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#george russell
ricciardoe · 23 hours ago
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they’re obsessed with each other - can’t blame neither.
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f1incorrects · 2 days ago
*The twitch quartet when they drop food on the floor*
George: Aw man. *Throws it away*
Alex: Five second rule!
Lando: Foolish germs, thinking they can stop me!? *Eats it off the floor*
Charles: *Sobs on the floor*
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outercircuit · a day ago
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Tumblr media
THURSDAY, united states grand prix 2021
© chris graythen/getty images
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illicitlimerence-writes · 18 hours ago
peace | g. russell
pairing: george russell x norris!reader word count: 2.9k words request: yes/no. by an anon: "hi love! hope you are doing great :) I wanted to request something with george if it was possible, maybe make it really angsty like the reader and him having a fight or one if them being jealous. thank you have an amazing day 💖" thanks so much for sending this <3 warnings: jealous!george, language, idk what else, i'll add more once i read this again. a/n: not proofread! also english isn't my first language! i tried my best to write something really angsty but i just couldn't so i wrote this instead. my askbox is always open for requests, currently the only drivers i write for are lando, mick, pierre, charles and george.
my masterlist
Tumblr media
you fixed your makeup, straightening your sweater before putting on your rain jacket. it had been raining non-stop in belgium since you arrived. it was the first race since summer break, the first of a triple header.
the first since your breakup.
your relationship with george had always been private. of course, there were pictures of you two that sparked rumors, a celebratory hug that lasted a second too long, his arm around your shoulders as you walked in the paddock.
you had never been more glad that nobody knew about you. you could definitely live without dozens of reporters or internet trolls trying to get whatever little bit of information they could get their hands on.
you had met because of your brother, they raced against each other since childhood, and a friendship blossomed at some point. lando and george got along really well, they knew how to keep the rivalry on track and disconnect and enjoy their time together. you always tagged along, wherever you were, lando was always close by. and so was the other way around.
you had been there for every win, loss, heartbreak and joy throughout their careers. you had been with george when he first got the news that mercedes and williams were interested in giving him a seat for the 2019 f1 season. even though he didn't want to get his hopes up, you were there to remind him of everything he'd accomplished in his career, and how much he deserved that seat because of his hard work and dedication. that night you shared your first kiss.
since then, you were a secret to everyone, even your twin brother. not that you weren't proud of your relationship with george, but there was something so thrilling about sneaking around with him, making out in your bedroom with your boyfriend while your brother streamed next door. leaving the mclaren garage or hospitality unnoticed just so you could wish him good luck before a session or a race, and hiding from the cameras that tried to capture your secret moments.
now, almost a month after your breakup, you don't know if you're ready to see him again. of course you've seen him, on instagram and stuff, but not in person, not after hungary. all weekend you stayed inside the mclaren hospitality, using the rain as an excuse both to stay in and for your mood. but it's race day, and not even a boy would stop you from supporting your brother and the team that you call family.
you make your way to the paddock with lando, you shield under the roof and warmth of the hospitality until it's almost time for the lights to go out. you do your usual pre-race ritual with lando, and wait for the race to start. you feel anxious and unsure about the weather conditions, especially after your brother's crash yesterday. he tells you he feels better, but you can't help but worry every time he gets into the car.
the race is red-flagged, and ten minutes become thirty. then forty. then your brother falls asleep on your shoulder. and you're bored. most drivers are just sitting there watching the broadcast, some, like lando, sleep a little to regain energy. but someone who needs to let some of his energy out is daniel ricciardo. you see him from the other side of the garage as he pretends to wrestle with his trainer and laugh, causing lando to groan and wake up. you apologize and stand up before he can use you as his pillow again.
"hey," you say as you approach daniel. since he switched teams to mclaren you've gotten to know each other more, and he's taken the role of an older brother.
"baby norris, nice of you to join us." you roll your eyes at the nickname. it was george who started calling you that. since you and lando obviously had the same last name, whenever one of your friends adressed you by it you'd both answer at the same time, which started a fight about who should be called by your last name.
"i've got it!" george said. "lando will be norris, and (y/n) will be baby norris,"
"i'm bored," you state.
"everyone's bored. we have to find some ways to keep ourselves entertained and hyped up for the race," he says as removes his headphones from his ears and places them around his neck.
"what do you have in mind?" you ask, placing your hands inside the pockets of your mclaren rain jacket.
"i don't know. i was thinking about going out to cheer the crowd a little. it's not fair that they're standing out in the cold and rain for so long," he shook his head. "wanna join?" he asked. you thought for a second, looking back to your sleeping twin brother, then nodded.
"sure, let's go," you grabbed your beanie and put it on before going out to the rain. you followed daniel outside, going to the pit wall. the crowd roars as they see his blue racing suit and your orange jacket behind him, although they probably think it's lando and not you.
"let's get them to do a mexican wave," he says, and starts moving his arms. you laugh at the sight of this giant waving his arms up and down. the crowd doesn't understand what he's trying to do and just laugh at his antics.
"maybe we should call checo for help," you chuckle, daniel's eyes light up.
"let's do it!" he grabs your hand and starts running to the red bull garage. you spot the mexican driver and wave at him, he makes his way to you two.
"hi (y/n), dan. what are you doing?" sergio asks, adjusting the cap on his head.
"we want to cheer up the crowd a bit." daniel began.
"and daniel thought it might be a good idea to do a mexican wave," you continued.
"but failed miserably, yeah i saw that," sergio said, laughing.
"wanna help?" you asked, raising your eyebrows, smiling wide in hopes to convince him, but he's already nodding his head.
the three of you make your way back to where you previously were, sergio waves to the crowd, and gives you and daniel instructions on how to sign to the crowd what you want to do.
he counts with his fingers and the three of you do a small wave, the crowd cheering. then you three point to them, telling them it's their turn. checo counts down again, and it's a nice first attempt, but got messed up at first.
"what's going on?" you hear behind you. you don't need to look to know who it is. you could recognize that voice even in your sleep.
"georgie! come join us!" daniel cheers, and you soon find yourself sandwiched between the aussie and the brit. george stands a little too close to you, and you refuse to look at him, choosing instead to focus on the guys on your left.
after god know how many attempts, the four of you manage to get the people to do a decent wave through the grandstand.
you jump in delight, giving the crowd a thumbs up before you turn to your aussie friend. he opens his arms and you jump, he lifts you off the ground and spins you around. daniel high-fives you as he sets you down.
"baby norris and the honey badger back at it again!" daniel cheers, hugging you with one arm. you laugh as daniel turns to wave one last time to the crowd, you do the same, and this time you can't ignore george's piercing gaze locked on you. you meet his eyes for half a second before returning to your friend. you smile at the aussie, making your way back to the garage and saying goodbye to sergio. you can't stop yourself, your eyes travel back to george, but he's nowhere to be found.
"i'm heading to the hospitality for something to eat, want something?" you ask once you're inside the garage.
"nah, i'm good. let me walk you, though." he offers but you shake your head.
"that's fine, you should stay here in case they decide to restart the race," you say and he nods. you part ways as you leave the garage. after you grab an apple from the hospitality, you decide to walk for a bit, away from the chaos on the other side. as you return to the garage, someone yanks your arm and drags you into a small room.
"what the fuck?!" you say, freeing your arm from the deathly grip. your eyes meet familiar ones. "george! what were you thinking? you scared the crap out of me!" you scolded. you move to look for the door, but he stands in your way, making you stumble backwards.
"me... what are you thinking?" he huffs, making you frown.
"what are you talking about? let me go," you try again, but he grabs your hips and places your back against the door, now you're trapped.
"it's barely been a month and i see you've already found my replacement. good to know those promises were just empty words," he looks at you with anger in his eyes, but you just feel confused.
"replacement? george, i have no idea what you're talking about but may i remind you that you were the one who ended things?"
"don't pretend. you and danny, i saw the way he held you and how he looks at you." he locks his gaze on a spot next to your head, not looking at you.
"we're not together anymore, remember? i can do whatever i please and you just have to deal with it."
"is that what you think?"
"it's what you said when you left me all alone in an unknown city. you can't just walk away like that and expect to be welcomed back with open arms." you raise your voice a little, pushing him back.
"i told you i needed space,"
"and i gave you space. so you have no right to come here and prevent me from moving on. deal with it." you repeat your words, his words.
"no." he says.
"i'm sorry but i wasn't asking. you didn't ask for my opinion when you decided to abandon me in budapest like i meant nothing to you!" you put your hands on his shoulders and shove him backwards.
"i didn't want to leave you!" he raises his voice, his hands grabbing each side of your waist and pulling you with him.
"that why did you do it!?" you didn't care if someone heard you outside. you needed answers, deserved them.
"because we don't want the same things... i..."
"what?" you urge him to continue.
"i heard you once, a few months ago. talking to lando. he asked if you ever thought about getting married, starting a family. and without missing a beat, your answer was yes."
you remained quiet, thinking back to that moment. it was true, you did see yourself doing all that, but not at the moment, at least.
"and i don't. i see myself doing this, for as long as i can. i can't picture that quiet, normal life you wish. i just see myself, with you by my side." he admits. your breath hitches in your throat.
"that is why i broke up with you. a stupid choice that i've regretted ever since i walked away from you."
"you decided... to break up with me... instead of asking what i thought?" it sounded harsh once you said it out loud.
"wouldn't've changed a thing," he said, stepping away from you.
"george," you started, but he shook his head, zipping up his blue jacket.
"forget it, you deserve someone who can give you a normal life,"
he left the room before you could even react, you tried to run after him but someone called your name. charlotte told you they were restarting the race, and grabbed your arm, rushing to the garage.
as the cars left the pit lane, your leg jumped up and down on its own accord. half of you was too busy thinking about the race, worrying about the rain that would not stop pouring down. whilst the other half thought about your conversation with george.
it was true, what he'd heard, you did see yourself married. even though you lived a hectic life, you knew it would be difficult and you needed someone who could live with that.
a normal person wouldn't understand it. but, as you saw the red flags coming out again, then seeing george's car passing by, you realize you don't need normal.
you just need him.
the drivers leave their cars, get weighed and return to the garages. you get up and leave to watch the podium celebration. your heart races as they hand george his second-place trophy, and he wastes no time in lifting it up in the air. his team cheering for him. from up on the podium, he spots you, you stand out, an orange dot in a sea of whites and blacks. he pours the champagne, so incredibly happy, and at that moment, you can't tell if what you feel on your face are tears or just the rain.
a body stands next to you, your twin brother places an arm on your shoulders, you lean your head on his.
"how does it feel like? being up there?" you ask, watching as george poses with the other drivers for pictures.
"it's unreal. there's no other feeling quite like it, you know? when your hard work is finally rewarded and acknowledged." you nod.
"do you think that's how he's feeling right now?" you both watch the young driver scanning the crowd, a joyful look on his face.
"probably. he'd be happier if whatever happened between you was resolved," he says casually.
"wh- how?"
"i'm your twin. you can't hide anything from me, (y/n)."
"why didn't you say something?" you asked but he just shrugged his shoulders.
"he loves you, you know?"
"i love him as well," you feel your chest getting hot. "i want to fix things but-"
"then do it. go up to him and say it, make him listen and figure it out. i don't like seeing you like this."
"i don't think i can. not here, i-"
"george! oi! come here!" lando yells, dragging you with him until you're standing in front of george. "you broke my sister's heart, the least you can do is listen to her." he says, and george's eyes widen, he locks eyes with you briefly before returning his gaze to your twin. "and don't think you're safe, i will speak to you later, no matter how you resolve this thing." he leaves you both speechless.
you both remain silent for a few seconds, you refuse to meet his gaze, locking your eyes on the floor, your eyes catching the shiny trophy in his hand.
"cool trophy," you say after the awkward silence becomes too much.
"(y/n)-" he begins.
"i don't need normal." you interrupt him, "i don't want or need a normal life because i don't have one. i don't want someone waiting for me at home when i could be with someone who i can do all of this with. i'm young, you're young. if you asked me to marry you i'd probably say yes without a second thought. that's something we both agree in. and kids, i love them, i want them at some point. but, i don't feel ready for kids right now, nor do i think i'll be ready for them in a long time. but guess what? that's a bridge we'll cross when the time comes," you rant. his lips part but he doesn't speak, his eyes are locked on yours.
"we can work out what we need, what we want. all in its time." you lean close, his hands twitching, stopping himself from holding you.
"i could never give you peace, this lifestyle it's always changing, it's not stable it-"
"and that is enough for me. i told you, i don't need perfect, i don't need normal, i need you." you grab his face in your hands, your thumbs rubbing circles on his cheeks.
"i'm so sorry," he says, holding your waist with one hand.
"that's okay. just, promise me, whatever's going on inside that head of yours, we'll talk about it. our choices, we'll make them together. the consequences, we'll face them together as well."
"i promise, i do." he says, nodding his head. your hands slide down to his chest, relishing in the feeling of his body under your touch after what felt like years without it.
"good." you barely get the words out before george pulls you close and attaches his lips to yours. you melt under his touch, smiling into the kiss. you lean back, breathing heavily.
suddenly, you become aware of everything around you. the people, the cameras, the fans.
"okay, okay, that's enough now. come on, show's over," lando appears out of nowhere, stepping between you two and pushing you away from each other.
your face feels warm as lando keeps you both at arm's length, and walks you to the garage. someone comes up to george and gets the trophy from his hands, you side eye him, taking advantage of lando walking a few steps ahead of you, and stretch your arm. george takes your hand behind your brother's back, which reminds you of when you used to sneak around.
"now, i want to set some rules," lando says, turning his head to the side, catching you two. "stop that! get away!" he yells pushing his way between you again, you just laugh.
"oh, dear brother, this is going to be so much fun," you throw an around his shoulder, standing on your tiptoes to ruffle his hair.
"whatever, just don't make out in front of me."
"no promises," george says.
"shut up, i still need to have a talk with you."
"that's okay, my mom taught me all bout the birds and the bees a while ago," george smiles, a shit-eating grin on his face.
"i'll kill you," lando narrows his eyes.
"run, george!" you laugh. he chuckles, before realizing you're serious. lando's gaze is murderous.
"oh, shit," he says, sprinting away, your brother chasing after him.
"everything okay, baby norris?" daniel appears behind you.
"never better."
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yekoc · a day ago
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have we seen this one yet
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albonoo · a day ago
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cowboy george 🤠
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ilott-gasly · a day ago
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maxielonceagain · a day ago
So far Sebastian and Daniel has had their 10 shots and their score is 3/10 :) Hope we get full videos!
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literally-trash · 23 hours ago
why are they like this
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eclairfromleclerc · 23 hours ago
The US Grand Prix up until now
1.Daniel shows up as a cowboy and acts like one during his interviews
2. Zak Brown getting a tattoo bc of Daniel (?!)
3.Max and Daniel press conference
4. Litterally half of the grid has special helmets
5. Pierre trying to fit Yuki in the back of a truck
6.Drivers playing basketball
7.Seb and Mick playing Jenga
8.Williams having a plastic cow as their mascot
9. Daniel and George living the bromance
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schemppion · a day ago
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george's special helmet for the us gp 2021!
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