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Kimetsu no Yaiba Tickling Oneshot 02 (간지럽히기 )
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Best Friend’s Brother
Sanemi x Fem! Reader + Genya
Warnings: Mentions of eating & Food
NSFW Warnings: manipulation, rough sex, cunnilingus, blow jobs, unprotected sex, picture and video taking, breeding kink, multiple orgasms, slapping, tit fucking, shower sex, no preparation, cream pies, ‘face painting’, sending nudes without consent
A/N: I enjoyed writing this one a lot lol. I’m also happy that it’s one of my longer works! Also the way the paragraphs get progressively longer is killing me LMAOO
Word count: 12.3k
Tumblr media
“I’m talking to you!” Genya was beginning to lose his patience with you. Your nose was practically pressed to the glass of his window as you watched his big brother work out in the backyard. “Go ahead, ‘m listening.” He rolled his eyes, watching the way your breath fogged the glass.
“No the fuck you aren’t!” He tossed a pillow at you, trying not to laugh as you let out a yelp of surprise. Your face nearly knocked into the glass, “C’mon Genya!” You wailed I’m frustration as you turned to face him. “Don’t c’mon me! I invited you over to hang out and you’re fucking drooling over my big brother! That’s! Gross!”
“Okay okay! Fine I’m sorry. Tell me what you were saying, I’ll listen this time.” You threw yourself down on Genya’s bed, head tilting back to look at him. He looked away for a second, slightly embarrassed that he had made such a big ordeal over your attention. “What movie do you want to watch, that’s what I was asking you.”
“A movie? It’s such a nice day Genya! Why don’t we go swimming or something? Maybe even invite over Tanjiro and the others.” Genya sighed, eyes trailing over to the sunny summer day that was sitting beyond his bedroom walls. “You know ‘Nemi can’t stand them, hell he barely tolerates you.” You made a noise of shock, as if it was news that Shinazugawa Sanemi couldn’t stand people.
“Oh give it a break. You just want to go swimming so you can drool over him at a close distance.” Genya was by no means oblivious to your crush, he even tried to crack jokes about it despite it making him wildly uncomfortable. “So not true Genya! I’m already wearing a swimsuit, I figured you invited me over to use the pool!”
“You know what, fine. Let’s go swimming.” You leapt off the bed, cheering as he stood. “I’ll wait for you in the kitchen!” With that you disappeared from his room, leaving the younger Shinazugawa brother to try and calm his racing heart. Maybe moving in with his big brother wasn’t the brightest idea when he had a friend like you.
You on the other hand couldn’t be more pleased with his choice. You were slightly heartbroken when you learned the eldest of the Shinazugawa children had bought his own home — albeit very impressed. A few months later he offered Genya to move in with him so he could be closer to campus. That opened up the world of opportunity for you to admire the man from a distance.
Though, the man never really paid you any mind. You were luckier than the others though, he actually somewhat tolerated your nearly constant presence in his home. You peaked through the glass doors that lead to the backyard. Even at your distance you could see the sweat making his skin glisten. “Fuck…” you were shamelessly swooning.
“You ready?” You jumped, turning to see Genya in swim trunks and white shirt. Two towels slung over his shoulder and sunscreen on the other hand. “Yeah!” You pulled at the door handle, sliding the door open and stepping into the hot day. “Yuck.” Your skin was already beginning to feel sticky from the heat. “You wanted to go outside instead of staying in the air conditioning.”
“Oh shush it will be fine when we get in the water.” You began the walk across the large yard towards the in ground pool, you still couldn’t get over the sheer luxury this house held. You glanced over at Sanemi, he was only about twenty feet from the pool’s edge. Headphones sat on his head, the music so loud you could hear it from here.
“Stop it.” Once again you stiffened as Genya called you out. “Genya!” You hissed, head whipping to look at him. “Don’t prove me right by coming out here.” A smile was tugging at his lips anyways. “Fine, fine!” You couldn’t help but begin to laugh as well, eyes lingering only a second longer as the man continued his push-ups.
Genya got himself comfortable on one of the lounge chairs, dropping both towels onto the other. “Aren’t you going to get in?” You’re reaching for the sunscreen, applying some to your face. “I will when I get hot enough, I’m sure that water is still freezing despite the temperature out here.” You shrugged, handing him the bottle once more so you could begin undressing.
You went for your shirt first, tugging it upwards. As your arms raise, Genya finds himself turning red. He didn’t think the bathing suit you were talking about would be that revealing. A simple bikini, two triangles covering your breasts. He swallowed thickly, forcing himself to look away as you got the shirt off. Unknown to him, that caught Sanemi’s attention.
Eyes flicking upwards towards the pool at the sight of your arms raising. He observed for only a moment, looking away before you or Genya caught his smirk. “You sure look hot enough now Gen, you’re all red.” You were absolutely oblivious, undoing the button on your jean shorts. “Yeah maybe you’re right…” he nearly lost his mind as you pulled your shorts off.
Genya wasn’t one to show off skin, unlike his brother. So it actually surprised you a bit when the shirt was being pulled over his head as he made a running leap into the pool. That fully caught Sanemi’s attention now, laughter bubbling out of him at the sight. “What the hell!” You were shocked, shorts pooled at your feet as Genya resurfaced.
“I-I was hot.” He was pushing his hair back, relieved the water wasn’t as cold as he feared. “The fuck was that Genya?” You nearly jumped out of your skin as Sanemi’s voice reached you. Your head turned, swallowing thickly as you took him in. He was standing,headphones around his neck, music blaring loud and clear. You wondered how he wasn’t deaf.
You blinked, beads of sweat were slowly dripping down his torso, nothing but a pair of basketball shorts clung to his hips. His chest was heaving slightly, scars littering his skin. That was the most unique thing about both Shinazugawa brothers. A childhood accident left them covered in scars, especially along their faces.
Genya’s scar stretched from his ear all the way to a little after his nose. Sanemi on the other hand had four distinct scars on his face. Three reside on his forehead, the other stretched from his ear to past his nose similar to Genya’s. Sanemi continued to do reckless things with his life, leaving even more scars along his body. You overheard him once saying he was proud of them.
“Like I said, I was hot!” He called back, face turning red again as he caught sight of your fully exposed legs and barely covered ass. “What the fuck is that bathing suit, y/n?” He didn’t intend to ask the question out loud, but it was really just a couple of strings. “Oh! Do you not like it?” You twirled around, head looking downwards as you tried to get an idea of how you looked.
“It-it looks fine! J-just get in the pool!” What he really wanted to say was that you looked fucking sinful, not an ounce of your body left for the Imagination. But that’s not really a best friend thing to say. “I think I’ll run and jump like you did.” You took a few steps back, laughing at the horror passing over his features. “Ready?” Clearly he wasn’t but he couldn’t get the words out fast enough.
Two seconds later you were cannonballing into the pool, spraying him with water. You surfaced again a second later, regretting getting your hair wet just a bit. “It’s not even cold!” You turned to him, laughing as he pushed his hair out of his face for a second time. “Yeah, it’s not.” You began splashing the water around, legs kicking for a moment before you settled on your back.
You felt fully relaxed, body floating easily against the water’s surface. Genya on the other hand was beginning to feel suffocated, water clung and glistened all of your dips and curves. “Fucking help me someone…” he muttered under his breath, thankful your ears were below the water. Your eyes opened a second later when a shadow hovered over you.
You nearly sank as you made direct eye contact with Sanemi. As you straightened, you realized Genya was talking to him. “Are you going to stand there or join us?” Sanemi seemed to be disgusted by the idea for a moment. “I’d have to walk all the way inside to change, at that point I may as well just shower and be done with it.” You blinked, eyes zeroing in on his shorts.
“You’re wearing mesh shorts, that’s nearly the same as swim trunks.” You kicked your way back to the shallow end, somehow floating until you were way over your head. “I’m not wearing underwear though.” You swear in that moment you nearly drowned. “That’s not the sort of thing you should say out loud.” Genya’s nose scrunched at his brother.
“Oh fuck off.” He stretched, muscles flexing and you swear you could explode. He had no right being able to walk around dripping sex appeal like that — in his own home of all places. “Are you going to stand there all day?” Genya tried again, shifting eyes between you and Sanemi. You were doing your best to act unaffected, starting to float again in the shallow end.
Instead of answering, Sanemi took a few steps forward before diving straight in. The waves rocking you made you straighten again, eyes flying wide as the basketball shorts he was wearing floating to the top. “No fucking way.” Genya’s eyes were as wide as yours, laughter bubbled in your chest as you realized what had just happened. Sanemi was completely naked in the pool.
“Are you…serious…” Sanemi emerged a moment later, slicking his hair back. “Would ya look at that…” he moved to grab the shorts, dragging them under the water to step back into them. “Too bad you’re both in here, skinny dipping feels pretty good after working out.” You felt your cheeks get hot, praying it would pass as the sun getting to you.
“Like I said, keep those thoughts to yourself, Aniki.” Genya was trying to keep his composure, all the while he was mentally cursing you for wanting to leave his room. “Oh give me a break, you two are the ones that convinced me to get in.” You didn’t know what came over you, but you decided to send a huge splash of water in his direction. He looked shocked for a moment, Genya was slightly prettified.
After a second of silence, he drew his arm back and pushed it forward. Water hit you just as hard, which caused you to do it back. “A splash fight?! Really?!” Genya tried to shield himself as you and Sanemi engaged in a full on battle. Ten minutes later you were out of breath, yelling that you surrender. “Lame!” Sanemi scoffed, a rare smile on his face as he decided to float on his back.
“You two are like little kids.” Genya was sitting on the pool's edge now, it was a futile attempt to keep himself from getting drowned above the water. But your splashes had soaked him over and over nonetheless. “And you are a party pooper.” You stuck your tongue out at him, swimming over to softly splash at his legs. “Do you mind if I stay over for the weekend? I don’t have classes till Monday and I’m sure Kanao wouldn't mind some alone time with Tanjiro.”
“Yeah that’s fine, knowing you, you already packed clothes.” You smiled, pushing yourself back out towards the middle of the shallow end. “I did, even though I have a whole drawer dedicated to my clothes in your room.” You and Genya were close, so close people were shocked you weren’t dating. That caught Sanemi’s interest, his eyebrow quirked a little but he said nothing.
“I think I’m going to dry off, I’m hungry.” You waited until Sanemi’s attention was on the two of you before pulling yourself up and out of the pool. You were fully bent over as you used your leg to hoist yourself onto the pavement. That position alone gave the white haired man a full view of your bikini hiked up your ass. This time, he really couldn’t react. Genya was staring him dead in the eye, as if daring him to say something.
He kept his mouth shut, lips pursed into a thin line. That was the thing Genya never once told you about. Sanemi knew you liked him, knew you wanted him. Unlike Genya, Sanemi wasn’t afraid to do something about it. A conversation the two had only a week prior was still haunting his thoughts.
“So that girl, you sleeping with her?” Genya nearly choked on his soda, losing control of his car on the video game they were playing. “Y/n? No, she's my best friend.” Sanemi scoffed, side eyeing his brother. “Are you just fucking with me?” Genya quickly regained control, eyes narrowing as he focused. “No, I’m not fucking with you.”
“You’re telling me you are best friends with a girl that looks like that? And you haven’t made a single move? What, does she have a partner? Is she gay?” Sanemi couldn’t seem to believe they weren’t anything more. “No, she doesn’t have a partner. And to be honest I never felt the need to ask her about her sexuality.” He jumped as he nearly crashed.
“So I can make a move on her then?” That time Genya did crashed. “Excuse me?!” Sanemi was laughing now, easily winning the race due to Genya’s fatal mistake. “You heard me, Genya. I want her, does that bother you?” Genya set the controller down, turning to glare at Sanemi. “Yeah actually, it does.”
“Oh? So you do like her.” Sanemi set his controller down as well, facing Genya completely. “I never said that… she’s my best friend, Nemi. That would make shit awkward if you went and broke her heart.” Sanemi’s face morphed into one of interest. “You think I just want to fuck her and be done with it?”
“That’s what you do to every fucking girl you sleep with! You have no regard for their feelings! You’re not doing that to her.” Genya turned more to face his brother, this had to be some kind of joke. “So if I told you I wanted to pursue a relationship with her.” Genya groaned, hands coming up to rub his face. “No!”
“Then do something about your feelings for her. If you don’t, I will.” Genya froze, eyes widening as his hands dropped to his thighs. “You’re serious?” Sanemi smiled, one that held no warmth in it. Genya couldn’t believe he was actually being serious. There was no way, what was even worse is Genya knew of your little crush on his brother.
“I wouldn’t dare?” A harsh laugh followed. “I see the way she looks at me Genya. If I asked her to strip naked and spread her legs for me, she’d do it without hesitating and you know it.” His heart sunk, Sanemi knew? Genya knew you weren’t exactly subtle with your interest, but he at least thought Sanemi was clueless to it.
“Shut up.” He was getting fed up with this conversation. “Do something about her, Genya. Or I promise you I’m making a move the first chance I get.” He clicked start on a new game, leaving Genya to scramble for his controller and think over what he said.
“Gen, your phone is ringing.” You were laid out against one of the loungers, the sun was beginning to descend at this point. Sanemi on the other hand was starting to push himself out of the pool. Those same basketball shorts slipped dangerously low and you had to suppress a groan. Genya scolded you as he got closer, a sheepish smile appearing on your lips.
“It’s Zenitsu.” Genya picked up the call with a ‘what’s up?’ You decided to lean back, try and soak up the last of the sun before it disappeared for the day. Sanemi on the other hand was sprawled out on his stomach, eyes closed as he tried to take in the last of the sun as well. As if it was taunting you, you could see his tan lines peeking above the waistband of his shorts.
“What the fuck?!” Your head turned to look at a very distraught Genya, only one of Sanemi’s eyes peaked open. “What’s wrong?” You sat up slightly, “that fucking sucks. I’ll be there in like twenty minutes.” You sighed, clearly something went wrong. Genya clicked the phone off and groaned, hands coming up to rub his face. “That doesn’t sound fun.”
“You know the model Zenitsu, Tanjiro and I had to make for our engineering class?” You nodded, it took them weeks to finish. “Well apparently the classroom we were told to put them in got vandalized. Our project was among the casualties.” You gasped, feeling his pain all of a sudden. Genya often ended up crashing in Tanjiro and Zenitsu’s dorm room, too tired to drive home.
“So now we have to fix it. It's due Monday and the professor isn’t extending the deadline.” He was standing now, grabbing his towel. “We can leave in a few minutes.” He started walking and you blinked, “we?”. He froze, turning to look at you. “Aren't you going to come with me?” You gave him a slightly embarrassed grin. “I have to shower and all that. I’d rather not see campus again till Monday.”
Genya wanted to scream, instead he forced a smile on his face. “I guess you’re right. You can just use my bathroom to shower. Hopefully this won't take all night.” You smiled, oblivious to the fake calmness he was giving you. “Sounds good, if you aren’t too tired when you get back, we can watch a movie.” You grabbed your towel, walking past Genya who was staring at Sanemi.
Once you disappeared into the house, he spoke. “Don’t you fucking lay a finger on her, Aniki.” Sanemi barely acknowledged him, eyes shut still. “If she tries to make a move on me, Genya, I’m not stopping her.” Genya wanted to explode, part of him was tempted to call Zenitsu back and say he didn’t feel good. Naturally that wouldn’t work.
“Is there a reason you even want her? Is it because I want her?” He nearly slapped his hand over his mouth in horror. Sanemi on the other hand began to laugh, eyes opened as he turned himself over. “So you finally admit it! Proud of you little bro!” His voice was dripping with sarcasm. “Shut up! Don't do anything to her.” He knew this was hopeless. “Why can’t I do anything to a girl I want?”
Genya blinked at him, teeth clenching before he spoke. “Because I want her!” A shit eating grin appeared on Sanemi’s face, Genya continued. “Why the fuck do you even want her so bad!? Is it really because I want her?” Genya was turning a deeper shade of pink with each word, he couldn’t believe he was admitting this out loud.
“There is nothing more thrilling than wanting someone you hypothetically can’t have, Genya. If anything, it makes you want them even more.”
He has a sinking feeling, the moment he left this house, it would never be the same. And there was quite frankly nothing he could do about it. You and Sanemi were your own people after all, what say did he really have in the matter? He took a deep breath, you had said you were hungry. With any luck you were probably sitting in the kitchen this whole time watching him.
He stared at Sanemi for only a moment longer before turning to actually walk away this time. Sanemi knew there was more that he wanted to say, but chose not too. He waited until Genya had disappeared inside the house before laughing. “Sorry Gen, but this opportunity is just to fucking good to pass up.” He settled back on the lounge chair, he’d wait till Genya left and make his move.
“You look upset.” Just as Genya suspected, you were sitting in the kitchen, helping yourself to their fridge. “I’m just annoyed, that’s all.” He smiled as shut the fridge, pizza from your lunch earlier in your hand. “It sucks, but you guys work well together. Hopefully the damage isn’t too time consuming to repair. If you need extra hands just call me.” You took a bite, wondering why Genya was looking at you funny.
You swallowed, “Gen, you look like you just got the news that you’re being shipped out to war. Are you sure nothing is wrong?” You took another bite, staring at him while you chewed. Under your gaze he nearly crumbled. “I’m just annoyed about this, that’s all.” He hoped you’d fall for the lie, he watched your throat bob as you swallowed again.
“It’s fucking annoying, I get that. But the quicker you leave the quicker you’ll be done. Go change!” He held back a groan, that wasn’t exactly the answer he wanted. You on the other hand had goosebumps trailing over your body, it seems the air conditioning was finally getting to you. All you wanted now was a warm shower, get the chlorine off your skin and hair. “Are the towels still in that cabinet?”
He nodded, before walking down the hall towards the staircase. “Yeah, everything is still in that cabinet. I only have men’s body wash though. You can check the guest room though, one of Sanemi’s flings may have left stuff there.” You rolled your eyes, Genya’s feet could be heard walking up the steps. “Okay.” You called back, taking a deep breath to try and cool your nerves.
You’d be in Sanemi’s home without Genya present only once before now, and you two didn’t even see each other for that brief thirty minutes. Now thought? You could be sharing his home for three hours or more. The possibilities were endless…but also unrealistic. It was a Thursday night after all, Sanemi probably had work in the morning. You shook your head, finishing your pizza slice as the back door slid open.
“Genya leave?” You jumped slightly, this was actually your first time alone in his presence. “N-no. He’s upstairs changing.” You mentally cursed yourself for the stutter, fidgeting slightly. “Oh, alright.” You deflated a little as he walked away, disappearing down the hall and up the stairs towards his own bedroom. “This is going to be so boring…” you mumbled as you leaned against the counter, resting your chin in your palm.
After what felt like an eternity, Genya made his way back down the stairs. “It’s all yours, be good.” He grabbed his keys off the counter, sliding them in his hoodie pocket. “Be good?” You raised an eyebrow, straightening to cross your arms in defense. “Yes, I’m leaving you alone with my brother. Be fucking good.” He was trying to seem intimidating like Sanemi, but he was falling a little flat.
“Oh yeah, cause tonight is going to be like one of those pornos. He’ll wait till you're gone, wait till I’m in the shower and catch me by surprise.” You rolled your eyes, giving him an ‘are you serious?’ kind of look. “Knowing Sanemi, you never fucking know. If he’s bored or horny enough, anyone will do.” Ouch. Your eyebrows raised, mouth parting slightly. “Shit I didn’t mean it like that…”
“Oh? Cause it sure sounded like you did. Whatever Genya.” You stormed past him, feelings clearly hurt. “That’s not what I—fuck.” You were already flying up the stairs, leaving him alone with his own guilt. The phone buzzing in his back pocket was a reminder that he couldn’t stay. So, even though he didn’t want to, he made his way to the front door and out of the house. Dread filling him as he unlocked his car.
You on the other hand we’re standing in Genya’s bathroom, staring at yourself in the mirror. “He’s just stressed.” You couldn’t get your lower lip to stop wobbling. Rolling your eyes at your own sensitivity. “Maybe I’ll just take a nap.” The sun had worn you out, but you couldn’t do anything until you showered. Just as you turned to reach for the curtain you flinched.
“That’s right, he only has men’s stuff…” you would have to go check the guest room shower for some women’s products. You held your breath as you made your way out of his room and down the hall towards Sanemi’s. The guest room was just across from his. You were sneaking now, not even sure why but just afraid of being caught. As you reached for the door handle, movement caught your attention.
Sanemi’s door was opened just a bit, enough that you could see inside. You nearly squealed as you realized he had nothing more than a towel wrapped around his waist. It seems he was about to shower as well. You snapped yourself out of it, head flying back around to push the door open. You began to feel a throb between your legs, suddenly too excited for your own good.
You shook your head, walking into the bathroom of the guest room. “Jack pot!” You laughed softly as women’s shampoo and body wash sat half full on the counter. “I wonder what happened that they’d just leave their shit behind.” You grabbed the two bottles, turning to leave the room and nearly dropping them as a surprised scream left your lips. “What the fuck?!” Sanemi was standing in the doorway with his arms folded, shamelessly taking in your bikini clad body.
“That was cute.” He seemed unaffected by your clear shock, a smirk growing on his lips as his eyes moved up to your chest. “Really skimpy bathing suit you chose…did you wear it just for me?” No way, you were only joking when you said those things to Genya. Were they really about to happen? “Excuse me?” Your voice was steadier than it was in the kitchen ten minutes prior. “You heard me. I want to know if you wore this just for me…”
His hand reached out slightly but he stopped himself, eyes finally meeting yours. “No, I didn’t.” A lie, of course, but you weren’t going to give in that easily. Even though the butterflies in your stomach were telling you to. “I find that hard to believe.” He moved a little closer, only a foot of space separated the two of you now. You took a small step back, bumping into the bathroom countertop.
“Trying to run? That’s surprising…” he closed the little distance you had made. “What are you saying…” you clung to the bottles of soap, as if they’d somehow protect you. “Cut the shit, sweetheart. I know you want me. And you may or may not believe it, but I want you too. All these little stunts you pulled worked wonders.” He inches closer and your heart rate picks up.
“W-what are you…” the stutter again, your cheeks got hot. “I’m giving you what you want. Since my little brother is too dense to make a move, I’ll do something about it.” You blinked, clutching the bottles tighter…what did Genya have to do with this? “You’ll do something about it?” He was less than six inches away from you now.
“Sure am, I’m sure you don’t mind.” Five inches away at least, your chest was heaving out of pure shock. “I…I don’t…” he knew he got you, only four inches left, your hands were beginning to shake. “See? You don’t mind at all…I’ll take good care of you.” You 're leaning slightly, the countertop biting into your lower back. “Genya isn’t home, he won’t be home for hours. That means I have you all to myself.”
You held your breath as he closed the distance, two hands planting firmly on the cool countertop. He was leaning down slightly so he was level with you, eyes boring into your own. “So, what will it be?” You blinked at him, throat feeling impossibly dry. “H-huh…?” He smiled, forehead nearly touching yours. “What will it be? What do you want me to do… if you don’t want to do anything, I won’t force you.”
You blinked, weighing your options for only a moment before deciding. Instead of answering verbally, you leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. You were shocked to hear a noise of surprise leave his lips, but as quickly as he made the noise, he recovered. He pulled away, forehead pressing to yours. After a second he smiled, one that seemed genuine.
His lips pressed to yours again, this time they were more needy. His hands pressed to the counter shifted to your waist. Both coming to you with the strings of your bikini bottom. When his chest bumped the cool plastic of the soap bottles he began to laugh. “Put these down…” his words were muffled against your lips. His hands pulled away from your bottoms reluctantly to try and pry the bottles away from you.
You let them go slowly, unsure of what to do with your hands once they were empty. For all the fantasizing you had done about this moment, you suddenly felt helpless. As the bottles were placed on the counter, his lips returned to yours. This time he didn’t hold back, teeth sinking into your bottom lip. Your lips parted, Sanemi’s tongue slipping right in. Shakily, your hands came to rest on his shoulders, all the while he began tugging at your bottoms again.
You flinched slightly as he pushed you further into the countertop. Long fingers coming to squeeze the flesh of your hips before easily lifting you. You gasped as your nearly bare bottom hit the cool stone of the counter. “Better?” His words were muffled against your lips, his whole body straightening now that you were technically the same height.
You mumbled some sort of response, nerves making you too tense to actually relax into the kiss. Sanemi could sense your anxiety, hands running up your thighs to your hips and back again. His lips pulled away from yours reluctantly, instead trailing them along your cheek to just below your ear. He sucked on the skin softly, tongue lapping at the skin once he was satisfied with the bruise that was forming.
“We won’t get anywhere…” he sucked harshly, your pulse going a mile a minute under his lips “if you don’t relax a bit…” though he guessed a cold bathroom while you were already shivering probably wasn’t the best place to start this. Due to his words, you forced yourself to relax a little, arms wrapping around his neck and keeping him close. Luckily for you, he was warm, radiating it at that.
He snaked his arms up your body, both circling to your back and tugging at the string holding your top together. Nimble fingers undid the knot you had tightened, pulling the damp material off your body. You couldn’t help but shake slightly, not only was your chest exposed to Sanemi, but to the air conditioning as well. It was no surprise when your nipples were already hard. Arousal mixed with the cold making them feel almost painful.
“Cute…” he barely pulled away from your skin, white hair brushing your face as he looked down at your chest. His hands came back around, one taking the flimsy top with it to toss to the floor. The other cupped your breast, massaging the flesh. A shaky moan left your lips, eyes fluttering shut as you relaxed into his touch. Your whole body leaned into him without you realizing. “Such a good girl, you’re getting the hang of it.”
You felt your arousal start to pool in your gut at his praise. Sanemi noticed the way you were squirming, a smug smile creeping up his face. “You like that? You like being praised.” You could have combusted on the spot, arms tightening ever so slightly as if he’d just stop and walk away from you. “Use your words.” His hands trailed up your sides before taking a breast in each hand. “If you don’t start speaking up, I’ll never know what to do.” You rolled your eyes, “oh please of course you—oh…”
He cut you off completely as his lips suctioned to the column of your neck. Sucking so harshly you actually jumped a bit. “Y-you…you know what I want…” you felt breathless, eyes squeezing shut for a moment as he rolled your nipple between his thumb and pointer finger. “Do I?” He pulled away with a smile, a bruise was already forming on your skin. He moved a little lower, repeating the same steps. “Oh don’t play dumb. You’re a heartbreaker…” you decided to keep the other part to yourself, now certainly wasn’t the time for cheesy jokes.
“I’m a heartbreaker? You’ve been listening to Genya too much.” He tugged on your nipple, a yelp leaving you as his lips traveled lower. “I’m h-hear often enough to know when you have girls over…” your head fell back, his lips were nearing your chest. “Oh? So you know what you’re in for?” He looked up at you, disappointment filling you as his lips never made it to your chest. “I…I wouldn’t go that far.” You tried to maintain the level of composure you had when his eyes weren’t locked on your face.
“Oh? So you haven’t heard them screaming for me?” You noticed him begin to shift his towel, swallowing thickly as you waited for it to drop. “Oh c’mon now, Genya would turn the TV on full blast to drown anything out.” You're a bit surprised that Sanemi thought you and his younger brother just sat around listening to him blow some random girl’s back out. “Is that so?” He seemed genuinely amused by that revelation. “It is.”
“How cute, Genya is such a pussy.” You blinked, certainly not expecting the conversation to take a turn. Better yet, you didn’t think you’d be having an actual conversation right now. “Instead of playing twenty questions, why don’t we get a move on. I’d like to see what you do to make girls scream so loudly.” You tried to get off the counter but Sanemi’s hands were right back on your waist, keeping you down. “Where do you think you’re going?”
“You’re doing a lot of talking and not enough touching. I think I can give myself a better time by taking a shower.” You didn’t know how you made it through that without cracking, you just wanted to make the man before you absolutely feral. “Oh? You think you're cheeky don’t you? Am I not moving fast enough for you, princess?” Instead of returning to your chest, his hands pulled at the waistband of your bottoms. “I’m trying to be nice, not treat you like a whore.”
He used his free hand to shove them down your bottoms, earning a harsh gasp in response. “But if you want to be treated like one, I’ll fucking treat you like one.” He used his free hand to push you back, head nearly hitting the mirror behind you. This new position gave him better access, two fingers slipping between your folds and circling your clit. “How’s that? Hmm? Better for you?” His words were cold, fingers moving at a dizzying speed.
“Y—yeah…” your head hit the wall, eyes shutting as Sanemi’s finger sent waves of pleasure through you. “Oh? So you wanted to be treated like a stupid slut since the beginning. Probably should have known, especially with the way you were trying to seduce me. Even with Genya watching, how shameful.” He dipped lower, ghosting across your entrance and collecting the arousal on his fingertips. You hands tightened on the counter, one gripping its edge while the other tried to find stability on the smooth sink.
His fingers moved back up, circling your clit with even more fervor than before, a slick squelching noise now accompanying it. “Listen to that, nothing more than a needy bitch in heat.” You groaned, hating his choice of words. Nonetheless you didn’t stop him, allowing him to pull one of the strings keeping the bottoms together. At the sight of your partially exposed flesh he only moved quicker. Fingers abandoning your clit to pull apart the other strings on the opposite side. “You know what? Stand up.” He was dragging you off the countertop before you could even respond.
“What are you…” your bottoms were fully pulled off, discarded off to the side with your top. You were fully bare now, Sanemi’s eyes trailed over your frame, a smirk creeping up his lips. “Turn around.” Once again Sanemi gave you no time to actually respond, hands gripping your waist firmly and turning you to face the counter. You didn’t expect his hand to come up and grip your cheeks as hard as he did, but he forced your face to remain trained on the mirror. A smile creeping up his face before saying “this would be such a cute picture to send to Genya.”
The other hand that was on your waist moved up to squeeze your breast, the smile never faltering as you whined for him. “It’s a damn waste that neither of us have our phones right now. Really this would be cute.” His cheek pressed to the top of your head, after a second of looking over your reflection you realized his towel was slowly but surely slipping off his hips. “We’ll save that for another time.” You yelped as he pressed forward, you could clearly feel his cock through the towel.
“Let’s get a move on before you start running your mouth again.” He smiled at you one last time in the mirror before pressing you forward, not stopping until your breasts were squished against the countertop. You heard rustling behind you, face turning hot as you realised he had dropped to his knees. Sanemi’s breath was ghosting over your fully exposed cunt, two hands coming up to massage the flesh of your ass. “I mean really, I’ve been doing nothing but wasting both our time for the sake of working you up. As if you needed to be…”
You held your breath, waiting to feel his tongue against you. Instead you got a soft kiss pressed to the back of your thigh, then another and another…you could have burst into tears. This wasn’t exactly how you expected this to go. “Sanemi! Fucking come on!” You slammed your hand flat against the counter, forehead pressing into the mirror. “Taking it too far I see…” there was laughter in his voice, laughter that was so infuriating you could scream. Yet before you could open your mouth a second time, his tongue delved between your folds.
“Oh…” you relaxed, only encouraging Sanemi to continue. You whimpered as his hands tightened their grip on your ass, effectively keeping you in place. It seems he was finally calming down a bit with the teasing. Sanemi’s tongue remained focused on your clit, lapping hungrily at the sensitive bud. His nose - surprisingly - was adding to the stimulation due to the angle you were at. “S-Sanemi…” you whined, eyes shutting as you focused on the feeling of his tongue against your pulsing cunt.
For a second it hit you — Sanemi, your best friend’s big brother, had you bent over a bathroom counter while he ate you out. Your best friend’s big brother was fucking eating you out. For some reason that had you gasping, pleasure only intensifying as that realization echoed in your mind. This was really happening. His tongue only moved faster, lips suctioning around your cunt as he began to suck. The feeling made your jolt a little, moans tumbling from your lips as you finally began to feel your orgasm building up. “C-close” your voice was strained, knuckles turning white as you grasped the edge of the counter.
Sanemi’s tongue only worked harder, your legs started to feel like jelly despite most of your weight resting on the counter. He continued to suck, tongue flicking your clit in a rhythm that had tears threatening to well in your eyes. You clenched around nothing, breath hitching in your throat as you finally fell over the edge. As you came, Sanemi pulled away. Leaving you to twitch and clench around nothing as your orgasm fizzled into nothing. It wasn’t even satisfying. “W-what the fuck!” You straighten a little, turning to look at Sanemi on his knees behind you.
“You really think mouthing off to me was going to get you what you wanted?” His lips and chin were glistening with your arousal, he stood, towel falling off as he stood. Your annoyance faded as his cock came into full view, he was massive, at least by your standards. Maybe eight or nine inches in length, but he was girthy, so much so you questioned if it would actually fit. He certainly had something to be proud of, the smug smirk on his face only fueled your certainty. “Oh? You want it don’t you?” You nodded without an ounce of shame, you wanted to do absolutely everything to it and you wanted him to do absolutely everything with it.
Something about that nod gave Sanemi new motivation, you just looked so innocent all of a sudden. You yelped as his arms snaked around your waist, pulling you off the counter and straight to his chest. “I’m certainly not done yet, but I’d rather not continue this in the guest bathroom.” You nodded, you assumed he was implying to move this to his bedroom. Instead he reached forward and grabbed the two soap bottles you had originally come for. “Hold these.” You did as you were told, not expecting him to turn you around to face him once you did.
He said nothing, instead crouching down slightly to hook his arms under your ass and lift you. “S-Sanemi?!” You were suddenly over his shoulder, face staring at his back with both soap bottles still clutched in your arms. “Don’t worry, there for later.” He backed out of the doorway before turning. Luckily for you he thought ahead as to not smack your skull into something. You figured it would be a short walk, the pulsing between your legs becoming more persistent with each step he took. However, he made his way past his bedroom, going further down the hall.
You couldn’t imagine where he was taking you until he passed through the doorway. You landed on a plush bed a second later, blinking up at him only to gasp. “G-Genya‘d room?!” You used your hands to push yourself up, of all places…he wanted to fuck you in Genya’s bed. “What sort of sadistic shit are you into?!” He was still silent, smiling down at you with that same cocky grin. One that sent a chill down your spine as your needs only grew stronger. After a moment, Sanemi’s eyes left yours, noticing your phone on the nightstand. “Perfect.” His words had a drawl to them, one that made you swallow and squeeze your thighs shut.
“What are you…” you couldn’t even finish your sentence, your phone was in his hand and after a second you heard the familiar click of your camera. Your hands shot up to cover your breasts, a shocked expression settling on your features. “Oh don’t be so shy, it’s your phone after all.” He had a point, but you didn’t budge. “They’re just gifts for Genya.” He clicked again as you gasped, “you wouldn’t!” You leaned forward completely, looking up at him through your lashes as he groaned. “Just like that, I think Genya would love this angle.” He chuckled as you reached for your phone, not even realising how close you had come to his erection.
As your eyes lowered, another picture snapped. A second later your phone was tossed by the pillows, Sanemi’s hands cupped your cheeks to pull your face closer to his as he bent down. His kiss was far more hungry than the previous ones were, slowly pushing you back against the mattress as he crawled on top of you. The warmth of his body made you forget all about the goosebumps that were running across your skin, arms wrapped around his neck and pulling him flush against you. You let out a shaky moan when his cock pressed against your abdomen. As badly as you wanted him, you still were hesitant to know if he’d even fit.
“I’m sure Genya has lube somewhere.” He spoke against your lips, making you wonder how he had read your mind. “He’d know…” you whined as he pulled away just enough for you to catch your breath. “He’d know? What do you not want him to know?” He was being sarcastic, “do you want him to know?” You blinked up at him, watching him shift his weight so he was on his knees. Your waist was caged between his muscular thighs. “You think I’m going to hide? It’s my home, my choice. Genya was too much of a coward to do shit about it.” Your eyes trailed lower once more, his cock looked irritated now, the tip oozing with precum.
“Open your mouth.” A million thoughts ran through your mind as you did as he said. What didn’t cross your mind, however, was him spitting in your mouth. Yet again you drew another laugh from Sanemi as you jumped, swallowing before he even asked you too. “Good girl, especially when your mouth is occupied.” He seemed conflicted for a moment, as if he couldn’t decide what he wanted to do first. “Squeeze your tits together.” Obedient as ever, you did it with no hesitation. “Shit, yeah I think I’ll go with this option first.” You blinked, Sanemi’s hand pushed on your forehead so your head was laying flat, hands still squeezing your breasts together.
“Spread them.” You kept your grip tight and spread them like he asked. It still caught you by surprise when he spit, coating your sternum in the slick substance. “Squeeze them together again.” A lazy grin appeared on his face as you looked at him, eyes wide with anticipation for what he’d do next. Truly he didn’t understand how Genya lasted so long. He finally stopped neglecting his cock, spitting for a third time in his hand before wrapping it around his tip.
“I think you’ll look cute in white.” You whined, watching him toy with himself until his cheeks turned red all the way to the tips of his ears. After what felt like an eternity, he positioned himself between your breasts, pushing forward slowly. “Oh…” a gasp left him, one that made your clit pulse with arousal. He was absolutely shameless, eyes focusing on his cock thrusting in and out between your breasts. The tip coming dangerously close to your mouth as you had lifted your head to watch him. “I’ve been…ha….waiting to try this… with the right person…” his head fell forward, thighs twitching as a majority of his weight rested on them.
“But honestly… none of them excited me…” his thrusts were steady now, moaning as you stuck your tongue out to ghost his head each time he thrusted forward. “You though? Fuck. You have endless possibilities.” The compliment drew a whiny moan from your lips, only fueling Sanemi to move quicker. “You really are something else…shit… I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes when he brought you home.” His cheeks were flushed, eyes lidded and lips shiny with his own saliva. He looked ready to burst, eyes trained on yours to gauge your every reaction.
“I was amazed that someone like you found any sort of interest in my little brother…ha…” he stopped talking, falling forward so both hands rested on either side of your head. His thrusts were sloppier, he was close. That realization caused praises to leave your lips, he must be more sensitive because of the pent up lust. “Come on…cum for me Sanemi…” you squeezed your breasts together just a little tighter, earning a groan in response. “You’re close…I can tell…cum for me please. I want it so bad.” You drew out your words, voice deepening slightly to a more sultry tone. “Shit.” His hips stuttered and your eyes closed instinctively, white ropes painting your face as he came.
Only a little landed on your tongue and lips, as if he purposely meant to cover your cheeks in white. “D-don’t touch anything…” your hands froze halfway to your face, aiming to wipe your eyes. After a second you heard the familiar clicks of your phone’s camera. “Really…” you began to laugh, after a moment Sanemi said you could move. You wiped your eyes as Sanemi shifted his weight off of you. Unknown to you he was searching for his contact, sending himself every picture he had taken so far. “Good to know…” he said it more so to himself, pleased that his little trick to unlock phones without the need for a passcode still worked.
“What?” You were sitting up now, Sanemi was standing at the side of Genya’s bed, tossing your phone to the side. “Nothing.” A yelp left your lips as he grabbed both ankles, pulling you towards the edge of the bed. “We aren’t done yet, sweetheart.” You were flat on your back again, a bit disappointed that he didn’t seem interested in switching positions at all. “I would hope not…” you suppress a smirk, watching his eyes widen as you mouthed off back to him. “What did I say about talking like that? You don’t want to have another unsatisfying orgasm now, do you?” He lowered, bending over you so your lips were centimeters apart.
“N-no I don’t want that…” you swallowed, debating on moving your head forward to meet his lips. “Good.” Sanemi closed the distance instead, one hand cupping your face while the other guided your legs around his waist. You followed quickly, ankles crossing to keep yourself secure. Sanemi’s hand moved to his already hardening cock again, pumping himself a few times and grimacing slightly at the stickiness. You tensed a bit when you felt his head press to yojt entrance, his lips parting from yours. “You’re not a virgin, right?” He didn’t care either way, but he wanted to at least be prepared to walk you through this if it was your first time.
You shook your head, you had a fair share of hookups and relationships, nothing like Sanemi though. Experience wise you felt you may as well be a virgin when comparing yourself to him. “Okay, good…” he smiled, kissing you again but this time it was a little sweeter. That eased your nerves a bit, but still, his size was nothing like you have had before. That’s what was worrying you. Especially the lack of preparation, nothing more than his tongue had toyed with your entrance so far. “I want to see how much you can handle…don’t worry… I’ll go slow.” There it was, that more sadistic side shining through.
When Sanemi felt you shake slightly, he toned it down, lips pressing to your ear. “I promise, just say the word and I’ll stop if it’s too much.” You nodded, arms coming to wrap around his neck as you waited for him to move. Sanemi’s lips pressed to yours again, hand still wrapped around his shaft as he guided himself into you. You whimpered against his lips, the stretch burned but it was bearable. At least you thought it was until he began telling you to breathe. You forced air back into your lungs, as you exhaled he pushed further. “Oh my fucking…” your head pressed further into Genya’s mattress, nails raking up Sanemi’s back.
He was only half way in, your walks stretching to accommodate his size. “You’re doing so well.” His voice was hoarse, you were gripping him like a vice, so warm and wet, he was beginning to see stars. “A-am I?” You wailed, not meaning to cry out as loud as you did. “You are…” he pushed further, just a bit more and he’d bottom out. You didn’t even realize tears were sliding down your cheeks, not until Sanemi began kissing them away. After a moment you realized his hips were pressed to the back of your thighs, he had bottomed out. “Not so bad…right?” He was laughing softly, hands moving to push your legs further to your chest. “I’m going to move.” As much as he wanted to wait until you were ready, he just couldn’t help himself.
You gasped as he pulled out half way, moving his lips right back in a second later. The more he moved, the more you realized how full you felt. “Oh…oh…” your nails dragged along his shoulders, body being pressed further into the mattress as all his weight resided on you. Sanemi was nothing compared to anyone you had before, he wasn’t even comparable to any of them. “Feels fucking good…doesn’t it?” He was panting softly, hips finding a steady rhythm as your walls pulsed around him. “You’re everything I could have hoped for and more.” He loved watching your face morph with the praise he gave you. You yelped as his cock brushed your cervix, he was focusing more so on speed rather than depth.
“Tell me how good you feel, y/n. I want to know how well I’m fucking you.” He was focused on your face, your heaving chest and the way your tits bounced each time he bottomed out. “I-I feel…” you gasped, eyes going blurry for a moment as he brushed the spot that had you seeing stars. “So..good.” Your words were slightly slurred, nails only digging further into his skin as if it would keep you grounded in reality. “Sanemi~” you were starting to lose yourself, not holding back on any noises you made. There was no one else around to hear them after all. “Yeah? Keep going, I want to hear more.” He switched positions, your arms falling from his shoulders as he straightened.
Your legs remained around his waist, but now you were fully exposed as he towered over you. He let go of one leg, so you replaced his arm with your own to keep it up. All the while he bottomed out completely, not moving as he reached for something you couldn’t see. “You look so hot.” He smiled as you waited to hear the clicks from your camera, instead you heard the small ding of a video starting to record. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what you looked like, you hadn’t even bothered to wipe his cum off the rest of your face. Tears and cum were streaking your face just like you imagined, but the video he was taking was more so focused on where he disappeared inside of you.
He began thrusting again, now instead of speed he was focusing on how deep he hit with each thrust. Sanemi smirked as the video caught your hand tightening in Genya’s comforter, scrunching the material harshly as you cried out. Each thrust shook the bed now, tears rushing down your cheeks as you felt as if you were about to burst, “tell me y/n, I’m waiting to hear how good I fuck your tight cunt.” You wailed, walls clenching sporadically as you tried to fulfil his request. You thought of all the things you could say that you knew got men going in the past, but half the time you barely meant any of those words. Sanemi however was a different story, so it only made sense when the words you spoke next tumbled from your lips.
“So good, you’re doing so good…better than any guy I’ve ever fucked. They don’t even come close…” you moaned as his other hand left your leg, letting it fall limply to the side as he pinched your clit. “Is that so? I better fucking be.” He groaned as you sputtered around him, you were so close that you didn’t even realize it. “Gonna cum for me? Come on now, cum on my cock.” His thrusts began picking up in speed, still hitting just a deep with each thrust. “Gonna cum…” your words were slurred, barely eligible, and Sanemi loved ever fucking second of it. You felt like you were going to burst, your orgasm building in a way you had never felt before. With each pinch on your clit perfectly timed with each thrust, you were gasping for breath as it finally hit you.
Much to Sanemi’s delight, he caught you squirting all over him and Genya’s bed on camera. The sight alone was enough to make him feel weak in the knees, there was something so special about you. Something that made it feel like it was his very first time doing any of this to a woman. “Fuck…look at you making a mess.” His hips never slowed, even when you clenched so tightly he couldn’t barely move for a moment. If it wasn’t for the mess you made causing him to slip in and out with ease, he probably would have faltered. At this point you weren’t even sure what you were saying, incoherent noises and words tumbling from your lips. Ironically they only made Sanemi move quicker.
“Look at you, all sorts of cock drunk because of me.” He stopped recording a second later, tossing your phone to the side to focus on chasing his own orgasm. You rode out your orgasm, quickly becoming overstimulated but too lost to even try and vocalize it. “I’m going…I’m going to get you fucking pregnant.” That woke you up a bit, eyes widening considerably. “Fill you up nice and full…ha…yeah I bet Genya would fucking love that.” He kept thrusting, nearly pushing you further up the bed as he moved. “How fucking shameful. You fuck your best friend’s older brother…and he knocks you up.”
You wailed some sort of response, the idea of Sanemi getting you pregnant was getting you in the mood for another round even though the current one wasn’t finished yet. “You fucking freak, you like the idea don’t you.” He could feel his cock twitching between your walls, he was close. “I-I do…” you weren’t even embarrassed, the overstimulation was quickly changing from pain to pleasure, shockwaves of your orgasm still making your walls convulse. “Cum inside of me, please Sanemi…” for a moment he wished he had kept recording, those words were what threw him over the edge. You flinched as he buried himself, pressing against your cervix almost painfully as he spilled inside of you.
His hips rocked slowly now, breathless gasps slipping past his lips. Silence fell over the two of you as Sanemi caught his breath, flushed face looking at your own. “Everything you hoped it would be?” He began to chuckle as you sleepily nodded. “I need a shower.” Sanemi nearly collapsed on top of you at that, “yeah, I think we do.” He pulled out of you slowly, frowning slightly as his release began to leak out of you. “I’ll go…get the shower started.” You flinched slightly, not realizing how sore you were until you stood. “I’ll be right there.” He winked at you, making your cheeks feel hot as you grabbed both soap bottles and scurried off to Genya’s bathroom.
Sanemi waited until the shower turned on, reaching for your phone once more to send himself the video he had taken. Shortly after he saw it was delivered, he deleted all the messages. He smiled to himself, tossing your phone onto Genya’s bed once more before heading towards the bathroom. You were already in the shower at that point, relieved to finally be rinsing the chlorine out of your hair. “Mind if I join.” An attempt to be cheeky, you only rolled your eyes, pushing the curtain aside to allow him in. You shifted forward in an attempt to allow him room under the water, instead he pulled you back to him. “I don’t think I’m done with you just yet.” You shivered despite the hot water cascading down your frame.
“Is that so?” You smiled as you repeated a line from earlier. “I’m not done with you yet either, Sanemi.” You turned in his arms, pressing yourself to his chest and getting on your tiptoes to try and kiss him. Just as he leaned forward to meet you, you returned to your normal height. Waiting for his eyes to reopen before falling to your knees. “I think you deserve this… but I’d also like a redo. Since you so kindly left me hanging earlier.” He wasn’t even hard yet, so you began placing soft kissing along his shaft. Your tongue slowly circled around his tip, you realized after a moment that you were tasting the bitter mix of your cum mixed with his. After a few seconds he began to twitch to life, within a minute he was fully hard. “What did I tell you… you do wonderful things to me, pretty girl.”
You smiled at the praise, hand wrapping around his base to properly start sucking him off. Sanemi realized after a moment he was itching to have your phone again, he wanted to capture every single one of your firsts as if they wouldn’t happen again. He was by no means afraid of Genya’s reaction, he wasn’t even going to keep it a secret. “Oh my fucking…” he gasped as you took him half way, jaw slack and cheeks warm as you swallowed around him. He seemed awestruck that you even managed to fit that much in. The sore jaw would be worth it every time if you could see that shocked look in his eyes. Your tongue struggled to swirl around him, instead you relied on bobbing your head back and forth. Your tongue glides along the underside of his cock with each movement of your head.
“You’re so good at this…there is no way you let another guy experience this…” a pang of jealousy hit Sanemi, the idea of you on your knees for any other man made him furious. What made it worse, was the idea of Genya experiencing this. “Ain’t no fucking way…” Sanemi’s back hit cool tiles, leaving you to move forward as result. You moaned around him as two hands came to bury in your wet hair, massaging your scalp as a way to encourage you to keep going. This time you could actually feel him twitching, still sensitive from his orgasm only a few minutes prior. You used your fist to pump the rest of him, keeping it in rhythm with your mouth. You wanted to properly taste him this time, having already rinsed your face off before he joined you.
“Fuck…” was the only warning you received from him, cum shooting down your throat as he came in record time. He wasn’t even slightly embarrassed, no one had gotten him to come that quickly before and he wasn’t found to try and extend it. You pulled off of him with a pop as he began softening in your mouth, licking your lips as you did. “Was that okay?” Sanemi helped you up, pulling you to his chest and running his hands up your back. “Fucking perfect.” He missed the top of your head, slowly straightening off the tiles to guide you both under the hot water. “I still have to repay you for the shitty job I did the first time.” He mumbled against the top of your head. “That can wait for another time.” You didn’t want to wait, but you were certain he was feeling as tired as you were.
“No, it can’t. How about this…you wash your hair, I’ll get to work.” This time he was the one falling to his knees, your face feeling warm despite the steam filling the bathroom. “O-okay.” You reached for the bottles you had set on the small ledge, dumping some of the contents into your palm as Sanemi massaged your thighs. After a moment of staring you yelped, a harsh smack to your ass making you jolt forward against his face. “Get to scrubbing.” He licked along your outer lips, sucking on the tender flesh until you listened to what he told you to do. The moment you began working the soap into your scalp, his tongue slipped between slick folds. Just as you had tasted before, Sanemi was now tasting the mix of your cum with his own.
You tried to hold your breath, hoping they would keep the noises from spilling out. You were struggling to keep your focus on your hair, massaging your scalp with less and less effort as pleasure racked your already sensitive clit. “Easy there…” Sanemi’s hands squeezed the plush of your thighs, trying to keep you stable as you began to sway under his touch. “Eh…’m trying…” your adrenaline was wearing off on you at the worst moment. Suds began slipping down your back, forcing you off balance even more as you leaned back to rinse the soap out. Each flick of Sanemi’s tongue had you jolting, you were already feeling the build up of your third orgasm. “S…s…Nemi…” you whined, the hot water paired with his tongue was surprisingly soothing.
“I got you…” he returned as quickly as he left, lips sucking eagerly on your abused clit. It was hitting the point that Sanemi was the one nearly supporting all of your weight, tired muscles starting to whine in protest but he paid them no mind. You clenched around nothing, silently praying he’d add a finger or two. That was the only part of him you had yet to feel, and even though you were certain they’d be nothing compared to his cock…you still wanted it. “…more…” you whined softly, eyes shutting as you hoped he’d keep you stable. “So needy…” he knew what you wanted of course, but if he let go of one of your thighs you may fall. So instead he started sucking, between each motion he’d tell you there was always time for more later.
As you came for a third time, you doubled over, hands burying in Sanemi’s hair as your legs threatened to fully give out. “So tired…” you mumbled as he stood, hands running up your body in order to support you until he was fully standing with you pressed to his chest. “I can see that…let’s clean up and get you to bed.” You nodded feebly, eyes opening slowly to at least try and help Sanemi clean. It made sense to you why he made you wash your hair first, he must have known you were going to crash. Each orgasm took more and more out of you, leaving you a mumbling puddle in Sanemi’s arms. You barely remembered the rest of the shower, the next thing you knew you were being wrapped in a warm towel.
The cool tile of the countertop underneath you was the only thing that jarred you enough to make you open your eyes fully. You watched as Sanemi dried himself off, wrapping a towel around his waist before looking at you. “Let’s dry your hair a bit, I don’t want you getting cold because of wet hair in an air conditioned room.” There was something so soft and intimate about Sanemi towel drying your hair, doing his best to wrap the towel around it and keep it secure. “Good for now.” He kissed your forehead, guiding your arms over his shoulders as he picked you up. “You sure it’s okay…” your voice was muffled as your face squished to his shoulder.
“Of course it is.” You didn’t need to open your eyes to know you were being carried back towards Sanemi’s room. Part of you wanted to laugh at the fact that he chose his little brother’s room to fuck you. How fucked up is that? You were far too tired to be concerned about all of that now, that was an issue for when you woke up. The last things you remember were Sanemi’s hands pulling your towel off, tucking you under his soft sheets and kissing your temple. “I’ll be back in a second.” You mumbled some sort of okay before giving in to your body’s needs.
Sanemi on the other hand was making his way down the hall back to Genya’s room, grabbing your phone before turning to head back. He fully intended on leaving Genya’s room in a slightly dishevelled state, smug satisfaction filling him as he entered his room and locked the door. Before Sanemi gave in to sleep, there was something he absolutely needed to do. He set your phone on his nightstand, reaching for his own after the fact. Tapping the screen revealed all the messages “you” had sent him. His eyes eagerly took in everything he had taken, he decided it would be best to send the video first.
Genya set his tool down as his phone buzzed, Sanemi’s contact lighting up the screen. He’d only been gone for about two hours at this point, his stomach dropped as he slid open the message
Nemi: Here's some jerk off material for ya.
Attached to the text was a video file, one that made Genya’s stomach drop. “I’ll be right back, Zenitsu, Tanjiro.” He was standing up and walking out the door before they could even respond. His hands were shaking, eyes locked on the blurry thumbnail to the video attached. Without even clicking play, he could already tell it was someone’s body. “No fucking way, no… I knew I should have never left you alone with him.”
Genya pushed the men’s room door open, storming down to the furthest stall. He was absolutely livid and he hadn’t even seen the video's context. For all he fucking knew, it could be some random girl he invited over. Then again that was just wishful thinking. He took a deep breath, making sure his volume was low before he clicked play. It was exactly as he feared, you were flat on your back, legs pressed to your chest. He was frozen, watching the video play out, your face was only visible for a moment but it was clearly covered in something. The majority of the video was focused on where his brother kept disappearing and reappearing inside of you.
He was horrified, the low volume only granted him some of the noises you were making, but it was unmistakably your voice. Your voice screaming his brother’s name. The video itself was only about a minute long, “please for fuck sake at least he wearing protection.” He watched Sanemi’s dick pull out nearly half way, sure enough there was no sign of a condom. His older brother had fucked his best friend…raw. He could have thrown up at the thought. Yet he still watched the video in full, dick shamelessly twitching to life.
“Fuck…” he couldn’t get over how cute your whines sounded. The video ended abruptly, leaving Genya to stare at himself through the black screen. Genya stayed still, once Sanemi saw he had read the texts, there were a series of pictures waiting for him when he closed the video. He couldn’t breathe, not when he was staring at such lewd photos of you. He swallowed, not knowing what to do with himself, especially when he was being suffocated in such a small bathroom stall. He had to simply ignore the persistent twitch between his legs.
Genya: didn’t I fucking tell you to stay away?
Nemi: You did, I didn’t listen.
Genya: fucking clearly.
Nemi: notice anything about those pictures? The video maybe?
Genya: the fact that you fucked my best friend raw??
Nemi: look closer.
After a moment of studying, Genya realized.
Genya: you fucked her on my bed?????
Nemi: on your bed…in the guest bathroom…in your shower. Probably in my own bed too once she wakes up.
Genya clicked off his phone, contemplating if it would be worth throwing it against the wall. He decided against it, shoving his phone in his hoodie pocket and storming out of the bathroom stall. He was livid for a few reasons, ironically the picture and video weren’t even the main reason. The main reason was the fact that he was incredibly turned on. How was he supposed to focus on the stupid fucking project when he was painfully hard.
“I’m going to fucking kill both of them.” He swallowed, making his way to the row of sinks. He braced himself on the counter, one image in particular was haunting him, your face covered in his big brother’s cum. He turned on the skin a moment after, cold water pouring from the faucet. Genya would spend another ten minutes in the bathroom, splashing his face with cold water in hopes of calming down. His pride was already hurt, there was no way he was getting off alone in a bathroom stall.
Sanemi on the other hand was comfortable under his blankets, pulling you to his chest. Sure it was a dirty move doing such a thing to his little brother, but he knew Genya well enough that the younger boy would just take it. It was cruel really, but at the moment Sanemi couldn’t care less. Not when he finally had you in his bed, wrapped in his arms.
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leoiguro · 3 months ago
Demon Slayer PowerPoint Night - Headcanons
Tumblr media
Includes: tanjiro, zenitsu, inosuke, nezuko, genya, kanao, shinobu, aoi, senjuro, tengen, mitsuri, kyojuro, obanai, giyuu, muichiro, sanemi, gyomei, yushiro, daki, gyutaro, akaza, doma, muzan
Warnings: !really tiny manga spoilers in genya’s part! swearing, deez nuts jokes (doma)
Tumblr media
“nezuko is perfect and nice”
he thinks his sister is the best and he wants everyone to know it
“reasons why nezuko should date me”
'number one: i'm better than tengen'
it's a mess
“fight me gonpachiro” or “gonpachiro kamaboko should fight me and here’s why”
aoi typed it out for him because he can't read or write
he doesn’t follow what’s on the slides cuz he can’t read and forgot what's on there
he's just yelling random stuff
no one knows what’s going on the whole time
tanjiro encourages him, which only makes him angrier
"aren't you tired of being nice? don't you just want to go apeshit?"
it's directed at tanjiro
she spends 25 minutes hyping him up and convincing him that it's okay to throw hands
“grossest shit I’ve eaten”
it’s just all the demons ranked from taste
talks about how gross kokushibo’s hair is
sanemi was watching with absolute disbelief like 'what the fuck, genya?'
he’s so tired of this shit please help them
Kanao + Shinobu
“doma is a punk bitch”
they worked together to make this
they just roast the shit out of him for 30 slides
“zenitsu needs to shut the fuck up”
it’s only the title slide
she tells him he’s a bitch and then she’s done
he makes a slideshow about like his favorite Pokémon or something
he’d be really nervous to present it, but kyojuro encourages him
says that pika reminds him of zenitsu
“i am a god and here’s proof”
the first slide is 'im really sexy and hot and i have three wives'
talks about how he's a 'material gworl'
“ranking everyone by who i’m most likely to beat in an arm wrestle”
she came to the conclusion that only gyomei could beat her
kyojuro tells her she’s a legend
"why i will now be saying "this is bussin'!" instead of 'umai!'"
yeah no one is really happy about it
“what my snake has to say about all of you”
goes over what his snake thinks of everyone
'he says that you’re a weak bitch, tengen'
'mitsuri, he loves you'
'tanjiro, can you die already?'
"i am not disliked by people"
so awkward
tries to list reasons why people do in fact like him
poor guy
he forgot to make a presentation
he just improvises something and no one knows what’s going on
a king
"who the fuck ate my ohagi?"
it's just a title slide with incredibly low effort
sanemi stands there and threatens everyone because someone ate his ohagi
it’s not a presentation, it’s an interrogation he wants to know who ate his ohagi
he doesn’t make one
he just stands there and prays for everyone the sits back down
“lady tamayo is better than you and here’s why”
“ugly people have no rights”
the title slide has a picture of zenitsu with an x over it
“my little sister is perfect and here’s why"
“ranking the upper moons by who i hate the most”
'alright coming in a number one we have doma'
lists so many reasons why he hates doma
“best deez nutes jokes”
it’s 20 slides long of ways to get people with deez nuts jokes
ex. 'you like pudding? Try puddin deez nuts in your-'
“i am not michael jackson, say that again and I’ll kill you”
Tumblr media
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popposposts · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cherymiematsuno · a month ago
Shinobu (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `)
Tumblr media
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krowjet · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
More derpy demon slayer manga panels.
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dragon-nauts · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m late but!! Happy swordsmith village arc announcement my fellow demon slayer enjoyers!! 😌
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kita-shinsukes-hand-holder · 6 months ago
The three pillars of being a himbo (click for better quality)
Tumblr media
It's so funny how right I am
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artsy-alice · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌈🧋 best boba
find a friend-or-boyfriend like shinazugawa genya (aka someone u can fool into buying u food from his part time job at Wis-tea-ria House )
(dw oyakata-sama found out the order was for "kamado-kun and his friends" and reimbursed poor genya's losses) (dw about muichiro either, yui tracked him down bc he did leave his wallet AND phone at home)
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kalofi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he’s so mad but he’s being so brave about it
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mandyoka · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Season 3 belongs only to her ❤
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bellasmommyissues · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Genya Stans we all excited for our boy to come home??
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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taybeeart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Best boy with the teef
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xbloolii · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Genya! ❤️❤️ was about time that i drew him
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forzenitsu · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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everythingkny · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
hey everyone remember THIS
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bubba-draws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Modern au where Kanao, Genya and Nezuko are besties and have a band
| Commission Info |
Tumblr media
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herrmitton · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
my entry for @erinlindseyart’s dtiys over on insta!
Tumblr media
and this
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bechnokid · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Of course I wanted to do two versions of this!  This was something I had been working on for a while, and I finally finished it! :3 I would have filled this out in my usual style (right), but then I thought, "Ok, but like, how about I draw them in some Western art styles" (left), and I congratulated myself for being a genius. Ok, not really, but it was a fun challenge, regardless!
Please enjoy!
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yuramec · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Genzuko comic #4 from the Nazuko slayer AU.
This took me a whole month to do because of my work but I really hope you like it.
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