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#genshin x reader
xiaowhore · a day ago
loved by everyone and loves you too
Tumblr media
thoma: due to his outgoing nature, it isn't too much of a mystery why he's so well-liked by everyone in inazuma; he's more often than not doted on by grannies feeding him all sorts of snacks, asked out for dinner by a fair number of women, and surrounded by male friends who want to grab a drink together with him.
even so, he will politely reject all these invitations with a simple answer: “sorry, i have a dinner date with [name] tonight. maybe another time!”
it's sweet how you're always his priority, but you're quickly becoming rivals with people you don't even know about...
loves everyone and loves you too
Tumblr media
gorou: friendly and eager to please, gorou is always found excitedly chatting with his favorite people. outside of the resistance's wars, he's a pretty normal guy who just wants everyone to be happy... especially you!
you can practically see how his eyes sparkle when he catches a glimpse of your hair, his feet naturally leading him to your general vicinity. he can be shy, stuttering over his first few words, but he wants to talk to you, and not even his nervousness can stop him from doing that!
but he quickly shortcircuits when you pat his head, cheeks exploding into a shade of pink. it only gets worse when you start playfully tugging on his ear.
loved by everyone but only loves you
Tumblr media
zhongli: as an archon worshipped by all, being loved is something zhongli has always taken for granted... yet all he gains from you is the typical respect you'd give to anyone else.
he longs for your affection, craves your warm touch. he's dissatisfied with the short conversations you have, wishing for more time basked in your presence. he wants to embrace you, trace his fingers over your skin, ghosting over the spots he knew would make you shiver. he wants to see your flustered expressions, wants to feel the pride of being the only one who can make you look like that.
...fantasies are pleasant, but the reality is he's no more than an acquaintance to you.
he'd like to change that soon.
Tumblr media
albedo: he's quite the charmer, making use of his bewitching appearance and flattering tongue to win favor. however, if he were to be frank, he hardly thinks much of those around him if he doesn't stand to gain from them. he's no stranger to the prying eyes gazing at him in admiration, sometimes even finding them a nuisance.
but he can't deny how his heart skips in glee whenever your stare happens to flitter on his physique, causing him to jolt in surprise on numerous occasions, yet all you give him is a passing glance before your attention returns to something else. leaves him restless.
he wants to earn your attention, to gauge each of your adorable reactions. he wants to capture the breath of your lips, wants to skim his hands across your skin. he wants to-
oh archons. he's in deep trouble, isn't he.
Tumblr media
kazuha: he's often described as a pleasant companion; an “ideal lover,” if you will... that is, if you generously ignore the glaring title of “fugitive” under his name.
flowers spring forth on his tongue instead of words, capable of making the coldest heart thaw and flutter tenderly. coupled with his princely appearance, it doesn't take a detective to know why he's popular among his peers (aside from being known as a criminal...)
it doesn't work on you, surprisingly. unfazed, you easily laugh off the sugary lip service, cringing inwardly to yourself. kazuha finds himself upset somewhat, but it earns him a firm goal — he wants to destroy your composure, to see your stoic expression shatter into pieces. he wants to see you panic, to see your cheeks flush into a pretty shade of red.
it won't be fun if everything's handed to him on a silver platter, right?
hated by everyone but loves you
Tumblr media
childe: he's infuriating. just the upward quirk of his lips to a smirk maddens you, heat bubbling within your chest. you don't appreciate how he curls his finger beneath your chin to forcibly make you meet his dark eyes, electricity running through your veins each time he speaks in a cheery lilt.
his gaze is sharp, to the point you can almost feel the pinpricks of his pointed stare. and you could never bring yourself to look away, clinging to your worthless pride.
he knows what effect he has on you, and he can't be anymore smug about it, relishing in the insincere curses you throw at him. he entertains himself by testing your patience. what an asshole.
and by the end of it all, you lose anyway. because the moment his lips seal yours, you know you don't want to pull away from this either.
hates everyone but loves you
Tumblr media
xiao: he knows he can be a bit of a bitch. he's been told his temper is about as tall as he is, and as deeply offended he may be, he can't exactly deny it.
he's snappy, rude, impatient, and other variations along those lines. he knows that he's stern, that he can't take a joke, that he's too uptight even when nobody's watching him.
and he also knows that he gets embarrassingly mellow whenever you're around.
the seemingly permanent furrow on his brow smooths down, the scowl on his face withers into a pathetic small smile, his sharp tongue dulls and all of a sudden everything that comes out of his mouth are vaguely romantic pickup lines that make him want to vomit.
it's weird. it's gross. it makes him feel sick, makes him too sweaty. it feels like something's crawling on his skin. it's like there's something threatening to burst in his chest, and xiao doesn't know how to make sure it stays in there.
when he sees that damned smile of yours again, it only reminds him that he can't keep it locked inside his heart forever.
hates everyone and “hates” you too
Tumblr media
scaramouche: even a glimpse of your face makes his blood boil, heat shooting up his cheeks. he doesn't need a mirror to know he's red-faced, brimming with annoyance. you're aggravating, like a pesky itch on his skin that refuses to go away. he's awfully conscious of you, and no matter how much he tries to take you off his mind, you stubbornly remain anyway.
his attitude shifts unnaturally when you're right beside him. his voice is stuck in his throat, as if you have a firm grasp around his neck, coiling tightly to constrict his breath. he doesn't appreciate it. nor does he appreciate the faintest brush of your skin against his, searing hot on his flesh. it spreads across his arm like goosebumps, and he hates it. he knows the sensation won't leave him for the entire day, and he'll still keep thinking about it at night.
but curiosity stirs within the corners of his mind, wondering what your warmth feels like. if it's scorching hot, a smoldering blaze that will reduce him to ashes; or if it's soft and cozy, akin to a hearth in a bleak midwinter day relieving him of frost on his fingertips.
either way, he's certain he'll be glad to feel it.
even if your embrace calls for him to be engulfed in flames, then so be it.
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amosthirst · 2 days ago
Imagine Itto fucking the Divine priest/priestess of Inazuma...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
NO CAUSE I LITERALLY THINK ABT THIS BUT INSTEAD OF READER BEING A PRIESTESS, THEYRE A SHRINE MAIDEN :3 we have same mind nonnie *kiss* im gonna make them a shrine maiden i hope ur okay with that anon 💓 also if i got the miko/shrine maiden clothing piece name wrong, pls tell me!! i am relying on google currently TT
tags,, sacrilegious, size difference, get caught having sex, petnames (angel), itto marking you, minors do not interact. fem! reader.
« MORE »
Tumblr media
your father always mentioned how sinful oni are. kneeling down in front of the shrine your ancestor have built, he constantly remind you how oni are wolves in sheep clothing. and you believed him, serving the sacred shrine your family inherited every day, took every chance in your day to pray. it comes to the point where your mother had to scrub ointment oil on your bruised knees. every day is the same, washing your red hakama and white kosode, cooking lunch and dinner for your parents, cleanse the shrine surrounding.
you have always been good, perfect in every way, the daughter every parent wish, the perfect wife candidate every mother wish they could pair up with their sons. a soft spoken, religious, and pure woman.
itto wonder if they know how much more perfect you are in your room, fingers stuffed deep inside of your cunt, your face flushed into the pillow— chest rosing up and down. if they know many time you called out his name late at night when he have you seated on his lap, arms curling around his neck while you bury your face into his shoulder. fear that your parents would see their precious little girl cunny got stretched out around his cock.
a docile little angel, nodding your head off even when the tip of his cock is too big for you. he had to bully his way in to make it fit, groaning when he finally had his cock fully buried inside of your warm pussy. couldn't help but to have his cock throbbing inside when you sobs how big he was, your thighs already shaking in fear that he'd might break you. you taken him so many times and every time, itto felt like he's fucking a virgin. your velvety walls wrapped around his so nicely, pulsating each he fondled with your tits. have you soaked just from getting your tits played,
"i-itto, m'cumming,"
"already? i haven't move yet. come on, angel, i know you can hold it it."
don't you remember how many times your father remind you how sinful his kinds are? how your mother trained you from little how you aren't allowed to be having intercourse with anyone unless you're married? can't remember anything with itto cock buried inside, fucking and molding your pussy into the shape of his cock. his hands wrapping around your waist, pinning your body down to the bed and have you gasping for air.
itto loves it all, the way your eyes eyed his cock entering in and out of you, white circle of cum pooling around his base. the way you look up to him with your dazed eyes, the small calling of his name make him stopped and took a breathe.
"want more, please? itto, f-fuck me more,"
and most of all, he loves it when you beg him to give you more and more. to propped your legs up on his shoulder and fuck you deep, thumbs rubbing on your clit. a guttural groan emitted from his lips the moment he lay his eyes on your bouncing tits, soft and perky in his hand. you always wear a modest clothing, he forgot how pretty your body are beneath those clothes. forgot how good your tits feel when he isn't with you, how cute your face contort to when he nudged your cervix.
you forgot too, like right now, when your parent come home early today, your father stunned body paired with your mother horrified face is casually ignored. couldn't see them thru the tears in your eyes, can't see how the disappointment and anger on your face because itto too busy fucking you stupid, can't see the red lines all over your body— ones that are similar like itto's. the only thing you know is his cock painting your insides white, that he's still pounding you.
itto could careless, he could always take you away. after all, the strongest could always use a pure maiden to keep him accompanied. and he wouldn't mind making you his, not when he already marked you like this.
Tumblr media
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kxxaeya · a day ago
Belly bulging drabble [Itto Arataki x GN!Reader 18+]
Tumblr media
TW: NSFW, belly bulge, dirty talk, cream pie, overstimulation, raw cock, ouchies 😟
My fics are so messy so from now on I’m gonna (try) clean them up a bit ^_^
Tumblr media
“What’s the matter toots? Can’t handle daddy’s big cock like you said you could? Aww how shameful.” He smirked down at your shivered body while you twitched, stomach being stuffed with his said ‘big cock’.
You really shouldn’t have pushed past your limit with your little teasing game you played on him just mere minutes prior, and although the regret swelled inside your full tummy, his cock pushed past that and took up all the room for itself.
“Mhphm, I-I can! Just hmph, too big.” You huffed out, speaking really took a toll on horse throat so you wanted to cut your talk, but he didn’t want that, of course. ‘Let me hear you, speak up for me won’t you?’ His taunting words swarm through your mind.
“What? Id say about 7 inches, is that too big for you to handle? Aww, we’re not even all the way in yet.”
What? There’s more. You surely must of underestimated how large he was, that’s not good.
Looking down slowly, you saw that he was correct, and half of his base was still not fully pushed inside of you yet.
“Hm? There a problem, hah don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet now, that just won’t do.” Bringing his hands up to your shoulders, he gripped them and prepared to push you down all the way.
“Ready? On the count of three.”
“Oneee.” He drew out his word, almost cockily.
“Suddenly slamming you down onto him, you cried out in what was mostly pain as his dick played around with your insides.
“Oops sorry, guess I forgot what came after two. My bad, but god do you feel good. All tight just for me? How sexy of you.”
By now you were a complete mess, still looking down you could see the outline of his cock picking through your stomach flesh, twitching and squirming inside you.
“Hahhh, w- so- gwod.”
“Something got your tongue? Oh right, my fingers do. Haha, look at you slobbering on my hand like that, didn’t know my baby was such a little puppy.”
You couldn’t even think at this point, only nodding to what he had to say while maintaining whatever sanity you had left.
“Yeah.. I like that, from now on you will be my cute little puppy dog, how bout’ it? We get you a cute little collar and leash to match your soon do be panting face, tongue flopped out too.”
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th9ma · a day ago
my lovely housewife | diluc (1k event)
Tumblr media
pairing: diluc x reader
contains: established relationships, mention of neglect, sub!reader, breeding kink, talk about pregnancy but very brief, mating press, masturbation, use of the names ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’ in a playful/condescending-ish manner, thigh riding.
note: i’ve actually been thinking about this for a while — i’m too lazy to write an actually fic so enjoy a drabble ish :)
see my 1k event for other characters!!
Tumblr media
husband diluc who welcomes you with open arms when you wander into his office behind those french doors, making room for you to sit in his lap without a second thought. you like to watch him work: after all, it reminds that you that he’s all yours. yet sometimes, you can’t help but feel invisible around him, only receiving brief hums and quick glances whenever you try to speak with him. but he’s such a busy man; it’s not like you can blame him!
so it’s better for you to take matters into your own hands, subtly grinding down on his thigh as you sigh in slight relief from the friction of your clothed cunt against his expensive slacks. diluc is trying to be so nonchalant about it too, tightening his jaw as he keeps his eyes focused on his work — but his efforts seem to be in vain when his name messily stumbles out of your lips.
“cut it out.”
his words are short, but the warning falls upon deaf ears as you look back up at him with heartsick eyes. you know your husband well, you know how well he gets worked up; how easily he throws everything away when you give him those stupid eyes. it’s only a matter of time before his hands are steady on your hips, rocking your body against his thighs himself. and you can only cry out to him, whining about how it felt like he’d forgotten all about you — his perfect and pretty wife — like it was nothing.
and as much a diluc doesn’t admit so, he truly does have a soft spot for you; he promises to give you all of his time if you can just wait a little bit, so it’s crucial that you be good! and you try really hard, you even move to the couch in front of the desk — but you can’t seem to stop yourself from lifting your dress up and shoving your hands down your pants to rub your clit. poor diluc can barely focus when his wife is trying to fuck herself right in front of him. he’s so drawn to the sight, your eyes screwed shut and your breathing erratic as you pump in and out of your sopping cunt. and maybe you did it on purpose, knew how addicted he is to your arousal — it worked anyways.
because within a matter of moments, he’ll have you in a mean mating press, your knees knocking into your shoulders as he ruts his hips into the fat of your thighs. you can almost feel your legs spasming as his cock drags along your spongy walls. and you always get a twinge of extra pressure with every thrust as his trail of hair brushes against you swollen clit. his sheer size is enough to split you up as he bottoms out — makes you see stars.
gahhh and he’ll be so condescending, sneering down at you while he says that you’re so fucking needy. he’s not lying either; you truly do want him to fuck you until you can’t give him anything anymore. it’s so much better than working; the way that your gummy walls twitch around him and the direct intimacy — what could beat this?
diluc fucks into you with no regard for decency, shoving you further into the cushion for a better angle to wreck your cunt. you swear that your legs are going numb, but it’s the last thing on your mind when you’re creaming all over your inner thighs and his cock. he thinks it’s such a sight to see; eyes hazy and mouth slightly ajar as you babble for him to go deeper like a little whore. “always bothering me when i’m working- i’ll put a baby in you this time around.” he spits out through gritted teeth. he’s so mean, but the way that he fucks you easily gives him away.
you can only meekly moan his name in response; it’s so pathetic. and don’t think he doesn’t catch the way you tighten around him either — it’s almost laughable.
“you like that? want me to get you pregnant?” he only spurs you on, soothing your leg as he taunts you. “do you want me to make you a mommy?”
a mommy, the word rings in your ears — you’ve wanted to carry diluc’s child for as long as you can remember but he’s always been too busy. but hearing him say it upfront has you hearing wedding bells for a second time, you can’t help but get excited. so you nod feverishly, begging for him to be the one give you a child, telling him to make you two a mommy and daddy.
the look that he gives you stirs up butterflies in your tummy — it’s so full of love and adoration. soon enough, his tip is brushing up against that one spot and a small scream falls from your lips; and that’s when diluc knows he’s hit the jackpot. his thrusts are unrelenting and brutal. and even as you’re gushing all over him and crying about how much of a mess you made, his pace doesn’t let up at all.
he’s just as vocal as you, spewing strings of curses as he gets closer to his release, groaning about how he’s gonna fill you up just like he promised. and he follows through, dumping his load right into your cunt — and it’s so much, flowing out from the pressure of his cock and mixing with your juices. you’re so addicted to the feeling as well, babbling about how much you love being filled up by him.
what a lovely housewife he has <3
Tumblr media
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sidemariana · a day ago
Hi! Could you perhaps do some scenarios of Genshin Characters being like "half cat" and they're having a heat, so the reader has to help them to feel better? Any character of your choice, and please, take your time with this. Thank you so much ^-^
Cat!Genshin Boys (NSFW Scenarios)
Pairings: Gorou, Kazuha, Thoma x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Sexual content ahead. Every action is consensual.
A/N: Remember, those are scenarios, not a longer text. It's normal them to be a little "shorter". It means they're "part of a story" that you can start or finish in your mind. Use your creativity ^-^
P/S: My "break" from writing isn't finished yet. I just had some energy and creativity to answer the request. And please, be nice with any comments or asks. I'm not on my best moment, be gentle with me ;3
Gorou 🦊
The General of the Sangonomiya Resistance didn't reflex any of the majesty of his title while he nuzzled his face against your neck.
Even his scent had changed those past hours he spent by your side and his skin was almost making you uncomfortable with its temperature.
"Gorou... Perhaps your heat is making you feel somewhat off?"
"I'm... I'm fine, (Name). I'm just feeling a little weak, is all" His soft voice whispered into your ear.
Your hand caressed his ears carefully, making sure to brush against the right spots so he could find some comfort.
"I can help you, Gorou" His ears and tail moved quickly with your line, as if he was interested with your offer.
"But this condition... Is embarrassing..."
"Is a natural thing for you, love. Now come here, let's make this pain fade away"
You indeed helped him feeling better.
He could feel his strength coming back while he moved above you, your walls making it almost hard for him to not cum on the spot while he entered you.
His whines sounded so pure that they didn't match with the flaming desire he carried on his cyan eyes while his hips collapsed against yours so quickly you doubted the support your legs around his waist gave you was enough.
The bedroom got a little warmer by the time you both were finished.
His 'knot'* swelled inside you, connecting you both as his seed was deposited inside your walls.
Gorou's body was now being fully supported by yours and you caressed his ears and hair as a way to show affection.
"Feeling any better?"
"Yes..." He was almost sleeping while answering you. "Yes, (Name)... I'm bett-"
His sleepiness was the proof your idea had worked. <3
PS: *Knot is a structure some animals use to "impregnate" their partner so they can have puppies and all of that. In this fiction text, the reader (you, ofc) don't get pregnant, relax girl)
Kazuha 🍁
The samurai's heart skipped a beat when he saw you arriving Ritou's harbor.
You noticed his behavior was kind of different. The melancholy and calm personality of his was switched to a bothered one, almost anxious as you could see his urge to get you to a quiet place.
"Kazuha, dear, I need to say to my leaders and the population of Ritou how my mission was..."
"(Name)" His voice sounded so fragile it almost made you feel bad. "Could... Could you h-help me?"
His ears.
His tail.
He was indeed different.
"You're having a heat?"
"I am, but please. Please, don't tell anyone about this-"
"I never told anyone about all the times I helped you before, how could I do something like that? Now, come here, perhaps we have some time before the authorities seek for me"
On a quiet and somewhat far away place, you rode him as his tried his best to keep his cool. Your hands were leaned against his abs as your walls welcomed his length every now and then, in the perfect pace.
His hands held your hips tightly, helping you move above him, often leaving them to explore your breasts and to hold your hands onto his.
Soon enough, Kazuha pulled your body against his own, as you came together.
Now, he could say he was more comfortable in his own skin, but a red tone still stained his cheeks.
"I'll never judge you, Kazuha. I'm here for you, anytime."
"Thank yo-"
"Miss (Name)? Hey, (Name)!" You heard people from the commission calling for you.
"I... I have to go for now, baby" His tail lowered, showing he was frustrated still. "Later in my place I can help you even more" You stole a kiss from him after you finished putting your clothes back on. "Deal?"
"D-Deal!" His tail moved faster now, showing contentment, gaining a soft smile from you.
Thoma 🎋
Thoma was really straight to the point whenever his heat was strong enough to bother him. But that was your first time helping him with that kind of thing and he had to make you feel alright.
He entered you slowly as you gasped his name and pulled his blonde hair carefully. Gosh, it hurted. Even with all the delicacy of Thoma, it hurted receiving him in the first moment.
"Hold on, love, I promise it won't hurt so bad in some minutes. Enlace your legs in my waist, if that makes you feel better"
Capturing your lips in a romantic kiss, Thoms cleaned off some tears of your cheeks, while his other hand enlaced yours, comforting you.
Leaning his head in your neck, he started rocking his hips against yours, kinda asking for permission to start moving properly.
"You can go now, Thoma" With your other hand that wasn't enlaced onto his, you caressed his blonde hair and ears as he started moving in and out you slowly.
You gasped in discomfort but tried to relax under his body and after some thrusts, a good feeling replaced the pain, making it hard to be quiet.
Thoma speeded up his movements, while his tongue explored your mouth. At some point, he broke the kiss only to let a soft moan leave his lips, biting down on them hardly afterwards.
Enlacing your legs around his waist, you pressed his body against yours harder, making you call his name instantly.
Thoma was making his movements carefully and above all, he was controlling his own desires just to respect you.
Everything felt so right, so perfect with him.
Some seconds after, you reached your limit, and Thoma followed you.
After some minutes, he helped you clean yourself and get comfortable and, lying down with you again, he brought your body delicately against his, cuddling you. Kissing your lips one more time, he caressed your face with one of his hands. You could smell his scent in the soft fabric of his shirt. The scent that reassured, that calmed you.
"Did I hurt you?" He asked worried.
"Nope, everything felt great love. Your heats don't bother me. And now, I can help you properly at any of them, ehe~"
Once again, in case you didn't read the notes above the scenarios (what probably happened):
My "break" from writing isn't finished yet. I just had some energy and creativity to answer the request. And please, be nice with any comments or asks. I'm not on my best moment, be gentle with me ;3
Love you all <3
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madamepingmain · a day ago
i recently read your headcanon and i enjoyed it!! And i see you’re also open for suggestions so im hoping you could do a fluff scenario with childe, diluc and zhongli where the reader gets jealous but cant say anything bc they’re not together (if that makes sense im sorry english is not my first language!!) i look forward to seeing more of your works <33
being jealous as friends
Tumblr media
feat. Childe, Diluc, Zhongli
♡ warning: mentions of alcohol, f!reader (not explicitly stated, but it could be implied as such!!)
♡ a/n: AHHH my first request hehe. ALSO apologies for not writing lately, I've been busy but now I'm free and should be able to write more~
Tumblr media
It absolutely couldn’t be helped- could it? Watching Childe chat with some woman that he was acquainted with when the two of you were supposed to be hanging out today wasn’t in your itinerary.. but it couldn’t be helped if the woman had pulled Childe aside to chat with him.
Without saying a word, you turn around to walk away. It was a petty move on your part, but you honestly didn’t know what to do. Clearly the woman didn’t want you to be involved in the conversation, and Childe wasn’t doing much to bring you in either. Might as well let them continue conversing as you carry on with your errands. As you walked away from Childe, you felt a small pang in your heart.
You knew he was allowed to talk to whomever he wanted- it would be ludicrous to be upset over that. But the fact that he seemingly ignored your presence while talking to this lady, combined with the fact that he seemed all to friendly with her made your heart hurt.
But from the corner of his eye, Childe noticed you were missing and spotted you in the distance. When did you even leave him?
The woman seemed to notice to, “Oh, well since it’s just us two, would you like to grab something to eat?” she batted her eyelashes at Childe, but his eyes were still on you.
“Hm? Uh no thanks, I actually have to get going now!” Childe says, immediately taking off after you. It doesn’t take him long to catch up to you, but when he does he notices your changed demeanor.
“Hey why’d you walk away?” Childe asks, carefully noting how you react to him.
You stayed silent for far longer than you had hoped to, and Childe knew that something was wrong.
“Oh, i mean I just wanted to get my errands done as soon as possible!! And you were busy chatting so I thought I could get a head start on things” you answer, hoping that your cheery tone could mask your feelings.
“Yeah but weren’t we supposed to go together? I mean, that was the point of today you know” Childe reminds you, the smile on his face dropping. He was right though- today was planned so that the two of you could hang out. Given the fact that Childe was busier than ever, his free days were scarce and he would always spend them with you.
“That was the plan. But you just seemed so happy talking to your friend I didn’t want to bother you” you huffed. You didn’t mean to let your own bitterness exude, but you couldn’t help it.
Childe immediately grabs your hand, stopping you from walking any further.
“You know I didn’t want to assume things at first but now I’m going all in. Y/n.. are you jealous?” Childe asks, raising an eyebrow at you. His expression was neutral- giving you no indication of what was going on in his own mind.
“Excuse me? No, of course I’m not jealous!! Why would I be?” you respond, immediately pouting at him. Childe tries to stifle his laughter, but soon enough he can’t help but to let it out.
“You totally are jealous aren’t you?” Childe chuckles, and with your hand still in his, he begins walking forward, pulling you along.
“I’m not... besides it doesn’t make sense to be jealous just because someone’s talking to you....” you mutter, feeling embarrassed by the whole situation. Because it was embarrassing. You and Childe were just friends after all.
“You’re right,” Childe hums, “it doesn't make sense for you to be jealous of other people. Especially when it's clearly obvious that other people don’t matter to me. Like have you ever thought about how any time I’m not working I’m always around you? There’s a reason behind that you know”
He lightly squeezes your hand and glances down at you with a soft smile. You briefly look up to meet his gaze but quickly avert your eyes as you feel your cheeks get warmer.
By looking away, you completely miss the the soft look on Childe’s face whenever he looks at you. He’s always been good at hiding his own expressions and feelings from you, but some seemed to spill out today- not that he was upset about it.
Regardless, your own shyness was quite amusing to him. Childe would tease you for looking all flustered, but he knew his own cheeks were probably tinged pink- who was he to talk?
“Donna’s awfully flirty tonight isn’t she?” Kaeya muses, nudging your elbow. As if he needed to. You already saw the scene- he was just adding insult to injury.
You had decided to go to Angel Share’s to chat with Diluc, but sitting right in front of the bartender was Donna. The two were engaged in some sort of light conversation- although admittedly it was mostly Donna bringing up new topics.
Diluc tried to speak to you when you first entered the tavern, but your conversation was derailed by Donna, who quickly butted herself in and effectively shut you out of the conversation.
You then made your way over to one of the tables, where Kaeya was already sitting, ready to tease you endlessly.
“It’s probably the alcohol” you finally respond to the Calvary Captain, averting your gaze from Diluc and Donna.
“Aww, is someone jealous?” Kaeya teases, and his question is answered when he sees your eyes widen in a panic.
“I- what? No! Anyways I’m not even dating Diluc... He can talk to other people if he wants” you stammer, drawing your gaze down to the table. As if that would help- you knew Kaeya saw right through you. Of course you were jealous, but you didn’t have any grounds to do anything about it.
Kaeya hums to himself, before looking back at his brother. And to his luck, Diluc happened to glance over at the two of you in the midst of Donna’s chattering. Diluc raised an eyebrow when he saw Kaeya smirk at him, wondering just what shenanigan his brother was up to this time.
“You know Y/n...” Kaeya says, turning back to you. Reaching over the table to get closer to you, he takes hold of your chin, lifting your head up so you can look at him in the eyes.
“Jealousy is a lot like fire. It’s heated and intense. And we all know the best way to fight fire is with more fire” Kaeya says in a low voice so that only you could hear.
Before you could question what he was doing, you sensed a looming figure besides your table. But from the corner of your eye, you knew exactly who it was.
You quickly leaned back as Kaeya let go of your chin.
“Hello Di-”
“Y/n, can we talk outside?” Diluc turns to you, effectively ignoring his brother. You silently nod, getting up from your seat to follow Diluc outside. The one thing you did note was that Donna was gone, and you felt some relief inside. Before exiting the tavern, you glance back at Kaeya one last time. He throws up two thumbs up as you slip outside.
“I think I deserve another drink for the good I’ve done in this world” Kaeya chuckles to himself, taking a sip from his glass.
Outside, the air was tense. You and Diluc stood around the corner from the tavern’s entrance for privacy. His arms were crossed and without looking up you could feel the weight of his stare.
"So you wanted to talk...” you finally answer, giving yourself just enough confidence to look up and meet his eyes.
“Just what were you and Kaeya talking about?” he asks. You wouldn’t tell what he was thinking or feeling- his face gave no indication.
“Nothing important” you answer, but Diluc isn’t satisfied with your answer.
“Doesn’t seem like it was about nothing, given that he was so close to you” Diluc retorts, his tone getting more annoyed. And as nervous as you were, there was something about the way he spoke that got on your nerves.
“Excuse me? Why are you so pressed about me and Kaeya when you clearly had Donna fawning over you most of the night?” you reply, your voice getting louder.
Diluc pauses, and the two of you come to the same conclusion.
“So, you’re jealous” Diluc states, a hint of amusement laced in his voice.
“You are too” you respond, biting back a small smile ad Diluc reluctantly nods.
But where do you go from there? There was a clear idea of what your feelings were, but neither you nor Diluc were willing to step over any boundaries. Before the silence can get any more awkward, the two of you hear someone clear their throat from above. Lo and behold, making his grand return was Kaeya up on the balcony.
“Just admit the two of you like each other and come back inside! I need more wine” Kaeya grumbles, walking back into the tavern.
You hear Diluc muttering something about wanting to be an only child before he turns to you, his hand stretched out waiting for yours.
“How about we go back inside, and when I walk you home later we can talk about it. Give me more time to gather my words” Diluc proposes and you agree by placing your hand on his, interlocking your fingers as you two head back inside.
And all you could hope for was the night to be over as soon as possible.
Whoever had been the one to recommend this restaurant to you was clearly not thinking straight. You and Zhongli were out hanging out with one another as per usual. And although it was supposed to be a relaxing and fun occasion, it was anything but that.
You found yourself tapping your fingers on the table in frustration. The waiter had been talking to Zhongli for far too long. You two had already ordered, but there they stood, still laughing at every small detail Zhongli brought up.
And when they briefly locked eyes with you, you could tell that they were clearly enjoying the position they were in. Each time their eyes would flicker back to Zhongli, and you watched as they put on their best face to charm him.
You roll your eyes at them, trying your best to act unbothered. But on the inside, you were tormented by your conflicted emotions.
It’s not like I’m dating him, you thought to yourself. If the waiter wants to blatantly flirt with Zhongli, then they’re allowed to do that.
But regardless, your mood certainly soured. And by the time the waiter had left, you certainly made no attempt to hide your emotions.
“Y/n? Is something wrong?” Zhongli asks, and his soft voice made you all the more upset. Why did he have to be so nice and caring towards you? Coupled with the fact that the waiter was flirting with him so much- hearing his voice like that only hurt you more. You loved hearing that voice from him, but what if suddenly it wasn’t directed towards you anymore?
“....No I’m alright” you lie, not wanting to reveal why you were acting like this. It was ridiculous- getting jealous over a friend that you just so happened to like? You didn’t want to come off as possessive or clingy so you kept your emotions at bay.
But Zhongli wasn’t buying it. Still, he didn’t want to overstep any boundaries so he let you be- and the two of you talked amongst yourselves. Spending time with him was enough to lift your mood and before you knew it, you were full of smiles.
And yet, that happiness was short lived as the waiter came back to your table to check up on Zhongli and only Zhongli. Your smile faltered as you watched them fawn over your friend, doing their best to win his affection like before. And as gut wrenching it was, you didn’t say a single word. If Zhongli wanted to pay more attention to them he could if he wanted-
“We’re doing just fine actually, we don’t need to be checked up on so often” Zhongli suddenly said to them, surprising both you and the waiter.
“Oh.. are you sure? Do you need more-”
“Nope, we’re fine” Zhongli immediately answered, his eyes never leaving you.
The waiter awkwardly takes their leave, and you let out a sigh of relief as soon as they were out of earshot.
“If the waiter bothered you that much, you should have told me” Zhongli comments, taking a sip of his tea.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about” you tell him, unable to look at him head on.
Zhongli rolls his eyes at you and doesn’t hold back his small smile. You knew he could see right through you- Zhongli was no fool. As outdated as he could appear, he was still able to pick up on cues, especially for you.
“Did it upset you that much that they were talking to me?” he asks out of the blue, taking careful note of your reaction. When the waiter first came around, he saw how uncomfortable you looked, but he couldn’t be too sure of what the reason was. But when you started to talk to him, he saw how your gloomy disposition faded. And as soon as the waiter came back, he noted how you went back into sulking.
It didn’t take long for him to put two and two together really.
He watch you pout a bit, and as much as he wanted to tease you more, Zhongli knew he didn’t want to accidentally go too far with his teasing. Because on your end, you had no idea how Zhongli felt. As far as you know, he just saw you as a friend. He knew that very well and didn’t want to risk upsetting you.
“You know Y/n, no matter who I’m talking with or how long I’m talking with them, just know that you are always at the forefront of my mind. And you will always be. So there’s really no need to get jealous of other people.” Zhongli admits, pouring the two of you more tea. Your eyes dart up at him in shock, but all he does is smile as he hands you a cup.
“Just some food for thought.” he says, sipping his tea.
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ganyuslily · 2 days ago
how do they hold your hand?
sometimes, a touch of a loved one can portray more than words ever could.
pairing: diluc, kazuha, scaramouche, xiao, kujou sara, yae miko
category/warnings: fluff, headcanons, established relationship
note: anyone down to hold hands or smth 🕴 HELP ME I FEEL LONELY OKAY
Tumblr media
he holds your hand as if he was scared you’re going to disappear. it’s not really visible — not at all, unless you looks a little bit closer. at the way he’s tightening his hold on yours when someone looks at you, the way he never even seems to let it go, always somehow holding it one way or another, not caring if he needs both of his hands to do something or not. him touching your hand makes him feel at peace.
he holds your hand loosely. fingers intertwined with yours, but never grasping your hand harshly. he doesn’t hold you down, but rather his touch feels butterfly-like, with the way he’s handling your hands with such delicacy and caution. it reflects his respect and admiration, a will to protect you, but never cage you down. he’s going to stay by your side, but as someone to support you and not make your decisions for you.
it’s harsh and rough, his grip on your hand. he holds it as if he wanted to show everyone that you were his and he was yours, even if there was no one else around. it’s harsh and rough, but never to the point of hurting you. it’s more clumsy than anything else, his hold on you sometimes getting stronger in the moments of vulnerability. he has a habit of gently stroking your skin with his thumb, the action seeming to bring peace not only to you, but also to himself (or maybe, even mostly to himself. he would never admit it, but it makes him feel safe — your touch).
it’s unsure. he is unsure. he’s terrified, terrified of accidentally hurting you, terrified of letting himself go and just being himself. he wants your touch, but at the same time he doesn’t know how to accept it. he holds your hand firmly and then hides his hands away the other moment. his favorite action is linking pinkies — he wants to touch your hand, but he’s not ready yet. he doesn’t think he is, at least. but this, the subtle contact between the two of you is enough.
kujou sara
she is not big for hand-holding, at least at first. but the first time you intertwine your hands, she almost whines when you let her go. she swears she doesn’t need you to hold her hand so often, and you pretend you don’t notice the slight blush adorning her face every time you do it. her touch on yours is featherlight, but at the same time solid. it’s delicate, yet firm. it’s full of contradictions, yet you wouldn’t trade it for anything else.
yae miko
she holds your hand quite often. loves to make you shy by bringing it up to her lips and kissing it. she’s not a fan of a lot of touching in public, yet that flies out the window the moment someone tries to flirt with you. her hand is always somewhere around yours, yet she doesn’t want you to feel trapped. she trusts you and you trust her — and she couldn’t care more for what anyone else thinks.
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teyvattwriter · a day ago
Genshin Boys Wanting Your Attention
Tumblr media
❧ Genre: fluff and slightly suggestive in Kaeya’s 
❧ Includes: Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Thoma
❧ Warnings: slight teasing, kissing
❧ A/N: this was originally gonna be something else but it sorta just turned into this lmaoo I’m not mad at it
~※ Main Masterlist ※~
Tumblr media
You sat at the table, your focus was entirely on the papers in front of you. You were so concentrated that you didn't hear Kaeya coming up behind you. You jumped when you felt him place his hand on your shoulder.
"Sorry sweetheart," he chuckled “How’re you doing?”
"I think I'll be done soon," you sighed
"That's good."
"Yeah, I think I'll only need like…2 hours.”
"2 hours? That's quite long sweetheart.”
You only hummed sadly in response. You continued to work practically ignoring Kaeya's presence. He hated seeing you work yourself to the bone without taking a second for yourself. He also was feeling rather selfish and wanted your attention all to himself. It didn't take him long to think up a fool-proof plan that would get you away from your work and into his arms.
You could feel Kaeya's warm breath fanning your neck. You tried to ignore it but his face kept creeping closer. His lips pressed a soft kiss to the side of your neck. You shifted slightly in your seat but didn't react. Kaeya was rather impressed with your self control but he knew you couldn't last much longer. He trailed wet kisses all along your skin occasionally stopping to suck red marks. You let out a small whimper.
"I think you need to take a break.”
"Come on, baby. Come relax with me.”
You cursed Kaeya in your head. He was seducing you into neglecting your work and you were falling for it. You let him take your hand and lead you into the bedroom where you could take your much needed break.
Tumblr media
Childe groaned for the 5th time in the last 10 minutes. You knew he was trying to get your attention but you needed to get this work done. You continued to ignore him and he was not having it. 
“Babeeeeee,” he whined, “You’ve been working for so longggg.”
“I have to get this done.”
“But you’re neglecting your boyfriend.”
You looked over at him and laughed at the large pout on his lips. You got up from your seat and walked over to where Childe sat. You kissed his pouty lips holding his face in your hands. You pulled away much quicker than he would’ve liked. 
“Let me finish my work then I’ll give you all my attention.”
“Nope,” his arms wrapped around your waist, “I’m not letting you.”
“Childe please-”
You struggled to get out of his grasp but he used all his strength to keep you in place. He stood up and easily tossed you over his shoulder. You wriggled around trying to get him to let you go but he held on to you tightly. 
“Seriously, I need to work,” you attempted to escape yet again
“No you don’t. You need to give your boyfriend some attention!”
He gently tossed you down on your bed. Before you had the chance to run away again, Childe plopped down on the bed and laid down on you. 
“You’re crushing me.”
“You’re fine,” he cuddled up against you, “If you give me the attention I require I might let you get up.”
Tumblr media
Zhongli watched you work diligently without uttering a single word. You couldn't remember how long you've been working but you know it's been a long time. Zhongli understood you had work to do but he was missing you. Yes, he was in the same room as you but he wanted your attention. All your attention. He stood up from his chair and came to stand behind you.
"Are you doing alright, love?” he asked
"Yeah, I think so."
“Do you need anything?"
"No, I'm fine."
"Alright," he pause for a second, "Do you need my assistance with anything?"
"Ok, what's wrong?” you turned to look at Zhongli
"Nothing is wrong, my dear."
"Well, something’s up because you’re never this inquisitive with me unless you need something.”
"I world like it if you took a break," he took your hand in his, "I know your work is important but I'd like to have your attention for just a little while."
You smiled up at your adorable boyfriend. He was always so elegant with his words and he always seemed to enraptured you with them. You couldn't deny your boyfriend any longer especially after so honestly admitting his true desires. You told him you’d face a break and his face lt up. The gently kissed the back of your hand and led you away from your desk buried in papers.
Tumblr media
You and Thoma were quite busy people. He was always off doing is work with the Kamisato Clan and you had your own work you were passionate about. Sometimes the two of you were like ships in the nights— the only times you’d see each other was late in the night right before you both headed to bed. 
For once, Thoma had some time off and you were supposed to as well but you had brought home some work. You were deep in piles of papers while Thoma spent the day relaxing. He honestly felt guilty for enjoying his time while you were buried in work. He also was feeling sad he didn’t get to spend some time with you like he’d been hoping.
He came to sit beside you, your eyes never moving away from the papers you were currently working on.
“You’ve been working for a long time.”
“I know,” you sighed, “I’ll hopefully be done in a couple hours.” 
Thoma went quiet for a bit. He knew how important your work was to you— trust me, if anyone understood, it was him. But he really wanted to be selfish for once. He gently place a hand on your back.
“I know you’re dedicated to your work but I miss you.”
You looked over at your boyfriend. His green eyes pierced right though your soul and you immediately felt so guilty. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug. 
“Ok, lets spend some time together.”
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liyeus · a day ago
itto <33
❤  female reader x itto
itto, who just loved how red your cheeks would become when he lifted up your skirt, how wet and soft your cunt would appear, just inviting him to fuck you raw, make you into a pathetic moaning mess. your parents had warned you to stay away from him, but you could never control yourself, you wanted his huge dick to be inside you always, breeding you full with a litter of his pups <3 and he would take such good care of you and your pups :( itto was made to be a father, he would love you all so dearly, hold you close to his heart as he pumped his fist into your cunny. he would sneak into your room, take off your clothes in a rush and start fucking you. you loved the veins popping off of his cock, they would feel so good, so so good to your little cunny. you would always expand to hold him deep into your body, never wanting to let go of him or his cock. you were addicted to the feel of him, of his veiny cock, he always released so so much cum into you, filling you upto the brim. you couldn't help but leak out some of the cum, it was just too much for you. he would reprimand you then, force you onto your stomach as he would start spanking your ass. tears started spilling from your eyes, you just wanted to be a good girl for him but you would always do something wrong and ruin things for you two all over again.
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dainsdoormat · 2 days ago
giving physical affection +.* Kaeya, Diluc, Xiao, Zhongli, Dainsleif, Albedo + GN Reader +.*
Comforting THEM. sfw fluffies for you *kiss kiss*
Tumblr media
It's weird, doing something like this with no goal in mind
He's always worried if he relaxes too much, he'll do something wrong and you'll experience even the slightest bit of discomfort
sadly, it ends up being the very thing that feels weird; he concentrates so much on staying still, it's like hugging a dead body
while it's obvious he's had previous partners, most of their relationships were evidently sexual, he's lacks experience in anything that isn't sex and flirting
so when you sit in his lap one day, in the office, facing him; he stops moving like always, but you ease his head into the crook of your neck
his breathing tickles your skin gently, and you slip off his hairtie and run your fingers through the navy locks
this man melts like putty in your hands, suddenly he's no longer scared, or tense. he's just yours. and that's enough
after that day, he always welcomes you into the office regardless of how often Jean or Lisa wander in during the cuddle session
Lisa's teasing is always light, and Jean doesn't mind since he gets work done better; besides, neither of them can talk when they do the same thing in the library
Tumblr media
you were both working on paperwork for the winery in the office, when the maid brought in a tea tray
he had waved off the cup you offered him after she left, and had been massaging his temples when he felt you grasp his other hand
peeking out at you, he jumped and almost pulled his hand back when you gently kissed his fingertip
"What are you doi-" You shushed him, continuing to kiss each of his fingers while he watching with a reddening face
pressing a hand to his cheek, you met his eyes with a smile. "Feel better yet?"
he forgot all about his exhaustion, so apparently he did
now it's basically a break time ritual, and you'll do it whenever he's tired too
he seems to let you do it begrudgingly, but it's all a facade; barbatos forbid you forget to do it, he'll grumble and sigh, and if that doesn't catch your attention, he'll put his hand in yours or tap your lip with a finger and an expectant expression
even if he has loads of papers to do and hasn't slept in days, it always works like a charm
Tumblr media
Xiao likes lying down in high places, but dislikes it when you are up there alone.
so when he finds you on the roof of the Wangshu Inn, of course he can't just leave you there!
he sits next to you awkwardly for a bit, before wordlessly leaning into your lap, pointedly avoiding your eyes- I mean, it was obviously for your safety and nothing else at all
you haven't held someone like this before, and are unsure to how to react; perhaps petting him like you do the cats?
it works, and he's slightly tilting his head against your hands as you run your fingers through his hair
it's adorable how similar he is to cats, he even particularly likes it when you rub the spot behind his ears
stifle any noises and laughter while doing this, otherwise he'll quickly pick his head up
every now and then (not super often since he tries to avoid it) he'll show up covered in blood with an apologetic expression; you ignore it, or try your best to, at least
clothes can be washed, he's tired and needs love
sometimes Venti plays near one of the high places you frequent
Xiao seems to love his music, so you started leaving bottles of wine and apples for the little bard as thanks
Xiao started accompanying you to leave the gifts, even when you weren't stopping to sit there; he wanted to show thanks too
you never sit around cliffs with him anymore, after he almost passed out watching you hop off a high one to glide back to town
Tumblr media
Zhongli is quite protective, so having as much of you near him is best
Naturally, the most of you that's possible is, well, all of you
It was a surprise when you were reading next to him on the bed and he tugged you close, spooning you silently
You were actually worried the first time, jumping up to press a hand to his forehead and check for fever
He chuckled quietly, "I just want to hold you... if that's ok?" He would never do something you didn't like, but you didn't mind
It was quite comfy, actually, thanks to the mild climate in Liyue
In the bitter winters, it was incredibly welcome; He was built like a heater
Rarely a small spoon since he prefers to have you under his protection rather than vice versa... but sometimes he feels vulnerable
When those times come, you will be there. It consoles him to know this.
Tumblr media
Dainsleif had been nothing but cold when you first met, and even after getting to know you and going out with you, he was never the clingy type
but when you give him the grabby hands
he is weak to you and only you, as he tells you often
it's incredibly obvious when he needs some cuddles or a hug, his shoulders get tense and he gets restless, pacing or tapping his fingers until you motion for him
melts into hugs, once overdid it and sen both of you toppling to the ground since he's quite a bit larger than you
^you laughed while on the ground, ruffling his hair as he apologized profusely
sometimes, when you take a break from traveling, he'll ask you to lie on his chest; direct eye contact and slow breathing
you were nervous at first, not because you didn't want to but you were worried he'd be uncomfortable or that you were too heavy
he actually likes the constant weight of your body, and now you lie there and braid flower crowns for him while he naps under the shade of a cluster of trees by the sea
Tumblr media
Albedo's tummy...
it has definitely caused more than a few misunderstandings when you get walked in on
but once you helped him experiment on himself, and he found he gets enjoyment from you rubbing his tum
didn't admit it, but the influx of experiments needing his shirt off and your hands on his stomach was evidence enough
"Albedo... can I rub your tummy?"
he agreed too quickly to brush it off, and his pale skin reddens as he pads over to you
you decide not to comment on this^ fact for his sake, of course, since you ARE a caring s/o
it did little for his pride when Sucrose walked in on the two of you...
It's the weirdest thing, he especially looks for it whenever he's stressed. It helps him calm down after too many failures as well.
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childe-dni · a day ago
where they like to be touched by you
diluc, xiao and childe
word count: 248
genre: fluff hcs
warnings: none
a/n; just a short little thing because my brain wouldn't let the thought go + I wanted to force myself to post something after my short break before I accidentally abandoned this blog lol
Tumblr media
diluc - hair
hates it when anyone touches his hair
probably only adelinde is allowed to
(i hc, she styled/took care of/taught him how to take care of his hair as he grew up lol)
but you're different
he likes when you massage his scalp and run your fingers through his hair and when you braid his hair
he finds your touch relaxing – often dozes off while you massage his scalp
it's a symbol of how much he trusts you and is able to let his guard down around you
Tumblr media
xiao - face
likes when you cup his face and he can just melt into your touch
he feels so calm and safe and grounded
you hold him with a gentleness that, before you, he couldn't imagine experiencing again in his lifetime
he almost feels undeserving of such tenderness but you've taught him that he's deserving of such gentleness and is allowed to be selfish sometimes so he allows himself to indulge
Tumblr media
childe - arms
whether you're clinging to his arm or his arm is around your shoulder
he just enjoys the feeling of showing you off
tends to flex his arms when u grab his biceps
likes when you cling to his arm for whatever reason – whether you’re excited or scared or upset
he enjoys knowing you find security and safety in him
he feels reassured having you by his side when you touch his arms – after all (though not often) he can be pretty rash sometimes so having you with him keeps him in check.
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zhonglis-wifey · 2 days ago
Can you do scenarios that reader found Dragon Zhongli is bleeding and they save him. One day Zhongli(in human form but reader don't know) want to find them to repay after healed.
feel free to change or ignore if you won't to do it.💦💦💦
hi anon! this is so precious omg, i love dragon zhongli so much!!!! tysm for requesting 💓
i decided to make dragon zhongli the little baby rex lapis from genshin merch bc it’s so cute lmfao. i wanted to preorder one but they’re sold out :( oh well i preordered a geo slime plushie so that’s cool too!!
Word Count: 1381
TW: Blood
Tumblr media
Rarely did the Adventurers’ Guild send you into Jueyun Karst for your commissions. It was common knowledge that entering there was strictly forbidden by the residing Adepti, and no adventurer in Liyue dared to disobey them. But Katheryne informed you of a commissioner who desperately needed qingxin for some reason, and although you knew it was a risky choice, you decided to go to Jueyun Karst to get them. You’d never turned down a commission before and you were not going to let some talking animals break that streak.
Unfortunately, you greatly miscalculated the treacherous conditions of Jueyun Karst. The mountainous terrain proved detrimental to your stamina and the abundance of hilichurls only made it worse. By the time you’d collected enough qingxin to go back to Liyue Harbor, you felt like your entire body was shutting down. Your vision was blurry and your limbs were heavy as you trudged through the stone forest to exit Jueyun Karst.
Shockingly, you didn’t run into any Adepti while collecting qingxin. Actually, the only other living beings you saw were hilichurls, slimes, and birds. No Adepti around. You were confused as to why the rumors of territorial illuminated beasts hadn’t come true for you.
The backpack slung over your shoulders felt heavier with every step. Your body was telling you to just give up and take a nap on the ground, but you couldn’t wait any longer to get back home. You missed the comfort of your soft bed, the familiarity of your home, and the safety of the walls around you. Nothing was going to stop you from going back to Liyue Harbor as soon as possible.
That was, until you noticed a small brown dragon lying down next to a few pieces of cor lapis, whimpering in pain. You knew it would make your life easier if you just ignored it, but you couldn’t just leave the poor thing alone like that. It had to be an Adeptus, too. If you didn’t help it, who knows what horrible things may happen to you?
You knelt beside the dragon and gingerly held you hand out to it, trying to gauge whether or not it would be friendly to you. The dragon slowly approached your hand before gently nuzzling into your palm. A subconscious smile made its way to your lips.
The dragon seemed just as exhausted as you. You knew it was awake but it’s eyes remained closed. You examined the Adeptus’s form for any signs of injury and found a deep cut beneath its eye, golden blood shimmering as it hit the sunlight. Your breathing became uneven as you recognized the situation you’d found yourself in: you have an injured Adeptus in your hands and if you don’t take care of it, your whole life could be ruined.
“I’m gonna try to help you, okay?” you reassured the dragon. It hummed in response without moving, seemingly agreeing to your proposition.
You quickly removed your backpack from your shoulders and opened it. As you rifled through its contents in search of the emergency needle and thread you kept there, you warned the dragon of your inexperience.
“I don’t have a vision so I can use any magic to heal you,” you explained anxiously, “and I don’t really know how to do this. Please forgive me if I hurt you.”
The dragon winced upon contact with the needle. You muttered a quick apology before continuing to stitch up the wound, baffled by the nature of its blood. The dragon stayed as still as possible while you worked, but small, strained noises of pain escaped from its throat. You felt bad for it, wishing that you could’ve done better to heal it.
“There,” you said as you studied your handiwork. “Is that better?” The dragon hummed again.
You smiled at it again, this time purposefully. “I’ve gotta get back home now. The sun is starting to set…” You turned your gaze to the sky above to admire the yellow haze encapsulating the heavens. “Try to stay safe, Adeptus.”
After your exhausting commission in Jueyun Karst, you couldn’t be bothered to do any more difficult work for the Guild the next day. You were perfectly content with just staying back in Liyue Harbor and taking easy commissions from fellow city-dwellers.
The only commission you picked up for the day was to collect sandbearer wood so Hu Tao could make more coffins. Thankfully there were plenty of sandbearer trees right outside of town, so you wouldn’t have to go far. Plus, you liked Hu Tao. She was always fun to be around. You heard that she just hired a new funeral consultant, so you were interested in meeting them too.
Hu Tao greeted you as excitedly as she always did when you entered Wangsheng Funeral Parlor with sandbearer wood in hand.
“[Name]!” she exclaimed. “I’m so glad I got to see you! I’m actually about to leave for a meeting with Yanfei, so I was kinda worried that I wouldn’t get to see you.”
“It’s nice to see you too, Tao,” you grinned. “So what do you want me to do with this wood?”
“Oh, just give it to Zhongli and he’ll deal with the rest,” Hu Tao instructed, now standing in the doorway.
“Got it. Good luck with your meeting! Don’t get arrested,” you joked.
Hu Tao crossed her arms, mirroring your sarcastic behavior. “Look who’s talking, Miss I-Went-To-Jueyun-Karst.”
You smirked at her. “Go. You’re gonna be late, you know.”
“Alright,” she laughed. “I’ll see you later!”
When the door shut behind Hu Tao, you were greeted with the advent of a new voice: “I take it you’ve completed Director Hu’s commission?”
Startled, you quickly turned around and faced the voice’s owner. You assumed he was Hu Tao’s new employee. You couldn’t help yourself from blushing upon seeing them: elegantly dark clothing, alluring amber eyes, and a conspicuous scar on their cheek.
Remembering that you had a job to do outside of admiring this complete stranger, you composed yourself. “Yes,” you answered plainly. “You’re Zhongli, right?”
He nodded. “I am. Here, let me take the wood from you.”
You carefully handed the wood to him, trying not to distract yourself with getting lost in his nearly-glowing eyes. But you just couldn’t help yourself. You felt especially drawn to that scar, though. It was quite the coincidence that you had just cured an Adeptus with a cut in that spot, and now this gorgeous man with the exact same scar was before you.
Zhongli placed the wood on an empty table behind them. You probably could’ve left by then, but something compelled you to stay.
“If you don’t mind me asking,” you began, fully aware of how intrusive this next part would sound but also knowing it was far too late to back out, “how did you get that scar?”
Zhongli’s hand moved to the scar. “Oh, this? I was attacked by hilichurls in Jueyun Karst yesterday,” he explained.
You didn’t recall seeing any other humans around when you were there yesterday.
“Huh,” you pondered. “I was in Jueyun Karst yesterday too…”
The two of you looked at each other knowingly. Neither of you really knew what to say next.
“I suppose you’re aware of my identity, then. Thank you for healing me,” Zhongli broke the silence between you two. “I hate to ask anything more of you, but please don’t tell anyone, especially Director Hu. I don’t want to find out what she would do if she knew.”
You panicked at the confirmation of your suspicions. What were you supposed to do in the presence of an Adeptus? You’d never done this before — most people hadn’t.
“Y-You’re welcome, Almighty Adeptus,” you stammered. Zhongli just laughed at you.
“There’s no need for all of that,” he chuckled. “Please just call me Zhongli.”
You felt like you were going to die of embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Zhongli,” you corrected yourself. “Is there anything else I can do for you? You’re an Adeptus, right? So I should probably do much more to express my gratitude for your protection over Liyue.”
“Actually, yes, there is something I’d like you to do,” Zhongli requested, speaking softly to ease your clearly heightened nerves. “You can let me take you on a date.”
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amosthirst · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tags,, consensual somno, lambgirl! reader, sleepy sex, panty pulling. fem! reader. minors do not interact.
Tumblr media
always come back home during your naptime just so he can fuck you while you're sleepy. it's so cute seeing your fist rubbing your eyes while he pull your panties from the front so it can rub against your clit. you just let him do what he pleased to you, lamb girls are so lazy, barely had any thought behind those eyes of yours except getting your cunt stuffed and being take care for. you'd just nod to everything childe says, letting him eat your pussy while you dozed off to your nap yet again. he doesn't really care if you fell asleep, love to hear the slipped out moans in your sleep when he gives you a pussyjob.
he likes buying pretty stockings, and dresses so be put it on you! money isn't a problem to him, so why not abused that advantage he have? love to see the white stockings hugging the plush of your thighs while he rammed into your pussy ♡
when you're sleeping next to him, he'd just make a hole on your panties and bury his cock inside. fucks you slow and nice because he didn't want to disturb his baby nap, and he knew how whiny you got if you get woken up. but with his cock inside, he bet you could barely even remember to get mad at him because he just make you goes drunk on his cock! you weren't the sharpest tool in the shed but that's what makes childe loves you alot. so dumb, and submissive just for him.
Tumblr media
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dre4mer · a day ago
☕// such a mess.
itto x gn!reader
٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶ ;; deep throating
Tumblr media
itto likes to do things roughly. may it be fighting, eating, and even whilst in the bedroom. his outstanding stamina made him seem like a beast in the bed. 
“yes..just like that,” he would say, holding your head so you couldn’t move away.
his cock was deep into your throat, closing off almost all of your breathing. saliva mixed with left over cum created a ring around your mouth, slowly dripping down to the floor.
“so pretty like this, looking up at me,” he purred stroking your cheek with his free hand.
every now and then he would thrust his hips causing you to gag on his cock. the head reaching down your throat even more. you whined around his cock, sending vibrations and irking him on even more. your nails stung deep into his thighs, leaving red marks from how hard you were gripping them.
he slid it out till only the tip stayed connected to your lips, smudging the pre-cum onto your swollen lips. it only lasted a second before he started forcing himself back into your throat again. this time moving faster and more impatiently, like he was chasing after his release as though it were a boar.
by this time all pain flew out the window. your grip on his thighs loosening as you slowly become emerged in pleasure. the way the head of his cock hit the back of your throat turned you on way more than intended.
“make sure you swallow it all,” he panted, “don’t leave a single drop behind!”
he thrusted in faster and harder, your mouth slowly filling up with the saltiness of his cum. he quickly pulled out and put his calloused hand to your mouth. unallowing you to open it. he watched your throat as you swallowed. only removing his hand when it came to a stop.
“i wasn’t too rough with ya was i?” he asked, stroking your cheek, “no? well i guess you wouldn’t mind this being a daily thing huh? aha!”
Tumblr media
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leorps · 2 days ago
Thoma wanted to play with you in the teahouse's back store. Next time, lock the doors.
Thoma x M!Sub!Reader DNI if you use she/her pronouns .
WARNINGS : Public sex, caught on the act, reader does NOT know it, rough sex. WORDS : 678
Tumblr media
Hearts beating hard, excitement and fear mixed in a sick feeling in your belly. Mouth falling apart as no sounds came out, only saliva that slid unsightly along your chin. Light gasp escaped your lips as you heard the door opened. Long fingers found their way in your mouth, settling on your humid muscle. Shushing you, the blonde man quietly chuckled as you sucked on his fingers giving him an apprehensive gaze. Hands seize your hips firmly, his hips slowly rolling back and forth. His cock stretched your clutched walls, your hole throbbing around him. Your body was being pressed against the wall, legs too weak to carry your shivering figure. Your hands rested near the blurred window, sunlight illuminating your sweating bodies. Your mind couldn’t forget the previous noise of the door opening, footsteps affirming that your assumptions were right. Your heart stings in inquietude, the heated twisting in your belly betraying your fright. Your breath feverishly hitches, lips wet and ajar.
“Thoma? Are you there?”
Your eyes never left the closed curtain that separated you from the incomer. Your face twitched in an agonizing grimace, an abrupt thrust of Thoma shaking your whole being. A quiet whimper left your mouth, tongue out and drooling on your chin. Cock pressing on your prostate, his hips shifted, brushing against your ass as he slowly shrank. His fingers wandered on your neck, dragging saliva along the way. His hand squeezed around your neck, a squeeze that made you gasp for air.
“Look at me.”
His voice echoed in your mind, his warm breath hitting your soft skin. You tried, you tried as much as you could. Your head wanted to obey him but your stomach buckled leaving a nauseating feeling. Your hole clenched around his dick, your fearful instinct telling you to not listen aroused you. Your throat did his best to hold it, but a squeak escaped your mouth when you felt his hips slam against your skin again. Your hand reached at your face, eyes growing wider as your cock throbbed and dripped between your thighs. The grip of his hands on your hips became powerful, his short breath asserting his frustration.
“Someone’s there?”
Stress entangled your organs, your legs weaker. You wanted to stop as much you didn’t want it to. Too sudden for you to anticipate, your belly was left empty and your back hit the wall, in a way you couldn’t see the curtain anymore. Your hand gripped at the window frame to your right, your body lifted as if it was feather weight. Eyes blank when you felt him shove his dick fully in you. You couldn’t hold the moan that threatened your discretion, your mind too overwhelmed. Loudly slapping on your skin, his hips slammed against yours at each brutal thrust. You jolted, not being able to contain your pleasure anymore. You wanted to stop him, remind him that someone was in there, that you weren’t alone anymore. Thoma seems to not care, or maybe he knew more than you. Your whimpers were filled with fear, stress and desire, trying to beg Thoma to stop.
“Shh, it’s okay. They’re gone.”
He shushed you, his gaze soft on you. A light smile was on his blushing visage that he hid in your neck. Eyes up, he met the gaze on the incomer, a quiet chuckle vibrating in his torso. Roughing up your ass, his cock stung at your prostate like a bee. Arousal grew in your belly dangerously, your dripping cock wobbling towards your belly. Shushes at your ear, soft kisses pressed against your skin feeling like silk, his gaze never left the one of the intruder. Hands firmly seized your ass, an unyielding pace that split you apart. He never stopped his thrusts, admiring the stupefied face of the intruder. Seeing his muscles unable to move made a pride grow in Thoma who rammed into you at a brutal pace. Sinful sounds coming from both of you filled the room, dirtying the floor with saliva and cum.
"Everything's okay. They left."
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coco-goat-milk · a day ago
helo! anemo boys with nezuko!reader please :)
Nezuko! reader x Kazuha, Xiao, Venti, Aether, Klee, Qiqi and Diona ( The kids are platonic)
Pronounce: She/him/they, no pronounce mentioned so i won't either!
Warning: Slight spoilers for Nezuko, Qiqi and Diona, Xiao, Venti, Kazuha, Aether. Mentions of violence and murder. Reader will be in Nezuko’s demon form, if it's too hard to understand pls tell me<3.
A/n: Moshi moshi~ sweetie, ofc here you go I hope this is to your liking, and i am sorry that the childrens part is way smaller :)
Reblog, comments and likes are highly appreciated!!!
First time meeting:
You saved him-
He was being attacked by a demon, and when you obliterated that demon he thought you were an angel.
Even though you were actually a demon as well.
He owed you his life, and almost cried tears of relief and thankfulness.
While he was being dramatic you decided you were hungry and ate some grass.
You also decided that he needs help and that you would join him on his journeys.
When you two get together:
This- fuck romeo and julliet i want what these bitches have.
You join him on his adventure to find his sister.
Paimon really likes you, and she thinks you are so sweet and adorable, and Aether thinks so as well.
While you might sleep a lot, you always wake up to protect Aether😍🤞
When he is traveling you sleep in the basket, i know the box where Nezuko sleeps in (and where Tanjiro carries her in)
Sometimes he is a very confused boy (since you don't speak) but he tries his best to understand what you want/mean.
He is so precious, he loves to take naps next to you and he also loves bringing you little things that he got/found when he was busy with adventures/commissions.
He is really impressed but lowkey kinda scared of you and your strength.
He loves to watch you beat up enemies but when you basically annihilate them, he can feel himself shudder.
He prays for anyone who wants to anger you, fly high peasant🕊
Whenever he gets nightmares or feels sad about his sister, you comfort him by cuddling him or braiding his hair<3
Cute ♡
He feels so bad about your family, he wants to comfort you so badly but he doesn't know how he can.
He just doesn't really know what your emotions are, but without him knowing he already helps (emotionally) a lot.
You don't know what might happen after you and Aether found his sister...and neither do you want to think about it.
You just want to relax, sleep, cuddle and enjoy ur time with Aether ♡
First time meeting:
He honestly hadn't expected that there was a demon living among the human world.
He thought that all the demons were murdered thousands of years ago in war.
Wanted to kill you because he thought you were a threat.
When he found out you were a 'good' demon, he let you live.
But he kept you by his side so you didn't kill anyone.
When you two get together:
Aww this is actually such a cute relationship.
Lots of affection, like a lot. You are both affectionate people and love giving each other affection
If you don't give him affection, he will cling onto you.
Diluc hates you two being all kissy kissy🤾‍♀️
The both of you are really lazy, the people see the two of you mostly laze around.
And when he is performing they see you asleep next to him.
He thinks you are the cutest, and will protect you at all cost...and you would for him.
The first time he saw your powers/strength he was stunned *holy lyre music stopped*
No, he was so shocked when you attacked them enemies, he wasn't bad shook he was just surprised shook.
He thinks you're so cool, after that.
He tries to make you as comfortable as possible.
Since you are after all a demon who doesn't eat normal food.
He knows how it is to lose someone dear, and he can't imagine losing your entire family.
Whenever you feel sad about it or miss them, he tries so much to comfort you.
Sometimes he would cuddle you and sometimes he would play on the lyre specially for you <3
I already wrote it so you can check it out here<3
First time meeting:
Probably met him while he was asleep on a rock, you just laid down next to him.
He got the scare of his life, when he saw an unknown person asleep next to him.
He thought you were pretty cute, he did wonder why you wore a muzzle.
He decided to just stay a little time.
When you two get together:
Ugh I don't know why all these relationships are so vv cute, lemme sob.
My man has been through a lot, and even though he puts up a strong front... He is really sensitive.
So be careful, but fortunately you are careful and bonus you can smell his emotions and feelings ™ 🥶😈💯‼️
He might tease you for being lazy and all but he actually thinks it's adorable, he swoons each time he sees your sleeping face.
Even if you snore or drool or make ugly faces, he thinks it's adorable </3
Brb, I'm sobbing, throwing up and sliding down the wall for this man.
The two of you take naps on rocks, it looks really funny and weird for other people but the two of you enjoy it sm.
He thinks you are always adorable even if you are ripping enemies heads off with your bare hands😨
Why do all these characters have such sad backstories and why do most of them relate with losing a loved one, why Mihoyo why...🤾‍♀️
Another who relates to losing a loved one, he tries not to dwell on the past and if you think about your family he tries to take your mind off of it<3
First time meeting:
You found her while she was blowing up lakes.
You approached her, thinking she was hurt or something.
When you found out she was the one blowing up lakes, you were kind of scared…
Like where are her parents, is she even allowed to blow up lakes?
She tried to make you talk, but you didn't say a word.
She thought you didn't like her or something.
When you two get closer:
Calls you Big sibling/sister/brother ♡♡
Also likes to draw you and her as a family.
She always asks Jean or anyone else where you are or when you are coming to visit again, she loves spending time with you.
She really likes to play with you or draw. Likes to pick flowers with you and then make flower crowns.
Sometimes Klee gets really sad that you aren't speaking, that makes her always bring a piece of paper and some crayons with her when you are visiting her.
She likes to explode lakes while you sleep nearby, you just sleep through the explosions.
Cue a fuming Jean.
You will fight someone for her, honestly who wouldn't?
Such a sweet platonic sibling relationship<3
When you two get closer:
She is so sweet, always giving you little gifts.
Even though she always forgets stuff.
She always has a notebook with her, so she can remember things but also so you can write the things you want to say down<\3
She always brings you a little flower whenever you visit, she tells you that you remind her of flowers.
Really likes taking naps with you, so whenever you two are together and tired you take naps where you want.
It's always so relaxed and calm with her, even when you two are playing or whatever.
She likes to play any game with you, and you ofc indulge in her request since she never asks for anything and the sweet baby deserves her childhood <3
When you two get closer:
She gets really annoyed when you don't pay attention to her or when you are lazing around.
She will scold you but if someones else scolds you then she will attack that person🕊
Wants you to help her make the nastiest drink ever, it never succeeds and you honestly think she is cursed with making really good drinks.
She actually really enjoys hanging out with you, even though it's mostly you sleeping and her angrily making a masty drink.
She actually quite likes to take you to take walks with her.
And when you two then go on a walk, you listen to her rambling about whatever she has on her mind.
She really appreciates you a lot<33
You angrily huff at her father whenever you see him, because he doesnt deserve Diona as his child.
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penguinlop · 2 days ago
Yandere Arataki Itto x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
/// A Bouquet of Marigolds
You and Itto’s relationship was nothing short of perfect. It came to no surprise to the people of Inazuma when you became his fiance. However, as intimacy grows, Itto’s predatory oni instincts begin to consume him.
Warnings: Yandere themes, Stalking, Implied Sexual Content, Implied Dubious Content, Violence, Mentions of Death, Possessive Behavior, Harassment (unwanted flirting by minor characters), Itto being potentially ooc as he isn't out yet
Tumblr media
You fell for his boisterous laugh. The way he proudly stood up straight, placed large hands on his hips, and snickered at yet again another silly victory.
To some of the children in Hanamizaka, the unruly oni was an antagonistic bully; to others, he was a companion to play with. But to you, he was like the sun. Blazing and overbearing. His infatuation was unmistakably evident. He was always considerate and never subtle with clumsy affections. The little souvenirs and scribbled letters that littered your room were filled with tales of his daily mischief. Everyone knew that the muscular yokai was the one that brought you dango and sakura blossoms on solitary nights. Everyone knew that beaming days spent with him were never short of toothy grins, warm, calloused hands, and comical poses. He believed himself to be a gallant protagonist, and you, his destined romantic interest. Nothing but blushes and joking slaps arose when you rested your head on his chest, watching how the moon ascended behind Tenshukaku. At this point, official, public proclamations of heartfelt love weren’t necessary. To the people of Inazuma, you were already claimed. It was fitting that you quickly became his betrothed.
You adored fiddling with the amethyst lump choker that he gently clasped a few moons prior. It shields each side of your neck from carnivorous eyes. It will come off on your wedding night and welcome sinking fangs that have been starved for too long.
He seemed so very human to you. In your eyes, not a trace of demon blood corrupted his being. Whenever he bent down, leaned into your embrace, and clenched plush skin, he was constantly mindful of protruding horns and pointy claws.
Perhaps he was too mindful. You shouldn’t have been perplexed when plaguing nightmares full of burning desires, yet miserable heartaches lurked around. You should’ve noticed how hungry eyes stalked you as you strolled around the city blindly believing that he was off dueling with Kujou Sara, challenging Yoimiya, or setting up bug-fighting arenas.
Why didn’t you notice how scarlet markings and eyes became more prominent and sharper day by day?
Some nights he would come home, sticky with sweat. Your fogged, sleepy mind distracted you from the stench of blood that drenched his attire. Another victim was crushed by his lethal club. It was all for the heat of the moment. It was all to nurture his egotistical nature.
Oh, how he wanted nothing more than to put his stained claymore on display, so he could quell any remaining doubts of his power that still festered in you. Itto yearned for you to carefully stand on your tip-toes and cup his face, to gush at his strength, to feed him more unrelenting praises.
“Yes, you keep me so safe, my love. My strong Itto.”
Though often characterized as impatient and spontaneous, as a lover, the towering yokai calmly waited for you to finally make your way to his bedchamber. Rough yet tender hands ghosted over your fecund form. Fluttering eyes, pouting lips, and innocent squeaks satiated him for the time being. But the bloodlust like nagging stabs at the back of his mind remained in his system.
As he took in your form, covered by a thin sheet, he heavily sighed. He promised to himself to never defile your naïve, human spirit. Unfortunately, one autumnal morning he caved into feral impulses.
You were dressed in a honey-colored kimono, patterned with foxes and fans. You twirled your oil-paper umbrella cheerfully as maple leaves swayed and drifted in the cool breeze. Jubilant fall festivities had already begun in the bustling city. More families roamed around, more hawkers lured hungry customers to their delectable treats, more opportunities emerged for the tall man to smugly parade you around. Everyone will know that Arataki Itto has the most graceful, exquisite lover!
A booming chuckle was evoked as you tugged away from his possessive grip, ran across the wooden bridge to the nearest tree, and reached for the falling leaves. The warm colors scattering on rooftops and stone streets matched perfectly with your garment. One landed on your head. To him, it adorned you like a crown. The oni averted his eyes from your charming form and hummed curiously as he heard an elderly woman speak of how she was selling marigolds.
You are already the pinnacle of beauty, but he knew these would make you even more radiant. He just knew you would playfully throw yourself onto him; melodious giggles will bless the ears of onlookers as he will spin you around. His grin widened at the delightful thoughts.
After he purchased the gift and excitedly made his way towards you, the sudden snap of flower stems was heard. A throaty growl stiffened the joyous festivities. Winter came in a second. The trees became barren, every leaf fell to the ground and shivered. The bouquet slipped from his once gripping hands and was trampled by stomping feet. The marigolds never got to experience your sweet smile. Instead, they witnessed how you attempted to shoo away those filthy creatures. His nostrils flared, his fangs bared, his claws protracted. Their vulgar language and dirty hands that rested on your quivering shoulder cloaked him with rage. The man with demon blood rushing through his veins bumped into families and persistent vendors as he made his way to the repugnant scene.
How dare someone lay a finger on what is mine!
He was on the verge of materializing a geo club and slaughtering the men that even dared to have the singular thought of gazing into your lustrous eyes. He knows the crimson streams, a testament of death, will blend in with the red maples.
However, for once, the childish, obnoxious man was silent as he pulled you back into his dominating arms and swept you away from those ogling fools. Still, even then, you were too blind to notice how his horns became piercing daggers, and fiery eyes were no longer simmering embers. It wasn’t until he brashly tossed you onto his bed, ripped the dazzling choker, and had his way with you that you were struck with a horrific realization. The stinging pain of fangs biting and marking, once concealed flesh, was in those haunting nightmares.
Bestial instincts detached the oni from what little humanity he had left.
Your incessant cries of pain and pleasure urged him forward. He huffed guttural promises of never letting you in the presence of another man, never letting you out of his sight, never letting you go.
You will wed him.
You will carry his offspring.
You will make him so utterly human.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading!! ₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎*・゚。
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sohcah-toa · 2 days ago
Hey there!
Ur writing is amazing!
Feel free to decline.
Can i request a lactation kink w/ Diluc. Pretty please🥺.
Again, ignore if you want to ヾ(^-^)ノ.
Thank you!
Me Too | toa
thank you so much! i was excited to try something new so thank you for this idea! ☆ srry i got busy making genshin high!
cw: NSFW (18+), needy!diluc x reader, lactation kink, breastfeeding, slight cussing
— ღ
You gave birth weeks ago and ever since then you've been really focused on your new baby. Diluc has been helping you a lot but most of the time he just watches while you feed the baby, curious about how.
"What are you staring at honey?" You asked with a giggle, you were breastfeeding the baby again and Diluc's doing what he always does: observing. The baby was so peaceful.
Tumblr media
Diluc sighed "Honey, can I--" he trailed off, he was about to say something bus stopped and thought about it carefully "N-Nevermind"
He hugged you and the baby then kissed you on your forehead "I love you"
"I love you more" You smiled at him
The baby was finally fast asleep, it was night. You were washing milk bottles, you were going to try and feed the baby from the bottle from now on using store bought milk formula.
"Hey" Diluc whispered in your ear as he hugs you from behind "I'll do that honey"
"Oh it's fine, you can go rest up" You said. He placed his head on the nook of your shoulder, wrapping his arms on your chest, slowly groping it. You don't have a bra under your shirt.
"But I want you" He whispered "Please?"
You tried so hard not to show him that you were feeling good. It's been a while since you both did it, but you were both so busy.
"A-After this.." You breathed heavily, he leaned in closer to your body, letting you feel his erect crotch. He started playing with your breasts "H-honey.. I'm sensitive there"
"I can't - wait that long" He grunted, you feel his cock on your ass grow bigger than before. He started playing with your nipples from above your shirt and it started to leak milk a little bit "It's wet. Honey, that's not the only thing getting wet tonight" he chuckled a little
"Don't — hon— Diluc" You stop washing the bottles and pushed your butt up on his dick, he moaned almost immediately
The more the milk leaks on your breasts, the more he plays with it "S-shit, I really want to make love with you right now"
This was unlike Diluc, he was usually calm and gentle but this needy side of him is so cute that it turns you on even more.
"Then do it" You grind your ass on his cock "Fuck me" he thrusted his hips forward, dry humping you while still playing with your nipples. Your shirt got wet already from all the milk that's leaking.
"Ah— why did you have to tease me honey? Now I really want to fuck you" he whispered, he turned your whole body around. You were surprised so you grab a hold of his shoulders, the soap getting on his shirt "I've been holding it for the baby because he needs this milk"
He kissed your neck while letting his hands roam everywhere on your body. He was feeling every inch of you. He missed you so much. He took your shirt off then started kissing you roughly.
You were moaning softly under his lips as he starts to remove your shorts and underwear. He didn't have a minute to spare. He wants you naked in front of him.
Your body was slightly wet from all the milk that leaked before. Diluc bent a little then started licking from your stomach to your breasts.
"I-I'm sensitive there I told you" You were trying to tell him to stop but your body says otherwise. You stroked his red locks and pulled his head deeper in your breasts.
He was breathing hard while sucking on your nipples. With every suck he would swallow the milk that comes out. He used his hand to play with your other breast, letting all the milk out.
"N-no wonder the baby liked this so much" Diluc grunted a little bit. He was slightly bent while sucking on your erect buds so you feel his dick twitch on your leg. You start removing his clothes while he continues what he was doing, refusing to stop.
As soon as you have completely removed his clothes, he carried you above the counter, spreading your legs. He started pinching your nipple using his both hands, all the milk came out letting it splash on his mouth. You were supporting yourself by warpping your hands around his neck.
"H-Honey.. my body's so wet already" You muttered as he inserts his free finger on your pussy hole. You let out a loud moan and pulled him closer to you.
"Sorry honey, it's been a while and I—" He grunted in your ear as he positions himself in your entrance "You're still so sexy and hot" he gave you a smile before inserting his big erect cock.
"W-w-hy're you so big — Honey" You moaned, his cock felt so big inside of you, he was rougher and much more hungrier.
His grunts and moans echoed in your ear as you hug him. His hands still pushing all the milk out of your breasts.
"This is all mine now" He moaned as he thrusted faster inside you making you scream in pleasure. You try holding it in to not wake the baby that was sleeping.
He backed a little just so he could see your face while he rails you. He liked looking at your face, liked the idea of making you go crazy. These are the little things that turns him on ever more.
He pinched your erect buds, the milk squirting out of you as he thrusts faster and deeper.
"I-I'm close — ahg" He grunted, putting your soft and supple buds in his mouth, sucking the milk again with closed eyes. He seemed to really enjoy getting it out of you.
You moan louder with each thrust he makes, his breaths getting heavier and heavier, a signal that he's about to cum.
He used his other free hand to rub your clit. "Cum with me honey" he went in circles and rubbed it rapidly while thrusting deeper. You moaned, clawing his muscled back.
"F-fuck! I'm cumming —!!" You were a little too late in saying that, you already came. Your juiced flowing down to your legs but that doesn't stop Diluc. In fact, he went even faster than before pinching your buds.
The milk from your nipples flowing down to his dick as he moves in and out out of you. He leaned in on the nook of your shoulder and thrusted one last time. He stops and you feel his heavy breaths on your neck.
"You still feel so good honey" he whispered, rubbing your body that was wet from the milk. His cum and yours drips to the floor. He came a lot given that this was the first time in weeks that you had sex.
You were breathing heavily too, you let him rest on top of you "Y-you're so rough today"
"Sorry, don't you like it? It's just that— it's been weeks and I really missed you" he sighed as he kissed your neck softly
Tumblr media
"No, honey, I love you no matter what, I enjoyed this" You giggled a little "Surprising at first but quite exciting"
You feel him chuckle on your neck "Want a round two?" he started touching your breasts again "While the baby's asleep. I'm not done with you yet"
— End ღ
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cantalouupe · 2 days ago
nsfw!!! albedo x f!reader
brat tamer!albedo (sort of i guess technically), punishments, masochist (?) reader
Albedo is usually very patient with you. He’ll wait calmly, willing to give chances and repeat instructions to hopefully get you to listen and do what he needs you to do. Whether it be getting you in the right position or having you stay still or hold back from your orgasm, patience is something he must have when dealing with you.
There are times, though, when it wears thin, his voice becomes a little more stern and his hands rough where the grab or hold you. Times even rarer than that, are times when that strongly built wall of patience crumbles.
When you crawl under his desk to paw at him for the umpteenth time - despite Albedo warning you that he is busy with important work - he feels his resolve crack.
“Come here.” He pulls himself and the chair he was sat in backwards to make room for you to sit without being stuck beneath the desk.
Once you’re on your knees in front of him, you begin to feel the creeping suspicion that you are in trouble - not that you should be surprised.
“Why are you acting like this?” You tilt your head like an innocent, confused dog. The blonde watches you with narrowed eyes, hand raising to come down across the side of your face. It stings where his palm connected with your cheek, and you avert your eyes from him.
“I told you not to bother my while I work, did I not?” He questions. You don’t respond, head turned away from him as if you were a child just denied of something you wanted. “If you would have listened and waited, you would have been rewarded.”
Your eyes stay glued anywhere but him, even when he stands and walks farther away, on the other side of the room. Even when he comes back to you and tells you to look at him.
“Why don’t you listen?” He grips your chin to force eye contact while he speaks to you. There’s something addicting to acting out, getting reprimanded each time. Countless smacks against your ass in punishment, numerous tears slipping down your face with the pain of it. Albedo once mentioned it, while clipping handcuffs onto your wrists - “You love this don’t you? Getting punished like this.” He is right.
You know he loves it just as much, too, always ready to start a punishment, no matter where you are. In public, he’ll lean in close, telling you what he’s going to do to you once you’re in the privacy of your home or his lab. He’s almost eager for it, like he gets a rush just as you do when he hits you and edges you and ties you up.
There’s a sort of possessiveness in the actions, him being the only one to do this to you. He’ll tell you, hotly, while fucking you, how he’s the only one who can properly combat you and how you act, how he’s the only one who can “tame” your bratty behavior.
So, despite the clench of his jaw when you do something he doesn’t approve of, and the rough way he grabs and speaks to you, you know he absolutely loves this; loves you.
He lets go of your jaw, choosing instead to hoist you up and lead you to the table where he could bend you over and pull the skirt you were wearing up. With a hand pressing your back to the table and another resting on the plush flesh of your ass, he warns you to “stay still and count.”
You do easily for the first few, flinching just slightly at the sound his skin connecting with yours makes. After the sixth smack on the same spot, you can feel the pain start to set in, a tingling burn right beneath your skin. You want to squirm away from it and move towards it at the same time.
Albedo only goes harder from here, making sure to put power behind the slap, not satisfied until a loud cry from you sounds out. He only changes spots, switching to the other cheek, when you whimper out a “fifteen.”
He pauses, now, since it is the half way point. You register that its going to happen before it does, the drag of two of his fingers along your cunt. They come back drenched, and he scoffs like he’s in disgusted disbelief - though you both know you were bound to get arouses from this.
“You’re wet,” he remarks, “this is a punishment. It isn’t supposed to be enjoyed.”
“Feels so good,” you slur out, hands shaped into fists where they rest on the hard wooden surface.
He doesn’t respond this time, but with the way his hand lands against your opposite ass cheek for the next fifteen times, he definitely heard what you said. The thought of him possibly being hard pokes at the back of your mind.
When he’s finished pats the heated skin and you jolt. “Now, are you ready for your real punishment?”
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lunamochii · 2 days ago
“Rainy Day🌧”
Tumblr media
n — a zhongli drabble that I wrote out of nowhere and is not proofread, gotta give love to my daddy 🥰, REBLOGS ARE OKAY 👌🏻, LEAVE A FEEDBACK~
w — food play [cream] , marturbation [m], fellatio, cunnilingus, i can’t think any warnings anymore.
Just a one rainy afternoon together with Zhongli, the both of you don’t have any work and decided to stay home. You planned to watch movies with him and bake some cupcakes, that’s what you plan. For Zhongli, he planned something more bigger
Seeing your hard nipples covered with the cream you guys made while ago, his tongue licking it off and his hands spreading the cream all over your tits, letting you kneel down and telling you to fuck his cock with your tits with cream all over it
You can feel the wetness on your underwear, rubbing your thighs together so you can feel good down there. His hands grabbing a handful of your hair and starts to fuck your mouth real good, you could only let out muffled moans with his cock pushing deep inside your throat. The sweetness of the cream and the saltiness of his pre-cum are mixing and… it’s addicting
Zhongli who didn’t get enough just from fucking your tits he told you to bend down on the counter, scooping the cream with his hand, he rub it on your cunt and knelt down and immediately started licking your pussy
“Don’t get me wrong honey, I love your cupcakes but THIS….”
He gave your ass a playful slap and tongue fuck your cunt making you plead for more, how he loves hearing that noises coming from you, makes him feel good. He unzipped his pants and let his cock out as he start to jack off while licking your sweet cunt
“This pussy is far more delicious than your cupcake.”
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