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Quiet archon moments
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zhongven shenanigans.. oldies office au and they’re roommates 
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🐉 Draconis Iudicium 🐉
My entry for the fan art contest
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a long, long time.
Tumblr media
PAIRING: zhongli x adeptus! reader
GENRE: hopelessly sappy, oxygen-fighting air boxing kinda fluff!! happy reunions <3
OTHER NOTES: it isn't required but I recommend reading living treasure first! this fic is set in the same timeline after the epilogue of living treasure... or is it
TW/CW: n/a.
A/N: eyOOO it’s the first fic of the year and zhongli rerun banner numero tres, meaning it’s time to go beat a dead horse and write some more stuff with adeptus reader x zhongli!! i wrote this for my friends who (still) haven’t gotten geo grandpa yet, so hopefully this third zhongli fic helps bring the senior citizen home.
on another note, i’d like to announce that i now have a ko-fi! if you enjoy my stories and would like to support the author, please consider leaving a tip~~
It was a strange, almost incomprehensible feeling; sometimes one could almost forget it was there, if you distracted yourself from it enough. But that would be only a temporary solution, for as soon as you let your guard down, if you let your composure slip for even just a moment- it would return ten times stronger, feeding on your heart like a ravenous butterfly.
You sit under a large tree, its peach-blossoms drifting in the air about you like large snowflakes. In your lap was a porcelain tea-cup, now empty of its contents, and your hands fidgeted restlessly at a ring that you were wearing. The sun had fulfilled its duties for the day and was now in the middle of bidding good-night to the world, its golden rays painting the sky in soft hues of pink, orange and purple.
Days, months, years, centuries— you had lost count of how long you had been waiting. You were no longer sure if the time that had passed was long or short, for adepti did not keep track of time the way mortals did; but at the very least, you knew who you were waiting for.
He promised to return, you tell yourself silently. He was many things— old-fashioned, sometimes a bit dense, clueless when budgeting mora… but he was a man of his word.
Longing fluttered its iridescent wings, perching on the flowering cusp of your heart to take a sip of sweet nectar; you winced, your heart aching viciously as it drank deep of love. One might say that such a beautiful creature should not bring pain, but as with everything in creation, there is a reason for things being the way they are. For blossoms and butterflies depend on the other in order to exist, and it only makes sense that love and longing would do the same. Temporary partings make reunions only sweeter, and just as the old saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Standing up, you brushed off your clothes with a sigh and peer toward the horizon, though you already knew that it was futile. Everyday you would wait outside, searching for a familiar silhouette to appear once more, and everyday you would see nothing. Today would be no different…
Your heart leapt into your throat suddenly, excitement and panic taking rein over your instincts. In the distance, you could make out a faint smudge of a silhouette— it was too far away to tell, but…
“Zhongli!” You cupped your hands around your mouth and shouted, the wind carrying your voice away. The figure straightened up at the sound of his name, his tall stature and upright carriage giving his identity away. Your lips curve upwards into a breathless smile— you could still recognize him every single time.
Dropping the tea-cup into a soft cushion of flowers, your legs start running before you even realise it. He also begins to run to you, striding and bounding across the ground like a nimble deer.
All sorts of questions crop up in your frenzied mind as you run— what took him so long? Where had he gone? Did he eat well and sleep early? Did he miss you? But there was no time to answer all of that now; those questions could wait.
With one mighty push, you abandon your fear and doubt, leaping into his outspread arms instead.
His hands catching you by your waist, Zhongli whisks you close to him and spins around till sunset hues and pink peach-blossoms blend into one ethereal, abstract painting that any mortal would stop to stare at. But you were no mortal, and there was only one masterpiece that you could focus on in this moment; the warm amber of Zhongli’s eyes that gazed at you with such adoration, the rosy cheeks and lips that flushed with a joy that could only come from seeing you once again. In your long, long lifetime together with him, you had never seen a work of art that had ever moved you to the point of falling to your knees and weeping— till today, that is.
A seat in Celestia is nothing compared to this, you think. As long as this world had him in it, there was no better place to be than here.
“Why do you weep, dearest?”
His voice is soothing, although you’d have been an idiot not to hear the faintest trace of laughter in it. Zhongli lowers you to the ground and gently cups your face in his hands, brushing away any stray tears with his thumb.
“I can hear you holding in your laughter, you know.”
“I know full well that you can. But…” He catches a falling peach-blossom and tucks it behind your ear, a soft smile on his face. “I would much prefer not to sleep outside tonight, so therefore I will try to hold it in till you’re in a better mood.”
You snorted, shaking your head at his craftiness. “So it seems that six thousand years of living has given you some sense after all, Zhongli.”
“To be precise, it was six thousand years of living with you.”
“Remember your dignity, my love.”
“I always do, dearest.”
The two of you share a giddy smile at the nicknames, knowing full well that you’d probably be too embarassed to use them later. But for now, shame and embarassment had no hold over you— sometimes it was better to take the leap and cringe at your mistakes later, rather than to hold back and regret that you never did it at all.
“I missed you,” You buried your face into his shoulder, breathing in the familiar scent of glaze lilies on his coat.
A slight chuckle rumbles through his entire frame as his hands tighten their hold around your waist; though Zhongli doesn’t say anything aloud, you already know that he missed you, too. You linger for just a little while longer, basking in the joy of finally being reunited with him once more.
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A relationship with Zhongli
Y/N: So I-
Zhongli: Osmanthus wine tastes the same as I remember
Y/N: Me and Chi-
Zhongli: Osmanthus wine tastes the same as I remember
Zhongli: Osmanthus wine-
Y/N: *now dead*
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liyue masterlist
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xiao 🍃
taking a sick day
holiday baking
christmas scenarios
new years scenarios
the brightest star
childe 💰
christmas scenarios
birthday post
with sleepy s/o
zhongli ☕
christmas scenarios
new years scenarios
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I managed to get my C1 zhongli yeeee 💕
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Morax seeing Barbatos’s wind spirit form for the first time
Tumblr media
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glowmiko · a month ago
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ 🍚 . . ★ く♡ __ 🗞 ~ EARNED IT ! GENSHIN MEN.
cw › their fave places to fuck you in. afab! reader. slight corruption. sum dacryphilia. degradation. fingering. lowk mean diluc. creampies. mmmmmm pet names. ( baby , sweetheart , etc. ) oral sex. (f! receiving. ) name calling. ( bitch , maybe others mm idk. ) humiliation.
characters › albedo. childe. diluc. dainsleif. kazuha. scaramouche, xiao, zhongli.
a/n › mhm mhm. albedo grew on me since I got him,,,, him so sexy... kinda long, buy also sloppy asl, sorryyyy. minors do not interact 😭 acting like yall can't read.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
「 albedo. 」
cold nights up at his camp — sucrose' gone by now, leaving you all alone with the precious blonde. he's working, and you know he's beyond busy as he scribbles so fast you'd think he would've sprained his wrist by now. you shivered as a wave of wind splashed you in the face.
he's noticed you're shivering, feeling a bit guilty as your skirt flapped. he's made eye contact with you, gesturing you towards him with two of his fingers.
you're up in seconds gently sitting on his stiff lap, "'m so cold, bedo!"
he hums, simple fingers found at his chin, nodding down at you. "not to worry.." rather than using alchemy, he lifted himself off his chair, hand holding your hip as the other shoved the start of his pants down. he held his cock in his hand, pushing his thick tip past your labia.
he kissed your moan away, the force of your back laying on his desk shoving the stacked papers and pens off. his pants loosened, dropping further. he gulped, Adam's apple bobbing in his throat, the golden marking on his neck thumping. his cock stiffened inside your cunt, beginning to curve as your gummy walls pulled him in.
albedo will keep you cumming, smearing your cum along his cock, sweet compliments hushed against your ears. "mm— so good for me, keep cummin', yeah?" once he's finally given up and coated his girth with your cum, he'll pull out, dropping his thick ooze of cum on your thighs.
「 childe. 」
simple man, fucking you into the bed — he's taken enjoyment in hearing your muffled lil groans and cries; shoving your warm face down into the sloppy sheets as his cock stretched your cunt out.
his hands cup the fat of your ass, spreading them as he watches the way he slides in, your cum smeared on his length once he slides back out.
childe's absolutely sick, curtains pulled back, eye blinding sun rays mirroring off your iris. he'll fuck you for hours, acting as though he were a sex deprived whore. cock never softening as your cums' spilt on his sheets. he'll cum in you so much without a single jot of embarrassment, rather amused with how you're hips are bouncing on his hips.
「 diluc. 」
after hours in the tavern — he's bored, hands smoothing down a rag against washed glasses. yet you sit there, leg swung over the other, he's baffled. taking your attitude into account, "c'mere."
you're up in a flash, sweet grin on your face, awaiting a response. "hm?" you lightly hummed, hands kept on each of your sides.
gloved hands cupped your chin, "so happy?" a scoff slipped out. "gonna fuck that attitude into you, yeah?"
chills skipped down your spine, the sudden feel of your back pounding against the wooden counter shoving a groan past your lips. your thoughts raced backward, collapsing over each other as the cool leathery feel to his gloves nudged at your thighs. "d-diluc..!"
he shushed you with his digits, curling his fingers up; the wave of your sigh sending goosebumps down to your inner thighs. "taking the time out of my day to come down here, and yet, not a single helping hand from you." your slick coated the counter, his heavy hand stopping your thigh from closing in.
you whimpered, a failed attempt to calm him down. "please diluc, slow down, please baby..." your body flooded in high rising temperatures, the rigid patterns sewed into his gloves bringing you to your high. you gasped— his thumb violating your clit. you couldn't think, muttering not a sound as your rejected thigh thumped against his palms.
he'll go on for hours, leaving you crying as your fingers clutch the wood. you're leaking of his cum, fucking his words into you. "love this shit?" he'd laugh, "want somebody to hear you? want 'em to knock on the door, 'n hear you crying on my cock?" he was beyond pussy drunk, slurring his words as he fucked your back straight.
「 dainsleif. 」
against the statue of the seven — he's a man with no shame, twisting your beliefs and ego in ways you'd never imagine them to be.
he's got your fingers clutching the stone of the statue, nightfall glistening off your cum displayed back. your moaning, tears sliding down your face as you pushed back on his cock. he's thick, spreading your thighs in massive measures. "d-dain!" you're close, again. you've spit so many sorrys' to Barbatos, his length shoving your face into the cold stone.
dainsleif's vicious, cumming on your back as he's saved his last for the last round. he'd taken mental notes, how you're body's slumped, how strained your moans are; and now, you've came once again, crying out his name as gasps follow afterwards. his hands gripped your ass, emptying his balls inside your ruined pussy; he's saved it for so long, its come out so thick!
「 kazuha. 」
hidden room in the crux ship — your elbows are propped up on storage boxes, your legs locked around his waist, pulling him closer and closer. he'll shove his face in your tits, suppressing his moans with the buds of your breasts.
every time he'd hear you gasp, he'll quickly move up towards your lips, kissing you gently before your mewls could give notice to the ridealongs.
shushed whispers are tickling your ear lobe, "supposed to be on another journey—" a broken laugh interrupts him, "but you feel so good..."
kazuha knows he's in the complete wrong, the boxes creaking everytime he fucked you a bit too harsh. once you're body's quivering and you've let a out a heavy moan, he'll gift you an overload of his cum.
「 scaramouche. 」
face up ass down in the living room — much like childe, he'll taunt you, broad daylight peeking through the windows. he could care less if you've got tears trickling down your cute cheeks, he's far too obsessed with the way you're cumming all over his cock. "'m disrespecting you so much, yet like a whore, you're taking this dick so fuckin' good. like getting treated like some sloppy slut?"
he'll giggle, mocking the way your ass is clapping on his curved length. his balls slap your skin, drenching you in his seed, "gonna fuck the cum back into ya!" he'a pouring with excitement, fingers pinching your thighs, length driving back into you. "'m hoping somebody sees you."
his head 'll tilt to the side, snickering down at your curved back. "with the way you're lettin' me see your pussy, all like this? filthy with my cum?" he'd even began to pity you.
「 xiao. 」
the slab of the kitchen island — xiao's taken a preference for fucking you on that fancy kitchen island, your legs spread open for him, your finger playing with your clit as his tongue does the hard work. he's overly talented, slim fingers fucking your hole as his tongue garnishes your labia in his spit.
he'll eat you out 'til you're drenched in his spit, ruining the kitchen as he'll stuff you with his cock. he'll leave you full as though you'd just finished eating an array of meals. stacking rings of cum on the base of his girth. your lips parted as strings of saliva clung onto them, legs resting on his shoulders as his rough hands lead you onto his hips.
he'd welcomed you with the soft n tender works of his tongue, simply to finish you off with fucking you hard on that fresh counter. you're leaking of his cum once he's done with you, dripping out your cunt as it's pitterin' n patterin' down onto the granite.
「 zhongli. 」
the kitchen table — like a house wife, he's fucking you in a pretty little dress he gifted you. shoving the chairs out of his way as your tummy pushed up against the table, his large hands cupping your ass.
he's vile, packing in girth and length, spreading your legs and ass to fully fuck your pretty lil cunt. he needs a full array of your perfect body, the legs to the table squeaking against the floor.
you're covered in sweat, tits slipping out of your dress as he leaned back, a gust of wind following quick behind as he rammed back into you. your lips were covered in your spit, cum gushing out your cunt as he recklessly fucked you. "feel good, sweetheart?"
he had a hatred for switching his position, loving the way your cunt pulsed on his length, watching the way his cum immediately spit back out your cunt; bloated is what you were. the flat surface underneath your stomach repelling each serving of his cum.
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Thoma and Hu Tao come home! 
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yukunnvi · 3 months ago
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library date with zhongchi
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anyanary · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is so dumb I’m sorry-
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jade-parcels · 8 months ago
How you turn them on
The things you do that aren’t inherently sexual but really get em going with: Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Diluc, Xiao, Venti, Baizhu, and Albedo
Part 2 here!
- NOTSFW!! Minors don’t interact with this post! -
He loves everything about you! He’s always hyper analyzing you to gauge your reactions to flirty jokes or loving touches
He thinks about you all the time, thinks about all the ways he could make love to you. He could sneak you into his office or pull you into an alleyway or just stay home to have a romantic night together. The possibilities are endless
Something you really do that gets him going is when you praise him. Surprise surprise, pretty boy likes when you compliment him. Your remarks don’t even have to be inherently sexual at all “I loved getting to listen to your speech today! You’re such a good public speaker!” “Ooo~ Your hair looks great today!” “There you are, Captain~ You better bring that pretty ass of yours down the the Angel’s Share tonight!” “You’re so strong, Kaeya, thanks for helping me out tonight!”
Your voice rings out in his head all day and night, he loves the way you call him strong and handsome. He KNOWS he is, he just likes hearing it from you. Maybe a little too much
He’ll show off his strength by picking you up, relishing in the way you exclaim “Wow! Kaeya you’re so strong!” again, he loves the attention
So in simple terms, he’s an attention whore lmao. He wants your attention and praise all for himself
We already know Childe’s a total horn dog. Just about anything you do could turn him on for no reason, just because it’s you
One thing that gets him every time though is when you come home after commissions. You’re sweaty, covered in dirt and blood. As long as you’re not too injured, he’ll practically pounce on you the second you step inside
You’ll whine about how tired you are, you just wanna go to bed but he’s all wired up
He loves that smell of sweat and blood, especially on you. It’s too bad he isn’t the one who got to fight you this time
He’ll lick the sweat from your cheek and whisper in your ear, telling you how badly he wants you, how he can’t wait to throw you down on the mattress and fight for dominance with you
You could literally just be sweaty from working out or the weather and he’ll be on you, grinning at you as he shoves his hands up your shirt to grope your sweaty skin. He’ll be immensely disappointed if you insist on showering before he can have some fun with you lmao
Zhongli is an intellectual, he knows pretty much everything about everything. He’ll humbly claim that there are plenty of things he doesn’t know but don’t let him fool you, he just knows things
That’s why he likes when you display intelligence or interest in things he likes
He’ll hover over your shoulder while you read, letting a hand wander up your arm to your shoulder, admiring that focused look on your face
He’ll occasionally get things wrong just so you’ll correct him. He loves when you get cocky and confident in your answers “Ah, yes you’re right dear. How could I have made such a mistake?”
One of his fantasies is one where he fucks you at his desk, forcing you to carry on a conversation with him. It doesn’t matter the topic, philosophy, economics, ethics, as long as he can keep you talking with moans between words. He has pretty good self control, he can talk for hours, so he plans on keeping you there as long as he can. He isn’t shy when it comes to initiating sex, he just wants to find a ‘perfect time to’ do so
Diluc prides himself in being a traditional gentleman. He keeps himself in check and refrains from...improper thoughts when he can
But then again, he’s a bit too easy to rile up. You could brush his bangs out of his eyes or straighten his tie out for him and he’ll be a blushing mess
There’s one thing that drives him wild though: corsets. He loves seeing you in them! However it’s inconvenient when he sees you looking so gorgeous in public, he’ll have to avoid you even though he doesn’t want to
All he can think about is the way you’d gasp if he yanked those strings, the way your waist would cinch in and you’d struggle for air, his name spilling from your lips
He’s ashamed of his dirty fantasies, he can hardly stand to look at you cause all he feels is shame because it isn’t like you’re doing anything sexual, you’re just sitting there chatting away with your tavern buddies! But he can’t stop the impure thoughts from flooding his mind
He has to go home early, avoiding the public eye as he does, so no one catches on or worse: sees the tent in his dress pants
Right off the bat, Xiao doesn’t have much experience in this field
He DOES know that he really likes the way you say his name. He’s never felt like this with anyone else, it was very confusing at first
One time you called out to him while drunk, giggling as you called for him over and over until he appeared in front of you, as he always does when you need him
This was different though...When you said his name like this, in a teasing manner with that breathy-ness in your voice? Uh oh...yeah, he really likes that
He wants to hear you say his name like that again, he wants you to sob his name while he pleasures you “Xiao! Please Xiao!” uhhh... uhhhh.... he’s gonna short circuit just thinking about it
He tries not to think about that though because uh...well...Again, he isn’t super experienced so he just feels awkward you gotta help him out
All this man wants is to be smothered by your chest. He’s a perv through and through, he can’t help it!
He’s only 5’2 so most people are taller than him, all he wants is for you to hug him and let him bury his face in your chest please-
Because he’s short and has such an innocent smile he can get away with being a menace in public. He’ll use wind currents to blow up your shirt or skirt, grinning like a madman as he catches a glimpse of you
He’s also the type to snap bra straps or drop something down your shirt “Oh no! I lost something! If only I could get it myself l~” what an asshole! He’d only do this if you’re together don’t worry
Baizhu honestly doesn’t have much desire for sex. He likes it but doesn’t seek it out often, he spends most of his time working to finally harness the power of immortality muahaha!!
One thing always gets him though: your morning voice. When you run your fingers through his hair and press warm kisses to his face and shoulders first thing in the morning...It’s the perfect way to wake up
He’ll even pretend to be asleep just so you’ll lean over and murmur sweet things in his ear with that lovely voice of yours “Time to get up, Dr. Baizhu~ We have a lot of work to do today” “I think herbalist Gui can handle things for a half hour or so. We’re not going anywhere just yet”
When he feels up to it, he loves having slow, lazy sex with you right at the crack of dawn. You’re both still warm and half awake, your hair is messy and your skin feels so nice against his
Albedo is extremely repressed, he spends most of his time working and any free time he has he dedicates to art or an hour of rest
He takes a lot of trips up to Dragonspine to work in the lab there so there are weeks where he goes without seeing you. He never realized how lonely he was until he met and fell in love with you.
On a whim, while he was packing for another expedition, he took one of your shirts with him. He was originally going to steal some of your underwear but he just couldn’t do it. With your shirt, he figured your scent would comfort him while he was away but instead, he found himself jacking off to the scent of your perfume
He did this over and over and now his brain has started to associate that one perfume with sex. He’s gone and ‘Pavlov’ed himself! That warm, vanilla scent brings forth hot, heavy memories. Now when you wear that perfume around him he has to focus on keeping those dirty thoughts in the back of his mind
He makes sure to compliment you when you wear other perfumes so hopefully, you wear those ones more often though part of him wishes you’d catch on. He’d never out himself though, he’d die from embarrassment
During those rare times when you’re away on commissions and he’s home alone, he’ll indulge himself...He hopes you’ll walk in on him
Whew! That was a long post!!! Thanks for sticking around! I like these guys a little...too much 😳 ((ignore the spelling errors if there are any! sorry!))
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1000feuille · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
POV you are childe: you just walked out of northland bank and see these three peddlers
instagram ✦ twitter ✦ patreon
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acloudylight · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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baeshijima · 25 days ago
𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫!𝐳𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐥𝐢 𝐛𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐝 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫!𝐲/𝐧
A/N : HAPPY BDAY ZHONGLI AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!!! 2021 has been rough with getting back into normal life on top of covid spreading and with a new variant, but i hope this post will cheer u up and let’s hope 2022 is much kinder to us (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
streamer zhongli o(*°▽°*)o
definitely was first in the Just Chatting, Travel & Outdoors, and possibly Food & Drinks categories in twitch at the beginning, and gained a steady following from there on !!
he unknowingly lured them in with his asmr worthy voice ( '◡' )
also talks about the history of certain cultures when travelling, or the origins of foods and drinks when he’s partaking in that category
gets a lot of questions from his chat which ends up turning into everyday talks or him giving advice to ppl !! 
so his primary category is Just Chatting HSDKJ
oh !! oh !!
and his twitch user is ZhongliTV :’))
usually has lofi music in the background of his streams !!
when he first started out as a streamer, he didn’t have his webcam on, so his viewers could only hear his voice !!
not that they were complaining bc, well, who can resist zhongli’s deep voice ? 👩‍🦯
but one day, one of his viewers asked why he doesn’t use a webcam 
and this man just ,,,,
“i don’t know how to set one up.”
so obviously this causes his chat to instantly go into an uproar and help him !!
they talk him through the process of setting one up and give him recommendations on the best quality ones !!
he looks through the reviews with his chat and they all give their own two cents abt each one and he ultimately has his mods do a poll when he’s struggling to decide which one would be best to buy
the next day he streams, his chat thought they were in the wrong stream 
bc they saw their strimmer’s beautiful face for the first time
genuinely thought he converted into a vtuber for a moment due to his visuals :’))
zhongli took their doubts as a negative reaction :(
well, until they started reassuring him in caps :
he was surprised at the sudden reassurances, but eventually laughs and thanks the chat, saying that they’re very beautiful too
and hoOOOh boy did his gentle laugh sound like angels singing and—
oh would u look at that, his chat have fallen into cardiac arrest 💀
. . .
he eventually does divert into the world of online gaming and, with the growth of his community (who originally came for his otherworldly visuals, but stayed for his insightful thoughts and naturally calming presence), he gets many recommendations of different genres that may appeal to him
so he tries various things from long running games such as the pokémon series (his favourite series would probably be black&white or heartgold & soulsilver !!) to online multiplayer games like overwatch or minecraft (very much appreciates the bgm in minecraft as he cultivates his land or goes mining ^^) or even role playing games like elder scrolls, the legend of zelda, persona 5, and final fantasy
he’s enjoyed each of the games played, and all the experiences each one has given him !!
v v invested in the lore behind them and probably has quite a few lore videos/theories on his yt channel !!
when someone in chat typed “who asked” in response to him talking abt some lore in a game, they were immediately perma banned by his mods before he could see it KJKLDF
zhongli’s chat is definitely one of the most wholesome ones, with a bunch of discussions going on due to zhongli’s big brain and open mind
he easily engages in long debates and conversations with his community and it’s just ??? so ??? fun ???
he’s just super open with any and all ideas and seriously considers + explores them, which his community just appreciate so much :(
definitely has quite a lot of emotes too !!
one of his mods is an artist and they offered to draw emotes for him free of charge bc they just really appreciate him as a person :((
zhongli insisted on paying tho bc he wanted to show his gratitude by compensating it in what he believed it was worth 
but yeah, now he has a whole array of emotes that he just openly appreciates on the daily when ppl use them and it makes the mod/artist just super happy that he enjoys their work sm
zhongli just is the type to appreciate everything he’s given, no matter how small the detail may be 
he’s just super grateful that there are ppl willing to go to such lengths to support him okay 😭
i feel like he would also be an og player like albedo and childe in my other hcs !!
except it was recommended by ppl in his community in all his social medias KJHLDJF
so obv this was like,,, pre-release where u can still pre-register
so after looking into the website and what info was official, he pre-registered !!
now .
after pre-registering with his chat, they decided to watch the trailers and gOODNESS WERe they hooked
so eventually the day comes where genshin is released to the world
and zhongli?
already on the loading screen with a steaming pot of tea and snacks with his chat going bonkers as they load their game too
opening cutscene?
genuinely has such an amazing time experiencing this game for the first time and seeing all these new characters that weren’t in the previews !!
finds venti to be suspicious tho
REALLY suspicious
he talked to a dragon
he dISAPPEARED when said dragon flew away
looks suspicious
probably thinks he’s a minor antagonist at first or smth
doesn’t even go to mond city straight away, just explores the area bc damn why are the graphics so beautiful ??
so yeah he has a fun time running around and finding chests and seeing different areas of the terrain !!
after like,,, an hour of pure exploration and chill chatting with his chat he finally proceeds with the story HKJHG
finds kaeya to be really suspicious too tho bc :
“why does he have one eye covered? surely that means he has something to hide from us.”
chat are split between agreeing and trying to defend kaeya bc they don’t want to admit he could be an antagonist <//3
fast forward some more and he’s in the last domain with kaeya
once again, kaeya suspicious when he stays behind
but then diluc enters and
what’s this?
some unspoken bad blood between the two?
zhongli the theorist sips his tea and calmly begins another hour long discussion about what their roles could be—
but soon enough he was out of the story bc he had to build up adventure ranks :’)
very chill stream where he just did exploration and had many discussions with each introduced character’s role
he did wish on beginner’s bc of the pre-registration rewards, so he had a lot of primos and acquaint fates !!
saw venti on the limited banner and stared at it for a solid five minutes, contemplating on whether or not he should role on suspicious character #1
he already got suspicious character #2 for free, so might as well get the original, right?
well, venti came home in literally the first 10 pull so he saved primos KJSL
so now he has suspicious character #1 and #2
thinks venti is useful tho so he doesn’t regret it that much <//3
takes it back when he has to steal a lyre from the cathedral
it took him five tries and he ended up sacrificing venti when fighting an axe mitachurl and abyss mage in the three camps to collect dvalin’s tears
thoroughly enjoyed the prologue chapter tho !! very interesting and different to what he has played previously, so it was a fresh take for him
zhongli.exe stopped working when he found out venti was the anemo archon tho
was not expecting that. . . Sadge
but now he’s in liyue and has to rank up again to do the next story quest :’))
did hear some things about the geo archon there from in-game venti, but found out that his character venti had a voice over that was only unlocked after he completes a certain quest
and apparently it’s the next archon quest in liyue
so naturally he unlocks all the waypoints first in liyue and does more exploration before delivering katherine’s letter in liyue harbor !!
this transitions into the next day bc zhongli preaches about healthy sleeping patterns and looking after yourself :’)
so the next day he starts the liyue quest !!
all is well until he witnesses the geo archon’s death
f in the chat for stunned zhongli
cue another hour long discussion about what could have been the cause KHLKJF
just used venti to fly over the milelith KEKW
he thought childe was pretty suspicious too, but was grateful for his help and found his attacks pretty fascinating too !!
also found the adepti and their different designs really interesting as well !!
skip to chapter 2 of the quest, and he was wondering who childe would take him to meet
also became even more curious due to his chat spamming and saying how the time has finally come
and there u were
in all ur glory
sipping some tea
holy shit were u stunning
haha (y/n) nation rise ╰(‵□′)╯
definitely starts talking about u and what ur possible role could be
man did u look so flawless and amazing and graceful and
and obv he knows this is a gacha game, so he’s aware that money is to be spent at times to obtain characters and progress at a much quicker rate
so guys
i just wanna put it out there
zhongli is rich.
he just doesn’t like to flaunt his riches because he doesn’t believe that it defines a person and, in turn, doesn’t want it to define him in the eyes of his viewers 
but when he saw u, he was willing to spend as much money as he needed to get u 🤧
naur but this man !!
this !!
mAN !!!
immediately searches through mhy’s social medias to find official art for u
didn’t find any but found lots of fanarts, to which he very much appreciated
remember that mod who’s an artist that created all of his emotes? yeah, they make various ones surrounding u after zhongli asks for it ;-;
fully does not want to move on bc otherwise he may not see u again, but chat and his community reassure him that he will be seeing a lot of u from here on out
and oh how true that statement was
zhongli has never been more glad to have started this game than now KJHDF
but bc of ur addition, he treasures liyue even more and it very quickly becomes his favourite nation, purely bc ur from there (ಥ _ ಥ)
he’s very certain the future five nations won’t be able to top it (later on, inazuma does become close due to all the lore tho !!)
and when he finds out ur the geo archon ?????
holy shit
he had his speculations after venti was revealed, but it still surprised him immensely
also the type to read all the descriptions and lore of the in-game items and books, so he would definitely feel sympathetic knowing ur the archon who’s lived the longest, to the point of immortality, and has had to endure the most pain, loss and betrayal !!
has definitely asked mhy in their surveys to make u happier in future events and quests to make up for all the pain behind the scenes (as well as a hangout quest when they were introduced)
and when mhy announced that u were to be playable in the next patch update?
the world went absolutely bonkers
childe? tartaglia? who’s that?
(y/n) nation only knows u and u only 😩🖐
this boomer hands man,,,
he whaled for u
and rightfully so
got u to c6 within the first day and r5’d ur weapon straight after ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪
chat spammed his (Y/N)Nation emote the whole time
literally got u maxed out at lvl 90, weapon at lvl 90, and swore that u would be his first triple crowned character
plays u as main dps even there was this whole heated debate abt u being a dps, sub dps, support, and utility
in other words
ur very versatile :)
wanted u to be his first maxed friendship character and is still petty abt venti being his first one to lvl 10 somehow
but ur story quest ?
holy fuck did that get him emotional
especially the end cutscene and the last dialogue u say when the quest is over abt wanting to be alone rn ;-;
pls he just wants to comfort u but mhy won’t let him ;-;;;;
just !! appreciates u as a character sm ???
he doesn’t think a character has ever resonated with him as much as u have and his community thinks it’s actually the most adorable and wholesome thing when he gets happy discussing things and theories abt ur past :((
has many, many screenshots as well !!
there’s one he has of u smiling from ur story quest as his twt pfp, and his discord one is from an incredibly beautiful scene from ur trailer <33
his favourite voice overs from u are chat: reminiscing + about venti (bc u basically roast him and he’s never been prouder <//3) + more about (y/n): v
ur character song is pretty much always in his stream and daily playlist bc it’s just so calming to him
he could literally fall asleep to it (and has. on several occasions—)
just a very loving man who can and will support his favourite character against all the haters at all costs !!
even has u as his avatar + ur namecard when he unlocks it
his bio is even :
“(Y/n)’s protector.”
his community finds it adorable, even more so bc he maintains his punctuation 😭
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yoimivhs · a month ago
♡ i’m a dad, boogie woogie woogie
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: itto, childe, zhongli, xiao, diluc, kaeya, albedo x gn!reader
♡ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: fluff fluff fluff!
♡ 𝐚/𝐧: genshin men as dads! i loved writing this, it was so cute~| like/rb if you liked this please! consider giving me a follow if you liked it as well ^u^
Tumblr media
ITTO is definitely the fun dad. the one that takes his kids on piggyback rides, running around the backyard until you call them inside because itto, they're going to catch a chill if they stay out any longer. itto is generally such a cute dad, to be honest! he definitely has multiple photo albums on his phone dedicated to his children and rest assured, he shows them to his gang members at every opportunity.
CHILDE is a dad that loves his family very, very much. he showers his children in gifts, but not to the point where they become spoiled. he loves to cuddle them on his lap and tuck them into bed, reading them storybooks as they gaze their little childlike-wonder filled eyes up at him. all his kids adore him and jump on him after he comes back from a "business trip"!
ZHONGLI takes it day by day. most of the time, his children end up running in circles around him and he definitely can't keep up but that's okay! he's that father who quietly cuddles his children to sleep, running his fingers through their hair as they softly breathe. he loves every one of his children equally and is quick to reassure them that they are loved and appreciated, etc.
XIAO is that father of a few words. he is there, but does not necessarily engage in conversation with his children – not because he doesn't want to, but because he doesn't know how. xiao tries his best though. over time, he warms up to his own flesh and blood – taking them everywhere, when he's free. he even makes time for them, and that's what makes your heart melt, honestly.
DILUC tries his best. having lost his father at a young age, i can imagine that parenting could be hard for him – not having anyone to ask questions to. however, he does try his best. i think diluc would be that father who shows up to pick his kids every day! that..... rich dad...... everyone stares at him whenever he's there because he's quite literally a walking bank. very cute to see him carry his children though.
KAEYA is that one dad who likes to lightly embarrass his kid. he brings baby pictures wherever he goes... despite his child being 10 or 11. he affectionately embarrasses them, if you get what i mean. XD. kaeya definitely is that one ‘risk-taker’ dad, constantly pushing his child higher on the swings until you shriek at them to calm down. XD
ALBEDO is a gentle father, constantly teaching his children about the world around them. he takes them sweet flowers and mint plants and lets them experiment, smelling the flowers and grinding them for ingredients. he brings them out on little excursions, showing them slimes and hilichurls from a safe distance. it’s very cute, really!
Tumblr media
ahhhh i miss writing this kind of thing TuT this was so so cute. please leave a like and reblog and consider commenting and giving me a follow! ^u^
taglist: @bookuya, @mikachuchu, @starglitterz, @cherubbic, @noirkkat, @the-gayest-sky-kid, @ajaxeology, @icecappa, @almondoufu, @gnyuvile, @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst. @simplyxsinned, @heaven-dissolution, @xiaoyksa, @yua1106, @cruxdou, @mayple, @rim0na, @kamitoge, @abyssheart, @hushyouu, @thaliastea, @chichikoi, @cxlrose, @xiaos-tofuu, @yuezhong, @whsprd-lullaby, @myluvkeiji, @melkxsh, @datu-tadhana, @kxllmelia, @irethepotato, @alonelysimp, @keiq0, @ez-simping, @kazewhara, @albedoeuvre, @aweebstuff, @hqrbinger, @favonius-captain, @lotterymology, @cloudisyelling
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averaillisa · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
geo dad adopts everyone challenge 
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to-draw-time · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Big fan
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glowmiko · a month ago
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ 𓂅 ⊹ ᨘ໑. ♡ BODY LANGUAGE ⊹ ࣪GENSHIN MEN.
. . . ⊹ ᨘ໑. ♡ ; makeup sex hcs.
. . . ⊹ ᨘ໑. ♡ ; afab! reader. nice n service dom charas. sloppy kissing. size kink / belly buldging ( not in detail. ). creampies. messy and sensual sex. praise. breeding. riding.
. . . ⊹ ᨘ໑. ♡ ; albedo, childe, diluc, dainsleif, gorou, itto, kazuha, kaeya, scaramouche, thoma, xiao, zhongli.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
they're super sorry, laying kisses all over you; lips sucking your neck, breasts, stomach, hips, thighs. they'd never wanna make you feel all alone again, fucking you endless, hands gently holding onto your hips. they're doing everything to make it up to you, letting you cum on their cock without a single act of discipline. they're pussy drunk, face stuck in the crook of your neck, kissing your nape with an edict so sweet you'd nearly fallen in love.
"feel so good, baby. 'm so sorry, forgive me, yeah?"
childe, itto, kazuha, zhongli.
they're cold, ruthless as their cock splits you in half, drenching your pussy in their cum; there's endless coats of their loads, bending and perplexing you in ways you were sure your heart would escape its caging. you'd complained about their absence, they were sure to leave you busy. they were dropping tunes in your ears, mocking your cries with matched laughs as they emptied their balls in your sloppy cunt.
"gonna make you a lil' mommy? want that?"
diluc, dainsleif, scaramouche, xiao.
they're all yours. in your complete control as your body language manipulated them as though you were the puppeteer with the strings attached to them. bouncing on their cock as metaphorical hearts rained down from your eyes. moans slipped past their lips, length throbbing as your pussy welcomed them in flawlessly. their cock was swollen, pre-cum spilling from the slit, your cunt wrapped around them so well; your palms pressed onto their abdomen. you were close, shivering in weakness; their hands helping you ride out your bliss.
"'m a-all yours, baby, so good."
albedo, gorou, kaeya, thoma.
Tumblr media
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