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Idia Shroud Yandere Alphabet
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Requested by me cause I’m coping after rolling 153 times for Suitor Idia and not getting him-
Warnings: Yandere behavior, stalking, cyberstalking (cameras, tracking device, etc), mention of non-con, murder, biting, obsessive behavior, kidnapping, drugging, verbal abuse, death, stockholm syndrome, mentions of emotional abuse
If you are uncomfortable with any of these topics, please do not read under the cut!
Affection: How do they show their love and affection? How intense would it get?
❥ Idia is a social outcast so he is definitely not the best at showing his love. He usually does through love bites and cuddles or pulling you into his lap as he’s playing video games.
Blood: How messy are they willing to get when it comes to their darling?
❥ He’s not the biggest fan of blood. He usually finds other ways of getting rid of people in his way that don’t involve murder.
❥ However, if he feels the need to get messy, he will get very messy.
Cruelty: How would they treat their darling once abducted? Would they mock them?
❥ He would not treat you poorly and try his best to keep you happy.
❥ However, if you are being a brat, he might mock you for a failed escape attempt once in a while:
“Can’t get out? There’s no cheat code for you here, darling. Hehehe!”
Darling: Aside from abduction, would they do anything against their darling’s will?
❥ He would never do anything against their will sexually as he has his morals in that department.
❥ However, he would definitely take your right in anything else (seeing friends, going outside, etc.)
Exposed: How much of their heart do they bare to their darling? How vulnerable are they when it comes to their darling?
❥ Idia is fully aware you could try and manipulate him to escape so he keeps his guard up at first once he first kidnapped you.
❥ However, over time, he would put his guard down and fully trust you if you behave well enough.
Fight: How would they feel if their darling fought back?
❥ Not surprised. He understands you are scared as he is very aware what he is doing is wrong but just doesn’t care.
❥ If you keep starting fights with him, he will get agitated:
“Stop trying to pick fights with me. It’s like a level one player fighting a level 100 boss! It’s just annoying…”
Game: Is this a game to them? How much would they enjoy watching their darling try to escape?
❥ Of course not, he doesn’t want to have to go outside if he doesn’t have to, especially to chase you! He’s not the most physically active person.
❥ Besides, he genuinely loves you and wants you to be happy with him.
Hell: What would be their darling’s worst experience with them?
❥ If you were to escape the room and make him chase you down or smash his gaming equipment, he would be enraged. You would watch as his hair turns from a soft blue to a blazing orange as he berates you for your behavior.
❥ After he realizes what he did or sees you start sobbing out of fear, he almost instantly calms down and tries to comfort you:
“H-Hey! I-I’m sorry! P-Please don’t cry! Calm down, my charisma stats aren’t high enough for this s-side quest!”
Ideals: What kind of future do they have in mind for/with their darling?
❥ This man’s bar is literally on the floor. He just wants you and him to be happy together. That’s it. Also no kids, he doesn’t want to have kids.
Jealousy: Do they get jealous? Do they lash out or find a way to cope?
❥ Oh boy, does he get jealous?! Of course he does!
❥ He is probably one of the most jealous yanderes in TWST (besides Riddle and Vil).
❥ One day, he was watching through the various cameras around NRC that he has hacked into only to watch you hug and laugh with those two first years, Ace and Deuce.
❥ This guy is fucking jealous as all hell. He wished he could talk to you like that. He watches his screen in jealously as he mumbles to himself:
“Hell, if only I had the charisma stats to talk to them like that… Ugh, this is so rigged…”
Kisses: How do they act around or with their darling?
❥ If he has not kidnapped you, he is very shy and prefers to watch from the shadows. This man has 0 social skills.
❥ If he has kidnapped you, he is more chill around you since by then he gets to know you better.
❥ As I’ve said, he is not the best at showing his love, especially with words. So he tends to make things for you with his skills like little robots and stuff like that.
Love Letters: How would they go about courting or approaching their darling?
❥ Oh boy, he was a flustered mess we he went to talk to you for the first time. Towards the end of the convo, he almost had his head in his hands to hide his face.
❥ After a while of talking to you, he tends to get more comfortable with you, making him even more obsessed with you.
❥ After preparing a script that Ortho helped him write and everything, he asks you out. He is a flustered stuttering mess through the whole thing.
❥ If you accept him, he is so shocked he might faint! Were his stats finally high enough from all the discussions he had with you?! He is over the moon!
"W-Wait, for real? Y-You said yes?! O-Oh wow, I-I-I... *incoherent gibberish*"
❥ If you reject him, however, he is a sad boy. He doesn't act and kidnap you right away since he knows that will create suspicion. He is good at stealth missions in games so he knows the tactics he has to play.
❥ He waits for the word that you rejected him to die out after the next few weeks before finding you alone without your little companion, Grim, and snatches you up before you even notice it.
❥ You probably should have taken note to the funny smell coming from your water bottle before you drank from it. You hear a voice before you pass out to the floor of the Ramshackle dorm:
"Hehehe, mission complete."
Mask: Are their true colors drastically different from the way they act around everyone else?
❥ Not really, he's the same hermit otaku just a little more creepy.
Naughty: How would they punish their darling?
❥ He doesn't believe in punishment because he doesn't think it changes anything and only instills fear into his darling. He might get mad and yell but immediately apologize afterwards.
Oppression: How many rights would they take away from their darling?
❥ Everything. Seeing friends, going outside, everything. Good luck trying to convince him to lessen his leash because he would probably only tighten it.
Patience: How patient are they with their darling?
❥ He knows patience is key and that he shouldn't rush through this. Getting you is not a time sensitive mission to him.
Quit: If their darling dies, leaves, or successfully escapes, would they ever be able to move on?
❥ If you try to leave, just know you aren't getting far.
❥ Even if you "successfully" escape, you probably aren't aware of the chip he got put in between your shoulder blades under your skin. Don't worry, he will be with you soon.
❥ The only possible way out is death, either his or your own. Trust me, you aren't gonna be able to kill him, especially since he knows magic and you won't. Also this man like doesn't sleep so good luck trying to kill him when he is "asleep". ❥ If you die, he would never forgive himself and probably never get over your death, especially if it was by something he could prevent. It would eat him up inside.
Regret: Would they ever feel guilty about abducting their darling? Would they ever let their darling go?
❥ At first, yes. He would quickly realize after kidnapping you he should have prepared better. What if someone found out he took you? What if someone saw him take you?! He is full of paranoia
❥ After a while, his guilt subsides after realizing there is no backing out of this mission.
❥ Oh and trust me, he will never let you go. This man is dependent on you for a majority of his happiness.
Stigma: What brought about this side of them (childhood, curiosity, etc)?
❥ Being a shut-in and watching others develop friendships and relationships made him jealous until he saw you and it all clicked. He needed you.
Tears: How do they feel about seeing their darling scream, cry, and/or isolate themselves?
❥ Please don't cry and scream as Idia does not like loud noises. He understands you are scared and he tries his best to calm you down:
"H-Hey! P-Please don't scream! I-I'm not gonna hurt you!"
❥ If you try and isolate yourself, he understands. He knows you are scared but doesn't mind if you don't speak much since he is an introvert.
❥ If he has not kidnapped you and you keep avoiding him, he gets worried about you and starts stalking your social media to see if he can find any sort of vent posts about something bugging you.
❥ He might even reach out to you via text and ask you what's going on.
Unique: Would they do anything different from the classic yandere?
❥ He is more of a non-confronting yandere. He avoids fights and arguments at as cost. He does not know how to fight or even talk his way out of an argument.
Vice: What weakness can their darling exploit in order to escape?
❥ You could exploit his kindness after he starts to let his guard down but you might already be attached to him since he has only wanted the best for you, right?
Wit’s End: Would they ever hurt their darling?
❥ No. Point blank no. He refuses to lay a harmful hand on you.
Xoanon: How much would they revere or worship their darling? To what length would they go to win their darling over?
❥ He's shy about it to you but inside, he loves you so much. He would do anything he possibly could to make you love him just as much as he loves you. ANYTHING.
Yearn: How long do they pine after their darling before they snap?
❥ If you treat him like utter shit while he has you in his loving care, he will snap after so many hits to his mental health from you. He will only resort to verbal and emotional abuse, but never physical.
Zenith: Would they ever break their darling?
❥ Probably not unless you snap from being devoid of the outside world. He tries his best to make you happy, he really does.
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Tumblr media
telling their s/o that they talk too much
w/ oikawa, atsumu, and sakusa!
(a/n: thank you guys for requesting !!! i really liked this prompt so i decided to write for it :))
there is a little bit of blood in sakusa’s part, but not too much!!
all settings are placed in the timeskip! as always, thank you for your support😽💞)
Tumblr media
you’d always known you could get a little talkative with those you were comfortable with
every time you got passionate about something, words just spewed out of your mouth
thankfully, your boyfriend was quite talkative too
you loved to listen to him talk about volleyball and the team and you loved to talk to him about the things you loved
you never figured that your habits had bothered him
but when he snapped at you about it one day, you figured you’d misread him
tooru sighs. honestly, he just wants to go to bed.
the day has been quite long. he overworked his muscles, which are now aching quite painfully, and he’s been exhausted all day.
but you’re still going on about something that he really doesn’t care about, and he doesn’t have the energy to pretend he does.
“they had these really adorable decorations at the store, and i was thinking about buying a couple for our apartment! but then i looked at the price tag, and i decided it was way too pricey anyway,” you ramble, hands flailing around as you talk. oikawa sighs.
“why are you telling me this again?”
you laugh. “well, i’m not done telling you the story! anyways, i walked around the entire store...”
you continue along with your anecdote, and tooru can feel himself getting more irritated with every word.
at a certain point, you realize he’s not paying attention, and sigh. you nudge at him.
“couldn’t you pay attention for one second? i’m trying to tell you—”
“maybe if you didn’t just talk all the goddamn time i’d actually want to hear what you had to say, y/n. i genuinely don’t care whether or not you bought those stupid things from the store, alright?” he mutters before getting up and retreating into the bedroom, slamming it shut.
you deflate, all of the excitement from earlier dissipating. you hadn’t meant to talk so much, but you really wanted to tell him about your day. you thought he’d want to hear about it.
you wait until he’s asleep before you cautiously slip into bed beside him, turning on your side and away from him.
the next day is much better for tooru. it’s a good day for the team; everything seems to be going well. he makes excellent sets and the team appears to be pleased with him. he feels elated.
he comes home, happy to see you after a long day of hard work. he finds you in the kitchen and wraps his arms around your waist, gripping you tightly.
“missed you,” he breathes against you. you smile at him, and he sits down on the stool across from the island.
“man, today was amazing!” he starts, looking back on the day fondly. he rambles about how great his sets felt and how the team just seemed to be on their game and how everything just felt right, and you nod along as he talks.
“what about your day?” he prompts, looking up at you eagerly. you open your mouth to speak, but close it. you shrug instead.
“the same as always, i guess.”
there’s an awkward silence as he waits for you to continue, but the words never come.
“really? that’s hard to believe,” he chuckles, hoping you’ll elaborate, but you kind of just laugh awkwardly, and he can tell that you’ve tensed up.
dinner is no better. it’s awfully quiet, and he’s never seen you like this before. he even throws out those stupid puns you hate, knowing you always laugh at them anyway, but you just look down at your plate and push your food around.
when you slip into bed wordlessly, turning the lamp off, he gets antsy and turns it back on.
“what’s up with you? you’ve barely said a word since i got home.”
you look away.
“that’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” you ask, voice small.
he pauses. “what?”
you stare up at him, and there’s hurt swimming in your eyes that wasn’t there before.
“i just— i didn’t wanna annoy you again. i know you don’t like it when i talk so much.”
his heart begins to sink when he remembers how he completely turned you down yesterday.
he’s always loved how passionate you get when you talk about the things you love and everything that happens in your life. he didn’t mean to make you insecure about that; it’s one of his favorite things about you.
“that’s not true,” he whispers, sitting beside you and pulling you flush against him. “i love it when you get excited about things and wanna tell me about them. i shouldn’t have said the things i told you yesterday,” he mumbles regretfully.
you look up at him, hesitant. “i don’t want to make you mad again.”
he presses a kiss to your temple, dismissing you. “that wasn’t your fault, okay?” you nod, and lean into him.
“now, how about you tell me about your day?”
Tumblr media
you’d always been pretty talkative when it came to the things you loved
you loved to go on and on about your favorite tv shows and your hobbies
thankfully, atsumu himself was generally outgoing
he was able to keep up with you in that aspect
even so, even he could only take so much
atsumu buries his face in his arms. he really just wants to sleep. but at the present moment, you’re still talking about that weird show you like.
“i was really disappointed in this episode. i mean, seriously? the characters were so well-written until they completely ruined them,” you huff, annoyed. 
atsumu nods along, just wanting to turn over and go to sleep. he starts to zone out, thinking of tomorrow’s plans. 
“i really hope the next episode is better. people are saying the manga is a lot better than the show, but i haven’t quite gotten to it yet,” you mumble thoughtfully. he groans, irritated. you look over at him curiously.
he grunts, not saying anything.
“well, like i was saying, the next episode apparently comes out tomorrow! i was thinking we could watch it together after you got home from-”
“could you just be quiet for two seconds? all of your rambling is getting on my nerves,” he mutters, scrubbing a hand over his face and closing his eyes. at his words, you stop, words forgotten.
“right. sorry.”
you turn the lamp off and slip under the covers, thoughts still buzzing in your head.
the next day, atsumu comes home from practice, exhilarated and exhausted from the work, but happy. today felt pretty great, and he can’t wait to end it with you.
he calls your name when he opens the door, letting you know of his arrival. your response never comes, and he walks through the hallway to see you sitting at the table, headphones in.
you finally notice him at some point and look up, smiling sweetly. he’s about to ask you a question, but your attention is back on your screen, so he stays quiet.
he must say, it’s a little strange. you’re usually already jumping into a tangent about some random thing or asking him how his day was. the silence is a little unnerving.
he sits down with his dinner, hoping that if you see him sitting there, you’ll want to engage in a discussion with him, but you clearly have no interest in doing so. he sighs sadly and continues to eat in silence.
you finally put your headphones down and turn off your phone, and atsumu perks up.
“so, whatcha watching?” he asks eagerly. you stare at him blankly.
“oh, it’s nothing. just the new episode,” you mumble. he pauses.
“i thought we were gonna watch it together?” he answers, and the two of you stare at each other awkwardly.
“oh. i assumed you didn’t want to...” you trail off, looking away. atsumu shifts uncomfortably.
“well, how was it?” he attempt to direct the conversation elsewhere, and you shrug.
“it was okay, i guess.”
he waits for you to continue, but you just sit there, and the atmosphere is tense.
the two of you sit in silence for a while, and it’s uncomfortable.
“oh,” he laughs awkwardly. “that good, huh?” he says, but it falls flat. you just nod and look down at your plate. he winces at your coldness, but before he can say anything, you’re standing up and taking your dish to the sink. you rinse it and then leave, retreating into the bedroom and closing the door behind you.
he sighs, confused. he misses your obnoxious laughter and your endless anecdotes, and he doesn’t understand why you’re acting this way.
he opens the door to see you reading in bed, and he pads over to sit next to you. he lays his head on your shoulder and nuzzles at you.
“what’s wrong?” he mumbles, rubbing a hand over your thigh.
“nothing,” you reply, eyes still glued to your pages.
“seriously, what’s up?”
“i’m fine, tsumu.”
he takes the book out of your hands and forces you to look at him.
“you know you can talk to me, right?” he offers softly, and you scoff.
“really? because the last time i tried, you just told me to shut up. excuse me for trying to be considerate,” you retort, hurt.
his eyes widen and he sits up to look at you. you won’t make eye contact, so he puts a hand on your cheek and tilts it towards him.
“i’m sorry, baby,” he whispers, and you look at him reluctantly. “i miss the old you. i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”
you sigh, shrugging. “it’s okay. i just take things really personally and i didn’t want to be called annoying again.”
he comes closer and nuzzles your nose affectionately. “you’re not annoying, okay? i love you.”
you laugh, tilting your head up to kiss him. he pulls back.
“wanna watch the new episode with me?”
Tumblr media
in terms of being talkative, you were definitely way more talkative than sakusa
he was reserved and didn’t have much to say, but you loved to talk about the things you were passionate about
kiyoomi didn’t mind having a s/o like that; even though he himself wasn’t exactly outgoing, he enjoyed your company
but sometimes he got overwhelmed with you, and this was simply one of those times
“man, today was the worst!” you exclaim, dumping the potatoes into the pot. you turn the stove on and sigh.
“my manager was pissed all day and then got mad at me for leaving, and on time too! i had to stay and close because no one was able to cover the last shift and i had to do all of the organizing,” you complain, stirring the pot.
kiyoomi sighs. his head is hurting from today’s practice, and your loudness is only making it worse.
“not to mention, no one even bothered to clean up after themselves. which is fucking stupid, because i had to clean up after them. they’re like children sometimes!” you yell, hands thrown in the air. kiyoomi buries his face in his hands, agitated.
“and while i was cleaning, i ended the up dropping the knife on— kiyoomi?”
his head is on his forearms, and he appears to not have heard a single thing you said. you scoff, annoyed, and attempt to shake him out of whatever faze he’s in.
“babe, can’t you just listen for—”
“my god, do you ever just shut up? all you do is talk,” he spits, irritated, and puts his head back down.
stunned, you stand back, not knowing how to react.
you pad back over to the place where you stood, tending to the food on the stove.
sakusa doesn’t have practice the next day. his head is feeling much better than it did yesterday, and the pounding is gone.
he spends the day doing some exercise and doing some cooking while he waits for you to return home from work.
at hearing the door open, he perks up, and sticks his head out of the kitchen, watching you. he greets you, and you smile softly at him.
when you walk into the kitchen, he wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you in. you tense up for a second, and his eyebrows furrow in confusion. but you relax, and so does he.
“how was work?” he asks, and you pull away, moving to sit on the couch.
“good,” you respond, eyes on your laptop.
he pauses. you’re uncharacteristically silent, and it’s making him uncomfortable.
“that’s... good. do anything exciting today?” he asks, expectant. you shrug.
“not really.”
he shifts on his feet, feeling a little awkward.
“well, i’m making your favorite,” he offers, a little smile playing on his lips. “thought you could use it.”
you do look up at him at that, but all you do is nod stiffly and return to your work. he shrugs it off.
but dinner is awkward too. it usually takes you half an hour just to finish a portion of your food, the time spent with your mouth running on about some random thing, but you don’t talk at all. you get up and leave before he can even say anything, and his chest aches. he’s not sure why you’re being so distant.
sighing, he settles into bed, waiting for you to finish showering. but all of a sudden, he hears a whimper and a hiss, and he goes to see what’s wrong.
you’re sitting on the edge of the tub, clutching your ankle. there’s a deep cut just below the bone, and kiyoomi’s eyes widen in alarm. he rushes over and takes your leg into his hands, inspecting the cut.
“what happened?” he asks sternly, and you sigh.
“it’s nothing. had an accident yesterday, and the cut reopened,” you mumble, cringing at the pain.
“why didn’t you tell me?” he scolds, the coldness of his tone masking the worry under it. you laugh dryly.
“you need to tell me about these things, okay? i don’t understand why you—”
“i tried to tell you, kiyoomi!” you yell, frustrated. “i tried to tell you, and you told me to shut up.”
he freezes, eyes wide, before softening guiltily.
“i didn’t mean—”
“yeah, whatever. just, get out? i need to shower,” you wave him away, dismissal obvious in your tone. you pause when he starts taking off his shirt. “what are you—”
“isn’t it obvious? i’m coming with you.”
you scoff. “you don’t need to—”
he cuts you off by pressing a finger to your lips, and puts his forehead on yours.
“i’m sorry for the way i treated you yesterday. it was unfair to you,” he apologizes softly, and you nod. “i want you to tell me about these things, okay? even if they’re about you being a complete and total klutz.”
you pull back and smack him in the chest, and he laughs.
“shut up.”
Tumblr media
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workofheart · a year ago
extra help | gojo satoru
what’s a teacher to do when his student is building up so much cursed energy? help her get it under control, of course.
Tumblr media
pairing: gojo satoru x f!reader
wc: 4.7k
warnings: smut, 18+ (minors dni), teacher/student relations (reader is of age), fingering, oral (f receiving), dirty talk, sir kink, unprotected sex (do not do this), lowkey corruption, squirting, exhibitionism (?), creampie, gojo refers to himself as “teacher” because i said so
note: barely edited, something to ease the brainrot. gojo satoru hollow me challenge. 
“Can you maybe, I don’t know, shut the fuck up?”
The jab spews out of your mouth before you can stop it. Your filter is long gone, the thoughts that pop into your head forming into verbal words without the chance to even process them. Once you hear it, you mentally slap yourself. Now you just look like an asshole.
“Jeez, no need to be a bitch about it,” mutters Nobara. She rests on the concrete steps on her elbows, appearing utterly disinterested with her head tossed back and eyes closed, soaking in the fresh air.
“I’m not being a bitch.”
“Yes, you are.”
“I’m not!”
“You kind of are,” Megumi says quietly, shrugging slightly when your incredulous expression finds his to be stoic and unmoving. He leans down to scratch behind one of his dog’s ears. His nonchalance boils your blood even further, effectively working you up past your melting point. A bitter laugh leaves your mouth.
“...You motherfucker-”
“Good morning, everybody!”
You sigh, lips hanging open with the rest of your insult frozen where it was interrupted. From over the small hill behind you, Gojo Satoru greets everyone with a bright energy you aren’t capable of returning this early in the day. 
You try your best to shake it off. The other students wave back happily as you sulk, aimlessly stretching your arms over your head in an attempt to push out the thousand things running through your mind, not one of which you’re capable of dealing with.
And maybe it is a good morning - the sun is out, the air is cool, there’s not a breeze passing by to mess up your hair. It’s a lovely day to be training. Megumi has been walking his dogs around the field, Yuuji has been racing himself from one end to the other, meanwhile the others take turns sparring. The springtime weather is rewarding, which is why it’s such a shame you can’t enjoy it.
Gojo reaches up a hand to lift one side of his blindfold. Though he’s standing all the way over on the steps, you can see his eyes clearly, crystalline blue and staring with scrutiny. The man leans forward into his gaze, and the way he’s inspecting you soon irritates you further.
“What’s with all the cursed energy?” he asks, letting his blindfold fall over his eye again. 
Yuuji perks up at the comment from where he’s been sitting after his run, pulling out blades of grass between his fingertips. “So it’s not just me?” he pipes up, pushing himself up to his feet. He seems relieved, turning his attention to you. “I thought maybe you just had a bad day but it seems like it’s seeping off you all the time now.”
Your lips press into a thin line as your eyelids droop in annoyance, trying to think up a reasonable answer quick. Unfortunately, you don’t get the time to do so.
“I don’t need to see it to feel it,” Maki adds. She finishes tying up her laces, objectivity unmoving with the deadpan spreading across your features. Your jaw tenses. “Didn’t want to say anything in case it would make you angrier.”
“Too late!” you snap, huffing as you place your arms over your chest. The number of eyes on you has your cheeks burning, and paired with your current vexation, makes you feel even worse.
“Well, what are you angry about?” Yuuji asks. 
“I’m not angry about anything.”
“That sounds a little defensive,” Gojo comments.
“You seem frustrated, that’s all.” Yuuji looks at you with a genuine curiosity that makes it hard to be mad at him. His doe eyes couldn’t possibly imagine what the real issue at hand is.
“Yeah, she’s frustrated all right,”  Nobara juts in. Her tone is whiney and annoyed, and you hope the glare you send her will shut her up, but she acts as if she doesn’t see it, only looking down at her nails in distaste. Then comes the zinger. “It’s because she hasn’t gotten laid in months.”
“That is not true!” you yell, but the obvious rage bubbling out of you gives it away. 
“Cursed energy can build from that?”
“It would explain a lot.”
“That sounds definitely defensive.”
“Shut up!” you shout, throwing your hands over your face to hide your cheeks burning in embarrassment. Then you’re sitting back on the field, hanging your head low over your knees. Quietly, you mutter, “You promised you wouldn’t say anything.”
“You wanted to see me, sir?”
The walk here had been nerve wracking enough. Your heart had been stuck in your throat since the track this morning, if not from the sheer embarrassment of Nobara telling everyone you were sexually frustrated, then surely from the way Gojo had asked you to meet with him later in an old classroom rather seriously before walking off.
It scared you half to death upon hearing it, and just thinking about it scared the other half, so you’re hanging on by the thinnest of threads. The others comments hadn’t helped either, teasing about the frightening methods he’d use to dispel the energy, or how he’d berate you for being so stupid, or whatever else the maniac of a man had to offer.
Gojo leans back lazily in his chair, long legs thrown over the desk for his comfort and leisure. He stretches, letting out a satisfied groan with his arms straightened behind his head as you close the door behind you. 
“About time you got here. Been waiting forever.”
The lights are off, but evening sun pours in through the wall of windows that look out over the courtyard to brighten the room. He tosses a small apple plush above him with a smooth flick of his wrist, catching it on its down arc with ease. It looks like a marble with how it sits in his massive palms.
“Well, this wing is on the other side of campus,” you swallow, fiddling with your fingers absentmindedly. That reminds you...“Why are we this far, anyway?”
He sighs, placing the toy back down at the top of his desk and resting his chin on his palm. You can feel his eyes on you through his blindfold. “To solve your problem, of course.”
“My… my problem? No, I don’t have any problems,” you say with a shake of your head as genuine as you can muster, a nervous smile flashing across your expression as he stands. His hand trails along the desk as he moves around it. When you get the feeling he doesn’t believe you, you start again, “If it’s about what Nobara said, it’s really no big deal-” 
“While you’re a talented sorcerer, you’re not a very good liar.” He comes to a stop in front of you, towering over your small frame. His head is turned down toward you but you refrain from making eye contact. Trying to maintain your composure, you look straight into his chest and then avert your eyes to the sid, looking anywhere else in the room but him - the chalkboard, the windows, the posters on the wall - that is, until he takes your chin in his hand and tugs your face up to look at him directly.
He’s taken off his blindfold, the black cloth crumpled in his palm and already tossed to the floor.
The way you’re staring at him, that desire that lies just below the fear, has his dick tenting in his pants. When he focuses, he can see the cursed energy radiating from your body, dark and cloudy as it surrounds you. “Yuuji’s right, it’s practically seeping from you,” he coos, eyebrows drawn together in concern.
He drinks in your apprehension with a sadistic sort of delight, and you don’t miss the feel of his eyes as they trace down your body. “My student is struggling,” he says tenderly, tapping his index finger along your cheek lightly. “What kind of teacher would I be if I didn’t help?” 
He eats up the way you look at him, swept away and hazy, your brain turning to mush at the sound of his voice. Heat pools in your panties, and the subtle manner in which your thighs shift against each other is not lost on him.
The tension in the air is electrifying. Leaning down to your ear, he says what’s been on his mind for weeks. “Don’t think I can’t hear you at night, touching yourself, trying so hard to make it go away on your own.”
His words leave your throat dry and stomach churning. Your face burns, thinking of him listening to your pitiful attempts to get off. Clearly, the sleepless nights of trying to cum, letting slip the small whimpers you couldn’t care to hold back, hands buried in your panties and writhing in your bed sheets, were no secret to anyone but you.
You’re almost mortified. You would be, if it wasn’t for your hot teacher standing in front of you, smiling as he remembers how pretty you sounded, offering to fuck the shit out of you to sate your frustration.
And god, just how pretty you sound. He’d never admit it sober, but the times he’s taken “random” late night walks around the buildings that have ended up at the outside of your bedroom door are far too many to count. Palming himself through his trousers, panting as he pictures you just through the slab of wood exactly how he plans on having you now.
“I...I don’t know if we should be doing this,” you mumble in a moment of clarity, gaze flickering to the window in the door that lets you see into the empty hallway just outside. Swallowing hard, scenarios of your classmates walking by, peering through, clouds your head. “What if someone…”
“They’re on the other side of campus, remember?” he teases. His fingers slide back along your jaw, brushing your hair from your forehead before settling to cup the side of your face. “You can make all the noise you want out here.”
Heat spreads through your core and inner thighs accompanied by a visible shiver, a pleased grin tugging at the corners of his mouth. The proximity alone is making you wet. His presence is overwhelming with the unimaginable power he holds over you.
His neck tilts down to reach you, hovering with his lips not a breath away from yours. Gojo waits. Tentative, you press your mouth to his and your eyes flutter shut, feeling him smile as his hands make contact with your hips. He’s gentle and slow, his lips pillowy and soft against yours, moving carefully as if not to scare you away.
He muffles a timid whimper with his mouth and takes the lead, kissing you harder and pulling you into a firm lip lock before spinning you around and walking you backwards toward the desk. Hesitant hands reach up to his shoulders, something Gojo senses immediately, shy hands working up the confidence to splay over his broad shoulders. He knows you so well by now - there’s a reason you’re his favorite student.
“Let me help, princess,” he insists, breaking away to quell your uncertainty. “You know I’m the only one who can.” Gojo’s voice is hypnotizing, his promises filling your head with a desiring haze.
Your tiny, timid fingers hanging around his neck, crawling up his nape as if searching for safety, have him reeling. He might just devour you, so cute and innocent and willing in front of him.
You’re melting into his touch as his hands squeeze your hips, rubbing up your sides until they lay a firm grasp on your hips, sitting you fully on the desk. His touch is teasing and featherlight as he drags it up your calves, hiking up your skirt to get where he wants to be, situated right between your thighs.
“None of the other guys fuck you the way you need to be fucked, right?”
He may be cocky, but it’s for good reason.
Gojo Satoru is older, he’s experienced, he knows what he’s doing. He knows you, in fact, more than you think. Don’t be fooled - he sees you sneaking off campus, sees the texts you send to the boys in the nearest town, overhears how you talk to them over the phone when you think no one is listening. He also sees how disappointed you look every time you return from one of your escapades. 
You’re mature for your age, but no one is willing to fuck you like it. Except him, of course.
A large hand cradles the back of your head to keep kissing you. His mouth is ravishing, absolutely eating up the feeble mewls that escape you. Deft fingers unbutton your uniform with ease and slip it down your shoulders to reveal your chest as if he’s done it a thousand times.
He moves to unclasp your bra, but is surprised to meet your bare skin. He pulls back from your mouth to meet your eyes, and you already know what he’s thinking with the way he looks down at you, head tilted back with a dark mirth.
“No bra?” he inquires, rolling your perky buds between his fingers, and your lack of verbal response, that guilt in the slight raise of your eyebrows, tells him everything he needs to know. “Naughty girl. Makes me think you were expecting this.” He makes you purr like a kitten, free hand kneading at your chest, coaxing out sweet little noises that make his dick throb in his pants. 
You inhale sharply at a particular tweak of your nipple that has your body tingling, arching into him. “Sir, I-” 
His mouth is on your neck, sucking on that sensitive spot below your ear, just next to your jaw. The feel of his teeth gently scraping down sends chills through your shoulders and down your back, subconsciously tilting your head to the side and exposing more to him, inviting him to your body even further.
“It’s okay, you can tell me how bad you need my cock,” he says against your skin.
Your body flushes hot beneath him. A hand cups your clothed core. The friction has your hips lifting in desperate motions for more, pushing against his fingers for some kind of relief.
“Poor thing, too horny for your own good,” he says, peering down at you. He tugs at the tiny, delicate bow sewn into the lace band of your panties, a smug expression passing over his features. “But don’t worry, teacher’s here to make you feel better.”
He hooks his pointer finger underneath the center of your panties and pulls it up, forcing the fabric taught against your slit between your folds, urging a cry to fall from your lips. You’re absolutely aching for more, pussy desperate for contact as your hips buck. His opposite thumb goes straight to your swollen clit where it bulges through the thin cotton, reducing you to whines as he applies light pressure. 
“So sensitive,” he says with a teasing lilt in his tone, caught between looking at your pussy and your dazed expression. “You want my fingers?”
He knows he’s supposed to be helping you, but he can’t stop himself with how cute you look like this. He’s already thinking of just how far he can push you, just what he can get you to admit to him.
“Yes, please,” you’re begging, pulling your lips under your teeth, and how can he say no? He has no other choice but to indulge you.
He pulls your panties to the side and finally, his long, thick fingers sink inside you without warning, pushing a lewd moan from your throat.
He groans at the way you pulse around his digits. Your walls suck him right in. “Fuck, look at your pretty little cunt. Feels good, huh?”
Your mouth falls open as you nod, staring at him through half-mast, glassy eyes. Light amusement covers his face as he works your walls diligently, curling up and massaging that spongy spot he knows you like from the sounds you’re making.
“Yeah, I know it does. Need it so bad, don’t you?”
“Yes, ah, need it so much,” you whine. At this point, you’d follow his every command, answer his every question, if it means he’ll keep doing what he’s doing. He connects his lips to yours again, swallowing up the noises that leave your throat, before moving down. He trails his mouth over your sensitive, flushed skin, burning to the touch as he leaves harsh, bruising marks behind. He’s kneeling down and throwing your legs over his shoulders without hesitation.
He has you desperate and shameless with how he’s making you feel. It doesn’t matter that he’s your teacher, it doesn’t matter that you’ll have to face him in class after the fact, all that matters is how hot and aching your core is, how bad you need him there to fix it. “More, sir, p-please.”
He groans at the name you’ve given him, that you’re addressing him by so earnestly. He never even asked you to, so when it spills out of your mouth so submissively, he can’t help the way it goes straight to his cock. “So polite, aren’t you? Let me hear you, be specific.” 
His fingers leave you clenching around nothing as he pulls them out of you, watching the string of slick stretch until it breaks. He slips them right into his mouth, licking your arousal off of his fingers, humming in delight. 
You’re fixated on his glossy, wet lips, entranced by the slight smile to his words. “Please, your mouth,” you plead breathlessly through a gulp. 
He presses a chaste kiss to the plush of your thigh, eyes flicking up to meet yours. His lips ghost over the tops of your knee socks and nip at the slight pudge that squeezes out.
“Since you asked so nicely,” he murmurs. Then, he’s diving in, latching his warm, wet mouth onto your pussy. You feel yourself gush under his lips as his tongue laves harsh strokes against your entrance. He has you quivering, your hips moving on their own accord over his face.
You squirm under his relentless tongue, swiping through your slick and spreading it all over your inner thighs. He laps at your fluttering hole before suckling your clit into his mouth, hot tongue flicking over it before releasing with a playful pop.
He thrives off of the whimpers leaving your mouth. A loud moan tears from you as his fingers plunge into you again, hands shooting to his snowy locks to ground yourself. You’re throwing your head back, keening in the firm grip he has pushing back your leg, his tongue swiping at you expertly while the pads of his fingers curl up into the spot you need him at, keeping his head pressed tight to your drooling cunt.
Pointed flicks of his tongue target your clit, puffy and sensitive, and you can’t help the way your hips buck up for more, babbling nonsense. His firm muscle prods at your hole before flattening and licking wide and short strokes up your folds.
“Aw, you wanna cum, don’t you? Gonna cum for me like a good girl?”
You only have the strength to nod, eyes squeezing shut and your lips parted in choked breaths.
“Look at me,” he commands sternly, and your lids are prying open immediately, struggling to keep your gaze on him with the pleasure he’s relentlessly forcing on your body. His plump lips are lustrous with your arousal. “Go ahead. Cum.”
His eyes bore into you as your face contorts, body tensing all over as you tip over the edge. That coil in your stomach which Gojo has so masterfully built snaps like a rubber band, shattering your mind as pleasure ripples through your body. You’re still as your release surges through you, making him moan against your pussy.
“That’s it, there you go,” he says with a growl as you take your first breath after the inhibiting pleasure fades, eyes darkening as he watches you, keeping pressure on your nub with his thumb, smooth strokes working you through your high. 
He carefully helps you drop to your feet, rubbing soothing circles into your hips, planting kisses to your temples before spinning you around to face the desk. You’re wobbly, but it’s nothing he can’t compensate for with his natural strength.
“Gonna take such good care of you,” he mumbles, large hands exploring the expanse of your back. He pushes you down, gentle fingers trailing up your spine until they find their hold on your hips like they were meant to be, loving how pliant you are beneath him.
The anticipation has you dripping, heart pounding as he flips up your skirt again, pussy aching to be filled. You hear the tugging of his trousers down to the floor, and a hefty exhale as he gives himself a few strokes in his palm.
His cock, hot and heavy and hard, presses into you slowly. You feel his girth immediately, cunt stretching deliciously to accommodate his size. It’s instant relief, finally the pleasure you’ve been desperate for, a drug you have to be careful of or you might just get addicted.
“Fuck,” he groans lowly, “So fuckin’ tight for me.”
You’re stuffed to the brim, focusing on how full you are, his fingers massaging the flesh of your ass as he gives you a moment to adjust. He feels his self-restraint thinning as you squeeze him. He’s gonna make you drool for him, make his cute innocent student into his little whore, make sure teacher’s the only one who touches you like this.
At first, his pace is slow and steady, sensual pumps that expertly drag against your gummy walls. You can feel his tip spreading you open, every burning curve and vein and ridge of his head as your pussy molds to him. But once your legs start shifting back for more, he speeds up the rocking of his hips, fucking you brainless on his cock. 
“How we feeling, princess?” he pants. He’s the only thing you can think about, mind scrambled from the white hot feel of being fucked so well.
He doesn’t have to ask to know - the string of heedless whimpers that you make are evidence enough, on top of the obscene squelches that echo every time he pounds into your sopping cunt. He pulls your wrists back from where they cling to the desk, white knuckled, to your sides. A strong arm snakes around your front, pinning your arms and waist close to his chest, caging you in while the other seeks purchase on your breast.
“F-Fuck, I- ah - so good, sir,” you sob, feeling your brain blank with the way his grip moves up to your neck, expertly pushing into the sides to cut off your blood flow. It’s dizzying, your pussy tightening around him for more.
And then he stops.
You’re about to whine, your walls fluttering around him, begging him to move, when his hand reaches to cover your mouth. He shushes you gently, snapping quietly towards the door. 
Someone is calling your name outside. “Hellooo? Hey Y/N, you over here?” It’s Yuuji, pacing the upper floor, walking straight down the hall and soon to pass the very door.
Your heart jolts in panic - why would he come looking for you? Why would anyone? The whole point of being out here was so that no one would come, right?
“Sorry to go back on my word, princess,” Gojo whispers. A wave of his hand creates a small masking barrier in front of the window, but it does nothing to hide the sound. “Gonna have to keep quiet for me. Can you do that?”
You nod your head, wiggling back against his hips pressed hard and unmoving to your ass. He pulls out slow and thrusts back, mindful of the noise of contact. It takes all your focus to bite back your moans.
“Don’t want your classmates seeing how slutty you are for a good fuck, do you? What if they walked in, saw you like this on your teacher’s cock?”
The thought has your hole constricting his length. You can already envision Yuuji’s shocked expression as he stares you down, his respected senior, nothing more than a babbling mess as Gojo Satoru fucks you raw in an empty classroom. The man behind you holds back a laugh.
The footsteps pass without the hint of something much filthier than extra help transpiring beyond the thin walls. You think you might have even seen a tuft of pink hair whizz by in the corner of your vision - whatever the matter, he’s gone, and you can finally catch your breath.
“Dirty girl,” Gojo rasps from behind you, slamming into you roughly, a sinister smile tugging at the corners of his lips while his fingers force themselves into your mouth, “you - hah - you fucking love it.” 
That spring in the base of your tummy starts to coil taut, rising faster than ever. “Love it,” you choke, stimulated tears forming at your lash line, “love it so much!”
His pace is relentless, your slick gushing all around him. He’s building you up just to break you down, the only one who can help you take the edge off.
“Tell me what you want,” he says through gritted teeth, “I’ll give it to you.”
Holding you tight to his chest with locked arms, he completely covers your body with his tall stature, inescapable and confining.
“Fuck, wanna - wanna cum so bad, so bad, sir.”
His large hand trails its way over your waist, soft fingers moving down, down, until they slip right over that little sensitive bundle at your front, cool and wet, that has your breath catching audibly in your throat. 
Gojo places his mouth just behind your ear, tone soft and sultry. The pad of his index finger rubs firm circles over your swollen, aching clit. It elicits a filthy sound from you that makes his cock twitch inside you. “Right there, huh?” He feels you clench as your legs tremble beneath him.
Your climax crashes over you in hot, unforgiving waves, tightening your walls and creaming all over every inch of his length. “Come on, give it all to teacher,” he encourages through heavy pants, making your skin prickle, and it’s just what you need. A chorus of loud, high pitched, breathless moans tumbles from your mouth as you ride it out. 
You’re drenching his fingers, making a mess as your squirt drips down and coats his cock, making him growl into your hair. He coaches you through it, stringing out his praises, “Just like that, mhm, good girl.”
His eyes fall shut as your cunt suffocates his cock, feeling his hips stutter as you suck him in. With a guttural, hungry groan, he’s burying his load in your waiting hole. He snaps against you once, twice more, hard and quick as he starts to come down.
A moment passes to catch your breaths, heartbeats beginning to slow in tandem. Gojo nuzzles his face into the back of your neck and sighs before placing an affectionate kiss there. 
Your legs are jelly beneath you so he’s careful when he releases his grasp, slowly turning you around to face him and sit back on the desk. 
“You alright?” he asks, wiping away the wetness under your eyes.
It’s safe to say that you’re relieved, in more ways than one. Your shoulders feel lighter and as does your chest, like everything you’ve been shackled to has been lifted off with a good fuck.
“Yeah, much better.” There’s a tired grin to your words.
He wipes away the sheen of sweat that has collected on his hairline and reaches over you to grab a few tissues off the desk. He’s gentle as he cleans you up, dabbing up sweat and cum from where it drips down your thighs. 
“You should get some rest. I’ll get you out of class tomorrow morning if you need it. Make up an excuse or something.” He pulls up his own trousers and helps you button up your top again, then lowering you back to the floor so you can be on your way.
“Let me know if you ever need any more assistance,” he winks, patting the top of your head. He smooths down a few stray hairs, putting you back together in at least a somewhat presentable way. “My help is always available to students that need it.”
Because while all that cursed energy may be under control, your relations are far from over. 
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todoscript · a year ago
you receive a love letter in your shoe locker from an anonymous admirer
Tumblr media
characters: bakugou katsuki, kaminari denki, kirishima eijirou, midoriya izuku, shinsou hitoshi, todoroki shouto
genre: fluff. very slight angst.
word count: 3.2k+ total, 400-700 per character
warnings: jealousy, possessiveness, feelings of doubt (mostly all fluff though)
author’s note: i’ve been on spring break so i found some time to write this! i absolutely love writing for these six (not like they’re my faves or anything pshhhhh—)
Tumblr media
he’s already fuming the moment you open your locker and hold out the pastel pink card, sealed by a shiny heart sticker with your name written in smooth calligraphy.
it doesn’t take much for him to realize some other dunce head is trying to make moves on his girl.
and he absolutely won’t stand for it.
he stomps over to you and snatches the letter right out of your hands as you’re reading it.
your complaints go ignored behind him while he inspects the writing with the most livid expression.
you know that ugly face he makes when it comes to his over-exaggerated anger? the one with his eyes all squinted and the corners sharpened upward?
that’s his face as he continues reading, growing more twisted at every mushy sentence this anonymous admirer had the gall to say to you.
at one point, he can’t stand to read it anymore so he crumbles the letter in his fist before igniting it into crisps.
you scold him for causing such a scene and letting his anger get the best of him, but bakugou is still annoyed about it regardless.
“tch, who the hell does this shithead think they are, trying to make moves on you when we’re already together?! i’m gonna kill them when i find out who it is!” he exclaims, hands instinctively sparking with heat that scares off the other students walking by.
you mentally facepalm at this. still, you go about reassuring him that you won’t be swayed and take his hand to walk to the dorms together.
“katsu, you know it’s going to take more than a love letter to make me leave you, right?”
“heh, damn right, it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more that’s for fucking sure,” he sneers, a confident smirk on his face as he knows everyone else never had a chance with you to begin with. they can keep sending those letters and he’d make sure to burn them before they could even reach your hand.
on the way back to the dorms, he makes a conscious effort at pda—arm wrapped around your waist while his eyes glare daggers at any extra that even so much as looks at you the wrong way—asserting his claim over you.
meanwhile, having bared witness to that whole scene, your secret admirer is trembling in the corner. they make note to never send you another letter again unless they want their life to flash before their eyes in a fiery explosion.
Tumblr media
surprisingly enough, kaminari takes the whole situation more positively than most people expected.
in fact, he’s actually prideful about it.
just as he’s about to head over to your locker so you two could walk to class together, sero pokes his shoulder.
“hey, did you see all those written love confessions in y/n’s locker?” sero whispers behind his cupped hand near kaminari’s ear.
the blond scrunches his nose, confused. “no. what love confessions?”
“the letters that were stuffed in your girlfriend’s locker.”
again, kaminari is still puzzled at this. he realizes there’s only one way to understand what sero means.
when he glances in your direction he’s met with you fumbling around with a pile of letters balanced in your arms. his vision zeroes in on the envelopes, deciphering the fancy stationary and pretty embroidery.
oh. they’re love letters.
“other people are trying to make moves on your girl. what are you going to do about it, kaminari?” sero chimes in with an important question and honestly, kaminari can’t exactly make out a solution. or rather, he feels he doesn’t need to.
sure, he should be a little annoyed over the fact that others are disregarding your relationship.
yet could he really blame them for taking such a liking to you?
you’re pretty, smart, nice—the whole damn package.
he’d be more shocked if you didn’t have any secret admirers lurking around.
kaminari decides to leave his friend’s question relatively unanswered and continues his trek to your locker.
“hey, pretty girl! whatcha got there?”
taken off guard by his appearance, you nearly drop all the letters in your arms.
“denki, you scared me!” you exclaim. “these? they’re just some love letters some anonymous person placed in my locker. don’t worry though! i don’t plan on returning their feelings.”
smiling at how quickly you reassure him, he crosses his arms behind his head. “nah i’m not worried, babe. i don’t feel threatened or anything. it only makes sense that my girl is popular after all!”
you’re pleasantly surprised by how rationally he reacts to the scenario. though, knowing his character, he can’t just seem to leave it at that.
“yep, seems like we’re quite the popular couple!” he grabs your hand, wanting to show each other off as you make your way to class.
the bakusquad sees this as another opportunity to egg him on.
“and just how many love letters have you received since the beginning of the school year, kaminari?”
the blond freezes at the question. kaminari bites back words, but begrudgingly answers.
Tumblr media
“heya, babe!” kirishima enthusiastically calls to you, approaching your shoe locker. “ready to go back to the dorms?”
“yeah! in just a second though!” you reply.
as kirishima comes closer, he sees you occupied with some envelopes in your hand.
“what’re all those?” he asks, pointing at the refined stationary curiously.
“ah some letters gifted to me from an anonymous admirer. something about wanting to make their feelings finally known, but i’m not interested in them,” you say, clearing up everything before a misunderstanding could arise.
“oh, that’s cool.”
you quirk a brow at how relatively chill he is at this revelation. you were expecting a bigger reaction at this, but kirishima just simply smiles his genuine, care-free smile.
you don’t think much of it though. shoving the letters in your bag to dispose of later, you walk side-by-side with him to the dormitories.
little do you realize that kirishima actually mistakens this as pure, platonic admiration rather than infatuation.
to him, if they had really wanted to profess their love to you, they’d do it in person where you could see and hear them. not behind fancy penmanship and some pretty paper.
after all, that’s what a true man would do!
but as the days continue to roll by, he’s starting to have second thoughts.
“y/n, i’m telling you, with the amount of letters you keep receiving from them, you gotta find out who this person is!” he overhears mina lecturing you at your desk, going through another pile of notes that were left in your locker from that morning. lately, you’ve been greeted by an astounding number of these things each time you visited your locker.
“mina, there’s definitely no need for me to go out of my way to find this person.”
“aw, but look at all the sweet things they said about you!” mina recites a line from one of many letters. she muses about how the writer sentimentally compares your aura to that of a dandelion wisp in the wind—free and lighthearted yet fleeting and out of reach.
“how romantic!”
you roll your eyes, indifferent, but one side-glance at kirishima from your desk tells you that he’s beginning to interpret the situation differently.
the redhead has to admit that all those things that anonymous admirer said to you were… pretty sweet.
kirishima has always been a man of action—an passionate believer that actions spoke volumes compared to words alone. however, after hearing all of that, he’s wondering how he’s able to compete in that aspect.
he seeks you out during lunch and asks you something beneath a lonely corner of trees.
“y/n, do those kinds of things make you happy..?”
you tilt your head, curious about what he’s exactly referring to. one glimpse back at his demeanor in the classroom earlier with mina gives you an idea.
“do you mean all those letters i keep getting?”
kirishima nods slowly.
“well… i have to admit, it is nice to know that i’m ‘liked’ by other people,” you phrase delicately. “but all those pretty letters and sweet words don’t mean anything to me if they aren’t coming from you. besides, i always thought it’s better to let your actions speak for you, don’t you think?”
hearing your answer, kirishima’s face lights up immediately. before you can properly react, a pair of lips meet your cheek.
you rub the warm skin where his lips touched, flustered for a moment. kirishima grabs your hand, walking you two back to the lunchroom with a newfound surge of conviction in his steps.
Tumblr media
“ooh, look midoriya, seems like someone else has a crush on your girl.”
as midoriya’s tidying up his red shoes and bringing out his slippers for class, his male classmates inform him of the pink envelope held in your hands.
midoriya looks over in your direction. he watches as you peel the letter out of the envelope and begin reading its contents.
he doesn’t miss the slight flustered look on your features, observing how you scan through the writing while tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, glancing over your shoulder as if your secret admirer was peering at you from behind.
“you better hold onto her tightly if you don’t want her stolen from you,” one of the boys warns, more so as a joke, but midoriya doesn’t take their banter lightly.
“knock it off, guys. just because someone else likes her doesn’t mean she’s going to leave me or anything,” he says this with as much confidence as he can muster, but his demeanor betrays him.
when he goes past your desk in the classroom later, he can’t seem to meet your eyes.
“good morning, izuku!” you greet him mirthfully. however, midoriya fails to return the greeting with the same enthusiasm.
“g-good morning, y/n…”
it’s hard for you not to notice that something is up by the way he heads straight to his desk afterward without another word.
throughout class, midoriya finds it a challenge to concentrate on anything but that letter you received that morning. his mind stumbles into the hole of bad possibilities—ones of you leaving him, those sweet words from your anonymous admirer making your heart flutter more than he ever has.
“—zuku… ‘zuku… izuku!”
he gets pulled out from his thoughts by your voice and turns to see the concerned look on your face.
“you okay? you haven’t touched your pork cutlet bowl this entire time.”
he stares down at his food, untouched since he sat down. “oh sorry, i guess something’s just been on my mind today.”
your brows knit together. “it’s about the letter i got today, isn’t it?”
midoriya stares at you, debating whether to deny your statement, but knows it’s pointless to try when it must have been obvious.
you take his silence as confirmation and grasp his hand that lays flat on the table.
“izuku, look at me,” you tell him and watch as his eyes slowly trail to you. “you know i wouldn’t leave you over some silly letter, right? no amount of words they can say to me could ever make me think differently about you.”
at this, a comforted smile spreads on midoriya’s face. he nods and squeezes your hand as a sign he took your words to heart before chowing down on his food, the uncertainty inside him disappearing.
Tumblr media
“another one?” you inquire to yourself in disbelief, opening your shoe locker to discover a rose-colored envelope waiting for you atop your slippers.
“dang, y/n, that’s like the fourth one this week!” uraraka comments, peeking over your shoulder.
“ooh! i wanna see what they wrote for you this time!” mina approaches from behind. you allow her to grab the delicate letter from your fingertips.
she over-exaggeratedly clears her throat, unwrinkling the paper by pinching at the sides. “‘you are the one who brought me sunshine when i only saw rain.’”
“aw! how sweet!” uraraka clasps her hands above her heart, seeming almost moved.
though the girls are all smitten by the love poem, you bite your tongue, hoping to suppress the urge to gag in front of them.
your boyfriend shinsou is on equal wavelength as you, witnessing the scene unfolding so early in the morning. he’s grown tired of replaying this spectacle for the past four days now.
his eyes navigate to the note and envelope in mina’s hand. by the script and the use of the same stationary, shinsou can tell the love letters you’ve been receiving are all from the same person.
“damn dude, you got some serious competition.” overhearing the girls, kaminari jabs at shinsou’s sides teasingly. “so, you gonna do anything about that mysterious guy trying to go after your girl?”
the violet-haired boy shrugs. “why should i? it’s not like i feel threatened.”
kaminari whistles at his confidence.
shinsou says he doesn’t care about it, putting on a level-headed and indifferent facade. but that was honestly far from the truth.
in actuality, he’s a bit pissed.
what kind of person goes around sending anonymous love messages to someone who’s already in a relationship? what the hell do they hope to gain out of doing this?
shinsou more than trusts you won’t be swayed by them, no matter how many times those notes discourteously greet you every morning.
you never bring up the topic of the letters whenever you two are alone, not wanting shinsou to be bothered over it and create a hassle. all in all, he’s grateful for this, and also for the fact that you make a point of never taking any of those letters seriously and dump them into the trash bin whenever the chance arises.
however, he can tell by your body language that the whole situation bothers you and makes you uneasy.
so, during one incredibly early morning, he decides to do some scouting.
he plays off his odd punctuality by saying he left something in the classroom yesterday and wants to get there early to look for it.
lo and behold, he finds a male student hovering around the lockers—suspiciously darting his head back and forth to be on the lookout for any other students.
little does he realize he’s already been caught red-handed.
“hey you.” shinsou abruptly calls out to him and the boy nearly jumps. “what are you doing here?”
the boy panics at his question, fumbling with his answer while hiding something behind his back—what shinsou presumes to be another one of those cheesy letters.
“u-um, just want to get to class early!” he sputters.
“is there any special reason you’re standing in front of my girlfriend’s locker then? ’cause last i checked, the lockers for general education students were located on the opposite side.” shinsou emphasizes his words with a bite of malice, arms crossed.
“i just lost my way is all–” the student suddenly stops mid-speech, his words and actions forcibly coming to a halt. all thoughts are overturned in the presence of shinsou’s quirk.
“i’m going to make this quick and easy for you to understand. not only are you going to forget about this conversation, but you’re also going to stop handing my girlfriend those love letters.” shinsou bends down to the boy’s height, staring at the abyss in his expression.
“and i’d also appreciate it if you kept your eyes off what’s mine.”
it’s safe to say, your influx of letters had been effectively cut off after that day.
Tumblr media
todoroki is no stranger to finding love letters from avid admirers and fans in his shoe locker before and after classes.
in fact, an unprecedented number of them had begun taking up all the space there after his impressive performance at the sports festival.
when he started dating you, however, he had made a clear declaration that he wouldn’t be accepting anymore of them.
but to be on the opposite end of having to watch you unlatch the door of your locker to have letters and notes practically tumbling out, todoroki wasn’t exactly sure what to make of this feeling that made his stomach twist into knots.
he notices the alarming amount of them and concludes they’re all from various students in different grades and departments.
“y/n, you’re getting pretty popular,” uraraka says, eyeing the stack of envelopes. “must be your dance performance from the culture festival! i remember you did get a lot of cheers in the crowd.”
“guess all those cheers came with a lot of fanboys, huh?” the invisible girl, hagakure, teases.
you jokingly nudge at them to stop with the teasing, but pause when your eyes cross todoroki’s. he’s giving you a look you can’t decipher—one that edges between troubled and apathetic yet you can’t tell which it is.
you send him a nod, silently acknowledging his presence as he waits for you to finish your business so you could head back to the dorms together.
watching you dispose of the various piles of letters has todoroki contemplating about what uraraka and hagakure commented on. about how popular you were getting and how your admirers have been bold enough to profess their reverence for you despite your relationship status.
todoroki’s not entirely sure what to make of this information. he doesn’t linger on it for long though when you finally approach him, your sneakers slipped on and your backpack securely hanging off your shoulders.
“ready to head home?”
a smile finds his lips at your appearance. he softly utters his response.
during the small distance to the dormitories, todoroki reaches for your hand and intertwines your fingers together. as seemingly minor the gesture is at this point of your relationship, it’s a detail you mentally take note of.
usually, when it came to publicly displaying physical forms of affection, you were the one to initiate it. you have to admit, seeing the assertive side of todoroki is like a small breath of fresh air.
as you continue your short journey home, a couple of male students walking by greet you enthusiastically. though you wave back to kindly acknowledge them, you feel the grip on your hand tighten, followed by a slight tug closer to todoroki’s side.
that alone is enough for you to realize something is definitely troubling him.
“sho, is there something wrong?” you ask, steps still walking in tandem with him.
todoroki’s voice doesn’t waver in the slightest as he replies, “no, why would you think that?”
“you’ve been awfully possessive all of a sudden,” you note, “is this because of those letters from earlier?”
you quirk a brow, amused. “is that a yes or a no?”
now todoroki is silent. your steps come to a halt. not parting your laced hands from his, you turn to look him in the eye.
“it’s just… when i realize that there are other people looking at you the same way i do, i get… uneasy.” his gaze drops to the ground as he confesses this, hand squeezing yours. the uncomfortable churning in his stomach settles a bit now that the words are out, but he finds it hard to ease the atmosphere.
this is where you picked up from where he left off. your hand goes to his cheek, gently cupping it so you can tilt his head up at you.
“oh shouto, you have to know that you’re the only one for me and i don’t plan on looking at anyone else but you,” you assure him. todoroki stares into your eyes, and in them, he can’t find any hesitance or flutter of doubt.
at this, he lifts your twined hands and grazes your knuckles ever so softly against his lips, wondering whatever troubled him so much to begin with.
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flanklurker · 3 months ago
Hello !! I ADORE your work, and I was wondering if I could request a Yoru x F!Healer!Reader with some Hurt/Comfort ?? I have this idea where : Yoru and Reader have a similar relationship as him and Phoenix (very competitive) but maybe they get into a petty argument and Yoru ofc is really cold and mean and says something totally out of line a few days before a mission (maybe Abt how she's no one's first pick when getting healed) ?? The rest of the protocol can feel the tension but don't say anything when they get to the mission location ; Eventually our team wins but as Reader does one last sweep of the area alone she finds Mirror!Yoru in bad condition, and they sort of come to an agreement that Reader will heal him (bc she can't stand to see him hurt even though she's upset w him) and then they will never speak of this again ?? Maybe some small talk and Mirror!Yoru is being surprisingly nice and gives her advice on how to approach Yoru... Once they part ways and Reader gets back to base, it slips out what happened as she's talking with Mirror!Yoru and instead of being really angry, Yoru is confused and is like "Why would you heal him / me, after all that mean shit I said to you ? Wouldn't I be the last person you look for? " and they eventually make up- bc I JUST KNOW Yoru has a hard time coming to terms with the fact people genuinely care Abt him. IM SO SORRY IF THIS IS A LOT / NOT ANYTHING YOUD WANT TO WRITE !! THANK YOU EITHER WAY <3
This prompt brought me so much joy, I’m an absolute slut for hurt/comfort pump that shit straight into my veins. Hope you like~
Yoru x Fem!Healer!Reader: Kiss and make up
Yoru wasn’t usually this pissy. Like,, you get it. He has a reputation to uphold as a hypercompetitive, cool bastard. Sure.
But making such a big deal out of not being selected for the mission to Portugal in Omega? It was clearly hitting him hard.
“Awww Yoru, don’t be such a buzzkill,” Phoenix calls over the milk jug. “Like, you know we have multiple teams right? Like, they need you for icebox. No one else can fuck around with the enemy’s intel on the ground like you can my guy.”
Yoru’s eyebrow twitches and his hands fiddle idly with the spoon in his hand. “What’s it to you, fire boy? You can barely last ten seconds when you get going, I’m surprised they’d take you anywhere.”
Phoenix lets out a low whistle. “Someone’s got his cranky pants on this morning hey.” He turns to you with a pointed look. “Good luck with that one.”
You clap Phoenix on the shoulder as he heads out from the table, and settle down next to Yoru, who maintains a stony silence.
“Yoooooru,” you call gently. He shifts with irritation, jabbing his spoon back into the cereal with a wet thunk. “Hey there, how ya doing hotshot?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know, weather girl.”
Ah, it was gonna be like that, huh.
You take a mouthful, and nonchalantly ask: “hey, you looking forward to icebox? I hear they have some pretty good recreation activities for team bonding~”
His grip tightens further. Yep, definitely pissy about it.
You continue, innocently enough: “I for one am looking forward to checking out the geodome on Omega and testing out these sweet kicks Neon got me. Thoughts?”
You gently nudge his foot under the table. A vein pops in his forehead.
“At least I’m not a pity pick, you shady bitch.”
“Hoooo~? What’s that supposed to mean, Mr Sunshine?”
“I mean I just think it’s interesting that you’re supposed to be a healer but they also had to send Sage along.” He toes the ground and prods at his food without taking any.
“Uhhh, congrats Yoru, she’s the one person here that can bring people back from the dead.”
“Yeah, she’s actually helpful when she heals. Plus she doesn’t nag.”
Okay, you were starting to get a little irritated now.
“Dude, if you stopped getting yourself into stupid situations maybe I wouldn’t have to literally tell you what to do as much. I don’t think this is a me thing.”
“Keep telling yourself that Miss Nurse. But at the end of the day if I was stuck on a mission with someone annoying, I’d want them to at least be able to bring me back to life.”
Dude, fuck this guy.
“Welp, I’ll let Sage know then,” you say, rising abruptly from your seat. “On the mission, today. That Brim didn’t put you on.”
“See you later then, Miss MVP,” he sings back at you. You ignore the bait and stalk out.
Yoru maintains a cold smile as you leave, but it’s pushed out through gritted teeth and feigned apathy.
As much as this mission should have you on edge, you can’t quite process the gravity of the task for all the ruminating you’ve been doing. Why did it get under your skin so much when Yoru got like this?
It wasn’t like the other agents ever through shade on your abilities—quite the opposite. Very quickly after joining, you were put on a lot of the most demanding missions alongside all the high flyers. They’ve only ever had words of praise and gratitude, and objectively you’ve guided them through many many close calls.
So why did you feel so useless about it?
You try your best to shake yourself out of it as Brim gives the lowdown. Sova, Sage and Phoenix all stand, varying degrees of agitated as you went over the plan for what seemed like the umpteenth time.
You of course have familiarised yourself with the brief well in advance, but it looks like this time even Phoenix is giving his undivided attention to Brim.
The task is simple. Split your forces and push through B-site. Destroy enemy utility as you find it, wait for smokes and neutralise anything and anyone in your path.
As you start prepping your guns, Phoenix drifts over to fix up his frenzy next to you. Preoccupied in your own thoughts, you don’t notice till he gently shoulder chucks you.
You turn around with a ‘hmm?’ and for a moment it looks like he wants to say something. But then Brim starts issuing start-up commands and the moment passes. He heads back to join Sage at the entrance to mid.
You grit your teeth, and ready your rifle. No do-overs. Just guns up and go.
The attack goes… better than expected. Between you and Sage, you manage to keep any injuries on the crew to a minimum. Sova’s recon is on point, Phoenix creates space and Brim makes the right calls to keep you on track.
Eventually you stand, bloodied, sweating and alive in the middle of site. Sage tends to a couple of bullet holes in Brim’s shoulder, Phoenix is brushing the soot off his shoulder.
You clock Sova limping over to Brim, looking fairly haggard and favouring his left ankle. You get the sense this was a big fight for him even after a sleepless night. You can see him gesturing out to the entrances to site, and Brim pursing his lips in thought, clearly weighing something over. God. The man doesn’t rest.
You weigh up your options and sigh, eventually going over to put a gentle hand on Sova’s back, careful to avoid the deep gash in his right shoulder.
“C’mon owl boy, I’ve still got some recon stuff up my sleeve. Let me handle this one yeah?”
Sova’s noises of protest are quickly cut off as Brim chimes in: “That’d be great actually, kid. Just a regular sweep, and Kay/0’s on radar in case anything big comes up.” He shoots you a grateful look.
You can see Sova mulling things over, before eventually he accedes to Brim’s command. “Stay safe, dove.”
“You know me,” you call back over your shoulder, reloading your ammo and adjusting your straps. “If trouble finds me, she runs.”
You set to work, clearing area by area. You marvel at the architecture, embedded with radianite that now lays dormant in the walls and balustrades. Most of the technology resembles yours, but occasionally you come across wirings and contraptions that you haven’t seen back on your home world, even in Killjoy’s lab.
May as well snap a few pictures then. You’re sure she and Cypher would appreciate a couple of schematics.
Poised with your phone in hand, a very subtle shift from the corner of the room sets your hairs on end. Shit. You were pretty sure the team had cleared everything, but what if…?
Better safe than sorry. Taking a deep breath in, you send a warm pulse of energy out into the aether, seeing what pings.
One life form. Faint.
You swear under your breath and creep forward. You’re generally pretty quiet but you weren’t exactly operating on the basis that someone would be around to hear you when you started live-blogging your whereabouts. As you round the corner, you find a bloodied form, eyes very much open and staring at you.
Ugh. Of course it had to be him.
The mirror Yoru looks under you and mutters something you can just make out to be… ‘Fuck me. Really? Her?’
“Hey there pretty boy,” you murmur. He smiles wryly at the nickname, but can’t quite bite back a bloodied cough that wracks his body for a good ten seconds.
“Woah woah woah,” you say, instinct taking over as you crouch beside him and brace his back. He flinches a little at the touch before you snap back and realise that this isn’t your Yoru, this is the enemy. Fuck.
“What, you gonna play around before you kill me,” Yoru grimaces. You draw back, uncertain, and he taps the centre of his forehead. “The you I know would make it quick.”
Oof. Hearing him say that out loud was pretty jarring. You were supposed to kill him. He expected you to.
You swear again, and bend down once more to draw level with him, doing a quick pass over on his injuries. Left to his own devices, he won’t last long. There were enough bullets perforating his chest from his sternum to his kidney that he’d bleed out in minutes. What a way to go.
A thought occurs to you. You haven’t managed to neutralise his Sage. She’s still probably at base—you know your Brim only brings her out when she’s essential on the field, too important to lose to a regular field mission. So no matter what, the man in front of you ends up back at his base eventually.
That settles it.
“Hold still hotshot.”
Not in a position to protest, Yoru can’t do much but sit and try to steady his breathing as you start to pull back his jacket, wincing a little at the extent of the damage. Taking a swab of antiseptic from your pouch, you mutter a quick ‘deep breath, this is gonna hurt like a motherfucker’ before setting to work cleaning the wounds.
Apart from sharp hisses when you remove the little pieces of lead embedded in his tissue, Yoru stays silent through the process, looking away.
Eventually, the wound is tidy enough that you’re able to start the real healing process. Stretching out your fingers, you press the palm of your hand to his side. While he jerks back at the initial contact, the warm waves of energy start to work their magic, reverberating through muscle and tissue and starting to net it back together.
Yoru finally lets out a sigh as in spite of himself, he relaxes into your work. “Ugh, that’s the stuff,” he says, almost to himself. Eventually he ventures: “why are you doing this, mirror girl?”
“Your Sage would bring you back anyway. We might be on opposite teams, but I’m not an asshole. I’d hope my other half would do the same for my colleagues.”
“Hm,” he whistles through his teeth.
“Didn’t expect you to be a fan of my healing though,” you muse.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It’s stupid. I’m actually a little pissed at your double right now, he was being a real dick talking shit about wanting Sage to heal him instead.” You notice his amused expression. “Sorry.”
To your surprise, he actually laughs at this. “Yeah of course he’d say that. If he’s anything like me he’s a stubborn bastard more keen to score points than to actually tell the truth. Fucking dumbass.”
Well that’s unexpected. “You don’t think… he meant it?”
At this, Yoru scoffs. “God no. In fact, if he has taste like me, he’d take your healing over Sage’s any day. Hers is like. Proficient, right? Technically flawless. But it’s so cold. She’s been at it for a while, and healing is just another obligation for her. You though. Yours is warm. Spreads through you like the heat from one of those old-fashioned light bulbs. And something about the way your power works…”
Here he trails off for a second, noticing how intently you’re listening. “Go on,” you coax, moving your hands down to focus on his ribcage.
“Your healing has a lot of you in it. Any time your mirror—or you actually, now that I think about it—fixes me up, I can feel how much you care about helping me. It’s nice and comforting, like honey, or sunlight on your back or some shit.”
Oh. Okay then.
“Why would you tell me this,” you ask quietly, starting to finish up the process and apply a few rounds of gauze to stabilise the major wounds.
“I want to cause problems for him. It’s funny.” For once, there’s no malice or ego behind his words. It’s nice to see him surprisingly genuine.
You go to shoot back a retort, but the intercom crackles and Brim’s voice comes through. “Command to Patch, status report? It’s been a few.”
Yoru’s eyes flash for a second, suddenly aware of the danger he’s in. He shifts uncomfortably as you take breath before responding, keeping eye contact with the man in front of you.
“All clear Command, I’m returning to base shortly.”
Yoru lets out a low whistle. “Shit, and you could have been a narc about it.”
You give a wry smile. “I suppose you’re right. I’m assuming you’ll leave this off your mission report to Sage?”
He nods.
As you turn to leave, his hand grabs your wrist. “What is it, rift-squawker?”
“Talk to him, patchy. He’s dumb, and the people he likes most are the ones he pushes away the most. He’s terrified to lose them, but he’s even more terrified of things almost working out.”
“I don’t think he’s dumb,” you muse quietly. “But I’ll take your word for it. Take care yeah? Don’t let me have to patch you up again.”
You clap him on his good shoulder and head back to extraction. The last thing you hear from him, almost under his breath, is a quiet ‘maybe there is hope then.’
Whatever that means.
Back at base, things are way less tense. Aside from Omega team’s triumph, Icebox was a total wipeout and the team managed to secure valuable intel about the mirror protocol’s next movements.
After dragging your tired bones to the infirmary and having Skye give you a top up, you’re about to hit the sack when a familiar form crosses your path. A lot of your hackles from earlier have gone down, and what the mirror Yoru had said flashes through your mind.
He turns around, face surly as ever.
“What is it, healbot? Come to gloat about your victory on the new frontier?”
You push back the instinctual retort, and opt for a more peaceful route. “Eh, the geodome was a bit touristy. I hear Icebox went well though. I don’t know what you did to get Viper commending you, but it sounds like you let ‘em have it.”
Yoru’s a bit caught offguard by your lack of defensiveness, but it doesn’t stop him from shooting back “yeah, turns out not having a healer is no big deal, actually.”
“That’s not what he said,” you muse. That piques his interest.
Oh shit.
“Oh, y’know…” you say evasively, waving your hand.
“Probably Phoenix, he doesn’t know shit.”
Oh? Bet. “Literally you,” you say before you can stop yourself.
That gets his full attention.
“The fuck do you mean me, patchy? I haven’t told you jack shit.”
You shoot a furtive glance around the corridor, and pull him into a small maintenance room shutting the door behind.
“Mirror you, idiot.”
“Where the fuck did you find my bastard clone? Scratch that, how the fuck did you have a full conversation with him?”
Ugh, no going back now. “It was… an arrangement of sorts. He was pretty dinged up and I-“ your voice catches here. “I couldn’t exactly walk past him when he was so hurt.”
“So, what, you healed him with your magic healing powers,” Yoru says incredulously.
“Don’t be mad…”
“Actually?” Yoru’s voice peaks, and you have to shush him, checking the handle.
“Hey if it was you surely you’d want the mirror me to he-“
He cuts you off. “Obviously but why the fuck would you heal me after all the shit I said earlier?”
This catches you off guard. “You… you were hurt, I know I’m not Sage but I thought you’d rather not die.”
“But like I obviously wasn’t serious about the whole healing thing. Wait…” he catches sight of your expression. “You thought I was serious about preferring Sage’s healing to yours?”
“Until he said something about it, Yoru, yeah. It got under my skin.”
He rocks back and puts a hand to his forehead, grimacing. “Shit. God. Fuck. I’m…” He grits his teeth. “I’m sorry. I- yeah that was on me. You know I don’t mean it right?”
Wow. An actual apology from Yoru? The fuck kind of magic did mirror Yoru work?
“Yoru it’s, it’s fine. I guess I put a lot of myself into my healing so it’s a point of pride for me. It kinda sucks when people turn around and say I’m less-than.”
“I know you put a lot of yourself in it,” he says quietly. “That’s… one of the things I really like about your healing. That’s why it’s… my favourite…” That last bit is barely audible.
A bit of a flush of pride starts to prickle your cheeks, though you try your best not to show it.  “Yoru, you know you can just say that upfront, right? Like, it’s okay to recognise when you like what other people do.”
“I know. I know, I just-“ He mumbles the next bit. “What if they think I’m stupid for enjoying their help, and what if they don’t think as highly of me?” The light is low, but even so you can see the heat starting to radiate off his face as he gives you this surprising dose of honesty.
“Are you kidding me? You’re one of the best even in the protocol. Insane marksmanship, brilliant record and an amazing knack for getting behind enemy lines. Why would anyone think you’re stupid or not respect you.”
“But,” he sputters out. “I want you in particular to like me and like what I do.” Just as quickly as the words leave his mouth, he clamps his hands over and looks away, very pointedly avoiding eye contact.
Wow. Wow, okay.
“I should go,” he says abruptly, and whirls around to leave. Anticipating the gesture, you catch his wrist and tug him back.
“Yoru you freakin’ dumbass. I think you’re great. You’re one of my favourite people in the protocol, and I like it when you can be honest with me. I think it’s really sweet.”
Without warning, he draws in close, chest going up and down at quite a rate. He really looks like he wants something, wants to say something or do something, and you’re starting to get the sense you know what it is.
Fuck it, worth the risk.
You close the distance and press your lips against his. He goes completely stiff for a second and you almost freak out, worried that you’ve misread the many cues. But then he’s pushing into the kiss hungrily, his hands reaching around and pulling you close, growling at the sensation of finally having you up close.
Every movement you make, he leans into it and responds tenfold, huffing and tugging and trying to hold as much of you as he possibly can.
You both near run out of breath before you finally break, standing there panting and looking at each other. His hair is wild and his eyes are gleaming with no small amount of satisfaction, and maybe even a hint of relief.
He pulls you in close again, this time wrapping his arms around you for a bone-crushing hug. “Your clone is the fucking wing-man of the century,” you murmur into his ear.
Yoru gives a gruff chuckle. “I suppose he is.”
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lunarticxenia · 10 months ago
Moon Signs Pt. 1
My take on moon signs based off people I know! Now personally, I tend to have more strong opinions on my favorite moon signs than favorite sun signs. I feel like moon signs really indicate more about a person’s personality than their sun sign, imo. It does rule emotions and behavior after all. With sun signs I struggle with picking favorites because I do genuinely have people I like of every zodiac sign. I just go by the number of people I like from each zodiac sign. Anyhoo, here’s my view on each moon sign! 
Note: These are p long bc I have such strong thoughts on moon signs so I’m splitting it into two parts. :) 
🍂 Aries Moon: Ahhh, my moon sign. I won’t be biased though, I promise. So Aries moons based off other people I know is that we low-key got anger issues LMAO. Every single Aries moon I’ve met besides myself has anger issues, with the exception of one person and she still gets irritated easily. Aries Moons are also extremely sensitive, and they tend to be overlooked for that since they’re fire signs. I’ve found that a lot of what they get angry about has to do with their feelings, if they feel they’ve been wronged this really can make them angry as they are super sensitive. They also get angry when they feel like people aren’t listening to them, as they take this very personally. I’ve also noticed that Aries moons are EXTREMELY honest, they will tell it how it is and they are extremely blunt. They don’t like to beat around the bush, and they are very direct with how they feel about something. Aries moons are also extremely passionate and spontaneous especially in relationships; they’re the ones who wanna kiss in the rain and ride horses into the sunset, that is if you can get them to settle down with you LMAO. Nah all jokes, they’re picky about who they want, but once they really fall for someone it’s very hard for them to let go. They’re also so competitive, they will play dirty. My grandpa used to let me win in checkers as a kid, my dad (who’s an Aries moon) NEVER let me win. He said me losing would help build character LMFAO. He just didn’t wanna lose.They also have strong personalities and can be SUPER impulsive. Also, if they wanna do something, they WILL do it. No one is gonna stop them. If they wanna go somewhere at 3am, they’re doing it. Sorry. You can’t stop them. LMAO. Aries moons also love to be in touch with their inner child, my dad is an Aries moon and bought himself an arcade machine out of nowhere LMAO. I also like to collect shells and watch Disney movies to remind me of my childhood. They also tend to change their views and opinions on things a lot, and mind you they have intense emotions about these things. So it can be hard to keep up w them. 
🍂 Taurus Moon: Taurus moons are just so calm, it’s scary LMAO. I know a few of them, and even if they’re anxious about something you can never tell. They always have this calm demeanor and just seem so unbothered by everything. Taurus moons also LOVE money and the finer things in life. The male Taurus moons I know work a lot just so they can have a lot of money. One of them literally said to me “Money talks” after explaining to me why they work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day doing two jobs. The crazy thing is, despite doing all that extra work, he just seemed so unbothered about it LMAO. The female Taurus moons I know tend to love really expensive clothes and dressing up. This Taurus moon I work with has such nice clothes and always dresses like she’s on a Vogue cover. Like I said, Taurus moons LOVE money and the finer things in life like expensive clothes. If they aren’t the types to dress up or be workaholics, they desire comfort. They would rather lay in bed and take hot bathes than be bothered to do all that extra stuff. They also might like to eat out at expensive restaurants, and are “foodies”. They also might be big lovers of music and have lots of different music tastes. Also, Taurus moons? STUBBORN. Good luck trying to get them to change their mind on something. Also, despite them wanting all the luxuries and comfort of life, they are SUPER grounded. They do not live in a dream world, they see life for what it is, and prefer to be on the ground than have their heads in the clouds. Also, Taurus moons, I’m sorry, but y’all can be lazy. I work with three of them, and they can be lazy. They will not do more than the bare minimum. Also, their anger is low-key scary. Especially since it can come out of nowhere since they’re calm all the time, you never know when they’re angry and if you catch them at the wrong time... well, rip. They also tend to be introverted- even if they’re social, you will not know anything about them unless you’re besties with them or related to them. Doesn’t matter how well you know them, they don’t air their dirty laundry and keep their private life private. Also one last thing, omg these people sing all the time. They love singing to themselves, every single one I’ve met does that LMAO. Anyway, love my Taurus moons. 
🍂 Gemini Moon: Gemini moons love to make people laugh LMAO and love to just sit down and have good talks with people. Their minds NEVER stop working. Good luck trying to get them to stop talking once they know you. They can and will talk about anything for hours. Now, I do admire that, but sometimes I just wanna relax and they won’t stop talking to me LMFAO. My dad’s girlfriend is a Gemini moon and at family gatherings she loves to dance around and try to get everyone else to dance. I find that Gemini moons are very active and love to move around, and try to get everyone to have fun. Definitely the life of the party. They’re super amusing and also love to tell jokes and funny stories. Now not all of them are extroverts especially if they have an earth sun sign. So that is something to consider. My cousin is a Gemini moon and tends to be more introverted, however, once she’s comfortable around someone and knows someone she’s super goofy and loves to make people laugh. Gemini moons also love to learn, they’re always teaching themselves about something. My cousin who’s a Gemini moon just randomly started teaching herself how to do sign language (she’s good at it also)! These people are also SUPER adaptable, they can get along with any kind of personality and can adapt to any situation. I’ve also noticed that they love to playfully roast people and annoy them LMAO. I have noticed that they struggle with reading the room, they tend to just continue to annoy someone and can take it too far, which can get kind of annoying. They’re also extremely curious and are always asking questions. They love to ask random questions without any context. It’s a quirk a lot of them have. Trying to tell a story to them can be frustrating because if you mention certain terms they’ll ask you what they mean LMFAO. My dad was telling a story about how he used surfing to explain physics concepts in class and his girlfriend asked what the concepts were and what they mean. Also, they’re really good at giving advice. These people would make great psychologists imo. This girl I used to talk to (who’s a Gemini moon) actually is becoming a psychologist, so there you go LMAO. 
🍂Cancer Moon: Oh Cancer moons...you guys are so sensitive. They feel everything and anything. I haven’t met a Cancer moon that isn’t an empath. They are extremely good at reading other people and sensing their motives. My mother is a Cancer moon, and she’s always been able to tell who’s toxic in my life. She doesn’t even have to meet them either, just based off of stories I tell her, she can pick it up right away. Now, everyone always says Cancer moons are super close with their family and that’s definitely not always the case. The Cancer moons I’ve met have actually had a lot of problems with their family. Now the thing that I’ve noticed with these placements is that despite how toxic their family is, they always stick by them. Even if they’re not close. So I wouldn’t say they’re all super close with their families, but they always stick up for them, which can be an issue if their family is toxic. Also, Cancer moons, SUPER MOODY. I’m sorry but like I’m a Cancer sun and they’re ten times more moody than I am LMFAO. I’ve always said they act more like the stereotypical Cancer than Cancer suns. Also, this is a super underrated placement for humor. Every Cancer moon I’ve met has been super funny. Also, a super underrated placement for anger issues. Everyone says oh yeah Aries moons have anger issues, like yes, BUT HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN CANCER MOON ANGER?! Y’all Taylor Swift is a Cancer moon and wrote a whole album about how fed up she was about the media mistreating her and the whole Kimye thing (rightfully so) but y’all see my point. They can and will fight you. They also tend to be introverted, even if they’re social, (which I rarely see), they would much rather keep to themselves. I’ve also noticed that they’re very nostalgic a lot. My Cancer moon ex used to just randomly go through childhood photos and would show them to me. They’re also EXTREMELY protective over people they love, they will KILL for the people they love. They also love to talk about their dream homes and interior decorating a lot? My Cancer moon ex was OBSESSED with coming up with his dream house and would literally draw out diagrams for me to see. My mother too, she wants to redecorate her apartment and was showing me all the potential furniture that was gonna be put in. Oh Cancer moons, LMAO. 
🍂 Leo Moon: Oh Leo moons. You guys can be so dramatic LMAO. Every Leo moon I’ve met is so dramatic; these are the types of people who get up and move around when telling a story and also do dramatic hand gestures. These are the types of people who post a black screen in middle school on Snapchat saying “Don’t hmu.” LMAO. My Leo moon friend gets so mad when I make that joke, but it’s so true. These people are also naturally super creative, the Leo moons I know love to decorate and draw. Even if they don’t do any outright creative hobbies, they have a creative streak to them. It’s weird though because despite them being very dramatic when it comes to them being angry, they struggle with expressing their personal problems to other people. (This however can be changed with other placements, but I’ve found this to be true in many cases). They don’t want people to think that they’re weak, so they put up a tough front to hide that they’re hurting. Also, Leo moons, are indeed the hype friends. My Leo moon friends gas up my Instagram posts so much. They’re also extremely loyal and don’t like to leave people out, they hate that kind of shit. They’re also extremely accepting of others, my Leo moon friend was the first person I came out to, and they accepted me right away. They also love to take pictures of EVERYTHING. Like when you go out with them, they will make you wait before eating your food so they can take video of your food together LMAO. They love to capture every moment, I personally find it very endearing. Also, a lot of people say Leo moons are super cocky. I don’t find this to be true. They can come off that way, but I’ve found they tend to actually be pretty insecure and they try to hide it by coming off as confident. I feel like Leo moons tend to put on a show a lot to hide how they truly feel, which makes it hard to get to know them. It makes me sad because they truly are such kind hearted people and all they want is to feel validation. I also found that they love to go above and beyond to make sure everyone else is happy and tend to put themselves last. I wish y’all didn’t do that, you deserve to be happy too. ;( 
🍂 Virgo Moon: Workaholics. That’s how I’m starting this LMAO. My friend is a Virgo moon and works her ass off. She goes above and beyond in school for starters. For this anatomy course we had together, she sent me a whole diagram she made of the human brain on Notability and it was so intricately made. She also works her ass off at her job and takes care of her siblings. I feel like this falls into Virgo placements putting others before themselves. Virgo moons are definitely the types to be like this. They want to make everyone happy and they want to feel useful so they do all these extra things to feel that way. Virgo moons are also super smart, and have the best study methods. Low-key jealous. They have this incredible drive and are always on top of things and have a routine. Also Virgo moons LOVE animals. My friend who’s a Virgo moon, works at a dog sitting business and has 6 pets at home. They LOVE animals. They also like honesty and bluntness; they will provide you with that as well. They don’t like beating around the bush or lying to make other people feel better. You wanna know if you look bad in a dress? Ask a Virgo moon, LMFAO. I’ve also found that they struggle with wanting to be perfect all the time, and struggle with anxiety. As I said, they want to be the best at everything, and this can be a big source of anxiety for them. These people also find themselves attracting people who they want to “fix”. They also give amazing advice and are super reliable. Also, last minute plans? They HATE them. Want a Virgo moon to hate you? Try making spontaneous plans with them LMAO. Virgo moons also have great memories; they’ll remember every little detail about you. Also Virgo moons are the types to take charge in a group project and run the whole thing because they don’t trust anyone. Virgo moons also always appear to be calm and collected, even though many of them frequently deal with anxiety a lot. Also, they’re low-key underrated for humor. They have a very dry and self-deprecating sense of humor LMAO. They also go above and beyond in relationships because they enjoy seeing the people they love being happy. 
Anyhoo, this wraps up part one!  Also these are just my opinions, so don’t get offended I tried to praise and drag all of them equally <3 
Part 2 here. 
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sleepywright · 7 months ago
Someone as Brainless as You
Prompt: The following characters with an S/O who’s just as much of a chaotic dumbass as Ace and Deuce and has a tendency to get into trouble or get hurt.
Warnings: None, just Fluffy with just a dash of concerned boyfriends and dumbassery
Characters included: Riddle, Jade, Floyd, Jamil, and Sebek
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
• Why. WHY. WHY?!
• Of all the people for him to fall in love with, why you? You’re an absolute disaster and you have no respect for the Law of the Queen of Hearts!
• For goodness’ sake with the amount of trouble you three + Grim get into on a daily basis it’s a wonder you all haven’t been expelled yet.
• It doesn’t help that because of how dear you are to him, he worries constantly when you do something dumb. The poor boy is going to have a full head of gray hair by the time he graduates.
• No way he’ll show it in front of the dorm, and especially not the duo, but he’s so doting and adorable when it’s just you two. Scolding you for your carelessness and reminding you of the rules.
• ....knowing you though you’ve probably had at least one moment in time where you embarrassed him in front of the dorm during an unbirthday party. Whether you did it on purpose to tease him or if you just genuinely are THAT brainless is anybody’s guess.
• Cuddle him and love on him in private later and he’ll forgive you though.
• But despite your moments and how much you stress and annoy him at times, he loves you through and through. He doesn’t exactly understand why he loves you, but he wouldn’t change you for anything.
Floyd Leech
• This is literally the reason he fell in love with you.
• Absolutely loves how much of a chaos and trouble magnet you are.
• Doesn’t even mind the fact you’re not the sharpest ever. He offers to help you study so you don’t fail but we all know those study sessions get absolutely nowhere.
• Will gladly help you with whatever dumb scheme you’ve created. Want to
• And even if he doesn’t help you he’s right there laughing with you until his sides hurt. There’s no dull moment with you two and he wishes every day could just be you and him doing whatever you feel like whenever you feel like.
• But the fun just instantly goes away the moment you get hurt in one of your adventures. Floyd’s mood just instantly swings to clingy, sad and irritable as soon as he finds out you got hurt.
• “Awwhhh but I don’t want to work todayyy. Shrimpy got hurt and I don’t want to be apart from them.”
• Good luck soldier. Even if it’s a minor injury it really puts a damper on his spirits. You’re gonna spend at LEAST 24 hours going back and forth between him assisting you with literally anything and having him wrapped around you and snuggling into you.
• You’re stuck with this mountain of an eel man draping himself over you and teasing you. But I’m sure in a couple days he’ll be ready for another dumb idea. Just pinky promise you won’t get hurt this time.
Jade Leech
• Amused™
• Your antics are the highlight of this man’s day everyday.
• He absolutely adores how slow you are to catch onto things sometimes. He’ll say something super complicated or super nonsensical just to see the adorable dumbfounded face you make as you try to figure out what the heck he’s talking about.
• As much as he loves how adorably stupid you can be, he won’t let you hurt yourself.
• One evening, after the Mostro Lounge has closed while the Octavinelle members are cleaning up (along with whatever unfortunate souls lost a contract) you get an idea. A very brainless idea.
• You steal all the chairs from the tables (much to the students’ complaints) and start building a tower to see how high it can go.
• A few chairs are left though and you can’t reach the top anymore. “Hmmm.. Oh! I know! I can climb up the tower and carry the chair with one hand! Genius!”
• ...it wasn’t genius. You barely got a few steps up before you began to lose your balance and fall backwards. To make matters worse, the tower you worked so hard on topples over all over the floor.
• you don’t land on the ground and hurt yourself though (save for some scrapes from the chairs falling). Instead, you land in the arms of your ever so gentlemanly, ever so sweet boyfriend.
• The moment doesn’t last very long though as a very angry Azul storms out of his office demanding what the hell you did and why there’s chairs scattered all over the floor. Jade, however swoops in to your rescue, insisting you’re in desperate need of medical attention.
• Now you’re being bandaged by Jade who won’t stop making teasing remarks and dramatically reminding you he doesn’t know what he’d do if you died in one of your ridiculous schemes. Guess this is how the next 24 hours is gonna be..
Jamil Viper
• “Is that someone on the roof? What an idiot.”
• If Kalim wasn’t enough to look after, you just have to go and encourage him; not to mention the stunts you pull all on your own.
• He loves you but please for his sake dial down the energy and chaos. At the very least clean up after yourself when you make a mess.
• I’m sure once you did something stupid (again) and wanted to make it up to him for the trouble you caused. So you volunteer to help him prep some food for a feast Kalim was hosting. Consider it couple bonding time!
• He’s a bit hesitant because of your uh... track record. But give him your best puppy eyes and he’ll crack. I’m sure with veeeery careful guidance, this won’t be much of a mess.
• Everything was going so well. But Kalim called for Jamil. And that’s where the problems began.
• Remember the scene in Ratatouille where Linguini messes up the soup? And continues to make it worse in his attempt to try and fix it? Yeaaahhhh that’s you right now.
• You didn’t mean to! You were just messing around and... ah jeez now it’s all ruined!
• To say Jamil is annoyed is an understatement. He’s got that annoyed cold expression on his face. Just apologize and try to make it up to him in that dumb way of yours and you might just see the slightest smile. He can’t stay mad at you for too long.
Sebek Zigvolt
• Mad at himself for putting up with you, much less falling in love with you. You’re not just a human, but an idiot of a human.
• His entire head screams at him to scold and yell at you for being an exceptionally troublesome human, but when you look at him the way you do he just melts and falls apart.
• Please show mercy when teasing him and stuff. His poor heart can’t take it sometimes. He’s already losing brain cells the more he hangs out with you. We don’t need him going into cardiac arrest because of some teasing remark from you.
• I assure you every single time you get into some sort of mess when out with the two friends you share a single brain cell with (and trust me that brain cell is fizzing out of brain power) Sebek starts screaming at you regardless of how big the problem was or if you did or did not get hurt. Every. Single. Time.
• It’s a wonder this poor boy hasn’t lost his voice yet worrying about you. He’s probably screaming at the top of his lungs to keep himself from crying. He doesn’t want to be seen crying and doting over you so he has to come off like he’s scolding you very seriously.
• That being said I don’t think you really pick up on the whole “I’m too prideful and embarrassed to admit you scared me for a second there” thing but you can still feel the love every time he yells at you. You know he cares.
• Make sure to give him as much love as you can to reassure him that his worries don’t go unheard. In private though. We can’t let a proud servant of Malleus be seen getting hugs and kisses from such a dumb, immature and reckless... but honestly and truly loved human such as you, can we?
Tumblr media
Author’s Note: Heyyyy! So this is my first post outside of my welcome. Sorry if Floyd’s is a bit OOC I got a little stuck on how to write that one. But I hope you enjoyed it!
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womensblood · 8 months ago
Slashers react to their S/O getting so fucking mad you accidentally break the fan and it just straight up knocks you in the head and you pass out
(Also a lot of swearing. Like… a lot. And unhealthy relationships cause these are serial killers lmao)
(Mentioned that reader is trans)
Poly!Tiffany Valentine + Chucky
Tumblr media
Tiffany is horrified.
One second, she’s cooking in the kitchen, ignoring the sound of you and Charles having a screaming match when all of a sudden she hears something shatter, a very brief silence then a loud crack and CRASH!
There’s silence again, only for a second before she hears Charles fucking losing his mind.
She knows that’s bad, so she rushes into the living room to yell at the both of you, and then she sees you face down on the ground with a fan on top of you and she literally screams in horror.
Chucky is shitting his pants, dude.
He’s losing it.
He’s holding his stomach and fucking cackling until he falls over on the couch while you’re on the ground, most likely knocked out.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?!”
But Chucky just does not give a shit. He can’t take it, man. He can’t even answer so she goes to your aide.
You’re awoken to the sound of Chuky’s laughter and Tiffany shaking you up. At first, you’re confused, but you’re happy to see your girlfriend, and then you realize who’s laughing and you remember everything.
“Chucky, you fucking cocksuckin’ asshole! Piece of shit! Motherfucker, I’m gonna kill you!”
“I’m gonna kick your doll ass, motherfucker! I’ll fuck you up!”
“Yeah, I’d like to see you try bitch!” And then continues laughing.
Tiffany literally has to physically hold you back from beating that little shit up.
Later though, Tiffany gets on his ass because you actually got seriously hurt.
“Uhh, how’s that my problem?” She pushes him off the counter and he falls to his death.
But, Chucky’s an asshole. So, he’s not gonna apologize. At first.
It’s when you start to genuinely pull away from him and barely ever acknowledge his existence that he gets annoyed because he knows he fucked up, and that means he has to apologize.
Even Tiff never holds grudges this long.
So, he relents, and he fucking hates having to apologize for something he considers so fucking stupid.
But he did apologize to you, just to make Tiff feel better, and so you’d stop being mad at him because he hates dealing with both of your ‘shit’.
You punch him in the shoulder and kiss his cheek, and tell him he’s an asshole. And he’s good with that.
Billy Loomis
Tumblr media
He started to interrupt your studies, which was annoying, and kept doing so, even after you were telling him to fuck off.
Billy starts to get more intense with his fuckery, leaning over you while you work, talking about wanting to fuck you, but you’re not really in the mood, and you know he’s only trying to annoy you—and boy was it working.
“Dude, I’ve got fucking finals in 2 days. Fuck off. I need to study.”
“Studying is for losers tho.”
You tell him in every possible way to fuck off, but he just wouldn’t budge.
“You keep botherin’ me than… you’re transphobic.”
“Guess I’m transphobic now.”
“Bitch, I’ll fuck you up.”
You hate when he does that. Usually it annoys him and he relents and gets off your back, but damn he really wants to get a reaction out of you.
Then he said something that was just the last straw.
“Come on… throw me a bone. You’re overreacting.”
“Alright, that’s it! Get the fuck out, asshole!” You throw your book, trying to aim for his head, but instead you hit right above the light switch, and the book breaks into the wall, and your fan drops right on your head and knocks you unconscious.
At first, he fucking laughs. And then he sees you’re not moving and he’s like, “oh fuck”
He genuinely freaks the fuck out man, cause he feels bad. Just a little.
He moves the fans off of you first, and tries to wake you up by slapping your face, shaking you, but you just groaned and whimpered and he freaked out even more.
He actually was going to call 9-1-1 and turned around to grab his phone and started to dial it.
And then he gets hit hard in the back of his head and it hurts like a bitch.
“What the f—”
And there you are, grinning triumphantly and then flip him off before passing out again.
You woke up in the hospital with a mild concussion and an annoyed, but slightly worried boyfriend. “Oh, hey asshole.”
“Oh, fuck you, [Y/N].”
Tumblr media
An argument is started between the 2 of you. It always starts with an argument. And it’s over something so fucking stupid. But also valid.
You 2 are sitting on the couch together while he’s drinking and he has his arm wrapped around your shoulders as you browse through the T.V channels.
“Why don’t you give us a kiss, hmm?”
You grin at him and cock your head. “Aw… why don’t you—”
Then he burps in your fucking face and it reeks like hell—and you think you feel a burn?
He laughs so hard as you pull away and wipe your face on the couch cushions, and your genuinely terrified you have worms or some shit.
That only makes him laugh harder, because he never takes anything seriously, and that only makes you angrier.
So, you punch him right in the shoulder and he mockingly coos at you.
“Awww… did I make the baby cry?”
“You cocksucker! You know what? Fuck you! I’m gonna get a drink.”
“Awww, don’t be like that, love! Yer gettin’ emotional.”
With one last fuck you, you head into the kitchen and you were going to get yourself a beer, but being reminded of his nasty ass breath makes you put it down and wash your face.
“What a fucking asshole.” You hiss, and clean your face off with a towel.
He doesn’t take many things seriously, so why are you fucking surprised?
You scream and throw the beer bottle at the wall, just as your loving boyfriend strolls in.
“Aw, Jesus. You that upset that you’re ruining perfectly good—”
The wall and ceiling crack and then the fan falls and knocks you on the ground and he doesn’t even try to not laugh.
He does realize you’re knocked out too, which only makes him laugh harder.
But, he does care about you, believe it or not.
And after a. Few seconds, he removes the fan and helps you up, carrying you to your bedroom and sighs as he elevated your head and patches you up. He’s not worried, he knows you’re going to be okay. It wasn’t that bad.
You wake up to him cleaning your forehead wound and you glare at him.
“Still mad then?”
“Yes. Asshole. That fucking stank.”
He snorts, rolling his good eye. “Alright, ya prissy fuck. I’m sorry. Better?”
Even though his voice drips with sarcasm and mock sympathy, you know he’s being sincere. You can see it in the way he looks at you. He’s never been good at being genuine. Ever. So, you sigh and gently slap the side of his face a couple of times.
“That’ll do.”
Jennifer Check & Anita “Needy” Lesniki
Tumblr media
It’s you and Needy home for now, Jennifer’s out… eating. Needy came home early, since she’s not as insatiable as your shared girlfriend.
You had been working out new traps for your girls to try out, and honestly, you’re pretty proud. The only reason you’re helping your girls is because you know these fucks deserve it.
They go after the worst of the worst. Pedophiles. Rapists. Child abusers. Scumbags.
But now, you’re taking a long awaited break and while you’re playing a video game, you hear a door open, and it’s your lovely girlfriend Anita.
“Hey, babe. Have fun?”
Her mouth and shirt is covered in blood, but she’s always thorough when cleaning up the blood. She’s back in an instant, and she gives you a kiss, blood-free.
“What is this?”
“Mortal Kombat. Murder game.”
She sees your starting to get tense, and that you’re grunting and yelling at the screen, so she goes into the kitchen to get you some muscle relaxers so you don’t blow a fuse.
Even from the kitchen, she can hear you scream, and all the expletives you yell at the screen.
She grabs some sprite and takes 4 Methocarbamol, then adds 2 extra when she hears you scream, “FUUUUUUUUUCK!”
She makes it back just in time to watch you throw the remote controller and then the fan crash down on you.
Unlike Jennifer, Needy doesn’t have a problem showing empathy, and screams when it falls on you. Now she’s definitely glad she brought those muscle relaxers, cause she knows that hurt.
Demon strength™︎
She fucking throws the fan across the room.
She makes sure you’re breathing first, check if you have any serious injuries. Thankfully, you don’t, and she picks you up and makes you comfortable and is trying not to freak out any more than she is.
Needy gets a text back from Jennifer,
She texts Jennifer next, saying that you got mad and broke something and the fan fell on you, then she went back to helping you. She cleans the nasty scar on your cheek and puts a bandaid on it for safe keeping. When you wake up, she immediately gives you the pills because damn you have a killer fucking headache.
“You need to go to anger management.”
“Pfft. No…”
“Okay, yeah…”
Needy just rolls her eyes and leaves her on read.
they okay tho?
Your muscle relaxers kick in and you pass out. Needy kisses your forehead, as soon as you’re asleep.
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hitnran · 11 months ago
OBSESSIVE EX (gender neutral! reader)
how they deal with you having an obsessive ex
includes: ran, rindou
CW: obsessive behavior, cursing, stalking (ran), phone harassment (rindou), the haitani brothers lowkey kinda scary here (not to the reader) 💀 but i’m just trying to make it fit within their character
Getting into a relationship with someone like Ran, half of the charismatic brother duo that ruled Roppongi, almost means guaranteed safety wherever you go. His title itself is one that is feared when murmured. Whenever you two leave, he always has an eye and a hand on you. Ran knows well that even if he is feared, he can also be challenged and the last thing he wants is for you to get involved — you would make an easy target for his enemies.
You two were out together on a stroll around the city. Although there was nothing neither of you needed, Ran’s favorite thing is showing you off. Sometimes you start to feel similar to his younger brother, thinking that you’re just a shadow and only known as ‘Ran’s partner.’ But Ran’s intentions were opposite. He wanted everyone to know that it was him that belonged to you and it is him that people would have to deal with if you were ever tested.
As you two are walking, Ran noticed your eyes consistently checking itself to the side. He took note of that and eventually brushed it off since you stopped. But then he noticed that you were being especially keen and scanning the whole area.
“Are you okay, love?” Ran slightly hunches down, getting your attention as your face turns his way. He lightly smiles at you. “Did you see something you liked?”
You swallowed down hard. You could’ve sworn you saw a familiar face, but after trying to scan the area numerous times for the past few minutes, you thought it was just you being paranoid. The last thing you wanted was to worry Ran and cause a scene.
“I’m okay,” You shook your head, returning a light smile. You grabbed on his arm, this time a little tighter. “Let’s turn into this corner.”
Ran knows when you’re lying. He knew something made you uncomfortable, but he wasn’t going to force you to tell him. Instead, he’ll make it his own problem too and deal with it himself.
This area was his territory and everyone knew it. It was almost as if Roppongi, a city known for liveliness, calmed down ever so slightly if one or both of the brothers were out. Everyone’s gaze wound be kept low and their conversations would go mute as they walk by.
At that moment, Ran could feel a pair of eyes staring your way. He won’t make it obvious though.
“Love,” Ran called out to you. You looked up his direction and he placed a hand against your lower back. “Rindou’s gonna throw a fit if I don’t bring back food for him. How about you go into the restaurant and order first while I call him and ask what he wants?”
You felt at ease hearing that you two were finally going to be in somewhere indoors, but it made you nervous that he would be separated from you for just a little while.
“Don’t wanna bring something back he won’t like and have him complain,” Ran lightly laughed, trying to ease your clear discomfort. He placed a hand over your head. Taking out his phone to add to his act. “I’ll be quick.”
After some hesitation, you gave in. It was a public space after all, so it shouldn’t have been anything to worry too much about. He watched as you entered the place before turning around, sending chills to the person who had been following you two around this whole time.
“Would be a shame if I left them alone for too long, wouldn’t it?” Ran gave off a sinister grin, slowly walking towards the person. “Wouldn’t want anyone to take them away…especially someone like you.”
Ran knew who this person was. He was an obsessive ex of yours that just would not leave you alone and accept the separation despite it being years passed. He gulped hard, nervously stepping back, not thinking that he would get caught.
“You were so bold to even follow us in the first place, why so shy now?” Ran smirked, hiking up the sleeves of his sweatshirt. “This is the first time you’ve heard of me or something? I should introduce myself to you well and hard then.”
Almost ten minutes had passed since you’ve been waiting for Ran. You sat patiently and waited. Your best guess as to what’s taking him so long revolves around Rindou. Maybe he was complaining about how he wanted food from a different place or being picky about menu opinions. Just as you were about to raise yourself from your seat to check up on Ran, you saw him enter.
“Did I make you wait too long?” Ran appeared, seating himself in front of you. The worse case scenario you had in mind was that he got into a fight, but in front of you, he looked just as how you last saw him. “You know how Rindou is.”
Your chest became relaxed and you gave a small smile, shaking your head, “What did he want from here?”
“I didn’t even listen to what he said,” Ran teased, opening up his menu and leaning back against the chair. You felt his legs sandwich your calves from beneath the table. “He can order it himself. All my money is going to you today.”
And that was how Ran liked it. Although Ran wanted everyone to know that he belonged to you, he knew how important it was for others to know that you belonged to him too. The image of the face of your ex is burned so clearly into his brain — face all bloodied up, mauled almost, as he failed to even whisper for forgiveness.
“I think there’s only one way I’m gonna let you outta here alive,” Ran kicked his body down with force, hearing something shift in his jaw. He couldn’t give half a damn about it. “Do you know what that is?”
Your ex was visibly beaten and weak now, barely able to even blink or properly form a sentence. Though, with his adam’s apple slightly moving from fear, Ran took it as a response.
Grabbing him by his hair upward, Ran bent down, looking straight at him, “You’re gonna leave them alone and never show your goddamn face again. If it wasn’t fucked already before, it sure is now. I promise you I’ll know if you’re even barely visible or a mile away, I won’t hesitate to kill you.”
Ran thought it was so disgusting how someone like you could ever have your time wasted on someone low like this ex of yours. Even if Ran saw him and his brother above everyone else, he always put you above him.
“Maybe even after this, I’ll send one of my men to go and beat the shit out of you every day so you could suffer for as long as you’ve tried to bother Y/N.”
Rindou can’t even remember what it took for you two to even reach this state of your guys relationship. He convinced himself that it was Ran, his older brother who wouldn’t shut up about how he was going to take you if Rindou didn’t make a move.
It genuinely surprises himself even whenever he looks your way, observing every detail and soaking in the idea that you are someone he can call his.
You two were watching a movie, or rather, supposed to. Rindou was too focused on side-eyeing you every now and then. You caught him a few times, but he would brush it off with comments like “this movie is boring” or “I’m just checking to see if you fell asleep.”
He would snap himself out of a trance after hearing your phone ring beside you. You eyed it once, looking at the caller ID and ignoring it. It wasn’t enough to cause Rindou to worry - it’s not his problem if you just didn’t wanna answer a call, it was your guys’ time anyway.
But then it rang once more again. Your ringtone dragged itself out halfway through before Rindou slightly raised his hand from your hip, pointing to the phone on the side of the couch.
“You not gonna answer that?” He asked.
You shook your head, eyes focused on the TV, “It’s fine. It’s an unknown caller ID.”
Rindou shrugged, ignoring it once again, but after a few more calls and your phone receiving back to back text messages, it was starting to irk him. He was close to just grabbing your phone and answering the call himself, but you were quick to act before him, just shutting it off.
“It must be spam or something,” You sighed, sitting back down.
“Yeah, well whatever it is, good thing you shut that damn thing off. That shit was annoying,” Rindou sighed, curling his arms around you again. “Let’s change the movie too or something. This one is boring.”
One thing about dating Rindou is that he seems uninterested in absolutely everything he does. Although you avoid thinking like that when it comes to your relationship with him, you always remind yourself that Rindou is someone who deeply cares for you. He shows it very differently compared to others, but you know.
He can recall a memory from a few weeks ago where you kept getting calls in the middle of your guys’ date. It annoyed him, but not as much as it annoyed you. You’ve pressed the red decline button at least five times now, stressing over it and spilling out everything about your previous ex.
At the end of your rant, Rindou grabbed your phone, picking up the call and saying words as simple as “leave them alone.” It was so simple, but for the next few weeks, it was silent. You finally thought you were free of harassment thanks to your boyfriend, but recently, they’ve been coming back as unknown caller IDs and more frequent than before.
Halfway through the movie, Rindou felt your body become more loose and relaxed beneath him. Your breath became slower and more steady. You had fallen asleep. He thought it was ironic to have someone as angelic as you in the arms of someone like him - a gang member always involving himself in trouble, even just for fun.
He stared at your phone just a reach away and then back at you. The last thing Rindou wanted was for you to be uncomfortable, or really, anything that isn’t where you aren’t happy.
When you woke up, the TV was shut off and you felt a blanket drape over your body. You realized you had fallen asleep from earlier, but you were expecting to find your boyfriend with you as well. That was when the door swung open and you were greeted with Rindou.
“Rindou?” You slowly let out, still adjusting from waking up. “I didn’t know you left.”
He raised a bag up midway in the air, it’s a bag from a bakery you often bought from, “You kept murmuring about it in your sleep. Didn’t want you to wake up all grumpy.”
“I don’t wake up grumpy!” You protested, watching as he took his seat next to you and unpacking all of your favorites.
“Yeah, okay,” Rindou joked. He listened to you puffing out before wrapping yourself around his arm.
“Thank you though,” You murmured out of embarrassment - maybe he was half right.
“It’s nothing,” He replied, softening his face into a grin. “Must’ve been hungry though if it got you talking in your sleep and drooling on my arm.”
You didn’t even know about half of the things he does for you, but he didn’t mind it, because if you were happy, then that was all that mattered.
It made Rindou feel guilty to turn on your phone and look through it. It wasn’t something that he ever felt the need to do - he trusted you and it felt wrong if you weren’t aware that he was using it. Though, at this time, he felt like it was for the better.
While you were silently sleeping, he browsed through your texts. It’s that same person - your ex back again to bother you. Rindou scoffed, making sure it wasn’t loud enough to wake you up, but he was angry. He clicked his tongue whilst composing a message.
Rindou knew you would never be so stupid as to meet up with someone like this, especially not after already experiencing it once. It was a good thing that it was just Rindou posing as you though. How delighted your ex felt to have finally received a response to you - ‘Let’s meet up here.’
Rindou thought it was so pathetic. This guy had no idea what he looked like, let alone that you even had a boyfriend. So when Rindou’s immediate reaction upon seeing him was to throw a punch, he was shocked.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Your ex cried out, trying his best to dodge his attacks but failing in between his words and attempts.
“Me?!” Rindou snapped, pushing him to the ground and twisting his arms. “Speak for yourself.”
The man beneath him screamed in pain, “I-I’ll call the cops on you and have you arrested!”
“Yeah? You think they’ll give me less time if I tell them I was just trying to teach a creep a lesson?” Rindou pulled back on his arms a little harder, tendons and muscles stretching themselves out of place.
“T-The hell are you talking about?!” He stuttered out.
“Don’t bitch around. Might end yourself up in there if you keep this act of yours up - I’ve been once before,” Rindou smirked, pulling back more and more on his arms. “It was fine for me. My big bro and I even got some respect while in there, so what’s gonna happen when they hear about your name from me? You’re fresh meat to them.”
“W-Who even are you?!”
Rindou scoffed, “The same guy who warned you once to leave Y/N alone. I should’ve honestly went to find you myself personally and beat the shit out of you, but I hate wasting my time.”
Your boyfriend let the man go. If his arms weren’t all bent out of place and dislocated, he’d be crawling away by now. It was a sight that Rindou would laugh at. Upon seeing that his phone had fallen out of his pocket, the same phone used to consistently harass you, Rindou stomped down hard, breaking it into bits and pieces.
“Don’t waste my time again. Next time you do, call the cops, I promise you I won’t care if they catch me killing you,” Rindou turned his back around.
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suna-reversed · a year ago
JJK reactions || doing their makeup
yuuji, megumi, nanami, gojo, choso, naoya, toji + extra
a/n: sorry for going a little overboard with toji, don’t know if you’ve noticed it yet, but i sorta like him or whatever🙄
not proofread because i haven’t slept in 24 hours 😀
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yuuji: he wants to make the best of his time with you so he’s always up for trying new things. sweet boy has done so much more with you before but still becomes a blabbering flustered mess by how close your face is as you gently apply all the products. you’ll have to tell him to breathe in between every now and then because of hard he’s trying to be still. “can we do this again tomorrow?” he’s looking past at you through the mirror, the blush spreading across his cheeks as he gives you a wide grin, “I wanna show it to megumi too!”
Megumi: reluctantly gives in to it after hours of you pouting and pretending to be upset. has such a deadpan face, please it’s gonna be so hard to contour his cheekbone because dude just won’t suck his face in!! however, his eyes immediately turn soft as he observes your face; brows furrowed in concentration, tongue poking out the side of your mouth as you do his liner, he can barely conceal his smile even as you scold him for not keeping his face still when he has to. he honestly comes out looking so stunning though, you don’t think you can ever pull that same look off on yourself ever again😐
Nanami: has a night spa routine with you every friday night anyways, so he doesn’t mind doing this if it satiates your boredom and brings you happiness. is so patient and serious about it, even as he teases you a little by sliding his hands up the back of your shirt, massaging your back as you try to keep your hands steady. he genuinely asks questions about what you’re doing because he’s seen you struggle with maintaining your time in the morning and hopes to be able to do this one thing for you someday.
Gojo: this would truly be a test of your patience. “I know I have 6 eyes but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to blind me.” “well, maybe if you’d stop blinking so much-” You can try grabbing his jaw or face to hold him still but he would keep making “sexy faces” at you (yes, so many variations of the lip-bite face!). May also keep singing random songs in between as a way to annoy you more. “I don’t need this, I’m already perfect.” “Have you ever even washed your face, your pores go deeper than your trauma-” “...I’m gonna trap you in my void😐”
Choso: is so focused!! Let’s you do as you please with barely any complaints or protests, in reality, it’s honestly really calming for him. “can we do this tomorrow too?” His eyes are closed, a small peaceful smile etched onto his face. It’s clear it’s the affection he appreciates more than the process itself; the way you sit on his lap, handling his face with a gentleness that he’s not quite familiar with, giggling every now and then as he scrunches his nose. “sure, we can do this everyday.”
Naoya: “No.” “At least try it-” “do you think this is a joke y/n? How dare you suggest covering my face in such ‘female attributed’ products? If I allow this, what’s next? You might as well be cutting off my virile macho testosterone filled testicles.” 😐😐 “damn okay, I wasn’t gonna be able to do much over that clown face anyways.”
Toji: come on now, he’s been raised in the zenin clan AND has trust issues. he’s never ever gonna agree to it. Only way you’re getting it done with it is if you end up doing it while he’s passed out drunk or really tired, even then you’ll have to be so careful because he’s cautious even when unconscious. “Why are you looking at me like that?” He groggily asks, opening his eyes to be met with your cheeky grin, giving you an eye roll and flicking your forehead as he gets up to go to the bathroom. Please go hide somewhere asap, he’ll literally tackle you as soon as he sees it. “Oh, you think you can just get away with this huh? How about I leave some marks on you next?”
Toji (extra below because I’m a whore for this man and I have a headcanon that breaks my heart):
Even though he’ll never admit it, Toji at the start of your relationship, was very opposed to you even getting anywhere close to his scar. But now he’s actually committed to you and he’s convinced himself that you’re disgusted by it as you still intentionally make sure you keep away from that area around his mouth (whereas you just think it’s a vulnerable spot for him due to his initial reluctance, and don’t want to cross any boundaries).
So just imagine him coming across your makeup after that day when he’s home alone, literally walking out before he frustratedly comes back, letting himself pick up the concealer. he stares at it for a while before hesitantly dabbing some of it onto the scar to cover it. and as he stares at himself in the mirror, all he can think to himself is that it doesn’t matter if the scar’s there or not, you’ll still always see him as a monster.
Tumblr media
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sakurashell · 7 months ago
I’m gonna fight my insomnia talking about an insomniac right now. Jokes aside, this has been eating my brain for a while and it might sound stupid, but hear me out.
Levi’s pretty quiet, not counting the times in your bedroom when you’re together and you pull the sweetest moans and the filthiest words out of his mouth, while you whimper and whine because he touches you just in the right way. After all, he’s memorized every inch of your skin by now, and going over it relentlessly it’s his favorite hobby.
Apart from that, the only other occasion in which he fails to be quiet as he usually is, it’s when he misses you and you can’t pay attention to him because you’re busy, or you’re at work. Misses you as in “no matter if we live together, eat and sleep under the same roof and I get to see her every day of my life, if an hour goes by with us barely talking cause she’s focused on something, I miss her”. That’s exactly what goes on inside his brain, except he’d never tell you directly for the sake of not seeing your stupid cocky smile when you tell him that he’s a bit clingy.
You do it merely to rile him up a bit, you don’t mean it. In fact, you love this side of your boyfriend. He’s probably the less annoying person in the whole world — unlike you — and puts up with your bullshit constantly, considering he’s not even prone to showing affection or anything of the sort, you deem yourself lucky for being able to know a part of him nobody else will probably ever see, or believe it exists in the first place.
Now, usually after a long day at work you come home and just straight away make your way to the bathroom to take a refreshing shower, not having to worry too much about doing any chores since — lucky for you — Levi’s taken care of it already. You’re also usually the one who goes to him after you’re done, and encircles your arm around his torso while he’s busy making dinner for the both of you, but sometimes he just can’t wait for you to do so.
That’s why your routine has to wait, because occasionally, when you open the door and set foot inside the house, you barely have any time to place your bag on the table and stretch your arms out a little, before he’s in front of you with an expression that you’re not quite able to read right away. “Hey, Lev. Sorry I’m late, my boss kept me a bit longer with the excu—” and he cuts you off right before you can start rambling about whatever your piece of shit of a boss did to you today, cupping your face with his hands and resting his forehead against yours.
He sighs in relief like you’ve been gone for months and he’s finally seeing you again, thumbs drawing circles on the apples of your cheeks, “You’ll tell me about her later, pay attention to me now,” he demands, lips shamelessly hovering over yours while your arms settles around his neck, “I missed you.” and then he kisses you as though he doesn’t have any second to waste anymore. No, not even that, he kisses you as though you’re a source of oxygen and he needs you to breathe properly again.
It’s intimate, a little gesture that means more than every big display of love combined, because it’s just so genuine and sincere. His hands skim over your body like he’s trying to remind himself that you were gone merely for a few hours, and that you’re with him again now. It conveys everything you need to know, the way he kisses you and embraces you, and it’s no wonder every distractions and concerns are long forgotten once you’re in the bedroom, and you’re focusing on making him the less quiet he could possibly be.
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lust-ofasmodeus · 4 months ago
Jealous MC
Tumblr media
It was a start of a new school day like any other. You woke up, walked down to eat breakfast and so on. When it was finally time to go to school you looked for him but he wasn’t waiting for you in the place he usually does. After giving up on finding him you decided to head to school by yourself but when you got close to the door you heard his laugh the only thing was that he wasn’t alone. You opened the door and saw the demon who has been hanging around your demon for a while now and always seemed to give you a dirty look when you got too close. Now it was even worse as the demon made him genuinely laugh.
Not wanting to seem like a jealous partner you got out of the house greeting the both of them as if nothing was bothering you. They just smiled and you all walked to the school. As you walked you felt like a third wheel and it annoyed you so much you avoided them for the rest of the day until you got home and had to face him.
He walked into your room looking worried as you never left for the whole day even when everything was falling apart. “Is everything alright love?” His voice was soft and gentle as he sat down next to you on the bed. “I don’t know why don’t you go ask that demon you’ve been clinging onto the whole day” you said in a cold tone. For a second his expression was confused but it soon turned into a fit of laughter.
After he had his laugh, which was rare to hear, he put one of his hands on your face. The angry expression on your face amused him never knowing how jealous his angel could get
The moment he got what was happening he decided to tease you “Oh? Well if I already have your permission I might as well go sleep next to them tonight.” He started getting up slowly and you grabbed his coat
Your eyes were glossy but your expression was still angry. You knew if you spoke a single world tears would start falling so you just looked at him praying that he wouldn’t leave
When he saw you like that he picked you up and sat back down with you. “Hey, look at me” you lifted up your gaze and looked him in the eyes which were at this moment barely holding back tears. “I might’ve hung out with them but you’re the only one I care for with all of my heart okay? You are at the top of my list and I would go through the celestial, human and this real if something ever happened to you.”
That made you burst into tears. Your plan was to be jealous and ignore him but his words made you weak. “I love you angel. Only you.” As he said it he gave you a forehead kiss. “If you want you can come sleep in my room tonight, would that be okay with you?” You just nodded and he carried you to his room
For hours you just laid in his arms as he gave you forehead kisses and told you how gorgeous and perfect you are. It felt safe in his arms and after a while you both fell asleep
“I thought I was the jealous one”
“Oooooh someone is jealous” he used a teasing tone and poked your face thinking it was funny, but the moment you pushed his hand away and walked to the bathroom slamming the door behind you he froze. You never acted like that unless something was really bothering you
He knocked on the door gently leaning against it a bit “Oi I was just messing around-“ you cut him off in the middle of the sentence “GO AWAY!” It shut him up instantly and he just dropped next to the door in defeat waiting for you to get out
While you were in the bathroom you didn’t get sad you were just angry. Not at him but at yourself because of the way you reacted when he was just being himself. After what seemed like hours but was actually around 15-30 minutes, you opened the door and saw him asleep next to it
You gently nudged him until he woke up and when he did you saw that his eyes were slightly red and his nose a bit stuffy “I’m sorry for overreacting baby” taking his face in your hands you wiped a tear that fell after he woke up “n-no I should be-“ you shut him up with a kiss
After you both talk about why today was different and he told you that if it bothers you he won’t see them again. You smiled at his determination “Baby you can hang out with them just don’t ignore me the whole day.. okay?” He just nodded but for a while he just clung onto you like a toddler but you didn’t mind. Honestly he is just a very sweet needy demon that loves you with all his heart
It was as if he was looking in the mirror. He knew what being jealous was like and it was exactly this. Your pouty face did make you super cute which made him a little bit of a mess
He went behind you and scooped you in his arms “I know exactly what you are feeling my player two, it’s my specialty” he put his head on your shoulder “the only place I actually feel like I can truly be myself is with you” you smiled at how much he has opened up since the first time you saw him, making you feel bad that you’re acting like this. “I-I know you’re just friends but i missed you today… a lot”
You nuzzled into him hiding your face in his shirt. Although your voice was muffled he knew your intentions were pure. Even if you were jealous he didn’t mind it, he knew all to well what you were going through
That night you stayed in his room curled up together and from now on he made sure to always have you next to him whenever that other demon can around
He was doing everything he wanted someone to do whenever he got jealous. For the first time he got some confidence to show you affection in front of others even if it made him flustered. Sometimes it would seem as if he was overprotective from the view of other demons but you didn’t mind. He always made sure you felt special and safe while you were with him
After a while of hearing that rare laugh of his which only came after successfully pranking Lucifer he calmed down and saw the look on your face. Pure jealousy was written all over your face as you looked up at him. While he looked down at you an amused look in his eyes appeared as you finally spoke up “what.” You furrowed your eyebrows and stared back at him
Soon after, he picked you up and placed you on your desk putting his arms on each side of you “I might like you getting all jealous like this but believe me when I tell you you’re the only one I have any interest in” he placed his forehead on yours and closed his eyes
You put your arms around his torso drawing him in for a hug “I needed to hear that, thank you” you felt him smirk after you said it. “I mean i would be the stupidest man in the three realms if I let you go and went after some random lower demon.” You smiled knowing he was telling the truth
“If someone even dared to get in the way and tried taking you away from me I would make sure the whole devildom turned upside down” he lifted your head by the chin making you look at him “I’ll never let anyone get in between us again” he kissed you softly and carried you to bed
You cuddled through the night, his grip on you never loosening. The next day he made sure to talk to the lower demon that got in between the two of you. As much as he wanted he didn’t handle the situation with rage. He didn’t make a mess out of things but from that moment on you were always on his side and he made sure to show you off as his
He laughed so much he started crying. He put his arms around your waist while you were laying down burying his face in your stomach. “Oh darling even when I’m flirting with others you don’t get this jealous” He kept laughing as you sat there with your arms crossed
“Even if you’re face gets cute when you’re jealous I would prefer if we could cuddle right now I’ve missed you today” you placed your hand on his head and started playing with his hair “It just seems like you like them a lot” Asmo pulled himself up and sat on top of you grabbing your face with his hands “my love you’re the only one who I’m actually interested in being more than just a random hookup”
You knew how much those words actually meant and you finally felt at peace. He nuzzled his face in your neck giving you soft kisses which tickled you and he knew it. When you pushed him away he just smirked and acted like he didn’t know what was wrong but you liked it. After he just laid on your chest “I mean if you wanted we could try to be a thruple” he wiggled his eyebrows and you swatted his arm which made him fake sob
You fell asleep with him laying on your chest, his arms around you. When it was time to meet up with the other demon he just waved them off and took your hand in his dragging you with him wherever he went for the rest of the day
You knew he was just being nice like he always is but this day it just made you really jealous for some reason
He laughed softly thinking you were joking about it but when he realised that you were actually jealous and that it bothered you he got that look on his face like a lost puppy. While he was sitting on the edge of the bed he kept fiddling with his hands staring at the carpet trying to find the right words to say to you
Your heart broke seeing him like that and you sat next to him putting one hand on his back and moving it in circles in a way to comfort him. “I’m sorry for making you feel bad..” he finally spoke his voice barely audible “No no baby! Look at me” he slowly turned his head towards you looking up at you with big sad eyes “I just overreacted, don’t be sad! I hate it when you get sad” you grabbed his face and kissed his nose
Quickly he took you in his arms hugging you so tight “I love only you MC you don’t have to get jealous! You and Belphie are the most important people to me” he buried his face in your shoulder mumbling the rest of the sentence. You put his hand on his soft hair telling him that it’s okay
Soon he just quickly moved out of your room and you thought you did something wrong but after a moment he turned back with some snacks and gave them to you. You smiled and offered to share them with him which brought him back to his old happy self
The next day he waited patiently in front of your door so you can go to breakfast. When you were both finished he took your hand and walked with you all the way to school. When the other demon came by and grabbed him by the arm he gently removed their arm and said how there should be some boundaries and it actually went well. You ended up all hanging out together but Beel always made sure everything was okay with you
When he had his laugh he tried to crawl onto the bed for your daily cuddles but when you pushed him off he just stood there looking offended “it’s our cuddle time.” He just looked at you his eyebrows furrowed. “Go cuddle with that other demon since you appear to like them so much” he thought for a second and finally spoke up “Fine.” He turned around and left the room
For a moment you just sat there looking at the closed door with a blank expression on your face. When it was around midnight you walked out of your room with a blanket and headed straight to the attic. The moment you got there you climbed into bed next to him and put your arms around him “you’re mean” he turned around slowly with a smirk on his face “Mmm I just knew you wouldn’t miss out on your daily cuddle time”
After seeing him looking so smug you started to get up but his arms quickly took you back in and made you the little spoon. He put his head on top of yours “Little moon, you don’t have to be jealous, you’re the only one I hold so close” you smiled to yourself and turned around to face him “good!” You gave him a quick kiss and you both fell asleep in each other’s arms
From then on he became so clingy on purpose a part to teach you a lesson and embarrass you and the other part because he really did enjoy spending time by being so close with you
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xgryffinwhore · a year ago
richie smut with innocent reader(thigh riding, praise kink) also ur SUCH A GREAT WRITER pls write a book
YOURE THE SWEETEST much love to you!
lady & the tramp
Tumblr media
summary: richies girlfriend is perfect, a little too perfect
warnings : smut!, thigh riding, praise, dom richie, classic richie shenanigans
word count: 2.3k
when dark meets light, they collide and become one. almost like ying and yang; except its richie toizer and y/n l/n. it really shouldn’t be as perfect as it is, but hey, it just was.
richie trash mouth toizer, the infamous shit-talking-clown-slapping-daddy-long-leg-looking-son-of-a-gun. pretty sure he wasn’t allowed at least 50 feet from a church. he was quite the character; as his teachers describe him.
and y/n l/n, makes a toy bunny look malicious. probably the most pure thing on this god forsaken earth. practically considered a cherub in the eyes of anyone who ever made contact with her.
richie seriously didn’t mean to fall this hard for you, he honestly didn’t. it started as a joke.
“i can get any girl i want stan, so shut it”
“ok... how about y/n? mission impossible toizer”
“you’ll see stan, she’s be on her knees by the end of the week”
it kind of turned out to be the opposite, he was basically on the floor by friday, begging you to go out with him just once.
of course you thought richie was cute, but given that you never had a boyfriend before, you didn’t think he should be the first. bev said he would corrupt you, that he would turn you into someone you're not.
you tried to stay away from him, his coarse attempts at flirting soon turning desperate by week two. you let him beg you for almost a month until you agreed to get him buy you dinner.
after that though, it’s almost like you were tethered at the hip. richie moves, you move. he did the exact opposite of what bev said he would; he protected you, well he tried.
he took several beatings from henry bowers in your name; he let you ride his back when the ground was wet so that your perfectly white tennis shoes wouldn’t face a fault, he even picked up extra shifts at the arcade so that he had enough gas money to take you to the board walk a few towns over.
he was head over heels, completely infatuated. there wasn’t one thing about you that wasn’t admirable. you were kind, selfless, brave, and in times of need you were strong. it was a plus you were absolutely gorgeous.
the losers didn’t understand the chemistry, but it was nice to see him actually be a gentleman for once. so in love that he didn’t care when his friends caught him staring at you, so in love he had to tell you at least every five minutes. you made him slightly more bearable.
as you sit on his lap on a late october evening, in the clubhouse you had all made a few years back; the losers soon became more curious about what exactly this relationship entailed.
bill and stan weren’t stupid, you two had been dating for almost a year, and richie can’t hold out long. richie is the horniest person on the planet, he crowned himself this once puberty had begun, and the fact hasn’t changed.
it was impossible for them to imagine you putting out though, you still had stuffed animals on your bed. the idea was intriguing,
“kay so rich, truth or dare” stan asked.
“dare” richie said, adjusting you on his lap so that your legs were more comfortable.
“you’ve picked dare the last six times” bill stated, stan and him sharing a murky glance. richie rolled his eyes and sat back on the palms of his hands “fine, then truth.”
“have you two, done it?” you let out a gasp, richies hand covers your mouth. “how could you even say that” he spat.
“c-cmon richie, it’s j-j-just a question” bill poked, trying to figure out from your facial expression if it was genuine shock or just you trying to mislead them. he lets out a laugh, out of a nervous habit, all eyes were on you two.
confession time: maybe richie changed you a bit. understatement, he turned you into a sex-crazed bastard. it started off accidentally, he caught you in the act.
you thought he had left, you two had spent the whole night in your room listening to vinyl. there was something about the way his jawline and his columned throat looked while he was laying on your bed. you could barely control yourself.
you had pleasured yourself before, not a lot but a few times. usually, only because your body basically made you, the feelings pent up in your womenhood was just too much to handle sometimes.
but this time it was 100% caused by the thought of richie, as soon as you waved him goodbye, you ran into your room, striped off your sweater, and stuck a hand down your spandex shorts. moaning into your other hand cursed and segments of his name.
“fuck rich, i’m such a good girl for you
i’m your little fuck toy
oh richie
i’m your dirty slut”
“my WHAT!?”
that was the first night richie had heard you curse, it was the first night he heard your sweet intoxicating moans, and it was the first night he got a taste of what was his.
he showed you a completely different world, introducing you to bondage, s&m, dom & sub. it wasn’t serious kink, but he opened your eyes to sex that is more fun then just penetration.
you were pretty good at hiding it, considering you were, you. no one would ever expect you to be interested in any activity involving sex.
“r-richie?” bill asked again, richie opened his mouth, and spat out the most simple phrase.
your hand made contact with his cheek in light speed, everyone beginning to bombard the both of you with questions.
“how many times?”
“is it big y/n?”
you were pissed, you stood up and began climbed up the latter like your life depended on it. running through the woods at night was challenging, but all you cared about was getting far away from everyone else.
it was mortifying, all of your friends, who had pictured you to be the most perfect girl, now thinking you’re a whore. you were kind of, but only richies. not the point.
you could definitely hear him catching up with you, damn those lanky legs. you ran for about ten minutes, the anger you felt fueling your journey. you stopped at his car, hitting your first against the windshield.
“careful, you might actually break it toots” you slapped him again. well deserve d, it’s oddly satisfying hearing the boy who cant never never seem to shut up, finally stop talking.
“you’re an asshole richie toizer. a moron, if you will” he was ready to be reprimanded, he was used to this after you had caught him doing something less then himself.
“i can’t believe you, their perception of me is ruined” “their perception of you doesn’t matter” he countered. you sat on the hood of your car, he walked up and racked his finger through your hair.
you rolled your eyes, the feeling of his fingers usually soothing, felt irritating. he briskly grabbed your chin and forced you to look at him. “what the fuck was that?” richie bite.
one thing about richie, he can’t stand when you have an attitude. the first three months you were dating, you two had never gotten in a real fight, but one day something really set him off. you’re the sweetest girl in town, but you have one of the worst attitudes when it comes down to it.
richie had been at the arcade all day on his day off. he works there about five days a week from 3 in the afternoon to 9 at night. it’s hard to make plans with him during the school year when that’s his schedule, so when he goes to his place of work on one of the few days he has off, you obviously had something to say about it.
he had been playing donkey kong for about two hours now, you stood next to him while he played for ‘moral support.’ but it was alan it as if you weren’t there, he was talking to the stupid game for then he was talking to you. you spent your saturday standing in a humid video game center next to a boy who didn’t even know you were there. it was around 6 at night once he had finished, you both walked out, one of you looking like they won a million dollars and the other you looking like you had just watched a three hour long foreign film with no subtitles.
“such a great day doll, yeah?” richie chewed, the candy particles spewing out of his mouth. you crossed your arms and trudged down the street next to him “sure, for you rich” you pouted. richie put his arm around you but you swept from his appendage. his brows for rowed, this new attitude you had was not to his liking.
“i should stop callin you doll because you’re really not actin like one” he murmured. he tired to find some kind of expression on your face but you just rolled your eyes. something struck his blood hot when you did that, it aggravated him to be treated with that kind of disrespect. he pulled you by your collar against the wall, not harshly but enough to where you felt intimidated.
“i don’t like that sweetheart” he took a finger and neatened the whispy hairs that cling to your face “i don’t like that at all.”
and from then on, you rolling your eyes got a rise out of him. you used it whenever you wanted some sexual gratification, hes ok figured that out after the fourth or fifth time you did it(you would giggle and tease him when he’d get mad because you’re a brat dnsnjks-)
you felt your face run flush as you remembered what action you had just let slip. honestly, you were just annoyed at him you didn’t mean it like that.
“n-no i-“ richie pulled you in close, you were on his leg and could feel his bulge grow against your outter leg. you let your mouth hang open as you stumbled on your words “um- i- i didn’t mean for this to...” you trailed off, looking back up into his dark eyes.
you loved how he changed once sex was in the picture. he always treated you so carefully and with so much respect; during sex he was definitely the opposite. he loved treating you like his toy, calling you filthy things and tossing you around. not to menthol his whole demeanor became devilish. his pupils blew out his doe eyes, and you became so much more aware of how big his hands were and how tall he was.
you bit back a whisper as his hands came costing along your body; which was looking very small compared to his. “richie were in the middle of the woods, anyone could hear us”
“so?” he dared. you began to unzip his pants, when he grabbed your wrists and held them above your head.
“nope, not going to be so easy today” he shook his head. he kissed you like we wanted you to come back for more, but he pulled away too soon.
“you’ve been very mean today baby, so here’s what’s going to happen” his arm hung high above your head, and his grasp was almost impossible to get out of. “you’re going to give me something pretty to look at, something real pretty.”
he hiked up the dress you were wearing, it was short. probably the nicest sun dress you had; it was light pink with baby blue flowers, the sleeves were cuffed and frilled and it hugged your waste and flowed perfectly.
he began rubbing your clit gently against your thin panties, a wet spot forming. little moans drew from your lips as you threw back your head and moved your hips ever so slightly. he smirked as he ceased all action, your eyes opening and snapping at him.
"you just havent earned it yet, baby" he cooed, he moved his hand to his bulge and rubbed it. you went to move your hands that were still over your head to help him, but his grip tightened.
"if you want to cum, you have to work for it" he stated, looking down at your helpless figure. it took you a minute to understand what he was getting at but once you did; you began rutting on his clothed thigh.
he watched as your hips bucked against his khaki shorts, your beautiful clothed womanhood dragging against his lucky, lucky leg. your abdomen and hips became tired, riding his leg was too much work to do alone.
"richie- please- i want to cu-oh fuck! wanna cum so bad"
"but you need help dont you doll, you need me, little y/n needs her richie to help her cum" he teased, you bit your lip and nodded as he placed both of his hands on your hips.
he guided you over his leg with ease, almost as if you were light as a feather. he admired your face filled with pleasure, your lip plump from biting it, your cheeks rosy, your hair mused. you where an angel in his eyes, his angel.
the whimpers and moans you made audible where heaven, it filled his ego to the brim. "whos making you feel this good, huh toots?" "you are richie -ohaghh- you are." you felt your core began to unravel, with each lap making you become undone.
"fuck richie please let me cum"
"only if you say my name"
"richie" you mewled.
"louder" he demanded.
"richie" you croaked, your voice breaking from the friction
"cant hear you sweetheart"
"oh- richie!"
the sensation took you over in a bliss that was earth shattering. he watched you climax, your eyes glued shut and our mouth in an 'o' that looked absolutely breathtaking.
"holy" eddie started
"s-shit" bill ended.
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unfoundhoney · a year ago
a sister’s sacrifice ; part three ↠
Tumblr media
↠ platonic!c!sleepy bois inc x fem!reader , platonic!c!tubbo x fem!reader ; angst just angst
↠ masterlist
↠ part one ; part two ; part three ;
↠ @leafyturtle @basheverythingyesterday @terribletoothbat @bestioe @junoblad3 @machiebach @ok-honey
Tumblr media
when considering the deaths of the people on the dream smp server, yours is the hardest
schlatt was detested by all when he’d died
few people still truly cared for wilbur when he met his end; the man he once was was long gone by then
but you
you never changed
you were a constant for so many & immovably kind to the rest
selfless, giving, caring
even when you just wanted an escape, you came to the aid of your brothers
you gave the ultimate sacrifice & paid the price
everyone mourns you
when the battle is won & dream locked away indefinitely
once everyone has come down from the high of freeing themselves from dream’s reign, the server goes into a state of grieving
there’s no denying your death
they all saw the message in chat
you’re dead
those that were close to you took it hard
niki was narrowly stopped from burning down the bakery you encouraged her to open and helped build
eret put her emotions into work on a memorial in their museum for you
even under the egg’s control, bad & ant put the eggpire aside for you
of course, those who took it the hardest is your family
when ghostbur learns of your death, he’s distraught
he doesn’t quite know how to handle the information
he protects your home & only allows people to enter when he supervises them
tommy took a while to move past his anger & deal with the fact that you’re gone
tubbo ran off to start snowchester
he chose to distract himself rather than truly process his emotions, even if you’d always done your best to break that habit of his
now that you’re not around, who’s to stop him from letting himself be numb to it all?
techno is another one of your family members who chose to barely acknowledge your passing
he became somehow more monotonous & emotionless
and phil
there’s no word for a parent who loses a child
wilbur was gone & of course it messed phil up to be the one to take will’s last life but by that point his son was gone
but you
you’d always been such a genuinely good person
phil did so little for you as a father
he was so absent
he never apologized to you for that
he never told you how much he loves & appreciates you & everything you’ve done to keep their family together when he couldn’t be bothered
it’s a few hours after he received the news from ranboo that all the guilt for everything he had ever put you through hit him
he broke down in his kitchen while trying to distract himself by organizing his cupboards
but all he could think about was you
you & your never ending kindness & compassion
he was never a father to you
yet you never hated him
why couldn’t you have hated him?
it would hurt less to lose you if you hated him; it’s what he deserves
he’s unworthy of your love
but he can only dwell so long on you
you are given a proper funeral
you’re buried by the seashore, somewhere between l’manberg and tommy’s abandoned vacation homes in an open field
the sever members plant so many flowers, your gravesite becomes a flower field
but soon, life goes on
it will only hurt for longer to draw out the mourning period
it would do no good for anyone
besides, you wouldn’t want the server to be sad for your sake
techno supposes it’s for the best that you died
he does his best to move on, filling his days with resource gathering and upgrading his tools, weapons, and armor while trying to think through his emotions logically
as much as he liked you
as much as everyone liked you, you were too good
you were the best of them
fate is not kind to heroes
technoblade is not an easy man to sneak up on, let alone scare
the greeting itself isn’t want startles him
it’s turning toward the voice to lock eyes with you
you who is dead
techno is not proud of the sound he made when he saw you but you of all people wouldn’t make fun of him for it
he just stares at you, slowly realizing what’s happened
you look desaturated, the color drained from your clothes
your skin is grey & almost translucent
you’re a ghost
“hello! who are you?”
techno tells no on one of your ghost form
he even keeps the rest of the server a secret from you
he leads you to your old home & leaves you there w/ ghostbur
he hopes your and ghostbur’s combined amnesia will keep you out of harm’s way i.e. the rest of the server
he visits you occasionally but mostly leaves you be
you live happily with ghostbur for a while
he is very glad to have you back
his memory is nearly as bad as yours, so the story of the server & what happened to you when you were alive is only given to you in bits & pieces that are near impossible to fit together
it was only a matter of time before someone came to visit your house
it’s tubbo who finds you first
or he finds your ghost
(tubbo) y/n! oh my god! you’re a ghost! you’ve come back!
(you) hello! *whispers* ghostbur, who is this?
(ghostbur, whispering obviously) that’s tubbo, one of your other brothers i’ve told you about
(you, whispering) oh, right
(tubbo) how long have you- oh, this is incredible! i have to tell tommy! he’s been so sad since you died; he’ll be so glad to see you!
tubbo messages tommy, who is skeptical but reluctantly comes to your house anyway
but there you are
your ghost anyway
which is good enough, honestly
(tommy) y/n!
you catch him in a hug easily, even if you’ve never met him before
(tommy) you’re alive!
(you) no i’m not. i’m a ghost!
techno happens to check in on you when tubbo & tommy are there
bad news for technoblade: you’d told them about techno leading you here
meaning: tommy knows techno hid you from him & everyone else
needless to say, he is not too happy about that
(tommy) you hid her! you kept her away from us!
(techno) tommy, you have to understand-
(tommy) i don’t have to understand shit! you hid her from us! you lied to us!
(techno) tommy-
(tommy) you kept her from everyone! you’re selfish and you’re a liar and you’re horrible and-
(techno) i did it to protect her! she’s been hurt enough protecting others; it’s our turn to protect her. the only way we can do that is by leaving her alone
(tommy) she’s my sister
(techno) your sister is dead, tommy. for once in her life, let her have peace
tommy gives up on techno & goes to you instead
(tommy) y/n! y/n, we can bring you back. we can revive you. well, dream can revive you but he’s in prison so he has to do what we say so we can bring you back. we can be a family again. don’t you want to come back?
(you) ...no
that isn’t what tommy was expecting
(tommy) what?
(you) if alive y/n comes back, i won’t exist anymore. and i’ve only just got here. i don’t want to go yet
(tommy) don’t you understand how much y/n means to me? y/n has to come back. she has to. she’s so important. not just to me but to, um... tubbo as well! right, tubbo? don’t you want y/n back?
tommy looks to tubbo for some backup but the shorter boy looks away
(tubbo) i think we need to let y/n go, tommy
the betrayal that fills tommy’s chest is soon gone as he locks eyes with techno
tommy knows techno is right
you’re too much of a good person
you’re too willing to sacrifice yourself for others
even as a ghost your kindness is blinding
this server will only drain you of everything you have yet again
he will drain you of everything you are
he’s just tried to convince you to cease to exist to bring back the former version of yourself
(you) i’m sorry. it’s just- i’ve heard there are these really pretty blue flowers in the swamp biome that i haven’t got to see yet-
(tommy) no. it’s fine. i’m sorry. i-... i should go.
tommy leaves your house & tubbo goes with him
even if tubbo caught on a bit sooner to techno’s reasoning, he’s still concerned at his friend’s sudden change in character
(tubbo) tommy... are you alright?
(tommy) ...i really want her back
(tubbo) i do, too. but she’s gone
(tommy) she doesn’t have to be
tubbo can’t argue with that
(tommy) but... maybe it’s for the best
(tubbo) really?
(tommy) yeah.
(tubbo) but just earlier you were telling me about your plan to get the revive book from dream
(tommy) techno’s right, tubbo. all everyone- myself included- has ever done to y/n is take. and she’s given everything
(tubbo) because she loved us
(tommy) as much as she loved us and as much as we loved her... the only thing we’ve ever brought her is pain. i think now... now is her time to rest.
(tubbo) ...that’s very pog champ of you, big man
tommy had planned to visit dream as many times as it took to get the revive book location off of him so he could revive you, but now he’s accepted that he needs to move on
he needs to move on from you & dream & everything dream has put him through
he decides to pay one last visit to dream, put him behind him, & never look back
he’s ready to start a new chapter in his life, one without dream
and the first one without you
but then he’s locked in the prison
two weeks pass
nearing three weeks & tommy still isn’t allowed out of dream’s cell
he’s irritated and annoyed and most of all he’s scared
but he can’t let dream know he’s still afraid of him, that’s why he pisses dream off enough to the point of being beat to death
tommy begs him to stop
but then he’s gone
everything is dark
is this what death is?
conscious in absolute nothingness?
tommy’s feet feel the ground beneath him
his senses come back to him
it’s still dark but he feels as though he can see again
where is he?
no, probably hell
or maybe neither?
what the hell happened?
the first thing to break the silence is the voice tommy has known since he was an infant
the voice of the person who raised him
the voice of the person who has always been there for him
the voice of the person who he has finally let go of
your voice
saying one simple word
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iovchlde · a year ago
hi!! may i request some reverse comfort headcanons for diluc, kaeya, childe, and xiao? maybe about relationship insecurity or something of that sort??
relationship flaws and insecurities.
no one is perfect— so what exactly are their flaws in a relationship? and what do they feel most conscious of in a relationship?
featuring diluc, kaeya, childe, xiao
Tumblr media
he feels that he might scare you off with his overprotectiveness. he’s already lost someone before, and he doesn’t think he can handle losing you either.
it’s not that he wants to control your life— in fact, he wants you to live it to its full extent. but there’s always that small worry, an annoying voice, in the back of his head that reminds him that the wilderness of teyvat is dangerous.
subconsciously, he may find himself interrogating you if you plan on leaving the house early in the morning, or late at night. there’ll be times where small quarrels stem from this, and inevitably it can get heated sometimes.
if you walk out on him for more hours than what feels comfortable, to cool off, he might start to think if you’ve left him for good.
diluc’s sitting at the edge of the bed, and there’s a consistent tapping on the floor as he anxiously drums his foot against it. it’s way past his assigned time to sleep, knowing he has to be up early to run his business. he doesn’t have half the mind to check what time it is, at least, not right now. all he can think about is that you’ve been gone for way too long.
he expects this from the two of you, especially after a heated argument. you two take the time away from one another to cool off and collect your thoughts, but this? this is just outrageous. if he were to give an estimate for how long you’d been gone— it would be two hours longer than you’d typically be gone for. and this just feeds into his worries from earlier, about your well-being.
the whole fight was about you and your safety after all. you would tell him that you’re fully capable of looking out for yourself; he’d say that he has enemies who may come after you; it goes back-and-forth. sensing that the argument was getting nowhere, you took it upon yourself to see yourself out first. “let’s just,” you pinch the bridge of your nose. “let’s just take time to cool off for a bit, shall we?”
“it’s been longer than a bit,” he mutters to himself.
he’s snapped out his thoughts as he hears the bedroom doors open slowly. you peek your head in, just to make eye contact with diluc. you two freeze, simply caught off-guard in the moment. he notes how your hair is a mess— it sticks out in certain areas, and obviously has not been brushed down— and you look a bit rugged. “hey,” you mutter sheepishly.
he wonders if he should ask you where you’ve been, but he holds his tongue. “are you okay?” diluc asks instead, and there’s a certain tenderness in his voice as he addresses you. “you look a bit... rough.”
you snort, throwing a feign hand of offense over your chest, at his words. “gee, thanks. nice to know i’m looking very appealing right now.” you joke. he stares at you, but you can see the faint smile on his lips at the way you’re joking around already. it’s good to know that you two are still okay. “but to answer your question, yes. i simply tripped over a pebble— it was so dark out and my foot got caught. who would’ve known that a pebble would be the one to take me down.”
he laughs at this, and you feel the tension from the argument completely lift.
Tumblr media
he’ll often wonder if you’re slowly becoming untrusting of him. he’s generally reserved, and quite mysterious— and it could easily be read in the wrong way.
kaeya knows that a relationship is all about communication and trust, well, for it to be healthy at least. and for the most part, he’s pretty open with you.
but there’s still certain aspects of his life that keeps in the dark from you. from his unknown past, to the business he does out of the knight of favonius— he likes that you look up to him as a respectable knight.
sometimes, you’ll ask him why he has duties to attend to at the dead of night, to which he reassuringly tells you that he’s simply off to bother diluc at the tavern. but he knows you’re catching on— diluc hasn’t seen him in the tavern for quite a bit.
“i know you haven’t been at the tavern.” you finally speak up, and you keep your eyes trained on the plate of food in front of you. you dig at the food, poking it around with your utensils— anything to keep your mind off of the fact that your heart is slightly racing right now. you don’t mean to be confrontational, but to be frank, you’re fed up that kaeya hasn’t been honest with you. “you can say that it came as a surprise to me when diluc said you hadn’t been there for a while now.”
“i guess it was only a matter of time before you’d ask diluc about me, and my whereabouts.” he sighs. he’s leaned into his chair by now, and he’s looking at you. your lips are locked into a tight line, a little peeved at the way he still talks so smoothly, and treats this so casually. as if he weren’t taking this seriously, and that this was just some other conversation to him. “i’m simply handling nightly duties.”
your grip becomes slightly tighter around your utensils, and he notices; your knuckles are turning slightly white, and your breathing is slightly out of pace. there’s a small change in his expression, and you can see the way his eyes narrow slightly.
“does it hurt to be honest to me about these things?” you ask him, genuinely hurt at the way it feels like he doesn’t trust you enough. “as your significant other, i guess i’d expected you to be more open to me. i’ve already told you countless times that no matter what, i’ll stick around— and even right now, i mean those words.”
once i tell, there’s no going back, is what he wishes to say. that it’ll be hard to look at someone the same way you’ve done before. “look,” he says as he sighs. kaeya wracks his mind for a way to respond— in a way where he wouldn’t be lying, but he wouldn’t subject you to danger either. “these matters, my nightly duties if you will, are matters between the abyss order and i. i’m afraid that if i tell you anything more about what goes on, you’ll become a target as well. too much knowledge can be harmful.”
“and you couldn’t just tell me that from the get-go?” it’s a fair point, and he throws you an apologetic look from across the table. “i understand, okay? just,” you swipe a hand through your hair. “no more secrets. i don’t think i’ll be as understanding if there’s a next time.”
“of course, my love.”
Tumblr media
he fears that one day, he’ll come home and you won’t be there anymore; his involvement with the fatui doesn’t make it any better.
the fatui is known for... it’s notorious deeds, to put it lightly. he had warned you beforehand, that dating a fatui harbinger will be exhausting. mentally, that is.
he’s bloodthirsty and thrill-seeking— it’s his nature. but he knows you don’t agree with the brutal ways the fatui handles their business, and he tries his best to take your mind off of it.
but it’s hard to ignore the words that circulate around liyue about certain things that he’s been up to. childe wonders that if you’ll get fed up one day, and just leave him.
there’s always a small amount of anxiety that bubbles up within childe whenever he approaches the doors of your shared bedroom. there’s that slightly irrational fear that he’ll walk in, and the room will be empty; you won’t be beneath the sheets in deep sleep, and your small breaths wouldn’t fill the room. his hand is hovering over the doorknob, and he almost laughs. a man like him, who stares death in its eyes, too afraid to open the door in fear that he’ll see something he doesn’t like.
childe gathers the courage to twist the knob, and the door creaks softly as he pushes it open. he pauses halfway, the fear taking over him for a second, but pushes through. he lets out an audible breath of relief— seeing you alive and well in front of him, and the comforts of just seeing that. his shoulders slack visibly at the confirmation, and he allows himself to enter the room.
he strips himself of clothes that he’s worn outside, changing into ones more fitting for bed. he’d jump straight into your arms if he could— but he knows that even in a sleepy state, you would still scold him.
he stalks towards the bed after doing the necessities. you stir at the way the bed dips beside you, feeling a pair of strong arms wrap around you. “childe?” you mutter. your voice is laced with sleepiness having just awoken, and you’re rubbing at your eyes as you turn to face him. it takes a second for your brain to start functioning, and you blurt out the first word that comes to mind. “hi.”
“hi to you too,” he mirrors, a small smile gracing his lips. your eyes are barely open as you glance at him, and your words are slightly slurred— but despite that, he truly thinks he’s the luckiest man in the world that he has someone as good as you. someone who sticks around, despite his affiliation. “i’ve missed you a lot, y’know.” he says.
“i missed you more,” you challenge, even in your sleep driven state.
he chuckles at you, before pressing a small kiss to your nose. “sure, sure. let’s fight about who misses each other more in the morning, okay?”
Tumblr media
he’ll often doubt why you’re with him— and wonder if there’ll ever be a day where you run out of patience with him.
he’s getting better with affection, and he’s not finding it as weird as he had before. he doesn’t initiate things, still too embarrassed about the last time he failed to hug you. he wants things to be intimate, but there are still times where he flinches if you touch his hand or hug him, after forgetting to give him a heads up.
you always smile at him, and tell him that you care for his comfort the most. he can see the pain behind your smile though— almost a year of dating and he still hasn’t warmed up to you.
xiao still doesn’t fully understand the logic and need behind affection. but what he does know is that humans seek affection. they are social beings after all. knowing that, he worries that you’ll eventually want someone else who can give you the affection that you deserve.
“i’m sorry,” xiao apologizes in a panic. he was so thrown off-guard and so deep in his thought, that when you’d given him a back hug, he had reacted more violently than intended. thus, he had instinctively pushed you off his shoulder. it was hard to miss the flash of hurt in your eyes as you stumbled back, a little baffled, not expecting xiao to react in a such a way. “i... i apologize for that, y/n.”
it’s easy to notice the literal distance between you two and he reaches out for you, to which he stops himself midway. there’s just something that feels so wrong about touching you right now, especially after he’d just shoved you— it doesn’t feel right. even to now, he’s still scared of touching you. he finds himself getting frustrated at the way that he just can’t wrap his head around doing things in a romantic aspect. even he’s running out of patience with himself, so why do you still have so much?
you notice the way his hand stops, and you can see the countless of emotions within his eyes as he stares at his hands. there’s little glimpses of worry, of self-doubt, and you can tell right now that he’s being critical of himself. you don’t blame him for reacting that way, now that you look back on it in hindsight. anyone would’ve reacted like that as a form of self-defense.
“it’s alright, xiao, it really is.” you reassure him. “don’t be too harsh on yourself, okay? i said we’d take it as slow as we have to, and i plan on keeping my word for that. now... may i?” you gesture to his outstretched hand. he gives you a blank look at first, but nods slowly.
you take his hands in yours— you take your time to link your fingers, intertwining them and appreciating the way they mold together perfectly. you let him feel the way you draw soothing circles on the back of his hand. it’s such a simple action, but it flows with intimacy, and it has a weird feeling erupting in his stomach. (butterflies, he recalls you telling him.)
“see this?” you raise your linked hands. “if this is what you’re comfortable with at the moment, then i’m more than willing to hold hands for as long as you want.”
he wonders if you’ll grow impatient with him— but for now, he’s reassured you’ll stick around.
Tumblr media
author’s note.
i’ve put this off for so long, and i intended on keeping it short— but then i felt bad and so i decided to indulge just a little
Tumblr media
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poetsins · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
SC: satoru’s crush surprises him!
— ✿ reblogs and cmmts are appreciated!
ㅤㅤ⤷ genre/mentions: humor/fluff
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ★ 五条悟 | satoru gojo
gojo has a crush whose on the quiet side, unsure gojo doesn’t know how they feel about him until their sudden confession! how will he react to it?
"the satoru gojo thinks i’m strong?" you questioned, obliviously not impressed by satoru’s words. "do you expect me to say something more, doll?" he replied in a teasing tune. "no, just not really amused. especially coming from someone who praises himself only." satoru had followed you around after you finally completed a mission and still had no intentions of leaving you alone for the rest of the evening.
"well that’s because i am, does it annoy you? i hope it gets under your skin~" satoru was only a boy, whom was treated to be a weapon for the techniques he inherited. all was given to him, people fawning over him and considered to be the strongest sorcerer. it was what expected of him since his youth, nothing more and nothing less. he had to live up to those expectations. he needed to be strong or his weakness would be the cause of his downfall.
but under the personality, the teasing and ignorance. it was much more, you could feel he was dreading with putting up the persona just the way his body language was around you. like he was letting a part of himself being seen when he was with you. "to be honest, it doesn’t. you’re just really good at hiding your emotions more than me." which was partly true.
although, it was no lie that both you and satoru were the same people but the exact opposite. obliviously.
being more on the nonchalant side, you had a more quiet and wise attitude. you were quite known amongst your fellow peers to be kind & gentle with everyone but also.. very distant. it was hard catching your attention when you space out a bit or when you just wanted to be left alone because that was all you had known from your youth. being on your own. there was no changing that. well kinda since you had a lovestruck puppy following your footsteps, everywhere you went. (puppy!gojo)
ever since you joined jujutsu high, satoru wouldn’t leave your side until he figured you out since your mysterious energy, that was intriguing to him. unfortunately to his dismay, you never budged. you would only speak a few words to him here and there but never fully engaged on a conversation that would lead to something more.
but did that stop him? of course not. that only made him chase you more. which is why you couldn’t lay your finger on. why wasn’t he given up on you? you tried your best to make sure he didn’t grow any attachment towards you since your alone time was important but failed miserably. to-which from that day on, you started to learn more about the satoru gojo and how he helped you see him in a better light.
"i admire it actually." you confessed. "being the strongest must be tough. especially since you barely have anymore room to grow." resting your forearms the ledge of the railing as you sighed in content, watching the sunset. silence was a unfamiliar friend between the both of you but not in a bad way. satoru just couldn’t find the right words from your sudden confession, it was a first for you to ever share your genuine feelings with him.
"i suppose you have every right to brag about it but your power isn’t what i adore. i see myself being captivated by your strength, you still manage to be you especially under all that pressure by other’s burdens. surprisingly you haven’t lost yourself.. even if you’re still blissed out by your own ignorance. that crazy personality of yours, that is what i adore about you blue eyes."
"do you really mean that?" turning your attention once satoru finally spoke, you nodded to his words. "there is no reason for me to lie, gojo. plus you’ve been dying for me to confess before you did, so there wasn’t nothing for me to lose." playfully raising your eyebrow at him, he still didn’t make any teasing remarks at you. after sometime his quietness started to worry you, did you say something wrong? "playboy, are you okay? you’re usually never this quiet."
no, he wasn’t. his thoughts and feelings were running everywhere that left his body stunned. you really see him, not by his status but as him. satoru gojo. wanting someone desperately to understand him, to see his pain and worries without him having to utter a word. you read him like a book so naturally that it scared him to the core. yet, it was comforting that the warmth of your words kissed his bones.
satoru was desperate to hear more of what you thought about him. that’s what mattered to him. nothing else but you. now he was bound to you.
"what happened to blue eyes, huh? do you really like my eyes that much?" shaking your head as you begin to giggle at his words. "i don’t like them, i’m obsessed with them."
Tumblr media
all rights reserved. please do not copy, modify or repost my works and claim it as yours.
Tumblr media
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venusguks · a year ago
Unlike You
Tumblr media
pairing : jeon jungkook x fem!reader
summary : As daydreamy and romantic as you are, you decided true love was going to have to wait for you tonight. That was because tonight, you were getting laid !! ...Your best friend doesn’t make it easy for you when he finds out why, though.
warnings : smut, dom!jk, sub!reader, unprotected seggs, fluff, bsf!jk, degredation, dumbification, possessive jk, jealous jk, fun sexy times, jk is whipped for mc, oral (fem receiving), body worshipping, jimin/reader but only for a sec
Tumblr media
“A club?” Jungkook raised his brow.
He was incredulous and slightly displeased as he watched you pace around your room. It was rare after all, new to see you like this―in a black, satin dress with a slit high enough to make him upset. He didn’t need you catching anyone else’s attention, especially in a neon lit bar full of ravenous people.  “For the seventh time, yes, Kook,” You huff, jarring your mouth slightly to dab a dreamy red over your plush lips. 
You couldn’t recall the last time you felt so confident as you applied mascara and tickled a delicate pink over your cheeks. More than anyone, Jungkook couldn’t recall ever seeing you this way, this excited to be amidst a crowd of sweaty bodies. You honestly didn’t see why he was being so apprehensive, it wasn’t like you necessarily hated parties―you just always preferred the coziness of your home better. Huge social interactions were never your thing, and that was okay. Being an introvert wasn’t something to be ashamed of anyway, but staying in came with the everyday comforts of baggy sweatpants and sweaters.
So could anyone really blame you for your excitement? You just loved the way getting ready made you feel, missed it. You already knew you were beautiful with or without makeup, but damn did it make you feel confident.
“It’s just...” Jungkook furrowed his brows and ruffled his hair. “This isn’t like you, love. Did something happen? Are you okay? We can talk about it, if you want. Whatever it is, I’m here to listen you know.” 
You sighed exasperatedly at your best friend’s reflection through your vanity. His eyes were uncertain and full of concern as he watched your figure with crossed arms. “Koo, we’ve been over this so many times already. I’m nervous enough as it is, and you’re not helping at all. I want to do this, okay? It’s been awhile. Plus, I haven’t seen the others boys in so long.”
A part of you didn’t want to be annoyed at Jungkook for his incessant worrying, but it truly was hard not to sometimes. “You’re being such a fucking dick, you know that?! Can’t I just live my life without you being so fucking hysterical about it every time?! ” It was that winter a few months ago when you unleashed all your pent up frustration. Jungkook had always been overprotective, and you appreciated him for caring, but he just made it so hard for you to even breathe sometimes. It was the biggest argument you guys ever had when you started dating a boy a few years older. You ignored Jungkook’s calls and messages for weeks, but when you discovered that he cheated on you, Jungkook was the first to be by your side. You still remember the assurance and safety you felt in his arms; with his soft lips against your forehead, murmuring sweet consolations as you sobbed on his shoulder. After that day, Jungkook agreed to be less protective. 
“I just don’t get why it has to be a club. We could meet the hyungs anywhere else, baby.”
“Oh sure, maybe a strip club would do,” you said, chuckling when you see his shock. “I’m kidding, Koo.” Though that wouldn’t be such a bad idea...
Maybe you couldn’t blame him for being so appalled. You usually opted out whenever your friends went out to celebrate, which by the way, was rather often. Night after night, the few of them would call you, practically beg until they realized their efforts would end in vain. By the morning, notifications would spam your phone of their wild night; pictures and details that showcased hookups you didn’t need to know about. Now that you think about it, it was sort of ironic that you’d always grimace to the crude texts.
That was because tonight, you decided you were getting laid.
That’s right, to hell with sweet, wholesome love! If true love had to make you wait, true love would have to wait for you too! Your subscribing 48K readers have been expecting a new chapter of Spring’s Breath, an erotica series, which you’ve delayed for 2 whole months now. You didn’t exactly know when your writers block came, but by the fourth hour you stared at your blank screen, unable to come up with any other synonym for dick or thrust or moan; or how the overused dirty talk you wrote made you cringe―you realized the firecracker you had in writing erotica died out.
It was your dear friend, Hoseok, who suggested the whole ordeal. He was the only one who knew your secret, anyway. You had so much trust in him, so when he professed that maybe if you slept with someone, your spark would come back, you had truly considered it. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea. After all, no cons would come out of it. It was just odd to think about.
You have always been such a huge romantic, your literature proved it. Jungkook nor you nor anyone would anticipate you hooking up with someone just to hook up with someone. The tenderness, the connection, the intimacy... you’ve always prioritized genuine adoration over whimsical one night stands. You were an honest daydreamer, and maybe that’s why your works would always take off.
But maybe... maybe it was okay to let go once in awhile.
Tumblr media
When you mentioned Jungkook being less overprotective, you forgot to put an emphasis on less―because there he was, his hand possessively squeezing your inner thigh every time you even dared to look at a cute boy. You let out a frustrated sigh when he nuzzles his nose into your neck.
You tried not to mind it. It was just in his nature anyway―ever since kindergarten when he found you crying over your dropped ice cream. Jungkook left only to come back with another cone, rubbing your fat tears away with the palm of his sleeve. In elementary school, he peppered you with tiny kisses when you sobbed over the death of your kitten. You’ve only had him for a month, dedicated all your time to him and skipped play dates to care for your little serendipity―but just like that―he was lifeless. It was Jungkook who found him on the road. In middle school, he’d go through the enveloped confessions in your locker and rip them apart, saying you deserved better than any of them. You’ve always looked up to him througha lens of admiration. Everything he did for you, he did it out of thought and care. It was sweet.
It was times like these where you really started to mind though. 
You’ve been giggling with your friends for the past hour, catching up on every minuscule detail. You were sitting in a booth wedged in the middle of Jungkook and Hoseok, brimming with happiness to see Namjoon and Yoongi again. Its been so long, and your heart would swell to the stories you’ve missed out on.
The night was carrying on delightfully! ...except for the fact that Jungkook sent death glares to whoever even glanced at you. The countless of times you shyly returned someone’s gaze, only for them to rush away when they caught sight of your best friend left you agitated. When the boys were engaged in a conversation about a class they all shared together, you decided it was a good time to bring it up. 
Gulping a shot down, you let out a huff. “Kookie...”
“Yes, baby?” He whispered into your ear, his large hand grazing the access of your slitted dress.
“Stop it.”
“Stop what, love?” You sharply inhaled as Jungkook rubbed sensitive circles on your skin.
Immediately standing up, you squeezed yourself out of the booth. “I’m gonna go dance!” You yell through the loud music, avoiding Jungkook’s eyes, because seriously, the nerve of that man! The rest of your friends cheered, “We love to see you like this, y/n! Enjoy yourself, cutie!” Hoseok laughed when you blew a kiss to him. He made you feel so much more at ease, so much more confident. Okay, you got this! No use in sitting around. You couldn’t get anywhere tonight with Jungkook by your side, anyway.
Fluffing out your hair after you downed another shot, you strut your way into the dance floor. Your hips swayed in a rather alluring manner as you made your way into the crowd, your fingertips tracing seductive lines from your hips up to your waist, your neck and finally, into the air. The alcohol slowly took its effect as your confidence settled in, rolling your head back and moving your body fluidly to the loud music. 
Truth be told, you didn’t know what you were doing, just knew you must’ve looked good as hell doing it as you felt hands grip your waist. You gasped as a body pressed against your back, sticky with sweat.
“You’re so captivating, princess,” His dulcet voice was enough to make you weak...or was it the alcohol? Whatever the case, get your grip together y/n! It was just four words for star’s sake! 
“I, um, th-thank you...um! You too..” Your confidence from only moments ago dissolved with your voice. “So shy now, princess? How come? You were dancing so sexily just moments ago.” He chuckled lowly against your ear, nibbling it. You whimpered to his brazen touch, his hands guiding your hips with his. “Are you shy for me? Is that it? What a cute little princess you are... so beautiful, fuck.”
Annnnnnnnd you truly were fucked. You professed only hours ago that true love could wait, that you’d be a different woman tonight, yet you couldn’t help but feel bashful to the man’s praise. His voice and his nectar sweet words enough to make you feel wobbly.
“I’m Jimin. Can I know my princess’s name?” He pressed his hardened member against your ass, the silk thin fabric barely doing its job of coverage. “Ah Jimin,” you moaned breathlessly as he kissed your neck. “I...I’m-”
“―Mine,” a low, husky voice finished. Jungkook stood behind you, jaw clenched and arms crossed. The veins on his biceps protruded under the incandescent lights; His white shirt and tight, black jeans doing wonders to complement his physique. 
“Are you deaf? I said she’s mine so why the fuck are your hands still on her?” Jungkook had always been intimidating, even when he didn’t try―so in the rare times he did, even he scared you sometimes.
Much to your disappointment, Jimin immediately lets go, hands in the air, “sorry man, I didn’t know.”
“W-what? Wait, he isn’t my...!” Before you could try to reach for the pink haired man, Jungkook firmly takes your hand. “Y/n, we’re leaving.” You didn’t even have a second to feel shocked before he swiftly guides you through the ocean of bodies. Loud music reverberated with your disappointment, and by the time the night’s cold air stings your cheeks, you've processed what just happened―what you just missed. It’s when Jungkook latches your seatbelt on and drives that you feel anger simmer in your chest.
“Why did you...Why the fuck did you do that, Jungkook?” You were exasperated with your emotions. You just didn’t get it. You were finally having the time of your life, finally stepping out of your comfort zone, finally dancing with a guy who made you feel amazing―just to end up on a drive back home before anything could happen. “Seriously, what the hell is your problem? That was my..! He was..!” You groaned, too frustrated to conjure up words.
Jungkook scoffed, “what, y/n? He was what? Your soulmate or something?”
“I didn’t say that! And even if I think so, why does it matter?! I was having fun! I was having so much fun and you just..! (hiccup) I was having so much fun....” You cried into your hands. “I haven’t felt that way in so long, j-just for you to mess everything up. God, I can’t even muster up words right now. I hate you so much.”
“Love...” Jungkook finally sighed, shutting the engine off. You had cried the whole ride home. The anger he once felt diminished with your tears. “Baby, please look at me.” 
“F-fuck (hiccup) off, Jungkook.” You quickly unbuckled your seatbelt and opened the car door. Knowing him as long as you did, you knew he would take your chin to force you to look up at him―but you had enough of him for the night, and honestly, the whole week.
You were just so fucking frustrated at everything. At Jungkook for unnecessarily budging in, at your writers block, at your own sexual frustration left with Jimin. What did you have to offer your readers now? A heartbreak of a possible relationship that never happened with a shitty friend on the side?
You tuned out Jungkook shouting from behind you, striding to you complex and up the stairs.
Tumblr media
It wasn’t long after you slammed the door shut that you heard it click open again. You had forgotten Jungkook had an extra spare of your keys. “Just leave me alone, Kook.” You groaned, storming off into your room.
You kicked your heels off and stomped to your bed, taking out your frustration on your pillow where your sobs were muffled. The bed dips down when Jungkook sits beside you, silent as he caressed your hair in the way he always did to soothe your nerves.
Deciding it wasn’t enough this time, he carefully lifts you up to sit on his lap, sliding his arms around your waist to pull you into his chest. Jungkook knew you long enough to know hugs were the best remedy for you, even at your angriest moments. He knew you wouldn’t push him away.
“You jerk...” You buried your face into the crook of his neck, sniffling. “I don’t get you, Kookie. Why do you always do this?”
“I...I just wanted to protect you, baby. People have bad intentions, I didn’t want to see you end up doing something you’d regret,” His voice was gentle, brushing hair strands away from your face.
“Stars, Kook, I knew what I was doing. Whether I’d end up regretting it or not, that’s for me to sort out. I didn’t need you to ‘protect’ me. I was really enjoying myself, something I haven’t done in a long time. A-and you just..! You ruined it for me.”
Jungkook scoffed, “so you liked it then, how he was touching you? You were just going to let him fuck you?”
“Yes, Kook!” You yelled. “He could’ve fucked me in the public bathroom or in his car―in front everyone for all I care! He was hot and we were in the moment and you just interrupted! I know you care for me and I’ll always appreciate you worrying but there’s a fine line where your protectiveness should be. I’m not a kid anymore, Kook.”
Jungkook was gritting his teeth, and the two of you only glared at each other before he let out a sigh. Despite him wanting to be mad, he didn’t like making you upset. If you were going to cry because of him, he wanted it to be for an entirely different reason. 
He gently cupped your cheeks, holding your gaze with tender, sad eyes. “You know I’d do anything for you, yes? That I’ve always done anything and everything I could to help you?”
You furrowed your brows, unsure of how that related to anything, but nonetheless, you nod. “Yes, I know Kook.”
“Then why didn’t you just ask me to sleep with you, hm? If you needed help so bad, why didn’t you just ask me, baby?” You stared, dumbfounded and mouth ajar as his thumbs brushed the remnants of your tears away.
“W-What are you...?”
“Was so concerned for my baby. Hoseok got drunk and told me everything I needed to know. Did you know how hurt I was? How Hoseok knew something about you that I didn’t? Especially that you were a writer, love. I thought I was your number one, how could you keep that from me?”
“O-Of course you are, Koo! You’ll always be my number one. I just...didn’t want to tell you because it was embarrassing,” you mumbled, glancing away. Damn it Jung Hoseok! After all these years, this is when he accidentally slips it out? “Nuh uh, baby, I’m not having any of that. Look at me.”
Jungkook pressed his forehead against yours, an act you were certainly no stranger to, but nevertheless making your cheeks warm. “Not only that, you wanted to go clubbing tonight just to find a stranger to help you, is that right, baby? Wore this tiny dress just so someone could fuck you? Wanted Jimin to fuck you? Wanted to write about him fucking you in the bathroom stall?” Jungkook was speaking softly, though his words were anything but as his hands left your cheeks to trace sensuous lines up your thigh.
Your hands weakly held onto his shoulders, gasping when you felt his bulge press against your sensitive core.
“What was that you said....In his car? Wanted him to fuck you in front of everybody? Wanted to be a dirty slut just for your readers?” You didn’t know how exactly this moment came to be, but his honeyed voice brought you to a daze as you grind your hips against him. You were desperate to feel more—of anything, of him—only to let out a whine when he forcefully holds you down, burying your clothed center into his bulge. 
“I don’t think so, baby. I don’t think you deserve it,” Jungkook’s hot breath tickled your ear. You whimpered as he bit it, hands squeezing your hips. “You used to be so good for me baby, used to come to me for anything. Used to be a good little girl and depend on me. I would’ve helped you, baby. Instead, you became a dirty little slut, let another man touch you. Is that what you are now? A fucking slut?”
“N-no Kookie,” a new bundle of tears welled in your eyes at his harsh words. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, sh-should’ve, ah, went to you,” you felt your body succumb to his touch. His nose brushed your jaw, placing warm kisses all over your neck before he glided his tongue down to your collarbone. “Please forgive me, I-I’ll be a good girl for you now, p-promise.”
“Yeah? Wanna be a good girl for daddy?” Jungkook licks the base of your collarbone before sucking it. “Yes..ah, yes daddy. Gonna be so good for you.” 
“And yet you weren’t,” you cried as you felt teeth sink into your skin. “J-Jung― ah, Kookie stop! Please i-it hurts!”
“You deserve this, fucking slut. You know how much you hurt me tonight? You’re secretly just a desperate whore, aren’t you? Missed your tiny cunt getting fucked so much that you’d let a stranger do it for you, hm? Answer me, slut.”
You felt tears drip down your eyes, embarrassment washing over your face. “What? You’re not going to speak now?” You shook your head in desperation. You couldn’t. How could you? It was too shameful.
You yelped when Jungkook picked you up by your waist and turned you over so your face was smushed into a pillow. “Ass up, now. Don’t make me repeat myself.” He snarled, and you immediately obliged. Jungkook was on his knees, eyes lidded to your position as he rubbed slow circles on your bare ass. “My slut is voiceless now, hm? Begged to be daddy’s good girl but can’t even answer when I talk to you. Why are you being so disobedient tonight, baby?” It happened so fast you could barely gasp as your body lurched forward to the slap. It repulsed through your skin as your right cheek stung with a faint red.
“J-J-Jungkook, ah!” You cried as another slap came, face burying further into your pillow. “I’ll be obedient from now on! s-so please! I’m sorry, I-I’m sorry, daddy!”
Jungkook’s lips pulled to a smirk, grabbing a bundle of your hair before pulling you towards him. You whimpered and he bent down so he could see your face, tisking. “Oh, my poor baby. Did that hurt? Want to be a good little girl for daddy now?” You nodded ferociously, “p-please yes daddy! I-I’ll be so good for you. Please let me be good for you!” 
Jungkook’s dick felt constrained in his tight pants. He licked his lips to your messy, desperate state. Your eyes were red and puffy, lips just the same as heavy tears streamed down your eyes. Fuck, what Jungkook would give to fuck you senseless right then and there. But no, he needed to wait, needed to be patient. You deserved this.
“Make up your fucking mind, slut. If you want to be a good girl, then take your punishment like a good girl,” Jungkook pushed your face back into the pillow before slapping your ass once more. 
You didn’t know how long it went on, only knew the room was filled with your sobbing and the alarming sound of the contact that met your bruised skin. It hurt, it hurt so much. Your thighs were trembling and both your cheeks were a lovely shade of red and purple. But no matter how much you screamed your endless arrays of i’m sorry’s, Jungkook didn’t fail to notice how your juices soaked your underwear and spilled down your thighs
“Already making such a mess baby,” He groaned to the sight, palming himself to his creation. 
“P-please....hurts so bad...please let me l-lay down daddy, can’t hold myself much longer, please,” Jungkook adored the way you sounded for him, the way he corrupted you. You were perfect there, so perfectly powerless under him. 
“Mm, keep begging baby and maybe I’ll let you,” he unbuckled his pants and discarded them, his cock throbbing to your feeble pleads. “Please, please, p-please, please daddy... please. Hurts so bad, I-I can’t... please i-i’m a good girl. I’m a good girl for daddy. I’ll do anything please.”
“Did you learn your lesson, then?”
“Yes, I-I did, daddy!”
“You’ll be a good girl and obey daddy from now on?”
“Mhm!” You nodded vigorously, and Jungkook chuckled to your desperation. He peeled your soaked thong down, lifting your limp legs momentarily to pull it off until he set you back. You were so tired you felt your thighs give up on you right then, but before you could submit to your exhaustion, Jungkook lifted your ass up higher, arching your back deeper with one hand.
“Mm I don’t think so baby. Obey daddy and keep your ass up like a good little girl.” A gasp left your quivering lips when you felt Jungkook’s breath on your throbbing core.
“You smell so sweet baby, so fucking wet for me,” Jungkook hikes your dress up and glides his tongue up your inner thigh, wiping your dripping juices clean. “Kookie, mm, please,” he trails delicate kisses over your skin, nibbling it. “Yes, baby?” 
“P-please...please Kookie..!”
“Use your words, baby. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what you want.” Jungkook smiles against your thigh as he hears your soft sniffles muffled by the pillow. His poor baby, always so shy. It was true he loved to tease you, tempt you, and loved making you cry for him—but more than anything, he wanted to take care of you. “Please touch me, Koo, please.”
“Of course, sweetheart.” A sharp shiver crawls across your skin when your pleads are obliged, moaning as Jungkook stuffs his face into your cunt. He kisses your clit softly. One, two, three times before sucking it with his plush lips. His hands were the only thing keeping you up now because you practically melted to the touch. The way his tongue rolled over your sensitive bud already having you see stars. “Ah...feels so good, Kookie.”
“Yeah? Would it feel even better if I do this?” He easily slides his middle finger into your slippery hole, slowly pumping in and out. “O-oh...oh my god, more please.”
“Anything for you baby, but first,” a whimper escapes your lips when you feel him leave you, that is until Jungkook swiftly but gently flips you over so you’re finally laying on your back.
Jungkook’s breath hitches to the sight of you below him, frozen for a moment to the aching pull of his heart.
“You’re so pretty baby, so pretty,” Jungkook’s voice was sweet and smooth as he helped you undress. Fuck, did you know how much you pained him? How much he held back for you, all these years, in this moment? It was so hard not to take you right then, to kiss you until you couldn’t breathe, to touch every single part of you with his lips.
Jungkook has fantasized about you ever since he could remember, but you truly went beyond his imagination. You were so fucking beautiful. 
“...so pretty here,” he kisses your cheeks and your jaw, down to your neck. “And here,” he kisses the valley between your breasts, his hands trailing down your curves. “And here,” your stomach...and finally, taking your clit back into his mouth.
“The prettiest cunt baby, dripping so much for daddy,” he murmurs. His tongue rolls around your clit, pumping two fingers in and out of your slick pussy. It was all too much, the sensations overwhelming your senses as ungodly moans escape your mouth. You felt fuzzy and almost light headed, reaching down to hold Jungkook’s curls.
Your back arches and tears stream down your eyes from the intense pleasure exhausting you, his fingers curling into your sweet spot mercilessly. “Do you like this baby?”
“Love it so much, Jungkook,” You moaned breathlessly, looking down at him through your tears and ... wow. 
Jungkook’s brows were creased as he focused on his tongue devouring your wet cunt, plunging his two fingers steadily in and out of you. His bangs were sticking to his forehead, glossed with sweat while your hands curled around the rest. 
You were taken aback with your emotions. Was it strange, how timid you felt then? Doing this with him was supposed to be sinful, yet for some reason, it felt anything but at that moment.
It was the fact that Jungkook looked so intent, so concentrated in making you feel good. How Jungkook showed his care for you, how he always did, how he was doing right now, cherishing you with his best effort. He wanted to give you the best experience he could, wanted nothing more than to make you feel good.
It was unbearable how much your heart swelled for him.
A knot tied in your stomach, and as if noticing your stare, his eyes flutter open to look at you.“Hm, does baby wanna cum now? You can do it love, cum for daddy.”
With that, you came undone in Jungkook’s mouth. Your cries filled the room, and Jungkook opened your hole wider with his fingers, devouring your cream. The sound of slurping made your cheeks heat with an impure red. “That’s my girl, so good for daddy. So sweet for me baby, so beautiful.”
When you went limp in his arms, he gives your lips one last sweet kiss before standing on his knees. Jungkook smiles at the sight of you, already so fucked out even when he was no where near finished with you. 
He crawled forward, his forehead resting over yours once again. “Did that feel good, sweetie?” You nod shyly, your chests heaving up and down together. With rosy cheeks, you weakly bring your hands up to trace his jaw. “Jungkook?”
“Yes baby?” You melted to his dulcet voice, keeping his loving gaze. It held so much affection, so much adoration for you, you wondered why you never realized it.
“Kiss me, please.”
Jungkook smiles warmly. Without hesitation, he takes your lush, sweet lips in his. It was gentle, a kind of kiss that was so tender it made you warm with reassurance. You were kissing Jungkook—your silly, annoying, bratty, and all the while, lovable best friend of 20 years. It was strange and odd but more than anything, it felt so, unmistakably right.
You took Jungkook by surprise when you deepened the kiss, your hand squeezing his hair. He chuckled softly, pulling himself back momentarily to look into your eyes. “I love you,” he whispers.
Your cheeks heat up, but you fight your timidness as you smile back, “I love you too, Kookie.” 
With that, Jungkook delves back into your lips. A kiss that wasn’t so delicate this time. Rather, untamed and furious, as if Jungkook wanted to show you how much, how long he’s wanted this all this time.
You moaned into him as his hands groped your breasts, fingers twirling your perky nipples. “Jungkookie,” you hold your breath, feeling his clothed cock press against your core. “Fuck me please. Please, I need you so bad.”
“Yeah?” He lowers himself to take a nipple into his mouth. “Tell me how much you want it baby.” He flicked, swirled, and sucked it with his tongue, alternating with the other.
“W-Want it so bad daddy. Please, n-need you to fuck my wet pussy mm, daddy please.”
“Since you asked so nicely,” he grins and sits up, pulling his shirt over his head, discarding his boxers and...
Your breath hitched, blinking at Jungkook’s huge, painfully hardened cock. His tip was pink with sticky, white precum dribbling down his long member. It slightly pretruded up and its veins throbbed as if it’s been aching. And truly, he was. He’s been aching to feel your walls wrap around him for so long. You have no idea how hard he’s been trying to hold himself back for you. How painful it was to—and now, seeing you there, perfect and pretty, so shy and red just for him, Jungkook wasn’t sure he could anymore.
Jungkook needed you. He needed you getting stuffed full of his cock right now.
“I-Its so big...” You gulp as he centers himself in between your legs. “I know baby, so big and ready for your tiny cunt. Can you be a big girl and take it for me baby, hm? Let daddy fuck you until he’s satisfied? Let him use you like the little cock slut you are?”
“Y-yes daddy,” you whimper as he rubs his slick tip against your soaked, smooth cunt, sliding it back and forth. “I’m yours so please, p-please just use me daddy!”
“So good for me baby, such an obedient little slut for daddy, fuck,” Jungkook groans, slipping his tip into your lush walls. You cry as he stretches you all the way out, leaving no room for you to breathe with his tip poking your tummy. Your mind felt dizzy, mouth ajar with drool slipping out even when he hadn’t even moved yet. 
“Shiiit you should see yourself baby. Such a fucking whore for daddy’s cock. Can I move, baby? Or can this tiny little pussy not take my big cock?”
“I-I..mm, please, I can take it! Please fuck me daddy!”
“That’s my girl.” Jungkook starts off painfully slow but just as painfully hard, pushing your knees to your chest. He completely draws himself back so he can see his glistening, twitching tip before driving himself back into your core. “Shit baby, your pussy’s so, fuck, tight.” Jungkook moaned to how your breast bounced up and down every time he shoved himself in.
You were sobbing by the time he quickened his pace, the intense sensation having you light headed. Jungkook loved the way you looked under him, eyes rolled back with buried balls deep inside of you. “You like this baby? Love my cock filling you? Answer me.”
“L-love mm love so m—ah, Kookie..! f-feels so....g-good daddy.”
“Look at you, baby. Can’t even talk with daddy’s cock stuffing you. Such a dumb slut for daddy, so fucking hot baby.” Jungkook moans, juices spurting everywhere and dampening the sheets with every thrust.
“I-I’m not d-dumb..!” You whimpered, fat tears streaming down your eyes. Jungkook smirks, licking his lips.
“Aww, of course you are baby. Just a dumb little cock slut for daddy. Can only think of daddy’s cock, can you?”
You can’t bring yourself to answer, your mind too scrambled with each and every thrust. Jungkook was going so fast, so hard, you felt so full.
“That’s what I thought baby. My sweet girl, fucked dumb for daddy. You only need daddy’s cock, nothing else.” Jungkook positioned your legs over his shoulders, clenching on to them to drill deeper into your tummy.
“Oh, o-oh my god, ah d-daddy...! ‘m your slut...love your dick so m-much...love being stuffed with cock.” Jungkook groaned to your sinful moans, feeling his stomach tighten.
“Just want daddy to cum inside you, don’t you? Want daddy to fill you up until you’re dripping with my cum, baby?”
“Y-yes, please daddy! Want daddy’s cum so bad! Please give me cum..!” Jungkook shoves his thumb inside of you plush lips, and god, he’s so proud of his work, so proud of you. You were taking his thumb like a good girl, sucking it as if it were his cock.
Jungkook felt his dick throb inside of you, aching for release. He pulls his thumb out with a pop of your wet lips, coated with saliva, and rubs figures over your clit. You scream, gripping onto the sheets. it was so much, too much for you to handle. Your back arches as he abuses your clit and sloppily fucks your hole.
“J-Jung–Jungkook, ah, please! Kookie! I-I’m..!”
“Its okay, baby, its okay. Gonna cum with daddy, hm? You can do it baby, sweet girl, cum for me,” Jungkook cooes, attempting to soothe your nerves, but his words are breathless and ragged. He thrusts in and out one, two, three, four more times until he burries himself deep inside you, spurts of thick cum filling your womb.
Jungkook groans as your pussy clenches around him, and you’re a sobbing, moaning, wet mess as you milk him. “Fuck, my sweet girl. Taking my cum like a big girl baby. So good for daddy, so fucking good for me.” With his praise, you feel yourself release soon after. Jungkook continues to thrust in and out of you, helping you ride out your high.
When he feels you falter in his arms, he pulls out and lays on top of you. Both of you stay like that for awhile, exhausted and in a daze.
With your moist bodies tangled with one another’s, you shut your eyes. You can hear Jungkook’s heartbeat hammer against yours, you short-winded breaths, and the soft whirring sound of the air conditioner.
Moonlight filtered in through your windows, casting a luminescent glow on Jungkook’s skin when he pushes his upper body up, his shoulders resting on either side of you.
Jungkook had spent the whole night cherishing you, telling you how pretty you were, and yet there he was—so ethereal under midnight’s grace. How could he be real?
You bring your hand to caress his cheeks. You don’t say anything. He doesn’t either.
In that moment, so intimate and sacred, His doe, gentle eyes that you could get lost in—that hold all the lost stars of the night sky, tell you all you need to know.
Tumblr media
You yawn, stretching your arms high up. “Here’s your order maam,” two porcelain cups of matcha are placed in front of you, steam following it’s every movement. You mumble a thank you, smiling before your eyes drift to the man at the other side of the cross walk.
He’s wearing all black as per usual, revealing the beautiful tattoos that adorned his tan skin. His hair was tousled and he looked sleepy—after all, he’d just gotten out of class—but as soon as the crosswalk lights up with green, you chuckle when he sprints across and into the shop.
The bell that hung by the door didn’t even finish ringing before he runs to you, sweeping you off your chair and into his arms. “Kookie, let me down!” You giggle, but nonetheless wrapping your arms around his neck.
“I’m so proud of you baby,” he nuzzles his nose into yours. “You finally published it right? The twenty second chapter?”
Tumblr media
a / n : ahhhhh its exactly 3:01am and i have class in the morning which is why the middle ending is super rushed sorry ! i truly wonder why i do this to myself.
this is my first smut fanfiction so i’m not sure how i did , but if anyone ever reads this , i hope you enjoyed ! i dont think im cut out to write smut, i truly did have headaches thinking of synonyms for thrust and dirty talk . i really admire smut writers ,, writing smut is not as easy as it seems !!
anyways , sending love abundance and happiness your ways. you deserve love, you’re worthy of love, and you are love.
stay safe and healthy starlights <3
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