merely nod at the man. "Thank you for coming to Liyue."
"The pleasure is all mine." You give his hand a firm shake, ignoring the looks of surprise from everyone within the council and slightly affronted expression of faces of your escorts before settling down into your designated chair.
The meeting begins shortly and you find yourself bombarded with questions regarding the trade deal and you listen half-heartedly. There had been growing complaints concerning the tariffs on a few products made in Liyue and you were aware for months now. The tax duties had been implemented a few years ago to encourage the people of Sumeru to purchase locally but also provide respite to the citizens who were struggling to purchase their own. It was only after learning that the citizens of Liyue had slowly begun to migrate to either Sumeru or Mondstadt that you offer to think the matter over and that seemed to satisfy some of them.
Halfway into debating the different methods to stimulate the economy, you propose the gradual reimplementation of the nation’s military force with a financial incentive, courtesy of your company of course. You pause abruptly before addressing the rather deep scowl on Elahe’s pretty face.
“It seems some disagree with my suggestion. If you have a problem speak up.” You motion for your assistant who takes a step forward and hands you a thick ledger. “Glowering at me will not help feed your people.”
“There is no war or conflict within these lands so we do not need to reinstate the Millelith.” One of the merchants, you recognized to be a supporter of the Sumerian noblewoman, spoke up.
“So, you would rather wait for something to happen?” You pause from writing and turn to your secretary who dutifully stood a step behind your chair. “How long would it take for hired help from Sumeru to arrive on these shores Inanna?”
“Seven days on a boat. Another seven if travelling through the land.” You nod thoughtfully as a coy grin creeps on the corner of your mouth. “It would take another two weeks at the very latest to hire more mercenaries from neighbouring countries if desired. Liyue at its current state can be easily taken within a month or so.”
That was a lie but it seemed that more than half of the assembly took your companion's words seriously--you were going to have to give Inanna a raise when you return home.
"That's quite important information, don't you think? Can't let the wrong people hear about such things."
You observed the occupants in the room with an appraising look on your face as they all began to talk at the possibility of being invaded and that it had been a mistake to dismiss the people who had kept the nation safe from both invading forces and monsters but also uphold order. Zhongli seemed to have noticed his significant other avoiding everyone's subtle but accusatory look and you can't help but add fuel to the festering fire.
"But if someone paid me a rather handsome amount. I am not averse to disclosing such details."
"Wait! That would breach the contract you signed a few weeks ago!" the young Yuheng abruptly stands from her chair, lavender orbs staring at you fiercely. “You wouldn’t go back on your word, would you?”
"You stated that you would assist the people of Liyue," Zhongli added as his amber orbs glowed in anger at your treachery.
"Hmm, I don't recall adhering to such a thing." Ah, you couldn't hide the mirth in your usually placid orbs as Keqing, Zhongli and a few members looked quite alarmed. "If you read it properly, I agreed to support the country's economy. Not protect its inhabitants."
"You underhanded shrew!" You almost roll your eyes.
"You deceived us!" Another shouted.
"You are nothing but a traitor!" This time Elahe was the one that spoke up. "We should have disposed of you years ago."
"Oh? A traitor, you say?" You find yourself trembling ever so slightly from the silent laugh bubbling in your chest before meeting the woman's gaze. "Well, it does take one to know one, right?"
If you thought the atmosphere within the space was tense, it increased three-fold and you could see how the members of the conglomerate stared at you in a mix of utter disbelief and animosity. The tension was quite palpable and no doubt your guards were ready to draw their weapons if any of the other occupants in the room decided to engage in a physical fight. But if she wishes to speak about conspirators, you would humour her.
"The night you accused me of false crimes and stripped me of my title then mercifully expatriated me." You remain seated as you stare at the couple, ignoring the confused look of the other attendees. "You taught me something considerably indispensable about myself."
You sharply turn your head to look at the said woman in question who seemed dumbfounded at the sudden attention. The both of them must have seen the uninhibited wrath that gleamed in your eyes as you continue to stare at them from across the table. You watch as she hid against the broad shoulder of your childhood friend who stared at you with furrowed brows.
"I'm not as merciful as you."
The Sumerian noble’s face turned ashen as you leaned your elbows on the table and linked your fingers together. The glimmer of a gold signet adorning your smallest finger doesn't escape everyone's attention and you watch in silent glee as the wretched woman recognized her kindred's insignia. In under two minutes, you watched as anxiety, disbelief and terror washed over her now pale countenance--you couldn't help but send her a wide smile.
"Using the Dhidah conglomerate's name and promising the Qixing ten million Mora." You close the ledger you had been writing in. "You cannot possibly think I will hand it to you when you are no longer part of the branch."
"Y-You! You can't be the head!?” The poor woman stared at you with wide eyes, clutching unto Zhongli's shoulder tightly as you ignore her, turning towards the leader of the Qixing who stared at the unravelling events.
"I'm rather willing to compromise though." Inanna deposits a document into your awaiting hand as you slid it towards the older gentleman. "I will give you a limited-time opportunity."
"What is it that you want?"
"Simply strip these two of their ranks from the council and give me Elahe.” You hear people gasping as you tap at the parchment, further explaining the terms in a simplified manner, the dangerous smile never leaving your face. "Then I will give you ten--no, twenty million Mora as well as aid you in the restoration of your beloved country. You have half an hour."
"Don't listen to her! She's nothing but a liar! " Elahe tries to approach the leader who glares at her with such intensity causing her to close her mouth.
"I-I need to think this over. I need a day."
"Elder, surely there is a better opt--" Zhongli tries to speak but you interrupt him.
"No. Half an hour." You repeat yourself adamantly. "Or I shall return to Sumeru by nightfall."
The leader of the Qixing stares at the document helplessly as he scrutinizes and deciphers the paragraph of any signs of deception. You watch quietly as the assembly gathered around the said individual, arguing and debating rather loudly amongst each other. Anytime either Elahe or Zhongli tries to speak, they are ignored or reprimanded for causing the predicament they were all facing. You can’t help but chuckle as you watch them betray their fellow countryman and ally all for their own self-preservation—How utterly revolting.
"Miss, it has been half an hour." You immediately open your eyes and turn your attention to the Qixing who seemed to have made a rather difficult decision--and it looks to be you will be getting what you wanted in the end.
You listen as the leader informs you of their decision and honour your terms. It wasn't as exhilarating watching as your former childhood friend and his woman lose their status and designations. You motion for one of your guards to apprehend the latter who struggled futilely, begging for her lover or anyone for help. With a motion of your hand, you watch as she is brought a few steps in front of you.
"L-let go of me! You can't do this to me!"
"Oh, but I already have, My Dear." You remain seated with your legs crossed and the ominous expression on your face is enough to send shivers down her back. "Justice awaits you in Sumeru."
Before she can retort or insult you any further, Elahe finds herself gagged and roughly hauled out of the room and into the waiting ship. You permit yourself a breath before slowly rising from your seat and straightening your clothes before thanking the room's occupant for their time and business.
"As per the agreement, I will be leaving you five million Mora at this time. The rest will be at later date.” With practiced grace, Inanna opens one of the nearby chests and the merchants stare disbelievingly at the overflowing golden coins that escape unto the floor. "I will see the rest of you tomorrow to further discuss the gradual implementation of employment for the citizens of Liyue."
You are about to turn away to leave the delegation but you pause to look at the familiar long-haired brunette whom you had considered your first love. His attention is on you after you call his name. The mere idea of Zhongli remaining unscathed from today's events only ignited your thirst for vengeance and you would be damned if he walked around a free man. You would make sure to let him have a taste of the humiliation and betrayal you had experienced all those years ago.
"Was the damage you have dealt not sufficient?" The geo-user's silky baritone retained a rather malicious edge and you can't help wish to torment him further.
"Surely, you didn't think that was the end, My friend." It doesn't take much for one to hear the pure spite in your voice as you unflinchingly stare back at those amber orbs. "Prepare yourself for not even the Archons can deny me of having my retribution."
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apompkwrites · 2 days ago
beloved treasure box || gorou
masterlist characters: gorou genre: angst contains: spoilers for gorou's hangout quest (specifically final remembrance), reader death, gorou mourning (name), sad dog :( summary: recovering that treasure box was the only thing on gorou's mind. well, other than the incident, that is. notes: gorou's premiere fic! and keeping up with tradition (that has for some reason formed on this account), it's angst! yayy... anyway, just finished all of gorou's hangout quests so take this
oh archons, how could he have let this happen? he didn't think that anyone would dig up the box, let alone bury stolen treasures there!
sure, he and the traveler got the box back, but still... the amount of time he spent away from that box, away from the contents inside of it, drove him insane.
returning to watatsumi island with it felt relieving, almost cathartic. sorting through all the objects some may consider junk only sent more relief through his system. the familiar names of his fallen soldiers stared back at him, almost taunting him to return the goods to their intended recipients.
and beneath it all lay his beloved, their dull vision gleaming in the sunlight.
that battle was embedded in his memory, the attack intended for him lodged deep into their chest. and yet, as they fell to the ground with blood bubbling in their mouth, they continued to command the troops as they panicked over the second in command falling in battle.
although gorou was conscious at the time, his body acted like a completely different entity. no matter what he did, he couldn't get his body to move the way he wanted that day. perhaps it was because he was still inexperienced. or perhaps it was because of his instincts.
he had dropped his bow and fell to the ground beside them, high-pitched whines escaping his throat. his ears had flattened and his tail was tucked between his legs.
the ears and tail you loved to run your hands along when he had trouble sleeping.
he pawed at your arm, which weakly moved to cup his cheek. your blood smeared across his skin. oh archons, he still can't get that horrid smell out of his nose.
with your dying breath, you proclaimed your love for him. perhaps that was why he could never give love advice for the advice column. any mention of a relationship that he could have had in the future sent him spiraling. spiraling back to a time where he ultimately lost that future.
you had pressed your fading vision in his hand that day. just like the rest of his fallen troops, you had left behind a memento. one specifically for him.
he gently scooped it out of the box, ignoring the eyes of the traveler beside him. holding it close to his face, he could imagine you standing before him. he could feel your hands cupping his cheeks and your fingers running through his fur. he could hear your soothing voice in his ears and smell your familiar scent in the air.
oh archons, he could never forgive himself if he ever lost these treasures.
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Spoiler for my Aether ff:
"I'm sorry I can't hold back! Your pussy feels to good!", aether moaned while thrusting deeper into your exposed cunt.
"Fuck! You look so good like this.. so submissive for me! Moan louder for me!", the blonde boy smirked as he watched how his dick disappeared in between your legs.
"Did I ever tell you how badly I wanted to fuck this ass? Everyday I keep thinking about bending you over, ripping your panties off and pounding you until you pass out! On every commision I just want to spank your ass for beeing infront of me~", aether whispered in your ear while giving your cunny slow ,deep thrusts.
"Let me make you my princess! Be mine! Let me cum in you?~", a familiar but yet darker voice whispered in your ear. Was that really Aether?
(But there will be a looot of FLUFF too!!)
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a god and a non-believer | dainsleif
Tumblr media
pairing: dainsleif x reader 
summary: dainsleif finds that he has to make a choice when celestia finally decides on the next geo archon.
word count: 1.5k
genre: angst, hurt/comfort (?)
tw//cw: dainsleif says fuck celestia again but what’s new
Tumblr media
the burden of rex lapis’s legacy rests on your shoulders like a heavy stone.
you had a slight idea of what you would have to carry alongside the mantle of the new geo archon, even long before zhongli shared his stories of godhood upon realising that celestia had set their sights on you to take over the role he had long retired from.
but somehow, the weight of godhood is a lesser burden than the trepidation in your heart when you present the artificial glow of the fake geo vision in your hands to your lover.
you know he knows, as you watch him examine the lifeless vision in his gloved hands with furrowed brows– no, not lifeless. fake. only celestia knows where your previous vision – the real one – went, maybe disposed of or given to another person with dreams and aspirations. the former is more likely, but you’d prefer to think that the symbol of the dream that was once your own to dream, to pursue, has been given to someone with freedom to do so. it makes everything that has happened since you woke up with this– this fake, just a little bit easier.
and when he lets go of the vision and lets it drop to the floor, you feel your heart drop with it.
because you know. you know what the archons had done to his home and people in celestia’s name, the brutal and merciless bloodshed laid upon the land of his family for no good reason. you know what he thinks of celestia and all those who serve it, the hatred that fuels his very being as he seeks vengeance for his people and answers for their deaths.
you know you didn’t do anything. you know the destruction on khaenri'ah happened long before you were blessed with a geo vision from your predecessor, even long you were born. but as you look down at your seemingly untainted hands, you can’t help but feel the burden of rex lapis’s sins on your shoulders along with his legacy.
it’s when you hear the soft curse that slips past dainsleif’s lips that you take a step back, head bowed and eyes closed so that you may not see the ghost of the khaenri'ahns’ blood upon your hands.
“i’m sorry,” you whisper weakly, “i’ll… i’ll get out of your sight–”
“no,” dainsleif finally speaks in a volume above a whisper, startling you slightly when he reaches out suddenly to grab your hand. regret pools in his eyes when he sees you flinch, but his touch is nothing but careful as he holds your wrist, pulling you back to him. his adam’s apple bobs as he swallows, “…please. don’t go.”
your brows furrow as you stare at the ground, puzzled, “but–”
“i…” he exhales, a soft and faint breath that sounds so much like resignation, “i have never believed in the gods.”
the words are like an arrow through your chest, but you purse your lips and simply nod, hoping that he would at least ignore the trembling of your hands as he holds them in his own.
“but,” his fingers tighten around your own, firm, not enough to hurt, but just enough to ground yourself, to give you the courage to look up at him and into his eyes for what may be the last time—
— or so you think.
“but, i believe in you,” dainsleif whispers, oh so soft as he rests his forehead against yours. his hands are shaking as well, but he holds you just as tight, as if he was afraid that you would disappear if he let go. he takes a single, shaky breath, and you can’t help but think the moment will shatter at one wrong move. when you don’t speak, dainsleif continues, “i know that you are aware of the things the archons have done to me, to my people, to my home-”
you begin to pull away, shaking.
“but i know that you are not like them,” he speaks up, just a little bit louder, so you stop. you look up at him, see the way he furrows his brows like the mere topic of the archons pained him to speak of, the frown that pulls at the lips that you’ve kissed too little times to ever be able to atone for all the things your predecessor and his fellow archons had done long before you were born, when dainsleif was just a knight who wished to serve his people and kingdom. dainsleif looks back at you and sighs as he reaches out and cups your cheek in his gloved palm delicately, “do not fear, my love. i will not think of you any different. this isn’t your fault.”
“but–” you open your mouth to protest. 
(look at the scars you hide under your clothes, the growing infection that paints your skin like the false sky, the cost of your survival from the cataclysm brought down by the ones that wore the crown of celestia. tell me, how can you not hate me for wearing the crown of those that massacred your people?)
dainsleif shakes his head, then asks you firmly, “did you ask to be the geo archon?”
this time, he lets you finish, “no! no, i would never!”
he nods, before continuing, “did the god now known as zhongli ask you to be his successor?”
you think of the amber-eyed consultant at the wangsheng funeral parlour, the divine being who had laid destruction upon the lands of khaenri'ah, the old god who told you stories of his previous life as the lord of geo and told you his ways of avoiding celestia’s eyes, not always fool-proof but something useful when the weight of godhood became too much. 
you shake your head, “no, he did not.”
“did celestia give you a choice?”
you think of the day you woke up and found your geo power amplified, so much that the golden-haired traveller was sent by the adventurers’ guild to check on you when you had not come back since your last commission, only to find you screaming at the geo vision that had once belonged to you in the middle of a hilichurl camp ruined by the very same element. you think of how they had stopped, eyes wide, and you heard paimon whisper about how the scene looked so similar to a certain battle where they had fought beside a certain geo user’s side. you think about how the traveller took one look at your vision, the artificial glow of gold, the lack of elemental power from the little gem, the elemental power that now radiated from your very being, and immediately took your hand and brought you to zhongli, who had taken one single look at you and just knew what had happened.
you think of the first words he had whispered to you: i am sorry that they forced this upon you. but there is no turning back now, my child.
“…no,” you hang your head, “no, they didn’t.”
dainsleif’s grip on your hands tighten, just enough for it to hurt for a split second, before he immediately relaxes when you whimper. whispering an apology. he exhales shakily, rubbing his thumb over the skin between your thumb and forefinger, and then brings your hands up to his lips to lay the softest of kisses.
“i believe in you,” he whispers, so quiet that you barely hear him, “so please, believe in me. believe that i will save you and i.”
it is then that you finally begin to cry.
the once tense atmosphere is broken along with the dam, tears flowing freely from your eyes and down your cheeks as you watch dainsleif place the most reverent of kisses upon your skin, whispering his love and devotion to you every time his lips leave their invisible mark. love and devotion for you – not the replacement of the god that helped massacre his people and family, not the one chosen by celestia to continue going along with their whims after the sudden retirement of their previous puppet, but as you. his lover, his friend; the one that he had chosen to spend his cursed eternity with, the one who made him feel in the moments spent together that he was blessed to live, that immortality is something to be forgotten for another time.
“as long as we are together, all will be well,” dainsleif promises, echoing the words he had said once upon a time, when you were still mortal. you sob, letting him pull you into his embrace, hands clutching the mirror of the starry night sky that is his cape. your lover holds you close, kissing your head as he whispers, unheard by you over the sound of your cries, “for your freedom and mine, i will bring down the heavens that forced you to become something you never wanted to be.”
and he hopes they hear him and his promise, his oath to you. he looks up at the sky above, at the tilted kingdom of divinity beyond the clouds, and holds your shaking frame close to his.
whatever it takes to free you from your shackles, he will do it. 
anything and everything for you, my beloved.
Tumblr media
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liarchive · 3 hours ago
✦ what will they do on their last day with you?
:: FEATURING ─ gender neutral! reader, diluc ragnvindr, kaeya alberich, xiao, kaedehara kazuha, thoma.
:: FLAVOR ─ angst.
:: WARNING ─ major character death, implied death in every character's part, mention of homesickness in thoma's part, repetitive use of word "tears". (I think that's all?)
:: TYPE ─ short ficlets.
natalia’s note: HAHAHAHA THIS IS SO RUSHED THAT I BEGAN TO LOVE HOW BADLY WRITTEN THIS ONE IS. anyway, started off writing thoma with angst. also, this is made before i announced my hiatus, but i was only able to finish it tonight, though it's all very rushed (hence the bad writing). now i will go back to my hell hole. <3. if there's any grammar mistake or disposition of words, my apologies, i'm too tired to be able to proofread this and i just want to be a menace again before disappearing.
Tumblr media
; diluc ragnvindr.
the sun rises, and he’s afraid. though, diluc couldn’t accept to waste the important day by feeling sincere scariness and all. he would give you a bonquet of flowers that held the meaning of sincere and eternal love, and bring you to a place that is pretty much secluded, away from the chatters of people. it’s only you and him. the day will last with you and diluc reminiscing the past and telling each other hopes of your future and him (although you both know it wouldn’t happen). diluc would seem like he isn’t knocked off by the fact that after that, there will only be him (again) in the ruthless universe. his smile lingers on his face almost forever. it’s only during nighttime, hours before he has no choice but to let you go regardless of his acceptance or unacceptance that he breaks down. the tears he let out are truly beautiful. they shine through the darkest night. the day ends with both of you embracing each other, with hands intertwined, as you wait for your death.
Tumblr media
; kaeya alberich.
the day starts with lots of kisses. the kisses feel very different than the past hugs he had given you. the taste of admiration and love is very distinct, it feels more like desperation. it continues with you and him walking around mondstadt, visiting every place you’ve gone with him, every people you’d like to meet. it ends with you dancing under the moonlight. the trembles kaeya’s hands have are very noticeable, it’s quite impossible for you to not feel his touch tightening every few seconds. the whispers of love he tells are only for you to hear, the eyes that reflect adoration are only for you to see. the whispers of goodbyes are also only for you to hear before you close your eyes in his embrace.
Tumblr media
; xiao.
he would try to keep his distance from you in fear of not being able to accept your death, yet it only ends with him dashing towards you when he sees you. xiao holds your hands tightly, and he opted to rest his face on your shoulder. seconds later, you keep hearing everything xiao wishes he could’ve said to you, and done for you. but alas, the celestia isn’t the kindest entity. xiao repeatedly tells you everything, and despite having heard of it, the warmth in your heart never flatter; it only ignites more. the day ends with crystalflies all around you and two lanterns. he wishes to fly the lanterns with you. one of the lanterns has been filled in with xiao’s wishes and hopes, as he lets the other one be filled with yours. the lanterns are the resemblances of the wishes and hopes that aren’t fortunate enough to come true. the very last thing xiao would give is a hug; the hug you will die in.
Tumblr media
; kaedehara kazuha.
kazuha has experienced losing somebody important, and to be frank, he doesn’t want to experience it again. but what can he do to fight against fate’s will? he is a mere human.. every few seconds, his hands find their way to grasp yours. endless tells of how much he loves you, how he loves everything about you; how you are a blessing for him escapes with his soft voice. though kazuha looks calm, he’s screaming inside. the wind keeps telling him something isn’t nice will happen soon, but kazuha doesn’t want to know. it is only that day, where kazuha desperately wishes for the wind to have mercy on him. don’t tell me, please. don’t tell me. yet the wind never wavered. the haikus kazuha makes are slowly changing drastically in meaning. once it shows how he couldn’t wish for anyone better than you, and now it shows how much he doesn’t want to lose you. the night ends with your hand intertwined with his, as the crystal-like tears fall onto your face.
Tumblr media
; thoma.
the day feels like another usual day. thoma appears with a wide smile on his face, and at the first glance, he does look happy. though you can’t miss the tint of solemn in his eyes. the day goes on with the both of you wandering around inazuma, going anywhere you want. thoma is always beside you, never once did he flatter away from your sight. the warmth of his hand always lurks around yours. thoma never mentioned everything regarding your impending death. it was only at midnight, where the fireworks decorated the night sky, where thoma cried out his heart. he would hold your face, staring deeply with your eyes with nothing but his love. his kiss feels very soft, it feels very weak, as if he's already trying to let go of his grip on you. but truly, it is only your senses that are going numb. it seems thoma will have another homesickness soon.
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@starglitterz​ ❝ helping patch up their injuries. ❞
— 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠. gorou + kazuha + sara x gn!reader
— 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭. headcanon (written) ; 0.5k
— 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞. established relationship au ; fluff
— 𝐜𝐰𝐬. allusions to war, injuries
— 𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐚. happy belated (american) thanksgiving! special thanks to quill @starglitterz​​ for hosting this collab!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I’m fine.” Gorou isn’t; he’s too prideful to admit that he got shot on the shoulder by a Shogunate archer. With the presence of the medical staff in his tent, you know he won’t tell the truth, so you instruct them to leave to tend to the other soldiers.
“You can fool those guys, but not me,” you say, hearing him growl when you roll out a strip of bandages. “Dear Obarashi. Gorou, it’s just me.”
He calms down, although remains cautious of your movements. He hesitantly shows you where the arrow had struck, and you proceed to treat that spot. “I don’t want my men to worry too much about me.”
“But you’ll make me worry too much about you if you don’t tell me that you’re actually hurt,” you say, enunciating every word with a poke on his skin. “From now on, please be more honest with us, yeah? I really want you to be okay.”
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to,” he murmurs, burying his face into your neck when you embrace him as your forgiveness. “I’ll try, for you.”
Tumblr media
“Seems like you had them on for a while,” you say, noticing a strip of his bandages hanging out from his hand. “Let me help you put on fresh ones.”
Despite being in a relationship for quite some time now, there are things Kazuha isn’t comfortable sharing with you yet, such as the burnt scars on his hand. He follows you into your shared cabin, anxious of your thoughts about his injuries.
“Wow…” Your thumb traces the trail of ridges from his palm to his wrist, making him wince. He doesn’t sense any disgust from you, which is relieving. “Give me a moment; I need to fetch ointment from my drawer. Tell me if it hurts, okay?”
The process is mostly painless. He feels stings here and there, but watching you tend to his wounds with care makes him forget that they were there in the first place. After you finish bandaging his hand, you kiss the area where his scars are. “Better?”
Humming in affirmation, he leans forward to kiss your forehead to thank you for taking care of him. “Better.”
Tumblr media
“Let me guess… that Crimson Oni again?” The thing is: you know the cause of her injuries, but you think a good laugh is what Sara needs to lighten up the mood. She’s not amused, so you drop the cheerful disposition immediately.
“Sorry, I was trying to make you feel better.” She doesn’t respond, rather staring at you with blank eyes. “I’ll just shut up and get my first-aid kit.”
Treating someone of high authority like her feels awkward, acting as if she is judging you the entire time. On the contrary, she tries to formulate an explanation of her injuries while silently studying your intricacies. “Apologies for the inconvenience. The Resistance bested us again.”
Of course, the Divine Priestess Sangonomiya and her subordinate the Canine Warrior. Troublesome and forces to be reckoned with. You tap her shoulder to signal that you’re done patching her up. “Don’t apologize. Just be careful.”
With a squeeze on your forearm, she leaves without looking back. You keep praying that the war will be over soon, and that Sara will come back to you safe and sound.
Tumblr media
— 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭. (always open! fill out form to be added!)
@aibiito​ ; @blissmal ; @bluexiao ; @bokutosworld ; @dreamiehrs ; @fadedjae ; @help-wtf-am-i-even-doing ; @lilikags ; @pastelsicheng ; @philosopher-of-fandoms ; @shxnosuke ; @sleepyyangyang ; @sucrosia​ ; @sunflouri ; @xriin ; @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst​
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Tumblr media
The Cold in Dragonspine
inspired by: Snow on Mount Silver (a pokemon creepypasta/horror)
in teyvat! reader (ill update it next week dont worry-), partially canon to in teyvat.
mentions of dying, mentions of chapter 14 (they took my fockin eye bennett)
It’s cold.
Was it colder than usual?
You kept rubbing your hands, breathing warm air onto your palms, anything to keep you warm. You were shivering, clutching your own body tightly as you try to navigate your way through Dragonspine.
How you even end up here was out of the question. You were just sleeping in the teapot. Next thing you know, you woke up with heaps of snow piled on you, and now you were trying to find your way back.
It was hard to navigate. You were too used to relying on waypoints in the game. Everything seemed the same, no sight of hilichurls, Fatui agents nor a source of heat. Not even the flaming Seelie was spotted.
I’m so cold
You felt like this was probably the end of your stay in Teyvat. Not that you mind, everyone was against you here except for some. You would miss them, but there were more bad memories than good.
It was better dying alone in a place where people were afraid to go to. Definitely better than any of the characters that would hunt you down and kill you on sight. Wouldn’t want Venti to come and take your other eye.
Bennett, where were you?
You were starting to lose hope. Frostbites were forming on your body, you were fidgeting to get a tiny bit of warmth. There seems to be no way out from where you were standing.
The waypoints you stumbled upon did nothing, since you were not Lumine.
Lumine… . Bennett…
Everything was blurry, but the area you walked into seemed like a cavern of some sort. Even then, it was too late. Your body was getting weaker, you kept closing your eye, now having to fight the urge of being unconscious.
The flowers on your arm were covering more and more of your body. It was trying its best to keep you warm with its almost frozen body.
You collapsed on the ground, slowly accepting your fate as you thought out the scenarios that got you here.
You hated the beings that brought you in this game, you hate the people that beat you black and blue for impersonating their god, you hated the characters for acting the same as them.
Most of all…
You hated Lumine. Leaving you behind countless of times, blindly trusting others to take care of you while she went out doing quests, failing to protect you from enemies.
You hated that she was like this, worshipping you while leaving you in the hands of the cruel people she did not notice.
Even living in the teapot was not safe anymore, just look at the current situation you are in to.
Looking up at the cold sky, you softly hummed as the flowers kept spreading all over you. What a terrible adventure you had been in, and a short lived one as well.
Closing your eyes, you try to sleep.
Guess this is the end.
Ah? Why is it getting warm in here?
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guacamoleroll · 12 hours ago
𝐉𝐮𝐛𝐢𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐧 𝐃𝐞𝐯𝐨𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 | 𝐕𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢
Tumblr media
Pairing: Venti x Reader Fandom: Genshin Impact Word Count: 3,800+ Trigger Warning(s): Worship Kink, General NSFW, Dom!Venti, Not Edited (Yeehaw!)
Tumblr media
It hadn’t been the best week, feeling as if you hadn’t worked to your truest potential as you compared yourself to those around you. You wander off towards the beautiful ruins of the Decarabian’s tower, which was now empty due to the absence of Dvalin. In the midst of your thought, the Wind Archon hears the cries of internal resentment and is determined to show you that you are more than worthy as the title of the bride of an ancient God.
“When you are around, I am no God - but instead the humble servant of the heart to an enrapturing angel.”
Tumblr media
It seemed strange, wandering the vast open meadow underneath the heightened gaze of Stormterror's Tower. Fireflies scattered over the warm-hued grass, their lights flickering and buzzing like the thoughts in your mind as you maundered. It was lucky that you hadn’t come across any monsters in your fogged state, but the world seemed to believe you had enough company for the day. How you longed for the sight of another longing for your presence.
The voluminous life of a Mondstadtian citizen seemed to have finally overwhelmed you, the expectations of each of its’ residents clogging your throat. You had happily accepted their small to large requests in the past, but couldn’t help noticing a pattern as of late. The original pleas to assist them with monsters in their paths or troublesome thieves had slowly drifted into mindless fetch-quests. Some didn’t even seem to look at you, pushing their request into your hands with blind knowledge that you would take care of everything.
You should’ve been grateful that life wasn’t so harsh anymore, that your previous efforts of improving the city had taken shape beautifully. Something itched though, crossing your mind as you were stuck with yourself for the entirety of days and weeks, the quests still staking up despite the needless nature of them. Was it too much of a hassle to spare a few moments and chat, like normal human beings?
You didn’t want to admit it, but it hurt to have not conversed with anyone these pasts few weeks. Those who tried were deterred by how busy you seemed to be, although those pleasants chats were something your aching heart desperately longed for. It really hurt.
To make matters worse, you hadn’t seen your wind-borne bard within the past handful of weeks. Only small glances to make sure he was okay as he played songs and spun stories in the plaza, your eyes never meeting one another. You missed him dearly, but his time was occupied by such trivial matters that floated and changed like the direction of the wind. You missed him.
These thoughts led you to a familiar place - one of the upper levels of Decarabian’s Tower. It was resting in silence, much to your everlasting chagrin. Another presence would’ve been welcomed, but you’d never burden someone to look at you when you weren’t at your best. They didn’t deserve that. 
Despite the history behind such an architectural masterpiece, you and your lover often found yourselves spending much time here.  The area was marked with piles of makeshift blankets and cushions that had grown in quantity over the times spent lying underneath the stars. You both would sneak there, careful not to disturb those deep at rest in their houses as the light patter-falls of your shoes clicked against the aged-stone of the city. The wind would always blow heavily, a comforting pressure as it cupped your cheeks in a familiar embrace. The view from the tower was the best part, with its gaze locked upon the entire city beyond its borders. It was perfect.
Dvalin wasn’t there - which wasn’t surprising, but even his company would’ve been acceptable. Accepting defeat, you wandered toward the ledge of the uppermost levels, legs dangling dangerously over the edge as they swang in the breeze. In the discordance of ruminations, it traversed to a thought that had your chest tied into knots, something you didn’t even want to begin unpacking.
Would someone catch me if I fell?
In months past, this would’ve been an easy question to answer. You had so many friends that were delighted to have you around, not to mention your lover. They would be so distraught if anything had ever happened to you, but now you weren’t so sure. You choked back a sob as salty tears slipped into your mouth, but you wiped them away as quickly as they came. The green monster of disgust shielded your reflection from the open-night sky, shaking its head in disappointment.
No one wants to see that. 
You shuddered from the feeling of a front coming in, although the sky remained without a cloud in sight. Lips unlocked their stoic stature, curling downward into a frown as you knew that you truly were alone. It was disgusting, but you could let every selfish thought out of your mouth. You curled in on yourself, arms wrapping yourself in the only hug you deserved as the judgemental rays of setting day gazed upon the mortal below the sky. Maybe the archons were looking down with discontent at your pitiful form, and you couldn’t blame them.
“I knew I’d find you here.”
The quiet voice seemed to echo throughout the room, and it didn’t take a genius to know who it was. You didn’t even look behind, the image of eyes staring with judgment at your shaking figure too hard to bear. It was idiotic to come to one of your common hangout spots, but the comfort that the building gave you had led your feet to mindlessly sit here. You hadn’t expected him to appear; it had been weeks since either of you had talked, weeks since you had ascended the cobblestone staircase of the windy spiral.
“Hello, Venti,” you responded dully.
The soles of his shoes tapped against the hollow stone flooring, the sound being amplified by the ginormous room. His impending approach was further exaggerated as it bounced off the walls, much to your irritation and fear. Your face became buried in-between your knees, only letting a sliver of your eyes peek out at the tip of the sun peeking over the horizon.
“You know it’s dangerous to be sitting out here alone.” 
You chuckled humourlessly. “No need to scold me. I know.”
The bard pouted. Your dismissive attitude was strange, especially in comparison to your normal vivacious personality. Sassy quips and sarcastic commentary would’ve regularly fallen from your lips in a comedic fashion, but there was none of that now. Your charming characteristics had been dulled now - like a fire that was completely snuffed out. 
He placed a hand on your shoulder, taking key notice of the small flinch. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m just tired,” you mumbled.
With an unconvinced look, he attempted to peek around to have a glimpse of your expression, only to find it snuggling sitting cradled in your arms. He brushed some strands of hair away from your face but was still unable to see anything properly.
“(Name), please look at me.”
You didn’t respond, toying with your fingers as you tried to ignore him. Each thought willed him to leave you here in your sorrow for all time, even though it would break your heart. It was what you deserved - he deserved so much better.
“(Name),” he pushed.
In a desperate attempt to grab your attention after another moment of silence, he pinched some of the sensitive skin on the back of your neck. You instinctively winced, shooting your head up and almost grabbing the guilty hand as you tried to soothe the unforeseen sting. Your eyes became locked with your attacker.
“What the hell, Venti?” you spat with irritation.
A choked gasp left your lips as two soft hands suddenly pressed themselves against your cheeks with solid, nurturing care. The fingers attached to them wiped the large tears that dripped onto your clothes and the floor below. Your stomach churned nauseously, making eye contact with the last person that you ever wanted to see yourself in this state.
“You’ve been crying.”
You smiled dully. “You’re observant.”
The joke almost immediately fell through, causing the sick feeling to increase as your face flushed with embarrassment. You were tempted to turn your entire body around but opted to turn away as he kept staring and wiping away the fallen tears.
“I knew it, you haven’t been feeling well,” he whispered mournfully, his brows furrowed.
It was as if some kind of lightbulb went off, a chemical reaction as someone speaking those words caused part of the sick feeling to disappear. Someone understood what you were going through, that you weren’t some kind of emotionless robot made for serving others. With little courage, your eyes skimmed over to his once more, and what you find made your stomach roll in a good way. His teal irises glimmered with intimate sympathy. 
A muffled sob left your throat without that monster looming overhead, throwing yourself into his welcoming embrace. You could and couldn’t stand him staring at you like that, feeling small yet wanting to feel like that around him at the same time. He always had to ability to make your feel such conflicting emotions, but it was something you wouldn’t change. He held you tight without a moment’s hesitation, carding his long fingers through your hair.
Your heart spoke before your brain could catch up. “I’m sorry - I’m sorry - I’m so, so sorry.”
“Shhh, cecilia. There is nothing for you to be sorry for.” He hushed you with ease, brushing some of the tear-stained strands away from your wet face. It still managed to surprise him how you were able to look so beautiful, even in such a distraught state.
Your arms locked up, suddenly pushing him away. It was then that he finally was able to decipher the emotion behind your conflicted eyes. Unadulterated fear. You were terrified to hold him close and too scared to push him away. He wanted to know why - to crack you open and build you back up with the softest care he could provide. 
“Why did you choose me?”
Each word that left your mouth further expanded upon the complexity of your thoughts and emotions - doubt, fear, worry, self-contempt. He stared for a moment, in awe that such a wonderful person could possibly experience those emotions, but logically he knew it was undeniable. 
“Huh?” he asked dumbly.
You stood up abruptly, moving away from him as your eyes gazed towards the moon, which was starting to rise within the twilight sky. It was here, you understood, where you could share some of your darkest thoughts and insecurities. The moon would hide them away from the light of day, as you hid your hopeless expression away from your neighbors and friends while entering the city. They would never know.
“You deserve someone stronger, smarter, prettier. I don’t understand how you could possibly settle for me.”
The air became silent once more, and you hated it. The silence was overbearing, and you wanted it to stop once and for all. You hated it. You wanted to scream, shout, cry, do something to make it stop. It wouldn’t help, you’d just get the same result - hearing your own voice once again. It wasn’t a true substitute for the company of another soul.
You knew he was going to leave. The words you spoke probably struck a chord within his instrument of a heart, and he’d leave for someone else more in tune with his peculiar spirit. Someone who could remain happy in every situation. Not you.
He deserved so much better than an insecure, mortal woman.
“You are strong.”
Your head perked from its lowered position, not expecting any sort of reply from his resounding voice. It had grown even softer, like someone approaching a scared animal. It wasn’t like how he’d spoken to his adoring fans in Mondstadt hours prior, it was different. 
“You are so intelligent.”
The same footsteps that had thundered so loudly before had taken on a softer tone. Your breath hitched as strong arms wrapped themselves around your waist, burying his nose into your neck as your unwilling bent into him. He took a piece of your hair in between his fingers, twirling it before placing a light kiss on the tip as he let it go to sway in the breeze.
“And your beauty outshines that of any being I’ve ever known.”
His hand cupped yours in his own, feeling each ridge and wrinkle with adoration as they locked perfectly with his own, as if you were the matching piece to his puzzle. With each passing word that left his lips, a chaste kiss would accompany it on your knuckles.
“Those who make you inferior know not of the worth of an archon’s most beloved maiden,” his voice boomed as he moved upward, leaving a kiss on your shoulder that burned pleasantly to the touch. He released your waist, locking fingers with one hand as he bent on one knee, a warm zephyr rushing over both of you as a familiar scene played in your mind.
The day that he had proposed.
The ring on your left hand was proof of it. With stunning indentions on the band of a pattern familiar to her, that of apples and leaves. It had been custom-made by a jeweler in Liyue, and he had apparently been saving Mora for over two years to buy it. You marveled at it often. It was nothing truly extravagant, but it was all you had ever wanted. An eternal promise to love you until your mortal end.
“When you are around, I am no God - but instead the humble servant of the heart to an enrapturing angel,” he confessed as if he were truly the prophet to some beautiful goddess. Not as if he was the one who had the godly powers that frightened the world and had captivated her.
Your heart fluttered like the invisible wings that Venti had seemed to see lining your back, feeling as if you could fly with the way he looked up at you. Pure adoration. The buzzing noise of doubt was still there, but the reinstation of his promise stifled it into silence. The only silence you were thankful for.
Passionate eyes gleamed pack at you, leaving a few more pecks along and around your palm and fingers before he starts to trail up your arm. His hands smoothly slid over the skin, lifting him back up to true height-level as they were eye-to-eye.
“But, perhaps...”
The arm locked around your waist and the hot breath on your face was all that you could focus on. 
“...I must show you in the way of a true devotee.”
His eyes drifted shut as he leaned in, not missing the mark as his lips locked with yours and entangled you in a familiar, loving dance. He had memorized every single part of your body that he could, with your lips being a sinful and secret favorite of his - with their intoxicating ambrosial taste. 
“Oh~ sweet angel.”
Your chest expanded and contracted widely, gasping for air widely between the marking of your lips and the smooth touches tracing along your spine, not paying mind to how he slowly led your feet to rest your body against one of the more sturdy columns of the structure. 
“You should never feel unworthy of my affection.”
The look in his eyes was something that could only be described by the bard’s stories. That of an eternal love unknown to most of mankind. One that had taken centuries of learning and yearning to craft into a perfectly honed feeling. Something that was once in a lifetime.
“It is the least that you deserve.”
“Venti ~ Ahn-!” You moaned faintly as the pressure against your lips increased with each following peck.
He started to growl lowly with each pleasured prayer, your body shaking in his hands as you gave yourself to the passionate embrace. He moved the small hairs away from your neck with a tug, gaining access to the tempting curve that joined your neck and collarbone.
"Continue singing for me, my muse."
He nipped and sucked on your neck, attempting to find the spot that he had abused often in some of the intimate sessions you had previously. A pleasured cry escaped your throat as he found it within moments, him taking it as an indication to dive in like a ravenous animal. He painted your skin violet and blue hues of color that you would have a hard time trying to hide, if you even wanted to. There was no shame in your union.
You grasped onto the back of his cream-colored dress shirt, his long cape forgotten on the floor some ways away as your body was alight with fervent fire, pleasant sparks of warmth sparking against the skin. It truly felt as if you would float away, if not for your lover keeping you glued to the ground with his devoted grip.
Short gasps escaped your lips as his knee moved in between your legs, subtly rubbing up against your most sensitive area. He tugged against your hips, his fingers creating small, indented crescents as you jolted, arms wobbling to keep steady with the sparks of pleasure assuming control of your mind.
“Venti, please,” you begged desperately.
“Lift your hips for me, windblume,” he commanded, and at once you obeyed as you started to fuck yourself on top of his thigh. You ached for more as the sticky sensation increased, moving unconsciously against him as a mischievous smirk grew on his face. He gladly assisted, using his unforeseen strength to bounce you up and down to hit all the right nerves. Every part of him shivered as you glanced back at him, eyes completely glazed over in lust.
You both leaned in as he swallowed your wanton moans of ecstasy. He removed his shirt and other garments with ease, growing impatient as he started to feel the wet sensation against his leg. As you were about to meet the end, he stopped, his hands meeting the buttons of your blouse as you panted against him. He looked down at you, an expression of absolute worship in his eyes as he leaned in to whisper his sinful musings into your ear.
“Please allow me to gaze upon your seraphic form, my divine angel.”
You couldn’t think straight as your face grew even hotter, but subconsciously relented to his plea, fingers moving to slowly unbutton the blouse as more and more skin was uncovered. He gazed with the look of an hungered animal, leering eyes adoringly looking at the soft skin. They crinkled in adoration, mouth moving to suckle bite marks and more colorful bruises against your stomach. 
He left a painting only an artist could decipher in his wake, his teeth and lips turned into the brush as he left no spot untouched. He was in a moment of true worship, and there was no doubt in either of their minds that he meant every touch and every word that had escaped his lips. 
He traced your back, lifting you from under your bum as your legs encased his hips. He moved as swiftly as the winds he commanded, settling you down as carefully as he could against the familiar burrow of pillows. 
His calloused hands rubbed against your legs, thighs, and hips - circling sweet sensations and unspoken words into your skin that only you would understand as his eyes gently gawked at the glowing figure underneath him. He could request hundreds of paintings, thousands of sculptures; they would never capture your true beauty as perfectly as this moment did.
Your hand reached up hesitantly cupping his cheek, and he melted to the warm touch on his cool skin. Your fingers traced each crinkle and beauty mark that adorned his pale skin, like small splatters of paint on a canvas. No matter if they were an accident or not, they added to the piece. Your eyes met with his for a moment, and though there was no need to say it, you did.
“Take me.”
He willingly submitted underneath his goddess’ calm command, undressing your body with tender care - no longer the desperate passion of the prior moments. The only thing that lingered between the two of you were silent promises of love. You liked this silence. It was so inviting, like the blankets lining your bed at home. They filled your heart with this strange tingling sensation that you had felt before. You liked it.
The bard rolled his hips experimentally, a small groan leaving his lips as he felt the true measure of your arousal. His nimble fingers stroked the conjoining point between you both, your legs almost locking his hand inside as you were still sensitive from the lost bliss from earlier.
“Seems you’re excited, huh?” he teased.
You both chuckled, light and unassuming smiles on your faces before you decided to speak with much more softness than you had normally found yourself able to muster. That all changed whenever he was around.
“With you? Always.”
His eyes twinkled with longing veneration, leaning in so that just your noses made contact. The gaze you both held lasted for what felt like a collection of beautiful years, almost as if you were seeing the future come inside his ocean-like eyes. He was seeing the same in yours.
“I love you,” he spoke like a revelation.
The familiar heat returned to your cheeks once again, but it was not out of lust anymore - maybe a bit, but that wasn’t the defining factor. Your heart thundered deep inside of your chest, and you welcomed the beat as it went in sync with his own.
“I love you, too.”
With that, he pushed his full length in you, sinking in as he lowly laughed, nuzzling his face into your shoulder. You both took a moment to breathe, drunk off of the high of connection once more.
“Why do you always feel so good?”
You laughed between low groans of pleasure as he started to circle his hips.
“That’s what you always say.”
He scoffed with a knowing look on his face, before burying himself deeper in, allowing himself to drown in the familiar scent of her natural smell and the aroma of flowers that lingered around them both. Cecilias, which made you fitting for your infamous nickname. He thrust his hips, rolling them just as he had before to hit that perfect spot, to which you quietly cried out.
“Oh~ Venti.”
“Shh, goddess. Just let the feeling wash over you,” he whispered, shushing your racing mind.
Your stomach slowly started to turn into knots - no longer ones of nausea. Your back arched up as he hit the perfect angle, breasts pushing against his chest much to his perverted delight. You chanted his name out, praying to your most devoted follower.
“Venti- Ahn~ I-I gonna cum-!”
“Cum for me, my pretty muse.”
The stars that followed were much prettier than the ones leaking in from the cracks on the ceiling above, glowing brightly as your arms went to tightly wrap around his back. They shined until they incased your vision, overwhelmed by the white sensation of bliss.
His thrusts stuttered a bit as he spilled inside of your sensitive heat, the vibration of his loud moans against the column of your neck causing you to shudder. As he slowly stilled, he turned you over, resting your head on his chest as he covered both of you with one of the small blankets lying around. 
Your eyelashes fluttered for a moment as the soft waves of sleep started to overcome you, tired from such an emotional and physical union. Two delicate kisses were placed on each eyelid as they fully shut.
“Sleep well, Angel.”
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adeptxs-xiao · 12 hours ago
Hydro Archon Childe
I'm a former Adeptus, gifted by Morax to Ajax as per a contract stipulating neither nation will wage war on the other
Ajax strips me of my powers and forces me to cockwarm him in his throne room, even if he has visitors. There's not a night I don't end up with a bulge in my stomach with how many times he's came inside me, even after a glowing blue hydro emblem appears just above my cunt, signifying that his seed has taken root within me.
He never lets me wear clothes aside from a collar of pure lazurite, in fact, he likes showing off my swollen stomach to guests, just so they know who I belong to.
CW: Breeding; ownership; afab anatomy (cervix/cunt/pussy/womb); cervix stretching; implied dumbification; implied mind break;
"Angel..." The softness in his voice betrays the hard thrusts of his hips; his cock kissing your cervix roughly with each time he forces himself deeper and deeper inside you. The bed creaks under his force, hips slapping against yours as he tries to push further into your cunt; that perfect warmth only your body can give him.
"We have to make sure it's buried in deep..." His fingers trail over your stomach, slightly swollen with the emblem barely glowing. "We have to make sure my cum is buried deep inside you." He looks deep into your eyes, knowing that nothing really makes sense to you besides the feeling of his cock pounding your pussy. "You can take it, can't you?" There's a sadistic smile gracing his face when you nod mindlessly; you were so cute when you're so lovedrunk off his cock.
"Good, good..." He purrs softly, kissing your swollen lips while his hands gripped under your thighs, pushing them towards your shoulders. The kiss is the only thing muffling your screams as Childe forces his cock through your cervix, the sharp pain serving as the only reminder that this is your reality; a former adeptus now serving as the Hydro Archon's breeding whore.
His cum spills inside you only a few thrusts after, each spurt makes your hips twitch with Childe having to hold your hips down to keep you in place. You attempt to speak, only choking out useless words from the overwhelming sensation of having his cum immediately fill your womb. He relishes in that fucked out expression of yours, how pathetic and beautiful you look when you take his cum inside you.
"Do you even understand how handsome you are, angel?" He is breathless, cheeks flushed as he lets go of your thighs to cradle your face; he rolls his hips against yours, groaning when you clench around him. "You look so good... so perfect... but you need more of my cum, don't you?" He asks, lips trailing across your cheeks. "We need to show them how much cum you can take inside you." His hips start moving again, albeit slower. "So be good for me; take my cock again and again until I'm satisfied, alright?"
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xiaowhore · 4 days ago
yours truly,
Tumblr media
premise: as a friend of the most attractive students in school, you're more than used to acting as the middleman between them and the people vying for their affection, often tasked with delivering presents or handing out their love letters. however, when you chance upon a small bouquet of flowers on your desk without a note indicating the sender or who you're meant to give it to, you start to wonder if this one's supposed to be yours.
includes: childe, xiao, diluc, kazuha, albedo, thoma & gorou !
a/n: hahaha why is this so long... anyways this is a college au + reverse harem of some sorts. enjoy. i really don't want this one to flop so likes and reblogs are appreciated thx
“Do you think it's a prank?”
“Why is that the first thing that pops into your mind?” Keqing sighs as she fixes her makeup in front of a compact mirror, smacking her lips to spread the color evenly. “You're really cute, [Name]. why wouldn't someone like you by now?”
Your face burns at the offhand comment. “You're only saying that because we're friends.”
Ayaka giggles, twirling a lock of your hair with her finger. “Of course not. You're very adorable! If anything, it'd be more surprising if nobody likes you.”
“Who do you think it's from, though?” Ganyu quietly asks from beside you, observing the handful of carnations laying on your desk. Scanning the students currently present in the room, she thoughtfully adds, “maybe someone on the shyer side since they couldn't give it to you directly?”
“Or someone who did it to be romantic,” Kokomi suggests, scrutinizing the flowers with keen eyes. “That's quite nice of them.”
You hummed in contemplation, trying to figure out who placed it on your table. “Are you sure it's not a prank... or a mistake? You all sit beside me, so maybe they mistook my seat for yours-”
“You're the only one who faithfully sits there, [Name]. We don't even have assigned seats so most of us sits wherever,” Keqing clarifies, staring at you with a disapproving look. “Don't deny it. You know it's yours.”
“But I can't think of anyone who would like me!” you exclaim in defeat. “I am curious about who gave it, though... I should try to find out who it is...”
“More importantly...” Ganyu smiles at you, noticing the blush dusting your cheeks. “Who do you want it to be?”
Tumblr media
in all honesty, he's your first guess.
not because you think he likes you or anything! he's just a huge flirt.
at the beginning of the school year, you hardly got along. you know he's a friendly guy, but it's in the way that... intimidated you. he's part of the “mood maker” clique, attracting attention wherever he goes, and you're not sure if you could handle his energy...
you preferred to stay away from the spotlight though that's a bit hypocritical considering you're friends with the prettiest group of girls in your year, and he relished in it. you didn't know if you could get along.
you didn't become friends until you were assigned partners for a project that meant a lot for your grade, and you vowed to yourself if you couldn't be close to him, you should at least be close enough to work together without trouble.
in the end, you surprisingly hit it off, childe easing the awkward air between you with jokes and random stories to tell about his weird friends. your friendship didn't end when the project did, and you continued to hang out outside of school. you're sure he didn't approach you to get closer to your friends, either; though you had some doubts at first, he was nothing alike with the jerks who tried to use you.
you're no stranger to the pranks he pulled, nor were you unaware of his flirty nature; he occasionally entertained the lot who fancied him when he attended drinking parties. so it made perfect sense if it was childe who gave those flowers, along with the gifts that followed after. it would just be him messing around again, right? oh, definitely! it wouldn't be the first time he spent his money in reckless abandon, bragging that he has the cash to spare for it.
but unexpectedly when you bring up the topic, his expression darkens, showing no sign of joking around. he looks a little shocked, too, to know someone was pursuing you.
“it's not from me,” he admits, gently taking your hand. “but it's true that i like you.”
xiao is one of the people you deliver presents to lol
due to his intimidating disposition (and the endless amount of nasty rumors swirling about him, thanks to said intimidating disposition), hardly anybody would dare to approach him, daunted by the perpetual scowl etched on his face. he remains as eye candy, but an entity no one could reach.
you avoided him at first, too. his face is admirable, you can say that much, but you've become somewhat desensitized from having been surrounded by pretty faces 24/7 so you can't really say it's anything new... and yes, you are scared of him to a certain degree. you could never guess what he's thinking.
you weren't sure if he's as scary as people make him out to be though, since people tend to exaggerate gossip for the sake of shock value. he once defended a middle schooler from high school delinquents (through persuasion and not with fists), but the story somehow twisted into another tale entirely detailing how xiao had brutally wiped the floor with their faces and painted the concrete floor with blood...
but as intimidating as he might seem, you don't think he's that kind of character. if you overlook his piercing glare and sharp tongue, he's quite decent.
... you thought that way until you caught him tailing you on your way home.
he crept up behind you, maintaining a natural distance, but after numerous twists and turns in hopes of leading him away, he had yet to cease heading towards your direction. you wouldn't be so suspicious if you hadn't purposely gone in circles around town, leading back to where you came from — which meant he didn't have a particular destination in mind, and fully intended on being hot on your tail.
tired of having bated breath waiting for his next move, you gathered all your courage and confronted him directly, cornering him to the nearest wall to assert dominance. xiao seemed startled by your forwardness, and you took his moment of vulnerability as an opportunity to interrogate him.
unexpectedly, he sheepishly confesses, “i'm not a stalker, i got worried since you're going home this late. haven't you heard about the crime rate these days...”
from there on, you suppose you could say you understood him better. though he's snappy and stern, he's not that terrifying, even sweet at times. when you become proper friends (and you stop suspecting him as your stalker), he saves you a seat next to him, or brings you coffee that you like when he notices you're sleepy in class.
it wasn't long until everybody came to know you were friends and a girl finally — you guessed it — asked you to send a love letter to xiao in her stead.
when you gave it to xiao, he was unusually flustered, flushed pink to the tips of his ears. his expression falls flat once you tell him it's from someone else, badly containing the disappointment to show on his face.
nevertheless, you continue to be friends, and xiao has learned not to expect much from you.
he's the earliest to arrive in class, so you ask him if he'd seen the person who gave you flowers. with a cold, hard look, he says no.
he's acting kind of weird, isn't he...
the barista in the coffee shop near your university that has to put up with so much bullshit flirting everyday.
he has to reject people in a roundabout way, and you know he hates it, but of course he has to provide great customer service if he still wants customers right... directly breaking their hearts would only make problems.
but he takes no shit from rude customers.
no, you weren't one of them. in fact, diluc quite liked you a bit. first of all, you don't have any romantic interest for the staff, you genuinely enjoy his drinks (he knows because your face is like an open book), and you mind your own business. he tolerates you enough that he can make small talk with you and it doesn't upset him in the slightest.
so it really ticked him off when some idiot was bothering you in the cafe, starting an argument over a trivial matter that shouldn't be fussed over.
in normal circumstances, diluc would've done the usual protocol — reason with the angry customer, offer free products, and let them leave the premises peacefully. but the moment he saw the man grab your shoulders and you winced in pain as a result, he didn't even have to think of what to do next.
cold coffee rained down on the ill-mannered man's head, evoking a surprised scream out of him. his fingers left your body in favor of patting away the sticky liquid from his clothes, and you stared blankly at the seething figure behind him.
“your order,” diluc announced, his voice tinted with rage. then he pretended to remember something, looking at the empty cup in his hand. “oh, i apologize. you ordered it hot, didn't you?” he forced a smile on his face. “would you like me to brew another one for you?”
the man erupted to a new screaming fit, but he was promptly dragged aside. diluc immediately questioned if you were hurt anywhere, his voice a total 180 from before and turning into a soft tone you nearly didn't recognize.
“that stunt you pulled...” you nervously said. “will you be okay...? won't you get, er, dismissed because of it?”
“ don't know i own this place?”
in any case, you've become good friends ever since that incident. so when your secret admirer gives you your customized drink from diluc's shop (that even xiao doesn't know the recipe of!), you ask him if there's a customer who ordered your exact drink that morning.
strangely enough, he changes the subject.
“he only gave you coffee?” diluc wrinkles his nose. “he's not fit for you.”
he proceeds to shove you a plate of pancakes for breakfast and won't let you talk about that topic again.
the soft-spoken boy working part-time as a florist. as one would expect, his good-looking features attracted customers left and right, just like how a flower allures bees with its colorful petals and sweet nectar.
he studies in a different university from you, but it's relatively close by and you run into each other a lot. you could say you're pretty good friends; you exchanged contact information and text every other day, phone each other up to have a meal together whenever you're both free, and hang out over the weekend.
he stirred up some drama with you once. on a rainy day, he invited you to eat lunch together, but you've forgotten to take an umbrella before leaving for school so you told him you'd be a little late 'cause you had to run to the convenience store first. however, he told you not to worry about it and abruptly ended the call.
fast forward to the afternoon: the glass doors to leave the corridors had a few people lurking by, covering what was beyond. you cocked up an eyebrow in question, confused over what was all the fuss, but then you see that familiar pale hair streaked with bright red.
kazuha stood innocently by the school gates, a crimson umbrella in hand, and a small bouquet in the other. he checked his wristwatch every few minutes, seeming to be waiting for someone. he completely ignored the gawking stares pinned on his frame, busying himself by humming a quiet tune.
you hesitantly pushed open the doors, approaching him with wary steps. he immediately perked up once noticing you, beaming brightly to greet you with enthusiasm. he offered you the bouquet, telling you it's nothing more than a small gift the owner had let him craft for free (who mistakenly thought kazuha had a lover, since he was always on his phone texting someone).
you might have known the reasons behind the present, but nobody else did. and what general implications could gifting a bouquet of flowers have?
thus, the school's online forum exploded with questions, asking for the identity of the pretty boy standing by their university, and the lucky person he'd given flowers to.
needless to say it was hard to convince your friends that no, he isn't your boyfriend.
but that was another issue! the issue NOW is the other bouquet you received, much more recent in nature. after suspecting childe, your next thought was to ask kazuha if he had any buyers who purchased the same flowers you had.
his lips twitch for a moment, faintly looking displeased. but he flashes a flawless, award-winning customer service smile, covering his initial expression easily.
“no such customer ordered for those flowers that day. but i am curious about this matter... could you humor me and explain more in detail, by any chance?”
the med student fawned over by students and teachers alike. he's simply brilliant, idolized by the entire student body. though he's mainly studying science, he's been praised for his art as well, his paintings hung in the art room proudly.
you're not very familiar with him, only knowing him through hearsay. you don't know what he looks like, so you've never confirmed for yourself if he's as beautiful everyone says he is.
he's well-known but you haven't heard anything bad about him, which is an impressive feat. his name is only ever mentioned in concert with endless compliments.
you meet him by chance in exam season. unsurprisingly, the library is filled to the brim, tables stacked high with books and each chair occupied by agitated students sipping energy drinks and coffee to stay functional. amidst all the chaos, one student remains radiant and carefree, leisurely flicking pages through his notes. he's situated by a corner table, unbothered by the mindless zombies despite having plenty of free seats beside him and everyone else is squished together like canned tuna.
and you, carrying binders, books and stationery, are visibly desperate for a place to rest. his eyes leave the words in his notes briefly, beckoning you to come closer. and you, still unaware of his identity, gladly plop on a chair and heave your heavy supplies atop the table. it shakes for a moment as it bears the new weight, rattling his items, and the zombies gape at you in question. ironically, the person you've been bothering is not offended at all.
you sneak glances at him when you need to freshen your eyes from studying, nauseated by the letters that never seem to come to an end no matter how many paragraphs you've read. you're at awe by his fair skin, not a single blemish in sight, and he doesn't even have dark circles under his eyes. truly mysterious. either he has a magical skincare routine or he's not human. if anything, you'd think he just came from a relaxing vacation, not in the middle of hell week.
you snap out of your trance, and you scold yourself for being bewitched. you have more pressing concerns, and so you grill more information into your brain, oblivious to the turquoise eyes that begin to stare at you.
the next encounter comes when exams are finally over, and you celebrate by buying the pricey food set in the cafeteria. the crunch of golden breading is rewarding for your taste buds and you shovel more food towards your mouth, minding your own business.
the seat next to you is pulled back, and you pause from chewing. it's that guy again, his refined beauty easy for you to recognize. he places his tray on the table, smiling amiably as he asks if it's fine with you should he sit there. you nod, but there's plenty of vacant tables around. it's also pretty weird that he sat next to you, not across...
well, strange as it is, that's how you befriend albedo. you've yet to learn why he came on so strong, almost aggressive. like he really wanted to talk to you. but whatever.
the more you learn about him, the more his image of “golden boy” withers away. picture of elegance? the standard of sophistication? sure. but this guy doesn't hesitate to do the weirdest shit sometimes.
he doesn't fear anything. he puts anything edible in his mouth. one school trip to the countryside taught you a few things. if he's offered fried bugs, he'll eat it. if he's given frog legs, he'll eat it. he doesn't care. he'll eat seemingly anything. because of this, you worry his admirers will put something strange in the food they give him, but that possibility doesn't cross his mind at all. (well. not that he eats it. he rejects gifts most of the time. exceptions are when they come from you.)
you're starting to think he really doesn't fear anything. when you start to scream in fright like a headless chicken while watching a horror movie, he calmly studies the anatomy of whatever horrifying creature is on screen, questioning their ability to walk when half of their body is split apart. why is he questioning horror movie logic. “ghosts are supposed to be transparent and can pass through walls, how come she can grab the main character's hair and drag him to the incinerator?” “albedo, please.” (he comforts you when you get scared, hiding your face in his shoulder as he wraps his arms around you. he softly whispers in your ear to tell you when the scary parts are over.)
he's also an overprotective older brother. for good reason, actually. his little sister, albeit cute and outwardly harmless, is an explosive child who likes to make trouble. if he takes his eyes off her for more than two minutes, she will undoubtedly set fire to his little garden.
but aside from being a pain in the ass, his observation skills can help you — surely albedo can make a few guesses for your secret admirer's identity?
she's the reason why he's so observant. he can tell you trimmed your hair because he's all too used to klee chopping off her own hair with craft scissors. he also notices when you feel a bit under the weather. klee is the type to hide her sickness so she could play outside, and albedo would often have to forcibly tuck her back to bed. you're no different. he will, quite literally, drag you to your house and make you rest.
albedo blinks at you, uncharacteristically silent. he purses his lips, and gives you a small smile. he asks a few unassuming questions, things like what traces your secret left behind, or if they'd sent a love letter and he'd check the penmanship to see if he found it familiar.
he's not the most eager to help, you know that, but you're still slightly disappointed when he says, “sorry, i can't help you with something like that. it'd be better if you figured it out yourself.”
the cute neighbor living in the apartment next door. just like kazuha, he studies in a different university, but you run into each other a lot because... well. obviously.
you find him rather silly. he'd signed the lease not knowing pets weren't allowed in the premises, and tearfully waved taroumaru goodbye when he moved in. to cope, he started staying at the park near the apartment building, playing with the dogs there and getting hit on by their owners in the process, but let's not talk about that.
despite being a newcomer, he fit right in with the tenants. he made effort to learn everyone's names and chatted with them whenever presented a chance, thus winning their favor. it isn't a strange sight to see him with middle-aged ladies and looking at home, listening earnestly to their complaints about their husbands or rowdy children. (his hard work pays off when they give him their special recipes and inform him of supermarket deals lol)
he seems to get along well with old men too, invited to their drinking parties. except thoma isn't good at rejecting alcohol from older adults, so when you save him from such situation — pulling him away from the old men prying into his love life, because surely a good kid like him would have someone to love him dearly — he's become eternally grateful.
he's honestly too good for his own good.
exhibit a: thoma is prone to cooking too much food for one person to eat in one sitting, so he tends to invite you to eat his hotpot with him or bring you packaged food you can easily pop into a microwave. after your one act of goodwill, he's become strangely attached to you, pronouncing you best buds. he then admits he used to live with a larger group of people (hence his cooking habits), and he's thankful for your company. (you'd argue you're getting the better end of the deal, receiving free food like this)
exhibit b: he's always available to help you in your troubles. need a hand with heavy groceries? he's on his way! ran out of soy sauce? just wait a bit, he's gonna grab some from the cupboard! forgot your key inside your apartment? then stay at his place for the meantime before the locksmith comes! your shower isn't working well?... he promises he won't peek in the bathroom, so feel free to take a bath h a h a h a. need someone's opinion on what outfit to wear for a date? sure, he's- wait.
his face twists weirdly as you showcase two different shirts, asking which one he likes better. you raise an eyebrow when he doesn't dare to utter a single word. “are they both bad?”
he blinks rapidly, then shakes his head laughing. he half-heartedly points to the shirt in your left hand, but you can tell he doesn't really think much of it. he excuses himself fairly quickly, saying he had chores to do, and scurried back to his own home.
(you were only going to a date with ayaka's older brother because she insisted you both needed a love life, but it's not like you actually feel anything for him.)
it doesn't end there. thoma acts weird sometimes. he's strangely cold when he sees you inviting kazuha to your apartment to hang out. he also stiffens when he spots xiao walking you home.
but by far, he acted the weirdest when your phone number called him, but when he answered, he heard a different voice respond.
it's childe, whom you went drinking with. he doesn't know where you live, and you're not nearly sober enough to return home on your own, and it's not like you'll agree to staying over childe's house. you also refuse telling him your address, so childe is left with no choices but to call for someone he knows.
he uses your fingerprint to unlock the password in your phone, heading straight for your contact list, and dialed thoma.
it doesn't take long for thoma to arrive where you are, panting after running for a while, and childe is almost impressed. thoma hoists you up and you obediently wrap your arms around him.
“sorry for the trouble. [name]'s dead drunk as you can see,” childe comments, chuckling to himself. thoma doesn't look amused and replies with, “it's no trouble at all. i'd be glad to help [name] anytime.”
then in a way that almost seems possessive, thoma leaves childe behind.
so now when you arrive home, bouquet in your arms, red dusting your features, thoma is displeased once more.
(yet he is envious of those who can freely profess their affections, because he's certain if he were to ever admit his feelings to you, things can never be the same.)
you first suspected childe because you thought the bouquet of flowers was a joke, but if it wasn't and it was real with the intentions of sweeping you off your feet...
then you might have another suspect in mind.
gorou is... a funny guy. can you put it like that? you don't know what to think of him. he's nice, you already know that very well, kokomi's good friends with him and told you a few stories about him, all of which are sweet and amusing. your first impression of him was that of a pure-hearted boy that can do no wrong.
he's younger than you by a year, and kokomi was fairly excited when she first told you he would be attending the same university soon. she promised to introduce you to him in hopes you'd be friends as well.
and okay, you could get behind that. there's nothing wrong with meeting new people. gorou sounded like a great guy too, and it'd be nice to take care of someone younger. you've been coddled by your seniors the past year as a freshman, and you thought it would only be right if you did the same to the new batch of students.
so you attended the welcoming party kokomi dragged you into. it was just a small gathering to get the freshmen familiarize themselves with older students, and she told you you'd get to meet gorou there, her eyes carefully scanning the crowd in pursuit of a specific face.
just as you were reminiscing over the past where your sadistic seniors encouraged you to drink a lot in the last welcoming party, shuddering in fright, kokomi tapped your shoulder and gestured to the brown haired boy standing before you.
it must be him. per courtesy, your lips curled into a practiced smile, exuding an amicable air. kokomi briefly exchanged a few words with him, but it looked like she was doing all the talking, the male frozen in spot as if he'd seen something strange.
he stared at you blankly, eyes slightly widened, and you slowly became unnerved with his vacant gaze, your smile faltering. you made eye contact with kokomi, silently questioning her, but she gave a subtle shrug of her shoulders, also confused by his behavior.
then, completely out of everyone's expectations, he'd dropped to the floor.
gorou had knelt on the ground with one steady knee, solemn in his endeavors. in an instant, your hand was seized, fingers enclosed in his warm palm. his piercing stare was impassioned, sincere at its core. heat shot up to the tips of your ears.
“marry me!”
his voice resounded in the entire room, earning unwanted attention. the chatter halted immediately, all eyes dedicated to the spectacle that was the both of you, and your mind began to spin, cold sweat dripping down your forehead.
your voice was caught in your throat, not knowing what to say, and all you could formulate was a garbled string of incoherent mess. undeterred, the grasp on your hand was unrelenting, gorou committed through this act until the very end.
everyone was thinking the same thing: we haven't even started drinking yet, but this little guy is drunk already??
shameless. crazy. a head with loose screws. you're probably the only one who'd describe gorou that way.
but what kind of sane man would say that upon first meeting???
kokomi quickly tried to mediate the situation for him, pulling him away and patting his back to knock him out of his dazed stupor, and pushed you to the farthest corner.
she vouched for him when she saw your puzzled expression, thinking of him as a weirdo, and she insisted he's normally not that odd. she swears he was never interested in dating before, and she isn't sure what changed for him to... propose... all of a sudden... to you, who he'd barely seen for ten seconds, no less.
naturally, it feels strange for you to see him. after that disastrous encounter, gorou — who did feel embarrassment for what he did, horrified at his own impulsiveness — tried to make amends, backtracking steps (he skipped way too many and immediately went to propose lol) and treating you normally like a friend of a friend, slowly trying to make the atmosphere between you casual instead of a freezing blizzard that kills off the amicable mood.
in spite of all that, however, you do feel as if his feelings are actually genuine. he can be clumsy, and incredibly so, you don't know who else could propose to another person within a span of a minute meeting them for the first time, but he means well! you started off on the wrong foot, and maybe this bouquet of flowers is him trying to curry your favor... or something...
yet all he gives is a disbelieving look, and that's enough to provide a clear answer: it's not from him, and he's upset.
it,, probably wasn't a good idea to ask someone who likes you about another person who likes you.
but if it isn't him, who else could it be?!
Tumblr media
drop your guesses in the comments but im pretty sure it's already obvious lol
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sidemariana · 11 days ago
• "1 character, 1 kink" NSFW scenarios •
About the game: Both characters' and kinks' names are in alphabetical order to facilitate your life. If you sent me an ask about this game I made, search for the ones you requested. Enjoy!
Pairings: Aether, Childe, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Thoma, Xiao and Zhongli [separately] x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Consensual sexual content ahead. Read responsibly.
Word count: 5k ( +/- 230 per scenario)
Art: It's not mine, I'm not sure the artist.
Tumblr media
Aether 🌼
I used some parts of an old work of mine on this scenarios. You can read "Dacryphilia and Breeding" on the link of my Masterlist 3 (pinned post)
• Breeding kink
The night was heated and agitated.
You thought it would be another session of making out with your boyfriend, so you couldn't tell that with more seconds and you would feel Aether's hips slamming against yours in a rapid pace, your walls involuntarily clenching around him, only making his need to fill you up completely worse.
His tip was almost reaching your cervix in such a delicious pace that only made more tears roll down your pretty face.
His hands were in your hips, squeezing it hardly enough to make bruises on your skin. Your legs went to his waist, enlacing it, as a try to calm him down, but he kept slamming himself into you, quickly.
"Aether..." You caught your breath, your hands gripping the bedsheets, trying to ease the overstimulation. "P-Please..."
"You promised, (Name). I know you can take it, right?" He kissed your wet cheek, brushing his nose against the damp skin.
You weakly assented to his words.
"You'll look so beautiful if one day you carry our child, doll. They'll be proof of our love" Your orgasm hit you hardly, making your mind foggy. "Perhaps today is the day I'll finally breed you, uh?"
"Please, Aether... Fill me up completely, I swear I can take it"
"You have no idea how much I have to control myself everyday to not simply fill you up with my cum until you're dripping, (Name). Perhaps this night will be our last try... I guess you'll be able to handle it, right?"
"Mhmm... I can handle it, please..."
His cum reached deep within you.
It felt warm.
It felt just right.
"So let's keep going until your body have no other choice than making a baby with my cum"
Childe 🌊
• Cockwarming
"C-Childe... We're in the Golden House... What if the Millelith around here catch us...?"
"I'll simply tell them you're cockwarming me inside this important place"
"I'm just kidding, geez. You're using a skirt, they won't even notice anything. I can tell them you were feeling weak and I had to sit you on my lap to make you more comfortable :)"
"Ah, fuck, Tartaglia, I wanna move... I... I wanna cum"
"That has nothing to do with cockwarming, girlie. Just keep quiet above my lap and take me inside you like the good girl you're, deal?"
"Deal..." You whimpered softly while you received his kisses and hickeys on your collarbones as you caressed his ginger toned hair in reflection.
Every now and then your walls squeezed him, making both of you moan quietly.
You both passed good minutes like that, just to have your funny moment ruined by the soldiers that were entering the place.
"Fuck! Get up, (Name). The Millelith are coming back"
Frustration covered your face while you fixed your clothes.
"Don't be moody, princess. We'll finish this once we get home ;3"
• Roleplay
"Tsk. Pathetic. You couldn't even escape from me, traveler? I told you the last time we've met that if I saw you one more time, I'd be last person you'd ever see in your life"
"Tartaglia... Please... I would never betrayal you. I swear it wasn't my intention"
His hips collapsed against yours in a quick pace while his hands squeezed your neck without hurting you.
"Making me ruin my reputation with the Fatui because you had to help your little friend? I could end your life now if I wanted, but why can't I do so? Why am I so attracted to this pathetic little girl I've met in Liyue?"
"Childe... Please, break my heart" You moaned, while he brought your legs to rest on his shoulders, allowing him to go deeper within you.
"So attached already to this 'villain' like you once called me?"
You only assented, reaching your orgasm being the only thing in your mind.
"Faster, Childe... Fuck me faster..."
"Sure, girlie. Come on, let's speed up things a little. Perhaps if I overstimulate you I'll see that as a forgiveness plea"
"Mhmm... Yes, please, Ajax!"
After that session, your lover whispered to you before you went to sleep;
"Perhaps that was one of the funniest roleplay we ever did, (Name)"
"Funniest? I... I can barely move here... I'm sore, Childe"
"It's not like you didn't get into it too, princess :>"
• Pet play
"Is my little kitten horny?"
"Mhmm..." You brushed your nose against the skin of his neck, but Ajax wasn't having much of it until you were lost in your own thoughts as Childe now traced kisses in your neck, his ocean blue eyes searching in your gaze for the right reaction.
"Ajax..." You gasped when his lips brushed a soft spot on your skin.
He smirked, and slithering his arm under your shirt the man caressed your back, his cold hand sending shivers down your spine.
Capturing your lips in a kiss, Childe's other hand went to your panties, playing with the cloth, swirling the fabric above your hips with his fingers.
"Only wearing a large shirt with panties, a cat tiara and a tail? Since when you became this bold, uh?" He teased you, gripping now one of your thighs with a tight hold, making you moan at the contact.
"Childe... Please..." 
"Please what, sweetheart?" Now the said man was massaging your clit right above the thin and damp cloth.
"Argh...!" You gulped down as his fingers stimulated your nerves. "Tartaglia, stop teasing m- Ah...!"
He had inserted his middle finger in you and without any warning, he started pumping it slowly.
"Gods, (Name)... This wet already? Such a naughty kitten, aren't you?"
Curving his finger, he brushed right against a sweet spot of yours, making you see stars.
"Ajax... Gods I... I can't even think-"
He cut you off by inserting two fingers inside your walls, right before lowering his head right at your sex's level.
His tongue now fluttered at your already sensitive bud, making you arch your back and bite your lips trying to control your moans.
"Fuck... Ah, Ajax..." Your thighs enlaced his head perfectly as you prolonged the contact of his tongue with your core.
Childe ate you out as you were the best thing he had savored in his entire life, his wet muscle created patterns of velocity just to broke them and make you shiver.
Your hands were in his soft hair, pulling it slightly, guiding him in the pace.
"You taste better than anything I've ever tasted... I could pass all night long eating you out nice and slowly, my kitten"
His fingers and the constantly fluttering of his tongue against your clit made you climax, making your lover cocky.
"Let's see how much you can handle, shall we, my little pet?"
• Power struggle
"Are you sure you can managed go for another round, (Name)?"
"Shut up for a few minutes, Childe"
You moved above him in a quick pace, chasing your orgasm as you beared the teasing of your boyfriend.
"Do you think you'll be the one in charge today?" He asked bitterly, before pushing you away from him just to get above you.
"Fuck, Childe! You almost always is the one in control! Let me be the power holder today"
"Pff. Bullshit. Last time you said the same thing. I won't fall for your tricks once again, love"
Like a curse, your back started hurting like hell, so you asked him to take the lead, even under you.
"Move my hips using my waist. I'm so fucking tired..."
"I could get you exausted with only one round? How cute..."
"Shut up, Ajax!"
He chuckled and took your waist on his hands, moving you above him. Your upper body was leaned down his abs, so only your hips were moving. Your lips met each other in a romantic kiss, and whenever you parted for air, Tartaglia marked your collarbones with his kisses.
After some minutes, you both reached your climax togheter as his cum warmed your insides a second time.
Childe took his hands of your waist to your hair, playing with it. He lifted your locks and marked your chest. After some lovebites, he could see the "A" he had done next your left breast. He had marked you as his.
You got out of him, laying down next to your boyfriend.
His seed slipped through your entrance, making your thighs slick. You closed your legs to stop his cum getting out of you and he saw it.
"So adorable like always, uh?" Getting above you, Childe's hands separated your legs as he started pounding his fingers inside your walls, playing with his cum, sliding it between your legs.
"Can you perhaps bear another round, doll?" He asked, speeding up the rythm of the thrusts, the fingers of his other hand playing with your clit.
"Yes, I think so."
"Do you want me to stop?"
"N-No, please..."
After you reached your third limit, he took of his fingers of you, licking the fluids on it, and soon his tongue licked you clean.
"Always so stubborn... That's the girl I know"
Diluc 🦉
• Breeding kink
You weren't sure how many rounds you had been through that night. All you knew was that you wouldn't stop until both of you were satisfied.
Your legs felt numb while you tried to keep them around Diluc's waist just to make him go deeper inside you.
"I could fill you up all night long if I pleased, love. But I guess this is more than enough... You're dripping already... Your thighs are sticking with my cum"
"Diluc- I'm gonna cum soon-" Your voice sounded hoarse from all the stimulation you received that night.
"Just give it all to me. Your walls' contractions will allow my seed to reach even deeper inside you, my dear. That's what we want, right?"
His warm jolt entered you swiftly, as you held onto his back to gain some support.
"D-Diluc..." You gasped once again that night when you felt his warmth.
"Shush, I'm here, my love... You did a great job..." A soft kiss on your lips. "Just make sure to not waste a single drop"
Gorou 🐾
• Body worship
The General of the Sangonomiya Resistance moved above you in a slow pace, making sure to never loose the eye contact you both made in such delicate moment.
His only focus was your own pleasure and bliss. And his lines made you feel completely loved and cared for.
"Your body must have been made just for me, love. We fit and complete each other perfectly" One kiss on your forehead. "Your eyes... Every single time I pound into you, they close slightly, letting me see your eyelashes that hold some tears of overstimulation in them... Your lips... You bit them down every time I hit your g-spot to hold back your soft noises. They're so plumpy and red due my kisses..." His fingers brushed the skin of your cheek to go forward and do the same thing on your neck and breasts.
"Gorou... I'm so close..." You whimpered.
"Your cheeks gain a pink tone every time we get intimate. Your neck always feels so soft and warm whenever I kiss your skin and your breasts... They're the perfect size, shape or whatever pattern I can think of" The praises didn't stop even when your orgasm reached you;
"Your thighs, your legs, your body curves, your voice, you personality... All perfect" He whispered before pulling out from you. "You're perfect, (Name). And I'll make sure to let you know that every single day"
Kaeya ❄
• Cockwarming
Your cheeks burned in embarrassment as you tried to keep quiet inside Kaeya's office in the Headquarters of the Knights of Favonious.
"What if... What if someone enters here...?" You asked quietly, as you felt your insides contracting around Kaeya's length once again. "Ah- I wanna move"
"If someone enters here, uh? That would be interesting. But... I'd tell them you're only sitting on my lap"
"I'm literally cockwarming you, Captain Kaeya. Someone can catch us doing this inside such an important place of Monstad"
"Captain, is it? When did you became so devoted to me, my darling?"
Another contraction of your tight walls.
"Fuck... This feels s-so good..."
"So just enjoy the feeling while I do my paperwork, will you? Also, keep quiet love. Your whimpers are getting louder... You won't want anyone to see you taking me like the good little one you're, right?"
• Mommy kink
Some tears left his eyes as he whimpered and held your hips like his life depended on it.
"Please, mommy... Let me touch you.... I need it..."
"Kaeya, what have I told you- Ah, fuck!" His cold fingers quickly started abusing your bundle of nerves, making the movements of your own hips falter.
His other hand went to squeeze the skin of your breast, making you loose your collected composure above him.
"Mommy...? Is there anything wrong, perhaps?" His voice carried a tone of teasing and irony that made you feel challenged.
"Not even under me you can stop being a jerk?"
"Well, you could have let me touch your body freely from the very beginning, right, mommy?"
Your orgasm hit you when you heard such words from him.
The sweetest sounds left your lips while your walls' contractions made Kaeya gulp in pleasure and break the character.
"Mommy, don't stop, please. I'll be a good boy, I promise. Just please, don't deny my pleas"
• Praise kink
Your body felt exhausted as you held onto your pillow as another one pillow was under your lower belly just to give you more comfort while Kaeya pounded into your sensitive hole.
"K-Kaeya... Please... It's s-so sensitive"
"Shush, doll. I'm here. Just keep being a good girl for me, okay?"
"Ah...! Be careful" You whimpered because his hands held your hips on a harsh manner.
His movements and caresses became less harsh and demanding, just to make you feel relaxed.
"Just like that, babe. You're such an obedient girl to me... Always trying to make me satisfied, always making me feel in heaven whenever I fuck you" 
Such words made you your heart race with happiness, your orgasm soon following you while Kaeya's words didn't stop at all, even when he came inside you.
"You always do so good for me, (Name)... So beautiful, so devoted... You're my everything" He whispered, but you were almost falling asleep.
Kazuha 🍁
• Thigh kink
Being only in your panties while watching a movie with your boyfriend maybe made Kazuha feel somewhat off and weak to his knees. He couldn't stop staring at your thighs, but perhaps he was way too shy to make the first move. So you decided you'd give him what he so-craved for.
Not caring about the movie anymore, you got above him, feeling his hips against yours.
"W-What are you doing, (Name)...?"
"I just wanna make sure you satisfy your desires, Kazuha"
You lowered your head to the level of his, pecking him on the lips.
"My desires? What... What do you mean? Ah- Fuck..." He gasped softly the moment you rocked your hips against his.
"(Name)... Please, don't tempt me..." Even so, you thrusred your hips against his a few more times, feeling how excited he was already. "I won't be able to stop... Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Go ahead, love, satisfy yourself"
Kazuha switched your positions right before he started distributing kisses through your breasts, tummy and lower belly. His hands went to your panties, massaging your entrance above the fabric.
"K-Kazuha..." His name slipped through your lips.
"Have you been planning this, uh? You even facilitate my job and all"
"Save it and enjoy..." He sliped your panties through your legs, geting you naked.
He kissed your entrance and you shuddered as his tonge started playing with you.
Gasps sliped through your lips and your hands instinctely went to his white hair, guiding him in the pace.
After some minutes, you felt some tension building up on your stomach.
"Awn, babe... I'm so close..."
One of his hands was gripping one of your thigh, while the other one was rubbing your clit.
Some more minutes and your high reached you and after gaining your orgasm he chuckled softly, right before marking both of your thighs with hickeys. Spending long minutes kissing, marking and squeezing your soft skin, he whispered:
"It's hard to control myself when you have such inviting thighs and body. Should I buy thigh highs for you, my love?"
Thoma 🎋
• Breeding kink
It had all started in a party, when you whispered into your boyfriend's ear such dirty words out of nowhere.
"Thoma, would you spent all night long filling me up? Or... Perhaps should I go and look for someone else to do so?"
That phrase made the sweet and collected composure of the man turn into a darker one, while hunger and desire were printed on his face as the time went by. Every little detail from your body almost driving him mad.
Some hours passed and once again you provoked him only to be cut off by him;
"Your eyes are swallowing me, love-"
"(Name)... Enough. Fuck, you've been teasing me all night long. Let's see how long it takes for you to regret your words"
Your boyfriend didn't let you rest during that long session. At that point, any stimulation could make you crumble under him.
His only goal that night was warming your insides with his cum every single time he got the chance.
Everything was a little too much by the time you whimpered:
"Too much, Thoma... I'm completely full, I... I don't even know if I can receive anything more..."
"Let's make your little pussy drip with my cum then, shall we? Or should I seek for someone else to do so?"
• Cockwarming
Thoma was playing video games with some of his friends while you stayed in your shared bedroom, the boredom making you feel somewhat off.
"Guys, wait a minute... My girl is calling me"
"Can we do that... Please?"
"Do... What, baby?"
"That... What we usually do it whenever you play video games or finish some paperwork..."
A chuckle left his lips when he heard your shy voice asking to do such a thing.
"I can't keep myself muted on the call for this long, so please, try to be quiet, alright?"
"Mhmm... I'll try my best. Promise"
"Come here" He helped you getting above his lap after he had lowered his pants and underwear. His breath was uneasy when you took your panties to the side from under your skirt and lowered yourself onto him.
"You can get me excited within seconds, do you know the power you hold, baby?" He pinched your nose, joking.
'Thoma? Turn on your mic, we need to discuss our strategy to finish this boss' Gorou's voice called for your boyfriend.
But your walls felt so good around him.
So tight, warm and wet.
The perfect combination to drive that man mad.
So good it made him loose his cool while gaming.
Involuntarily, you clenched around his length some times, gaining soft gasps from Thoma while his mic was on :)
"F-Fuck, (Name). You're... You're squeezing me so much"
'What the...?' Kazuha's voice sounded confused.
'Don't tell me... Archons... Couldn't you guys wait until the match was over?' Gorou was holding a chuckle.
"She feels way too good to wait that long, guys. And anyways... She was the one who asked to cockwarm me"
"T-Thoma! Shut up!" You slapped his arm. Poorly did you know his friends listened to you.
'There's no problem, (Name). Enjoy yourselves. Gorou and me can finish this boss easily without that horny guy'
• Orgasm denial
"You are a bad girl, you know that? And bad girls like you deserve some punishment, right?" Without warning, Thoma inserted two fingers into you, curving them in a certain angle to reach your sweet spot.
"Thoma!" You moaned.
Lowering his head to the level of your crotch, Thoma started sucking your clit while moving his fingers in and out of you in a slow but hard pace.
"Archons... So fucking wet for me, even though you made a mistake?" Stopping his hands' movements, the blonde man started eating you out. His nose brushed your clit, while his warm tongue abused your walls, the wet sounds he made turning both of you on even more.
Your hands went to his locks, pushing him against your vagina even more.
"You taste so damn good, (Name). I could eat you all day long without getting bored at all" You whined at the compliment, while your breath was uneasy.
Thoma inserted three fingers this time into your walls, his tongue making another ministrations in your core.
"I'm so close, T-Thoma... Please, don't stop" You whimpered, but your lover stopped all of his actions.
"Tsk. Flirting with other people at that damn restaurant? Really, love? It's a shame I'm not in the mood for giving you what you crave"
"I... I wasn't flirting... I was being polite, Thoma... Please, don't leave"
"You preferred being polite... So perhaps you prefer hitting your orgasm alone or not at all"
Xiao 🎆
• Breeding kink
The adeptus pounded himself into you in a slow yet hard place, gaining a whimper from you every single time he bottomed out inside you.
"Xiao..." You couldn't suppressed your moan when your walls involuntarily clenched around him as a sign your orgasm was getting closer. "Please, cum inside me... I need to feel it..."
"Tsc... Such a naughty little girl you're, uh?" His lips brushed against the skin of your ears when he whispered without stopping his movements; "Fantasizing about me filling you up completely with my cum, that's what you were thinking?"
"Ah, Xiao... Just fuck your cum inside me, I'm begging... I'll do anything... I'll be forever yours, I promise"
"A promise. Really, (Name)?" He shot his seed deep inside you, as your orgasm made him feel almost weak to his knees with the stimulation that your tight walls gave him. "I'm an adeptus, (Name)... I'll make sure you maintain your promise. There's no way turning back now, love"
Your heart skipped a beat with the tone of his voice, but you only assented to his words.
You fell asleep while Xiao was still there, caressing your hair delicately.
The adeptus somehow knew a life was being formed inside your womb by that time.
"We're bonded" He whispered before leaving you alone.
• Dacryphilia
"Please... Please (Name)" The adeptus begged with a whiny voice.
"Please what, Xiao...?"
"Please... Let me cum"
"I'm not sure... Perhaps you don't deserve it. Perhaps I should let you frustrated, just like the many nights you left before I got what I craved"
"Awn, fuck-! This feels so good... Don't stop, please, (Name)... I can do anything for you... I swear"
Your hips moved quickly against his, one of your hands on the headboard and the other caressed his cheeks.
A single tear left his eyes.
Your heart raced.
You cleaned it quickly just to watch other tears leaving his beautiful amber eyes.
That sight made you excited.
One of the most powerful adeptus there was.
So fragile.
So devoted under you.
"Please, love..." The first time he called you like that. Your heart jumped in joy one more time. "I love you, (Name)... I love you s-so much..." The tears didn't stop streaming his face while he repeated that sentence as a mantra.
He was being honest with you.
His pleasure wasn't his priority right now.
But even so, you gave to him what he needed.
His eyebrows furrowed and his eyes closed in bliss as the tears made his eyelashes glow inside the bedroom illuminated by the moonlight.
His wet cheeks looked so pretty and innocent to you that you could edge him all night long and make him a mess under you over and over again.
But you didn't need that.
You only needed him by your side.
"I love you too, Xiao... I'm here with you forever"
Xiao entered your bedroom at Wangshu Inn by that well-known open window.
• Somnophilia
The same view caught his eyes once again: your stunning body under the moonlight, with only a thin cotton bedsheet covering it.
You looked so beautiful while you slept.
So relaxed and fragile that the adeptus could spend some minutes watching you sleep and then leave you like usual to protect Liyue.
But... That night something seemed different. His heartbeat was way faster than he'd like to admit and discomfort made him restless on his spot on your bed.
The sight of your body - so appealing to the yaksha - made him consider accepting a proposal you had made long ago.
'That idea doesn't seem so bad... I don't wanna wake her up yet I can't leave here so worked up. This woman put me on a blind alley... Fuck, (Name), do you even know what you're capable of doing to me?' His thoughts runned fast inside his mind as he touched your neck, soon caressing your chest and stomach just to arrive the place that made him weak to his knees: your thighs.
Careful to not wake you up, Xiao opened your legs, pulling your panties to the side to penetrate you right there.
Even sleeping, your body reacted to his touches, as your walls clenched around him, welcoming him inside your warmth.
A gasp left your lips as he started moving, slowly seeking his high.
By the time he was almost cumming, you opened your eyes to see your lover above you, but everything was too blurry for you to keep them open.
Sleepiness consumed your mind and you could barely finish calling out his name, your own orgasm hitting you, making your body soft under him.
"Xiao...?" You whimpered, just before falling asleep once again.
"Shush, it's me baby. Everything's alright, just relax and let me finish this, please" And Xiao did finish what he had started. Emptying himself into you, he kissed your lips before going back to his adeptus duties.
"Thank you, (Name). I'll see you soon"
You'd wake up to your thighs sticking with his cum, but that way, you'd knew for sure Xiao trusted you enough to do such things by your side.
Zhongli 🐉
I used some parts of an old work of mine on this scenarios. You can read "The chosen one" on the link of my Masterlist 1 (pinned post)
• Breeding kink
You were the chosen one. So you had to obey him, right?
Sitting on his lap, you squirmed right above him, feeling his hardness. You both shared passionate kisses as you moved against his hips. Back and forth. Back and forth. You could almost hold in your hands the desire you shared for each other.
"Yes, babe. Just like that" Zhongli's lips pecked your neck with wet kisses, gaining gasps from you. Your hands went to his nape, holding his soft hair carefully to get more support.
"Ah!" You moaned when he found a soft spot of yours.
"That's one" His mouth sucked the skin of your breast, leaving purple marks that would take their time to fade away. His tongue swirled around your perked up nipple, gaining another moan from you.
"Zhongli..." You chocked out. "Don't stop, please" The devotion on your voice made his heart warm up.
He toyed with your breasts a little, just before changing positions with you. Now he was the one on top, tracing kisses all along your breasts, stomach and womb space, where he took his time loving.
"Soon our heir will be beared in here" Another kiss. "I'll made sure to breed you properly tonight, my love. You'll leave this bed pregnant or not at all" Zhongli spoke still lovingly, pure love and lust in his eyes.
Zhongli soon entered you, after letting you enjoy your first high of that night. It was as if you had been made for each other. His length made you gasp in pain, but his golden eyes reassured you.
Some seconds passed, and his hips started moving against yours in a hard pace, making it difficult for you to stay still, his cock almost reaching your cervix with every thrust of his.
After long more minutes, Zhongli reached his climax, his pupils dilating, hands gripping your hips so tightly you were sure they'd be purple in some hours.
"Argh! 'Li... It hurts" You gasped. His eyes that once carried desire were clouded with worry.
"I'm sorry, my queen. I will more careful with you. Your body is too fragile compared to mine" He kissed your forehead delicately, still inside of you as a way to make his cum not ooze off you.
You were sure his baby could be forming itself inside your womb right now, but your mind only wanted a hot bath and an entire day of sleep.
"Thank you, (Name). I looked after you not only to have your child, but also to have you as mine forever"
•DdLg (daddy kink)
Zhongli still looked imposing when his slim and cold fingers went to play with your sex right above the thin panties, your slick making the cloth wet.
"So wet for me... Such an obedient girl for daddy... I knew you'd be the right one since the beginning..." He praised you, sliding his middle finger into you with ease, since you were so relaxed for him.
"Mhmm... Yes, daddy... I'm like this just for you..." You whined for more friction, as the clothes you were using left your body.
The man took his time exploring your velvet walls, feeling every crevice you had.
A second finger was added, gaining a gasp from your now plump lips from his kisses. Scissoring movements made your back arch in pleasure and the tension in your stomach get bigger, begging to be released soon.
Zhongli used the pad of his fingers to stimulate your g-spot, only to bring your orgasm closer and closer.
"D-Daddy! Fuck! Ah, fuck yes..."
"Cum for me, babygirl. Give it all to me" His soft voice made the knot inside your stomach snap, making your walls start pulsing in a quick pace just to get slower and slower until it vanished only leaving pure endorphin running through your veins.
You both spent that night sharing your love for each other. At the end of it all, you could barely walk, your body completely worn out.
"No, daddy. I'm fine... I... I just don't feel my legs, is all" Both of you chuckled soft.
"I can always push your limits... Whenever my little girl wants"
• Quirophilia (hand fetish)
Your husband Zhongli was putting his rings for the day while you watched him with curiosity.
Such beautiful hands and fingers.
'They could fill me up right now and I wouldn't even try to stop him' You thought, soon coming back to reality whe  you heard his voice.
"Hey, my queen... Should I use this one? Or perhaps this one will look better?"
'You could use none and finger me until I can't take it anymore' Your mind told you.
"(Name)? Are you alright? You've been staring at my hands it's been some minutes..."
"A-Ah... About that... This one looks better, I guess" You helped him by sliding the golden ring around his finger, while you looked at such tempting features.
"What are you thinking about, love? You seem so distant from the reality... Is something bothering you?" You traced the veins of his hand with interested eyes, soon locking your own hand with his.
Zhongli knew exactly what you wanted at that point.
He looked at you while licking your entrance: so sensitive, squirming so easily under his touch. He found it cute.
His eyes were clouded with lust when he stopped his action for some seconds, licking two of his fingers just before inserting them into you, curving them in the perfect angle to make you see stars. It was like he had known your body for decades, even if you had gotten married only some months ago.
Rolling your eyes, you felt like you were almost there. Arching your back, his name slipped through your lips one more time, while some tears of pure bliss run off your eyes due the constant contractions of your walls.
After you enjoyed your high, Zhongli teased;
"I've put all my rings just to have taking them off because my wife seems to get excited about my hands and fingers, uh?"
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apompkwrites · 16 hours ago
phantom tales of teyvat || first engima
masterlist characters: aether, venti, zhongli genre: fluff? idk it's something contains: spoilers for phantom tales of the night (manga series), my own au i literally created on the spot, aether's tired of being teyvat's dog,(name) is not referred to by name but it's you :), some talks about cannibalism, some similar to hypnosis is kinda insinuated? i don't know how to describe it summary: it seems a traveler has wandered into a quiet inn on the outskirts of teyvat. however, the source of payment the innkeeper seeks isn't mora. in fact, it's nothing physical. it's the visitor's deepest darkest secret. notes: so i've been waiting for phantom tales of the night vol. 5 to be delivered to my house so i can finish up to vol. 7. so while i'm waiting, here i am making a weird au based on it. i hope you enjoy :D this basically follows the first chapter of vol. 1 but with genshin,,, also i got a bit carried away with this going to 2,979 words...
Tumblr media
all he wanted was to find his sister. his sweet twin sister who always stuck by his side, no matter what challenges they were faced with.
instead, he was stuck here, in a world he was widely unfamiliar with accompanied by a strange pixie-like being. he traveled through cities, aiding in whatever fetch quests he was asked to complete in exchange for... nothing.
mora here (which was always used up for resources, leaving him with double-digit amounts), food there (which were always eaten by paimon), respect elsewhere. what about the help he was promised by the higher ups of the cities?
the knights of favonius promised to help find his sister after he defeated a raging storm fueled by a dragon's anger. and all they did was put up missing person posters.
the liyue qixing promised the exact same thing in exchange for defending the city from an awakened ancient god. and, once again, all they did was put up missing person posters.
he was tired. he was tired of being teyvat's dog with no reward.
all he wanted was his sister back.
"aether?" paimon called out nervously, watching as the blond traveler trudged through the grass. heavy bags had formed under his eyes and his blond hair stuck out of his braid is curly wisps.
"not... not now, paimon," aether sighed, swatting at his floating companion. a few moments passed before aether heard the familiar sparkling sound of paimon disappearing to archons know where. he let out another sigh, one that was more resigned and choked.
as he wallowed in his sorrows, he didn't notice the geo creature towering behind him.
"watch it," a calm voice echoed through his ears. just as aether turned to face the roaring geovishap, he felt the back of his scarf get tugged on as he was pulled back.
from what he could see through the blur of rock and ash, the dark brown scales were what caught his attention the most. the creature's tail flowed along with the golden fur gathered at the end of it, its claws tipped as gold as mora. the polearm it grasped in its clawed hands matched its body perfectly, from the color to the rigid edges mimicking crystals.
"who...?" was the only word aether managed to mutter as he stared up in awe at the creature. it, or rather he, peered over his shoulder to look down at the traveler, his eyes sharp as he stared.
"i'm afraid we will attract more attention if we remain here," he bellowed, seemingly speaking to someone other than aether. "it would be wise to bring him inside."
"of course," a distant voice responded. as aether blinked, he found himself a ways away from where he had been before. instead of the soft grass of liyue, he found himself sitting on smooth rock littered with sparkling geodes and crystals. in front of him stood an intricate building framed by lanterns of varying sizes and designs.
"aether," the same voice cooed, this time coming from a source visible to him. walking towards him was a figure wearing a (color) kimono covered by a similar haori. hanging from their fingers was a lantern, its light illuminating the area far better than the countless lanterns hanging on the building behind them. "i have been awaiting your arrival. please come inside."
aether managed to push himself up, careful to avoid the sharp and ragged edges of the rock beneath him. the figure stared at him for a moment before greeting, "i shall be your host. if you have any requests, please feel free to ask."
"my... host?" aether echoed, cautiously walking towards the (h/color)-haired figure. their smile remained unchanged as he grew closer.
"yes. that is our job here, after all. come, we mustn't delay," the host ushered, reaching out to grab aether's wrist. they pulled him along the trail before continuing, "if we do, there's no guarantee they won't catch up to us."
"they...? huh?!" aether quickly glanced over his shoulder to see a hoard of geovishaps and their hatchlings barreling towards them. he reached out to summon his sword but was quickly interrupted by the hand of his host.
"ah, there's no need for that," they muttered, lightly pushing aether's hand down as wind began to swirl around the two. "let us handle this matter. for now, let's head inside."
"inside... this?" aether questioned, nodding up to the lantern-filled building.
"my inn," the host answered with the same smile, watching for a few moments as the wind began to flow towards the hoard of monsters. "i can assure you that this inn is the safest place to be when being chased by teyvat's creatures. however..."
the host released aether's wrist, prompting the traveler to pause just before the steps of the inn. the host turned around slowly, their haori flowing behind them as if it were a cape.
"i do need... one thing from you." their lantern seemed to glow brighter, causing the shine in their eyes to become more intense than before. "i ask that you grant me one of your secrets."
Tumblr media
the moment aether stepped inside, the inn was far grander than he had previously thought. keeping up the theme, the ceiling was shrouded in lanterns, making the wood that presumably supported it invisible due to them while tatami mats lined the floor in a distinct pattern.
"well? is it suitable for your tastes?" the host asked, sliding the door closed as quietly as possible.
"uh... how do i say this...?" aether muttered to himself, looking around at the room he had just stepped foot in. "it's... actually really nice. am i even allowed to be here?"
"of course," the host reassured, ignoring the roars outside the door. aether jumped back suddenly as the door was pushed in, barely keeping intact as another roar was heard.
"how is this even standing...?"
"ah, company secret," the host grinned before clapping their hands lightly. "now then. venti! get the luggage, would you?"
aether yelped as he felt wind fly up behind him, the bag he had carried being hoisted from his shoulders into the air. as the wind began to swirl, a figure began to manifest from the air.
"huh?! wh-what?!" aether gaped, looking back and forth between his host and the wind being only known as "venti".
"don't fret," the host called. "he works for me."
"that's not what's weird..." aether clarified, fiddling with the end of his scarf. "he... formed from the wind."
"oh? it seems our guest is not as shocked as we thought he would be," the host hummed, glancing over their shoulder at the traveler.
"he isn't one to be easily scared," venti points out, twirling the end of one of his braids with his finger. "in fact, i would have been surprised if he were afraid of a mere wind spirit."
"i guess let the wind lead was literal, huh?" aether laughed to himself, earning a small smile from venti.
"that it is," venti hummed softly, part of his body disappearing as the wind carried it away. the upper half of his body remained, allowing him to float around the host and wrap his arms around them. the host remained unbothered, lifting one of their hands to lightly glide their fingers along venti's neck. "the people of mondstadt cherish that saying. in a way, they cherish my ability to lead them in the right direction. and you were led here. we will do our best to help you relax. both body and mind."
"follow me," the host ushered as venti fluttered after them in a gust of wind. as aether walked down the halls, he couldn't help but take in the only piece of decoration that littered the inn.
lanterns. varying lanterns of size, color, shape, and design lined the walls and filled the ceilings. he recognized a few of them as xiao lanterns, the very same ones he had written a wish in during liyue's lantern rite.
"uh, excuse me?" aether called out, prompting the host to look over their shoulder at him. "i'm... i'm really grateful for all of this but... i don't think i can afford any of this? it just looks really expensive..."
"...pfft!" venti, who had appeared beside the host in a gust of wind, tried to suppress his laugh but to no avail.
"venti, you're being rude," the host scolded as they guided aether into a separate room, they led the traveler to a small table beside a window, the outside still littered with floating lanterns. the host took their seat and motioned to the chair in front of them, causing aether to sit opposite of them.
they placed their lantern on the table and interlocked their fingers, resting their chin on the small platform they had formed. "aether, the compensation i'm searching for is not mora. i've told you before, the one request i ask of you is simply your secret. nothing more."
"that... that's it?" aether asks, nervously squirming in his seat. "there's no... extra thing you need? nothing for me to find or fight or make. just... a secret?"
"that's all," the host reassures, smiling softly. "and in exchange, we promise to do whatever we can to find your sister. and that's not putting up missing person posters."
it was as if aether just shut down at that moment. anything regarding his sister, even if it's a lie, is sure to attract aether. all he could think about at that moment was reuniting with lumine and leaving this world that took advantage of him and his kindness.
"just a secret... just a secret..." aether muttered to himself, squeezing his hands. "let's see... i guess my secret is that i'm not from this world."
"ah-hahahaha!" venti's laugh echoed throughout the room, causing aether to furrow his brows in confusion.
"venti!" the host calls, snapping their fingers as if scolding an animal. they let out a quiet sigh before leaning forward, their arms resting on top of the table. "i'm afraid that isn't much of a secret to us."
"it's quite clear to anyone who has heard of you and your deeds. no normal person from teyvat should be capable of that," the host explains, prompting aether to hum softly.
"...i guess? so, that means i can't stay here, right? and... you can't help me?"
"i wouldn't say that," the lantern's light suddenly dims, casting shadows on the host's face and body. "but... i hope you don't think that's all you have to offer."
"i... what are you talking about?" aether felt a chill run up his spine.
"there are other secrets, one that particularly interests me. it's a secret that may shake your very existence," the host points out, reaching across the table to place their finger on aether's lips. with a sickeningly sweet smile and glazed over eyes, the host mutters, "and unless we reveal that, i'll be unable to assist you."
Tumblr media
he really should have left this inn when he had the chance. one minute he was in the hot spring outside with the strangely pushy host and the next...
he's caught in the middle of a geovishap attack with nothing but a towel to guard him. not even his sword was hidden away in the pocket space it always disappeared to.
just as the geo creature's claws were about to crush the blond, a familiar polearm-wielding creature intercepted the attack.
"owner..." the creature huffed, kicking their weapon towards another geovishap. "with all due respect, why did you let him outside?"
"he is a bit carefree, isn't he?" the host, now known to aether as owner, hummed. similar to aether, the only item that guarded them was a towel obtained from the hot springs. however, in their hand, they held their signature lantern, brightly lit with a flame. owner wipes away the water dripping from their face before explaining, "we were in some sort of rut regarding what he is, that's all."
"...i trust your judgment, owner, but we must be more careful with our guests," the dragon-based creature sighs as it traps the geovishaps in stone.
"yes, yes, of course," they hum as they head towards the grassy area aether had previously been taken to. they face the geovishaps before smiling, "now then, i ask that you return my guest."
the geovishap lets out a roar followed by a series of growls. venti's top half begins to form behind owner as he drapes their haori over their slightly dry body. "zhongli? what's it saying?"
"hm... they're complaining," zhongli answers, his tail swishing as he continues to translate. "they claim to have found our guest first and that we stole him from them."
"huh... odd," owner hums, reaching up as venti peers over their shoulder to cup his chin. "surely you wouldn't be complaining once you admit you followed the wind and the earth to him. without them, you wouldn't have found him. if you're making excuses, at least make a good one."
as the geovishap lets out another roar, owner moves their hand to cup their lantern's flame into their palm. "this will be my final warning to you."
"this outlander is my guest. keep away from him."
zhongli seems to growl at the geo creature as it responds to owner. the innkeeper lets out a dry chuckle before placing their finger on their chin, lightly tapping it as they warn, "or else, i'll expose your secrets right here and now. do i make myself clear?"
surprisingly, the geovishaps let out a noise akin to a low whimper and scamper off, leaving aether behind in the grass. he looks off into the distance, searching for the monsters as they disappear beyond the horizon. he opens his mouth to say something before letting out a sneeze, earning a light laugh from venti. "you know, you're the first one to run off with nothing but a towel. do you want your clothes back? they might not help much, though..."
"did... you know those things?" aether grumbles, ignoring venti who simply fiddles with the end of his wings. "you... knew their secret. you must have known them, then!"
"...i suppose you're not wrong," owner nods, lifting their lantern to illuminate their face. "we definitely aren't friends, per se... but regardless, you were too occupied with the idea of us being enemies. had you stayed calm, i would have answered any questions you had. although, i don't blame you due to all of the fetch quests you've been through..."
owner fiddles with the top of their lantern, the quiet squeaking of the handle moving filling the air.
"to answer your question before, they're a part of teyvat's creatures that are in an active search for their country's downfall. or rather, they were recruited by that nation's survivors to search for their oppressors or their lost comrades. it was only a matter of time before he found us since we house a myriad of creatures."
aether paused before slowly turning to stare up at owner. oppressors. if those geovishaps had infiltrated this inn after encountering him...
what had he done to be labeled an oppressor?
"what... what did you mean by oppressors?"
owner slowly looks down at aether to meet his stare, their eyes darkened as they lift their lantern up to their face. "oh dear. you really don't know, huh?"
they slowly walk towards the blond traveler, reaching down to trace the underside of his jaw lightly. as their finger curls back towards their palm, aether finds himself drifting towards them as if searching for their touch once more.
and as their finger pressed against his forehead, he remembered.
the cataclysm.
the fall of k'haenriah.
he wasn't an oppressor they were searching for.
he was one of the lost comrades.
"what... what do you want from me?" aether hissed. his first question was to ask of their identities, but he felt in his gut that he already knew the answer. "you're not... here to take me celestia, are you? or did you save me to... eat me or something...?"
"eat you?" owner echoed, covering their mouth with the tips of their fingers. "me? eat you?"
the air was soon filled with loud laughs which came from owner themselves. they turned to look at their employees, giggling, "guys! did you hear him? another one's asked if we're here to eat him! why do they all think they're worth it?"
"i have no answer for that," zhongli hums softly, his tail, once again, flicking behind him.
"maybe it's what they want deep down," venti giggles, his body half formed from the wind.
"heh... aether, do you remember what i've said before?" owner asks quietly. "mora holds no value here. we have no interest in the weight of your soul as ordained by the gods, either. and, to answer your question, i am not interested in eating your body. i've lost the pleasures i felt when indulging in those actions. the only thing i wish for is your secrets. nothing more."
aether let out a yelp as he was pushed to the ground. he blinked to see owner directly above him, their legs straddling his waist and their face mere inches in front of his. they reached up and seemed to cradle his face, their thumbs brushing against his bottom lip.
"gnawing at your bones, nipping at your flesh, swallowing your remains, all of that is a source of nourishment that my body does not need nor crave. aether," as his name came out as a soft coo from their lips, aether felt his mind fogging up and becoming distant. "i yearn for something that is much deeper in you. and that only comes to the surface when your mind and body are completely offered up to me through your deepest, darkest secret."
"that is what i strive to have."
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glazelilyy · 3 months ago
dry your tears
Tumblr media
pairings (separately!)- diluc ragnvindr, kaeya alberich, childe/tartaglia, scaramouche x gender neutral reader
word count - 3954
genre - angst, hurt/comfort
format- drabbles
warnings - crying, arguments, yelling, cursing in scara's, hints at abandonment issues, petnames (my love, dove, angel, sweetheart)
summary - after a heated argument, you storm off to get some air only to return hours later and find him with tears streaming down his face
a/n - i've seen a lot of those "genshin guys make you cry" hcs (and MMM are they deliciously angsty) but then i thought: what if the roles were reversed? and here we are :')
disclaimer - fights are gonna happen in any sort of relationship, but what matters is how you communicate about the problem :)
Tumblr media
you hadn't expected things to go this way, the heat in the air was unthinkably hot and menacing as was the thick tension that wrapped around your throat so coarse and wiry, you felt your breathing halt.
faces warm and throats sore, how long had it been since you first brought up the topic? time itself seemed to still when the man you loved with all your heart stared back at you with boiling rage engraved in his usually loving eyes and an unsettling sneer on his soft lips.
words poured out of his mouth yet your ears remained numb as your battered heart filled the void and rammed against your eardrums. it was as if for miles all you could hear were his shouts and disgruntled comments, even the sharp jab or two where you were most vulnerable. what stabbed the most, however, was your reciprocation.
you were sure at least one of your comments had hit a nerve, but you saw red, red, red. and all courtesies began to fly out the window.
was it so selfish to wish that he'd set aside your differences and hold you so lovingly as he usually did? perhaps, yet your mind wandered to the realm of forgiveness and the dried tear paths on your cheeks ached for your mouth to split open and spew apologies.
but as angry as you were, you loved him. you loved him so much, the mere thought of his anger overshadowing his love for you had your knees buckling and breaths escaping the confines of your lungs.
"look, i'm going to cool off and then we can talk about it later." there was a defeated hum to your voice, one you'd find in a cornered animal who'd been slashed through their bellies and had nothing but adrenaline running through the thin crevices of their veins.
he expected you to storm off with stomped steps and an angry pout, but when you stepped forwards with shaking arms that wrapped around his torso so tightly, and pressed your lips to his clothed, thundering heart, his anger seemed to dissolve entirely.
the final icing on the cake was the whimpered "i love you," whispered against his heart from your lips.
and suddenly, your warmth disappeared from his chest and the click of your shoes began to fade away until all he was left with were echoes of your touch, and a throbbing heart that yearned for your presence.
content + scenarios utc!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
windrise had such lovely breezes, and soon you found that your anger had seemingly fluttered away with the calming winds. your walk had allowed you time to think, of both the words diluc spoke and your own behavior. neither of you were very polite or mature about your handling of the matter, much to your chagrin.
after some thought collecting at the large tree near windrise, you legs found themselves dragging towards dawn winery where you had only been hours earlier engaged in the fight of your life, with the love of your life. what was it about? you hardly remembered anymore, but what you craved most was not vengeance or the ability to be right, but diluc's arms wrapped firm around your waist and his intoxicating scent of fresh grapes and aged wine. you longed to run your hands through his thick locks instead of pulling out your own, or feel his palm, gloved or bare, in your own instead of anxiously digging crescent shaped holes into the flesh of your palms.
the doors to the winery felt as heavy as led when you placed your hands and pushed with all your might.
the usual dim candles that illuminated the winery were nowhere to be seen; the entirety of the property seemed void of light and deprived of the usual staff scurrying about. the pit in your throat began to jostle your insides but you swallowed it down with firm resolution and set off in search of diluc.
his usual spot, tableside by the fireplace, was devoid of warmth or any semblance of his being save for the reading glasses he often wore while tending to the winery's paperwork. you clutched the pair of spectacles in your hand and prodded around each room with bated breath, hoping to see the familiar mop of red hair.
just as you ascended the stairs and began to approach his office, your heart stilled as did your breath: the faintest of whimpers met your ears in a sorrowful kiss and the creeping hesitance that had been brewing in the deepest confines of your stomach had begun to resurface.
as gently as you could, you approached his office and peered inside.
the mighty diluc, so strong and so brave, looked much more akin to a lost child as he sat slumped in his chair, elbows placed limply on his desk while his hands took it upon themselves to hold his head over countless stray pieces of paperwork. his red locks had fallen out of its usual composed ponytail and poured out in waterfalls over his skin and desk. even from this strained angle, you could see the small splatters of teardrops that fell onto the documents below his face. and sweet barbatos, with every one of his muffled cries and sobs, you felt your heart break and scatter into pieces, a sharp bite coming to tingle at the ends of your eyes when your name passed his lips in a hoarse and whispered voice.
diluc seemed not to notice you as you approached with cautious steps and gently set his reading glasses down in front of him on his lacquered, wooden desk. the gentle stroke of your hand on his head was what tore him from the wallowing fields of his hands.
his eyes scanned over your body, his own hand hesitantly reaching up to overlap the hand you placed on his head. upon feeling the smoothness of your skin and the bumps of your knuckles, diluc bolted from his chair and wrapped his arms so, so tight around your body. the usual solid cadence of his voice felt wobbly and unstable as he pressed his face into the crook of your neck and shook with sobs. you squeezed back with equal force and ran a soothing hand through his mangled locks.
"i thought...i thought you left me," he managed to sputter out in between lulls of choked cries and sharp inhales.
a single tear slipped down your cheek, "shh i'm here now, i wouldn't leave you just like that." and how true it was that you never would.
you pulled his face from your neck and swiped away at the moisture that coated his face. the rims of his scarlet eyes pooled with a never-ending stream of tears. his skin felt hot to the touch as your nimble fingers worked to rub away his sorrow. diluc's hand found its way up to cup your cheek and brushed away at the stray tears that trickled down from the reservoir hidden behind your eyes.
"i'm so sorry, my love. i meant none of what i said, i truly do love you with all my heart. if i had been more mature about it-"
"no, diluc," you gently placed the soft of your palm against his lips to silence him, "don't blame yourself like that. i'm at fault as well, and i'm sorry." the tip of your nose brushed against his before aiming to slot your lips against his for a tender, chaste kiss.
"we can talk about it after you've calmed down, okay?" you asked once pulling away. he nodded in reply and returned his face to your shoulder, allowing his tears to be absorbed by the heat of your skin all while you cradled him in your arms and whispered words of love and reassurance into his hair.
the muffled "i love you" from your shoulder had you weak in the knees, and it was then that you knew that the both of you would be okay, especially when you replied with an "i love you too" in return.
Tumblr media
cider lake was breathtaking at night: from the dancing glimmers of moonlight atop its rippling surface, to the gentle, cooling breeze that came in from the lake water. shoes clutched in one hand, your bare feet made soft footfalls and left behind imprints of your existence in the grainy, mushy sand.
surrounded by tranquility, you finally had a moment to breath and think back to your argument with kaeya. you no doubt felt terrible, both for losing your cool and the sharp imprints of his words that still left impact wounds on your heart. it was almost as though kaeya could target your worst insecurities and zero in on them like heat seeking missiles, and he never failed to miss.
but you knew deep within that it was both of your yelling, both of your disagreements that led to where you are now. and with the calming brush of cider lake's waters against your ankles, you knew you were calm enough to talk things out with kaeya. after all, you loved him, flaws and all.
the favonius headquarters were ominous to some at night, but you glided through the lacquered halls with ease, taking great care to empty your shoes of sand and water first. it wasn't the menacing darkness of the halls that worried you, rather the gentle trickle of candlelight from kaeya's office that urged you to turn around and discuss things in the morning. but you knew that you wanted to fix this, that you'd rather fall asleep tonight knowing you could wake up to his charming smile rather than cold sheets.
despite the glow that poured in from his office into the dark halls, only a single candle had been lit by his deskside instead of the usual four or five that he'd placed around the office. instead of facing his desk, kaeya's chair had been turned to gaze outside the large, paneled window that sat behind his desk. from his office, cider lake stretched on and glimmered under the moonlight for as far as the eye could see. with his cheek propped up by his elbow that rested on the arm of the chair, you almost thought he had been sleeping if not for the slightly ragged breaths emitted from his lips.
you cautiously knocked on the wood of his door, "kaeya? it's me."
the man in front of you hardly moved, transfixed on the gentle sloshes of crystal clear water in front of him.
"kaeya, please don't ignore me," your feet felt like on his wooden floors as you approached his chair, "i came here to tell you how sorry i am, not to fight anymore-"
the rest of your sentence fell flat in your throat as you finally came face to face with kaeya.
kaeya whose eyepatch had long since fallen to the floor and laid by his boots. whose hidden, milky eye seemed lost and confused. kaeya whose eyes gently trickled with silent tears. he hadn't noticed your presence until your thumb came to gently swipe away a tear from under his normally hidden eye. he seemed to flip a switch on as his usual seductive (though strained) grin formed on his face.
"finally come crawling back, sweetheart?" and if not for the warble of his voice or the tears cascading down this face, you'd think he was alright.
"oh kaeya," your hand gently pushed kaeya's head into the soft expanse of your body and wrapped around his broad shoulders, "i'm so sorry."
he sat motionless for a while before his arms pulled your body closer to his, and you felt the small vibrations of his hiccups through the cloth of your attire.
"m' so sorry, dove. i didn't mean what i said to you, i promise."
you gently shushed him and stroked the top of his head, "i know, i know, kaeya. i'm sorry too, we both handled it wrong."
your lips pressed themselves against his soft locks, then moved downwards to his forehead, then nose, and finally his quivering lips, sucking away the last of his breaths from deep within his lungs.
"i thought you left me, for good this time." his voice dripped with hesitance as he raised the heel of his palm to his forehead and humorlessly laughed, a strained smile on his face.
"somehow it's always the people i love the most that i hurt, it really is quite funny." despite his words, kaeya sounded so, so sad, as if he'd break under your fingertips.
the words you wanted to speak didn't seem to fit quite right, so instead you opted to squeeze tighter around his body to let him know how real you were, and let him know that you haven't left him.
"i hurt you too, kaeya. and i'm sorry, very sorry. but we can talk about it later, okay?" he didn't respond, but from the gentle, forwards tug of your arm that had you sitting with your legs slung over his lap and the tight grip of his arms around your torso, you had all the answers you needed.
"i love you, i'll always be here for you." you murmured just under a breath as your lips found solace pressing against the eyelid that held his hidden eye.
the gnawing pain in his heart began to slowly ease with every lingering touch you left upon his skin.
Tumblr media
zhongli had once told you that the best way to relax in the famed port of liyue was to sit by the docks and count the ships as they entered in and out of the city.
you hadn't expected a use for this fact, nor for him to be right.
your legs dangled over one of the wooden piers, eyes trained on the elegant and grandiose ship that seemed to sparkle with gold in the setting rays of the sun. counting the ships and pointing our their details in accompaniment of a lovely, gentle sea breeze and the smell of salt in the air had given you time to reflect on your fight with childe.
his hair trigger temper and impulsiveness were things you never usually found yourself the victim of, not until today at least. you'd felt fear but never like this, not fear where the man you loved was at the center of it all. fear that he'd leave you, fear that he'd hate you, fear that you were the main source of his anger at that moment.
the momentum of your feet stilled as you recalled the way in which his voice would take on a tender tone in the early hours of the morning, or when his arms would sneak around your sides to startle you out of whatever task you were preoccupied with. you could never lie to yourself: you missed him dearly despite your argument.
which is how you found yourself alone in northland bank, shoes making gentle clicking sounds on the marble floors in search of childe's office. the fear that had been building up in you had manifested into sweat that trickled down your forehead and the nervous clench of your palms. his office was barren of his presence save for the closet door that looked like it had been flung wide open and the scattered mess of papers on his desk that you had helped him organized.
"are you looking for lord tartaglia?"
you turned your head around to face ekaterina, who send you a polite smile hidden beneath the fabric of her mask. you nod in response, unsure of what was to come.
"i'm afraid he just set out, his location was undisclosed." you frowned in response but thanked her nonetheless from preventing your fruitless search.
night had fallen when you emerged from the bank, eyes wide and wandering in search of the familiar head of ginger that you loved so much. your lead-heavy legs dragged you to the outskirts of the city where the hills began to climb and grass rolled heavy at your feet and tickled your ankles. you almost hadn't registered the slight thump of the footsteps behind you.
you turned around at the sound of your name only to be met in a crushing hug by none other than childe himself. "childe?!" startled, your mind instinctively moved to wrap your arms around his waist and run up and down his back. it was only under your touch that you noticed the heave of his shoulder and the slight rasp of his voice.
his shaking hands gently pulled your body away from his to peer into the galaxies contained within your irises and it was then that you noticed the slight reddening of his eyes, the flush of his face, and the tears that cascaded down his cheeks in silent waterfalls. "i-i've been looking all over for you, angel, i-" he tried to speak but it was as if you could see the words getting caught in between coughed sobs and whimpers that pierced your heart and had you beckoning him back into your arms.
your own eyes began to water and soon slipped into a silent river of tears when his arms clutched your body with his life and his sobs heaved themselves into you.
"i'm so sorry, for losing my temper with you. i-i didn't mean it i swear! i just- i'm-"
"hey, hey, childe it's okay," like a lullaby, your soothing voice brought him back from the deep wrangling tentacles of his mind and cradled him in your warmth, "i'm sorry too, i wasn't very nice to you either. but let's talk about it when we're both not a mess, sound good?" the little laugh to the tail end of your sentence still somehow managed to send butterflies through his stomach. even with tears streaming down your face, he still found you so beautiful.
he nodded and kissed your wet lips with all that he was in a silent promise to both himself, and you.
Tumblr media
scaramouche's sharp tongue never hurt, never pierced past the protective layer you donned when you took on the title of the balladeer's lover. but it seemed your shield had worn thin, and his venomous tongue had managed to stab holes through your heart and lathered your soul in poison.
you were thankful just this once for the shogun's principle of eternity. in the land that never changed, you found solace in letting the sea breezes of narukami's beaches lull you into a dream where scaramouche's words didn't sink their fangs into your soul, and where you didn't retaliate with arguments that made no sense and were fueled by anger.
but dreams were dreams, and you opened your eyes to the stinging reality that laid before you. bare feet clinging to remnants of sand, your shoes had been discarded on a rock in favor of strolling through the waves at ankle length, letting the water cleanse you of your anger and the breeze to soothe your battered heart.
it wasn't like scaramouche at all to lash out at you, sure his tongue was sharper than any knife he wielded, but you knew just how much he treasured you even if his words betrayed his heart. and it was that single thought that had you picking up your shoes and hurrying back to the little cottage scaramouche had managed to haggle into his hands.
your feet ached and burned from scratching against the dirt path, but you wanted nothing more than to hold him in your arms and tell him just how sorry you were, and hoped that he'd hear the prayers deep within your heart.
the doorknob felt all too heavy in your sweaty palm as you struggled to turn it. perhaps this was fate screaming at you to run far, far away, but fate has never enticed you into its grips, so you turned the doorknob.
the house hummed with silence and basked itself in the glow of the moonlight, devoid of any candles or electro spheres that scaramouche often used to illuminate the home.
"scara?" you called out tentatively in a small voice. with no reply, you heaved a sigh and set your sights on finding whichever corner of the house he'd gone off to.
you didn't need to look far, as a single glance into his home office revealed to you that he hadn't moved an inch since you left the house in a flurry of emotions earlier that day. hunched over his desk, elbows on the wood and head resting on his folded knuckles white from gripping onto thin air.
"scara?" at the gentle call of his name and upon seeing your worried look, he flinched.
"what do you want?" sharp as ever, he refused to look you in the eye and settled for huffing away and favoring a corner of the room. his sleeve came to brush across his eyes and you thought nothing of it.
"i want to talk, if you're willing." as if to test the waters, you took a cautious step forward. with the click of your shoe on the hardwood, scaramouche rose from his desk and slammed his palms face down onto the lacquered wood.
"i don't. leave." you would have respected his wishes, if not for the single glimmer of a tear that streaked down his flushed face illuminated by the moonlight.
"are you sure-"
"LEAVE! I SAID LEAVE! GO AWAY!" the sudden outburst hadn't phased you the way his rolling tears and choked sobs did. he tried to scream more profanities and "go away!"s at you, but his words were nestled between the crook of muffled cries and whimpers. instead of leaving, you found yourself coming closer and closer until your arms had found their way around his shoulders and your hand began to stroke his soft locks.
scaramouche thrashed and screamed threats and murderous words that would've had anyone else's blood boiling, but you knew from the salty tears that cascaded down his cheeks that he was just as hurt as you were.
"i'm not leaving you like this, scara." you cooed as the hand that had been stroking his hair moved to wipe away the tears from his eyes.
those words alone seemed to break the dam that had been holding back all of his tears, even if they came out in angry glares and single drops of tears rather than sobs. his hesitant arms found their way around your waist and squeezed tightly.
"why...why do you stay with me?" he asked in an out of character, soft, tentative voice that strained with emotion. "i can't watch my mouth...and you put up with all my bullshit. i don't get it."
"that's an easy question, it's because i love you, dummy." with a watery laugh and tears of your own in your eyes, you pressed a chaste kiss first to his cheek, then to his parted lips which tasted of salty tears and indulgence.
"and, i'm sorry for our fight earlier. we can talk things out later though, for now i wanna give you some cuddles." cheekily, you made grabby motions with your hands and smiled despite the evident tears on your face.
his pride would never allow him to mumble those sugary apologies you yearned to hear, but scaramouche had a way of speaking to you in which no words were needed. the slight tug of his arms around your waist and his muffed breaths accompanied by the burning touch of his skin and tears in his eyes were all you needed to know how sorry he was.
all your worries washed away as did the tears on his face fade when you reciprocated his love as best you could despite his flaws.
Tumblr media
date published: august 25th, 2021
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lumamber · a day ago
how to get back at your cheating ex | k. alberich
Tumblr media
pairing: kaeya alberich x reader 
summary: step one of captain alberich’s guide on how to get back at your cheating ex. for this step, you will need something that rhymes with ex but is in no way as terrible as they are: eggs. 
word count: 1.7k
genre: implied romance, humour, angst if you squint
tw//cw: cheating, (justified) revenge, eggs
notes: this is your sign to egg ur toxic ex’s house <3
Tumblr media
contrary to the usual belief in some other nations, the bars and pubs in the city of mondstadt are actually very respectable establishments. sure, there’s an occasional brawl and disgusting creeps that roam around in the late hours of night seeking out their next victim, but they’re always promptly dealt with so as to not tarnish the good name of mondstadt and its alcohol business. it’s safe enough that minors like the golden traveller or diona can hang around or even work in the establishment without much of a fuss, so there’s really nothing wrong with you hanging around angel’s share in the middle of the night too, right?
the warmth in your cheeks and the way your vision spins a bit too much with any kind of sudden movement suggests that you’re more than a little bit drunk, and lord barbatos knows that anyone who even spares a glance at your poor soul hidden away in some corner of the second floor of the bar would know that you’re nearly wasted and very much drinking away your sorrows.
of course, the fact that you’re drunk means that there’s only one coherent thought on your mind: fuck men.
“oh? it seems i’ve hit the jackpot today.“
so, in accordance to the previous statement, your first thought upon hearing such a remark is immediately ’ugh, men’ as it does often nowadays, but you recognise the familiar saccharine voice a split second after it reaches your ears. you raise the hand holding your shot glass in greeting, not even bothering to look up from where you’ve buried your head in your arms atop the table.
"hello to you too, kaeya.”
the chair screeches as he takes a seat across the table. you can almost see him folding his arms on the table top, chin propped up on his palm as he watches you like a hawk would to its prey, that ever sweet saccharine smirk upon his lips.
“i wasn’t expecting to see you here,” he begins, chuckling slightly, “though it’s quite refreshing to see you out of your element like this.”
“hah. funny,” you reply blandly. the shot glass is plucked out of your hand, and your head shoots up, “hey!”
“ooh, you’re even feistier when you’re drunk,” kaeya uses his hand to keep you from lunging at him, while the other holds the glass out of reach.
“said every creep at every bar in existence!” you exclaim, still reaching for your shot glass to no avail. fuck, why did he have such long arms? he could have at least not have good muscles!
“touché,” you watch in despair when he finishes your drink with a flourish, though it’s easily washed away by smugness when you see how he proceeds to wince at the taste, “…that’s some strong brandy.”
you snatch your glass back, scoffing, though you’re sure that he, as the only sober person between the both of you at the moment, thinks it sounds more like a hiccup.
“it’s vodka, captain. can’t handle it? then shoo.”
“now, now, don’t be so cold! i thought we had a more intimate relationship than that,” he purrs, silky and saccharine sweet, “i may not be able to handle your… choice of alcohol, but i’m quite sure that i handle what’s going on in your pretty little head. penny for your thoughts?”
classic kaeya. come to think of it, didn’t he usually go bar-hopping for this exact reason? no wonder diluc didn’t like having him over. but
despite his carefree smile, the worry is evident in his eyes when he glances at all your finished bottles. knowing him, he had also probably noticed how you conveniently chose the time when diluc was off work and unable to keep you from getting drunk silly to have your drinks. honestly, you didn’t want to be the type of person to say ’not all men’, but sometimes this person really had you rethinking your thoughts about the male specimen, despite how generally suspicious he was all the time.
curse the hidden good in kaeya alberich’s heart.
you sigh, popping another bottle of alcohol open, “look around, kaeya. surely you can guess what happened from the gossip around town and—“ you gesture vaguely at your surroundings, “this.”
“sadly, no,” kaeya frowns. oh archons, you can’t help but think. now that was new. mondstadt’s most well-informed man (equal to only diluc or that other weird eyepatch man you’ve seen with the traveller sometimes, probably) not knowing about the latest gossips in the streets? how odd, “i’ve been out of town all day long to aid the honorary knight in their adventures, so i haven’t been able to hear anything.”
“shame then.”
“hey,” he snatches the bottle and glass from you before you can take another swig, ignoring your complaints in favour of setting them down on another table, “i’ve always believed that it’s best to hear from the source anyway. care to tell me what happened?”
you glare at him and the charming smile on his face. kaeya pouts, “what? are we not close enough for that?”
“i just don’t understand what you would do with the news of my breakup,” you gesture with jazz hands to cope with your pain. kaeya’s face almost falls, the only indication of his sudden change of emotions being the shadow over his eyes, “‘y/n got cheated on by their partner! with a girl five years younger than them, no less!‘ not really juicy blackmail material, captain.” 
kaeya blinks.
“you… you were cheated on?”
“you heard that right,” you drawl, leaning back on your chair with a sigh, “perfect reason to come by and get absolutely wasted, no?”
you stare at kaeya, but it’s quite clear – even in your drunken state – that he’s not listening to you. the clouds fall over the goddess of the moon in the sky, the rays of moonlight disappearing from where they slip into the bar through the window and casting a large shadow over everything around you. you can’t tell if that’s the reason for the sudden darkness that takes over kaeya’s eye, or something else.
"come to think of it, you never really liked him,” you recall offhandedly. the clouds pass, and there’s light again. the dark look in kaeya’s eye dissipates as he looks back at you, a brow raised, “so you noticed?”
oh. maybe it really was just the lighting. you shrug, a half-hearted gesture, “just an assumption, but i always had a feeling.”
there’s a split second of something changing in kaeya’s expression, too quick for you to identify what it is exactly. before you can even ponder over the change of his expression, he stands up, the chair screeching behind him.
“well, no matter,” you just watch, puzzled, as he walks over to your side, wrapping an arm around your back and the other under your knees. you startle, “hey, what–!?”
“let’s get out of here. we have other things to attend to.”
“huh!? where are we going!?”
he ignores your feeble struggle to worm out of his grip, easily walking down the stairs despite your moving form. ah shit– eyes follow you both curiously when you reach the first floor, and kaeya has the audacity to smirk. he ignores the glare you shoot at him from where you’ve buried your face in his chest, shying away from the curious stares of the other customers around you, and calls out to the bartender behind the counter, “put everything on my tab— and don’t tell diluc anything!”
“relax, darling, i’m not kidnapping you,” his eye shines with mischief as you both step out into the quiet night of monstadt. the sky is a shade darker than his hair, dotted with pretty stars and planets, and you wonder if it’s just the alcohol talking when you think, ah, kaeya’s really pretty at this time of night
“so? what are we doing?” you grumble, finally ceasing your struggle. he smirks, and your heart drops.
“kaeya,” you shake your head, “kaeya, no—“
“you won’t be saying no when you come back to my place—“ he cackles when you slap his chest, cheeks burning from the alcohol and embarrassment, “— to get eggs!”
“eggs!?” you whisper-scream, still careful not to make a scene in the middle of the night. though, some part of you already knows that there’s nothing you can do about the rumours sure to spread when morning comes, when the nosy townspeople peeking at you both from their windows are let loose into the city to chat and gossip amongst their social circles, “we’re not going to egg my ex’s house!”
kaeya just gives you an infuriatingly smug look, as if he had won a game you didn’t even know you were playing, “you see, sober-you would have totally been able to stop me, i have no doubt about that. unfortunately, you’re not sober, so my plan is considered the most reasonable between us.”
“no, it isn’t!”
you continue to scold him, tugging at the fur on his shoulder in a half-hearted attempt to get him to turn the other way, but you’re laughing. you just got cheated on by the man you thought was going to be the person you would spent eternity with, and you’re laughing in the arms of another man, not going to spend your night in some stranger’s bed while drunk but to egg your ex’s house instead. archons, this is the weirdest best night you’ve ever had while drunk.
you catch sight of kaeya’s own smile through your eyes, crinkled and nearly closed by the large smile you can’t find it in yourself to hold back. he looks happy too, and his skin feels warm between your fingers as you pinch his cheek playfully… so you can be happy too, right?
this is a good reason to be happy even after experiencing heartbreak, you decide after a moment.
“we’ll get some proper alcohol when we finish though,” kaeya promises, still grinning as he continues to carry you down the streets and alleyways to his home. strangely, even in the darkness of the night and the emptiness of the city, you don’t feel unsafe in his arms.
so you huff, “we better!”
kaeya just laughs, pressing a bold kiss atop your head, and with the alcohol still in your system, you can convince himself that the racing of your heart is simply the oncoming adrenaline for what you’re about to do to your bastard of an ex later.
“you’re too cute. so, do you wanna get him fired from his job too?”
Tumblr media
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starglitterz · 4 months ago
🍰 things the genshin men do when they're in love with you
Tumblr media
feat; albedo, childe, dainsleif, diluc, kaeya, kazuha, scaramouche, venti, xiao, zhongli x gn!reader
warnings; not proofread
please reblog ! it helps a lot :)
Tumblr media
ALBEDO's sketchbook is filled with sketches of you. some are just little doodles, while others are pure masterpieces, detailed drawings of you encompassing entire pages. even when he's studying a particularly unusual hilichurl, his mind travels to thoughts of you and his pencil automatically darts across the paper in confident lines, drawing your familiar figure once more. and whenever you're feeling down about yourself, albedo reminds you how perfect you are - you're his muse and inspiration in both his art and his life.
CHILDE is absolutely 1 million percent head over heels for you, and he shows this by showering you in gifts at any given moment. his pockets run deep with fatui money, and he puts his wealth to good use - namely, spending it all on you. anything he spots when he's strolling down the streets and he thinks you'll like; bam! he's swiping his card and he's already bought it. honestly, childe just worries because he's usually very busy with his job as a harbinger, so he sends you these trinkets from all over teyvat so you know he's always thinking of you.
DAINSLEIF has his priorities straightened out, and destroying the abyss was at the top of the list, at least until he met you. dainsleif truly admires you and your brave spirit, as for you to have so easily discarded his cloak of mystery is nothing short of a miracle. the bough keeper would even stoop to praise the archons who wrecked khaenriah just to showcase how grateful he is to have someone like you beside him, but he settles for quieter ways of displaying his appreciation. from the way he murmurs words of encouragement during those times you think you just can't keep fighting, or how he presses a kiss to your knuckles before heading into battle, it's evident he adores you with his entire heart.
DILUC makes time for you. even though his schedule is packed to the brim daily, he always, always, manages to squeeze in time to spend with you. it may only be small things, just fleeting moments the two of you share, but in your relationship there's a tacit consent that these moments mean the world to the both of you. it ranges from him making you pancakes dripping with golden honey in the morning, or watching the sun dip below the horizon in a blaze of reds and oranges, or even just silent kisses stolen beside the crackling fireplace. no matter how private or busy diluc may be in public, behind closed doors, you'll always be blessed with more than enough affection from the stoic man.
KAEYA is genuine only with you. to everyone else in mondstadt, he's the same suave cavalry captain the citizens have always known, compliments falling from his lips like a shower of diamonds whenever he speaks, earning him the title of best candidate for grandson-in-law amongst the elderly. yet to you, kaeya alberich is honest. sure, he's still a teasing flirt, but this time he actually means what he says when he says you're the most stunning person he's ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on. and for him to trust you so much he allows himself to finally speak the truth amongst the web of lies he's weaved to hide his true identity depicts just how much you've got kaeya wrapped around your finger.
KAZUHA gives the greatest hugs on the planet. he's been so alone for months, even feeling distant from the rest of the crux fleet, the only person he communicates with often being captain beidou. but then he meets you, and suddenly his hidden craving for romance is satisfied. when kazuha wraps his arms around you, it's almost like he's trying to shield you from the cruelty of the world and the same solitude he struggled with, never wanting you to feel the same ache he still suffers with from the loss of his friend. the wandering samurai's heart belongs wholly to you, and it's displayed by how tightly he hugs you, nuzzling into your neck as you bury your head in his hair. it's safe to say that you're cherished even more than any treasure he may find with the pirate crew, and you'll always be welcome in his arms.
SCARAMOUCHE gazes at you like you put the stars in the sky, only when you're not looking though! as a fatui harbinger, he knows that he shouldn't be so in love with you, because you're nothing more than a liability that could be used as blackmail against him. but when you turn to him and smile, a wide beam spreading across your face, he can't help but fall for you even more. whenever he's angry, just the sight of you makes his anger dissipate like the sun shining through dark stormclouds. he can't fathom how one person can be so amazing, and he definitely doesn't understand how lucky he was to end up with you, but since he is, the harbinger isn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. the two of you are a couple now, and scaramouche is ready to fight to the death to keep you safe.
VENTI is widely known as the mischievous drunkard bard, and you're also a victim to his nonsense all the time. he loves you with his entire heart, and he's always clinging to you like a little koala, whining whenever you try and detach yourself for work. sometimes it feels like you're more of a babysitter than a lover, but you wouldn't change it for the world. venti slips his hand into yours at every opportunity, claiming your hands were made for each other since they're that much of a perfect fit, with your fingers intertwining like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together. he gives you enthusiastic kisses, peppered all over your face until you're clutching your sides with laughter, teaches you to play the lyre, and organises the grandest dates imaginable. even if venti does struggle with his identity, he knows that one thing is for certain; he loves you so much he'd bring you the moon if you wanted.
XIAO has never been one for dramatic gestures of fondness, he's not the type to stand on the rooftop of wangshu inn and scream that you're the love of his life. however, he still manages to make sure that you know he adores you. it's the tiniest things that he does for you, like placing his hand to wrap around the corner of a table when you bend down so you don't bump your head when you stand up, or waiting for you to tie your shoelaces when everyone strolls on ahead. it's evident in the way he whispers 'be careful' when you're clumsy enough to almost stumble into a puddle and he has to catch you, not that he's complaining about the comforting feeling of you in his arms, and the way he presses fleeting kisses onto your forehead as you peacefully lie asleep in bed, admiring the way the moonlight outlines your stunning features. xiao may not want to be vocal about his love, but as long as you're aware of it, that's all he needs.
ZHONGLI is a wonderful storyteller, but anyone who is skilled at sharing tales also has to be a talented listener, and this is proven by zhongli's mere existence. whenever you speak, zhongli gives you his full attention, staring at you with amber eyes glimmering with interest. and it's not just because he thinks he's obliged to as your partner, it's because he really believes you have the most unique and intricate things to say. and even if you just pass the dumbest and most nonsensical remarks in the world, zhongli will still nod his head and share a laugh with you, not a hint of mockery in his gaze. as the former geo archon, zhongli is blessed (or cursed) with immortality, and he's intent on spending as much time with you as possible. since he's got the rest of his life to while away, zhongli thinks that the best way to occupy it is certainly by chatting happily with you.
Tumblr media
quill speaks !
WAHH this has been in my drafts for ages omg i'm so glad i finally finished it :D
personally i think this is rlly cute !! it's always loving genshin boys hours <3 i might actually make a part two with the girls but don't quote me on that LMAOOO
also if you saw this when i posted it earlier on accident NO YOU DIDNT pls erase that from your memory LKJSKJDS
hope you all enjoyed this & have a lovely day !!
hope you enjoy your stay at quill’s dessert cafe, and do check out the menu if you’d like ! 🍭
taglist; @noirkkat @bookuya @ohmykazuha @glazelilyy @mika-zuko @oreoz-unfortunately @tiny-aroace @xiaophobic @test-tube @yanphobics @childe-support
© starglitterz 2021. do not repost or modify in any way.
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husbandohunter · 6 months ago
You know ur small predicament post?? you should make a reverse version where s/o is smaller!
A Smaller Predicament [Genshin Impact x Smol!Reader]
Tumblr media
Characters: Scaramouche, Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Xiao, Zhongli, Albedo
Synopsis: Not only did you shrink, you went pocket sized as well!
(A sequel to "A Small Predicament")
(A/n): Sorry for the long wait anon, and I kind of added a twist to the scenario for more diversity hahaha hope you don't mind >_<. And why is Childe the poster boy for this series lmao.
When Childe walks in, he doesn't see you....until he looked down. He almost crunched you beneath his feet if it weren't for your constant flailing of arms and screeching voice. He blanks out for a hot minute as you clung onto his toes, doesn't dare to move an inch because he's so petrified (even though there's nothing to be afraid of??). But honestly if Childe moved right now, he might accidentally flail you to the side and that's the last thing he wants.
"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU??" He screamed so loud it nearly blew you out of proportion. Seems like he's going to have alot of adjusting to do. Childe is a tall man (canonically the tallest) and he knows how impulsive he can get which is why he bought a handmade dollhouse from one of the Liyue merchants for you to stay in.
Though there's something about your tiny size that makes his heart flutter. With your face so small with a pair of eyes far too big, *clutches chest* "My oujo-chan is so cute" -Childe probably. He won't stop saying them over again and you were growing tired of his gushing reactions. He can't help it. He wants to spoil you rotten. You fit right onto the flat of his palms, the way you just snuggle up againts his finger and he just- swoons, might tear up (bruh).
Toys may be for kids but for Childe it was now his favourite pass time. While you navigate around the wooden dollhouse, he pitches in by moving around the furniture to make it easier for you. Offers to carry you through the rooms like a personal elevator. And please, please let him tuck you to bed. He has to pinch his fingers to grab the blanket. It's so adorable to him.
Loves it when you snuggle up against his collar. He thinks it would be the best area for you to be nearby him since the risk of you getting hit by anything (or him) by accident is very slim chance. Sometimes he pulls up his collar so that you're more comfortable and cradled within. He would have to avert his eyes down rather than turning his head if he wanted to look at you otherwise you'd be hit by his chin and that would hurt.
The poking sensation with you by his neck can bother him since he's veeeery tickilish there. Plus, Childe can get easily sweaty so have fun with that.
You have a feeling that he wasn't so pleased when you transformed back. You might be right. Actually, you are right. He secretly has an extra potion hidden somewhere...just in case.
Mortified, his soul just left his body. To think things couldn't get any worse ever since he turned into a child to the point no one took him seriously, now you're literally the size of an apple. Oh god what if his bird suddenly swoops in and gobbles you right up? Or the wrath of the wind comes by, swirling you away towards a tornado. Needless to say, Diluc grew paranoid over your well-being ever since.
Due to your extremely small size, he will ensure that you are supervised by him (except at night where he has places to go). In otherwords, you're slipped into the inner pocket of his coat. It's super warm, you can fall asleep (and feel his heartbeat awww). Diluc doesn't like keeping you in places where people can see you, it would be too easy for outer things to access your tiny form (or maybe he secretly likes the feeling of you in his pocket.)
And he's such a gentleman about it. You noticed how careful he moves among his footsteps because he's worried that you might get dizzy. Diluc guards the pocket at close parameter, keeping an eye on things so he won't bump into them. As if he was treading on thin ice (you even suggested it was best to leave you home but he's too overprotective for his own good).
You're like his little assistant. Diluc does so much paperwork through out the day and although the act was small, he finds it endearing how you would help bring the papers back to it's rightful pile or pushing the ink bowl towards him. Or during his shifts at Angel's Share, crawling around the glass utensils and trying to find a specific wine beverage on his shelf. Of course that only happens when the shop is closed, how is he going to explain to his patrons that you shrank and now live in his pocket?
He dislikes the thought of you wandering too far. It's so easy for you to get lost especially when the mansion is so large.
At night you now sleep atop the fluff of the pillow. Diluc is a calm sleeper so he won't have to worry about hitting into you. However he radiates warmth so you just subconicously roll towards to his face. He usually wakes up with you sprawled over his nose. He can hardly breath (careful, he might just sneeze too).
This all happened because of the experiements you participated with Albedo. Diluc ensures that doesn't happen again. It will take some tencaious effort to convince him otherwise.
Fuck this guy. He treats you like his new pet, a new toy (though you technically are one). He has this arrogant, smug and sadistic look as if he was a predator looking at his prey and grabs you by the collar before dangling you up in the air.
"Hmph, looks like the tables have turned," he says while toying with your state. You tell him he's just angry because he's short himself and mad that everyone else in the Fatui organization is taller than him. Scaramouche demon face activated. He's about to devour you. (Maybe you should keep your mouth shut this time. Honestly your relationship with him is pretty weird).
His hat is so fun to play with. You'd swing around like Tarzan using the strings that were hanging from it. His head was your playground now which annoys him to an enourmous extent because it makes him look ridiculous. Scaramouche will have a hard time catching you since you move around so much. Climb around him, especially the back of his neck. He'll start wheezing when you tickle him there.
The type to put you in a box but also the type to keep you on his shoulders. Being relied on makes him feel taller (lmfao). Scaramouche seemse to have developed a habit to poke your cheeks whenever he needed your attention and you bit him back once when he pushed too hard that you nearly fell off. Despite your size, your teeth still hurt. He threatens to put you back into the box if you don't behave and the outcome ends with a full out brawl as he tries to grab you again while you run around, pulling the strands of his hair to climb on top of his hat. (This is literally Tom and Jerry wtf.)
After transforming back, he outwardly admits his disappointmen. Scaramouche says it suits you better (when he actually meant that he highly prefers you small). You marked his words, keeping an extra vial for your own entertainment in the near future.
Xiao was face-palming against his forehead real hard about this. For the love of Rex Lapis, what kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into this time? First it was the child incident, now you're the size of his finger? Good grief, looks like he will have to keep an eye on you from now on but at the same time he's scared to get too close, you are nothing but a tiny mortal in which he would have to double his effort to look after.
He lets you sit at the crown of his head rather than anywhere else. You insisted since it was easier to see everything at a nice distance (plus he's short so you won't have to worry about him bumping into door frames). You noticed that Xiao also has a little strand sticking out from the center (ahoge) and you sometimes grab onto it for stability. Turns out he's quite sensitive there and winces when you pull too hard.
For the remaining week as the antedote was being prepared, Xiao became extremely aggressive over your well-being, he looks as if he's ready to massacre everything in his way...which he did. Clears out the monsters off the path before going on daily strolls with you, you wouldn't have to lift a finger from now on. No one except for him is allowed to hold you unless they're a trustworthy person. You could feel his sharp eyes glued on you like a hawk when walking into the grasp of Zhongli's hand.
You once accidentally tripped into his almond tofu when he wasn't looking and he almost ate you. Turns out being small made his job as your gaurdian ten times harder (especially when you're the clumsy type). If you were to fall off the table, he would have to catch you right? Xiao often bumps into furnitures in the process...ouch!
He's very soft. It's all over his forehead, his mouth, his eyes. When he looks at you, his tense eatures melted away and there's an invisible fondness over them as he cradles you in his palm. The way you snuggle in them is lke the most precious thing in the world.
When you turn back, there's a wave of relief. He was really stressed out you know?
His first thought is to get you as far as he can from the Funeral Parlour before Hu Tao finds you. Who knows what that child might have in mind. Zhongli takes one of his empty tea pots and urges you to go inside, or carries a tea cup with you in it, he likes placing you on objects while carrying you around.
Zhongli realizes that you can no longer use the household items like before so he has to remake them to your standards- especially when he realized he doesn't have the mora to buy you a dollhouse. He improvises. Takes a handkerchief to make your blanket, his cups for your bathtub, Zhongli had to cut the foot into byte-sized too. But in terms of clothes, well he had to make them as well. Living thousands of years would mean he would have lot of experience. Sewing was one of them luckily. But that would mean he has to take your measurements as well. In the end, most of the things he made were dresses since they were alot easier.
You like to sneak in between his shirt and his vest tucked behind the coat he wears. Unfortunately Zhongli doesn't seem to have visible pockets (most likely the reason why he doesn't carry mora either), though if you don't hold on tight you might just slip down his vest and right to his stomach. It makes him chuckle when that happens even if the amount of effort to get you out took more than he thought since his attire is quite complicated to put on. If you really want to climb on him, he'll find a seperate pouch (but realizes it won't be a good idea when there's alot of pick-pocketers in Liyue streets).
All of a sudden he reads you bedtime stories. It's some sort of inner instinct that tells him he's taking care of a child now (he's right though). You realized that his voice was equivalent to a thunder's roar due to size difference. He would have to whisper now.
It will always be part of his precious memories when you turned pocket-sized. Zhongli still keeps the clothing he made somewhere in his closets too.
Amused by this eventful situation. Absolutely thrilled! He's not evil like Scaramouche but this new version of his s/o is both adorable and fun at the same time. You're so easy to tickle, just one poke using his finger against your hips makes you yelp. Sometimes he twirls your hair or taps your forehead gently despite your protest, he's so handsy like always in an affectionate yet annoying way.
Kaeya picks you up and places you among the fluffy comfort of his feathery scarf. You sneezed, the last time he cleaned it was before he went on a mission with the knights. Though you have to admit, it's the best feeling in the world. It's so soft you might sink deeper into the fabric. He likes to put you in places where he can talk to you easily, sometimes on the table while he downs on his wine. Normally you have to take the bottle away before it gets too much, now you have to push it away which he finds very entertaining at your futile attempts.
"Don't you have anything better to do?" you tell him. Since you turned byte-sized, he can't seem to stop playing around. Takes his two fingers and pretends they're legs walking across the surface. You would turn around and he halts, Kaeya sends you his signature grin. When he promises that he wouldn't do anything funny, you would let him hold you. Since hugs are out of the equation, Kaeya gives you his finger instead to wrap your arms around. He can't get enough seeing you like this, things he couldn't do when you were normal-sized. he enjoys your reactions way too much.
His favourite pass time is helping you brush your hair because the hairbursh is too big for you to handle. Kaeya ensure he's handling things delicately but he would love to help style it for you as well. Pretty please? At this point one request turns to another because he's having way too much fun. But it couldn't be helped since you would need his assistance in almost everything so there's really no escaping.
You were so happy when things were normal again but Kaeya would bring this up again during your conversations (how next time he would like to put you in his drinks while you're wearing a swim suit).
Legit blurted out if he could put you on a hamster wheel.
What about trying out the little maze he just made?
Or participating in a race against slimes of different elements?
No? Okay, then he'll just turn you back.
Albedo isn't going deal with this as along as he can help it (especially when he remembers what Klee did to him when he turned small.)
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golden-wingseos · 7 months ago
when you don't say "i love you" back
featuring —
✧ albedo, xiao, venti, diluc (separate) x gn!reader
warnings ―
✧ not proofread, diluc story spoilers
notes ―
✧ i've been hanging around the haikyuu side of tumblr recently and............................. Yes, here's the post this is inspired by: "haikyuu boys when you don't say i love you back"
Tumblr media
he was heading back up to dragonspine
you know, the usual. and usually, you'd say "i love you!!" to him before he left.
because that's what lovers do.
"See you, [Name]. I love you," Albedo spoke softly, voice hushing once it got to the 'I love you.'
"See you!" You smiled, giving the alchemist a light peck on the cheek as you saw him off at the gates of Mondstadt.
But he did not budge.
"I love you," He said once more.
"See you!"
" . . . "
literally glares at you
albedo may not be the... best when it comes to love. but even he has enough social skills and awareness to say "i love you" back!
he will sit there. and stare at you. until you say "i love you" back.
"Albedo?" You pinched the blonde's cheeks, watching his teal eyes narrow, arms crossed as his gaze pierced your heart like cupid's arrow.
"... I love you."
he doesn't say anything back. he just walks off after that
yea. u better love him!
he turns around to get a lil peek tho. like a little "bye"
Tumblr media
xiao doesn't say "i love you" a lot. he rather have his actions speak louder
but this was a little harmless prank, right?
"I love you," Xiao whispered, as if he were saying it to himself. Atop the world, on this mountain by your side, he could only focus on the race of his heart and the warmth of his ears and cheeks.
Yet even if it was barely above the sound of the wind, the adeptus knew you heard him.
But you did not respond.
It makes sense, Xiao thinks. You wouldn't be focused on him anyway.
So he says it again, louder, loud like the beat of his heart and the rush of his blood.
"I love you."
Your [e/c] irises darted towards him before looking away.
he stares at you like albedo. trying to process whether you heard him or not
he thinks you did... right? i mean, you looked at him!
and then, xiao starts to doubt himself. was he not loud enough? did you hear him but no longer love him?
so many questions start piling on top of him, like anvils smashing against his chest as he struggled to think properly
noticing his sudden change, you quickly catch his gloved hands in yours, muttering a small "i love you too."
and then he relaxes
you loved him. the him who was rude, the him who he closed off from the world
what an honor.
Tumblr media
literally just repeats it over and over again until you answer
you know when a child asks you a question? and then you ignore them? but they keep asking it over and over again? yeah, like that
"[Name]! I love you!" Venti called, rushing up to you from his spot under the tree at Windrise, a goofy smile on his face.
"Venti!" You held your arms out, waiting for the bard's hug as he stopped midway, just out of arm's reach.
"I love you!"
No response.
"I said I looove you!"
He blinks once, then twice, then thrice.
"[Name], I love you!"
"Yes, I heard," You restrained the laugh bubbling inside your stomach, heart melting at the sight of Venti pouting and leaping out at you.
"Say it back!" He wailed, pinching your cheeks as you both toppled down onto the grass, giggles erupting from your lips.
"I love you too!"
"That's more like it!"
venti - 1
[name] - 0
Tumblr media
like xiao, diluc doesn't say "i love you" often
he only says it when he's vulnerable, when it's just the two of you. when his heart is exposed, so are all of his emotions
so him saying "i love you" is most common when you're asleep and he gazes at you. it's most common when he's about to leave for his darknight duties, when he's about to go out and risk his life for mondstadt
it's more of a promise, than anything. it's a vow that he'll come home to you at the end of the day
"Oh, leaving already, Diluc?" You peeked your head out the door of your shared room with the typhoon, the sounds of the clock ticking reigning over both of your ears as the crimson-eyed male nodded.
"I'll be back soon. I love you," He put on his boots, preparing to step out of the door and into the night.
But he didn't.
"I love you," He repeated, ears turning red as he looked up at you from his spot on the first floor.
"Mhm!" You nodded.
". . ."
diluc is very... awkward. he doesn't want to come off as pushy, but he wants to hear you say you love him back!
so he leaves. into the night, to think about whether he did anything wrong. were you perhaps... falling out of love with him?
he comes home earlier that day
"[Name]... do you not..." He shakes his head, staring at you from the doorframe as you peered up at him from the book you were reading.
"Do I not what?"
HE DOESN'T WANT TO ASK... he thinks it's embarrassing
so he just says "nevermind" before getting into bed, eyebrows furrowed in deep thought as he continues to ponder over whether you love him anymore
"i love you too" you smiled, your response delayed by a few hours or so
diluc heaves out a sigh of relief
"i was about to say..."
8K notes · View notes
guacamoleroll · 2 days ago
𝐋𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐂𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚 | 𝐕𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢
Tumblr media
Pairing: Venti x Reader Fandom: Genshin Impact Word Count: 3,400+ Trigger Warning(s): Hurt/Comfort, Explicit Description of Torture, Kidnapping, Manipulation, Spoiler to For A Tomorrow Without Tears
Tumblr media
(Name) was kidnapped by the Abyss Order for answers about your beloved archon, to whom you’ve devoted your very soul. Blood pumps through your body like a raging river as your every last will begs you to not give in to the temptation of releasing a slew of secrets from your lips.
But you could never do that. Not to him.
Tumblr media
Small drops of moisture fell from the cracks of the room, the quiet ambiance only adding to your further frustration and discomfort. There was no light in this anachronistic cell if you could even call it that. It had no semblance of former societal structure, nor did it have any foliage that would indicate a rotting building. The wall behind you, despite its imperfections, was mostly one solid sheet of rock, not of individual stone brick. Where exactly were you?
Is that really what you should even be worried about right now? Your mind thought otherwise, seeing as the searing pain of freshly opened wounds became abundantly clear to your nerves, causing them to spark sporadically. You flinched as an especially nasty one brushed against the dirty, unsanitary ground. That would have to be disinfected later. How did you get here?
That was something you could answer, as scenarios started to play in your blur of memories.
You were not the typical adventurer or warrior in the bewitching city of freedom. You had enjoyed your voyages to other nations, meeting new people and interacting with different cultures; that had been especially heightened with your newfound friendship with a far-off traveler who'd saved the town from destruction in weeks past. You could not help the longing that grew within you while you were away, making it so that you couldn't be away from home for very long.
Home. That's Mondstadt to you.
It was where you had grown up, playing sports and celebrating festivals in the very same stone streets that you wandered on a daily basis. It's where your friends were, like the ever-so eccentric Knights of Favonius, or some of the rowdy, yet cheerful patrons of the bar that you'd been acquainted with. It was where he was.
You had invited the bard out to Windrise to hang out and relax for a while, much to his delight. He'd known you'd been planning something when you gave him a specific time for him to meet you there, but it was all so you could set up the perfect date. You'd placed a comfortable quilt down on the lush grasses of the plain, plating different treats for the both of you to try. Dandelion wine - a personal favorite of his - leaned in a bottle next to the wooden basket. It took multiple favors for Diluc to even consider letting you buy one of the bottles, knowing who it was for, but he caved once you paid part of the mischievous musician's tab. There you sat, humming to yourself as you waited for you beloved to arrive.
That's the immediate thing you could remember next. The blast of something too warm, yet too cold at the same time thudded against the skin of your neck. You shrieked in pure agony, grasping onto it as you hunched into yourself, tears burning into your eyes. The perpetrator walked up upon your shriveled form, as you were trapped in your own world of pain.
You twisted and wriggled around as something almost as cold picked up uncaringly into its grasp, metal colliding with your arms and fists. Bruises started to bloom as fiery tears streamed in rivers down your cheeks as you screamed.
That was when everything went black.
It became obvious what had knocked you out, seeing as another large bruise was forming in violet and blue hues on your temple. You groaned as the pain seemed to fluctuate between uncomfortable to downright unbearable. As long as you got help soon, you'd be fine.
Your mind didn't truly believe that, especially as slow footsteps seemed to trail closer to the large prison room. They taunted you, sometimes light and sometimes heavy as they circled around like a vulture watching its unsuspecting victim squirm. Except it knew that its prey was aware, and relished in its fear. The door lightly opened, with a characteristic that was almost unnatural for this metallic beast.
"Comfortable?" he asked, almost teasingly.
You glared at him with flared nostrils. "Perhaps not."
He struts around the room for a moment, taking a gander at your beaten and tired frame. “You do realize, if you had just given the necessary information, we’d release you.” He huffed as you gritted your teeth, fists clenched as his expression shifted into that of mock disappointment.
He struts around the room for a moment, taking a gander at your beaten and tired frame. “You do realize, if you had just given the necessary information, we’d release you.” He huffed as you gritted your teeth, fists clenched as his expression shifted into that of mock disappointment.
“It’s a shame you chose the hard way.”
You rolled your eyes, adverting your gaze as you started to find the indentions in the floor much more entertaining than the one-sided conversation. You flinched, feeling those same rustic fingers brushing through the knots of your hair, in an almost affectionate manner; you knew better than to fall for that.
“Poor young one. So lost...if only we had gotten to you sooner," he sighed somberly.
“Lost?” you rasped, grimacing at the raw sensation of your throat.
“Why, yes indeed! Your mind has truly been corrupted by those wretched gods," he looked down with pitiful eyes. “You’re even fallin’ for one.”
“Poor, poor thing," he tutted, patting your head.
He started to perk up optimistically. “But perhaps there is a chance for you!”
You were curious, wanting to know where the conversation was headed, but too stubborn to shift your eyes to look at the speaker. That was until he grabbed you by the chin, tilting your head so that you were looking into the vacant space where his facial features were supposed to rest inside of his armor. You squinted at him, the frown-lines evident on your forehead at the increased tension.
“Join the Abyss, (Name).”
You felt any breath that had been moving in and out of your body catch, your eyes growing wide with the sudden turn of the topic. This hadn't crossed your mind, seeming out of the realm of the possibility of the path of this little interrogation of his. You were a prisoner, not a new recruit.
“You have the upper hand against an Archon, my dear. Take advantage of that," he stated, and you knew it to be true. You had so much power over the emotions and thoughts of an almost all-powerful being, but it had never crossed your mind to take advantage of it.
You started to chuckle a bit for a moment, your stomach bubbling as you burst into almost hysterical laughter. You wiped the small tears from your cheeks with the corner of your shoulder, leaning back as you heaved a desperate breath of air. Why would you ever want to take advantage of him?
“Either you’re desperate-”, you spoke between baited breaths, “-or just a downright idiot.”
You shook your head, sighing. “I love him. Although, you probably don’t truly understand the meaning of the word, do you?”
He growled, and all you could register was the sudden smack before you fell fully against the ground once more. You couldn't complain too much, barely able to understand how hard it was due to every sense of your body being on fire. He stomped towards the door, looking away from you as he heaved in rage.
“I once understood the meaning," he started, his voice suddenly becoming softer, “Until it happened.”
You almost let out a sigh of relief as his arm seemed to shift towards the door before he changed his mind. How absolutely unlucky that he had changed his mind. In his left hand, a powerful glow started to blossom, something akin to electro energy radiating. He lunged, and you barely had time to flinch back as he made contact.
“You good for nothing brat!”
The energy finally released from his hand, making contact with your skin within moments. It caused you to cry out in absolute agony, your already raw throat burning fervently as the magic shook along the lining of your muscles and bones. Your body was unable to hold itself together, collapsing to the ground as your vision started to fade.
You couldn't understand how more cuts managed to be made along your face, arms, legs, chest, and neck - but they stung all the same. Then suddenly, the cold set in once again, something that you hadn't noticed since the abyssal creature had walked through the door. It was different this time - scarier.
It was a type of cold you had never felt before, but something in your heart caused you to understand what was happening immediately. You were bleeding out. One of the worst ways to die, and all because of a snotty comment that you had to speak.
You howled out for your lover, screaming for him to come find you, to come save you. Sometimes it was muffled by the sound of you choking on your own metallic essence, while other times it was cut off by the whimpers of pain you could muster between lashes. Your body finally gave in, resigning to your fate.
He would only be left with a grotesque corpse once he arrived.
He had finally had enough, his anger quenched for the moment. An aura of satisfaction surrounded him as he gazed upon your defeated form. Perhaps you had learned your lesson, or perhaps you were dead. Either way worked for him, despite that he'd get an earful from the Prince later.
He was about to leave the desecrated room, his hand inches away from the door before the mountain started to crumble. You groaned as it disrupted your drift into unconsciousness, the metallic figure coming back not able to faze you. For another round of torment? It wasn't like you'd really feel it anyway.
“Hmmm. Truly I didn’t expect this," he mumbled under his breath, observing the glowing entity you hadn't been able to identify. Not with your blurred vision, at the very least.
The Wind Archon appeared in his rarely seen godly form, pupils alight with pure fury as his mouth contorted into an almost animalistic scowl. His bow was grasped tightly in one hand, knuckles white as his eyes scanned across your beaten and bloodied body. The same blood that happened to be spattered on the armor of the damned Abyss Herald.
“You truly care for her?” he asked redundantly.
“How dare you,” the once silent Barbatos finally spoke.
The infuriated god quickly unfurled his arrows from their holster, drawing back his golden bow with fervor as he aimed for the heart of the beast. His eyes shrunk in unstrained terror as you were picked up into the monster's arms, your head resting right on the spot he was aiming for. That monster was using your body as some sort of inhumane shield.
“Ah, ah, ah-", the Abyss Herald shushed the booming form of the archon, “-we wouldn’t want to wake your precious one up, would we?”
His teal-eyes glimmered with choked indignation, along with the slightest hint of fear and terror as he watched your breathing become more and more shallow. Your body was practically limp into the beast's arms, so cold that you leaned towards the slight warmth the monster provided.
You felt so cold. Where were you again?
“Let her go. Now," the Wind God snarled.
The Herald chuckled. “Not so fast, weak little Archon.”
He stroked your face, a whimper escaping your pain-sewn lips as the metallic claws made a bloody indentation into your cheek, adding onto the collection of others. The high-pitched sound of distress caused every muscle in the Wind-bound Bard to tense achingly, begging to have you in his arms to hush your fright with tender affection.
“She seems quite important to you, so I’m not letting her go just yet," the Abyss Herald continued, chuckling before starting to laugh maniacally.
“The poor dear - did you hear her cry through the wind?” he taunted as one of his hands went to threateningly grasp the bruised skin of your neck. “Scream out as the blood dripped out of each tiny cut.”
“The whimpers of pain with each strike," his fingers went to put painful pressure onto your bruised legs, causing you to moan out in agony. “How she begged for someone - you - to come to save her?”
At once, the Abyss Herald summoned a portal behind him with his power, preparing to leave the bard in desperate contemplation and remorse. Just as they had done to him five-hundred years prior. The Archon now aimed for his head, aimed to kill.
“I’m afraid, until further notice, she belongs to the Abyss-” he was almost immediately interrupted.
“You will never-”, intense gusts of wind appeared out of nowhere, summoned by the distress of its master as it aimed straight for the monster. He flew back and smacked against the stone wall, causing it to crack as your body almost fell to the floor before a soft and strong shift of the breeze broke your fall.
“-ever-!”, the Herald was struck with multiple slashes of tempered wind, followed by more arrows than could possibly be summoned by a normal person. Barbatos was not a normal person, nor a normal archon. Not when the love of his life was in danger.
“-touch my cecilia, again."
The Herald ran into the portal, disappearing as the wind and arrow barrage finally started to die down. The winds picked up your form in nurturing care, careful not to further inflict any more pain as it carried you to its master. You were delicately placed in his arms as he held onto you tightly, tears growing in the corners of his eyes as he rushed to leave and find sanctuary for you inside his city. Your home.
. . .
Light started to peak through in scattered rays against the large glass mosaics of the imposing cathedral. Your eyes batted open heavily, wiping comfortable slumber away as you squinted, adjusting to the cracks of sun seeping through. Candles around the building dimmed as dawn set over the horizon, its warm hue making your stomach bubble homely.
You were home.
It was always a delight to be inside the cathedral of the illustrious Wind Archon. The architecture of the place was truly something else, with gorgeous ivory arches and personally crafted mahogany seating. You had probably been in every part of the building through the years, especially since you were personal friends with Deaconess, Barbara. 
Speaking of, the plush linen sheets and comforter that encased your form were probably thanks to her and her eternal generosity. You'd have to thank the sweet girl later. Something soft brushed against your hand, only for it to be that of another. Of your lover, the cheerful wind-borne bard of Teyvat. 
You grimaced at the uncomfortable position he was placed in, with his back bent to lean against the lower mattress of the bed. Even though your arms still felt weak, you managed to move your hand into his raven-ombre locks, twirling them around in between your fingers. You brushed his bangs out of his face, and he somehow looked content despite his posture. 
He started to blink out of sleep, yawning as he sat up in his rickety seat and stretched his aching limbs. He rubbed his eyes for a moment, adjusting them similarly to yourself as he scanned the room for any signs of a threat. He looked outside for an instant, before glancing over to what he assumed to be your sleeping form. His breath caught in his chest as you smiled at him, overwhelming emotion radiating from his heart as he observed your conscious, soft features.
He lunged forward, one arm wrapping protectively around your waist as his hand went to support the back of your head. He cradled your body delicately, yet with a firm grasp as he nosed into your hair, breathing in the honey-dew scent of the tresses. You grimaced as his clothes brushed against some of your darker bruises, but leaned into him.
“You’re awake," he whispered.
He brushed through your hair, twirling some strands faintly before taking them and lifting them to his lips with light kisses. Tears started to leak from the corners of his eyes, causing him to sputter slightly as he was overcome with a feeling of absolute relief.
“You were asleep for so long.”
“H-How long-", you dry-coughed for a moment, gripping your throat in discomfort. His eyes widened, rushing over to the side table of the bed and holding some water to your lips, silently begging you to drink. You gladly attempted to take it from his grasp, only to almost drop it. He grabbed it from you, cupping your hands with his own as you finally drank from the cup.
You cleared your throat. “How long have I been out?”
“Three days.”
You sputtered, before looking back at him. “T-Three?”
He nodded somberly. You looked down at your lap, guilt confining your chest like a vice. “I-I’m sorry I m-made you wait for so long.”
He shushed you. “Shh. I would wait for thousands of years just to see those bright eyes of yours."
You blushed at his poetic and flowering wording, but your mind was quick to forget it as other things start to spring up in your brain. While it was a fact that you would never believe that he was a bad person, considering how kind he has always managed to be, there was something the Abyss Herald made you reconsider with his words. Why would an Archon be in love with a mortal?
It'd didn't make sense to you. You had nothing to offer this all-powerful being, only as much love as your impermanent heart could possibly give. Your expression darkened as you stared into the now extremely interesting pattern in the comforter, refusing to look back at your immortal lover. He instantly knew, as he always did, what you were thinking. He was so in tune with your emotions, somehow knowing just the right thing to say to alleviate your pain. 
You wished you had that kind of ability, but little did you know that you did. Every time he was saddened, thinking about his many mistakes in the past, you always knew the right way to comfort him and how to properly help him grieve. Your emotions were so harmonized with his because you were his muse. His cecilia, his soulmate.
“Whatever he told you wasn’t true," he spat out with disdain.
“I love you. You are my muse, my reason for writing my songs and sonnets. I would be lost without your beauty shining down on me each morning," he spoke softly, taking your hands into his calloused own as he played with your fingers.
He sighed. “I have been alive for thousands of years, and will continue to live as long as this nation stands. I have met many over the years, but none have ever compared to you.”
He placed a peck on your forehead, which broke the fragile dam behind your eyes as you started to weep, body wracking over with bubbling emotion. He opened his arms up, and you threw yourself into his overwhelmingly warm embrace. 
"Shh, my strong darling. I'll never let them touch you again," he hummed. You whimpered, nuzzling yourself into his neck as the smell of flowers and wine encompassed your body in a gentle waft. The familiar scent always calms your nerves, relaxing your muscles as you melted like a puddle into him. Feeling safe, protected, and fully loved.
“I’m s-sorry we couldn’t h-have that picnic," you spoke between muffled sobs.
He chuckled. “Oh, my sweet cecilia. There will be plenty of time for picnics and other dates in the future - after you are healed.”
“But perhaps we could do something right now!” he perked up, kissing your forehead once again as something came to his mind.
“We can have a little breakfast picnic right here!” he yelled, rushing for the door as a barrage of ideas started to spring up. Different foods and drinks that he could bring. He'd probably have to sneak them past Barbara since she'd claim they're "not good for your health".
He saluted towards you. “I’ll be as swift as the wind, my delicate muse!" You chuckled as you heard his thudding footsteps scaring the nuns around the cathedral. You were in good hands. 
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