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#george weasley x reader

George Weasley x Reader- How Can You Tell?!


Gif not mine :)

Dating one of the biggest pranksters in Wizarding History didn’t mean you were any less likely to be the butt of their jokes- that was something you found out within the first few months of dating George Weasley. You didn’t mind it, if anything you loved that George carried on messing around like that with you rather than being too scared to do it once you got together, but both himself and his brother had been working out their “biggest prank yet” on you. Little did they know their little stunt wouldn’t actually work at all on you.

It started this morning. You had a few days left sleeping at the Burrow before Hogwarts started back up after Christmas break and you’d spent most of the mornings laying in bed with George- simply cuddling, talking or uh.. other things- but this morning he ran out of the bedroom almost the second his eyes opened. You sat up confused and just started fixing your hair, wondering what on Earth your boyfriend was up to this time. Minutes later, Fred came bolting in the room wearing George’s pyjamas and holding out a tray towards you, leaving you even more confused.

“Mornin’ darling. Fancy some toast?” He asked as he hopped in the bed under the covers next to you. You stared at him with an eyebrow raised.

“Fred.. not that I don’t love you or anything but why are you here? And in George’s clothes?” You asked, slowly taking a bite of toast.

“What are you talking about? Hit your head on the headboard too hard last night did you? I’ll take it easier next time, promise.” He winked, shuffling closer to you.

“So you’re not Fred? This person sitting right in front of me isn’t Fred? It’s George?” You spoke, catching on to their little trick.

“We’ve been together almost a year and you still can’t tell the difference between us? I’m heartbroken, honestly.” He placed his hand on his chest and shuffled back away from you.

“Sorry Georgie, I was just so sure you were Fred.” You played along. “But if you truly are my wonderful boyfriend you’d be more than happy to kiss me right?” You said, watching as panic went through his eyes before he spoke.

“That can definitely be arranged.”

“Too far Freddie. Get your slimy lips away from her you perv.” George exclaimed walking in the room.

“We almost had her then you twerp.” Fred argued back, getting out of the bed and heading towards the door.

“You honestly didn’t Fred. Not even close.” You laughed, pulling your actual boyfriend back into bed.

“Might have worked if you didn’t improvise Fred. Where did that headboard crap come from anyway?” George questioned, taking a bite out of your other slice of toast.

“Come up with it? George we can all bloody hear it. I’m counting down the days til Hogwarts to finally get some sodding sleep.” Your cheeks burnt at the idea of the rest of the Burrow listening in to yours and George’s rendezvous and George choked back on his toast. “We’ll definitely get you at some point Y/N, even if it kills us.” Were Fred’s last words as he left the two of you alone again in the bedroom.

“How did you know it was Fred?” George asked, finishing off the other slice of toast as you offered it to him.

“George I fell in love with you, not your brother so it’s obvious to me.. besides, you’d never promise to take it easier on me next time.” It was your turn to wink now as you got up and changed. “Meet you downstairs. At least I hope it’s going to be you.” You grinned, turning to shut the door. Fred walked back in moments later to talk with his brother.

“We’re going to have to up the antics Freddie.”

“That we are brother. Christ, she can tell us apart better than our own mother.”

The last few days of the holidays went fast as you soon found yourself back on your way to King’s Cross Station. As usual, you’d finished packing your bags a lot sooner than the boys and was waiting outside for them. You had to quickly hide the smirk that appeared on your face as you noticed them come out with each other’s baggage, even going to the extent to swap over their F and G Jumpers. You thought you’d give them their fun a little longer this time and played along. As the Christmas holidays were shorter you’d all left the majority of your belongings in your dorms, leaving only a small bag of clothes for you each to carry in. Soon enough, Fred walked up to you to play out the normal routine you had with George.

“Ready?” Fred kissed the corner of your mouth and offered his spare arm out to you. They were getting better, you’d give them that. You may have almost believed them if George’s eyes didn’t glare at Fred after the kiss- they’d clearly arranged a cheek kiss, you thought. Typical Fred and his devotion to the game.

“Ready.” You beamed, wrapping your arm around Fred’s and setting off on the journey to King’s Cross. It didn’t take you long but holding your best friend’s hand rather than your boyfriend’s made it seem a little longer.

The boys didn’t let off once you got on the train either but you wanted to talk to the real George, at least until they next thought up a new way to trick you. You all sat in the carriage and you turned to the twin who had started to make himself comfortable wrapping his arm around your shoulders and discussing the pranks they had lined up for the next few weeks, about to end their little game once again.

“Whilst I am quite comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed the kindness you showed to me holding my arm on the journey here, is it possible I could go and sit with my boyfriend now?” You asked casually, watching as Fred’s face dropped and he took his arm away from behind you. You jumped up and moved next to George, kissing the frown that had formed on his face and laying your head on his shoulder.

“Bugger. What gave it away this time?” Fred asked, pouting childishly and crossing his arms. He couldn’t keep the straight face for long before laughing. “Literally nobody can tell us apart. That’s our thing.”

“I’ve been able to tell you apart from the start. Plus George is more attractive, sorry.” You teased.

“Y/N we literally have the same face.” Fred answered.

“No no Freddie, you heard the lovely lady. I’m more attractive.” George grinned, kissing the top of your head. “It’s because you left the womb too soon, underdeveloped you see. Those few extra minutes really did wonders on my complexion.”

You laughed and watched on as the two boys bickered the rest of the journey to the castle. Maybe they’d give it one more shot before they realised how obvious it was to you..

A few weeks had passed at Hogwarts, the regular schedule almost making you forget about the boys’ little scheme to make you confuse the pair despite your assurance it would never happen. As a (Your House) Prefect, it was your duty to take watch tonight to make sure there were no students out of bed after curfew. The last thing you expected on your walk tonight was a pair of arms dragging you into an empty storage cupboard with their hand on your mouth. It was pitch black and you went to scream but the hand muffled it.

“Shhhh darling, it’s me. You always say you want a bit more spontaneity in our relationship so here I am, being spontaneous.” Here it was, attempt three; that wasn’t George’s voice. Suddenly one of his hands were on your waist and the other on your cheek, his face came close and you felt his breath on your cheek. “So. You, me, this dark storage cupboard, the thought of getting caught.. sounds fun, don’t you think?”

You leaned up and moved to his ear, your lips ghosting his skin before you spoke. “Sounds very fun, but I have to admit I’d rather do it with my boyfriend.” Suddenly his hands came off your body completely and he opened the cupboard again for you both to step out.

“Good news Georgie, she’s definitely in love with you.” He called out and you watched as your boyfriend rounded the corner. “It’s pitch bloody black in there and she knew it was me.”

“Of course I’m in love with him, why wouldn’t I be?” You laughed a little and walked towards George.

“Well George over here was getting panicky that you didn’t know the difference between us and might pull your moves on this walking piece of sex without realising.” He referred to himself by dramatically pointing up and down his body. “Honestly I didn’t think you could do it, I’m impressed. Our own mum struggles.” He walked past and clapped George on the shoulder. “Well done brother, got yourself a special one. Now let’s get back before Y/N takes points away from Gryffindor.” He finished.

“I’ll catch up in a minute.” George answered, turning his attention towards you. “Sorry, I don’t know what Fred subjected you to in there.” He scratched the back of his neck clearly embarrassed over how far him and his brother had gone for this.

“It’s fine. You know you could have just spoken to me about it, I could quite happily sit there and tell you all the reasons I love you and could never confuse you with Fred.” You offered, smiling. He smiled back, relieved that you weren’t angry.

“An ego stroke never hurt every now and then.” He joked before turning back round to see his brother. “Anyway, better get back, I’ll see you tomorrow?” You leaned up and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss before moving to whisper in his ear.

“I’m on duty tomorrow night too.. the cupboard definitely was your idea and I’m more than happy to oblige if you meet me here again. But just you this time.” You spoke. A grin broke out on his face and he laughed.

“Wow and you’re a respectable person in this school? A prefect telling me to break curfew for some fonduing? Outrageous behaviour…” He teased. “But you’re lucky I’m just as outrageous. You’re on.” And with that he pecked your lips and left.

You never knew how you ended up lucky enough to get George Weasley to be yours but you hoped to any God out there that it would never have to end.

Bonus Ending that doesn’t technically fit the time sequence but felt necessary….

“Oh and boys?!” You called out to them just before they disappeared into the corridor. They both turned on their heels to look at you. “Whilst, as I’ve said, I can point out so many differences between the two of you the pair of you have forgotten a big difference between you.” You began, watching as they looked at you in confusion. “I’ll tell you tomorrow, you won’t believe me when you EAR it.” You finished, walking back in the other direction laughing to yourself.

“George you bloody idiot you only have one bloody ear.”

“I’m the idiot? You look at me more than I look at me.”

“How do you forget losing a sodding ear?!”

“The trauma Freddie. I blocked it away.”

“You’re gonna have some more trauma to block away when I finish with you.” And with that their childish fighting continued until McGonagall heard the commotion and sent them back to their dorms.

(Let me know if you want a part two in the cupboard 😉)

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IRISH YOU WOULD KISS ME // George Weasley x Female!Reader

A/N: I sent this as a request to someone ages ago, but decided to take it back as a smutty request for myself as practice. Enjoy! It’s definitely 18+ (1.3k words)

Prompt: Reader and George have been dating for years and you’re attending the Quidditch World Cup together, but you’ve bought a little surprise for him. SMUT.

Warnings: Smut, heavy make out, vaginal penetration, lingerie. No mentions of death eater attack after the end of the match.


Originally posted by bonniebirddoesgifs

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Originally posted by imagineseverywhere


Originally posted by thefinalhorcruxx

A/N: Thank you so so much for all of the support! I love making this series and am glad to share it with all of you. (George’s face in the Weasley twins gif is for sure how he looks when he sees you).

Summary: It’s time for the Yule Ball & Christmas!

Word Count: 2.5k

Masterlist: ~Part 1~Part 2~Part 3~Part 4~

Warnings: none! (italics= letter or note)

The Yule Ball

A few weeks later, Professor McGonagall has gathered everyone from Gryffindor and separated everyone with boys on one side and girls on the other. 

“The Yule Ball has been a tradition of the Triwizard Tournament since its inception. On Christmas night we and our guests gather in the Great Hall for a night of well-mannered frivolity. I expect you all to be on your best behavior, because the Yule Ball is first and foremost a dance.” McGonagall began scanning the room as the girls begin to chat excitedly while the boys instantly groan.

Angelina Johnson and Katie Bell instantly start chatting happily to you about the dance. “And you’re going to get to go with Cedric Diggory!” Angelina said excitedly.

“You’re assuming he’s going to ask me.” You laugh.

“Of course he is! He’s your boyfriend after all.” Katie says. “I just hope someone will ask me.”

“Of course someone will.” You reassure her.

 “Silence!” McGonagall says, instantly quieting the room. “The house of Godric Gryffindor has commanded the respect of the wizard world for nearly ten centuries. I will not have you in the course of a single evening, besmirching that name by behaving like a babbling bumbling band of baboons.”

You see George whisper something to Fred for both of them to start saying “Babbling Bumbling Band of Baboons” at each other, and begin to quietly laugh.

“-Mr. Weasley. Will you join me please?” McGonagall continues. You notice Ron getting up from his seat, looking absolutely mortified. You make eye contact with George, who mid-laugh stops and takes in a deep breath of air. You stare at each other for a moment before Fred grabs his attention. They begin mock dancing and whisper something to Harry.

“Everyone come together! Boys on your feet!” McGonagall shouts, all the girls get up, but the boys just sit there and look embarrassed. Neville Longbottom gets up and asks Ginny to dance with him. The two of them begin dancing next to McGonagall and Ron. “I will start taking away house points!” McGonagall threatens, prompting the rest of the boys to start asking partners.

Both Fred and George approach you quickly. You think for a moment, and whisper in Fred’s ear. “Go ask Angelina.” He nods his head, understanding what you’re doing and begins dancing with her. 

“Care to dance, Y/N? Or are you going to send me off into the arms of another woman as well?” He asks putting out his arms.

You quickly take them and begin dancing together. “Not quite. Although, if you need someone to ask to the ball, Katie Bell is worried no one will ask her. Fred had expressed to me his interest in Angelina in quidditch, so I thought I’d give him a nudge.” You smile, looking over at Fred and Angelina laughing together. “You however, have never told me of any interest in specific girls.”

“Well, I guess I really haven’t had any.” He looks at you, for a moment too long. Then he quickly looks over at Katie who is dancing with Lee. “Maybe I’ll ask Katie though. She’s always been nice in quidditch. Plus, she’s friends with Angelina, which would make it easier.”

“I think she’s a nice choice.” You smile and continue dancing. George wasn’t the most experienced dancer, but you both had a lot of fun laughing while you did it together.

“You all are dismissed for today!” McGonagall shouted, allowing all the students to leave.

Fred and George met back up and began chatting about asking girls to the ball. George looked back at you, “Are you coming, Y/N?”

“Sorry, I am supposed to meet up with Cedric. But, I’ll meet you for dinner?” You wave at them as they walk away, letting out a small sigh.

Once you were out of earshot, Fred and George began a conversation, unknown to you. “I’m going to ask Angelina to the dance.” Fred says. “Are you going to ask someone, George?”

George looks back in the direction you went and sighs. “Yeah, Katie Bell.”

“But, you want to ask Y/N? But, she’s with Cedric and that would be completely out of line?” Fred looks at his twin with a frown. George just nodded his head not wanting to continue this conversation.

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draco malfoy x hermione granger

draco malfoy x reader

harry potter x reader

ron weasley x reader

fred weasley x reader

george weasley x reader

sirius black x reader

remus lupin x reader

james potter x reader

maybe others! request and we’ll see :)

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Originally posted by nurabiaylmaz

hey guys, haru here! 

i’ve been having writer’s block for a couple days now, and have been struggling with creativity. 

i thought that, maybe, if i get some requests, my brain will start working again.

so if you have any ideas or something that you want written, just send in a request. 

i have a list of characters i write for in my pinned post, so choose one and send in a slight description (just a sentence or two) of what you’d like!

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A concept

Y/N and George have been married for a long time, have a few children who are all going to Hogwarts. Y/N works as an auror but McGonagall invited her to be a substitute teacher for a year and when she’s there she finds out their eldest son is gay.

Lots of fluff

Should I write or not? 😅

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Heartbeat Dancing

George Weasley x Reader

(A/N); I’m so sorry for the sloppy writing! I am tired, but I had this idea in my head and needed to work it out! I hope you like it!

Oh and thanks for the notes on my first ever fic! I really didn’t knew it would get that much (well, what you call 40 notes lol).

Blurb: George and you are dancing around the firepit in the middle of the night after a nightmare.

Warnings: Fluff. A lots of fluff ;) There is also a little bit of angst! You have a nightmare :)

Words: 795

(Y/N) = Your Name / (Y/N/N) = Your Nickname


Originally posted by fandomscombine

Your POV:

I looked into the tall, read headed boy’s dark brown eyes. The fire in the firepit reflects in his eyes, bringing a feeling of calmness into my spine. No matter what he did, what he said, he always found a way of making me feel at ease and calm. And at home.

My arms were around the boys shoulder and his were around my body, holding me close. Almost as if he was afraid to let me fall, to let me go. Slowly we were swaying back and forth, dancing to the beats of or hearts.

I don’t remember how long we have been dancing like this. It could be five minutes, but it also could be an hour of two. I really don’t know. It must have been an hour of two when I sneaked over to George’s room to crawl into his bed, because I experienced a bad nightmare. The concert of snores from Hermione and Ginny also were not helping. It was a couple of years after you graduated and two years since you and George finally had admitted your feelings to eachother. But however, no matter who visited the burrow; Molly made the boys and girls sleep in different rooms. It was a rule she to keep order in the Burrow. Godric knows what the couples will do when they sleep next to eachother.

“Hey sleepyhead.” George had mumbled when he felt me crawl under the covers next to him. He kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms around me. “What happened?” He whispered.

“I dreamed we were in a fire. There was a piece of the ceiling on your leg, catching fire. I couldn’t find our wands, and I tried with every power I could find to try to push the ceiling off your leg. It kept going worse and worse, and- and-” I started sobbing.

“Shhh, it’s okay love.” George shushed and covered your face in kisses.

“Come, let’s go watch the stars.” George stood out of his bed, grabbing a sweater and pulling it over my head when I also stood on the cold floor.

George walked over to the door, but he bumped into a table and made a book or two fall. “Shit.” He mumbled before looking over to Fred, finding his twin brother still sleeping.

Now we were in the garden. George had started a fire in the firepit to keep us warm and after a bit of watching the stars, he grabbed me by the waist and started dancing with me.


“You know (Y/N/N),” George started his sentence. He abruptly stood still, releasing one of his arms from my back to brush a string of hair behind my ear.

“In dark nights like these, you’re my bright blue sky. You’re the sun in my eyes.” George looks into your eyes before continuing, trying to read my feelings and how calm I am.

“I love you so much.” He whispers and pecks my lips. Before I even can say I love him too, he continues.

“Oh baby, you’re my life. You’re the reason why I wake up every morning, just a bit before you do. I adore everything you do. I love the way your eyes shine at the literature you’re reading, how your hair glows in the early morning – when the sun shines through the window while you’re still asleep.”

Both our heartbeats are going faster, picking up their pace.

“So can I call you mine now darling? For a whole lot of time. My heart finally trust my mind and I know somehow it’s right, for you and me to be together.”

George dropped on his knee and pulls out a little black box out of his pocket. He opens it, showing the silver ring with a beautiful red stone in it.

“Will you love me forever? I’ll promise you, I’ll love you forever. Be my forever, marry me (Y/N).”

George is looking nervous. It is written all over his face. He knows we both talked about marriage, he knows that I’d love to marry him one day. He knows I’m going to say yes, but there is still that one bit of fear in him that is scared for me to deny.

I don’t know how fast I dropped on my knees, leaning into George’s face and plaster his lips with kisses.

“Yes!” I cry and I put my face into the crook of his neck, wrapping my arms around his body. He chuckles and pushes me slightly of his body, to look in my face. He also took your left arm, grabbing your hand and slipping the ring on your finger.

“I love you.” He said, before cupping your face and kissing your lips, whispering “Forever and ever.”

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here’s who i’ll make soundtracks of:

Fred Weasley

George Weasley

Cedric Diggory

Harry Potter

Draco Malfoy

Hermione Granger

Ron Weasley

Luna Lovegood

Remus Lupin (ONLY MARAUDERS ERA !!i do not support teacher x student relationships !!)

Sirius Black

Dean Thomas

Seamus Finnigan

Daryl Dixon

Bucky Barnes

I’ll do anyone if I know who they are and like them enough, so don’t be afraid to ask!


**These don’t have to be just “dating fred weasley”, it could be; “sitting in the library with hermione”, or “dancing with draco in the astronomy tower”. It can also be house specific, like “ron with a slytherin”!

Please don’t be shy! It calms me down to do these! you can ask in the replies or in my request box!

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Title: Road to us pt. 5|7 - Under the influence
Pairing: Post War!George Weasley x Female!Reader
Word count: 1.4k
Published: 30 October, 2020
Author: Heloise Daphne Brightmore
Notes: I started this for @kashishwrites‘s writing challenge. It was supposed to be a one shot, but it turned into a series somehow. I used prompt “I don’t remember you.” - Also, in this series George’s ear is perfectly fine.
Warning: alcohol, intoxicated behaviour
Challenge: [x] [x] [x]

Harry Potter Series Masterlist! | Masterlists!

Road to Us series Masterlist 


As weeks passed by, George has shown you around places you liked before and told you more and more stories about your past. It was refreshing, but each time you tried to dig deeper, the boy stopped you. You were good at being silly together, even if he slightly returned to his fake smiles, but you could clearly sense that the boy wasn’t completely honest, carefully choosing the words he spoke.

George thought that meeting new people would help you, so he took you to meet your friends Alicia and Katie to have a girly afternoon. But before he left you, he led the girls away from you, whispering amongst the three of them, leaving you wondering about what they have been keeping from you.

As you walked across Hogsmeade, Katie and Alicia kept whispering between each other, leaving you suspicious. You tried to listen in on their conversation, but the girls were good at hiding whatever they were keeping from you

“Enough.” You turned around, halting your group. “What is going on?”

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Okay so, I’m writing a fic that’s just super fluffy cause the inspo hit. It’s a Song Inspired one and I’m tryna write the main scene - aka the whole reason this fic exists - but I can’t stop imagining the Weasleys singing the song.

It’s a George x Reader and in my mind there’s Fred and Ginny playing back up singer and it’s frustratingly funny to the point I can’t work out where this story’s going.

This may take longer than I thought…

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This is a very short badly written fic, but I kinda like it :) 

Y/N hated Halloween, ever since she was little. She hated it. More than anything it was selfish, she only hated it because it meant that nobody ever really remembered her birthday. Her parents had done everything they could to make a big deal out of her birthday, but ever since going to Hogwarts  she had grown to hate the holiday more and more.

Being friends with the twins made it easier though, they never forgot her birthday, especially not after she had confided into them how much she hated being forgotten. That was why when she woke up she didn’t have the pit in her stomach like normal, she was actually quite excited. She had woken up late, everyone in the common room had already made their way to the Great Hall for breakfast, she shuffled in slowly, setting herself down next to Oliver Wood.

“You’re up late” Oliver said, with a smile

“Overslept” She laughed, picking at a piece of toast in front of her. “Has the post come yet?” she asked expecting a letter from her mother

“yeah, I think George was going to give you yours” Oliver smiled kindly “I better go, I promised Madame Hooch I’d help her with the first years

“Have fun” Y/N smiled as Oliver made his way out of the Great Hall,

Y/N looked around in the hopes of seeing one of the twins somewhere, she knew they had potions with her first. But she had hoped to see them beforehand.


Y/N sat in potions, there was no signs of the twins anywhere, they didn’t even walk in late like normal. She huffed a little copying some notes down from her textbook. Snape was in a fowl mood today and had a habit of picking on the Gryffindors, which had led to Y/N loosing ten house points. Her friend had given her a sympathetic smile, passing her a little note with a rushed Happy Birthday scrawled on it.

“Miss Y/L/N, passing notes now?” Snape growled, standing just in front of her

“I’m sorry Professor” She sighed,

“Detention tonight” He said, “You’ll be missing out on the Halloween celebrations to be cleaning the cauldrons”

Y/N nodded. At least she would be getting off of having the celebrate Halloween, although a small bubble of sadness grew from her stomach, as she normally enjoyed carving pumpkins with the twins. Her friend apologised as they walked back to the common room. Y/N brushed it off once she saw Fred and George sitting on the sofa laughing.

“Y/N my love!” Fred beamed pulling her down so that she was lying on his lap

“Do you have my post?” She asked George,

“Yeah, here ya go” George said passing her a few envelopes “You’re popular today. Anyone would think that today was special” He laughed.

Neither twin noticed how Y/N’s smile dropped as she came to the realisation that they had forgotten her birthday.

“I ought to get going” She said making her way out of the common room, sitting herself in the library, alone.


Fred and George were confused when Y/N didn’t turn up to dinner. She had told her friends that she was going for a nap before her detention. The birthday card her parents had sent her sat lonely on her bedside cabinet, normally the twins would have gotten her one each, but not this year. Making her way to the potions classroom, she heard the twins laughter from inside. Hoping desperately that they hadn’t also gotten detention, she just wanted to be alone right now.

Pushing the door open she was greeted with banners thrown up messily, and the smell of cake filled her nostrils. Fred and George stood in the middle surrounded by all of friends, and a rather grumpy looking Snape, in the corner

“Surprise!” They shouted, which made Y/N grin from ear to ear.

“Happy Birthday miss Y/L/N” Snape said “I expect my classroom to be clean by curfew” he said

“Happy Birthday love” Fred grinned once Snape had gone

“You remembered?” She asked feeling herself getting teary

“Of course he remembered, he’s been banging on about this party for weeks” George laughed passing her a badly wrapped present

“I thought you both forgot” Y/N said honestly

“You have no faith in us” George feigning hurt
“That was the idea” Fred grinned

“How did you get Snape involved?” She asked

“That was all with the help of McGonagall, we knew if it was her then you’d suspect something” Fred said

“Although we do owe him a Saturday afternoon cleaning all the cauldrons” George added with a hint of irritation “But you’re worth it” he grinned with a wink

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Fred Weasley — Helplessly Part 3


Summary: After the Battle of Hogwarts, Fred was rushed to he muggle hospital for better treatment of his injuries. While in a coma, his soul stayed with you for a couple of months. He watches as you went through the stages. And he watches when you start to write a song, just for him.

Words: 2, 681 words

Warnings ⚠ : I don’t think this fic will have anything BUT sadness and constant pain and heartbreaks sdhsjd im sORRY

Disclaimer: This one… hurts a lot





He woke up alone. 

Fred Weasley woke up with no idea where he was. ‘This… This isn’t Hogwarts?’ he thought. The fluorescent light above him was a bit bright, yet he didn’t feel like he needed to adjust his eyes. Fred blinked, wasn’t he in the middle of a war? The last thing he remembered was saying words to Percy before-

Before the walls.

He tried to move, and was surprised that he can, with complete ease. ‘Wow, and here I thought getting crashed by walls would hurt a lot.’ He thought, scoffing a smile. How the bloody hell did he feel no pain? Absolute brilliant! He sat up from the bed, looking around, looked like a hospital ward.  

Strange, he’s in a hospital but he didn’t feel any pain. Was he visiting someone? That’s not likely, innit?

And then Fred heard the constant beeping. He looked to his right, there’s a peculiar machine showing a line going up and down. Then his eyes darted to a wire connected to it, and then followed his eyes until the very end.

A hand.

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George wakes up with someone poking his cheek. He cracks an eye open, greeted by Y/N’s grinning face and another poke.

“George!” Y/N whispers loudly, poking him again “It’s snowing!”

George chuckles tiredly, sitting up and rubbing his eyes as he yawns loudly. He scratches his head as the girl beside him basically jumps on the bed, grinning the whole while. “Did it just start?”

Y/N shakes her head, smiling never faltering “No! It’s probably been snowing a few hours because everything’s covered in white!”

George nods, smiling at how happy a simple natural occurrence makes her. He gets out of bed, and Y/N follows swiftly. They quietly make their way to the living room, George stopping by the kitchen to put on the kettle and Y/N using her wand to move their loveseat closer to the window. She opens the curtains and lights some candles and the small fireplace that sits beside the window. She gathers some of the extra pillows and the blanket for the back of the sofa. She sets up their seat, before curling in a corner waiting for George.

He walks in shortly after she settles, steaming mugs of hot chocolate in his hands and passes one to her, before taking his seat next to her. Y/N throws her legs over his lap before using her free hand to help cover them both up with the handknitted blanket. George’s laugh fills her ears as he watches her struggle but it only takes a few seconds for her to send him a victorious smile.

They sit in their warm living room, watching the snow fall and drinking hot chocolate while reminiscing the time they spent together.

“You know,” Y/N says as the sun starts peaking, colouring Diagon Alley in a beautiful pink and orange hue, “the first time you kissed me, it was on a trip to Hogsmeade, right after it had started snowing for the first time that year.”

George smiles at the memory, setting his mug down on the floor by his seat before he leans over to kiss her gently, “How could I not? You were so excited and kept tugging at my sleeve. Prettiest thing I ever laid eyes on.” Y/N blushes, leaning into the warmth of his hand against her cheek, “Fred still takes the piss out of me for it.”

Y/N laughs, shifting so she can curl into his side. “Of course he does.” She intertwines her fingers with his, gently running the fingers of her free hand over his freckles. “It’s part of the reason I love the first snow of the year so much.”

“What other reasons are there?”

Y/N smiles, kissing his shoulder before looking out the window again. “When I was a kid, long before I ever knew I was a wizard, snow made everything magical.”

George kisses the top of her head, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. “I’ve always know magic, but you make my life magical.”


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Hogsmeade Weekend

Pairing: George Weasley x Fem! Reader

Requested?: Nope

Warnings: None :)

(Note: Some descriptions of the passageway is taken directly from PoA so credits go to JK Rowling but we also do not stan her here. I also feel like i kinda lost this near the middle but whatever it’s cute and it’s about my bby george.)


The first Hogsmeade weekend of the year was approaching and George was trying desperately to get Y/n to go on a date with him but each time he asked she shut him down. He had no idea why, I mean she did like him but shut him down when he asked her out? What he didn’t know was that Y/n wanted to go out with him but couldn’t since she never got a signed slip to go to Hogsmeade.

You see, Y/n’s parents are muggles who don’t really approve of the idea of a wizarding world, much like the Dursleys. So while everyone was buying and eating pounds of candy at Honeydukes, Y/n would be doing homework in her dorm. Even the thought of that brought a frown to her face but Ginny promised to bring her back some stuff making her feel only slightly better.

“Y/n!” George shouted as he jogged down the corridor to catch up with the cute muggleborn. She stopped in her tracks and turned to face the tall red-head. “Come on, the Hogsmeade trip is tomorrow, why won’t you go with me?”

“I really want to go out with you, George but my parents never signed my permission slip.” Y/n explained to him with a sigh. Y/n really wanted to go to Hogsmeade and especially wanted to go on a date with George but her parents were just too uptight. “They’re not really the biggest fans of the wizarding world.”

“Oh. How about you meet me outside of the Gryffindor common room tomorrow?” George smiled. Y/n looked over confused but nodded. George took off down the corridor before any questions could be asked.

The next morning Y/n walked up to George Weasley standing by the portrait of the Fat Lady with a piece of parchment in his hand.

“What’s that?” Y/n asked him.

He smirked and pulled his wand out of his pocket. He placed it against the parchment and whispered, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” Suddenly pictures and words spread across the parchment. The words ‘Marauders Map’ formed across the front.

“The Marauders map?”

“This map shows where everyone in the castle is and the hidden passage ways out of the castle. You can practically go anywhere, including Hogsmeade.”

“So, we can get from the castle to Hogsmeade without permission slips?” Y/n asked.

“Definitely. Come on.” George grabbed her hand and led her down the stairs to the third floor.

They continued walking down the corridor until they stopped in front of the statue of Gunhilda de Gorsemoor, the one eyed witch.

“Dissendium!” George whispered, tapping the stone witch with his wand. The hump of the witch opened up to reveal a hole. “In you go.”

Y/n looked uncertainly at George before hoisting herself up into the hole and slid a considerable way down what felt like a very smooth stone slide. She landed on cold, damp earth, George right behind her.

She stood up, looking around. It was pitch dark. Y/n pulled out her wand and muttered “𝘓𝘶𝘮𝘰𝘴!” and saw that they were in a very narrow, low, earthy passageway. Y/n looked up at George with worried eyes but he just nodded and they set off.

The passage twisted and turned, more like the burrow of a giant rabbit than anything else. Y/n and George hurried along it, stumbling now and then on the uneven floor. Y/n held her wand in front of them, providing light, as they walked.

After what felt like an hour, the passage began to rise. Panting, the two sped up.

Ten minutes later, they came to the foot of some worn stone steps, which rode out of sight above them . Careful not to make any noise, they began to climb. A hundred steps, two hundred steps, Y/n lost count as they climbed.

Y/n let out a groan when, without warning, her head hit something hard. It seemed to be a wooden trap door.

“Probably should have warned you about that.” George said crouching beside her, due to his height. Y/n just glared at him before opening the trapdoor a crack, and the smell of sweets from the shop wafted into the small passageway.

George went in front of her and opened the trapdoor more and peeked his head out to check for people but alas the cellar was empty. He lifted himself out of the hole and held his hand out for Y/n and lifted her out.

The cellar was full of wooden crates and boxes. George closed the trap door and Y/n noticed how perfectly it blended in with the dusty floor, so much that it was almost impossible to tell it was there. Across the room was a wooden staircase that led upstairs to the shop and Y/n and George slowly crept to them. Now they could definitely hear voices, not to mention the tinkle of a bell and the opening and shutting of a door.

They reached a door at the top and carefully and quietly slipped out and ran over to an aisle and acted inconspicuously, like they were already there. When the two were in the clear, they started making their way around the small shop.

Y/n smiled as she looked around Honeydukes. Her mouth watered just staring at the shelves of sweets. George couldn’t help but smile at the happy girl next to him. She dragged him through the shop, the two picking out handfuls of sweets that they would make themselves sick with later.

When they finally left Honeydukes they decided to go for a drink at The Three Broomsticks. When they entered Y/n took in how crowded and noisy it was but she also noticed it was warm and smoky. There was a curvy sort of woman with a pretty face serving wizards and witches at the bar.

“I’ll go get the drinks. How bout you go find a table?” George said.

“Of course.” Y/n smiled and made her way to a small vacant table in the back. It was right by a window and a fireplace. Y/n sat down with a content sigh and watched all her classmates walk by out the window.

George approached the table with two butterbeers in hand and a smile on his face.

“One butterbeer for the lady.” He said, setting the drink in front of Y/n.

“Thank you.” Y/n said with a giggle. George sat down opposite of her and they watched the people walk by. “It’s quite beautiful.” Y/n wasn’t wrong it was very beautiful. The fluffy snow perfectly coated the cottages and shops in the town. Y/n swore her parents had a christmas card that looked like this hanging on the fridge.

“Yes, it is quite beautiful.” George said but he wasn’t looking at the snow. No, instead he was looking at the beautiful girl in front of him. She saw that out of the corner of her eye and felt her face heat up as a rosy blush spread across her face.

“That was so corny.” Y/n told George with a laugh. “Who knew 𝘵𝘩𝘦 George Weasley was so cheesy.”

“Maybe there’s a lot you don’t know. How about another date and we could learn more about each other.” George suggested with a smirk.

“Well, if this goes well maybe we can sneak down to the kitchens for some snacks tonight and then go freeze our arse’s off by the black lake.”

“Sounds great. Well, how about we go visit the shrieking shack?” George asked since they were both done with their drinks. Y/n pursed her lips and looked away slightly making George raise his eyebrows at her. “Scared?”

“I’m not scared.” Y/n scoffed. “More like bearably anxious.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there to protect you.” George said as they stood up.

“So, you will be my personal bodyguard?” George nodded. She laughed and pulled grabbed his hand and led the way into the cold and snowy atmosphere outside.

The two stood at the fence in front of the shrieking shack as the snow fell softly to the ground around them.

“Just being out here gives me the creeps.” Y/n shuddered.

“We go to school with ghosts but this you’re scared of?” George asked, disbelief written all over his face.

“It’s different.”

“No, not really.” George shook his head. “Wanna go inside?”

“Hell no.” Y/n told him, rapidly shaking her head.

“Come on. For me?”

“You’re cute but there’s no way you will ever convince me to go in there.” Y/n told him, a look of distaste on her face.

“I’ll go by myself then.” George said, hopping the fence and started walking up to the house, turning back with raised eyebrows as he did. Y/n let out a sigh before hopping the fence just like George and running after him.

They walked up to the door only to find out it was basically sealed shut. George looked around before ramming into it with his shoulder making it open wide. Y/n covered her mouth as she let out a laugh.

Y/n gripped George’s arm as they stepped into the tiny rundown shack. It was very disordered and messy. Paper was peeling from the wall; every piece of furniture was broke as though somebody had smashed it. The windows were all boarded up so no light shown through.

George pulled out his wand and whispered, “𝘓𝘶𝘮𝘰𝘴!” and in only a second the two were showered in the light from the wand. Y/n jumped when they heard a creak from overhead.

“It’s an old place they make noise for no reason.” George reassured her. He felt slightly worried as he looked down at her small figure. He knew she really didn’t like it in here but was getting more and more concerned as she let out shaky breaths. “We can leave if you don’t like it in here.”

“Really? It just seemed like you wanted to come in here so…”

“I don’t care. If you don’t want to be here then we can leave.” Y/n nodded her head in response and he led her back outside.

The day was slipping away when the two made it back to the town and everyone started their way back to the castle. Y/n and George had made their way back to the castle in no time. It didn’t feel like ages like on their way to Hogsmeade.

“Do you think that went well enough to meet back up in the kitchens later?” George asked before the two went their separate ways.

“I think so. Meet up in the kitchens at 10 tonight.” Y/n told him before starting to walk off.

“Wait!” George called and jogged up to her and handed the map over. “It’s “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” when you want to activate it and “Mischief managed.” when you’re ready to put it away. I won’t need it. Use it as a look out when you sneak to the kitchens.”

“Thank you.” Y/n smiled and pecked his cheek before running off.

Later that night Y/n pulled on her warmest clothes, scarves, and hats before leaving her common room. She pulled her wand and the Marauders map out of her pocket.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” She whispered tapping the tip of her wand against the parchment and just like earlier, the words spread across the front. She smiled and opened it up to see that the coast was clear. She gripped the map tightly and started her journey down to the kitchens, occasionally checking the map on the way.

When she made it to the first floor landing she checked the map to see Cedric Diggory, the Hufflepuff prefect, walking down the corridor. She looked around before slipping into a nearby broom cupboard. She left the door opened a crack and watched as Cedric strolled past. She left out a breath she didn’t even know she was holding before slipping back out and quietly walking towards the kitchens.

Y/n finally approached the portrait of the bowl of fruit and reached her finger up to tickle the pear. The pear giggled before turning into a doorknob. She opened the door and entered the room when she spotted George already there. He turned his head and smiled at her when she walked in.

“Took you long enough.” He commented.

“Cedric was patrolling the corridors. I didn’t wanna get caught.” Y/n informed.

“Well, i brought some of the sweets from Honeydukes and already grabbed some things but if there’s anything else you want go ahead and grab it.” George told her. She looked down to see his jacket pockets practically full.

“I think you’ve got it all.” She laughed. “Come on.” She held her hand out for him to grab and he gladly did just that. The two went back out the portrait and back up near the great hall before walking out to the black lake.

When they were finally far enough a way from the castle they flopped down on the ground by the lake, both of them taking in heavy, cold breaths. George emptied his pockets out on the ground and Y/n started picking out the things she wanted. She tapped her wand against the map whispering “mischief managed.” before she let the parchment and wand fall beside her and she fell on her back and looked up at the stars, George soon joining her.

“Can you name any of them?” George asked curiously.

“Not really. I can really on name Sirius but that’s a well know star so…”

“Well known criminal too.” George joked making Y/n let out a laugh.

Y/n propped herself up on her elbows and took in the landscape around Hogwarts. At night the lights from the corridors gave off barely enough light in the great lawn but there was enough that you could at least see your feet. She turned her head and looked over to George still staring at the night sky.

Y/n took in a deep breath and asked, “Can I kiss you?” The sudden question shocked George and his eyebrows raised but he still nodded.

Y/n placed her cold hands on his warm face and placed her soft lips upon his slight rougher ones. It was quick and soft and the two pulled away rather quickly before George reached his hand up and placed it on the back of Y/n’s head guiding her back down to him. This kiss was more passionate and she felt as George’s hand moved to her hips as he sat up in a more comfortable position.

The two pulled away and Y/n’s face was almost as bright as George’s hair. When George licked his lips he could taste the strawberry chapstick she put on earlier that night.

“Y/n?” George asked, breaking the silence that fell over them. “Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

“Yes.” She whispered before tackling him in a hug and kissing his lips once again, making him fall back on the grass.

Fianlly the night was winding down and the couple now made their way back up to the castle. They parted ways at the staircases and went up to their respective common rooms, neither of them being able to wipe the bright smiles from their faces.

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A/N: I have started a tag list, so please let me know if you would like to be added!

Summary: It’s time for the first task of the Triwizard tournament!

Word Count: 1.9k

Masterlist: ~Part 1~Part 2~Part 3~

Warnings: Mentions of characters getting injured

The First Task

November 24th came quicker than you had hoped, but you were glad Harry was willing to tell Cedric about the first task, since the other champions already knew. You followed George and Fred through the stands as they took bets from students about the champions. Eventually, you found your seats, noticing that Hermione wasn’t sitting next to Ron. You turned to the twins, “I’ll be right back, I am going to go talk to Cedric” You quickly got up and began heading towards the champions tent. You could see Hermione on the outside, speaking to Harry and saw her slip in and a flash go off.

Once you entered the tent, Rita Skeeter was there antagonizing the champions again.

“…this tent is for champions and friends.” You hear Victor say giving Rita and stern look.

“No matter, I got what I wanted.” Rita said with a smirk and left the tent.

Cedric saw you standing at the entrance the moment that Rita left and ran towards you lifting you up off the ground. “Y/N, what are you doing here?” His mouth was in a wide smile, but his eyes were worried

“I had to come wish you luck!” You kiss him lightly and then hear Dumbledore, Crouch and Bagman come in.

“Ms. Granger” Dumbledore looks over at you “And Ms. Y/L/N. What are you both doing in here?”

“We were just leaving.” You say, giving Cedric’s hand one last squeeze and grabbing Hermione’s arm. You both head back to your seats. George and Fred had gotten binoculars out and then you hear the announcement. “First up, we have Cedric Diggory versus the Swedish Short-Snout!”

You see Cedric come out of the tunnel, the dragon immediately notices him and begins to pursue him. You throw your hands over your eyes, “Just let me know when it’s finished.”

You hear him yell something and when you look up you see he had turned a rock into a dog, distracting the dragon. You cheered excitedly, but as Cedric went for the Golden egg, the dragon turned back to Cedric blowing blue fire out of its nose, burning half his face. However, despite the burn, he manages to grab the egg and successfully complete the first task. You sigh in relief, but you know that the burn had to hurt. “I need to go to the Medical tent!” You say to the twins, getting up from your seat and making your way out of the stadium and back towards the tents.

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Knight in Shining Armor (g.w.)


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Summary: the three times george saved you and the one time you saved him

AN: mentions of death and injury obvs if you know where this is going

It was no secret to anyone that you and George had shared feelings for each other. Except it was a secret to the two of you. The stolen glances, the touches that lasted longer than they should have, the very obvious flirting. 

Though the two of you were completely oblivious. 

It was your fifth year at Hogwarts, Quidditch season being in full swing. You were a Chaser for the Gryffindor team and a damn good one at that. 

You were currently sitting in the Great Hall for breakfast, sitting between Alicia and Angelina. “Are you ready for the game today?” Alicia asked you. “She’s always ready. She’s our prized possession.” George interjected, him and Fred sitting across from the three of you. 

“Aside from our Seeker, Georgie.” Fred added. “I guess Harry too.” George said. The younger twin sent you a wink as you tried to cover the redness on your face. 

Angelina and Alicia nudged you, knocking you out of your bashful state. “Are you two ready for the game?” You asked. “Of course! We’re going to crush them.” George answered. “Cocky isn’t a good look on you.” You teased. “It’s not cocky, love. It’s confidence.” George replied. 

The game against Slytherin wasn’t going according to plan. You knew Slytherin played dirty but during this game, it was worse than usual. Every time you got the Quaffle in your hand, another Chaser came out of nowhere to try to knock it out of your hands. 

Usually you could get away from them quick enough but you were currently sandwiched between two Slytherin Chasers and they were trying to force the Quaffle from your hands. 

One of them seemed to give up his pursuit until he slammed into the side of you, causing you to lose your balance and fall off your broom. You fell to the grass below and the world around you went dark. 

You woke up seemingly a few hours later since it was dark outside and you seemed to be in the infirmary. Trying to sit up, a pounding headache stopping you from doing so. 

“Whoa, easy there, Y/N.” A voice stopped you. You looked to your right and saw George, Fred and the rest of your friends standing around you. “What happened?” You asked them. 

“Slytherin Chaser knocked you off your broom. Thankfully you only have a concussion. It would have been much worse if George hadn’t stopped him.” Hermione explained. 

You looked at George for some sort of a confirmation of his actions. “Definitely worth the five points we lost.” He said. “George sent him into one of the towers. He’s in way worse shape than you.” Fred added. 

“Thanks, Georgie. For defending my honor.” You joked lightly. “For you, darling, always.” He replied. 


The Quidditch World Cup was something you looked forward to every year. Your parents were wealthy pure bloods and you got to go the World Cup every time. 

This year, you got invited to go with the Weasley’s and you couldn’t pass up that opportunity. Your parents were okay with the idea because they trusted Arthur Weasley to no end. 

You had arrived at your tent with the Weasley’s, plus Harry and Hermione, and were blown away with the set up. “Girls, pick a bunk and unpack.” Arthur instructed you, Ginny and Hermione. 

“This is incredible.” You commented with a large smile on your face. “A change of pace from the fanciness you’re used to, aye Y/N?” Fred said. “It’s so much better.” You replied. 

“Why? Because you’re away from the parents?” George asked. “No, because I’m with you.” You corrected. A red tint crept its way up George’s neck and painted his cheeks at your comment. Causing Fred to laugh at how flustered you made his brother. 

“Besides, I need someone to cheer on Ireland with me. My parents love Bulgaria.” You added, sending him a wink. 

Before game time, you all were walking up the stairs to your designated section, George helping you up the steep stairs because you were so incredibly clumsy. 

Even when you got to your section, he wouldn’t let go of your hand. Once the game was finished, you were all back at the tent. The boys were all hyped up about the game and you were just laughing at the craziness of the four. 

You were standing by watching when George grabbed your hand and spun you around. He then wrapped an arm around your waist and dipped you back, causing you to laugh. “How does it feel losing to Krum?” He joked. 

“It was all luck.” You answered. George laughed at you as the two of stared intently at each other. When Arthur stopped the celebration, he mentally cursed him in his head. 

It all happened so quick, it was hard to comprehend what was going on. You were ushered out of the tent by Arthur and your jaw dropped seeing the chaos ensue. 

“Oh my,” You started before George grabbed your hand. “Y/N, we gotta go.” He told you. “Wait, where’s Harry?” You questioned. “I don’t know, but we have to get out of here.” He said. 

He had a tight grip on your hand but the amount of people pushing past you made it hard for you to keep holding on. You felt his hand slip out of yours as you got pushed to the ground by some bystander. 

You tried to get up but the people running and fleeing the scene made it difficult too. 

“I lost Y/N.” George told his twin and Ginny. “What?!” Ginny exclaimed. “I have to go find her.” He said. “George wait!” Arthur called as his son ran back in the direction of the tents. 

You finally were able to stand as you looked around you, hoping to spot a familiar head of red hair. You were looking around when you felt a hand on your shoulder. 

A scream left your mouth as you turned around quickly to see George standing there. “Y/N, are you okay?” He asked, hands cupping your face as he looked at you. “Yeah, yeah, I’m okay.” You answered before wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“We have to get out of here, okay?” George said to you. You nodded your head and he took your and and pulled you away from the scene. 

If the Death Eaters were truly still there, they knew who your parents were. They were members of the Order and worked at the Ministry, besides Harry, you’d be a prime target. 

Once you were far away enough, George wrapped his arms tightly around you, afraid to let go. 

“Thank Merlin you’re okay.” He whispered. “I’m okay thanks to you, Georgie.” You whispered back.

Your final year at Hogwarts was supposed to be the best year yet. You were made Quidditch captain of the Gryffindor team, you had a good feeling you were going to pass all of your exams and you had the best group of friends.

But what was supposed to be the best year turned into the worst year. Umbridge had basically taken over Hogwarts. Your parents never had a nice word to say about that woman.

You were starting to see why. She banned Quidditch and all other student activities and you were devastated. Which caused you to act out more than normal.

Defense Against the Dark Arts was usually your favorite class when she wasn’t teaching it. She was going on and on about different scenarios where we’d use certain spells. Never once actually letting your class practice said spells.

As she explained yet another spell with no demonstration, you scoffed and rolled your eyes.

“Is there a problem Ms. Y/L/N?” She asked you. George turned around to look at you, shaking his head to tell you it wasn’t worth it. But that never stopped you.

“Would it be possible to actually practice the spell?” You asked. “There’s no need for that, dear.” She said in a sickeningly sweet tone. “I respectfully disagree with you, professor. You are aware my parents work at the Ministry. I believe they are of higher rank than yourself and they have reason to believe that Voldemort is back and I think we should be able to defend ourselves. So yes, professor, there is a need for that.” You said, your voice surprisingly confident and calm.

The class fell into various hushed whispers as students talked quietly amongst themselves. George looked at you with a mixture of utterly proud and terrified for your well being.

“Detention after class, Ms. Y/L/N. And your parents will be hearing about this.” Umbridge told you.

You rolled your eyes and leaned back in your chair as she continued on with her lesson.

After class, you arrived at the woman’s office and stepped inside. The amount of pink on the walls was enough to make anyone cringe. That and the various cat plates.

“Please sit, Ms. Y/L/N.” She instructed you. You sat in the desk across from hers and noticed the piece of parchment and the quill next to it.

“You will be doing lines for me today. You will right ‘I will not be disrespectful.” She said. “How many times?” You asked. “Until you feel the message sinks in.” She answered. “I’m going to need some ink for this.” You said. “That’s a very special quill, dear. You won’t need ink.” Umbridge told you.

You picked the quill up and began writing the sentence and soon a dull stinging presented itself on your other hand.

As you kept writing it only got worse. You looked at the top of your hand and noticed the words you were writing were being written into your skin.

You dropped the quill and clutched your hand, seeing the words already starting to scar.

“I think the message was well received. You may go.” Umbridge told you. You quickly picked up your bag and exited the office.

You didn’t think you could run so fast as you sprinted towards the common room. Your trek was cut short when you ran into someone.

“Whoa there, Y/N, are you in a hurry?” Fred joked. “Uh, yeah, you can say that.” You said quietly, not making eye contact with the twins. “What’s wrong?” George asked. “Nothing. I was just on my way to the common room.” You lied.

“Then why are you holding your hand?” Fred questioned. The twins have known you since first year. They could easily see through your lies no matter how convincing they seemed to others.

You pulled up the sleeve of your robe and showed them the top of your hand. “Umbridge did this, didn’t she?” George asked. You nodded your head though you knew they didn’t need any confirmation.

The matching scars on their hands was proof enough.

“I’m going to kill her.” George sneered marching towards Umbridge’s office. “George, don’t. She’s not worth it.” You rebutted. “She hurt you, Y/N. That’s more than worth it.” He said.

“I think what she’s trying to say, mate, is that you’ll get more than just a detention.” Fred interjected. “Please don’t do anything. We will handle her later.” You said to him.

George looked down at you for a moment before groaning. “I hate it when you’re right. Especially when Fred’s right.” He said.

You smiled at him before looping your arm through his.

“Is there anything I can do?” He asked as the three of you walked back to the common room. “Just you being here is enough.” You answered.

Fred inwardly groaned at the obliviousness the two of you had. He then made it his life’s mission to get the two of you together.

Nothing really made sense anymore. Not after the war. Of course you came out victorious but not without paying a price. A price you’d rather pay with your life than anyone else’s.

Everything happened so quickly. You had lost sight of Fred and George halfway through and the next thing you knew, Ginny was pulling you through the Great Hall.

You made eye contact with George and you knew the second you looked at him something was wrong.

“No,” You muttered as he walked towards you. “No, no, no. Tell me that’s not him.” You cried. “He’s fine, Fred’s fine.” You added. George shook his head as he pulled you into him. He tried to shield you from seeing your best friend’s body but it was no use.

Fred was gone. He was gone and you never got to say goodbye to him.

It had been eight months since the war and everyone was slowly starting to get back to normal. Or whatever the new normal was.

You and Ron got the twins’ joke shop back up and running. George still wasn’t able to step foot in the building, staying at your flat since that day.

“Mum keeps asking how George is. I have to tell her he’s fine and just getting back on his feet.” Ron told you. “You can’t lie to your mother like that, Ron.” You replied.

“Maybe you can convince him to come visit the Burrow. He listens to you more than anyone.” He said. “I don’t think he’ll listen to me this time.” You said. “He loves you, Y/N. He might’ve been too daft to say it in school but he really loves you.” Ron admitted.

You were quiet for a moment before nodding your head and apparating back to your apartment.

The living room was dark but there was a blanket on the couch, signaling that George left his room.

“Georgie?” You called. “In here.” You heard, which was a good sign. Usually he never replied when you called his name.

You opened the bedroom door and saw him sitting on the edge of the bed with a picture frame in his hands. It was a picture of the three of you the day the shop opened.

George had his arms wrapped tightly around you as Fred hugged the both of you.

“How are you feeling?” You asked, sitting next to him. “My brother died, how do you think I’m feeling?” He snapped at you. He saw you noticeably tense at his harsh tone and he instantly felt guilty.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean to snap like that.” He added. “It’s okay.” You said quietly. “It’s not okay because you’ve been nothing short of incredible taking care of me, making sure I’m eating, reopening the shop for me. I really don’t deserve you.” George said.

You took his hand in yours and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I do it because,” You started, thinking about Ron’s words. “I do it because I love you, George. And I hate seeing the person I love so broken and I know I can never fill the void that’s left, there’s a pretty big one for me too but I’m hoping I can help.” You finished.

Your gaze remained fixated on your hand in his, afraid of what his response would be.

“You love me?” He questioned quietly. “Yeah, yeah I do.” You replied. “I’ve loved you since third year. Fred kept trying to get me to tell you but I was too scared you’d reject me.” George explained. 

“I would never reject you, George.” You said. “You saved me too many times to count. Now it’s time for me to save you.” You added. George nodded his head as he looked at you and you could see the tears pooling in his eyes. 

You pulled him into you, his head near your chest, as you just let him cry. The only sound that calmed him was the sound of your heartbeat and the knowing that you were his. 

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