folkfashion · 2 days ago
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Harari girl, Ethiopia, by Eric Lafforgue
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tunashei · 2 days ago
Caves part 2
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veralernt · a day ago
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I‘m back home. The last terms of the bachelor degree I n front of me. En garde! 🤓
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thecrashcourse · 2 days ago
In this episode of Crash Course Geography, we’re learning about empires, imperialism, and colonialism. We’re going to unravel the impacts of colonialism throughout history, from Taiwan to Myanmar. 
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delphinidin4 · a day ago
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nemfrog · 7 months ago
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A crooked river widening its valley. Physical geography. 1898.
Internet Archive
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mysharona1987 · a month ago
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one-time-i-dreamt · 9 months ago
I was at a family reunion and my brother pulled up a world map on his phone. He showed it to me and said, “This is where Portugal is.” I said okay and continued on. Later, he showed me the same picture and reminded me about where Portugal was. Eventually I fell down, and he told me to remember where Portugal is when I’m in trouble. I woke up and googled it, and he was right, Portugal was in the same spot on the map. We’re American, by the way.
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grasshoppergeography · 3 months ago
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River map of the contiguous US, showing all streams and rivers. Colour changes according to the number of confluences.
Read more and buy prints here.
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mar-studies · 4 months ago
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sunday, 05.09.21
i studied korean this morning to be prepared for the next class (pls excuse my ugly handwriting haha)
i changed the prints on my wall a few weeks ago and i absolutely love this layout so much!
i need to write a protocol for my field internship (geländepratikum in german lol) next week but i think it is not too much work :)
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folkfashion · 2 days ago
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Greek Cypriot woman, Cyprus, by pikist
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nnorgru · a year ago
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Величественный монумент в Кемерово, установленный в память погибшим шахтёрам. В его груди, как факел, пылает сердце. A majestic monument in Kemerovo, erected in memory of the dead miners. His heart burns like a torch in his chest.
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veralernt · a year ago
studying without the struggle to feel good enough. studying with interest and people to talk to when you don’t understand something. people who get lost in those topics with you over a drink or dinner in the evening, in a cozy bar after a day full of productive hours. walks and bycicle rides in the nights and in the early mornings because you spent the night in some shady apartment or club. motivation because you’re all in this together. happiness because it’s worth it. because you’re not alone.
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yourwitchmama · 4 months ago
Tarot and Geography
Learn how Tarot can be used to predict geographical locations
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*note that not all 78 cards will be present for determining a location. 
Some of the locations below require you to pull two cards since there are some countries that share a single card.
For example, if you pull The Hermit (which has to do with Ecuador or Venezuela) you might want to double check by pulling cards until you find another specific card for that region. 
~ Africa ~
(Northern Africa)
Star, Hermit, Ace of cupsJustice, Devil, Queen of pentacles 
(Western Africa)
Six of cups, Page of swords, Page of pentacles 
(Central Africa)
Eight of pentacles, Nine of swords, World
(Eastern Africa)
Ace of wands, Six of pentacles, Five of pentacles, King of swords
(Southern Africa)
Four of wands, Three of wands, Two of pentacles, Ten of cups, King of pentacles 
~ Europe ~ 
(Scandinavia) Ten of wands, King of cups, Two of swords, Nine of swords. (UK, Ireland and Scotland) Eight of wands, Three of cups, Ace of swords, Eight of cups, Page of pentacles, Hierophant (Eastern Europe) Two of pentacles, Page of swords, Five of wands (Western Europe) Two of pentacles, Knight of wands, Four of cups (Southern Europe) Sun, Justice, Page of cups, Fool, Nine of swords, Four of swords (Mediterranean) Six of pentacles, Moon, Nine of pentacles  ~ Asia ~   (North Asia consisting of the Asian portion of Russia) Two of cups, Star, Queen of wands, Page of swords, Two of swords, Four of pentacles  (Central Asia) Seven of swords, Eight of pentacles, Five of cups (Southwest Asia Including Iran) Four of pentacles, Empress, King of cups (Southern Asia including Afghanistan) Knight of pentacles, Page of pentacles, Ace of swords, Ten of cups (East Asia) Knight of swords, Emperor, Lovers (Southeast Asia) Two of pentacles, Seven of pentacles, Eight of wands, Ace of swords  ~ North America ~ (Canada) Four of pentacles, Nine of pentacles, Two of swords  (U.S) Hierophant, Two of wands, Four of wands  ~ South America ~ (Brazil) Two of cups, High Priestess, Fool. Eight of pentacles, Moon, Eight of wands  (Argentina) Emperor, High Priestess, Two of swords  (Peru) Hermit, Death, Knight of wands  (Chile)  Five of wands, Moon, Six of cups  (Colombia) Five of wands, Ten of pentacles, Ten of cups  (Ecuador) Hermit, Four of pentacles, Hanged Man  (Venezuela) Hermit, Page of pentacles, Ten of cups  (Bolivia) Lovers, Page of cups, Eight of cups  (Uruguay) Knight of swords, Devil, Lovers  (Paraguay) Queen of cups, Page of cups, Knight of Pentacles  (Suriname) Wheel of fortune, Knight of wands, Seven of cups  (Guyana) Wheel of fortune, Two of pentacles, Eight of cups (Falkland Islands) Star, Eight of swords, Ace of cups ~ The Caribbean ~ Two of cups, four of pentacles, Emperor
~ Antarctica ~
Ace of swords, Six of pentacles, Five of wands.
~ Oceania ~ Four of cups, Devil, Lovers
Lovers, Two of pentacles, Strength
Three of swords, Strength, Six of wands 
Eight of wands, Ten of pentacles, Queen of wands 
The World, Eight of swords, Four of pentacles
The Fool, Page of wands, Eight of swords 
Knight of cups, The world, Six of cups
Five of pentacles, Wheel of fortune, Four of swords
Nine of pentacles, Five of pentacles, Knight of swords
Eight of wands, Six of pentacles, Four of pentacles 
Five of swords, Fool, Knight of wands
Five of swords, Ace of swords, Ace of pentacles 
Six of pentacles, Four of wands, Ten of cups
(New Caledonia)
Lovers, Three of swords, Page of pentacles
Seven of pentacles, King of wands, Six of cups
(Solomon Island) 
Lovers, Eight of swords, Fool
(Papua New Guinea)
Nine of pentacles, Six of pentacles, Seven of pentacles  
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yeoldenews · 6 months ago
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Some places that look like things from an 1868 edition of Monteith’s Manual of Geography.
(source: my personal collection)
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prokopetz · 15 days ago
You can hazard a pretty good guess at what geographic region some people hail from when they’re in the comments on a photo or a video banging on about how bleak and sinister and dystopian it looks, and it’s literally just a building whose paint job is showing the effects of being rained on frequently, captured on an overcast day.
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nemfrog · 19 days ago
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Devils Tower National Monument stamp. Issued September 24, 1956.
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maptitude1 · a year ago
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Waffle House locations by state
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pratchettquotes · a month ago
"You know, you sound a very educated man for a barbarian," said Rincewind.
"Oh, dear me, I didn't start out a barbarian. I used to be a school teacher. That's why they call me Teach."
"What did you teach?"
"Geography. And I was very interested in Auriental studies. But I decided to give it up and make a living by the sword."
"After being a teacher all your life?"
"It did mean a change of perspective, yes."
"But...well...surely, the privation, the terrible hazards, the daily risk of death..."
Mr. Saveloy brightened up. "Oh, you've been a teacher, have you?"
Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times
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grasshoppergeography · 3 months ago
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River basin map of Central America. Colours represent different catchment areas.
Read more and buy prints here.
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