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#george weasley x you
adinerinphilly · a day ago
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy - Part Twelve
Masterlist, Part One
Part Twelve of Eighteen
Summary: For the last three years, you’ve been working a repetitive Ministry job and wrapped your life around an unhappy relationship. After realizing how empty your life has become, you leave everything behind and stumble across an unlikely job for you - Office Manager for Weaselys’ Wizard Wheezes. There you wish to find something you lost in the war: hope.
Word Count: 1906
A/N: I realize this is a shorter chapter than usual and that I’m a day early, but considering the Bonus Content that's going to be accompanying this tomorrow is over 5,000 words, I think that's okay.
Warnings: 18+, Death, scars, mentions of torture. Minors DNI.
HP Tag List: @bamboozledflamplant @charmingandfantasticfics
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy Taglist: @byelannie @sugasthreedollarkookie @bethanystan @maralisa124 @confusedcrayon @ikkleroniekins @lyricalstreams @slytherclaw1978 @winterishfallinknowledge @prettywhitedoves
Tumblr media
"Y/N," a voice softly whispered in my ear, rousing you from your pillow. George's smiling face came into view, bathed in golden, morning light. He lightly pushed your hair behind your ear and ran his fingers over your cheek to brush them across your lips. "Good morning, beautiful."
"Hey, handsome," you said sleepily. And, oh Merlin, was he handsome. He had propped himself up on his elbow, allowing the light to create shadows on his bare chest.
"I was thinking breakfast in bed," he said. His hand had strayed from your lips and danced across your shoulder.
You grasped his hand, allowing him to cup your face briefly before pulling him in for a kiss. "Mmmh, that sounds nice."
He chuckled, "I'll get to it, then," and tried to pull away, but you wouldn't let him.
"In a minute," you said into his lips. You melted into each other, your hands enjoying the feel of his body. He shook with laughter as you let out a groan.
"I think I should go make breakfast before we get too distracted." He gave you one short, sweet kiss on the forehead and rolled out of bed.
You admired him as he walked out of the room, giggling when he looked back to give you a wink, before contently closing your eyes and snuggling back into the sheets.
But no matter how tightly you wrapped the blankets around you, you weren't able to get warm. The room seemed to grow colder, seeping into your bones like ice.
"George," you called out. Maybe he could make it warmer. "George," you called again, louder, after no response. Maybe he couldn't hear you over the sound of bacon. A shiver ran up your spine as you placed your feet on the floor and wrapped the sheet around you.
You called him again as you made my way through the hall, checking room after room after room just in case he had stopped in one of them. The apartment was much bigger than you remembered. "George?" It was strange that you could hear no sound besides your own voice. He was cooking, right?
The kitchen's doorway was finally in view after what seemed like a maze of rooms. The knot in your stomach untangled when you saw him standing in front of the table. The 'World's Best Boss' mug I'd gotten him sat on the table between two plates of food.
"I was calling you," you said, stepping towards him. His face stopped you. "What's wrong?"
"He wasn't expecting visitors." Alecto Carrow seemed to materialize from nothing as she held her wand pointed at him.
Your hands fumbled looking for your wand before something pressed sharply into your back. "I wouldn't do that."
It was a voice you knew, one that you would never forget. "How are you here?"
Amycus kept his wand on you as he came into view with a disturbingly gleeful smile. "Did really you think you could ever escape me? That I wouldn't purge the world of your disgusting, filthy blood?" His face darkened. "And when I heard that you were destroying yet another Pureblood line, I knew I couldn't wait any longer."
"Okay," your voice shook, "okay. You can do whatever you want to me. I- I won't fight. But please, let him go. He has nothing to do with this."
Alecto cackled. "Doesn't he? Blood Traitor like 'em just as bad as a pathetic little Half-Blood."
"No, no. Just me, please! He'll do better, I swear! Just me!"
Amycus grabbed a fistful of your hair and snapped your head backward. He held his wand at your throat. "You don't get a say. We're going to clean up the world and rid it of rubbish, starting with your little boyfriend. Avada Kedavra!"
The room flashed green and a sickening thud echoed across it. You escaped Amycus's grasp and rushed to George's side. He was in a heap on the ground, unmoving as you called out his name like you had before. His eyes started without seeing as you held his body.
He was gone.
When the room flashed green once more, you closed your eyes to greet the end. At least in death, you'd be with my family again. You waited for something to change, to hear Mum's voice or feel Dad wrap you in a hug. Maybe even hear Sarah calling out your name. But nothing came. When you opened your eyes again, all you saw was the ceiling of your room.
It wasn't real.
It had only been a nightmare. A horrible, twisted nightmare.
George was alive. He was okay.
It wasn't real.
Then why was your face wet, like you'd been crying? Why did it feel as if you were on the verge of vomiting? If it hadn't been real, why did your heart still hurt?
Could Amycus have escaped? If he did, he would want to find out where you lived. And what better way than ask your employer?
It wasn't real.
But what if it was?
Anxiety consumed you. You needed to know he was safe.
Rain poured down as you turned the knob to his apartment to find it locked. Never once had George locked his door in all the time you'd been working together. Your knocking got more frantic the longer you waited. You reached for your wand, ready to blast it off its hinges, when it finally opened.
He was nearly knocked over when you wrapped your arms around him. He was saying something, but you couldn't hear him over your own crying.
"...happening? Y/N, Y/N! Are you okay?" He pushed you back, checking worriedly over you.
"You were dead! I saw him, I saw him kill you!"
He didn't fight as you embraced him once again. His chest rose steadily and, just beneath it, there was the thumping of his heart. Warmth radiated from him as he held on to you. He was alive.
It wasn't real.
"I'm not dead, Y/N," he said softly.
It was only a nightmare. "He was here. I couldn't stop him. He was here and I couldn't stop him."
George was patient as he waited for you to calm down. He reassured you over and over that he was fine, that there was no one there. "Can you tell me what happened?"
"My uncle, he was here. He killed you." It was the best explanation I could give.
"Your uncle?"
"Amycus. Alecto, too. They got out, they said they wouldn't let me ruin another Pureblood line."
He let out a heavy sigh, resting his head on your and pulling me tighter. "No one got out. It was just a bad dream."
It wasn't real.
Despite the heat of George, you shivered. In your panic, you had ignored the rain and gotten drenched. "Let's get you dry, okay?" you nodded, the cold finally setting in. He diligently dried your clothes and began to do the same for your hair. There was an audible intake of breath as you stepped behind you.
The top you wore had a lower back than you would normaly ever wear outside. George had never seen the scars before. He, and most people, probably didn't even know they existed. People knew you had been your uncle's favorite victim, but they thought the only Dark Magic he ever inflicted were the Unforgivable Curses. They didn't know how personal his hate for you was.
"He wanted to make sure I never forgot him," you whispered.
"You don't have to tell me."
"I don't," you turned and looked up at him, "but I want to. Amycus was my dad's younger brother. They weren't close, but they were family. Until Dad met Mum. She was a Half-Blood, daughter of a witch and a muggle. When they got engaged, Dad was disowned for 'bringing shame on the family'. About a year after they got married, my uncle went to talk to Dad, to convince him to leave Mum, but Dad tried to show him he was happy. Amycus was horrified when he found out about the muggle things Dad had been trying and disgusted when he learned Mum was pregnant with me."
"I'd never met anyone on Dad's side, just been told about them and seen them in passing. They acted like we didn't exist. When they showed up at Hogwarts, they mostly ignored me in the beginning, but when I refused to perform the Cruciatus Curse..." Amycus was all too happy to use it on you. "I openly criticized them, their teachings, and made it impossible to ignore me. Every indiscretion became a personal attack for them and they punished accordingly. It didn't take him long to move beyond his typical torture with me. He told me that I was a constant reminder to his family of the embarrassment my father had become, so he would leave me with a constant reminder that I never should have been born."
You turned back around and ran your wand down the back of your camisole. It cut along the trail of the wand, rolling the extra fabric to reveal flesh heavily marred by barely healed welts. George was completely silent as he took in the full extent of the damage Amycus had done.
You could feel his fingers tracing a particularly nasty scar and flinced from the touch.
He apologized quietly, tapping the camisole with his wand to have it stitch back together. He placed his hand on your shoulder, but you couldn't face him. There were only five people who had ever seen your scars, and one of them didn't have any trouble weaponizing the knowledge.
"He would have killed me if he could have gotten away with it. But up until his death, no one knew Dad had been actively helping an Undesirable. If Dean hadn't warned Seamus so Cho could help me escape, he would have done it."
"Why didn't you go with the rest of the DA earlier?"
The image of a little body lying motionless in the Hospital Wing made your gut wrench. "Aiden Lucas. After a few weeks, I couldn't handle it anymore. So I stayed quiet in class for a few days. Without me taking up his time, Amycus found someone else. He was only eleven." You voice cracked. He nearly died.
"It wasn't your fault."
You shook your head but said nothing. George wouldn't understand the guilt.
He pulled you back into him, putting his arms around you. "He's never getting out, Y/N. He'll never be able to hurt you or anyone else again."
You grasped his arm, afraid for a moment that he would disappear and this had been nothing more than the last hallucination before death. "People have escaped before." Even without Dementors, all it would take is one sympathetic or careless Auror.
"I will never let anyone hurt you."
It wasn't your that you were worried about. "Just...just promise me you'll keep locking your doors."
He tried to convince you to stay, but you couldn't. The last time you woke up in his apartment, he ended up dead. Nightmare or not, you couldn't take that chance. As he kissed your forehead before you left, it reminded you that it hadn't started as a nightmare.
No, it had started with you completely and utterly happy in the arms of the man you were completely and utterly in love with.
It wasn't real.
Bonus Content
The Food Run
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bellatrixscurls · 6 months ago
“his baby” ☁️ g.f.w.
summary : georgie praising his little baby.
request : can i request george wealsey x fem reader lazy early morning smut pls🥺 with praise kink and slight daddy kink too.
warnings : smut, slight daddy kink, fingering, oral (fem rec), kisses, pet names, praise kink, this is shitty tbh might delete it in the morning.
Tumblr media
"g-georgie, what are you doing ?" you whined weakly, unable to move as your boyfriend's body forced your own deeper into the mattress.
but he didn't answer. he was too focused, admiring your beautiful face and body "never seen someone as beautiful as my baby" his hand carressed the side of your cheek, a big smile on his face as he continued to praise you.
honestly, you didn't know the reason of his sudden urge to do so, but you didn't mind. "such beautiful lips, m'love...and tits-" he paused, dark eyes glancing down at your chest. it was like he couldn't control himself as he squeezed one of them, a sly smirk appearing when you whimpered, "like that, angel ?"
"uh-huh" you managed, keeping your eyes closed as george's hands made sure to caress every inch of your body.
you felt his hands slide down to your clothed cunt, underwear already soaking in your own arousal. george took his time playing with the hem of it, his eyes on yours the whole time, adoring the way your face would twist in anticipation of what he was about to do, "i'm waiting for permission, my love..."
and that's when you felt like you could even explode from his words only. "p-please, daddy touch me, pl-" but you didn't even finish your sentence as your underwear was pulled to the side, fingers prodding at your wet entrance, but missing every time.
"look how wet you are, baby. my baby's so needy, isn't she ?" he taunted, still not as excited to tease you as usual. to be fair, you looked so pretty that he found it hard to keep making you beg.
you brought your hand down, fingers curling around your boyfriend's wrist as you tried to get him to move and give you what you wanted. and when he saw how desperate you actually were, he let out a chuckle before saying, "alright, alright-" he pushed two long fingers inside of you, earning a loud moan as you bucked your hips, feeling george's fingers go even deeper, "taking my fingers so well, bunny. come on, then, use 'em to feel good."
you continued to buck your hips, gasping every time your boyfriend's fingers would graze your g-spot, him always telling you to 'take it like a good girl'.
"nobody could take my fingers so well, bunny. they don't even stand a chance. only you, yeah ?" "o-only me".
he hummed in agreement, still knuckles deep inside of you as he kept thrusting his fingers at a ruthless pace, "that's right, pretty girl. show georgie how well you can take his fingers, alright ? cum for me, c'mon" he scrissored his fingers, stretching you out deliciously.
you, on the other hand, were a whimpering mess, practically melting with every praise you got from the handsome man above you, "kisses, please" you begged almost pathetically, expecting george to mock you for being so needy *like he usually does* but when you opened your eyes, he was already leaning closer, his bottom lip tucked in in anticipation.
and that's when you felt it : the softness of his lips against yours. they were moving so gently, almost as if your lips were made of porcelain.
george's sweet kisses along with the delicious movement of his fingers made it too hard for you to hold back as you blurted out, "d-daddy, can i cum, pl-please-" "go on, sweetheart. show daddy what a good girl you are for him" and that was all it took for you to release all over his hand, having him lean in to kiss you once again.
when he finally broke the kiss, you took it as a cue to speak again, "w-wanna...don't wanna be greedy but- i wanna feel you, please" your cheeks were red in embarrassment as you waited for him to mock you, but that sound never came.
"now, i can't refuse my baby and make her sad, can i ?"
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“I’m Her Boyfriend. Who Are You?”
George Weasley x Reader
Tumblr media
(Gif not mine)
Summary: George has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember. Could it really only take one flirty foreign guy for him to make his move?
Warnings: starred out swear words, angry Georgie, cuteness, Fred being stupid?
Pairing: George Weasley x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
George’s grip on his bag tightened so much that his knuckles turned white. He’d been looking for his best friend (Y/n), having planned on walking her to her next class, when he found her smiling up at some Durmstrang bloke he’d never seen before.
“Woah, who p*ssed in your pudding, brother?” George turned to his twin for only a moment, to acknowledge that he had heard him, before his eyes returned to the pair. Fred followed his gaze and snorted loudly.
“Well, look at that. (Y/n) seems to be enjoying herself, don’t you think?” George’s jaw clenched angrily. “Careful, Georgie. You’re jealousy’s showing.” George shot him an annoyed look.
“I’m not jealous.” He spat earning a knowing look from Fred.
“Sure. And I suppose you aren’t madly in love with the girl either, right?” He asked sarcastically, but George just nodded.
“Right.” Of course that wasn’t right. Not in the slightest. George had been madly in love with (Y/n) (L/n) since the day he knew what love was. But was he going to tell her that? Absolutely not. You never tell a girl you like her. It makes you look like an idiot. Besides, what if she didn’t like him back? It would ruin everything. And George couldn’t have that.
“So you just gonna stand here staring at them, or are you gonna do something about the uncomfortable look on her face?” George whipped around at Fred’s words only to find that he was right. The polite smile she had upon initially greeting the foreign boy had been wiped from her face, and replaced with an awkward half-grimace that he knew all too well from their years of friendship. She wanted out of that conversation. Even Fred could tell.
“You don’t think she’ll be mad at me for interrupting?” George asked, still not completely over the jealousy burning inside him. If she really wanted to talk to the bloke, who was he to stop her? He had no claim over her, no matter how badly he wished that weren’t true.
“Mate, go save her from the creep before someone else does and she has them to thank, if you know what I mean.” Fred wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, making his brother frown angrily at what he was implying.
“I’ll see you later.” Fred whooped excitedly, as George pushed his way through the crowded hall, his gaze set on (Y/n) and the Durmstrang boy. He didn’t have a game plan, though, quite frankly, there was so much pure fury going through his mind at that moment that he was fairly certain there wasn’t room for much else. And that was before the random guy grabbed her arm.
“Darling, I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” He called out once he was rather close to the two. (Y/n) pulled away from the boy and turned to smile at George gratefully.
“Georgie! Hey!” She greeted, leaning into him as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He knew his grip was tight around her, he*l, he was tense everywhere, but, thankfully she didn’t comment, probably just glad for his intrusion. At least he hoped she was glad. There was still an inkling of doubt in his mind, but he brushed the thought aside. It was too late to turn back now.
“(Y/n), who is this?” The boy asked, his accent coming out thickly, as he glared at George and his arm around the girl. The next words out of George’s mouth were either really brave or really stupid…
“I’m her boyfriend. Who are you?” (Y/n)’s eyes widened to the size of saucers, so much so that George had to pull her face into his chest to stop her from giving away his ploy, and what a dangerous ploy it was.
“(Y/n) did not mention she had a “boyfriend.”” He argued making George’s jaw clenched harder. This bloke was really pushing his buttons.
“Yeah, well she probably didn’t think she had to. I’m kind of a big deal around here.” George had to hold back a fond smile when he felt (Y/n) shaking with laughter at his words, trying desperately to hide it. He pinched her side quickly, an indication to stop, as he gave the Durmstrang boy a final glare.
“Do you need a proper invitation? Scram!” He barked, causing the now embarrassed guy to run off down the hallway, earning odd looks from the people he was pushing out of the way. George laughed at his retreating figure before turning to (Y/n) who was shaking her head at him with a small smile.
“You’re “kind of a big deal” are you?” She asked, earning a playful shove as he laughed at his own words.
“What’s he know? He’s just from Durmstrang. Probably didn’t understand half of what I said anyways.” He chortled at his own joke, earning an eye roll from the girl, but she couldn’t hide her smile.
“Don’t be mean.” She said, through giggles of her own. George just grinned at her, before wrapping his arm back over her shoulder and steering her off towards History of Magic.
“So…” she trailed off making him turn to her questioning. “You’re my boyfriend, huh?” She smirked teasingly. George blushed profusely, the adrenaline from the confrontation long gone now, along with the part of him that had so daringly claimed those words.
“Yeah…I-uh… sorry about that. I just-“ (Y/n) cut him off with a laugh, which George was grateful for, as he hadn’t known where he was going with that explanation, though that didn’t mean his heart didn’t ache at her blatant disregard of the idea.
“I’m only messing with you, Georgie.” George tried to join in her laughter, but couldn’t bring himself to omit much more than an awkward chuckle, which stopped (Y/n) in her tracks.
“George? Are you okay?” She looked up at him worriedly, which only made the boy feel worse. It wasn’t fair. Why did his heart have to make him feel such a way about his best friend, when he knew he couldn’t have her, at least… not in the way he wanted to. It was a cruel punishment, though he didn’t know what he’d ever done to deserve it.
Not to mention the fact that he couldn’t even get upset about his rotten luck without seeing that worried expression on her face that made his heart clench even tighter. He knew it was cliche, but when (Y/n) was upset, George couldn’t breathe. Not until he saw that perfect smile again.
He sighed, running a hand down the side of his face in frustration. How in Merlin’s name was he going to explain this one to her without ruining everything?
“Georgie? You look pale. Do you want me to take you to the hospital wing?” George shook his head, looking at the floor so as to not have to see the concern in her eyes.
“No… no, I’m okay, love. I promise.” (Y/n) just scoffed.
“Yeah, sure you are. And you’re also Snape’s favorite student.” George chuckled lightly at her joke, unable to help himself. She could always make him laugh, whether she was trying to or not. No matter what sort of mood he was in, (Y/n) could always cheer George up. Fred and Lee called it her superpower. George just called it her. He looked up at her slight grin and couldn’t hold back anymore. He’d loved this girl for years, and he’d be d*mned if he didn’t tell her. He would be miserable for the rest of his life if he didn’t, trapped in a friendship when all he wanted was more. At least this option was more black and white. He was tired of the grey. Screw it…
“(Y/n)… I need to tell you something.” Here goes nothing. “I like you. I have for years… and not just a friend way. Like really like you.” George took a deep breath, preparing to spew some rather nonsensical explanation of his feelings, when angelic laughter stopped him. George’s forehead crinkled in hurt. Did she really find his feelings that amusing? She noticed his expression and shook her head quickly.
“Oh no! I wasn’t laughing at you! Oh, Georgie, no.” His pained face didn’t waver, as she let out another string of giggles.
“It’s just, Freddie owes me five galleons.” George tilted his head in confusion.
“What?” She made the same wide-eyed ‘oh-sh*t’ expression again, as she seemed to realize she wasn’t making any sense, before her face softened into a fond smile.
“Oh, Georgie… I know. You’re not very good at hiding it.” His heart started beating a mile a minute at her words.
“So, you and Fred…” He trailed off, completely unsure of where she stood at this moment. Why couldn’t she have just said “oh Georgie, I like you too! Let’s get married and have a bunch of little redheaded wizard babies!”? Well, maybe not necessarily that. But something along those lines would have been much nicer, easier to understand at least.
“We had a bet going on to see how long it would take you to ask me out on a date.” George’s cheeks burned. She’d been waiting for him?
“Wait… so, that means-“ she cut him off with another giggle.
“I like you too, Georgie. I thought it was obvious. Fred said it was.” George’s head was spinning. She liked him too? She’d liked him this whole time? And here he’d been sitting around pining after her like a chump? And she wanted him to ask her out on a date?
George was about ready to faint, but he needed to gain back at least some of his suave exterior, or else this would be completely embarrassing.
“Well, you know, I haven’t exactly asked you on a date yet.” He pointed out, smirking as best he could, through the blush that dusted his cheeks. She just shrugged her shoulders in response.
“You’re going to.” George’s smile widened.
“Is that so? How are you so sure?” She grinned up at him.
“Because, you’re my “boyfriend” remember? Kinda comes with the territory.” She walked off in the direction of her class, the two of them considerably late already, but that was the last thing on George’s mind. The girl he was in love with, just told him that she liked him too, asked him to take her on a date, and to be her boyfriend. Could this day get any better?
“Hey, wait for me!” He ran to catch up, grabbing her hand in his when he was close enough, the widest of smiles gracing both of their features. That is, until one final thought registered in George’s mind.
“Wait a second… did you say Fred knew all about this and didn’t tell me?” (Y/n) laughed heartily as she pulled George into the classroom behind her. He’d just have to have a little talk with his dear brother later…
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Sunday kind of love
Tumblr media
Request: Can I please request soft sex with George in the morning? With lots of fluff and smut too?🥺
Warnings: unprotected sex, smut but its fluffy so p tame, if im missing anything pls tell me
Word count: 1.7k+
a/n: You can choose where you want this to take place - in your shared house, in your or his bedroom, in a dorm, in the room of requirements - really doesn’t matter, so its up to you! I like to imagine this taking place in y/n’s personal prefect/head boy/girl bedroom. As always, reblogs and/or feedback are extremely appreciated <3
Title inspired by 'A Sunday Kind Of Love' by Etta James cause it has similar vibes to this fic to me! <3
It’s Sunday. The light of the morning sun is painting brilliant gold streaks across the room, casting it in an effervescent glow that envelops you and George in bed. Your eyes are still adjusting to the bright atmosphere, lashes fluttering as you lazily blink your eyes. Still fuzzy from sleep you take in your position; spread out along the bed, head nuzzled into your pillow. You feel Georges presence behind you, and soon feel his fingers drawing delicate patters along your shoulders and back, humming a quiet tune that sounds an awful lot like a slow, soft version of your favourite song. An overwhelming sense of calamity washes over you, feeling peace and happiness course through you, intertwining with the blood in your veins and fizzling out towards your fingertips. A content smile makes its way to your lips and you cant help the small sigh that escapes you.
“y’ awake, love?” He ask, voice rough with the remnants of sleep. The low vibration of his voice sends a shiver through you that you struggle to suppress, and all semblance of innocent thoughts quickly shatter.
“y’ cold?” he asks then, before you can muster the energy to answer his first question, and you practically hear the worried furrow of his brow.
“No, georgie, m’ fine.”
“You sure?”
silence. The hand drawing patterns along your arm pauses for a second as George contemplates what to say, and then resumes.
“I dreamt of you.” He says, and though your eyes are half shut you would swear on anything he is is smiling; it seeps into his voice, lacing it with a sweet and addictive substance. You could listen to him speak in his raspy morning voice for all eternity and never get enough.
“Oh yeah?” You quip, a smile pulling at the corners of your mouth at the sweet admission.
“Yeah,” He says, and you swear he sounds breathless.
“And what did you dream?” You entertain his conversation, curious as to what form you took in his sleep.
“We were shagging.” He says, not an ounce of shame to be detected and you groan into the pillow before turning to him, face expressionless. “Merlin, way to ruin a sweet moment.“ You grumble.
He only smiles briefly before leaning down to kiss you.
The seemingly sweet kiss collapses into a clashing of lips and tongues, heavy breaths, and swallowed sounds.
One second he’s leaning down to kiss you and the next you’re straddling his lap as he lays on the bed, back arched to press your bodies as close together as possible. His hands are everywhere - tangled in your hair, the soft dip of your waist, the curve of your ass. His erection is prominent pressed against you through your underwear. You roll your hips, gently, and the kiss breaks off as George whines into your mouth. He laughs a little, and so do you, and in the blink of an eye everything changes. He brings has hands up to cup your face, thumb brushing over your cheekbone. He looks at you, studies every inch of your face, and when he leans up to kiss you again it’s full of pure love and admiration, all the messy neediness from earlier vanished.
You return the kiss, equally soft. He pulls away to look at you again, and you take the time to look at him, really look at him, too. The subtle creases beside his eyes from years of laughter, gentle flush on his cheeks, the freckles spattered across his face, the soft curve of his nose and the subtle quirk of his lips. He’s glowing. He’s beautiful. You tell him so.
“Not as beautiful as you, darling.” He pushes a strand of hair away from your forehead. “Not ever.” He kisses you again, and this time his hands are gentle, tracing your skin with slow, careful movements. They trace the hem of your t-shirt - well, if it was really one of his shirts then no one needed to know - and slips his fingers underneath, pushing his hand upwards, taking the shirt with it. He brings his hand round front and gently caresses your breast - enveloping it in his hand, squeezing gently, pulling.
“Off” he says in a breath between kisses as he gently tugs on the fabric, and you immediately lean back and pull the shirt over your head, discarding it somewhere behind you. Before the material can even hit the floor, George has you pressed back against him, skin to skin. You barely manage to suppress a moan at the feeling of his warm, sun-kissed skin.
His mouth parts from yours, and he presses sweet, delicate kisses to your jawline. His lips continue their exploration down the column of your throat. He uses his free hand to pull you further towards him by your hip, giving him perfect access to your tits with his mouth. He flutters kisses down your sternum, then moves his mouth to nip at the breast not occupied by his hand. He sucks gently, kisses, lets his teeth just barely scrape against the sensitive bud. You revel in the sensation, eyes closed, sighs and staggered breaths leaving your parted lips. He moves to the other breast, repeating the action, and traces kisses anywhere he can reach. Yearning to taste him again, you shuffle back down, reconnecting your lips. Your hands are pressed into the mattress at either side of his head, holding you up. He’s fully hard now, and the flimsy material of his sweatpants does little to conceal it. His firm length presses right into your core, and the slight friction on your clit has you releasing a languid moan into Georges mouth.
You grind against him, gently this time, taking your time as your roll your hips back and forth. You don’t know how long you go on like that, but before you know it you and George are barely kissing anymore - the weak noises you both are emitting entwining in the minuscule space between your mouths.
“Wanna-“ George breathes, barely able to form a sentence “wanna be inside. Please.”
You are unable to repress the shudder that runs through you at the sound of his gentle begging, and you feel wetness pool even further in your underwear.
“Please,” you whisper back, tucking your face into his neck “need you in me. Yes. Please.”
“Wanna be on top, darling?”
You nod into his neck.
“Okay,” he breathes, following with a gentle laugh “- might not last long though. You’ve done quite the number on me already.”
You laugh gently in response, breath fanning hot across his neck.
“Dont worry, love. S’hot.”
He chuckles, and is hands move to your hips, lifting you gently off him so he can shimmy down his sweatpants and free his cock from the confines of the material. In the meantime you press soft kisses to his neck, gently biting at the fragile skin as he strokes himself a few times. He then moves his fingers to the hem of your underwear, then slipping down further and further till he’s cupping your core, and presses gently. You cant help but whimper at the sheer relief the gentle pressure brings you. He pushes the material aside and runs his fingers through your folds, collecting the wetness and spreading it around, before coming up and applying gentle pressure to your clit, all whilst whispering gentle encouragements. You moan, and unwilling to spend another unnecessary second without him inside you, groan, saying “Take them off. Right now”
“Easy now,” he says, and you can hear the smirk in his voice. his fingers withdraw from your panties, and he stills for a second, contemplating.
“These expensive?” He murmurs.
“Replaceable.” you whisper back, impatient, and in a split second he’s torn the material off your body.
You exhale in relief, and feel him use his hand to guide himself to your entrance as you lean up to slot your lips against his once more. He pulls away just for a second to check you’re all right before resuming the kiss, and with a swift move he sheaths himself inside you. The two of you let out a collective moan, his strangled and desperate, yours sweet with the feeling of fullness and relief. He gives a few thrusts before you take charge. Using your hands on his chest as leverage, you push yourself up so you’re straddling him in a seated position. The shift in position causes him to slip deeper and perfectly hit the spongey spot that sends a rush of pleasure coursing through you, building that familiar burn in your lower stomach. You lift your hips gently, up until only the head of his cock is inside you, then sink down on him again. The action has him releasing a string of curses, and you let out various colourful words of your own. You repeat the motion again, and again, rocking back and forth, opening your eyes to look down at George and observe the blissed out expression on his face, the sweat beading on his forehead, the way his eyes are scrunched in pleasure. It doesn’t take long till you reach the precipice, seconds away from crashing over the edge. You can tell George is close too from the way he’s twitching inside of you and the unintelligible combination of praise and pleading spilling from his lips.
“‘M so close, love,” he rasps “you’re so beautiful for me. No one else like you. Fuck, m so close”.
The dirty praise sends you over the edge, and you come hard, clenching around him. The feeling of it has George reaching his high too, and one of his hands snakes its way across your lower back, drawing you closer, pressing you further into him. Closer, closer, closer.
You all but collapse into his chest, blissed out and absolutely exhausted. He chuckles gently, equally out of breath, and wraps both his arms around you, hugging you. You lay there for ages, eventually engaging in small talk as George presses gentle kisses to the crown of your head.
Eventually, but long after he’s gone soft inside you, you get off him and head into the en-suite bathroom to clean yourself off. He follows soon after, cleaning himself up (and if a few kisses distract the both of you, its nobody’s business but your own), and then he is pulling you back into bed for a “lie-in” even though morning has long passed.
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expelliarweasley · 6 days ago
a little more | george weasley smut
Tumblr media
pairing: george weasley x fem!reader warnings: it's smut. hehe. innocence kink, dom!george, GEORGE WEASLEY. prompt: "your moans sound so fucking hot and all I did was just squeeze your ass" "does this means you'll scream my name later?"
a/n: sequel to for what it's worth. 🥳 again, all of my smuts that are situated in hogwarts are set in fifth year and hogwarts education started at 14 years old.
summary: to say that y/n wanted more of what george had given her the last time they were together was an understatement. i mean, nothing could go wrong with wanting a bit more, right?
Y/N was high. Well, high on sex and George Weasley. To say that Y/N wanted more was an understatement, especially if the actions alone were what consumed her mind every fleeting second. She just couldn't help it; one day she was cursing George out of annoyance, then on the next she was cursing him because he was pleasing her to a mind-blowing orgasm that she was always ashamed of admitting indirectly to George the next day when they passed by each other by the halls.
It was something that had started to grow on her. And while the sex (although they were not in that stage yet) was already more than satisfactory, she can't help but see the ginger lad in a different light. As much as she wants to hate him with every fibre of her body, she just couldn't.
Not when George takes care of her after. Not when George looks at her delicately even though his mouth and hands had been doing such sinful acts that his rather soft facade had been hiding for Merlin knows how long.
Y/N likes George Weasley. There, she admits it. At the very least, to herself. The swelling of her heart was something that couldn't be just ignored; and the fact of even giving her virginity to George had passed her thoughts once in a while had been much more of a confirmation than not.
The trust that she had inadvertently given George was something the both parties did not expect. And while it was still not verbally discussed, Y/N and George knew. George knew how much big of a deal this is, and he is willing to do everything just to give her adoration and - of course, the greatest sex of her life.
But George, being George, who may have acted out of his denial about his feelings to Y/N, had of course acted in such rational manner – keep Y/N at arm's length, even though it pained him because he knows doing so gives such a wide array of opportunities for other men and women to fall for her and steal her from him.
Clearly, they were on the same page – emotions, and idiocy-wise. Until it was all too unbearable for Y/N, because she wanted more. Hell, she needed more. And Y/N, being a "competitive lass" as George would describe her, she would get that. No matter how it takes.
But what takes Y/N so long in trying to knock the door to the shared dormitory of Fred, Lee, and George? Nerves, perhaps? She couldn't quite place a finger on it. Now, while knocking on the door may seem a bit easier, verbalising what she had been thinking of these past months was another thing.
Alas, her thoughts halted and nerves increased as the door of the dormitory opened and lo, and behold, George was standing in front of her. Her throat running dry in an instant, seeing how he exuded a glow that she was positive that only he could muster.
"Oh, Y/N!" he smirked, folding his arms over his chest and leaning on the doorframe. "Fancy seeing you here on a fine, Saturday afternoon. To whom do I owe the pleasure?"
Y/N rolled her eyes, "Are Fred and Lee there?"
George raised his eyebrows, laughing slightly at what Y/N had asked him. "Don't worry, Y/N," he says, pausing to look behind her to see if anyone can see him pulling Y/N towards his bed.
"I'm all alone, I'm all yours." He says before pulling her over his body, lips attaching on her jaw as he left open-mouthed kisses as his hands raked over her sides, squeezing her arse as he bit on her collarbones.
Y/N's moans were music to George's ears, "Your moans sound so fucking hot and all I did was just squeeze your ass," he chuckled, thumb pushing down on her chin to meet his eyes, "Does this means you'll scream my name later?" he teases, licking her jaw downwards to where the slight purple bruise had been forming on her collarbone from just a awhile ago.
He took Y/N's moments of bliss as his opportunity to flip them both, now pinning Y/N on the bed. "So beautiful," he murmured, trying his best not to kiss her. It was an unspoken rule, George, even though he had been the first to initiate this whole intimate aspect of their so-called acquaintance, had never pushed her in boundaries. His respect for Y/N was astounding, and Y/N admires him for that.
That is why, George just kisses every inch of her skin, hoping that Y/N gets the meaning behind every tender kiss. Just like how George instantly kisses the valley of her breast when he had successfully taken her top off, taking his time in each breast. Right arm leaning on the bed for support of his body as his left went to take hold of Y/N's right breast. Alternating between squeezing the flesh and pinching her nipple, his mouth was simultaneously sucking and licking her right breast, relishing in the squeals and breathy moans coming from her mouth.
"Fucking hell, Georgie, feels –" she pauses to arch her back to George's touch, toes curling in such little action, "So good." she finishes, teeth biting harshly on her lower lip.
George smiled, switching his hands, now moving his mouth to suck now on the left breast, giving the same and equal attention he had given to the right breast. At this moment, Y/N had noticed George begging to dry hump her through her trousers. And Y/N, feeling bold as ever, had let her hand travel to George's crotch, cupping him where he's rock hard.
The ginger groaned in shock, halting his action to look at the hand between them. "One bloody daring blossom, you are," he smirked, eyes rolling back suddenly as he felt her hands rubbing him through his trousers. "Didn't even need my orders, just did it on instinct," he moaned, hips thrusting to her hands as he went back to sucking her breasts but now faster.
His hands went to Y/N's trousers that was sure was tighter on her than normal. While he liked how Y/N looked in those, he sure as hell was annoyed how he took extra time in pulling it down. He looked down and unbuttoned her trousers, and in such animalistic manner, he swiftly pulled it down and his hand immediately cupped her sex, Y/N halting her action on George's clothed cock in an instant to let out a moan.
George groaned, "Would you look at that, all wet. This for me, baby?" he asked, voice almost velvety.
Y/N nodded, "You, just for you, Georgie,"
He smiled, "Glad to know, I wouldn't be doing this if it weren't." And in an instant, her underwear was pushed to the side and was immediately filled by two of George's fingers, causing Y/N to squeal in return.
George went from scissoring to curling his fingers to hit her g-spot, which made Y/N moaning his name in long drawls and cry out of pleasure. And as Y/N arched her back towards him, George leaned on his left elbow, as his left arm wrangled around her body to support her on her back, then leaning forward to lick her neck. His left hand squeezing her left breast as his right hand had opened her in such ways Y/N knew only George could do.
"That's it, that's it, flower." George cooed, quickening his pace and then bringing his thumb to her clit for him to rub as Y/N lightly jolts in pleasure. Y/N's eyes almost rolled back at the back of her head in immense euphoria, strings of cuss words and George's name were all that tumbled out of her mouth. She held on for dear life on George's shoulder, and as she felt the familiar knot in her stomach, she knew she would be coming any moment.
George knew as well, that's why he continued his actions and increased his ministrations. Pulling away from her neck to watch her face lost in bliss, he had inserted another finger in her tight pussy, groaning as he feels her walls clenching around her finger.
"Gods, you feel so amazing," he groaned, "You're close, love? Gonna come? Gonna come for Georgie?" he asked, to which Y/N had nodded vigorously. "Then come, love. Come for Georgie."
And Y/N, just like the first time, came so hard that George had felt his pre-cum leaking through his boxers. He had only waited for awhile for Y/N to come down from her high until he pushed himself down to her pussy, ready to use his mouth now to eat her out.
"Mm," he hummed, collecting the cum that spilled out of her sensitive pussy with his index finger, "Look at me." he ordered, and once meeting her eyes, he sensually licked his finger clean, savouring in the taste that he would never get tired from. "Taste so lovely, never gonna get tired of it."
"Gonna clean you, yeah?"
Y/N was about to nod her head in approval until she remembered why she went to George's dormitory in the first place. To take her, to take her completely.
And just as George went to push his head down to her cunt, Y/N had already took a hold of his left hand to halt him. "Wait," she breathed.
George raised an eyebrow at her, and went to kiss their intertwined hands. "Yes, darling? Are you alright? Should we stop?"
"N-no, it's just that –"
She was almost lost in the way George looked at her, and while her head collected words and sentences for her to say what she wanted the most, she was also partly distracted by his lips kissing her knuckles.
"George, I'm ready."
The lad froze. Eyes widening as his grip on her hand loosened a bit, heart thumping faster at what he heard from Y/N.
"I want you, I want all of you. George, just, please." she whispered, squeezing his hand to take George out of his trance.
"Baby," he started, "are you sure?"
"Give me more, Georgie."
That was all George needed for him to push himself up from his position to take a hold of her jaw to kiss her in such passion untold. It was messy, yet so passionate. It was as if George was telling her that he loved her, well, it is what George is trying to imply. It was the first time they kissed during sex, that is. And he had withheld from this so much that his heart almost felt like exploding when he finally felt her lips on his.
"I -" he paused to take a breath, overwhelmed with what's happening. He took a moment to push his trousers down along with his pants. Y/N looked at the dick in his left hand as George pumps it twice or thrice.
He positioned himself over Y/N in missionary, and before pushing his pulsing cock to Y/N's dripping pussy, he took one look at Y/N, "I love you," he whispered almost inaudible. And George's heart almost swells in delight as he heard a faint, "I love you, George," back as he finally pushed his cock inside of her.
Y/N winced at the new sensation, hand tightening around George's strong grip on her right hand. Tears started to form around her eyes, "It hurts," she said the first few moments.
"I'm here, just breathe," he says as he kisses the tears on her cheeks away. "I'll wait, whenever you're ready."
It took a couple of minutes before Y/N had felt fully adjusted. George just admiring her ethereal beauty, pecking her lips once in a while as his left hand went through her hair to push the strands away from her face. Y/N took a hold of his left hand and squeezed it, "Go on, George."
"You – ah, taking me so fucking well, Y/N. Bloody hell," he groaned, looking down to see half of his dick inside of her. He looked at Y/N, who had her eyes squealed shut at the new feeling, he pulled back only to push his cock deep inside her, and Y/N, instead of crying, had moaned his name in such drawl.
"Merlin, flower," he said in between thrusts, "You feel amazing, you're taking me so well, so bloody well."
All George received in return was a mantra of his name as he thrusted deep inside of her, he positioned in a way that he was kneeling on the bed. He ran his hands below her thighs and placed her ankles on his shoulder, enabling him to go deeper as if it was humanly possible.
"Faster, George – gods, fuck! Let me cum, let me fucking cum, please." Y/N pleaded, hands on her breasts for her to play as George's hand gripped on for dear life on her ankles, and then leaning down on the bed, the tip of his cock hitting her g-spot which makes her arch so badly to him.
"George, ah –" she was cut off by her own sinful moans, which seemed to push George more as he increased the intensity of his thrust every after one. "That's it, love, be a good girl for me, gonna come, that fast, already?
"Yes, George, fuck! Not gonna - last!" Y/N responded in between breaths.
"Then fucking cum."
"Gods, I love you, I love you, I love you, I - oh!" Y/N said as she finally snaps and sooner enough, George comes as well with his own declarations of love and a mutter of curses and adoration.
They stayed in that position for awhile. And when George moved to pull himself out, both of them hissing at the sensitivity. He went to his bedside table to get a cloth, to clean Y/N first before himself. The next, Y/N's limp body was carried to the dormitory's bathroom, for him to place her down on the loo.
George went out of the bathroom to retrieve new clothes for the both of them. He wore his pyjamas, still topless, and made his way to the bathroom to face the truth of their relationship, now that vulnerability had been exchanged.
He kneeled down in front of Y/N, pushing strands away from her face. He kissed her forehead, hand still on her cheek, as Y/N leaned on his touch. "Thank you, I love you," he said.
"I love you, too."
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writing-wh0re · 2 months ago
I do
All writing will be #writing-wh0re-requests. 
George Weasley x Female Reader
Words: 1,856. 
Warnings: Smut18+, Male Performing Oral, Unprotected Vaginal Intercourse, Fingering, Handjob, Dom!George, Rough Sex, Dirty Talk. Fluff.  All the good stuff really. 
A/n: This is for @buckystrenchcoat smut plot prompts - 6.George fucking you roughly in your wedding dress. - I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you enjoy reading it! 
The day was finally here. 
In two hours, I would officially be Y/n Weasley. It wouldn’t just be a fake name scribbled in the back of my potions textbook, it would legally be my name. 
Throughout the morning my stomach was unsettled, butterflies fluttering around, my breathing uneven and my mind focused on one thing. 
Last night was the first night in almost three years that we hadn’t spent together. It was a little odd and I didn’t sleep much, but perhaps that was the nerves more than an absent George. 
I look over my reflection in the mirror, hair prefect, exactly how I had pictured it. 
Make up - flawless and my dress hugged all the right places with enough swish in the skirt to feel free while dancing.
“Y/n, is there anything we can get you?” My mother asks, her sweet reassuring smile slightly calming my hammering heart. 
“Would it be awful of me to ask for half an hour to myself?” I look over at Ginny and Hermione, both of them with small smiles on their faces, my mother shaking her head. 
“Of course not dear, I suppose you might want this.” My mother turns to her bag, pulling out my dark red diary from high school. 
‘Y/n’s you will be hexed if read’ scratched into the front cover. 
“Mum, where did you find this?” I turn the book over in my hands, taking in the worn leather cover, splats of different nail polishes hardened against the back. 
“You left it behind when you moved out with George, guess you didn’t need it anymore.” My mother sniffles, holding a tissue to her eye as she smiles at me. “You aren’t a little girl anymore, I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become.” I sniffle in response to my mum, feeling tears prick my eyes as we both chuckle at each other before sharing an embrace. 
“I love you.” 
“I love you sweetheart.” My mum places both of her hands on my cheeks, smiling wide at me. “We must stop this at once, we don’t want to ruin your makeup.” I laugh at my mum’s change before nodding. 
“We will leave you be, call us if you need anything.” 
“Yeah, we will make sure that everything is set up correctly.” 
I smile at Ginny and Hermione, quickly embracing them and thanking them for being with me. 
Once the three of them leave, the room is quiet. 
A sigh passes my lips as I sit down on the small couch, grabbing my diary and flipping through it. 
‘George Weasley asked me to be his girlfriend today. Me! How could I not say yes, I would be a fool not to. I can’t believe he liked me back, mum was right. She always is.’ 
‘Y/n and George Weasley - has a nice ring to it’ 
I scrunch my nose up, cringing at my past self. A smile creeping across my lips. 
Before I can continue through the pages, the door abruptly opens. I gasp at the intruder, watching as George swiftly locks the door behind him. 
“Wow.” George’s eyes rack down my body, drinking in my appearance as I look over him. 
His white button up tailored to his body, black suspenders hugging his shoulders and perfectly ironed dress pants. 
“Wow yourself, but George, you can’t be in here.” 
I meet him in the middle of the room, his hands instinctively falling to my waist, my fingers looping under his suspenders. 
“Why’s that? This is my soon to be wife’s room right? or am I mistaken?” George smirks at me as I roll my eyes, shaking my head. 
“It’s not the tradition we agreed on.” 
“Maybe we can break tradition.” His whispered words cause goosebumps to fill my skin, I know George and I know what he’s wanting. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want it to.
“You look stunning baby.” His lips fall to my neck, placing delicate kisses to my warm skin. 
“Feel what you’re doing to me.” George grabs my hand, placing it against his clothed cock that’s now straining against the fabric of his pants. A soft whimper escapes my lips, feeling his cocky smirk against my skin. He knows the power he holds over me.
I quickly fumble with his belt, attempting to free his cock before he stops me. His hand under my chin, our eyes locking together. I stand on my tippy toes, closing the gap between us, our lips smashing against each other. Hunger and need is evident between us. His hands grip my boobs, kissing down my jaw and sucking on my exposed cleavage. 
“You’re leaving this on.” His finger trails over the fabric covering my breasts. “I want you to walk down the aisle with my cum dripping down your thighs.” My breath hitches at his words, his eyes dark with lust, a mischievous smirk on his face. 
I pull him against me using his suspenders, his lips crashing against mine as our tongues fight for dominance. George’s hands fall behind my thighs, picking me up and placing me on the make up desk. We fumble around each other, my hands working on his pants, his falling under the fabric of my dress. 
“No panties?” George asks, his eyebrows knitted together. 
“It was the easiest option.” George smirks at me, lightly slapping my now exposed pussy causing a hiss to fall from my lips. 
“My wife, a hungry little cock whore.” I blush at his words, shaking my head. 
“Not your wife yet.” 
“But still my cock whore.” 
I nod in response, palming George through his boxer briefs earning a soft moan to fall from his lips, adding fuel to the fire inside of me. I pump his dick, marveling at the sight before me, his head throwing back slightly, eyes closed, lips parted and a chorus of soft grunts and moans filling the air. 
My body jolts when he slides his finger inside of me, my pussy instantly clenching around him.
“Mmm, she knows who she belongs to.” 
I bite my lip, trying to muffle the moans that escape me. George added a second finger to my dripping core, curling them inside of me, stroking all the right places. George falls to his knees, his lips attaching to my clit as I gasp for air, shocked at the sudden change.
Not complaining in the slightest. 
I tug at his hair, his moan vibrating my sensitive skin, the sound of his tongue lapping at my wetness causing a shiver to run up my spine. His fingers continue to work in and out of me, their pace changing from fast to slow with every fourth stroke. George’s lips suck on my clit, before swirling around the nub. My head falls back against the mirror, my hips grinding against his fingers and tongue. His hand falls to my waist, holding me down against the desk as he devours me, his tongue lapping at my core slowly, while his fingers pump hard and fast inside of me. 
“George, fuck, fuck, fuck.” 
My legs shake around him, his lips sucking my clit as I cum around his fingers. Spots appear on my vision, my breathing uneasy and my skin flushed. George pulls his fingers from my tight hole, a whimper escapes me at the feeling of being empty. 
“Perfect.” My eyes roll back as George takes his fingers between his lips, sucking them clean. 
“Fuck me George, please.” 
“Oh, anything for you baby.” I reach out for him, a dark chuckle rumbling through his chest. 
“Ass up.” 
I quickly scramble to my feet, laying my chest against the desk, his warm hands rubbing the supple skin of my ass. 
George’s fingers slip into my hair, pulling me up slightly, our eyes meeting in the reflection. 
“Watch me fuck you.” 
My mouth falls open at his request, nodding in response before we both moan loud. His cock sliding deep inside me with practiced ease. 
“Fuck, so tight for me.” 
“Only you.” 
George winks at me, kissing up my exposed shoulder, biting on my earlobe. 
“Good girl.” His hips thrust deep inside of me, my pleasured cry filling the air. His hips snap into mine, my eyes rolling back at the feeling of him inside of me, hitting all the right places. 
Sounds of my wetness fill the air, George’s hand spanking my ass as I hiss. 
“Eyes open.” 
I shoot my eyes open, locking with his in the mirror. George smirks at me, looking down at where our bodies meet, hissing at the sight before him. 
“You might not be able to walk down the aisle.” 
I groan in response, pushing back against his thrust, attempting for him to go deeper. 
George picks up his pace, his hands gripping my ass, spanking the skin every so often. 
I watch George in the mirror, his face twisting with pleasure, his cheeks filling with colour, his mouth slightly agape, biting his lip every so often to muffle his moans. The sight of him lost in pleasure causes the band to tighten inside of me, which he notices. 
“Hold it baby, I’m close, just a little more.” 
I place my hands against the mirror for balance, his pace having picked up as he chases his high. 
“Please let me cum.” I beg, feeling the warm tears prick my eyes, my body glistening with a sheen of sweat under the lights. 
“Right there, fuck, cum baby.” 
The coil inside of me breaks. My pussy sucking George in as I cum around his cock. 
The warmth of his release shooting through me. 
Our eyes lock one last time in the mirror, a proud smile on his lips, a love drunk one on mine. 
“I love you.” George whispers, pulling his now softening cock out of me. 
“I love you.” 
We quickly fix our appearances. I look over myself in the mirror, touching up my eye make up and drying the tears, thankful that I can blame it on my mum’s moment before all of this if needed. 
George’s eyes trail up and down my body, shaking his head. I tilt mine in response, trying to understand what could be wrong with my appearance. 
“I just can’t believe this day is here, you’re going to be a Weasley.” 
My heart swells at George’s words, goosebumps filling my skin. 
“I’m going to be a Weasley.” I confirm. 
George beams at me, quickly placing a kiss to my lips and walking to the door. 
“Don’t let our mum’s know I was in here, they would kill me.” George chuckles as he opens the door, only to be met by Molly and my mum. 
“Shit.” We say in unison, both of our mother’s rolling their eyes. 
“One day, not even a day, a few hours.” Molly tuts, looking over at my mum. 
“What are we going to do with you two.” 
George smiles at me, before squeezing past the mothers and dashing away from the scene. 
“Ready love?”
I take a deep breath, looking down at my engagement ring, the diamonds sparkling in the light. 
Everything Taglist: 
Add yourself! - Please message me if you want to be added to a specific character list!
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malfoy-girl · 2 months ago
heyy, i really like your writting so can u please write a GeorgexF!Ravenclaw!reader during seggsi time in y/n's doorm,, make george a subby pls. thxs
Pairing: George Weasley x female reader
Summary: George gets subby while he is having sex with Y/n
Warnings: unprotected sex, Sub!george, Dom!reader, masturbation, slapping (one or two times), kisses
Notes: hi baby, I'm a little bit nervous about this one so I really hope you like it!
Tumblr media
“Mommy” George muttered lifting his hips off the bed looking for more contact with your hand
“Tell me you want love” Y/n spoke running one of her hands up his thighs feeling him tremble under her touch
“I want you to touch me, I need you, please,” he said causing Y/n to smile
“You have such good manners baby,” She said wrapping her hand around his long, hard cock
A moan left his swollen lips as her hand began to move up and down, at first in a slow and torturous way but with the passage of seconds, it began to increase its speed listening to his small and desperate moans.
His hips lifted off the bed again and Y/n slapped his thigh.
“Behave” she snapped annoyed at his desperate behavior
“I'm sorry, but it feels so good, you always make me feel good” he moaned feeling how he was about to come on top of her hand
“Are you going to come, pretty boy?” Y/n asked passing her free hand over his chest
“Y-yes mommy” he gasps, closing his eyes tightly for all the pleasure that his girlfriend and now "mommy" was giving him
The movements continued for a couple more seconds and before George could say anything he cum staining his stomach, a delicious gasp left his lips as Y/n ran one of her fingers over the stain taking some of his fluids before putting it in her mouth.
“Delicious” she murmurs tasting it
“Mommy, can I have a kiss, please?” George asked shyly and with his cheeks a little red
“I don't know, let me think about it” Y/n responded hearing his protestation
“Please, just one, I'll be good!” He exclaimed with eyes full of desire
“Okay, bubs” she answered approaching him
Her legs were on either side of George's body as she sat on his lap, her face slowly getting closer to his, despairing him even more. Finally, their lips met and they both sighed with pleasure, George's tongue invaded Y/n’s mouth and she had to bite his lip to remind him who was in charge of everything.
“Sorry” he mutters separating
“Don't worry love, now will you let mommy ride your cock?” She asked, watching him nod eagerly
Y/n raised her hips a little to be able to pass the tip of his dick between her folds playing a little with her clitoris, she positioned it at her entrance and she slid hard into it listening to him release a small cry of surprise and pleasure.
“Oh my gosh Georgie” she moaned waiting a few seconds to get used to her boyfriend's large size
“You're so big” she groaned starting to move up and down his dick
Y/n always thought sex was overrated, but she realized she was wrong the first time she slept with George, she could tell she had never had such an amazing orgasm. Well, an orgasm that made her lose her mind completely.
George felt very proud to be the only one possible to please her, to be the only one who could have a woman as amazing and perfect as her, and every time he could, he showed it not only to her but to everyone else.
“Do you like it when mommy uses you?” She asked as he nodded hearing her giggle, “useless little thing”
Her right hand tangled in his hair, which was always going from an orange to a deep reddish color, and she pulled him, hearing more adorable sounds that were nothing more than music to her ears.
“It feels wonderful, please don't stop,” George said feeling Y/n’s lips on his neck
Marking it was one of her favorite things, the fact of seeing his pale skin full of reddish marks and some purple ones, made her get wet right away, it was a totally hot image.
“I would love to be inside you all the time, it's so warm and tight, it makes me feel so good” George muttered, losing himself inside his mind.
“Are you gone, baby?” she asked, getting a moan in response
Focusing on her, Y/n felt how her walls began to tighten more and more, in the lower part of her stomach a knot began to form and it did not take more than ten seconds to reach her climax.
Her fluids and George's mixed completely inside her, as a little slid down her inner thigh.
“That w-was so g-good mommy” he muttered as Y/n carefully got off of him
Both of them were lying on the bed watching the ceiling, after a few seconds George approached Y/n placing his head on her breasts while his hands wrapped around her waist.
“Love, you can't fall asleep, I still have to clean you up” she reminded him
“But mommy I'm so sleepy,” he said letting a tear run down his cheek
“I know, I know babe, I'll be quick, okay?”
“Okay mommy, I love you” George whispered, getting up with a lot of effort to leave a sweet kiss on her right cheek
“I love you too, baby boy”
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angelblacksmith · a month ago
Dating George Weasley and being a Hufflepuff would include
Pairing: George Weasley x fem!Hufflepuff!Reader
Warning: fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think George would be very proud of his haplepuff girl.
And if you play Quidditch.
He would definitely go to your games in a yellow scarf.
To support you.
Well, if you're playing against Gryffindor.
George will be such a gentleman.
And it will protect you from the bludger.
Until Wood reprimands him.
"George, now is not the time to be a gentleman!"
Go to Hogsmeade together.
Ron would be surprised to know that George is dating Haplepuff.
Because it always seemed to him that George's girlfriend would be a Gryffindor.
But then Ron will quickly become friends with you.
Sneak into the kitchen at night with George.
A lazy morning.
When you're just hugging.
If you are studying in the same year as George.
Joint lessons.
Sit down at the desk together.
Fred is outraged.
"I was betrayed!"
Help the twins with their practical jokes.
Friendship with Fred and Ginny.
You know his entire extended family.
Molly will knit you a branded sweater with the first letter of your name.
The sweater is yellow.
But you're still wearing a big red sweater with the letter G.
Spend the winter holidays with the Weasleys.
To correspond by means of letters with George all summer long.
Plan a future together after Hogwarts.
Support the idea of the store.
Cook together together.
And also visit herbology and greenhouses together in their free time.
Just love and be loved.
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lovequills · 2 months ago
too cold for that — g.w
george weasley x gender neutral reader.
staying at the burrow is usually a more than pleasing experience, except for in the winter, when the unforgiving english weather is at its worst. the hollow walls and thin windows fail to keep the cold out entirely, and the entire burrow is encased in a bone-chattering chill that refuses to leave all night long. you insist you can manage the cold night despite the painfully thin and worn out blanket left for you, but george will hear none of it. how can he let you freeze when his bed is right there, covered in many sources of warmth (himself included)?
warnings: one bed trope, george being a gentleman
note: i’ve been gone for 2 months but i really hope this doesn’t flop </3 i love george and i wanted to write for him for the first time and i finally did!!
— 1.1k words
Tumblr media
it was freezing.
the constant cold air wafting in through the gaps in the closed windows refused to leave or lessen its assault, and you were left trying with all your might to avoid your teeth from chattering and alerting george on the other side of the room, who seemed to already be stirring. despite the fire crackling in the hearth and the soft socks adorning your feet, your body felt impossibly numbed, to the point where it was almost painful, and you cursed silently before pulling the blanket back to get a cup of hot tea. you’d been raised to believe tea was the best medicine — perhaps it would be enough to combat the steady freezing of your veins.
before your feet could touch the floor, though, you sneezed rather loudly, and your cheeks flushed as your eyes darted to check on george to ensure you hadn’t awoken him. much to your relief, he seemed to be still, so you planted your feet on the ground and pushed them into a pair of slippers that mrs. weasley had been kind enough to gift you. the weasley’s were more welcoming and gracious than any people you had ever met before, so you felt rather selfish to go complaining about the cold. it would subside eventually, once night passed, and judging by the time, that couldn’t be too long.
you rose from the bed, the springs in the mattress squeaking painfully loudly in the process, and you turned to find george peering up at you groggily. sending him an apologetic smile, you motioned for him to go back to sleep, feeling guilty for waking him up.
“go back to sleep, george,” you whispered, conscious of the rest of the household snoozing. george only rubbed at his eyes while groaning something beyond your comprehension. your voice wavered helplessly, and you were reminded of your body practically freezing in place.
“what are you doing up?” he asked, pushing himself up by his elbows as he peered at you in curiosity. he glanced at your tightly locked jaw and the suppressed shivers racking your body, and his eyebrows threaded together as a frown pulled at his lips. you sighed before crossing your arms over your middle in a feeble attempt to trap in any warmth, and you didn’t miss the flash of concern that appeared in george’s eyes.
“come here,” he whispered, already moving over to the side. your eyes widened and you quickly shook your head in protest, insisting that all you needed was some tea and you’d be fine. all george did was roll his eyes before peeling the covers back and approaching you quickly. you pursed your lips when his hand came in contact with your arm covered in goosebumps and he sent you a pointed frown.
“i can manage, really,” you murmured, although it was fruitless as george was already taking your hand and pulling you towards his bed (which looked admittedly tempting with its multiple homemade blankets and quilts and soft pillow).
“it’s too cold for that,” he laughed quietly, shaking his head as he climbed into the pit of warmth first.
“also, sorry about that. freddie’s got thick skin,” he was referring to his brother’s comically sparse bed, and motioned for you to join him. you did so slowly. this felt admittedly peculiar, although not in a bad way, and you couldn’t help but flush as you thought of what everyone else would say or think come morning.
“merlin, you’re freezing,” george muttered once you were laying beside him. he kept a significant distance so as not to alarm you, and you were thankful. his bed was blissfully warm, and you couldn’t help but pull the blankets up to your neck in relief. feeling was returning to your bones, you felt much better.
“it’s so cold,” you chattered out, body still adjusting to the warmth. you shivered still, and george sent you a concerned sidelong glance. perhaps he had simply grown accustomed to the burrow’s ever changing temperatures; it wasn’t as cold for him as it clearly was for you.
“sorry about that,” he frowned and you let out a breathy laugh. he turned on his side to face you, and you did the same, cheeks flushed as your legs slowly inched closer towards his. if he noticed your advances, he didn’t show it.
“don’t be sorry, this house is amazing,” your tone held fascination and he smiled softly as you glanced around his room. george had the chance to study your face then, and his lips quirked further upwards the longer he stared. the tip of your nose was tinted red from the cold, your eyelashes were drooping ever so slightly, and your leg was now faintly touching his as though silently asking for permission. you looked perfect.
“it is quite comforting,” george smiled, so clearly content with simply watching you lay there silently. your shoulders seemed less tense now, and your shivering had ceased. you returned his smile, thinking for a moment before glancing to his arm that lay between your bodies. it was a daring idea, the one forming in your head, and in spite of your brain telling you to stop, you opened your mouth.
“can you…?” a blush settled on your cheeks and you felt your body suddenly grow increasingly warmer upon receiving the small smile playing at george’s lips. your eyes were focused on his arm, quietly waiting to see if he would heed to your abrupt request. his cheeks flushed possibly more than yours and he quickly placed his arm on the pillows, letting you adjust so your head was now laying atop it. he noticed how your bodies were suddenly so much more closer, and he couldn’t help but smile wider.
george slowly let his other arm drape over your body, checking for your approval, and grinned when you moved your head closer to his chest.
your cheeks were burning hot, your heart was thumping erratically in your chest, and you felt like you might’ve fainted from your overwhelming position; but you didn’t move away. the scent of candles and warm blankets welcomed you as you let your head snuggle further into george’s chest, and you could practically feel his smile when he pressed the faintest and softest of kisses to the top of your head.
“i’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” you admitted quietly, smiling as his chest rumbled with laughter. you always yearned to embrace him, to feel his skin against yours, and here you were doing just that. you definitely felt like you won.
“you have no idea, love.”
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cloouud · 4 months ago
don't rush me
George Weasley x Fem!Reader
Summary: George Weasley loves seeing you in your skirt and he let's you know in many ways
Word Count: 1k
Warnings: SMUT 18+,oral (female receiving), fingering, teasing
A/N: At first it's fluff then it's nothing but smut. I'm a little overenthusiastic with my commas. I hope it doesn't bother anyone.
Tumblr media
George's hand had been placed on Y/N's thigh for the entire time at dinner. Every time she managed to get used to the feeling of butterflies and a racing heart, George moved his hand. It drove her crazy. She tried her best to follow the conversations of her friends at the Gryffindor table but it was difficult to focus on anything besides George's hand.
His hand moved so much up her skirt that she was worried about others noticing. George knew exactly what he was doing. He glanced down at her all the time. He couldn't keep the knowing smile off his face, loving the effect he had on her.
"I think I'm done with dinner", George said as he squeezed Y/N's thigh. "Would you join me for a walk?"
"Sure", Y/N nodded.
Both got up from the table. Y/N knew what George had in mind. Pretty much all their friends knew that George wasn't taking Y/N on a walk. The way he looked at her, the way he couldn't keep his hands off her, the way he wouldn't shut up about her when she wasn't around. There was no way to deny that he fell for Y/N.
Two lovebirds might say they that go on a walk together but their friends won't believe them. George's suggestion was not entirely a lie. They actually walked down a few corridors.
However, once the coast was clear, and they made it to a remote place of the castle, they no longer intended to walk. Y/N and George sat on a small windowsill.
"Your thighs look beautiful. Have I told you that before?", George asked. His hand went right back to where it was during dinner.
"Yes, you have told me that", Y/N laughed, "but I don't mind hearing it again."
"That's good because I will not stop saying it."
Her smile was so wide she felt stupid. Her eyes went to the floor. George swayed from side to side so that his shoulders bumped into hers. Both giggled.
When she looked back up at him he moved his hands to hold her face. Their faces got closer and closer. Y/N finally closed the gap. Their kiss started timid and soft. Y/N tangled her hands in his red hair. His hands went from her face to her waist. The kiss became more heated but then George interrupted.
"I have an idea."
George hopped off the windowsill with a grin.
"Do you have a better spot in mind? I like it here."
"Oh, I like it here, too. You don't have to move one bit, darling", he answered.
George got down on his knees. He was now at level with Y/N's hips. Her eyes went wide when she realized what he had in mind.
"Can I?", George tugged on her skirt.
She nodded in excitement. Her skirt fell to the floor and George took hold of her tighs. He left tiny kisses on the outside of her thighs.
"Put your feet here", George tapped his shoulders.
Y/N slipped out of her shoes and carefully placed her feet on either side of Georges's shoulders. George looked up at her with a cheeky smile. Delicately he placed kisses on the inside of her knee. One on the left, one on the right. Then he moved up a bit. One on the left, one on the right.
"You are such a tease", Y/N breathed.
She could feel herself getting wet. The anticipation was unbearable.
"Don't rush me. I don't want to miss a spot", George rebutted in between kisses.
Y/N shook her head smiling. George took his sweet time. The closer he got to her core the heavier her breath became. When he reached the end of his kissing trail he grazed over her heat with his index finger. The wetness had created a damp spot on her underwear.
He circled over her clit with his finger. Soft moans escaped her mouth. Steadily he built up the pressure. Y/N moved her hips to increase the friction. That's when George stopped his movements.
With a devious smile, he hooked his fingers into her underwear and pulled it down. His lips went back to the inside of her knees. Kiss on the left, kiss on the right.
"Oh, don't you dare, George", Y/N threaten, "you can't tease me like this."
"Okay, okay", George laughed, "I'm sorry. I just love seeing you like this. You know?"
"Just make me cum already", she whined.
George raised his eyebrows: "Didn't know you could talk like that."
The challenge was on. George closed the gap between them. His mouth went straight to her clit. He started out with soft kitten licks until he remembered. No more teasing. The movements of his tongue sped up.
Y/N was holding onto his hair. She couldn't hold her moans anymore. George's fingers found their way to her core. First, he entered her with his index finger. After a few pumps, he added his middle finger.
Instead of circling her clit with his tongue, he was now vigorously sucking on her clit. Y/N threw her head back.
"Yes, yes. Just like that", her words were barely a whisper.
George grinned. He removed his head from her core to look up at her face, however, he did not stop pumping his fingers inside her. His mouth was smeared with her juices, he loved it. After placing a kiss on her foot on his shoulder, he went back to her clit.
He curled up his fingers to hit her G-spot. His pace was steady and his thrusts were hard. She moaned and held tighter onto his hair.
"I think I'm close", she breathed in between soft moans.
"Already? I could do this forever."
George wanted to see her face. He replaced his mouth with his other hand. He rubbed her clit with one hand and relentlessly worked at her G-spot with the other. Y/N's hands now stabilized her on the windowsill.
"Cum for me."
It did not take Y/N long to follow his instructions. Her orgasm rolled over her. He continued his movement to carry her through her high. George hungrily licked her clean. Then he quickly slipped her underwear back on, while she was still recovering from her orgasm.
"Wow", she breathed.
George hopped up onto the windowsill and wrapped her arm around her. She couldn't help but chuckle since he looked even happier than her.
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adinerinphilly · 2 days ago
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy - Part Eleven
Masterlist, Part One
Part Eleven of Eighteen
Summary: For the last three years, you’ve been working a repetitive Ministry job and wrapped your life around an unhappy relationship. After realizing how empty your life has become, you leave everything behind and stumble across an unlikely job for you - Office Manager for Weaselys’ Wizard Wheezes. There you wish to find something you lost in the war: hope.
Word Count: 2454
Warnings: 18+, Pain from old injuries. Minors DNI.
HP Tag List: @bamboozledflamplant @charmingandfantasticfics
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy Taglist: @byelannie @sugasthreedollarkookie @bethanystan @maralisa124 @confusedcrayon @ikkleroniekins @lyricalstreams @slytherclaw1978 @winterishfallinknowledge @prettywhitedoves
Tumblr media
The incident at your house wasn't mentioned in the following days. You’d spent far too many nights dreaming of what would have happened if Mrs. Peters hadn't shown up. Would he have kissed you?
Part of you wanted George to bring it up, to confess his love and whisk you off your feet to your happily ever after. But he was silent. That night must have been a fluke, the result of a combination of being alone on Valentine's Day and physical exertion that had your hearts pumping.
He'd also been spending more time with Angelina. Every few days, she'd end up at the shop in Diagon Alley. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. George even invited her along to Hogsemede one of the days we were organizing some of the inventory you’d gotten.
The worst part was that you couldn't even dislike her for it. She was kind, thoughtful, funny, and absolutely beautiful. She had also become a friend to you.
The two of you were walking back from a brief lunch at the Leaky Cauldron one chilly February day when you ran into Cho.
"Y/N!" she called out from further down the street. "Oh, I'm so happy I ran into you! I just talked with George and he was going to tell you, but I really wanted to talk to you in person!" She took a deep, excited breath before continuing, "The Ministry isn't going to decrease funding. In fact, so many people were opposed they've decided to help me expand the program. With the extra funding and the donations that we've gotten, we'll be able to do so much more for the families and kids!"
You hugged each other as she told you the great news. "That's incredible!"
She pulled back, not bothering to wipe the tears that had started streaming from her face. "It's all because of you! If you hadn't told George and he hadn't gone on and talked about it on Lee's show, we wouldn't have gotten the public's attention. We'd have had everything cut, we'd barely be scrapping by."
You wanted to tell her that George was really the one she should be thanking, that it had been his idea entirely, but Chi wasn't done. "And to celebrate, we're going to have a gala! It's going to be at Hogwarts the Saturday before Easter, Minerva already approved. Aberforth and Rosmerta are going to help with the food and drinks. And you are going to be our Guest Speaker!"
"Oh, that's exciting!" Angelina said.
You looked at Cho, very much not excited. "I love the idea of a gala, love it being at Hogwarts. But I- I don't think I can speak at it."
"Why?" they asked in unison.
"Because I'm not exactly great at public speaking for one. I struggled to answer questions in class for years because it made me anxious! I can't imagine speaking to an entire crowd of people without being nauseous." You stomach was already growing queasy. "Besides, what would I even talk about?"
Cho was ready to accept this, looking disappointed, but nodding in understanding. Angelina, however, was not.
"It's a good thing you have me, then! I've probably given dozens of speeches in my life, I can help you with that. Plus, there's this wonderful little potion called a Calming Draught that will take away that dreadful feeling."
This caused Cho to look hopeful once more. "But...I don't even know what I would talk about."
Cho moved in closer, lowering her voice so only the three of us could hear it. "You could talk about your family. All of them. Sarah, too."
"I- I don't know."
Angelina put her arm around me in support. She didn't know the entire story, but she must have recognized that it didn't have a happy ending.
"Just think about it. You went through so much, I think your story deserves to be told. Even I still have nightmares about what I saw and it wasn't nearly as bad. You could really give people hope when they see how far you've been able to go." Cho gave a comforting squeeze of your arm.
You forced a smile. "I'll think about it, okay?"
Two days later, you still hadn't made a decision. To be fair, you didn't have much time to think about it since the Hogsmeade location was opening and that required most of your attention.
George had feared that the shop would flop, but that fear was quickly forgotten as it was swarmed with students the entire day. The profits it made from just the first five hours would cover the cost of the lease for a couple of months. Lewis stopped by shortly before closing to congratulate you on the shop and tell you how it had been the talk of the school. You were left with no doubt that the location would do well.
As you were closing up, the bell at the door alerted to someone entering. "We're closed!" George shouted.
"Even for me?" Ron asked as he came into view with Hermione.
"Especially for you! 'Mione can stay, though."
Ron shot him a glare but ignored him as they joined us at the counter. Hermione gave you a warm hug and Ron nodded in greeting. "We're almost done closing up, as soon as we're done we can head up to the apartment. Mrs. Weasley sent me biscuits yesterday," you offered.
"Mum sent you biscuits and not me?" George asked dramatically.
"It was thanks for the tickets."
"And you didn't share?"
"I'm literally trying to share them right now!"
Hermione cut in before George could rebuttal, "We actually just wanted to stop by to say congratulations and then head off."
"Yeah," Ron added, "we also wanted to see if you were coming to the Burrow on Monday, Y/N."
"For what?" Arthur's birthday had been early February, George's wasn't till April, and there weren't any major holidays you could think of that they would be celebrating.
Ron's ears reddened as he mumbled, "My birthday."
"Oh! Of course, I'll be there!"
Ron and Hermione left shortly after, once more congratulating you on the shop opening. As soon as you were sure they were out of sight, you smacked George's arm.
"Ow! What was that for?"
"For not telling me it was Ron's birthday!" you scowled as you levitated a box of overstock to a higher shelf.
"Didn't think it was important, you didn't go to Dad's dinner, why'd you go to Ron’s? Not like you're exactly close."
Were men always oblivious or just the ones you happened to be attracted to? "Doesn't matter 'bout going to the dinner! He and Ginny gave me this job, least I could do is send him a present for his birthday! And I was invited to your dad's dinner, by the way, I just couldn't go because I was helping Marietta with something that night. But I did send him a gift." A muggle origami book and origami paper. He sent back a few folded papers that somewhat resembled swans as a thank you.
"Am I going to have to tell you before every Weasley birthday?"
You paused for a moment. "Yes, actually. In fact, let's put them on my calendar right now because I don't trust you to give me proper notice."
You woke early Monday to horrific pain. Your back was burning, leaving you gasping for air. A fight to untangle yourself from the bed ensued, followed by you barely being able to walk as you tried to get to the washroom. One particularly brutal bolt of pain brought you to your knees. You crawled through tears, pulling yourself up on the counter when you finally got to the washroom. Bottles were knocked out of the way as you blindly felt for the jar.
Your fingers finally enclosed around it and you greedily applied the balm on your lower back. It didn't stop the fire, but it dulled it enough to breathe again. Your arms shakily removed your shirt to allow you to cover your back in the balm, leaving only a faint echo of the pain.
You laid on the bathroom floor, too exhausted to try to climb back to bed, and hoped the nightmares would stay away this time.
Light poured through the small window when you woke up again. There was no more pain as you peeled yourself off the floor, not that you expected there to be. The pain never lasted long. After a shower to wash off the balm, you made sure to put the jar in the bedroom. It was stupid to leave it in the bathroom in the first place. Just because it had been over a year since it had happened, didn't mean it would never happen again and you didn't have Cormac to help you anymore.
The clock told you it was early afternoon. You’d spent half of your day off sleeping on a cold tile floor. It wasn't like you had anything planned, but it felt like wasted time. It left you with little to do to distract myself. You couldn't bring yourself to go back to bed, despite still feeling sluggish. There was always the possibility of him being in your dreams and taking the potion you’d made would leave you out for too long. You needed something or someone to distract you so you didn't slip into your paranoia.
Mrs. Weasley! She probably needed help setting up for Ron's birthday or cooking or baking. Or maybe she wanted to talk about meeting Celestina.
Popping outside the Burrow's garden, you could see Mrs. Weasley sitting outside with Fleur. Victoire was running around while Dominique sat on the ground next to her mum chewing on a toy. Fleur was the first to see you and gave a smile and a graceful wave. It was hard to forget that she had veela heritage, her beauty was incomparable.
As soon as Victoire saw me she let out a shriek and ran straight towards you. "Y/N!" she yelled as she jumped straight into your arms. Despite only meeting you once and a couple of months passing, Victoire talked to you as if you'd been best friends since she was born. She very excitedly told you about her new dress and that she was wearing it for her uncle.
"Y/N! I'm so glad to see you! Vic has been talking about you since Christmas!" Fleur said with a kiss on your cheek. Victoire nodded happily.
Mrs. Weasley pulled you into a hug, telling you she was happy to see you as well. You explained that you had the day off and had come to help set up for Ron's birthday and was told that Arthur was coming home early to help. Fleur was quick to ask if you wanted to watch Victoire while she went to get the cake, and you agreed equally as fast. When she came back, you offered to keep watching her so Fleur could have a break.
Turns out that toddlers have limitless energy. And you do not. The little girl ran circles around you for over two hours and still didn't need to rest. "How about we play princesses?" you offered, hoping it meant you wouldn't have to run, climb, or jump for a few minutes.
"Mmmmm, okay. But I want to be a king!" she said.
You nodded along, "Okay, that I can do." You pulled out your wand and grabbed the closest stick. She squealed in delight as the stick turned into a crown that you placed gently on her head. "Wow! You look incredible with a crown, like you were born for it! Are you sure you're not a king already?"
"No!" she giggled, her blonde curls bouncing around her. You grabbed one of the hanging sheets from the clothesline, hoping Mrs. Weasley wouldn't mind, and transfigured it into a royal cloak for Victoire. She was in heaven.
You didn't get the rest you had hoped for as she decided that you needed to learn how to dance her dance. Not being able to deny the request of the most adorable king you'd ever seen, you followed all of her steps. Right in the middle of you doing a very poor version of her dance, she suddenly let out another squeal.
Maybe it should have been expected that he would arrive at the most embarrassing moment possible. He stood there, red in the face, lips tight from holding in his laugh.
"Hello, princess!" he greeted her.
She crossed her arms and pouted. "I'm a king!"
"Of course you are!" he said. He picked her up, asking what she had been making you do. "Dancing?" he asked. His smirk told you that your dancing had been not so great.
"Can you dance with me, Georgie?" she asked him.
He obliged happily, carrying her through a very over-the-top waltz that left the two of you in tears.
Arthur came along shortly after and Victoire's attention went to her grandpa. He carried her inside, leaving you and George alone. You spent several minutes playfully mocking each other before joining the others. Mrs. Weasley's lips twitched into a very subtle smile when she saw the two of you walk in.
Dinner was a fun time, just like every event with the Weasleys. Dominique sat in your lap and Victoire in George's as you enjoyed the cake, everyone talking to each other. Dominique smiled up at you, showing the two front teeth that had recently come in after you gave her a small bite of cake (with her parents' permission of course).
"So have you set a date, yet?" Mrs. Weasley asked Audrey.
"Not yet. We're still trying to decide between venues."
Victoire, who had been walking George through the steps of braiding her hair, looked up at her uncle and asked, "When are you getting married?"
He smiled down at her. "When I find someone I want to marry."
She looked thoughtful for a moment. "You should marry Y/N."
You nearly choked on my pumpkin juice while several members of the family suddenly began to talk very loudly to each other. George, looking amused, asked her why.
"Because I like Y/N," she replied simply. She was completely unfazed by the chaos she had caused and continued to eat her cake.
Ginny took her attention, talking about how some of the players for the Harpies had been asking about her. Once everyone else eased back into conversation, George leaned over and asked, "So what kind of ring do you prefer? Diamond or a different precious stone?"
You hoped your laugh didn't sound as forced as it was. "Ruby, of course!"
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bellatrixscurls · 6 months ago
boys edition ( golden trio era )
( only my favs because yeah )
Harry James Potter
• kinda awkward at first because he's only slept with a couple of girls before you
• i believe he's a sub!!
• very gentle in bed as long as you are too. very submissive (ofc), will let you play with him however and whenever you want.
• is bratty only when he's in a bad mood, but overall he's really respectful and obedient.
• cares more about your pleasure than his own. and therefore, will beg to eat you out all of a sudden, in the library, in the common room, absolutely everywhere.
• when he needs you, he'll say things like "can we go play, mummy ? please ?", "want to eat upstairs tonight ?"
• will call you 'mommy' in the bedroom, and out of it, he'll call you sweet things like "my pretty girl", "princess."
• his girth is literally everything.
• if you don't praise him at everything he does, you're screwed.
• in constant need of validation from you. and if you don't provide him with it every single day, you'll have to live with him not talking to you for an entire week or more.
• he's not ashamed of showing you how good you make him feel : when you pull his hair, ride him or give him a blowjob. he will sob, cry, whimper and whisper dirty things in your ear ( dirty things coming from such a sweet mouth as his = heaven ).
• kinks : mommy kink, praise kink, dom/sub, breath play, edge play, orgasm control.
Fredrick Gideon Weasley
• a dom. but i can see him switching roles sometimes 'just to add a little spice.'
• he'll tie you up and leave you there begging for him, while he sits back, fully naked on a chair right in front of you.
• fred loves when you call him 'freddie' in the bedroom. he just loves how innocent you sound when saying it.
• will let george/ron join from time to time, only to show them how much of a good girl you can be ( with your consent, ofc ).
• fred is the king of consent. even though he is your dom and you're his sub, he won't push you to do something you're not comfortable with. he wants you to feel as good as he does.
• gets jealous easily. like you can just chat with somebody and if he sees them looking at you some type of way, you're screwed. he will take you to his dorm room and spank you, leaving your arse bloody.
• will degrade you (most of the times) just because it's fun, and you like it as well. but when you're sad, or simply not feeling it, he'll treat you like the most precious and fragile thing in the whole world - that's what you are for him, anyway - calling you 'princess', 'dove' or even 'bunny'.
• will play with you in public. under the table, in the common room, in class, in the library etc. loves to see you squirming and trying to cover your moans from your friends.
• by the end of a night with your freddie, your body will be all covered in love bites. and i mean big, purple love bites. absolutely everywhere. he doesn't care if you'll be able to cover them the next day.
• kinks : dom/sub, degradation, praise kink, edging, bondage, all the freaky stuff.
George Fabian Weasley
• a switchhh.
• he loves to be dominated but also to dominate you, depends on the mood. one night he can have you begging for him and the next he'll be the one to do the begging.
• loves to take in your beautiful face and body and praise you for it, even when you're being punished/he's rough with you.
• he can't stand seeing you in much pain, therefore he won't tie you up and take the little control you have.
• like his twin's, his dick is fucking big. so it doesn't take long for him to have you swearing and whimpering, even when you're the one in charge.
• he'll call you names like 'puppy' - due to his breeding kink - but loves how blushy you get when he calls you his 'good girl' or 'sweet doll'.
• georgie won't degrade you. beg him for it but he will feel really uncomfortable if he agrees to do it - and we don't want that.
• won't do anything to hurt you (too badly), but that doesn't mean he's vanilla. not even close.
• when he lets fred join you, george's the sweet one and his twin is the one to degrade you and be rougher with you. and the three of you absolutely love it.
• main kinks : breeeeding, so much breeding. praise, edging, voyeurism (sometimes).
Neville Longbottom
• switch, but mostly a soft dom.
• nev is the softest dom out there, even softer than georgie. if you cry when he's punishing you or you are having an argument, his face will soften and he'll hug you tightly, but don't think that the punishment will be forgotten. neville takes punishment very seriously.
• you can't even be bratty with him, because his disappointed face is possibly the worst thing you'll see. he's not even arguing with you, he's simply sad, which makes your heart break and never want to do it again.
• his dick is big as well. but like, really really big.
• he's ready to fuck whenever, wherever. and will never turn you down.
• but don't make him jealous or the disappointed face is back.
• he doesn't care if you're shaved or not, because 'his princess is perfect anyways'.
• nicknames. nev'll probably call you 'flower' or 'needy/pretty little thing'. and he likes to be called 'nev', but if you like to go for other freaky nicknames, he won't mind.
• never degrades you. never ever.
• kinks : praise kink!! collars (everywhere), fingering etc.
Ronald Bilius Weasley
• a fucking dom. hottest dom out there tbh.
• is into all that freaky stuff, just like his big brother ;).
• won't let you take control. but if you're both tired and just need some form of release, he'll make sweet love to you and his need of control won't be that visible.
• will let freddie join. you want it too, but you know you'll be fucked hard. ron and fred don't have mercy, they want to make you feel the best they are able to.
• ron will degrade you as well, but not that much as fred. he's more into 'cum-dumb'. he likes to see you unable to speak after he gave you the most mind blowing orgasm of your whole life.
• adores calling you 'my dumb bunny' and 'my little witch', anything really, but it has to have my in front of it. also, he loves when you call him 'ronnie', in and out the bedroom.
• doesn't really like to be called daddy, but the respect has to be there anyway.
• he likes to make you jealous by 'unwillingly' flirting with one particular person - hermione. and even if she's your friend, you get jealous as fuck, not even realizing that he does it on purpose.
• kinks : cum-dumb!!! dom/sub, degradation (the right amount), breeding, collars.
Draco Lucius Malfoy
• dom, dom, dom.
• likes to be treated nicely, with respect, but doesn't want to treat you said way. he truly loves you but sex is sex, and he knows that if he's all sweet and vanilla, it won't feel as good for neither of you.
• someone said it before and i'll repeat it. draco fucks. and hard.
• you have trouble adjusting to his size because he's just so big, girth and length.
• he likes you to praise him, and him to degrade you. very strange combination but both of you fucking love it.
• trying to bite back your moans ? he bends you over his knee and plays with you in the most tortuous ways, with your hands cuffed behind your back.
• won't let anyone join you, ever. and not because he would be jealous, but because he knows no one can provide you with more pleasure than he already does. also, he thinks the act's too intimate for someone else to be joining.
• cuffs cuffs cuffs. draco loves cuffs and will use them almost everytime.
• but like all human beings, he has his tired, lazy days, when he just wants to fuck you slowly, his face buried in the crook of your neck as he listens to your pretty little whimpers.
• he will shower you with kisses and hugs every single time he sees you. doesn't matter if his friends are talking to him, if he sees you around, he'll leave them without any explanation and start kissing you like he hadn't seen you for decades.
• skirts. those fucking skirts you're wearing drive him feral. he'll have you cuffed in his dormitory in no time.
• call him 'dray' and whatever you like, but not when you're having sex. he has the biggest daddy kink out there, and if you don't call him that ? he'll punish you badly.
• is most likely to say things like 'ow, does that hurt, princess ? good'.
• has many rules, like : no flirting with somebody else, no touching somebody else etc. and they are all basically about how other people can barely even breath beside you.
• kinks : major daddy kink. breeding, degradation, cuffs. all the good stuff.
part two ?
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30 Fluffy Fic Recs for 300 Followers - Weasley Twins
(Oh my gosh thank you so much for 300 followers. Ima go cry in a corner now. You guys are the absolute best I can’t handle it 🥲)
Fred Weasley
1. “technicolor” by: @weelittleweasley
2. “tired eyes are the death of me” by: @nancybycrs
3. “Jacket Thief” by: @emf005
4. “I Hate You” by: @saintlike78
5. “smiling kisses” by: @plant-flwrs
6. “it was all yellow” by: @ickle-ronniekins
7. “madly in love with you.” by: @eatingcloudsxx
8. “excuses” part 1 | part 2 by: @wondernimbus
9. “unlike me” by: @panda-noosh
10. “You’re lucky you’re cute, Weasley” by: @bl597
11. “Games” by: @wreckofawriter
12. “not morning yet” by: @damn-stark
13. “The Bet” by: @gobletofweasleys
14. “That’s Definitely You” by: @rons-wheezely
15. “mornings sighs (what a sight)” by: @butterbeerblurbs
George Weasley
16. “ink stains” by: @accioxreparo
17. “too cold for that” by: @lovequills
18. “Shower Buddy” by: @george-fabian-weasley
19. “Golden” by: @nancybycrs
20. “Early Practice” by: @law-nerd105
21. “love at first sight” by: @wondernimbus
22. “Stupid Soulmates, and Valentines Day” by: @scarletwidowvibes
23. “Pathetic” by: @bl597
24. “the one I was meant to find” by: @ickle-ronniekins
25. “Never Let Go of You” by: @awritingtree
26. “how to carve a pumpkin” by: @moonlitmeeks
27. “Greenhouse Suprises” by: @iliveiloveiwrite
28. “Work until late” by: @angelblacksmith
29. “if I’m smiling it’s because of you” by: @butgilinsky
30. “knitted sweaters and fuzzy socks” by: @weasleysandwheezes
(Again, I can’t thank you guys enough, honestly. I love you all so very much. 🥰 So, any ideas for what I should do for the next milestone?)
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quillsanddaydreams · a month ago
Tumblr media
❝As Voldemort rises to power, he begins his ruined agenda: purifying the lineage of the sacred 28. The Weasley’s power attracts him, the monster fixes your marriage to the man who loathes you to the bits. George Weasley. Will the two of you ever come to terms with each other? Or rather, even have a civil conversation?❞
PAIRING: George Weasley x fem!Reader
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have worked long and hard on this series, hoping to make it perfect to my standards. Sincerely wishing you all enjoy, do let me know what you think<3 The series is completed, I'll be posting it every other day starting from 12th September.
WARNING(S): Given at the beginning of each chapter. Deals with concepts of arranged marriage, anxiety.
Tumblr media
01: DO YOU?
Tumblr media
TAGLIST: I will create a separate taglist for the series, but kindly ask to be added only if you wish to interact. You can send me an ask for the same and comment/reblog on this post.
As always, reblogs and feedback are very much appreciated!
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nancybycrs · 9 months ago
Golden // g.w.
— “Loving you's the antidote.”
summary / george weasley has an admirer, a shy, hufflepuff girl who thinks he is absolutely golden. | book recs by @gcdric |
word count / 3.5k
warnings / food, cussing.
here we have the first installment of the fine line collection! I hope you enjoy, fics are scheduled to be posted every three days.
Tumblr media
“Good morning, Ced.” You sighed as you took a seat at the hufflepuff table in the Great Hall. 
It was a Saturday, a day of joy and a trip to Hogsmeade with a group of friends, a day that would normally elicit sweet laughs and beaming smiles from you. Instead you wore a frown, snuggled tightly into your maroon, long sleeve shirt and shoveled your eggs into your mouth whilst Cedric eyed you curiously. 
“What’s the matter with you?” His brows raised. 
“I can’t go to Hogsmeade today.” You grumbled. 
Cedric turned to face you, “What? Why not? I wanted you to be there and put in a good word for me with Cho.” 
You lightly pushed him as a playful smirk danced upon his face. You playfully scoffed before gulping down a few sips of your pumpkin juice. 
“So glad to hear you enjoy my company.” 
“Oh relax, I was just kidding, Y/N.” Cedric raised his hand to ruffle your hair, earning a smack to his arm for knotting up your hair. He winced dramatically, causing you to quip back with an eye roll. 
“Alright, seriously,” His playful tone faded, “Why can’t you go to Hogsmeade?”
“Flitwick,” You huffed, “I failed his last bloody test and he’s forcing me to stay behind to retake it.” 
“Can’t you just take the failed grade?” Cedric shrugged. 
“Oh of course,” You snorted, sarcasm laced in your tone, “If I want to be a sixth year again.” 
Cedric chuckled at your hostility, raising his hands defensively before he shifted a few inches away from you. You rolled your eyes and turned back to your breakfast, it was merely a few seconds before Cedric teasingly poked you a few times, smiling triumphantly when he saw you trying to hide your own smile. 
“I’m sorry,” You huffed, “I’m just mad s’all. I wanted to hang out with you, meet Cho, and–”
“Stare longingly at George Weasley?” Cedric finished, blinking his eyes at you as if in awe. 
“Sod off,” You scoffed, “I do not stare longingly at George Weasley.” 
“Would you rather I said lovingly?” Cedric quirked his brow, “Maybe adoringly, fondly… oh! Passionately?” 
Cedric’s laughter carried through the Great Hall, gaining the attention of Cho and Luna from the table before them. Cedric noticed Cho’s stares and winked slyly at her. You waved to the two ravenclaw girls before elbowing Cedric in the ribs, causing him to bend over and clutch his side. 
“You’re a dick, you know that?” You quipped. 
“And you’re an arse.” He threw back, the smile still evident on his face causing a chuckle to slip from your lips. 
As much as Cedric was a pain, he was your best friend, and no matter how much you hated to admit it, he was right, you did stare longingly at George Weasley. Your attraction began in your fifth year, when you started attending the quidditch games. You weren’t particularly a quidditch fanatic, but when your housemates dragged you along you found something to entertain you. 
George Weasley was golden. He had a sweet trail of freckles peppered across his cheeks, cluttering on his nose. With every year he grew taller and stronger from playing quidditch over the summers, and your knees went weak when he showed up the beginning of sixth year with long, ginger locks grown out to meet his shoulders. He was breathtaking. 
You knew from their reputation that the Weasley twins were a force to be reckoned with. They were star beaters on the gryffindor quidditch team, but they were also incredibly witty and livened up any room with their boisterous humor and hilarious pranks. Somewhere between the classes you’d shared with him and the small talk you had, you fell head over heels for George. 
You cleared your throat as you realized you had proved Cedric’s point, catching yourself staring at George from across the Great Hall, watching mesmerized as he joked with his brothers at the gryffindor table. It wouldn’t be long before everyone was leaving for Hogsmeade, so you bid Cedric goodbye and trudged through the halls to Flitwick’s classroom. 
When you arrived, Flitwick stood at the head of his class with a few pieces of parchment in his hand. There were three desks at the front of the room, one of them already occupied with a slytherin girl. 
“Ah,” Flitwick noticed your arrival, “Miss Y/L/N. Take a seat, please.” 
You gave your professor a tight lipped smile before you took a seat. You exhaled a deep breath before running your fingers through your hair, glancing to the slytherin girl beside you who looked absolutely miserable. 
Before you, Flitwick glanced down at his watch and tapped his feet. He mumbled something and occupied himself with a few things around his desk. You assumed he was waiting for the third student to show up, and judging by their lateness, you could only assume it was someone like yourself who was begging to be anywhere else. 
You looked up as you heard the door open at last, feeling your heart drop to your stomach as a blur of red hair waltzed through the doorway. 
“Mr. Weasley,” Flitwick sighed, “How kind of you to finally join us.” 
“I am quite a kind bloke, thank you, professor.” He joked. 
Flitwick only cleared his throat, accustomed to the sarcasm and humor of the Weasley twins. 
You inhaled a whiff of gunpowder and sweets as George slid into the seat next to you. You felt nerves pool in your stomach at your close proximity, internally rolling your eyes and thinking how in Godric’s name you were going to be able to focus on this test with George sitting so close to you. 
You toyed with a lock of your hair as you waited for Flitwick to pass out the test. Beside you, George sighed and shook his head, tossing his long hair from his face. He turned to look at you, watching as you twirled a piece of hair between your fingertips and chewed on your bottom lip. He didn’t find much interest in watching the slytherin girl, but you, he found extremely interesting. 
It wasn’t long before Flitwick was passing the three of you tests and your ink and quills. With a quick overview of the test, and a reminder to keep your eyes on your own papers, he gave you permission to start your test. 
The classroom was quiet as the three of you started your test. You had made it through the first page without getting distracted by the handsome, ginger boy beside you. But as you neared the second page, you unknowingly tuned in to every shift in his seat or sigh from his lips. You mentally cursed yourself as you had to reread question after question. 
You made it about halfway down the page before the slytherin girl shot up from her seat and slid her paper onto Flitwick’s desk. With a roll of her eyes she grabbed her bag and sped out of the classroom. You sighed as the room quieted again at her absence. Clearing your throat, you turned back to your unanswered question before a sound below you caught your attention. 
Your breath hitched in your throat as you turned to look, releasing a sigh when you realized it was only your book that had fallen from your bag. As you reached out for it, you paused when a freckled hand grabbed it first and held it out to you. 
Your gaze raised to lock eyes with George Weasley. He smirked to himself before looking down at the book in his hands, furrowing his brows as he read the title and handed it back to you. You felt the sparks run up your arms as his fingertips brushed yours. 
“The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?” George spoke up. 
You nodded as you placed the book back in your bag, “It’s a muggle book–”
“It’s my favorite.” 
You sat dumbfounded as the words left his lips. It was possibly the last thing you expected George to say. You knew that he and his brother were far more intelligent than their grades let on, but you never suspected George to be much of a reader with all the excitement he showcased in his life. 
“You’re joking.” You laughed. 
George smirked, “Cross my heart, sunshine.” 
The pet name had butterflies swarming in your stomach, you didn’t have time to continue before Flitwick interrupted the two of you. You opted to end the conversation with a golden smile instead.
You had begun seeing George a lot more since your day with Flitwick. He waved to you in the hallways, winked at you across the Great Hall, and even walked you to your next class a few times. 
He was everything you knew he was, sweet, charming, golden. As much as your heart swelled with every fleeting moment you had with him, your feelings only grew deeper for him. 
It was a sunny afternoon when you’d worked up the courage to finally speak to him again. It was rare to catch George alone, when he wasn’t surrounded by his twin and his quidditch mates, so you couldn’t waste the opportunity when you spotted George slipping out of the library. 
“George!” You caught his attention, striding across the corridor to his side. His eyes lit up as he saw you, but a mischievous grin fell to his lips as he glanced back. 
He read your curious gaze as you approached him, reaching out to grab your arm and pulling you closely to him. 
“You’ve got great timing, darling,” George chuckled, “One, two…” 
George grabbed your hand in his, interlocking your fingers, as he quickly pulled you down the corridor just as a load of stink pellets exploded in the library, sending students running out as green smoke filled the room. An angry Madam Pince stomped out of the entrance next, her eyes scanning the crowd for the redhead culprit.
You muffled your laughter into your sleeve as you and George hid around the corner, watching the angry librarian trudge off in the other direction. George was laughing hysterically to the point of tears rolling down his cheeks. You felt your face hurt from how wide you were smiling, no longer from laughter at his prank, but from the adoring look you had on your face as you watched George in such a blissful state. 
“What’re you staring at, hufflepuff?” George teased, brushing his pointer finger under your chin, “I know I’m quite the prankster but you look as if Viktor Krum himself just walked past you.” 
You snorted, “Viktor?” 
“Yeah,” George shrugged, “Isn’t he the one all you girls are after?” 
You tilted your head, noticing the shiftiness in George’s eyes as he broke eye contact with you. An award winning grin still sat on his lips though, and you found yourself admiring how his blush lips accentuate his freckles. 
“I dunno,” You hummed, “He’s not really my type.” 
“Well what is your type?” George’s brows raised, he was still wearing a smirk, but there was a genuine glint in his eyes that had your heart skipping a beat. 
“I quite like book nerds.” You spoke softly. 
George’s cheeks turned pink as he remembered your conversation a few days prior. He chuckled to himself and averted his gaze, hoping you wouldn’t see the heat rising to his ears. 
“Speaking of which,” You caught his gaze again, he turned to see you ruffling through your bag until you pulled out the familiar book, “Here.” 
George’s brows furrowed as you handed it to him, glancing up at you, curiously. 
“You said it was your favorite, so I reckoned you might like to borrow it.” 
You crossed your arms over your chest as you witnessed George’s silence. You were suddenly filled with fear of awkwardness, and as you stared down at your feet you missed the adoring look George had on his face as his fingers grazed the worn in cover. 
“Y/N,” He smiled softly, “It’s your book, you didn’t have to–”
“Please, I’ve read it plenty of times,” You shrugged, “You can borrow it as long as you’d like.” 
He held the book close to him, feeling his pranker exterior fading and noticing his heart on his sleeve. Something ticked in his mind as he looked back to you before quickly digging into his own bag and pulling out a book. 
“If you’re lending me a book, I’ll lend you one as well.” 
You took the copy of The Three Musketeers, smiling to yourself as you ran your fingers over the cover like George had done to your book. You shook your head fondly, glancing up to look at him. 
“So does this mean we’ve started our own book club now?” You quipped. 
George chuckled but shrugged lightly, “If it means I’ll be seeing more of you, then sure.” 
You felt the heat rise to your cheeks as you bowed your head to look at the floor. You huffed out playful laughter as you heard George chuckling above you. It was only when you felt a sweet kiss to your cheek that your eyes shot upwards, catching a smirk on George’s face as he walked off down the corridors with your book in his hand. 
Fleeting moments between the two of you only seemed to grow from there. Winks across the great hall turned into sneaking off together, down to the kitchens where you’d get a snack and chat about the chapter you’d read that day. George was becoming a steady presence in your life, you knew him well as a prankster, but you were falling hard for the soft side of him. 
“You’re quite sweet, you know?” You had teased one night. 
George scoffed, “Not to burst your bubble, but I’d sneak off to the kitchens with Malfoy if I was hungry enough.” 
You snorted, playfully pushing his shoulder. 
“That’s not what I mean, you git.” 
George smirked as he scooted closer to you, “What do you mean then, angel?” 
You rolled your eyes at the pet name, he’d picked it up a few weeks back and never let it go once he noticed how you bit your lip to keep from smiling widely. 
“I mean,” You huffed, “That you’re good company, and that despite how much you get on my nerves, I don’t ever get tired of you.” 
George stared into your eyes, a witty response on the tip of his tongue, but he found his heart fluttering as you glanced down at his lips. So he leaned back against the wall, and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. 
“Good,” He sighed, “‘Cause I don’t plan on going anywhere.” 
Nights in the kitchen turned into George sneaking into your dorm as he stayed up one night reading over a particular chapter with a questioning cliffhanger. 
“Are you mad?” You tossed your pillow towards George’s figure at your door. He dodged it easily and rushed over to sit at the foot of your bed. 
“Calm down, woman,” George teased, “This is important.”
“George I swear, if it’s about that bloody book you can wait til tomorrow.” You sighed, tossing your arm over your head. 
George huffed, “But–”
“No,” You scoffed, laughter hanging on the edge of your words, “Go to sleep. Merlin.” 
He remained at the foot of your bed, unsatisfied with your response. He was far too awake now to go back to sleep, and by the looks of it you didn’t really want him to leave. 
“Okay, it’s not about the book then.” George crossed his arms over his chest, covering the ‘G’ knitted into his sweater. 
“What is it then?” You sighed. 
“Maybe I just wanted to see you.” 
You were thankful for the darkness in your room that hid your soft grin. George was possibly the most adorable thing you’d ever seen. 
“You heard me,” He shuffled closer to you, “Scoot over.” 
You lifted the covers for him to join you in your bed. He sighed contently as you settled before him, leaving him to gather a pillow under his head and further snuggle under the blanket. The last you remember that night before drifting off to a peaceful sleep was his arm wrapping around your waist. 
As your friendship grew, the time you spent together increased. You were no longer fitting each other in empty spaces of your schedule, you were cutting out time for trips to Hogsmeade together and nights in the gryffindor common room. 
You were falling fast, and with each lingering touch you were closer and closer to admitting you were wholly and completely in love with him. 
That particular night, you paraded beside George to the common room. Gryffindor had just won a match against slytherin, and you were by George’s side to celebrate. The team had just returned from showering and freshening up just as the party began getting started in the common room. 
You were adorned in George’s practice quidditch robes. They fit loosely on you, oversized from how muscular George had grown that year. You felt a sense of pride with his number and last name on your back, showing off to everyone that you were the one George had given the pleasure of wearing his jersey. 
You were surprised when he asked you to wear it, your stomach had fluttered with butterflies as he sheepishly handed it to you with rosy cheeks. You had let your hands graze his as you took it, reaching up to kiss his cheeks before you’d gotten ready for the match. 
Now, as you were dancing with Katie and Angelina in the common room, you were surprised when you felt a large hand resting on your back and turned to see George, nodding his head towards the portrait hole. You bid goodbye to your friends, rolling your eyes at their teasing looks and took George’s hand as he led you out to the corridor. 
“Everything alright, Georgie?” You tilted your head once the two of you settled by an empty wall. 
George leaned against the wall and tugged you in by your waist to stand in front of him, he smiled down at you lazily and leaned forwards to press a kiss to your cheek. 
“‘M good, darling, just wanted some alone time with you.” 
You bit your lips as your stomach fluttered, leaning forward you put your hands on his shoulders. One hand raised to thread through his hair as you settled in his hold. 
“You played great today.” You smiled. 
“Yeah?” George smirked, “Could hear you screaming all the way across the pitch.” 
You scoffed, “Hey, I just happen to be a quidditch enthusiast.” 
George snorted, chuckling lightly as his head leaned down to rest on your shoulder. The two of you stood in each other’s hold in the corridor, swaying back and forth in silence. It was comfortable, nice and safe, the epitome of the way you felt about George. 
“You look really good in my jersey.” George mumbled into your hair. 
Your stomach did somersaults at his confession, your hands absentmindedly tightening around him to hold him closer to you.
“It’s quite comfy.” You shrugged, laughing as George broke the silence with a scoff. 
George chewed on his bottom lip, “You should wear it more often.”
A smile rose to your lips as you caught onto George’s subtle flirting. It was sweet, sending your heart swelling in your chest as you leaned into his touch. George lifted his head to look at you in response to your silence. 
“Hmm,” You tapped your chin, “I dunno, d’you think Krum will like it?”
“Bloody hell.” George rolled his eyes. 
In a swift movement George leaned down to press his lips to yours, muffling your laughter. Your breath hitched in your throat as you felt his soft lips connecting with your own, you sighed into him as you relaxed, melting into his arms. George held you close to him as he deepened the kiss. 
You gasped, allowing George the access to slip his tongue past your lips, entangling with your own. He was gentle, tightening his arms around your waist to hold you impossibly close. You nipped at his bottom lip and pressed yourself up on your tiptoes to press your lips further against his. 
George kissed your cheek as you pulled back, grinning to himself as you took a deep breath, an indication he had quite literally kissed you breathless. He moved to press kisses along your jawline before he sighed out a confession. 
“Merlin, I love you.” 
He froze in his spot as the words left his lips. You pulled back to look at him, noticing the thick swallow he took and the fear in his brown eyes. He bit his bottom lip and mulled over an apologetic excuse but was cut off as you kissed him again. 
He instantly relaxed against you, catching on quickly as he moved to deepen the kiss immediately. He peppered kisses to your lips, pecks that had you chasing after him before you couldn’t anymore as a smile took over his lips. 
“I love you, George Weasley.” 
He sighed into a blissful laugh as he scooped you into his arms and peppered kisses to your neck. You squealed as he held you close to him, your laughter soon filling the hallway as he kissed all over your face. 
“Thank Flitwick for that bloody test.” George mumbled as he captured your lips in another kiss.
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jellyraindrops · 4 months ago
Things I would Do At Hogwarts
Me, walking through a semi-empty corridor: *sees a first year*
Me, walking up to them: Hey little fella, are you lost?
Professor Flitwick: *turns arounds* Excuse me?
Me: holy fucKING SHIT SHIT SHIT *runs away*
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katherynshoward · 3 months ago
𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐠𝐞𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐞 𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐞; { 𝐠.𝐰. 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 }
SYNOPSIS; my headcanons for what it would be like to date george. fred is alive and this would be AFTER the war when everyone is grown. feel free to use these in your stories! if it’s precise, like my quotes, just be sure to credit me.
RESTRICTIONS; preferably 18+. if you’re under 18, i only ask that you do not read the nsfw headcanons section. it is greatly appreciated.
WARNINGS; mention of death, sex, dress up kink
Tumblr media
whenever you’re giving him the silent treatment after an argument, he puts your favorite snack on the highest shelf where you live and hides the stool. it’s how he gets you to talk to him. fucker.
he constantly asks if you still have a crush on him even after you eventually get married.
you tell him ‘sweet dreams’ every night before bed and he responds with ‘see you there’.
then he falls asleep in ten seconds while you stay up wondering if he remember to turn off the stove until you inevitably get up to check.
you guys build hella forts.
modern george would be the kind of person to angle his phone up so you can only see his forehead and one eyebrow during facetime calls, not realizing he’s on camera as well.
he likes to bath with you. he always sits directly behind you in the tub and tries to shape your hair into a mohawk with shampoo.
george loves hand holding. hand holding supremacy.
because you’re holding hands literally all the time, he likes to say ‘steady’ and twirl you around while you two are walking in public and then he places a gentle kiss on your knuckles.
he knows you’re very ticklish on your neck and likes to whisper the most obscure hilarious shit against your neck at random times.
you guys people watch A LOT. the two of you could literally commentate on others for hours, bouncing back and forth off of each other in good humor.
forehead kisses instantly revive his mood. it’s his life force.
he has to be sitting for you to give him forehead kisses bc he’s too tall otherwise.
he has accidentally used your toothbrush way too many times. they’re not even close to the same color.
fred used to pretend he was george to get you to tell him shocking information about george to blackmail him later. you eventually caught on and can clearly tell them apart now.
F: “Hey, love. Do you remember where I put my journal?” You: “Weren’t you just writing in it last night? It’s beneath the mattress. Like always.” F: “No bloody way. He still uses it?” You: “What?” F: “What?”
every opportunity to make a tasteless pun about his missing ear, he absolutely takes it.
george wakes up first and likes to spend his first hour just admiring you. caressing you with his fingers and brushing your hair out of your face. if you do anything embarrassing during this hour, you will be hearing about it.
he was terrified of cats when you first started dating. but he got you a kitten for your birthday after your last one passed and you were inconsolable. it looks just like your last cat.
george is now ultimate cat dad and probably cuddles the cat more than you do.
You: “Why did you take the cat to go poop with you?”
G: “He gets scared when I’m gone, y/n. I can’t leave him.”
you were best friends for a very long time before you started dating and you still very much act like best friends. because you are.
because he’s your bestie as well as your lover, he lets you do conventionally girly things with him if it means spending more time with you.
he would definitely by the type of boyfriend to let you do makeup on him for a youtube video.
G: “Am I pretty now?” You: “The prettiest.” G: Buzzer noise* “That was a trick question. You were supposed to say ‘yes but not as much as me’.”
he is always the little spoon and will fight for his life on this.
cracks out baby book every christmas at the burrow of him and fred. likes to point out that his butt was cuter and that’s how molly could tell them apart. fred and george usually end up arguing over this, fred claiming that george has them mixed up.
fred will naturally throw hands for you because george loves you so much. you are untouchable between those two.
george is so in love with you, it’s ridiculous.
even when he’s mad at you, he ends up taking the blame although you still apologize for upsetting him.
he just can’t rationalize you being anything other than perfect, even when you leave your hair clumps in the shower.
which he calls your ‘mini-me’.
NSFW headcanons.
he cracks jokes during sex. there is no escape.
those forts from earlier? of course you have sex in them. but only after popcorn and movies.
his hidden kink is dressing you up in sexy costumes and fucking you while you wear them. 
modern george would lose his shit over you cosplaying and probably help you make your cosplays.
but his favorites would be typical ones. like maid, school girl, nurse, probably princess leia at some point.
his favorite position is you on top while he just hammers into you.
george is a thigh guy. he grabs your thighs more than he drinks water. it’s his sustenance.
he loves morning sex. he’s so sensual and gentle in the mornings. something about the glow of sunrise really gets that man going.
mostly, he gets off by making you feel good and worries far more about your orgasm than his own.
makes bedroom jokes at the most inappropriate times.
*Sitting at the Weasley dinner table* G: *Cracks open fortune cookie and takes out fortune.* G: “Y/n, it says here ‘serious trouble will bypass you - in bed.’” You: “GEORGE WEASLEY it does not say that.”
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angelblacksmith · 3 months ago
Kissing with George Weasley would include
Pairing: George Weasley x fem!Reader
Warning: kisses, a lot of kisses, my English (is not my native language, sorry)
Tumblr media
We all know that George Weasley is the best boy
And the kisses with him are also the best
In the morning, he wakes you up with kisses all over your face
"Good morning, Princess"
"Georgie, I want to sleep"
"Oh, how can you sleep when you have such a beautiful guy next to you! "
Very demanding kisses
After such kisses, your lips turn red
He loves to hug you
But you're much shorter than George
That's why he often kisses you on the top of your head
And he puts his arm around your waist
When you have a break in class
George will catch you out of the crowd of students
And now you're kissing in an empty classroom
You're sitting on a desk
And he's standing next to you
And he kisses your lips
And the neck
And cheeks
And the collarbones
Until one of the teachers comes in
This is so embarrassing
But only for you
Most likely, George will just grab your hand and run down the corridor with you
Night kisses
Oh, yeah, baby
He and Fred like to "walk" around Hogwarts at night
And you will go with them
"Well, sweetheart, come with us! It's going to be so much fun! "
He has such cute eyes at this moment
And you will kiss everywhere on this "walk"
While Fred is preparing new joke
"Don't you guys have any desire to help me?"
"Of course not, Fred. You're doing great. "
Sometimes you and he just lie there and kiss all day
"Hey, love, it's been so long since we've kissed . "
"George, the last kiss was five minutes ago! "
"Five minutes ago! We need to fix this!"
This usually happens after a hard school week
And these kisses are so tender
And cute
And sweet
You feel like the happiest girl in the world
I love this boy very much
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expelliarweasley · 10 days ago
for what it's worth | george weasley smut
Tumblr media
pairing: george weasley x fem!reader warnings: it’s smut. it’s nsfw. it has voyeurism, innocence kink, and george weasley. prompts: "do i look like i'm messing around?" "no. but soon we'll be,"
a/n: all characters here are 18+ for me. in this fic, hogwarts education started at 14.
summary: george fabian weasley was the epitome of annoyance. true to its connotation, it was one of the things that y/n despised when it came to the [in]famous ginger twin.
"Weasley, I don't understand what you think of an assigned pair project is, but for the love of Merlin, please just help me on this!" Y/N whisper-yelled, pleading at the Gryffindor who was pushing her on the edge just by simply ignoring her at dinner in the Great Hall.
Fred looked at Y/N then at George, clearly amused at the never ending spite and tension between his twin and the [Y/H] lady. He never knew how it exactly started. Or maybe Fred did. He would never hear the end of how George thought Y/N was a stuck-up brat in Charms, and Fred guesses it was that bad considering how George said that Hermione couldn't even compare.
"Bloody mad that lass is, I'm telling you," George muttered as he played with a box in his hand, subconsciously thinking of a possible prank that he could muster with the box.
Fred chuckled, waving his hand in revision for Charms one Saturday afternoon since he was amused at George and Y/N's excessive bickering in the class last Thursday. "Do remind me why you hold such prejudice against Y/N?"
"Ah," George tutted, moving his legs out of its position on the couch to face Fred who was perpendicular to him. "No, no, you've got it wrong, dear brother." He started
His twin hummed, urging him to continue. "I don't hold 'such prejudice'," he air-quoted, "I actually despise her, everything she does is basically a disdain to my set of virtues and principles."
"Why do you have a set of virtues and principles?"
"I don't exactly have them," George retorted. "I just exaggerated for the sake of putting how much I hate her in wordings."
All George received was a side-eye and an amused chuckle, it was as if George knew what Fred was thinking as his eyes widened in response, and immediately went defensive over the possibility.
"Piss off, Fred."
"Oi! I wasn't even saying anything!"
"No, no, your body language says everything."
"Well, yours do too whenever Y/N is near. I say, shag it out. See a possible romance, now you could talk Y/N's ear off about Y/N herself."
Y/N turned to look at Fred with her eyes squinted and brows furrowed. Fred made a mocking face of defence while raising both of his hands up, leaving the matter to Y/N who was sure she could rip George's hair out of his head.
"Bloody hell, George Weasley!" Y/N slammed her hands on the table, infuriated. At this point, her action may have been successful since George had already spared her a glance, and of course, a grin.
Y/N groaned, moving slightly at George's line of focus. "George Weasley, I know you care less about Charms because you'll do amazing at it with little to no effort, but will you please just help me on the assigned work?!"
"You flatter me too much, Y/L/N," he smirked, leaning his head on the palm of his hand, eyeing the frustrated [Y/H] right in front of him. "Whatever way I could help you, madame?" he taunted, his playful persona never leaving him.
Best believe Y/N had to contain her anger in a way she knows how to – taking a deep breath. "Just show up in the library for once and I might reconsider giving you points for collaboration. If you don't show up tonight, I'll tell Professor Flitwick and I'll be making sure you'll receive the bid of my sympathy since you won't be able to do O.W.Ls."
"Oh, but I don't need O.W.Ls for my future profession, Y/N. Thank you for the concern, though. Well appreciated."
"Weasley," Y/N warned, making George laugh in response. "Alright, fine. I'm going after eating these mushy peas, is that alright with you? Or am I not allowed to eat these mushy peas with my remaining fish and chips?"
Y/N groaned and rolled her eyes. "No, take your bloody time," she sent him a tight-lipped smile, but faltering in her annoyance as she may or may not have received a wink from George, who now turned to his plate of mushy peas and returned to his conversation with Fred and Lee.
She was sure she was winked at. But of course, Y/N couldn't dwell on the thought. Instead of thinking of it, she shook her head and made her way to the library with doubts whether George'll be coming and help her. Nonetheless, Y/N had already been rehearsing her line to Professor Flitwick. That was, until, after moments of stalling and deciding not to bail on her already and just this once, George had already found her in the farthest table at the library with her head tucked behind her behind her folded arms. He rolled his eyes and made his way to her, poking her arm with the tip of his wand.
Y/N grumbled in response and hoisted her head, eyes squinting from a quick snooze. She was met with the towering figure of George Weasley. And while most of the times she didn’t care how she looked like, she became self-conscious on how she may be having drooling in her sleep.
“George -“
“And here I was thinking you’d be ninety-nine percent finished.”
George took the seat opposite her. His eyes glued to the parchment after parchment which was partially filled with her handwriting. The ginger Gryffindor might have felt tad bit guilty, but he wouldn’t dare apologise to her, no, not to Y/N.
It may have been completely done, if it weren’t for George’s intermittent attention span that always seemed to stall work since he always had to rise up from the table to find a book that just popped randomly in his thoughts.
Also, he may have been doing this on purpose. From time to time, he would take a glance at Y/N and take note on how her aura expresses stress and frustration over the assigned work. George can’t help but feel sorry, now more then ever, to the [Y/H] that he had left alone for the majority of the project.
Though, in his defence, he could just fail Charms just because of this than be paired with her; however, he wouldn’t like the thought of also bringing her down just because of his pride that never seem to falter whenever it was Y/N he was being dealt with.
So, when Y/N had pushed the parchment to him in a sheepish manner, somehow telling him to answer the sections she had left blank because she was unable to answer it, George have not hesitated in grabbing the sheet, his train of thought regarding Y/N halting to focus on each question Y/N knew he deemed easy. George was skilled at Charms, anyway.
Now, it was Y/N’s turn to look at George while he was preoccupied. Y/N couldn’t help herself but admit that while George annoys her to an infinite extent, he was an attractive lad - a hot one, at that. Specifically, her type.
If only George had been nicer to her like his twin brother, Fred, she would’ve made a move on him. Not that she would do, though. However, she couldn’t even tell of the probability.
“You got a question wrong,” George said, snapping her out of her thoughts that, with only a few more seconds of staring, would have been tainted with impurity.
“What?” she whispered, she furrowed her eyebrows and leaned forward to George, making him swoon almost instantly to the faint scent of oak and bergamot, a scent that confirmed to George that it was indeed Y/N whom he smelt of in his Amortentia.
She leaned back, meeting George at eye level, and she couldn’t help but notice how his eyes had increasingly darkened the longer they stared at each other’s eyes.
“There’s nothing wrong in what I’ve wrote!”
“Yeah, there is. You’ve wronged the arm motion description for Entrancing Enchantment. It should be should be clockwise, not counterclockwise.”
“Well, you’re already on it, aren’t you?”
“I’m just pointing it out so that you’ll never get it wrong next time.”
“Yeah, I won’t be needing it anyway. Besides, this isn’t even in the O.W.Ls.”
“You might be needing it in case you like someone and they don’t like you back. However, we might be brewing love potions.”
“Love potions? From you, Weasleys? I’d rather die alone.”
George chuckled, “Your hand isn’t enough to suffice everything you need, you know.”
Y/N met his gaze and shuffled slightly on her seat. Heart beating loudly at the sudden suffocating tension in the rather spacious section in the library.
“Do I look like messing around with you?”
“No,” he smirked, head ducking down to turn his gaze on the parchment, writing over Y/N’s handwriting to correct the mistake. “But soon, we’ll be.” He looked up at Y/N to wink, quickly looking back at the parchment yet again as quickly as he could.
Y/N muttered a cuss word towards George. Trying to alleviate any change of atmosphere that she couldn’t decide whether she likes it or - well, she likes it. She just got caught herself in a situation she knew she wasn’t well-experienced. Considering how she had never been in a relationship before, though she had her first kiss already, she doesn’t even know if that counts considering it was just a peck.
Nonetheless, all Y/N could think of was the augmenting dampness between her thighs. As much as she wants to just not mind it, her constant fidgeting was one key teller and she prays to each existing deity for George to be unable to notice her sudden silence and stiff stature.
As if her prayers were answered given the continued silence, and as George answered the last question in such drawl, it had given Y/N the opportunity to daydream of obscene scenarios with George inside her head.
And it nearly kills Y/N on the spot as George placed his quill down to look at Y/N with his chin on his hand, finger drumming on it. “Am I wrong for assuming that I am consuming your thoughts at the moment?”
“I - uh, what?”
“You’ve been staring at me for quite a long time now, Y/N. If I had been quite the smug one, I would’ve said you’ve been thinking of me fucking you.”
Y/N blushed as she timidly shifted in her seat, and even though she wants to strip away her gaze from the intense scare she’s receiving from George, she couldn’t do it no matter how much every fibre in her body’s been dying to do so.
They’ve stayed like that, really. George testing the waters and Y/N holding herself back from jumping on George. That, or maybe Y/N just wants George to take the lead since she was new to all these things.
"Oh, darling," George drawled. "Tell me to stop and I will."
That was all she got from George, to which she nodded to. And when she met the stern look from George, she had muttered a soft 'yes.' George, on the other hand, had already ducked under the table [rather swiftly] after purposefully dropping his quill on the floor.
He shrugged and made his way to Y/N's tightly clamped legs to which George had eased in loosening from tension by rubbing his hands on it in such a delicate manner. He peeked up to see Y/N already staring down at him.
George swears his cock had already started growing in size as he looked up at Y/N's lustful and anticipating look. "Tell me, love," he said as he kissed her knee, smirking at the slight jerk of her right leg. "How do you want it? Slow?" he asked, pushing her legs slowly apart, kissing the inside of her thighs as he enjoys each squirm.
"Rough?" he continued, biting then on the skin, Y/N lightly squealing which made him squeeze her thighs. "Hush, now, love." he winked at her. "We wouldn't want anyone to know your enemy is going down on you right?"
"Though," George smirked. "I do like me some audience."
Y/N let out a shaky breath. Frustrated over the idea that George has only done very little and yet she was already very putty in his caress. "George, I –" she started as George switched from biting to sucking, kissing to licking the inside of her thighs, as if he was anticipating for an answer to his previous question.
At this point Y/N was already pooling in her underlinen, and even though she just wants to shove her throbbing pussy towards George's face, she had to answer his question truthfully.
"George," she whispered, meeting his eyes. "I - I haven't done this before."
"You mean, you haven't -"
"Not even touch yourself?"
"I don't know what pleases me."
George groaned at the thought of him having to teach Y/N about the world of intimacy - if she'll have him, of course. His thoughts were running wild at the thought of just being between her thighs which he may have imagined coming on every once so often.
"Do you want to know how?"
"For what it's worth, Georgie, please just -" she managed to cut herself off as she leaned down a bit to cup his left cheek in such frustration and anticipation, "Just do whatever you like, just touch me."
Y/N was desperate. And George was, too. That's why when he heard the words of approval from her, he had tried not to take her in the table right there at the moment.
Instead, with new information in such intimate manner, George decides not to push things farther from what he thinks Y/N should know of the moment. He continued with kissing the insides of her thighs, with his hands creeping at her arse to take a hold of it as his mouth neared her core.
George took his time, much to Y/N's dismay at some point. But she knew less than George, so she let him be.
His fingers played with her underwear as he kissed her clothed cunt, lapping as though the piece of fabric was the appetiser to the main meal. Y/N gasped, unfamiliar to the sensation that was happening on her dripping pussy.
"Oh, fuck," she managed to choke out, bringing her hand to clasp over her mouth. Extremely lost in the bliss, George had managed to slip down her underwear down to her ankles without Y/N knowing much.
Sensually, George placed a light kiss on her clit [as Y/N assumes], making her audibly gasp and close her eyes. George smirked, knowing he had found in such instant where to pleasure her.
He pushed her legs farther, licking ever so intimately the slit of her dripping core. Tongue flat and warm, Y/N was sure that with such tension and such sinful, minimal act from George, she could be coming within seconds.
"Taste so fucking good, flower," he winked, using his left hand to spread his cunt widely and his right wrangling over her right thigh to keep her still. "Be a good girl for Georgie and keep quiet, yeah?"
Y/N hadn't even got the chance to answer before George had decided to lap on her pussy in an instant. With the lips being spread open by his left hand, George had been hitting the spots Y/N have never dared to let herself travel to.
Kissing, sucking, and licking, Y/N was trying her very hard not to make a noise, resorting to tightly-closed eyes and hardly-bitten fist. She had been giving out slight squeals, making her squeal higher and slightly louder when George warned her about her volume through sucking or biting her labia.
"Oh, my - fuck, George!" she whispered. Her hands moving faster than her mind, as she took a hold of George's ginger hair and pulled him to her pussy closer, to which George groaned in response.
George's right hand reached for Y/N's left hand that was holding on to the edge of her seat for dear life. He intertwined their hands while staring at the beauty that was Y/N, subconsciously not believing how he was the one making her feel good - the first, at that.
His left hand which was opening Y/N had left from its stagnant position, only to push the first two fingers inside of her, with Y/N drawling out a moan and almost sliding off her chair from pleasure.
From two fingers to three, Y/N was positive that she had been feeling rather tingly at the pit of her stomach. And George, having felt her walls clench around his fingers, went to full feral mode.
He instantly quickened his fingering while simultaneously lapping over her clit, as he locked his half-lidded eyes with that of her's who resembled such lust and pleasure.
"That's right, love, come for me." He managed to groan out, spitting on her cunt only to eat out with much more determination than before. "George, ah! What the fuck!" Y/N cried out, hips rolling to George's mouth out of instinct.
"Don't think too much, let your body take control, darling."
"George, please, let me -" she cut herself as she opened her mouth without any moans coming out, eyes closing in the process. Her vocabulary and usually formal composure at the intense euphoria George had been giving her.
"Keep your eyes open and look at me when you cum, baby."
And that was it really, it was if something had snapped in her and she could hear George's string of cuss words as he gawked at the cum dripping on hands.
After Y/N had relieved from her high, George had already lunged himself forward to lick her cum off from her, as Y/N winced from overstimulation.
"Georgie -"
"Just cleaning you out, love."
George wiped his mouth using the back of his hand, and when he brought his fingers for him to suck on, he met Y/N's curious eyes and he moans at the thought of corrupting her innocence.
"You taste so good, Y/N," he whispered. "So," he started kissing her thighs as he bit her underwear playfully as he pulled it upwards using his teeth.
"Fucking," he said as he intertwined his right hand yet again with Y/N's, left hand reaching over to her chest to squeeze one breast. "Good." he winked as he retracted from his position, taking a hold of his quill to sit back where he first sat before the situation.
"Y - you," Y/N started, panting heavily still, "We still have another task to work on." she blushed at her statement, harder when George laughed at what she said.
George ruffled his hair a bit. "Oh, darling," he smiled, fixing his uniform and getting a hold of the parchment. "We still haven't answered the next part, though it's more on practicals." He smirked.
He went over to Y/N and leaned over just beside her ear. "I'll be in my dorm." Winking afterwards.
It was definitely worth it.
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