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#george russell

This girl decided to kill us today 👊😍

This is my new favourite thing…. George in blue polo 😍 Seriously never believed to say that, but this is even better than Mercedes George.

There is something incredibly handsome about this photo 😍😍😍

P. S for all GR fans If you are on IG definitely follow her.

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Seb *looking at Lando, Alex & George*: Why is it when something bad happens, it’s always you three?

Alex: Believe me, Seb, I’ve been asking myself the exact same thing for the past two years.

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Everytime I read something about George, I’m like:

‘GEorgeNOTFOUNd did WHAt?’ or

‘GEorge rUSselL did WHAt?’

And then I realize the post is talking about the other George.

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Some of f1 grid as beanie babies because why not ?

Daniel as Funky Money


Charles as Lemonade Ice the Bear


Alex as Gavin the Giraffe


George as Heartbeat the Dog


Pierre as Mandy the Panda


Kimi as Zero the Penguin


Lance as Mr. Dinosaur


Valtteri as Icy


Lewis as Houghie the Pug


Lando as Trick the Ghoul

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do you sometimes just stare at the wall remembering that merc george actually excited in this universe and have a flashback of that emotional rollercoaster from horny panic to incredible pain that you experienced during the sakhir gran prix because same

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This is hilarious. How desperate are rich energy to be pulling this bull crap off. As if people weren’t panicking about them sponsoring Aston Martin as it is, then they do this. I really hope they don’t go ANYWHERE near this beautiful team. Although as they keep revealing sponsors, it looks less and less likely and they’ll probably keep most of the same sponsors as last year as Racing Point.

Either way, can someone shut this piece of trash up. I’m sick of seeing his desperation spewed all over the internet.

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This is probably gonna be 10% talking about racing and 90% gushing about Alex…

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i completely agree!! i’m excited that so far it seems like toto is really supportive of george and his career but i’m really worried about him getting the chance to get that mercedes seat and show the talent he has, because i feel like there’s not really anywhere else for him to go? it’s a shame what happened to the other drivers, we’ll just have to see what happens but i am really hoping he gets that mercedes seat soon!! he absolutely deserves it

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Ok but what about Charles….in the Mercedes….with George

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i do understand the point of what you’re saying, i just really don’t see max going to mercedes, maybe i’m wrong though. but i do think that after sakhir george really proved himself in a car that didn’t even fit him, and i feel like mercedes has so far backed him for the mercedes seat anyways. but it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the future!

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At this point I think that the best thing F1 can do commercially is to release a song made by the drivers boyband

Charles Leclerc playing the piano

Lando Norris playing drums

Lewis Hamilton playing guitar

Daniel Ricciardo playing tambourine

The rest of the grid singing and freestyling

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Just thinking about the time I got called racist on twitter because I said I wanted George to go to Mercedes

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I currently have an empty notebook and no idea what to put in it. Any suggestions?
Put spaghetti in it.
I am currently taking suggestions from everyone except you.
Put spaghetti in it.
I am currently taking suggestions from everyone except for you two.
Put spaghetti in it.
I am no longer taking suggestions
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