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#genshin impact xingqiu
ravenprinzess5 months ago
genshin guys tripping and falling into s/o's breasts.
featuring ; xiao, kazuha, xingqiu, chongyun, diluc, kaeya, childe, albedo, zhongli, venti.
genre ; fluff, crack, slight nsfw.
warnings ; implied fem!reader, might be slightly suggestive in some parts, brief mention of alcohol.
submitted request by ; @melkxsh
note ; thanks for the request !! have a great day/afternoon/evening/night. <3
Tumblr media
饟劮 xiao 饢
his golden orbs widened in terror when he realized you were calling out his name ? were you in danger ? he immediately teleported to you, his mask over his face and his polearm tightly in his palms. when he finally saw you, his eyebrows furrowed, realizing you were completely safe- and sitting in your house. "why did you call my name ? you're in no danger at all." the man sighed deeply, placing his weapon aside and removing the mask off of his face.
"come here, i need a hug." you chuckled, causing him to huff in disapproval. but a quick look at your adorable, pouty expression made his stone-cold heart melt in an instant. "hmph." he let out, approaching him. and soon enough, it was as though your face distracted him - because the mightly adeptus tripped over his own feet, sending him flying into you - his face landing face-flat into your breasts.
this poor boy- save him.
he'd be frozen due to the sudden physical contact, since he is still not quite used to it.
when he'd realized where his face landed- this man will be a broken mess.
his face would turn red, his breath would quicken and he would mumble things you can't make out.
finally, he'd pull away, embarrassed.
he won't be able to look you in the eyes.
he'd mutter small apologizes.
though he had to admit, the feeling of your breasts against his face was nice.
Tumblr media
饟劮 kazuha 饢
you and the samurai spent some time on the deck of the crux, simply enjoying the cool breeze and admiring the nature surrounding you two. "the scenary is beautiful, don't you think ?" you hummed softly, unaware of the fact that his eyes had been on you this whole time. he was admiring you, thanking the archons for having you in his life, thankful for his ability to call you his. "i think you're more beautiful." he blurted out, his eyes shifting to meet yours.
he chuckled upon seeing your red face. finally, you got up from your spot and reached your hand out to him to help him up. "let's head back inside." your sweet voice echoed through his ears. the male nodded shortly, getting up with your help. but- years of martial arts training never prepared him for his next battle. his leg shifted underneath the chair he had just been seating on, causing him to fly face-first into your breasts.
he'd be quick to pull away.
apologies would slip continusely out of his mouth.
he'd be so embarrassed that you witnessed his downfall and his landing location.
but he'd be quick to miss your warmth that was enveloping him.
in return, he'd wrap his arm around your waist and pull you against his chest for warmth against the chilly breeze.
would still apologize, even if you told him that this was fine.
Tumblr media
饟劮 xingqiu 饢
"are you listening, my liege ?" your lover's voice had reached your ears, causing you to snap out of your thoughts. you looked up at xingqiu, catching the sight of him holding up a book and reading out to you the history of different liyue folklores. you let out a sigh, watching him as he closed his book and got up from his seat to go up to you. he was seemingly concerned about you, so he had to check up on you.
but seemed like someone wanted a different fate for him. he struggled a bit when his leg had met your chair, causing you to fall backwards from your chair, and him to slip and fall onto you. with- his face landing on your breasts.
it would take him a couple of seconds to realize what had happened.
but when he does-
he'd be so embarrassed.
like, how did that even happen ?
it didn't make sense to him in his mind.
he'd enjoy the feeling of your chest against his.
you'd take a notice of that, seeing how he didn't even get up yet.
you'd stroke his soft locks gently, seemingly caught up in the moment.
but soon he'd get up from you, help you up and apologize as much as he could.
Tumblr media
饟劮 chongyun 饢
the exorcist sat on the haunted hills of wuwang hills along with you, his beloved lover. the place was eerie, but you enjoyed being comforted by him, being placed in between his arms and resting against his chest. he'd hum softly as he looked around for any sort of devilish activity. he had always wanted to impress you with his work, despite being always so unlucky when it came to catching evil spirits.
"let's head deeper." his voice spoke gently, his hands firm when he pulled you up along with himself. you turned to him, smiling softly as you nodded. the sight of your beautiful smile had apparently distracted him, because soon his feet tripped over a small rock, causing him to fall onto you and- onto your breasts.
just like xiao, this man will be a broken mess.
his face and the tips of his ears would be so red.
he'd probably stutter when he'd finally regain his ability to talk.
he'd apologize softly, his voice would be so small and fragile.
please give him a kiss and reassure him that this is okay. <3
Tumblr media
饟劮 diluc 饢
you sat in angel's share, your face in your palm as you watched your boyfriend, diluc work. how did you manage to make the darknight hero of mondstadt fall in love with you was a mystery to everyone, but you were happy that he was yours and that you were his. "is something bothering you ? you've been staring into thin air for quite a while now." you heard your fiery partner speaking, causing your face to turn into a darker shade in embarrassment.
were you caught staring ? did he think you were weird now ? but those thoughts soon dispersed when you felt his warm hand on your shoulder. "it's closing time, let's go." he said firmly. you nodded, looking around and seeing that you two were in fact the only ones in the bar. were you off for that long ? he reached his hands out to you, his eyebrows furrowing at your bewildered expression.
"are you okay ?" his stern voice called out to you. his made his way towards you, thinking you were drunk. how could you be so careless with your drinking habits ? he thought. but it seemed as though his own feet were acting like the drunk ones. he tripped over a chair's leg and fell onto you, his face in your breasts.
he felt warm. he wasn't sure if it was from embarrassment, from your body radiation or from his pyro vision.
he'd feel comforted for the split second he'd be against your chest.
he'd be quick to apologize.
when you'd chuckle and kiss him, it would drive him crazy.
how are you so endearing ?
and how is every part of your body so irresistible ?
he's a giant, love-struck baby.
Tumblr media
饟劮 kaeya 饢
you were sitting in jean's empty office along with the cavalry knight and your lover; since the acting grand master herself was out due to her duties. he was focused on his paperwork, his handwriting was getting slower increasingly. you couldn't help but notice his struggle, your hand reaching out to his. "my love." you hummed, his head immediately snapping to your direction with his infamous smirk on his lips. "what is it, are you getting impatient waiting for me ? do you want my attention that bad ?"
you just rolled your eyes playfully, ignoring his teasings while helping him up. "i want to help you look for inspiration." you responded sweetly. your voice was so intoxicating, that he didn't even notice he leaned into your touch. but when he did, it- was too late. he had tripped over his long legs and fell onto your breasts.
this man would tease you, even if he was the one who fell down.
his hands would reach out to cup your breasts, his gloved fingers playing with your nipple in order to tease you.
"seems like i had fallen for you once more."
refuses to budge from his position.
the way your nipples hardened under his touched riled him up.
he knew he had to get his job done so he could take care of both of your needs.
overall a horny man.
Tumblr media
饟劮 childe 饢
"hey, comrade." the ginger greeted you when he caught a glimpse of you sitting on a bench in liyue harbor. he missed the sight of you, and finally- you were here. "i am sorry i have been away, work was tough." you had no complaints though, you knew his job as a fatui was demanding. instead, you just wrapped your arms around his neck and he snaked his around your waist. the two of you enjoyed the sweet embrace for a moment before pulling away.
"let's go to my house and catch up about everything." you suggested. you adored listening to his travelling stories in between the different nations, and especially when he told you how he killed his enemies so easily. you had simply adored this dork more than anything you could ever imagine. the male took your hand happily, taking a stroll along with you in the lively harbor. and soon, his fate had changed. whilst walking, a stray dog ran in between his long legs, causing the great tartaglia to yelp and fall face-first into your breasts.
just like kaeya- this man is so horny.
he'd so touch starved since he hadn't seen you in a while. :((
he had been thinking about you his entire trip.
his hands would immediately cup your breasts, ignoring the fact that the two of you were in public.
"your nipples are so hard, babygirl. did you wait for me that much ?"
this bastard would kiss you roughly whilst playing with your nipples.
you have to drag him to your house before he'd cause a scandalous scene in public.
Tumblr media
饟劮 albedo 饢
it served you no surprise that the chief alchemist pulled yet another all-nighter because of his rather complex experiments. his cyan orbs trailed across the paper sheet he was holding, a small yawn escaping from his lips. you hated seeing him in this state, and you knew you had to do something to change his habits. but, how would you do it ? that was a tough question.
"bedo." you called out to him, his grip of the paper sheet loosening for a split second as though you made him lose his focus. "hmm ?" he responded with only a hum, his beautiful hues now looking at you tiredly. "you need to sleep, come here." the male was about to protest, but seeing your arms extended out to him- he couldn't help but melt deep down. he let out a sigh, getting up from his seat to go up to you. however; his lack of sleep and legs soon betrayed him when he tripped over his own feet and fell into your chest.
just like xiao, he'd be frozen from the sudden physical contact.
he is not used to touch or being touch, so this feeling.. it's foreign to him.
however, he'd be fast to adapt. your warmth was comforting and he felt his eyelids getting heavier by the second.
but, he'd be quick to recover. he'd quickly pull away and apologize.
would shamelessly point out how soft your breasts are.
now he wants to study them oh god-
Tumblr media
饟劮 zhongli 饢
the ex-archon hummed as he placed a hot cup of tea to his lips. he sat at a small, cozy restaurant with you as the two of you enjoyed a seemingly innocent date. "would you like to hear stories about the past, my dear ?" he asked, his voice as soothing as always. you nodded, since you really did love to listen to his past. this man was such an intriguing character, and you absolutely liked it.
this time he told you about the adepti, the protectors of liyue that he had recruited soley to protect the large nation. you've already met xiao before, he was the last adeptus that has been left alive. you were far in to deep with his stories, that it took the waitress a great two minutes to get your attention onto her. "that'll be it." she said, putting down the bill in front of you.
ever since you've started dating zhongli, you'd always be the one to pay. why ? because this old dork is dork, but would excuse himself by saying that he forgot his wallet at home. each time. so naturally, you reached your hand out to pull out your own wallet, only to be stopped by zhongli. "let me pay this once." he said calmly, his golden hues staring at you lovingly.
and just as he pulled out his wallet, it slipped out of his fingers, causing him to stretch out in order to catch it. but seems like his legs betrayed him, causing him to slip and fall into your breasts. in public.
he'd be so quick to apologize.
would pay as fast as he could and leave, knowing how embarrassed you must have felt.
he is such a gentleman, he'd keep apologizing and asking if you're fine. <3
after making sure everything's alright, he'd smother you with kisses.
would promise that from now on he'll be more careful.
he doesn't want to embarrass you or hurt you by accident ever again.
10/10 would recommend as a boyfriend. <3
Tumblr media
饟劮 venti 饢
"aye, (y/n) !" the drunken bard greeted you with a rather obnoxious wave. he had just drank around five bottles and was drunk off of his mind. you greeted back shyly, embarrassed from the sudden attention he had attracted. letting out a sigh, you approached him, grabbing him by his cape before pulling him out of angel's share into the fresh air.
"where are you taking me ?" the anemo archon asked, his large hues staring at you curiously. "i am taking you home to sober you up." you began to walk, expecting him to follow you. "hey, wait for me !" he suddenly yelled out. and just when you turned out, he collided into you, his face falling flat into your breasts.
he'd mention how soft they are.
would attempt to play with them.
but you shoved his hands away because he's drunk.
however, that won't stop him from pressing small and gentle kisses on each breast.
overall he'd be touchy, wether or not he's drunk.
would definitely use your breasts as a pillow since they are comfortable to him.
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genshin-impact-updatesa month ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday, Xingqiu!
"Although the floating flowers in the river are colorless, they still reflect a beauty's rosy cheeks."
*coughs* You do remember what day it is today, right?
Since you and I are old friends, I will dispense with formalities.
If I give you this blossoming flower, would you agree to spend the day with me?
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genshinwritingsa year ago
Tumblr media
A/N: Edited; June 2021 Long ass post ahead; sorry not sorry 鈾ヂ Wanted to create a new Masterlist but tumblr is being a small b*tch and won鈥檛 let me post it, so I updated the old one!
Tumblr media
Fluff Headcanons
Domestic Fluff Headcanons
Pregnancy Headcanons
Domestic Headcanon
Taking care of their sick someone聽
Confession Headcanons聽
Taking care of his girlfriend while she鈥檚 on her period HCs聽
Mistletoe Headcanons NSFWish
Giving/Receiving love bites HCs聽
NSFW Alphabet: A, A, I, K,聽O, P,聽T, U, W, J
Childe x Reader NSFW
Childe x Reader NSFW | Quickie in a dark alleyway
Childe with a masochistic partner Headcanons
Which sexual desire are they too embarrassed about to tell anyone? And in which situation would it be obvious enough to show?
Are they loud in bed?
Favorite position?
How tell that they鈥檙e horny 聽
Fluff Headcanons
Relationship Headcanons
Pregnancy Headcanons聽
First Date Headcanons
Domestic Headcanon
Describe how they would spend a stormy, overcast/rainy day.
Describe a physical action that shows complete trust.
On a sleepless night, what would they be found doing?
Love Letter Headcanon 聽
NSFW headcanons
With a partner who has a high sex drive
Taking a bath with him NSFWish聽
NSFW Alphabet: A, B, C, I, J, K, L,聽M, O, S, U,聽Y, X
Zhongli x fem!Reader NSFW聽
Are they skilled with their hands/mouth?
Where on their body are they most sensitive?
Fluff Headcanons
Going on a date
Kissing Headcanons
Taking care of their sick someone聽
Confession Headcanons聽
Describe how they would spend a stormy, overcast/rainy day.
Describe a physical action that shows complete trust.
Taking a shower with his partner HC聽
NSFW Headcanons
NSFW Alphabet: A, C, J,聽K, M,聽聽P, Y,聽U聽, T, W,聽Z聽
Are they skilled with their hands/mouth?
How tell that they鈥檙e horny.
Which sexual desire are they too embarrassed about to tell anyone? And in which situation would it be obvious enough to show?
With a partner who has a high sex drive
Taking care of their sick someone聽
Pregnancy Headcanons聽
NSFW Headcanons
Mistletoe Headcanons NSFWish聽
NSFW Alphabet: C, J, P, S,T, U, W, X
Do they like to top or bottom?聽
Are they loud in bed?聽
Are they skilled with their hands/mouth?聽
How tell that they鈥檙e horny.
Friendship Headcanons
Domestic Headcanon
NSFW Headcanons
NSFW Alphabet: A, C,聽 I, K, O, S,聽聽U , J, T, W, X
Describe a physical action that shows complete trust.
How long does it take for them to have sex with someone they find appealing if that someone shows interest into them as well?
Domestic Headcanon
Describe how they would spend a stormy, overcast/rainy day.
Taking a bath with him聽
NSFW Headcanons
NSFW Alphabet: P, S, H, M, N
Where on their body are they most sensitive? 聽
General Headcanons
Pregnancy Headcanons聽
Friendship Headcanons
Mistletoe Headcanons NSFWish聽
NSFW Alphabet: C,M,聽P, S, U, W
Are they skilled with their hands/mouth?
Where on their body are they most sensitive?
How tell that they鈥檙e horny.
Kissing Headcanons
General Headcanons
Relationship Headcanons
How she handles a crush + confessing to them
First Date Headcanons
NSFW Alphabet: 聽P, S
NSFW Alphabet:聽A, K, Y
Cuddling Headcanons聽
NSFW Alphabet: A, B, K, Y聽
With a shy reader Headcanons
NSFW Headcanons聽
NSFW Headcanons
NSFW Alphabet: I, K, Y聽
Are they loud in bed?
Favorite position?
How tell that they鈥檙e horny. 聽
Taking care of his sick partner HCs聽
Describe a physical action that shows complete trust.聽
Which sexual desire are they too embarrassed about to tell anyone? And in which situation would it be obvious enough to show聽
In which position would they like to sleep in with their partner afterwards? And what position are they likely to end up in instead? 聽
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meru90a year ago
Tumblr media
xingqiu & chongyun!! i care them sm ;w; !!
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k0rek1yosa month ago
銉紉ingqiu dating & nsfw hcs
Tumblr media
A/N: pretend it's still his birthday shhhhh
Prompt: Xingqiu's birthday!
Pairing(s): Xingqiu x reader
CW: masturbation, shibari, public teasing, overstim, edging, dacryphilia, nipple play, dirty talk, facesitting
Notes: gn!reader, nsfw content under the second red divider
Tumblr media
It's always friends to lovers type shit with Xingqiu I swear
You approach him with the intention of asking him out, he friendzones you, then he catches feelings
He's so poetic abt it though
He gives you a glaze lily at night at Yujing terrace
With the "will you accept this flower, as well as my feelings" type of speech
Dating him is like being friends but,,,,, with romantic feelings
Will prank you, but then kiss you to apologize for it
Prank Chongyun together
Dates at Xiangling's restaurant and following the traveller to Mondstadt in search of books
In the middle of your journeys, he may get a little tired, so you do make a couple stops
He'll read to you while you sleep
Falls asleep while reading too and when the book is hardcover it often falls on his face so he has a bruise on the bridge of his nose sometimes
Protects you surprisingly well
Very agile because of the way his body is built
Tumblr media
Xingqiu's surprisingly experienced
That or he masturbates a lot
Anyways very good with his hands
On the contrary, he dislikes erotica
He doesn't mind sex scenes in books, but when everything is so hypersexualized and only realistic up to a certain point, it's just unnatural
Either a dom or a brat
Touch his thigh in public and he'll be gone
Cries if you overstim him or edge him
Has read some very odd things, so he's pretty open to almost everything
Nipple play
Tug on them a little and he whines
Dirty talk, but poetic and very vague
So vague that he could say them in public and no one, except maybe Beidou and Kazuha would understand
Put his little dick in your mouth and have him sit on your face
Or the other way around, he doesn't mind!
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genshin-impact-updatesa month ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday, Xingqiu!
"If I have the chance in the future, I still want to try to write new novels. Traveler and Paimon, if you were writers, what kind of stories would you write?"
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theabyssorder4 months ago
how about headcanons for when kaeya, childe, xingqiu, and hu tao are teasing their s/o but they just burst into tears/have a breakdown bc it was the last straw on the camel's back. like they teased them about something their insecure about or they were just overwhelmed? thank you!
Childe, Xingqiu, & Hu Tao - When s/o had enough
Characters - Hu Tao, Childe, Xingqiu
TW - crying, breakdowns
a/n - I made this a little more simple dkdjdn I hope that's ok! I'm not the best with Xingqiu or Hu Tao so it's good to practice! I couldn't think of anything for Kaeya my apologies!
Hu Tao
Pranks are a part of her, it comes naturally, and it's like breathing!
It's going to make her a hot minute to process your emotions
Hu Tao loves all your emotions and expression, and her favorite is your smile
When you snap at her or begin crying, she immediately freaks out
Hu Tao isn't the best with social cues and she just blanks out
Her arms will start flailing and apologies will spill out
She might even run out to grab tissues or some water
After you've let out your emotions, you had a conversation about boundaries.
This includes what you don't feel comfortable with and vice versa
Being in a relationship with Hu Tao is hard because you must be firm with your boundaries
She has a hard time defining that fine line between pranks and downright bullying
Hu Tao depends on you to help her find that line
After the incident, Hu Tao will lay off the pranks
But expect more jokes once she feels comfortable again!
Although remind her what you don't like!
If she messes up, expect many sweets or gifts as an apology
Usually, his teasing doesn't seem very harmful
Xingqiu has a very strong sense of chivalry and he will hold it to his heart
Sometimes Xingqiu's playfulness can get really annoying at times
It just piles on and on, and he's not helping in any shape or form!
The first time he sees tears or pure frustration
He immediately apologizes
When you tell him what you dislike, he WILL keep note of it
It's written in his notebook and he goes over it every time he sees you
Your face of frustration gave him a terrible feeling of guilt
Afterward, expect a terribly written apology with some high-quality sweets
He will do more if you won't verbally forgive him
But it won't stop there!!
He will make sure that NO ONE steps over your boundaries
If someone impacts you negatively in ANY shape or form
They will get a very long scolding and why it was unchivalrous
If the teasing continues, Xingqiu and his gang (Xiangling & Chongyun) will teach you a lesson!
Childe wants to see you at your peak performance
He especially wants to fight you at your strongest
Childe often teased you to see how you'd fight when angry or full of emotions
During your weekly battles, he teased you too much
The fight naturally halted to a stop as you cried in frustration
This was an "oh I messed up UP" moment for Childe
He's going to stand there for a couple seconds before hugging you
It's the only thing he can think of
Childe's best ways to show his love is not words
He'll bring you back to a safe place and run a bath for you
His younger and older siblings have dealt with his teasing, and he's faced the brunt of it too
He understands how it feels, so he just makes you feel comfortable
He doesn't apologize at first, but he lets you cry it out
After you clean up and have some food & water in your system, expect many gifts
You glance at an item? You got it!
Childe sees you as a very important person in his life
His drive to be his best self also impacts you
Childe wants to see you flourish and join him as he conquers the world!
But you must grow as well!
Childe will try and maybe tackle your insecurities
If it's physically possible, he will teach you how to fight or cope with your insecurities
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ravenprinzess5 months ago
short genshin guys with a tall s/o.
featuring ; xiao, albedo, bennett, aether, xingqiu, chongyun, razor, venti, kazuha, scaramouche.
genre; crack, fluff.
warnings ; bulleted headcanons.
note ; being a tall woman myself, im just projecting here. :")) my height is something i dislike about myself,,, if you're interested to know - my height is 187 cm/6'1.
Tumblr media
饟劮 xiao 饢
he actually doesn't care wether you're taller or shorter than him.
he loves you regardless.
if you tease him about his height he'd just growl.
his height is a very sensitive topic for him.
despite being shorter than you, he's a lot stronger than you think.
would sometimes pick you up effortlessly.
it amazes you each time.
he'd enjoy cuddles more than anything.
he'd enjoy resting in between your arms, his face buried either in your neck or your chest.
if someone bullies you for your height - he'd be one protective boyfriend.
overall best short boyfriend.
Tumblr media
饟劮 albedo 饢
interested to know what the hell did your parents feed you that made you so big.
large partner = easiest ladder.
would sometimes ask you to bring him things from top shelves he can't reach.
he would get flustered when you'd refuse to lean down when he wants to kiss you.
then he would threathen to use his flower elevator.
in terms of cuddling, he'd enjoy being the little spoon. he likes to be held securely.
would rest his head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat.
10/10 would recommend an albedo.
Tumblr media
饟劮 bennett 饢
h e a d p a t s.
yes, good boy gets headpats.
will snuggle 25/8.
wouldn't mind being your arm rest.
thinks he is really lucky to have you.
lets you play with his hair.
you tease him sometimes by holding his goggles high up in the air.
would definitely use you as a shield from the rocks thrown at him.
loves holding you despite the height differences.
uses you as a ladder.
Tumblr media
饟劮 aether 饢
asks you about the landscape from up there.
this lil dude would use his windblade just to reach your height.
loves pulling you down to him for a kiss.
he is very shy when you two are in public.
mostly because he gets teased for his small height compared to you.
when you start hating yourself for being tall he'd smother you with affection.
will tell you that you're perfect the way you are.
rests on your chest and lets you braid his hair.
Tumblr media
饟劮 xingqiu 饢
would 200% use you to get books from high shelves.
writes poems about your features.
he finds you so unique and endearing.
in crowded places he always finds you thanks to you standing out.
he doesn't mind being teased as long as he is with you.
would be very protective if someone attempts to make fun of your height.
someone called you a giraffe ? cool, that's his favorite pet now.
someone called you bigfoot ? that's fine because you're his bigfoot.
loves being the little spoon.
Tumblr media
饟劮 chongyun 饢
popsicle boy would probably be the most wholesome boyfriend.
sure, he has a harsh job of being an exorcist.
but he is the sweetest guy ever.
when the two of you hang out in public, he'd get flustered by the looks you're getting.
he'd cling to you, his head pressing against your chest.
that would be his habit wether you're awake or asleep - to listen to your heartbeat.
just like bennett, he'd prefer to be the big spoon.
he just wants to spoil you and shower you with his love and affection.
another reason why he prefers to be the big spoon is because he has a dark fear of losing you.
holds you so gently, afraid that you'd slip out of his fingers.
would always tell you that you're beautiful and that your height makes you unique and lovable.
Tumblr media
饟劮 razor 饢
his lupical is as big as a wolf.
so he admires.
would sometimes attempt your strength by hunting with him.
once tried to dress you up in his hooded coat.
but was a pouty baby when it was too small on you.
he enjoys laying his small figure on top of your, bigger form.
he is a small puppy.
would nuzzle you when he craves for attention.
cutest boy to exist in teyvat.
Tumblr media
饟劮 venti 饢
this drunk bard would be the one person to tease you about your height.
"your shoes must be huge."
would probably get smacked with said shoes.
overall, likes to be carried around by you.
especially enjoys when you hold him in your arms in bridal style.
he is a very clingy boyfriend.
he likes it when the two of you play the lyre together.
the way your fingers brush over the back of his hand makes you seem divine to him.
he enjoys having his face in the crook of your neck.
that way not could he plant sweet kisses there,
but he could also listen to your heart beating for him.
Tumblr media
饟劮 kazuha 饢
despite being a samurai and having his hands trained for violence, he'd hold you so gently.
would nuzzle the heck out of you.
you would probably tease him for walking slower than him.
"one step of yours is five steps of mine."
he'd be utterly embarrassed.
being tall, you'd also have a hard time avoiding attacks.
so he'd be your number one protector.
overall you'd be treated like a big baby by him.
Tumblr media
饟劮 scaramouche 饢
to be honest, this man would be embarrassed to be seen with you in public.
he'd rather be caught dead than to be caught with you.
not because he hates you; but because you're so tall compared to him.
he doesn't want to be made fun of and have his ego ruined.
but in private, he's actually a decent lover.
would use you to get things from high shelves.
in return you'd use him as an arm rest.
when it comes to cuddling, he loves being the little spoon.
he enjoys the way your arms hold him and your fingers play with his hair.
if he gets caught, he'd be embarrassed and deny everything.
but secretly, he enjoys everything.
this lil tsundere would probably curl up to you when you're asleep and listen to your heartbeat.
would huff if you mention anything of that sort.
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