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fictionkinfessions · 11 days ago
day 4 of refusing to tell the albedo fictive what a simp is
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genshinkinserver · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome travelers, citizens, any anyone else who kins from Genshin Impact. We’re a new server but I hope to bring attention to this for kins who wanna hang out (18+ individuals only).
18+ Only, No exceptions
This is a space safe for proshippers or those who otherise don’t care what characters or ships people like.
You may find others to share interests, memories, or even co-op with, make friends, etc.
No harassment will be tolerated here, any sort of lgbtqia+ phobes, racists, etc will not be welcome
If this is of interest to you please message or send ask to this account with your kins, basic info and discord and you will be let in soon.
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fictionkinfessions · 20 days ago
Fuck the headcanons people have of me being bad at cooking. I had several siblings and had to cook for them in that life. I am in the process of making gyoza from scratch (including the wrappers!) as I type this, and have done so multiple times. I've considered making croissants for fun (and then reconsidered most my life choices). I've successfully made homemade marshmallows and homemade Castella cake before, and both of those are easy to mess up. Seeing people say shit like "oh he probably microwaves ramen in the package" or "he could burn cereal" pisses me off. Just say you think the special meal looks scary. The headcanons SHOULD be "Dottore can't cook and neither can Scaramouche," but you didn't hear that from me. - Ajax/Tartaglia/Childe, Genshin Impact
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canoncalled · 6 months ago
This is Aether (male MC) from Genshin Impact and I’m looking for Venti, Razor, Paimon, and Lumine mainly, but everyone is welcome to interact if you’re from the source!! Doubles friendly too!! I’m pretty sure I had a romantic relationship with Venti at some point, but I can’t remember fully. I’m 19 years old, but that only matters if anyone is looking for a relationship (if not it’s fine, kindating isn’t a great thing anyway, and I’d just like to reconnect). Anyone else who wants to be friends is welcome!!
Interact with this post so I can message you!!
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
A submission for the kin "jobs":
Dottore Genshin impact, one of the eleven fatui harbingers, and certainly the most hard working of them all...
Is a NEET who watches youtube and plays Genshin Impact all day 😎
Granted I give myself "homework" sometimes to feel productive.
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fictionkinfessions · 15 hours ago
i... i feel so bad sometimes
I'll kinsider a character that my friend likes but ill refuse to talk abt it bc it'll make them uncomfy but...
sometimes I'll kinsider a character before hand and not say anything and.. they've complained about it before
people kinning characters they like after mentioning that they like the character
does this make sense? -Venti (genshin impact)
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fictionkinfessions · a day ago
I'm not a very big fan of how Mihoyo has started portraying me with the Inazuma update. I was never so wholly focused on finding my brother that I would refuse to help people; while I desperately wanted to find Aether, and going against the Electro Archon wouldn't have been entirely conducive to that, I would never simply stand by and let others suffer for the sake of my own fulfillment. That just wasn't me. I lived for helping everyone I could.
- Lumine (Genshin Impact)
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fictionkinfessions · 8 days ago
You know, I'm still salty at Zhongli for the whole Gnosis thing. Like, dude? Maybe don't?? Give important shit to the devil woman??? I mean I get what you were doing, I really do, but I also want to punch you in the face just a little bit.
Also, I find it hella disrespectful that you didn't do shit while I was beating the Fatui with a whole group of people that, like me, expected you to actually give a shit. I know you got tired of being a God but maybe you should've... Talked to them, instead of faking your own death and then almost getting all of us killed. Just a thought. At least Venti helped with Dvalin - Aether
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fictionkinfessions · 4 days ago
I can't really ship Lumine with anyone in general because it feels like I'm overstepping her boundaries (after all, what girl would want her big brother to involve himself with her love life?) but if there's one ship I can say with certainty that I hate, it's Lumine/Tartaglia.
He doesn't deserve her at all, and honestly I can't see him treating her well. It wouldn't surprise me if he tried messing with her head the way he tried to mess with me, and I won't tolerate that. Of course I know she would wipe the damn floor with him if he tried anything, but still. I can't trust him to even look at her direction - Aether
(also, as I said before, the Tartaglia in my canon raped me. So yeah, stay the fuck away from my sister)
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fictionkinfessions · 14 days ago
You know, looking back I gotta say it: It was really, really annoying that everyone around me treated me as if I was underage. Like, I know I looked like a teen and all, but so did Venti, and that fucked got to drink all the alcohol he wanted. I deserved a sip for putting up with so much damn crap , for risking myself searching for my sister, and yet I was treated like a fucking kid. Saying it now: If you are Genshin Impact kin, you owe me a beer /hj - Aether
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
[walks into the ask box screaming] I AM NOT A CHILD!!!!
Genshin fandom plz, I know you all are allergic to doing any research on any character ever but FUCK!!!! Just because I have the chibi model in game doesnt mean Im a child!!! Im just short!! Im just extremely short!!! Im a grown adult!!!
Ive been short for so long that Im canotically convinced that reality isnt real and Im stuck in a dream!! Purely because I havent grown in years!!! A child Klee's age (like 7-10) wouldnt have that kind of delusion (for lack of a better word here)
I swear I'm gonna lose my mind if I go in my tag and continue to see people call me a child!!!!
~Sayu 🕯♟
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fictionkinfessions · 2 days ago
I miss Liyue... I miss walking around just to feel the wind on top of the mountains during the day and the cold sea at my feet at night. I miss the sound of birds, the banal conversations and the children's laughter in the harbor. I miss my friends, even if i only have a few. Unfortunately I could only appreciate all of this after I lost it. I hope Liyue looks forward to my return, my dear home who i promissed to protect. - Xiao
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fictionkinfessions · 7 days ago
Just found out the song that plays when I meet Xiao for the first time is called "Lover's Oath". Excuse me while I (stuffs face into pillow and screams for several hours) - Traveler
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fictionkinfessions · 5 days ago
Kin hobbies...? Well, I play video games, with a preference for simulation games and open-world RPGs, and I like singing, though I'm not particularly good at it. Unsuprisingly, I still paint and enjoy science, although the particular topics I'm interested in have changed. Aside from these, I've had other hobbies, but I tend to gain and lose interest in them quite quickly.
- Albedo (#🧪✨🌿)
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fictionkinfessions · 16 days ago
(Post today 7/15 if possible)
HU TAO!! Happy birthday!!! I know our relationship was a tad strained due to Qiqi's whole.. Thing. But I do care about you and I have a gift!
I will allow you ONE WHOLE headpat for Qiqi (if she allows it ofc) without me getting mad or sus!!
Savor it cause Ill only do this once /j
~Baizhu 🕯️♟
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fictionkinfessions · 26 days ago
As a Zhongli kin, that moment when you realize the dream you had weeks ago was a just memory involving a brief discussion with Barbatos about the fall of Khaenri'ah.
I don’t remember the exact details of the conversation, but the fact this nation was the highlight of our conversation intrigues me. – Zhongli {#🔸🐉☕️}
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fictionkinfessions · 17 days ago
Also I'm still so on the fence about saving for myself in genshin bc it's not 100% confirmed that Baizhu is even coming :( just let me be a weak pharmacist again :( - Dr.Baizhu
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fictionkinfessions · 23 days ago
I know I just sent in another kinfession but this one is a message to my sister… (not a kin call)
I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately, Lumine. I miss you a lot, and I really hope we can meet each other again.
Any and all Lumine kins or fictives out there? I really hope you’re doing alright. Please know that I still love you dearly, sister. -Aether #4yearsdenial
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fictionkinfessions · 11 days ago
Ah shit time flies but I'm actually sending this in advance this time! MPC if you could post this on July 20th please? Thank you 💙
Anyway happy birthday to me! It feels weird saying that since my irl birthday is in October but >:3 I miss my family and to some extent the other harbingers. Hope you're all doing great out there, I'm certainly having a time where I'm at. Eat some cake or pie or something sweet and celebrate your fave (me) or just because!
-Tartaglia/Childe (Genshin Impact)
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fictionkinfessions · 16 days ago
You know the kin is strong when you have nearly 3 timelines, dyed your hair blue, and made your mask irl all entirely unprompted.
I am powerful. Unstoppable even.
~Dottore 🕯♟
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