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#genshin xiao
mikachuchu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ーThe genshin Boys fanboy over their favorite idol, you.
Tumblr media
>Albedo, Xiao and Scaramouche (separately) x gender neutral reader
>Warning: none
>note: extremely short I'm sorry hh
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
•The not-so-casual casual fan
•Like,, he listens to your songs religiously but nobody needs to know that ehe
•He just normally talks about your songs like a normal human would but then with people he's friends with specifically Sucrose,,
•"Okay so basically, this song means that theyー"
"Mister Albedo you need to go home it's lateー"
"I'M NOT DONE, anyways their first album meansー"
•Always rambles about your songs it's the cutest
•Ranks your songs by his most favorite to least, though he loves all of them 
•He would over-analyze all of your lyrics no matter how light hearted they are, you could be talking about cats and he would link it to how animals are going extinctー
•Always listens to your songs when studying or just generally doing any task and always sings along
•Has all your songs memorized by heart and he just randomly hums the tune or sing the lyrics without realizing 
•He doesn't get to go to your concerts very often but he always has your assigned glowstick each time he can go
Tumblr media
•None of his friends expected him to be a fan of you until they heard time blast your songs when he thought he was home alone.
•When he's walking somewhere with his headphones, everyone would expect that he's listening to hard rock or something similar but no, it's just you on loop
•Him: 🖤💀😈🤬☕
•The music he listens to: 💞💌🧚‍♀️🦄
(This is a joke, dw I hate it too)
•Falls asleep to your music a lot, it's somehow very comforting to him
•You were the one who inspired him to start learning how to use a guitar 
•Definitely cried when he got to go to one of your concerts 
Tumblr media
•Openly slandered you on Twitter and has been banned way too many times
•But don't let that fool you, he's an international superspyー I mean a huge closeted fan that waits for hours outside the stores as soon as one of your albums come out
•Has a whole strategy on how to hide all of his huge collection of merchandise in his room, if he ever invites someone in his room in the first place
•Has two different accounts where the first one is a well known [name] hater while the other is a well known [name] stan
•Got your autograph when he got backstage passes to your concert and he has it framed in his room
Tumblr media
《General Masterlist》
Taglist: @urujiako , @simplyxsinned , @starglitterz , @alberivh , @noirkkat , @chichikoi , @oreoz-unfortunately , @bookuya , @shxnosuke , @abyssheart , @almond-adeptus , @masterofbrioches , @almondto-fu , @thomaghosty , @tsu-simps-for-pretty-bois , @simplyxkashi , @spottyspatula , @icecappa , @mayple
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Tumblr media
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incorrect-genshin-impact · 22 hours ago
Childe: I poisoned someone’s drink but I forgot which one
Lumine: you did WHAT???
Paimon: *throws drink down the drain*
Xiao, muttering: …the way this dinner has been going, I hope it’s mine.
Zhongli: *chugs the rest of his drink*
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minqci · 2 days ago
♡ genshin boys when you avoid their kisses pt. 2
୨୧ ₊˚๑︶꒥︶꒷︶︶꒥꒷︶꒥︶︶꒷₊
so here's part 2 of the avoiding kisses prank !! the only reason i made two parts is because i wanted to include as many boys as possible, so if your favorite character wasn't in the last post, he's probably in this one !!
୨୧ ₊˚๑︶꒥︶꒷︶︶꒥꒷︶꒥︶︶꒷₊
: ̗̀➛ xiao:
Tumblr media
➸ xiao is just the right amount of affectionate towards you.
➸ since he’s an adepti, he never really got used to the idea of PDA until you came into his life.
➸ he only shows simple gestures, though. simple things like good morning and good night kisses to reassure you he loves you.
➸ regardless of this, he was pretty emotionless most of the time. he always had a blank slate look on his face even when you were speaking to him.
➸ when xinyan told you about this prank, you wanted to try it immediately.
➸ you look back and you have never actually pulled a prank on xiao throughout your relationship, so you were excited to see how he would react.
➸ coincidentally, it was the lantern rite festival which is one of the few days you and xiao get a break from your training.
➸ you were dressed in a beautiful kimono to match the occasion, while xiao was just in the same clothes he's always in.
➸ xiao was in awe of you the entire night. the way you got excited over the many food stalls, the prizes you won and the things you could buy. he was just in a trance the whole night.
➸ as the lantern festival finally started, you both found a cozy spot and you had a lantern in hand to release into the sky.
➸ "ok xiao, you ready?" you looked over at him and he was just smiling at you. you felt your cheeks heat up since he didn't do that very often.
➸ "why are you smiling like that, hm?" you ask teasingly.
➸ he gently pulls your face close to his and says, "i'm looking at you. why wouldn't i be smiling?"
➸ you just stare at each other for a few seconds and he goes in for a kiss, you dodge it and turn away.
➸ he immediately fills with worry. he's been keeping you company all night, and you seemed happy the entire time too.
➸ was it because he was too cold? too quiet or stoic? he did start to realize how emotionless he was towards you. what was he thinking? of course he should be more affectionate, you're the love of his life after all.
➸ after a few minutes of silence, xiao takes your arm and dashes in all directions until you reach qingyun peak.
➸ "xiao? what are you doing?" you say, confused and a little dizzy from all the dashing he did.
➸ he then gestures for you to take a seat, and you both admire the gorgeous view for a while.
➸ xiao then takes a deep breath and faces you, gently pulling your face towards his.
➸ you sometimes forget how handsome xiao is. it's rare that you get a chance to appreciate his silky hair, his beautiful yellow eyes and his soft skin. you felt like you were falling in love with him all over again.
➸ "listen, y/n. i know i'm not really the most affectionate person. i don't show you the feelings that i have for you in full form, and i'm sorry for that. i just hope that you can-"
➸ he hides his face, and you notice a shine in his eyes. was he crying?
➸ you quickly hug him, feeling such guilt for doing this to him. i guess he wasn't as reserved as you thought.
➸ you look up at him, and see him staring back at you. you then slowly lean closer to him, and kiss him.
➸ "i'm so sorry, xiao." he starts to become confused. he thought he was the one who had to be sorry.
➸ "it was just a prank, xinyan suggested it to me and i couldn't resist."
➸ after a few minutes of shock, you see his face morph into a pout. one of the many faces you have never seen xiao make.
➸ "why did you do that, huh? i seriously thought you hated me, be more considerate will you?"
➸ you were about to leave his hug, when he tightens his grip and says, "i just don't want you to leave me, okay darling?"
➸ you feel your heart melt and your chest tighten. maybe pranks have their upsides after all.
: ̗̀➛ dainsleif:
Tumblr media
➸ you and dainsleif were the type of couple that is so reserved that no one actually realizes that you two are dating.
➸ around other people, you both never show any form of PDA. when you are both alone, you still keep it to a minimum.
➸ you're always the one initiating. not because dain doesn't like showing you affection, he's just not used giving it.
➸ one faithful day though, lisa told you about a prank she's planning to do on jean which you couldn't resist trying on dain.
➸ most of the time you and dain train. mostly because both of you strive to become stronger and the only opponents you trust are each other.
➸ as you start fighting, dain ends up tripping you causing you to fall onto the ground as he places your hands above your head to keep you to be still.
➸ "you're always reckless at the beginning of the fights, my dear."
➸ you just roll your eyes and try to scan for an opening, when you see one you immediately get out of dain's grasp and dash all the way to the other side of the building.
➸ he quickly runs after you, and after 5 minutes of chasing he finally grabs you by the legs and pins you down.
➸ "hah, not bad y/n. you're good, but not good enough." he says with a smug look on his face.
➸ "fine, fine. congratulations as always, dain." you say, as your eyes drift to his lips.
➸ you suddenly think, maybe if you kissed him first he would try to kiss you back. your prank could be put into action!
➸ you start to lean towards him to give him a kiss, and as you're inches away, he dodges you.
➸ he...dodged you? you were confused with a slight tinge of worry. was he disappointed in you? or maybe-
➸ your thoughts were cut off by his laugh. "you think you're the only prankster here, darling?"
➸ this was absolutely rich. he pranked you. you both just laugh and head to angel's share, for the first time, hand in hand.
: ̗̀➛ venti:
Tumblr media
➸ when you and venti started dating, he wouldn't stop telling nearly everyone in mondstadt about it.
➸ he's definitely the affectionate one, he gives you kisses all the time. sometimes out of nowhere and it backfires because you end up punching him.
➸ one day, you and kaeya were just hanging out at good hunter when he told you about this prank he's been seeing his friends do.
➸ "of course, i can't do the prank because i'm single. oh, woe is me!" you just roll your eyes at his drama but you did take interest in the prank he mentioned.
➸ you continue discussing with kaeya when venti suddenly pops out of nowhere and greets you two.
➸ "ah, hello kaeya!! hello my love!!" as he gets closer to your table kaeya gestures for you to do the prank to him.
➸ "do it now!" he whisper shouts at you. you mouth out the words, "fine" and look over to venti.
➸ "i ordered some wine for all of us. now give me a kiss y/n-" you dodge his attempt to kiss your cheek.
➸ "oh come on, dear. i know we're in public, but it's just an innocent kiss on the cheek!"
➸ he tries to kiss you but you dodge once again. "are you two in a squabble? y/n seems upset with you, venti."
➸ "n-not from what i recall.." venti says, his face turning into a adorable little pout.
➸ its silent for a while and you're still turned away from venti. "uhm, y/n??"
➸ kaeya points to your right and you see venti crying. you immediately give him a big hug and shower him in small little kisses.
➸ "what? i thought you were mad at me!" venti said, wiping the tears from his cheeks.
➸ you shoot kaeya a dirty look and say, "kaeya put me up to pranking you."
➸ "tsk, you still made that decision to do it all on your own." he says while pouring wine into a glass.
➸ venti sniffles and says, "ok..but never do that again! i was really sad!
➸ you nod your head and the three of you stay in the tavern all night until you're all thrown out for being disorderly drunks.
: ̗̀➛ scaramouche:
Tumblr media
➸ let's get one thing straight, scaramouche is still mean to you even though you're together. he will still act cold sometimes, but in the end he still has his moments of affection.
➸ on most days, you and scaramouche barely see each other because of the fact you're not a fatui member.
➸ you always set time aside, though. you both agreed to meet at least once a week.
➸ it was your meeting day #2 of the week, and you were waiting for scaramouche to come in third-round knockout.
➸ "you're here early again? you must be such a desperate one to do this twice a week, huh?"
➸ you just shrug off his comment because you can clearly see the obvious blush on his cheeks.
➸ you both ordered some food and chatted about what happened during the week.
➸ "why do you hate that tartaglia boy so much?" you asked. you honestly never knew why scaramouche hated him, he seemed like a kind guy.
➸ "because he always underestimates me. it's not fair that signora and he overlooks my talents."
➸ he continues grumbling and you just listen quietly. scaramouche always has ranting sessions like this, and you find it adorable because of how much (unintentional) pouting he does.
➸ in the middle of his ranting, you accidentally let out a small giggle and he stops talking.
➸ "ah, sorry scara. it slipped out, you're just so cute is all." you apologized.
➸ he just continued staring at you until you snapped him out of his thoughts by waving your hands in front of him.
➸ "earth to scaramouche...?" he just blinked and rubbed his eyes, all while hiding his face.
➸ "geez, don't just laugh like that without warning. it disrupts my train of thought."
➸ you get closer to him and ask, "oh, really? why does it get disrupted?"
➸ "it gets disrupted because of-" he looks back at you, and your face is inches away from his.
➸ "continue, scaramouche. because of what?"
➸ you see him start to lean closer to you. a kiss! this was your chance to put your prank into action.
➸ when he's just a breath away from kissing you, you dodge it and he ends up stumbling onto your lap.
➸ "what? y/n what the hell was that for?!" he asks, quickly standing up and regaining his composure.
➸ you just turn away, causing him to get even more pissed. you two were having a moment and you have a sudden outburst like this??
➸ he pokes your arm and says, "hey. what's up with you?"
➸ you ignore him, and he continues poking your arm over and over. suddenly his annoyance turned into worry.
➸ "doll.." you froze. he hasn't called you this since forever, it made you flush.
➸ "please...what's wrong? am i gone too often, or...have you just lost interest..?"
➸ "no!!" you scream. it slipped out, but you couldn't help it. he was being so soft and caring it made you so guilty.
➸ "no? then why were you.." you grab his face and give him a kiss on the lips. it was so gentle, yet so passionate.
➸ as you pull away you put your heads together and just smile at each other.
➸ "so, was this a prank perhaps?" scaramouche asked, still smiling and staring at you.
➸ "y-yes..." you look away, but he pulls your face towards his.
➸ "never do that again, hm? we don't even meet as much as i'd like, and it doesn't help when you make me think i did something awful to you."
➸ you nod and kiss his cheek. this experience definitely taught you that pranks like this bring out his softie side. valuable info, if i say so myself.
: ̗̀➛ xingqiu:
Tumblr media
➸ you and xingqiu have been friends ever since you were kids, so when he finally admitted his feelings to you, it was sort of a mix of awkward and true love at the same time.
➸ you both trained together along with his father and brother, so you were together almost constantly.
➸ during one of your break days, you were hanging out with xingqiu along with his friends chongyun and hu tao.
➸ xingqiu went over to wanmin restaurant to order some food for the three of you, when hu tao suddenly tapped your shoulder.
➸ "y/n! can you try this little prank i thought of on xingqiu??" she asked cheekily.
➸ you were skeptical but gestured for her to go on. she continued saying, "avoid his kisses! i saw mr. zhongli do it to this weird ginger man and it was super funny!"
➸ you looked over to see chongyun's reaction, he was shaking his head silently begging you not to try it out.
➸ you thought it was a little cruel, but at the same time you were curious to see how xingqiu would react.
➸ you and xingqiu rarely fought, so this would be a new thing for you to see.
➸ after a few minutes of thinking, you agreed.
➸ xingqiu walked back with the food in hand and distributed everyone's orders across the table.
➸ "i'm back darli-" he tried to kiss you, but you dodged it with a cold look on your face.
➸ it was silent for a few minutes, you could feel hu tao and chongyun's stare on the two of you.
➸ "ah. so that's how it is. ok, well i've been feeling the same way too, y/n. i guess we're done, then."
➸ your eyes widen as you look over at him, seeing him walk away from the table.
➸ "n-no! xingqiu, stop!" he continues walking, blatantly ignoring your screams.
➸ tears were falling from your face, this was the worst decision you have ever made.
➸ he really felt like that towards you..? did he just confess to you out of pity?
➸ you finally catch up to him, and when you see his face, you seem him...laughing?
➸ "w-why are you laughing in a situation like this?!" you shout.
➸ "you think i wouldn't know it was a prank?" you freeze. he was messing with you this whole time?!
➸ "chongyun told me, love. but then again, i was able to see your tell before he told me anyway."
➸ "my tell? what is it?" he laughed and said, "when you're feeling mischievous, your eyes always twitch a bit."
➸ you just take a deep breath and hug into his chest. you couldn't believe you let him outsmart you again.
➸ "so, you still love me?" you ask, looking up at him.
➸ "oh, of course. that was never in doubt. i'm surprised you believed my little act. you're all i think about, my love."
➸ you smile and give him a little kiss on the cheek as you walk back to a laughing hu tao and a blank-faced chongyun.
➸ lesson learned: never mess with xingqiu.
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themology · 2 days ago
xiao x gn!reader “exist for love”
Tumblr media
@anonymous: this is an empty canvas (i guess ??) sooooo you can do whatever you wan't ^^^ but can you write for xiao x reader kinda songfic where it's all lovey dovey and he realizes that he has feelings for the reader no matter how he denies it, it's just there... your song choice adds a little bit of ✨s p i c e✨ and as the song ends or somth he confesses to the reader !
notes: requests are open. thank you so much for requesting!! i love this idea and i am totally going to enjoy writing this. the song is exist for love by aurora. i don't usually like love songs but this shit is real good and i always find myself listening to it, anyways, enjoy!!!
summary: love was nowhere near what xiao expected when he had gotten the second chance of starting his life again, but why does he feel this way whenever you linger near?
warnings/contains: fluff, xiao realising that he has feelings and him being wtf, not proofread so errors ahead.
pairing: xiao x gn!reader
word count: 1406
Tumblr media
they say there is a war between the man and the woman
he had witnessed it all, the great suffering, the fire burning brightly at every corner of what seemed to be the world... he had lived for almost two thousand years. xiao can never miss a thing, him, a monster, a devourer of dreams, an untamed beast, enslaved on what he thought was freedom.
i've never felt like this before my heart knew that i couldn't
suddenly one day, it felt like the stinging strings attached to his limbs broke free... and he breath an extra breathe, all thanks to rex lapis.
and then you take me in and everything in me begins to feel like a belong like everybody needs a home
he wouldn't be lying when he thought you were such a hindrance when you first met, quite annoying and too stubborn... you would always flock together with the funeral parlor director and cause mischief that not even him can stop...
you were annoying, very annoying, how that (stupid) smile of yours never fail to ignore his presence, whenever you walked or ran in his direction... what were you trying to do anyways?
why does your smile feel warm...
and when i take your hand like the world has never held a man
there wasn't a time where you try to invade what seemed to be his personal space, it being 3 meters... you would sometimes stick to his side like you were moulded together and he can't do anything about it, he would push you away, he'd fail, and you will succeed.
i know i cannot heal the hurt but i will hold you here forever if i can, if i can
he can't stop thinking about you, maybe because you are the reason for him to committ mass murder of such but also because of something else, sometimes when you are near he'd stomach would grumble, it didn't felt bad surprisingly, it felt... pleasant.
but not as pleasant when you held his hand for a few seconds, for the first time — he could see luminous stars.
and then i learned the truth how everything good in life seems to lead back to you
the feeling on his stomach gets worse and worse everyday, he tried to eat anything he can to aid whatever it is, it wasn't hunger, he was always full, and it never seemed to go away.
he would always feel this way whenever you are around and he would sneer at you sometimes.
were you trying to hex him?!
he asked zhongli about this before, but the man before him would simply shake his head and suggest that something else is happening, something else is happening, he was losing his sanity, what the hell is it?
he'd become so desperate for help that he had to ask hu tao about it, it was a bad idea honestly... he wouldn't go into details about what she said; even ganyu... yet she doesn't even know who, or what is causing this.
that leaves him with the traveler, aether said he might be... in love, xiao raised his eyebrows at him, even paimon agreed... him? in love? since when? why? how? what?
he asked for help on how to settle it. both of the outlanders agreed...
and every single time i run into your arms i feel like i exist for love
your smile, your touch, it was something else, everytime you do almost anything it always seemed as if things were getting better... better and better everyday.
maybe... maybe...
your touch feels like love, this is love...
i can't imagine how it is to be forbidden from loving
xiao promised to himself to never love again like he did before, because it led to nothing but his will to live withering away.
but now was a different case, a different time, a different love... theres harm... in trying again, but can you even possibly try to hurt him? all you did was make everything... great again...
he has the ability to do so, to try again, xiao always thought of this, to start again.
maybe this time it will get better, he couldn't imagine himself without love, whenever you're near.
'cause when you walked into my life i could feel my life begin
the best part of him existing was laying his eyes on you...
he was thankful, he'd thank the archons, because of them, xiao would be able to exist and get a sight of you, the only thing left and added into his life.
and every single time i run into your arms i feel like i exist for love
you were confused on as to why he started to tell you more about him, it's always usually you, blabbering about nonsense... the only thing you know about him before is that he liked this food and that.
you were confused on the way he looks at you that way, it wasn't as scary as before, it feels comfortable
you're his sight to behold...
and when you say my name like white horses on the waves
you were now baffled by all of this — he'd hold your hands sometimes, he'd put a hand on your waist sometimes, he'd stroke your hair sometimes... he'd hold you all the time and you don't know why, but don't have to know why it all felt pleasant.
before, he would spat your name like a venomous susbtance, you're used to it, but now it trickles like honey, and you enjoyed your name being called out by him.
i think it feels the same as an ocean in my veins and you'll be diving in like nothing is out of place
you are up the balcony in wangshu inn as usual... waiting for the adepti to come and talk about anything in here as usual, verr goldet is used to both of your presence here and she honestly don't care as much, as long as you don't burn the inn down, given by the infamous name you would carry along the harbour and your close friend busy burying that one zombie kid from the pharmacy.
looking back at jueyun karst... you had always wanted to go there but couldn't, you will forever be curious of what lies there... maybe you'll have to ask xiao, and maybe he'd take you there if he's in the mood.
you heard a silent cough and looked back at the sound, you gave the adepti a warm smile. and he looked anywhere but you.
how curious.
xiao walked towards you and faced you, and you both stare at each other, not trying to talk or even do anything.
"y/n..." you flinched for a second because of his voice. "uhhhh yes xiao" you inquired silently, you feel nervous all of a sudden. "our bond is too strong to be ignored, i am certain that you can sense it yourself, this is new to me, i am not used to this situation at all..."
what is he talking about? your bond? what's with it? you hoped he wasn't trying to part ways with you when all you wanted was to befriend him, he always seemed to be lonely and always hid it bitterly from the world to see, but you can see through him.
and you know, he just needs someone to be there for him... and that is you... if he was trying to get rid of you, he'd atleast have to try harder, but then again, you'd always stick to his side.
"xiao... i refuse to part ways—"
"—i like you"
this was not what you expected, he wasn't being specific, you tried your hardest not to choke on your own spit.
"i... like you too?" it sounded more like a question than an adamant answer. "no." he shook his head, and sneered, he held your hands roughly and you were one sweat away from collapsing to the ground. what is happening
"you are my desire... i think that's the adequate word..."
and we exist for love only for love
those words felt good on his tongue, and they felt good in your ears... you let out a relief sigh and he gave you a confused look. you quickly dismissed it with a laugh, and he raised both his eyebrows slowly, expecting an answer from you...
you slowly took your hands from his grasps and placed them on his cheeks.
everything was blissful, a feeling inside of you kindles, you had always liked him.
"of course, me too xiao..."
he hesitantly enveloped you into a hug and you gladly hugged back.
maybe you'll bring the topic about going to jueyun karst with him next time, right now, you just want to stay like this.
and i love you, i love you, i love you and i love you, i love you, i love you
Tumblr media
📌 DO NOT REPOST — main/request here. buy me a coffee. my carrd.
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smoochi-modest · a day ago
[ 20:03 ]
As delicate as a flower, afraid one day you may end up as a fleeting rose petal within his grasp. Xiao's eyes focus on you and you alone, a hand reaching out towards the moon's shimmering light, reflecting off your skin. Slender fingers graze your cheek for a fleeting moment, before pulling away in fear of harming you. Something was so alluring, he couldn't describe such a feeling you caused beneath the surface of his skin. A flower began to blossom beneath the moonlight, blossoming feelings for you. A feeling that never seems to wither, such as the rose.
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scaramouche-bully · 12 hours ago
— ☆ Wrecking Xiao Sneak Peek
Apologies for the radio silence, it's been a bit of a hectic week for me with classes starting and other problems popping up. But I'm happy to announce that I'll have a fic out this Saturday at 2 pm EST. Here's a sneak peek ❤
Tumblr media
"If you aren't quiet, everyone in this inn will hear how much of a whore you are," your voice cuts through the haze in my mind as he is reminded that while his room is on the top floor, the walls are not soundproof. The residents, the boss, probably even the guards on the bridge could hear him fucked within an inch of his life. "But that's okay. You still have karma inside you, we need to fuck it all out or you'll never get better Xiao."
You ignore his wails for you to stop when you line your cock with his swollen hole and drive forward, his body is always honest and he jerks his hips back to meet your thrusts. He can hear the tear of the sheets, loud keens every time your cock slides deeper and drags against his sensitive spots, it's addictive. Try as he might to muffle his noises, you know his body better than him and what it takes to make him scream. Shoving back in without any warning, forcing a silent cry out of Xiao's mouth. It's so wet and hot. It’s too much, it’s too much-- but it’s not enough-- and your cock stretches him out so good that it feels like it kisses the base of his stomach, yet it’s still not enough. In the back of his mind, he reminisces that just this morning he was celebrating the Lantern festival with his companions and now he's being fucked raw. The heat beneath his skin, the aching in his chest, and Xiao tightens even further around you with a desperate groan. It's enough to make him come again. He doesn't care if people hear, he doesn't care about his shredded reputation that's fallen to pieces tonight, all his mind can focus on is how much his desperate whore body needs to cum. His body seizes, his eyes roll back, and then he’s cumming, squirting all over the bed. Waves upon waves of pleasure crash into him from all sides, and Xiao lets out a slutty cry, mind blanking as he goes boneless in your grip. You fuck him through his orgasms, body limp and pliant. It hurts. No matter how much he cums, his cock is still hard and aching.
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ghostaka · a day ago
Hey :)
I’ve loved all your Xiao series but could I request a stalker Xiao x Reader? Maybe where the reader becomes aware but doesn’t care that he does it, or is totally clueless and thinks he’s just there at the exact time and moment they are?
Thank you!!
(P.s can I be an emoji anon? like 🐧 so you know who I am when I request? Thank you!)
ofcourse!!! :D thank you so much for requesting, for anyone curious they are still open <3 (my requests are completely free)
and ofcourse you can have an emoji! you’ll be 🐧 anon for now and on, the 1st anon i’ve ever gotten you’ve just made history !!!
hope you enjoy the piece <3
(!) Stalker Xiao x Reader
Trigger Warning: Stalking, Killing,
Overly-Obsessive Xiao
modern au
(a little inspired by the game your boyfriend, but i made sure to switch it up a lot for credit purposes, if you’re 18+ please go check out the game!)
When you first met Xiao, you saw him as a super kind guy who did practically anything you asked without complaint. This was great! Lifting heavy boxes into the ice cream shop could get tiring, and he so happen to be right there willing to help! He said he was a friend of your boss, and was having a chat before his dear friend had to leave. Nonetheless you thanked him for helping and he tilted his hat, saying that it was no problem and he was a strong man! No, you didn’t doubt him, but those lanky arms of his lift up those boxes like it was no problem…
The second time you met Xiao was when he was visiting the shop again, he said he had come to order because the 85° weather outside was giving him a workout. You smiled and looked at him, nodding, and saying since he was the bosses friend he could get some for fre- “NO, no, no, It’s okay Y/N I’ll pay, I love helping my friend out anyways.” It was a bit strange that he got so nervous about it, but nonetheless you shook your head, laughed and agreed. Xiao soon took his ice cream and left with a wave towards you.
He was so sweet too! How could he be anything suspicious? Some of your co-workers were talking about him in the break room one time. Saying he was weird and did he really know the boss? Or was he just trying to get some free treats? You shook your head and intervened, saying he paid the other day because he liked helping a friend out! Your two co-workers nodded, but also pointed out that whenever he comes in he only will order from you specifically. Shaking your head in disbelief, you noted that maybe they haven’t spoken to him yet! Or perhaps you were the only open lane at the time. Both co-workers looked at each other and practically telepathically agreed you were clueless.
The third time you saw Xiao, was actually not at the ice cream shop! You had seen him at the super market, looking through the almond tofu flavors. Walking over to him with your shopping basket resting on your mid-arm, you smiled and said hello. He turned over with a mean glare on his face, before realizing it was you and instantly gleeing with delight. Are his cheeks blushing or did he go on another run? Anyways, you said hello again and both of you began to chat about the random things you had experienced this week. Did you see that new movie? Did you know that the road on _____ is getting paved again? You also had happened to slip out that a new regular has been coming in recently to the shop. His head visually tilted as he listened more, and you explained that he’d always come to your lane. Xiao’s face darkened as he continued to listen to you openly ramble about this scum. Why you? Was he flirting with you, wanted to make you his? Absolutely not, not on Xiao’s watch.
After that interaction, you hadn’t seen the man or Xiao in almost 3 days. Work was getting pretty boring not seeing the black and blue haired boy come in for a frozen treat. You began to wonder, maybe he didn’t want to talk to you anymore, or perhaps he was just really busy? You knew that Xiao came on runs past the shop, hence why he visited in the first place; But what if he didn’t like you anymore? That soon led you to wonder what he could dislike you for. Just as you were about to come worse to worse, the bell rang at the door and your head shot up with a semi-forced smile. Walking up the small steps to the shop, Xiao stood looking around. Once he spotted you, he smiled and you visually relaxed your shoulders.
“Hey Y/N, could I get my regular?” He spoke, seemingly normal as if he hadn’t been here in 3 days. You stood still and looked at him, and he looked right back at you confused as to why you hadn’t gone to make his order. Once you finished looking over at him, you spoke, “Xiao where have you been these past few days? I’ve missed you” Oh. Xiao hid his blush pretty well as he nodded to his defense. You missed him? Really? If he had known you missed him he would of shown up the next day, but that body had to be buried at a good time when nobody would see it. “I’m really sorry Y/N, perhaps I can give you my number? We can text in case I don’t show up again and you know where I am” He said, a tint of red rushing to his cheeks at the thought of having your phone number. You practically blew up in smiles, and nodded your head quite fast before getting out your phone. He blinked away his wide eyes and smiled at your frantic actions. You and him both exchanged numbers, and smiled at each other before you remembered he was here for an ice cream. As you stood in the back getting his bowl, he looked down at the name you set for yourself in his phone “Y/N :)!” Adorable, he thought to himself. Could you get any cuter than this?
Your co-workers stared at the man looking down at his phone in the front, small uncomfortable expressions painted their face as they looked at how smitten he appeared staring at a phone. One rolled their eyes as you walked by and spoke with him like he wasn’t a creep. You smiled at Xiao again, handing him his bowl of ice cream and plopping his change safely in his palm. Again, you both smiled at each other and waved kindly before heading separate ways.
Life with Xiao got even better after you two exchanged numbers. Although you couldn’t figure out to as why some of your clothes were missing, or why you noticed the fridge would sometimes not be shut all the way, but you blew it off as a mistake at the dry cleaners or tiredly opening and not fully closing the fridge. Unaware that a certain someone would make their self welcome at night. Sneak into your room while you’re sleeping and stare at your calm restless face. You were so unbelievably unaware it was shocking, he’s had people in the past like this where they would get suspicious and have some police come patrol the area, but you were so perfect. Did you know and just didn’t care? He didn’t know, nor did he care to know. You were so cute and he wanted to make you his.
Xiao always gets what he wants, and you are like a diamond in the ugly rough of the people who surround you everyday. 
Tumblr media
art by !!
check out my masterlist!!
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iumstupid0 · a day ago
melting dreams; xiao
tw: heavy hallucinations and distorted reality, not knowing whats real and whats fake etc etc. do not read if this triggers you. angst. under a cut
I actually have a backstory for this, but idk if ill write it. also this is rlly messy and doesnt make sense bye (unedited)
Tumblr media
“name…? is that you?”
xiaos hands went through his hair, pulling at the smooth yet brittle locks as his head pounded.
“name…? where are you—“
“xiao, come.”
your voice was soft, and calm, beckoning him to follow you as you led him out of wangshu in.
he followed you, albeit confused yet unwavering determination to go through whenever you are taking him, his head still fuzzy and vision slightly blurry.
by the time the sun started to rise, a soft drizzle of rain poured over him as he treaded behind you.
“name? whyd you bring me here?”
“say xiao, do you remember this place?”
“…please dont-“
“afterall, it was the place you killed me.”
his vision started to shake, blurring as he couldnt focus on you anymore. the world seemed to stop, the rain now turning red as if it was tainted with blood.
“name? lets— lets go home! please! lets go-“
“dont try to hide from it, xiao.”
the soft eyes he once knew, smile always prodding at your lips, was gone, replaced with a harsh glare eyes as if they were also tainted by the cruelness of the world.
“you did this to me xiao. dont you remember?”
but it couldnt be true. xiao clutched his heart, heaving for air, falling to his knees as he stared at you with teary eyes. a murderer, he was.
“i hate you xiao. you took everything away from me.”
this wasnt you.
“your the reason why the only person who ever loved you,”
this isnt name.
“is dead. and one day, morax, will throw you out, just like you did to me.”
this isnt the name he knew.
xiaos vision went out, hitting the ground as the last thing he saw was your dead eyes, unforgiving.
where was he?
“name…come back..please”
he didnt know, anymore.
when will you, return?
were you even real?
Tumblr media
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arlert-darling · 2 days ago
[ highly inspired by the chorus from 'television/so far so good' by Rex orange County.]
[also, xiao might be OOC again.]
Tumblr media
a small smile was present on her face, her entire focus was on the yaksha beside her. she watched as he spoke of the feeling he had, watching as he slowly turned a shade of pink.
her hands slowly unclasped from behind her back, reaching out towards his- which were currently moving around as he tried to explain to her the feeling he had.
and she couldn't understand why he hadn't been able to describe the feeling without stuttering, or hiding his face whenever they made eye contact.
but she smiled.
and he continued explaining, not seeing her hand going towards his own.
he was confused. confused as to why he had suddenly stopped talking; it was unlike him to be so 'weak' in front of a mere mortal. but he did so, and he didn't understand why he enjoyed it. or rather, he didn't know why he did it unconsciously whenever around her.
but when he felt a hand wrapped around his wrist he instantly looked up, making eye contact with her. his face instantly burned, and the tips of his ears were turning pink. he suddenly felt hot.
he didn't understand love, that was a given. and even when asked about it, he would stand in silence as the person who asked stared. and most of the time he would stutter or become embarrassed.
which he hated. he didn't want to break his facade of being emotionless. and most important, he never understood why he would always question himself after composing himself.
and through his immortal life, he cane across a rather interesting mortal- no she rather be called human than that. something he remembered- a small detail she said when he called her a mortal.
and suddenly, she pulled him into a hug. loves filled laughter was heard from her, he could his heart beating faster and faster, and he couldn't quite comprehend why she was near him.
"I think I'd rather be here rather than never. but I hope you reciprocate my feelings Xiao."
feelings. something he always heard from her. and he remembered when she explained to him what they were, and why he shouldn't push them away.
"I-I do."
and a passionate but gentle kiss was shared between the two. cheers of friends and family were heard in the background, but their cheers became muffled when they stared at each other. both their eyes held a loving sparkle.
up to this point, he was so uncertain of how to treat and make an impression on her.
but that left when zhongli had told him all the words he needed. without him xiao would've never proposed, he would've never said those words way back then.
but he understood now.
he loved her, and wanted to spend the rest of her mortal years together.
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peggythesimp · 2 days ago
Who's the monster here?
[Prince!Xiao/Protector demon!°•°•°○°•°•°Reader]•°•°•°○°•°•°
Tumblr media
Genre: Angst (Aw, did you really think I would give you a happy ending? For real?)
TW: Death.
Note: This piece is (the actual) part of the Salvation collab, hosted by the lovely @katsuhera. Please check out her blog and the rest of the works of this collab, you won't regret it. I was happy to collab.
It was a cold night in Liyuen, Xiao comfortably resting on his chamber as your head laid by his side, your horns contrasting with the pale color of the sheets.
You never dared to sleep on the same bed as him, even after all the years you've known him; you were just scared of ripping the silk. Or to poke one of Xiao's eyes while sleeping.
The fireplace was gently warming both of you as the snow outside freezed the tainted glass of Xiao's windows.
-My prince- you said, gently shifting your position to face him. You could notice his brows slightly frown, just like when the past memories flooded him.
He seemed troubled, thinking. What could be going on his mind? You knew the answer.
All his past regrets were haunting him.
-Yes, dear?- he replied, not opening his eyes. His hand carefully resting on yours.
-Is everything ok?- you asked the raven haired, the latter just sighing.
-Let me try to eat them- you begged.
You had been trying to convince him to let you devour the remnants of the evil God that had once enslaved him; to vanish away all the pain the debris of his past battles was causing him.
He sighed, opening one eye to study your face. Remembering the day he made a bond with you.
You were so weak, probably hadn't eaten anything in centuries. His sword easily breaking through you.
He really was about to finish your pathetic existence, but something in the way you looked at him, begging him to set you free of the pain...
He just couldn't bring himself to finish the task. What's worse, he felt compassion for you.
So instead he made a soul pact with you; you would eat and cleanse the rests of his enemies, and he would shelter you, protect you.
He gave you a purpose, a goal; to serve.
And it was a promise for life. A promise you solemnly and gladly kept all these years, turning into his most intimate partner.
Xiao smiled at the bittersweet memory, looking at your lips pout.
-At least feed me your nightmares- you insisted, resting your head on his lap.
If you weren't a demon he would've straight up married you to be honest, your dragon like features being the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
-My sweet demon...- he mumbled and sighed, letting you win this time. -Fine, do as you wish. But do not try to go beyond nightmares, you know what could happen if you were to try to eat the God fragments- he warned.
Your eyes widened and your tail wiggled, happy to serve your prince.
Quickly putting him in a trance, you inhaled deeply the negative energy emanating from him. Beginning to carve and eat the nightmares that were stucked in his soul.
You couldn't deny that nightmares tasted bitter in comparision of dreams, but knowing it was to help your beloved friend made them taste like the sweetest of treats.
One by one you filled your stomach, feeling your bond grow stronger and stronger with each bite.
Until you found an odd presence.
You frowned, looking at the strange entity entangled and staining the emerald color of your prince's soul.
A forbidden meal you were clearly ordered not to touch...a fragment of the God that once seeked nothing but revenge.
You felt your blood boil, fangs naturally growing as your demonic nature slowly showed. That thing was making your prince sick, it was intoxicating his heart and haunting him in his sleep.
You felt your stomach growl and churn, reminding yourself that your main goal was to help your master.
To serve him.
To save him.
Like he saved you.
You pressed your lips in a thin line, battling with yourself. Xiao did order you to stay away from it but he also ordered you when you first met to devour the remnants of his battles against evil.
It couldn't hurt to have a little bite, could it?
Your fingers slowly reached for the pitch black blob, a burning sensation welcoming you as you grabbed it.
You could still feel all the hatred inside it.
-Prince- you muttered, eyes trained on how his face went from a pained expression to a peaceful one. It was the first time since you met him.
You returned your gaze to the scorching black slime on your hands, mouth salivating at such a powerful energy.
An evil energy that is.
An energy demons deep down desired in order to trascend into a more powerful being.
Even tho that wasn't your goal here, your primal nature couldn't be denied.
-If I don't eat this, it would only keep hurting others- you muttered. -It would keep hurting Xiao-
Your lips soon found its way to the fragment, chugging it quickly to avoid burning yourself even more.
It hurt.
-Hell!- you cried, a pulsating pain growing inside you.- You really are strong if you've endured this much, my prince- you said, admiring him. Fat tears rolling over your cheeks.
He was really strong, wasn't he? A strong prince with a good heart, he was just misunderstood...
You felt your body temperature rise, the trance you had put Xiao into soon loosing its grip.
He woke up.
Still drowsy from his slumber, he didn't notice you quickly exiting the room to avoid being seen in such a state.
-Y/n?- he called, confused. His bare feet soon meeting the cold floor as he left his bed. On odd weightless sensation embracing him as he did.
He could hear your pants over the castle, the heavy breathing of your chest as you tried to battle the evil that now lived inside you.
The way you were trying to grasp to the memories the two of you had built over the years.
It wasn't until he saw the blood trail and the scratches you left over the halls that he knew you had disobeyed him.
That you went against his clear order just to give him a night of proper rest.
He felt guilt for a moment, guilt that then turned into rage that then turned into worry as he kept looking for you.
He soon found you outside, in the royal garden. Curled up in a little ball as your chest tried hard to endure the temperature inside you; relishing the deadly cold sensation the snow was giving you.
-Y/n, you big dumb idiot!- he cried, feeling his skin crawl as he saw your decadent state.
A demon like you, that strayed far from evil, could never survive a God. Not even a fragment of it.
Your body was just not ready.
Xiao rushed to your side, ignoring the frost bite he was getting.
You were babbling incoherent things as you looked at his golden eyes. A perfect pair that matched yours.
-Prince- you muttered, smiling. -My prince you've been so strong all these years...- you whispered, carefully petting his head.
The Yaksha could feel his eyes burn as tears threatened to fall.
He didn't want this.
He never wanted you to free him from the debris of that God because he had already found relief on the way you smiled for him.
On the way you would fight by his side against all danger, on the way you clapped your hands whenever he achieved something.
On the way you had accidentally captured his heart when he had captured your soul.
Salvation in the way you reached for him even in his darkness.
-Y/n, why?! Stupid, why did you do it?!- he yelled, not angry. Desperate.
-Love you- was the last thing you managed to say before turning more and more into a monster.
Demons were monsters, but this was different.
Your once fiery soul turned into a molten core; your horns twisting and eyes darkening.
And before he could even say something, you'd already turned into something very similar to Azhdaha.
Brainless and angry, blinded by that particular God.
It was late.
The bond created between the two had just broken, he could feel those ties disappearing; he had to kill you, before you harmed him, yourself or anybody else.
He had to or other person would have to do it.
And Xiao would never bear to see your blood spilled over someone else's hands.
-Please forgive really were my salvation- Xiao cried, before ending your life.
-Prince! Prince wake up!- your voice called, your hands slightly shaking him.
-It's snowing outside- you chirped, tugging his arm so he would join you by the window to gaze the white snowflakes coating the flowers on the garden.
-Stop- Xiao said sighing. -I know you are not real, just please, leave- he asked politely.
All that was left from you was the wandering ghost of your past.
Like the ghosts you used to chase away and eat for him.
He cant help but wonder, who was the real monster in his story...
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gensimp-impact · 2 days ago
Hi!! Can I have early grey hcs for Xiao with a cat that likes to bring him things and is very nice? Idk just the thought of Xiao with a sweet cat is cute
𝑨 𝒔𝒑𝒆𝒄𝒊𝒂𝒍 𝒇𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒏𝒅
Warnings: lil mention of death at the end
☕️plss, this ask was so cute, I tried my very best to do it justice.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇨lil meow meow 🥺
⇨Listen, at first Xiao paid no mind to the cat that would wander around the inn. He thought it was another cat to Verr's collection.
⇨ Verr however, knows very well that this isn't her cat but who can stop lil meow meow who wants to hang around her son, the adaptus
⇨ Only when the cat actively seeks him out and offers him random trinkets does he realise that the cat is here for him.
⇨ He keeps his distance at first, worried that his karmic debt might affect the cat but the cat seems to be doing fine.
⇨ Slowly, he gets accustomed to the cat, scratching their ears or letting them rest around him. If anyone dares to disturb the cat, they'll be met with a harsh glare.
⇨ Oddly enough, his pain eases just a bit whenever the cat is around.
⇨Sometimes he questions how the cat gets an entire plate of Tofu up the stairs.
⇨When the times comes, where the cat leaves his side, he visits the cat’s grave every now and then
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justbabss · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Drawing a friends genshin screenshot :p
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neo-nope · a day ago
Tumblr media
//BLOOD bite bite kill 😌
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scaramouche-bully · 11 hours ago
Idk if it's just me but I find that every single male characters in genshin (playable) are bottom 😭 specially Xiao, Venti and Thoma. So submissive and breedable omg
Hello anon,
I doubt you're the only one. I personally see everyone as a switch so that includes thinking as every male character as subs as well. But I definitely lean towards Xiao and Venti being subs. Thoma is a bit of a coin toss for me with his golden retrieve look but I can completely see why you think of him as a bottom. Speaking of submissive, I have a fic coming out that's literally 5k words of pegging Xiao so...there's that haha.
- 🐑
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oaklyiguess · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You ever play like five story quests in a row as a last ditch effort to get more primos? Well thats what I did today.
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starrconch · 2 days ago
★ I’d probably sell a piece of my soul to be able to play Xiao’s story quest again...
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