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mystic-writings · 2 days ago
Too Late
Character/s: George Weasley x Fem!Reader, George Weasley x Angelina Johnson, Fred Weasley, Weasley family (mentioned)
Summary: Y/n, Fred and George’s best friend, gives a speech at George and Angelina’s wedding, wherein she secretly reveals her love for the newly married man.
Warnings: Angst, pining, sort-of unrequited love, etc.
Word Count: 2,075
Note: This is a No War AU and a rewrite of an old fic! Read the original here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From the moment you woke up that morning, you knew what kind of a day you were in for, and you wanted to go back to bed immediately after you woke up. It was George Weasley’s wedding day. George and Angelina’s wedding day. The day your best friend, the man you had been helplessly in love with for years, would get married to someone who wasn’t you.
Of course, it wasn’t like you had done anything. The first few years after graduation, you sat back and watched the two fall in love, while you hid how you felt behind fake smiles and unrelenting support. Very few people knew how you felt for the man, and all tried to convince you to tell him, but you always knew there was no way you would be able to do it.
You got to watch their relationship evolve before your eyes as your friends shouted at you to tell George how you felt, but you always ignored them. Now it was too late. So now, here you were, crying in the bathroom of the familiar Weasley home not long after you arrived for the reception. The ceremony was long since finished, and the hopeless feeling had only sunk in moments ago.
Pulling yourself together, you used your wand to retouch your makeup and headed back out to the tent in the yard, preparing yourself for the speech you were about to give to the newlywed couple. The happy couple.
The tent silenced as you walked up to the microphone stand, keeping your eyes to the left, where the two sat, hand in hand with their bridal party on either side of them. You flashed a smile to the crowd as you adjusted the notecards in your hand.
“First, I wanted to start off by saying that I think I speak for everyone here when I say that I wish you both the best in your new journey, and that you two are practically meant to be. I honestly have no idea how Angelina has put up with George’s antics for so long, but if she can, then I know she’s perfect for you.” Clearing your throat, you glanced down at your notecards, a perfectly worded speech laid out in front of you. “Originally, I had a speech planned out, but it doesn’t feel quite right, so I think I’m just going to speak from what I feel.” You tucked the notes back into your dress pocket, ignoring the slight shake in your hands. “When I look at the two of you, I’m reminded of someone I once loved. When I was with him, it felt like I was coming up for air after being trapped underwater for decades. I would’ve done anything for him- become anything. If he had told me that he never wanted to see me again, I wouldn’t have complained, because if he was happy that way, then I would find a way to be happy, too. Everything felt right when I was with him; he was my sun, my moon, and my stars. And if the two of you feel for each other even a fraction of what I felt for him, then I know you will have a long, happy, and prosperous marriage.”
Lifting your glass to the couple, you hoped that neither them nor the crowd could see the shine in your eyes and the falter in your smile, but there was someone who did. While his brother simply smiled gratefully, Fred’s happy look wavered with concern, but you simply tried to brush him off as you toasted the couple before moving back to your table, where the rest of the Weasley family - Harry and Hermione included - resided.
You did your very best to hold back your overbearing emotions throughout the rest of the speeches and dinner. You chatted with Bill and Fleur about their work, and with Charlie about which dragon you thought was best, which did take your mind off of things, if only for a little while. But, as soon as the dessert plates were levitated off the table, you picked the napkin from your lap and dropped it where the plates had been, clearing your throat as you did so.
“I think I should be leaving now,” you mentioned to the group.
“What?” Molly asked. “But the celebration’s barely begun, dear! Are you sure you don’t want to stay?”
“I would love to Molly, really, but I’m afraid I have to go to work early in the morning.” You told her as the guests began filtering onto the dance floor, just as your table groaned out protests of your early leave. You stood, bidding your goodbyes to the group before wading your way through the couples on the dancefloor to say a polite goodbye to George and Angelina.
You spotted them talking to a few old classmates, but as soon as George spotted you and both people turned their attention to your approach, you painted a smile on your face as you met up with them. “Thank you both for having me, and again, congratulations, but I’ve got to go.”
“Are you sure? The party’s just started!” Angelina asked, a slight frown forming on her face.
“I’m sorry, but I really do have to go,” you told her, “lots to do and little time to do it. But again, congratulations to you both.”
The woman pulled you into an appreciative hug, which you reluctantly returned, before turning and hugging George. He bent slightly due to your height difference, and while you had him, you whispered, “Congrats, Georgie,”
You tried to hide the bittersweet finality in your words, letting go of the man and turning around, once again hoping that none of the guests around you could see the tears glistening in your eyes as you pushed past them, walking out of the tent and into the field outside of the Weasley family home. The place that felt like a second home, the place where you shared years worth of memories with Fred and George.
As you approached the front door to get your coat, feeling odd at the lack of light and bustle inside the home, the tent flap opened behind you and the grass rustled as someone jogged to approach you. Your shoulders tensed as you froze when they called your name. Nervously, you turned around to meet George’s conflicted eyes. The eyes that, once upon a time, you would’ve spent forever staring into.
“Y/n, wait!” He called, hurrying to catch up with you. “Before you go, I need to know something. What you said, in your speech earlier, were you… were you talking about me?”
“George-” you tried to plead, but the man cut you off.”
“No, Y/n, I need to know.” He demanded. “Were you talking about me?”
You sighed, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath before telling him, “Of course I was, Georgie.”
“I love you, too, Y/n.” The confession shocked you, causing you to open your eyes, feeling them fill with tears as you shook your head.
“No, George, you don’t.”
“Yes, I do!” He argued.
Balling up your fist, you shouted, “No you don’t! Because if you did, I would’ve been the one that got married to you today, not her!” Your outburst shocked the both of you, and you could only pray that the music inside the tent was loud enough that no one inside heard you. Taking a deep breath, you dared to look your friend in the eye as you said, “George, you can’t just confess your love to your best friend, not when you’ve only been married for five hours. It’s not right.”
“I know that, Y/n! Don’t you think I already know that?” He shouted back, confused and guilty. “And who are you to talk, putting your feelings into the speech you read during the reception!”
You nodded, gnawing on your lip. “I knew I should’ve declined. I shouldn’t have come today, George.”
“I wanted you to come.” He insisted. “I needed you to be here. It wouldn’t have been the same if you weren’t,”
“George,” You sighed sadly, ignoring the tears that were ready to fall as you stepped up and took one of his hands in yours, the other resting gently on his cheek. “George Weasley, I cannot live without you. You are the keeper of my heart, and you always have been. You are the holder of all my hopes and desires, the very center of my thoughts. Yet, it’s Angelina’s hand you choose to hold, her bed that you share. You are the very air that I breathe, the blood in my veins. And I will love you forever, but I cannot have you. You are everything to me, but you’re not mine.”
“Y/n, please, I-” He begged, but you silenced him.
“I’m sorry, Georgie, but I have to go. I can’t be here any longer. Best of luck to you and Angelina.” George’s heart clenched at the nickname you used, one that only you were allowed to use. You pressed a light kiss to his cheek and, taking two steps back, you let go of his hand and smiled a tight, watery smile, before a crack! echoed through the cold night air, and you were no longer standing in front of him.
And there he was, standing alone in the cold night air, a raging party in celebration of him and his brand new wife occurring behind him. All those people within 20 feet of him, and he still felt alone. The love of his life slipped through his fingers, and he couldn’t do anything to stop her.
Even though he married Angela, and even though he really did love her, it was you that he wanted. He always had. When he started dating the woman years ago, it was because he thought it would help him be relieved of his suffocating feelings for you - feelings he never thought would be reciprocated, until now. Until he had already been married, and until there was nothing he could do about it.
He couldn’t rid his chest of the guilt that gnawed at his soul for dragging Angelina into the mess of his feelings and poor decision making. So, with a fake smile, a clenched heart, and a racing mind, he straightened his shoulders and sauntered back into the tent to celebrate his new marriage with his wife and family, acting as if nothing had ever happened.
Tumblr media
You apparated into the front entrance of your apartment, bending into an odd position to slip off your uncomfortable high heels, hearing them clatter to the floor with relief before fumbling your hand across the wall and flicking on the light switch. Shuffling into your kitchen, you dug through a cardboard box that rested on the counter, pulling out a glass cup and filling it with the firewhiskey that resided on your counter. Looking around your apartment as you sipped on the alcohol, you felt odd to see it looking so bare, boxes stacked in the middle of the room, all of your belongings crammed inside.
Glancing back down at your counter, you spotted a form. You remembered that it was to be sent out tomorrow morning, the last step in your job transfer to France. A small bit of guilt settled in your stomach when you were reminded that you were doing this with a limited amount of people knowing, and wondering how everyone else would feel when Bill and Fleur told them the news instead of you. As for your family, you just hoped that Molly or Fred or George, even, would have the heart to tell them.
By nightfall tomorrow, everything you owned would be in your new cottage home in the French countryside, and from there, you could start over. It wasn’t the best option, but you reckoned that it was needed if you wanted to truly try and move on from the ginger. And if that meant leaving everything behind and getting a fresh, new start, then that’s just what needed to be done.
Surely everyone would understand, wouldn’t they? Even if they didn’t, then all you could do was hope that they would respect your decision and stop thinking about it. After all, if this is what it would take to move on from George Weasley, then it was the right thing to do.
Tumblr media
Forever taglist: @simonsbluee @reeseswritings @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @mazerunnerrose @theboldandthebootyful @miraclesoflove @queen-asteria04
George Weasley taglist: open!
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hufflepuff5972 · 2 days ago
Whatever you do, don’t imagine dancing with george at 3 am in the Hogwarts kitchen after sneaking out for a snack
Tumblr media
(gif creds to @bookishly-ever-after-blog)
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horrorxweasley · a month ago
Tumblr media
I decided I'm going to do Kinktober this year, I will be posting a fic every day of October 2021 for George and Fred Weasley with the theme of a new kink each day. I may or may not end up not making the deadline for A LOT of these so some may be taken off, either way it’s still happening and i’m excited.
This is the first one I've ever done so hopefully it will work out as planned, I hope you enjoy the fics :) 
I’ll also link my general  masterlist and taglist at the bottom
Day 1- Breeding GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 2 - Choking/Breathplay FRED WEASLEY
Day 3 - Shibari GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 4 - Edging FRED WEASLEY
Day 5 - Exhibitionism GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 6 - Begging FRED WEASLEY
Day 7 - Degrading GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 14- Voyeurism FRED WEASELY
Day 18 - Daddy Kink GEORGE WEASLEY  
Day 19 - Spit Kink GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 20 - Mirror Sex GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 24 - Knife Kink GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 27 - Thigh Riding GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 30 - Cyber Sex FRED WEASLEY
Day 31 - Ice Play GEORGE WEASLEY 
General Masterlist
@toxicmodernity @dracofknmalfoy @pogueslandia @sunrisefairy @rosietoesy @comfortwriting @famdomhideout @pandaxnienke @writing-wh0re @onlyfreds @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins @fairielovegood @gaycatlord-stuff @0x0spunky-monkey0x0 @i-love-scott-mccall @simpforremuslupin @lovely-slytherin @georgeweasleysbabe @skarlettmikaelson @elishi03 @escapingrealitybyreading @xmalfoyweasleyx @tryingtosurvivelife @cedricisnotdead @slytherclaw1978 @zoeygraygubler @its-a-metaphor-barnes @1800-marauders-slut @dilf-lover21 @urgingforyou
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cupids-crystals · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi friends! Thank you so much for 700 followers!! I have compiled a list of great fics from a few of my favorite creators in celebration of this milestone! I will also be having a celebration soon! Enjoy!!
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin
♡ making brownies by @randomoutsiders
♡ The Sunday Prophet by @pepper-up-potion
♡ Peace and Quiet by @shysneeze
♡ Red Noses by @sunrisefairy
♡ Soft like Wildflowers by @nancybycrs
Sirius Black
♡ One page, one kiss by @/pepper-up-potion
♡ I don’t mind by @saintlike78
♡ His Little Songbird by @mjoubertt-1
♡ Under the Stars by @shadesofvelma
♡ Style by @/nancybycrs
James Potter
♡ Imitation by @/randomoutsiders
♡ Smile by @ch0colatefr0gs
♡ Lovingly by @/mjoubertt-1
♡ Routines by @acosmis-t
♡ Fates Entwined (short series) by @dreamcxtcherr
George Weasley
♡ One by @pinkandblueblurbs
♡ Little Miss Perfect by @/shysneeze
♡ Stitching Together by @rcwenaclaw
♡ Happy b-day Georgie by @wonderfilworld
♡ Roller Skates by @hellounicorn
Fred Weasley
♡ The Waterfall by @leydileyla
♡ Home by @/wonderfilworld
♡ Fred Weasley calling you at 2 am by @henqtic
♡ Little Push by @promenadewithme
♡ Uno by @m4r13l3y
Draco Malfoy
♡ You think so by @ladyvesuvia
♡ Morning Giggles by @arcaneslut
♡ Paris With My Love by @dracossweetprincess
♡ Newborn Scorpius by @selenesheart
♡ Earl Grey by @/acosmis-t
Cedric Diggory
♡ Nice Nights by @mwahforpeter
♡ Fluff Alphabet by @weasleysandwheezes
♡ It’s a Date by @/dreamcxtcherr
♡ How Did You Fall by @dracossweetprincess
♡ A Yellow Scarf by @sereinegemini
Harry Potter
♡ Still a blind date by @/ch0colatefr0gs
♡ Crying Lightning by @mendesxruel
♡ I feel you by @/dreamcxtcherr
♡ Out of my league by @/ladyvesuvia
♡ Worry About Me by @/leydileyla
Luna Lovegood
♡ Picnic Date by @/mendesxruel
♡ Paint Brush Bristles by @/rcwenaclaw
♡ Forehead Kisses by @/selenesheart
♡ Fragile Flutter by @justfangirlthingies
♡ I like her name by @/ladyvesuvia
Tumblr media
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“I’m Her Boyfriend. Who Are You?”
George Weasley x Reader
Tumblr media
(Gif not mine)
Summary: George has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember. Could it really only take one flirty foreign guy for him to make his move?
Warnings: starred out swear words, angry Georgie, cuteness, Fred being stupid?
Pairing: George Weasley x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
George’s grip on his bag tightened so much that his knuckles turned white. He’d been looking for his best friend (Y/n), having planned on walking her to her next class, when he found her smiling up at some Durmstrang bloke he’d never seen before.
“Woah, who p*ssed in your pudding, brother?” George turned to his twin for only a moment, to acknowledge that he had heard him, before his eyes returned to the pair. Fred followed his gaze and snorted loudly.
“Well, look at that. (Y/n) seems to be enjoying herself, don’t you think?” George’s jaw clenched angrily. “Careful, Georgie. You’re jealousy’s showing.” George shot him an annoyed look.
“I’m not jealous.” He spat earning a knowing look from Fred.
“Sure. And I suppose you aren’t madly in love with the girl either, right?” He asked sarcastically, but George just nodded.
“Right.” Of course that wasn’t right. Not in the slightest. George had been madly in love with (Y/n) (L/n) since the day he knew what love was. But was he going to tell her that? Absolutely not. You never tell a girl you like her. It makes you look like an idiot. Besides, what if she didn’t like him back? It would ruin everything. And George couldn’t have that.
“So you just gonna stand here staring at them, or are you gonna do something about the uncomfortable look on her face?” George whipped around at Fred’s words only to find that he was right. The polite smile she had upon initially greeting the foreign boy had been wiped from her face, and replaced with an awkward half-grimace that he knew all too well from their years of friendship. She wanted out of that conversation. Even Fred could tell.
“You don’t think she’ll be mad at me for interrupting?” George asked, still not completely over the jealousy burning inside him. If she really wanted to talk to the bloke, who was he to stop her? He had no claim over her, no matter how badly he wished that weren’t true.
“Mate, go save her from the creep before someone else does and she has them to thank, if you know what I mean.” Fred wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, making his brother frown angrily at what he was implying.
“I’ll see you later.” Fred whooped excitedly, as George pushed his way through the crowded hall, his gaze set on (Y/n) and the Durmstrang boy. He didn’t have a game plan, though, quite frankly, there was so much pure fury going through his mind at that moment that he was fairly certain there wasn’t room for much else. And that was before the random guy grabbed her arm.
“Darling, I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” He called out once he was rather close to the two. (Y/n) pulled away from the boy and turned to smile at George gratefully.
“Georgie! Hey!” She greeted, leaning into him as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He knew his grip was tight around her, he*l, he was tense everywhere, but, thankfully she didn’t comment, probably just glad for his intrusion. At least he hoped she was glad. There was still an inkling of doubt in his mind, but he brushed the thought aside. It was too late to turn back now.
“(Y/n), who is this?” The boy asked, his accent coming out thickly, as he glared at George and his arm around the girl. The next words out of George’s mouth were either really brave or really stupid…
“I’m her boyfriend. Who are you?” (Y/n)’s eyes widened to the size of saucers, so much so that George had to pull her face into his chest to stop her from giving away his ploy, and what a dangerous ploy it was.
“(Y/n) did not mention she had a “boyfriend.”” He argued making George’s jaw clenched harder. This bloke was really pushing his buttons.
“Yeah, well she probably didn’t think she had to. I’m kind of a big deal around here.” George had to hold back a fond smile when he felt (Y/n) shaking with laughter at his words, trying desperately to hide it. He pinched her side quickly, an indication to stop, as he gave the Durmstrang boy a final glare.
“Do you need a proper invitation? Scram!” He barked, causing the now embarrassed guy to run off down the hallway, earning odd looks from the people he was pushing out of the way. George laughed at his retreating figure before turning to (Y/n) who was shaking her head at him with a small smile.
“You’re “kind of a big deal” are you?” She asked, earning a playful shove as he laughed at his own words.
“What’s he know? He’s just from Durmstrang. Probably didn’t understand half of what I said anyways.” He chortled at his own joke, earning an eye roll from the girl, but she couldn’t hide her smile.
“Don’t be mean.” She said, through giggles of her own. George just grinned at her, before wrapping his arm back over her shoulder and steering her off towards History of Magic.
“So…” she trailed off making him turn to her questioning. “You’re my boyfriend, huh?” She smirked teasingly. George blushed profusely, the adrenaline from the confrontation long gone now, along with the part of him that had so daringly claimed those words.
“Yeah…I-uh… sorry about that. I just-“ (Y/n) cut him off with a laugh, which George was grateful for, as he hadn’t known where he was going with that explanation, though that didn’t mean his heart didn’t ache at her blatant disregard of the idea.
“I’m only messing with you, Georgie.” George tried to join in her laughter, but couldn’t bring himself to omit much more than an awkward chuckle, which stopped (Y/n) in her tracks.
“George? Are you okay?” She looked up at him worriedly, which only made the boy feel worse. It wasn’t fair. Why did his heart have to make him feel such a way about his best friend, when he knew he couldn’t have her, at least… not in the way he wanted to. It was a cruel punishment, though he didn’t know what he’d ever done to deserve it.
Not to mention the fact that he couldn’t even get upset about his rotten luck without seeing that worried expression on her face that made his heart clench even tighter. He knew it was cliche, but when (Y/n) was upset, George couldn’t breathe. Not until he saw that perfect smile again.
He sighed, running a hand down the side of his face in frustration. How in Merlin’s name was he going to explain this one to her without ruining everything?
“Georgie? You look pale. Do you want me to take you to the hospital wing?” George shook his head, looking at the floor so as to not have to see the concern in her eyes.
“No… no, I’m okay, love. I promise.” (Y/n) just scoffed.
“Yeah, sure you are. And you’re also Snape’s favorite student.” George chuckled lightly at her joke, unable to help himself. She could always make him laugh, whether she was trying to or not. No matter what sort of mood he was in, (Y/n) could always cheer George up. Fred and Lee called it her superpower. George just called it her. He looked up at her slight grin and couldn’t hold back anymore. He’d loved this girl for years, and he’d be d*mned if he didn’t tell her. He would be miserable for the rest of his life if he didn’t, trapped in a friendship when all he wanted was more. At least this option was more black and white. He was tired of the grey. Screw it…
“(Y/n)… I need to tell you something.” Here goes nothing. “I like you. I have for years… and not just a friend way. Like really like you.” George took a deep breath, preparing to spew some rather nonsensical explanation of his feelings, when angelic laughter stopped him. George’s forehead crinkled in hurt. Did she really find his feelings that amusing? She noticed his expression and shook her head quickly.
“Oh no! I wasn’t laughing at you! Oh, Georgie, no.” His pained face didn’t waver, as she let out another string of giggles.
“It’s just, Freddie owes me five galleons.” George tilted his head in confusion.
“What?” She made the same wide-eyed ‘oh-sh*t’ expression again, as she seemed to realize she wasn’t making any sense, before her face softened into a fond smile.
“Oh, Georgie… I know. You’re not very good at hiding it.” His heart started beating a mile a minute at her words.
“So, you and Fred…” He trailed off, completely unsure of where she stood at this moment. Why couldn’t she have just said “oh Georgie, I like you too! Let’s get married and have a bunch of little redheaded wizard babies!”? Well, maybe not necessarily that. But something along those lines would have been much nicer, easier to understand at least.
“We had a bet going on to see how long it would take you to ask me out on a date.” George’s cheeks burned. She’d been waiting for him?
“Wait… so, that means-“ she cut him off with another giggle.
“I like you too, Georgie. I thought it was obvious. Fred said it was.” George’s head was spinning. She liked him too? She’d liked him this whole time? And here he’d been sitting around pining after her like a chump? And she wanted him to ask her out on a date?
George was about ready to faint, but he needed to gain back at least some of his suave exterior, or else this would be completely embarrassing.
“Well, you know, I haven’t exactly asked you on a date yet.” He pointed out, smirking as best he could, through the blush that dusted his cheeks. She just shrugged her shoulders in response.
“You’re going to.” George’s smile widened.
“Is that so? How are you so sure?” She grinned up at him.
“Because, you’re my “boyfriend” remember? Kinda comes with the territory.” She walked off in the direction of her class, the two of them considerably late already, but that was the last thing on George’s mind. The girl he was in love with, just told him that she liked him too, asked him to take her on a date, and to be her boyfriend. Could this day get any better?
“Hey, wait for me!” He ran to catch up, grabbing her hand in his when he was close enough, the widest of smiles gracing both of their features. That is, until one final thought registered in George’s mind.
“Wait a second… did you say Fred knew all about this and didn’t tell me?” (Y/n) laughed heartily as she pulled George into the classroom behind her. He’d just have to have a little talk with his dear brother later…
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bellatrixscurls · 6 months ago
“his baby” ☁️ g.f.w.
summary : georgie praising his little baby.
request : can i request george wealsey x fem reader lazy early morning smut pls🥺 with praise kink and slight daddy kink too.
warnings : smut, slight daddy kink, fingering, oral (fem rec), kisses, pet names, praise kink, this is shitty tbh might delete it in the morning.
Tumblr media
"g-georgie, what are you doing ?" you whined weakly, unable to move as your boyfriend's body forced your own deeper into the mattress.
but he didn't answer. he was too focused, admiring your beautiful face and body "never seen someone as beautiful as my baby" his hand carressed the side of your cheek, a big smile on his face as he continued to praise you.
honestly, you didn't know the reason of his sudden urge to do so, but you didn't mind. "such beautiful lips, m'love...and tits-" he paused, dark eyes glancing down at your chest. it was like he couldn't control himself as he squeezed one of them, a sly smirk appearing when you whimpered, "like that, angel ?"
"uh-huh" you managed, keeping your eyes closed as george's hands made sure to caress every inch of your body.
you felt his hands slide down to your clothed cunt, underwear already soaking in your own arousal. george took his time playing with the hem of it, his eyes on yours the whole time, adoring the way your face would twist in anticipation of what he was about to do, "i'm waiting for permission, my love..."
and that's when you felt like you could even explode from his words only. "p-please, daddy touch me, pl-" but you didn't even finish your sentence as your underwear was pulled to the side, fingers prodding at your wet entrance, but missing every time.
"look how wet you are, baby. my baby's so needy, isn't she ?" he taunted, still not as excited to tease you as usual. to be fair, you looked so pretty that he found it hard to keep making you beg.
you brought your hand down, fingers curling around your boyfriend's wrist as you tried to get him to move and give you what you wanted. and when he saw how desperate you actually were, he let out a chuckle before saying, "alright, alright-" he pushed two long fingers inside of you, earning a loud moan as you bucked your hips, feeling george's fingers go even deeper, "taking my fingers so well, bunny. come on, then, use 'em to feel good."
you continued to buck your hips, gasping every time your boyfriend's fingers would graze your g-spot, him always telling you to 'take it like a good girl'.
"nobody could take my fingers so well, bunny. they don't even stand a chance. only you, yeah ?" "o-only me".
he hummed in agreement, still knuckles deep inside of you as he kept thrusting his fingers at a ruthless pace, "that's right, pretty girl. show georgie how well you can take his fingers, alright ? cum for me, c'mon" he scrissored his fingers, stretching you out deliciously.
you, on the other hand, were a whimpering mess, practically melting with every praise you got from the handsome man above you, "kisses, please" you begged almost pathetically, expecting george to mock you for being so needy *like he usually does* but when you opened your eyes, he was already leaning closer, his bottom lip tucked in in anticipation.
and that's when you felt it : the softness of his lips against yours. they were moving so gently, almost as if your lips were made of porcelain.
george's sweet kisses along with the delicious movement of his fingers made it too hard for you to hold back as you blurted out, "d-daddy, can i cum, pl-please-" "go on, sweetheart. show daddy what a good girl you are for him" and that was all it took for you to release all over his hand, having him lean in to kiss you once again.
when he finally broke the kiss, you took it as a cue to speak again, "w-wanna...don't wanna be greedy but- i wanna feel you, please" your cheeks were red in embarrassment as you waited for him to mock you, but that sound never came.
"now, i can't refuse my baby and make her sad, can i ?"
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potter-imagines · a year ago
Left Waiting at The Three Broomsticks (Fred Weasley x Read)
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader
Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could have a Fred Weasley imagine where he pisses off his gf somehow and so she gives him the silent treatment and only talks to literally everyone (including George) but him so he gets all jealous and pouty lol. Eventually he gets her to start talking to him again and then it’s all fluff etc. Hopefully this wasn’t a confusing request! Thank you!! :)
Warning: Tiny bit of sexual content towards the end, little bit of swearing, kinda angst at the beginning ?? and a lil towards the end ?? I think that's all, a lot of fluff scattered about
Word Count: 9.5k (I am so sorry I got carried away)
Two hours. Y/n had spent two hours waiting for him. Two stupid hours on a Saturday night that she could have spent elsewhere making something productive of her day but no. The last two hours Y/n had been seated in a small booth in the corner of The Three Broomsticks waiting patiently for her boyfriend, Fred Weasley.
The thing that infuriated her the most was that it was his idea in the first place! Originally, the couple had planned a stay-in date in her dorm room for the night before, Friday, but other plans came up. Fred got tangled up in a prank with George that had landed him in detention with Snape for the night. Yes, it annoyed her but what could she do? It wasn’t like Snape would excuse Fred because she tells him they have a date. If anything, Snape would hold him back longer.
When Fred and George were finally dismissed, it was nearly eleven at night and Fred was sprinting down through the dungeons to the common room. Their arrangement was for eight and he was praying to anyone listening above that she was still awake, but not furious at him.
Skipping up the transporting stairs, Fred basically shouted the secret password at the Fat Lady making her narrow her eyes at him. She swung open, not without muttering about how rude he was, and Fred jumped inside. Ten or so students were scattered around the common room, chatting amongst themselves. Hermione, Ron and Harry sat around the couch near the grand fireplace. They sent Fred a wave, which he frantically returned. The golden trio watched in curiosity as Fred darted up the stairs of the girl’s dormitory.
Hermione looked back to the group and asked,
“Wonder what that’s about- he seemed in a hurry.”
“Heard him and George got detention. They put stink-bombs in the Slytherin common room! Heard it stained some of the furniture maroon!” Ron chuckled at his brother’s antics then resumed his debate with Harry over their thoughts on the Quidditch World Cup happening every four years. Harry tried to explain the concept of the Olympics to Ron, but Ron was too focused on how amazing it would be for the World Cup to happen each year. Hermione went back to her studies, blocking out the mindless bickering of the boys.
Above the common room, Fred Weasley was scurrying to his girlfriend’s dorm room. He hoped Angelina and Alicia were out so he could be alone with her. Their time spent together had been oddly less than usual the last few weeks. Fred had no change of heart- actually, he found himself falling more in love with her every day, but their final year at Hogwarts was creeping up from the woods and he was working on a dream career behind the scenes with George that was eating up his time with her. He had shared this idea with her before- but it was just an idea then. Fred and George planned on putting their dreams to action once they finished up the next year. He wanted her to come- George did as well, but he didn’t want to mention it until it was a reality.
Reaching his destination Fred took a second to compose himself. A thin line of sweat was forming near his forehead. This was the first chance he had to take a breather since detention ended. Fixing his dark robes Fred knocked against the door, quiet enough not to startle her but loud enough to hear.
“Y/n… Y/n… love, are you awake? It’s Fred-“
Abruptly, the heavy wooden door cracked open and a weary looking girl poked her head out into the quietness.
“Darling, did I wake you up? I’m so sorry.” Fred stepped forward and wrapped the girl in a tight embrace. Y/n’s head fell against his chest out of instincts. His arms fastened around her waist as he invited himself in the room, slowly walking her back.
“Here, go back to bed, love. You look exhausted.” Fred led the sluggish girl to her familiar bed. Throwing back the covers, he readjusted her pillows so there would be room for him to fit as well. Fred then walked back to Y/n and took her hand softly. Kissing the back of her hand, Fred helped Y/n get into bed then slipped in beside her. His arms snaked around her body without thought. The naturalness of holding her in his arms made Fred feel confident in his dreams of starting a future with her. All the tension in his body collapsed when she leaned into his frame. Fred held her close and kissed the side of her cheek lovingly.
“I’m sorry about detention tonight but I promise I’ll take you out Saturday, alright? We can have a date at Hogsmeade and spend the night together, does that sound nice?”
The sleepy witch gave a tired mumble and nodded her head. She was cuddled under a stack of blankets, wearing Fred’s sweatshirt which made him smile. He’d usually crack a joke at this and tease her but, she was already asleep when he looked back to her. Fred couldn’t help but stare at her for a while. There was never a moment that went by where Fred didn’t think of Y/n as anything other than beautiful but in these moments, she looked ethereal.
Moonlight poured in from the open window and splashed across her s/c cheeks. Her hair was sprawled against the white pillowcase. Fred smiled at the sound of her light snores. Fred wouldn’t leave until he was sure she was deep asleep. It was their thing. She hated going to bed without him there.
“Okay, I love you, Y/n. Get some sleep, angel.” Fred whispered.
He pecked her forehead, then kissed her lips gently. Removing the covers, Fred tucked them back into Y/n so she could keep warm. He closed the open window then tip toed out of the room. Instead of rejoining his friends, Fred decided to head to his room. He felt too guilty for missing out on their plans to go have his own fun. Anyways he did have a Potions paper coming up and if he was going to spend the day with you Saturday, he surely wouldn’t be doing any homework.
So, the plan was confirmed the next morning, Friday. Y/n ran into Fred on her way to breakfast and they discussed where they’d meet and a time. They ate breakfast together, walked to class, then headed in different directions when six rolled around. Fred had a Quidditch match and she had a group project, so they didn’t cross paths for the rest of the night. Even though he refused to admit it, Fred absolutely hated when Y/n missed one of his games. His favorite thing to do was search for her in the stands during each game and it made him sad not to see her smiling face standing out in the crowd. Y/n entered the common room around midnight and went straight for her bed. Gryffindor had lost so there wasn’t a single housemate sitting in the common room. She could only imagine how upset Fred must be, she’d be hearing about it tomorrow. Y/n giggled to herself at the recollection of Fred’s angry rants about his teammates to you in private. She basically crawled to her bed, dreaming about the handsome, goofy, witty twin that had captured her heart.
Which would bring us to Saturday night. Fred and Y/n had made specific plans; they were to meet at The Three Broomsticks at seven then hangout for a while and spend the rest of their night sneaking around the castle with the help of The Marauder’s Map. Fred had practice at six so he was planning on meeting up with the girl at the pub. Y/n expected him to be running late- it wouldn’t be Fred if he didn’t show up a good twenty minutes late.
Only Fred never showed up at seven thirty, not at eight, and by the time nine neared, he was still nowhere in sight. The Three Broomsticks would stay open for a few more hours but the thought of sitting there alone for any longer, jumping at the sound of the door every time it opened, it made Y/n feel less than sane.
Throwing a handful of coins on the table, Y/n thanked her server then exited through the front doors. The walk back to the castle wasn’t long but being with Fred made it a lot more amusing. He’d pick her flowers, give her piggy back rides, play games, race, and hold her hand the whole walk back.
This time, Y/n walked alone hugging the material of her raincoat to her chest. A light drizzle had been pouring on and off for most of the day. Earlier, it was perfectly bearable- hardly noticeable. Although the weather had only worsened as the night grew darker. Hard rain drops crashed against Y/n coat, cascading down her covered arms and bouncing to the wet ground. Her black boots were soaked. She could feel the water rising to her socks, one of her biggest hatreds. Wet socks.
The hood of her jacket only helped so much before the pelting raindrops started to seep to her hair. Typically, Y/n loved the rain. If Fred was here, they’d be dancing right now. But he wasn’t, she had no clue where he was and that was exactly what Y/n was headed to find out.
By the time Y/n made it back to the castle and up to the Gryffindor common room, it was past ten.
Much as Y/n had expected, the common room was lively with energy and conversations. Katie, Alicia, and Angelina were all sitting in a circle with Fred, George, Lee Jordan, Seamus, and Dean. A dark bottle of Dragon Barrel brandy and Daisyroot Draught were being passed amongst them. Y/n watched as Fred leaned into his brother’s side, obviously tipsy and slurring his words while he practically shouted to their friends who were only sitting feet away.
His frame twitched with every small hiccup he let out. The whole group was smiling, they were happy. Y/n wondered to herself if Fred even noticed that she wasn’t there. She wondered if he liked it more when she wasn’t there, they were having fun and although the group was also her friends, no one was interested enough to invite her. Biting on the tender skin of her bottom lip, Y/n bundled her fist to her sides. The anger refused to simmer, only continued to boil. Her dripping clothes weren’t helpful to her sour mood.
It wasn’t the fault of her friends, no, but they were bound to get caught in the crossfires. Fred was the one who left her waiting for hours on end. Her chest was tight- livid yet sad all at once. It was an aggravating feel, unfamiliar. Y/n hated the suffocation entering her drying throat. More than anything she longed to handle situations like these in an aloof fashion. The last thing wanted was to wear her emotions on her sleeve, but she couldn’t help it. Her head screamed ‘just go to bed, ignore him’ but her heart wanted to scream at him and let him know just how bad he had hurt her. Her breathing quickened, each inhale received a choppy exhale.
For the first time, Y/n decided not to join her friends or to even say a word to Fred about how he stood her up. She was sick of it- completely exhausted and drained from his lack of care and presences in their relationship the last few weeks. If he wanted her as bad as he claimed, he’d find a way to show it. And leaving her sitting alone in a noisy pub while he partied and drank with their friends, showed her the exact opposite of his words.
Diverting her leer from the inebriated group and studied the rest of the room, hearing voices near the sitting area. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville were all staring at Y/n in mixed judgement. Harry, Ron and Neville looked concerned by the appearance of Y/n. Hermione on the other hand, she was absolutely flabbergasted, Y/n could see the pity written on her face. You had mentioned having a date night with Fred in Hogsmeade to the four the night before. Harry had invited Y/n to hangout with them and visit Hagrid, but she politely declined and informed them about the special night Fred had planned for them.
Harry and Hermione stood up at the same time ready to comfort the teary-eyed girl. They motioned her over but just as she started towards them, Angelina Johnson noticed her friend who had been absent for most of the night. Setting the bottle of brandy down, Angelina wobbled up to her feet and smiled giddily,
“Y/n! Come- come drink with us! I was wondering where you- why… why’re you all wet?”
As the words fell from her mouth, a crowd of eyes planted on Y/n. Her fists clenched, bone white knuckles visible, at her sides. Angelina scurried over to her friend and wrapped her in a tender hug. If the scenario had been different, she’d gladly join in the fun but there wasn’t an ounce in her body that desired a drink.
Y/n’s eyes found their way to the boy she had been longing for all night. Her lips quivered, the anger and sadness reaching it’s overpour. He looked so handsome, so happy, but it meant nothing to her.
Pulling back, Angelina squinted in confusion at Y/n. The lack of embrace given back had thrown her off. The group had been awaiting her arrival, no one was quite sure where she’d gone off to. Angelina scanned Y/n’s reddening face, noticing the emotions bubbling under the surface.
Moving away, the dark-skinned girl turned to her friends. No one else seemed to notice the offset of Y/n’s attitude.
“Angel, where have you been? I missed you!” Fred’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. Quickly standing up, he held his hand out to his girlfriend. Y/n shot a dangerous look to his outreach, then up to his face. Usually she’d find his toothy grin and childlike state loveable but for obvious reasons, it made her irate.
Stepping back, Y/n sternly scowled at Fred,
“Missed me? You’re the one who left me waiting all goddamn night, Fred Weasley.”
A part of Y/n felt guilty for forcing her friends to witness their unpleasant exchange. George was now to his feet standing behind Fred, just as lost as the group he had been sitting with. Despite the alcohol running in his veins, George could sense an argument budding by the second.
“Not like any of you really seemed to care where I was.” Y/n kicked herself for this cold statement.
Her friends weren’t at fault- not in the slightest. But everyone was at risk of becoming a victim to her fiery wrath. In actuality, it did hurt her a little that no one had gone searching for her. It had been hours! Tears welled in her eyes as she took in the reactions of the group. George took his arm off Alicia and nudged his twin.
“What- I don’t know what you’re talking ‘bout, love. I think you should have a drink and loosen up-“
Y/n couldn’t take it. She just couldn’t take it anymore. Scrunching her face, she used every bit of strength to force her salty tears to hide at bay. Although her emotions screamed to be heard and saw right through her façade. Sweeping her hand across her cheek, Y/n caught the stray tears that rolled down her rosy cheeks. Huffing all her emotions out at once, Y/n shook Fred away from her and hurried towards her room.
Fred stood appearing dumbfounded. He could only gawk in perplexity. Blame it on the alcohol, but Fred’s mind was drawing a blank when surveying her words. For most of the night, he was the one thinking she was leaving him waiting. No one else had a clue as to where she’d gone off to, so he assumed she was in the library or wanted some space.
“You’re an idiot, Fred.” Hermione’s sharp voice cut through the thick air. The happiness and drunken laughter was extinct. The girl’s shared an exchange, all confused as to what just happened. The glass bottles didn’t help clear their judgement. Dean and Seamus took small sips from the Daisyroot Draught. The tension was unbearable, it felt wrong for their friends to be a part of it.
George set a hand on Fred’s shoulder, pulling him back slightly. Leaning forward, George whispered to his twin,
“I reckon it’s best if we turn it in for the night.” Fred gave a tug of protest. His intoxicated fought against him though he knew he did something wrong and needed to find Y/n. In spite of his desire to chase after the girl, George couldn’t let him do that. It was obvious Fred had forgotten something and Y/n was more than upset. Sending his brother up to drunkenly apologize to his hurting girlfriend for a reason he can’t even recall, that was a recipe for disaster and would only cause a bigger mess.
“Fred, you’re going to bed. You’re too drunk to talk to Y/n right now, okay? We’re going up the boy’s stairs, not the girls, okay? You two can talk in the morning, maybe you’ll remember where you fucked up tonight by then.”
Suddenly, Fred stop moving and let out a low groan,
“Oh shit… merlin’s sake, I fucked up, George. Oh my god- Hogsmeade… shit! I told her we’d meet at Hogsmeade and I forgot-“Fred whipped around in his discombobulated state. Everything clicked at once. Fred had been so concentrated on Quidditch that once practice had wrapped up, his exhausted body dragged him back to the common room out of muscle memory. It was his typical routine; Quidditch practice, head back to his dorm, shower, change, eat, work on some possible products with George, then hangout with his friends. How could he be so neglectful?
George sent his brother a comforting look then grabbed him by the shoulders, helping aid him up the winding staircase. It came as a shock to him that Fred had forgotten about their date. All he spoke about was Y/n, it was a rare occurrence for the couple to
“So that’s where she’s been all night?” George pushed open the door to their room, looking to his twin sternly. Fred had most of his weight piled on George, trying his hardest to remain upright. Lee had decided to stay back, allowing the brothers a chance to talk.
George helped his frantic twin in the dark room, then gave him a light push towards his bed. Fred plopped down, burying his face in the fluffy pillow. Pulling off his jumper, George threw the large maroon comforter over Fred’s tall frame while he wailed,
“I’m a terrible boyfriend. I planned the bloody date too! I left her-“
“How ‘bout you get some rest? You can find her in the morning and apologize to her and… hope for the best. It’ll give you more time to think of a way to make it up to her. You’re just a rambling mess right now.” The alcohol was not wearing George down. He had been on an adrenaline high since his second shot. This was the first moment of the night where he had stepped back. His tiresome hands rubbed against his face as he made his way to his bed and collapsed on it.
Fred was still moaning on, the sound of his drunken voice making it harder for George to fight back the urge to sleep,
“She’s gonna dump my sorry ass-“
“Go to bed, Fred. It’ll be okay.”
George let out a sigh of exhaustion. The twins had been best friends with Y/n since they were just children, new to Hogwarts and unfamiliar with the power of magic. It pained him to see his brother hurt, but it also hurt to see Y/n upset. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Turning his head, George let out a breathy chuckle at the sight of his twin passed out cold. The worry that dripped from his voice was now gone as he eased into his dreamland.
George wanted to scold him, knock him upside the head for skipping out on Y/n again. He cared a lot about her, she was basically a sister, a triplet to him. If Fred was gonna win her back, it wasn’t going to be easy, George knew this. Y/n was stubborn, and the twins had witnessed this first hand for years, it was a trait they loved, when not directed towards either of them.
As George’s head hit the pillow, all he could do was pray to Godrick that the morning would bring good news.
Sunday morning arrived much faster than Y/n had hoped. A bright, loud, light interrupted her sleep as the gears in her head started to turn. Her mind was groggy, the events of last night were foggy. Warm sunlight broke through the glass stained windows. Y/n wiped her eyes and slowly sat up. Her mouth was dry, screaming for a drink of water.
For a minute, she felt calm- happy almost. The room was half empty; Angelina’s bed was bare and Alicia laid in a star-fish position, a snore sounding from her mouth. The image made Y/n laugh.
Standing up, Y/n’s hands flew above her head as she stretched. She cracked her back, a morning ritual for the girl. Just as she reached for the knob of her dresser, a wave of recollection nearly knocked her off her feet.
Fred had stood her up, of course, how could she forget? The irritated skin under her eyes and nose suddenly made sense. Leaning against the wooden cabinet, Y/n huffed. It was times like these she wished she could crawl into bed and stay there for eternity. Nothing would get better though if she didn’t at least try to fix it.
As quick as the thought came, it had evaporated once more. Why did she have to be the one to put forth the effort to fix things? There was no use in fixing their relationship if Fred wasn’t willing to try too. More than try, Y/n thought. It took a piece of her when she came back to the castle just to see him drinking with their friends, not thinking a thought of her. She needed to see that he cared. His words held no value to her anymore, not until he could prove he meant what he said.
Y/n went through her morning routine like a snail, wanting to drag out her time. Eventually, she was fully dressed and ready for the day. She liked to take advantage of the days her school robes weren’t required. The cooling weather led her to a fuzzy black sweater, and light washed jeans. Sliding her delicate wand into her back pocket, Y/n exited the room and took the stairs down to the common room.
Approaching the bottom of the steps, Y/n could hear familiar voices exchanging hush words. She stepped into the room and was surprised to see the lack of students. The only ones present were sat one the long leather couch on the left half of the massive room. All of their gazes fell on Y/n.
Fred, George, Ron, Angelina, Harry and Hermione were all relaxing- well all of them except Fred. He on the other hand was frantic- disheveled. His knee bounced in anticipation. The clock was sneaking
“Oh, uh, hey Y/n!” Ron Weasley moved his hand side to side, waving to Y/n. The temptation to admire the handsome boy at his side leaped into her heart. Using every ounce of strength, Y/n trained her eyes on Ron, not allowing a single peek at Fred.
“Hey, Y/n/n!” The voice of Angelina brought a perk to Y/n’s head.
“Hi.” She greeted the younger Weasley and her close friend back, then headed for the portrait. Before she could make it half the distance, the tall figure of her boyfriend appeared.
“Angel, how did you sleep?” Fred was by her side in an instant. He was desperately trying to read her expression, testing the waters to see her mood. He had hardly slept, he spent most of the night thinking about this exact moment, when he’d have the chance to apologize and make it up to the girl he loved. “Can we please talk? I’m really sorry for last night, honestly, I am so so sorry, darling.”
Y/n stared at him, or rather, through him. It was like she didn’t see the tall wizard in front of her.
“I’m gonna go study, I’ll meet you with you guys later.”
“Y/n, love-“ His warm hand took hold of her of her own, an action she’d typically love. The familiar grasp sent a burst of comfort in her stomach, but she ignored it.
Wiggling out of his grip, the girl shot him a look of displeasure then rushed off. Hermione chased after her, no one else brave enough to step in. Besides, Hermione was one of her closest friends. Watching the younger girl follow after her roommate, Angelina walked after them. Fred stomped like a toddler having a tantrum as the portrait swung open then closed. He knew he had to do something- anything to get her to talk to him again, and that was his plan.
For a Sunday evening, the school library was relatively empty. A majority of the students occupying the tables were studying away for their O.W.L.S. The exams weren’t for another two months but hardly anyone dared to procrastinate until the last week before opening their books. The stress of the exams was enormous, but the students still had other classes to keep in mind.
Y/n Y/n/l and George Weasley were sitting across from on another at a study table. Three hefty textbooks were open as the two discussed their Potions paper. Y/n had been stuck on hers and George had yet to start so they decided to head to the library together and get it done.
Fred was usually right by their side, his hand wrapped around Y/n’s shoulders, but she neglected an invite for him. About an hour after their exchange in the common room, Y/n had apologized to each friend she had snapped on the night prior. They were understanding, clearly seeing where her frustrations had come for. They also felt bad as she was right, no one had even checked to see where she’d gone, and George especially felt terrible for not searching for his friend.
At least three hours had passed since the two Gryffindors started their study session. Y/n was sneaking up on her last two pages while George still had three left. They collaborated every few minutes, then returned to tranquil silence, scribbling away.
Y/n was in the middle of sharing her idea for the last section of her paper when George’s eyes brighten and he interrupted her,
“Fred, how nice of you to join us.”
Turning in her chair, Y/n found her boyfriend standing behind her with a nervous smile. She hated how perfect he looked, even in the poor lighting of the library. He still managed to make her breath hitch in the back of her throat.
“Hi, Y/n. You look beautiful as always.” Fred announced himself softly. George scoffed teasingly, muttering a ‘hello’ to himself to make up for his brother ignoring him. Freds words were genuine though didn’t make much of a difference. Y/n was still hurt and a compliment wasn’t going to mend that. She needed to feel it, to see him truly show that he cared- that she meant something to him. That she was deserving of his time. Sweet comments didn’t not add up to that feeling.
George closed his textbook, then glanced up at his twin,
“Should I leave?”
Before Fred could answer, Y/n slammed her hand on top of George’s Potions book. Wide eyed and frightened, the boy gaped in shock. Even Fred was taken aback by her unexpecting movement. Leering at her friend Y/n replied,
“No. I want you to stay, we were in the middle of a conversation.”
Fred’s heart dropped at her words. It was heartbreaking to have the girl of his dreams now shunning him- brushing him off with ease. It was driving him mad. All he wanted was for her to acknowledge him, give him a little hope that he can earn his way back in her heart. He loved her, every bit of him loved her.
All he wanted was to make it up to her for his mistakes the night before. He couldn’t stop thinking about the look on her face when she saw him sitting with their friends. She was miles exceeded hurt- more devastated at his negligence than hurt alone.
Maybe it was the fear of meeting the reality that losing Y/n was a possibility, but Fred experienced a new sort of emotion when his girlfriend asked for his brother to stay. Yes, they’re friends, all three of them are. Fred had to remind himself of this like a record on repeat. He couldn’t fight the envy off though.
It made his heart twist as she stared at George. Never did he think he’d be jealous of his own twin, but Fred was livid. The seething stream of covetousness overtook his veins. Fred wanted to be the one you ran to for comfort, not his brother. His entire life he had shared everything with George, Y/n was far too meaningful to Fred for her to be shared.
Now it does take two for a turn of events like that to happen. Fred knew, clear as day, that George had no romantic feelings for Y/n and she had none for George. This was true, but for some reason, it didn’t help tame Fred’s envy.
He knew causing a jealous scene would do no good for anyone, so Fred realigned his train of thought and asked,
“Could I steal you from that conversation, please love? I really need to apologize to you.”
Fred allowed his hands to reveal themselves from their previous position hiding behind his back. When he moved them, a full bouquet of colorful flowers and small green plants of different shapes and sizes. The flowers were a display of fuchsia, pink, orange, red, and yellow. They were beautiful, so beautiful, Y/n thought to herself. She couldn’t help the gasp that slipped past her lips.
Fred had gotten her flowers their first-year dating but since the last month or so, she hadn’t received many of his heartwarming gifts. It wasn’t the monocle value of a present but the thought and attention to care that captured Y/n’s heart. Fred had always been the best at creating meaningful gifts on a tight budget. Whether it was flowers he stole from school grounds, or necklaces he made out of stones she found around the Great Lake. He’d make her perfume- proving rather excellent in the Potions department. He also asked Molly to teach him how to knit in order to make Y/n a sweater. This of course delighted Molly over the moon.
George bit on the skin of his knuckles to keep for laughing at his brother. He recognized the flowers, as did Y/n. Fred had picked them from the garden outside the castle- something that had earned him a detention before. George decided not to comment on his observation, Fred was sure to murder him in his sleep if he put his apology in any jeopardy.
Fred extended the bouquet to his flustered girlfriend. He felt a sense of accomplishment while watching her reaction. It was small to most, but for as stubborn as she was, it was big in his eyes. The girl reached forward, accepting the gift with a tiny smile rising to her lips, one she didn’t force down.
For the first time since the night before, Y/n fully saw Fred. She peered directly at him silently. George glanced between the two, stuck between a dual. Without speaking, Fred took some steps forward and pulled the chair next to Y/n out. He slipped into the seat, the couple still staring at each other. Y/n studied his demeanor, he didn’t push her anymore, but he wouldn’t leave her side. Not that she would tell him but, she was happy he joined in. She didn’t want him to leave, she had missed being around him. Tearing herself away, Y/n focused herself back on the other twin.
“As I was saying, George…”
Fred drowned out the words but accepted the fact that Y/n didn’t reject him from sitting down. She also didn’t set the flowers down for the rest of their study session. The remained clutched in her hands, resting in her lap the whole time.
Monday night came in the blink of an eye. Classes had resumed and the castle was bustling in stress. When the end of the year neared, the time spent sitting through lectures was an eternity, while the weekends flew by. Fred had always hated summer break, actually, that’s not entirely true. His dismissive of break budded around the same time his relationship with Y/n became official.
Their first two years, she would spend the holiday back home in London with her family. She loved her family but once she experienced her first holiday at the Burrow, she never wanted to miss another. Her family was a bit distant, not the warm and welcoming pure-bloods like the Weasley’s, but not as cold as the Malfoy’s. Y/n’s family had no issues with her spending breaks at the Burrow, as long as she had Molly and Arthur Weasley’s approval. Molly insisted each time that there was no need for her to even ask to stay. They accepted her with open arms, ecstatic to see Fred had found such a lovely girl.
The end of the school term was coming up and Fred needed to fix things with Y/n before that happened. She planned to spend the break at his family’s home and he feared she’d take her agreement back if things weren’t improved between them. Spending almost two days stuck in the anger of his love was two days too many. Fred was going to fix this and he planned the best idea he could think of, good thing he had their friends happily available to help.
Unbeknownst to Y/n, while she was resting up from her illness Harry, Ron, Lee and George were helping Fred create his masterplan. Hermione helped in her own way by remaining near Y/n’s dorm, sitting in as the lookout. It gave her an excuse to get her school work done so she didn’t protest.
Alicia and Angelina stayed in the room. Once Y/n started to feel better, thanks to Madam Pomfrey, the girl’s altered Hermione who passed the news along to Harry as the chain continued until it reached Fred. At the confirmation, his plan was set into action. Ron was sent to retrieve the girl after Alicia and Angelina convinced her to get some food from the dining hall.
She walked through the common room then down the moving staircase, when her redheaded friend popped up. Ron scared the girl, making her stumble back, her hand placed over her chest.
“Y/n! I’m so glad I ran into you! No one has seen you all day- Angelina said you were feeling ill this morning.” Ron rambled at a fast pace. Y/n, still surprised by his sudden arrival, took a deep inhale, nodding to the boy,
“Yeah, I saw Madam Pomfrey this morning when classes started. I just had a stomach bug and she said I’d have to wait it out but the medicine she gave me seems to be doing the trick.” Y/n gave Ron a kind smile. Ron was two years younger than her but they had always been great friends. Y/n would travel to the Burrow as a guest of the twins during the holiday breaks, so Ron and her had spent a lot of time hanging out together. It was sweet of him to ask how she was doing, but he didn’t seem that her health was the reason for their conversation.
“That’s good to hear. You wouldn’t happen to be heading anywhere, are you?”
“Just to get some food. I’m starving-“ Ron nodded eagerly, cutting his friend off in the process.
“That’s great! I mean, not great, just… well… uh, follow me please!” Scrambling like a mess, Ron clasped his hand over Y/n’s wrist and abruptly dragged her down the stone corridor. She couldn’t find the words to question him and allowed Ron to lead the way. Her curiosity was far too big to ignore his odd request.
Ron carried on for another five minutes then took a sharp turn, heading for the courtyard. Two figures ran off around the side of the castle in the darkness. Y/n swore she recognized the pair as George and Lee. What were they up to? Snapping her head to the younger boy, Y/n waited for him to fill her in on why he had dragged her halfway across the castle to the freezing courtyard.
“Okay! We’re here- I’m just gonna… head out. See ya, Y/n!” Ron rushed his farewell then ran off towards the direction George and Lee had escaped to. What in the world is going on? Left by herself without any explanation, Y/n threw her hand up in annoyance.
Alone in the cold, Y/n wrapped the opening of her fuzzy cardigan against her body, attempting to keep warm. Although warmth entered her vein as a pair of arms snaked around her waist, snatching her backwards into a firm surface. She gasped, thrown off by her attacker and tried to turn in retaliation, but their grasp was far too firm. The familiarity of the hold made her body ease up. As much time as the spent together, she could recognize his touch anywhere. Fred.
His touch released a swarm of butterflies through the girl. She could feel the anger washing away as she leaned her body into his chest, having pined for his arms for two too many days than she was accustomed to.
The tall Gryffindor held her tightly. Moving forward, Fred pressed his lips against the shell of Y/n’s ear. The heat of his breath causing her to shudder as he whispered,
“I’m so happy you came, darling.”
Y/n smirked, looking up at him. The concurrent willfulness of her nature could only carry on for so long until her headstrong demeanor crumbled. A pang of chagrin still grumbled in her stomach but the sight in front of her certainly was a runner in her change of heart.
Soaking in her surroundings, Y/n realized they were just a few hundred feet outside Hargid’s hut. This explained the garden full of massive orange pumpkins. In the middle of the path was a small gazebo decorated in fairy lights and sunflowers. A small table set for two was tucked inside. Small teacup white candles line the path, creating a runway of sorts. Another candle, larger and purple, sat flickering in the breeze in the center of the neat table.
Y/n stood motionless absorbing the creation her boyfriend made- all for her. Speechlessness was not common for Y/n so Fred undoubtably began to second guess if his efforts were good enough. His fears were stomped in a matter of moments when Y/n harshly yanked at the material of his collar and placed a brisk, short kiss to his lips. Fred was startled, losing the opportunity to kiss her back but Y/n didn’t want him to. It gave her a sense of control- they still had issues they needed to work out, but she loved him nonetheless. Besides, avoiding and staying mad at Fred forever? Impossible. In two days, Y/n had to stop herself a million different times from approaching Fred and sharing a laugh with him, or kissing him, or holding his hand and giving him a hug. She didn’t want to fight off the urge anymore- and Fred couldn’t handle the distance spaced between them. Thus, being the motivation for his grand, heartfelt, date.
“I’ll assume that means you like it. I won’t take all the credit- it was my idea, but our friends are the main reason I was able to pull this off. I feel really bad and… I need to do something special for you- I don’t do that enough lately. I forget sometimes to remind you how important you are in my life and how much I love you.” Fred sheepishly smiled, nervously awaiting her reaction.
The small table was set, a new bundle of crimson red roses placed on her seat. To the side of her plate was a small box with a beautifully wrapped ribbon tied to the top. Fred had a special way of showing his love and adoration for his girlfriend, but even this was new to her. Never before had he gone so over the top to prove his feelings to her.
Y/n lifted her hand and intertwined it with Fred’s, smiling up at him,
“It’s gorgeous, Freddie.” The bashful smile made Fred’s heart melt on sight. He had prepared himself for the repetitive rejection she had been sending, so when she whispered those sweet words, his chest tightened, and his pace stopped.
Fred almost fainted in shock at the sound of her voice. He squeezed her light hand and drew it back, forcing her body into his own. Y/n couldn’t help the laugh that fell from her lips. She missed his playful ways. With the foreheads pressed against each other, Fred grinned,
“I’ve missed your voice, love.”
Although his words made her heart take flight, the reality of her hurt was still roaming. Y/n detached herself from his grasp and rested her hand on the black metal table. Her fingertips fumbled with the white cloth, it served as a distraction only for a short period of time. Fred sent her a sorrowful look. Her shift in moods was confusing to him, he only wanted to make things better.
Y/n sighed and ran her hand through her h/c locks. Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply then asked,
“Why don’t you have time for me anymore, Fred?” The question of the night- or rather month. His date was beautiful, absolutely stunning. As riveting as it was, it couldn’t erase the hurt she had been experiencing.
Fred shook his head frantically, dismissing the accusation. He knew why she would think that way, he understood. It wasn’t true, though. Actions speak louder than words and Fred despised the fact that recently, his feelings for Y/n weren’t lining up with his actions. His words could only do so much. But he also knew soon, things would be different. Missing the Hogsmeade date was his fault, and he paid for it. Two days might seem minute to most, but when you spend essentially everyday attached to someone’s hip, two days of them purposely ignoring you and speaking to every soul expect you, it can feel like a lifetime. He realized a few things in this time.
Fred remembered how fun it was to act as if he was still trying to win her over. Gifts, no matter their cost, always brought a gleam to her face which never failed to make Fred grin. However, it was much more entertaining when she wasn’t upset with him and would throw the flirtatious comments right back at him. He was also reminded of how lucky he was to be with Y/n. While she ignored him, Fred found himself envious of every living being Y/n spoke to, as they were not him. When he started engulfing himself in his plans for the joke shop, his effort in his relationship had decreased and this was something he vowed to never let happen again.
“I’ll always have time for you, darling. And if I don’t, I’ll make some. I truly am sorry about this weekend- you don’t deserve that.”
“It just seems like you’re distracted, like you don’t care anymore.” Y/n batted her reddening eyes, finally throwing her worries to the air.
“No, no, Y/n, not at all. I’m so sorry I made you feel that way, love. I’m a terrible excuse of a boyfriend, I never meant to create this mess. I love you so much.” Fred’s head bowed down. It tore him up to know the way his actions made her feel, the only girl he loved.
“I love you too, Freddie. I really do but I can’t feel alone in this relationship. I let our date Friday slide, even though I was annoyed, but Saturday night? I feel like it broke me. Just knowing you forgot about me-“ Y/n fought back the burning sensation in her eyes as the tears began to brim.
The anxiety blooming inside her was clear to Fred. Suppose that was the downside to dating your best friend, they can always tell when somethings wrong. Before a tear could hit the floor, he whisked her to the iron garden chair, then kneels before her, his hands holding her face as if it was a priceless, dainty piece of china.
“I didn’t forget about you, darling, that’s impossible to do. I’ve been… well I’ve been working on something with George for when we leave school next year. It’s real important to me and I wanted to share it with you but I was scared that it might not happen but… if I have your support and you with us, I know it’ll happen.”
“What’re you rambling on about, Fred?”
“Remember how I told you that George and I wanted to open a joke shop? Well, it’s happening… I think. We’re really close, we just gotta make it through next year then we’re free! We’ll have our own joke shop and get to sell our own products and start our future.”
A silence overtook the atmosphere. Y/n’s lips were stuck open in a small ‘o’ shape, eyes glued to the floor. Was he really going to leave her all alone next year? Would they have to break up? Surely, he wouldn’t want to be in a long-distance relationship.
She was snapped from her own mind when her skin registered the touch of Fred’s lips as they traced her knuckles, kissing each finger as he did. His eyes then peered up to meet her own. She could tell he was serious by the feeling of his stare. Then he continued, making Y/n perk up,
“But none of that can happen without you… Y/n I want you to come with me. Move in with George and I, start a future with me. We want you to be a part of the shop. I want you there. You’re the only girl I want, for the rest of my life.”
Her once open mouth clamped shut in a swift motion. Ever since she met the twins, Y/n wanted a future with Fred. Everyone saw it as a childhood crush, but she always knew it was more. She never stopped loving him- never could. Even when his pranks took a step too far over the line. They always found their way back to each other and would work through it. Fights such as the most recent were rare- but Fred’s admission filled in a lot of empty spaces that had left Y/n sleepless for days. Finally, the crushing weight was lifted from her chest as she choked out a shaky breath.
Leaping forward from the chair, Y/n threw her body into her boyfriend’s body and clamped him in a koloa like hold. Fred chuckled in amusement, falling onto the near ground at her jump.
“Why do you have to be so lovable? I hate it. I should be angry with you, but I just love you too much. Besides, I think you did enough suffering.” She giggled as she pinched his round cheeks in her hands. Fred poked his tongue out at her and grabbed at her sides. Y/n swatted his hands away, giving him a stern glare saying, ‘don’t push it’.
Slowly, she leaned down and brushed her lips against Fred’s, smirking down at him. It was a change in roles. In their more adult situations, Fred was typically the one on top with Y/n pinned below him, but that’s a story for another time.
A small, almost whimper, sound came from Fred. He hated being teased- that was his job. Dragging out the moment, Y/n tugged on the skin of his bottom lip with her teeth, earning a groan of approval from Fred. She grazed over his mouth one last time before dipping her head down to meet his and interlocking their lips, still straddling his waist. Fred’s hips pushed towards her core out of instinct. Not ready to give in quite yet, Y/n lifted her body and shifted forward, entrapping Fred even more so in the heated kiss.
They parted for seconds to sneak a bit of air, then continued their needed make out. It had been a while since they proved their love to each other in this way. For the last month, it had been small kisses here and there when the couple had a chance to see each other. Y/n needed his touch- she needed him. Fred longed to have under him, pleasuring her. He desperately wanted to sink his head between her legs and really show her just how much he loved her.
The coldness of his fingertips hit Y/n’s skin as his fingers dug into the sides of her waist. As much as she longed to keep the exchange going, the last thing either of them needed was a detention.
Y/n plucked herself away, a small pout lining Fred’s lips. His hands remained tied up in her own, lying them on his stomach. The weight of his question seeped in like molasses. Opportunities like this presented themselves once in a lifetime, there was no way Y/n was going to let it slip by.
Rolling off his lap, Y/n plopped down on the ground to the side of Fred. Their heads turned simultaneously towards each other, Fred winking to Y/n.
This is what she wanted. To see him care for her, show his love. His attention. It was the one thing she had been striving for but now that the cat, or rather joke shop, was out of the bag, Fred didn’t feel the need to hide anything from her anymore and keep his work to himself. He was over the moon with excitement to have her join George and himself. It was everything he could hope for.
Coyly averting her peer, Y/n asked,
“Do you really mean it, Fred? You really want me to come with you and George?”
Kindly, Fred swiped his thumb under her chin and raised her head up so their eyes were level.
“I wouldn’t want you anywhere else in the world then with me.” The serenity in his voice didn’t go unnoticed. Y/n propped herself up to her elbows and brought Fred in a bone crushing hug. Heavy chuckles croaked from Fred as she smothered him lovingly. He managed to sneak in a tiny peck to her check and she hugged him. Placing her head on his shoulder, Y/n poked the side of Fred’s cheek, commenting,
“You’re gonna be stuck with me forever, Fred, I love it!”
Throwing his arm around the elated girl, Fred just smirked.
“Duh, that’s kind the whole point of you moving in with me.” He replied in a matter-of-fact tone. The night was growing darker and the steady wind was escalating. In an hour, two if they were lucky, Filch would be surveying the grounds in search of students, mainly Fred and George, out past curfew. It was a sport to him, catching students breaking rules and getting to turn them in. It was part of his job, yes, but Y/n hated that he never took it easy on anything for the Gryffindors like he did the Slytherins. Fred looked at the scenery around them and remarked,
“Y’know, angel, as much as I’d love to spend the rest of the night laying with you in my arms, we can do that in my dorm room tonight… in an actual bed instead of dirt. I mean, we didn’t set up this whole thing for nothing! If I knew laying in the dirt would win you back, you should’ve told me!” His sarcastic words were received with a light slap.
“Smart ass.” Y/n rolled her eyes teasingly and started to sit up. Before she could get to her feet, a pair of hands planted themselves at her waist and lifted her. Fred had his moments, but he was always a gentleman to her. His teasing ways were comforting to Y/n, reminding her that they were good now, in comparison to the recent downfalls.
Fred helped Y/n to her seat, then jogged over to his own. He presented the girl with a cake he made for her. Hermione brought him to the kitchens and taught him how to make one. It took about three hours, he burnt the first, put too many eggs in the second, then forgot to add eggs to the third. Finally, on the fourth attempt, Fred created a passable cake. Hermione had no desire to spend any more time in the kitchen, so she quickly frosted it for him, not wanting him to ruin it this far in, then covered it and locked it in the fridge. Much to Y/n’s surprise, it was one of the best homemade cakes she’d ever had. Her teeth were practically chattering from the intense amount of sugar, but she had to keep in mind it was Fred who baked it.
After eating, Fred and Y/n took their sweet time strolling around the castle. Fred swung his hand back and forth, causing the same effect to Y/n’s. They laughed feverishly as Fred chased Y/n up the moving stairs as they raced to the common room. When they entered the room, they sprinted straight for Fred’s, still in a chase. Hermione, Ron, Harry, George, Angelina, and Lee all watched in amusement as the couple seemed to be reunited.
“Wonder if they’re back together. You guys think the date worked?”
Everyone shared glances at the obliviousness of Ron. There were times when social cues and context clues just didn’t exist to Ron. George scoffed at his little brother and shook his head. The rest of the group roared with laughter as Ron’s face scrunched in irritation.
“Not sure, Ron. Why don’t you go out to our room and ask them?” George smirked mischievously causing Ron to turn white as a ghost in realization. A faint ‘oh’, tumbled out of his lips and his eyes went wide.
Despite their assumption, up in the top room in the Gryffindor boy’s dormitory, Fred Weasley laid snoring in his large mattress, still in his school robes. Squished against his chest by his arms, Y/n was sound asleep, similarly dressed. The two didn’t care what they looked like or who came in, as long as they were together, that’s all that mattered.
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writing-wh0re · 2 months ago
I do
All writing will be #writing-wh0re-requests. 
George Weasley x Female Reader
Words: 1,856. 
Warnings: Smut18+, Male Performing Oral, Unprotected Vaginal Intercourse, Fingering, Handjob, Dom!George, Rough Sex, Dirty Talk. Fluff.  All the good stuff really. 
A/n: This is for @buckystrenchcoat smut plot prompts - 6.George fucking you roughly in your wedding dress. - I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you enjoy reading it! 
The day was finally here. 
In two hours, I would officially be Y/n Weasley. It wouldn’t just be a fake name scribbled in the back of my potions textbook, it would legally be my name. 
Throughout the morning my stomach was unsettled, butterflies fluttering around, my breathing uneven and my mind focused on one thing. 
Last night was the first night in almost three years that we hadn’t spent together. It was a little odd and I didn’t sleep much, but perhaps that was the nerves more than an absent George. 
I look over my reflection in the mirror, hair prefect, exactly how I had pictured it. 
Make up - flawless and my dress hugged all the right places with enough swish in the skirt to feel free while dancing.
“Y/n, is there anything we can get you?” My mother asks, her sweet reassuring smile slightly calming my hammering heart. 
“Would it be awful of me to ask for half an hour to myself?” I look over at Ginny and Hermione, both of them with small smiles on their faces, my mother shaking her head. 
“Of course not dear, I suppose you might want this.” My mother turns to her bag, pulling out my dark red diary from high school. 
‘Y/n’s you will be hexed if read’ scratched into the front cover. 
“Mum, where did you find this?” I turn the book over in my hands, taking in the worn leather cover, splats of different nail polishes hardened against the back. 
“You left it behind when you moved out with George, guess you didn’t need it anymore.” My mother sniffles, holding a tissue to her eye as she smiles at me. “You aren’t a little girl anymore, I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become.” I sniffle in response to my mum, feeling tears prick my eyes as we both chuckle at each other before sharing an embrace. 
“I love you.” 
“I love you sweetheart.” My mum places both of her hands on my cheeks, smiling wide at me. “We must stop this at once, we don’t want to ruin your makeup.” I laugh at my mum’s change before nodding. 
“We will leave you be, call us if you need anything.” 
“Yeah, we will make sure that everything is set up correctly.” 
I smile at Ginny and Hermione, quickly embracing them and thanking them for being with me. 
Once the three of them leave, the room is quiet. 
A sigh passes my lips as I sit down on the small couch, grabbing my diary and flipping through it. 
‘George Weasley asked me to be his girlfriend today. Me! How could I not say yes, I would be a fool not to. I can’t believe he liked me back, mum was right. She always is.’ 
‘Y/n and George Weasley - has a nice ring to it’ 
I scrunch my nose up, cringing at my past self. A smile creeping across my lips. 
Before I can continue through the pages, the door abruptly opens. I gasp at the intruder, watching as George swiftly locks the door behind him. 
“Wow.” George’s eyes rack down my body, drinking in my appearance as I look over him. 
His white button up tailored to his body, black suspenders hugging his shoulders and perfectly ironed dress pants. 
“Wow yourself, but George, you can’t be in here.” 
I meet him in the middle of the room, his hands instinctively falling to my waist, my fingers looping under his suspenders. 
“Why’s that? This is my soon to be wife’s room right? or am I mistaken?” George smirks at me as I roll my eyes, shaking my head. 
“It’s not the tradition we agreed on.” 
“Maybe we can break tradition.” His whispered words cause goosebumps to fill my skin, I know George and I know what he’s wanting. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want it to.
“You look stunning baby.” His lips fall to my neck, placing delicate kisses to my warm skin. 
“Feel what you’re doing to me.” George grabs my hand, placing it against his clothed cock that’s now straining against the fabric of his pants. A soft whimper escapes my lips, feeling his cocky smirk against my skin. He knows the power he holds over me.
I quickly fumble with his belt, attempting to free his cock before he stops me. His hand under my chin, our eyes locking together. I stand on my tippy toes, closing the gap between us, our lips smashing against each other. Hunger and need is evident between us. His hands grip my boobs, kissing down my jaw and sucking on my exposed cleavage. 
“You’re leaving this on.” His finger trails over the fabric covering my breasts. “I want you to walk down the aisle with my cum dripping down your thighs.” My breath hitches at his words, his eyes dark with lust, a mischievous smirk on his face. 
I pull him against me using his suspenders, his lips crashing against mine as our tongues fight for dominance. George’s hands fall behind my thighs, picking me up and placing me on the make up desk. We fumble around each other, my hands working on his pants, his falling under the fabric of my dress. 
“No panties?” George asks, his eyebrows knitted together. 
“It was the easiest option.” George smirks at me, lightly slapping my now exposed pussy causing a hiss to fall from my lips. 
“My wife, a hungry little cock whore.” I blush at his words, shaking my head. 
“Not your wife yet.” 
“But still my cock whore.” 
I nod in response, palming George through his boxer briefs earning a soft moan to fall from his lips, adding fuel to the fire inside of me. I pump his dick, marveling at the sight before me, his head throwing back slightly, eyes closed, lips parted and a chorus of soft grunts and moans filling the air. 
My body jolts when he slides his finger inside of me, my pussy instantly clenching around him.
“Mmm, she knows who she belongs to.” 
I bite my lip, trying to muffle the moans that escape me. George added a second finger to my dripping core, curling them inside of me, stroking all the right places. George falls to his knees, his lips attaching to my clit as I gasp for air, shocked at the sudden change.
Not complaining in the slightest. 
I tug at his hair, his moan vibrating my sensitive skin, the sound of his tongue lapping at my wetness causing a shiver to run up my spine. His fingers continue to work in and out of me, their pace changing from fast to slow with every fourth stroke. George’s lips suck on my clit, before swirling around the nub. My head falls back against the mirror, my hips grinding against his fingers and tongue. His hand falls to my waist, holding me down against the desk as he devours me, his tongue lapping at my core slowly, while his fingers pump hard and fast inside of me. 
“George, fuck, fuck, fuck.” 
My legs shake around him, his lips sucking my clit as I cum around his fingers. Spots appear on my vision, my breathing uneasy and my skin flushed. George pulls his fingers from my tight hole, a whimper escapes me at the feeling of being empty. 
“Perfect.” My eyes roll back as George takes his fingers between his lips, sucking them clean. 
“Fuck me George, please.” 
“Oh, anything for you baby.” I reach out for him, a dark chuckle rumbling through his chest. 
“Ass up.” 
I quickly scramble to my feet, laying my chest against the desk, his warm hands rubbing the supple skin of my ass. 
George’s fingers slip into my hair, pulling me up slightly, our eyes meeting in the reflection. 
“Watch me fuck you.” 
My mouth falls open at his request, nodding in response before we both moan loud. His cock sliding deep inside me with practiced ease. 
“Fuck, so tight for me.” 
“Only you.” 
George winks at me, kissing up my exposed shoulder, biting on my earlobe. 
“Good girl.” His hips thrust deep inside of me, my pleasured cry filling the air. His hips snap into mine, my eyes rolling back at the feeling of him inside of me, hitting all the right places. 
Sounds of my wetness fill the air, George’s hand spanking my ass as I hiss. 
“Eyes open.” 
I shoot my eyes open, locking with his in the mirror. George smirks at me, looking down at where our bodies meet, hissing at the sight before him. 
“You might not be able to walk down the aisle.” 
I groan in response, pushing back against his thrust, attempting for him to go deeper. 
George picks up his pace, his hands gripping my ass, spanking the skin every so often. 
I watch George in the mirror, his face twisting with pleasure, his cheeks filling with colour, his mouth slightly agape, biting his lip every so often to muffle his moans. The sight of him lost in pleasure causes the band to tighten inside of me, which he notices. 
“Hold it baby, I’m close, just a little more.” 
I place my hands against the mirror for balance, his pace having picked up as he chases his high. 
“Please let me cum.” I beg, feeling the warm tears prick my eyes, my body glistening with a sheen of sweat under the lights. 
“Right there, fuck, cum baby.” 
The coil inside of me breaks. My pussy sucking George in as I cum around his cock. 
The warmth of his release shooting through me. 
Our eyes lock one last time in the mirror, a proud smile on his lips, a love drunk one on mine. 
“I love you.” George whispers, pulling his now softening cock out of me. 
“I love you.” 
We quickly fix our appearances. I look over myself in the mirror, touching up my eye make up and drying the tears, thankful that I can blame it on my mum’s moment before all of this if needed. 
George’s eyes trail up and down my body, shaking his head. I tilt mine in response, trying to understand what could be wrong with my appearance. 
“I just can’t believe this day is here, you’re going to be a Weasley.” 
My heart swells at George’s words, goosebumps filling my skin. 
“I’m going to be a Weasley.” I confirm. 
George beams at me, quickly placing a kiss to my lips and walking to the door. 
“Don’t let our mum’s know I was in here, they would kill me.” George chuckles as he opens the door, only to be met by Molly and my mum. 
“Shit.” We say in unison, both of our mother’s rolling their eyes. 
“One day, not even a day, a few hours.” Molly tuts, looking over at my mum. 
“What are we going to do with you two.” 
George smiles at me, before squeezing past the mothers and dashing away from the scene. 
“Ready love?”
I take a deep breath, looking down at my engagement ring, the diamonds sparkling in the light. 
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Add yourself! - Please message me if you want to be added to a specific character list!
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hpimaginesandblurbs · 2 months ago
Can you do fred Weasley x reader x George Weasley smut ? Choking,spitting and using slut or whore if you are okay with that
mixed with this request: WOW anons are getting way too creative with their requests and i’m loving it i loved your mean!dom fred smut and i was wondering could you do another one for him or george? have a nice day! <3
pairing(s): fred weasley x reader x george weasley
warning(s): 18+, dom/sub dynamics, mean dom!fred, dom!george, sub!reader, degradation, oral (male receiving), spitting, no twincest
a/n: requests are still closed for right now. there will be more of fred and george to come so enjoy!
“Look at how fucking wet you are for it. Such a little slut, gagging for my brother’s cock,” your boyfriend, Fred, said from somewhere behind you.
You whimpered as you continued to take down George’s cock, aroused and humiliated all at once.
It was no coincidence you were sucking on your boyfriend’s twin’s cock instead of his own. You had always been attracted to the both of them, and your attraction to George never fully went away once you started dating Fred. And Fred, ever perceptive, figured out your little crush on his brother and went full steam ahead on creating the perfect night in which they could both use you for their pleasure.
It was just what you wanted, but it didn’t stop the blush rising to your cheeks as you knew your boyfriend was standing behind your naked body, watching just how wet you got as you sucked George’s cock.
“Make her choke on it,” Fred instructed his twin as he rounded the bed, so when you looked up you could see both of them staring down at your naked form.
George easily complied, taking your hair in his hand and forcing his cock down your throat. You gagged at the intrusion, but you couldn’t stop the rising moan from vibrating around his cock.
“Freddie’s right, Y/N. You’re just a little whore for us and we’re gonna use you all night long,” George mused easily as he thrusted in and out of your mouth, the noises coming out of you obscene as he grew closer and closer to his climax.
“Silly little slut wants nothing more than for us to use every single one of her holes. Isn’t that right, Y/N?” Fred asked you, his tone as condescending as ever.
You couldn’t answer him with words, but you hoped the desperate look you shot him conveyed just how much you wanted everything they were going to give you tonight. You gave the same look to George, who cursed once before you felt his cock twitch.
He spilled inside of your mouth with a series of grunts and curses, and just as you were about to swallow him down, Fred spoke. “Hold it.”
You gave him a confused look, but did as he said. Fred made quick work on snatching you by the chin and dragging you up so you were closer to his face before prying your lips open with his fingers. A shiver ran down your spine as he spit inside of your mouth, a malicious look in his eye as he patted your cheek harshly and said, “Swallow us both down like the good little slut you are.”
You looked up at the pair of them, tears brimming in your eyes from the abuse your throat had just been through, and you swallowed audibly. You relished the way they both looked at you with predatory glances and based on the look they shared when you opened your mouth you had done just as Fred commanded, you were in for a long night of being their perfect little whore.
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angelblacksmith · a month ago
Dating George Weasley and being a Hufflepuff would include
Pairing: George Weasley x fem!Hufflepuff!Reader
Warning: fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think George would be very proud of his haplepuff girl.
And if you play Quidditch.
He would definitely go to your games in a yellow scarf.
To support you.
Well, if you're playing against Gryffindor.
George will be such a gentleman.
And it will protect you from the bludger.
Until Wood reprimands him.
"George, now is not the time to be a gentleman!"
Go to Hogsmeade together.
Ron would be surprised to know that George is dating Haplepuff.
Because it always seemed to him that George's girlfriend would be a Gryffindor.
But then Ron will quickly become friends with you.
Sneak into the kitchen at night with George.
A lazy morning.
When you're just hugging.
If you are studying in the same year as George.
Joint lessons.
Sit down at the desk together.
Fred is outraged.
"I was betrayed!"
Help the twins with their practical jokes.
Friendship with Fred and Ginny.
You know his entire extended family.
Molly will knit you a branded sweater with the first letter of your name.
The sweater is yellow.
But you're still wearing a big red sweater with the letter G.
Spend the winter holidays with the Weasleys.
To correspond by means of letters with George all summer long.
Plan a future together after Hogwarts.
Support the idea of the store.
Cook together together.
And also visit herbology and greenhouses together in their free time.
Just love and be loved.
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sapphirepixiesworld · 2 months ago
Say it - George Weasley x Reader
Tumblr media
warnings - smut, fluff, angst if you squint, swearing, degradation, praise, teasing, begging, oral (m & f receiving), face fucking, innocence kink sort of, loss of virginity, unprotected sex and let me know if i missed anything!
a/n - this is my first fic so sorry if its bad and ik its a little long but i couldn't help myself lol im not really a writer but @thotbutpurple encouraged me to write this so i dedicate this smut to her
word count - 2.45k
"I'm gonna go get something to drink!" you shout at Ron over the blaring music. It was a Friday night, and Gryffindor had just won a quidditch match against Ravenclaw, so naturally, there was a party.
As you pushed past a crowd of drunk students, you couldn't help but think back to the reason you even needed a drink in the first place.
George Weasley.
Your relationship with George was, well, interesting. Ron was your best friend, of course, but with George, things were different. Over your time spent at Hogwarts, you had grown quite close to the ginger, and it wasn't long until your familiar feelings of friendship turned into something more. Something much more.
Through playful jokes and a bunch of mindless flirting, your feelings for each other became increasingly obvious to your friends and peers. Meanwhile, the two of you remained utterly oblivious to one another's feelings. And although you'd never say it out loud, you were, in fact, completely head over heels for George Weasley.
And so here you are pouring yourself a drink, ready to drown your sorrows in firewhiskey, when you hear a commotion erupt from the middle of the makeshift dance floor.
You push past the crowd of people to see none other than George Weasley beating the absolute shit out of Cormac while Fred, and who you assumed to be one of Cormac's friends, attempted to separate to two.
Once Fred had successfully pulled George off of Cormac, you rushed over to him.
"George! What the hell happened?!"
You look at the man in front of you; his chest was heaving, he had a busted lip, a bleeding hand and what looked like a bruise forming under his eye.
"C'mon," you said, grabbing his hand, leading him to your dorm to get him cleaned up. Once inside your empty dorm, you sit him down on your bed and go to get a wet cloth and some bandages from your bathroom.
When you return, you find George, sitting on your bed, staring down at the mattress with a sullen look on his face. "George," you hum. He looks up at you with tired eyes.
"You gonna tell me what happened out there?" you say, sitting down in front of him.
"Just Cormac being a dick. You know how he is," he spoke, looking up at you.
Softly taking his face in your hands, you take the wet cloth starting to clean the blood from his cuts. George winces.
"Sorry," you mutter, putting down the cloth and starting to wrap a bandage around his hand. "So what did he say?" you ask, eyes still focused on bandaging his hand as you felt his gaze on you. "Hmm?"
"Cormac. What did he say that got you all rattled up?" you ask, stopping your movements and looking up at him.
"You don't want to know,"
"Yes, I do," you prodded
"He just-" George muttered, eyes downcast.
"He was being a dick, saying all this shit about you and how he wanted to get into your pants, it was gross."
"My pants are gross?" you chuckle.
"Shit, no- its just you're like my little sister and any guy wanting to get into your pants would be gross," George blurts out, internally slapping himself for his choice of words.
"Oh...yea, of course," you say faking a smile, turning your focus back down to bandaging his hand. His little sister. Was that really all you were to him?
You could feel his gaze on you as you continued to bandage his hand. "All done," you exclaim, looking back up at him. Staring into each other's eyes, silence embraces to two of you.
"You should probably get to bed." you offer,
"Yea, of course," George says, shaking his head.
"Goodnight, George," you hum, walking him over to the door. "Night," he responds tiredly, "and thank you for helping me tonight."
"No problem, But try not to make this a habit," you say, smiling as George opens the door.
"Can't make any promises, love."
It had been two weeks since that night with George, and you hadn't been able to stop thinking about it. His little sister. Did he really mean that? Was that seriously all you were to him? Was all the mindless flirting really just mindless to him?
Well, one way or another, you were going to find out tonight.
Friday Night, and you found yourself once again at a party in the Gryffindor common room, only this time you had a plan. You were going to make George jealous. Or at least, you were going to try your very best. So, dressed in a little black dress and heels, you made your way across the room to your very dear friend, Theodore Nott.
"I need you to help me make George jealous!" you semi-yell over the loud music.
"Jesus, you two" he rolls his eyes. "Will you ever just admit that you like each other?"
"Probably not," you shrug. "But please!" you plead, pouting your lip.
"Fine," he sighs, "But you owe me."
"Thank you!" you nearly shout.
Seizing his arm, you drag him onto the dance floor where you start to dance, no, grind against him. You wrap your arms around Theo's neck as you look around the room for George. You find him leaning against a wall, jaw clenched, eyes fixated on the two of you.
Chuckling to yourself, you turn your attention back to Theo, continuing to move your hips on top of his. "Can I do something?" Theo whispers in your ear. "Go for it," you whisper back. With that, Theo's arms travel down from your back to squeeze your ass.
That seemed to have been the last straw for George as he made his way over to you, chest heaving. "Hey Georgie, what's up?" you smile.
"Theo, if you'll excuse us," George sneers and grabs your arm, dragging you in the direction of his dorm. "Have fun!" Theo chuckles.
Once inside, George slams his door shut and turns his attention back to you. "Are you serious?" he asks, obviously annoyed.
"What?" you smile, feigning innocence as you lean your back against the wall. "Do you think teasing me is funny?" George inclines.
"A little, yeah" you smile up at him, and he scoffs.
"You know," he starts, slowly walking towards you, "you always act so innocent."
"Is that so?" you ask playfully, crossing your arms. "Yea," George says, inching towards you, "But you want to know what I think?" George says, backing you up against the wall so that his chest is pressed up against yours,
"I think you're a slut." he whispers "A needy, desperate slut."
"Yes," you moan. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" he asks with a smirk.
But before you can answer him, George crashes his lips onto yours, and you kiss back just as eagerly. It was rough and needy, and you loved it. A soft whine escapes your lips as you tilt your head back to give George more room to kiss,
"You sound so fucking hot when you moan," George mumbles against your neck, making you whimper. He trails kisses down your neck, biting and sucking little marks into your skin, before pulling back for just a moment,
"Are you sure about this?" he asks
"God, yes," you exclaim.
"On your knees then, princess."
Doing as he says, you look up to see him unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants and boxers down. Your eyes widen at the size of him as he takes his cock into his hand, stroking it a few times.
"Be a good girl and suck my dick, will you?" he smirks down at you.
You lean forward and lick a broad stripe from his base to his tip. Starting to kitten lick his tip, you look up at him with doe eyes.
"Shit, don't tease me, or I won't let you cum later." George groans.
You waste no time in wrapping your lips around his cock, starting to bob your head up and down and stroking what you couldn't fit in your mouth. His breath starts to get heavier, letting out little grunts as you begin to suck on his sensitive tip.
You pull off for just a second to catch your breath as you continue to stroke him in your hand, smearing his pre-cum over his bright red tip.
"Fuck my face," you breathe out. "Please, George."
He groans at the sight of you, lips swollen and puffy, spit dripping down your chin, and it takes everything in him not to cum right then and there.
"Look at you, already such a slut for my cock" he smiles, and you let out a whimper. "But since you asked so nicely."
He gathers your hair into a makeshift ponytail and begins to thrust into your mouth. "Fuck angel just like that," he grunts, continuing to hit the back of your throat. You take him further down your throat, gagging as tears start to form in your eyes and wetness pools in your underwear. "I'm close love, you gonna swallow my cum for me?" he grunts out, and you moan around his cock, nodding your head. "That's it"
As his shaky breaths and low grunts turned into high-pitched, breathy moans and whimpers of your name, he came, hard, in your mouth, slowing his movements down. You, however, continued to suck on his tip, intending to get every last drop of his cum, until he had to pull you off, overstimulated and out of breath.
"It tastes good," you mumble, looking up at him.
"Fuck, c'mere," he grunts before pulling you to your feet and kissing you. "Your turn," he whispers in your ear, picking you up and throwing you on his bed as you giggle.
Discarding the rest of his clothing, George climbs on top of you, kissing you breathlessly. "Can I take this off?" he asks, lifting the strap of your dress. Nodding your head eagerly, he pulls your dress off of you, throwing it somewhere across the room, before going back to kissing you.
Reaching behind your back, you unclip your bra and throw it off the bed as well. "Fuck" George mumbles, looking down at your chest for just a moment before lowering himself down and latching himself onto one of your breasts.
Sucking on one of your nipples, he looks up at you as he begins to toy with the other, taking his time as he kneads your breast in his hand.
"George," you whimper as he lifts himself off of you and begins to trail kisses up your neck, still kneading one of your breasts in his hand.
"Tell me, princess, has anyone ever seen you like this?" he asks, planting a kiss on your collar bone. The question was purely rhetorical, though, as he already knew the answer. "Has anyone ever touched you?" he continues, placing a kiss on your neck.
"Has anyone ever made you cum?" he whispers in, his hot breath fanning onto your skin as you let out a shaky breath.
"Georgie please just touch me!" you whine. "Ah, princess," George tuts, "you're gonna have to be more specific than that."
"George, please I-"
"Where do you want me to touch you, darling?" he teases, "Say it"
You pause, whimpering up at him.
"Please touch my pussy George"
"Good girl," he smirks down at you before trailing kisses down your torso, stopping at your hips and sucking marks on the inside of your thighs. "These are nice," he says, snapping the waistband of your heart-covered underwear, making you blush and deeply regret your choice of lingerie.
"Don't be embarrassed love; I think they're cute" George smiles.
Deciding you've had enough teasing, George pulls down your underwear and immediately latches himself onto your clit, sucking lightly.
"Oh, George," you moan, throwing your head back as you thread your fingers through his hair. Tugging lightly, he groans against you, sending vibrations to your core. George thrusts his tongue into your pussy, alternating between that and playing with your clit.
As he draws circles on your clit, he inserts one finger inside of you, making a "come hither" motion, pumping in and out of you.
A loud moan escapes your lips as he adds another finger, and you can feel your release building up inside of you. "G-George!" you jolt as his teeth lightly graze your clit, and you can feel him smirking against you.
"Please, George, Please," you moan out, tightening your grip on his hair. "Please what, princess?" George asks, lifting his head and continuing to pump his fingers in and out of you.
"George, I'm so close I-," you whine, words turning into a loud moan as George's thumb moves to rub your clit.
"Please, George," you breathe out. "C-Can I cum?"
George's cock twitches at the sound of your words, and he starts to grind himself down on the mattress in need of some relief.
"Go on my little slut, cum for me," George calls, re-attaching his lips to your clit and sucking hard.
Grabbing onto his hair, you came, legs shaking until you were nothing short of a whimpering mess. Slowing his fingers down as your breath evened out, George pulled away from your cunt, looking you in the eyes as he sucked his fingers clean.
"So sweet," he smirks, before climbing back on top of you and kissing you gently. You taste yourself on his lips as you trail your hand down to his cock and begin to stroke it again.
"Sweetheart," George pulled away, "We don't have to go any further if you don't want to, I know you haven't-"
"I want to," you say eagerly, looking into his eyes.
With that, he re-attaches your lips, kissing you needily as he aligns himself with your entrance. Pushing into you slowly, he lets out a low groan as you screw your eyes shut.
He gives you time to adjust as he kisses up your neck. "You can move now, George," you say, and he starts to slowly thrust into you. As George continues to thrust into you, your pain dissipates and is soon replaced by a pleasureful feeling in your lower stomach.
"Faster," you pant, and George starts to pick up his pace. The room is filled with the sinful sounds of your soft moans and George's shaky breaths as you grip onto his back.
"My perfect little slut" George groans, kissing your neck. "Who do you belong to?"
'You, George! I'm yours!" you moan, panting as you start to feel your orgasm approaching.
"Fuck" he groans. "Mine, you're mine." A moan rips through your chest as he starts to pound into you harder.
"Such a good fucking girl,"
George brings one of his hands down to rub your sensitive clit as you start to clench around him. "Go on, slut," he whispers. "Cum for me."
And with that, you came for a second time, nails digging into his back as your soft sounds turned into high-pitched moans and whimpers of his name. George follows shortly after, pulling out and releasing onto your stomach.
After the two of you catch your breaths, George makes his way over to his bathroom. He returns with a wet cloth in his hand and gently wipes his cum off your stomach as you sit there in a comfortable silence. Pulling a blanket over the two of you, George wraps his arms around you and places a kiss on your forehead.
You'd be happy to stay in this moment for your whole life, wrapped in his arms, but then your mind got the better of you. Was this just sex to him?
"Y/N?" he calls out, pulling you out of your thoughts. "Yea, George?" you mumble, nuzzling your head into his chest.
"I love you," he says nervously.
"I love you too, George" you smile.
And that was all that needed to be said.
a/n - d-did you like it
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lovequills · 2 months ago
too cold for that — g.w
george weasley x gender neutral reader.
staying at the burrow is usually a more than pleasing experience, except for in the winter, when the unforgiving english weather is at its worst. the hollow walls and thin windows fail to keep the cold out entirely, and the entire burrow is encased in a bone-chattering chill that refuses to leave all night long. you insist you can manage the cold night despite the painfully thin and worn out blanket left for you, but george will hear none of it. how can he let you freeze when his bed is right there, covered in many sources of warmth (himself included)?
warnings: one bed trope, george being a gentleman
note: i’ve been gone for 2 months but i really hope this doesn’t flop </3 i love george and i wanted to write for him for the first time and i finally did!!
— 1.1k words
Tumblr media
it was freezing.
the constant cold air wafting in through the gaps in the closed windows refused to leave or lessen its assault, and you were left trying with all your might to avoid your teeth from chattering and alerting george on the other side of the room, who seemed to already be stirring. despite the fire crackling in the hearth and the soft socks adorning your feet, your body felt impossibly numbed, to the point where it was almost painful, and you cursed silently before pulling the blanket back to get a cup of hot tea. you’d been raised to believe tea was the best medicine — perhaps it would be enough to combat the steady freezing of your veins.
before your feet could touch the floor, though, you sneezed rather loudly, and your cheeks flushed as your eyes darted to check on george to ensure you hadn’t awoken him. much to your relief, he seemed to be still, so you planted your feet on the ground and pushed them into a pair of slippers that mrs. weasley had been kind enough to gift you. the weasley’s were more welcoming and gracious than any people you had ever met before, so you felt rather selfish to go complaining about the cold. it would subside eventually, once night passed, and judging by the time, that couldn’t be too long.
you rose from the bed, the springs in the mattress squeaking painfully loudly in the process, and you turned to find george peering up at you groggily. sending him an apologetic smile, you motioned for him to go back to sleep, feeling guilty for waking him up.
“go back to sleep, george,” you whispered, conscious of the rest of the household snoozing. george only rubbed at his eyes while groaning something beyond your comprehension. your voice wavered helplessly, and you were reminded of your body practically freezing in place.
“what are you doing up?” he asked, pushing himself up by his elbows as he peered at you in curiosity. he glanced at your tightly locked jaw and the suppressed shivers racking your body, and his eyebrows threaded together as a frown pulled at his lips. you sighed before crossing your arms over your middle in a feeble attempt to trap in any warmth, and you didn’t miss the flash of concern that appeared in george’s eyes.
“come here,” he whispered, already moving over to the side. your eyes widened and you quickly shook your head in protest, insisting that all you needed was some tea and you’d be fine. all george did was roll his eyes before peeling the covers back and approaching you quickly. you pursed your lips when his hand came in contact with your arm covered in goosebumps and he sent you a pointed frown.
“i can manage, really,” you murmured, although it was fruitless as george was already taking your hand and pulling you towards his bed (which looked admittedly tempting with its multiple homemade blankets and quilts and soft pillow).
“it’s too cold for that,” he laughed quietly, shaking his head as he climbed into the pit of warmth first.
“also, sorry about that. freddie’s got thick skin,” he was referring to his brother’s comically sparse bed, and motioned for you to join him. you did so slowly. this felt admittedly peculiar, although not in a bad way, and you couldn’t help but flush as you thought of what everyone else would say or think come morning.
“merlin, you’re freezing,” george muttered once you were laying beside him. he kept a significant distance so as not to alarm you, and you were thankful. his bed was blissfully warm, and you couldn’t help but pull the blankets up to your neck in relief. feeling was returning to your bones, you felt much better.
“it’s so cold,” you chattered out, body still adjusting to the warmth. you shivered still, and george sent you a concerned sidelong glance. perhaps he had simply grown accustomed to the burrow’s ever changing temperatures; it wasn’t as cold for him as it clearly was for you.
“sorry about that,” he frowned and you let out a breathy laugh. he turned on his side to face you, and you did the same, cheeks flushed as your legs slowly inched closer towards his. if he noticed your advances, he didn’t show it.
“don’t be sorry, this house is amazing,” your tone held fascination and he smiled softly as you glanced around his room. george had the chance to study your face then, and his lips quirked further upwards the longer he stared. the tip of your nose was tinted red from the cold, your eyelashes were drooping ever so slightly, and your leg was now faintly touching his as though silently asking for permission. you looked perfect.
“it is quite comforting,” george smiled, so clearly content with simply watching you lay there silently. your shoulders seemed less tense now, and your shivering had ceased. you returned his smile, thinking for a moment before glancing to his arm that lay between your bodies. it was a daring idea, the one forming in your head, and in spite of your brain telling you to stop, you opened your mouth.
“can you…?” a blush settled on your cheeks and you felt your body suddenly grow increasingly warmer upon receiving the small smile playing at george’s lips. your eyes were focused on his arm, quietly waiting to see if he would heed to your abrupt request. his cheeks flushed possibly more than yours and he quickly placed his arm on the pillows, letting you adjust so your head was now laying atop it. he noticed how your bodies were suddenly so much more closer, and he couldn’t help but smile wider.
george slowly let his other arm drape over your body, checking for your approval, and grinned when you moved your head closer to his chest.
your cheeks were burning hot, your heart was thumping erratically in your chest, and you felt like you might’ve fainted from your overwhelming position; but you didn’t move away. the scent of candles and warm blankets welcomed you as you let your head snuggle further into george’s chest, and you could practically feel his smile when he pressed the faintest and softest of kisses to the top of your head.
“i’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” you admitted quietly, smiling as his chest rumbled with laughter. you always yearned to embrace him, to feel his skin against yours, and here you were doing just that. you definitely felt like you won.
“you have no idea, love.”
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horrorxweasley · 3 months ago
hi!!! I love your writing sm n just had a request! female soft dom partner x sub George weasley where she buys him a flesh light and asks him to use it and she watches
Thank you so much darling! here it is :)
Warnings: Smut, Swearing! use of flashlight and dildo, mutual masturbation, sub! George, slight begging?
Taglist:@amourtentiaa@sunrisefairy@rosietoesy@comfortwriting@famdomhideout@dracofknmalfoy@pandaxnienke@writing-wh0re@onlyfreds@whipped-for-the-weasley-twins@fairielovegood@gaycatlord-stuff@0x0spunky-monkey0x0@i-love-scott-mccall@simpforremuslupin@lovely-slytherin@georgeweasleysbabe@skarlettmikaelson@cedricisnotdead (MESSAGE/ASK IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED)
Word Count: 2.1K
Prompt(s) used: none
Summary: Y/N buys George a flashlight and makes him use it in front of her while she watches.
Tumblr media
George Weasley x Fem! Reader
Y/N really wanted to buy some more toys to use in the bedroom with her boyfriend George. They already have quite a large selection of different dildos, vibrators and strap-ons. But Y/N thought that they were missing something, something that she would only figure out when she was walking through a sex store.
On her weekend off Y/N was currently walking through the isles of her and George’s favourite sex store. She was by herself which was unusual, as pointed out to the clerk behind the counter when she walked through the door without her 6”3 ginger boyfriend. But she wanted to surprise George.
As Y/N walked down the isles of products she and George had already bought, there was one thing that stood out from the rest, something that she had still yet to buy and add to their collection, a fleshlight. As she walked closer she realised that the fleshlight was see through, meaning that she would have the perfect view of George’s dick going in and out of it, the very thought creating a pool of arousal in her panties. She took it off the shelf and headed over to the checkout desk, where she happily paid for the new toy, before walking out the shop and heading back to her and George’s flat.
Slipping in through the front door Y/N made sure that George wasn’t to be seen so’s not to ruin the surprise. She took off her shoes and jacket and tiptoed into the bathroom, once there she took the fleshlight out of the bag and it’s packaging and made sure to wash it thoroughly, because no matter how desperate she was to see George whining and wishing that the fake pussy was hers, she didn’t want to risk anything. Once she was satisfied she made her way down the hall to their shared bedroom. The closer she got she could hear that their TV was on and George’s favourite TV show was playing, the theme tune had only just begun unfortunately for George, he won’t be getting to focus on the programme.
Y/N turned the door handle and walked into their room, the lights were off and the only source of light was coming from the TV at the bottom end of their room. Y/N looked at George who was currently lying on their bed, in grey joggers and a white t-shirt, she doesn’t know how he does it but he always looks god-like no matter what he is wearing. She found herself staring at her boyfriend taking in how beautiful he looked lying there when his voice broke her thoughts.
“Hi darling” he smiled knowing that she was just staring at him.
“Hi Georgie”
“Where were you?” he said, sitting up against the headboard.
“I was at our favourite shop, and I bought you something special baby” She smirked knowingly, as George’s eyes widened at the mention of ‘the shop’
Y/N made her way over to the bed climbing onto it and straddling his lap, placing the toy behind her so that he couldn’t see it. She leaned forward and captured his lips in a soft gentle kiss, causing George to sigh onto her lips. Y/N wrapped her arms around George’s neck as his hands made their way to her hips, she pulled on his ginger locks slightly causing him to open his mouth in a gasp giving Y/N the opportunity to slip her tongue into his mouth. Their kisses became more heated and desperate as Y/N ground down on his crotch, George’s cock hardening at each slight movement. Their tongues brushed against each other. Y/N pulled away and began to suck and bite George’s neck, simultaneously grinding down onto him causing him to moan and growl into her ear, his responses to her actions causing a pool of arousal to form in her panties.
Y/N pulled away from George, looking directly into George’s lust blown eyes, his pupils big with need and desperation. She quickly pecked his lips before getting off of him, George let out a whine at the loss of contact.
“Strip” Y/N said to him, George immediately obeying and ridding himself of his top and joggers, Y/N’s pupils grew more at the sight of her boyfriend, his freckled muscular torso was breathtaking as always. His now fully erect dick made her mouth drool.
“Good boy” she smiled, making her way over to him again, she pulled out the fleshlight from behind her back, George’s eyebrows raising.
“I assume you already know what this is baby” she smiled
“You’re going to use it while i watch you” Y/N said, handing him the toy, reaching into their drawer and pulling out lube for him, Y/N opened the lid of the lube and squeezed it above his cock, letting the string of liquid drip onto the tip, George gave a shiver from the contrast of the cold liquid hitting it hot body. Y/N brought her hand to the tip of his cock, and pumped it a few times to spread the lube, George’s head falling back in pleasure. Y/N however, to George’s disappointment, pulled her hand away and dragged a love seat chair that was sitting in the corner of their room, and positioned it in front of the bed where George was sitting so she had a good view of him. She sat down in the chair, crossing over her legs, her hand sitting across her face.
“Go on then baby, fuck that fleshlight i got you”
George picked up the toy, positioning his cock at its entrance, before pushing his hand down, sheathing his dick in the hole. A loud groan left his lips as his dick fit snugly in the toy, his head falling backwards slightly and his mouth agape. His dark lustful eyes now stared into Y/N’s as he began to move his hand up and down, wanking his cock with the toy, moans falling from him more frequently as the pleasure in his stomach built up.
“F-fuck” he muttered under his breath from time to time as his eyes fluttered closed and his head falling back momentarily, before taking a quick look down at what he was doing before meeting your eye contact once again.
“Please can you take off your clothes Y/N-fuck- feels so good, wanna see you”
“Alright pretty boy” she laughed “i’ll take off my clothes for you, but as i do, you need to stop what you’re doing”
George’s hand came to a halt, taking the toy off of his cock, making it spring slightly and hit his lower stomach. Y/N smiled to herself, almost evilly, because now, George was going to have to wait. She brought her hands trailing up her thighs, to her breasts which she squeezed biting her lip, before trailing back down to the hem, where she began to pull off her top painfully slowly. George let out a knowing whine, realising that Y/N was going to take her time, but he didn’t want to disobey her orders so he sat there without touching himself.
Once her top was off, Y/N trailed her hands over her bra and down to the hem of her leggings, wrapping her fingers round the hem and slowly shuffling them down her thighs, then her calves and finally stepping out of them, leaving her in her lace underwear. George shifted slightly where he was sitting, desperate to touch himself again, swallowing his own saliva down hard in an attempt to keep a moan from leaving his mouth.
“Like what you see so far baby?”
“Yes, love it, love your body Y/N fuck”
“Yeah? You want me to take off my bra and panties baby?” she smirked
“Yes please oh fuck- please need to see all of you, please Y/N please”
“Good boy, such good manners”
Y/N slowly trailed her hands to her back where she unclasped her bra slowly and threw it to the ground in front of George, leaning forward and pushing her boobs together to give him a good view, moaning as she pinched her nipples in between her fingers. She then wrapped her fingers round the hem of her panties, pulling them down her thighs slowly maintaining eye contact with her boyfriend, her bottom lip between her teeth, before kicking her panties away seductively with her foot.
“You like what you see baby? Are you happy now that I have all my clothes off for you?”
“Yes - fuck yes i love it, love you”
Y/N walked back over to the chair she was sat in previously and made sure she kept her legs wide open for him so he had the perfect view of her slick wet core, his eyes locking on to her heat like a target as soon as she sat down, his mouth hanging open and his cock throbbing at the sight.
“You going to continue playing with your toy baby? Or are you just gonna stare at me all night?” Y/N teased
George wasted no time in picking the fleshlight backup and pushing it down onto his cock, fully sheathing it to the base. His hand movement started off slow as he began to jerk off with help of the toy, but once he got a good rhythm for himself, his breath became heavy and his eyes shut slightly imagining the fleshlight was Y/N’s pussy clenching around his cock.
“F-uck Y/N feels so good-shit” he moaned
The sight of her boyfriend fucking his new toy, imagining it was her turned Y/N on so much she was almost lost for words. Her eyes hooded with lust, the chair beneath her now soaking with her arousal.
“Fuck baby, i bet that feels good, now you gotta watch me fuck my own pussy while you fuck that fake one”
Y/N got out of the chair and walked over to their “toy drawer”, pulling out her favourite red dildo she would often tease herself with in front of George if he was being bratty. She made her way back over to the chair, George’s eyes never leaving her body once as his hand kept the same rhythm with the fleshlight, fucking his dick.
She sat back down on the chair, her legs spread open wider than before as she brought the dildo up to her mouth, sucking on it so it was wet enough to slide into her. She brought the toy down to her entrance, teasing herself for a few seconds, letting her head fall back with a moan as she pushed the toy into her right to the base of the fake cock. A loud long moan fell from her lips as she looked directly into George’s lust filled eyes, both their mouths hung open in pleasure, faint breaths escaping with every movement.
“Want you to move your toy at the same pace as me baby boy, need it to look as though you are fucking me, keep my pace yeah?” George nodded his head breathlessly “Good boy” she smiled.
The couple matched their paces, it was fairley fast and hard, Y/N’s moans becoming louder as the tip of the dildo hit her g-spot repeatedly causing the warm feeling of release in her stomach to grow rapidly. George had the same feeling, the same need for release as Y/N, he had been longing to cum since she had walked in the room an hour before, but he wanted to obey her and be her good boy so he tortured himself all for her. The tip of his cock now red, his shaft throbbing.
“Fuck m’so close baby, y’gonna cum? Hm? Gonna cum with me baby yeah?”
“Yes fu-ck, please need to cum, been such a good boy f’you need to cum so bad please Y/N please” he begged not knowing how long he’ll be able to hold off for.
“That’s right baby, been such a good boy f’me, come on, cum with me fuckk”
In a matter of seconds, both of them were riding out their highs. George’s thick cum squirted into the fleshlight and Y/N soaked the dildo and chair with her own release. Y/N took out the dildo and George released his dick from the fleshlight, both trying their hardest to catch their breaths.
WIth shaky legs, Y/N got up and made her way over to George, where she kissed him deeply and with so much passion they both almost fell backwards onto the bed. She grabbed his hair, holding him at her lips. They finally pulled away for air.
“That was so hot baby, done such a good job f’me, doing as i say and fucking that toy” Y/N cooed pecking his lips once more
“You looked so hot fucking yourself with that dildo as well Y/N wish it was my cock inside you though, but i loved it”
“I think we’ll be doing that again in the near future baby”
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cloouud · 4 months ago
don't rush me
George Weasley x Fem!Reader
Summary: George Weasley loves seeing you in your skirt and he let's you know in many ways
Word Count: 1k
Warnings: SMUT 18+,oral (female receiving), fingering, teasing
A/N: At first it's fluff then it's nothing but smut. I'm a little overenthusiastic with my commas. I hope it doesn't bother anyone.
Tumblr media
George's hand had been placed on Y/N's thigh for the entire time at dinner. Every time she managed to get used to the feeling of butterflies and a racing heart, George moved his hand. It drove her crazy. She tried her best to follow the conversations of her friends at the Gryffindor table but it was difficult to focus on anything besides George's hand.
His hand moved so much up her skirt that she was worried about others noticing. George knew exactly what he was doing. He glanced down at her all the time. He couldn't keep the knowing smile off his face, loving the effect he had on her.
"I think I'm done with dinner", George said as he squeezed Y/N's thigh. "Would you join me for a walk?"
"Sure", Y/N nodded.
Both got up from the table. Y/N knew what George had in mind. Pretty much all their friends knew that George wasn't taking Y/N on a walk. The way he looked at her, the way he couldn't keep his hands off her, the way he wouldn't shut up about her when she wasn't around. There was no way to deny that he fell for Y/N.
Two lovebirds might say they that go on a walk together but their friends won't believe them. George's suggestion was not entirely a lie. They actually walked down a few corridors.
However, once the coast was clear, and they made it to a remote place of the castle, they no longer intended to walk. Y/N and George sat on a small windowsill.
"Your thighs look beautiful. Have I told you that before?", George asked. His hand went right back to where it was during dinner.
"Yes, you have told me that", Y/N laughed, "but I don't mind hearing it again."
"That's good because I will not stop saying it."
Her smile was so wide she felt stupid. Her eyes went to the floor. George swayed from side to side so that his shoulders bumped into hers. Both giggled.
When she looked back up at him he moved his hands to hold her face. Their faces got closer and closer. Y/N finally closed the gap. Their kiss started timid and soft. Y/N tangled her hands in his red hair. His hands went from her face to her waist. The kiss became more heated but then George interrupted.
"I have an idea."
George hopped off the windowsill with a grin.
"Do you have a better spot in mind? I like it here."
"Oh, I like it here, too. You don't have to move one bit, darling", he answered.
George got down on his knees. He was now at level with Y/N's hips. Her eyes went wide when she realized what he had in mind.
"Can I?", George tugged on her skirt.
She nodded in excitement. Her skirt fell to the floor and George took hold of her tighs. He left tiny kisses on the outside of her thighs.
"Put your feet here", George tapped his shoulders.
Y/N slipped out of her shoes and carefully placed her feet on either side of Georges's shoulders. George looked up at her with a cheeky smile. Delicately he placed kisses on the inside of her knee. One on the left, one on the right. Then he moved up a bit. One on the left, one on the right.
"You are such a tease", Y/N breathed.
She could feel herself getting wet. The anticipation was unbearable.
"Don't rush me. I don't want to miss a spot", George rebutted in between kisses.
Y/N shook her head smiling. George took his sweet time. The closer he got to her core the heavier her breath became. When he reached the end of his kissing trail he grazed over her heat with his index finger. The wetness had created a damp spot on her underwear.
He circled over her clit with his finger. Soft moans escaped her mouth. Steadily he built up the pressure. Y/N moved her hips to increase the friction. That's when George stopped his movements.
With a devious smile, he hooked his fingers into her underwear and pulled it down. His lips went back to the inside of her knees. Kiss on the left, kiss on the right.
"Oh, don't you dare, George", Y/N threaten, "you can't tease me like this."
"Okay, okay", George laughed, "I'm sorry. I just love seeing you like this. You know?"
"Just make me cum already", she whined.
George raised his eyebrows: "Didn't know you could talk like that."
The challenge was on. George closed the gap between them. His mouth went straight to her clit. He started out with soft kitten licks until he remembered. No more teasing. The movements of his tongue sped up.
Y/N was holding onto his hair. She couldn't hold her moans anymore. George's fingers found their way to her core. First, he entered her with his index finger. After a few pumps, he added his middle finger.
Instead of circling her clit with his tongue, he was now vigorously sucking on her clit. Y/N threw her head back.
"Yes, yes. Just like that", her words were barely a whisper.
George grinned. He removed his head from her core to look up at her face, however, he did not stop pumping his fingers inside her. His mouth was smeared with her juices, he loved it. After placing a kiss on her foot on his shoulder, he went back to her clit.
He curled up his fingers to hit her G-spot. His pace was steady and his thrusts were hard. She moaned and held tighter onto his hair.
"I think I'm close", she breathed in between soft moans.
"Already? I could do this forever."
George wanted to see her face. He replaced his mouth with his other hand. He rubbed her clit with one hand and relentlessly worked at her G-spot with the other. Y/N's hands now stabilized her on the windowsill.
"Cum for me."
It did not take Y/N long to follow his instructions. Her orgasm rolled over her. He continued his movement to carry her through her high. George hungrily licked her clean. Then he quickly slipped her underwear back on, while she was still recovering from her orgasm.
"Wow", she breathed.
George hopped up onto the windowsill and wrapped her arm around her. She couldn't help but chuckle since he looked even happier than her.
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kazconstellation · 3 months ago
Sweet, Sweet Revenge (NSFW)
Pairing: George Weasley x female reader
Plot: The plan was simple; sneak into the Weasley twins shared dorm room and plant a Manegro laced butterbeer on George’s bedside dresser in revenge of his recent prank. However, you linger a bit too long and end up trapped in the boys’ shared closet.
Word Count: 2.8k
Warnings:  CONSENT IMPLIED, male masturbation, female masturbation, unintended voyeurism on readers part, and long-haired George gets its own warning
Tumblr media
In your mind, this scheme seemed to have no chance of messing up.
Each boy who occupied the shared dorm room would be away, considering Quidditch practice and how early in the evening it was. Plus, Oliver was on a tangent due to a recent loss to Ravenclaw, which meant the brutal practices would be kicked up more than a few notches. This meant you had a full two hours before your red headed boyfriend would even think about coming back to his room, maybe even more considering how upset Oliver had been earlier in the day.
Your confidence was strong considering you already had most of your plan completed an hour into their Quidditch practice. A sappy note sympathizing with the recent loss and a Manegro potion tainted butterbeer. The parchment would act as a reason for the random gift, and you knew how much George liked the sweet drink, so there was almost no reason why he would reject such a pleasant act of kindness—especially one from his girlfriend.
There shouldn’t have been any hesitation, but the clock continued to tick by as you lingered in front of the wooden door leading to their room. It seemed almost too simple.
Both the twins were regarded as experts in the area of pranks, and this fact alone made you question success rate. In all your time at Hogwarts and of knowing the boys, no one had ever been able to successfully trick them, so what was the chance you’d somehow be the first?
Your grip tightened around the cold handle of the butterbeer, and the coils of indecision twisted themselves up around your head. If you were to fail, George would never let you live it down. Your relationship might hinder his taste for practical jokes, but even then, the onslaught that would commence if he discovered your plan…you couldn’t even begin to imagine. However, the idea of succeeding, of exacting revenge for every small yet annoying tease both he and Fred had put you through, snapped the coils with ease.
The door opened with a slight creek of resistance. Inside, the room took on a surprisingly sweet smell, which was unusual considering the many times you’ve walked into the musky scent of four boys living together in a confined area. One look around and you discovered the source of the candied smell; a blooming plant of golden flowers atop Neville’s bedside dresser. A soft chuckle bubbled up as you silently thanked Neville’s fascination with all thing’s flora.
Stepping deeper in the room, you headed right towards the half-made bed of scarlet blankets. The twins were never the cleanest, but George still maintained a somewhat organized way of living while at Hogwarts. His portion of the room was full of prototypes of mostly put together pranks, including a bright ball right under his bed that let out a scary sounding fizz as you neared, and tons of memorabilia dedicated to the Kenmare Kestrels. Other than that, the space maintained the usual charm of a Gryffindor dorm room; a color scheme of scarlet and gold and the many depictions of a roaring lion.
The dresser to the right of George’s bed maintained his chaotic yet put together way of living. A roll of blank parchment sat next to a clock with a lion that mewled tiredly from within, and a couple of empty containers of Chocolate Frogs lay scattered about. You picked up one of the containers and moved it to sit atop the parchment. Then, with your heart pounding against your ribs, you placed the butterbeer carefully on the dresser.
For a few seconds, you felt as if you had taken a sip of liquid luck. You had been putting up with their relentless antics ever since you had decided to sit beside the two enthusiastic twins during your first-year train ride to Hogwarts. Years of questioning every edible thing they gave you to the point where you began to just flat out reject every odd colored drink, and now you finally had the chance to shove it back into their faces—specifically George’s.
It wasn’t that George frequently messed with you. He was actually the one who would push towards trying out their newest invention on someone else, while Fred preferred to stick with someone close, someone who would find it humorous and forgive easier if things went wrong. And truthfully, you usually didn’t mind their caper.
However, last week, right before a big test in DADA, George decided to play what he thought was a harmless joke. He had taken you’re History of Magic: A Journey Through Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts book and placed a hex on it; one that would cause it to slam down on your hands each time you tried to open it. And it could’ve been an innocuous stunt, if you didn’t desperately need your book to get a passing grade.
The crescendo of muted conversations from the common room abruptly reminded you of your pressing time frame. You ran your eyes over your set up one more time; the mug of butterbeer and the note. It was all perfect. All he had to do was take the bait and—
Pounding footsteps, so close that you could make out their familiar sound. It was George. Practice must’ve ended much sooner than you had expected.
You scrambled around, trying to find somewhere to hide.
There was under one of the beds, but you knew the undersides of them were visible from the doorway, and you didn’t want to risk George, or any of the others, seeing you before you could make your escape. Then your eyes fell upon the half open closet doors. Inside was the various sizes of Gryffindor uniforms for each of the boys, plus the set of dress robes that were required on this year’s list of school supplies. You knew that after practice George would immediately take a shower, which left no chance of him looking into the wardrobe. So, just as the footsteps stopped outside the door, you dashed into the dark closet.
The sound of the door opening and closing sounded amplified from where you stood. You couldn’t see him, but you could almost feel his presence in the room. It had the already stuffy air become almost impossible to breathe.
His footfalls sounded like alarms in your ears. Each one reminded you of how close you two were, and how at any second, he could open the doors and discover you. And for some reason, a hot swell of heat began to appear in your lower abdomen.
Through the crease in the closet door, you watched as a sweaty George entered your line of sight, His hair was slightly damp, staining it a brownish orange. He ran his long fingers through it, and your heart began to pound so loudly against your ribs you worried that he could hear it. If he could, he didn’t show it. He then plopped down on top of the messy sheets of his bed.
The fabric of his jersey and undershirt strained over his muscles as he bent down to remove the brown shoes he often complained it. They were made of dragon hide, and according to him, were more uncomfortable than having a prefect for an older brother. Once rid of them, he tucked them under his bed, and you silently thanked yourself for your choice of hiding place.
Then, he moved his attention to the fabrics that clung to his chest. He swiftly removed the first layer, chucking the maroon shirt to where you knew the shared laundry basket sat. The only thing left as that point was a tight, black under garment that he often wore when it was a colder temperature outside. It molded into the spans of his abdomen perfectly. Each ridge of muscle was on show even though he was still clothed. At the sight, your lungs seemed to grow smaller, forcing you to take in a long gulp of air before you felt like you had properly breathed.
He began to tug off the article of clothing with slight difficulty, even letting out a small, frustrated groan. However, you relished in this fact. With each slow movement, more of his light skin began to show. You drunk it up feverishly. His body was not a new sight but mixed with the excitement of him not knowing you were there made you feel dazed.
By the time he fully had it off, you found yourself unable to stand still, the arousal of the scene becoming somewhat overwhelming.
Now shirtless, George moved to get up, but abruptly stopped as he saw what rested upon his bedside table— the note and butterbeer
For a long second, you thought he might just see it as another random object that had made its home on the table and leave it be, but then his hand reached out and pulled the note from its place under the butterbeer.
He peeled it open and began to read. From your place in the closet, you could see his emotions flashing on his face as he read. Confusion, and then a soft smile as he seemed to realize it was from you. He held it for much longer than it took to read it, considering you had written the bare minimum. Your cheeks began to burn as you realized he must be reading it over and over again. This sent a new wave of want crashing through your body and straight to your core.
After standing like that for a long minute, he chuckled softly and placed it beside the butterbeer. His hand lingered right by the beverage, and your anticipation of what was to come skyrocketed. You silently willed him to do what you had intended, which was to take a drink from the mug without lingering on why you chose that as a gift.
Instead, he pulled back and shoved his fingers through his hair once again, the sweat from practice making it slick back slightly.
You suppressed a sigh of disappointment. If he didn’t choose to drink it now, would he ever? Plus, the other boys didn’t know a thing about privacy, and would probably take a swig without a second thought. However, you tried to keep your hopes up. This was a gift from his girlfriend, and George was too sweet to elect to ignore it, no matter the circumstance. Or at least you hoped.
If he had been contemplating whether or not to take a drink, he must’ve decided not to. He instead chose to further his after-practice routine by removing the rest of his uniform. The loose, dark pants were pulled down and off in an instance, exposing his thick legs to your sight. The suspense of the prank had distracted you momentarily, but now the sea of excitement at seeing your boyfriend like this, especially in this moment, had your lower regions gaining its own heartbeat.
George now stood in only a pair of grey boxers. You half wished you had sat down in the closet earlier, because now the heat of your own arousal was distracting, and you could do nothing about it without causing too much noise.
You had been with George long enough to know his routine like the back of your hand, and that’s why, as he chose to sit back down on his bed rather than heading into the restroom, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He sat with his back to the headboard, unintentionally putting your hiding spot right in his path. For a moment you feared he knew exactly where you were, and that your whole plan had been discovered long before you had even realized. But he didn’t call out to you. He didn’t even linger on the cracked door of the closet. Instead, he set his attention to something much closer, something that you had somehow failed to see.
All the blood rushed to your face as George pulled his already hard shaft out from the slit in his boxers.
You had seen it up close numerous times, yet somehow you now felt as if you were just seeing it for the first time.
It stretched out longer than what his one hand could fit, making it so you could still see it even when his hand was fully around it. The dwindling light shining through the closed curtains made the precum on its head glint, making your mouth water. He began to slowly pump it, already letting out quiet sounds at the sensitivity, each of which went right to your throbbing cunt.
The noises from the common room seemed to fade into the background as lewd moans fell from George’s mouth. He took his bottom lip between his teeth as he began to focus his attention on the tip of his dick, spreading the precum around as lubricant as he circled his lengthy fingers around it.
The sight of George stroking his hard length so desperately after reading your note had you dizzy with arousal. Your panties seemed to be getting wetter by the second, fueled on by each vulgar movement he made. Absent mindedly, your own fingers fell down to your clothed heat, pressing through the fabric in an attempt to alleviate the pressure.
George’s still clothed hips began to lazily buck into his hand, craving more stimulation than just what his hand could give. His plump lips were already swollen as he continued to bite them, trying to suppress each moan that wanted to slip out. Yet as each touch brought him closer and closer to his impending orgasm, he began to lose control, causing a deep groan of your name to spill from his mouth.
Usually when he says your name, your stomach would fill with butterflies; the love in his tone always making you beam with pride at getting to call him yours. However, hearing it now, said like that, made any ounce of self-preservation fly right out the window. Your hand went straight to the bottom of your skirt, lifting it up until almost most of your lower half was visible. Holding up the clothing with your forearm, your fingers went straight to where they were needed most.
Just as another groan escaped him, you let out an almost silent moan at the feeling of your digits pressed against your clit. You quickly matched his pace as you circled your fingers around your own burning desire.
Through the gap in the door, you watched as George’s pleasure soared, his pale hand moving so fast it nearly seemed to blur. His hips were bucking more erratically now, and you couldn’t help to imagine yourself where his hand was.
You imagined yourself filled thick with his throbbing cock as he pounded the days stress into you. Each thrust getting deeper as his fingers pressed into your hips, keeping you placed on his lap. His lips on your neck, sucking dark bruises in the spots that he knew would make you cry out. 
The image of this alone had you tumbling towards bliss. Each motion on your clit left you panting, sweat beading at your hairline.
George was no better. Long strands of red hair were stuck to his forehead and his spaced-out moans now turned into one long cry of ecstasy. His muscular legs were twitching, and his abdomen clenched up in preparation of what was to come next.
Then, just as you neared the peak of your pleasure, he stepped over the line and fell straight into a galaxy of rapture. A cry of your name accompanied by whimpers followed him through the fall, thick spurts of cum shooting onto his toned stomach.
You followed quickly behind, all inhibitions of staying silent leaving your mind as you softly cried out, legs weakening to the point where you had to put your free hand against the closet wall just to stay standing.
Everything blurred into one long moment of euphoria. Your hand was covered in your own juices, and you couldn’t concentrate on anything else besides the own trembling of your appendages. At one point, you couldn’t tell if you remained standing or if your own orgasm had left you a puddle on the soft floor.
As you came back to your senses, you realized you had indeed fell onto the carpet. The even fibers of the ground had cushioned your fall, leaving you with only a dull ache on your backside. You quickly wiped the wetness of your fingers onto your skirt, then standing on wobbly legs, causing your skirt to fall back down.
The light from the waning sun seemed to be gone, leaving the closet almost pitch black. You moved to peer back through the gap when suddenly it swung open, showing a surprised George on the other side.  
Time seemed to stretch again, this time for a completely different reason. You held his gaze, only able to because the shock of the moment otherwise rendering you unable to move.
Taking in your flustered appearance, George let out a nervous laugh and held up a piece of paper that you recognized.
“Is this yours?” He sheepishly asked.
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