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Uh thats cool! 🥰thanks!

1. I am quite skilled when it comes to computer technology, I’m the one in the family who helps if there’s problems with the WiFi, the operating systems, the hardware etc! That’s why I studied information systems management in the first year after my a level exams, but it sadly didn’t work out for me 🤷🏼‍♀️

2. I have been on an exchange year in Sweden 2015/2016 and I still miss the country every day! I’m so glad I got to do that! ❤️

3. Actually I went to a high school that was specialized for teaching arts and music! It was a nice time but after playing piano for 10 years just to get grades and pass exams I completely lost my enthusiasm for it😅

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I never in a million years thought that this would happen but i’m glad to announce that i’m matriculating into one of the top 3 universities in my country! I’ll be taking a degree in Information Systems starting this August!

I guess you could say that the journey I took hasn’t been the most conventional path. I had to repeat a year in college because my grades weren’t good enough to move on to the last year of college, so i spent 4 years in college. Normally students only spend 2 or 3 years.

Looking back I knew I didn’t take school seriously in yr 1. During, yr 2 I started studying harder but not smarter therefore I had to repeat yr 2. At my second try at yr 2 I made wiser decisions and started studying smarter. I ended up becoming the best performer in my class and I could finally move on to the last and final year of college!

At the last year of college (2019) all students are suppose to take a national exam called the A levels at the end of the year for each subject. (every subject had at least 2 papers. Each paper had a 3 hour duration yikes) I’ve always heard horror stories of it being the hardest thing and only students from the “smart” schools would be able to ace it. 

I’m not really someone who is fully confident in her abilities. My friends and teachers were the only ones who always believed I could do it but I still doubted myself. I have very low self esteem haha. However, in the end your local low self esteem bitch did it! 

I’m happy with all that i have achieved at this point despite taking a longer time to get here and I just wanted to share this with you and thank you for supporting me throughout this journey❤️Thank you so so much to this small studyblr community. You pushed me further even when I was incapable of moving any further, You comforted me when I was burnt out. You taught me to be kinder to myself despite being in such a stressful situation You helped me so much and i can’t take you enough. 

✨“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”✨

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[map stretching from France to Poland] “So in comparison with Europe…”

[map stretching slightly further out to include also Spain, Portugal, southern Italy and most of the British Isles] “So all across Europe…”

[map stretching from Portugal to Estonia] “So in the European Union…”

[map stretching from Portugal and Malta to Norway, with the Azores and Iceland as insets] “So on the continent of Europe…”

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05.27.2020// today is a day full of old history books from 1905 - 1930’s. Chock full of history, maps, economics, and social studies. Amazing works! These go so much deeper into history that our books do now. It makes me still wish that elementary/middle school/high school books had this richness. These all belonged to my relatives and they have been saved on bookshelves longing to be read again.

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