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Ron: Bloody hell what are you wearing?

Fred: uh, a skirt… obviously




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@anonymous i’d match you with… George Weasley!!


Originally posted by alloftheimaginesblog

as soon as i read your request, i had this entire scenario in my head, and i immediately knew it was meant to be! (lmao don’t mind me being so cheesy)

  • when spending christmas break at the weasley’s, it’s always chaos
  • not necessarily ‘bad’ chaos
  • George had invited you over the holidays, to spend quality time with his girlfriend
  • but anyways, Molly and Arthur went to visit Bill and Fleur in their home for the holidays
  • for the most part, Molly had left Christmas eve dinner ready, and said that everything was already ready, just needed to be quickly heated up
  • since she hated the idea to leave you guys in her kitchen
  • but Fred and George had other ideas
  • which involved a dare of baking dessert- and of course, Fred had also added on, that it had to be done without magic
  • “George, I dare you to bake in mum’s kitchen-”
  • “Done” George replies quickly, getting up from his seat in the den, and began to walk towards the kitchen
  • “Wait- without magic”
  • Hermionie began to protest: “Guys, I don’t think that’s the best idea- I mean, you guys make a mess in the kitchen as it is with magic”
  • “Oh come on ‘Mionie, they’ll be fine!” Ron adds on, propping his feet up on a table nearby where he sat
  • “Ron- you misunderstood me dear brother, we’re all going to bake together!”
  • Ginny was already out of her seat as soon as George said the words
  • the rest of the group following, with Harry muttering how ‘Molly is going to kill us’
  • it began with Ginny searching for her mum’s cook books, and began to read them out loud for the others to follow
  • “Okay- so it says, 2 cups of butter, melted, mixed in with a cup of white sugar, ½ a cup of brown sugar…”
  • “Harry you melt the butter while I measure out the sugars?” you ask, he nods and you go searching around the kitchen for the sugar
  • the rest of the baking went on quite smoothly until George had an idea to mess with the recipe when Ginny wasn’t looking
  • “Okay so after the wet ingredients, the recipe says to add 3 tablespoons of salt, 4 cups of flour and 5 tablespoons of baking powder… this doesn’t seem right?”
  • the twins stifled their laughs, and continued to follow Ginny’s instructions to the letter
  • “Well, I mean if Molly wrote the recipe, they must be right no?” you say, adding the necessary ingredients
  • by the time that the cake was all mixed up and the over was preheated, everyone else left the kitchen to clean up themselves
  • leaving you and George alone to clean up the mountain of dirty dishes
  • “Can you grab a stick of butter and some flour so I can grease this pan?” you asked, remaining focused on looking for a tin of right size in the cabinets
  • George muttered a quick ‘mhmm’ and went to go grab the supplies
  • when he came back, you peeled the wrapping from the butter just enough to be able to use the surface and grease the pan
  • “I’m surprised nothing caught on fire”
  • “Not yet at least” George answered with a mischievous smirk
  • “Bloody hell- what did you guys do?!” you ask, eyes widening as you finished greasing and dusting the pan in flour
  • “Don’t worry your pretty head about it Y/N - the cake will turn out great” he adds on, poking your nose playfully
  • you scrunched your nose as you felt the strange feeling of powder on your skin
  • your hand flew immediately over your nose, only to feel flour tickling your skin, and led you to sneeze loudly
  • some flour must’ve gone up your nose because you were sneezing nonstop for a good five minutes
  • meanwhile, George was having the absolute time of his life, laughing his ass off
  • he was clutching his sides in laughter, his innocent prank going better than expected
  • your face was a flushed red when you finally stopped sneezing, a mix of embarrassment and blood rushing to your head as you sneezed
  • “That was not fun” you finally said sarcastically, grabbing a tissue, blowing your nose and then washing your hands
  • “You have the most adorable sneeze” George says as he leans against the counter, watching you in awe
  • “Shut up Weasley- I sneeze like a dad”
  • George laughs “I’ve never heard that expression- but I like it”
  • you rolled your eyes as you poured the batter into the pan, and placed it into the oven to bake
  • “I’m serious- George, what did you guys put into the cake?” you ask, placing a hand on your hip
  • “It’s not what we put in the cake, but what you guys did”
  • your eyes widened once more in realization when you realized that Ginny was right when she said that the measurements were strange
  • “George… you didn’t..”
  • “Oh but what fun it’ll be when the rest of you lot realize what disaster you actually baked” he adds on with a growing smirk, enjoying the colour drain from your face
  • you quickly turned, grabbed a few kitchen towels to pull out the cake but it was too late
  • the over door had already locked and had its timer on as to when the oven door could be opened, to avoid letting the steam out of the oven, to inevitably ruin the food inside
  • “You said no magic!”
  • “We said that we wouldn’t use magic while baking, not my fault mum has a magical oven that’s enchanted to not open until a specific time”
  • you ran a hand through your hair in frustration when you realized that the disaster of a cake would have to be baked fully, before being able to take it out of the oven
  • he quite enjoyed watching you stress out over the possibility of burning the house down with a messed-up cake in the oven
  • “Calm down love, it was just a harmless prank”
  • you glared over at him, before deciding to give him a taste of his own medicine
  • you used your finger to pick up some cake residue of the sides of the bowl and smeared it across George’s lips
  • George doesn’t fully process what you’ve done until he feels the wet cake mixture on his face
  • “How does your prank taste?” you ask mockingly, wiping the excess batter off your fingers with a napkin
  • “Why don’t I give you a taste?” he answers immediately in a cocky tone, grabbing your hips and pulling you in close
  • his chocolate covered lips melted onto your own, as he placed a hand on the small of your back to support you as he kissed you deeper
  • the quick and innocent kiss quickly got heated, him mumbling dirty things in your ear as he propped you up the counter, never breaking the kiss
  • your legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer, your hands tangled in his vibrant red hair, tugging at them slightly, making him moan
  • what i would give to make out with george weasley in the kitchen😔
  • when you finally pulled apart to breathe in air, you spoke- “I’d say, that for all of the random shit we put in there, it doesn’t taste, half as bad”
  • “Hmm… I didn’t quite get that same feeling, maybe I should try again?” he says, with a playful smirk, dipping his hand into the reminants of the batter, and then smearing it on your face
  • you squeezed your eyes shut as you felt the cold batter on your skin
  • before he was about to pull you close to kiss you again, wolf whistles erupted from the den
  • “Quite the show I must say!” Fred snickers as he yells from the couch
  • Ginny laughs and begins to cheer you guys on
  • instinctively, you wipe off whatever was left on your face with a nearby paper towel and bury your face into George’s shoulder out of embarrassment
  • he begins to laugh softly at your actions and soothingly played with your hair
  • “you’re cute when you’re embarrassed” he mumbles as he places a kiss at the top of your head
  • “yeah it’s all fun and games until your family catches us snogging in the kitchen” you roll your eyes along with the sarcastic comment
  • the others soon left you two alone and returned their attention to the movie that they were watching before
  • that’s when finally the timer for the oven went off
  • ‘Ding!’
  • “Well, I guess it’s time to see how our creation came out”
  • you laughed at his comment, got off the counter and walked to the oven with oven mitts on, prepared for the worst
  • once it cooled down and you all tried it, it was absolutely inedible
  • at least the burrow didn’t burn down
  • the night ended in ordering some take out, no one trusting the twins to use the oven once more to heat up the dinner that Molly had left prepared
  • but hey, you guys had a good time

Originally posted by avada-kedavra-everybody


A/N: as usual, GIFs aren’t mine, full credit to their owners!!

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i ship you with george weasley !

1. impulsivity is in the weasley blood but ur kind of impulse is just so sweet that i think george would mesh really well with that - hes the more sensitive of the twins and i think sneaking oht to do such sweet or fun things, especially with his love, gives him all the more reason to be reckless and rebellious

2. george is somehow who very much expresses his love and care through little acts so he would absolutely do all of the things you expressed - he’d sneak hoodies into your room without you even asking - spraying cologne on them so they’d always smell of him, he’d not only sneak little notes in the hoodie but leave them everywhere - finding fun ways to make you laugh and add some thrill in finding them

3. he’d absolutely never push you to do or say anything you weren’t ready to - like i said he’s more sensitive, he’s more attuned to emotions and so he’d be so incredibly patient with you and never force you to do anything but support you with everything and be a source of comfort when you need it

4. forehead kisses, nose kisses and pet names are george’s jam!!!! he’s so incredibly sweet and so he just inheritenly uses them or does it because he wants you too feel so loved and appreciated at all times and these little actions are his way of constantly reminding you of just how strongly he feels - plus he can’t help himself he’s smitten

5. i think george is somehow who is new to affection too ! he strikes me as someone who out of fred and himself wasn’t really a ladies man despite the mass amount of those who’d be attractive to one of the famous pranksters of hogwarts - he loves strongly and wholly and thus saves himself from dating until he feels it’s just right - affectionate touches would be something he too would become flustered by and i think it would be this really sweet learning process that you both could endeavour on and progress into affectionate touch as your relationship grows - being there to support eachother and become familiar with such a thing together

6. ooo i forgot to add it but SARCASM - george is such a sassy boy and i won’t take any criticism so he would thrive off of your sarcasm and you could just have little moments where your sarcasm really feeds off of each other’s and everyone would worry if you were actually being mean and truthful dhhdd

i hope you liked this and my decision seems justified my love !! ily lots 🤍

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here you’ll find the alt/rock collection! if you would like to be added to a taglist please let me know!! :)


MARDY BUM [Ron Weasley]







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Well That Was Unexpected

Fred Weasley x Reader

Summary: When Fred finds out your his soulmate, he doesn’t exactly know how to tell you, but knowing Fred Weasley, nothing ever really goes as planned. Soulmate au where their first words to you are tattooed on you in their hand writing. The summary sucks but it’s very fluffy. Just a cute little soulmate au because I live for that.

Word count: Almost 3k.

Warnings: Slight mentions of anxiety, slight cursing, mentions of having a bad day, mentions of public humiliation? (Are all of these necessary warnings? I dont think so but 🤷‍♀️), Crappy writing, A way overused soulmate au, lots of cammas.

A/N: I honestly feel like I’ve read something very similar to this. Idk but I love soul mate aus so…💕💕💕


Originally posted by sunnysidefangirl

Everyone knew about soulmates. In fact many of your peers had already found theirs. You on the other hand had not been so lucky. And as you entered your 6th year, the fear crept in that you never would. Of course that was ridiculous, you knew you had a soul mate. The tattoo on your left wrist in the messiest scrawl of words you had ever seen was proof enough of that.

The fear sweeped in none the less, especially after more and more of your peers found their soulmates when the Beauxbatons and the Dumstrang students arrived. You couldn’t say you were exactly surprised though. You kept to yourself mostly and barely spoke to anyone outside of your house. not for lack of friendliness, but a natural disposition to keep to yourself. How were you supposed to meet your soulmate if you hardly ever spoke to new people.

The great hall was teeming with energy. People gathered around as their peers entered their name in the goblet of fire. Cheers rang out as Cedric Diggory threw a slip of paper into the goblet. You didn’t bother to look up from your book, until more cheers rang out across the hall. As you scanned the room you noticed the Weasley twins jogging in. Watching as they ran up to their friends your eyes tracked one twin in particular.

You had never spoken to either of them before, although you knew much about them. How could you not with a reputation like theirs? They had always stood out to you; their fiery hair and even fiery personality. They were the talk of the school with all of their pranks, not to mention the reputation they built playing quidditch. To you, Fred had always stood out more. He was louder than George, and far more likely to cause a scene, but you liked that about him. He wasn’t afraid of the attention, good or bad, in fact he embarrassed it. So, you couldn’t help but develop a school girl crush on the older twin. It was ridiculous though; the two of you had never even spoken.

“Cooked it up just this morning!” You heard George say. This caught your attention. You had already seen three other students today take a potion to try and enter their names. In fact madame pomfry had instructed you to take anyone else who tried to the hospital wing. The twins couldn’t possibly think that an aging potion would work, right?

“It’s not going to work,” Hermoine Granger sang out in a singsong voice. You knew Hermoine from the library where you spent most of your free time. You had shared a table with her once or twice, and have had quite a few conversations in passing. The twins crouched down next to her on either side but you couldn’t quite catch what they were saying due to the volume in the room. Something about dumbledore being dim witted. Soon enough the twins were standing up on the stands small vials in hand.

“Ready Fred?”

“Ready george!”

“Bottoms up!” Both twins said in unison and the linked arms and downed the vials. Then they jumped over the age line. Well this will be interesting.

They both pranced around a bit to celebrate their victory of making it over the line. Then they turned to the goblet, each dropping a piece of parchment into the fire. But just as soon the fire erupted and the two boys were sent flying across the great hall. Their was a moment of silence and then everyone burst into laughter as the twins hair started to grow out and turn white. You chucked at the boys antics. You had to admit, even if their plan was dim witted, your fondness of them only grew.

Laughter was important. And it was nice to have people around that could so easily bring a smile to anyone’s face.

The boys started scuffling on the floor. People surrounding them yelling,”Fight! Fight! Fight!” You stood from your place in the bleachers making your way through the crowd. As you came to the inner circle you stepped forward having been instructed by madam pomfrey to take anymore age potion victims to the hospital wing. When you approached them you simply tapped Fred or the one you thought was Fred, it was easier to tell before the long white hair, on the shoulder. You took a step back as Fred followed by George looked up at you curiously. Making matching expressions as if to ask why you were breaking up their scuffle.

“Well that was unexpected,” you said sarcastically, “c’mon old timers, you have to go see Pomfrey.”

George rolled his eyes and stood up. But Fred remained on the floor, staring up at you like a deer in headlights. George noticed Fred’s shift in mood. And suddenly he realized what you had said. So he quickly grabbed Fred’s arm and pulled him off the floor. Luckily the commotion in the great hall had halted drastically as victor krum made his way up to the goblet, or else you probably would have missed George’s hasty reply as he pulled Fred away from you quickly and out of the hall.

“Yeah, Y/N, um… We should do that. Come on Fred.”

As soon as they were out of the hall and away from you George halted his steps and let go of the sleeve he had been using to drag his brother. “Fred?”

Fred was still staring back towards the entrance of the great hall still not fully believing what had happened.


“What?” Fred finally looked back at George. He shook his head all of the sudden as if snapping back to reality.

“What?” George asked sarcastically. “I don’t know if you noticed but I’m pretty sure you just met your soulmate, unless that mark on your arm has miraculously changed! Although I am curious how someone like you scored someone like Y/N.” Fred just scoffed.

“We can talk about it later.” Fred brushed his brother off. “Let’s just go see Pomfrey.”

George shook his head at his brother but followed him to the hospital wing nonetheless.

As Fred sat waiting for Pomfry to come set him back to normal he couldn’t help but think about what had happened. Fred knew you, barley, having had classes with you before, but never had he spoken to you. Something he was now regretting, considering that this had been the first time you ever spoke to him and he looked like an old man. He suddenly felt a sense of embarrassment wash over him. An odd and rare emotion for him. How was he supposed to tell you now? How was he supposed to tell you that your words were inked into his skin and his heart had already fallen into your hands. He couldn’t just walk up to you and say, “hey remember when you saw me turn into an old man? Yeah well, that was unexpected, has been written on my arm since I was born… So, uh, nice to meet you I think your my soulmate!”Yeah, absolutely not.

He didn’t know why he was so conflicted about the events that had occurred. He wanted to meet his soulmate. He wanted to know someone saw him for more than just his pranks and his family. But when you made your sarcastic remark his world stopped. It was easy to daydream of what he would say when he met his soulmate. It was easy to think he could be confident and funny and charming. That was until he saw you and heard you say the obscure little sentence his heart had always longed to hear. Now that he thinks about it he’s lucky he had been on the ground wrestling George or else you would have completely knocked him off his feet.

He couldn’t stop worrying now. His easygoing, carefree, nature thrown completely out the window as he thought of you. What did you think of him? He knew you weren’t exactly a social butterfly. What if you thought he was loud and obnoxious. Many people in the school did. He had seen you once talking to Hermione, if you were anything like her it was completely possible that you saw him as annoying. What if you didn’t like him? What if his soulmate thought he was nothing but an immature prat? That would break him. He wanted so badly to know what you thought of him. What if you didn’t think of him? What if you didn’t even know his name? Knowing that his soulmate might not even know he exists hurt.

Little did Fred know you were thinking of him too. The way he had looked at you as you told them to go see Pomfry was confusing to say the least. You had never seen the prankster freeze up like that. Not even when facing some of the worst punishments Hogwarts had ever seen so far. George had acted odd too. The way he was so quick to drag Fred away. To be honest it made you worry a bit. About what, you didn’t know but an anxious feeling crept into your stomach as you thought of the interaction.

It had now been a week since the age potion incident. You had barely seen either of the Weasley twins but when they were around you had the strange feeling like they were watching you. You figured that was probably all in your head. Residual worry over what had happened last week.

Your day had been terrible. You had not gotten much sleep, you woke up late, missed breakfast, and were in a terrible mood. You had forgotten your transfiguration homework, and had messed up in potions, a class you usually excelled in. Snape had made it his personal mission to humiliate you for your mistake. It didn’t help that you were very aware of the Weasley twins sitting right behind you now. They had moved seats yesterday and at first you were a little excited with the change but now it only helped to worsen your embarrassment.

That’s how you found yourself sitting at the top of the astronomy tower, cursing yourself for not bringing a jumper. The dreary weather seemed to match your mood, which made the feeling of the cold seeping into your bones that much worse. You had been up here for a few hours now and it was bound to be close to dinner time. So you grudgingly pulled yourself off the cold stone floor. You lazily lifted your bag onto your shoulder and started your trek down the long spiraling stairway.

It had barely been a minute and you were already hating yourself for coming up here. The walk down long and grueling with the mood you were in.

Fred had been looking everywhere. He didn’t know you well but he had finally gotten the courage to tell you he thought you were soulmates. He had only been more sure when he moved desks and was able to catch a glimpse of your handwriting. Handwriting he recognized. Handwriting that had been engraved in his skins since he was born. The thought of it made him feel a bit guilty. Your soulmate tattoo was probably unreadable, with the way he writes. So he searched the castle. He checked the great hall, the courtyard, the library, asking people from your house if they had seen you. He even asked Hermoine if she knew where you were. She told him she didn’t know you well but remembered you mentioning you liked to hang out in the astronomy tower. So here he was, starting his trek up the stairs to see if just maybe,by the grace of Merlin, he would find you up there.

You stared at your feet as you made your way down the steps. To caught up in your head to notice the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs or the landing you were approaching. So caught up in your thoughts about your day and how much you despised Snape that you ran straight into the person as you reached a platform in the stairs. You let out a Yelp as you suddenly lost your balance, sure that you were about to fall to your death. The person you had run into had also lost their balance because their arms reached out as they pulled you closer and you both fell onto the floor. You were lucky considering that if the collision had occurred only three feet further down you would probably still be tumbling down the steps.

“Well that was unexpected.” The words left Fred’s mouth before he could stop them and he wanted to pummel himself for it. You looked up in shock at the voice, meeting Fred’s eyes. Not really believing what you had just heard.

“Shit. I mean- oh well I guess there is no going back. Um… look Y/N—“Fred was panicking. He wanted to say something special. He wanted to be able to sit down and actually have a conversation with you but he guesses that this is pretty typical for him.

“You know my name?” You asked. The question wasn’t the smartest but you had convinced yourself that Fred Weasley didn’t even know you existed. Especially after today, trying to pretend he wasn’t paying attention to Snape humiliating you.

“Of course I do!” Fred was quick to reply. Too quick he thought. Great now he looked like a creep. “I just mean… well we have gone to school together since we were 11. I was actually looking for you… to apologize for Snape. He really tore into you today.” Godric, Fred! Way to play it cool!

“Oh. You heard that?” You now felt more embarrassed than ever. Not only had your crush seen your public humiliation, but now you had effectively knocked him over, nearly landed on top of him, and had heard him say the words inked into your forearm.

“Yeah, I wanted to tell him off, but I already have detention this weekend,” Fred chuckles.

“It’s okay, Fred, you don’t have to defend my honor,” you joke. Fred’s heart soared at that. You knew his name. And not just ‘oh your one of the Weasley twins’. She knew his name.

“Yeah, I think I do.” He pulled up his sleeve then, showing you the ink on his skin. There marked into his forearm you saw your handwriting splayed across his pale skin, ‘well that was unexpected.’

You stared at the mark for a second before reaching your hand out to gently rub your fingers across the mark, looking up at him as he nodded; it was okay. Goosebumps rose on his skin as your fingers brushed over his tattoo, a shiver going down his spine as a sense of warmth overwhelmed him.

He tried to hide his disappointment as you pulled your hand away, but it quickly dissipated as you rolled up your sleeve. His eyes landing on your soulmate mark. He was right about his bad handwriting. There inked on your arm in his horrible scrawl was the phrase, ‘well that was unexpected.’

He reached out but stopped himself before brushing his fingers against your skin. “May I?” You nodded and gave him a small smile. You felt as if you might combust as his fingers grazed your skin. Feeling a frenzy of butterflies in your stomach. The rest of the world seemed to fade away. You no longer felt the bitter cold of the stone floors, or the slight ache where you had collided with the floor. All you could see, hear, and feel was Fred. And you never wanted it to be any other way.

Fred chuckled snapping you out of your thoughts. He looked at you, the biggest smile you had ever seen on his face. “I’m really sorry about the hand writing, love. I know it’s atrocious I wouldn’t be surprised if you can’t even read it.” He laughed again looking back down at your arm and shaking his head.

“I can read it actually. It’s difficult but I have always known what it says. It’s perfect, really.” Your voice was soft as you looked down at your own mark.

“I wanted to tell you sooner but I guess I was nervous,” Fred’s voice was nearly a whisper, far too focused on examining the mark on your skin. “Also embarrassed. I never imagined that I would look like an old man when I first met my soulmate.”

“Well no offense but that was your own fault! I know Hermoine told you the aging potion wouldn’t work!” You laugh.

Fred laughs along with you shaking his head at his own misfortune. “You must think I’m pretty dim witted.”

“No, not really. I quite enjoy your antics actually.”

“Really? You don’t think George and I are obnoxious gits?” The question was a joke but a sliver of insecurity seeped through.

“No,” you reassure him. “In fact I must admit I don’t think you’re a git at all. I actually kind of like you.” Your voice was happy and teasing, and Fred thought he could die happy right here.

“Well that was unexpected!” Fred burst out laughing at his own joke. You only shook your head, rolling your eyes at him. And as he looked back at you, that damn smile on his face, you got a sudden burst of courage.

Pulling him closer, in one swift motion, you placed your lips on his. He was shocked for a second, but soon kissed back. Smiling into it. It was clunky but sweet, and you both couldn’t help but feel like fireworks were going off all around you. When you pulled away his lips followed yours for a second.

He opened his eyes, a shit eating grin spreading across his face.

“Well not as unexpected as that.” He says as he pulls you in for another kiss.

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thinking about sirius black surviving the second wizarding war and becoming close friends with george weasley.

they bond over their love of mischief, of course, but also over the fact that they lost their brothers in arms at such a tragically young age. it’s a sad premise for a friendship, but george finds that sirius is the person who understands the most what it’s like to lose a brother like that.

sirius (and remus too, who also survives the war) help out with weasleys’ wizard wheezes, designing new toys and products. the two remaining marauders find a way to channel the marauderly energy they thought they had lost forever when they were plunged into the first wizarding war, and george greatly appreciates their experience.

nothing can bring back the dead, but sirius and george learn that healing and recovery are possible, even if things can never be the same.

21 notes

i have to start studying for my permit 👍 gonna do it while listening to some george playlists

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Learn to Love Again | George Weasley

“I wish I could have known him”

“He would have loved you”


Following the events of the Battle of Hogwarts, Eloise Laurent moved from France to live with her childhood best friend Fleur and her husband Bill at Shell Cottage. In doing so, she is quickly introduced to the entire Weasley family, including the heartbroken and uncharacteristically reserved George.

Will the woman who never knew George before the death of his twin brother Fred be able to show him that it is possible to love after loss?

AO3 | Wattpad


Originally posted by geekgenderswap

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You work in a trinket shop in Hogsmeade while spending Christmas break at Hogwarts. A certain pair of redheads can’t seem to stay away, but they never buy anything. Suffice it to say, your boring holiday job is about to get a lot more interesting.

Warnings and notes: NSFW in later chapters but not yet. Really short chapter, expect more soon!

You’re staring out the shop window the next day, trying to figure out if Luna’s suspicions about Fred and George are right when your thoughts are interrupted by the redheads themselves. They bluster through the door in a rush of cold air, Fred tugging his hat off and fixing his hair, George shivering exaggeratedly. They nod at each other as if they’re about to execute some mission and then walk over to the counter.

It’s odd, as they normally loiter around the shop, sort of indirectly commenting in your direction every once in a while.

“Cold one out today, isn’t it?” says George, leaning on the counter to your right.

“Uh, yeah. It’s freezing. You two are my first customers all day, what are you doing out?”

“We just thought we’d get our errands in while we were out.” replies Fred, leaning on the counter to your left.

“And what errand brings you to our little emporium?” you ask inquisitively. Now that you suspect that at least one of the two may be harboring a crush on you, you’re more bold in your interactions with the tall older boys.

“Oh, well, we need a…” George trails off.

“A…” Fred echoes unhelpfully. Their eyes dart around the store.

“A potholder!” George cries, grabbing one gleefully. “What does this one do?”

“Holds pots.” you say, smirking.

“We’ll take it!” says Fred, slamming his brother’s hand on the counter in front of you.

You ring up their purchase and grin as you watch them walk away through the snowy gusts of wind, their collars pulled high. They seem to converse excitedly as they go. You smile to yourself. They seem to find any excuse to visit the shop and talk to you, but they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, it seems. You resolve to flirt with one of them next time they’re in the shop and see what happens. You shiver with excitement. 

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Originally posted by lunalovecroft

description: your feelings for fred suddenly become known at your birthday party when he gets jealous and makes you beg for him.

pairings: fred x reader

warnings: smutty, cursing lol

word count: 2.2k

requested: no

prompts:  Begging; Angry sex; “were just…friends.” ‘friends don’t do this type of shit!’



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Pairing: George Weasley x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 2.2k

Warning: Flirting, kissing, crushes, very fluffy.

Summary: Reader likes to observe people in her spare time, but observing the Weasley twins causes some confusing feelings to arise.

A/N: I wrote this so long ago and finally finished it. It’s really just a bunch of teenage type of life. Anyways, hope you all are well, I’m trying to start posting more. I might be writing too much for George but I love him.

People watching has become one of your favorite pastimes, the way people interact with each other is astonishing. How someone’s eyes subconsciously move to the person they favor in the room, how people can speak without even uttering a word, all said through a simple glance. The Great Hall was a fantastic place to observe, always busy enough that your eyes were never met and your line of sight always had people in it, especially during dinner.

The current victims of your hobby were George and Fred Weasley, they were quite an interesting pair to analyze. They always seemed to know what the other was thinking, as if their brains were connected, perhaps it was a twin thing. It made you feel slightly bitter, they could say so much to each other without even noticing it, something that you couldn’t do.

You watched as Fred leaned closer to George whispering something into his ear. Immediately after George looked up, eyes locking with yours, your breath caught in your throat. A feeling that you were unknown to erupted in the pit of your stomach, it was different than embarrassment. You quickly turned your head to the side, cheeks heating up aggressively, usually people don’t even notice that they’re being watched by you and you can happily observe undetected. However, it seems that the two brothers were a step ahead of you. George’s eyes never faltered, still watching you. He leaned over to his twin and spoke lowly without breaking his stare, his lips twitched at the corners, suppressing a smirk. You closed your eyes, wanting nothing more than to just vanish from your spot.

After you were done eating you attempted to get up and leave quietly, bidding some friends at your table good night, saying that you had a couple of assignments to finish. You walked out of the Great Hall when you were ambushed by the two identical gingers.

“Hello there,” the one on the right, Fred cheered with a smirk.

“We noticed you were staring at us during dinner.” George, on the left, continued.

“I wasn’t necessarily staring,” you stated, stepping past them to walk to your dorm.

“Oh not necessarily?” Fred laughed walking alongside of you.


“Then what were you doing?” George asked, on your left again, Fred on your right. You were hyper aware of how close George was to you, only inches away, you could almost feel his energy radiating towards you.

“Observing.” You hinted, not wanting to say that you people watch as a hobby, most people don’t find it that wonderful, they usually find it creepy.

“Alright then.” Fred chuckled, he looked over your head as if you weren’t there, apparently it was quite easy to do because they were significantly taller than you. They made eye contact above you and instantly you knew they were speaking in their minds. Like a joke you weren’t in on. Fred leaned down close to your ear, “So which one of us do you fancy?”

“Or is it both of us,” George whispered into the other, it sent a chill down your spine and you felt that unnamed feeling in the pit of your stomach once again.

You laughed, “I don’t fancy either of you, don’t be so cocky.” You joked, eyes flickering between the two.

“Yeah sure,” Fred said unconvinced, he let his footsteps slow to a stop, allowing you to walk off.

“We’ll find out eventually!” George called out, mirroring his brother’s actions. You waltzed off trying to ignore the heat on the back of your neck. You felt…giddy, what was it with this boy?

Arriving in your dorm room and with your sense of dramatics you fell back onto the bed with a sigh. A boy, really? All this because of a boy? You stared at the curtains of your four poster bed as if it held the answer. What was this feeling? Oh Godric! Was this what a crush was? Did you have a crush on The George Weasley!?

Days passed, you avoided George and Fred’s stares, saddened due to the fact that you could no longer observe the way their minds worked, like a puzzle you’ve been deprived of finishing. Fred still tried to bombard you with questions on why you were staring, you brushed him off telling him to stop pestering you.

Unlike Fred, George took a rather relaxed approach, sitting next to you at lunch, when you studied in the library, in the courtyard. It would send tingles throughout your body, you mind speeding up, butterflies racing around, which is what you identified as the fluttery feeling that was in your stomach. He’d tell you little anecdotes, how his day went, what new products and pranks him and Fred were stirring up. You listened intently allowing his voice to ring in your ears rather than droning him out like you did his brother.

“You know, I don’t even care why you were staring,” he admitted one day as you two were sitting on a bench outside near the Black Lake. You glanced over, raising your eyebrows, your corner of your mouth curling.

“Oh?” You suppressed a giggle, stupid crush, making you feel like you were in a romantic teen novel.

“Yeah I mean, obviously I’m curious but it doesn’t really matter does it?” He asked rhetorically, “Now I’m just happy I’m able to talk to you.” His goofy smile coming across his features making your heart jump, his words replaying over in your head ‘I’m happy I’m able to talk to you.’

“Okay then,” you laughed, “you want me to tell you why I was staring?” You ushered him closer with your hand, as if you were going to tell him a secret.

“Yeah,” he breathed, eagerly coming closer.

“I like observing people, I think it’s fascinating.” You grinned, acting like it was the most amazing thing ever spoken.

“I’m sorry- you what?” He sputtered, you saw the corner of his lips curling, you slapped his arm lightly.

“See I shouldn’t have told you.” You huffed, crossing your arms, pouting similarly to a child.

“No, no, no please go on, I’m interested.” He placed his head in his hands staring at you.

“So people,” you began, “I like watching the way they behave and interact. Especially the words said through looks rather than verbally, I just find it so astonishing!” You beamed.

“So that’s why you stared at me and Fred?” He questioned curiously.

“Yes! You and your brother are very intriguing. I think it’s because you‘re twins but it’s like your brains are connected, like you are one person.” You explained, “But it’s difficult to follow along, you don’t even need to really look at each other, it makes me feel like I’m not in on the joke.”

“So you were looking at us because we were interested not because you’re interested in one of us?” He realized, smiling at you.

“No I wasn’t interested in one of you.”

“Wasn’t?” He echoed.


“You said, wasn’t, does that mean you are now?” He waggled his eyebrows, you shook your head, disregarding him. Internally you were screaming, how could he pick up on a slight change in words.

He stood, reaching out a hand to help you up, “Come on, we got to get to dinner, you can stare at more people.” He joked, you accepted his hand, trying to ignore how it made those absurd butterflies erupt once again.

But throughout dinner you weren’t observing people, rather lost in thought. Daydreaming about the ginger boy, often finding your gaze fixated on him. You’d shift your eye before either him or his twin could notice. However, George’s eyes often fell on you as well and you made eye contact as you did the night that began your friendship with him. But you didn’t look away, basking in the feeling of his attention, you weren’t really one to seek it out, this though, this felt amazing. You attempted to say everything with your eyes, confessing your hearts greatest desires all through a state, you weren’t sure if he got the message, although there was a certain glow to his brown eyes.

When you got up after finishing your food, George also rose, meeting you at the entrance of the Great Hall.

“Tired that thing you were talking about.” George mumbled as you walked.

“You did?” You looked over at him curiously.

“Yeah it was really interesting,” he smiled, “but I kept trying to analyze this one person, maybe it’s harder than you let it on to be.”

“Maybe.” You agreed, “What did you conclude? From your analysis?” You asked making quotations with your fingers around the word analysis.

“Not sure. Strong emotions? Lust, if that makes sense.” He answered.

“I think you’re better at this than you let on.” You suggested, he looked over at you, dumbfounded. You met his gaze, getting a sense of what he wanted to say. His eyes flickered from your eye to your lips, then back.

“What are you implying?” He narrowed his eyes as if you were playing a prank on him.

“I have no clue what you’re on about.” You taunted, he was testing you, not really sure if you meant what you’d ‘said’ through the conversation you had without words.

“If I didn’t know better I’d think you were confessing that you fancy a certain someone.” He concluded.

“So do you?” His face contorted with confusion, “know better I mean.” You elaborated.

“I don’t think I do.” He flirted, you were enjoying this banter too much, it had heat coursing your veins giving you a sense of power. You parted your lips to say something, not really sure what to say though. His eyes flickered to your features yet again, leaning in. You mirrored his action, you could feel his breath on your face, you were so close.

“Georgie!” Fred called, you pulled back quickly as heat rushed up to your cheeks, you noticed George’s face had flushed as well. Fred wrapped his arm around his brother. “You ready? I was hoping to sell some more before bed.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m ready.” He chuckled, eyes still on you.

“Bye, George, have fun.” You raised your eyebrows, trying to ignore what had just happened.

“Bye, (Y/n). I’ll talk to you later?” You nodded, then him and Fred were off, walking down the hall.

“Did I miss something?” You heard Fred say.

“No, not at all.” George replied, you giggled heading towards your dorm.

The next day, you were meandering around the halls, when you were grabbed, being dragged into a storage closet. You were about to scream when a hand covered your mouth. You were turned around, being met with a smiling George. Hesitantly he took his hand away from your mouth, making sure you wouldn’t yell.

“George! You scared me half to death!” You scowled.

“Sorry, sorry,” he stifled a laugh, “I wanted to talk to you.”

“Talk to me? You could’ve done that anywhere instead of grabbing me like some maniac and pulling me into a closet.”

“Fine, I wanted to talk to you in private, is that better?” He grinned.

“Sure but you didn’t have to scare me like that.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” You rolled your eyes at his stupidity, trying not to mirror his smile.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” You asked, leaning your back against the wall.

“Our last conversation got interrupted, don’t you think?”

“What conversation?” You faked confusion, tilting your head slightly to the side, he stepped closer in the already cramped space.

“Oh the one where you suggested that you’re deeply in love with me.” He quipped, smirking at you.

“That’s not what I said!” You exclaimed, staring at him in astonishment.

“You’re right,” he agreed, “you suggested it.”

“Did I?” You inquired, taking a step closer towards him. He nodded, you smirked, reaching up to adjust his collar.

“Can I kiss you?” He whispered, eyes darting between your eyes and your lips.

“Yes, yes please.” He cupped your cheek with one hand, the other gently placed on your side. It felt like ages before his lips touched yours, first it was soft, and light. Then it was passionate and you were doing everything in your power to pull each other closer.

You pulled back to catch your breath for a moment, you looked up at George and you broke out into laughter. “Wow.” he breathed.

“Wow.” You echoed.

“You know, I feel it’s only respectful for me to ask you out now.”

“Oh certainly.” You giggled.

“Well then,” he dropped down onto one knee, which sounded a lot easier, but with his height and the small space, it proved to be difficult. “Will you, (Y/n) go out with me, perhaps to Hogsmeade?”

You placed a hand over your mouth dramatically, “Yes, of course!” He stood, almost knocking a broom over. You laughed, wrapping your hands around his neck. “Such a romantic place for our first kiss.”

“Thanks, I really like the touch of the bucket in the corner.” You shook your head, chuckling, he went in to kiss you again, but the door swung open.

“Aw come on!” Fred whined, “I thought it was me she fancied.”

“Oh what this isn’t Fred,” you gasped, glancing back and forth from him and George. Fred’s eyes widened for a second, “Fred I’m joking, of course I don’t fancy you.”

“Ouch.” He pouted.

“Alright let’s get out of this closet, it’s crowded.” George suggested, motioning for you to go first. You three walked down the halls and you didn’t even feel the need to watch them, you were there and you were present. It felt amazing.

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under the moonlight ; george weasley

george weasley x reader

word count: 2,451

warnings: kissing/making out, maybe a few swear words, lack of capitalization, probably grammar mistakes and nothing else i can think of. let me know if i should add any :)

summary: applying lipgloss and clipping butterfly clips into your best friends hair. that’s cute. wonder what it would lead to.

a/n: i tried to make this fic have a gender neutral reader so let me know if i got it wrong at one point. i did not proof read this, i am so sorrydbnd. i would also love to hear some feedback! i really hope you enjoy!

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Shocking Discovery/ F.W.

Fred Weasley X Reader

Word Count: 3500

Summary: Fred Weasley’s girlfriend, Y/N ends up in detention for three weeks with Umbridge, which turns into nightmare ending fatally in the hospital wing, where Madam Pomfrey comes to a shocking Discovery.

Warnings: Umbridge, cursing, blood, torture, injuries, vomiting, mentions of sex, pregnancy.

Permanent Taglist: @just-here-to-escape-from-reality​, @rogue-barnes-durin–mainblog

Requested By: @faithie-brock-gillespie01

A/N: My genuine apologies to the person that requested this, I know you told me you’ll be patient but I am still so sorry it took me a week to write this one. I really hope I managed to write something you were expecting and hope you’ll enjoy. ALSO My requests are open as always, please feel free to request as much as you’d like because writing gives me so much motivation on life.

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Originally posted by cinnamonrollwhump

“This is overly stupid” you said as you pointed up to one of the Umbridge’s rules that hung on the wall.

Before your boyfriend could respond you heard a high pitched cough, making you turn around.

“Is there something you’d like to say, dear?” Umbridge asked, Fred tugging at your sleeve, begging you not to respond with the look he gave you.

“Actually, yes!” You started leaving your boyfriend behind as you stepped closer to the pink monster. “Most of these rules.. No let me correct myself, All of these rules are pathetic and ridiculous as well as yourself!” you finished, earning a giggle from Umbridge.

“Follow me, Miss Y/L/N”

You followed the pink toad without a word, not even glancing back at your worried boyfriend, who started pacing around.

“You, my dear earned yourself a detention” she said pouring herself some tea. “Now sit down and write down the lines, with my special quill” 

You rolled your eyes and sat down, waiting for further commands.

“I will not disrespect the headmaster” she said in a squeaky voice as she took a sip of her tea.

You started writing the sentence down, soon feeling the stinging pain on the back of your hand, though you decided not to pay attention, but as you were finished with the sentence the pain in your hand became hard to ignore.

You looked down at your hand and saw blood streaming down the same sentence that was now curved on the back of your hand.

“I think it’s enough for today” Umbridge smiled with her devilish smile and giggled once more “Have you learnt your lesson miss?” she asked taking another sip of her tea.

You looked up tears daring to fall, yet you swallowed them not wanting to give her the satisfaction. “The only thing that I have learnt is that devil wears pink” you smirked satisfied with your answer as you saw her facial expression change.

“Maybe a week of detention can teach you how to respect a headmaster” she said tapping her finger on the pink cup she was holding.

“I will respect a headmaster, when the headmaster earns my respect” you answered leaning back in your chair, seeing Umbridge’s face turning the color of her clothes.

“Three weeks of detention will fix your attitude” she said turning her back to you.

“My attitude-” you started but your heard the pink cup breaking into pieces as a result of Umbridge’s tight grip.

“Enough!” she said with a warning in her tone. “I shall see you tomorrow” she said and you left her office, only to be met with your worried boyfriend that was sat next to his twin brother.

You quickly covered your hand, not wanting Fred to worry. You knew how reckless he was, he would get himself expelled, when you were just few months away from graduating.

“So?” he asked eyebrows furrowed

“Duh, she lectured me about some rules and you know how teachers are” you said shrugging and faking a laugh.

Fred knew something was odd about your laugh but he didn’t want to push so he just let the subject slip as he and his twin leaded you to the great hall.

“Oi! I forgot something in my dorm” you said, the pain in your hand reminding you of itself. “You two go on, I’ll be right back” you finished and headed to the dorm as twins entered the great hall.

You entered your room, taking the emergency kit from under your bed. You always wanted to become a healer and took special classes, sometimes even visiting Madam Pomfrey for advice, but this time you didn’t want any attention dragged to your condition.

You cleared the wounds carefully, hissing at the pain as you wrapped the bandage carefully around your left hand and sighed when you felt pain leaving your body.

As you re-entered the great hall for dinner, you decided to sit next to your friends, instead of taking your usual seat between the Weasley twins, trying to avoid the dialogue of what happened to your hand.

The day passed calmly as you avoided your boyfriend at all costs and went straight to bed, mentally preparing yourself for another day of torture.

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