dumcuntboi · 2 days ago
perhaps - gentle dumbing down?
like, coming home after a long day and getting spoiled and gently taken apart at the seams. bathed, massaged, dressed in cozy clothes your partner picks out, fed dinner - all the while never having a say or having to make a decision. you only open your mouth once to ask why, and he hushes you and kisses you softly and says “because, sweetie, i know my little dummy is exhausted from pretending to be smart all day. it’s okay, we both know you’re not, and we both know i have to take care of you ‘cause you’re just too dumb to do it yourself.”
maybe you get edged until you’re drooling later on, unable to remember why you were ever stressed in the first place. so consumed by pleasure that it’s the only thing you care about, and your partner just coos at you while they bring you to the brink over and over again.
“that’s it, baby, let it go. you can get all mindless for me, it’s okay, i’m here. i’ll take care of you, you don’t have to worry your pretty little empty head about anything, okay? it feels so good, huh? that’s all you have to worry about - pleasure. giving and receiving. you wanna just be my cute little cocksleeve tonight, precious? i’ll fuck your brains out ‘til you’re all stupid and sweet again, doesn’t that sound nice? yeah, i bet it does, my cute little dumb baby.”
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oldfilmsflicker · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
new-to-me #41 - Szelíd (Gentle)
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willavvdsweet · a day ago
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blondebrainpower · 8 months ago
Capybara vocalizations
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ifiwasaghost · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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auraflora · 3 months ago
As the colder months of the year approach: i wish you all a healthy, calm end of the year. I wish you tasty cups of tea, comfortable clothes, warm beds, nutritious meals in safe homes, good music, new friends and unwavering health. You have suffered enough and you deserve good things now.
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thewanderingprince · 3 months ago
When cuddles start to turn into something more 👀
The wandering hands, the grabbing, slipping hands under clothes
When the chaste pecks turn to lingering kisses, turn to hickies and love bites
Rocking hips, desperate for friction now as heat rises between you and your partner
Even fully clothed, you’re both needy and wanting, and it all started because you were just innocently holding your lover.
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cokaino · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
photo source
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maries-gallery · 3 months ago
Levi has this non-sexual little habits that r still so sexy and attractive of him. Like, he got an habit of moving u by ur waist mumbling a low "excuse me" when you're in his way; and he grabs you by the waist too when he drops a kiss to your jaw, raspy voice and warm breath saying "i love you" right to your ear, and then a lovely kiss to your forehead before leaving for work, leaving you there all🥴🥴 for him and his hotness
Levi is always so casual, so cool and collected. Even as he makes your heart explode in your chest, so flustered from the simplest of touch from him.
And he loves it.
He adores how your breath catches in your throat and your heart skips a beat as he gently moves you to the side, dropping a kiss to your temple as he mumbles an “Excuse me.” before walking away. Leaving you filled with warmth, full of tender affection. 
He loves how a shiver runs up your spine as his hands settle on your waist to pull you closer, pressing a light kiss to your jaw. Softly humming against your skin as you melt in his embrace. And he’d do anything for this moment to last forever, just you and him, alone and intertwined in the living room of your house.
“Je t’aime.” He whispers, his lips idly brushing over the shell of your ear, savouring just a bit more of you and turning your knees to jelly. 
The picture of breathtaking as he stands in his white shirt and black trousers, jacket hanging from one arm and ready to head off to work. 
“See you tonight, mon amour.” He says, right before he’s stepping out of your home, leaving you hanging and hoping for more of him. Daydream weighing heavily on your mind. 
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bluebirdinfinite · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“A Kingdom or this.”
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wistful-watcher · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Watcher Rewind 2021
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theartofthecover · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Black Panther Vol. 7 #3 [Textless] (2022) [Black Panther Vol. 1 #200]
Art by: Alex Ross
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writethatdown · 12 months ago
you always have the choice to be kind.
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thenatsdorf · a year ago
“I pet da kitty”
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tresserotica · 7 months ago
Thinking about lying on my stomach, ass up, pussy absolutely drenched, taking the full length of their strap, as wetness spreads from my cunt down my thighs to the sheets. My clit rubs inside my folds, making me moan into the pillows. But they don't stop. They press on, pushing me into the bed with every thrust. I begin rocking my hips as I get closer, cumming quietly behind bitten lips while they pound me. It seems to go on for ages. When I finally come down I feel them withdraw and shift on the bed. Then I feel a different strap enter me and begin gently fucking my dripping pussy. I groan in arousal and confusion, unable to turn enough to see the new toy fucking me. They sit on my thighs and push deep inside me, leaning forward, making my clit rub against my pussylips again. I let them continue, this different shape making me moan into the sheets as my slippery clit starts throbbing again. I feel a trickle of cool lube poured down my slit, and they fuck my sloppy cunt harder until I cry out and begin cumming on the new toy. My head spins as I tremble and clutch at this different shape, my hips bucking me back into them. They pull out when I begin to calm. And then another different strap takes its place, filling me with new sensations all over again.
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shiraglassman · 3 months ago
You need a Navajo composer playing a beautiful, gentle, soothing piece he wrote, about sheep, while dressed as a sheep, in your day. And fortunately this video is exactly that.
Connor Chee, with “Sheep” (Scenes from Dinétah). Enjoy!
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maries-gallery · 14 days ago
aot boys (eren, armin, levi, reiner, jean) reactions to you starting to show baby bump🥰🥰
Please this is so cute.
Eren is obsessed. He had been waiting for this to happen. Hands on your tummy at night, gently cupping the bump in the hopes of feeling a kick from the tiny human still growing inside of you, no more than a bud at this stage of your pregnancy. Never fails to steal giggles from you when he excitedly talks to your growing bump with the biggest of grins on his face.
Armin makes it a point to follow the growth of your child and the stages of your pregnancy. That said, he takes pictures of your bump every morning. Gently bringing his ear to your stomach afterwards, listening intently for any sign of the life growing in your womb. And he knows it is silly to hope for something so early in your pregnancy, but he can't keep a small smile from pulling at the corners of his lips as he imagines the warm and light hum of a heartbeat, light as a bird's.
It took time for Levi to realize that you were indeed pregnant with his child, that the two of you would be parents. That he’d be a father. All too good to be true. But when you showed him your light bump, it clicked. And since then, nothing comforts him more than coming home from work and lying down by your side in bed. Arms looped around your waist as his head rests on your stomach, wondering whether your child will have his eyes or yours, your nose or his. One thing is for sure, he’d love them unconditionally anyways.
To Reiner, a family of his own had always been a dream he didn’t dare graze with his fingertips.  So much like Levi it takes him some time to realize that this was all real. So when he saw the first traces of a bump he actually cried, shedding happy emotional tears, overwhelmed by the utter joy flowing through him and swelling in his heart. Since then, his hand can always be found in the small of your back, protective and warm. 
From the moment Jean noticed your baby bump he flew to buy baby clothes and a stroller, spending hours in the aisles choosing the perfect set of comfy and fluffy pyjamas. Should he buy pink or blue ? Maybe green ? This went on for months until you decided to intervene and tell him to chill. In the early morning light, his hand lazily slides to your tummy, drawing circles on the skin and humming softly as he kisses your bump. 
@levi-my-beloved @peace-for-levi @levmada 
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a-path-by-the-moon · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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whumpster-dumpster · 11 months ago
We need more of whumpees who are stressed, skittish and sleep-deprived and caretakers who know just the Secret Weapon to help them relax. They’ll be subtle about it, though, i.e. making idle conversation while casually carding a hand through Whumpee’s hair until A) Whumpee’s practically purring under their touch or B) They’re still trying to protest in little grumpy mumbles as they doze off. 
Bonus points if Whumpee later asks them how they knew something like that would put them to sleep and Caretaker plays dumb. “Oh, does it? I never noticed!”
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