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Yesterday- 26/04/2020

I revised some super simple mathematics for 6 hours, just as a refresh. I drank 1.5L (a challenge for me!) and also ate fairly healthy. Today I had an endo flare so I didn’t study :( I feel dissapointed in myself as I struggle to be productive when I have flares and it happens so often. Oh well… I guess I’ll just keep going. I shall not forget the progress I have made with my mental health from last year tho ♡

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I’m Katrina and I decided to re-make a studyblr account in order to motivate me to study more! Exam season is coming up too (please save us all lol).

 I hope that I can make some friends and also some study buddies in this community! <3

To introduce myself~

  • I am 19 and a British undergraduate student at University College London.
  • My subject of choice is geology/environmental geosciences 
  •  I wish to work on understanding our planet more deeply then going into politics to try and allow the public/ the government to understand what is happening to our planet and how we can fix it. There is a lack of people who can communicate between scientists and the general public due to the complexities of these issues.
  • Currently, I am learning Korean and hope to be fluent as it would make communication between my partner’s family and I easier. 
  • I love going on picnics, vintage inspired fashion, bubble tea (as you may see in my blog name lol) and reading.
  • I love animals, especially dogs.
  • Exploring new places and countries is one of my favourite pastimes! 
  • My favourite time of year is Autumn because of the pretty colours, lack of exams and the fairly mild temperature. If it wasn’t exam season I would enjoy spring a lot too. 
  • Due to my Chronic illnesses, I do struggle with university but I am determined to pull through. Hence, I may post content related to that also. 
  • My personality type is INFJ and my signs are Aries Sun, Virgo Rising and Gemini Moon. 

I hope that we can become friends and inspire each other to keep studying! Here is to a successful and fulfilling life.  

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“what are you doing" 
"stop getting distracted”
“what do you mean you accidentally found the structure/fossil/burrow????”
-my groupmates when we were doing the strata log on the field

“what are you doing”
“stop getting distracted”
“you were making solid points but now you’re off topic”
-my groupmates when we were doing our strata log report in uni

what are you doing- i tend to sit very randomly/move around too much/sing and talk out loud/play with dozens of fidget toys on my table

what are you doing- i tend to zone out and ended up hyperfocusing on one thing (say digging through the mud layer or something and i could spend a godly amount of time staring at it and everything literally became silent), randomly jumping around and climbing shit and all around very active on the field and this could lead to accidentally finding something - like i didn’t mean to, but i did

but yeah lmao having adhd is like having a super power but not really

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Purple sand

Sand get natural redish colors when iron precipitate into, sometimes making also very hard layers of iron-sand. Where I studied today we could found among the orange, pink and red sand some of this beautiful purple color.
It’s very caracteristic of the geology of the region which named a the stratigraphy stage Cenomanian where it have been described there first.

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