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#genshin impact xiao
chilumi-shipper · a day ago
Xiao's Mommy God (2)
Xiao x God!Fem!Reader
Warnings: NSFW, Mommy Kink, Lactation, Bottom!Reader, Top!Xiao, Smut, Inappropriate use of anemo vision, Manhandling.
Summary: This is an alternative version of Xiao's Mommy God, where instead of the reader being the dom, Xiao will be the one on top. But I suggest you read the original first, because of important story explaination.
"Xiao! I'm so sorry! I thought you were an intruder." You were by his side immediately, worried that you may have hurt him, yet when you tried to coddle him, he just pushed you away, holding onto his neck as he breaths heavily. "Xiao?"
The Yaksha stays silent for a couple of seconds, still breathing heavily as he avoids your lingering gaze. "Did I hurt you?" You asked quietly as you sat on the floor, placing yourself in front of him.
The boy shook his head, still refusing to look at you. You felt unconvinced, maybe you choked him to hard and he's holding back on vomiting, that's why he won't open his mouth.
You call for him once again, and finally his golden orbs look up at you, filled with an emotion that you don't seem to fully understand. You reach your hand out, cupping his cheek and caressing it with your thumb.
"You can tell me anything, Xiao? I just wanna know if you're okay." You then plastered a small, but genuine smile on your face, looking at your student fondly.
Xiao can't take it anymore, with your constant worries about him, babying him, saying you love him, but keeping him at arm's length. He just needed to knock some sense into you, make you realize that he's older now, and that what he feels for you, isn't just a mere adoration for a God.
The cat-eyed boy grabbed both of your wrists firmly, taking you by surprise. He then yanked your hand away from his face, getting up from his position on the ground. Binding your two wrist with his one hand, he pushes them to your chest, wrapping his now free hand around you waist.
"Xiao?" You called out questioningly, but all you got from the boy was a growl, his face inching closer to yours. Your back hits the side of your bed as he pushed you with your bind hands. You felt the chill air blow stronger, somehow feeling a light stimulation on your chest area. You felt dizzy, confused, speechless from what was happening right now, as your dearest Adeptus face looks at you with dissatisfaction.
"Y/N..." He finally said something, despite his serious expression, you hear the softness of his voice, so you assume that he just had a strange episode and tried to take your wrists apart from his binding hand.
You realized that you were very wrong when he growled at you again, tightening his hold that it starts to hurt. You called out to him once again, feeling a bit worried about his strange behavior.
"I'm not a child anymore." He stated, intently looking at your face, studying your expressions. You yelped as he tighten his hold on your body, before fully standing up, carrying you with one arm around your waist. Scared of falling down, you immediately wrapped your legs around his waist, leaning into him as he let go of your wrists to hold your figure even tighter.
You place your hands on his shoulder, steadying yourself. And then you felt it, Xiao had started to rut against your clothed center, you instantly feel a growing, rock hard bulge poking your pussy.
Your eyes widen in realization, looking at the younger boy currently carrying you right now. His eyes were closed, mouth agape, seems like he was enjoying what he was doing with you.
"I d-didn't think of you as a child, Xiao." You stuttered, ignoring the growing heat within your stomach. He slowly opens his eyes, looking at you fondly. And before you know it, your back is on the bed again, only this time, the Yaksha was right on top of you, looking at you with need.
"I liked it when you choked me." Xiao stated breathlessly, grabbing one of your hands before bringing it closer to his neck. You wrap your hand around his neck softly, but never daring to squeeze. "It doesn't hurt." It was like an encouragement for you to do it again, so you did, you squeezed his neck lightly, making him smile.
In one foul swoop, he just cuts through the center of your night dress. "Xiao!" But he pays you no mind, taking off the fabric. You're now left with just your undergarments.
Xiao placed his hands onto your stomach, channelling his anemo control and in an instant, both your bra and panties glow a mint green light before disappearing into nothingness.
And now, your fully naked, right in front of your little Adeptus. You felt like covering your boobies but he clasps his hands onto them before you could do anything.
"I've always wanted to taste these, mommy." Xiao squeezed your boobs, rubbing your nipples with his thumbs, it all made you gasp, your hands finding their way onto his wrists.
Mommy? You liked that.
He then let go of one of your breast, replacing his hand with his mouth. The Yaksha's lips wrapped around your hardened nipple, sucking so intently that you let out a strained moan. His now free hand started going down, onto your little pussy.
With his fingers grazing your clit, before going to your hole, you just realized how wet you are, feeling hot liquid slowly pour out of your cunt.
"Xiao, please." You let out a little whimpers, jumping even more as he shoved two of his gloved fingers inside you immediately, loving the way you yelped and moaned out his name as he starts to rub the inside of your pussy with his fingers. You don't know why, but it seems as though his gloves makes it even more hotter for you.
It was his turn to be surprised however, when he tasted a sweet liquid pour onto his mouth. Xiao pulled away in shock, looking at the boob he was sucking and seeing that milk had started to leak from your mounds.
He looks up at you and you look away in embarrassment, you just lactated. You didn't even know you could do that!
But he swallowed the milk in his mouth, smiling whilst looking at your embarrassed face. "Mommy's milk taste so good." He teased as he went back in to drink more.
"You... Y-you can have it anytime you want." Right as you said that, he plunged another finger inside you, using his palm to rub you clit. He suddenly went at a very fast pace, making you scream as you rut your own hips against his hand.
"Ahhh, Xiao!" You screamed as you felt both his sucking and fingering get more intense, his palm pressing harder against your clit as he sucks hard on you nipple. And with that, you came right of his fingers. "Th-thank you." You breathe out, the feeling of your hot fluids seeping out as he takes out his fingers.
Xiao shows you his now ruined gloves, "You really liked that, huh?" You nodded eagerly, despite being an immortal Goddess, you lack experience in this type of things, but it's still surprising that Xiao just knows what to do to pleasure your body. He takes off both his gloves, throwing them wherever before cupping your cheeks.
You loved the feeling of his bare skin against your own. "X-Xiao... I love you." You finally say it, tugging at his shirt to invite him closer to your face.
"I love you too." Sealing you lips with a quick sweet kiss, you were about to close your eyes, when you feel his breath on your ear.
"We're not done yet, mommy."
You felt like your body was no longer in your control as Xiao, who had stripped himself naked, pushed your legs onto your chest, lining his rock hard cock with your now sopping hole. Your whines as he takes full control of your movements fall on deaf ears.
In his eyes, you're an all powerful Goddess, someone who emerged out of the Archon War barely wounded. And with that in mind, it probably wouldn't hurt to just plunge his cock into your inexperienced pussy with ease.
"AHHH!" You screamed as he rammed inside you with no warning, immediately setting his thrusts at a fast pace, not giving you a chance to adjust.
Xiao groaned as he abused your pussy with merciless pounds, hands landing on your thighs to grope and spread you apart, feeling even more accomplished to see his cock disappear into your cunt over and over again. Your moans encourages him to keep going, getting addicted to the feeling of your pussy walls rubbing against his hard rod.
Your legs feel tired without him keeping it close to your chest, slowly trying going back to their place. But he growled when your ankles got in the way of his perfect view on your abused cunt, wrapping his hands under your knees, pushing it back so close to your upper body that you start to actually feel sore.
The Yaksha's ruts started to get more feral, going so fast and deep inside you, pulling out until only the tip is in, just to plunge back inside to hit your womb. It all made you moan in delight.
"X-Xiao! Breed me, please!" Your strained moans fill the room, feeling his grip on your legs get tighter, thrust sloppier, and you know exactly that he's about to cum.
"B-breed?" The cat-eyed boy repeated in confusion, but hearing you say that you want him to breed you, it made him to this all this to you over and over again, ram his cock into your cunt every chance he can.
You felt the knot in your stomach snap, cumming from his ruts. At the same time, you feel the flow of hot liquid pour inside you, Xiao's thrust coming to a full stop, wanting to pump you full in the deepest part of your pussy that he can.
He released your legs from his harsh grip, letting them fall into place around his waist. The blissful look on your face made the boy proud, it seems you enjoyed his service.
Xiao slowly pulls out, cock somehow still semi-hard despite the exhausting fucking session.
He looks at you first, your face looking up at him with a small smile, "I'm so..." You yawned, "...Tired." You finished, as the boy's lips slightly curl up whilst looking at your droopy, tired eyes.
He looked down onto your swollen pussy, and his smile fades. Hot liquid, his cum inside you started dripping out, he does not like that one bit.
How is he supposed to breed you if his cum keeps dripping out?
And you were about to drift off to sleep when he suddenly just flipped you over, grabbing your hips and hoisting it up. The Yaksha positioned himself behind you, his cock once again rock hard, and the base is currently rubbing again your clit.
"Xiaooo, I'm tiredddd." You whined, voice also getting droopy from the tiredness. He pressed his cock harder against you, making you moan.
"I just need to breed you, till you're full of my cum, mommy~" He shoves his cock into your pussy once again. "Then you can rest."
Requested by: @peachykindalovesyou
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yes-ter-night · a day ago
Tumblr media
 ⇢ albedo, xiao, kazuha / gn! reader
introducing! your fellow second-years are starting to realize how stressful high school is, but luckily you’re here to cheer them right up! blessed with the same schedules and close seating arrangements, they make sure to eat all your time up. don’t look away from them for too long, okay~?
warning! yandere, obsessive & possessive behavior, unhealthy relationships
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
― GENIUS TYPE. albedo |  阿贝多
[ “come, the sun is setting and the rays serve as a perfect lighting. surely you won’t mind being my muse for a while?” ] 
⇢ amiable and polite at first glance, albedo has garnered himself a rather mellow fanbase of his own. people from all years admire him for his study ethics and his artistic prowess. there’s no shortage of people asking him for advice each day, to which he politely indulges.
⇢ still... there is a distance between him and everyone else that no one seems to be able to cross. that is, except for you, of course! albedo makes sure to be seen linking hands with you two are together. he’s touchier with you and makes sure everyone sees it: flirtatious swipes of the lip and gentle brushes agaisnt your cheek. it’s clear as day who his favorite person is.
⇢ usually albedo has no qualms showing off his artworks, but something about the sketches he’s made of you makes him embarrassed. his own hands have lined every curve and shape of your face and it’s just so... intimate. some nights he spends staring at a new sketch of you before blushing and gently putting it away. it just can’t compare to the real thing at all.
⇢ as with most his fellow harem members, his mind is filthy. it’s filled with messy fantasies--  ones where he force one of his science experiments down your throat and watch as you tremble and shake at his feet. just imagining your glassy eyes and your desperate pleads... it makes him shiver with delight.
⇢  despite all his flirtatious touches, albedo doesn’t have the willpower to embrace you like how the others do. but when you initiate, he immediately becomes pliable under your touch. he’s made well-aware of your warmth and the beating of your heart and how hot your breath tickles his ear. ... fuck, if you aren’t adorable.
⇢ albedo doesn’t bother with the rest of the world. as far as he’s concerned, you were made to be experimented on, to become putty with his chemicals and touch. he certainly won’t allow anyone to disrupt your playtime together... not. at. all.
[ “tsk, tsk, making a mess of the floor again? nevertheless, the expression on your face is worth a sketch or two.” ]
Tumblr media
― SULLEN TYPE. xiao |  魈
[ “don’t come near me. i’m... not worthy enough.” ]
⇢ ooh, so mysterious! the bad boy of everyone’s dreams...! or not. that’s what you once thought too, until you finally found out after several run-ins at the local convenience store that he’s just socially inept.
⇢ there’s no denying that he does give off this intimidating aura and although he doesn’t actually have any criminal records, everyone makes sure to stay as far away from him as possible. well, that doesn’t really matter. so long as you aren’t the one avoiding him, he can live like this forever.
⇢ he’s so stupidly infatuated with you, blushing and stammering whenever you try to strike conversation with him. he tries to brush you off with harsh remarks and cold responses, but you don’t fall for that shit. soon, the slightest smile comes on his face when you run up to him in school and his hands find themselves brushing back your hair so he can look at your bright eyes.
⇢ he’s well aware of the your harem, all of them lovesick and lustful. it makes him sick and wary, but he doesn’t want to alert you. you look so happy and carefree... it’d be selfish of him to destroy that.
⇢ he tells himself that he stalks you for your own good, that you’re so stupid and trusting that you’re incapable of seeing the world around you as it is-- dangerous and murky. but that’s a lie, isn’t it? if it was really for your own good, he wouldn’t lurk outside your window, watching you as you peel off your clothes and get ready for-- ah, shit, he’s been found out.
⇢ he should be guilty. this is indecent, immoral, perverted. what makes him any better than the rest of your suitors. but... but! it’s so thrilling, watching your most private moments when you think no one’s looking, seeing expressions that no one except for him will see.
⇢ what kind of expression will you make when you finally find him out? betrayal? terrified? ... or excited? ah, well, he’ll find out anyway.
[ “haah... this is what you get for being so stu~pid.” ]
Tumblr media
― CAREFREE TYPE. kaedahara kazuha | 楓原万葉
[  “why, hello there. care to share this warm rock with me?” ]
⇢ although the school has a literature club with members famed for their outstanding achievements, not a lot of people has seen their most famous member. rarely attending classes, hanging out in the school garden then vanishing in the blink of an eye... ah, so why is kaedahara kazuha coming over to you right now?
⇢ you’re fresh with the scent of nature and kazuha takes advantage of the fact that he’s slightly taller than you as he buries his nose in your hair while he wraps his arms around your shoulders. he’s a gentleman, showering you with such poetic praises that somehow aren’t too cheesy. his drooping red eyes crinkle ever so slightly at your slightest blush and he can’t help but warmly laugh when you grumble at him for embarassing you again.
⇢ sometimes he just shows up out of nowhere, swooping you away to enjoy the pleasantries of nature together. he tells you of the delightful red maple leaves back home, the hints of loneliness leaving his eyes before you can see them. he listens to you in return, his comforting character making it easy for you to confide in him. you miss the way he leans in and kisses a strand of your hair, mistaking it for a normal hug.
⇢ ... my, if you didn’t resemble him so much. no matter how much you protest, you are the living reincarnate of his sworn brother, someone who had come to ruin years ago along with the rest of his family. you are gentle and warm, whereas kazuha is only reenacting how he used to be before everything was destroyed. he was hollow, but now there’s no need to feel that way anymore.
⇢ he’s so well-spoken and eloquent that you completely miss the way he has you roped in his scheme, only realizing it when he finally corners you and has his hand on the small of your back. he still smiles gently... but when were his eyes this gaunt?
[ “now, now, don’t be so afraid. i don’t resort to violence most of the time.” ]
Tumblr media
a/n: me to me: now what if we give kazuha a tragic backstory in six bullet points. also just realized that the rest of the boys will be seniors... theres so many senpais.. no complaints tho
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hazelsinteyvat · 10 hours ago
xiao quietly sitting beside you when he saw you peacefully reading a book on a picnic mat under a tree gosh i- 🥺
How did you always escape him. At this point it should be easy to find you, but with how free you were he never knew where you’d end up. Would he find you with your dangling feet over the edge of a cliff, relaxing by the waves and walking across the shore, picking flowers in the fields just so you could bring their aroma to him later. After checking all of your favorite places he finally found you, and just how lovely you looked today.
You sat with your back to a large tree, it’s trunk bending and twisting into stretching branches toward the sky it shielded you from. The wind rustled the leaves and small birds flapped around without a care that you were there; they knew you were a safe soul, no need to be fearful of you. Your legs were stretched before you on a small blanket, feet tapping mindlessly while your hands held a book that captured your attention.
For a while he watched you without interruption. He found a high point to gaze down at you and also survey the landscape. Every once in a while he heard you laugh or gasp and wondered just what could be so transfixing about a collection of pages bound together. The elbow that dug into his leg started to become numb and, in order to bring some life back into it, he hopped down to your level and made his way toward you.
“Why are you so hard to find?” Xiao asked, crossing his arms as he looked down at you. Those eyes that shined in the sun gazed up to meet him and he found that action so breathtaking.
“Hey, were you looking for me?” You smiled, resting your hand in the pages of your book and closing the cover.
“You are far more troubling to find than corrupted souls.” The sound of your gentle laugh called to him, like a songbird you awoke something in him that he just couldn’t pull away from.
“Well, you found me. What now?” The question through him off. What would he do now that he found you, holding a conversation wasn’t really what he liked to do, being around people was still strange … but, he wanted to be near you, he always wanted to be near you.
“Just … do whatever you want.” Xiao moved to lean against the tree. His foot resting on the roots while his arms crossed and eyes closed against the sun. He breathed slowly and listened intently to the way you moved, shifted, laughed, anything. It was the sound of your beating life that he knew he’d never tire of hearing.
Eventually, he found himself sitting beside you. Back pressing against the tree, shoulder brushing your arm and legs crossed to hold his hands. You didn’t push him, didn’t tease him, you just let him make his own decisions and because of that he felt comfortable. He glanced at you and saw a leaf in your hair, without thinking his hand moved to remove it. You only smiled at him, moved your hand to his leg and through that connection he increased his.
Under the shade of a tree, away from where most would go. Xiao took a moment at your side and protected you with the nervous fingers intertwined with your own.
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adrikazu · a day ago
Xiao, Kazuha and Kaeya with a Reader that has the same personality as Shinobu ?
By the way I really like your headcanons! I look forward to more of your posts 🙏🙏
Xiao, Kazuha, Kaeya with a Shinobu like s/o
Tumblr media
featuring: xiao, kazuha, kaeya
genre: fluff
notes: this is so sweet thank you so much!!! im happy you like my work, i appreciate you !!!
shinobu kocho is one of the pillars from demon slayer, who puts up a nice front for people but is actually very frustrated and has an angry personality!
warnings: angree reader but otherwise fluff!!
Tumblr media
he caught on immediately
yes he’s super slow about emotions but oOoo the air was giving it away to him
but xiao definitely doesn’t say anything
his reasoning? “it’s not my business”
and to be fair that’s a good mindset but eventually he’ll confront you about it
for now he keeps up with your nice personality
until either you tell him or you wait long enough for him to talk about it
(which is almost an eternity)
and when you do, he takes A LOt of pride in that
secretly thought he will never ever admit to anyone that he does
trust me when i say this bc not even on his grave bro
he’s feels happy (he doesn’t rlly know he’s happy but you can tell bc he perks up everytime you show your anger)
it shows to him you’re comfortable and that makes him comfortable
both of you can be angry together :DD
when you’re talking to other people being all nice it lowkey irritates him
once he’s used to you being yourself at least
he’s like wtf why are they being so nice- oh right, jesus
eventually xiao will get used to it tho
but in the end he’s glad you’re comfortable enough to show your frustration
he also knows right away
like in the anime, your scent and atmosphere give it right away to him
and he’s definitely going to ask you about it
i think kazuha isn’t the most all confrontation type of guy but he does do a lot of it
kudos to him because that stuff is super hard
i don’t think he would mind if you put up your kind personality front too
he would prefer for you to be yourself but you gotta do what you gotta do and he gets that
super respectful guy to your boundaries
once you’re comfortable enough to show you frustration to him he’s happy
like he looks at you with a really pleasant gaze knowing you’re okay with him
doesn’t do much about it but
he acknowledges it and he’s happy about it
(definitely praises you about it though)
now let me tell you something
when kazuha has time, he brings you to spas or hair salons or nail salons or pools, anything
and he tries to show you ways of relaxing
which if you view it nicely he’s trying to help
and it’s lowkey also frustrating even though he has good intention 😭
but overall he’s trying to help
he 100% stays calm in moments where you’re showing your anger
you two are opposites but it’s a very nice duo
he’s a bit more slow than the others
he gets it before you tell him but it takes him a little while longer
kaeya is very perceptive though so once he knows he’ll know everytime you’re over the edge mad
sometimes appreciates your kind front with other people but alone he doesn’t like it
and he’ll tell you right away he isn’t a big fan of your front
wont tell you to be yourself to him right there but he’ll tell you that you can if you want
give it time and this duo is actually really nice
kaeya migjt piss you off more than often but he makes good company
i have a gut feeling he’s good at arguements too
so if you ever get mad enough to argue, kaeya is your backup man
this dude will do literally anyrhing for you
he’ll get attached to your angry self and never admit it
will definitely tease you with the same idea though !!!
tall sneaky flirty man with angry with nice front person? perfect duo
it’ll be surprisingly nice
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fullconstellation · a day ago
☆ i’ve got you
Tumblr media
gn!reader x xiao
content: xiao fluff; waking reader up from a nightmare ;-;
“Hey.” Xiao hovered inches above you, unsure of how to wake you up. Worry creased his forehead as his eyes skirted over your face, looking for a sign that you were awake.
Another jolt of against his figure and your panicked mumbling were enough to tell him that you weren’t.
Xiao reached his hand over you, hovering just above your shoulder. Should he shake you? He shook his head; no — he didn’t want to startle you any more than whatever plagued your dreams already had. Lips pursed and brow furrowed, Xiao opted for sliding back into his laying position besides you, head propped up by pillows. Gently, he wiggled his arm back under your neck where it was before, bringing his other over atop your torso.
The feeling of him shimming his body up against yours, warm body bringing a comforting heat to the torturous domains of your dreams, pulled you out of your sleep and into the waking world. It only took a moment of settling your own breath to realize based on the pace of his that he was awake — awake and anxious.
You tilted your head back, hitting his bare chest. Golden eyes shone a path to yours even in the complete darkness, tracing lines over your face with a slight frown.
“Another nightmare?” You could hear the concern in his voice; the sorrow. The regret of not being able to protect you from the monsters that waged wars on the canvases of your eyelids. You nodded, nestling yourself flush against his body, eager to be further enveloped by his scent.
Soft lips pressed to your neck, shoulder, ear; gentle and evenly paced, devoid of any further implications. Your tired body melted against his, ready for sleep.
“I’ve got you,” you heard in a hushed whisper by your ear as your mind and body clouded. “You’re safe.”
a/n: thank you for the love on my first piece (albedo fluff)!!! it means the world :’)
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versadies · 2 days ago
hi dan! hope you're doing well! since it's still august 15 where i live, can i leave one last request? aquarius + xiao + drabble + xiao has no intention of ever meeting them in person and keeps shutting them off, but they keep comforting him through their thoughts when he's in a bad place, and then they accidentally meet at wangshu inn (extra: please no almond tofu offering i keep getting pavlov's dog vibes from it). thank you!
happy places, happy accidents (drabble)
penpal: omg this is such a cute request! i've took note of your extra and made sure that there aren't any mentions of almond tofu offering soo i hope you like this <33
prompt: aquarius the water-bearer, telepathy soulmate au (au where your soulmate can talk to you telepathically.)
pairing/s: xiao x gn!reader
sypnosis: no matter how much xiao has avoided you, it was evident that there's no way for him to run away from his fated encounter with you.
includes: fluff/comfort, slight angst, italics means you’re talking to him telepathically
Tumblr media
why does he always think of you when he doesn't want to?
was it because of how he's used to hearing you in his head to the point where he's not used to not hearing your voice daily?
was it because of how he's trying to think of ways to avoid you and make you understand that he doesn't intend on meeting or getting along with you?
or was it... because of how he was always comforted by you whenever he's overwhelmed from his karmic debt?
"are you okay?" the yaksha lets out a sigh when he hears your voice hours after your short conversation with him in the afternoon. how much do you know him to know when he's conflicted? do you have a secret power that he isn't aware of?
"it's nothing to worry about, go to sleep." he said in his head with a cold tone, hoping it was enough to make you stop talking to him.
he suddenly hears your laugh, the sounds made his stomach feel... weird in a good way. "sorry to say this but you're stuck with me for a while. i can't sleep."
xiao frowns. "why not?"
"i'm uh, not used to sleeping on a different bed to say the least. i'm currently in an inn." you replied nonchalantly. "what about you? are you still hunting?"
"no. i just finished patrolling around the land."
"responsible as always."
the man stayed silent, staring up at the sky. he knew he shouldn't talk to you to prevent yourself from being attached to him, but his conscience was too much of a hindrance whenever he ignored you.
"what are you thinking about?"
"it's nothing important."
"and what exactly makes things important in your opinion?" you ask curiously.
"if it helps others i care and swore to protect, i suppose it's considered important to me."
" you don't think your karmic debt isn't as important as your people's safety?"
xiao furrows his eyebrows. where were you going with this?
"you should try to get something to drink and sleep. i'm sure the inn has something that can help you sleep." he said, crossing his arms and waits for your next response.
much to his relief, you took a hint. "...alright. i'll try your suggestion. goodbye, xiao."
just like that, his mind went silent. although he's relieved that you're done talking, why does his heart ache when you said goodbye?
the yaksha continues to stare at the sky above, feeling conflicted on what he should do with you.
it took minutes before xiao finally looks away from the sky and decides to call it a day, only to bump into a person when he turns around.
“oh sorry!” why are you apologizing in his head?
he immediately looks at the person in front of him with his eyes widening in shocked.
“i didn’t mean to bump into you. i didn’t think there would be anyone here at a time like thi—” he couldn’t pay attention to what the stranger was rambling about, his thoughts were filled with how the person talking sounds exactly like you.
surely you meant you’re in another inn and not in wangshu inn, right?
his heart starts to pace fast, now realizing that the stranger in front of him is indeed you: the one who’s destined by celestia to be fated with a person like him.
is celestia playing a cruel joke?
“it’s fine.. have a good night.” he interrupts, causing you to stop talking and watch him walk away, not noticing the shocked look on your face as he dreads the things he had to do in order for you to leave him alone for both of your sake.
he doesn’t want you to hurt more because of him.
meanwhile, you watched as the strange man slowly gets further and further away from where you are, your other hand that wasn’t holding your drink slowly reaches out towards his direction with a frown on your face.
“…was that xiao?”
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saabbi · 2 days ago
Regret part 10
Moonlit conversation
Genshin Impact Adeptus! reader
warnings: -
word count:~1.3k
notes: happy mid autumn festival! This chapter is purely about Childe and Tsarista.
[previous] [next]
Tumblr media
The Tsarista is hard to understand.
“Your highness?” the gingered male peeked into the dimly lit room carefully, making sure he's not disturbing his archon.
Deep blue eyes searched the room until they landed on a lonely figure by the window sill, silently gazing at the Snezhnaya waters.
The Tsarista looks back a bit, gesturing to him to come closer.
Childe obliges. He came to find her to have a talk, even if he has yet to figure out what to say. The Tsarista has been rather fickle lately, it seemed like she was making rash decisions.
Even though he knows the Tsarista always have everything planned out. The reasons behind her actions were surely ones a mortal like him couldn’t understand.
The Tsarista is hard to understand.
Not even her closest subordinates - harbingers, could see through her. All her thoughts are masked with the iconic smile, one not sinister nor genuine.
It’s just one without any emotions, an eerie and intimidating smile.
To say the least, the Tsarista is someone incredibly… calculating. Each step she takes, each word she utters, are all through careful consideration.
Fickle and unpredictable. No one could guess her next movement. She slips away like ice.
Which is why, small talk coming from her is completely uncalled for.
“The pier was lively today.” Her quiet and breathless voice caught Childe off guard, shoulders flinching at the unexpected voice.
Has the sun risen from the west? Has the snow melted in Snezhnaya?
Childe carefully observed the divine being, perturbed by her unusual behaviour.
Silky hair pale as snow, cold as ice. A sharp and glacy gaze that sends even the most arrogant humans shivering. Contrasting to her bitter cold appearance, a burning desire could be felt within her glacy pupils. A being said to be so ethereal that just one glance would captivate all men and women across Teyvat-
Except something was a bit different from usual. Childe rubbed his eyes to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him.
Is she…frowing? Could it even be considered a frown?
Very slightly, almost goes unnoticeable, was her furrowed brows and tired eyes that observed the pier.
Her usual smile remains, but less… stoic?
Not one necessarily of affection nor gentle, but rather… relieved?
The Tsarista mostly appear to be disinterested in a lot of things, usually displaying an indifferent attitude.
Yet somehow she feels expressive today.
As if her cold facade had faded just for a bit, walls thinned down just a little.
He feels it’d be okay to ask her.
“Your highness…” cautiously, while being wary of any change in her expression, “why did you...?”
Why did she do that to you? What was her intention in exiling you after draining every last bit of your power? Remains unsaid.
She glances at her harbinger once, before refocusing on the sea, watching the wobbly reflection of the moon in the gentle tides.
“There was no need to keep up the pointless charade, is there?” the words themselves are cold and harsh, but something lies beyond.
“It’s been far too long. That child has been by my side for so many years. ” Childe patiently waits for the Tsarista to continue. It seems that she is in the mood for talking today, willing to share more.
“My initial plan to utilise adeptus power has been met, there is simply no need to keep that child around any longer.” The soft moonlight basking her figure made her even paler.
The queen of Snezhnaya is hard to understand.
Her words were so subtle and ambiguous, hard to fully uncover the hidden meanings.
Childe may not be the brightest, but for some reason he thought he might just have a faint idea on what she’s conveying.
Archons make the mistakes too. He recalled what Zhongli once told him, when he was still naive enough to not realise his true identity.
Archons, deities with absolute authority. But the geo archon had him realising even divine beings feel remorse for their own actions.
But guilt doesn’t seem to be the right word to describe what the current Tsarista is feeling.
It’s something else, hiding deep behind those walls.
“Did you know? There’s a tradition in Liyue for families to reunite under the full moon, no matter how far they parted.” she gazes at the luminous full moon.
Snezhnaya’s queen does not have any love left for her people - a saying he had heard from somewhere long ago, describing the one and only ruler of his home.
Being an archon does not mean they’re perfect, nor can they protect all their loved ones. In Zhongli’s case, he learnt, would be giving up his beloved adeptus for the sake of his people, and losing close friends in the ancient war.
Then how about the Tsarista? She must have lost something precious too.
But that is not for him to butt into.
“I’m sure the weather would be nicer there, without the neverending snowstorms and hail.”
Does the Tsarista truly have no love left for her people?
“As a previous envoy to Liyue, I guarantee that it’s warm and cosy.” a cheeky grin started to form on his face, getting wider and wider.
But perhaps he already knows the answer.
The Tsarista lets out a soft hum at his response, somewhat sounding relieved.
“Your highness, did you know? Morax frequently forgets to bring mora…”
“And he bought a vase for 1 million mora, and I had to pay!”
“Then La Signora knocked Scaramouche’s hat off! He was so pissed!”
“And that moose-deer being talked! I had no idea it was an adeptus!”
Light chuckles and giggles filled the quiet atmosphere along with Childe’s innocent and non-stop rambling.
Just for today, it’s okay for her to drop her facade.
Maybe, the Tsarista is not as unfathomable.
An archon may not be so different from human mortals, after all.
“I’m sure that Zhongli and them are having a great time.” his grin so wide and bright, “that child, well, a child older than me, is finally back home after all.”
“Happy full moon day, your highness.”
“I believe the correct saying is ‘happy mid-autumn festival’, Tartaglia.”
Childe awkwardly rubbed his head and broke out into a loud laughter.
“Could you help me deliver something when you visit Liyue again?” She reaches into her pocket, pulling out a tarnished necklace.
One that is cracked, but pieces of it has been carefully assembled and glued together.
One that resembles the shape of a flower he hadn’t seen in Snezhnaya.
One that seems to be of very old age, considering the oxidized parts. It couldn’t be worth much. Who is the Tsarista giving this to?
“It’s something that child left behind.” Ah. A sudden realisation hits him. So it was not the Tsarista’s own belongings.
“What was done was inevitable for the final destination, I don’t regret it. Yet… that child has been with me for quite some time.”
“That child had quite a hard time. This… is something they held dearly before.” She points at the necklace, running her fingers over the flower. “I wasn’t sure how to give it back.”
So that was why the Tsarista held onto something that seemed so… worn out.
Even though Childe still disapproves of her actions towards you which caused you to suffer, he feels as if he gained a deeper understanding of his archon.
She is meant to be someone brutal who would commit atrocities just to achieve her goal, even if she believes it will lead to peace.
Perhaps that’s why she always kept a certain distance from you. The Tsarista has done terrible things, so, so many heartless and ruthless deeds.
Or maybe, the archons are just not good at communication. Childe huffs at his own thoughts, recalling both Zhongli’s and Tsarista’s expressions when talking about you.
Archons are just as imperfect as mortals are.
The archons sure are hard to understand.
Tumblr media
[previous] [next]
for extra info/drabbles on this series: #adeptus reader asks please feel free to send some asks as well :)
taglist [request to be added/removed in taglist, or send an ask] @deathkat657@porcosslvt@ryuukero@cruelstring@pandaquick@lill0w0@yoomi-omi@pidgeison@sugary03@creatorofstars@zaythetic@calfigaman@schleepyflocci @elephantasmosgocomics@yaesflorist@keiq0@heijeuxx@yamatosworld@yuuuumiiin@sangchu@stupefried@wouldyoulikesomepollen@candyqueen10@moonbintang@hiqhkey@hanniejji@photoglassuwu @normalisthenewnorm@just-some-stars@dearalatus@chinchillinbb@scoupshushushu@toshiswifey@sweetstrawberrybabe@lifenotgod@kztura@daphnyehh@alatusorrow@svftbunnie @nemuri-fictions@hydroyaksha Please tell me if I missed any one of you!! if someone changed their username and that’s why I couldn’t tag you, please by all means send in an ask/ comment on the original post to let me know!
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solitarydegarcia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Karma’s weight
Do not reupload
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tri3tri · 16 hours ago
Notice Me
Tumblr media
You were dating Aether.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise, Xiao knew. Aether had always been gentle and approachable, so it was only natural for people to be charmed by him. Not to mention, you two were already close friends, to begin with. But Xiao had hoped that you wouldn’t be one of those people, that maybe you’d like him instead, even if he was far from gentle and approachable. After all, Xiao had dropped many hints for you; from greeting you with a soft ‘hey’, to indirectly inviting you over the text.
And yet… and yet… you still dated Aether instead! Aether, the human puppy!
Xiao gritted his teeth as his hands slowly curled into fists that trembled on top of the table. Aether had invited you both to a hangout in the nearby café, but Xiao was beginning to suspect that maybe Aether just wanted to brag about his new relationship instead. If he wasn’t, then he wouldn’t have sit so close with you, and you wouldn’t have giggled and whispered to each other. What were you talking about, anyway? Was it really that confidential to the point where he wasn’t allowed to know? Why did Aether even bring him here if he would just ignore him in the end?! Xiao could’ve used this time to do something more… productive instead, like stalking you on social media or something.
Then again, it was precisely why he bothered to accept the invitation in the first place.
Because you were there, and he didn’t want you to be alone with Aether.
Regardless, it didn’t mean he could stand being treated like a ghost, either. Slamming his palms on the table, Xiao abruptly stood up and glowered at you.
“If we’re done talking, then I’m gonna leave.”
In the end, he was the one who ditched you. But what should he do? Just sitting there like an ugly duckling and watch as you both flirt with each other like the disgusting, unbefitting, unbecoming couple you were? No, of course not! He had dignity too, and he wouldn’t let you stomp on it just because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut from talking about whatever bullshit you were thinking of to Aether. And besides, he didn’t know how long he could stand being in there without puking or rampaging the place.
… Yeah, it was better to leave first. For the sake of his sanity, at least.
Xiao barged into his apartment and plopped down on the couch, the weight of the day finally crashing on him. What did he do wrong, he wondered. Was he being too vague with his hints? Were you being too dense? Or did you purposely dismiss them instead? If that was the case then, maybe he should drill them into your head. He should’ve been bolder, because clearly, you wouldn’t notice it otherwise.
Why did he even listen to that shitty online advice again…? Gosh, at this rate, he didn’t know which one was dumber; you or him.
Sighing, Xiao sluggishly stood up and shuffled into his room. The moonlight shone through the half-covered window, creating a silvery pool on the floor. In this place, only the sound of his breath could be heard.
He was so freaking lonely in here.
Xiao couldn’t remember the last time he ever had a guest other than the landlord, or anyone staying in, really. It was to be expected from his loner attitude, but even he couldn’t deny the loneliness that crept in like a shadow during these silent nights. Everything was boring, long, and tiring. He couldn’t believe he finally said this but…
It’d be nice if someone could accompany him here, preferably forever so he wouldn’t have to search for another.
A pair of yellow eyes glided towards the closet. Xiao was quite a frugal man despite living alone for years, and he didn’t have many clothes. Because of this, he tended to wear the same shirts for days. It didn’t matter, because nobody would scold him, anyway.
However, it did have a rather wide space inside…
Groping his thigh, Xiao pulled out his phone from the pocket and stared at the message in the display.
‘Are you ok? Sorry we didn’t mean to ignore you earlier :’(’
His lips twitched, and before he knew it, his fingers were already typing the reply. .
‘If you’re sorry, then let’s play some games with me in my apartment tomorrow. Don’t be late.’
His phone dinged.
‘Cool! See you later then :D!’
Xiao simpered.
“So, what’re we gonna play first?” you asked eagerly, watching as Xiao turned on his computer. “I’m itching to play some fighting game today, you have no idea!”
Oh, he had no idea, indeed. Usually, he’d listen to your rambling, as his main former of affection. But today, he just could care less.
Later, he reassured himself. He’d allow you to babble as you wished later.
For now…
“Whoa, you really went to the game! Hey, hey, hey. Can I be the first to play? Pretty please!”
Xiao shrugged, trying to feign nonchalance upon your enthusiasm. “Yeah, sure.”
You immediately plopped down on the rolling chair and started choosing your character. Meanwhile, Xiao silently approached the corner and grabbed the bat that rested against the wall. He peered at your absorbed form, feeling the guilt gnaw on his chest like a persistent worm.
It was wrong, and he admitted it wasn’t the best plan, but he had to do this.
Xiao lifted the bat and smacked the back of your head, trying not to wince at the sound of your body dropping onto the floor. He lingered for a moment, staring at your unconscious form, before he dragged you to the bed. There, he tied your hands to the bed posts and plastered your mouth with a duct tape.
He could’ve used the closet, but why should he do that when he barely had any guest around?
You would never notice him.
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chilumi-shipper · a day ago
Ready to Hold On
Xiao x Adeptus!Fem!Reader x Zhongli
Summary: Why not both? Love works in strange ways, and fate has given you a choice. Let it be known that your choice is not to choose, but to love them both. You had a realization when you hear from Xiao that Zhongli apparently had excused himself from your "hangout", you wishes that you could be with both Zhongli and Xiao at that moment.
(Alternative Ending to Ready to Let Go, I suggest you read it first. This version is where you start a polyamory relationship with both of them.)
"He said he needed to do some extra work because of all the mora he's been spending." Xiao explained as he watch you mold the cookie dough to little spheres before placing them neatly on the tray.
You two were so close to each other, exactly how you wanted it to be. Somehow, you felt as though, you feel something missing. Despite your close proximity with Xiao, him standing right next to you as you create your first every batch of cookies, encouraging you when you say they're probably not gonna be that good, you kind of miss a certain someone who would say very long, unnecessary details about the very origin of cookies, giving you some baking advice so you don't accidentally make a stomach destroyer cookie batch.
Perhaps it was the lingering feeling of golden orbs (aside from Xiao's) that would watch your every move with care, just to make sure nothing is a miss. Maybe it was the feeling of a strong chest behind you or a constant hand of reassurance resting upon your shoulder.
"Y/N..." The soft voice of Xiao calls for you, you looked at him questioningly, stopping what you were doing. "I--" His face seem to turn bashful as he looks down, ears starting to turn pink.
You smiled a bit, feeling giddy as the Yaksha looks for the right words to say. Your eyes gleam as you stare at him expectantly, this was the time you were waiting for!
"You like me?!" In your excitement, you accidentally blurted out your thoughts before he could even finish his sentence.
He looked at you, a bit surprised, not expecting that you would blurt something like that out. And yet, you looked equally surprised yourself, covering your mouth with your wrist, since your hands had been handling the cookie dough.
'Ahhhh!!!' You cursed yourself with every bad word you know, screaming internally as you turn your back onto him. 'You're so fricking stupid, Y/N! Why the heck would you say that?! You piece of-'
Even if he did like you back, that's still so awkward!
"I'm sorry..." You whispered, feeling your legs weaken with embarrassment. You heard him sigh from behind you before chuckling.
You felt his hands gently grasping your shoulders, slowly turning you around to face him.
"Was I as obvious as you?" The cat-eyed boy spared a teasing remark, just for you. You can't help but feel shocked, Zhongli said you were obvious too! But Xiao, who doesn't interact with humans to even know how others react when having a crush, is saying that your feelings were pretty obvious? You gotta be real transparent for that one.
You felt your face heat up at what he said, but still, the comment made you laugh. "You're unpredictable, but I like that about you." You finally looked at his golden eyes, and they were filled with happiness, because of you. He is happy because of you.
You scoot yourself closer, now just inches apart from a sweet first kiss. "I like you, Y/N." He finally said it, the words you would imagine him say whenever you're lost in your wondering thoughts, but now, it's actually real. "Is this okay?" You nodded slowly, still starstruck as he gently holds your chin with his gloved fingers.
Xiao tried to initiate slowly, but you smashed your lips against his immediately, stumbling both you back a little, but his other hand slid around your waist, whilst you wrapped your arms around his neck. You felt his smile as you kissed him, which he returned with equal passion.
You slowly pulled way from him, opening your eyes before smiling, "That means, I like you too."
"You're one piece of work." Xiao stated as you retract your arms, ready to go back to baking. "It makes me understand why I'm not the only one who likes you." You freezed at his words, looking back at him like he's grown another head.
"Morax, he's quite fond of you too, butterfly."
Butterfly, you almost melt at that. Wait, that's not the point, the Zhongli "Morax"? Fond of you too?
Your now lover (hehe, lover) chuckles, although it does not contain any malice or jealousy, unlike how you'd imagine a person to react when they find out another person likes their lover.
"You mean like, friends fondness, right?"
"No." The Yaksha shakes his head.
"How would you know that...?" You quietly asked, still having doubts about what you said. Xiao slides your loose hair behind your ear before cupping your face.
"He acts the same way I do around you." But in your eyes, that still wasn't proof that Zhongli likes likes you. Besides, aren't you only supposed to have one love interest?
"But maybe that's just how he normally is. Why are you so sure?" You questioned him even more.
"Do you feel like you really want him to be here with us right now?" Xiao asked you instead, it's like he was reading your mind or something, you did kind of wish he was here.
You just nodded, not trusting your voice anymore. You looked down to your hands, wiping them clean with a towel.
"You miss him when he's not around, trust him the most, you feel comfortable around him..." You nodded at his words again, not sure where he's getting at. "Then you like him too." You're eyes widen at Xiao's words, your mouth dropping in shock.
"...Xiao, I like you." You explained to him, yet the lingering feeling that maybe he was right started embedding itself within you. He just sighs, before gently holding your hands.
"You can--" He can't help but look down and shake his head. "I can't believe I'm actually the one doing all the talking." You giggled at his little comment, although the feeling of confliction didn't seize.
"Zhongli confessed to me last night, all about how he felt about you. Why he's not actually here today." Xiao finally said, gently caressing your hand with his thumb. "But I forced him to come today." You were a little surprised, Xiao, who would stop at nothing to serve the Geo Archon, actually went against the Archon's wishes. However, you're even more surprised that the mentioned man walked into the Wangshu Inn kitchen, and you already know that he's heard everything.
"Mr. Zhongli!" You try to act normal, but being bombarded with your own conflicting feelings were talking a toll on you. "Uhm..."
Xiao let go of your hands as the older man stood in front of both of you.
"Do you like me, Y/N?" Zhongli asks, despite his sincere smile, you felt the nervousness that courses within him, the same nervousness flowing within you.
You think about this really hard. You've had feelings for Xiao for a very long time, but through all that time, maybe there was another love that sprout without your notice, because you always believed that you could only love one. Both of them have been there your entire immortal life, all of you working side by side to make sure that each of you and Liyue is safe from harm. In all your years of pining, you realized, you crave for both of them when they're not with you, the moment doesn't seem as special without both of them, they're the most important people in your life.
You could never choose one over the other.
Looking up at another pair of golden orbs, you slowly nodded, grabbing one hand of each of your most beloved people in the entire universe.
"I think... I know that I love both of you so much." You smiled as you took both their hands close to your chest.
Zhongli then proceeded to kiss you too, a quick sweet kiss on the lips.
You jumped, "Oh, I forgot about my cookies." Letting go of both their hands, you go back to tending to your treats. "I hope my two favorite people can help taste test after I'm done."
"Of course."
"I'll try it."
You let out a cheerful chuckle, this was probably the most confusing but happiest day of your eternal life.
Requested by: @amethystrain77
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pocket-luv101 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s official, silk flowers are the roses of Teyvat. You can’t change my mind when Xiao has a bouquet of silk flowers for Aether and then Chongyun’s bday letter seems to be directed at Xingqiu rather than us :P
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strawberryfics · a day ago
Genshin Boys taking you on Dates
Featuring- Albedo, Kaeya, and Kazuha
In Pt 2 theres going to be Xiao, Beidou, Chile, and Possible Diluc
Summary- The Boys may not have always been home but they made up for it in their date
Warnings- Kaeyas part uses Pronouns (im sorry non binary friends), and a bit of loud noises in Kazuhas but hopefully it wont trigger anyone
I don't own or claim to own any of the gif or pictures I use
Also Request are Open right now so submit a request if youd like me to write you something
Submit here ->
Tumblr media
He would most definitely like taking Klee on your dates
Because of his research, he would always know where gorgeous landmarks were
He takes you on picnic dates whether it was in the forest or by waterfalls he always made it memorable. He also loved feeding you any food he could get his hands-on
He would always ask if he could bring Klee with him just to make sure you were comfortable with (Dilf moments)
His favorite spot would be an opening in the forest it was quiet and peaceful and sometimes you guys would even see Deer or Rabbits, and he loved the smile on your face when they did
“Love, would you like to take a picnic with me this afternoon, I've found a gorgeous opening in the Whispering Woods.” Albedo has just gotten back from researching in Dragonspire and now his only project was spending time with you. You’d leave Mondstadt just a little afternoon, Albedo would point out butterflies and all kinds of wildlife on the way. He’d hold your hand with one hand, point out everything he saw with the other. After about 30 minutes you arrived at a small clearing in the woods and just like Albedo said it was beautiful. Albedo would offer you to sit in his lap while you two enjoyed your food and the scenery. He may not have gotten to spend much time with you due to his research, but to him, you were more important.
Tumblr media
Dates with Kazuha would rarely be planned if you weren’t busy, and he wasn’t he was always taking you, someone, even if it was nighttime he’d still have ideas almost always being cuddling under the star
His favorite spot was on top of a hill, and it had a beautiful cherry blossom by it,
He could stay there for hours and loved sharing the time with you.
He’d let you rest in his lap as he wrote haiku about you, or he’d play with your hair and just relaxed
Kazuha likes to have a date where it’s just the two of you so you both can relax in the other company
He’d always be up for an adventure if oh even wanted something more outgoing or fun.
“Aww Dove, you look so beautiful” You and Kazuha were heading to a small firework festival. He knew you loved the vibrant colors of them, so he bought tickets almost immediately. Kazuha loved taking you places that made you smile, and so he did. You and Kazuha would keep one hand on you at all times whether it was holding your hand or an arm around your waist he wanted to soak in your aura. “Do you like this spot Dove, we’ll have a perfect view of the fireworks from here” You nodded as Kazuha laid out a blanket and even pillow out of literally nowhere- you’d have to ask him how to do that. “Come on Dove there going to start soon” He opened his arms welcoming you into them. You and Kazuha laid together as the fireworks began, they lit up the night sky beautifully. Don’t worry if you have trouble with loud noises, Kazuha would being noise-canceling headphones just for you.
Tumblr media
So Kaeya on god this man takes you on the funniest but weirdest dates ever
Kaeya's idea of a date is going on commissions and getting wasted at the Angel Share after but hear me out he would take you on the coolest commission
You would spend the day solving puzzles or figuring out which cave an abyss mage was hiding in sometimes you and Kaeya would rest in fields
I know everyone canons him as a man whore, but I think he would still have some wholesome qualities
Kaeya would put flowers in your hair or give you them unless you were allergic then he gives you random things he'd think you like
He’d be strolling and see a heart-shaped rock and immediately pocket it, and you'd find it on your desk the next day with a little note from Kaeya
“Princess, look what I found” Kaeya say in a teasing tone as he waved a paper in front of your face. You’d slightly snatch it,“ a commission?” “Yes, and you're coming with me see right here it says there’s a puzzle, and you love those so you're coming” Kaeya would literally drag you from whatever you were doing to go "no" wasn’t in his vocabulary. He would keep you close by every second of the way since it was a commission after all, and he didn’t want you getting hurt. He’d always let you have first grabs with the treasure found and even let you open all the chests too, he knew you loved it. After your thrilling adventure, Kaeya would always end it with a meal at Angel Shares to make sure you got enough to eat, and you were okay
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hikari3601 · a day ago
Unrequited (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Part one
Pairing | Xiao x Yaksha! Reader
Authors’ Note | This was actually quite interesting to write, especially Bosacius’ piece. Anyways hope you enjoy!
Warnings | Mentions of blood and gore, major character death
“Our fate is to die an agonising death one way or another my friend. Our karmic debt merely dictates the way in which we die.”
Your POV
The world around you seemed to slow down, one moment Bosacius was apologising profusely and the next you felt warmth spread from just above your abdomen. It took a moment to realise what had happened, but soon enough, once you had registered it, the pain you felt spread like a wildfire, it’s level so unnatural -even for a Yaksha, you practically prayed for death to take you.
The man whom had now shifted to hold you correctly started weeping as of in mourning and by now the voices in your head had gone silent in rage and envy at the sight of your pain, but at the hands of another.
You looked down only to see his wrist peeking out of your midriff. Through the pain you smiled, finally understanding the magnitude of the karmic debt in which you had all accumulated. Redemption was nothing but a wistful dream, something that the ‘All Mighty Yakshas’ did not deserve, for centuries worth of death would only breed more death.
Throughout your silent epiphany, Bosacius slowly regained his consciousness and looking down, he, too, gained an understanding of your situation.
“Y/N… D-Did I do this? Why -why would I ever… Archons! Please forgive, I’m so sorry. Please don’t-”
“It’s ok.” You mumbled, lulling your head onto his shoulder. You tasted the blood in your mouth and frowned. Poison, you noted. He had poisoned you as well.
“You need to leave before they come back.”
“But what about you?”
The world around you blurred -but unfortunately you didn’t have the luxury space out, not in a situation as dire as this.
“I’ll manage until help comes, but if Xiao or Master see this you will be killed. I don’t have much power left but I’ll need you to enter my abode. You will most likely teleport to a random place, but I’ll make sure that my adeptibeast teleports you to somewhere far from Liyue.”
“I can’t leave you! You’ll die if my arm is removed!”
“I’ll die either way. They made you poison me. I’ll most likely live for about 15 minutes at the rate of which it’s spreading and 10 if you were to remove your hand.”
You felt your body loosen up as it became harder to stay conscience.
Sure you would be able to live for some time extra, but that didn’t mean that you would be awake or without pain.
“I don’t hold this against you Bosacius. You were under the influence of vengeful spirits, there was no way you could have fought them off.”
“W-What has gotten into you? You’ve always believed that we would overcome their power-”
“Our fate is to die an agonising death one way or another my friend. Our karmic debt merely dictates the way in which we die.”
You tried to move your arms in order to comfort him one last time, but found that you couldn’t move an inch.
“I know you feel guilty, but I’d rather you live than die at the hands of your comrades…as ironic as that sounds. I want you to live Bosacius, our pain means that we conquered over all those who could’ve hurt our beloved nation. I know it’s selfish to ask this of you, but please, you must live. Live with the guilt of listening to my words, but please, don’t let me die knowing that I could have saved you.”
Albeit slowly, you managed to force your body into bringing your realm dispatch key into being and heavily, you placed the object onto your friend.
“Thank you for all the laughs and smiles my friend, you shared a heavy weight with me, and for that I am sincerely grateful to have known you. The time has now come for me to repay you.”
You closed your eyes in attempt to shut out the pain in both you gut and heart -that only seemed to get worse without the presence of your friend.
In times such as these, you hated being a Yaksha. If you were human, you would have died long ago, but due to your immortality and high tolerance to practically anything related to death and most forms of pain, injuries such as this one took longer to affect you -but none the less, the poison had taken its tole on you.
You truly were selfish, you thought.
You didn’t recall falling asleep, but you woke up when a pair of arms shifted you. Wearily, you opened you eyes and met a pair of somber, amber orbs looking down at you with so much pain, you, too, felt it; the guilt, the restrained tears and all the resentment held towards the lamentable fate of the Yakshas.
“You made it back.” You groggily muttered.
“Where is Bosacius?”
“He left.”
“Where to?”
“My abode.”
“Grant me access.”
“No. You’ll kill him when you see him…and he left with my dispatch key, no one can go in anymore.”
Silence settled upon the two of you for a brief period as Xiao held you close.
“You are a fool.” He mumbled into the crook of your neck.
“I know, but you still love me.”
You heard him sigh in defeat. “You’re a foolish immortal who only pesters me…but your death will plague me more-”
“Try being genuinely nice for a change.”
Despite your plea, Xiao remained silent.
“Hah, is it that hard to be nice to me?”
You sorrowfully smiled, “Am I such a terrible being that you can’t even bring yourself to say one nice thing to me while I’m on the verge of death…”
“You’re not going to-”
“Face it Xiao. If you do, it won’t bother as much when I’m gone.”
He waited another moment, “You looked pretty today, when you sat atop that roof and looked at me.”
He shifted his head, as if hiding from your gaze.
“And when you asked me to stay I actually considered it.”
The world around you started fading in and out of focus again, but this time it was more of a hassle to remain awake -your time was almost up.
“And what have you decided?”
“I will stay.”
“But what does it matter if the person whom had requested you to stay leaves?”
“It’s what you wanted…and it’s the only way I can honour your life. I cannot narrate your life into a book for I never had the courage to ask you of your past and I cannot tell the humans of your beauty in fear of hurting them with my karmic debt. Staying is the only way to continue your legacy.” He paused.
“I’ll think of you…always. For as long as I live, your words will live as well.”
“Jeez Xiao, I asked you to be kind not lie.” You smile, but despite your joke, you felt your heart flutter at his words.
Xiao pulled you in closer, not caring for the blood -your blood, that soaked his body.
“I’m not lying.” He whispered. “I apologise for not returning your feelings in the manner that you want and deserve, I…am unable to be compassionate and loving like you, but I still hold you dear to me, despite my outward behaviours. I wished to protect you…but in the end, I only failed.”
“Don’t spew such nonsense. Knowing that I’ll be remembered by someone I love as much as you, will truly allow me to rest well a-and having you here by my side -hell, just being in your arms is something I will forever cherish… You didn’t fail, not in the slightest, you saved me so many times -from my loneliness and fear. I wish you could see into my mind Xiao, because if you could you’d understand just how much you truly mean to me and how much you’ve done for me.”
Things slowed down again and this time you didn’t fight it. You felt a wave of warmth consume you and you smiled -you had reached the end, but you were content, for all that was held in your heart had finally been released.
“You may have been my second favourite Yaksha Xiao, but you will always be my most cherished companion, although I-I wish we could have been more…” Finally, with all the remaining strength you had keeping you alive, you let yourself gently caress his soft hair.
Xiao’s POV
He felt the soothing pressure of your hand on his head gradually lose it’s strength before it glided onto his cheek and finally fell to your side.
He removed his head from your neck and quietly gazed down at your weakening form in his arms -he never looked down, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to bare seeing that horrid sight.
His eyes glossed over with the hundreds of unsaid promises and words that he held within as he watched your breathing slow to a complete stop. The diamond on your forehead flickered once, twice and by the third time it never relit itself.
You had passed -with a gentle smile on you soft visage, in the arms of the man whom you had given your heart and soul to…he only wished he could have done the same.
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lucidlycloudy · 17 hours ago
Xiao's Lullaby WIP. Gonna draw crystal flies next
Venti sings Xiao a lullaby to help him relax (and eventually make him fall asleep despite Xiao's best effort to stay alert and vigilant).
When Xiao does fall asleep, he never lets go of his spear, much to Venti's disquiet.
Will delete when I've finished the illustration
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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smaliorsha · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Been awhile I draw my best boy 🥰
The darker version I edited for myself to match my other drawings. Hope I will have time to draw him more often!
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stargazer-balladeer · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Character(s): Xiao
Notes: Take 2 💀 ask and you shall receive <33
Warning: None
Main Page || Alphabet Headcanon
Tumblr media
P = PDA (Are they into PDA? Do they often do it? Their reaction if you hold their hands or kiss them in public.)
- Definitely a no. Xiao is a reserved and cold kind of person, who rarely goes out in public, moreso in a crowded area. He’d rather be alone than to associate himself in the mortal world. You’re the only person he can tolerate. No matter how much you try to convince him to join you to the city of Liyue, he wouldn’t budge. But if he’s in a (over)protective state, he will go to Liyue Harbor with you. But don’t expect him to hold hands with you. It’s basically him trailing behind you, glaring at anyone who looks at you twi.
- Again no. Although he doesn’t mind showing his affections in private, albeit shy, he wouldn’t do anything outside. Since he’s rarely seen with you, it’s very rare that he would show PDA. So unless you have something to blackmail him or manage to convince him otherwise, he wouldn’t hold or kiss you.
- His reaction is rather adorable. His cheeks becomes flushed red as he lets out a growl, not towards at you of course but towards himself. He’s embarrassed at the way his face flushed at the contact of your hands or the kiss on his cheek. He would scold you to not do it again in public but doesn’t put any effort in stopping you from doing it again, he might scold you again and again afterwards but don’t worry, it’s all because of his pride that he says that <3
L = Love (Who drops the L-word first? Would they rather say it or do it?)
- Honestly, it would be you. Xiao isn’t one to openly display his feelings, whether its physical or verbal. He hesitates in initiating things related towards his feelings for you, it’s the same as reciprocating it. But it’s not because he doesn’t love you, dear lord of geo no. He would die for you. If you want him to do whatever you want him to do whether it’s dangerous or not, he would definitely do it. Now imagine dropping the L-word one day and he immediately looks away to hide his embarrassed face.
- Both honestly, just albeit on the shy and quiet side. He would whisper “i love you” everytime he finds you asleep on your bed, on the floor of the wangshu inn balcony (from waiting for him) or under a tree. He would bring you things that he knows you would love, giving it to you with a bit of hesitance. Usually he leaves the item where he knows you can see it before proceeding to disappear. But when he feels confident enough, he will gift it to you personally. It ranges from wild flowers like qingxin flower to crystalflies.
D = Domestic (Are they willing to settle down with you? Are they willing to do chores? What do you two do at home?)
- If only his duty as the Yaksha and the Conquerer of Demons would only it, he would accept the concept of settling down in a heartbeat. He’s tired, both emotionally and physically. His contract with Morax has long been terminated ever since the lord of geo’s ‘death’, but he continues to serve him with such loyalty. But if you manage to convince him that he can finally rest, then maybe he will. A tiny sliver of happiness escapes from him when he finally realizes the joy of settling down once and for all.
- The almighty Yaksha? The only survivor of the 5 Yaksha’s? The Conqueror of Demons himself? Doing mortal chores?? In your dreams :) but he would definitely help you if you really need help-
- He still does his usual routine of patrolling Liyue for any signs of danger and getting rid of it immediately. But the only change is that he no longer resides in the wangshu inn, and instead was welcomed in your house. He would hold you close everytime he returns while he lets you play with his hands or hair. It’s usually quiet and peaceful in your home as Xiao prefers the tranquility in your shared home, making the karma’s demons go silent in his head. He’s forever grateful that he met you and saved him from the karma’s strings.
Tumblr media
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