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saw someone made some amazing achievement hunter fahc maxis-match sims - really good ones! i have made some too, but i use some cc… because. and a bonus callmekevin because there can never be too much kevin anywhere. 

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I can see that. I think a lot of us assumed that they could have been inferring that Geoff knew ALL of what R*** was doing. Either way I believe Geoff.

Also it’s not common but it’s also a happened multiple times. The redback was the worst but thankfully it was spinning a web downwards so I saw it. Those things can cause serious illness or even kill you. But it was fine cause I was able to move out of the way easily and kill it (I only kill ones that will harm, otherwise I just catch them and take them outside).

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Y'all if you are following Millie on Twitter or intstagram and you don’t know her. Or are related to her, or go to school with her.

If you only know her through Rooster Teeth or Geoff Ramsey. Then stop.

Stop following her, stop messaging her, stop treating her like an internet celeb just because her dad is.

Most of us are 20+ nowadays, and there are a lot of much older fans. There is no justifiable excuse for anyone over the age of 20 to be following a 15 year old girl on Social media if they don’t know her.

She’s a child. Start treating her like one. And leave her the fuck alone.

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The fact Millie has to tell people to leave her alone is really upsetting. She’s 15 and trying to live her life. She dosen’t owe anyone a God damn thing especially when it comes to her family.

She also shouldn’t be hounded about what’s going on with RT/AH. She has nothing to do with any of this. She shouldn’t be forced or roped into talking about it just because her dad is Geoff.

Stop trying to pry into her personal life. And for fucks sake leave her alone. She’s had to deal with enough.

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There’s a big difference between r*an actively seeking out young fans to sleep with him vs Geoff finding people online to date who HAPPENED to know him.

There IS a power imbalance in both, but r*an was using it for his advantage. Geoff was just,,, dating. When he realized that dating fans wasn’t ideal (for not only them but himself) he stopped.

Geoff may not be perfect, but I still believe he’s a good man with a golden heart.

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