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#genshin smut
severnrose · 2 days ago
Genshin Impact NSFW HCs
Tumblr media
➵ TW/CW: Smut, 18+ (MINORS DNI), Public sex, Sadism, Childe being horny for no reason, let me know if I need to add more TW/Tags <3 My blog contains dark content, be careful when interacting/following! ➵ Characters: Tagliatelle (Childe)
⤠ Other NSFW HCs (Childe, pretty old) ⤟ Genshin Impact Masterlist ⤠ «L'ultima tua prova sarà la morte» (Zhongli) ⤟ | If you want to see amazing art insipired by this hcs please go here!!
Tumblr media
This is my apology for not posting much those days since I’m still working on Kinktober :c sowwy, here have some tagliatelle 🤗 yes this is a rewriting of my old childe hcs i found those so bad that i don’t wanna talk about it
Tumblr media
I can see him being very… Active.
Childe has a high libido, and he doesn’t mind trying new things in the bedroom. They are going to be a few things he won’t try (and its easier to name what he won’t try to what he will try), but usually, he is very open-minded
Also, I can see him getting horny very easily, don’t ask why. I don’t know either. It’s the vibe that I get from him
He will pop out a boner in the worst possible situation; like you two are out eating and he watches you eat and hes horny. Just like that.
“That mouth of yours would look lovely around another piece of raw meat” I hate this man so much can u believe me
God, I imagine him getting a boner especially if you get bossier with him or if you are a fighter as well, he’s just like “oh wow, they can beat everyone’s ass! Wish it was me—“
By active I mean he is the type to want more rounds, he has great stamina and Childe loves overstimulating his partner until you are a sobbing mess, and all you can say is his name over and over again. He loves fucking you until you are fucked dumb and all you can think is his cock inside you; how hard is it and how deep he is hitting inside of you
Another thing he loves is having you begging; whatever being to have him inside, to cum, or simply to get touched, Childe likes to see you so desperate for him. It’s something that makes his blood going to his dick in a few seconds
And no, he won’t give you anything so easily. You will have to beg a lot for simply cumming, and Childe doesn’t like it when you act like a brat so prepared for punishment~
He will ruin your orgasm repeatedly; he doesn’t care about how sorry you are, Childe doesn’t care unless he feels like you are learned your lesson. He will degrade yet praise you; shaming you for how desperate you are to cum and how good you are taking his dick
Your ass will probably have a red print of his hand for days, and obviously, Childe is quite proud of it; he will trace a finger around it or even smack it, softer this time, just to see your pained face
Sadistic? Ajax? Yes. A lot. He loves seeing you crying, I can see him even licking your tears laughing over how cute you look like this, he’s a sadistic teaser who can’t shut up his mouth
And no, he won’t ever shut up. Childe is either teasing you until you cry or moaning with little no care about if someone can hear, he will probably moan a bit louder in public or specific places just to be annoying, especially if he knows there are Fatui around
Public sex? Yes, yes. It’s a good way to show people who closer you two are and to satisfy his jealousy, Childe loves cockwarming when you two are simply on a bench seeing the beauty of liyue, or in a restaurant. Does he care about being caught? No, so neither should you
Childe isn’t even subtle about it; his hands are all over your body, whispering in your ear the most filthy thing he can think, and Childe would even put your hand or hips to feel his hard-on with an angelic smile on his face
Obviously, his aftercare is fantastic; as Childe deeply cares about you even if during sex he treats you as cum dump. He will help you wash your body, giving you a message to fully relax, only sweet words before going to bed…
And then his head is between your legs and—
Tumblr media
This work belongs to @/severnrose, do not repost, translate, copy, rewrite or share on tiktok without my permission.
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kaeyatic · a day ago
—𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐦 𝐢𝐢
feat. Xiao, Thoma, Albedo, Rosaria
part I w/ diluc, venti, scara, and childe
warning: smut, 18+ content, minors dni
disclaimer: afab reader with no set pronouns, phone sex, exhibitionism, masturbation, toys, face-sitting, smoking, mention of squirting, spoiler for thoma's namecard
a/n: I plan on updating Thoma's banner when better official art comes out of him. If you have any questions about the au, please send an ask :D
Tumblr media
𝐗𝐢𝐚𝐨, the IT Manager
The quiet brooding IT guy is usually stuck at his desk glaring at his computer in the dark. He absolutely hates the amount of work and “stupidity” his co-workers often give him. To help relax, he usually rings you up as a form of escapism. Those innocent and friendly talks quickly turn into sultry and arousing conversations. He lives for telling you how to play with yourself through the phone as he palms his aching cock. He’ll have you describe in detail how it makes you feel, visualizing your fluster expression and puckering hole. His tie will become tainted with his saliva as he soils his paint with cum. You sure do know how to get him through the day.
"Keep rubbing it, I know how fucking wet you are...fuck..."
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐚, Senior Human Resource Coordinator
The wide-smiling, fun-loving Thoma is such a popular guy. Before you even get into the office, Thoma is sending you funny photos and wake-up memes he knows will put a smile on your face. Thoma is actually one of the only guys who doesn’t try to pull moves actually in the office—well besides stealing kisses to make a certain ginger go feral. He much prefers taking you in the comfort of your bed. Those sweet words and innocent gazes are dripping in lust as he pounds into you, balls slapping against your ass. His words alone can have your hole sobbing wet and desperate for attention. He takes sheer pride in that.
"Aww you like the way my cock is deep inside you, hm? C.mon...say it."
Tumblr media
𝐀𝐥𝐛𝐞𝐝𝐨, Head of IT
The IT department is known to be very distant, Albedo is no different. He’s very quiet and likes to stick to his work. He also doesn’t like to admit it, but he can be quite jealous of the other members in your harem. To make up for it, he likes to have you on his toes. Sometimes he’ll try to catch you before work and slip a vibrator inside you, the remote in his hand until lunch. In times like this, he’ll make deals with you to see just how long you can last without anyone knowing what is up. Meetings he knows that you will be at with him, he’ll turn it on it’s make setting just to rile a reaction. If you don’t, you’re going to be rewarded; if you do, he’ll be able to take you in front of all your harem members. It’s a win-win.
"How long you think you can withstand cumming? I know it won't be long know until you on your knees begging for my cock."
Tumblr media
𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐚, Human Resource Analyst
Rosaria absolutely hates her job. She doesn’t like dealing with people at all or solving their issues. The only thing she finds solace in is knowing everyone’s information and you. She is often up at the top deck smoking a cigarette to take the edge off. She won’t pursue you, she’s too lazy, so you’ll have to come up yourself if you wish for her touch and affection. After blocking the entry door, she usually will have you sit on her face her tongue slurping up your juices and lipstick staining your skin. Her grip on the plush of your ass will be tight as calls you a baby for squirming so much. Her goal at the end of the day is to get you to squirt—after all, it’s a good excuse to leave work and take you with her to get all cleaned up.
"You're such a baby...squeezing my head so tight ruining my make-up. I guess you owe me then, huh?"
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reizgore · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warnings ⚠️ ; knife play, threats of murder
Tumblr media
childe loves it when you two are training and you're trying your absolute best. childe sees that and he just can't help but looking at your labored breaths, and sweat dripping down your chest. he can't help but look at your body noticing all your curves.
childe who knows you want him because he can hear you late at night playing with yourself moaning his name, but what you don't know is that childe is an evil guy and he's not your dream boyfriend.
he pushes you up against the wall after a long day of training. he was going to prove to you he's not the nice guy you think he is.
“where do you think you're going?” he cooed, leaning in so his face is right in front of yours. you're thinking to yourself that this is everything you wanted but you can help but shake this feeling that something is off.
you've wanted this for so long, you've been dreaming of this moment for so long, your eyes widen when you see the shiny object in childe’s hand. 
childe softly rubs the dull side of the blade across the side of your face, “you're so pretty when you're shaking.” childe said as he leaned down kissing your face. 
childe uses his other hand to raise your shirt up right above your tits. “bite.” he said, pushing your shirt into your mouth.
childe flips the knife to the sharp side, waving the knife in front of your face before  cutting the straps of your bra, kissing the skin of your collarbones roughly as he presses the knife to your skin,  just enough to leave a mark but not enough to make you bleed. 
your whimpers fill the alley as you feel childe smirk against your skin. “you sound so pretty,” he cooed.
“i could kill you right now, and there’s nothing you could do.” childe said. your skin was on fire, your heart was beating out of your chest. you were scared but something about this childe made you want more.
you were dripping. you hated that this turned you on as much as it did. 
you could hear the people of liyue walking all around you. “maybe next time,” childe said as he put the knife back into his pocket, and walked away. 
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z3nitsusgf · 19 hours ago
i KNOW pervy nerd albedo is the biggest simp in college i know it
carries his gf's bag, does her homework when shes too tired, gives her massages during breaks, lets her edge him on the toilet in between classes till he cries, you know the typical stuff
heh :3 yes yes you’re sooooo right. Bedo is the BIGGEST simp ever, and you love it.
CW: edging ( m. receiving )
Tumblr media
Albedo always grabs your textbooks off your desk for you, those heavy ones that hurt your back. Tucks them under his arms so you don’t have to carry them. “I got it, my love.” He’ll coo, kissing your cheek as he carries each book in his grasp.
He’s always thumbing at your deltoid muscles and smoothing them down so you’ll relax, kissing at the nape of your neck to see you smile and shudder. Pressing down on the taut skin to get you to groan and squirm, rubbing it so you’ll reach up and grip his wrist when he gets the right spot. “You’re so tense, gotta relax babe.” And he just leans over and pecks you on the lips.
He’ll even get pastries from the cafe down the street, little paper bags filled with strudels and muffins to keep your fingers busy while you study. And he’s so considerate, getting you to-go cups of hot chocolate or apple cider when it gets cold out. Only asking for a kiss in return, opening his mouth so you can place a a flakey ripped off part on his tongue, winking when he licks your fingers.
He does your chem and bio homework when it gets to be to much because he knows how overwhelmed you get and he hates seeing you frustrated, so he’ll kiss the little tears on the corner of your eyes and take the paper from you. Settling you on his lap as he writes away, explaining each equation or whatever but you just doze off and he doesn’t mind.
Of course you don’t abuse his niceness too much but-
“Please-! Y/n, please fuck,” Albedo practically sobs into his fist at the continually schlucking of your palm over his cock. It’s red and leaky and dripping down your wrist. His khakis are tugged down to his ankles, knees knocked apart for you to kneel in between them as pump his length in your hand. The tip is a beautiful mauve, all glossy from the pre that’s smeared across it.
“Come on baby, just a bit more. We have,” you glance down at your pretty tan watch that sits on your opposite hand, “10 minutes before the lecture starts. And Professor Lisa doesn’t even show up on time.” You coo, tugging harder on his wet cock, letting it slap back with a pap against his navel. His shirt is tugged up to expose his bellybutton and you finger at his v-line.
Albedo let’s out a wet sob, his cock twitching at the denial again. He smears a hand down his face, cheeks flushed as he heaves in oxygen. “Fuck- just, let me, please, just - let me cum!” He’s already been edged what? 5 times? He’s lost count since you’ve pushed him into the room and tugged down his pants. It’s a new record he thinks, but holy shit does his balls hurt.
“Hurts- oh fuck,” he cants them upwards when you trail the pads on the underside of his length, catching the pulsing vein that’s angry red. You lean your cheek on his thigh, wrapping your fingers back on his cock and Albedo hisses at the contact. His hands gripped furiously on the edge of the bed. He can’t lie, the sight of you on your knees in front of him is attributing to his raging hard on, but any more of your teasing is going to make him pass out.
“Yeah, it hurts? I’m sure it’s not too bad, you can take a bit more can’t you? For me?” You bat your eyelashes up him, sweet plumped out lips with cherry gloss and your manicured nails wrapped around his cock. He can see down your top from here, the rounded out curve of your tits pushed up in your bra.
And damn you - he can’t say no to you. Albedo shudders at the lilt to your voice, the soft honey thick drawl that drips over his body and smoothes down the plane of his back, as he bucks his hips into your palm. Almost into your mouth. “If you can wait it out, I’ll let you cum wherever you want.” Albedo’s eyes almost roll into the back of his skull at those words. And he looks down and you waiting patiently for his reply, cheek pressed on his warm thigh, kissing the skin and you pump lightly on his shaft.
“I can-“ he swallows thickly, thinking harshly about how much time he has - fuck the time, Advanced chemistry can kiss his ass. “I can wait it out.” Albedo says it with the confidence of a saint. He can keep it up with just your hands. And you, you give him a dark smile as bring your mouth down on his cock.
Tumblr media
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cherrygenshin · 2 days ago
Genshin Impact - Kink HC's (Part 1)
Authors note: This is my first post! Starting our strong with what I think their kinks are!
Kaeya, Diluc and Albedo
Warnings/Contains: Smut/nsfw, degradation, marking, oral, bondage, overstimulation, voyeurism, pegging, anal, just a lot of general filth and adult content. Please avoid reading if you're a minor or uncomfortable with smut/adult content
Readers gender is not specified :)
Tumblr media
Ugh I just know this man has SO MANY kinks, but I’ll start with his most prominent.
- Degradation (Giving and receiving)
- He’s usually doming so he’ll be the one to dish out the insults. He can’t help himself, the way you’re so fucked out underneath him, babbling and crying for more of his thick cock you really do look sound like a dumb little whore in his eyes. He prefers it that way tho, because you’re his dumb little whore ❤️ which brings us on to my next point
- Marking (Giving)
- Oh how he loves to latch his lips on to your delicate skin and leave such pretty red marks <3 Neck, collarbone, chest, stomach, thighs, butt, you name it he’s marked it. Likes to keep most of them where they can be covered for your sake, but will occasionally do a few just out of your clothings reach to let others know you’re happily taken. Almost has a sense of pride once he takes a step back to look at the beauty that is your soft skin covered in delicious red and purple hues.
- Temperature Play (Giving)
- He has a cryo vision, of course he’s going to use it during sex. Loves loves loves to watch your reactions, it’s one of his favourite things to do. If you’re sucking him off he’ll try to catch you off guard by running his icy fingertips down your cheek. Watch out though because if you falter for even a second he’ll make sure to punish you later.
“Oh, what’s this? Is my little whore all fucked out? You can go another round for me can’t you? I know you never really tire of my cock.”
Tumblr media
Honestly I don't think this man has much time for sex, and probably didn't put a lot of thought in to it before meeting his partner. That said he would still love having sex with his partner, and is more than willing to learn what he has to so he can exceed their wants and needs.
- Bondage (Giving and receiving)
- Diluc is a switch, but prefers to Dom. That being said he finds a certain satisfaction in tracing his hands over the soft velvet that has your hands and legs tied down to the ends of the bed frame, giving it a gentle tug to make sure they're tight enough. He would be careful to never leave you with any marks, and has done quite extensive research in all the safest and most effective knots. He also enjoys when its his turn to be tied up. Cover his eyes with a satin blindfold, he'll lose his mind with his senses heightened and will love anticipating every one of your touches.
- Thighs
- Thighs are such a massive turn on for him. The plush skin just below your endogenous area is so sexy and tempting, he really just likes anything to do with your thighs. Put on a nice pair of thigh high stockings and watch as the tent forms in his pants. Leave them on during sex, he loves to nip at tug at them with his mouth if he's in that area, and if he's not you'll often catch his hands getting a nice firm grip on them as he thrusts himself in to you.
- Oral (Giving)
- Diluc lives to please. If after a long stressful day you need to unwind? He's there on his knees for you in a heartbeat. If you have a pussy he will lap at your folds for hours if you let him, his hands firmly planted on your thighs as your juices run down his chin. If you have a cock he will try his best to keep his gag reflex at bay while he swallows around you. Keep your hands in his hair and tug occasionally, it will drive him wild. Also loves it when you suck on his fingers, he enjoys feeling your tounge run all over his long digits.
"You look so dashing spread out like that. I really ought to savor this moment."
Tumblr media
Let's pretend for a moment that he is capable of feeling both love and lust. He's actually a pretty pervy guy, but because of his aloofness most people don't realise.
- Overstimulation (Giving and receiving)
- To put it simply, Albedo often gets a bit carried away. We all know he loves his experiments, and that works well in to your sex lives as well. He loves to see just how far he can push things with you. How many times can you cum before reaching your limit? What is said limit, and how is it determined? And most importantly, how you feel throughout the whole process. He'll try to work out every way possible to make you cum, and expects you to do the same for him. If you get him to reach his limit you'll find he makes the most wonderful noises. A mix of pleas for you to stop and cries for you to continue, drowned out by the moans rippling out of his throat.
- Voyeurism
- Now although Albedo loves experimenting on you, he can't always be a participant if he truely wants all the results. Sometimes he will get someone else to step in to perform a sinful act on you while he sits back and watches, clipboard and notes in hand, desperately trying to avoid the growing erection in his pants. He says its all in the name of science and fairness, but also he just really likes watching you get wrecked from all different angles.
- Pegging/Anal (Receiving)
- At first he was just curious as to what it was like, and how a prostate works and feels. But after his first climax he soon became addicted to the feeling. Get him on all fours and thrust in to him while pressing your hands on his back, he won't know how to feel and will soon be cumming again from the pressure alone. Also has sensitive nipples, drives him absolutely insane with pleasure if while you're fucking in to him you play and tease his nipples. He'll be crying your name all night long.
"Experiment success. Now let's see how many times I can make you cum from my mouth alone."
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cvmcoatedrat · 2 days ago
IMAGINE THIS: Enemies to Lovers.
Genshin Impact Men Imagines
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine this, Your family works for the fatui and you are currently visiting Mondstadt for work purposes. You encounter a man who absolutely despises the fatui. He throws threatening glares at you with every chance he gets, yet you return them with a warm smile. This confuses him.
Every night you go on walks around Mondstadt, you'd often sit by the fountain. You get to meet the red-haired man too, of course, he still glares at you. This became one of your routines while you were staying in Mondstadt. Though, this one time, he unexpectedly gave you his coat when he saw you getting assaulted by a drunkard and got pushed to the fountain.
He was dumbfounded as to why you didn't react with a violent comeback, instead, you stayed quiet and sat on the fountain with his coat covering your soaked clothing. He looks at you in disbelief and tells you to be careful before leaving. The next day you were sitting beside the fountain again. You notice him staring at you and then looking away. You give him a smile and wave, he ignores you and leaves.
The next few days, your relationship together has improved. You could tell that he has gotten a lot warmer than he used to. Diluc tried to convince himself that you being a Fatui was disgusting enough and that he shouldn't be exchanging idle conversations with you... but he just can't help himself. You were too lovely.
From time to time, he'd get annoyed with himself for having a hard-on when thinking about having you on his hands. How he'd have you screaming with each thrust, both wrists pinned as he fills your gaps. He'd catch himself cumming more than usual when it's you inside his head. He wanted to break you. To eat you.
How amazing it would feel to be inside you. It would be music to his ears once he hears you moan his name while your face is buried and being suffocated on his mattress as he fucks you ruthlessly. He'd fill you to the brim and fuck his cum deep inside you, not stopping until he's completely sure you'll be carrying his offspring.
You and he were having a conversation beside the fountain. Oh, how innocent you looked. You didn't know what was going inside his head while you were talking to him about how your day went. He most definitely hates you... But he hates it more that he can't have you for himself.
Diluc would go deaf everytime he'd hear rumors from the favonios about you and the roaming fatuis. Kaeya would often tease him about you as well, mocking about how he will "Obliterate" you and your fatui group club as soon as he notices a suspicious activity being occured by you. Jean and the other knights would remind him to be more cautious around you too now that it is circling around Mondstadt that you have Diluc wrapped around your finger.
Your plan has worked flawlessly, how proud your father will be once he learns that you've gotten yourself a new pet.
Tumblr media
I am very very very sick right now. This was supposed to be long and it was supposed to have more than one Bachelor but I can not right now. I will try to feed you with more lewd fics once I am feeling better, Little mice. Thank you for reading <3
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amosthirst · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wwww i want to join kinktober also >< also i choose this using wheel of names bcz i dont want to pick favourites,, dark content ahead!
Tumblr media
++ impact play with baal! ++ [1/31]
++ overstim with kazuha! ++ [2/31]
++ oral fixation with diluc! ++ [3/31]
++ voyeurism with kaeya! ++ [4/31]
++ car sex with gorou! ++ [8/31]
++ femdom with dainsleif! ++ [9/31]
++ exhibitionism with kujou sara! ++ [10/31]
++ infantilisation with la signora! ++ [11/31]
++ camgirl with eula! ++ [15/31]
++ petplay with childe! ++ [16/31]
++ clothed sex with rosaria! ++ [17/31]
++ mommy kink with ningguang! ++ [18/31]
++ size kink with beidou! ++ [22/31]
++ pornmaking with albedo! ++ [23/31]
++ housewife kink with zhongli! ++ [24/31]
++ corruption kink with thoma! ++ [25/31]
++ threesome with xiao and scaramouche! ++
Tumblr media
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genshinboys · a day ago
Modern AU headcanons - Kazuha as your gardener
Tumblr media
Warning: NSFW
Pairing: Kazuha x gn reader
Tumblr media
Kazuha knows a lot of things. He knows how to expertly weed the lawn so that it looks like the most beautiful grassy carpet. He knows the life cycle of a wide variety of plants and, like a flower-whisperer, can make them bloom against all the odds. Perceptive and exceptionally intuitive, Kazuha recognizes the subtle changes of weather and tends to the garden accordingly, not once allowing it to ruin his crops. 
He knows it all, and some time ago was more than happy to accept the position of your parents’ gardener. The previous candidates didn’t live up to expectations, miserably failing at managing the vastly spreading acres of green land. Kazuha, however, has breathed life into the withering greenery, gloriously transforming it into a lush landscape, spectacular in its splendour. One could wonder how such small and delicate hands could achieve all of that. 
When praised by your parents, Kazuha would just smile coyly, the typical for him soft and charming little quirk to his lips.
„Ma’am, there’s no need for all of that. I’m just doing my job.” He replies courtly, bending in half in front of your smitten mum.
Despite all that talent and mastery of his craft, he doesn’t comprehend why the sole thing that his enraptured with you brain manages to conjure up is the fantasy of you being pounded to the ground with the precise snap of his hips. Eyes welling fuller and fuller as he delivers sparks of pleasure with the rhythmical pumps of his dick into you. He likes to imagine that you would beg. Beg and beg because Kazuha wants to overstimulate you. He wants to experience how you fall apart around his cock again and again, till your vision goes black, toes curl and then he repeats the whole process. Step by step like how he sees to his plants, orgasms grow inside of you. Surely the prettiest flower he would ever make to blossom. Even if only in his imagination. 
Kazuha accepts that he is admittedly the worst at controlling himself when you are just a few bushes away, lying on the sunbed. Your exposed skin, the drops of sweat trickling down your neck to your chest, sometimes even lower. But he doesn’t dare to let his eyes wander that far. It’s already hard as it is. He’s not sure if the dungarees he’s wearing could conceal his obscene secret. 
He steals another quick look and, with a galloping heart, catches you staring at him. Not for the first time, either. Sheepishly, like a small kid found with stolen candy, your eyes dart away. It’s a recurrent scene, the one that Kazuha has memorised through and through. Yet, each time it replays before him he ends up swallowing hard and awkwardly shifting his position to alleviate the twitch of his dick. 
It’s wrong. This primal desire goes against his sense of good taste, but try as he might he can’t help it. He would love to get down and dirty with you, as he does with the sprouts flourishing at his feet.
It doesn’t make it easier for him that he’s heard about the existence of your boyfriend. The rumour itself is nasty enough to kill any of his boners. But if that’s the case, why hasn’t he seen him around at all? Is this man stupid? 
If Kazuha had the privilege of calling you his own, he would hold onto you like an Onikabuto to a tree. He would hear you cry out his name, have you drift between waves of pleasure till you can’t tell a difference between the end of one orgasm and the beginning of another. He would corner you, push you against the wall of the shed in your parent’s obnoxiously big garden and fuck you. He would absolutely ravage you, till you can’t take him anymore and helplessly kick your feet in the air as he holds you up, plunging in and out. He woul--
„A-hhem, Kazuha? I brought you some lemonade.” 
You clear your throat, trapped by the emotion stirring in Kazuha’s red pools. 
The gardener pushes these lewd thoughts away like it’s the dirty soil he’s removing by shaking it off his delicate hands. 
„Thank you. I’m dying of thirst.”
He admits, thankfully collecting the glass from your shaky hand. His fingers are wet and rather cold. The simple touch leaves you stunned.
Kazuha gulps it down greedily, with a soft moan of satisfaction gracing your red from embarrassment ears. He closes his eyes, long lashes beautifully resting on his cheeks. You know you’re staring again and there is nothing you can do to stop. The white t-shirt clings to his sweaty chest and biceps. You only wish that his dungarees didn’t cover that much of his torso. Done drinking, he wipes his face with the back of his hand. 
„D-did you like it?”
You stutter, hesitantly reaching for the glass cupped in his bandaged hand. He’s once told you that he had burnt himself while helping his friend. You didn’t want to pry for details.  Nevertheless, ever since you’ve been fantasizing about tracing the scars with your lips. Among many other things that you would gladly put your lips on. He doesn’t immediately let go of the empty glass, deliberately prolonging the contact of your hands. His orbs magnetically pull yours, demanding undivided attention. 
Kazuha feels hypnotised by your presence. Why is it that you always have to act so cutely around him? Subtle smiles, playing with the strands of your hair or innocently nudging him with your elbow when he says something that you for some reason find funny. 
You’ve been parading around him wearing nothing but your skimpy swimwear. Each day relaxing on that sunbed right across his crouched figure, making Kazuha confuse rakes with a shovel. He can’t understand. It’s either he’s losing his mind or you’re just shamelessly hitting on him. And if you do, what is he going to do about you having a boyfriend? How can you, a rich boy/girl show interest in a gardener? He can already picture the fury in your father’s eyes once he discovers that Kazuha has overstepped his boundaries. What kind of game are you playing? His logic fails him again. And as much as he hates himself for that, he lets his dick dictate the rules to it.
„I don’t see how I could not, if it’s been made by your hands.” 
A hint of dimple shows in one of his cheeks as the corners of his lips curve up delicately. 
„Oh, but you always say that.”
You complain, pouting at the gardener. Kazuha’s eyes drop to your lips. His hard-on living its own life at this point. 
„Because that’s the truth. I could repeat that as many times as you wish.”
He notices how your face lights up. You’re so spoiled. Whenever he praises you that cheeky glint in your eyes makes it painfully clear what you’re after. Your airy chuckle makes him want to kiss the living shit out of you. 
„Well, I wouldn’t mind that.” 
You admit, tilting your head to the side. It’s exactly the moment when you become aware of Kazuha’s hardness pressing against the material of his dungarees. Your pupils dilate and jaw hangs loose. The boy realizes that he’s been busted. He lets you eye his boner, feels it swell even more under the scrutiny of your gaze. Your mouth starts salivating, as if you were looking at a slice of the most delicious cake. You can’t wait to sink your teeth in it. Having buried his reason somewhere among other seedlings in your parents’ garden, Kazuha takes a step forward.
„What would your boyfriend say about that, though?”
He queries, the scent of his sweaty skin mixed with the freshness of earth surges through your nostrils. You’re not even sure if you’re still talking about the lemonade. You inhale him deeply, welcoming the delightful aroma that drugs your senses. 
„What if I told you there is none?”
Kazuha cocks an eyebrow. Chest heavy with how much your presence affects him. All the wrong ideas churning in his head when you do nothing to move away. 
„I’d ask you to leave your window open tonight.”
He answers, forcing himself to withdraw from the heat radiating from your body. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots your father walking in your direction.
„Hey, Kazuha. Can I borrow you for a second?” 
Your father scoops the gardener closer, placing his arm around Kazuha’s shoulder. He greets you with a wink and steals him from your sight.
„You see, there is this company event that I’d like to organise on our premises. I’ll need you to help me with that.”
It’s the last thing you hear before they enter the mansion.
It’s late. The moon brightens the otherwise dark room. Waiting on tenterhooks, you’re sitting on the bed with your chin resting on your knees. Normally, you would expect to be getting drowsy, however today your skin prickles in anticipation. Per the gardener’s request, your balcony door is open. Soft blows of summer wind rush inside, cooling off your burning cheeks. It’s so quiet you can hear your heart beating as fast as a hummingbird’s wings. It’s pounding in your ears, loud enough for you to almost miss the subtle rustle of the ivy leaves. 
You jump to your feet.
The rustle intensifies. The gardener’s platinum blonde strands reach your eyes first, then comes his bandaged hand as he lifts himself and leaps over the railing. So agile. He dusts off his attire and tucks some unruly locks of hair behind his ear. And yet, the wind keeps stealing them again, selfishly playing with their softness. 
He takes a deep breath and delves his crimson eyes into the depths of your dark room. He smiles gently, spotting you right behind the glass door. He looks too innocent to be breaking into the room of his wealthy employers’ son/daughter. 
He walks up to the balcony door and with one stomp of his foot later, he is inside. He gently closes the door behind him, not wanting to cause too much noise that could wake up your parents. He turns to you, drinking in the beauty of your illuminated by the moonlight skin. 
There is this fleeting thought in his head that perhaps he’s gone mad. What is he even doing here? His stomach sinks and he feels warm and fuzzy all over. The silence rings in his ears. 
„S-so, um, I heard you complaining about those geranium flowers on your window sill.”
He states, awkwardly shifting his weight from one leg to the other. His red orbs longingly fixate on your lips. They are so deliciously plush and pink, like the flower petals he so much adores touching with his fingers. 
„And you climbed your way up here, in the middle of the night to ask me about these damn flowers?”
You cross your arms on your chest. You’d like him to drop that façade. It’s much more fun when he turns feral with his cock holding the reins. 
„Among many other things.”
The gardener inches forward, halting close enough to make you feel his breath tickling your cheeks. You smell him again. This time it’s sweeter. Less of the wet soil but rather a scented flowery shampoo. It’s endearing. Shakily, he moves his hand to grasp your chin. For the second time this day, Kazuha feels his cock rise in his pants. 
„If you promise to keep it quiet, that is.” 
A little needy noise bubbles in your throat. Your knees betray you and you hold onto the gardener’s shirt as if your life depended on it. 
„I’ll promise you anything if you finally fuck me with that needy cock.”
Your hand forcefully yanks his ponytail and Kazuha squeals. Possessive fingers keep pulling at the soft hair, guiding him to kiss you. Obediently, he brushes his lips across your mouth, making you shiver. His tongue is warm and breath unsteady. Tilting his head, he seals your lips with his. His nose pressed against yours. Kazuha is a good little kisser.
When he breaks the kiss, his hair is a mess, loosely resting on his shoulders. So fucking pretty it will haunt you forever. 
He moves his hand to your hips and you hook your leg around his waist. He rolls his pelvis, sliding his clothed hard-on over your crotch. He places his other hand underneath your thigh to give you some stability. With the palm of his hand, Kazuha presses to your sex, sending sparks of tingling pleasure to your groin. Instinctively, he rocks his hips forward, rubbing his hand up and down your arousal. He looks for some resistance there, his dick craving your attention. 
You scrape your nails across his hardened nipples, making him whimper in response. Feeling hazy, he keeps cupping your core, applying more and more pressure which sends a burst of carnal desire throughout your body. He senses how wet you’ve become. The gardener’s breath catches on exhale as your unforgiving fingers continue to tease his tender nipples. The feeling equally stimulating as it is painful and Kazuha grinds his teeth but still, stifled moans fall from his lips.  
„Y-you told me to, ahh--, be quiet and you’re the one who is n-not.”
You mock, albeit his hand on your wetness clouds everything, especially the ability to think and formulate coherent sentences. Kazuha narrows his eyes, shuddering as your breath prickles his ear, sending little tremors to his weakened limbs. 
Angrily, he crushes his mouth against yours and lifts you effortlessly, with his hands squeezing your ass cheeks. 
„Mhmm--” you moan into the kiss. 
Kazuha carries you to the bed, feeling your erratic heartbeat against his chest. He throws you on the bed and hastily unzips his trousers, releasing his pent-up desire. He yanks off his shirt and leans in to hover over you, eyes burning with an unquenchable thirst. Your fingers start heading south, over his abs, halting at the base of his cock. 
Kazuha sucks in a breath and holds it once you mould your fingers around his shaft. It’s so pretty, like Kazuha himself. Just the right length and a bit on the thicker side. The tip is swollen and pink, curving upward. He groans and his head slumps forward once you firmly wrap your fingers around him and give him the first pump. His hips start to roll again, fucking into your palm.
He kisses your shoulder, making you sigh at the softness of his actions. He struggles to contain himself, transfixed by the strokes of your hand. He would be so ready to spill all over you like that, with your eyes lovingly staring into his red pools. But, more than his own release, he desires to savour the sensation of your orgasm around his dick.
He gently removes your hand from his aching shaft and pepper-kisses the surface of your knuckles. It’s so intimate. He breaks down all of your barriers, each fibre of your body yearning for his touch. With his other hand, he reaches for the pocket of his shirt. He buries your fingers in his platinum strands and you accept the invitation to further abuse his silky hair. Nails digging into his scalp as Kazuha pours lube all over your heat, making you hiss. 
„I’m sorry.”
He whispers, apologetically kissing your forehead. 
„Just h-hurry up and f-fuck me already, ahh--.” you plead, loving the stretch caused by the dainty finger carefully entering your hole.
„I will.”
Kazuha reassures, marvelling at how his finger perfectly fits inside. It slides in and out, massaging the oversensitized nerves.
He surely takes his sweet time preparing you for his dick and as much as you appreciate his thoughtfulness it’s fucking overbearing. Your hips jerk as you try to meet his fingers mid-way, hell-bent on getting rid of that tension coiling in your belly. 
„I’m r-ready! Ready!” 
You repeat and repeat but Kazuha is relentless.
He disagrees, lowering himself on you to trap your nipple between his lips. He starts sucking on it, tongue latching on the delicate bud, making you moan out his name in a whirling passion wrecking havoc in your body. He shoves in his second finger, and this time it’s you crying out loud. Too loud. 
Panicked, Kazuha silences you with the palm of his free hand. The fingers inside buried deep enough to stimulate your g-spot. You can see literal stars each time the gardener hits that bundle of nerves. With tears in your eyes, just like in his wild fantasies, your hole starts contracting around his digits. Your orgasm takes over you out of nowhere. You weren’t prepared, not for such strong mind-numbing tremors of ecstasy draining your body. Kazuha draws it out as much as he can, stubbornly plunging in and out, till you push him away with your weary hands.
„Now you’re ready.”
You choke on a sob as he withdraws his fingers and positions himself with his dick pressing into your entrance. He hooks your knee over his shoulder and starts sinking into you. His cock stretches you, perfectly hugged by the warmth of your walls. The heat around him heightens his arousal up another sinful notch. 
You’re shaking under him once he bottoms out. Hands desperately holding to his hips when he begins fucking you in earnest. He leans in to drown his moans into your pretty mouth. Every ounce of Kazuha’s blood seems to pool in his lower abdomen as he fights for breath in between his powerful thrusts. The bed creaks under his violent movement, your hips flexing forward to feel him deeper and deeper.
Soon, you’re coming again. The sudden onslaught of your second orgasm renders you immovable. Everything comes to a screeching halt as Kazuha's twitching dick quickly overstimulates you.
„P-please, no mo-ore!” 
„Holy fuck!”
Kazuha curses not recognizing his voice as he reaches his high gripped by your repeatedly squeezing core. His orgasm shoots down his spine, exploding in his balls. He collapses on top of you, with hair sticking to his damp forehead. Enamoured with his vulnerable state, you cup his cheeks and feverishly press your lips together. He mewls weakly, totally spent. 
You wait for his ragged breath to calm down as he rests his head on your chest. He’s still trembling and it makes you want to fuck him all over again just to see him come apart for the second time. He attempts to prop himself up on his elbow but his whole body feels so heavy.
„Where do you think you’re going?”
You ask, forcing him to plop on top of you like a ragdoll. 
„No more climbing for today, Mister Gardener.”
Gently, you begin stroking his damp hair and he purrs like a kitten. His eyelids close before he can answer your question. 
When you wake up the next day, you can already hear the sound of Kazuha’s shears trimming the hedge right across your balcony. You go out, squinting your eyes at the morning rays of sunshine that attack your sleepy body. Kazuha notices you and his cheeks dust with the lovely shade of pink. Your mum and dad, sitting at the patio nearby, enjoy their breakfast, oblivious to the whirlwind of emotions shattering the poor nerves of their talented gardener. Your mum beams, spotting you standing on the balcony. She waves in your direction, encouraging you to come down for breakfast.
Not long after, all of you are seated at the table. The scent of freshly brewed coffee lingers in the summer air. Kazuha keeps working diligently, hiding his face somewhere among the leaves of the overgrown bushes. You peer at him, already missing the warmth of his red orbs.
„So, darling,” your mum begins in this nosy tone of her voice, which means nothing but trouble. 
„Will you be attending the event with your boyfriend? Your grandparents keep pestering me to finally have a chance to meet him.”
Kazuha drops his shears to the ground. Flustered, he bows and apologizes profusely.
Your mum only smiles at him and pats the free seat next to her. Kazuha nervously fidgets in his spot, not knowing what to do with himself. Your dad’s commanding voice leaves no room for objection.
„Come here, Kazuha. The coffee is just splendid. These bushes are not going anywhere anyway, right?”
The gardener nods hesitantly and on wobbly legs takes the seat between you and your mum. The lump in his throat makes it difficult for him to speak. He can’t even utter a proper thank you when your mum pours him some of that deliciously smelling coffee.
„Aren’t you hungry, Sweetheart?”
Your mum asks, focusing her eyes on the pale gardener. Kazuha, out of courtesy, accepts the plate with food which your mum forcefully pushes into his trembling hands. He nods again, too afraid to speak.
„So, I was saying,” your mum is back to the topic, „I expect you to finally introduce us to this boy. My point is--,”
She would most probably continue her rant but you cut her short.
„Oh, mum, but he’s right here. No need for any introductions.”
Your dad chokes on his coffee and mum blinks like countless times when you wrap your arm around the restless boy. Kazuha wants to disappear. He wants to dig a hole for himself right next to that big ass tree he thought a good idea to plant in your parents’ garden. His heartbeat sky-rockets when you place a chaste kiss on his burning cheeks. He feels hot and cold at the same time. Kazuha expects the worst, is ready for anything but not for what actually happens.
Your mum claps her hands and practically swoons at the display of affection. She rests her hand on top of Kazuha’s bandaged one and squeezes it excitedly.
„I always knew my child had a good taste in men.”
She announces in a sing-song manner and continues rambling about how cute he is and how happy it all makes her feel. Your dad clears his throat and somehow tries to rescue his loyal gardener from the awkwardness of that situation.
„Well then, I suppose the occasion calls for some stronger liquor than your overpriced coffee, Darling.” 
He rises to his feet.
„Kazuha, care to give me a helping hand?”
For a brief second hope flashes in Kazuha’s eyes but the spark is gone as quickly as it appeared when you decide to bail on him.
„Oh, no. Let me help you, dad. Kazuha hasn’t finished his breakfast yet.”
You walk up to your father and cling to his arm. Kazuha’s eyes threaten you with their malicious glint but you just smile at him fondly, blowing a kiss in his direction.
Tumblr media
Other boys:
Diluc as a wine industry tycoon
Childe as your swimming instructor
Zhongli as your history professor
Other series:
Going out on a date with Genshin boys
Thigh job with Genshin boys
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snailsgoingdowntown · a day ago
Out of Character | yan Xiao
Yandere Xiao! x afab! Reader.
No pronouns are used, but the body of the reader is female. I can’t write nsfw for gender neutral readers at all. It just doesn’t flow right I hope this is okay –
This is inspired by the Xiaowo concept/au of @merakiui
Sorry if this version of Xiao is out of character...
Warnings: general yandere themes, toxic relationship, toxic behavior, obsessive behavior, unhealthy mindset, drugging, manipulation, victim blaming, mention of alcohol.
Not sfw warnings: unprotected sex, somnophilia, blowjob, fingering, vaginal sex, non-con, dubcon, cowgirl, biting.
If I missed any warnings, please tell me.
Disclaimer: I do NOT condone the actions or behaviors that take place in this piece of fiction. None of this should be considered romantic or even normal as it extremely toxic and dangerous. This is NOT a healthy relationship.
Unedited. Like. I gave up editing this before I even tried. Its over 7k man, my brain does not want to edit this at all, not even 24 hours from now. And no pronouns should be used, but if did use some by accident, please tell me where they are so I can take them out. 
Wordcount: 7959k
 i. Sleep tight
In hindsight, this plan should have been easy to carry out. All he had to do was drug your drink, mix the liquid with your tea. It’s an easy step, too easy, and yet here he is, running out of time as his hand trembles above the cup. You’re in the restroom, and he’s running out of time. He takes in a deep breath, trying to harden his resolve – he pours it the moment he hears the toilet flush.
It would have been a waste of money if he didn’t use it. It’s only reasonable, yes. That’s what he tells himself when the guilt starts to set in, resting deep in his bones. It’s something he’s been wanting for a while, and well, he’s not sure if you would ever give yourself to him. And Xiao can only be so patient for so long – it was bound to happen, one day. He was bound to crack and lose composure in one way or another.
And today just happened to be the day.
No, it was the day when he bought this drug online from a shady seller. He even waited a week before deciding when to use it, making sure that the cops won’t be called on him. After all, who would buy this date-rape drug online?
He manages to calm down by the time you get back, placing your cup on the coffee table. His own cup is on the other side, drug free, and hides his excitement when you sit down. “Did I make you wait long? I know this project is due soon, and well, while I was in the restroom you were probably working your ass off…”
“No, it’s fine. You were only in there for a minute, no need too fret.” He takes a sip from his drink before gesturing to yours. “It’s leftover tea from earlier. I heated it up in the microwave… probably not the best idea, now that I think about it. It’s currently the only thing I have now. I need to go shopping.”
He even got rid of the other drinks beforehand and kicked Venti out of the dorm room for the entire day and night. And knowing him, he’ll be hung over at a friend’s the next day. Everything should go according to plan if he keeps playing his cards right.
“Oh, thank you. I was kinds thirsty,” and without giving it a thought, you drank it. He watches you gulp the drink down and set oy back on the table. He hides his smile behind the sleeve of his turtleneck, coughing into it. Oh, how naïve you were, going into a guy’s room alone and even drinking something you didn’t see him pour. Didn’t your parents teach you to be weary of men?
Or rather, get to know someone before trusting them.
It doesn’t kick in right away, helping with the essay part of the project, typing away on his computer. You were making the model, applying the glue to certain parts. His heart beats harshly as each second go by, eyeing you to see any type of reaction. That drug… it was the real deal, right? His typing slows down a bit at the thought.
Another minute passes by before you show signs of anything. The only sound in the room is typing and your yawns. It would have been peaceful, nice even, if he hadn’t had… other intentions. Intentions that involve devious thoughts, thoughts he’s held back on for so long now. He wanted a taste of you, just a little taste… he promises to himself he won’t stick his dick in you. Yet.
Because if this plan works, he has another one in mind. One that could be considered worse than this, due to a different aspect of it. But you’ll want it then, you’ll want him.
It took half an hour to effect you in the way he wanted. Half an hour of waiting, sweating as his glasses would fog up and passing it for the warmth of the room. Half an hour of trying to stay calm and keep his composure, shifting in place every few seconds. Half an hour of worrying that it was a fake and a waste of money.
He’s excited when it starts to work.
“Mmh… I’m getting a bit… tired…” your words are slurred and hard to understand at first. He loves the way your eyes are droopy, how you can barely keep them open. Without thinking, he offers you his bed, gently taking your hand to help you stand. His face is flushed red as your body presses against his. He hopes you can’t feel or hear his heartbeat, but then again, you don’t seem to notice anything. You’re already half passed out by the time he lays you on the bed.
“Sorry… for…”
You can’t even finish the sentence, eyes closing as your breathing slows down. The effects of this drug can be rather… deadly if he gives the wrong dose. Doses of every medicine requires the weight of the one who takes it. And he managed to get to talk about little details without raising any red flags; things about your health and medical history that come off as curiosity as he shares his. You should have really thought things through before telling him.
But you didn’t, and that was your downfall. He tries his best not to rush things the moment you knocked out, simply looking at your sleeping body. You look like an angel, so innocent… and so easy to taint. White is the color of innocence as red is the color of lust, which he is filled with. He inhales when his knuckles graze against the skin of your cheek gently, wanting to treat you nicely. But it’s getting hard to, when your lips are parted like that.
“I’m the one who should be apologizing… I just tricked and drugged you, and now I’m going to my way with you. it’s not like you’re going to remember anything of this, really. So, it should be fine.” He mumbles to himself, looking over every inch of your body. The bed dips and creaks under his weight, legs on either side of you. This is a dream come true.
He starts off slow, simply lifting your shirt above your chest to show off your breasts – to his irritation they’re hidden by a bra. He huffs, simply pushing the article of clothing upwards, resulting in your breasts bouncing free from them. Once again, his face turns red, your breasts so round and nipples perky from the cold air. He tries to shove the guilt away to the back of his head.
He’s waited too long for this. Every flirtation he managed to cough up the courage for was seen as friendliness from you. Every date invitation was met by a smile, and saying it was a good plan for the project. His advances were turned down unknowingly, and due to his shyness, was unable to persist with it. But now? Now you were asleep and ready for the taking.
His to take.
His glasses slip down the bridge of his nose a bit, quickly fixing them before they fell on you. His hand trembles as he lowers it to grope you; it shakes even more when he stops right above your chest. He knows this is wrong, it’s extremely fucked up and you would hate him for it. But it’s not like you would find out, really, the drug will last from anywhere for 3 to 6 hours. Enough time to do what he pleases with you, and you will be none the wiser.
The guilt refuses to go away still. He takes in another deep breath, hardening his resolve – it would have been a waste of money. That’s the final straw, finally groping your breast a little too lightly, nipple rubbing against his palm. It’s softer than he expected, squishier too, he gropes a bit harder. He watches your face, looking for any signs that you might wake up.
When there are none, he goes harder, mind a mess as he feels you up. His eye catches your other breast and with his free hand, he pinches your nibble. He rubs his thumb against it next, the bud perky. He tries his hardest to be gentle with you – it’s the least he can do. It’s something he tells himself to make himself feel better. Because a good person wouldn’t drug their obsession the love of their live and proceed to sexually assault and rape them.
He’s a horrible person.
But even so, he can’t stop his actions, can’t stop his hands from squeezing and pinching, happy that you’re finally under him. When you let out a soft moan after a rather hard pinch, his body freezes. For a second, everything stops. He can’t even breath, and he’s sure that his heart stopped for a bit. But your eyes don’t open, they stay closed, and he repeats the action to see if your body will react in the same manner.
It does, and once again, your eyes remain closed. He lets out a sigh of relieve, finally able to breathe again. He likes the sounds you make – they’re so cute, so lewd. It would have been better if you were awake, if you wanted this, but Xiao’s not delusional and he knows you don’t… crave for him. But he’ll make you crave for him, after this.
“I didn’t think… I didn’t think it would be this lewd. It’s amazing, how soft your body is so far. I wonder if your stomach will be this soft. And your thighs… your stockings hug them nicely; I want to bite them. Can I? Can I bite them, please?”
It’s laughable, how needy he is right now. He continues to ask over and over, despite knowing you’re not able to answer. With each one he lowers his head and body more and more hands leave your breast to lift your legs up a bit. His head is right between your legs, eye to eye with your panties – stripped ones. It’s so perverted, the way his erection strains against his pants and tongue craves your taste.
He gently bites your inner thigh, enjoying the way your leg jolts. He sinks his teeth into it more, keeping in mind not to leave any marks. That will be for another day, today is just for learning about your body. About what makes you moan and scream in your sleep, if possible, what makes you wet. It’s for practice. Today is all about practice.
He doesn’t remove your stockings, knowing he won’t bother to put them back on once he’s done. Once’s he’s had his fill of that, he switches to your leg, biting and licking your inner thigh, mouth getting closer to your cunt with each movement. He takes in a breath before backing away, sitting up on his knees as he gives your body a look over. His hands stroke your legs before moving up to your stomach.
The guilt builds up more each time he stops to think about what to do next. He’s sure that he won’t ever recover from this, he won’t be able to go back and pretend he didn’t have wet dreams about you. It’s too late to turn back now, anyway.
“I promise to make you feel good… really good,” he slides your panties off, hands shaking the entire tine. This will be the first time he’ll see a pretty pussy in real life. This will be the first time he’ll see your pretty pussy in general. He gulps once the fabric is completely off and throws it to some random corner. He’ll have to remember to put them back on before you wake up.
He just stares at it for a while, your bare lips out on display for his eyes. And only for him. His glasses almost fall off again when bends his head down too much. Reaching down, he places thumb where he thinks your clit is. He rubs the area until he can feel the little bundle of nerves, and when he touches it, your body jolts again. His eyes zoom in on where his hand is, thumb rubbing circles into your clit, making you whine in your sleep.
Xiao takes his other hand to play with your chest again, squeezing and pinching all over again. It leaves in awe just how soft your body is. He can play with all day, but sadly, he has a time limit. And he needs to be done before then to hide the evidence of what took place on his bed today. No hint of him taking advantage of your body shall remain.
The clock ticks in the background as his thumb abuses your clit. He’s not sure if he’s being too rough at this point, but your body is just reacting so nicely… how can he resist going a bit rougher?
“Fuck, you’re so cute and sexy… I really want to fuck you right now, stick my dick in and just cum inside of you. Fuck, I just want to do that so bad… but it’s not the right time. Not yet. Soon, if I can work up the courage once more… you’ll be begging for me then. Hopefully…”
Xiao slides his hand down from your clit to the entrance of your hole. Your cunt is wet by now, not dripping wet, but wet enough for him to slide a finger in. Which is what he does with his middle finger, sliding it carefully as he palms his erection with his other hand. Your walls are just so soft, so greedy, sucking his finger in like that. He didn’t think a vagina would be so squishy. Not that he was complaining.
He was just surprised.
The lens of his glasses fogged up once more, amber eyes looking at how well you’re taking him. You’re moaning too, how cute – your lips are parted, and he wants to kiss them, but at the same time he wants to see your greedy cunt take his finger in. It’s a sight he’ll never get tired of, and in the end, he decided to kiss your lips, adding a second finger, and curling them. He swallows your whimpers and moans, trying to keep some of his composure. He can’t afford to lose complete control right now.
He mumbles into the one-sided kiss, “I love you I love you so much. You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting this… gods, I wish you were awake right now. I wish that you would wake up and kiss me back, saying that you love me too. But I know you don’t… but, at the very least, I can make you start to like me a bit. Sex induces positive emotions, right?” He can only hope that will be the case for the second part of his plan.
The kiss is messy, his saliva coating your lips as he shoves his tongue into your mouth. It plays with yours, his fingers thrusting in and out of your cunt faster, rougher, wanting to draw out more of your cute noises. Your body is reacting nicely, twitching as your legs close in on his hand. Your cunt is dripping wet now, and he can feel your walls tightening around his digits. Are you close? Are you about to cum all over his fingers and make a mess? He wonders if you’re a squirter.
And sure enough, with more thrusts and curls of his fingers, you cum on his fingers, making a mess. You’re not a squirter, right now at least. Panting, he pulls back, saliva trailing behind. Your lips look bruised, and he hopes it’ll go away by the time you wake up. And with that, there is one more thing left for today. A blowjob.
Xiao’s body shivers as he fixes your bodies, positioning them to the way he wants. He straddles your chest, careful not to put all his weight on you. His cock is leaking precum by the time he pulls it from his pants, lifting his turtleneck sweater and shirt underneath up. It’s twitching, ready to feel the warmth of your mouth. With a shaky intake of breath, he opens your mouth a bid wider with one hand, the other one guiding his excited cock to it. And when he moves it into it, he thinks he can cum just from that.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck… it’s so good. Thank God, I drugged you today, thank God you were wearing a skirt so I could finger you easily today. Thank God you were naïve enough to trust me… I’m sorry for tricking you, though. It’s… ah… it’s your fault, though…” he bites his lip, trying to focus on how good your mouth feels. It’s a sinner’s heaven, a sinner’s lust.
His hips buck wild, and he forgot all about being nice and gentle with you. His mind is in a fog, too hazy to notice anything other than his cock in your mouth. He pretends that you would enjoy this while awake, that you would forgive him for doing this to you. That you would wrap your tongue around his length as you suck it, doing your best to pleasure him. That you would bat your pretty eyes at him as he fucks your face – but none of that happens as you remain asleep. Unaware of the horrible things he’s doing to your body.
Precum stains your tongue as his tip twitches more and more with each thrust. His balls are tightening, and he feels that familiar pressure in his gut – he’s getting close. His panting is getting rougher along with his movements. He starts to imagine your reaction if you woke up during this. Would you cry? Scream? Or would you like it, begging him to cum inside your mouth so you could swallow it?
He groans at the thought and gets closer to climax. It’s gross, what he’s doing. It’s horrible, really, yet in the middle of all the pleasure, he can’t find it in him to care. The guilt that will come with his actions will come once they are done. Right now, he just wants to use your mouth like a fleshlight.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, (name), fuck…” with a moan of your name, he pulls out barely in time to cum all over your face. White ropes of cum stains your pretty face, and he huffs once he’s done. It’s such a pretty sight, seeing you covered in his cum. He wants to remember this moment forever and never forget it. And he takes out his phone, opening the camera – it flashes, and your, cum covered face is now saved forever.
He stays like that for a while, simply soaking in the bliss aftermath. It felt amazing. And next time, he’ll make sure that you both will be awake for it… he just has to find that other drug. And with that said… he has some cleaning up to do.
ii. Don’t let the bed-bugs bite
You don’t remember anything that had taken place that day. As a matter of fact, it was all foggy to you, only remember going to his dorm for the project, and passing out. You had complained that your body felt a bit sore, and you had this weird taste in your mouth. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but it was just… odd.
His heart almost burst through his chest when you brought that up. He was scared, extremely scared and worried that somehow, you found out. But you didn’t, and simply laughed it off. Said something about it being morning breath, probably. And you even apologized to him, saying sorry for passing out like that. He felt bad, but nit bad enough to stop his next plan.
His current plan.
Which led to now – you’re in his room again, Venti thrown out to his own devices. It was just the two of you once more, and just like last time, you were distracted as he poured the drinks. This time it was a different type of drug. It’s supposed to make you rather… horny, unable to hold your urges in kind of horny. When he hears the door click open, he hides his excitement.
“Sorry about that, my mom wanted to have a… private conversation. About family and all… did I take too long?”
“No, not all. And it’s fine. I made us drinks, and I’m almost done with the report now. Just have to look over it and edit. After that, we’ll be free from the project, since you’re almost done with the model, right?”
“Yeah, I’m almost done. If anything, we should finish around the same time.” you grin, happy that the project is almost done and over with – something that was once heavy on your shoulders feels as light as a feather now. And the same can be said for xiao. Just for different reasons. Horrible reasons that will make you hate him if he doesn’t play his cards right.
And so, he waits, trying his best to stay still once you take a sip of the drink. He does the same, so you won’t get suspicious of him. And even though you had started to doubt what happened that say, you just can’t say no to pure, innocent Xiao. He’s the shy one in class, after all. Always wearing thar turtleneck sweater, and those glasses that make him look so nerdy.
He knows this, and it honestly only works in his favor for this day. Because you think of him as an innocent, shy young man, you can’t make yourself think he would drug you. it just would be so out of character for him. But in reality, it is very in character for him. Because in reality, Xiao is a very disgusting person who thinks about fucking his cute classmate every single day. Sure, he has nice thoughts about you, acting like a normal couple and such.
But to actually act on these feelings of lust without your consent is… horrible. Even so, he just can’t hold himself back, anymore. He’s been playing nice, very nice, actually. He wanted to be a gentleman, really. But you kept being really dense… really… hard to get. It was only a matter of when he was going to snap, not ‘if’. The guilt still doesn’t go away once he tells himself that.
Like the drug from before, it doesn’t kick in right away. It takes a while, a few minutes, where the room is filled with your chatter. It eases his worries, and for a second, he forgot what he even did. Everything was peaceful, everything just seemed right. For a second, he forgot how horrible of a person he was, drugging your drink like that. It all comes crashing down when you look a bit hot under the collar.
He watches in glee as you shift in your place every few seconds, trying to distract yourself from the wetness between your legs. You had worn a skirt again today, and from the looks of it, it was soaking wet. You keep messing with the hem, making sure it was flat as you sat on your knees. Your eyes are also hazy-looking, gaze never staying in one stop.
You even went quiet, eyes unable to meet his.
“Are you alright? You seem a bit off there.” He hopes that his voice didn’t crack. He hopes that he’s not being too needy, with the way he gets up and goes to you. He hopes he’s not being needy when his own cheeks flush as he sees you look at him warmly. The room is getting hot – or maybe it’s just him. And when you look at him like that, how can he keep holding back?
“Xiao… I think I… I should go home. I don’t feel… right.” His heart drops once you say that, and watches in disbelief as you get up and gather your things. This… wasn’t going according to plan. He didn’t factor in the fact, that well, you weren’t the type to hold back. Or maybe you just didn’t find attractive, like that. Whatever it was, he couldn’t just let you walk away like that.
“Wait, I think it’s best you –,” he reaches out, grabbing your upper arm, and the back of his free hand presses against your forehead. It’s warm, really warm, and he shivers when you let out a moan upon contact. Once realization had hit you, your eyes widened, horrified. He notices how your body stiffens but doesn’t attempt to pull away. He gulps.
“You’re burning up. I think you should rest. I’ll set up the bed for you.” There’s a crack in his voice, and his heart is beating so loud he thinks you can hear it. You look at the floor, considering his suggestion. The gears are turning in your head as he holds his breath. You have to say yes – you just have to. Your knuckles turn white after grabbing the hem of your skirt too tightly. He quietly wonders just how wet you are.
“I… I don’t know if that’s a good… idea…,” your voice trembles and is barely above a whisper. And when he slides his hand down to gently cup your cheek, you whimper. He tries his best to hold back, really, but he can’t help the way his face leans in, lips hovering right above your lips.
“Are you sure? You seem a bit… needy,” his eyes are half lidded, “I don’t mind… helping.” Your breath hitches, and you’re one to close the gap. It was just a quick peck on the lips, and your lusty haze is blown away once you pull back. He doesn’t let you go when you pull away, instead placing the hand on your cheek on the back of your head, holding you close as he kisses you again.
It’s sloppy and rushed, tongues clashing as his lips never leaves yours. The hand on your upper arms trails down, latching onto your hip instead. When he does pull back, you’re left in a daze, body craving more but mind conflicted. “It’ll… It’ll be fine. I promise; let me help you through this.”
He’s glad that you were a bit out of it, otherwise you would have questioned his behavior. He was never this pushy, this bold and direct. He’s never laid his hands on you either, shying away every time he had the chance. You should have, but you didn’t, and takes advantage of that. You don’t shake or nod your head yes, just stare at him in a daze. He knows it’s not an answer, but he can’t hold back anymore.
Not when you’re in his arms, ready for the taking.
“But…,” you try to argue, fight back, but your actions speak louder than words. He sees the confusion in your eyes after the daze fades away into the background. He shushes you before lowering his head to bite and suck at your neck. His bites leave indents as his hands stay on your hips to keep you in place. “Xiao, um… we aren’t even…”
Despite your words, you lean into his touch, whimpering when you feel his erection pressed against your front. He likes the way your body shudders when he gets closer to the base of your neck. Your hands aren’t even trying to push him away, instead holding him close even though you’re still protesting. You’re so cute, like this. All needy yet confused. Unable to align your actions with your words, so it’s hard for a third party to know what you wanted.
He hears you draw in a sharp intake of air when his erection rubs against your thigh. He can’t take it anymore, but at the very least, he wants you to be comfortable while he takes you. He easily picks you up bridal style, you squeaked in surprise. He just looked so…
“Weak? You’re thinking that, aren’t you?”
“I-I… you just don’t seem like the type of guy to um… workout.”
He hears the confusion in your voice, and he bets it’s because he’s so out of character right now. The Xiao that you know would never be this direct. He would never touch you like this. And he wouldn’t kiss you, either, instead choosing to hide behind his glasses as they fog up whenever you made a flirty remark in all good fun. You should have known better to do that. It’s not like you can take it back, anyway. He won’t let you.
“I think the bed would be better for this type of stuff… I don’t want you to hurt yourself on the floor.”
“B-bed? Xiao, I’m not sure if I – I want this.”
“But you’re not trying to push me away.”
You go quiet after that, most likely trying to refute his statement. He doesn’t let you though, gently placing you on the bed, mounting you right away. There’s another squeal, his hand cupping your breast. This is better than that other time because you’re wide awake. And no matter how much you protest, our actions make it seem like you want this. You were the one who kissed him. So, you started this. You wanted this.
“They’re really soft. Is the rest of your body this soft?” he knows the answer already but asks to make you more embarrassed. You stutter, physically wanting his touch but at the same time, not sure if you should. He’s not going to give you a choice, and while he finds your protesting cute, he just wants you to accept your fate already. Just listen to your body – it’s hot and needy, right? Don’t you want to have his dick in you as you cum on it over and over?
“I-I, um, wait, even if it is, or even if I do want this, I’m not sure if we should – oh!” your legs spread out once his other hand reaches down and rubs circles into your panty covered clit. Your blabbering stops for a bit once his fingers start to play with your heat. The cotton is soaked with your arousal, and he smiles into your neck as you squeal. The drug made your body really sensitive… it’s cute.
“If you didn’t want this, then you wouldn’t be wet, right? And you wouldn’t be bucking your hips into my hand.”
“W-when did you become so… confident? Bold, even?”
He licks a stripe up your neck, hand groping your breast harder. His fingers rub your slit up and down through your underwear. He whispers into your ear, “Because I can’t hold back anymore. You’re really cute.” His face feels like it’s on fire and his mind is all over the place. There are so many things he wants to do to you, with you. He knows this won’t be love making, but he’s too far gone to even care.
You whine, fingers digging into his shoulder blades as your hips buck into his hand. He rubs harder, your cunt greedy and needy. He pushes your underwear to the side, and you throw your head back when he inserts his middle finger. “You’re really wet. It slipped in so easily.”
You’re a moaning mess under him, legs trembling as he finger-fucks you. He wanted to start off gently, really, but you’re just so wet there wasn’t a need to. It’s not long before he adds a second and a third, teasing you about it. “You just keep taking my fingers in so nicely. Are you sure you didn’t want this?”
“I’m – I’m not sure, I’m not sure anymore -!” your words are slurred, climax building up. Your walls are tightening around his digits, they’re so soft and he wants to stick his dick in already. But he wants you to be the one to sink down on it – making you even more confused to if you want this or not. And also, because it’s what he imagines whenever he jacks himself off on lonely nights; you, riding his cock like your life depended on it, his glasses on the bridge of your nose and his turtleneck sweater covering your otherwise naked body.
He’s going to make that dream a reality today.
“Are you close?” he sounds excited. He curls his fingers in your hole, hitting your g-spot over and over, abusing it. He’s going to abuse your pussy with his dick in a bit. This is a… sample of that. Practice.
“Y-Yeah! Oh! Don’t stop – wait, hold on –,”
You cum with a squeal, making a mess all over his hand. You’re panting under him, and his cock twitches in his slacks. He can’t hold back much longer, but he lets you recover from your orgasm. He wants to be at least a little nice to you. He has to be a good future boyfriend.
If he played his cards right, maybe, just maybe, you’ll consider going out with him. You’ll see him in a romantic light, hopefully. If not, at least, well hopefully, you’ll want to have sex with him again. And with sex comes positive emotions, right? If you make the other person, feel good, they’ll think good of you, right?
He likes the way you look after you cum. Your eyes are glazed over, mouth slightly parted as you catch your breath. Your hair sticks to your forehead, and chest is heaving. He lifts your shift up, exposing your bra clad chest before lifting that up to. Your breasts bounce with the action, and without wasting a second, he latches onto one of your nipples, sucking as his other hand pinches the other one. He doesn’t let you catch a break, wanting to hear more of your noises and working you up all over again.
“W-wait, you’re being too r-rough-!”
Your words don’t slow him down or anything, the male too caught up in a lust filled haze. When he pulls back, your eyes are filled with tears.
“Does it hurt?”
“A-a bit… you… you’re done yet, are you, Xiao?” he tilts his head at your question. You’re meeker now, and your legs are still trembling. He’s not done yet you should know that – his erection is pressing against you. And when he grounds his hips into yours, a delicious moan reaches his ears. He wants more. He wants more of your cute noises, he wants more than you.
“Can you do something for me?” he slips his fingers inside your heat again, causing you to yelp. You look at him in a daze, body craving for him.
“F-favor? What type of favor… oh…,” your mouth slacks open when he curled his fingers. When your eyes close in pleasure, he peppers your eyelids with kisses. He wants to pretend that this is a romantic love-making session, that you’re his pretty little lover. That you wanted this, wanted to be fingered and want his cock so bad you’re begging for it. But reality is rarely as sweet as dreams.
“Yeah. A small favor… I remember once you asked about my sweater, and if it was comfortable… why don’t you try it on now? With nothing on underneath, that is… along with my glasses. I really like the way you look with them on.”
He asks in such a gentle and loving tones, wiping away the sweat and hair stuck to your forehead. You look conflicted again – probably still unsure about the entire situation. Probably asking yourself if you should do what he asks, or if you should keep protesting. He waits for an answer, trying his best to stay patient.
“I… I’m not sure… um… maybe… maybe I can wear it outside of well, this?” you gesture to your bodies and how close they were, your arousal staining the bedsheets. He raises an eyebrow, and huffs in annoyance. You’re caught off guard by this – the Xiao you knew, well you thought you did, would never react like that to something like that. But his sexual urges and neediness are making him more direct, it seems.
You’re a bit scared to say no directly, but also don’t want to say yes.
“It’ll be fine… I promise. Just let me take care of everything, okay?” he doesn’t even let you nod your head yes, quickly stripping off your skirt and panties, your bra and shirt going through the same faith. He throws them into a random corner, not really caring what happens to them. Your breasts and cunt are    out in the open, for his eyes only. He thinks it’s cute, the way you try to hide yourself using your arms and hands.
It’s futile, though.
“Hey, don’t hide,” he gently takes your wrists to move your arms. He pins them above your head before deciding to let go, taking off his glasses and placing them aside on the nightstand. He then takes off his sweater and pulls you up to put it on you. Your arms shake as you raise them, body getting warmer once the sweater is on. You look embarrassed when he takes his glasses and places them on you.
You’re a bit blurry, but he can still make out the general details. He blinks.
“Maybe I should put my contacts on… so I can see clearly…,” he mumbles, digging in the drawer of the nightstand, and getting the container. He thinks you’re looking at him in confusion, wondering why he doesn’t wear them. He ignores it, instead going to the bathroom to wash his hands and put them in.
Your body is too weak to even think about escaping.
By the time he comes back, the drug is still in full effect, and with Xiao being away for a bit, it become needier. But your mind, on the other hand, says to wait. To stop, but from how wet your hole is, he’s sure you won’t protest as much. You were always suborned like that. It’s cute, though.
“Sorry about the wait… let’s get started, shall we?” he gets on the bed again, but lifts you up to where he’s the one on his back and you’re the one straddling him. You gasp when his erection rubs against your care cunt, your arousal staining the fabric. Your eyes are watery.
“Hey, it’ll be fine. It’ll feel good for the both of us,” he leans up, gently cupping your cheek. The gesture seems to calm you down a bit, leaning into his touch. He smiles at that before kissing your forehead. After that, he lays back down, happily looking at the sight before him. It’s amazing, how much work a drug can do. How easy it makes everything.
“Um… but… even if I… it’s going to be raw, isn’t it…?”
“I’ll pull out in time.”
Condoms. Right. He forgot to factor that part in, and he doesn’t trust the ones Venti gave him – they didn’t come in a box. They were all loose condoms, and he’s worried if he poked a hole in the packaging. And besides, he’d rather feel your walls on his bare cock. It should feel better that way, right? That’s what everyone says.
“I’m sure neither of us has anything – I’m a… virgin…” his face turns red from embarrassment once the words leave his mouth. He’s sure that you’ll mock him for this, that you’ll laugh at him. But it’s okay – he’s about to lose it to you right here and right now. Xiao sees you take in a breath.
“I only did it with my ex… we always used condoms. But even if you’re a virgin, that doesn’t mean anything, you know…”
“I’m pretty sure the doctors would have said something once they got my blood results back. Remember, how we had to get our blood drawn that one time?”
You nod your head, fingers messing with the hem of his sweater. You’re nervous and it’s adorable. Without saying another word, his hips thrust up into yours. You gasp, your body moving on its own – it wants more friction. You’re starting to blabber again, about how you need to think about this. But your worries fall on deaf ears as he undoes his pants and pulls them enough for his cock to spring out. It’s already leaking precum.
“O-oh… you’re, um, you’re bigger than I would have thought –,” you throw your head back when he rubs the tip against your clit, his hand guiding his cock to your warm hole. But he doesn’t put it in, instead wanting you to be the one to do that. Your hips are going crazy, rubbing up and down his length. He lets out a groan here and there, your slick covering his dick. If only you would hurry up and slide down on it, sinking on it as you adjust to having his dick in you.
Can’t you hurry up?
“You’re rubbing on me like crazy… it sure does look like you want this, (name).” he teases, one hand reaching out to grope your breast. The action makes you whimper, your skin hot and sweaty. It looks like you were begging for this, and maybe at this point, you were. Not that you would be able to deny him. He won’t let you, not with the way your pussy was rubbing up and down on the length of his cock, hearts in your eyes.
“I’m not – I’m not sure, Xiao -,” your breath hitches the more you grind against him. Your gaze meets his, and he holds himself back from pushing you back and taking you. “But, if we do it, there won’t be turning back –,”
“Are you saying you would regret having sex with me?”
It makes you go quiet and part of him is genuinely hurt – he’s been in love with you for so long now. Would having sex with him be that bad? Is the mere thought of it horrifying to you? He doesn’t know what your response will be, but his heart beats painfully in his chest. He sees the guilt in your eyes, but they’re also filled with suspicion. But soon it goes away the more you think, and he has you in the palm of his hand.
Guilt-tripped sex wasn’t what he had on his mind. But it’s okay regardless of the situation, as long as you’re the one who starts the act of sexual intercourse. Despite how direct he’s being right now, he’s nervous on the inside. He’s not sure if he’s doing all the right things, or if he’s acting natural at all when it comes to sex. Xiao watches as you gulp, legs shaking, and you attempt to get up. Are you trying to leave again? Or trying to sink down on his cock?
“I’m not saying I would regret having sex with you, but this situation is a bit… it doesn’t feel right…” your hips lower themselves, where your welcoming hole is place right above his twitching cock – almost there. Just a little bit more. “But I…”
With every word, you slowly sink down, whimpering when his cock stretches your hole out. Xiao groans the more you sink down, and when you took all of him, he places his hands on your hips. He doesn’t move, trying to calm down before he cums on the spot. It’s hard to stay still, when your eyes are glazed over, and warm hole so wet you didn’t need lube. He hopes you don’t attempt to move just yet.
“Ah… you did it… look, we’re connected now,” one of his hands leaves your hips to rub at your clit, “we’re one now. No turning back now, right?” You merely nodded your head, and maybe his dick being in you has something to do with you. Lust does crazy things to people, makes their judgement cloudy. Even with how much you protested, you ended up listening to your body in the end.
“A-ah… mmh…” you rotate your hips, and you’re clearly having a good time. It makes his heart swell. “H-hey, are you sure t-this is a good i-i-idea?” you keep slurring your words, hips never staying still. By the time you finished your sentence, he starts to thrust his hips into you, trying his best to stay quiet – it’s embarrassing to let out such lewd noises. Besides, he’d rather hear yours.
“If… if it wasn’t. then, fuck, then we wouldn’t be in this situation – ah! – right?” he’s left breathless by the sight of you riding his cock like your life depended on it, hair swaying with your actions. He wants more and more, and your moans are only fueling his cravings. “You’re clearly – so good – enjoying yourself.” You whine loudly, throwing your head back, his words reaching deaf ears. h
While your mind loses itself on his cock, his is scarily clear – he’s completely focused on you. The pleasure goes hand in hand with the sight of you, and he’s in complete bliss. If heaven exists, then this would be it. Having you ride him like this, it’s a literal dream come true. He never wants this to end.
He wants to take his time, but Xiao’s losing himself in you. His hips just won’t stop thrusting up into you, your wetness making a mess. Your moans are a nice touch, and his fingers slip under the hem of his turtleneck to touch your burning skin.      
His grip is tight, not wanting to let go. It’s almost romantic, almost consensual. “It’s like we’re a couple.” It doesn’t make you react, your eyes shut tightly as you let out moan after moan. Your hands rest on his chest, bouncing up and down on him. His glasses are all fogged up, but it’s not like you needed them to see anyway. One hand reaches up to push them back when they’re about to fall off the bridge of your nose.
“It – fuck – feels good, right?”
“m-mmh, y-yeah – OH! – r-really good-!”
Xiao smiles at that, happy you’re enjoying yourself. And well, even if you weren’t… he’s not sure if he would have stopped. He probably wouldn’t, considering he did drug your drink and all. He can lie to himself all he wants, but deep down, he knows your consent is not a major priority. But feeling your walls on his cock is.
Your pleasure is just an added bonus.
A pressure builds up in him, his climax nearing. He wonders if you’re also close, but words won’t leave his mouth. Instead, he leans up, kissing you, teeth nibbling on your lip. When you gasp, he slips his tongue in, and all you is whine in response. His grip on your hips tightens.
Xiao can feel your walls clamp down on him, and your movements get rougher, sloppier. It seems like you’re close as well, grinding against him as you ride him. When you cum, it’s with a scream, the drug in your system making you hypersensitive, and you squirt all over him. You’re making a mess all over him. How adorable.
Xiao barely remembers to pull out when he cums, spurts of while landing on his sweater. He’ll have to wash it later.
Neither of you talk, your bodies slumping over on the bed. The room is filled with heavy panting, and he adores the way your head is on his shoulder. He places a hand on your head, stroking your hair in the aftermath of your climax. This is pure bliss.
He can tell you don’t know how to answer his question.
It’s just so out of character of him.
“Why don’t we become a couple?”
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❝ Drugged . ❞
· pairings: albedo x reader · genre: smut* · warnings: aphrodisiac, rough · words: 1524 ➝ summary: albedo tampered with something that he'll soon find in a panting mess. NSFW under cut!
Tumblr media
♡━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♡ Albedo had been in his office all night, also meaning that you haven’t been with him since he got home from his expedition. He came home, showered and changed, then left. But this was before you awoke from your sleep. Although, in the morning, you woke up and realized that Albedo had already left for work. He left you some Fisherman’s Toast with a handwritten note stuck next to the plate. It read: Apologize for not being there. I had to head into work early. I cooked some Fisherman’s Toast for you. Heat it up if needed. Love, Albedo ❣ You looked at the heart Albedo used to replace his period. It was something he did when he was sincere about his apologies. Which means that every written apology he’s ever written to you has had a small heart period. You grabbed the note and the toast as you walked back to your shared bedroom. You put the note in a little box that you had kept all of his noses in. Even if it seemed silly, you always wanted to keep every single one of them. You sat at your desk as you grabbed some documents to work on as you eat breakfast. You took a bite of the toast and smiled to yourself. Maybe he doesn’t look like it, but he’s a fantastic cook. And one who likes to play unfair. Albedo walked into the house, taking off his coat and fixing his hair. “I’m home,” Albedo exclaimed in his perfect accent and tone. He immediately noticed that you weren’t coming over, which caused a smirk of acknowledgement. Acknowledgement of the fact that his aphrodisiac drug worked. Now it was flowing through you. The moment Albedo walked up to your room, he heard the loud huffs of your breath; since Albedo was very adept to climate change, due to always being in Dragonspine, he could feel the heat radiating out of the room. The huffing noises slowly stopped as shuffling sheet noises slowly got mixed into the adage of sound. Albedo extended his hand out, ready to open the door but you beat him to it. You opened the door, strap of your tank top draping down your arm as you steadied yourself against the door. Your head rising to look up at him. Not fully processing what was happening until you saw his golden eyes. Your eyes widened then looked back to the bed then up to Albedo. “A-Albedo! Welcome home!” You let out a huff as you smiled at him. Albedo put the back of his hand against your forehead with a sly intent. “You’re quite warm, my dear.” Your eyes darted around the place, trying really hard to make eye contact but too embarrassed to stare into his eyes. Even from the contact of his hand against your forehead. It drove you crazy. Absolutely insane for his touch and warmth. You felt like you were about to burst into lust if he didn’t make a move. You were this close to pouncing on him until he captured your lips with his. He lifted you up, still keeping your lips trapped with his own. He threw you down in the middle of the bed as he looked at you sprawled out. “You looked like you needed a little bit of help,” Albedo said as he sat you up, grabbing at the hem of your tank top and started lifting it up. You lifted your arms up and let him get the view he wanted. He marveled at it, making you even more embarrassed. “Albedo.. Don’t just stare..” You said as you crossed your arms, covering your chest from view, looking away as you pouted. Albedo grabbed your arm, lifting it up and pulling you towards his standing figure. Albedo had your hand captured as you were pressed up against his chest. You were sitting looking up at him and your arm elevated above your head. He looked down at your pathetic form which was practically begging for him at this point. Albedo released your arm and crawled on top of you. Pinning your hands above your head with his one hand as he looked down at you. “You knew this was going to happen..” You looked away from him, rubbing your thighs together, begging for friction somewhere. “Well.. Yes. I did drug your meal for a reason.” It took you a second to undertake this newly found information. “I knew it! I
never usually get like thi--” Albedo took the chance of your open mouth and slipped his tongue inside. You tried to fight for dominance as he overtook your mouth. You squirmed more, as his knee grinded into your core. He let go of your mouth as he moved down to your chest. “A-Albedo!” You exclaimed as he started playing around with your already sensitive buds. Albedo moved his free hand down to your waistband, tugging on it gently. Asking for permission to take them off. You glanced at Albedo’s hand then up to him and gave a gentle nod. He started removing the only pieces to fabrics separating you from him. Now, you were fully exposed to him but he was still fully clothed. Admittedly, he looked nice in his outfit but it had to go. You kneed him in the stomach gently, trying to get his attention. He looked at your face and tilted his head. “What is it?” You glared at him then his clothes. “Remove them.” Albedo chuckled then went down to your neck, pressing harsh kisses onto it, some that will definitely leave marks. He released his lips from your neck but kept his mouth near. “Good try, but you’re not in control.” Albedo placed another harsh kiss on your neck then stood up, releasing your hands along with moving his knee from in between your thighs. “Since you asked so politely.” He winked at you then started taking his clothes off. You looked at him but he moved too fast. Within a couple of seconds, he was pressed against your entrance, arms pinned back up and mouth next to neck. You tilted your head to look down at where you and Albedo would be connected, but with his free hand, he moved your chin back up. “Not so fast.” You whimpered as you heard those words. He loosened the grip on your arms and gave a gentle kiss to your neck, slowly traveling up to your jaw. “Are you ready, darling?” Albedo asked as he placed a small kiss on your lips then parting to look at your face. You were already panting, from the aphrodisiac and the pressure of Albedo on you. Giving a nod for Albedo to continue as you squirmed, trying to get your arms free. He let one of your arms go, which immediately moved to his shoulder. He looked at you then gave a gentle smile. By his actions, you would’ve thought that he was going to be gentle. Albedo rammed into you, causing you to scream and instinctively move your hand to your mouth. Small tears outlining your eyes. Albedo chuckled. “Too hard? Sorry.” He had released your other hand and moved his hands to your waist. You took your hand off your mouth and moved it to his back. Albedo continued to thrust, trying to keep an even pace. Your arms were wrapped around Albedo’s neck, scratching his back as he kept his pace. He could elicit moans from you like crazy, but instead he let those moans travel into his mouth. “A-Albedo.. Plea--” Albedo cut you off with another harsh thrust and kiss. You moaned into his mouth as he groaned. “Fuck. If you continue squeezing like that.” He usually never swore, unless it was something that frustrated him or that he’s passionate about. He closed his eyes as he put his head down to the crook of your neck. Without any warning, he bit down. Eliciting another moan from you, causing you to squeeze on him more. He sunk his teeth further and released inside. Your nails dug into his back, him releasing was your last straw. You screamed, becoming incoherent while trying to say Albedo’s name. His teeth let go of your neck and slipped his tongue in your mouth. Silencing your noises as your nails still dragged down his back. He pulled out and grabbed your hand, sitting you up. You looked at him with a blank expression, trying to keep a steady breath. “Heh.. My bad. might have gone a little too hard.” You shook your head and slowed your breathing down. You looked up at him and smiled. “It felt good.” Albedo patted your head gently then kissed you again. You smirked at him, grabbing his arm and pushing him down onto the bed. “W-What are you doing?” Albedo had become aroused from your sudden actions. It was your turn to be on top of him. You crawled over
to his side, and grinned. “Dear, have you heard the phrase?” Albedo tilted his head at you confused. “Karma’s a bitch.” You got on top of him and kissed his neck. ♡━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♡ i'm shaking.. this is the first time that i've tried writing smut or anything remotely sexual so i hope you enjoyedddd. if i did anything wrong, feel free to tell me. :D by, chiyumiiixxx 9/26/2021
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absinthewine · 2 days ago
The Royal Treatment
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rating: nsfw
warnings: oral sex (giving), cum eating, gags, degradation, gn!reader, sub!reader
characters: Aether
Tumblr media
When you approached Aether about roleplaying, you didn’t think he’d actually go through with it.
Now, a couple of hours later, you’re kneeling before his throne. You can’t remember how long it’s been. All you know is that your jaw is sore and your knees fucking hurt.
Aether pushes his cock further into your throat and you gag at the intrusion. You struggle to breath as he keeps your face pressed into his pubic bone.
As soon as he lets go, you’re heaving and gasping for breath.
He smirks. “Don’t tell me you need a break, already. It’s barely been an hour.”
So that’s how much time has passed. You wonder if he’s lying to you because the pain in your throat certainly suggests otherwise.
Aether notices you spacing out and sighs. “You’re not very good at this, are you? Luckily for you, I have just the solution.”
He walks away, leaving you kneeling in front of an empty throne. When he returns, there’s a ring gag in his hand. He pries your jaw open with his fingers and puts it in you. When he’s secured the gag, Aether stands in front of you so his cock is level with your mouth.
Thanks to the gag, your mouth is held open for him and he wastes no time in shoving his cock into your throat.
You wince at the harshness, but he pays you no mind, wrapping his hands around your head so he can properly thrust into your mouth. As he fucks your face, you try not to gag and concentrate on breathing through your nose.
“You little slut,” Aether hisses as he gives a particularly hard thrust. “I bet you like this, don’t you? You like me fucking your mouth?”
When you shake your head, he laughs and gestures between your legs where your arousal is clear.
“You’re dripping,” he sneers. “You love it.”
He shoves his cock back into your mouth, the head rubbing against the top of your mouth before it’s pushed to the back of your throat. Aether thrusts roughly, pulling your head back and forth over his cock like you’re a toy.
“Take all of it,” he mutters, pushing your head down and holding you in place. Your throat constricts around his cock as you try to breathe. Judging from his moans, it must feel good. Just as you’re starting to feel lightheaded, his cock twitches and Aether is pulling out of your throat so his cum lands on your tongue.
“Don’t spit it out or swallow it,” he tells you.
You’re confused, but do as he says.
“Now open your mouth and look up at me.”
Your eyes meet his golden ones, not missing the lust in them. He has a hand on his cock, stroking himself quickly, almost violently. As he stares down at you and pleasures himself, you begin to wonder how you look. Kneeling on the floor with your lips red and swollen, mouth open and filled with cum, you must be quite the sight. Your cheeks flush faintly at the thought.
Aether must’ve noticed your embarrassment because he grabs your hair and forces you to look at him. He aims his cock at your mouth as he snarls all sorts of insults, telling you you’re a whore, a pathetic slut, nothing but a cumdump for him to use.
He cums again into your mouth, groaning as he does so. Once he’s finished, he tucks himself back in and observes you for a minute before instructing you to swallow.
You do so, glad to at least be rid of the bitter taste.
“That wasn’t so bad now, was it?” Aether asks. When you don’t respond, he raises an eyebrow. “Then, do you want to do it again?”
You shake your head quickly, thinking about your sore throat.
“That’s what I thought.” Aether undoes the clasps behind your head and removes the ring gag. “I trust you’ve learned your lesson now. Won’t be complaining anymore, will we?”
“No, my prince,” you reply.
“Good.” He sits down on his throne again and immediately you can see a change in his expression. It’s a bit jarring to see him shift from cruel and uncaring to concerned.
“Was that what you wanted?” he asks.
You wipe your mouth and smile. “It was just perfect.”
Aether relaxes a bit. He beckons you to come sit on his lap. “Alright. Now then, let me return the favor.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kaeyatic · 21 hours ago
—office harem iii
feat. zhongli, kaeya, kazuha, ningguang
warning: smut, 18+ content, minors dni
disclaimer: afab!reader with no set pronouns, cockwarming, implied creampies, filming with consent, threesome, cunnilingus, toys, dacryphilia, mommy kink
part i - diluc, venti, childe, scara
part ii - xiao, thoma, albedo, rosaria
Tumblr media
𝐙𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐥𝐢, retired CEO
Zhongli is the recently departed CEO of Teyvat Industry who still participates as an investor. If you thought Diluc spoiled you, Zhongli is on a whole other level. He enjoys surprising you at work and taking you to lavish lunches across the area. Whenever you’re riding in one of his posh limos, he insists on cockwarming you. The low burn as his thick cock stretches you out, the way you can feel his length pulsating inside of you, his head nudging on your cervix—he always wants to burn the memory of himself in you. After all, he was your first.
“Hmm, I can tell how much you missed me since your squeezing me so hard, dear. Do you want my cum that bad? You know I’d give you anything you want.”
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐚𝐞𝐲𝐚, Senior Marketing Manager
Kaeya is such an instigator in your harem. Similar to Childe, he’s always trying to get people frustrated or pent-up through his actions. One of his favorite things to do when it comes to you is reaching out to others for a “tag-team”. He managed to convince Childe one day to take your mouth as he claimed your pussy. With your permission, he recorded the interaction, finishing with his cum leaking out of you. He’ll randomly send you the video when you least expect it to see your flustered face or attempts to hide it from on-lookers.
“Heh, did I catch you by surprise. Aw c’mon...I didn’t mean any harm by it. Besides, I wanted to see if we can recreate that perfect face hungry for my cock.”
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐚𝐳𝐮𝐡𝐚, Assistant Marketing Manager
Kazuha is one of the more selfless members in your harem. He’s just overall very sweet to you and wants to best for you and the business. Whenever he sees you particularly stressed he does ask how he can help best. Sometimes, that would be his mouth attached to your clit, slurping up your wet folds as your run your hands through his hair. His eyes would be entirely focused on your expression molded into pleasure. He’s sure to relive this memory once he gets back home.
“My lower face has been completely soaked because of you. Do you mind if I use my cock next, it’s getting a bit...tight from all this excitement, love.”
Tumblr media
𝐍𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐧𝐠, Vice President of Finances
Ningguang is a very busy person who rules the finance and accounting departments with an iron fist. She does feel guilty that she doesn’t have much time to goof off and please you, so makes deals. Ningguang would lazily thrust a vibrating dildo inside of you, your legs shaking from the umpteenth orgasm you’ve received as she reads over her paperwork. She keeps insisting you can give one more for her before she’ll fuck her, herself —little does she realize that she’s lost count.
“Aww don’t cry, let mommy take care of you. You’ve been so good for me, I think it’s time to reward you.”
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thundersoothers · a day ago
DILUC!!! and his hands arf arf
buzzed & lonely means thinking abt diluc time
I know his hands are beautiful mm mmm mm they are so hot I just know it I want to suck on his fingers and I want his hand wrapped around my throat
his fingers skim against your back when he tucks the tag of your top away and even though his fingers are so warm on your skin his touch still makes you shiver
if there’s something on your face he’ll lean forward and thumb over your cheek gently to get it off and looks into your eyes and then down at your lips as he murmurs something sexy like there we go or much better I don’t know his voice makes everything sexy anyway
when you walk with him and there’s people around he’ll guide you with his arm wrapped around your waist and his land laying on your hip and rubbing his thumb in circles and if you get bumped into or lose your balance he’ll pull you closer until you’re tucked into his side and you can hear his heartbeat and his chest rumble as he talks and he only has to whisper because you’re so close and his hand grips your waist tighter
he pulls his sleeves up past his elbows when he’s bartending and his forearms are toned with veins nearing his wrist and his fingers are nimble and thick with rings and water drips on them from the condensation of the glasses and he asks you why you’re staring at his hands like he doesn’t know you want them in your mouth
smut utc, oral → f!receiving 
his fingers are so big that when he slips one inside of your pussy it has you gasping because even one has you feeling full and when he works up to two it makes an obscene squelching noise because you’re fucking dripping and his fingers not only go fast because his arms are so strong but they also rub exactly where it feels good inside and he doesn’t go dj on the vjay nope not him he starts with his thumb in slow circles just going around and around until you’re getting worked up and asking for more and he switches to two fingers rubbing your clit with his other hand or he trades the fingers inside your cunt for his tongue to give his hand a break while his others rub your clit
either way when you cum he keeps rubbing his fingers slowly inside of you until you’re completely done and when he takes them out he stuffs them in your mouth for you to suck clean and he presses on your tongue and runs over your teeth and once you’re done he kisses you with his hand wrapped around your throat
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z3nitsusgf · 9 hours ago
i bet zhongli get gloomy bcz he saw how big his bulge are n he have no bitches he can fuck val im so horny for this man i dont get it
Ur right amos :(( Zhongli gets depressed as fuck bc his bulge is the size of his fist and he he has no one to fuck in Liyue. And his cock hurts, he hasn’t been able to pump his cum into anyone for centuries :,(, so please help him <3 let him push his ginormous cock, that splits you open and makes you cry. Let him push your legs up to your chest, ankles dangling by your ears as you whine he’s gonna break you.
Just let him shush you, coo you down because he’s prioritizing the swelling in his balls to your small cunt. So be pliant and sweet for him, yeah? Hook your legs open for him as he swipes the bulbous head, that’s already splitting your slick lips open. He’s practically drooling over top of you, drenched cunt hugging the tip of his leaking length. “Love- n’ won’t last,” He’s mumbling, dragging his heavy cock into you. And your thighs are already trembling, the fucking weight of it spearing into you. And Zhongli presses his palms onto the backs of your thighs to keep your spread open for him. He can feel the way your muscles jump, fingers twitching as you drool and go cross-eyed under him.
“Just a little more,” He mutters, practically stupid himself. Silken walls clenched around half of his cock, and he pauses. Looking down and groans at the way your pussy can hardly fit around him. Lips stretched so wide it’s comical, and Zhongli feels like he’s not himself when he drifts a hand down to pet at your glistening clit that’s practically gleaming in the cold air. You clamp down on him then, arching your back and mewling out. Somehow getting impossibly tighter, and creaming on his cock. “S’ good for me.” He chuckles, thrusting in to the hilt. He’s too deep, can feel the kiss of your cervix on his cock and the way you kick your legs out. Letting go in favor of grabbing his neck, gripping at his hair and crying out.
Zhongli hasn’t had anyone to fuck in centuries, so be good for him. Just lay there and take it, even if you’re stuffed full and and leaking, tummy bulging and dripping with his cum. He still needs you <3
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emilekyren · 16 hours ago
childe brainrot i guess
Childe couldn't wait to see how you looked, fucked dumb on his cock. It was something he could never get tired of. He loved the way you squirmed and moved your body, even though you could never escape him, from the tight embrace he held your body in as he drilled himself into you.
Through the soft whimpers and moans emitting from your throat, Childe grunts in your ears "is this what you wanted? you wanted to be fucked like the little slut y-you are huh?" struggling to get his words out from being out of breath
you couldn't even answer from how hard he was going into except for the continuous moans and the constant nodding of 'yes'.
finally after the long hours of Childe fucking you into oblivion, you passed out from the exhaustion.
you woke up to see Childe still sleeping, which made sense since he had gone all night long with you.
you couldn't ignore the fact that he looked gorgeous in the early morning. the way the early sunlight hit his ginger hair, his slim figure gracefully laying in the bed.
you wondered how such an elegant figure, resting, could be so rough with you. you didn't want to wake him up or make it obvious that you were just staring at him, so you put your head back down onto the pillows and cuddled right next to him.
you couldn't have asked for someone better than him, Childe. and how you loved him so, was beyond words and something that you were never able to do.
okayyy hopefully that was fine. school has been kicking my ass and i wanna change my theme to genshin, more like childe so we shall see. i'll try to post more often <33 bye bye
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33roda · 18 hours ago
Can you do hcs for gorou getting pegged in front of a mirror during his heat? 🥺
omg yes!! this is gonna be my first time writing hcs, so don't expect much, but this was hot to think about - and I may have a newfound passion of writing smut hcs (also two posts in one day pff)
cw: using "mommy"
When you first learned Gorou went into heat, you didn't know what to expect
But it definitely wasn't you walking into him with a dildo up his ass, squeezing his eyes shut in pleasure and letting out the most adorable little mewls
"Aww, poor baby, why didn't you just ask?"
After that, it was fuck after fuck, whether it was you jerking him off, shoving a dildo up his ass, letting him touch himself and release all over your body
"M-more.. please, I need more-"
You had to comply - his sobs and begs were just too tempting, alongside his pretty little body
He'd flop around on the bed, displaying his whole body for you, whether it was his chest, cock, or soft little ass
He'd even grab your hands and make you feel him up - he wanted to feel you everywhere on him
You had to milk the poor boy dry
Of course, you had the brilliant idea to milk his prostate.. in front of a mirror
He'd get his pleasure, and you'd both get to watch how pretty he looks getting fucked - it was a win-win situation
Propping his ass up, you stood behind him as he faced the mirror, his poor red cock weeping with precum
"Put it in.. please, please, need you in me,"
You inserted yourself, already having memorized where his spot is from how many times you've fucked tonight
His body was pouring with sweat, his entire torso, face, and ass all blushy and cute
As soon as you started fucking him, his expressions were just photo-worthy
His ears twitching, mouth shaped in a perfect "o", eyes just shut from complete pleasure - he couldn't control his face anymore, all he knew was that he wanted to get fucked
"Breed.. B-breed me, fuck me please- ahhn-"
Slamming into him, his expressions just got cuter and cuter
"Look at yourself, Gorou. I want you to see just how adorable you look for me right now,"
Poor baby blushed even more upon seeing himself like that, all desperate and cute, he was so embarrassed he started trying to squirm away
But you wouldn't have that
Grabbing him by the hair, you pulled his head up until he got the memo to arch his back against your chest
You held him in place, placing your hand on his already sensitive neck
It wasn't long before you realized what this position could help you see
An adorable little tummy bulge
It'd bulge as you fucked in and out of him, visible behind his soft muscles
"Can you feel my cock against your tummy, baby? look at it bulge in and out for me, sweet pup,"
He couldn't even form sentences anymore, only "breed", "fuck me", and "cum" - alongside all his pretty whimpers and moans
He watched in so much bliss - his vision constantly switching from seeing stars to watching himself get fucked like a pretty bitch in the mirror
It wasn't long before he came loads all over the mirror
Again and again and again
He even stopped releasing any cum at one point, only orgasming
Even then, he'd still beg for more, no matter how fucked out he looked, or how much his body gave out, his cock already too red and sensitive he'd cry
"Again mommy, please, I want you to fill my insides,"
"Mommy, I need more, I love your cock mommy,"
"I c-can't take it anymorehhhhggg - wait don't stop - ahn!"
You wouldn't stop anyway, not until he'd pass out, absolutely fucked out and in blissful sleep
He's absolutely gonna be sore everywhere in the morning, so you'd make sure to take care of him for the next few days.. and try not to remember how adorable he looked getting fucked in that mirror, or you might just fuck him again
wc: 634
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kaeyafanclub · a day ago
childe nsfw hcs?
kinda straight, kinda bisexual, but always ready for bloodshed😜
Likes anal
Likes partners who are unshaved downstairs
Primarily a dom, but will let you dominate if you ask
Enjoys fucking on wet grass
Will strip naked for sex, but will NEVER take his socks off
Has once said: "Stop your gibber gabber, and play with my jolly rancher *wink* *bites lip*"
Can make you cum in under 30 seconds
Is a tease
Curses during sex
Likes to freak in his office for the fun of it
Has once said: "A tongue is just a tongue, and a badonkadonk is just a badonkadonk, but add them together and you get a whole waterfall raining down *wink* *bites lip*"
Lifts weights post-coitus
Calls you kitten during dirty talk
Uses his hydro powers to morph around his dick to imitate a condom. Once he cums he absorbs the cum back into his body
Gets turned on by long eyelashes
Nuts quicker when you call him Daddy
Prefers to spar first with his opponent lover as foreplay
Likes hot wax to be poured on his body
Has once said: "Come on my little margarita, kiss my cottage cheese ass *wink* *bites lip*"
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momogoat · 5 hours ago
what if i wrote about how sub!diluc always break down from how perfect his dom!darling can be, compared to his worthless self~?
an; this was supposed to be about fucking, but instead i was in my feelings… sorry~
tw/cw; !yandere content ahead! + !sexually explicit content ahead! + sub!diluc + pegging/anal + blowjobs + dom!darling + mentions of slapping + mentions of spanking
there’s something to consider about a man who's lost purpose somehow found its way to your very core. to become the sole source of a man's infatuation, both for the sake of keeping his sanity at level and for his darling to understand that a love so powerful is truly destined to be casted upon you.
diluc knows the more he finds himself isolated and kept away from you, the stronger his need for your assertion he develops. how can something so special, like yourself, ever refuse to accept him? he may be a little bit of a hard headed person, stubborn as can be, and extremely apathetic to those he finds not worth his time, but you have to understand as to why he’s like that, right? you have to understand it’s nothing but a ploy, a ploy that disguises itself as a dominance so intimidatingly dangerous, only desiring to be broken down.
so you have to understand him, you have to see through that, he knows it. days when intense bouts of frustration and exhaustion wash over him, you’re easy to seek and very willing of the man that drops to his knees, unveiling that mask of superiority and finally letting go of all the problems he tends to hold onto.
desperation seeps through his skin, demonstrating how he can be so sensitive with the amount of pain he holds onto. and with that, he begs, he kisses, he touches everywhere he can possibly lay his hands on, and although you may swat his hands away from time to time due to his attempts to seek something more intimate, he obeys them to every degree. you could simply slap him across the face and spit out insult after insult and he would accept it all, hang onto every word, every strike.
he deserves to be put down, to be shoved into the mattress you’ll force him on, and be played with however you’d like. just because diluc has a habit of breaking down in front of you, it doesn’t give you have the opportunity to be nice to him, instead, you feed into it, you test him and work him for it. he wants to be stroked while your tongue invades his? he won’t get it. instead, you spank the man that squirms under your knee, you’ll spread him out and marvel at the humiliating position you’ve got him. how you’ll perk his ass up just to get a good angle for your cock to enter him.
and you don’t take your time for him to adjust, you give him the sensation of what it’s really like to be filled with pain, just for that pain to be overwashed with pleasure. you let him get used to the feeling of being harshly fucked, of being emptied and filled with your cock from every deep thrust you give to him. you make him moan so vocally loud to the point that both of you know everyone in the dawn winery can hear his mouth. you don’t want him to keep quiet, and at some point, he too, doesn’t want to stay quiet either, he’s grown to like how loud he can get from your cock, it proves just how good you make him feel.
diluc wants to be lose himself on you, to bounce that body of his on your cock while you admire him on your lap, to suck you off as your enjoy the novel he bought for you, to cum like an obedient boy who waited so patiently for his master to give him such privilege. it all makes him flush and breathless.
he has an unlimited amount of people he can control through his business, but never has he been put into place, to be dominated by someone with so much more power. he gets tired of wasting away his life in a way he never asked for, to be a boss, a fighter, a worker, he never desired to work for anyone else other than you, where you exude the superiority of any knight, treasure hoarder, or abyss mage he’s ever came across towards. you don’t doubt yourself, unlike him, you don’t have a dreadful spirit, unlike him, and you definitely don’t dwell on anything in your past… unlike him.
you are what diluc should desire to be, but instead, he finds himself desiring to be with you. instead of keeping that mask on, you force it off, tear down his walls, and make him let go of everything he wants to hold onto. you rip off the shell, leaving him all exposed and cold, only for you to fill that shivering emptiness with yourself.
whether he deserves to be punished or to be praised, you make sure he doesn’t get the short end of the stick for either both. you make sure he’s given what you feel is best for the man who clings onto your body, who cries his eyes out as your body connects with his.
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bat-writes · a day ago
Heya, I was the anon who sent the previous ask lol, I didn't mean for like you to write all of them, I put like multiple requests for you to choose one you'd prefer to write xd, Mainly because I'm not too fussed in the end tbh, sorry for any confusion ^^.
I had to pick one, it would the be the one, where you're a new member of beidous crew and the initiation is just getting passed around by the rest of her crew :3
anon asked
Heya, I was the anon who sent the previous ask lol, I didn't mean for like you to write all of them, I put like multiple requests for you to choose one you'd prefer to write xd, Mainly because I'm not too fussed in the end tbh, sorry for any confusion ^^.
I had to pick one, it would the be the one, where you're a new member of beidous crew and the initiation is just getting passed around by the rest of her crew :3
What does Bennett have to say to this?
Tumblr media
Beidou, her crew
What are you listening to, Bennett?
Ride it - Regard
Tumblr media
We've got some buff ladies and men onboard so if you're into getting manhandled you'd be in paradise
Everyone's suuuper drunk when the crew decides to properly make you a part of the crew
They lock all the doors to keep the children out because if one of them walks in, it would be pretty traumatizing
They're drinking even more as they're fucking you senseless
Everyone is grabbing at your naked body as you're drooling because of the overstimulation
Fingerfucking, facefucking, doggy style, you name it, they'll do it
Beidou's in charge, of course. When she tell her crew to stop fucking you and give you to her, they'll do just that and watch her put on her strap and fuck you into tomorrow
She will eventually leave you to the hungry dog-like crew members to fuck
Each of them will hold you down so you won't be able to get up and move
Good luck walking tomorrow
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