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Oh yes he absolutely hates it

And he makes sure that Enji has much, much less flattering things on him. Izuku, slightly more generous there, does his best to refer to the man only as “Shoto’s father” instead.

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Gentry, Inko wasn’t even there at the hospital when izuku woke up after camp when there wasn’t widespread destruction of infrastructure keeping her from physically even being able to get to a different city to the hospital… I’m not quite sure she’ll be able to make it now either

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Haha you picked out both my TLWA shots, this one, if I ever do manage to write it, would be the Big One. The one that ends the series. I have the feel of it down, the basic plot, I just need to let it congeal more in my head.

It’s years and years down the road, Deku and co are now beloved heroes in Japan. Things aren’t perfect, but better. They’re making the world into one All Might could be proud of. Izuku and Shouto adopt a kid with no one and no where to go. It would be his story, his unique quirk and the good and bad that comes with it.

(this would be the story with AFO I just, need to figure exactly how plot wise he fits in. He just, refuses to cooperate.)

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I’ve really wanted to work on this one lately but I’ve been restraining my desire so I could focus on my angst fic. It’s another TLWA spin off explicitly exploring the complex give and take between Izuku and Bakugou. Like Rise Up it would be an overarching plot in the background but also told through little social media/past event snippets. There’s so much I want to comment on their relationship lol. Hopefully I’ll get to work on it soon. 

“Deku, let me in,” Izuku did not jump out of his skin at hearing Kacchan’s voice whispering in his head. He stared down at his half completed paperwork, either he was more sleep deprived than he thought or he was losing his mind. “The window you fucking dumbass.” Izuku turned and oh there was Kacchan hunched over on the windowsill like an angry gargoyle. One problem exchanged for another.

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“Ugh, Syl, no. Why are we even friends?”

“Friends?” Syl asked, letting go of his hair. “Why, Kal, I’m insulted! I’m your best friend, at the very least. We’re joined at the hip, practically soulmates!”

He couldn’t stop himself from huffing out laughter. She was good at that, maybe second only to Tien.

“You’re right- we’re the platonic ideal of companionship.”

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If it wasn’t for the fact that Toshinori kept bring food with him, Izuku wouldn’t have dared to show his face in front of a human. There were very few fish that swam along the garbage cluttered beach and Izuku was too afraid to swim into deeper waters.

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He gave him his cloak with his family glyph on it!! He looked at this kid who had one of his son’s fighting skills and the other son’s unfailingly stubborn tendencies and he was like “ah perfect Kholin material.” The cloak was basically the Alethi version of adoption papers. Trust me. You can ask Sigzil. The men can’t write so they adopt in two ways: wrap in family cloak, or arrange to marry one of their kids. As Adolin is already spoken for and Renarin is as far into the closet about being mspec as he is about the fact that he knows the world is going to end in two months, the cloak is the only option

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*pauses as I think about how to answer this in a way that does not spoil Oathbringer for you*

You know what, we could solidly still probably put him as some sort of prime minister or president or a retried military man high up the chain of command

Or if we wanted modern to lean more away from certain Alethi tendencies, I’d say make him a lawyer. He and his brother were partners in the Kholin And Kholin firm, but he didn’t do much for years until his brother died and suddenly he has to deal with So Much

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Oh, it’d be the most terrifying kind of uncanny valley.

This person you know, you know their quirk, you know their glow color the same way you know anything else about them- their hair color, their favorite food, the little verbal ticks they use.

And everything being normal until the quirk activates just makes it all worse- because they were exactly the same, except for the eye glow, and that’s impossible. That’s not them. That’s someone, something else pretending to be them.

And what will that someone- something do to you, once you’re own eyes widen and you stare at the wrong glow? Once you notice?

Will you glow change too?

What else will?

You’re too busy making excuses to leave, too busy hurrying away, too busy questioning reality and your memory of it, to think more along that line.

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Alive? No other details? Alright then… You like Krakenverse, let’s say Nana survives her teacher’s wrath

1- Nana survives, due to Amaji and First’s efforts. This, unfortunately, hastens the former’s death. First presses his baby nephew into Nana’s arms and tells her to get as far from the sea as she can

2- her husband is dead, and she can’t convince Kotaro to come with them or to bring the children, but they’ll be safe and hidden within the pod. Her daughter has her Castle and her own young child Tu take care of, so Nana has Nedzu fake her death and flees inland.

3- she can’t speak when she’s split, that was AfO’s price, and her sealself isn’t very comfortable in small lakes and rivers, but she reminds herself it’s better than being dead and learns how to float both her selfs instead

4- AfO accuses Toshinori of stealing his kid because of course he does. Toshi is worried he means keeping Mirio, who’s one of his pod, but Toyomitsu and First manage to avert any early disasters by claiming that they never saw Amaji die- so the boy likely died with her, or they both ran away. AfO is pretty sure neither is true, but he also knows there’s no one of his blood in Toshi’s palace, so he has to at least look into those options as he seeths

5- Tamaki grows up calling Nana his grandmother, learns to sign before he speaks and is generally a quiet boy. Not aware of his parentage but that he’ll have a lot more magic and need a teacher in the future

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I um. I only thought of five things but hmm

Probably more vigilantism, a lot more. Crime rises but not to pre All Might levels. Hawks, sixteen at the time, faces even more pressure to be perfect. I feel like two monuments would go up for All Might- one at the location of his debut and one at UA. AfO revels in having control of the underworld renewed not by snatching back his empire as far as possible, but in enjoying watching other groups think they can fill his niche, get just strong enough to be fun and worth quirk collection, and then stamping them out, one by one.

There’s a surge the first year after his ‘death’ in hero school applications, but after that it goes down. Down enough that don’t smaller schools worry about what it will look like in ten years.

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Ah, the au for when you want good things for Tenko, but like, not too good

1. Gran sees this child wandering around, looking a mess, and hears people murmuring that a hero will take care of it. He scoffs for a moment that they aren’t even bothering to call a hero to make sure, but steps in to act.

2. when he says he’s a hero, and Tenko tells him his name, his heart almost stops right there. Then he shakes himself- Shimura isn’t a rare name to have. Nana changed Kotaro’s name when she gave him up. This is just a coincidence.

3. He brings Tenko home, to grab some food since he looks like he’s starving, and maybe some more suitable clothes before he figures out where this kid should be. This works until Tenko sees a framed photo of Nana, and points to it. “Grandma?”

4. Gran’s heart cannot take this. He calls Toshinori, then spends more time making taiyaki instead of answering Tenko’s questions. The boy realizes the more questions he asks, the more food he gets, and then at that point he’s got a motormouth to rival Izuku’s

5. He decays a napkin, and starts crying. Gran stops to figure out this quirk, which certainly didn’t come from Tenko’s father’s side. Toshinori walks in to find Gran wrapping band-aids around a strange little boy’s fingers in front of a mountain of fish shaped pancakes, and he’s really not sure what this prank means but. But it’s got to be a prank, right?

Five headcanons and an au

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Ohhhh interesting, hmm

1. Rei’s mother was on the phone with her when she burned Shoto. She dropped the phone but didn’t hang up, and the mother hears screaming and panicking right after she dismissed Rei’s concerns. She decides to visit in person.

2. When she arrives, she finds Rei gone, Fuyumi’s arm bandaged, Touya looking sickly and burned, Shoto with half his face bandaged, and Enji unhappy. She argues that she can take care of the kids and cooking while Rei is at the hospital- the average length of a stay in such an institution is 23 days. It’ll only be for a month at most, surely.

3. A month later and Touya is dead. Rei has only gotten worse, not better, and any mentions of her going back to that house leave her curled in the corner with a memory blank. Her mother is not happy, and her father isn’t either with how long his wife has been gone. She brings up the issue of taking Fuyumi back with her.

4. Enji refuses, but only when she says she can’t take both of the other children, that they don’t have the room or money or time or energy to mind both. He knows, after all, how much money he’s given them, and she should have had no problem minding both while she was there.

5. Unhappy with this, Rei’s mother goes to the press and spins the story of how she was forced to give up her daughter to a horrible quirk marriage. There’s a lot of truth in the story, there’s a lot of what Rei called her about when she asked for help. There’s also a lot missing about her own part in the arrangement and her complete acceptance of quirk marriages as an ideal. But once the story gets rolling, it’ll be hard to stop, and she makes it clear that with her daughter in the hospital because of that man, she’ll do anything to get custody of her grandchildren and spare them it. Especially Shoto

Five headcanons and an au

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You really, really want me to write this one huh. Valid

1. Fuyumi’s too smart to let her fight club clothes be too identifying. This leads to her dyed hair, black jacket, white shirt, and black pants having a certain resemblance to her twin’s villain outfit later on- though she at least used a face mask too

2. Rappa and O'clock are Rumi’s only friends who know about the fight club and her crush on the fighter. Hawks knows about the first but not the latter. Rappa doesn’t know who the icy fighter was. O'clock does but he’s not going to tell Rumi and make her life any easier, that’d just make her mad at him

3. Fuyumi wears contacts in her fight club outfit so her glasses don’t mess with her mask. I’m not sure if she uses color changing ones or not

4. Besides Natsuo, who likes to give her Miruko gag gifts, the only person who knows Fuyumi has a crush is Edgeshot. This is mostly bc he stands next to Miruko a lot during hero events and feels her pining stares.

5. When Miruko sees Fuyumi defending her students and puts it together, she actually has a three day crisis that lasts until she goes to their house and gets pulled into the kitchen. Fuyumi had thought she hadn’t been discovered and drops her spatula in the trash can out of shock. Natsuo comes in when he smells burning food, sees who’s there, and imediately forgets about food to pull out his phone and collect a winning bet against Shoto

Five headcanons and an au

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noTHING I DID NOTHING i stopped myself everything is fine and everyone’s limbs are also fine!!!

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I do!

For this AU, it’s only Izuku and his family that are merfolk! The premise is that when quirks first showed up and people were being hunted down and either thrown in jail or even killed for being in possession of one, a handful of people with aquatic-based quirks ran to the ocean to hide, and never left. Two hundred years later, these person are known as “Merfolk”. Most live in the depths of the oceans and had little or no contact with “landwalkers”. There are even stories they tell their young to scare them away from the land and it’s occupants! (Horror stories from the dawn of quirks, but they don’t know that specific detail)

It starts off with Toshinori finding a young mer Izuku in the filthy waters of Dagobah beach. At first Toshinori is worried because there is a small kid swimming alone? In a dumpster turned beach and the water absolutely freezing? 

So he tries to question the boy and see if he needs help, but up to this point Izuku has never seen a person up close so he ends up bolting when this huge beef cake of one starts getting near.

Toshinori assumes the boy would go home after that, but curiosity drives him back to the beach a few days later, where he sees the boy once again.

From there, Toshinori tries to slowly gain Izuku’s trust  (which only takes about a week before Izuku’s own curiosity and loneliness gets the better of him) And that’s when Toshinori learns that 1. Izuku is a full mer 2. Izuku doesn’t visit these waters, he lives here

And then Toshinori wonders

Where is this boy’s parents?

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