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#genshin impact smut
vilapollo · 2 days ago
fixing a dumb oni's mistake
pairing: Arataki Itto x gn!reader
tags: nsfw, mdni, oral, aphrodisiac, size difference, alchemist!reader
note: unlike my first nsfw post, i made sure i didn't write anything not gender neutral. but if i missed something again, please do point it out, thank you :))
Tumblr media
It is hard being an alchemist in Inazuma. Due to the restrictions in the nation, it isn’t that easy to complete a single research of yours. Thankfully, at times when you’re bored and waiting for the documents that you need for your studies, there is always a certain oni to keep you company.
Itto is known for always challenging Kujou Sara into fights. Their small conversations on a few bulletin boards always catches your eyes. It is ridiculous, really, and you kind of feel sorry for the tengu for having to deal with such a manchild. You feel her, after all, since this oni often visits your place as well for absolutely no reason other than to be fascinated with the assortment of potions that you had in your care.
You have become used to babysitting him after some time. He’s still handsy with your things, but you kind of already got that sixth sense wherein you know when Itto is about to do something really stupid. That is why you regret ignoring that feeling when you were once away to retrieve the documents that you needed for your research.
Itto is sitting in your workspace as soon as you arrive. You let out an irritated sigh as you approach the male before noticing the bruises on his exposed back. You resist the urge to roll your eyes.
“So, did Madam Sara beat you up again? You never really learn, do you? You’re all brawn and no brains. That’s why she always wins against you,” you say as you grab a couple of bottles from your cabinet.
You receive nothing but the mumble of your own name from the oni. Sighing, you pull a chair beside him and lift him from your table. A bottle rolls down when you shift him and crashes onto the floor into pieces. You sigh in frustration, but that was easily replaced by shock upon seeing the look on Itto’s face.
His brows are drawn together above his dark eyes. Hot breaths slip through his lips with beads of sweat trailing down his neck, chest, and torso. As your eyes travel further down, you can’t help but notice the huge bulge that formed in his pants. The startling sight makes you look away from him. That is when the broken glass bottle catches your sight and realization dawns on you.
“Haven’t I told you not to touch my things?” you sigh as you cross your arms.
“‘M sorry,” he mumbles. “Was looking for the medicine.”
“Do you realize what you drank instead?” you ask him as you lean closer towards him.
“What is it?” he slurs, eyes straining hard to look back at you.
“It was an aphrodisiac. I copied its formula from an alchemist in Mondstadt. However, you’re lucky that I only managed to make a weaker version of it.” You hum as you reach out your hand to his face. He flinches at your touch but then he leans towards the heat of your palms. “Still, it seems that it still managed to affect you like a normal aphrodisiac would. And here I thought that experiment was a bust.”
While you marvel at the effects of the potion that you made, Itto whines out your name which removes you from your trance. “I-It hurts,” he whimpers.
Your eyebrows knit together, confused. “Pardon?” you ask.
He growls weakly before grabbing the back of your neck and forcing you to look down at the tent that has formed in between his legs. “D-Do something about this,” he grumbled, voice dangerously low.
You purse your lips before looking into his eyes once again. “About that….I haven’t made any antidote for it yet,” you tell him. “I didn’t plan on making one actually because I never thought a certain dumb oni would have any need for one. Perhaps, you could remedy it through ejaculating. I would happily help you with that if you want.”
“What do you mean...?” Itto trails off as soon as your hand trails from his face, down to his neck, chest, abs, and finally his hard cock strained against his loose pants. He lets out a loud groan as you palm him over the cloth, throwing his head back and raising his hips against your hand.
“Hm, interesting,” you murmur as you continue to rub him against his clothes. Itto’s large hand on your neck flexes as he raises his head and looks into your eyes. His eyes darker than before, pupils now covering most of the red in his eyes. “You’re really huge. Say, you think the effects of the aphrodisiac differs from person to person?” you wonder. “However, considering you drank a whole bottle of it, I don’t think this experiment could be considered valid. After all, a normal person drinking a whole bottle of aphrodisiac could kill the--”
Itto’s growl cuts you off as he shoves you on your knees and presses your cheeks on his hips. “Won’t you stop trying to sound smart for once and use that mouth of yours for something more useful right now?”
“So demanding,” you huff as you start to fumble with his belt, but the impatient oni pulls it effortlessly and throws it somewhere across the floor. You can’t help but snicker as you finally release his strained cock. And the sight of it makes you pause to stare at its size.
You deciphered the man would be big from how huge his bulge was, but you aren’t expecting it to be bigger than what you have imagined. It is longer than the length of your hands. You try to wrap your fingers around his girth but your fingers aren't even nearly touching each other as you hold him.
You let his precum gather around your fingers before you start moving your wrist. You lean forward and press your lips against his head which made Itto grip your neck once more and raise his hips from the chair. You can tell how much he was trying to hold himself back. After all, with how huge Itto is from you, there is no doubt that this man could easily shove his entire thing down your throat if he wanted to. Still, you are the one in control over him despite the aphrodisiac in his system.
You rub a hand on Itto's thighs and look up at him as you slowly open your mouth and began to lick the tip of his cock. He groaned and tugged on your hair. You follow the male and lean forward. He shudders above you as your mouth enveloped the head of his cock. You continue to take in as much as you can handle which wasn't even half of his length.
"Fuck," Itto gasped, his chest heaving as he reveled at the warmth of your mouth. "M-More."
You glare up at him as you try your best to stroke the rest of Itto's length. Still, you wonder if you could take all of him so you try and began to take more of him. You moan around him as the head of his cock began to brush against the back of your throat.
The sight of you buried on his cock almost made Itto come. Your tears are building around the corner of your eyes as you look up at him. He sees how you are trying so hard to fit all of him inside your mouth. As he realizes how small you are compared to him, the more his self control begins to slip. He grips your hair and the chair with his other hand as he lets out another guttural moan.
"Fuck, you look so beautiful," he moans under his breath. That seems to catch you off guard and makes you moan in response around him, the vibrations on your throat sending a wave of pleasure on his cock. "Come on. Just a little more." He pulls your head forward and you follow, moaning as you swallow more of his length. Itto curses again through gritted teeth as you finally reached the base of his cock, chin pressing against his balls.
Itto places both of his hands on your face and starts grinding into your mouth. Your eyes almost roll to the back of your head as Itto pulls out half of his cock and shoves it back into your throat once again. He moans at tightness of your throat and the noticeable bulge on your neck.
"Look at you," he rasps, "taking a dick as big as your head. You're really good at this, huh? Have you done this several times before, hm?" You moan in response and Itto laughs.
He picks up his pace, angling your head and his hips to easily access your throat as he gets lost in pleasure. The sounds of his deep moans fueling you to bob your head in time with the way his hips move despite the strain on your jaw. Your eyes are now blurred and cheeks wet from the tears rolling down your face.
"Touch yourself for me," he orders with his voice heavy with pleasure. "I wanna see you cum."
You immediately reach down towards your clothes and pull it down enough to reveal your sex and start pleasuring yourself.
"Who would've thought that someone as smart as you could be such a little whore, hm? It's just as they say. It's always the innocent-looking ones." He laughs again and takes control of your head, moving it in time with his hips. Your eyes began to shut but Itto tugs on your hair. "Keep your pretty eyes on me, little one. I want you to keep looking at me."
You focus your eyes and keep them on Itto's. You can't help but shiver at the intense gaze he gives you. You reach out and grip his thigh in order to somehow steady yourself from the long hard thrusts your abused throat was receiving from him. Your fingers were having a hard time to rub yourself with your mind muddled with Itto's huge cock in your mouth. Still, most of your pleasure seems to come from the rough way Itto was handling you.
"Fuck, gonna come," he groans. His thrusts became quicker the more he reached that peak before he fully buried his cock into your mouth, locking your head in place, loudly groaning out your name. You moan as you felt that hot liquid down your throat, some slipping past your lips and dripping down your chin. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as you somehow came from the taste of the oni's semen alone.
Your whole body twitched and shivered as you continued to swallow his essence. Itto then pulled out completely but not before slapping the head of his cock against your tongue and lips.
You took your time to catch your breath, your head against his thigh while you continued to stroke his semihard cock. Out of nowhere, he lifts you up and places you down on your table.
"I-Itto?!" you yelp as he spreads your legs and kneels down before your. He grins up at you. "What—ahn!" Without wasting a beat, he pulls your clothes, tosses them, and buries himself in between your legs and started pleasuring you. Your hand instinctively goes to his horns and tries to pull him away from oversensitivity. Despite just coming, Itto's tongue and lips are somehow able to bring you close to releasing once again. Your hips shake on his broad shoulders and you fall back on the table, your elbow supporting you. "I-Itto!" And once again, you came, head thrown back and your legs wrapping around Itto's head, his hair tickling the inside of your thighs.
You may have lost consciousness for a few seconds because the next thing you knew, Itto's face was right in front of you with that smug smirk on his face.
"Y-You bastard," you grumble.
"You're welcome," he teases.
You struggle to glare up at him. "Next time you come to my place unannounced, I'll have an officer take you straight to jail."
"Ah, but we couldn't really do this again when I'm in jail, could we?"
"What do you mean?"
"What it exactly means. Hey, I thought I was the dumb one here?"
You huff. "This was just an experiment. We're never doing this again."
"Ah, but I thought this was an invalid experiment? Therefore, we should do it again so you could come up with more acceptable conclusions." Your face reddens and Itto laughs at that.
"Shut up, dumb Itto," you grumble.
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amosthirst · a day ago
Imagine Itto fucking the Divine priest/priestess of Inazuma...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
NO CAUSE I LITERALLY THINK ABT THIS BUT INSTEAD OF READER BEING A PRIESTESS, THEYRE A SHRINE MAIDEN :3 we have same mind nonnie *kiss* im gonna make them a shrine maiden i hope ur okay with that anon 💓 also if i got the miko/shrine maiden clothing piece name wrong, pls tell me!! i am relying on google currently TT
tags,, sacrilegious, size difference, get caught having sex, petnames (angel), itto marking you, minors do not interact. fem! reader.
« MORE »
Tumblr media
your father always mentioned how sinful oni are. kneeling down in front of the shrine your ancestor have built, he constantly remind you how oni are wolves in sheep clothing. and you believed him, serving the sacred shrine your family inherited every day, took every chance in your day to pray. it comes to the point where your mother had to scrub ointment oil on your bruised knees. every day is the same, washing your red hakama and white kosode, cooking lunch and dinner for your parents, cleanse the shrine surrounding.
you have always been good, perfect in every way, the daughter every parent wish, the perfect wife candidate every mother wish they could pair up with their sons. a soft spoken, religious, and pure woman.
itto wonder if they know how much more perfect you are in your room, fingers stuffed deep inside of your cunt, your face flushed into the pillow— chest rosing up and down. if they know many time you called out his name late at night when he have you seated on his lap, arms curling around his neck while you bury your face into his shoulder. fear that your parents would see their precious little girl cunny got stretched out around his cock.
a docile little angel, nodding your head off even when the tip of his cock is too big for you. he had to bully his way in to make it fit, groaning when he finally had his cock fully buried inside of your warm pussy. couldn't help but to have his cock throbbing inside when you sobs how big he was, your thighs already shaking in fear that he'd might break you. you taken him so many times and every time, itto felt like he's fucking a virgin. your velvety walls wrapped around his so nicely, pulsating each he fondled with your tits. have you soaked just from getting your tits played,
"i-itto, m'cumming,"
"already? i haven't move yet. come on, angel, i know you can hold it it."
don't you remember how many times your father remind you how sinful his kinds are? how your mother trained you from little how you aren't allowed to be having intercourse with anyone unless you're married? can't remember anything with itto cock buried inside, fucking and molding your pussy into the shape of his cock. his hands wrapping around your waist, pinning your body down to the bed and have you gasping for air.
itto loves it all, the way your eyes eyed his cock entering in and out of you, white circle of cum pooling around his base. the way you look up to him with your dazed eyes, the small calling of his name make him stopped and took a breathe.
"want more, please? itto, f-fuck me more,"
and most of all, he loves it when you beg him to give you more and more. to propped your legs up on his shoulder and fuck you deep, thumbs rubbing on your clit. a guttural groan emitted from his lips the moment he lay his eyes on your bouncing tits, soft and perky in his hand. you always wear a modest clothing, he forgot how pretty your body are beneath those clothes. forgot how good your tits feel when he isn't with you, how cute your face contort to when he nudged your cervix.
you forgot too, like right now, when your parent come home early today, your father stunned body paired with your mother horrified face is casually ignored. couldn't see them thru the tears in your eyes, can't see how the disappointment and anger on your face because itto too busy fucking you stupid, can't see the red lines all over your body— ones that are similar like itto's. the only thing you know is his cock painting your insides white, that he's still pounding you.
itto could careless, he could always take you away. after all, the strongest could always use a pure maiden to keep him accompanied. and he wouldn't mind making you his, not when he already marked you like this.
Tumblr media
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kxxaeya · a day ago
Belly bulging drabble [Itto Arataki x GN!Reader 18+]
Tumblr media
TW: NSFW, belly bulge, dirty talk, cream pie, overstimulation, raw cock, ouchies 😟
My fics are so messy so from now on I’m gonna (try) clean them up a bit ^_^
Tumblr media
“What’s the matter toots? Can’t handle daddy’s big cock like you said you could? Aww how shameful.” He smirked down at your shivered body while you twitched, stomach being stuffed with his said ‘big cock’.
You really shouldn’t have pushed past your limit with your little teasing game you played on him just mere minutes prior, and although the regret swelled inside your full tummy, his cock pushed past that and took up all the room for itself.
“Mhphm, I-I can! Just hmph, too big.” You huffed out, speaking really took a toll on horse throat so you wanted to cut your talk, but he didn’t want that, of course. ‘Let me hear you, speak up for me won’t you?’ His taunting words swarm through your mind.
“What? Id say about 7 inches, is that too big for you to handle? Aww, we’re not even all the way in yet.”
What? There’s more. You surely must of underestimated how large he was, that’s not good.
Looking down slowly, you saw that he was correct, and half of his base was still not fully pushed inside of you yet.
“Hm? There a problem, hah don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet now, that just won’t do.” Bringing his hands up to your shoulders, he gripped them and prepared to push you down all the way.
“Ready? On the count of three.”
“Oneee.” He drew out his word, almost cockily.
“Suddenly slamming you down onto him, you cried out in what was mostly pain as his dick played around with your insides.
“Oops sorry, guess I forgot what came after two. My bad, but god do you feel good. All tight just for me? How sexy of you.”
By now you were a complete mess, still looking down you could see the outline of his cock picking through your stomach flesh, twitching and squirming inside you.
“Hahhh, w- so- gwod.”
“Something got your tongue? Oh right, my fingers do. Haha, look at you slobbering on my hand like that, didn’t know my baby was such a little puppy.”
You couldn’t even think at this point, only nodding to what he had to say while maintaining whatever sanity you had left.
“Yeah.. I like that, from now on you will be my cute little puppy dog, how bout’ it? We get you a cute little collar and leash to match your soon do be panting face, tongue flopped out too.”
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th9ma · a day ago
my lovely housewife | diluc (1k event)
Tumblr media
pairing: diluc x reader
contains: established relationships, mention of neglect, sub!reader, breeding kink, talk about pregnancy but very brief, mating press, masturbation, use of the names ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’ in a playful/condescending-ish manner, thigh riding.
note: i’ve actually been thinking about this for a while — i’m too lazy to write an actually fic so enjoy a drabble ish :)
see my 1k event for other characters!!
Tumblr media
husband diluc who welcomes you with open arms when you wander into his office behind those french doors, making room for you to sit in his lap without a second thought. you like to watch him work: after all, it reminds that you that he’s all yours. yet sometimes, you can’t help but feel invisible around him, only receiving brief hums and quick glances whenever you try to speak with him. but he’s such a busy man; it’s not like you can blame him!
so it’s better for you to take matters into your own hands, subtly grinding down on his thigh as you sigh in slight relief from the friction of your clothed cunt against his expensive slacks. diluc is trying to be so nonchalant about it too, tightening his jaw as he keeps his eyes focused on his work — but his efforts seem to be in vain when his name messily stumbles out of your lips.
“cut it out.”
his words are short, but the warning falls upon deaf ears as you look back up at him with heartsick eyes. you know your husband well, you know how well he gets worked up; how easily he throws everything away when you give him those stupid eyes. it’s only a matter of time before his hands are steady on your hips, rocking your body against his thighs himself. and you can only cry out to him, whining about how it felt like he’d forgotten all about you — his perfect and pretty wife — like it was nothing.
and as much a diluc doesn’t admit so, he truly does have a soft spot for you; he promises to give you all of his time if you can just wait a little bit, so it’s crucial that you be good! and you try really hard, you even move to the couch in front of the desk — but you can’t seem to stop yourself from lifting your dress up and shoving your hands down your pants to rub your clit. poor diluc can barely focus when his wife is trying to fuck herself right in front of him. he’s so drawn to the sight, your eyes screwed shut and your breathing erratic as you pump in and out of your sopping cunt. and maybe you did it on purpose, knew how addicted he is to your arousal — it worked anyways.
because within a matter of moments, he’ll have you in a mean mating press, your knees knocking into your shoulders as he ruts his hips into the fat of your thighs. you can almost feel your legs spasming as his cock drags along your spongy walls. and you always get a twinge of extra pressure with every thrust as his trail of hair brushes against you swollen clit. his sheer size is enough to split you up as he bottoms out — makes you see stars.
gahhh and he’ll be so condescending, sneering down at you while he says that you’re so fucking needy. he’s not lying either; you truly do want him to fuck you until you can’t give him anything anymore. it’s so much better than working; the way that your gummy walls twitch around him and the direct intimacy — what could beat this?
diluc fucks into you with no regard for decency, shoving you further into the cushion for a better angle to wreck your cunt. you swear that your legs are going numb, but it’s the last thing on your mind when you’re creaming all over your inner thighs and his cock. he thinks it’s such a sight to see; eyes hazy and mouth slightly ajar as you babble for him to go deeper like a little whore. “always bothering me when i’m working- i’ll put a baby in you this time around.” he spits out through gritted teeth. he’s so mean, but the way that he fucks you easily gives him away.
you can only meekly moan his name in response; it’s so pathetic. and don’t think he doesn’t catch the way you tighten around him either — it’s almost laughable.
“you like that? want me to get you pregnant?” he only spurs you on, soothing your leg as he taunts you. “do you want me to make you a mommy?”
a mommy, the word rings in your ears — you’ve wanted to carry diluc’s child for as long as you can remember but he’s always been too busy. but hearing him say it upfront has you hearing wedding bells for a second time, you can’t help but get excited. so you nod feverishly, begging for him to be the one give you a child, telling him to make you two a mommy and daddy.
the look that he gives you stirs up butterflies in your tummy — it’s so full of love and adoration. soon enough, his tip is brushing up against that one spot and a small scream falls from your lips; and that’s when diluc knows he’s hit the jackpot. his thrusts are unrelenting and brutal. and even as you’re gushing all over him and crying about how much of a mess you made, his pace doesn’t let up at all.
he’s just as vocal as you, spewing strings of curses as he gets closer to his release, groaning about how he’s gonna fill you up just like he promised. and he follows through, dumping his load right into your cunt — and it’s so much, flowing out from the pressure of his cock and mixing with your juices. you’re so addicted to the feeling as well, babbling about how much you love being filled up by him.
what a lovely housewife he has <3
Tumblr media
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deescade · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact (NSFW: husbando + Who's Your Daddy? ver.)
warnings: flashing images, NSFW/explicit sexual themes -> daddy kink
characters included: arataki itto, thoma, zhongli, childe/tartaglia, kaeya, diluc, baizhu, xiao, albedo, dainsleif
op's notes: y'all knew I just had to add itto as soon as I could to the husbando lineup, especially with the "daddy" theme. how fitting ;)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Game notes • How to Play
Please use a browser other than Google chrome to play because the GIFs always lock onto their first frame on Chrome. Safari and Firefox work, please try those
If you're on mobile, screenshot the gifs either as a set or individually
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sidemariana · a day ago
Hi! Could you perhaps do some scenarios of Genshin Characters being like "half cat" and they're having a heat, so the reader has to help them to feel better? Any character of your choice, and please, take your time with this. Thank you so much ^-^
Cat!Genshin Boys (NSFW Scenarios)
Pairings: Gorou, Kazuha, Thoma x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Sexual content ahead. Every action is consensual.
A/N: Remember, those are scenarios, not a longer text. It's normal them to be a little "shorter". It means they're "part of a story" that you can start or finish in your mind. Use your creativity ^-^
P/S: My "break" from writing isn't finished yet. I just had some energy and creativity to answer the request. And please, be nice with any comments or asks. I'm not on my best moment, be gentle with me ;3
Gorou 🦊
The General of the Sangonomiya Resistance didn't reflex any of the majesty of his title while he nuzzled his face against your neck.
Even his scent had changed those past hours he spent by your side and his skin was almost making you uncomfortable with its temperature.
"Gorou... Perhaps your heat is making you feel somewhat off?"
"I'm... I'm fine, (Name). I'm just feeling a little weak, is all" His soft voice whispered into your ear.
Your hand caressed his ears carefully, making sure to brush against the right spots so he could find some comfort.
"I can help you, Gorou" His ears and tail moved quickly with your line, as if he was interested with your offer.
"But this condition... Is embarrassing..."
"Is a natural thing for you, love. Now come here, let's make this pain fade away"
You indeed helped him feeling better.
He could feel his strength coming back while he moved above you, your walls making it almost hard for him to not cum on the spot while he entered you.
His whines sounded so pure that they didn't match with the flaming desire he carried on his cyan eyes while his hips collapsed against yours so quickly you doubted the support your legs around his waist gave you was enough.
The bedroom got a little warmer by the time you both were finished.
His 'knot'* swelled inside you, connecting you both as his seed was deposited inside your walls.
Gorou's body was now being fully supported by yours and you caressed his ears and hair as a way to show affection.
"Feeling any better?"
"Yes..." He was almost sleeping while answering you. "Yes, (Name)... I'm bett-"
His sleepiness was the proof your idea had worked. <3
PS: *Knot is a structure some animals use to "impregnate" their partner so they can have puppies and all of that. In this fiction text, the reader (you, ofc) don't get pregnant, relax girl)
Kazuha 🍁
The samurai's heart skipped a beat when he saw you arriving Ritou's harbor.
You noticed his behavior was kind of different. The melancholy and calm personality of his was switched to a bothered one, almost anxious as you could see his urge to get you to a quiet place.
"Kazuha, dear, I need to say to my leaders and the population of Ritou how my mission was..."
"(Name)" His voice sounded so fragile it almost made you feel bad. "Could... Could you h-help me?"
His ears.
His tail.
He was indeed different.
"You're having a heat?"
"I am, but please. Please, don't tell anyone about this-"
"I never told anyone about all the times I helped you before, how could I do something like that? Now, come here, perhaps we have some time before the authorities seek for me"
On a quiet and somewhat far away place, you rode him as his tried his best to keep his cool. Your hands were leaned against his abs as your walls welcomed his length every now and then, in the perfect pace.
His hands held your hips tightly, helping you move above him, often leaving them to explore your breasts and to hold your hands onto his.
Soon enough, Kazuha pulled your body against his own, as you came together.
Now, he could say he was more comfortable in his own skin, but a red tone still stained his cheeks.
"I'll never judge you, Kazuha. I'm here for you, anytime."
"Thank yo-"
"Miss (Name)? Hey, (Name)!" You heard people from the commission calling for you.
"I... I have to go for now, baby" His tail lowered, showing he was frustrated still. "Later in my place I can help you even more" You stole a kiss from him after you finished putting your clothes back on. "Deal?"
"D-Deal!" His tail moved faster now, showing contentment, gaining a soft smile from you.
Thoma 🎋
Thoma was really straight to the point whenever his heat was strong enough to bother him. But that was your first time helping him with that kind of thing and he had to make you feel alright.
He entered you slowly as you gasped his name and pulled his blonde hair carefully. Gosh, it hurted. Even with all the delicacy of Thoma, it hurted receiving him in the first moment.
"Hold on, love, I promise it won't hurt so bad in some minutes. Enlace your legs in my waist, if that makes you feel better"
Capturing your lips in a romantic kiss, Thoms cleaned off some tears of your cheeks, while his other hand enlaced yours, comforting you.
Leaning his head in your neck, he started rocking his hips against yours, kinda asking for permission to start moving properly.
"You can go now, Thoma" With your other hand that wasn't enlaced onto his, you caressed his blonde hair and ears as he started moving in and out you slowly.
You gasped in discomfort but tried to relax under his body and after some thrusts, a good feeling replaced the pain, making it hard to be quiet.
Thoma speeded up his movements, while his tongue explored your mouth. At some point, he broke the kiss only to let a soft moan leave his lips, biting down on them hardly afterwards.
Enlacing your legs around his waist, you pressed his body against yours harder, making you call his name instantly.
Thoma was making his movements carefully and above all, he was controlling his own desires just to respect you.
Everything felt so right, so perfect with him.
Some seconds after, you reached your limit, and Thoma followed you.
After some minutes, he helped you clean yourself and get comfortable and, lying down with you again, he brought your body delicately against his, cuddling you. Kissing your lips one more time, he caressed your face with one of his hands. You could smell his scent in the soft fabric of his shirt. The scent that reassured, that calmed you.
"Did I hurt you?" He asked worried.
"Nope, everything felt great love. Your heats don't bother me. And now, I can help you properly at any of them, ehe~"
Once again, in case you didn't read the notes above the scenarios (what probably happened):
My "break" from writing isn't finished yet. I just had some energy and creativity to answer the request. And please, be nice with any comments or asks. I'm not on my best moment, be gentle with me ;3
Love you all <3
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liyeus · a day ago
itto <33
❤  female reader x itto
itto, who just loved how red your cheeks would become when he lifted up your skirt, how wet and soft your cunt would appear, just inviting him to fuck you raw, make you into a pathetic moaning mess. your parents had warned you to stay away from him, but you could never control yourself, you wanted his huge dick to be inside you always, breeding you full with a litter of his pups <3 and he would take such good care of you and your pups :( itto was made to be a father, he would love you all so dearly, hold you close to his heart as he pumped his fist into your cunny. he would sneak into your room, take off your clothes in a rush and start fucking you. you loved the veins popping off of his cock, they would feel so good, so so good to your little cunny. you would always expand to hold him deep into your body, never wanting to let go of him or his cock. you were addicted to the feel of him, of his veiny cock, he always released so so much cum into you, filling you upto the brim. you couldn't help but leak out some of the cum, it was just too much for you. he would reprimand you then, force you onto your stomach as he would start spanking your ass. tears started spilling from your eyes, you just wanted to be a good girl for him but you would always do something wrong and ruin things for you two all over again.
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extrabish · 2 days ago
𝐀𝐜𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐬 ♡
Tumblr media
pairing: scaramouche x reader
genre: smut
warning: biting?
synopsis: his s/o’s love language is biting their partner, not essentially suggestive. but them biting a bit too hard causing it to leave a mark like a love bite.
Tumblr media
At first he would be quite annoyed at this behaviour you had, you’d ask for his hand which he gives after a lot of convincing and you bite it??
“Y/n, what the actual fuck.”
But he got used to it and grew to like it, not that he would admit it of course.
It was after an awful meeting with the harbingers, Scaramouche decided to come over to your place to crash the night with you in his arms. and maybe giving him your addicting bites
He opened the locked door using the spare keys you gave him, which he didn’t take at first saying he can just pick the lock but you forced him to have it.
Walking in cautiously and making his way to the kitchen to see you looking through the fridge, “You do know food won’t magically appear if you opening and closing the fridge over n’ over again, right?”
Your eyes widened as you turned around to see Scaramouche having his usually sadistic smirk on his face, “You don’t know that!”
“What? the ‘food won’t magically appear’ part or you ‘opening and closing the fridge over n’ over again’?”
Heat spread out on your cheeks as you stared at the ground in embarrassment while he laughed at your reaction, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding~ but it’d be really bold for you to assume I don’t know my s/o more than themselves~ You’re the 6th harbingers partner, so raise that chin up!”
You ran into his arms giggling while suffocating him with kisses along his neck and biting it out of nowhere, he flinched beneath you while tangling his fingers through his hair.
Scara was used to you biting him and never really took it suggestively but you just happened to bite on his sweet spot, “ Y-y/n- Nugh~ I think that’s enough- auGH~ ♡”
You immediately retracted back spitting out mumbled apologies as he leaned onto a counter gasping out heated air, “H-how many times do I have to tell you? Stop apologising...”
Scara’s bite got a lot of stares the next day and when I say that I mean literally everyone were staring at it.
Childe being the harbinger he is, he pointed it out.
“Woah! I didn’t know Y/n would be the one going down on you-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dragonspine-jpg · 2 days ago
nsfw below, minors dni ♡
warning— sub! gorou, gn dom! reader, masturbation.
Tumblr media
having some gorou brainrot rn and can we discuss that he is 100% the type to push his face into some of your clothes when you’re not around and get off to the scent? like he’ll be waiting around all sad while you’re away for the day or night, ears all droopy and being all pouty. and then—idea!
his eyes physically light up and both his ears and his tail perk up, and he runs off to your shared bedroom and digs around for some of your worn clothes. he finds a shirt of yours from a few days ago and can’t help but ball it up and press it against his nose. instantly, your scent envelops him. sweet, mouthwatering: however you smell when you greet him when he comes home from general duties, when you cuddle him, when the two of you cook together. when he closes his eyes with your shirt clogging his airways, it’s like you’re just there.
he strips himself off quickly and is fast to get onto the bed, pushing a pillow between his legs. just can’t help himself.
he starts by grinding down onto the pillow, holding your crumpled shirt to his face with one hand a slicking up his cock with the other. eventually, he’s bent over the pillow doggystyle, ass raised, face pressed into your shirt as he fucks himself deeply with two fingers. he’s humping the pillow, just picturing you, your hands and your face and, oh, your voice. it smells so good. he’s high on it. fucking himself as best he can to the thought of you and being loud, loud.
he whines and keens, imagining that you’re there, that your hands are in his hair or scratching his ears, that your hands are holding his hips and it’s you filling him up, not just his useless fingers. you’d bite at his neck. he moans at the thought.
he can smell you so strongly... it’s intoxicating.
you’d call him a “good boy” because, yes, he is—your good boy—and he imagines those words on your lips as he grinds down helplessly onto the pillow, a general debauched. “you’re so good for me, gorou,” you’d say if you were there. “so pretty and so good.” onto the pillow he humps, and then pushes back into his fingers. it’s not as good. they don’t reach as deep as you do, he can’t get the right angle. but it’s so easy to imagine.
he feels kind of... bad, as he does it. knows he’s not really being good, humping while pressing his face into your clothes. it’s wrong. he feels pervy. even though it’s the shirt you wore before literally railing his brains out a few days ago. he can’t help but feel a little guilty. he doesn’t want to be bad. and it's embarrassing. the general of the watatsumi army reduced to such a needy mess in your absence. he wonders if you’ll be mad. but he can’t stop. he drools over your shirt and moans, whines, breathes your name over and over. he goes until his eyes roll back and his hips stutter, legs shake, ears twitch, and he cums all over the sheets and your clothes. 
he really just can’t help yourself. not when you’re away, and you smell so good. 
(you come back later to find him asleep covered in cum and with his face still pressed into your shirt, and decide to give him what he really wants then and there).
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teyvattwriter · 15 hours ago
Genshin Boys Wanting Your Attention
Tumblr media
❧ Genre: fluff and slightly suggestive in Kaeya’s 
❧ Includes: Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Thoma
❧ Warnings: slight teasing, kissing
❧ A/N: this was originally gonna be something else but it sorta just turned into this lmaoo I’m not mad at it
~※ Main Masterlist ※~
Tumblr media
You sat at the table, your focus was entirely on the papers in front of you. You were so concentrated that you didn't hear Kaeya coming up behind you. You jumped when you felt him place his hand on your shoulder.
"Sorry sweetheart," he chuckled “How’re you doing?”
"I think I'll be done soon," you sighed
"That's good."
"Yeah, I think I'll only need like…2 hours.”
"2 hours? That's quite long sweetheart.”
You only hummed sadly in response. You continued to work practically ignoring Kaeya's presence. He hated seeing you work yourself to the bone without taking a second for yourself. He also was feeling rather selfish and wanted your attention all to himself. It didn't take him long to think up a fool-proof plan that would get you away from your work and into his arms.
You could feel Kaeya's warm breath fanning your neck. You tried to ignore it but his face kept creeping closer. His lips pressed a soft kiss to the side of your neck. You shifted slightly in your seat but didn't react. Kaeya was rather impressed with your self control but he knew you couldn't last much longer. He trailed wet kisses all along your skin occasionally stopping to suck red marks. You let out a small whimper.
"I think you need to take a break.”
"Come on, baby. Come relax with me.”
You cursed Kaeya in your head. He was seducing you into neglecting your work and you were falling for it. You let him take your hand and lead you into the bedroom where you could take your much needed break.
Tumblr media
Childe groaned for the 5th time in the last 10 minutes. You knew he was trying to get your attention but you needed to get this work done. You continued to ignore him and he was not having it. 
“Babeeeeee,” he whined, “You’ve been working for so longggg.”
“I have to get this done.”
“But you’re neglecting your boyfriend.”
You looked over at him and laughed at the large pout on his lips. You got up from your seat and walked over to where Childe sat. You kissed his pouty lips holding his face in your hands. You pulled away much quicker than he would’ve liked. 
“Let me finish my work then I’ll give you all my attention.”
“Nope,” his arms wrapped around your waist, “I’m not letting you.”
“Childe please-”
You struggled to get out of his grasp but he used all his strength to keep you in place. He stood up and easily tossed you over his shoulder. You wriggled around trying to get him to let you go but he held on to you tightly. 
“Seriously, I need to work,” you attempted to escape yet again
“No you don’t. You need to give your boyfriend some attention!”
He gently tossed you down on your bed. Before you had the chance to run away again, Childe plopped down on the bed and laid down on you. 
“You’re crushing me.”
“You’re fine,” he cuddled up against you, “If you give me the attention I require I might let you get up.”
Tumblr media
Zhongli watched you work diligently without uttering a single word. You couldn't remember how long you've been working but you know it's been a long time. Zhongli understood you had work to do but he was missing you. Yes, he was in the same room as you but he wanted your attention. All your attention. He stood up from his chair and came to stand behind you.
"Are you doing alright, love?” he asked
"Yeah, I think so."
“Do you need anything?"
"No, I'm fine."
"Alright," he pause for a second, "Do you need my assistance with anything?"
"Ok, what's wrong?” you turned to look at Zhongli
"Nothing is wrong, my dear."
"Well, something’s up because you’re never this inquisitive with me unless you need something.”
"I world like it if you took a break," he took your hand in his, "I know your work is important but I'd like to have your attention for just a little while."
You smiled up at your adorable boyfriend. He was always so elegant with his words and he always seemed to enraptured you with them. You couldn't deny your boyfriend any longer especially after so honestly admitting his true desires. You told him you’d face a break and his face lt up. The gently kissed the back of your hand and led you away from your desk buried in papers.
Tumblr media
You and Thoma were quite busy people. He was always off doing is work with the Kamisato Clan and you had your own work you were passionate about. Sometimes the two of you were like ships in the nights— the only times you’d see each other was late in the night right before you both headed to bed. 
For once, Thoma had some time off and you were supposed to as well but you had brought home some work. You were deep in piles of papers while Thoma spent the day relaxing. He honestly felt guilty for enjoying his time while you were buried in work. He also was feeling sad he didn’t get to spend some time with you like he’d been hoping.
He came to sit beside you, your eyes never moving away from the papers you were currently working on.
“You’ve been working for a long time.”
“I know,” you sighed, “I’ll hopefully be done in a couple hours.” 
Thoma went quiet for a bit. He knew how important your work was to you— trust me, if anyone understood, it was him. But he really wanted to be selfish for once. He gently place a hand on your back.
“I know you’re dedicated to your work but I miss you.”
You looked over at your boyfriend. His green eyes pierced right though your soul and you immediately felt so guilty. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug. 
“Ok, lets spend some time together.”
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leorps · 2 days ago
Thoma wanted to play with you in the teahouse's back store. Next time, lock the doors.
Thoma x M!Sub!Reader DNI if you use she/her pronouns .
WARNINGS : Public sex, caught on the act, reader does NOT know it, rough sex. WORDS : 678
Tumblr media
Hearts beating hard, excitement and fear mixed in a sick feeling in your belly. Mouth falling apart as no sounds came out, only saliva that slid unsightly along your chin. Light gasp escaped your lips as you heard the door opened. Long fingers found their way in your mouth, settling on your humid muscle. Shushing you, the blonde man quietly chuckled as you sucked on his fingers giving him an apprehensive gaze. Hands seize your hips firmly, his hips slowly rolling back and forth. His cock stretched your clutched walls, your hole throbbing around him. Your body was being pressed against the wall, legs too weak to carry your shivering figure. Your hands rested near the blurred window, sunlight illuminating your sweating bodies. Your mind couldn’t forget the previous noise of the door opening, footsteps affirming that your assumptions were right. Your heart stings in inquietude, the heated twisting in your belly betraying your fright. Your breath feverishly hitches, lips wet and ajar.
“Thoma? Are you there?”
Your eyes never left the closed curtain that separated you from the incomer. Your face twitched in an agonizing grimace, an abrupt thrust of Thoma shaking your whole being. A quiet whimper left your mouth, tongue out and drooling on your chin. Cock pressing on your prostate, his hips shifted, brushing against your ass as he slowly shrank. His fingers wandered on your neck, dragging saliva along the way. His hand squeezed around your neck, a squeeze that made you gasp for air.
“Look at me.”
His voice echoed in your mind, his warm breath hitting your soft skin. You tried, you tried as much as you could. Your head wanted to obey him but your stomach buckled leaving a nauseating feeling. Your hole clenched around his dick, your fearful instinct telling you to not listen aroused you. Your throat did his best to hold it, but a squeak escaped your mouth when you felt his hips slam against your skin again. Your hand reached at your face, eyes growing wider as your cock throbbed and dripped between your thighs. The grip of his hands on your hips became powerful, his short breath asserting his frustration.
“Someone’s there?”
Stress entangled your organs, your legs weaker. You wanted to stop as much you didn’t want it to. Too sudden for you to anticipate, your belly was left empty and your back hit the wall, in a way you couldn’t see the curtain anymore. Your hand gripped at the window frame to your right, your body lifted as if it was feather weight. Eyes blank when you felt him shove his dick fully in you. You couldn’t hold the moan that threatened your discretion, your mind too overwhelmed. Loudly slapping on your skin, his hips slammed against yours at each brutal thrust. You jolted, not being able to contain your pleasure anymore. You wanted to stop him, remind him that someone was in there, that you weren’t alone anymore. Thoma seems to not care, or maybe he knew more than you. Your whimpers were filled with fear, stress and desire, trying to beg Thoma to stop.
“Shh, it’s okay. They’re gone.”
He shushed you, his gaze soft on you. A light smile was on his blushing visage that he hid in your neck. Eyes up, he met the gaze on the incomer, a quiet chuckle vibrating in his torso. Roughing up your ass, his cock stung at your prostate like a bee. Arousal grew in your belly dangerously, your dripping cock wobbling towards your belly. Shushes at your ear, soft kisses pressed against your skin feeling like silk, his gaze never left the one of the intruder. Hands firmly seized your ass, an unyielding pace that split you apart. He never stopped his thrusts, admiring the stupefied face of the intruder. Seeing his muscles unable to move made a pride grow in Thoma who rammed into you at a brutal pace. Sinful sounds coming from both of you filled the room, dirtying the floor with saliva and cum.
"Everything's okay. They left."
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severnrose · 2 days ago
Genshin Impact NSFW HCs
Tumblr media
➵ TW/CW: SMUT, 18+ (MINORS DNI), Shibari, Brat Taming, Semi/Public Sex, BSDM, Gender Neutral Reader (no use of body parts or pronouns), Sadism, Oral, Degrading, Praising, Ruined Orgasm, Hard Dom, Cockwarming, let me know if I need to add more TW/Tags <3 My blog contains dark content, be careful when interacting/following! ➵ Characters: Ayato Kamisato
⤠ Other NSFW HCs (Childe) ⤟ Genshin Impact Masterlist ⤠ «L'ultima tua prova sarà la morte» (Zhongli) ⤟
Tumblr media
I kept telling to myself to not write about him but @enden-k​ Ayato come running like a train so I had to sobs its so good... I want him so bad, Mihoyo stop hiding him in the basement (;´д`)ゞ || Edit: this is my 269 post :D you can’t hear me screaming
This man just fhjkfk I want him so bad... Mihoyo where are you hiding him sobs
Ayato is pretty private about his love life, and obviously, he is the same about his sex life too. What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom, but sometimes Ayato can't help himself; his hand on your thigh getting closer to your core, or when no one is watching he gives you a small smack on your ass, faking innocent when you look back at him
Thoma probably caught him do it and has a punishment Ayato makes him eat even more weirder stuff, rip Thoma it was nice having you around malewife
Or when you two are in an important meeting or festivity, Ayato will whisper naughty things in your ear while caressing your hips, still an innocent look on his face
He just loves teasing you to no end, especially if you can’t do anything about it. He is starting to finally touch you more, after your neck is full of hickeys and bites, but then Ayato fixes up your clothes and gets off, saying with a very sarcastic tone and sadistic smile “I’m so sorry love, but I have to work now. We will have our fun later me?”
If you are good and simply pout or beg him to come back, you are good, but if you throw a tantrum? Oh, nono sweetie, that’s not how it works...
The softer punishment is having you cockwarm him until he finishes his work, slightly moving his hips just to see your begging eyes, the harsher punishment is you, roped and blinded on your bed, while he completely ignores your pleas and sobs
He has stuff to do, Ayato doesn’t have time for brats.
But I think he is also into shibari, both as an aesthetic but also how you are completely at his mercy. He could do anything to you when you are tied up like this, Ayato probably spend hours learning the new pretty way to tie you
Also I’m not sure if it’s possible but I think he would leave the ropes Ayato carefully worked on you, and he lets you wear some clothes over it. The idea that everyone can’t see what are you wear, that they don’t know how much kinky you two are while maintaining the perfect façade the Kamisato clan needs...
While I think that the idea of fucking in a public place makes his dick throb, it's not something that he will do, the risk isn’t worth it, so he will bend you over his desk while he supposed to do work
Or, or maybe he just fucks you around the Kamisato residence... It’s not like someone can tell him not to, it’s his house after all... What are they going to do? Complain? To who? Probably thoma please save him
He’s so mean about it too, always degrading you and whispering to your hear how much you would love that one of his servants would enter and see how good you are taking his dick
Degrading and praising you is one of his favorite thing to do, Ayato will call you names but gently stroking your chest and completing you by how pretty you look stuffed full of his cock
Ruined orgasm? But of course, he’s such sadistic that he does it only to see your pretty tears and hear your adorable pleas, but no matter how cute you are he won’t let you cum, not yet! Maybe if you beg a little bit harder...
He brings you so close to cumming, so fucking close, then he lets his cock out of you laughing when he hears you sobbing. Ayato isn’t so mean to not let you cum or to not consulate a little bit his good kitten, so he gently holds you closer to him and finally lets you cum on his dick
And on his tongue too, Ayato loves eating you out and could stay between your legs for hours. He would take you by the hips and force you on his face, eating you out like a starving man
Since I had to imagine this while writing those hcs I will make you all suffer with me: Ayato fucking you while he holds your legs wide open, hands behind your knees, his cock thrusting in and out of so fast and deep... Please ayato just the tip
Tumblr media
This work belongs to @/severnrose, do not repost, translate, copy, rewrite or share on tiktok without my permission.
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amosthirst · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tags,, consensual somno, lambgirl! reader, sleepy sex, panty pulling. fem! reader. minors do not interact.
Tumblr media
always come back home during your naptime just so he can fuck you while you're sleepy. it's so cute seeing your fist rubbing your eyes while he pull your panties from the front so it can rub against your clit. you just let him do what he pleased to you, lamb girls are so lazy, barely had any thought behind those eyes of yours except getting your cunt stuffed and being take care for. you'd just nod to everything childe says, letting him eat your pussy while you dozed off to your nap yet again. he doesn't really care if you fell asleep, love to hear the slipped out moans in your sleep when he gives you a pussyjob.
he likes buying pretty stockings, and dresses so be put it on you! money isn't a problem to him, so why not abused that advantage he have? love to see the white stockings hugging the plush of your thighs while he rammed into your pussy ♡
when you're sleeping next to him, he'd just make a hole on your panties and bury his cock inside. fucks you slow and nice because he didn't want to disturb his baby nap, and he knew how whiny you got if you get woken up. but with his cock inside, he bet you could barely even remember to get mad at him because he just make you goes drunk on his cock! you weren't the sharpest tool in the shed but that's what makes childe loves you alot. so dumb, and submissive just for him.
Tumblr media
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lunamochii · 2 days ago
“Rainy Day🌧”
Tumblr media
n — a zhongli drabble that I wrote out of nowhere and is not proofread, gotta give love to my daddy 🥰, REBLOGS ARE OKAY 👌🏻, LEAVE A FEEDBACK~
w — food play [cream] , marturbation [m], fellatio, cunnilingus, i can’t think any warnings anymore.
Just a one rainy afternoon together with Zhongli, the both of you don’t have any work and decided to stay home. You planned to watch movies with him and bake some cupcakes, that’s what you plan. For Zhongli, he planned something more bigger
Seeing your hard nipples covered with the cream you guys made while ago, his tongue licking it off and his hands spreading the cream all over your tits, letting you kneel down and telling you to fuck his cock with your tits with cream all over it
You can feel the wetness on your underwear, rubbing your thighs together so you can feel good down there. His hands grabbing a handful of your hair and starts to fuck your mouth real good, you could only let out muffled moans with his cock pushing deep inside your throat. The sweetness of the cream and the saltiness of his pre-cum are mixing and… it’s addicting
Zhongli who didn’t get enough just from fucking your tits he told you to bend down on the counter, scooping the cream with his hand, he rub it on your cunt and knelt down and immediately started licking your pussy
“Don’t get me wrong honey, I love your cupcakes but THIS….”
He gave your ass a playful slap and tongue fuck your cunt making you plead for more, how he loves hearing that noises coming from you, makes him feel good. He unzipped his pants and let his cock out as he start to jack off while licking your sweet cunt
“This pussy is far more delicious than your cupcake.”
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cantalouupe · 2 days ago
nsfw!!! albedo x f!reader
brat tamer!albedo (sort of i guess technically), punishments, masochist (?) reader
Albedo is usually very patient with you. He’ll wait calmly, willing to give chances and repeat instructions to hopefully get you to listen and do what he needs you to do. Whether it be getting you in the right position or having you stay still or hold back from your orgasm, patience is something he must have when dealing with you.
There are times, though, when it wears thin, his voice becomes a little more stern and his hands rough where the grab or hold you. Times even rarer than that, are times when that strongly built wall of patience crumbles.
When you crawl under his desk to paw at him for the umpteenth time - despite Albedo warning you that he is busy with important work - he feels his resolve crack.
“Come here.” He pulls himself and the chair he was sat in backwards to make room for you to sit without being stuck beneath the desk.
Once you’re on your knees in front of him, you begin to feel the creeping suspicion that you are in trouble - not that you should be surprised.
“Why are you acting like this?” You tilt your head like an innocent, confused dog. The blonde watches you with narrowed eyes, hand raising to come down across the side of your face. It stings where his palm connected with your cheek, and you avert your eyes from him.
“I told you not to bother my while I work, did I not?” He questions. You don’t respond, head turned away from him as if you were a child just denied of something you wanted. “If you would have listened and waited, you would have been rewarded.”
Your eyes stay glued anywhere but him, even when he stands and walks farther away, on the other side of the room. Even when he comes back to you and tells you to look at him.
“Why don’t you listen?” He grips your chin to force eye contact while he speaks to you. There’s something addicting to acting out, getting reprimanded each time. Countless smacks against your ass in punishment, numerous tears slipping down your face with the pain of it. Albedo once mentioned it, while clipping handcuffs onto your wrists - “You love this don’t you? Getting punished like this.” He is right.
You know he loves it just as much, too, always ready to start a punishment, no matter where you are. In public, he’ll lean in close, telling you what he’s going to do to you once you’re in the privacy of your home or his lab. He’s almost eager for it, like he gets a rush just as you do when he hits you and edges you and ties you up.
There’s a sort of possessiveness in the actions, him being the only one to do this to you. He’ll tell you, hotly, while fucking you, how he’s the only one who can properly combat you and how you act, how he’s the only one who can “tame” your bratty behavior.
So, despite the clench of his jaw when you do something he doesn’t approve of, and the rough way he grabs and speaks to you, you know he absolutely loves this; loves you.
He lets go of your jaw, choosing instead to hoist you up and lead you to the table where he could bend you over and pull the skirt you were wearing up. With a hand pressing your back to the table and another resting on the plush flesh of your ass, he warns you to “stay still and count.”
You do easily for the first few, flinching just slightly at the sound his skin connecting with yours makes. After the sixth smack on the same spot, you can feel the pain start to set in, a tingling burn right beneath your skin. You want to squirm away from it and move towards it at the same time.
Albedo only goes harder from here, making sure to put power behind the slap, not satisfied until a loud cry from you sounds out. He only changes spots, switching to the other cheek, when you whimper out a “fifteen.”
He pauses, now, since it is the half way point. You register that its going to happen before it does, the drag of two of his fingers along your cunt. They come back drenched, and he scoffs like he’s in disgusted disbelief - though you both know you were bound to get arouses from this.
“You’re wet,” he remarks, “this is a punishment. It isn’t supposed to be enjoyed.”
“Feels so good,” you slur out, hands shaped into fists where they rest on the hard wooden surface.
He doesn’t respond this time, but with the way his hand lands against your opposite ass cheek for the next fifteen times, he definitely heard what you said. The thought of him possibly being hard pokes at the back of your mind.
When he’s finished pats the heated skin and you jolt. “Now, are you ready for your real punishment?”
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grotesquefave · a day ago
cw: shitty little drabble to get back in the groove, childe x reader in honor of me getting him, pussyjob,
giving childe a pussyjob because his cock's too big for you,,, he gently guides his hips back and forth. the soft mewls you let out as the tip rubs against your clit are music to his ears. your'e already so wet for him on the outside, just imagine how good you'd feel inside. his icy blues eyes are transfixed on your face, taking in the way your eyes rolls back just the tiniest bit when he moves his hips just right. it's taking all the willpower that he has not to just take his cock and stuff you full right now.
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kokohmi · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
cw ʚ¡ɞ virgin!reader ‣ breeding ‣ creampie ‣ rough kissing ‣ sex bribing ‣ virgin killer!scara ‣ oral sex ( fem && male ) ‣ name calling ( whore / slut / etc. ) ‣ biting / hickies ‣ vaginal sex.
wc ʚ¡ɞ 3.1k
notes ʚ¡ɞ repost from my old blog, sorry I couldn't let this stay in the dust 😞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HE HAD YOU WRAPPED AROUND HIS SLIMY FINGER. Scaramouche, the man who toyed with your fragile little mind; smart, deceiving, and all the more bribing.
A sweet voice that dripped with honey, yet he was no man of kindness. He honored himself every time a silky tear trickled down your cheek. You fed his already large ego, no matter how hard you'd plead him, he would never take you to account.
You only gave him far more power than ever needed, a true tyrant to your sensitive body. You reeked of innocence, the innocence he vowed to steal from you. It's been too long since he laid eyes on you, he's itching to ruin you.
Tumblr media
It was far too dark, the only source of lighting emitting from his lustful eyes. You'd seem to be in a bedroom—well, it was from you could guess. 
Your fingers brushed against his chest, desperate for something to find yourself on. "Scaramouche!" He was so warm, he was comforting to you. Always so kind to you, offering you food from the inn's—he treated you just as a man would with his lawful wife.
He knew just how good he made himself out to be, a sweet, kind, man—it always brought a laugh out his mouth. You were so gullible.
Either way, his fingers pulled on his tareginu, the cloth moving with the flap of his arm. His feet carried him away from you, a comforting hum rolling off Adam's apple. 
Finding your footwork in the dusk, you wandered after him—he knew you would. You were his lost little puppy, no matter how many times you'd trip over your very own feet, you'd find him. "Scaramouche!" Your teeth ground against one another, he'd begun to irritate you; treating you as a burden although he'd been the one to drag you alongside him. 
"You'd do anything for me, right?" In a dash, he pierced through your soul with his amethyst hues. The gaze he had upon you, there he went — he'd done it yet again, you subsided within his very words.
Not a single hesitation surpassed your mind, "Yes— where's this coming from?" Pleading eyes looked into him, a feeble frown contouring on your lips. 
A cold palm cupped your chin, a shiver running down your spine. "You're so… enticing, [ name ]." A sigh full of desperation flew from his lips. As his right hand held your chin, his left aimed for your hip, his cold, slim fingers running up the side of your thigh. 
You gulped, thighs squeezing against the other in terms of protection. "W-what—" 
Cold lips snatched the words from your mouth, his warm tongue forcefully slipping past your lips. Shivering, your fingers dug into his chest, you were so flushed—so embarrassed! You did your absolute best to keep up with him, yet he was so rough and hasty. 
Scaramouche knew his plan had already skyrocketed, he just needed you to be utterly sensitive and desperate. Your mouth felt so good, his tongue swiping left to right, he needed that warm fleshy mouth warming something rather than his harsh tongue.
You slammed your palms on his chest, he was too much, he was too fast, too rough, you could barely surpass a breath past your nostrils. 
Ripping away from your lips with sloppy strings of saliva dripping down his chin, a frightening smirk toying on his face. Bringing his finger up to the dripping mixed saliva, he collected it on his fingertips, salvation leaked past the corners of his mouth. (Which had been closed down on his fingers.)
He throbbed, he felt so trapped in his shorts, he needed to be freed like a bird in a cage. You were going to free him from it, you'd turn him into a free bird—you'd be singing the melodies of a bird and its songs.
Pressure secured itself around you, heavy breaths rising your chest, confusion boggled your mind. So confused... What exactly did he want from you, you were just a mere tag-along he'd call to do accompany him when he needed things done. Though, your heart pulsed back and forth, the skirt to your noble dress clinging onto your sweaty thighs—you hadn't known if it was just mere sweat or something else. Nevertheless, you didn't dare to open your loud mouth, what would he do to you next? 
"You're so ripe, so ready for me, hm?" He was closer to you than before, you could feel the throbbing of his thighs pressed so close to yours. 
Before you knew it, his knee was brought up underneath your dress, the scar battered skin brushing past your pulsing cunt. You squeaked, pushing yourself away, your hips ramming into the base of the bed. Yelping from the stinging pain, your eyes are left squinting for even a blur of sight.
He's towering over you, a hand clutching the wood. "So desperate for me, preparing yourself just for little ole me?" His words edged you on, his fingers yanking on the ends of his shirt. Purposely, he took his time pulling it over his head, heat surfacing itself across your face. 
"I-" you chewed on your lip, darting your eyes away from his sculpted abdomen, you rubbed your thighs together, bringing your knees up high, using your arm to cover your eyes.
His chuckle rang in your ears, the bed creating a small squeak as his knees sunk into the mattress. "So innocent, can't even let yourself look at my stomach?" Each of his knees pounced at your sides, completely trapping you in. "You make it hard to not leave ya braindead this minute.." 
His lips puckered against your jawline, his fingers prying at your arm. Your heart jumped faster the second, looking straight into the glow of his hues. Tears glossed in your eyes, your thighs hastily grinding against each other, desperate for friction.
Wearing a convincing smile, his head trailed down your waist, hands fiddling with your dress, rolling it up to your body. Swiping a hand underneath your back, he arched your back upwards, sliding the smooth dress off your head. "I'll do something nice for you, you'll do the same for me, right?" 
He was so cunning, so precise with his words, you couldn't help but seep into his glamouring words. "Y-yes!" So desperate, you didn't know what was happening to your body, you felt so gushy and covered in water; you could almost thaw into the fancy sheets.
Humming, his tongue flicked a stripe up your soaked panties, a ghosted whimper breaching your mouth. So warm, a new feeling adding itself into your dictionary. "Nghn!" Your hips twitched as he teased you, tongue sliding over your inner thighs. "More, please, more…" your hand found itself atop his head, fingertips digging into his soft glands of hair. He was so skilled, so gentle, you seeped with arousal.
"Not so innocent, hm?" He laughed himself off, rolling the cloth off your thighs. He mesmerized how pretty your pussy was, all for him and only for him. It was perfect, so raw and virtuous, he'd destroy you.
Blankets of his warm breath caused goosebumps to flake up at your thighs, desperation dripping from the tip of his tongue, he brought his chin down, his nose giving you friction to your clit, his tongue squeezing past your tight hole.
Shivers of gratitude shook him whole, he could taste you so greatly; a naive, fragile, little plaything all for him to fracture and wreck. 
You nearly screamed, it—no he was turning you up and down, tears slowly fell down your eyes, a hand covering your mouth as broken wails bit you in spite. You churned, legs squeezing shut against his head as your hips thrust in unrest. You feel as if you're swallowing your tongue with each time you've gulped away a whimper. Your body twitched away at each corner, something was unraveling itself in the pit of your stomach. You'd already lost all control over yourself and your body, yet his ravaging tongue recoiled you completely. It's so welcoming, nipping and licking away at each sliver of flesh your cunt presented to him. 
"Hah—Scaramouche!" Your fingers quivered, forcing your hips up to his face, before dropping your body back onto the warm sheets.
Your body raised in action, prickling eyes blinking every second, your body desperate to recap hitting your high. You trembled, trying to find a way to regain your breath—which had been selfishly snatched from your lungs. 
His teeth bared at your sensitive clit, sucking on the puffy bud, grazing his teeth around it. A hard sigh fanning your skin as he listened to your yelp. Scaramouche sat up, he trembled just as hard as you, though he only shuddered to strive his hardest to not rash out. You were lavish, a delightful scenery right before his eyes; you were destined to look even better destroyed.
"Sit up." His true self slipped past his teeth—it wasn't on purpose, never, but he wanted control over you, weakening you until you'd comply with his every word.
Sitting on your knees, your hazy eyes kept their gaze on his hands—they were pulling down his shorts, fiddling with the pair of briefs. Your heart nearly throttled out your throat, gasping in embarrassment. There you were, staring straight at his throbbing dick, without an ounce of shame. 
"You're makin' it hurt, help me, please?" Looking at you with pleading eyes, his hand reaches out for you, fingers gliding against the suave sheets. 
How selfish of you, letting him help you, yet you made him feel this bad? You nodded before gulping, scooting closer to him. Letting a shaky breath roll over you, you ran your hand up to his length; wrapping your palms around it, you stroked him with such innocence, only enlightening him farther.
His tongue jolted in his mouth, taking his hand and placing it over both of yours, guiding it closer to the tip. 
He was flooded with precum—a new substance to you, so warm yet so sticky. It chimed a satisfying sound to both of you. Feeling a wave of confidence rush over you, your hands jerked at a faster speed, breasts moving in rhythm. 
"Mm— your mouth— use your fucking mouth!" He caught his teeth in his tongue, biting back his words as his hips bucked to meet your face. 
Your inexperienced tongue flicked against the sticky head of his throbbing cock, you flinched at the salty flavor, continuing to serve him with kitten licks. You could feel his eyes on you, you'd nearly forgotten you were naked and his gaze reminded you of it. He was so thick—too thick. Hands fastened around the twitching length, you wrapped your lips around the tip, lolling your tongue around the overflowing pre-cum. 
His hand found its way around your head, fingers stroking your hair, trimmed nails scratching against your scalp now and then. Though he wanted more, he wanted to see spit water falling past your chin, your pretty face ruined by his cock, he needed your lips swelled to the max. He believed it was sweet, the way you tried your hardest to surpass further than the head of his dick; still, he had a better impression of you.
Grabbing a clutch on the back of your head, he curled free strands of hair into his fingers, slamming your head down onto his lap. He groaned, his eyes shot open in delight, his cock bobbing your throat; just as expected, your throat was much more satisfying than your lips. 
Tears rolled off your face, your mouth was beyond stretched, breaths escaping from your nostrils as his hips thrust in rhythm. He throttled in and out of your throat, only small breaths being accepted to pass. The corners of your mouth made a dripping mess, saliva trickling onto your thighs as he pounded his cock back and forth down your throat. 
"So good, so damn good." He huffed, his mouth breached open, heavy breaths airing past his teeth, his saliva-coated balls clenching. Without warning, he stuffed your face in his lap, thighs shaking against your cheeks as he shot his clumps of cum down your mouth.
You squirmed, shutting your eyes in shock, your fingers digging into his legs. 
"Don't fucking spit it out, you're staying there till you take it all." His words passed as freshly sharpened knives, his once charming behavior shifting into a cold manner. 
New to the direct change, you swallowed the thick cum, making sure to lick up the side of his cock that'd droplets of his release. Carefully, you slid your tongue underneath his cock, doing your best so he'd take his hand off your head.
Smirking, he released you, looking you dead in the iris, he'd gotten you right where he wanted you. "You did so well for a whiney virgin, gonna be my little slut, hm?" Without a second to think, his hand found its way towards your cunt, you were wet— dripping in glory. His tongue swiped over his bottom lip, middle finger sliding in between your pussy. A bone-chilling shiver ran itself down his spine, fingertip rubbing alongside your hole. "Gonna ruin you so bad…" 
You let a small cry out, his teeth nibbling on your neck, canines piercing your skin without a trace of blood to be seen. A moan slipped past your teeth, he's so feral, bruising your neck in bitter marks. "Mine, mine, mine. Nobody else can fuck you, right?" Air vented through his nose, his tongue licking up your neck as his lips bitterly pecked your cheek. 
Laying you down on your back, you nodded, your hand cupping his severely chilly cheek, pulling him in for an inexperienced kiss. You groaned into his mouth, your tongue falling victim to his, he was tragic; sucking on your tongue as his middle finger slowly slid inside your cunt. He felt your whimpers vibrate his mouth. 
Remembrance of how cold his tongue once was, you hummed in satisfaction as the temperatures from your separate bodies mixed like honey and water. 
"Want it… want it now!" you whined, grinding your hips up against his; if only you'd known what you'd done. Did you want it? So bad that you'd tease him like that? 
Chuckling, he held his dick in his fingers, rubbing your slit with the tip. 
You choked on a moan, he was so big—somehow, he felt much bigger than when he was full in your throat. Your teeth aimed at your lips, watery eyes enlightening his heart. 
"Take it all, yeah?" His throat emitted a low moan, warm hands keeping your thighs abroad to his cock. "Mm—f-fuck—" His swears spilled in your ear, disregarding your tears as his hips met with your thighs.
He warmed you so well, splitting you open with his thick cock, his lips sucking along your collarbone. "Scaramouche!" He took his time, making sure every centimeter of his cock got wrapped around your cunt. 
Your stomach bubbled, so good. Your head rests against the pillow, eyes hazy as his length stretches you second per second. 
He was locked in, he felt your every breath, listening to every little whine that slipped past your lips; he knew how good you felt, yet he awaited to see your pretty little face ruined by his cock. "Gonna take all this dick?" Pulling his face away from your neck, he pulled you closer by the legs, "Fuck, I'm gonna ruin you!" 
He rammed his hips against your legs, heavy balls slapping against your pussy. 
Snatched from your comforting lay, your eyes split open, your mouth betraying you as gasps and unfinished moans echoed across the walls. 
"S-slow!" You whined you were unraveling rapidly, your brain spun in your head, he was so intense; thighs numbing with the only feel being the pinching of his nails.
Paying no mind to you, he slapped your puffy clit. "Such a little whore, gonna cum already?"  His cock was rushing in and out, nearly peaking your G-spot. "My sluts gonna take my cum, aren't you?"
You were spiraling off the walls, eyes only catching the sinister grin on his lips. You were so close, you weren't gonna let this pass by, not when his thick cock is warming you in and out. "Anything for you, 'm so close!"
He forced your hips down, slamming his cock deep into your cunt; he grunted, throbbing cock getting itself coated in sweet cum. Your legs laid limp in the clutch of his hands, gasps involuntarily running past your teeth, his thick and full cum cramming your sloppy pussy. 
Hoarse moans escaped him, you felt so perfect with his cum turning your pretty pussy to rubbish as his overload of cum filled you. "Single woman letting a man such as myself fill you with my semen? Ya want my kids so badly?"
You laid with your hips continuing to be lifted, you hadn't even taken a thought out of your time to think of what had happened; it just felt so terribly good!
Not even bothering to clean you up, he slowly pulled back, his thumbs messaging your stomach, finally letting your legs drop. Saliva pooled in his mouth, his cum oozed from your slutty hole, he wanted more; to see more, to feel more, he wanted you filthy of his release.
Your waist and down were littered in his bitter bruises, hickeys covering your neck, he loved it. "Hold your knees to your chest, bitch."
Just as a trained dog would listen to its owner, you did as so, your hands went underneath hour folded legs; you wanted it—truth be told. You were once an innocent, noblewoman belonging to the lands of Liyue yet, you longed to be made a mess of a criminal's cum.
A soft laugh aired from under his breath, his cock thrusting inside your squelching cunt, dirtied with his semen, he felt so greatly encased. "Gonna have my children? Get fucked whenever I wanna do so?"
You interrupted your chorus of sweet means and gasps. "S-shit—yes, yes!" You yelped, he was too big, too much, but you loved getting your cunt crammed by his cock. "Please, give me it! Wanna have them!"
Such vulgar words seeping from your pretty, full lips. They were so foreign for him to hear from you; his plan had succeeded far more than intended. You filled the jar of his ego far too much, it overflowed with excellence.
"The whore of the sixth harbinger: Scaramouche?" He laughed down at your pitiful face, sweat covered you completely, breasts jumping with the rhythm of his cock. Digging your nails in your thighs, you bit down on your lip, your legs spreading away from your chest. "S-scaramouche!" Your back dropped on the damp sheets, your sore body meeting relaxation; balling the sheets in-between your fingers as he filled you to the brim.
Scaramouche, the successful Tyrant to your once pure body; enveloped in his scent, air of sex welcoming itself within your nostrils.
Tumblr media
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on1kabuto · a day ago
I think Thoma is really mean when nobody is watching :) Nobody believes you when you say Thoma is mean to you :(( and he knows it too!! He likes to flip up your skirt when you walk by him on a busy street and when you go to confront him for it he’s just “?? Me?” And everyone buys into it!!! You hate it so much but he knows your lil panties get soaked with the embarrassment so he keeps doing it :((((
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qtipcottonbuds · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
some sadomasohism with childe, hope this is okay !!!
warnings ;; THIS SHT RATED PORN, MF PORN - sadomasochistic tendencies, use of paddles, degradation and humiliation, somewhat hard dom childe, somewhat brat-taming, mild language, impact play
by qtipcottonbuds 2021. do not repost.
Tumblr media
The paddle, cushioning the hardwood by a thick layer of leather, what you’d believe would soften the impact when struck down, but it didn’t let up on the way it struck down on the supple of your ass, the motion leaving the skin rippling, before the telltale signs of a welt was beginning to form. Although, the force from the impact echoed pain throughout the whole section; your toes curling into the bedsheet, hooking the fabric in and out between your toes, your hands doing the same.
With the only accompaniment of silence, you could feel yourself heating up somewhat in embarrassment from the way breathy gasps would leave you with each hit, or the way the sniffles sounded much louder against the quietness of the bedroom, eyes heavy with tears clinging to your eyelashes, each blink of your eyelids blurring your line of sight.
“Still not gonna make any noises for me, sweetie?” You can’t help but hate the way he speaks down to you like that, playful, condescending - his intentions still clear shown by how he repositions himself in front of you, paddle still in hand, but smirking all the same - one palm caressing around the apple of your cheek, thumbing the skin, nodding, “It’s alright, I understand now. I s’pose, you don’t want anyone hearing how much of a whore you are, like this, I mean; prude and pristine you, getting off by being spanked, really? How embarrassing.”
Childe’s now curling a finger around a loose lock of hair, twirling it around, “We’ll get some lovely noises out of you, sooner or later - you’re just being a brat, currently - you don’t want to admit how messy you are down there, do you,” and it’s only then that you can’t help but look up at him, wanting nothing more than to give in, but you couldn’t give him the satisfaction, not just yet.
“Do your worst.”
Tumblr media
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dragonspine-jpg · a day ago
heyy! I’m here to request an nfsw fic, motor boating albedo’s thighs out so bad as he cums and cums and begs for a break while he’s sobbing 💋
nsfw below, minors dni ♡
warning— sub! albedo, gn dom! reader.
Tumblr media
hii !! i'm not taking requests atm (this was sent after i closed them i'm p sure) but i love this idea so i'm going to write it as a longer thirst !!
can i just say that YES, albedo's thighs are so sensitive (his stomach too, i'm headcanoning that), to a near-impossible degree. he loses his mind whenever you pay special attention to them. it immediately switches on that super subby part of his brain and makes him desperately needy. this includes when you squeeze his thigh while out in public—it takes all his willpower just to not melt right there—and whenever the two of you are alone. he needs his thighs to be touched. gets all shivery and his eyes just glaze over, and when you knead the soft flesh and sink your teeth into it he has the tendency to get all desperate and whiny. you have to convince him to not hide his noises, of course, but they're beautiful when you're teasing his thighs.
plus, how can you help yourself? the man literally wears thigh-high boots for god’s sake.
so when you decide to totally go down on them, he loses all inhibitions. albedo is a mess, naked and propped up against a pile of pillows while you lie between his legs on the bed. he’s breathing heavily—your hands on his knees, spreading them—and watching intensely, lips parted. his chest rises and falls greatly with each movement.
albedo whines when you start to lick and bite at his thighs, when your nails scrape over them, when you press your cheek against the soft skin. it’s a bit like worship. and goddamn if he doesn’t have the most worship-worthy thighs, smooth and doughy, perfect to squish and mark up. he threads his hands through your hair, completely at your mercy. arches his back. makes breathy sounds mingled with whines, whimpers, and the most adorable of moans. his cock leaks everywhere. he cums from just your ceaseless ministrations. your touches range from rough to gentle, from hands to teeth. you leave no inch of milky skin untouched. everywhere licked over, sucked on. the backs of his thighs. the sides. the innermost stretches. press your face between them. it’s too much. he cums again.
his stomach is a mess when he tugs on your hair and moans, “too much” with fluttering wet eyes and his voice a sob. albedo’s toes are curled, his legs are shaking. “too much. please.” he sounds so fucked out.
and his thighs… they’re pink and bruising, littered with bite marks, hickeys, and entirely slick with spit. the entire soft planes of cream skin glimmer. it’s an ethereal sight. when your hands push his knees further apart so you can get a better look, albedo whines and shudders. his thighs are trembling slightly from overstimulation and pleasure. you dare press your thumb against the plush flesh. he moans.
albedo himself is a picture. reclined back on the pillows, looking blissed out of his mind—cum covering his soft stomach, nipples pink and hard, face afire with an enamoured flush. there’s a bite mark on his hand from where he initially latched onto it in a failed attempt to stay quiet. loose blond hair splays out across the pillows, freed from its ponytail. sweat dampens the locks.
his golden lashes look so pretty clumped with tears, teal eyes glazed over in so much pleasure that it borders on pain. his cheeks are wet. still, his mouth is open and hot, heavy breaths fall out with each exhale of his lungs. his lips are messy. they’re pink and kissable from the way he’s drooled and bitten them, a little swollen. the desire to press your mouth to his hits you. he’s totally helpless—would probably just let you lick inside while he moaned. instead, you lay a kiss to the strip of thigh beside his knee and he jerks. a desperate whimper is drawn from him.
you’re able to pull one more orgasm out of him: he cums, trembling, all over his stomach and thighs, and then you lick it off of him and press your lips to albedo's own, just to be nice.
(erm can we talk about thigh-fucking albedo bc 👀👀 i absolutely want to hold his feet up in the air and slide a cock through his pale plush thighs while he drools and whines and cums all over himself just from the sensation alone,,, messy boy).
Tumblr media
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