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geopsych · 2 days ago
A hummingbird at the flowers. (Another appears for a moment.) They really like this tall blue salvia. The drought has gone on so long now that many wildflowers can’t produce nectar. I saw jewelweed, which they count on in August, lying flat on the ground, wilted completely down from lack of rain. So I’m seeing a lot of pollinators especially hummingbirds at my flowers and feeders these days. I’m glad to see them but sorry for the reason.
After this video ended, when I turned to go inside, a monarch butterfly flew towards me and flew a spiral around me starting at my waist and going over my head. And then a hummingbird flew right past me and up toward it and they did this little dance, the hummingbird kind of chasing the monarch upward, all very close to me. It was amazing. This is expressing my appreciation to any and all parties involved! ✨🌿💙
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duyhas-blog · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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batalhasepoesias · 3 months ago
recomenda uns blogs... rs
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likeawildthing · a year ago
couldn't send you a message and tumblr won't let me link the post buttt if you go to @geopsych on tumblr their second most recent video has the cutest duck sounds !!!!! ducks!!!!!!! in case their profile changes before you see it it's tagged "#duck sounds" on the page
Thank you!!!! <3 <3 <3
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poppypushing · 2 years ago
abandoned chapel in Ireland overgrown with vines
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tryingnottokillmyplants · 3 years ago
made a video... @geopsych, it’s your fault
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kihaku-gato · 3 years ago
Get to know me
Rules: Tag 10 people you would like to get to know better
Tagged by: @plantaffinity
Name: No irl names being spilled here ;P “Gato” will suffice for referring to me.
Birth year: 1991
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: uhhhh 6′ 7″ (had to check with family cause I keep forgetting)
Put your playlist on shuffle and list the four first songs: I still haven’t fully updated/deleted the various songs I got all on itunes so we’ll see how interesting/dated these get also hope the damn thing shuffles cause Apple makes user friendliness lesso each update;
Strong Bonds in Mind (Fairy Tail Vol 4 OST)
What I’ve Done by Linkin Park
Rolling Girl by Hatsune Miku
Teppen no Ito by Masuda Toshio (Mushishi Soundtrack 2)
All these songs are so old and from my late high school / early college days omg..... not BAD songs but frick I haven’t heard any of these in like 5ever.
Nearest book, page 23, line 17:
Skipping the Manga, and grabbing the first book that I see since they are all about the same distance;
“compost conjured up scenes of untidy, odorous“
Tumblr media
Ever had a song/poem written about you?
Closet was me throwing a poem request to a friend to help me with Cat OCs. Otherwise no.
When was the last time you played air guitar?
Idr, a long time ago. Possibly since College, possibly since High School.
Celebrity crushes?
None that I’m aware of. I don’t crush like that.
What is a sound you love/hate?
Love the sound of a cat purring.
I hate the sound of cattle bellowing.
Do you drive?
Up to G1 licence so I am allowed to drive provided I’m with a fully licensed driver. Honestly though I rarely drive, I’m high anxiety about it for a lot of reasons.
Last book you read?
It’s been too long I have NO IDEA :D
definitely a gardening book.
Do you believe in ghosts?
Logical brain says no. Irrationally paranoid brain says PLZ NOOOOOO.
Do you believe in aliens?
I believe there is prolly life beyond earth. I’m otherwise skeptical that any have come and made contact with us or anything of the sort.
Do you like the smell of gasoline?
Despite getting high on it unwillingly more often than I’d like, I definitely do not like it. Nor do I like the smell of diesel either. You get it in your clothes/hands handling it and it becomes 100% more hated by me.
Last movie you saw:
In theaters? Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. On TV? The Aggretsuko christmas special I guess if that counts. What I wish was my answer? Into the Spiderverse!!!!
Do you have any obsessions right now?
Certain OCs of mine, as well as video gaming. Not much else has had me “obsessive” atm.
Do you tend to hold grudges?
I don’t LIKE holding grudges but my fuck can I hold a grudge if I’m pushed far enough.
Are you in a relationship?
Hahahahahaha- no.
Tagging: @legendofcarl, @ohmutracks, @geopsych, @omgplants, @officeladythyme, @plantpest, aaand my brain is out of juice to find others. Whomever else wants to do this meme-thing; go for it!
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foxy-filly · 4 years ago
geopsych replied to your video “I’m sorry, we need to take a short break from horses to appreciate...”
I feel like maybe I already asked, but are you from Rochester?
I am not - originally from CT, then MA, and now MD! I have friends up that way though and its a lovely area :)
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geopsych · 6 months ago
I’m not saying that watching this baby bunny eat a blade of grass will heal and strengthen you but on the other hand it can’t hurt.
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geopsych · 7 months ago
One day at the end of May sunlight burst through the mist in the little woods near my house as a thrush was singing.
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geopsych · 5 months ago
A few peaceful seconds in June.
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geopsych · 2 months ago
This little woods still has some kind of magic in it. Just this morning it was like this.
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geopsych · 6 months ago
There’s a little noise, maybe from my feet while I was turning but I think this one is worth posting. A sunrise at the lake in October.
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