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#genshin tartagalia
sanzeu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cant handle it? [Foul legacy Childe] Fem reader
TW: NSFW, monster cock childe😋, belly bulging, size kink, degrading, he fucks you on the floor in the golden house??, this is so short 😒
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your whole body felt like it was alit with flames, you felt wrecked from the inside out. Rough claws gripping and nabbing at your thighs, pulling you flat against their own body as they abused your insides.
Marks were scattered all over your neck and and back, they were deep red and gashed all over you.
Your hands were just barely hanging onto his neck as you were being bounced up and down, his giant cock was only just fitting in your tight cunt as he fucked you silly.
You looked down at your tummy as your saw a big dent poking out, getting bigger as he pushed himself all the way in.
He growled as he pushed you down on his length, sticking his hand on the hem of your back as he held you in place.
“You’re drooling comrade, not very polite if you ask me.” His deep voice sent butterflies in your already stuffed stomach, your orgasm fluids leaked out of your pussy as their sounds made you feel used.
Your chocking and struggled breaths made him harder as he went balls deep inside, the lewd slapping noises reminding you of just how fucked you were.
‘He’s a monster’ you had to remind your self yet you couldn’t as he was tearing around your guts, you could barely think probably as you were cumming once again over him.
“Wanna fuck that pretty mouth of yours.” Gripping you by the hair he pulled out of you and stuffed your mouth with his cock. It didn’t fit, of course as it took up your breathing pipe.
Chocking and guzzling all over him and he face fucked you, liquids flew out of every hole as he stuffed his large hands up your cunt, fiddling and scissoring around your insides.
“Such a good little girl, ‘gonna fill that fuck hole with my cum. Gonna paint your pretty mouth so much.”
Your attempt at screaming and moaning failed as your throat was full, squirting all over his gloved fingers, soaking them with your juices.
His knees hoisted in between your thigh, spreading them apart to give him more access to your dripping wet cunt.
No matter how much you struggled to break free from his arms, you never could manage to get out.
“Heh, you are in no position to do that little one, accept your place with me inside you.”
“You will give me your loyalty to stick by my side for the rest of eternity.”
You were sure all the holes on your body were filled to the brim by now, his cum load was thick and warm as it was still leaking out of your cunt.
Your liquids mixed together as they rolled down your scratched up legs, his claws were sharp and made you feel like some sort of training dummy.
His cock suddenly twitched as he shot blanks into your mouth, demanding you to swallow ever last drop before he pulled out. He fingers leaving your pussy as well, making you feel bare.
He stood up and looked down at your wrecked form, naked on the ground with white juice running out of every hole.
He didn’t care for your well-being as he only wanted to feel his own pleasure, he huffed as he started to re-ajust his body armour.
“I’m gonna keep you and use that fucking body whenever I so please, you’re mine now wether you like it or not.”
This was so scuffed 🤬
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mintyayu · 14 days ago
"I don't care" pt.3 (Childe & Xiao)
As i said, "I don't care" part three is here! With Xiao and Childe!
I finally had a proper day off after so long qwq I hope you're all doing well too!
Please, note that this is the last part of this serie!
Warning: Angst, modern AU, not proof-read
A/N: Same as usual, tell me if I made any big mistakes aaaa
BEFORE YOU READ! This isn't related to the fic in anyway, but I'm thinking about opening a Ko-fi both for fanfics commissions and art commissions. You can see some of my art on my tumblr! I'd still be open to request, but of course commissions would be priority and I could make them more personal (like with your oc) if you wish! So if you're interested, please tell me!
Part 1 here (Kaeya & Zhongli)
Part 2 here (Thoma & Diluc)
Childe came back after a long day of work in your shared appartement. You weren’t home yet, and he dragged himself to your shared bedroom. There, he let himself fall on the bed, still fully clothed. He slowly dragged a blanket over his body and closed his eyes, hoping to get some rest. As he started to fall asleep, he heard the door being opened and closed rather quickly. Soon after, the red haired heard your footsteps making their way quickly to the bedroom. There again, you opened the door quickly, before walking over the bed, a big smile all over your face. He glanced at you rapidly, wondering what your smile was about.
“I passed my exam!!” You fumbled in your backpack for a few seconds before showing him the paper proudly. “I was so scared to fail, I studied all week for it and I made it! With a pretty good grade, too!” you exclaimed, still showing him the piece of paper.
Childe looked at you for a few seconds before mumbling something.
That was all. That was all he said. You felt your heart ached as your lover turned his back to you. You had worked so hard to pass this exam, and this was all he said to you? You frowned before asking:
“That’s all?”
“Well, what else do you want me to say?”, he shrugged, his back still facing you.
“Maybe just something with more energy? And with a hug??”
You had barely finished talking that Childe sat up in the bed rather quickly, looking at you with anger in his eyes. Without breaking eye contact, he spat out:
“Well, (Y/N), congrats! I’m so proud of you! There, I said it. Happy now?”
You shook your head lightly. The pain in your heart was getting unbearable and you felt the need to apologize. But before any words could leave your mouth, he spoke up again.
“Can’t you see I’m tired?? I have other things to do than just give you a pat in the back for small and insignificant things!”
That was the final blow. You felt your heart shattering in a thousand pieces and felt a lump in your throat. Still, you managed to let out a small “sorry” before leaving the room and closing the room softly behind you. After the door closed, Childe tried to go back to sleep.
But of course, he couldn’t go back to sleep. He was too worried about you. He kept thinking about the pained look on your face as his words left his mouth. And the more he thought about it, the more guilty he felt. And now, he felt as if he was drowning in guilt. Yet, he managed to fall asleep for a few minutes. Those minutes were the worst of his life. He kept dreaming of you. He kept dreaming about how he was the cause of all this pain.
“You never cared, right Ajax? I should have known. No one ever cared… So I guess it’s goodbye now.”
He woke up after you said those words in his dream. Childe’s thoughts were racing. He got out of the bed quickly and went to the living room, which was dark and cold. You were no where to be found in your appartement. Childe felt himself getting more and more panicked every seconds. He finally found his phone and tried to call you, to no avail. He decided to leave a message.
“(Y/N)… I’ll be home when you come back. Or… Even if you don’t come back, please, let me know that you’re safe.”
A few hours went by. Childe was now laying on the couch, an arm over his eyes. His heart was beating so fast, he felt as if it was about to jump out of his chest. He actually felt his heart jump when he heard to front door opened. He got up quickly and came face to face with you, eyes red from crying.
-(Y/N)… I… I’m so sorry…
He got up and walked up to you. He pulled you close to him. And, to his surprise, you hugged him back. You were still shaking, a few sobs leaving your lips.
-My love, I’m so sorry… If only you knew how proud of you I am. I know how hard you studied for this test, and I’m proud of you for passing. You’re amazing…
You buried your face in his chest. You thought he would still be mad at you, so it felt great to hear him say those words.
“Where did they go again…” Xiao mumbled to himself.
You and him went to the mall as you needed some stuff for your new appartement. Xiao thought you had grabbed everything you needed already, but you insisted to go see a new shop that had opened a few days ago. Something with stuff animals if he remembered correctly. But now, you had taken off all by yourself. Your boyfriend was now looking for you. When he finally noticed your hair down an aisle, he let out a small sigh before making his way to you.
“Oh, Xiao! Perfect timing!” you exclaimed as you noticed him. He gave you a puzzled look as you said this. You laughed slightly at his expression before showing him a stuffed dragon. “Look at him! Isn’t he adorable??”
Xiao seemed to be a little taken aback as you showed him the plushie. He looked at it for a moment before asking:
“Why would you buy it?”
Now, it was your turn to be taken aback. You knew that Xiao wasn’t really found of stuffed animals and such, but you still didn’t expect his question.
“Well… I think it’s cute… And it’s soft!”
“… I think it’s useless.”
Once again, you were quite surprised by your lover’s words. You frowned as you processed what he just said. You finally spoke up after a few seconds.
“But why…?”
“Look (Y/N), it’s a stuffed animal. It can’t do anything! It’s just a waste of money!”
You didn’t dare to look at him. Your gaze was glued to your feet as his words hit you. When he was done talking, you simply put the dragon back on the shelf.
“Alright… I suppose we can go home now…”
As you made your way back home, your gaze remained cast on the floor.
When you got back to your appartement, you went to your bedroom quickly. You took all your stuffed animals and put them away in the closet. Xiao was probably right… Stuffed animals can’t do anything but sit their and collect dust. Maybe they really are a waste of money and space after all. As you put your last plushie away, you bit down your bottom lip. They were special to you, and you loved them. You felt bad for putting them away. Especially since at the moment, you just wanted to hug them and get some comfort. Still, you closed the door of the closet without looking at them. When night came, Xiao noticed something changed in the room. Yet, he couldn’t say what it was. He shrugged it off.
“If I can’t remember it, it probably wasn’t important.”
His eyes then darted over to you. You were asleep already, far from him.
When Xiao opened the closet when he woke up, he noticed something on the ground in a corner. As he couldn’t tell what it was, he squatted down and reached to the objects hiding in the corner. When his hands reached something soft, he couldn’t tell what it was. It was only once he brought the object in the light that he understood. Xiao looked at the plushie for a long moment as thoughts were racing in his memories. He remembered your sad expression yesterday as he told you that stuffed animals were only a waste of money. You probably hid the ones that you already owned for that reason… His eyes darted back to the bed. By now, you were long gone as you worked this morning. It would also explain why you were so far from him last night. You were simply hurt. Xiao pulled the other stuffed animals from the closet and put them carefully on the bed.
You were now standing by your bed, confused. All your plushies were carefully put on the covers, and a new one was sitting with them all. The dragon you saw yesterday was now proudly standing on your bed as well. Confused, you took it in your arms and hugged it close. Nope, this wasn’t a dream.
Your turned around, surprised. Before you could say anything, you felt Xiao’s arms around you. He hugged you close and kissed the top of your head before adding:
-I’m sorry. I didn’t realize what I said yesterday. Stuffed animals aren’t important to me but… I understand they are to you. Please (Y/N), you don’t have to hide them, I’m so sorry.
You couldn’t help but smile a little when he spoke.
-It’s fine Xiao, don’t worry…
You kissed him on the cheek before adding
-Thank you for putting them back on the bed… I don’t think they liked the closet.
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euphoriauxs · 2 months ago
[ OCT 3 ] ORGASM DENIAL | tartaglia
Tumblr media
+ pairing: tartaglia (genshin impact) x fem!reader
+ warnings: nsfw, orgasm denial, public teasing, degradation, gags
+ notes: i thiiink this one is a bit longer than the other two. sorry this is a few minutes late as well, i lost track of time:) enjoy! (not proofread)
Tumblr media
he was angry - you could tell by the way his bright blue eyes narrowed when they landed in your direction, the way he practically refused to touch you or give you the proper attention he often did. sitting in the tavern housing no more than thirty people, you and your boyfriend sat at a booth in the far back corner of the small building. the round top table barely covered your waists but for you it was more than enough.
he had come in with you relaxed, leaning back against the hard wooden seats with his arm protectively around the top of your backrest. his leg rested against your crossed ones and he slowly emptied the mug of beer in front of him. you twirled your own glass of cassia wine.
you didn’t know why tonight would be any different than usual. it was going as it normally did: tartaglia taking you for a drink before heading to your home and dozing off with you in his arms. today the tavern seemed a bit more lively and something told you it was time for a small change. you wanted to season the final hours of your day.
“baby, wanna head back after this cup?” you leaned into his side, tilting your head up to let your lips brush his jaw. the ginger stiffened at the small act as if he’d already picked up on your intentions. but he wasn’t quite sure. he figured you just had too much to drink already and were ready to leave.
his suspicion was confirmed when your fingertips dragged up the front of his clothed thigh, inching towards the zipper of his grey slacks. he visibly tensed up, but didn’t push you away immediately. maybe he wanted to see what your next move was. you tested him, breath fanning against his skin while you laid your palm flat on the light bulge between his legs.
“you wanna play dirty, girlie?” he said in a hushed reply. his cheeks deepened their pink shade, having already been flushed from the alcohol. he wasn’t drunk - far from it, in fact. you knew that when his hand gripped your wrist and brought you to a forced halt. you whimpered lowly in his ear. “fine. let’s go.” he all but dragged you out of the tavern, tuning out the many pairs of eyes that had probably caught on to the situation by then.
you were rendered speechless when he rushed you into the car and drove you home. the ride was short and silent. you knew what you had done but you weren’t sure if you were prepared for the consequences. tartaglia could tell, watching you fiddle with your own fingers in the lap of your black pencil dress. as much as he loved how it complimented your wide hips, you wouldn’t have it on for much longer.
he headed inside without a word, you following closely behind. he’d never been this quiet before and it started to worry you. had you overstepped?
that thought slipped your mind when he finally turned to face you for the first time that night while you set your purse down onto the bed. his arms were crossed over his chest but the hardness that covered his eyes had softened a bit. “you really wanna tease me like that in public? look what you did.” grasping your wrist once more, he forced your hand against his prominent bulge. you nearly moaned. “take responsibility, will you?”
you could only frantically nod like a dumb puppy while his slender fingers worked at the zipper on the back of your dress. the thin straps slid down your shoulders and soon it was a pool around your ankles. “get on the bed.”
complying like a servant, you watched him strip. his eyes had locked onto your body and his movements were slow. as if he were teasing you. he’d settled between your soft thighs in no time, arms caging you in at your shoulders. you whined aloud, craving his pretty lips on yours. “i need you, tartaglia. please.” you begged underneath him. the laugh he let out morphed your longing expression into one of confusion.
“you think you’ll get what you want after that stunt? absolutely fucking not.” his hands were like cuffs around your wrists as he brought them together above your head. he held them in place with one while the other pulled the lace down your legs. “open.” he balled your panties up before stuffing them into your open mouth, quieting you down.
each of your moans were muffled against your own panties as he rubbed the tip of his cock through your folds. it was almost disgusting how wet you were while being treated like some whore. he didn’t even bother giving a warning when he slid into you, groaning at your pulsing cunt. “so fucking tight.”
he fucked you mercilessly, all the while leaving deep marks on your body as evidence of what you’d done. you were on the brink of letting go, tears welling in your eyes and whimpers growing louder and higher into the makeshift gag when suddenly his hips came to a stop.
your eyes found his and with a single look you had asked why. you only got a pearly smirk in return. “you really deserve to cum on my cock after what you pulled? hm? you wanna act like a little bitch, i’ll treat you like one so take it.” his tone dripped venom and the grip on your wrists seemed to tighten. your body fought the urge to come, making you writhe in pleasured agony.
after so long he started rocking into you again, this time deeper and slower. he wanted you to feel every inch of him dragging against your tight walls. your mind was starting to go foggy and you were sure drool was running down the corner of your mouth by now. the coil in your abdomen was hot and tight, ready to burst at his command. fuck, you whined and whined, a wordless plea to him.
“you look so pathetic.” his voice was strained as he fought his own orgasm, finally letting up and fishing the soaked fabric out of your mouth. “go on and cum for me, princess.” and you did.
“ajax.” his name slipped from your tongue like a bar of soap in wet hands. he would never admit it aloud but the way you clenched around him and watching your body arch and writhe was enough to make him come untouched. fuck, you were amazing. he filled you good after a few final thrusts, letting his seed spill into your used cunt.
“if you really wanna fuck that bad, let me know in a more private area, baby.” tartaglia spoke softly as he wiped a stray tear from the side of your stained face.
Tumblr media
hope u guys liked this one:) -r
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beige-babyyy · 14 days ago
i hope this is what you mean by thirsts but i want Childe to quite literally use my mouth and tell me i'm his good little toy 😍
tw: blowjob, throat fucking, gagging, spit, praise, afab! reader, fem!reader
Tumblr media
god... me too anon... me too.
Tumblr media
ajax's fingers thread into your hair tighter, rasped sounds making their way out of his throat.
"yeahhh, f-fuck."
elongated huffs and stuttered swears, along with a slick slurping sound filled the room. the scene was absolutely vulgar.
childe kept most of his suit on, except for his pants which pooled at his ankles. his thick cock was exposed, pale and veiny and glorious. it was dripping with your spit, the drool pooling and dribbling onto the ground.
you were currently fully naked, the way childe preferred it. you were his cute little pet, only for him to admire.
you lapped at his cock again, hands gripping his toned thighs as your slimly tounge slid over his veins.
"come on, princess, stop teasing."
his hands pressed down a little harder on your head, urging you to take him into your mouth once more. you complied, repositioning your mouth to the tip and sliding down to the base of his dick until you felt him hitting the back of your throat, gagging at the feeling.
working into a steady rhythm, you started to bob your head, making sure to also have your tounge trailing and sliding against him.
eventually childe got tired of your pace, using his grip in your hair to force your mouth to take him faster.
hitting against the back of your throat each time with a bruising pace, he felt your throat tighten around him, only serving to make him feel better and fuck faster.
"y-yeah that's it, girlie. fuck. you're such a good little pet for me, yeah?"
he looked down at you. slobber pool out of the sides of your mouth, trailing down your chin and dripping onto your breasts. your eyes were teary and your face was red. whimpers made their way out of your throat and he could see the outline of his cock in your neck.
the sight was heavenly too him. he could cum at just looking at it. you were so obedient, so submissive. it only made him want to defile you more.
your grip on his thighs tightened as you felt pain starting to rise. it was getting hard to breathe with the way childe was ramming your pharynx so roughly. but it would be a lie to say you didn't enjoy the way he fucked you like a toy.
"s-shit! fuck, baby, i'm gonna cum."
childe pulled you flush against his pelvis. your mouth at the base of his cock and his tip forced against your throat. you held you there as hot spurts of cum painted the inside of your mouth. a long, satisfied sighed left ajax's lips.
he pulled away, allowing you to catch your breath. a thick string of white connected your lips to his dick.
"swallow", he commanded.
with a nod of your head, you did as you were told. the salty liquid making it's way to your tummy. you opened your mouth after, proudly sticking out your tounge to show him his seed was gone.
"good girl."
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azempyrea · 13 days ago
have we considered consort childe yet.... your consort stuff is all so good thank you for feeding me
love as abysmal as the sea
“how would consort!childe look like ?”
// ask request
Tumblr media
cw // once more: slight dehumanization, obsession + yandere qualities, absurd ways of worship, childe’s literally just crazy for your love, slightly suggestive
[ notes ] — honestly kinda surprised that no one’s focused on consort!childe (that i’ve seen of-) ??? i mean, i’ve seen a surplus of romantic relationships with childe, but that’s about it lmao
Consort!Childe who, to no ones surprise, also revels in being your lover !! He just… does it differently than others. He’s lovesick, surely; but he doesn’t show it by clinging to your side, actively searching for praise, following your orders as if he was more than a direct servant than a lover, and the works… no, he shows it a lot more differently.
Consort!Childe who was known for the frequent blood sacrifice here and there by his colleagues before he became your consort. Now, such sacrifices increase ten-fold. And they always seem to be someone that either envies his position a little too much, someone that looked at you the wrong way or said something about you a slightly too harsh tone, or someone he bore you just doesn’t like. If you say that there’s a person ticking you off, you’ll most likely see their dismembered parts wrapped neatly on your altar in the next few hours. You’ve normally got to stop him before he goes out to kill, but if you do stop him, he won’t hesitate to oblige and let go of his murderous “grudge”.
Consort!Childe who’s actually very “touchy-feely”. He’s very smooth with his words, knowing exactly what to say to get you to favor him more. Whenever you two return to your shared quarters, he’s sure to wrap you up nicely with a figurative blanket of affection and honeyed words. But don’t get me wrong, he surely doesn’t sugar-coat his affection for you; he’s never tell a lite to your face m… at least not a direct lie.
In any case, Consort!Childe who makes it very easy to fall into a deep slumber after a busy day. He’ll cuddle and coddle you all night, whispering promise of how he’ll keep you safe, how the day’s over and you and now rest, etc. and he’s not a man to stray from his promises. It’s quite endearing, the way the bloodthirsty 11th Fatui Harbinger falls like lovesick putty in your hands, and the only thing that is on his mind is pleasuring and pleasing you. As long as you’re happy, he is too.
Additionally, Consort!Childe is highly a family man. He’ll spout dreams of creating a large family much like the one he has at home, unless you express that you’re uncomfortable with it. Disregarding the idea of having kids, he’s quite the malewife. If he gets home earlier than you or wakes up before you do, there’s sure to be a plethora of amazingly good food on the table, just waiting for you. He’d like to spoil you quite often after all !!
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manias-wordcount · a month ago
Cat and Mouse (Childe)
Kinktober 2021 Day Ninteen: Brat Taming
𝙒𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙩𝙤 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚? ⇒ 𝙈𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩
𝙟𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙢𝙮 𝙙𝙞𝙨𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙧?
Tumblr media
It was always cat and mouse between the two of you. You were the mouse. And he, the cat. Time and time again, that would be the game you two would play. But this time, it was all too real. A real chase, a real fear, a real risk, a real reward. And it was all happening so fast. Too fast for a little mouse like you to keep up.
 You hadn’t even left the Sea of Clouds before he caught you. You couldn’t even make it past the Golden House. And boy do you hate it.
“F-fuck!” You curse, tears pricking in at the corner of your eyes as he snaps his hips against yours again. “Fuck you...ah!”
 He’s got you pinned against a stone wall, just out of sight from the main path. The spot is barely hidden, and if it weren’t for the fact that it’s completely pitch-black dark outside, you’d almost say you’re completely and utterly exposed. But if anyone were to come too close right now, they could see how easily he’s has you cornered. How his pants are down by his ankles, and yours are tossed somewhere in a pile. How your arms are around his neck and how his large hands grip onto your hips. How his lips rarely leave your neck and how you just can’t seem to close yours. 
 How your leg is hooked itself around his waist, and his cock slips in you like it was meant to be.
 “I thought you would realize by now,” He murmurs into your heated skin. He places another few kisses up and down your neck, nipping at your most sensitive parts. His hands roll your body against yours, manipulating the pleasure you do and don’t feel. When he finally reaches up and places a kiss just below your ear, you hear him whisper out harshly- “I am fucking you. Did you go too stupid from getting some dick stuffed in your needy hole, or were you always this dumb?”
 You curse at him again, squeezing your eyes shut and shaking your head. But that doesn’t change the loud moan he pulls from your lips. Nor does it change the way your arms wrap themselves tighter around his next, practically allowing yourself to be carried by him. He’s an expert at this. Only minutes in, and he practically knows your body as if he owns it. All the right angles, all the right spots. You don’t know how much experience he has, and frankly, you don’t care. All you know is that it’s unfair. It’s unbelievably, completely unfair.
 You and the 11th Harbinger had always had a weird relationship. It started with him flirting with you once he made his way his way to Liyue harbor. And even when you made it crystal clear that you never wanted to be seen with the likes of him, he persisted with that stupid, easy-going smile on his face. To him, your rolled eyes and sharp jabs were a just challenge. Just a tease.
 And in truth, they were.
 He’s more than easy on the eyes. Your first glance at him told you that he was cute. Your double-take told you that he was handsome. Pretty hair with an even prettier set of eyes. His height is more than impressive and you found his slim build to be extremely attractive. His confidence was alluring, and the soft gazes he gave to you whenever the two of you were alone always left you feeling flushed. Not to mention the fact that he was very clearly a family man with deeper than deeper pockets and you were just as hooked to the chase as he was. He liked being the cat. You liked being the mouse. It was a win-win for both of you.
 And then you saw it. 
 You watched what happened at Yanshang Teahouse. 
 At your family’s teahouse.
 “When we get back to the Harbor, we’re going to talk about this, okay?” He growls into your ear. His words are direct and hold no room for argument. It’s like the Harbinger- the persona of a man in a position of high power took over. And he can be mean. He can be so mean when he wants to be. “You’re gonna cream yourself on my cock, then we’re going to go back to the harbor, sit down, and talk this like sensible adults, got it?
 “No!” You can’t help but defy him- to turn away from him the best you could and shake your head “no.” His reaction is immediate. He quickens his pace, his intensity, and lets out a low sound that sends shivers down your spine. You know it’s stupid but you can’t help but be mad. You don’t even know what you’re saying “no” to! But all you can focus on is how much you hate him. You hate him, you hate him, you hate him. 
 When you ran, you didn’t know where to go. You know he knew that your family owned that teashop. He would always be around there, staying for hours just to watch you work. But now you know. You know that is probably just an excuse to intimidate your family. All so he could swoop in one day and hurt them. And hurt you.
 “Y-you used me, didn’t you!” You ground out, swallowing down moan after moan. At your words, he brought his head away from your neck and stared down at you, hips slowing to a stop. For a second, you feel like there’s no sound. Nothing but your roaring heartbeat and your blood rushing past your ears. The silence is deafening, and you want nothing more than to scream. “You used me to get to my family you sick bastard-”
 “Make no mistake, everything I feel for you is real. Everything.” He grabs your chin as he cuts you off, voice quiet, quick, and harsh. He doesn’t break a sweat as he forces you to look him straight in the eye as he breathes out heavily. The look in his eyes is both feral and enraged. You could just see the way his jaw clenched and unclenched with every unspoken threat directed towards you. You didn’t know what to think. “Falling for you wasn’t a part of the plan. But if I have to put you in your place just to get you to listen to me, then so be it. Are we clear?”
 You’re blinking back tears in shock, clearly thrown off by his reaction. You honestly thought he was pursuing you because of your family- because of the debt and whatever that item he was after. But hearing him speak to you so seriously- was a surprise to you. This was nothing like the gentle Childe you used to know. This was nothing like the debt-collecter Child you thought you hated. This was the Childe who had no problem fucking you out in the open like this just because you ran. Just to teach you a lesson. 
 The snarl on his face deeps once you take too long to answer. A hand lets go of your hips and smacks your bottom hard. You cry out immediately, the feeling of being treated so roughly by him was such a foreign idea to you. But you can’t deny the way it made you feel. The way he makes you feel- even after all that happened. 
 So fucking needy.
 “I said: Are we clear?” He hissed out again, and you swore you could see a crackle of electricity- purple electricity spark behind his blue eyes. “Don’t make me repeat myself, baby. You’re not going to like what happens when I repeat myself, baby.”
 Sometimes, you miss your soft ginger cat who could never keep up with you. But now that he’s finally got his hands on you- the mouse- you can’t help but have your breath taken away. Who would have ever thought something like this could happen with you a soft ginger cat who always seems to have more than enough mora on him? And when you miss him, you think about how he’s from somewhere far away with a handsome smile and sweet laugh. You think about all the times he came to the shop just to browse- which is code for “bother you until you kick him out.” You miss those moments. You used to think about them a lot. 
But more than anything, you can’t help but wonder. 
 And wonder and wonder and wonder and wonder about how you did it. 
 How you stood in front of the cat every single day and managed to convince yourself that he doesn’t have claws. 
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april-avenue · 26 days ago
Imagine Scaramouche, Xiao and tartaglia with a s/o who despises degradation and stuff like that, a lil bby who needs to be praised 24/7 protected <33 they'll cry if they say something mean to them :((
Thank you for the request!
Minors DNI
Contains: Gn!reader, sub!reader, body worship, lots of praise, mirror fucking
>he’s a man of mean words. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble
>But that just makes his praise so much better cause he means what he says. When he compliments your outfit or something new just know he 100% means it
>”you look lovely today dear” “Look at you so pretty like this begging for me”
>Buys you different variations of things he likes you have to gift you
>Loves praising your actions, doesn’t even have to be sexual
>If he sees you working hard he’ll make sure to tell you. “Look how strong my baby is! Working so hard”
“You made this for me? You’re too good to me”
>But it usually is ;)
“That’s right, you deserve it pretty baby”
“Look how good you take me”
>You’re whines and moans fuel his need to praise you
>Records you giving him head so he can keep the look you give him forever
>More of a body worshipper. Soooo in love with how you look
>Seeing you is the highlight of his day cause it doesn’t matter whether you’re writhing in pleasure underneath him or mad with creased eyebrows he still loves you
>he could be balls deep inside you and saying how he loves how you did your hair today or admiring how your lashes flutter
>Fucks you in front of a mirror cause you deserve to see how pretty your fucked out face is too. “Look at my baby drooling for me” Seeing your face all flushed and eyes rolled back is just drugs to him
>OOH! 100% into lingerie like all pretty and lacy doesn't matter what body because all he cares is that it's yours
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antichilde · a month ago
genshin impact — top three turn ons (tartaglia, kaeya, and zhongli)
NOT SFW (obviously) + gen. neutral reader. i have some of these for Beidou and Lisa too but I’m saving them for their own post.
1. Consensual forced submission. He loves blurring the lines between violence and sex because they’re both things that excite him.
2. Sadomasochism. Unsurprisingly, Tartaglia likes receiving pain just as much as inflicting it, especially if it’s in the form of scratches or bite marks. He’s usually happy to switch things up and sub for the night— the only exception is when he needs to blow off steam after work.
3. Breeding. He wants a family, so why not get started?
Bonus: He’s the king of aftercare.
1. Orgasm denial. He’s 100% a tease and won’t hesitate to edge you for hours. When he finally lets you finish, he’s sure to remind you that you’re only allowed to cum because he says so.
2. Exhibitionism. He’s hot and he knows it. Letting other people watch him rail his equally hot S/O is practically an act of community service.
3. Cockwarming. Again, it’s a power play: he wants you to know that you belong to him. Triple points if combined with the first two kinks on this list.
Bonus: Kaeya is absolutely a switch and is happy to have the power dynamics swapped around for any of these.
1. Body worship. More specifically, he likes to worship his partner’s body. It’s a nice change from his time as an Archon.
2. Contracts. (Predictable, I know.) Zhongli likes to lay out the exact terms of your physical relationship, including any discomforts you might have. It lists a safeword in case things go awry.
3. Rough sex. To him, mortals have always been fragile creatures. Before renouncing his godhood he was never able to fully express his sexual appetite for fear of breaking his partner, but now that his own body is mortal he can be as rough as he likes.
Bonus: He’s very vocal, and sometimes he’ll bite you to try and keep himself quiet.
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hunniewriting · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary; Puppy Love, it's such a nice thing isn't it? Until you find out the true meaning to the word "puppy love", suddenly it doesn't sound as cute as you once remember it...
— italic paragraphs are flashbacks! Modern AU where Childe isnt fatui‐ nor does that exist. Highschool AU if you want to see it that way!
Warnings; ANGST, Cheating, falling out of love, one sided love, fighting, crying, really bad angst since I'm not used to it, just poor writing, anything else notify me!
Character; Childe x Reader (gn)
Words; 1.574
Tumblr media
"I.. I like-like you!" The small ginger haired boy yelled, clenching his fist. He had never confessed and wasn't good at it either, you both were in 7th year. Almost about to head into 8th and onto highschool for you two. He didn't want any other boy liking you, he- he loved you and you needed to know that! Even if you didn't reciprocate his feelings he had to let it out. There was no way the boy could go on any longer without letting you know… it would be unfair to your friendship. 
You giggled a little bit, making his head sweat. He was about to apologize before you kissed his cheek and returned his feelings, since then you two had been dating.
It felt like a dream, like only two months ago Childe had confessed to you on that playground before School was out for summer. You wanted to go back in time. Have him love you again—God you wanted to not remember what you had seen in that phone. He- he loved you..? Right? You were dreaming, his messages were fake, he wasn't texting some cheerleader girl! He wasn't damnit! He's not like that. He wouldn't do that to you.
Would he?
 No, stop, he wouldn't. Childe would come clean if he didn't love you anymore, you would be okay being just friends. Despite how your heart did backflips anytime you saw him even if you were dating, if he was happy you were happy. That's how love works, right? You just needed to be fine with him running off with other people if you two broke up. It was just love. 
"Y/n! Would you want to go to the dance, homecoming..? I can help you pick out an outfit if you want! It'll be great, you said you didn't know how to slow dance. I can show you, yeah?" Childe's excited voice rang through the halls. He wasn't afraid to announce to the whole school who you were dating. He was so proud to have you in his life since that day in 7th grade. Now it's first year in highschool, the prom wasn't open to your grade yet but homecoming was something Childe never stopped talking about. He always wanted to take you to fancy dances even if it wasn't your style. Now was his chance!
The Homecoming dance.. Childe loved dancing. The text to the cheerleader had asked her if she wanted to go to a dance with him. You didn't know if she knew he was dating you, or maybe he never told her, maybe she never heard even though he shouted it like church bells on a Sunday morning throughout highschool..
You wanted to find out, you weren't ready for the emotional trauma you were about to receive but- he was lying. Lying to you. Lying, he promised he would never lie, hurt, or cheat on you. So was he going out on his promise? Was he just asking a friend to dance? Were you overreacting? Jealousy wasn't something you usually possessed, you trusted Childe. You gave that bastard everything, it took everything to love him in his worst times and at his best. But oh-! He doesn't know anything about how that must feel, huh? You two have been together since 7th grade, you were about to finish high school! It was your last year! You should've known better, he didn't ask you to prom when it's around the corner, he stopped messaging you after lunch, how dumb are you?!
You wanted to cry, you wanted to throw everything you could pick up at him. You hated him, seeing further into the messages and noticing how he talked about you —he claimed you weren't even together anymore— and this poor girl believed him! She hung onto every word he told her. Just… just like you did. 
"Oh my God. I'm a fucking idiot!" You shouted at yourself. How long has this been going on? Last year Childe stopped yelling about your relationship. You had only figured it was because he thought everyone knew.. how long? 
'How long, Childe? How long have you kept me hanging onto every word you've ever said.' You thought to yourself. He stopped doing normal things a year ago, was this going on for that long? Did he have a one night stand already? 
You held back the tears that threatened to come undone after closing Childe's phone, you might have been in the wrong to look through it but you started to suspect something was wrong two months ago. He stopped answering your calls, he didn't message you at lunch anymore, he didn't even come home until late. Which you excused as a professor had held him back but it's been two months. Two FUCKING MONTHS.
Childe returned home late, again. He smiled to himself when he noticed you weren't downstairs. Thinking you were asleep in the bed, truth be told he was going out to have dinner or a walk with the cheerleader. Who still believed you two had nothing between you. Was he sure it was wrong? Yes, he knew what he was doing. He just didn't care, not anymore. You became an annoyance to him. He couldn't take how close you wanted to be to him all the time. It was fine in 7th grade but you two are damn near adults now. You could give him space.
"Childe! Do you want to eat lunch together again? The tree is empty if you want to relax!" You asked, Childe nodded with a fond smile on his face. You always knew how to cheer him up, especially after classes he hated. You were always around him, it made him feel safe. Like he could talk to you about anything. 
"Feelings change, I guess." Childe whispers to himself remembering how you used to be with him. He felt a string of guilt overflow him, trying to brush it off and he leaves his coat and shoes at the door. Hastily heading upstairs to your separate bedrooms. 
Swinging his door open with a defeated sigh he looks around to see.. you? Standing there, a death glare clear on your face as you make your way to him. Childe gives you a questionable look, play dumb is all he can think.
"How long?"
"How long, how long, what?" Childe repeats your question, staring back at you. He wants to sweat his ass off at that moment. He knows you found out about his little cheerleader secret, he was just more worried if you had told her.
"Don't play fucking dumb! I saw the messages, how long have you been going out behind my back and going out with her?!" You screamed. Trying your best to show anger and not regret, and how hard that was. You regretted agreeing to date him, you regretted knowing him. You wanted to take every single I love you back.
"Oh for fucks sake, y/n. You're an idiot to think our relationship would last this damn long! And you're an idiot for not picking up on how boring you had become to me. You stick up my ass like a lost dog and never stop contacting me! Can I have two seconds of peace?! She gives me time. You don't!" 
"You never asked for space, Childe. How am I supposed to read your mind?"
There was a silence between the two of you, Childe refusing to answer your question. You were right, how could you know? Maybe he just didn't want to break things off. Maybe he was just a young dumb teen. Maybe he was lying to himself after he first went out with the girl, either way it was all blurred out with rage. Your yelling and him not sleeping was the only thing on his mind.
"... did you ever love me?" You finally decided to break the silence, tears were caught in your eyes. You sniffed and looked down at your feet. Childe watched your pitiful act, he wanted to tell you that he didn't. He couldn't lie though, he did fall madly in love with you once in a fairytale. But life isn't rainbows and kittens, y/n.
He would have sugar coated the words, if it wasn't for his big mouth. He didn't hold anything back; he told you how it was then and there.
"You're kidding, right? I loved you when we were fucking kids, y/n, kids. We didn't know any better but to give out love! It was puppy love! You can't possibly be this dense to think it would be a fairytale. Can you? A puppy is only small for so long, that's our 'love', I don't love you. I never will again. Is that what you want to hear? Do you want me to lie to you and say I love you?" Childe yelled, clenching his fist out of rage. You could only stare at him in shock, he sounds like he had been holding this in for months—years now. His face was red from either talking that much without breathing or from anger. Maybe both.
"Puppy love.. huh? W.. well, I th–hink that's my que to leave.." You could barely speak through your tears. He was so loving to you. You can't help but look at him one more time before leaving the room. A question to your glance; what happened to you?
Tumblr media
• NOTE;; this blog is for NBLM/MLM exclusively, and anyone questioning. Anyone whom is under the NB umbrella who's attracted to men is welcome! With that noted I do NOT write for women, characters or reader. Thank you for understanding!!<3 (woman are still welcome for my gn works)
Tumblr media
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blisschi · a month ago
hii!! can I request childe x reader where gn! reader cries in front of childe for the first time because their week has just been so overwhelming but they've been suppressing their emotions 🙏
• I'm here •
Pairing: Childe x GN! Reader ○
Warnings: Hurt / comfort •
Notes: I can completely relate to this drabble.. except there's no Childe. ( ͒ ́ඉ .̫ ඉ ̀ ͒)
Tumblr media
"Finally over.." You'd whisper to yourself while opening the front door. You're tired.. completely tired and the only thing you wish to do is plop down onto the bed and rest like your whole life depends on it.
While walking through the living room, you shoot your boyfriend a glance then without a word go straight into your shared bedroom.
Childe blinked a few times, tilting his head as he sees you shutting the door closed behind you.
He's quite worried. From usually lively and full of energy person you've become someone acting completely different.
"Oi.. Not even a hello?" Ginger got up from the couch slowly, taking a few steps towards the bedroom. "Where's my 'good-to-see-you-again' kiss, hm?"
Childe furrowed his eyebrows as he met with no answer. Without hesitation, he grabbed the doorknob and pulled it open. The first thing he noticed is your curled up body placed on top of the bedsheets.
You're acting weird.. is this some kind of a joke? Childe shook his head slightly and chuckled quietly as he walked up to the bed.
"Hm.. Who are you? Where's my [Y/N]?" Male sat down on the edge, looking down as you pushed your face into the pillow. Chuckling, Childe put a hand on your shoulder then imitating panicked voice, said: "Did someone swap my lover with-"
His words got stuck in his throat the moment you turned your head towards him. Lips shaky, eyes watery - you were trying your best not to let a single drop slide down your cheek.
"What happened?" His voice got serious suddenly, as if Ajax from before vanished. "Did someone do this to you? Just tell me who and I'll-"
"N-no.." Whisper left your mouth as you shut your eyes closed. "N-no one did anything to me.. I-I'm just really tired.."
Blue irises looked at you with worry, gaze desperately trying to seek a clue of what could happen to his beloved. Childe's hand wandered up to your cheek only to caress it with his finger.
"Then what's the matter?"
Opening your eyes once again, you leaned into his touch - finding warmth and comfort you very much needed. Your lips parted, gaze focused onto his face as the first teardrop slid from the corner of your eye.
"I'm so terribly tired.. because of everything.."
As the tear reached the skin of your cheek, it was over. There was no holding back anymore - single drop was followed by several more.
"A-ajax.." The way you called out his name made his eyes widen and without thinking, his first reaction was to wrap his arms around you and hold you flush against his body. "A-aja.."
"Shh.." Childe pressed a kiss on top of your head, his hands caressing your back soothingly. "I'm here now.."
Your hands clutched onto the material of his clothes, as your sobs were slowly getting louder. Pushing your face into his chest while desperately seeking comfort.. taking in his scent as he stroked your hair ever so gently.
"I'm here.."
He's definitely gonna fight someone because of this though.
Tumblr media
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genuinelyfrightened · a month ago
Tumblr media
RATING— nsfw??
WARNING— dom! gn reader, sub! childe, teasing, begging
CHARACTERS— childe ofc!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he didn’t know how he ended up here.
but he loved it.
childe, with his back pressed against the wall, arms above his head, your hands restricting his wrists from movement. the only action was the look you both shared. your eyes were narrowed, teasing his body with your eyes; you looked him up and down, feeing shivers run up and down his body. he could feel his nipples against his clothing and his cock straining against his underwear.
“well well, ajax.” you stirred, his stomach spazzing at the mention of his name through your mouth. “you did well during sparring today. shall i reward you?” he looked at you, speechless. your eyes following his every action made him hot and bothered beneath you. “you can say no if you want to.”
“n—no! reward me! pl-please..” childe whined, panting beneath your gaze. it was so hot. he wanted to see your body. “oh? fine then. tell me what you want.”
he got to choose? fuck.
“kiss me.. wanna kiss you. please.?” childe stuttered, pushing himself up against your body. you grinned in amusement— never had he sounded so needy before. “you want a kiss, baby?” you asked, teasing him just a bit; and getting the result you needed. “don’t tease! wann’ kiss you..” childe whimpered, his mouth open and panting, waiting to lace your tongue with his.
so, you obliged, pushing your lips against his. he welcomed you immediately as you slipped your tongue into his mouth, making him melt right into your arms. he let out desperate and tired whines in between lustful kisses, feeling his body get heavier and his cock tighter.
he was yours.
all. yours.
Tumblr media
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tartaglify · a month ago
love language for genshin men (giving)
albedo, diluc, childe, kaeya, zhongli
Physical touch/Quality time
First off, even if he doesn't show it outwardly, he prefers it when you sit with him while he performs his experiments all day.
Throughout it, he quietly listens to you talk about your day and he secretly treasures these moments of calm.
He usually invites you to his trips to Dragonspine because he doesn't like staying away from you for so long.
When he writes up reports or results of his experiments, he leaves one hand open to hold yours and squeezes it once in a while.
He loves feeling your warmth because he doesn't have much of his own.
Also he doesn't shy away from physical touch. Will kiss you randomly for no reason, but you're not complaining.
"Albedo?" You sat idly in front of the fireplace in his camp in the mountains. It never seemed to stop snowing here and it didn't help with the chilly weather.
He slipped your hand with his own into his pocket, your shoulders touching as he did so. "Your hands looked cold. It's not much help but I have a bit of warmth."
You blinked at him for a moment before grinning and leaning into his shoulder. "You're very warm. Thank you."
Neither of you could deny of the slightest of smiles he had as he continued watching the fireplace flicker.
Acts of Service
Since he's been closed off for so long, he struggles to show more traditional ways of affection such as physical touch or words of affirmation, though he'll occasionally indulge in those too.
Trust me, he wants to be as smooth as others when it comes to showing his fondness, but he finds it too difficult to get a hang of right away.
So instead he opts to help you wherever he can.
After a day of work, you'll find yourself back home to a clean room or a nice hot meal made by his own hands.
He always helps with paperwork and offers to accompany you on commissions or any other work that you have to make things go quicker.
Exhausted from the day, you stumbled into the mansion, all too tired to do anything but fall face first into your bed. But the minute you saw Diluc sitting by the fireplace with a book, waiting for your return for archons know how long, your eyes went wide. "Diluc? It's late, shouldn't you be in bed for your trip tomorrow?-"
"You haven't eaten, right?" he met your eyes. "There's a bath running in the bathroom. I'll have food ready by the time you finish."
Your irritated frown stretched into a smile as you rushed up to him and pecked his cheek before turning to the bathroom. "Thank you, love."
Safe to say he touched his cheek once or twice while preparing the food, smiling like a fool.
Gift giving/physical touch
Gift giving isn't much of a surprise, I think. He has money, and he plans on using it to the fullest, more for his loved ones rather than himself.
Random gifts appear to you throughout your day. A fatui messenger hands you one, one gets mailed to you, another just appears on your windowsill. They're not always very expensive either. Occasionally, it's a flower or and small trinket that reminded him of you and you find it adorable.
Of course, he's no stranger to physical touch when it comes to you either.
Sometimes, he'll purposefully get small injuries while out fighting just to come home to your nursing where he can feel your fingers against his skin.
He always keeps a hand on your thigh under the table, just because he feels more comfortable that way, knowing that you're still there.
What you weren't expecting midway through your afternoon was your boyfriend appearing out of nowhere and yanking you into an empty alleyway. Naturally, you yelped. "Childe...!"
"Shh they'll find me," he hushed you quickly, hugging you from behind. You sometimes felt sorry for the fatui bank workers who always chased him down for him to finish paperwork, though meeting him like this was nice.
"Childe, you have work," you rolled your eyes playfully, but he shook his head and rested his chin in the crook of your neck. "Just a bit longer."
You raised a brow, but feeling a squeeze in his embrace, made you relent.
"Fine. Just a bit."
You let him stay for longer than you let on.
Words of affirmation
He gives lots of cute nicknames for you and only calls you by them.
He makes it a point of how much he adores you by constantly showering you with stupidly flirty remarks.
Will literally start the day off by asking you out for the twelfth time this week with a terrible pick up line.
He claims that it's an amazing pick up line but you beg to differ.
He makes sure to call you beautiful or something sweet multiple times a day, but occasionally he'll purposely say an obnoxious one in front of others to tease you.
"'Rainbow Lambchop'? Seriously Kaeya, has the wine gone to your head?"
He grinned widely and shrugged. "Well it's just a different way of saying I love you."
"Well I don't want this one," you hissed back, and he just laughed.
"Then I can perhaps replace 'rainbow' with glitter?"
You lifted a hand to pinch his arm, but he easily caught it and intertwined your fingers, much to your dismay.
"I suppose angel does fit you best."
Quality time/Acts of Service
He forgets his wallet often, so he makes it up with other things !!
He always invites you over for tea and if you can't make it, he goes to you instead.
One of the hobbies he likes doing with you is reading together. He probably let's you rest your head on his lap or the other way around as you both read, and it's just very wholesome.
When you come to him with a request...when I say he will drop everything I mean EVERYTHING.
You asked him as a joke if he'd make another hole on one of the abandoned islands for you and he immediately started getting ready.
Since you don't want him destroying half of Teyvat, he usually opts to running errands for you whenever he can. He likes washing your hair or brewing you his favorite tea the best.
"Is this a new recipe?"
He nodded. "Yes, I made a mix of your two favorites with a pinch of other ingredients. How is it?"
"It's delicious," you beamed. "I could drink a thousand cups."
You blinked. Immediately, you went into panic in trying to stop him from ordering a thousand servings of ingredients. "I don't mean it like that!"
"I know," he said. "They won't come all at once. Just once a week so that we always have some ready."
This man was going to be the death of you.
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