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#genshin impact x you
seakicker · 2 days ago
ever since i read your fic, mywife is soft nd ilikeher, i cannot stop thinking about face sitting with childe. imagine he brings it up to his s/o and theyre like "but what if im too heavy? what if i crush u??" and my man is like 🤨🤨 like, he takes it PERSONALLY. its just. imagine how happy and grabby he'd get after convincing you, nonstop praise and overstim. like youd have to pry yourself off his face cause he just does not wanna let u go. idk maannn so many thoughts head full cannot stop thinkin
YESYESYESYES!!! you see my vision!!!! i am always always thinking soft thoughts about a soft reader 🥺
no pronouns for reader, but afab + called things like "beautiful" and "pretty". overstim, facesitting, and squirting below the cut!
Tumblr media
all childe's been fantasizing about the past few months is what it'd be like if you were to straddle his head with those thighs of yours he loves so much. all he can think about is having your soft, plump thighs squeezing the sides of his face as you ride his tongue, his hands grabbing and groping every last inch of your thighs, ass, and belly that he can reach like this. it's been distracting him at work, if he's gonna be honest— when he's trying to finish some paperwork at his desk, his mind is all "hey you know what would be a thousand times better than slaving away over dumb shit at work? drowning between your angel's thighs."
childe brings it up to you while the two of you are kissing and undressing each other on the bed, and you don't hesitate for a moment before shyly countering that you're surely too heavy for such a thing. you're trying to explain that maybe you should just lie on your back as normal if he's in the mood to eat you out, but the way he's mouthing at your neck and murmuring praises about how goddamn sexy your body is renders you unable to get a word in edgewise. his hands grope all over your body as he tells you that there's nothing he wants more than to have you sit your perfect body on his lips and squirt for him until his jaw is dripping, that your body's beyond sexy, gorgeous, cute, beautiful, so on and so forth, and that he really, really wants you to sit on his face. he just needs it so bad ok
no matter how much time it takes childe to convince you that you're not gonna "crush him" and that he'll make you feel so, so good, he won't stop until you're bashfully mounting his face and digging your knees into the sheets below for stability. fuck, he thinks. this is what i've been thinking about for ages. he's beyond in love with how cute you are like this, shyly holding up the hem of your skirt to give him access as his hands settle on your plump thighs, squeezing and massaging every last inch of skin he can reach. his fingers dip under the waistband of your skirt as he gropes and paws at your belly, hips, and love handles, his palms rub circles into the skin of your outer thighs, and he just can't stop himself from offering a light slap or two to your ass just to hear you squeak. when he finally nudges your panties to the side and buries his mouth in your cunt, you nearly fall forward, hands grabbing onto his hair for purchase as he sucks on your clit and laps at your dripping pussy.
if you could manage a single coherent thought, you'd probably think something like why didn't we try this sooner? because he's working your pussy in a way that has you shivering and writhing on top of him. he's so handsy, even handsier than he usually is, hands groping your ass, thighs, hips, tummy, and tits as he groans against your wet pussy. if he's mumbling praises, which he probably is, they're lost on you— it's hard to hear anything over the lewd, wet smacking of his lips and tongue against your pussy. i also really, really love the idea of childe slightly pulling away with a loud gasp and going like "fuck, you taste so good. you're so fucking sexy." before diving back in to close his lips around your clit once more. breathless praise just hits
you've lost track of how many times he's made you come. you lost track after four; you lost track once you squirted onto his face and tried to lift yourself up and off of his lips, only for him to grab down onto your hips and yank you back down to his face. he's choosing to ignore the numbness in his jaw in favor of indulging himself in your taste, his chin and cheeks dripping with your wetness as you plea for mercy and try to explain that you're overstimulated, beyond overstimulated, your head fuzzy and your thighs shaking around childe's head as he just continues to eat you out. he's spewing praises left and right as he mouths at your cunt, murmuring about how fucking good you taste and smell and how fucking sexy your curvy body is, how much he fucking loves you, how he wants you coming until your body genuinely gives out on him.
at this rate, your body very well may give out on him— once you need two hands to count how many orgasms he's given you, you figure that protesting is useless. your boyfriend's far too in love with your body, your taste, and the simple act of pleasing you to stop now.
Tumblr media
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ilyoimiya · 2 days ago
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ 🍚 . . ★ く♡ __ 🗞 ~ SATIVA ## XIAO
cw › creampie, throat grabbing, overestimation, dom!xiao, name-calling ( slut, bitch, etc. ) mdni.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
xiao who clings onto your throat, he's possessive; smooth thumb rolling over your neck, feeling you swallow. you're perfect for him, your thighs dripping in arousal and sweat, sitting atop his hips. he's got you dumb fucked, hand plastered on your throat, the other rolling your hips. you've came so many times you've practically drowned him in your cum, stacking cum along with his cock; you've drenched him, and he absolutely adores it. "takin' my dick real good, yeah?" a chuckle followed after, a venomous kiss being sloppily thrown at your lips. tilting his head, he kissed your jaw, a grunt rolling off his lips as you spit out a moan. slamming his hips up, he gently rubbed his thumb against your bobbing throat, viciously and rapidly fucking into your cunt.
he hissed, stuffing his cock past your hole, your whimpers coming across his ears in harmony. "my lil' bitch love my cock?" you chewed down on your lip, rolling your hips against his waist. finally removing his hand from your throat, he held your chin in his palm. "I wanna hear you say it. 'm making you feel good? gonna cum on my dick?"
your thighs trembled, shaking and jolting against his legs, you were growing tired, the seeming pit of your stomach growing in depth. "y-yes, so good, xiao!" your fingers clutched his shoulder, whimpering against his skin; shoving your hips down in an urge to hit your high. "want your cock, want your cum!" you were drenched of energy, he's had you cumming and cumming for so long you've grown to be in distress for his filling.
you reeked of desperation, and he loved all of it. 'yeah? my filthy slut want me to cum inside?" he cooed, filling you to the brim in his warm, thick cum; plastering and littering your gummy walls in such a warm essence that seemingly welcomed you greatly.
Tumblr media
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xiao-come-home · 6 hours ago
How Genshin men sleep with you;
✰ Characters: Dainsleif, Itto, Kaeya, Kazuha, Diluc, Xiao, Zhongli.
✰ Words: 2,6k.
✰ SFW ; tooth-rotting fluff with a sprinkle of angst in xiao’s part ; gn!reader.
Warnings: none. dainsleif’s part is the longest. itto’s part follows him.
A/N: dainsleif’s the only excuse for this post. no thoughts, head empty, just dainsleif and itto.
Tumblr media
he has two modes - first, when he’s drunk and turns from side to side like a madman, entangles his limbs with yours in the process because he’s clingy, and then finally falls asleep but somehow ends up with his head not on the pillow, but on different parts of your body in the morning (yes, it’s happened a few times).
now, second mode is when he’s sober. he usually spoons you, has his arm draped over your hip (sometimes to tease you and trace invisible patterns underneath your tshirt) and his nose is in your hair. sometimes he unironically sniffs your hair really loud only to get smacked afterwards.
generally, falls asleep really fast, mostly exhaused by his work throughout the day; will fall asleep even faster if you play with his hair.
doesn’t shift that much, so sleeping with him is actually pretty nice; he respects your part of the bed in case you aren’t into cuddling. you have to forgive him if he accidentally cuddles you at some point, his body is against him.
in the end, he has to touch you in some way. for some reason, his ass is always touching yours. Kaeya says he had nothing to do with this, but it’s exactly the opposite.
drunk? snores. A LOT. hitting him lightly would make him whine but stop. not for long though..
listen. this man is all about your comfort, everywhere, except when it comes to hogging the sheets. if he’s asleep and one part of his body is exposed to the cold air, he WILL fight you. despite his cryo vision, the night breeze is something he doesn’t enjoy...
Tumblr media
light sleeper. if a branch pokes his bedroom window, he’s already holding his pyro infused claymore, thinking it’s Kaeya an intruder. 
sleeps with his hair down. bonus points if you brush his hair before sleeping, he’ll fall even more in love with you.
waking up to his hair spawled out on his pillow is a sight to behold.
similar to Kaeya, he doesn’t shift much as well. always asks silently for consent whether he can cuddle you to sleep, unlike his brother who doesn’t know personal space.
doesn’t mind being held himself, though he’ll never admit this; especially after a long day; or whenever his past was haunting him. he’ll breathe shakily into your collarbones, holding you tight, while you play with his hair and place small kisses on top of his head. might let some of his tears fall, however, these tears are the tears of joy.
if diluc’s extra tired, he mumbles in his sleep. not enough for you to wake up, but just enough to hear if you’re in bed or in the room in general. mumbles random words, usually what happens in his dreams.
once mumbled that he wants to marry you.
never, NEVER hogs the sheets. if he could, he’d possibly let you have it all and sleep without anything covering him.
(you need to scold him for that one).
Tumblr media
never sleeps.
credits roll.
in all seriousness, he really doesn’t sleep that much; not that he needs it in the first place. thinks of sleep as “redundant”, but most of the time it’s his karma tormenting him.
sometimes, he’s plainly afraid to fall asleep; nightmares full of screams, derogatory words thrown at him, bloody hands reaching for his throat - that’s only a few examples. waking up from his night terrors is him, having his heart beat rapidly, hyperventilating, shaking, sometimes even crying - which Xiao avoids harshly.
you’ve witnessed that once. if xiao is in this state, he doesn’t really care if you witness it; all he truly needs is comfort. he doesn’t push you away, instead, he clings to you for his dear life.
it takes quite a while for him to fully recover. your sweet words, delicate touches - he thinks that despite of what happened, he doesn’t deserve it. it’s simply the price he has to pay. you’ve felt bad after that incident for months, yet, xiao never blamed you for it and always reassures you that none of it was your fault.
after some time, when your relationship blossoms even more, he lets himself fall asleep in your embrace. he sleeps in almost-fetal position, with his palm on top of yours. loves listening to your heartbeat. 
every time he was in your arms, he finally was able to sleep peacefully, with no karmic nighmares; he feels a little embarrassed after waking up, since usually he’s the one holding you in your sleep. nonetheless - a fully rested xiao is almost like a different person - less grumpy, smiles a little more than usual, and gains more mental power against the karma he’s accumulated.
Tumblr media
a log.
yes, i’ll elaborate.
the pillar he has ingame? yes, he's like that too - in bed. once he lies on his back in bed, he doesn’t move. at all. through the entire night.
has the MOST ETHERAL sleeping face. eyes closed, lips parted slightly, basically - for some reason, he just looks very kissable.
since he just doesn’t move, you’re very welcome to sleep on his chest. Zhongli often encourages you to do that anyway, so before falling asleep, he either plays with your hair or reads you a book. you don’t complain - his voice is addictive.
technically, as an (ex)archon, he doesn’t need to sleep. sometimes he doesn’t, he actually practices calligraphy - thinks it’s a fascinating hobby and he has all time in the world to master it; sometimes he just stays in bed with you and lets you sleep on his chest in a sitting position while he reads for himself, occasionally kissing your forehead if you move in your sleep.
if the latter happens, he also likes to place his head on top of yours and look at the stars outside; smiling slightly, he closes his eyes and finally lets out a sigh of satisfaction, as after thousands of years full of hard work, he’s finally able to taste the happiness he used to give to his people.
though, the decision of living like a “mortal” is still requiring him to sleep every few days. his body does get tired, after all.
also, he snores. just a little, he doesn’t roar like kaeya. His snores are actually cute, and often make you giggle. if you confront him about this, he’ll get slightly embarrassed and might choke on his tea. a reassuring kiss will make him feel better, though. 
this man. has the comfiest ever pajamas... and you don’t have to wear them to feel it, thus lying on his chest is always very comfy too. unfortunately, someone had to pay for them, and it wasn’t Zhongli... but you still love him.
Tumblr media
...the perfect man. the sweetheart. one day, you will be mine.
he’s so, so gentle while sleeping together. respects your boundaries, doesn’t mind holding you, but also craves closeness.
since he’s constantly on the move, you rarely get to sleep in bed; not that sleeping with kazu under the stars is a bad thing. he’ll whisper and explain different constellations on the sky until you fall asleep to his lulling voice, give your lips a goodnight kiss and drift off to sleep himself.
given that in the wild you never know when danger might come, Kazuha’s developed a sharp sense that always wakes him up whenever something is around. an unusual rustle of bushes, the high-pitched voices off the abyss mages coming your way - he hears it all from a great distance; otherwise, i wouldn’t say he’s a light sleeper.
if he doesn’t sleep on your body, he ends up falling asleep in the weirdest positions. if he sits, has his knees close to his chest, he falls asleep like that. or somehow, sleeps with his face.. well, facing the ground. how did he not suffocate? no one knows. not even him. has fallen asleep while t-posing in the middle of beidou’s ship once.
yes, she gave you a picture of it. no, he doesn’t know about it.
*wakes up with leaves and dirt on his face* “Good morning, my love. Are you ready to start the day?”
totally folds some of his clothes to serve as a pillow for you.
in bed, Kazu sleeps like a rock. nothing can wake him up, not even kicking him off the bed by accident. this is also where he truly rests, as there’s no danger around him, assuming that you guys stay somewhere in cities or towns.
sleeps with his hair down, like diluc. absolutely adorable. sniffs.
Tumblr media
most of the time, he straight up refuses to sleep. “go to sleep,” he says, “I will guard you.” Except he says that in the most tired voice you’ve ever heard. It’s gonna take a while to convince him, but eventually, he gives in.
similar to Kazu, most of the time, you don’t sleep in a comfortable bed, but somewhere in the wild. thus, Dain always offers his arm as a “pillow”. He doesn’t really care if it falls asleep, he prioritizes your comfort above his.
during the cold nights, he also covers you with his cape.
takes a while to fall asleep. thoughts are constantly racing in his mind, effectively distracting him; the solution is to simply give him a kiss and remind that he needs to rest. the kiss, no matter what, always catches him off guard, even if that happened 30 times before.
has the same sense as Kazuha; once he hears something related to the abyss from a mile away, archons forbid near you, he’s already choking that creature with his abyssal powers. of course, all this while letting you sleep. get a man who can do both!
in bed, he often finds himself admiring your face and delicately petting your cheeks with his thumb. sometimes small tears escape his eyes while he mutters, “how have our fates met, my star? such monster as me, doesn’t deserve any of this... yet, you stayed.” in reality, you weren’t sleeping and heard all of that; that night he let himself pour all of his worries away as you wiped his tear stained cheeks.
due to this accident, you kept faking falling asleep to find out whether he always did that. almost like it was karma, he caught you just like you did him. since then, both of you promised that whenever something’s not right, conversation is going to be the solution.
Dain is not used to sleep with someone else, at least in the beginning - especially in bed, where it’s way more intimate. might be a little stiff, but eventually, sleeping together is something he looks forward to every evening. the warmth you’re radiating, the closeness of his loved one - he melts at the mere thought of it.
he’s just very touch starved. please hug him.
prefers to lie on his right side and shifts maybe 2 or 3 times. you better like to sleep on your left, since he wants to see your face before falling asleep... but who can resist him?
despite not shifting much, still ends up with ridiculous bed hair. 
Dain has to have you in his arms whenever he’s the one guarding. plants kisses on your head whenever you have a nightmare, before softly shaking you and lulling you back to sleep; this time, with a pleasant dream.
He’s scared a hilichurl off once with his... intense glare. It’s not his fault, though. No one asked that hilichurl to come this close. Yes, that’s his excuse.
once you fall asleep and he makes sure you do, he humms the forgotten lullabies of Khaenri’ah. 
absolutely loves to sleep on your thighs, sometimes even by accident if he’s just resting. still, he pretends like he did not just sleep... has balls to tell you in a raspy voice that, no, he was just resting his eyes. you might need to agree to that because he will (playfully) argue about that.
please, please hold his hand when he’s asleep. there’s nothing else that makes him so happy when he opens his eyes and the first thing he feels is your hand intertwined with yours.
Tumblr media
i hope you have a big bed. if not, then i have bad news for you.
if itto moves in his sleep, the bed moves along with him. it feels like you’re swimming. if you bring that up when he’s awake, he’ll just laugh it off.
usually he’s the one spooning you - however, theres a story and reasoning behind it. once upon a time, when itto slept in your arms, he accidentally stabbed you with his horns. maybe once or twice. or a few time more after that. he also almost crushed you, but that’s another story. your yelp was enough to wake him up and then tenderly massage your face and kiss the hurting spots better.
itto is very dramatic about not being able to sleep on your chest due to this accident too.
listen. he drools. not a lot, but sometimes there’s a tiny poodle of saliva on his pillow. or your clothes...
shifts sides every 10 minutes. this man can’t just stay in one place even in his sleep.
if he manages to somehow kick you off the bed, the thud immediately makes him open his eyes and pick you up bridal style while peppering your face with kisses and apologies. offers to sleep on the floor with you. or to kick him off the bed. if you’re extra mad, he suggests both kicking him off and making him sleep on the floor.
although sleeping with itto seems more like a chore, he actually feels guilty about hurting you in any way. he’s aware that you’re always so gentle with him, letting him rest with no worries, while probably being half of his size. however, he always makes it up by giving you gifts; this oni himbo wouldn’t mind climbing the highest peaks of inazuma solely to get you the prettiest flowers his nation has to offer.
as you can probably guess, he sleeps with no shirt on either. during cold winter nights, this is the best thing ever, as you can cuddle up to him as much as you want and he’ll gladly squish your face between his... chest... obviously.
his grip on you is also tight, particularly when he notices that your sleep is plagued by a nightmare. whenever you wake up afterwards, there’s nothing better than itto’s tight grip and his face relaxing once he sees that the nightmare is gone for good; one of his hands wanders to  your cheeks which he cups affectionately and whispers, “everything’s alright, my little sunshine. you can go back to sleep. i need you to cheer for me later!”
whenever you fall asleep in his arms, he almost cries. firstly, because most inazuma sees him as a nuisance, but here you are, snoring cutely in his arms; secondly, the trust you have in him overwhelms him. itto’s heart beats fast when he realizes that you leave yourself vulnerable like that with no doubts whasoever.
has no problems with you sleeping in front of his gang and vice versa. that’s also when they notice how his loud behavior changes into a man who looks at your sleeping form with so much adoration that makes his eyes sparkle.
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sucrosia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
inazuma edition
raiden shogun, yae miko, gorou, kokomi, kazuha, ayaka, ayato, thoma, kujou sara, sayu, yoimiya
Tumblr media
the RAIDEN SHOGUN is a stranger to holidays as being inside of her euthymia for all these years. she may have somewhat memories of this ‘christmas’ but she isn’t familiar with it. the RAIDEN SHOGUN allows you to drag her all over town, visiting christmas stores, going to christmas parade, buying seasonal sweets, and watching at least 2 christmas movies
when you asked YAE MIKO if you could help her decorate the shrine to be a little more festive for the upcoming holiday, she couldn’t decline. the two of you were hanging up christmas lights, stars, and wreath’s which were all scattered neatly around the place.
GOROU, KOKOMI, you, and the resistance all had a huge white elephant gift exchange christmas party. there were a ton of activites like archery competitions, whatever the thing was called where you put your hands and feet on certain colors and try not to fall, and other games.
KAZUHA was writing you christmas poems and haiku’s, and you have never felt so loved and charmed before. his sweet and elegant words all put into one beautiful poem was just so undescribable. at the end of each poem, you and KAZUHA would take a shot of sake for the shits and giggles
christmas was well spent with AYAKA. this year was her first ever holiday not working and actually spending time with someone other than thoma; not that she was ungrateful for his company rather that her stomach was not ready for the unbearing amount of potlucks and potluck challenges. you and AYAKA danced to songs and even sang along to some
KAMISATO AYATO was undeniably a busy man; being the heir and current leader of a popular clan in inazuma but he just so managed to clear out his whole schedule for just the two of you. you guys were, well, just hanging out with each other and watching a ton of christmas movies while making ornaments from scratch.
christmas with THOMA was literally chaos. fun, loving, endearing but still chaotic. you guys were eating his delicious food and doing silly potluck challenges he comes up with on the spot. the two of you played christmas spot the difference games, guessing games, and a variety of board games.
KUJOU SARA of the kujou clan found herself spending time and decorating a christmas tree with handmade, woven ornaments that the two of you had created the night before christmas
SAYU and you were watching movies on the couch, near a fireplace, while drinking hot cocoa. SAYU does eventually fall asleep but it’s okay, after all, christmas is really just spending time with your familiars and having fun one way or another
YOIMIYA was making fireworks all day on christmas eve so that inazuma could have the best fireworks like always. this years package was a candy cane, christmas trees, and stars. afterwards on the day of christmas itself, you and YOIMIYA built little gingerbread houses and displayed them to eventually eat later on
Tumblr media
after notes... can you tell im biased
taglist... @darlingxannie , @cxlrose
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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azucanela · a day ago
Genshin requests you say, how about "I'm not gonna hurt you... Not again" with Tartaglia (in the mood for some good angst thanks TT-TT)
Tumblr media
“I’m not gonna hurt you... Not again.” + Tartaglia  [Spoilers for Liyue Quests, Mentions of violence/blood, Angst]
Tumblr media
It was funny, really. 
When they’d met, Y/N had been going about their usual day, fixing around their bookstore in Liyue Harbor, doing inventory and such. Childe on the other hand, had been on the run from Milileth who weren’t necessarily happy a Fatui Harbringer was among them. And of course, his chosen course of action was to run into the nearest store.
Which happened to be Y/N’s store. 
Y/N doesn't have time to react as a man dashes into their store, eyes scanning the room before he decides to jump over the counter they stood behind with the register, offering only a sheepish smile as he ducks underneath it to hide his head. Likely from the frazzled Milileth that entered shortly after."Excuse me!" One called out, while the other surveyed the store skeptically, "have you seen a tall man. Reddish-brown hair, grey clothing." 
At this moment, Y/N's eyes flicker to the man now seated by their legs, who only meets her gaze with pleading eyes. 
With a sigh, Y/N looks up to them with a bright smile and— and albeit fake— pensive look, "no, I'm afraid not." The Milileth deflate at this, "though I did see a man running past my store window rather quickly in..." Y/N points towards the pavilion, a large crowd in that area, "that direction."
The pair nods rapidly, thanking them for their time, before dashing out the door and running off in the direction they'd just pointed them in.
Once they were out of sight, Y/N inhales deeply before grabbing the man behind the counter rather aggressively, yanking him upwards and slamming him against the counter with a glare. A nervous laugh escapes him, "thanks for the assistance I'll just be—"
"You are very lucky I didn't want a fight in my store." They exclaim, shoving a finger against his chest.
This is how Y/N L/N and Tartaglia of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers met. And somehow, Childe found himself entertained by their shamelessness in insulting a Harbringer. It was almost refreshing, a challenge in it’s own right. So, he found himself coming around more and more often. All for a taste of the shopkeeper who never held back.
Though Y/N initially met his constant presence with annoyance, over time they came to appreciate the company of a constant, rich, customer. And of course a good friend. The pair would head out for dinner, they’d go on walks throughout the city and beyond the borders of into the arid terrain of Liyue. They shared late night conversations shared under the moon and the lanterns that lined the streets, words said only for the two of them to hear.
At some point, their relationship became something more than friendship but less than a romance. 
He was a Harbringer. Y/N knew that. It was inevitable that he’d hurt them. And yet they couldn’t help but stick around. And while Childe swore he would never hurt them, the same didn’t go for the rest of the city. He still had a job to do. 
When Y/N spots Fatui Agents outside their door one morning, they wonder if perhaps Childe has grown tired of them, decided they’d outlived their use as entertainment or something. As they try to leave their home only to be forced back inside, confusion bombards their mind. 
Until a god that had long since died rose from the seas and the Liyue Qixing were forced to work alongside the Adepti, all the while Y/N sat, stuck in their home, with the protection of the very Fatui that had brought near-devastation to Liyue. 
They should’ve known better, really. They knew his job, they knew that he was in Liyue for some reason, one that likely wouldn’t end well for the city. Yet it isn’t until destruction rains down upon the land that it truly hits them. The feeling of betrayal, anger, sadness, disappointment. Emotions flood their mind but Y/N can’t help the frustration that comes with it. With the fact that they can’t truly be mad at Childe, not after everything. 
And then he enters their home. Covered in blood. Some of it is probably his, but most of it isn’t. There’s almost an apologetic look on his face. But Childe has few regrets.
“Honey, I’m home.” He says the words weakly, an attempt at a joke despite the circumstances.
All Y/N can do is stare. Their eyes flicker over his injuries, and if it had been any other day, they would’ve helped him tend to them, a part of their mind still wants to but they resist that urge. Instead offering the man a steely glare, “what the hell?”
He almost winces at the venom in their words, “that’s quite the greeting.”
“You sent your stupid lackeys to keep me locked up in my home while you destroyed my city!” Y/N cries out, hands gesturing wildly. “Did you expect a kiss hello after all that?” 
Childe huffs, “this isn’t how I wanted things to play out, but I had no other choice—”
“No other choice?!” Y/N scoffs at his words, “I’m sure you had plenty of other options. But you just had to pick the most violent one. Didn’t you?”
The words are a low blow. They know that. And they can see the way his facade begins to crumble. It’s not until Childe takes a step forward just for them to take a step back that the hurt on his face truly begins to show. Perhaps they saw him as the monster he was now, perhaps Y/N L/N now feared him. 
“I’m not gonna hurt you... Not again.” There’s a pleading look in his eyes, “I promise.” He can only watch in an attempt to gauge their reaction, their reaction to his selfishness. It’s cruel of him to even insinuate that they would continue to be as they were, friends or lovers or whatever it was that was in between that. But that was in Childe’s nature, selfishness. 
Y/N only nods slowly, “no. You’re not.” They inhale deeply, “because we’re not gonna see each other again, Tartaglia.”
He didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter though.
“Get out.” 
And he really shouldn’t be shocked. He shouldn’t have expected this to end well for him. He should’ve known better.
“Please. Please just... get out.” 
It was funny, really. 
Tumblr media
Send a Genshin Character + Word/Phrase/Dialogue
Tumblr media
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zzzhonglis · 8 hours ago
home & hearth. (pt 1/4)
✧ — navi.
✧ — word count. 463.
✧ — synopsis. you spend the chilliest and most festive time of the year with your beloved.
✧ — content. → fluff. christmasy stuffs. → bulleted writing style.
✧ — characters. albedo + klee.
✧ — upcoming. → snowman-building with diluc, ice skating with eula, snowball fight with venti.
✧ — taglist. @cxlrose, @unkownknowledge
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
albedo + klee !!
→ It's Klee's idea to gather all the possible decorations and surprise Albedo for this upcoming winter festival. He typically doesn't participate in the festivities unless Klee begs (demands) that he does so. This year, he wants to spend more time up in Dragonspine painting his days away. Although, today, he's been distracted by some knightly duties. Perfect!
→ Klee and yourself drag a small tree into his camp—short enough for you to reach the top and short enough to not hit the ceiling of the cavern. You heave and wheeze as you drag that tree by yourself. Of course, Klee is too small and weak to really help, but she tries her best to assist by being your personal cheerleader.
→ She'll chant, "you can do it! You can do it!" while you pull the tree upright. Once it's back up and sturdy enough to decorate, she runs over to you with the box of decorations—more than elated to get started. Starting from the bottom, Klee hangs her personally decorated bomb-like ornaments onto the tree. Meanwhile, you loosely spiral a fresh and floral garland onto its branches.
→ Right as the tree is almost fully decorated, a certain someone creeps up behind you two and asks, "My, my, what do we have here?" Klee squeals in surprise and glee at the arrival of Albedo, whirling around and running up to him. She hugs his leg and he pets her head as a soft smile falls upon his lips.
→ He comments that you're missing a crucial piece of the tree, pulling out a yellow-painted paper star from the box. He observes it before handing it to Klee, "Why don't we let you put the star on the tree?" He chuckles, picking her up before lifting her up to the top of the tree. She giggles and kicks her legs excitedly as she pops the star on the tippy-top of the tree.
→ Once the star "shimmers brightly" on top of the tree, he continues to carry Klee in one arm. He smiles at her before turning his sweet and soft smile to you. Grabbing your arm delicately, he pulls you in and plants a sugar-sweet kiss onto your lips. Klee squeals, "Ewwww!" and covers her eyes in disgust. You and Albedo laugh into the kiss, taking pleasure in tormenting Klee just a little bit.
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flavorita · 10 hours ago
It's the Slime's Fault
Includes: Venti, Childe, Zhongli
Fluff with a G/N reader
A/N: Uhm slime violence, the boys save you and then laugh at you ;-;
Tumblr media
You were exiting the city of Mondstat to hunt Anemo slimes for a commision and had just entered the forest when you heard a voice call out to you.
"Going somewhere, Traveler?" Asked the voice and as you looked up, you were met with none other than Venti who was sitting on a tree branch with his lyre in hand. You told him about your commission and, being the mischevious person he is, he offered to come along with you.
"Two is better than one, right Traveler? Plus, I can sense Anemo slimes from a mile away." With a wink and a giggle, Venti began to lead the way to where there were supposedly Anemo slimes.
After half an hour or so, true to his word, two of the biggest Anemo slimes you had ever seen were floating off of the ground, circling a tree in a clearing.
"See Traveler, I told you I knew where I was going." With a huff, Venti crossed his arms and gave a triumphant smirk but you merely ignored him and charged at the slimes.
"Hey, wait! Traveler! Those slimes they're-" Venti tried to reach for you but you had already gone too far from him but too close to the slimes.
You charged at the first slime with your weapon and it exploded. It actually exploded. Slime concentrate covered you from head to toe. An arrow hit the second one and you flinched as more slime concentrate rained upon you.
You heard laughter coming from above you and looked up to see Venti in tears over your current condition. "I told you to wait, didn't I? But don't worry, it's the slimes' fault for having so much concentrate, right Traveler?"
Tumblr media
You had been walking through the wilderness of Liyue when, all of a sudden, you had been surrounded by Hydro slimes.
"Traveler, watch out!" Was all you heard before you saw an arrow land in one of the slimes surrounding you. It exploded and left you absolutely drenched. More arrows began to fly past you and pop all the slimes one by one. After they were all dealt with, you heard hurried footsteps approach behind you , "Hey Traveler, are you okay? You look-"
You turned around to see none other than Childe who had stopped talking upon seeing your wet form. A smile appeared on his face. "Oh Traveler, if you could see what you looked like right now," and erupted into fits of laughter.
You began to walk away as he followed you all the way back to the city, trying to sway your mood.
"Traveler, don't be like that. You know it's not my fault that those slimes exploded, right? And I'm very, very, very sorry for laughing at you. So now, won't you please forgive your savior?"
Tumblr media
"I'm quite free right now and can accompany you if you'd like."
Zhongli had offered his assistance in your pursuit of finding some Cor Lapis, after all, who wouldn't want to bring Liyue's geology expert with them on a rock hunting trip.
You two had stumbled upon a cave and had found quite the exquisite pieces of Cor Lapis and Noctilucous Jade and had become captivated by them. In all your awe, you had forgotten one thing: ores in caves tend to attract geo slimes.
Zhongli was quite a distance from you so you didn't really hear him shout "Y/N!" as you did feel the rock that had hit your spine. You yelped as you fell onto the cave floor in a mess of dust and dirt. You turned around to see an extremely large geo slime angrily looking at you and getting ready to spit another rock at you. Before you could even reach for your weapon, you see Zhongli approach the slime from behind and drive his spear right through the center. It exploded.
Bits of slime concentrate and rubble flew at both of you which resulted in you and Zhongli looking like you had both just crawled out of the ground. Zhongli merely patted his clothes down and put his spear away as he walked over to you, and extended his hand, "Y/N, are you alright?"
You held onto his hand and proceeded to stand up. However, the slime concentrate caused you to slip and land on Zhongli's chest with a supriser gasp as he encased his arms around your physique. You felt Zhongli's chest rumble with laughter as your face began to darken in color from sheer embarassment.
After having a laugh at your expense, Zhongli helped you upright yourself while keeping a firm grip on your hand and waist, only letting go when he believed you had fully steadied yourself. "Forgive me for not coming to your aid sooner, Traveler. From now on, I believe you should stay closer to me, don't you think?"
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2-dsimp · 2 days ago
Vote for Malewife albeado?!😩
Tumblr media
I-You’re onto something Bestie 😳
*Me hurriedly setting up the Real MALEWIVES of Genshin event ✍🏽*
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touchstarvedqwen · 2 days ago
Cuddling with kazuha💌
(Note: This is like the first fucking thing i ever wrote so like dont mind my spelling mistakes💀If any of yall point out my spelling mistakes im gonna stomp u😜)
Gender of reader is not specified<3
Warnings: ITS LITERAL FLUFF WHAT YA TALKING ABOUT ( mention of bandages tho if thats even a warning🤨)
(pls marry me leaf man)
-Kazuha is overall a very chill person to be around. (well ofc😀)You guys mostly just cuddle in silence, but the silence is comforting for some reason.
-Always when you guys cuddle you just feel like falling asleep right then and there.(same 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨)
-He SOMETIMES (cough* almost always *cough) tells you the poems and haikus he made for you while you were away.(this man is head over heels for u😨)
-Even when you guys werent together he wrote poems about you😮, how cute of this man🤬🤬
You came home late from work,(WHERE WERE U HE WAS SO WORRIED🤬🤬🤬 AJBSKSNA) as soon as you step foot in your bedroom you see a sleeping Kazuha.(hes so adorable AUGH😨) As you were taking your towel and pj's(or whatever yall weirdos sleep in🙄) Kazuha caught sight of you with one eye (DEFINITION OF ONE EYE OPEN WHEN IM SLEEPIN) then says "Where were you?" (My man is tired leave him alone) You walk over to your shared bed and tell him not to worry, that you will just shower and be back soon.
You better not take long in the shower you dont wanna leave him fall asleep with out u!!!!!!😡
After you showered and wore your pj's, there was already dark cause he turned the lamp off. And you being a clumsy bitch u fall and disturb his beauty sleep🤬😡😨(HOW DARE U😠) He panicks waking up immidietly(idk how to spell ok leave me alone) and asking if you are okay, of course you needed to bruise your arm🙄🙄. Kazuha ends up worried about it being something worse than just a bruise, so my man bandages your arm👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
After he bandages you up he basically just drags u to bed and is holding u like his life depends on it. (maybe it does idk man) He doesnt care if u have stuff to take care of, he is much more important😠So give him attention pls pls.
You guys cuddle for the rest of the night, both of you in comfort cause of each others company.
When u wake up, you guys are still cuddling😨😨(pls run your hands through his hair he will love it). And your guys hands are still intewined😮. When he wakes up he defintly tryes to get you to stay in bed longer, and ofc you cant resist that offer so yall cuddle for like 20 more mins😋
You actually consider hurting urself more often cause u loved this man's hands on your body🤬(touch starved bitch)
I wrote this at like 3 am and my fingers hurt from so much typing😭 Anyway if u couldnt tell i adore (simp cough* cough*) kazuha💞
This is just like very short im sorry 😭
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sle3pymia · a day ago
Hey!! Congrats on getting 300 followers op :3 For the 300 followers event may I request Diluc and Albedo for S and R?
sure! I didn't knew if you meant poly or not so I made both :D
roomates + college
Tumblr media
S- school // college or high school
- Well it will be a forever mystery how you three got together! Albedo has an art major while Diluc studies gastronomy. You first started dating Albedo. You were failing most of your classes and desperately needed study help.
When you were walking through the library taking more books and more books till you couldn't even carry them you suddenly saw a poster about tutoring. You immediately dropped your books happy that you don't have to read through all of them. Instead, you took your phone calling the person whose number was on the poster.
Albedo tutored you every Wednesday and sometimes on weekends, not gonna lie he was really happy when your grades went up. When you were running to him with a test in your hand hugging him tightly. And when you happily showed him the big A+ written in red ink on the piece of paper. But he also felt sad because he knew you will not need his tutoring services anymore.
You noticed that the last week he was very grumpy and stoic, rather cold. You tried to give him personal space but it hurt because deep down you liked him and you thought that the feelings were both sided. You wondered if you made him uncomfortable and he already has s/o. You bought Albedo's fav coffee and flowers, putting it all into a little basket. You wrote him a letter confessing your feelings and apologizing for making him uncomfortable. You left it in his room telling your roommates to tell him that you don't need tutoring anymore.
You tried to move on so you decided to visit one of your old friends who had a gastronomy major. While being heartbroken you met a red hair whose name was Diluc and you started being friends with him. Now meet him almost every day as he had a very kind personality. On the other hand, Albedo felt heartbroken too and ashamed of himself. He really loved you dearly but he never got the courage to tell you and now you're telling him that you liked him the whole time too?? Tbh this is all you can remember from meeting these two, getting into a relationship was full of twists.
R- oommate AU
- your shared room is always clean that's for sure, there are some paintings and decorations made by Albedo. While some flowers and plants that Diluc put there.
- Diluc has a big closet full of coats, that he often gives to you or albedo if you are cold, the fridge is also always full because diluc goes grocery shopping almost every day. There is a paper with healthy fruits and vitamins and also nutrients.
- Albedos closet is full of sweaters and shirts mostly in white or beige colors. Not gonna lie Albedo makes the biggest mess out of all of you. When he experiments or do school project there are papers everywhere. Also, he wears glasses (♡ω♡ ) ~♪. But don't worry Diluc always cleans the papers after him and organizes everything (which pisses off Albedo)
S- school // college or high school
- as I said before Diluc has a gastronomy major (if that even exists help) So he is great at cooking and mixing preparing drinks :0 He usually makes two lunchboxes for you and for him >3 (i don't like diluc help what am i supposed to write)
R- oommate au
He doesn't want you to feel uncomfortable so he gives you lots of space. He keeps his room always clean and prefers beige colors. He is very picky about decoration as he wants the room to be aesthetic and cozy. He always washes dishes after himself and wakes up strictly at 6:00. He always wakes you up lol!
He is kind of like the parent type, he makes you breakfast to bed and starts questioning you if you have your homework done and if you're ready for school.
"Are all your homeworks done?" He spokes with his morning raspy voice as he plays with your hair. "No, but I will do them before the class will start, "you whispered not wanting to get out of the warm bed. "Y/n" he sighs stopping to look at you, "I will go make breakfast go do your homeworks," he got up. "Wait nooo, warmm," you whined trying to pull him back.
S- school college or high school
as I said Albedo has an art major. He is a straight A's student and doesn't study much. He usually even miss lessons to instead go outside and take some extra hours for his art projects.
As I mentioned once in my work (link) Albedo loves to draw you in his notes. So his notes are full of doodles haha. He loves to study with you. After all, there is nothing better than a cup of green tea and a good book. He loves when you braid his hair while he reads out loud. Which is amazing because his voice is smooth and elegant.
He isn't affectionate that much at least that's in public. In private dorms, mainly at night, he doesn't want to let you go. Your head on his chest as you both hold hands together. He likes to draw random shapes on your hand while you have to quietly guess them.
"A star!" you lowered your voice as you hear Albedo lightly chuckle. He kisses your head smiling. "Aren't you cold y/n? I can make tea for both of us," Albedo whispers. You cuddle him feeling how he radiates warm,"not at all" "That's good, I don't want you to be ill," he puts his arms around you. You laugh as his hot breath tickles you.
R- oommate au
He is a messy roommate even though he tries to be organized. There are lots of books and sketchbooks. The window is usually closed so only a few rays of sun get in. The room smells after old books, dust, and coffee. The kitchen is full of various plants that Albedo never fails to water. Your shared room is cozy, there are some hand-made decorations and painted canvas hanging on walls. Colorful carpets and fluffy blankets. Even though he tries to clean there is always dust so If you will be his roommate you will have to bear it. But hey at least he always cooks you delicious meals :D
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seakicker · 2 days ago
if incubus zhongli keeps lovers instead of hunting he probably disciplines them. rewards and punishment and so much training while he wrings every drop of pain and pleasure for his nourishment, honing them into the most elegant courtiers and the lewdest, most obediently slutty submissives to warm his bed and make lesser incubi jealous of his power and skill. not everyone can train a woman to look dignified and graceful while begging to be whipped until she cums
oh anon i love you so much. i have yet to post my ranking of the incubi's power levels and where they are in relation to one another, but 1 thing is for certain: zhongli is absolutely the most powerful incubus there is and you so expertly outlined why that is. i'm obsessed <3
fem reader, some references to corruption kink, slight mind-break if you squint, punishment (spanking and whipping specifically) below the cut!
Tumblr media
incubus zhongli is very particular about who he chooses to feed off of— he doesn't jump from target to target nor does he choose just anyone he finds wandering alone on the streets at night; he keeps a small circle of lovers that he's been carefully training over the course of months, bending them to his will and shaping them as he sees fit. they were likely women of high status and prestige in their lives before they became property of zhongli: political figures, powerful businesswomen, doctors, the like. women with skill, precision, and a presence that commands the attention of others— women of "high quality" if he were to put it into incubus terms. just like how vampires may have a preference for blood type and insist that one type has a different consistency, flavor, and undertone than other types of blood, incubi men are sure to insist that different women exude different aromas and provide different amounts and qualities of sustenance for an incubus.
if it were anybody else (like incubus childe), you could probably say that zhongli chose such powerful, affluent women because he has a kink for corrupting such powerful women and making them his slaves, but that's not really the truth when it comes to zhongli. he simply seeks out the women he feels has the highest caliber life essence and would be able to provide the most sustenance for him— zhongli seeks to optimize his escapades and seeks only efficiency. i feel that zhongli thinks in terms of efficiency first and actual, genuine pleasure later.
despite his desire to make every feeding as efficient as possible, he actually doesn't mind if the newest recruit to his harem of lovers is a little clumsy, inexperienced, or outright has zero experience— if anything, he actually prefers this. he feels that it's far easier to train somebody from step one than it is to undo what somebody already knows, get them back to a blank slate, and rebuild them from there. he will admit, though, there's a certain allure to luring in a powerful, esteemed businesswoman reader and getting you to shyly admit that you're still a virgin— he assumes that you've simply been too busy to find the time for romance or pleasure, and your hardworking nature is admirable and will serve you well as the newest addition to his harem. knowing that you're devoted, hardworking, perseverant, and results-oriented pleases him; despite your total lack of experience, you'll be well-worth the investment he's going to place in you. you'll be the perfect addition to his circle of lovers; he can sense the potential in you and he's going to train you to be the perfect little doll for him.
zhongli takes a carrot-and-stick approach to training you, his darling little human and the newest member of his harem. you're rewarded generously with soothing kisses, loving praises, gifts, and delicious treats when you do well, but punished just as brutally when you misbehave, slip-up, or fail to meet his expectations. zhongli isn't unrealistic, though. he knows you're a virgin and he knows that you have zero experience beyond maybe just a first kiss, so he won't expect you to be able to effortlessly take his entire length down your throat on your first go, but all in due time, you know? he isn't unrealistic with his expectations and demands, but he does expect you to be able to keep up. he prides you on being a quick learner and someone who's eager to please, so if you're not matching the pace he feels you should be going at, you'll be punished until you produce the results he expects of you. when he has his long fingers buried inside of your cunt, he expects you to be able to stave off your orgasm until he gives you permission as a test of your stamina and ability to control your body properly. when he's pushing his cock into your throat, he expects you to be able to take him without gagging. when he's overstimulating you and purposefully trying to milk as many orgasms out of you as possible, he expects you to give them to him.
when you fail to meet his demands and when you pull back from his cock with a harsh gasp and a choked whimper, he only offers you a quiet "i suppose it can't be helped." you've learned to not take that as a sign of his mercy, though— him saying that doesn't mean he's going to let you off the hook, no, far from it, in fact. you're already mentally preparing yourself for another one of his harsh punishments as he moves and poses you accordingly. whether he's moving you to rest on your hands and knees so he can spank you or moving you to bare your back to him so he can whip you until there's bloody gashes decorating your back, you know to brace yourself for what's to come. though he certainly enjoys bending you over his lap as well, he's especially a fan of making you stay on all fours while he's spanking you as another test of your ability to keep your body in control— if your knees buckle or if you drop from your hands down to your elbows, the punishment will get harsher and last much longer. he expects you to stay on your hands and your knees because he asked you to, and trying to bury your face in the sheets to hide your tears or muffle your pained cries is against his wishes. once he's done and once your ass is the brightest shade of red he's ever seen, he'll soothe your aches with a lavender lotion while softly praising you for taking your punishment so well. "i knew you could follow my requests," he says, pressing a kiss to the nape of your neck as he massages lotion into your thighs and ass. "let this be a lesson for next time."
i also like the idea of zhongli taking on a spectator role and watching as the older members of his harem help break you in. he'll watch as they play with your breasts, kiss you deeply, and help stretch your holes open in preparation for zhongli's cock while you squeal and moan helplessly. they won't make you come unless zhongli specifically asks them to, and perhaps that makes the matter even more humiliating— you're so close you're sobbing as one woman works your nipples with her mouth and another toys with your cunt with her fingers, but zhongli only shakes his head when you pleadingly beg to come. "this is another test," he explains. "will you be able to keep your body under control if someone other than myself is touching you?" consider it a test of loyalty, perhaps. though the other women in his harem are certainly useful to help break you in, don't forget— you belong to zhongli.
Tumblr media
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ilyoimiya · a day ago
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ 🍚 . . ★ く♡ __ 🍯 ~ ANGEL ! SHENHE
cw › tit grippin' n suckin, scissoring, pet names ( baby, darling. ) soft!sub!virgin!shenhe, top/dom!afab!reader, clit rubbing, rough fingering(?) . non wlw &&. minors dni.
a/n › ik we know absolutely nothing about shenhe, but I jus wanna make her my soft baby 🥺 tis not proof read soo.. 🧍‍♀️reposted cause my tags ain't work.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
. . ★ she was your everything, raising your temperature so high you could almost feel yourself exploding to dust and bits. beautiful. that was the word for her, catching your eyes with every slight turn of her head, silky hair falling off her shoulder in such swift movements. she had you whipped, without even trying she'd already swooned you with her angelic looks. hair seemingly sparkled and bedazzled in angel dust.
she was everything you've ever wanted, and now, your soft hand cups her fluffy cheek. looking up at you with such cute eyes— you could almost burst into a fit of tears. "gonna make you feel good, you want that, baby?" you spoke in such a gentle manner that shenhe could only submit herself to you. with a small gesture, she nodded, her plump tits being uncovered by the protection of her arms.
you made haste moves, pushing her back down against the soft and welcoming plush of the bed, your lips colliding with the smooth skin of her neck. a small sign of pleasure moved past your lips, she was squirming, her legs spreading and closing around your waist. you giggled, moving your head down to her breasts, a swift lick to her left nipple.
"a-ah!" her face flooded in rosy pink, her buds perking up as you lapped your tongue around her perky breasts. she was wet, oozing in arousal. she wanted you, she wanted to be explored in ways she couldn't ever imagine.
your lips did a satisfying pop, scattering pink (soon to turn purple) kisses along her tits. "feel good?" you hummed, littering her tummy in kisses. you were making rapid moves, after all, you really wanted something.
shenhe squeaked, clutching your head in her thighs, you'd pressed a kiss to her cunt— she wasn't expecting it, not yet as she was entranced in the way you fondled her breasts.
"'ts okay my darling, I'm gonna be real gentle, unless you'd like otherwise." you tossed a wink at her, spreading her thighs; a galore of glossed pussy showcased at your very sight. you flushed, cheeks warm, gentle fingers spreading her labia. you bowed down, tongue molding against her clit.
she squealed, a hand thrown at your head. "please... want more!"
who were you to deny her requests? you kissed her cunt, lolling over her clit, your fingertips pushing against her hole. she yelped again— it was cute, nearly getting an 'aww' out of you. she was perfect. you were drooling, spit smothered against your face as your rubbed your chin up and down her slit, she was shivering and you could feel her tremors. you almost thought she was crying. you could feel your lips swelling, you were so focused, tongue fastening around her pussy, your finger pumping in and out of her. You'd gone wild, your fingers nearly completely sucked into her cunt, you were rapidly moving in and out of her, her walls tightening against your fingers.
her fingers gripped your hair, "close, so close..." she chewed on her bottom lip, her ghostly eyes barely visible as she squeezed her legs around your head, the stirring in her stomach finally reaching its point. she nearly screamed, thrusting her hips against your face, riding out her first orgasm. out of breath, her chest rose and dropped in action, meanwhile, you were soaking wet, she was so damn attractive.
you sat on your legs, spreading her legs, you crossed your leg over hers, your heart dropping as you felt the slight stimulation of her pussy touching your own. "fuck, shenhe..." you were done being as gentle as a cloud, thrusting your hips, your left hand gripped her thigh, keeping her open. you moaned, her whimpers igniting you further. you slapped her tit, your body facing away from her as you used her knee to rock you farther.
"mmph— gonna cum a-again!" you made her wanna thaw into the sheets, her face so hot it drastically changed the color of her smooth skin to a blush red. your clit swabbed against hers, her eyes rolling as her teeth gripped her lips. you gasped, your hips hugging her shaky leg, your cum oozing down your thigh.
shenhe completely melted. moaning into the pillow, her body dropping in exhaustion. she came. the stimulation drove her so wild, she couldn't stop the shaking, heart throbbing so harsh she thought it'd burst through her rib cage.
you sighed with satisfaction lingering in your throat, "you're so perfect, baby."
Tumblr media
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z-h0ngl1 · 7 days ago
GENSHIN IMPACT || nsfw hcs
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: how are genshin boys on their first time with you? <3
༒ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀɴɢ: kaeya, diluc, childe, zhongli, xiao, kazuha, thoma and albedo
☦︎︎ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ/ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ: overstim + blowjob + belly bulge + size kink + pegging + teasing + spanking + edging + degradation + praising
‼️contains both sub and dom reader‼️
note: reader has female anatomy
Tumblr media
kaeya enjoys taking you nice and slow, bending your hips over and spanking your ass lightly, just so he could feel you tighten up around him. his pulsating cock throbbing in your insides, desperate to cum already but he mustn’t, he just has to tease you. not allowing you to cum twice has mad you go crazy, whining like a whore who just want to fucked dumb and cum again and again. kaeya makes sure you break in front of him. he only edges you so you’re sensitive and can ruin your body. when hits your precious spot, his smirk never fails to droop, lowly chuckling as he only thrusts deeper and slower.
“aww right here? do you like tha-t baby? mmm f-fuck”
Tumblr media
diluc is such an angel but he’s also mean, as in he’ll praise you but also fuck you rough, and with no hesitation this man will overstimulate you, out of the blue. he’ll run his fingers along your chest, playing with your nipples as he rams into your pussy, naming you his ‘good little girl’ and ‘obedient darling’. diluc just loves rubbing your clit whilst fucking, your reaction making him even happier than he already is, he finds it so cute in how you grips the sheets even tighter, hips pushing onto his and he only takes that as another invitation to absolutely ruin you. he also loves receiving hickeys, puts him in a slight subspace.
“don’t worry y/n..n-ngh just for me one more round okay?”
Tumblr media
childe is literally so two-faced, he’ll start by taking it slow then as soon as you’d adjust. he goes feral, lifting your legs onto his shoulder as he leans down for a kiss, tongues sliding against each other whilst the sound of your thighs slapping his resonate throughout the room. he’s absolutely enamoured by your reactions. much like kaeya, childe loves edging you, but he’ll let cum once since he doesn’t wanna ruin you so quick <3. he doesn’t mind taking a break and try something new. but a first time it was quite enjoyable. was he rough? yes. was it a good type of rough? yesss 🤤. he’s also very fond of cockwarming, just loves having you whine whilst his fat cock throbs in you, you beg him to move but he disregards it and continues with his paperwork.
“m-mmph it’s alright g-gurlie i’ll move in a minute okay?”
Tumblr media
zhongli. ZHONGLI. he’s my personal favourite, he’s the type to have you slowly take his cock in, praising you along the way and it’s so big, a slight belly bulge will start to form the deeper you tske him in. zhongli will kiss you, reminding of how you’re such a ‘good girl’. he praises you like no other. there is no sense of degradation from the ex-archon. even if you’re being a brat, he’ll just say “i didn’t appreciate that dear”, and punish you for it. zhonglis slender fingers fucking you at high speeds sends you into another realm, he’s hitting all the right spots that make you see stars. back arching, body shaking, you love it all and if we were to be honest, so does he.
“j-just like that darling. it can’t fit? of course it can dear we’ll just have to make space.”
Tumblr media
xiao is such a bottom it’s sad 😔. but it’s always fun to push him past his limits. his thighs pressing together when you continue to jerk him off even after his 3rd orgasm, his body breaking from the sheer pleasure that travels through his tiny body, not only that but you have pressed against his prostrate causing his moans to spill out and eyes to roll back, the sensitivity only increasing with every touch, he had always claimed he was stress from his karmic debt so you’d offer to lend a helping hand, to which you agreed too. you didn’t think he’d enjoy being a pillow prince that much.
“h-haaa—!~ s-stop i ca-nt an-y more t-too sensitive—a-aah~!—“
Tumblr media
kazuha is a switch leaning to a soft dom. he just cant you roughly- he finds your body too beautiful for that. pressing your legs to your chest, practically folding you into a mating press, hitting every single spongy spot inside you. you clamp down on him so much to the point where sometimes he can’t keep fucking you and you would have to ride him, but he enjoys quite the show, watching your tits bounce as you bob up and down on his cock. he lives for your tits, finds them so attractive and yummy. 😋 when kazuha is a sub he’ll happily open his legs for you, but slowly, just so you can pounce on him and milk him dry
“o-oh my archon y-y/n i-i can’t- s—so tight!”
Tumblr media
thoma is so cute <3 fucking you slowly as you whine out, telling him you’ve adjusted to his size, which, trust me, is quite big. rubbing your clit, causing your back to arch. thoma enjoys eating you out, sucking on your sensitive bud whilst he fingers you. he’s also a big fan of mirror sex, watching your face contort into a one of pleasure as your eyes roll back. there’s also many times when he’s a sub. enjoying the feeling of his prostate constantly receiving stimulation to the point where he’s shaking, and he also enjoys public play <3, shoving your fingers in his mouth as you rail him against a wall in a dark alleyway.
“mm-mm—a-anghh cmon f-faster..w-wanna go faster!”
Tumblr media
albedo is much like xiao however he loves pleasuring you just as much as you love pleasing him. albedo will hold your hips in place as he stuffs his face in between your legs, or moan out into the crisp cold air of monstadt. thighs trembling whilst you jerk him off with a satisfying speed, enjoying how his previous orgasm had already made him so sensitive, however albedo might get so lost in feeling so good that he’ll plead for more even when your tired! hips bucking as he whines, shaking his head to and fro.
“n-noo more i - want more! p-please allow me to indulge in this enticing pleasure”
Tumblr media
༒ 𝘁𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝗺𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗵𝗼𝗹𝗲 𝗱𝗮𝘆 𝘁𝗼 𝘄𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗲 𝗯𝘂𝘁 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗵 𝗶𝘁.
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sucrosia · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fatui harbingers edition
scaramouche, childe, la signora
Tumblr media
SCARAMOUCHE and christmas? are you deranged? have you seen this man? he does not look nor act as if he is a christmas yet alone a holiday person but don’t let that deceive you. SCARAMOUCHE is a young child at heart and absolutely adores christmas. you two were decorating the tree, putting up decoration, making silly little gifts for each other, and baking cookies.
you and CHILDE spent christmas with both of your families at a hotel which CHILDE paid for as a courtesy and as a “merry christmas bitches!” type of thing. all of you were talking and getting along, and your family’s traditions were mixed with his traditions and suddenly, boom, a new tradition was born (also childe got ur whole family ugly christmas sweaters bc i said so)
you and LA SIGNORA were adorning the tree with jeweled, expensive ornaments with a glittered star at the top of it, micheal bublè christmas cover songs played in the background cause LA SIGNORA 100% would listen to his covers/songs
Tumblr media
after notes... say ornaments but remove aments and add a p at the beginning
taglist... @darlingxannie , @cxlrose
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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xiaosmoon · 4 months ago
hello! can i request calling zhongli, xiao, and kaeya pretty boy? pls and thank you! have a nice day/night <3
calling him pretty boy
Tumblr media
parings: zhongli, xiao, kaeya, diluc, albedo, kazuha, thoma, childe, & itto x gn!reader
content/warnings: fluffy. i don't think kaeya's is suggestive? very minor archon quest spoiler in thoma's.
a/n: decided to add more characters hehe. i hope thoma wasn't too ooc.
Tumblr media
-> zhongli
"what was that dear?" he places down his tea cup. zhongli may be old, but not quite old enough for him to lose his hearing. at least he hopes.
you tilt your head, a soft and genuine smile forming on your face. "i said you're such a pretty boy. you have the most perfect features; i mean look at your hair!" your hand reaches out to brush his silky locks with your fingers.
zhongli never considered himself to be "pretty." it's true he decided to take this form, but it was never with the intent of being attractive. zhongli chuckles at the compliment and places a chaste kiss on your head. "thank you, y/n."
-> xiao
"hey pretty boy, about time you came home." you warmly greet him from your bed. xiao furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "a-are you talking to me?" his voice faltered a bit. there's no way that you were talking to him. xiao refuses to believe he's pretty.
"yeah, who else dummy." you hop up from the couch to get closer to him. xiao's cheeks flushed crimson. he coughed awkwardly, "i'm not pretty. don't call me such things." his voice was never this uncertain and you must admit, it was cute seeing him so flustered.
"you are pretty though. the prettiest person i have ever seen." to make his situation worse, you place a loving kiss to his heated cheeks before leaning your head on his shoulder and hugging him. xiao knew he was defeated. "you have no respect for the adepti."
"mmm i've heard that before."
-> kaeya
"hmmm? what did you call me love?" kaeya knew he was attractive. many of the towns folk would gush about how charming and handsome the calvary captain was. but no ones ever referred to him as pretty.
the seduction and velvet in kaeya's tone was heating up your body. you're the one who's suppose to make him blush, not the other way around. "pretty boy. you know it's true." refusing to let kaeya get his way, you inch closer to him, causing his back to hit his desk.
kaeya smirks at you, snaking his arms around your waist. "say it again." he whispers, eyeing your lips. oh yeah, he's got you right where he wants. "pretty boy." your voice was breathless and he hasn't even done anything. yet.
"again." he inched closer, lips merely hovering over yours. his breath was hot. you wanted to run away, knowing you knew that you heavily messed up. there's no teasing kaeya, and you should've known that.
"pretty boy." your voice was a whimper, almost inaudible. "mmm. that's what i like to hear." kaeya leaned in, placing one gentle kiss on the corner of your lips. punishment.
he placed another one on your jawline, teasing you, before finally placing a passionate one on your lips. the kiss was feverish, and longing. you wanted to keep going, kissing him forever, to feel the heat and intimacy but kaeya pulled away with wet lips and placed on last kiss on your temple.
"you should call me that more often."
-> diluc
much like xiao, diluc would become a blushing mess. as popular he is, diluc doesn't get many upright compliments; especially ones calling him pretty.
"what?" he would pretend not to hear you but in reality his heart is racing 100 mph, threatening to jump out of his chest. "i said come here pretty boy." you tilt your head and smirk. you know exactly what buttons to push when it comes to diluc. as cruel as it is, this has almost become a hobby of yours. 
diluc was standing very awkwardly, roughly 10 feet away from you. you were relaxing on the couch, innocently scheming ways to get diluc a lil riled up. diluc took slow strides to you and sat on the opposite side of the couch, staring hardly at the floor.
you crawl over to him and rest your chin on his shoulder. "what's wrong 'luc? something i said?" he was praying to the archons that you'd stop your teasing, not knowing how much more he could take.
"no, no nothing is wrong." his face was the same shade as his hair; mission accomplished! you burst out laughing, clutching onto your stomach for support. diluc looks over at your state, completely bewildered. are all s/o's like this? once you've calmed down you look back up at your lover.
"i was just teasing! i do think you're very pretty, obviously, just wanted to see how you'd react." your smile was so innocent diluc was almost convinced your actions had no bad intent. but he knew you better than that.
diluc grabs a throw pillow and (gently) chucks it at you before leaving for his study.
-> albedo
albedo wouldn't react instantly. in fact, it wouldn't really phase him. if you were expecting to get a reaction out of him, consider your plan a huge failure.
when you called him pretty boy the first time and he remained neutral, you had just assumed that he didn't hear you. so you tired again an hour later but still no reaction. throughout the day until the sun was down, you would keep referring to him as pretty boy, "hey pretty boy, how's the sample coming along?" "you're such a pretty boy albedo." "pretttyyy boyyyy why don't you come take a break with me?"
once you've accepted that he doesn't care, you give up. "albedo, do you liked being called pretty boy?"
albedo perks his head at you. "hm? i don't mind it. is it a new nickname for me?" you shyly begin to play with his hair to avoid eye contact. "well if you want it to be. i just wanted to get a reaction out of you but that clearly didn't happen."
"you're always calling me pet names, y/n. i had just assumed it was another one of them. sorry you didn't get the result you were searching for." you laugh, hiding your head into the crook of his neck.
only albedo would apologize for such a thing.
-> kazuha
"you're such a pretty boy kazuha."
when the words left your lips, kazuha turned to meet your eyes. "i think you're the pretty one here y/n. your eyes, the way your eyes glimmer in the moonlight, how your smile brightens up every room you walk in, and even the sweet honey that is your voice. you're truly pretty."
your mouth slightly parted and your cheeks were warming. you certainly weren't expecting that. you whip your head away, looking anywhere but him. "do you always have to be so romantic." you mumble.
kazuha chuckles, taking ahold of your hand. "i'm only telling the truth. even the wind believes so."
-> thoma
"uh, what? you- you think i'm pretty?" if you didn't think he was a golden retriever before, he for sure was now. thoma's eyes were puppy like with the cutest smile.
"yes, of course i think you're pretty." you grin at him. thoma happily places a sweet and loving kiss on your cheek. "anyone who can bring down a 2 million mora deal down to 600 has to be pretty to get away with it, no?" you tease.
thoma awkwardly chuckles, "you're not still mad about that dinner, right? i swear it wasn't like that. hey- wait! y/n, i said i was sorry!"
-> childe
childe is very pretty. he's quite the ladies man back in his hometown and mostly everywhere else he goes. compliments from men and women don't mean much to him. he appreciates their kindness, but he's kind of used to it.
but when you're the one calling him pretty boy, childe's brain stops functioning. "what did you say babe?" childe's eyes were twinkling, patiently waiting for you to repeat those sweet, sweet words.
"you're such a pretty boy. you're always getting attention from someone." you mindlessly repeat, staring off into the distance. it's not like you were jealous, but it was quite annoying seeing others melt around your boyfriend.
childe comes up behind you, wrapping his arms snuggly around your figure. "i don't care about other people. the only attention i need is from you. i love you, don't ever forget that."
-> itto
"huh? if i'm pretty then you must be a goddess! i mean pft, look at you! although i am pretty myself arent i." you would boost this man's ego through the roof.
itto only pretends to boast about his ego, but deep down inside he took that compliment to heart.
"of course you're pretty you dummy." you chuckle, bringing your hand up to your face to hide the obvious blush. "but i wouldn't say that for myself."
now this, this sets him off. how on celestia do you think you're not pretty?! itto thinks you're the most beautiful person he has ever laid eyes on and if you can't see that, he'll have to show you.
"trust me y/n, i've seen pretty. and you, you are the definition of pretty. now you better believe it or i will throw you into a room of mirrors until you can see it for yourself."
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yeonkiminfan · a month ago
hi hi! i was thinking,, thoma nsfw hcs ?!? i feel like he’s the type to give tons of praise ahdjsjfj
that’s all and thank you 🤨🙏 take care of yourself and i hope you have a great day/night <333
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thoma, Itto, Gorou
Warnings: I am not responsible for minors reading this, Mentions of breeding kink, Size kink, Praising kink,mentions of Knotting (For Gorou), Dirty talk, Mating press, Cervix pressing, HIMBO ITTO(?)
A/n: YOU ITTO FUCKERS ARE SO FAST HELP ME- GAJSBSJ BUT IT CANT BE HELPED HE'S HOT 🤤🤤🤤 this post was supposed to be only thoma but its ok lets add them GAHAHSH
♤ THOMA ||
Soft dom!Thoma that tries to edge you but he ends up giving up to your whinings and pleas. He could never deny his baby when theyre crying and begging to cum.
He likes making you cum with his tongue, Often overstimulating you since he thinks you taste so good and he cant get enough of your pussy.
Thoma who praises you for taking him so well, kissing your tears away while he waits for you to get used to his size.
His dick is long and has the right amount of girth, It's long enough to press against your cervix however Thoma tends to ask you for your consent if you'd like it that deep
He doesnt want you to be hurt :(
Thoma tends to call you nickname such as "pretty boy/girl", "Baby", "Princess/Prince"
♤ ITTO ||
Itto who accidentally manhandles you and he doesn't realize it sometimes. You're so small compared to him and it makes Itto want to just eat you up.
He likes to fuck you in a mating press or missionary, He thinks its so intimate and its easier for him to see what kind of faces youre doing when he fucks you hard and rough.
His cock is long and girthy, And it always kisses your cervix :( his cock is veiny and you need two hands to jack him off fully
He praises you for taking him in so well, Often having to hold himself back to fuck you harshly. "Thats right baby, You can take it~ Take your time. Youre doing so well"
Itto seeing a bulge whenever he thrusts makes him want to breed you full of his cum ☹
The thought of you having kids with him makes his mind blank and the only thought it has is to breed his kids in your abused cunt
Itto cockwarms you after you cum, He doesnt want a single drop be wasted ♡
♤ GOROU ||
Gorou often gets jealous to smell other scents than himself on a part of your body so he tends to drag you home rub himself on you.
He likes to make hickeys around your body neck, Gorou likes to be messy and just rips your outfit when he's needy for your touch. Ofc Baby, Would never do this out of your consent!
You'd hear his tail slapping the ground while he fingers your cunt harshly not wanting to waste any time. He wants to feel your gummy walls around his cock :( Is that to much to ask?
Once youre ready to take him, His ears and tails are reacting so much~ Its twitching and his tail is swishing all over.
His cock isnt that long but he has the girth! Its so thick and the stretch is so good when he's in you.
Gorou is on top of you moaning and groaning your name like a mantra, Desperate to fuck you already ☹
Once he does fuck you, He goes hard and deep. His goal is to breed you full of his pups and make you their parent ♡
He might put your ankles over his shoulders so he can go deeper and feel your cunt more and more.
Once he cums, He makes sure youre comfortable because currently- youre stuck with his cum in you because of knotting-
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mocha-bunbun · a month ago
Can I get some fluff hcs for Zhongli, Xiao, Diluc and Kaeya recieving a new weapon as a gift from their S/O? :)
A/N: you got it nonnie!! I really like this request, it’s so wholesome 😭
Giving them a new weapon!!
Zhongli, Xiao, Diluc, & Kaeya (separate) x GN! Reader
You’ve always noticed the Zhongli always uses the same spear when fighting
When you asked him about it, he said he’s been using his spear for decades and that it’s always been his first choice of weapon
You took a closer look at it and it’s definitely worn out
You wonder how your boyfriend manages with it
But then you remembered he probably afford a new polearm so he just kinda deals with it—
So taking the initiative, you decide to surprise him! A brand new shiny spear that matches well with his outfit!!
You held his hand, guiding him to the living room where the spear stood while he closed and covered his eyes
You grin at him brightly
“Open your eyes”
Zhongli uncovered his eyes and a pleasantly surprised look overtook his features
He walks over to the polearm, inspecting it closely
Running his fingers down the weapon carefully
You looked at him eagerly
He smiled and chuckled
“This was well-made, fine craftsmanship indeed. I’m honored you would buy me such a suiting weapon for me. I cannot thank you enough my treasure.” He said lovingly, kisses your forehead gently
“No need to thank me silly.”
When you first gave him the new weapon, he was kinda confused ngl USJSJDJDJD
“Is there something wrong with my current one?” He asks, genuinely curious
“No no not at all! It’s just a gift from me. I just thought you might like it!” You explained, worried that you offended him
He blinks
But then he gently takes the new polearm with a slight blush
You were thinking about him
“Ah I see. Well, I shall make sure to utilize this in battle from now on. It would be a waste to not use a fine gift.” He coughed, averting eyes
You smiled, “You like it?”
“I do. I appreciate your actions.” He said
You cheered in your head
“That makes me happy, I worked really hard to get it.”
“Your efforts will not go to waste. T-Thank you. It’s only fair I repay you back.” Xiao said
“Oh no you don’t need to—“
He gib u kith
He softly presses his lips against yours before pulling away quickly
Archons, you love your extremely introverted bf
His reaction is basically a mixture of Zhongli’s and Xiao’s!!
You hand the weapon to him with a big smile on your face
His eyes widened a bit before taking the weapon into his own hands
You knew him so well, he swore
Looking at the fine carvings, one caught his eye
It was the family crest that he had on his father’s claymore which was displayed in his house
His eyes softned at the sight, he looked back up at you
“I had it custom made just for you. I couldn’t help but notice every time you polished your father’s claymore, you stopped to admire that specific carving.”
He wanted to marry you on the spot—
He placed the new claymore down gently, embracing you in a warm hug right after
“….Thank you so much my dear. This means a lot to me. I will cherish this gift for as long as I live.”
he knew about it
Kaeya just has a sense for surprises
He knew something was up when you were interested in his sword all of a sudden
But he stills acts surprised just to see that cute smile and devious chuckle you do when you think you catch him off guard
“Oh my, you went through all of this just to gift me a new weapon? I must’ve done something surely, to deserve such high quality gift.”
You rolled your eyes playfully before poking his chest, “Oh hush and take the weapon. You better use it. I worked very hard to get this for you.”
He chuckled and kissed you, “I wouldn’t even dream of wasting a wonderful gift from an even more wonderful person.”
“Smooth as ever huh?”
“Of course my love.”
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myuni-moon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
#a god from nowhere
synopsis: perhaps who could be the last remaining of the mortals that worshipped you has now become your lover. your affections are now and forever his. you, his god from a place long forgotten, have decided to place your heart in his hands. what do the archons think?
warnings: genshin spoilers, yandere content, yandere cult stuff, mentions of violence, slight gore, mean! reader (yeah ok i wanted to make this hurt so no one's gonna be nice <33)
Tumblr media
in your presence, all grudges and rivalry are to be forgotten; time with you cannot and should never be tainted by the sight of battles and bruises. that's been the rule since long ago, and all have placed much emphasis on it after the first fight broke out that left you so very disappointed in them. that is why, even when the tension is as thick as blood, they are left to hold their tongue and stay still.
the three archons stare with a bitter taste in their mouths at the scene before them. you hold dainsleif's face between those soft hands of yours, peppering kisses to the surface of his skin. no space is left untouched; from his forehead and all the way to the sides of his jaw, they are littered with the feeling of your lips grazing them.
zhongli wonders if you know of their sins, the way that they had to slaughter the people of khaenri'ah all those years ago. the only people to worship the true god of their realm had been unrightfully killed like animals under celestia's manipulation. maybe then that could explain why you've called them to your quarters, only to show them not even an ounce of the affection you held for them in the past. all your attention has been directed to who might as well be the last survivor from that time of carnage. even when he's loved you longest, it doesn't matter in the face of your newfound romance.
venti thinks about it too, but he doesn't entertain the thought as long as the former geo archon does. he wills his mind to empty of any complaints and dark fantasies because all that he is, is yours. whatever you may do with him is no longer under his control, and that is what he chose. if you want to play with him until you get bored, toss him away like a toy, and make him kneel on the hardwood floor as your lover sits with you on the plush bed, he has chosen that he has no right to go against it. yet, he cannot help the tears that are threatening to overflow and how the hiccups start to escape from his lips.
on the other hand, baal is a wreck. she seems lifeless, devoid of any feeling as she sits there for what seems like eternity. she was finally so happy to be in your presence fully instead of through that uncaring puppet. it felt so euphoric when you called her ei, but her smile instantly flipped when you had her get on her knees like the other two and in your gentle hold was a man not even acknowledged by celestia. before she turned into the sorry state she is now, she had pawed at the foot of the bed, begging to be touched as well, but what really made her break was the cold look in your eyes when you told her to go back and sit still like a good little puppy.
it's torture, absolute torture.
dainsleif has half a mind to at least notice the archons who lead his entire country to ruin, but his mind feels all hazy as you shower him in a multitude of affection. it surprised and scared him when you had voice out your intention of becoming his lover, surprised because you are his god and scared because you're too pure to be tainted by such sinful hands. still, you decided on him, and he has to follow your wishes as a child of khaenri'ah, but he won't deny how good it feels to be acknowledged by you.
"eyes that shine like stars," you hum, "so pretty." you stare deep into dainsleif's eyes. "dark as the abyss but still glittering like the cosmos."
you caress his cheeks tenderly before entangling your fingers behind his head. "a perfect juxtaposition." dainsleif is quiet, but a soft tug to his blond locks make him whine. "what a good and pretty boy you are, dainsleif."
you're aware of the burning stares directed to your lover, the jealousy and hurt spiking the air the longer you praise the man holding onto your waist like a lifeline. you press your thumb against the mask keeping his skin away from you before you finally turn in the direction of your precious archons. they all sit up straight, and a laugh almost bubbles from your chest.
"i don't want to hear any excuses from you three."
"i expected better from you all, celestia's fault or not. you are worshippers yourselves, so why don't you tell me how you're able to kill innocent men, women, and children who worship me just the same." your voice is gentle, but it slices like the rough edge of a blade. you admit that it's mean, degrading them like this, but you can't care when they showed just as much apathy 500 years ago. they don't even answer, too ashamed to even face you. all their eyes are downcast.
you eye your greatest worshippers. "zhongli?" you see his fist tighten on his lap; it shakes. "venti?" a pained whimper comes from him, and you're almost tempted to comfort him. "ei?" she is quiet, unmoving; there is not even a flinch when you call her name.
you turn back to dainsleif, and your face instantly melts to a look of adoration. "you wanna stay here tonight with me, don't you, lovely?" you coo, and you feel so satisfied when he shakes his head yes.
you don't even look at them this time, but they know you're talking to them when you say, "return, you three." they all stand up, knees sore after kneeling for almost an hour. they move to scurry out of there, but before they leave, you say one more thing.
"you better explain yourselves tomorrow. if not, don't even bother showing your faces ever again."
Tumblr media
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gens1n · 3 months ago
ain’t shit (ft. dilf!kaeya)
 pairing babysitter!reader x dilf!kaeya
genre smut
song inspo ain’t shit - doja cat // this playlist
oneshot? series? one shot...for now (?). unless i have more ideas then this’ll turn into a mini series ehe
word count 2k
content warning mentions of sex, cheating, breeding kink, reader is a homewrecker lol, not proofread sry </3
author’s note a different perspective of doja cat’s song, where WE are the bad guys now >:) i’m bored of mc being this angelic, innocent character, so let’s have a mc that’s likely won’t be liked by everyone! and that’s alright! gotta love our problematic mc cos it’s not everyday that we have a main character that gets progressively worse over time LMAO (IMPORTANT!!! i don’t condone cheating btw!! this cheating theme is solely for the sake of this fic, pls don’t actually do that to your partner :/)
also big thanks to @/natyra_art on instagram for this beautiful dilf kaeya art... which is also another source of inspiration for this story hehe
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
‘‘so when are you divorcing her?’‘ you managed to huff in between thrusts.
‘‘when are you, ah-’‘ his cock was hitting all the right spots in you, ‘‘divorcing her?’’
‘‘impatient, aren’t we?’‘ kaeya’s raspy voice sent shivers down your spine, as his calloused fingers lovingly traced the goosebumps on your back. 
‘‘it’s been three years, i’ve waited long enough.’‘
‘‘just wait a little longer. i’ll do it when the time is right.’‘
‘’you said that last time too,’‘ you replied, chuckling in disappointment.
‘‘and? don’t you trust my words?’‘ kaeya questioned, his pace slowing down to focus on you better.
‘‘i do, it’s just that...’‘
‘‘hm?’‘ the damp kiss he placed on your nape distracted you for a moment, his breath heavy on your skin as he urged you to carry on talking.
‘‘i’m tired of hiding our relationship... i want to be able to go on dates with you in public. hold your hands and kiss you in front of everyone without getting judged.’‘ the older man merely chuckled hearing your rants throughout your slow fucking session.
hearing his chuckle hit a nerve in you. is he not taking me seriously?
‘‘-and qiqi, that poor baby hasn’t seen her mother in like, what- 8 months? i think last christmas was their last meeting. what kind of mother does that to her child? what a shame... ah- fuck, right there!’‘
ah yes, qiqi. the three year-old baby you’ve been babysitting for the past three years. you were just in your second year of university back then, desperately looking for a part-time job to help support you with your bills and student debt. it was by chance that you met kaeya’s wife who was seeking for a nanny for their 4 month-old qiqi at the time.
her reasoning? she’s a busy travelling businesswoman, going on weekly business trips here and there, while kaeya stayed back to manage his own family company, leaving you to spend most of your university life balancing your studies and taking care of qiqi like one of your own. she even begged you to move in with them to help ease your commute between your campus and their home. two months after moving in with them, she set off on another business trip, claiming that the past six months after giving birth to qiqi was ‘’too much time wasted and opportunities lost in the business world’’. what a great mum.
you tried to understand her point of view, you really did. but after years of seeing qiqi not getting enough maternal love, with her mother coming back once in a while on a three-month interval and acts like she’s not a terrible mom, you’ve gradually accepted that some women just don’t deserve to have kids at all, if all they are doing is neglect the said children. thankfully, her hot husband, kaeya, who is twelve years older than you, helped made it easier for you, providing whatever form of support you need to raise qiqi. now that you just freshly graduated university with all your debt paid, you could finally pay full attention to qiqi, and have her daddy fuck you at the end of each day when you’re finally done with your ‘maternal’ duties.
at this point, kaeya alternated between slow and fast pace, coaxing more rants out of you. this was another one of those cold, rainy nights where you’d snuggle close to kaeya on your shared king-sized bed after putting qiqi to sleep, before it eventually turns into another heated make-out session that usually ends in him burying his dick deep inside you.
‘‘qiqi... she hasn’t met her mother in so long that she starts calling me ‘mom’ months ago. how pathetic is it that her actual mom isn’t even here? don’t you think she deserves a better, available mom?’‘ your complaints earned a manly chuckle from kaeya, who was amused to see how much this was stressing you out.
‘‘oh yeah? you think so?’‘
‘‘i know so,’‘ you firmly stated. another chuckle from him.
‘‘you wanna be her new mom?’‘ kaeya whispered close.
‘‘i’m practically her mommy now. only difference is, we’re not official yet. shame.’‘
‘‘you sure you wanna be her mom? become the new mrs alberich?’‘
‘‘i’ll give her a baby brother while we’re at it,’‘ you dared, glancing back to shoot kaeya a seductive smile. 
fuck, that ignited something in him. to have you willingly offering yourself to carry his children lit up his suppressed desire to breed you full. growing up a single child, it was always a dream of his to have a big, happy family so that none of his child would have to grow up lonely. it’s a shame he ended up with a wife who couldn’t care less about his wishes for multiple kids, instead focusing more on her career, when you are here to fulfil that dream of his.
kaeya instantly shifted your body, making you face the vanity mirror on the opposite end of the bed, as his hips started thrusting faster and harder into you, eliciting a soft moan from your lips. his large hands wandered down to your tummy, thumbs gently rubbing your sweaty skin, a stark contrast to his rough pounding.
his lust-filled pair of eyes stared back at you through the mirror, your body on full display, tits jiggling wildly as he reentered you over and over again. hugging your body closer to his, he whispered deeply, ‘’want me to fill this pussy up? have you creaming all over my cock? breed this tight little pussy full so qiqi can have a new sibling?’’
‘‘ah, ah... yes, yes, yes fill me up daddy!’‘ upon hearing the sacred nickname leaving your lips, he thrusted into you even faster, not minding your gasps and sharp nails clawing into his muscled arms, holding onto him for dear life.
‘‘yeah? you want daddy to make you a mommy? stuff you full with daddy’s seed? carry my children and become my mrs alberich?’‘
‘‘oh god, yes, yes... please!’‘ 
you rested your head on his shoulder blade, your eyes rolling back from the intense pleasure. kaeya held your body even tighter and kissed your gaping mouth to keep you quiet, fearing that your noises would wake qiqi who was fast asleep three bedrooms away.
it didn’t take long before he finally came in you in one last rough thrust, your warm, tight wall milking his veiny dick sloppily, faint white cum running down your pussy as soon as he pulled out. proud to see his massive load practically drooling out of your core, he admired the way the sticky substance pooled at your knees, wetting the bedsheet.
but he wasn’t satisfied just yet, no. he’d swore to himself just now to get you pregnant, already imagining your belly swollen with his future baby. his lustful thoughts prevented him from thinking rationally and recall that he still has a wife to stay faithful to. but for fuck’s sake, it was impossible stay faithful to an absent wife when your hand started pushing him back against the bed, the other hand guiding his dick to your entrance, ready to ride the life out of him.
just as you were about start bouncing on him, his phone started ringing loudly, effectively ruining the moment. you clicked your tongue in annoyance, it’s 11pm, who could be calling him at this time?
kaeya sighed and snatched the phone from his bedside, brows contorting in equal annoyance, eyes squinting at the bright light on his screen before showing the caller ID to you.
putting it on full speaker for you to hear, he groggily greeted the caller. ‘’yeah, honey? what’s up?’’
the sweet nickname irked you so much that you pretended to puke from it, which earned a silent giggle from the older man.
‘‘oh, i’m sorry babe, were you sleeping? did i disrupt your rest?’‘ rolling your eyes upon hearing the other person’s voice, a light bulb went off in your head. with a snarky smile plastered on your face, you abruptly lowered your body down on his dick, catching kaeya off guard, his breath ragged and eyebrows contorted at the sudden, intense pleasure. 
‘‘fuck, i- uh... still sleepy. it’s almost midnight here, why’d you call so late?’‘ it was entertaining for you to see how hard he tried to stay calm throughout the call, so you decided to further test him. you moved your hips and started grinding on him, pussy wall clenching and unclenching as your hand played with your nipple, another hand bringing his own to rest on your bum.
it took him his entire will to shut his eyes to be able to focus on the clueless wife on the other end of the call. ‘’i’m sorry honey, you were saying?’’ 
‘‘ah, still sleepy aren’t you? haha, i’m calling to let you know i’ll come back in a week once this new york project is finally over!’‘
‘‘yeah, remember that new york investment project i worked on since last year? it concludes two months earlier than expected, so i can spend the remaining months with you and qiqi before i start working on a new project!’‘
kaeya had to do a quick double take at his phone screen before staring back at you in disbelief. massaging his temple, he let out a silent sigh, and lazily replied, ‘’oh... that’s good.’’
‘‘it really is! i’ve missed you and qiqi so much, how’s she?’‘
‘‘qiqi’s doing pretty good... started potty training, still throwing tantrums whenever y/n tells her she needs to stop watching pororo past her bedtime though.’‘
‘‘haha, must be nasty to deal with!’‘ hearing this remark, you felt a sense of pride in yourself. you raised qiqi after all, you knew you’re a better mom to qiqi than kaeya’s wife will ever be. all those things she considered ‘nasty’ were just perks that come with being a mother, so why bother become one if she can’t even handle that much?
‘‘how’s y/n? is everyone good back home?’‘ 
‘really good’, you mouthed back, as kaeya’s thumb continued tracing the small skin of your ass, his eyes fixed on your connected bodies, adoring the way your pussy just absolutely sucking him in.
‘‘everything’s alright,’‘ he lazily replied.
‘‘that’s good to hear! alright, i don’t wanna keep you awake any longer, you should continue your sleep! good night sweetheart, love you.’‘
‘‘love you more,’‘ kaeya lied through his teeth with a grimace, immediately hanging up.
‘‘lOvE yOu MoRe,’‘ you continued mocking him, riling him up more. ‘‘great, now she has the audacity to come back when her daughter can’t even recall her face anymore.’’ kaeya remained silent, dreading the day he’ll eventually have to confront his wife.
‘’what about our plan? making another mini you? i guess that’s not happening anymore, huh...’’ you pouted, knowing damn well it’s one of his weaknesses. in an instance, kaeya flipped your body over, you yelped as your back hit the mattress.
‘‘what, did you think i was joking?’‘ he raspily muttered, resting his forehead on top of yours, your limbs instinctively clung to his strong, chiseled body.
‘‘i don’t know... thought you’d change your mind and come running back to your oh-so-lovely wife?’‘
‘‘hm? you mean an absent wife?’‘ he raised a brow, to which you nodded. ‘‘i don’t think so.’‘
‘‘besides,’‘ he paused to hold the back of your thigh open, exposing your connected core, rhythm slow as he tried focusing on his next words, ‘‘you’re practically my wife already. going on vacation dates with me, caring for my child, preparing meals for me like a good wife should. and now..,’’ kaeya’s eyes stared into yours expectantly.
‘‘ what?’‘
leaning in to give you a tender kiss, kaeya then grinned, his pace quickening, heart surged with desire as he muttered his next words.
‘‘i can’t wait to see your belly rounding, swollen and full, filled with my baby.’‘
Tumblr media
author’s note once again i hope i don’t get death threats for writing a homewrecker main character 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ 
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touchstarvedqwen · a day ago
Genshin women taking care of you when you are sick💌 pt.1
I promise i will do a men version soon😭
Characters: Jean,Lisa,Rosaria x gn reader(slightly???)
Reader's gender is not specified<3
Warnings:mentions of sickness=fever(as you can see from the title🙄)
Genre: fluff
She would be working like she does all the time, and then she hears from Barbara that you caught a cold. Jean would stop working just to go check on you.(Shes such a hardworking woman omfg😭)
When she arrives she sees you in a worse state than she though she would.(You have a high fever and your throat hurts😨...SUFFER LOL) She would try to take breaks and visit you alot, as soon as you got better she realized how much time she spent working and didnt give you much affection.
After you are healthy again she will try to accompany you on your trips more, or she will try to get someone to go with you. Overall she will try to spend more time with you.
She would be the one who knows that you are sick first, she would close the library and go look after you until you are healthy again. She cooks you food and makes you tea <33. She knows you enjoy her cooking and she loves when you are so happy cause she made you your fav soup💞.
She will try to get you to go outside so you can get some fresh air.( not when ur still having a high fever dumas)
She enjoyed taking care of you but well now you are healthy and thats all that matters 🍃.
(idk why but people dont include her mostly so im putting her here😎)
You were in dragonspine collecting some ore that you needed... But then like the idiot u are u slipped and fell🤨🙄After some time Rosaria was luckily there and helped you get up and took you home. What she didnt realize was you were there longer than she anticipated so you got sick.
She would NOT know what to do-- But she would ask some of her friends so she could take care of you :)) She would mostly not be taking care of you. She would be trying to get you something that can get you out of this miserable state. The nun's were taking care of you but you didnt mind, they were very kind and caring😨
After you are healtly again prepeare for a scolding that you didnt tell her to go with you so this wouldnt happen, she will hug you later and say she is glad you are okay now.
I actually wrote this earlier but then deleted it by accdident help. Anyway im very sorry about this being so short but i dont really have time AKSNKANSKAJA
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