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#genshin zhongli
dulcesiabits · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: zhongli, xiao, albedo and childe are in love with you, even if you don’t feel the same.
notes: angst, headcanons, .7k words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is just another burden for him to bear.
You are the enduring beauty of humanity. When Zhongli sees you, he thinks this is what it has all been for: the millennia of loss, of fallen friends and foes alike, the never ending struggle. When he sees your bright smile as you wander the peaceful land he wrought with his own hands, perhaps it has all been worth it after all.
He is well acquainted with desire after all these years, but it is still an unexpected flower that blooms in your presence. You listen to him attentively, accompany him as he walks around Liyue, sigh as you bring out your wallet when he’s short on Mora. 
If he were to kiss you, how would you react? If he were to stroke your cheek, pull you into his arms, tell you that he loves you... Zhongli understands that this is a futile train of thought. There is no room in your life for him beyond your current relationship.
He is a relic of the past. Zhongli has seen too much, lived for too long: the only thing he can hope for is that you will keep him alive in your memories.
He should know better than to want more.
A sea of ghosts and centuries of bloodshed cling to Xiao’s back. If he were to even reach out his hand to you, he is certain you will drown beneath the weight, something no mortal could bear. 
So, he tells himself this is enough. It is enough that you remember him, and spare a few minutes of your day to chatter about the mundane details of your life. It is enough that your face lights up whenever you call for him and he appears (as if he would ever reject you). It is enough that you try to bandage and clean his wounds, your face twisted in worry as you chide him to be more careful.
This is just another part of his punishment, he thinks, when he sees you in that accursed harbinger’s arms. If Childe were to make one wrong move, put you and Liyue at risk again, then Xiao would carry you away, away from that cunning man’s smile and lies.
But the bitter truth is that you were happier with Childe, more so than you would ever be with him.
There are many things he understands, but the human heart will never be one of them.
Albedo knows the minutiae of every fauna that resides in Dragonspine. He can transmute the scrap metal at the blacksmith’s into gold. He can create miracles, bring to life impossibilities. But still, it is not enough. No alchemical experiment could bring you closer to him. 
There is no formula for calculating the human heart, such a volatile thing, frightening in its capriciousness. What did he need to do to make you look at him? How could he make you love him? He has never wanted to know someone as much as he wanted to know you, and the enormity of his desire threatens to swallow him whole.
When you touch him, when you smile, when you look at him so gently, he is struck by the urge to hold you and never let go. To indulge in your endless warmth.
His master was truly cruel indeed, to gift him a heart that brought him nothing but pain.
It’s better this way.
He is a harbinger. He could never give you the happiness you deserve. If Childe were selfish enough to pull you close, you would live with a target on your back. You would never love him enough to take that risk. What sort of life could he give you, anyways? An empty bed, promises he couldn’t keep.
But at night, he dreams of you, and that is the only time he is allowed to hold you in his arms. If he had been Ajax instead, would you love him then? If he had been the humble son of a fisherman, whose hands were free of blood? If the Tsaritsa was just a distant god, and he never knew of the violent pleasures of battle?
When Childe touches you, a casual arm around your shoulder as he offers to buy you dinner, you roll your eyes when he calls it a date. This is all he has: pretense, jokes, light flirting that will never go anywhere. 
His life will end in blood. There will be no peace for him, but he will keep the memory of you until the end.
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luvmotel · 2 days ago
things they love about you
Tumblr media
₊ ° . ɞ — characters: zhongli , scaramouche , itto , venti
₊ ° . ɞ — genre: fluff
₊ ° . ɞ — warning: not proofread !
₊ ° . ɞ — a/n: self indulgence moments <33
Tumblr media
he loves everything about you , and when I say everything , i mean everything. he is so in love with everything you have to give or take , everything about you is just so fascinating to him. your personality , your features — especially your smile — they way you speak and the way you keep yourself up — he just finds all of it so admirable.
you're everything he has ever asked celestia for , everything he's been alive and trudging this land of tevyat for.
your witty remarks , they way you hold yourself up , he love these things about you. every remark you have ever said to the other comrades of yours , they all are marked in the back of his head , and they way you have your head held high and a smug grin on your face whenever he is in views makes his insides full of storms and tornadoes but to act annoyed just for you to tease him more.
he is in love but denies but he'd do anything just for a piece of your attention or either a glance his way.
☆ . ITTO !
your cooking , he's in love with all the delicacies you have ever made from the famous liyue dishes to the ones in inazuma that have brought a smile on his face whenever he comes home. he just loves how the food tastes so homely even if they don't belong to his land inazuma and when he eats outside whenever you're gone on ingredient hunt with your friends , he misses the taste of your food which always sits on his tongue no matter what.
shows off to kujou sara you're cooking and she might have asked for more , just because it reminds her of home.
☆ . VENTI !
your touch , he loves your warmth , the way your warm skin meets his cold flesh , he just melts underneath your touch , you're just the warmth he ever needs. you're the home he found after so many years , he just wishes for this touch to never disappear and prays the celestia to give you immortality just so you never disappear from his site.
he loves when your fingers brush through his tousled long un-braided hair and when you hug him from behind and he wouldn't want more than just to stay that way.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated and requests are open!
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evelxtus · 9 hours ago
i havent sent in a request in quite a while,,
bringing zhongli in inazuma and seeing thoma on the way! ofc zhongli gets a tinyy bit jealous with how thoma treats u so hes gotta let you know who you belong too right??
nothing too extreme and just a little suggestive, possesive zhongli has been taking up my mind for a bit now ^^
hewooo, im glad to see you around again!! ive been well, wbu? >:) so we both agree that Zhongli is possessive as hell right...? hmm... delightful. i think i got a bit carried away, i hope this is not more extreme than you wanted lmsoo.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— Wʜᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ʙᴇʟᴏɴɢ ᴛᴏ. —
pairing. . . possessive! zhongli x gn! reader ft. thoma.
genre. . . suggestive. minors dni if you're uncomfortable.
word count. . . ±900/1k.
warnings. . . not proofread, possessive! zhongli (ofc), stablished relationship w/ Zhongli, pet names (darling, my dear), implied thoma having feelings for reader, a bit manipulative zhongli(?, zhongli has sharp fangs on this one, neck kissing, biting and marking. use of pronouns they/them.
Tumblr media
Visiting another nation is a good way to spend some quality time with your beloved, so you proposed it to Zhongli, who quickly agreed to your suggestion quite easily.
Everything was perfect when you arrived at your destination, and who better than Thoma to have a reliable guide to show you the best places over Inazuma? For this reason, there he was, awaiting your agreed arrival.
The blonde rushed over to you and took your hands in his. It had been a long time since he saw you, and it would be a lie to say that he hasn't missed you all this time.
“Y/n! It's been so long! How have things been for you there?” the boy squeezed your hands warmly as he showed a big smile on his face, totally unaware of Zhongli's withering gaze towards him.
“Everything's going well! Thank you for being our guide today, I hope we are not delaying work that you have pending...” you answered while Thoma let you free.
The aforementioned's eyes widened as he realized that he had completely ignored your traveling companion. Repenting immediately, his gaze shifted to the ex geo-archon.
“My apologies! I see that you have come to meet inazuma with y/n... are you by any chance a friend of them?” his tone was still jovial even at Zhongli's unchanging gaze.
You couldn't help but glance at Zhongli when he took a few seconds to answer. The man narrowed his amber orbs before answering. “In fact, we are a... couple.”
Thoma opened his mouth, searching for a word to articulate, but just nothing came out of it. His stunned gaze shifted from you to Zhongli nervously and then he smiled casually, as if his heart hadn't sunk deep into his chest.
“Good to know! So, let's start the tour. You'll want to do things alone later, I presume.”
Tumblr media
It was starting to get dark when the guided tour began to come to an end. You must admit that you had a great time, but you can't tell if Zhongli can agree with you on that. The looks he gave Thoma sometimes gave the poor boy the creeps when he got too close to you. It was amazing how he managed to bend him with just a slightly contemptuous look.
“This is coming to an end, but wait. I ordered some flowers for you, y/n. I hope you like them.” Thoma commented as he handed you the bouquet with various flowers on it. They were all beautiful, and the smell they gave off was completely captivating.
As for Zhongli... he stared at the scene a few meters away from you with his arms crossed. But even someone as serene as he is capable of quickly becoming impatient if next to his beloved was another boy giving them flowers in front of his face.
He was soon making his way toward you both with a firm stride, even with an intimidating point, in view of Thoma.
“We should leave. I wouldn't want the night to fall on us, apart... y/n, you look pretty tired... don't you?” the tone of his words did not invite anyone to contradict him. In addition, he's right.
You nodded, and proceeded to say goodbye to Thoma as you went to where you would be staying that week in Inazuma.
All the way, Zhongli was surprisingly quiet, staring straight ahead of him, and his brows slightly furrowed in a vain attempt not to show his anger at that Thoma's actions and trust he had with you.
You knew what awaited you in the bedroom.
Tumblr media
Once inside that comfortable place, you left the flowers on the table, proceeding to bend slightly over them to delight yourself with their pleasant aroma once more, looking askance at Zhongli with the shadow of a sly smile drawn on your face. It would be fun to tease him a little bit...
“Hmm~ They smell so good. Thoma has an incredible taste, don't you think, 'Li?” you commented in a sing-song tone, and your throat seemed to suddenly dry up when you felt Zhongli pressing his chest against your back, using one of his gloved hands to support your chin and tilt your head so that you could look at him with considerable difficulty.
“You know these flowers here...” Zhongli spoke in a low tone next to your ear. He took one of the flowers, twisting it to run its smooth stem across your jaw, moving slowly and threateningly down your throat. “Are highly allergenic for a delicate human like you?”
You gulped hard as you felt the stem trace a path across your skin. You couldn't deny that this moment had you quite... excited. Maybe you were liking it more than you should.
“But you don't have to worry, my dear. I know perfectly your strengths and your weaknesses, so you are not in danger.” He chuckled deeply, which sent seductive vibrations up your eardrum, dropping the flower carelessly aside, like it was a piece of trash. “You wouldn't believe that I was going to expose you to danger, would you? I could never, although some ignorant did it without even realizing it.”
His mouth slowly lowered, teasingly touching your bare neck with his lips, and tracing a path down to your shoulder, which he kissed and nibbled, leaving marks in his trail. Your blood ran rapidly on your cheeks, and you pressed your lips together to keep a few sounds from escaping your mouth.
“The next time that young man sees you... let me show him who you belong to.” he whispered against your skin, walking his fangs over that sensitive place of yours as he pleased. “To make myself sure... let me remind you tonight as well, darling.”
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astrolcgia · 22 hours ago
this, my friend, is soooo interesting. i'd like to read a few more about it. will you make a zhongli fic based on this tho? no pressure, just asking :D
*finger guns* AYYYYY SURE! I'm back from the dead, and slightly better!
Note: Because gods will always outlive humans, and time runs differently for each living being. But in his mind, you shall shine like gold in his treasured memories.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He was an odd adepti, and adeptus by themselves were already a large bundle of oddities. Powerful hooves and claws, able to tear and raise mountains, wings capable of summoning storms, and spears able to tear apart rivers and lakes with a swing.
Indeed, the adepti were terrifying beings, far beyond mortal ken. And there was this particular adepti, who seemed affronted whenever a wild boar charged at him when he approached, who watched with feigned disinterest whenever you dried flowers and leaves to make tea, and followed you around from the shadows when you puttered about doing daily chores.
You asked him why the interest and the sullen adeptus would look at you with morose gold eyes, before mumbling something about "Guizhong" and "Learning through observation." You didn't mind, in the least. It was like having a slightly murderous shadow with intense curiosity tail you around as you bought meat from the hunters and vegetables from the markets.
"I could hunt all the boars in a shorter time than those mortals could," the adepti rumbles with a hint of arrogant pride in his stride. "You merely need to ask. We are to protect Liyue and its people."
You look at him with puzzled exasperation, before going on a tangent on overhunting and quality over quantity. He frowns, eyebrows furrowed in irritation at something he doesn't understand. "Meat is meat, and sustenance is sustenance," he scoffs, crossing his arms. "How weak do your kin have to be, to be unable to purge parasites?"
You sigh and rub a hand across your face. "It's a human thing, Master Adepti. Like the fences, the houses, and spaces between people," you grunt as you heft your bag of purchases along. "We're not as durable or as strong. So we have to make do and work better."
The adepti with golden eyes frown, still not understanding, so he merely turns his head and continues walking along.
Tumblr media
Morax felt like much time did not pass when he last left you to subjugate another impertinent deity who refused to bow for Liyue's sake. He and Guizhong had many discussions, and his mentor was happy that her war-happy charge had mellowed out a teensy bit, and had learned to exchange currencies for good instead of beating someone to half-death, and had learned the various talents and the eloquence required in contracts and other binding oaths for a peaceful resolution.
"Oh? Hello there, Master Adepti."
Morax did not recognize you for a bit. A child on the hip, and another one in hand. You looked...older. Like the human mothers and fathers who carried and reared young humans, who were twice as loud and fussy. Something jumps in his throat. He pushes the bag of Mora and other trinkets he collected throughout his journey towards you and vanishes.
Morax cannot bring himself to face you, with something sour rising from the back of his throat. It is uncomfortable and something terrible. Irritation seeps through his veins when he sees someone not him fixing the fences around your house. Helping with chores, watching you make tea. Someone else bringing you home vegetables, fruits, and game. He scoffs at the meager quality bought.
Morax could have hunted larger boars. Gathered sweeter fruits, and fresher vegetables.
He dislikes this inclusion, this sudden change that boggles him. Morax goes to Guizhong, whose eyes slowly turn, from amusement to pity. She takes his hand. Morax leans into her, like a child to a mother.
It was probably at this time, that Guizhong realized what a doomed love Morax had unknowingly fostered.
Tumblr media
Morax continued to watch, deigning to ignore the other human with you. Liyue and his adepti were doing fine, working to fight off demons and the errant gods who often rebelled against his iron rule. He made quick work of them--because if Liyue were in peril, then you would stop smiling and fussing around, doing chores, making dinner, talking, and fixing the crooked fences.
And maybe, because you would have no longer left him his jug of Osmanthus Wine, just below his tree.
Morax drinks under the moon, as you also drink and feast with the marriage of your third son, dressed in red garb, with bright golden characters for "Double Fortune" behind them. You are old and feeble now. But you still offer wine.
Morax makes the roads you fare without any rock, without any pebble. Sometimes, when your memory fails you on the road home, he assumes another form and guides you without fail. As the decades go by, faster and faster, Morax refuses to acknowledge how your hair grows whiter and whiter.
(He now realizes, why some people in Liyue wore white robes to funerals.)
But still, you never failed to set aside a jug of Osmanthus Wine on his Tree, even if you forget who your child is, and where your spouse is buried.
Morax does not remember much of the days when you pass. It was a haze of wine, sleep, bitterness, and deep, deep grieving, much more than Guizhong's erosion.
Tumblr media
Zhongli remembers Liyue, and thinks of his youth. Zongli looks at the sands of the rivers, and thinks of Guizhong. Zhongli thinks of the trees, the lights of the harbor, and feels proud of his kin and their achievements.
Zhongli remembers plenty of things. The first merchants. The first jeweler. The first feasts in Liyue. His first love is another matter. Their memory is faded. They have nothing of note in Liyue to them. Where their house once stands is another abode, where the tree he lay is now gone. Their face is a blurry watercolor painting, marred by time.
But Zhongli remembers other things. The crinkle of their eyes when they smile, the skip in their step when they caught a particularly fat boar. The setting sun as it illuminates their shadow, and walking home during the sunset. Fixing crooked fences, and cooking common fare. Osmanthus wine under the moon, drunk when the flowers were in full bloom.
You may have passed, but you shine like the most precious gold in the Geo Archon's memories.
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milkoids · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
jealous!zhongli x top!gn! reader
( alternate universe )
disclaimers : marking, gender neutral reader, top reader, jealousy, sex, starts off with zhongli being a tease, near to no conversation, camgirl au somewhat, jealous sex(?), and unprotected sex :)
note : pspspspsps come get ur crumbs :) p.s I'm literally sick and tired of resisting Albedo for Itto
little video for you guys as an apology for the late Zhongli post ;) ( use earphones bb )
( i didn't make the edit and their @ is at the end ! )
Tumblr media
THE LIGHT coming from the ring light you had previously bought made your body feel so much hotter.
You had been at this for hours by now, getting marked up by your boyfriend and your hole teased by just the tip of his cock.
He usually wouldn't tease you, he prefered ravishing your body.
But it wasn't uncommon for Zhongli to put on a show for the camera, well lately anyway.
People were starting to recognize you for your lewd content, and as weird as it was, they started asking you to have sex with them instead of your long-term boyfriend, calling him boring, etc.
It wasn't a secret how attractive you were, and neither was your face. So privacy apparently wasn't an option when out and about.
Your relationship was flaunted everytime you posted videos or lives though, and everyone knew how much you loved Zhongli, you expressed it as best as you could.
But people could care less about your relationship status, they just wanted to fuck someone cute with sex appeal.
You whined again, feeling your boyfriend barely, just barely entering you before pulling out and nibbling on your neck again.
You were getting sick and tired of waiting for him to fuck you, and so were your fans watching.
You had been patient long enough, so you grabbed his hands off your hips and quickly sat down on his cock.
The stretch was absolutely glorious, your eyes rolled back from the familiar sensation.
Zhongli's low groan was just a bonus that you were going to hear more of.
As you bounced, gaining momentum, the male freely groaned and moaned, trying to keep his sounds inaudible.
"I know what you're doing. Don't be shy honey, I wanna hear you." You murmured into his ear, slightly nibbling his ear.
Instead of listening to you, he bit down on your neck.
He was most definitely jealous. For what though?
You started bouncing faster and harder, fueled on by the want and need to hear his voice cracking in pleasure.
But no, he just bit down harder and shut his eyes, refusing to open his eyes or to stop biting your flesh.
You couldn't do anything to get him to moan for you now, what a shame.
As you were reaching your peak, chasing your high, you failed to notice that Zhongli had long since stopped biting you.
Now he was making the noises you desired.
You had barely noticed but when you did it seemed to have been your breaking point and he followed suit with his own orgasm.
You were starting to feel the soreness now as you stilled on top of him, his cum slowly dribbling out of your abused hole.
You barely mustered a small smile from the exhaustion, before Zhongli pulled you in for a short, loving kiss.
"I'm sorry my dear, I'll make up to you, I promise."
Tumblr media
milkoids does not approve of work being reposted without permission
—reblogs are A-okay
Tumblr media
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explicitred · a day ago
Zhongli Boyfriend Headcanons - (Male Reader) Pt. 2
Tumblr media
Zhongli Boyfriend Headcanons Pt. 1:
-If you are close enough with him, he will gladly show you his dragon form. Zhongli has great trust in you to do that, meaning that you already at this point know that he’s an archon.
-Zhongli is a man of great knowledge. He adores to sit, drink some tea, and chat with you about the history of Liyue. He can go talking on hours and hours about history to you if he could. He loves being with you, his beloved. Unfortunately, he has his job in the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.
-Flowers are one of the many gifts he gives to you a lot. He makes sure to note down mentally what you like, as it is his job to make you’re happy as your significant other. You’ve been obsessed with the color purple these days? No problem, have some purple flowers! 🌸💜 You can be sure that all gifts that he gives you are high quality.
-Zhongli’s speciality dish is the Slow-Cooked Bamboo Shoot Soup. So whether you, he, or both of you cook together, he likes to make his specialty dish for you as a sign of love. This man is so extra, to the point where his love is so mesmerizing.
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theoryofasadist · 2 days ago
I reaaaally like the idea of Venti as a fairy king or something right?? So think of it as a Celtic mythology AU...
You hear legends of fairies and nymphs and other such creatures residing in the forests surrounding your haven't run into them thus far.
But one day, while going to pick some berries, you see a trail of the perfect, juciest looking strawberries that mysteriously lead further into the forest, farther than you've ever gone.
But you're a brave one, so you follow, picking them up all along the way, and the trail ends in a quiet clearing, where in the center is a huge tree, surrounded by a pond of the clearest water you've ever seen.
The birds sound far away, and suddenly you hear a giggle in your ear, causing you to stumble and shriek, falling and spilling your berries all over your poor self!
When you look from your prone position, a beautiful boy is hovering close to the ground, with opalescent wings and draped in flowy, shimmery, near transparent cloth...and a big grin on his lips.
"Well, well! You're just the human I was looking for!" He says in a playful tone, quickly coming to hover just inches above you, gazing into your eyes with his own narrowing and ethereal ones, with fingers dancing along your cheek, "You're *queen*~..."
You'd be spirited away, forced to leave behind your family and friends in lieu of being a human queen for the fairy kingdom, in short.
A lover for the King for the rest of your days, like it or not.
On that note, Zhongli would be king of the elves, and Ei as Queen of the mermaids, perhaps? Just ideas I've been thinking of huhu~.
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msragnvindr · 16 hours ago
characters: venti, albedo, zhongli, xiao, thoma, kazuha, kaeya, diluc
tw: just cuteness, a mention of jealousy, loss, drinking (all in like one wordings so nothing too dramatic) decided not to make it suggestive in any way cause i dont like that too much but kaeyas does imply sexual context, but again nothing is said
a/n: i loved doing this and i can’t believe how much i adore diluc & thoma until i actually write about them **its getting real guys** LIKE SERIOUSLY?? how can two human beings be so adorable AND JUST perfect…ANYWAYS i hope you guys will like this <33
Tumblr media
loves to take you to windrise for picnics (check my masterlist for a single drabble about that)
ABSOLUTELY loves your hair, you complain about it being too messy? he’ll braid/brush it for you, he’ll make you match his braids
OR vice versa will 100% ask you to rebraid his braids which have gotten loose or looked uneven after his days of lyre playing and getting drunk >.<
you’ll figure out he’s the god of anemo pretty quickly, as i imagine he’s the type to spill on your second date, wether by intention or by accident (if you hadn’t already figured out)
loves gliding with you and just loves to feel the wind while you two are together, because it just makes it so harmonious and free
Tumblr media
he loves to show you his new alchemy experiment outcomes and would like for you to help if you don’t mind it
ABSOLUTELY adores you but won’t show it as often when out while trying to get things done like buy resources or stock up for his dragonspine lab, he’s not very PDA focused but loves to hold your hand, fingers intertwined so he can make sure you aren’t slipping away
he always AND BY THIS I MEAN always hugs you from the back, placing his chin on your shoulder and kissing it, telling you about how much he does appreciate you to be near him
always expressing how he found a new thing to love before alchemy, and how he cant wait to spend the rest of his life with you by his side
not like venti, his confession about him being a homonculus would be long awaited, he would give you subtle hints to make sure you won’t make a run for it, but once he realizes how much you love him he has no more fears
Tumblr media
he was never romantically interested in someone as much as he has been in you, he loves you with his whole heart but has a hard time figuring out how to show it
he gets help from people around him and eventually becomes the lover he wanted to be for you, no matter how hard you told him he was perfect just the way he is
after a long day at work he always makes you tea, any kind you enjoy and even memorizes the amount of sugar/honey/sweetener you like in it
he loves to just be in silence with you, after thousands of years of ruling and wars he can finally spend time just reading or being in complete peace with his thoughts, nothing violent of stressful on his mind
always takes you to see the sunset in liyue, his nation, the one he always protected was so sacred to him that he now wanted to show it to you, and vow he would protect you just as much as he has liyue for so long
Tumblr media
a lot like albedo, if not worse when it comes to public PDA and showing all kinds of affection, he just hadn’t had the emotional support in his life to be comfortable or know what to do very often
he will be very anxious about your relationship in the start, but soon will learn to know how much you love him and care for him
he is very very jealous but doesn’t show it, you could be talking to another poi (person of interest) and he would 100% appear by your side and even though he doesnt do it all the time, would put his hand around your waist or arms and make sure everyone he finds shady knows who they are dealing with
hair? he loves your hair and always runs his hand through it if you are resting on his chest, after a long day or hanging around the fields of liyue, somewhere where he can see the nature and sunsets he has always looked up to in his earlier days
almond tofu dates ALL DAY, he’d make the chef cook a lot of it just so the two of you could dine it on the terrace at wangshu inn <3
if you call out his name you will see him in mere seconds, he always is so attentive to your voice in his head and will always protect you if you call out to him
Tumblr media
oh my god. MALEWIFE DO YOU HEAR ME???? he’s the most attentive and loving partner you could ever ask for
he’s literally a walking green flag, he loves you so much and appreciates every part of you like you are his forever one and only (and you are clearly >.<)
he makes lunches for you if you go to work and live together and always walks you to work, or walk you back home, he makes sure you are safe all the time
he isn’t the most jealous, he loves you and knows you wouldn’t ever betray him or leave him and you two have so much trust in your relationship nothing makes him too worried
a few times you actually did cook for him instead or suprised him at work made him almost tear up ( HES SO ADORABLE?? )
he loves to kiss your cheek at all times, and his hugs are so warm and soft you could practically melt in them
whenever he’s tired from work he will just snuggle in the bed with you and share his thoughts, laying his head on your chest and the way you play with the hair makes him feel so loved he tells you how much he appreciates you 24/7
he’ll bring you a lot of flowers, and your favourite dates with him are 100% him taking you for a stroll across inazuma, to feed the animals or go eat at one of the restaurants if he’s not currently cooking for you
Tumblr media
kazuha never had someone to return to after his travels so he always made sure to tell you all of his stories while you intently listened, running your hands through his hair and asking him more questions until you both fall asleep
he will take you on his travels once in a while, showing you all the places he discovered and teaching you more about each place, village and nation you are currently in
whenever he does come back from his travels he will shower you with many gifts which reminded him of you and the ones he thought you would love, his favourite by far was a beautiful big shell he found on the shores of inazuma, and instantly brought it back for you
he loves to buy you jewels, necklaces and rings, he’ll even get a matching one with you so you can always think of him when he is away
he will take you to the beach as a date, with the two of you just sitting there as you watch the ocean or just listen to the birds around you
he just loves you and always tells you more then shows it, he’s a man of words and whenever you feel anxious about anything he’s the best to talk to, and he will always be there for you through anything
Tumblr media
WHAT A FLIRT!!! he’s very flirty and suggestive and will ALWAYS offer you dates like he’s still chasing after you
his words always have a double meaning (can’t say what meanings here we’re trying to keep this cute guys.) BUT just know that he will keep his promises whenever he does say something i can’t exactly mention ;)
he takes you to his office, and you watch him work or help him, and whenever he has a commision that you want to come along on he will tell you how much better it is when you are with him
you spend time at the tavern with him a lot (much to diluc’s displeasant attitude sometimes **we still love him tho**)
he loves to keep his arms wrapped around you in public, kissing your temples or cheek whenever you two wait for something, making you blush INTENSIVELY
i think he’s also very tall so no matter what height you are he will joke about you being little (and that comes from a 5’9 girl😔 we can never win with these ones)
overall he’s flirty and so loving you’ll never be bored with him and everyday will be a new adventure you two live through together
Tumblr media
best for last is what they say (okay anna noone says that around here)
NO FR, (as my name suggests) HE IS THE BEST HUSBAND MATERIAL, and the biggest gentleman too!!!!
you’re cold? here have his jacket.
you’re hungry? *orders every food at good hunters*
you want to just spend some alone time? he’s the MOST respectful and loving partner there is (idk him and thoma fight for my first place with freaking claymores and polearms guys)
loves when you play with his hair so much and he will never say it outloud but you can always tell by his facial expressions and how he hums while you do so
a tea lover (much like zhongli) you two will have tea dates at night when you can’t sleep or in the evening when you both read a book/he finishes his work at the dawn winery
he fears so much about losing you that he always makes sure you are safe, he walks you home and whenever he can he also drops by to say hello (if you don’t already live together! **yeah who wouldn’t want to right?**)
his hugs are so warm and secure thanks to his pyro vision, and he always loves to make you feel warmer when its cold outside, he’s like your own personal fireplace and we stan that
you spend a lot of time at the dawn winery, even after closing to help him whenever he does take shifts there, you always encourage him while sipping on your own drink behind the counter, sharing a few laughs when he kicks out drunk bards *cough* venti *cough*
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butterflypeachgrove · 21 hours ago
I’m just going to dump some Modern Au Zhongli job/career ideas here, thank you. *runs away*
Now, I’ve had a few ideas for jobs Zhongli could do in the modern world rattling around in my brain for a while, which are as follows:
1. An Antique shop owner/dealer
Just.. Picture this man running a cozy, little shop, packed floor to ceiling with old relics, yellow paged books, priceless porcelain vases, and heirlooms of forgotten families, decorated in brown and gold Chinese aesthetics. It is a place that smells heavily of tea and an earthy incense that you can’t seem to put a name to as you wander the shelves. It’s a warm and welcoming place, owned by a man whose eyes shine like gold and whose voice could melt away even the greatest stresses like butter as he tells you an antique’s unique history over a cup of tea. 
Also, it’s VERY hard to worm your way out of a deal with him, just saying. 
2. Ceramicist/Pottery Teacher
(This man is so good with his hands adhejvhkjhefoh)
Now imagine Zhongli working in a small personal studio or school art room, long black hair tied up in high bun to keep it from interfering with his work and eyes alight with a firm concentration as he begins to throw a new project on the pottery wheel. His hands are rough from years of working with clay, porcelain, and terracotta, but they are always gentle when handling materials or his tools. And just as he is firm and gentle with his clay, so is he too with his students. One of his favorites happens to be a boy he had picked up from the drama club (i like the idea of xiao being a theater kid, ok? bite me). He gives clear and long-winded- thorough instructions and tries to take the time to give each student the proper attention they need when they need help. 
And fun fact! One of his favorite things to make are tea pots! ...So much so that this man has half-a-dozen at home, whoops- (don’t worry, he sells them, but he also likes to gift them to friends too!)
(Also not me over here thinking about Ceramicist Zhongli and his lover doing something similar to that unchained melody scene from Ghost, nope, nuh-uh)
3. Art Conservator
Now this one flew out at me from out of nowhere and smacked me in the face, but I love it. Restoring pieces of history sounds EXACTLY like something Zhongli would do. I can see this man, once again, gently and meticulously cleaning up old and abused paintings and bringing them back to their former glory. And it just- It makes him so proud? It may be a long and tedious process that requires a lot of patience, but watching as his efforts slowly breathes life and light back into piece makes him so happy. You could stand there for hours watching him as he works. You could see how he carefully removes a painting from it’s frame and begins to brush away all the built up dust and bundles of cobwebs. You could watch as he smiles, using a cotton swab to remove the old varnish and years worth of grime to reveal the colors hidden beneath. You would notice how precise he is with his retouching, not putting down anymore paint than he has too with paints that could be easily removed in the future.  And you would know. You would know that he loves what he does. He’s commissioned regularly for his steady hand and gentle care for each painting he’s given. Plus, much like the last career choice, he loves teaching and showing his methods and sharing them with anyone whose interested.
Also, I’d like to imagine he and Albedo would be very good friends in this version (with a mutual disgust for anyone who puts wood varnish on paintings-) 
Aaaaaannnnd that’s all I’ve got for now! @mikachuchu @willowedwisteria @raidengaile @nicebonescomrade @xyliope @bamboowrites ? What do you guys think? Do you guys have any other ideas to add to the list?
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https-sen · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
A/n: I just had the sudden realisation that, i dont write for women 😨 which is weird because i find them attractive and hot (disappointed fruity sen noises 😔) so here's my first hc for both genders!
Genre: Fluff
Female Pairing(s): Hu Tao, Kokomi, Baal x gn!reader
Male Pairing(s): Zhongli, Bennett, Gorou x gn!reader
Warning(s): Cursing and Not Proofread!
Tumblr media
Hu tao
A picnic in a forest!
You'd share some snacks you made yourself with her (and she'd devour it without hesitation). You'd make flower crowns for each other and talk about her pranks. You laugh at her jokes as you both enjoy each others company. You both walk through the forest and spook a few travellers on the way gleefully giggling at their expression. Sitting by a tree and watch the sunset as you hold hands. This is a wonderful way to end your day with her, and hopefully more days can come <3
Tumblr media
A beach picnic!
As you both enjoy the calming breeze and the sunny day, you'd talk about all the places you went and all the different things you saw while you were away. She brought some handmade sandwiches, biscuits and juice so you both dont get hungry or thirsty. You'd both build a sand castle, collect shells and stroll along the shore. She tells you with a hopeful smile, "I hope I can come along with you one day my love. It sounds exciting!". And that's when you both start planning an adventure. Just the two of you <3
Tumblr media
A picnic in her plane of euthymia!
She planned a small picnic just for the two of you because she didnt know how to express her feelings. She tried her best to make the snacks you like but it was either burnt or raw. You told her it was alright and that her dazzling self was already enough for you. She bursts into a ball of flustered-ness after that because she felt touched. In the end, you both got Yei's help and managed to whip out a new batch of snacks together <3
Tumblr media
A picnic in a garden!
He's a classy man, everyone knows that. But he's a simple one too. All he cares about is the time he gets to spend with you. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive. Just drinking tea (or "OtHmAnThUs WiNe") as you talk about the little things that happened throughout your day. He's actually very affectionate with physical touch, so expect him to lie his head on your lap or on your shoulder. And he loves it when you stroke his hair as you do so. He can't imagine a life without you, so he wants to savour every second he has <3
Tumblr media
A picnic in a flower feild!
Bennett is a very cheerful boy. He would try his best to make you the best picnic ever!! He tries to make it really fancy and over the top because you're the love of his life and his favorite person. But everything started going wrong because it was raining and the picnic blanket got wet. But that's alright! He still has the cookies he baked- Oh wait, he burnt them. When you arrived with an umbrella, you saw a droopy Benny sitting on he grass with a picnic basket beside him. You assured him it's alright and had an indoor picnic instead <3
Tumblr media
A picnic on a hill!
Childe is a very busy man so he hardly has time for you. He feels bad and he wants to hang around with you more. Just like the old times. That's why he brought you to a hill with a beautiful view and a picnic basket in hand to weasel out with you at 7 in the fucking morning. You both talked about anything and everything!! It's not any day you get to spend this much time with him so mihht as well make it last. You'd tell him jokes and make him laugh, see who can drink and eat faster than the other and choke after. Little things like these made today a great one. Hopefully, he can weasel his way out for you again <3
Tumblr media
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erixhope-owo · 12 hours ago
🔸 Rex Lapiz 🔸
Tumblr media
Ame el resultado, tarde mucho con tantos detalles pero valió la pena o eso creo ja
Me ayudaría mucho reblogueando y dando corazón!~ Se los agradecería bastante<3
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genshinsincorrect · 3 hours ago
Zhongli to Venti: you look nice. Who dressed you? The archon war?
Venti: Morax! You look lovely! Sorry I couldn't attend your funeral last year.
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l1p3k4 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
happy autumn !
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1000feuille · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
POV you are childe: you just walked out of northland bank and see these three peddlers
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