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#george x reader
lucymcyt · a day ago
how about a break up prank on the boys???
Break up prank
I have a discord server with a bunch of perks for those who join it so if you like my work feel free to join via the link
A/n: this head cannon will be shorter than my others because I'd didn't know how to make it longer also wasn't sure who you wanted so I did the dream team because it was getting kind of repetitive
- you had seen a TikTok of a break up prank and the reaction was so funny so you decide to give it a go on George although you weren't sure he would really react at all because he doesn't often show his emotions
- once your phone was set up to record what happens you got really nervous that George wouldn't believe you or if he did he wouldn't trust you again after that and you had worked so hard to get George to really let you in to his little bubble
- the two of you were sat down together for a little while before you could make yourself go through with it because it's just a prank and people do them all the time in fact George has done the odd prank on you
"George I think we need to break up" you say trying not to give away the prank
"Is there a reason? Did I do something?" He asked
"No its not your fault I just don't think it's working anymore" you say
- he looked so sad to the point that you couldn't take it any further and had to tell him that it was a prank to your surprise he wasn't mad just relieved that you weren't really breaking up with him
- he wouldn't let go of you for the rest of the day because he was scared that you would actually leave or you would be able to prank him again and he wasn't sure he could handle anymore of those at least for another few months
- you had seen the prank all over TikTok but weren't keen on doing that to Clay until Sapnap encouraged you to do it because he wanted to know how Clay would react plus he said that he would forgive you in a second
- Sapnap had set up your phone to film at the right angle while you paced around the living room incredibly scared that Clay was going to hate you for doing this or break up with you for real
- when he got home you two sat down together and had a small conversation where you knew he could tell you were thinking about something which I guess with add to the prank but you really didn't mean it to be that way
"Clay I think we need to go our separate ways I just don't think I'm in it anymore" you completely lied
"Oh um thats ok just know I'll always be here for you" he said
- hearing him say that and watching tears well up in his eyes was too much you admitted right away that it was a prank and he right away goes to hug you telling you how relieved he was that you were just joking with him
- it led to him telling you all about how much he loves you and why you can never do that to him again and your promised you wouldn't it was all very sweet
- at some point Sapnap walked through and made throwing up noises and told me I was awful at pranks which he should of known from how nervous I was to do it
- the two of you are always prancing and joking around with each other so you thought it would be the prefect prank to get him back after he scared the life out of me when he faked hurting himself
- I did feel a little bit bad because as much as we joke around together we are incredibly close and I don't want to break even a tiny bit of that bond because its just so special to you and something you doing want to give up without a fight
- Sapnap came back from spending some time with Clay and thats when you decided to do it before he gets too comfortable and before you can stop yourself doing it
“Hey Sap I’m really sorry but I think we need to break up and don’t worry its not anything you’ve done its just not working for me anymore” you say
“It’s ok you don’t need to be sorry but before you go can I just say that I’ve really enjoyed our time together and thank you for teaching me so much about myself” he said
- you could feel tears coming down my face hearing him say that because he has never been so open with you about how he really feels like that and honestly it hurt knowing he thought it was his last chance to tell you
- you told him right away and he was slightly mad but only in a joking way he was actually more relieved because he was really trying not to get upset that he had lost you
- he tackles you into a hug laying on top of you telling you more about how he really feels about you and you did the same which felt good to say and to hear how much you two really did love each other
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tvmmys · 2 days ago
›› ──── dating georgenotfound headcannons ִ ۪⊹
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
── summary ⵓ how is it like to date georgenotfound? is it like a fantasy or a disaster?
── warnings ⵓ mentions of drugs, manipulation, killing, suggestive stuff ( for the yandere ver. )
── notes ⵓ okay so uh i’m sorry for being inactive but now i’m back and got some dating george hcs :D
Tumblr media
── dating irl!george
›› okay so let’s be realistic here, my guy george loves you. i mean what’s the point to date someone if you don’t love them? 
›› anyways he isn’t the clingy type so to all you people that like to cling onto people .... i’m sorry/j
›› he has a hard time expressing his feelings so if he doesn’t say i love you back don’t take it too seriously :)
›› sometimes just sometimes he wants to cuddle so he gives you hints rather than asking cuz he’s a shy boi
›› also if you figure out that he wants to cuddle and ask him he’ll make fun of you
›› you’re the big spoon when you guys cuddle cuz um my guy likes to snuggle into you
›› you both don’t really argue but if you guys do then it’s 99.99% serious like maybe you cheated on him or he cheated on you or something 
›› he doesn’t want the chat to know about you like AT ALL because he’s afraid that his fans might send hate to you
›› also uh if you’re also a popular streamer then ..... he’ll make you give him clout.
›› i don’t think this man gets jealous like at all 
›› maybe you might be the one who gets jealous all the time 
›› he’ll make fun of you for that
›› lmfao
›› overall he’s a pretty nice boyfriend and will love you until the end 
›› wholesome right ?
Tumblr media
── dating yan!george ( not irl ! )
›› okay so before y’all started ‘dating’ he was your friend
›› tbh he was actually a pretty good friend like your other friends were jealous of your and george’s friendship
›› okay fast foward to the moment he kidnapped you 
›› okay so he drugged you? 
›› like he made this ‘cake’ for you that had anaesthesia in it 
›› after he kidnapped you, you woke up in his home and like the dumbo you are you thought he was here to save you
›› and you were far from being correct dude 
›› also you couldn’t even get up from the bed cuz he cuffed your legs and hands.
›› dream was behind george when you woke up
›› okay so now the dating ones
›› he’s not the clingy one like the irl george But if someone had the guts to look at you or talk to you man he’ll act like a teddy bear the alive ones and will hug you really tight
›› also when you both go back home he’ll kill the person in front of you
›› anyways
›› lmfao tbh even dream is better than him 
›› my guy george will manipulate you to make you stay away from your friends 
›› if you try to escape then he’ll either lock you in a white room or give you some type of drug that makes you hear some weird noises
›› if you somehow just die he’ll ask dream to revive you :D too bad for you if you wanted to escape
›› my guy has trackers on you in places you don’t even know
›› huh?
›› overall dream is better and he sucks so throw him away 
Tumblr media
── notes ⵓ okay so uh do y’all want some more dating hcs ( of him or some other character ) ? also thank you for 76 notes on my first real post! also uh i changed my theme and made a new carrd!
Tumblr media
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blexmar · a day ago
Hello! This is my first time requesting on your blog so please tell me if I somehow mess up I would like to ask for angst of c!George with his brother where XD thinks his brother is somehow trying to date him and the reader gets injured some how if that's alright! Also can I be 🔫🦑 anon?
platonic george x brother!reader
request :: yes!! <33 and my first one at that ;)) milestone wooo
warnings :: not really angst but not really comfort?, injury, dreamxd being kind of mean, mentions of nausea, cussing and blood
authors note :: of course! <3 welcome to the little community, 🔫🦑 anon :)) you’re my first anon too <33 you’re the first to a lot of things on my blog :0 isn’t that cool :D and you didn’t mess anything up when requesting :} and also,, hot little pronoun check please? :) if you don’t mind of course <3
pretty much everyone in the server knew that you and george were related. despite not being very affectionate people both ways, hanging out and silent affection was always enough to keep your family bond together.
over time once things seemed to settle down in the smp, there were rumors floating around about a mysterious god? and george was around less and less.
sometimes when you walked around with george (when he was around you), you always ended up feeling a pair of eyes following you around.
whenever you looked around though, no one was there.
this was strange to you, but you never really thought much of it.
truthfully, you were perfectly fine and you weren’t in harms way because of the weird feelings.
unfortunately for you, the mysterious god that showed up on the server had eyes for your dear brother, george. this didn’t really effect you though, since you really just wanted him to be happy.
though, a certain god did not take this so lightly.
he had eyes for george, yes, but there was always someone getting in his way from hanging out with the mushroom topped man.
and that, my dear, was you.
he didn’t know what type of relationship you had with george, but he kind of just assumed you were his boyfriend.
this made him quite pissed, if you didn’t think so before.
so for months, he kept a happy face in front of george. sometimes he wanted to bring you up, but he never really got the chance to. george never really mentioned you all that often either, if at all.
all dreamxd inquired was if george was your significant other.
you and everyone else (besides dreamxd) knew that there was no relationship between you two other than platonic.
but dreamxd wanted to find some way to get rid of you so that he could have george to himself.
it sounds a bit yandere-ish, no? but he just wanted to find out what relationship you had with george, and get rid of it if it was what he thinks it is.
he didn’t exactly know where to start, but i suppose the first step is to find you and get answers, no?
unluckily for you, the answer getting involved physical force.
mainly because you refused to give a complete stranger information about your brother.
“who the hell even are you—“
your sentence was cut off by your coughing, and your eyes widen to see blood from your mouth on the floor.
that’s a lovely sign, no?
actually, it was a lovely sign! for dreamxd, not for you.
dreamxd laughed maniacally, and in a way it scared you a bit since you were literally on the floor bleeding out of a couple places.
“i just want to get information! that’s not so hard, right? RIGHT, Y/N?”
“no! i refuse to give information about my—“
you coughed again, and your vision started darkening. if you weren’t aware, your vision isn’t supposed to do that unless you’re about to pass out or die.
you didn’t really enjoy either of those options, you still had to make sure your brother was alright.
“about your what!? aBOUT YOUR WHAT?”
your vision faded out before you could give him an answer.
a couple seconds went by as dreamxd watched your body fall to the floor and not get back up. he knew you weren’t dead, but he was seconds away from getting the answer he wanted.
“oh my fucking godssss-“
george rushed into your home, and dreamxd looked at him with terrified surprise.
“what happened? i heard the commotion outside and-..”
he looked at your body as his eyes slowly widened. he looked at dreamxd and he felt so sick that he thought he may lose his lunch.
“dreamxd what did you do!?”
george ran over to you and he looked as if he was about to cry, and he was panicky trying to get you to wake up. unfortunately for his mental well-being, your body wouldn’t allow you to get up anytime soon without medial help.
george was pretty much in tears as he yelled at dreamxd for hurting his brother and asking him why he did so.
wait- brother?
“i- i didn’t know he was your brother-“
george looked at him with a surprised expression but then he grew angry.
“yes my brother! who else could it POSSIBLY be, xd?”
“i thought he was your boyfriend-“
george paused, but it didnt take a genius to see that he was livid.
“no he’s not- when have i ever mentioned that i have a partner?”
now that xd thought about it- pretty much never. he mentioned he had a brother, but never mentioned that it was you.
“i’m sorry i-“
george just let out a frustrated sigh, and mentioned that they should both get you medical help.
the moral of it all is that you probably shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, or you’ll beat up someone’s brother. is that too specific?
i’m not proud of this but i hope it’s good enough <\\3 it’ll be in the george masterlist :)
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weaselbrownie · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
mini porn list ミ✩
Tumblr media
« 900 followers celebration »
not to be weird or anything but I wanna kiss every single one of you, no really bc you guys make me truly happy. I started this blog around March and was dead for 3 fucking months but I'm so glad to be back. I hit 900 a few moments ago and I wanted to do something to celebrate that with you all, so sit back and enjoy this very super completely dedicated mini porn list <3
characters : draco malfoy, george weasley, mattheo riddle, blaise zabini, pansy parkinson, remus lupin, sirius black, james potter
Tumblr media
draco malfoy
rough cowgirl | doggy style | missionary
sunday morning fuck | 2 
draco fingering you | 2 | 3 | 4
pushing draco’s cum out
reverse cowgirl
he’s tired but still wants you to feel good
trying anal for the first time
soft cuddling + vibrator
george weasley 
riding george
reverse cowgirl in front of the black lake
a quickie in the bathroom
george pounding into you when everybody left to shop
mattheo riddle
mattheo fucking your mouth | 2 
theo taking his frustration out on you | 2
theo fingering you | 2
sitting on sub!mattheo’s face
blaise zabini
doggy style + cuffs
cowgirl in the tub
pansy parkinson 
pansy playing with your pussy on the couch
scissoring with pansy
pansy punishing you
using a vibrator
pansy rubbing your clit
pansy overstimulating you
Tumblr media
remus lupin 
remus fingers you after class | 2 | 3
doggy style | 2 + cuffs
cowgirl with remus
remus spanking you
soft dom remus
full moon remus wrecking you
sirius black 
mean dom sirius in the car
sucking sirius under the table
lazy blowjobs
throat training | 2
james potter 
james eating you out
james being needy (pillow humping) 
soft cowgirl
james sucking on your tits
james fingering you after quidditch
Tumblr media
TAGLIST : @microwavedhampster @whenuwereyoung @o-rion-sta-r @willowmores @youreso-golden @mzmalice3 @desiredmalfoy @hyuckiesgf @yiamalfoy @acciodignity @teenwolfbitches28 @emma67 @venusmalfoyyy @spencerva @turn-to-page-394-please @mayssourdiesel (dm me if you are uncomfortable/would like to be removed)
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snappleapple · 9 months ago
their favorite types of kisses
people in this - dream, georgenotfound, sapnap, wilbur, punz, jschlatt, awesamdude, quackity
the most disgusting fluff i’ve ever written
warning - cursing, i think that’s all but if there is more please do not hesitate to tell me :)
word count - 2k
a/n: okay okay, i might’ve lied earlier about that being my last post but this was short and easy to make which is why i would like to feed my readers this early haha. anyways, enjoy and please disregard the errors in this post, i hate proof reading anything lol. also, i’ve been very indecisive on the title and i might change it later and ooh, my masterlist will be made soon. i’ve just been feeling very unproductive these days. also, please put in requests, i am so bored and dumb therefore there are no ideas in this brain. and if you’d like a part 2, i might add more people for the part 2!anyways, peace!
Tumblr media
dream -
i get the feeling that dream’s favorite type of kisses would be cheek kisses
he just likes to watch as you struggle to reach his height
“aw look at those little legs do their thing.”
ends up with you not giving him his kiss
and mans becomes SO pouty
“y/n…come on. don’t be this way.” :(
if you don’t kiss him on the cheek, will also become SO clingy and whiny
“why won’t you KISS ME!”
clenches his fists and stomps away like a teenage girl during puberty
slamming the door to your room
so then you have to go and give him all the kisses he wants
his face is slammed into your pillow
you sit on the side of the bed and pet his hair
leading him to stare up at you with puppy dog eyes
“i will give you all the kisses you want. so stop being so pouty, you big baby.”
will literally leave zero feet of space between you and him
taps his cheek to tell you he wants kisses
when you go on dates, will literally make you stand on your tippy toes to get his kisses
does not bend down at all and actually lifts his head higher to tease you
in other words, clingy but rude hoe
Tumblr media
george -
george is a classic romantic
he loves just lip kisses
pecks or lingering ones
he doesn’t care
mans don’t need too many kisses
nor does he need to be too clingy
total opposite of dream and sapnap *ahem clingy ahem*
if he wants a kiss,
he will come over to you and get it
doesn’t get pouty if you’re busy
just waits patiently
doesn’t enjoy it when you interrupt him when he’s streaming so you do your own thing
when you’re watching a movie with him,
he will literally only stare at you with his cute smile
and listen to your every criticism of the movie
he likes to just peck your lips whenever he feels like it
and you’re just not surprised anymore
just likes to stare at your lips whenever you talk
overall, is very sweet but not to an extent with showing affection
Tumblr media
sapnap -
sapnap just vibes with neck kisses
it tickles his neck and he loves them
giggles when you pepper kisses along his neck and flushes a deep red
“y/n. stop.” giggles between each word
but when you do, becomes the saddest person in the whole world
“i was joking.” :(
when he’s streaming and he begins to miss you
would leave his room and find you just to get a kiss
just like dream, would get angry if you give him no kisses
very amusing for you
and you love to tease him
“i don’t want to give you kissies.”
continues to stare at you with a large frown until you give in and give him kissies
lsg supremacy but i’ll get into this later hehe
you better give him kisses or you’ll be dealing with a very sad sapnap
sadnap :(
Tumblr media
wilbur -
wilbur, wilbur, wilbur
what can i even say
total nose kiss guy
i bet he’ll boop your nose twenty four seven
asks stupid questions just to get your attention
“yes wilbur?”
“is a hotdog a sandwich?”
“did you just say boop while you booped my nose?”
if he’s streaming and you bring him a snack
he will hold your face still and leave kisses on your nose
not too clingy but not too distant
likes to be just right with you
if its snowy outside and your noses get red
makes dumb jokes about he is rudolph and you’re mrs. rudolph
just a lot of smooches from wilby
takes you to a lot of hidden cafes in the city
and while you read, he balances his head on his palm, staring at you in admiration
if you’re insecure about your nose, you legit can’t be around wilbur because he will go on a tangent about how beautiful it is
substantially, soft boy hours all day bro, besides when he gets mad then you leave the hormonal man tf alone
Tumblr media
punz -
i don’t see a lot of punz on tumblr so here we go
punz loves hand kisses
not to an extent where he has a hand fetish
god no but just like
when your holding hands, he’ll occasionally pull your hand up to his lips and leave a kiss
lots of hand holding
and i mean lots
constantly gets mad fun of for being a simp but ignores those comments because he genuinely loves you so much
likes it when you play with his hair and messing it up
also likes to compare hand sizes with you
always has a hand on your thigh or your hand in his whenever he is driving somewhere with you
even when you go on dates, always holding hands
no matter how sweaty your hand gets, he will hold on
sometimes if he holds on for too long, you have to tell him to let go
“punz, my hand is super sweaty. lets take a break from the hand holding.”
would flat out decline so you would have to pry your hand out of his
he would also love it when you would kiss his hand
makes him feel all polite and precious LOL
would also wrap his pinky along yours when you walk together
he once came with you to a family gathering for christmas and was so SHY
shy boy held your hand for security while your younger siblings made fun of you
afterwards, when you were under a mistletoe, he kisses you on the lips before kissing you on his favorite part of your body,
your hand
Tumblr media
c!jschlatt -
jschlatt is a whole mess
the first time you met, he confessed that he would hate you for as long as you lived because you made fun of his boots
now he says he still strongly dislikes you but you’re more tolerable
doesn’t like it when you make him soft and HATES it when he blushes
“why must you do this to me, mother nature?”
also “hates” it when you even touch him because he “hates” you
when he actually confessed to you that he liked you with his grumpy usual grandpa voice,
you kissed him on his forehead, after he bent down of course
he is an actual giant and threatens to squash you like an ant if he feels the need to
is an absolute monster to you but loves it when you kiss his forehead because it makes him feel secure and loved
likes to watch the wind blow through your hair and mess it up but gives you his hat because he like you being “all pretty and shit”
gets SUPER jealous when you hug children
like for example, when you went over to a family gathering at his house, his cousins came up to hug you
and when you let go of the child, the man child comes and lugs you over his shoulder
gets yelled at by his mom and gives her a sheepish smile before rolling his eyes and throwing you down on the sofa set next to him
his mom doesn’t approve of the way he treats you but you tell her its fine because he’s cute
when you are far from any type of civilization or in the safety and solitude of your own home, he wants kisses on the forehead
pointing up to it and bending down so you could reach it
“y/n, i only love you because of your forehead kisses.”
“you only love me for my kisses?” :(
actually feels slightly bad
“and because of your personality.”
“thank you-“
“shut up. we don’t talk about this.”
in conclusion, give him his forehead kisses or perish
Tumblr media
awesamdude -
sam just adores it when you give him jawline kisses
not because it’s basically the only place you could reach but because it’s a sweet gesture
sam is all about sweetness
i mean have you even seen this man on his stream
he likes to watch you while you have conversations with your friends
not in a creepy way but more like an adoring way
cause man does he love you
i mean not only does he love you but his whole family does
and when you’re alone with sam, you love to bury him underneath all of your love
“i love you sam!”
“no i love you more y/n!”
“NO i LOVE you more!”
“NO i LOVE you MORE!”
“okay thank you sweet pea.”
leaving you a bit confused but happy that he accepts your love
when you cuddle, omg
he never stops peppering kisses all over your face and vice versa because your relationship is disgustingly fluffy
when he lends you one of his sweatshirts, you sure as hell better wear that shit out or else (i am leaving a blank threat here)
sam loves technology but you guys sort of have a system
a system that involves mailing each other love letters rather than texting them
you guys also go on a ton of walks just about anywhere
hand holding is mandatory even though you probably look like a child compared to him
just give sam lots of love and in return, you’ll receive lots of love
Tumblr media
quackity -
mans cannot leave you tf alone
likes to do ANYTHING freaky around you
“i will follow you to the ends of the earth, mi amor.” or
“ayy, back off.” if anyone gets too close to you
messes with you twenty four seven and makes it his job to drive you insane
plays horror games at two in the morning for fun
and when he gets scared, hides in the safety of your arms
“mi amor. i’m scared.”
“shut the fuck up and sleep, alex.”
“okay.” shuts up quickly and snuggles deeper into the crook of your neck
loves you so deeply but HATES your cat
“look at that little dumb thing stare at me. you got a problem bro?”
your cat also HATES alex
scratches him all the time and hisses at him
if you think sapnap is babie, wait till you meet alex
“y/n he bit me!”
when you glance down, you don’t even see a scratch
“kiss my boo boo.”
“what boo boo? there’s nothing there.”
gasps as if you offended him
“this boo boo that your el demonio did to me.”
this man will do anything to get boo boo kisses
istg, you once found him provoking your cat to get some scratches
in alex’s mind, ouchies = kisses from y/n
always has ouchies from god knows where and shows it to you
even though you find it annoying at first, you grow used to it and it sorta becomes your thing with alex
alex is babie and you need to take good care of him :)
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heartybubs · 8 months ago
type — fluff
pronouns — IF any, i used they/ them but mentioned y/n as a future wife in wilbur’s
warnings — none
summary — reader falls asleep on their partner on stream
includes — awesamdude, dream, eret, fundy, george, karl, niki, quackity, sapnap, wilbur
- wouldn’t really mind
- starts smiling really hard and looks so damn adorable but facecam is off
- actually gets up to put you in bed cause you’ll get a terrible back pain, if you keep laying on top of him
- mentions it to chat quickly and starts a conversation about you with them
- chat doesn’t notice cause how would they
- they notice how he gets unusually quiet a lot though and ask
- “oh yeah, y/n has been sitting on my lap and they fell asleep”
- doesn’t talk about it any further”
- he needs both his hands for minecraft but he’ll pause for a second to squeeze you slightly while giving you a kiss on the cheek
- loves being affectionate when you’re asleep so much
- stares at you in admiration
- chat is jealous of both of you
- “please do not take any pictures of them while they are sleeping!”
- hugs you so tightly and places kisses on your head every few seconds
- starts talking to chat about how much he loves you and how good you’ve been to him
- she’s treats you so well that no one even dares to call them a simp
- “i won’t wake them because they’ve been having a very stressful week. i hope you don’t mind them staying”
- bruh
- at first chats ready to call him a simp
- plants multiple kisses on your forehead
- but then he grabs an air horn
- atp get ready to move out cause he won’t let you get ten peaceful minutes of sleep
- “fundy, i hate you so fucking much!”
- you leave the room to go sleep and he’s satisfied
- awkward af
- he wouldn’t know what to do and awkwardly stare from you to chat to monitor and back to chat
- calls dream but he can’t understand his wheezing and ends the call
- also calls sapnap and quackity who give him idiotic advice ( waking you up with loud sounds, dropping you to the ground ) or just laugh at him
- he kept his hands on your thighs the whole time
- ends the stream because wanting to make you feel safe confuses him too much
- would get so giddy that he almost wakes you up
- takes 100 pictures and tells chat to clip and stuff
- will turn your face away from the camera tho
- you’re sitting on his lap sideways, your face buried into his chest and his arms pull you close to him
- puts his head as close to yours and repositions it everytime he feels too distant
- quackity bullies him for being a simp but in a loving way ofc
- tommy tries to yell through karl’s headphones to wake you up
- notices you being asleep pretty soon and stares
- “stunning, am i right chat?”
- after about ten minutes she starts waking you up
- she begins kissing you softly and ends up poking your cheek until you finally wake up and glare at her
- “you’re very cute when asleep but please don’t go back to that state again”
- also asks chat to not take any pictures of you because it’s a little creepy once you think about it
- stares at chat the way he does when he’s really excited about something as soon as he realizes ( y’know what i mean )
- tries not to make a huge deal out of it but inside of him 🦋🦋🦋
- your front is turned to him so he doesn’t have to worry about chat taking screenshots
- hugs you SO tightly and pats your head while mumbling “poggers, poggers, popping off right now”
- chat obviously bullies him and he starts pouting before getting aggressive
- dumbass wakes you up with his yelling and feels actually bad
- apologizes while laughing about it but in his alex voice
- he texts you midstream and tells you to join him
- he doesn’t say why but secretly he doesn’t want you to fall asleep without him, since it’s already 4am
- you walk in and stand next to him like 🧍🏻but he silently pulls you on his lap
- you reposition yourself the way you feel the most comfortable and just sleep
- chats going crazy because they see him whisper stuff into your ear and call him a simp because they’re annoying like that
- “fuck you, i love my partner. where is that a bad thing?!” “at least someone simps back for me”
- gets so defensive and ends after thirty minutes to get you to bed before he can accidentally wake you up
- it is your chill stream actually
- will call tommy and ‘teach’ him stuff
- “see, tommy. this is how you treat a partner. learn from me”
- “you disgust me, wife haver”
- suddenly starts talking about how he actually wants to marry you someday
- tommy stays silent, melting innerly but it’s tommy so don’t expect him to admit that anytime soon
- “wilbur, listen to me, friend. you may want to get them off stream now and go to bed. i would divorce you, if i was them, wilbur!”
- listens to the child for ONCE and ends the stream
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punzobee · 3 months ago
engagement photos hc’s
cc! dreamwastaken, punz, sapnap, corpse husband, wilbur soot, quackity, karl jacobs, georgenotfound x gn!reader
warning: like… one swear word ?
Tumblr media
posts two, one on twitter & one on instagram
the photo on twitter is you and dream facing one another, but you’re holding his mask, covering the side of his face
while your face is shown, and the hand holding the mask has a beautiful engagement ring on it
the one on instagram is you standing in front of the camera showing your ring, while he’s in the back with his mask on, posing randomly
the caption for both is corny
“ achievement made… engaged ! ”
he took a few
1 - you’re resting your head in your hands, the ring visible
2 - you’re holding his jaw gently with the ringed hand, he’s smirking
3 - and then a cute / normal one of you two while you’re holding up you’re hand
it goes to both platforms
meanwhile he’s freaking out in the caption
“ i’m engaged to the loml holy shit ”
it would be a selfie of you both right after he proposed, you both cried
“ we both cried but at least they said yes ”
and a photo of you and the ring would be next
turns off comments for it all, just wants to keep it happy, because this is the happiest he’s been
tweets on his private about you wearing the ring, and him re-realizing he’s engaged
he will walk into your guys’ room, seeing the ring, and he’ll freeze for a moment before smiling wide
he zoomed into the side of his neck, easy to see what it was but his face was still hidden
your hand is around his neck, gently, but the ring is shown
it barely makes sense but everyone gets the memo- and are freaking out
then he posts a photo of just you, smiling at the ring
“ life is getting good, thanks to my FIANCÉ ”
he’s happier, everyone can hear it on streams and see it through posts
cute af
he took a photo of you reading, without you knowing, and your ring was visible
he posted it, feeling happy to share the news
“ my life is complete ”
he could go on and on with photos of you and the ring, feels so happy about it and wants to scream or show how much he loves you
he’ll fidget with your hand and ring when he’s nervous, it keeps him calm, makes him know you’re always there
the photo is chaotic,, to say the least
it’s blurry, and it looks like your smacking him with the ringed hand
it fits his content well, but he also posts a calmer photo with it
you’re smiling with him while holding your hand up
he’s so happy and eventually talks about it on stream
it’s a photo of your guys’ hands
he’s painting your nails on the hand that has the ring, a pretty pink that matches his nails
it’s a pretty smart photo
he gets so excited to post it everywhere
“ y/n said yes AHHHH ”
makes a tik tok with you too, you’re both dancing to the music he used in the tik tok, with the caption “ post proposal ”
happy is an understatement
he posts about you, but doesn’t say too much about your guys’ relationship
but he posts a selfie with you to show off the ring
you both act shocked, eyebrows raised and eyes wide as you point to your hand
“ engaged?! but seriously they said yes this is amazing ”
dnf stans call it fake bc they’re bitches
he’s really excited and happy, and for him to post it on social media, everyone knows how much this means to him
he freaks out about it on stream
dream jokingly argued with you on stream, when in all seriousness he congratulated you two and is so happy for you guys
Tumblr media
tags: @midknightmemories @acidtabletz @brainvomitqueen @sticksdoesart @dreamzluvrr @sbi-is-my-onlysanity @meatonfork
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jaybirdsing · 2 months ago
unwelcome guest (headcanons)
your asshole ex tries talking to you at a party, making you quite uncomfortable. a very poor call on their part
characters: dream, sapnap, george, punz, c!techno, niki, poly dream team, poly karlnapity
warnings: asshole ex partner, physical altercations/minor violence including some broken fingers (techno do be protective). your ex making physical contact refers to a shoulder touch or attempting to grab your wrist
Tumblr media
This man smooth as fuck because he is ALL confidence. The SECOND he sees your ex, and then sees you looking uncomfortable, he swoops in at your side seamlessly, throwing an arm around your shoulders, and just sends them the most apathetic glance known to man.
“Wooooow. This is just sad. Don’t you have somewhere else you should be?”
He wants to get across the message that you’re his now, and that you’re being treated much better. His arm around you is tight, though, to make sure you’re okay, to make sure that you know that as long as he’s here, no one is going to hurt you.
If they try to touch you- Dream catches them by the wrist and cocks a brow, but he’s dead serious. “Yeah, don’t even try it."
Let’s be real, Sapnap can be the meanest motherfucker on the planet when he wants to. Your ex wouldn’t stand a cHANCE, Sapnap would HUMILIATE them. On sight he plants himself in between you and your ex and absolutely decimates them. Insults their hair, their clothes, their voice, their hobbies, their personality, and digs into every little personal detail you’ve told Sap about them.
“You’re barely worth my time and energy, what makes you think you’re worth theirs? You’re dog water, dude. Now stay the fuck away from them.”
If they try to touch you- You hear him mumble “oh hell no” before going in for a full on fist fight
Ok I don’t even simp for George but I know in my heart of hearts that this man would be the king of using a social situation to his full advantage. He doesn’t have to threaten them, he doesn’t have to put his arm around you, nothing of the sort. He sees what’s going down and makes a beeline for your ex, a full drink in hand, and just. PLOWS into them, spilling the drink all over their chest and almost knocking them to the floor, and George just makes a HUGE DEAL apologizing and drawing as much attention to your ex as possible.
“OH MY GOSH, I’M SO SORRY, I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE YOU, HERE LET ME HELP,” just yelliNG at the top of his lungs to both give you an opportunity to duck out and to make you laugh.
If they touch you- George drops the act immediately and just places himself right in between you and your ex. Now he’s pissed
If Punz sees your ex, it’s on sight. Does not matter if they touch you or not, he wastes no time clocking them right in the mouth. They’re out like a light. After that he wastes no more time and makes sure you’re okay and is glued to your side for the rest of the party.
Just as you start to get uncomfortable, you feel a familiar presence behind you, and just watch as your ex trails off, their eyes drifting over your head. Techno would just stand behind you, absolutely towering over you and your ex, staring silently, facial expression carefully blank. He doesn’t have to say a thing, just waits until your ex gets the fucking picture and backs off.
If they touch you- Techno moves quick as lightning, grabbing your ex’s fingers and yanking them back so they touch the top of their wrist and break
Niki would march right up to your ex, guns blazing, and just lay into them. She’d grab your hand with a squeeze while giving your ex the biggest lecture of their life, jabbing her finger in their face as she asks how dare they even speak to you after the way they treated you? She gives them 30 seconds to get their shit and leave or things are gonna get real ugly real fast.
“You’re clearly making them uncomfortable, but you’re still talking? I don’t know what your fucking problem is, but it’s gonna get a lot worse if you don’t take the hint.”
If they touch you- No hesitation, she reaches over and bitch slaps them across the cheek, and that stern lecture turns into yelling
Poly!Dream Team-
The DTeam is super chaotic but I feel like they definitely don’t fuck around when someone is making their partner uncomfortable. Whatever your ex is saying, it’s interrupted by George materializing next to them saying, “You know, it’s funny, I distinctly remember Y/n telling you not to contact them.” Sapnap appears on the other side with an iron grip on their shoulder: “But if you’re having trouble remembering boundaries, we’d be happy to remind you.”
Your ex tries to protest, claiming a misunderstanding, when Dream comes to your side, frowning pointedly at them. “No misunderstanding. Our partner told you no, and you crossed the line anyway. Now piss off before you leave here in a stretcher. ”
Now Karlnapity would turn the chaos meter up to 11. They swoop in like a group of synchronised dancers doing the absolute most to piss off your ex. Perhaps taking a note from George, Karl comes in from one end with a full drink and spills it on your ex, but before they can react Quackity is also coming in hot with a drink in hand from the other side and drenches them. Sapnap doesn’t even play games, he just throws his drink in your ex’s face without even trying to mask it as an accident. They don’t have time to say anything, much less emotionally recover when the three just chime in with the most intense roast session of the poor sod’s life.
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mothra-mcyt · 7 months ago
☾ MCYT's reaction to you falling asleep on them ☽
》 Dream 《
Would continue what he was doing but lower his voice to not wake you up
Tries his best not to move around too much and tighten his grip a little on you
Would become very protective over you and is very happy
When you wake up would reassure you he didn't mind
(But will definitely tease you a little for it sometimes)
》 George 《
Honestly just falls asleep on you aswell
When he wakes up though would be a bit awkward and doesn't know what to do
Doesn't even notice that he holds you a lighter tighter everytime you move around
Very calm and is very happy thar you trust him
(In future will fall asleep on you aswell)
》 Sapnap 《
Threatens anyone that talks a little bit too loud because he doesn't want them to wake you up
Would definitely accidentally space out when looking at you
This panda will cuddle you closer and give forehead kisses
Will make fun of you a little and joke about it afterwards but if you want him to will help falling you asleep with cuddling
(Definitely brags about it)
》 Badboyhalo 《
Makes sure no one teases you or bothers you for accidentally falling asleep on him
Will play with your hair and gives you forehead kisses
He's so happy that you feel comfy and safe with him and would smile the whole time
Let's you know he's there for you and makes sure you're okay when you wake up
》 Tommy 《
Honestly doesn't notice until someone points it out to him
Once he knows he tries his best not to be loud anymore and moves around less
Doesn't complain but definitely teases you and jokingly makes fun of you when you wake up
"Stop being so loud you're gonna wake them- I'M NOT BEING LOUD!"
》 Tubbo 《
"Oh . . . okay (:"
Notices very quick and stays quiet because he doesn't want to wake you up
Plays with your hair and holds you closer but doesn't notice it
Definitely wouldn't tease you like Tommy and reassures you that it's fine and that he doesn't mind
I feel like he would use that against you when he jokingly flirts with you (we know it would happen don't deny it)
》 Wilbur 《
Would notice you being asleep relatively fast and try his best not to move too much
Spaces out while looking at you because he thinks you look very adorable
Softly hums to whenever you look troubled while sleeping
Would probably tease you a little when you wake up but make sure you know he really doesn't mind it
Feels very loved and is happy that you trust him so much to fall asleep around you
》 Technoblade 《
Tries his best to stay awake but would probably end up falling asleep points
Regularly wakes up to check on his surroundings though (and because of paranoia)
Tells you it was fine and that he didn't mind but wouldn't deny more cuddles in the future
Death glares at anyone who is too loud or could wake you up and is very protective over you
Big touch starved softie
》 Niki 《
Very happy that you trust her this much
Plays with your hair
If anyone tries to wake you up she will use mom glares to stop them
Wouldn't move around even if it gets uncomfortable
When you wake up makes sure that you know she didn't mind at all
Would definitely help you with falling asleep with cuddling if you need it
》 Ranboo 《
Hugs you close and makes sure that you're comfortable
Honestly cuddling with him is probably one of the best things in the world
Is very excited that you trust him so much
Brags about it for a while probably
(Eventually falls asleep aswell lul)
Makes sure you know it was perfectly fine and that he enjoyed it
》 Philza 《
Notices relatively fast and stops talking to not wake you up
Glares at anyone who tries to wake you up or disturb you in any way
"If you keep talking that loud i will craft a fucking belt."
Checks in with you once you wake up and asks you how you're feeling
Probably laughs seeing you being embarrassed about accidentally falling asleep
Won't admit it but he's very happy that you trust him
》 Karl 《
Once he notices he has to hold himself from giggling too loud because he doesn't want to wake you up
"Look! They fell asleep on me :D"
Cuddles you close and stays as still as possible
Brags about it for weeks after
"They fell asleep on me they like me more!"
Super proud and happy that you trust him so much
》 Quackity 《
Wouldn't notice until someone points it out to him
He was joking around before noticing so he immediately chills out and holds you closer as an apology
Moves around a little at first to get more comfortable but tries his best not to wake you up
Feels bad about being so loud and apologises when you wake up
》 Schlatt 《
Notices on his own and at first doesn't do anything
After a few minutes gives into cuddles and threatens anyone who makes fun of either of you
At one point falls asleep at well
Doesn't really mention anything once you both wake up
Secretly is super happy though and is actually really touch starved but doesn't let people see it
》 Eret 《
Was already cuddling you before you woke up
Makes sure you stay asleep as long as possible and when you wake up asks if you want/need to rest more
Asks how much you have been sleeping lately and and if you've been taking care of yourself
Is happy that he was able to make you rest and feel safe
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smol-cherry · a month ago
◇MCYT first kiss
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
◇A/N: More people, woahhh!! :o
◇Character(s): Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl, Wilbur, Quackity, Techno, Schlatt.
◇Type: Headcanon.
◇Genre: VERY Fluffy.
◇TW/CW: Cussing.
Tumblr media
Dream :
Has been thinking about kissing you for the longest time that he can't take it and is just like
"Can I kiss you?"
You were quite confused, but said yes.
Was very sudden and out of nowhere but very cute.
Tries to tell chat how it "really" went and how "so romantic" he is..
Very fluffy moment.
He even blushed a bit after the kiss.
Tumblr media
Honestly- Quite a shy kiss, was a little short.
But so cute..
You bumped noses and laughed it off.
It kinda became a thing where you would purposely kind of eskimo kiss when you're both feeling fluffy and soft.
It was a bit awkward but that's what makes it cute.
Held your hand during the kiss
So adorable, you both were smiling so hard the entire day.
Tumblr media
Actually down bad for you.
Like- Dude's been planing this date for a couple months.
And tbh, you kinda did..
Doesn't really grab, just lightly puts his hands on your waist.
Peppers your face with kisses after that and just says how adorable you are.
He literally loves you so much-
It's his second favorite memory.
His first is you praising him after winning a MCC.
He doesn't talk about the MCC one because it feels more personal and he'd like to just keep that between you.
But he definitely talks about your first kiss on stream a couple times.
Tumblr media
Another fluffy and cute one.
It's all just laughs and smiles.
It's honestly just a bunch of quick kisses because neither of you can contain your laughter.
Cups your cheeks n shit because he all cute like that.
You both got pretty embarrassed.
Talks about it on stream once or twice.
He blushes sometimes just thinking about it.
Tumblr media
Asks you a bunch if you're sure and that you don't have to kiss him if you don't want to.
You shut him up by kissing him because it got annoying after a couple times.
He's a bit surprised by it but eases into the kiss fairly quickly.
Has such a huge smile on his face.
Without thinking he just says "I love you."
Not that he minded too much, he really did love you.
You said it back and he was over the moon.
Kisses all over your face after that.
Puts his hands on your upper jaw/cheek.
Doesn't talk about it on stream, too personal for him and he'd rather just share the memory with you.
Tumblr media
Kind of nervous but doesn't let it show.
Actually was a very nice and sweet kiss.
Asks if you're sure beforehand, doesn't want to make you upset in any way ever.
Holds your hand lightly.
Was a bit of a long kiss.. He just really wanted to kiss you.
Cuddles were a must afterwards.
Doesn't talk about it on Stream because It's quite personal.
Tumblr media
Was so very sweet about it.
Didn't really ask, just tried to pick up on any sign of uneasiness/discomfort.
You reassured him that It was okay though.
Holds your waist.
Tries his hardest to not scratch you with his tusks, he does.
Felt terrible about it and literally licked the blood off of you.
It was adorable.
The voices also loved it.
Tumblr media
Probably made a joke like "Stfu rn before I kiss you" and you just replied "Bet" and that's how it pretty much happened.
Was sweet about it though.
I have a feeling he'd give you an eskimo kiss just because he thinks it's cute.
Def "You're cute" is in there somewhere.
He does think you're adorable, but it can be a bit embarrassing to mention.
Jambo got jealous he wasn't getting any attention.
He got plenty of head pats and kisses, don't worry.
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birbbyblue · 8 months ago
Dream Team + BBH Squirting!SO Hcs
A/N: this one is for all of the readers that have vaginas, sorry everyone else :( I did try to keep pronouns out of it, but if I forgot any don’t hesitate to tell me!!
You are holding yourself up against the wall, dream is behind you with one hand in your hair and the other wrapped around to your front toying with your clit.
He’s pounding into you, with enough force that you are using both forearms  to try to keep yourself from knocking your head into the wall.
Your knees feel like they are going to give out, because dream keeps hitting you. Right. There. And theres an onslaught of pleasure running through your body every second. 
“God, so fucking perfect for me,” he growled in your ear, moving his hand from your hair to loop around your chest, so that when your knees actually do start to give out he’s there to hold you.
You are so close to cumming and he fucking knows it. He speeds up the hand on your clit, and your whole body tightens. 
“Close, baby?” He asked. You could hear the smirk in his voice. “Feel you clenching around me, feels so fucking good.”
You are right at the edge ready to fall, just like every time before, but theres another feeling, right next to your orgasm and chasing it. It almost felt like you were going to-
“Cl-Clay-!” You try to warn as the waves crash through you. You can feel as liquid runs down your legs and for a moment all you can think is that you peed yourself, and you are mortified. 
“Did you-?” Dream paused. His hips were still moving, a little slower, and in a moment of horror, you realize youre still going. Another orgasm rips through your body and you let out a high-pitched whine. “Babe, i think you just- did you squirt?”
The dots can’t seem to make sense enough for you to connect them. Half of your mind is having a wild orgasm, shaking your whole body with pleasure as the other half is embarrassed beyond belief. 
“I-ahhh-m sorry,” you eventually get enough footing to pant out. 
“Sorry? That was the hottest thing I’ve ever fucking seen. Think I can make you do it again?”
Dream goes back to rubbing your clit and pounding away at you. He does get you to do it again, and he has to stabilize himself on the wall too after he cums so hard knowing he could bring you that kind of pleasure. Your legs didn’t fully stop shaking for an hour. 
While Dream held you to his chest afterwards, as you drifted in and out of sleep, you heard him mumbling to himself all the other ways he needed to try to make you squirt again
You were on your back, one hand tangled in the sheets, the other in sapnap’s hair as he ate you out. 
He had one hand on your thigh pinning it right where he wanted it, and the other working three fingers inside you. The way he was curling them so perfectly caused waves of pleasure spread through your whole body. 
You used your hand in his hair and the freeness of you hips to buck your hips into his mouth if he took a moment to torture you with the lack of stimulation. 
You held his mouth to you as you felt your orgasm approaching. 
Sapnap moaned, the feeling running right up your spine, tipping you over the edge. 
You cried out as your orgasm ripped through you, and Sapnap kept going, trying to make it last longer. 
“Nick, mhmm, nick!” You bucked your hips one last time before you felt a different kind of release. 
You immediately sat up, face red as you looked down at sapnap, whose face was dripping wet. 
“Oh my god-“ you started to apologize, but sapnap cut you off. 
“God, Darlin’.” Sap had a smile on his face and he darted his tongue out to taste what was left on his lips. “That nearly made me cum in my pants.”
“I got you so worked up with just my mouth and fingers I got you squirting.”
Your brain finally clicked the pieces together. 
“Do you wanna taste?” Sapnap asked as he rose up and gave you a deep kiss. “That was so hot, babe. Nothing to be sorry for, in fact, I’d like to see if we can get that to happen again.” 
He has you lying on the bed, your legs thrown over his shoulders as he pounds into you. Your legs are already shaking, having cum twice already.
“G-George-!” You cut yourself off before a loud moan leaves your throat. You can feel the third orgasm creeping up. 
“Come on, one more,” he pants. “I think this will be the- the one.”
You throw a hand behind you to pull at the headboard. George brings his hand down and toys with your clit. 
“Please- George!” You beg, not even sure what you want at this point. The pleasure is toeing the line of pain, and thoughts struggle to enter your head. 
“Come on, be a good little kitten, give it to me,” George demands as he puts kore power behind his thrusts and speed to his hand. 
Your knees squeeze together, a squeal leaving your mouth as another orgasm is pulled from you. This time, you feel it. The rush of liquid leaking from you as George pulls out to marvel at the sight.  
“That’s it,” George slides himself back in you, a few more thrusts have him shooting for the first time that night. “God, that’s it. Proud of you, kitten.”
You have to catch your breath as George lowers your legs and crawls next to you in the bed. 
“That,” you take another breath, trying to calm your heart. “Is not what I thought was going to happen when Sap asked what the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to me in the bedroom was.”
“It’s not my fault you never told me you were able to squirt.” 
“It happened once two years ago, I thought I had straight up pissed on the guy. Of course I didn’t tell you!”
George just laughed and pulled you to his chest. 
“You have to clean the sheets. You’re the one who immediately ended the call to pull me in here. The boys definitely know what we did.”
“Should we tell them we were successful?”
“Shut up, George!”
Once on call, the boys made fun of bad for probably having the most boring sex life (or not even having one) and since that day, bad has been on a kink discovery journey. 
He spends a lot of time on the internet, looking up kinks and then doing all the research he can on them.  So far his favorites have been light knife play, he loved that you trusted him enough to let him gently run his knives across your skin, even going as far as cutting you out of a pair of underwear, praise going both ways, and he enjoyed being blindfolded, and blindfolding you.
So when a make out session on the couch started to get steamy, he paused to ask you a question. 
“I found something I want to try, but I can’t tell you what it is. There was an article that said if you were focused too hard on it, it wouldn’t work.” 
“Is it anything that could hurt me?” You asked. You trusted Bad, he wouldn’t not tell you if it was something serious. 
“Of course not,” he looked taken aback that you thought he would.
“I know, just double checking.” You gave him a peck on the cheek. “Can I ask if it’s for you or me?” 
“Well, I think it’s really hot, but you’ll probably like it too, but if you don’t that’s totally okay! And it might not even happen which is also okay!”
You giggled. “Okay, whatever it is, you can try it.” 
Once Bad had you on your back, thrusting into you like there was no tomorrow, you forgot completely that he had something up his sleeve.  
He slid a had down to your clit, flicking his thumb over it quickly. The new line of pleasure caused you to moan out and grind you hips down on his cock. 
“Thats it, squeeze around me, Sugar. That’s it-“
You squeeze one last time as your orgasm flows through you, and then-
“Yes, yes! Sugar- god-“
Bad’s thrusts start to stutter, before you can even register what all happened, he’s pulling out and cumming across your stomach.  
You finally register that your legs are wet and you look up at Bad whose gaze is focused in between your legs. 
“Is that- did you want me to squirt?”
“Y-Yeah, did you- did you like it? Because I did- a lot.”
“If you wanted me to squirt you could have asked, honey.”
“Wait- you knew you could do that?!”
You giggle as you pull him down onto the bed with you. 
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tommie-writes · 10 months ago
𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦 𝐬𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐚 𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sushisoot · 16 days ago
▸ what loving them feels like ⊹ ꜜ .ᐟ ❜
featuring: [both c! and cc!] dream, george, sapnap + c!techno
Tumblr media
ᵔᴗᵔ ⧣ notes: haha bet you didn't expect a post at this hour did you (yeah this is probably the worst time to post—) kay 'dreamwvrld' helped me out with the techno one while jay 'luhvs' helped me out with the sapnap one LOL <3
Tumblr media
CC!DREAM ミ 💭 ✧ ˚ .
loving dream feels like a hand on the small of your back, open-mouthed kisses on your neck, cold kisses on your head as you lay your head on his lap and watch him edit his videos; it feels like wide hands playing with your hair or hands because he just feels the need to touch you, off-key singing while he finally plays the guitar that's been stuck for design in his room, and sudden hand kisses as he looks into your eyes and realizes how insanely lucky he is to have you.
he's boyish smiles and lazy smiles and kisses where patches is curled up on your lap peacefully, strong hands around your waist while you're busy on your phone, hair tickling your skin as he buries his nose on your neck. he's overused colognes because you said you like it on him, muffled words with his face pressed against your head on a lazy morning, fond laughter following after every word he says when talking to you.
"pay attention to me >:( !!"
"i'm right here, idiot ( affectionate )."
C!DREAM ミ 🌪 ✧ ˚ .
loving him feels like sweet promises broken the next day, highs and lows shared with kisses, metallic taste on your tongue as you watch him walk away again; it feels like protectiveness and possessiveness in each touch and in each glare sent everyone's way.
he's rough hands on your soft skin, cold breaths fanning your ear, unclipped porcelain masks, and the promise of blood in exchange for your love and safety. he's crooked grins and bleeding noses with bloody sleeves; he's soot-covered hair and gold-stained eyes and broken 'i love you's.
he's warning signs all over, but he's still home.
"promise me you'll come home."
"always, for you."
Tumblr media
CC!GEORGE ミ 💭 ✧ ˚ .
loving him feels delicate—surreal, almost. loving him feels careful, sweet, and soft. it feels delicate in a way where he treats you carefully as if he's afraid you'll leave him any second now with the wrong move; it feels sweet in a way where his goal is to make you smile at least once every day, and he won't be content with himself if he doesn't achieve it; it feels soft in a way where he's half-asleep and suddenly he's all vulnerable and pliant in your touch.
he's random kisses pressed against the back of your palm, fingers around your wrist as he makes you cup his cheeks just so he can grab your attention, childish jokes that you two double over laughing about for hours. he's everything you could've possibly dreamed of.
"how many skittles do u think i can fit in my mouth."
"idk probably not more than mine tho LMFAO."
C!GEORGE ミ 🌪 ✧ ˚ .
loving him feels like standing on top of towers while the moon reigns the sky, swaying side to side where it's dangerous and one step away from death, yet also careless grins and careful kisses; it feels like sleepovers where it's just the two of you, pulling you close until your head is under his chin, and late-night talks until weariness drags your eyelids down and he's smiling fondly at you.
he's cold yet soft hands intertwined with yours, grins pressed against lips where a kiss is supposed to be because you both can't stop laughing, and kept promises that's over a hundred ( and he'll probably be making a hundred more ). he's soft brown hair and eyes, red lips from how much he's chewed on it, and hushed giggles as you two sneak out.
"you have pretty eyes."
"i know."
Tumblr media
CC!SAPNAP ミ 💭 ✧ ˚ .
loving sapnap feels like cars with open roofs in midnights, blasting music from random playlists you found; it's like overwhelming trust shared between the two of you where you can tell him whatever is in your mind and he would listen intently; it's cupping your cheek with one hand as he leans in for a kiss, then another, and another. it feels like beating each other in games over and over but he'd let you win anyway because there's nothing in this world he likes seeing more than seeing you happy.
he's always showing you off to anyone who would care to ask how he's so happy today, and it's because the answer is always you.
he's unsteady heartbeats, summer skies, and blooming flowers. he's firm fingers but soft kisses when he's pulling you in. he's cherry cheeks and wine-red lips and golden hearts.
"hi hahahaha you forgot my kiss today hahahaha—"
"just come here, idiot."
C!SAPNAP ミ 🌪 ✧ ˚ .
loving him feels like you're born alive again. it feels like burning love and passionate kisses and breathy laughter after each one. it feels like you're not allowed to be here yet you can't bring yourself to leave all the same. it feels like inside jokes and ferocious grins and warm hands on your thighs as you sit together. it's everything intimate—and you should run, yet your feet stay planted on the ground as he tugs you closer to him until your chests are pressed against each other.
he's bright eyes and kisses all over your face and pulling you away from anyone who annoys you (and also because he doesn't like how they grab all your attention). he's sudden hugs from behind, promises to fight everyone who would dare insult your name, and 'it's you and me against the world, babe'.
"my heart belongs to you, and you alone. you are my world, my heart, and my soul. you're literally the best. you're so cute."
"sapnap, i only gave you a poppy—"
Tumblr media
C!TECHNO ミ 🌪 ✧ ˚ .
loving techno feels like an adventure every day; it feels nerve-wracking because every step and every path you choose might be a mistake, but he's always there to help, towering behind you to scare everyone else off; it feels like protective hands splayed across your body even though he's said he's not the fondest of physical affection ( and that's because he's only got a soft spot for you ). it feels like shy confessions, quiet talks, and stares that drip with overwhelming tenderness.
he's slow-burn novels, fireplaces in wintry evenings, hoarse voices lulling you to sleep. he's soft smiles, discreet hand-holding, and shared amused glances. he makes you feel special, he makes you feel safe, and he makes you feel like you're at home.
he's everything you love and more :)
"can you please let go of me now i want to stretch—"
Tumblr media
a/n. psst guys im 50 followers away from 1K that's crazy tysm :(
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zeer0wastaken · 11 days ago
first kiss with the crew boys / dtqk + who makes the first move
hello ! so this is my first published fanfic ever, i finally decided to make a dedicated place for this sort of thing lol. anyways i really hope you enjoy. 
ps, i also added songs to go along w each entry just bc i felt like it lolol
dream - he makes the first move. all it took was an extra second of eye contact, a stare that lingered a little too long, and he knew he had to kiss you. the kiss is confident, but he pulls back after a couple seconds. you pull him right back in, hand on the side of his head. he runs a hand through your hair, brushing stray strands out of the way. the kiss is so close, both of you trying to somehow get closer than you already are. he’s gentle, but passionate altogether. once you decide to deepen things, he smirks a bit, and bites your lip. he keeps a hand under your jaw, and tilts your head up. good lord (i couldn’t be more in love / the 1975)
george - you make the first move. you were so tired of the constant beating around the bush, the endless flirting back and forth. you’re sitting next to him, you call out his name softly. as soon as he turns his head, you all but lunge at him. he’s shocked for a millisecond, but eventually closes his eyes and grabs you right back. he keeps a hand hovered over your face, your shoulder. he’s not really sure what to do with himself, but he knows he doesn’t want this to stop. he eventually settles on one hand gently on the side of your face, and one hand keeping himself propped up. the kiss is so loving, an affirmation to you of his affection. it’s light, yet experienced. (pretty boy / the neighbourhood) 
sapnap - you both make a move. somehow you both knew mutually, that moment was THE moment. he’s shy at first, it starts with a hesitant peck with his hand gently on your jawline. when he pulls away, you go right back in. your arms make their way to being draped loosely around his neck, and he’s got one on your face and one splayed out on the center of your back. you both smile into it, giddy that the other feels the same way. he’s definitely blushing. the kiss isn’t deep or passionate, but it’s loving and happy and warm. he ends it with a kiss on your forehead, and you linger in his arms. (out of tune / the backseat lovers)
quackity - you make the first move. he’s been thinking about kissing you the whole night but he really doesn’t want to take things too fast, or scare you off. he’s ecstatic when you move towards him, and as soon as your hand makes contact with the side of his face, he’s eager to close the gap. he holds your face as well. the kiss is deep and full of energy. you can tell how long he’s been holding back on this. he puts a lot of movement into it, and you can feel him smirk against your lips. (instant crush / daft punk)
karl - he makes the first move. he started moving towards you before his brain could even register what he was doing. he holds your face in both hands, and before he can even pull away, you put a hand over one of his. the kiss is more like a series of enthusiastic pecks. he’s thrilled that you kiss back, and that his nervous energy is returned. you both slowly fall more and more into each other. the kiss is messy and full of life, and at some point you both realise you’ve fallen onto a nearby couch. you stare at each other for a moment, smiling and giggling. he buries his face into the crook of your neck, pressing light kisses there, both of you tangled in the other's arms. (care / temporex)
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nightmarefox15 · 20 days ago
Jealousy Hcs!
Requested: Na! I got bored and wanted a 'Break' I guess from writing my requests! I also just wanted to create Jealousy Hcs so-
Pairing: Multiple Dsmp Boys! x Gn! Reader!
Idea: The boys get Jealous!
Tags/Warnings: None, Fluff, Cursing! (If there is any warnings that I missed pls tell me!)
Word Count: 1,798!....Thats alot-
A/n: I just got a sudden urge to write Jealousy Hcs so-
*He would just stand behind you, fuming silently.
*Wraping his arms around your waist when he starts loosing his patience
*Would start kissing your shoulder/neck!
*Probably whisper things in your ear to distract you
*If the person gets too close for his or your liking
*They get roasted
*They are now running away in embarrasment-
*You would scould him with a small smile
*But he would just act oblivious
*Hugging your arm
*Glaring at the person definetly!
*Would interupt the other person
*"Maybe we could-""Look at that Y/N!"
*He would also kiss youe cheek....
*After the person left he would just ignore you
*"George-" Hes now walking away...
*You would run infront of him, grab your face in your hands, stare into his hands and MUWAH!
*Kissing him all over his face!!
*Hes now blushing and trying to get you to stop-
*He's now just following you around with a blush on his face!
*Arms around your waist/you in general!
*Would glare at the person
*Mutter threats uder his breath
*Do the Slit throat action thing to the person...
*Would alo mouth threats to the person...
*You would probably elbow him in the stomach to shut him up-
*He'd have to hold himslef back from killing the person-
*If the person goes to far/makes you super uncomfy you would have to hold him back from starting a fight
*He WILL start a fight and absolutley destroy the person!
*Probably the most violent of them all-
*He would be so sad :(
*He would start to feel insecure :(
*He would start to think that youre gonna leave him :(
*If he is intimidated by the guy he would be a little shy!
*He would probably be whispering to you telling you he wants to leave or that he wants to go somehwere else
*He would also be hugging you in some way!
*Or he would be holding your hand/a part of your shirt/dress!
*If the perosn gets to close to you for his or your liking, he would probably try to talk to them
*He's probably say Please as well cause hes sweet like that-
*Not me simping for Karl right now-
*He would try to protect you but eventually just drag you away from them!
*He would glare at the person, hating them for taking his S/O attention
*He would then interuppt the person by flirting with you
*Or syaing "Come on come on! Let's go to that store" "Sweety....Thats Maurices..." Or some other female clothing store-
*If that doesnt work and the person keeps talking to you
*He WILL start a fight!
*A verbal fight....He wouldnt be able beat someone with his short ass-
*He would say something like "Ok. You had your shot. Now let ME talk to MY partner! Instead of some rando who doesn't know the first thing on how to flirt with people!"
*I'm tired leave me be
*Bear wih me I'm not very good at writing him-
*I think he would glare at the person
*Back hugs and neck kisses all the way!
*If the person wont leave you alone he woud just straight up kiss you
*And if they STILL dont get the point
*Then ummmm they might not be alive the next day-
*Sorry this is short! I had no idea what to put!
*He would probably start to feel a bit insecure
*But trust you not to leave him!
*Making sure youre okay/comfortable with this happening is his top priority right now!
*If you are he would just nod and stay beside or behind you
*Probably hugging you in someway or holding your hand/shirt
*He would be skeptical of the person and just keep a sharp eye on them!
*If youre NOT comfortable/okay with whats happening
*He would be on it!
*He would step in front of you, blocking the persons view of you, and tell the person that they're making you uncomfy!
*"Please stop talking to them! You're making them uncomfortable!"
*He's so sweet!
*But if the person doesnt leave you alone
*He would glare at the person
*Mumble "Rude"
*Grab your hand and drag you away saying
*"Come on lets go!"
*Who would be brave enough to walk up to you two?!
*Hes 6'6 no?!
*If someone WAS brave enough to walk up to you
*He would probably just stand behind you, looking like your bodyguard
*You know those pictures of him and Tommy, and he's just standing in the background
*Ya...Thats him when hes jealous
*If the person hasnt run away in fear yet
*Then he raps his an arm around you shoulders and
*"Lets go somewhere else Y/N"
*And just walk away with you under his arm
*This jealouse Bitch-
*He would be louder on purpose!
*He just talkes over the person
*Not caring how loud he has to get
*If you tell him to quiet down, he'll just glare and start pouting
*He would mutter curses and threats under his breath
*If you start to get uncomfortable, he will NOT hesitate to jump in and yell at the person
*You would have to drag him away before he starts a fight he cant win
*Someone has GUTS!
*He would just stand there behind you like
*Bruh Im right here
*He would just stand there, his arms crossed as he stared the person down
*If he sees youre getting uncomfrotably he would just be like
*"Ya no. Leave."
*If the person dosent leave he would be so annoyed Lmao
*If the perosn dosent leave and just ignores him hes gonna be even more annoyed
*He would proabbly growl
*Push you behind him gently
*"If you dont leave in three seconds your heads coming off"
*Hes glaring and resting his hand on his weapon...
*You should probably take him away...before he kills someone-
*He's 6'5 (?)
*People are being brave today-
*He would probably have a 'Normal' conversation with the person
*"I also like Music a lot!"
*Or something like that (M tired leave me be T-T)
*While on the inside hes cursing and roasting the person
*If you look close enough you can see him gritting his teeth
*You should be concerned-
*Hes slowly starting to look like hes going to murder someone-
*"Why dont we leave Will?"
*You wanted to leave before he exploded with anger/jealousy
*Ya Ya, I know he's not real but who cares 🙄
*He would be floating next to you, staring at the person confused
*"Whats this feeling?" He would question himself
*You would probably look at him a bit concerend a couple of times
*"You okay Bur?" "Ya! Im just confused?"
*You would then turn to him, asking him why he's confused and all that
*The person would just be standing there awkwardly cause oyu forgot about them Lmao
*They would just eventually leave-
*The person would probably be flirting/talking to the both of you
*Niki would grab a hold of your hand/arm/shirt getting uncomfy
*"Pls stop"
*Ya...Niki would want to leave imidietly-
*Get the poor baby out of there :(
*You would have to tell the person to stop
*And if they dont just walk away
*And if they STILL dont leave you alone
*Your gonna have to threaten them-
*And if they STILL dont leave
*"Buddy...We're lesbian/Bi...She's my girlfriend.."...I'm tired leave me be-
*Ya...Poor persons really imparrased now-
*They might just turn red and run away...
*...That would be interesting to watch-
*He would probably just stand there awkwardly
*And if the person starts making you uncomfy he would start to slowly push you behind him
*And start a conversation with the person instead
*"Hey-Do you know of any good Cafes?"
*He would literally say anithing to distract the person from you
*And then he would "Thanks!"
*Walks away from the person, your hand in his!
*Ya...I didnt really know what to put for him-
*He would just stare at the person deadpanned
*Like 'Really bitch. They're busy'
*"Theyre busy"
*Ya...The person did not like that-
*"What did you say Kid?"
*"I said they're busy" *Glares*
*Ya...Drag him away before he starts a fight-
*If hes just quiet the whole time he would thrw random sarcastic jokes
*And try to get you away from teh person
*Not liking your attention on the person
*Im tired leave me be-
*Hes gonna act polite at first!
*Trying to be nice and not lash out-
*But if the person makes you uncomfy or gets too close to you for eaither of your liking
*Hes gonna try pulling you away
*"Come on lets go Muffin!"
*If the person grabs your hand you better beleive hes gonna get protective
*"Let go of them! You didn't ask them if you could old their hand!"
*Hes still trying to be nice
*If th person wont let you go hes gonna lash out-
*"I told you to let their hand go!!" *Glares*
*Maybe he would start to hint that he knows how to throw nice and shit-(Im tired and dont remember leave me be-)
*He would be a baby-
*He would wrap you up in his arms and burry his head in your neck
*"Hmmmm....Lets leave~"
*He would whine about want ing to leave
*If you just tell him that youll leave in a bit he would pout and just stand behind you
*All pouty and annoyed
*If he ses that youre getting uncomfy he would get so mad-
*"STOP IT!!"
*Ya...He would yell at the person-
*He would make a big scene
*Probably start a fight-
*Drag him away for my sake pls!
*I cant deal with this second hand embarrasment-
Awesamdude (Sam):
*Im not the best for writing with him either bear with me-
*He would just stand behind you, his arms crossed
*Just staring down the person, not liking them already
*The person would probably start to squirm under his gaze-
*"Why dont we leave Love"
*You would question him
*If you dont want to leave, he would huff but let you stay
*If the person starts to make you uncomfy you woud probably grab onto the front of Sams shirt
*He would immidetly notice and put his arms aorund you
*"We will be leaving now"
*And just drag you away from the person
Sorry I havent posted any requests-
Taglist: @sugarrbbee @dawnfallx @forefinn @angstyx @lakifaki @bloodystars @meliancries @wilczachannn
If you want to be added just ask!
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croissans · a month ago
Tumblr media
─────── PETER PAN
living in a village far away from the smp definitely has its perks, especially when you get to see how well they take the challenge of sneaking onto the balcony of your house just to see you
dsmp characters sneaking around to see you. featuring: sapnap, dream, george, technoblade, quackity.
headcanons, fluff. cw for language and mentions of injuries.
sapnap .*+
acts all cocky like he's not about to fall on his ass from a two story drop <3
says 'i got it' a lot
uh no sweetie you don't
you just watch him until he finally caves and asks for your help
will say stuff about how the sneaking around is really romantic and you just proceed to shove him back down and give him a lil scare <3
"there's a front door"
"romantics use the window"
"you're literally about to fall"
dream .*+
when you hear something clamoring around on the roof, it's either dream or a bunch of pigeons
most of the time its dream
usually he's good, he's got it all together, honing all of his parkour skills but then he misses than on silly little jump and it's over
cue the sound of a cat yowling, glass breaking and it's like he just shoots through the room
all those falls didn't get him but if you kiss him, man will melt and turn into putty
george .*+
clueless little man (affectionate)
is it really sneaking around when you're wearing a bright red mushroom on your head, hm?
definitely struggles to get up, no grace at all
will panic when he realizes this ain't something he can win
the struggle between george and the block of concrete that is your balcony is real
starts screeching for help lmfao
no difference whether he's on solid ground or clinging onto the edge of the balcony for his life. still no grace.
acts like a stray cat that got in
"do you have any food?" "i'm cold wth"
8 out of 10 though because he brings you gifts and lil trinkets <3
the next day you will just be reminded that he was there because you have a handful of fresh azalea lying around
quackity .*+
the first thing you hear is "rapunzel, let down your hair!"
doesn't even bother to sneak around
definitely sings as he struggles to get his ass over the balcony
"please babe help me i swear to god i'm about to fall"
brings actual ladders next time
"you know normal people use the front door right?"
"yeah and your boyfriend uses the window, what's your point"
technoblade .*+
probably flynn ridered his way into your life
committed a crime. was being chased. saw a balcony, looked at the camera like he was in on the office and went
free real estate
ok but the image of a man, in full netherite armor, caked in mud, with a violently glowing sword in hand
and you just sit there minding your own business like what the fck
you definitely tried to fight him off at first, pointing a stone sword in his direction and idk... trying to poke him out of the room??
"no wait i just need to hide for like ten seconds, c'mon-"
it's all shits and giggles until you hear the pillagers pass by and he shoves you as gently as he could against the wall, a hand over your mouth
techno definitely got close to falling to his death after that
after a while you two got close
his excuse is always "i'm just passing by"
he doesn't stop using the balcony as the entrance and you never really close the door
very stealthy so he sneaks up on you
sometimes he's glad he gets into trouble because it means he can see you
most of his visits, you end up nursing him back to health and acting annoyed that he's somehow always hurt
when in fact you're kinda flattered that he sees you as this rendezvous spot on the map
probably says some shit like, "windows are the new door"
"alright, peter pan."
© croissans. all rights reserved. do not copy, repost, or translate my work
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Sunday kind of love
Tumblr media
Request: Can I please request soft sex with George in the morning? With lots of fluff and smut too?🥺
Warnings: unprotected sex, smut but its fluffy so p tame, if im missing anything pls tell me
Word count: 1.7k+
a/n: You can choose where you want this to take place - in your shared house, in your or his bedroom, in a dorm, in the room of requirements - really doesn’t matter, so its up to you! I like to imagine this taking place in y/n’s personal prefect/head boy/girl bedroom. As always, reblogs and/or feedback are extremely appreciated <3
Title inspired by 'A Sunday Kind Of Love' by Etta James cause it has similar vibes to this fic to me! <3
It’s Sunday. The light of the morning sun is painting brilliant gold streaks across the room, casting it in an effervescent glow that envelops you and George in bed. Your eyes are still adjusting to the bright atmosphere, lashes fluttering as you lazily blink your eyes. Still fuzzy from sleep you take in your position; spread out along the bed, head nuzzled into your pillow. You feel Georges presence behind you, and soon feel his fingers drawing delicate patters along your shoulders and back, humming a quiet tune that sounds an awful lot like a slow, soft version of your favourite song. An overwhelming sense of calamity washes over you, feeling peace and happiness course through you, intertwining with the blood in your veins and fizzling out towards your fingertips. A content smile makes its way to your lips and you cant help the small sigh that escapes you.
“y’ awake, love?” He ask, voice rough with the remnants of sleep. The low vibration of his voice sends a shiver through you that you struggle to suppress, and all semblance of innocent thoughts quickly shatter.
“y’ cold?” he asks then, before you can muster the energy to answer his first question, and you practically hear the worried furrow of his brow.
“No, georgie, m’ fine.”
“You sure?”
silence. The hand drawing patterns along your arm pauses for a second as George contemplates what to say, and then resumes.
“I dreamt of you.” He says, and though your eyes are half shut you would swear on anything he is is smiling; it seeps into his voice, lacing it with a sweet and addictive substance. You could listen to him speak in his raspy morning voice for all eternity and never get enough.
“Oh yeah?” You quip, a smile pulling at the corners of your mouth at the sweet admission.
“Yeah,” He says, and you swear he sounds breathless.
“And what did you dream?” You entertain his conversation, curious as to what form you took in his sleep.
“We were shagging.” He says, not an ounce of shame to be detected and you groan into the pillow before turning to him, face expressionless. “Merlin, way to ruin a sweet moment.“ You grumble.
He only smiles briefly before leaning down to kiss you.
The seemingly sweet kiss collapses into a clashing of lips and tongues, heavy breaths, and swallowed sounds.
One second he’s leaning down to kiss you and the next you’re straddling his lap as he lays on the bed, back arched to press your bodies as close together as possible. His hands are everywhere - tangled in your hair, the soft dip of your waist, the curve of your ass. His erection is prominent pressed against you through your underwear. You roll your hips, gently, and the kiss breaks off as George whines into your mouth. He laughs a little, and so do you, and in the blink of an eye everything changes. He brings has hands up to cup your face, thumb brushing over your cheekbone. He looks at you, studies every inch of your face, and when he leans up to kiss you again it’s full of pure love and admiration, all the messy neediness from earlier vanished.
You return the kiss, equally soft. He pulls away to look at you again, and you take the time to look at him, really look at him, too. The subtle creases beside his eyes from years of laughter, gentle flush on his cheeks, the freckles spattered across his face, the soft curve of his nose and the subtle quirk of his lips. He’s glowing. He’s beautiful. You tell him so.
“Not as beautiful as you, darling.” He pushes a strand of hair away from your forehead. “Not ever.” He kisses you again, and this time his hands are gentle, tracing your skin with slow, careful movements. They trace the hem of your t-shirt - well, if it was really one of his shirts then no one needed to know - and slips his fingers underneath, pushing his hand upwards, taking the shirt with it. He brings his hand round front and gently caresses your breast - enveloping it in his hand, squeezing gently, pulling.
“Off” he says in a breath between kisses as he gently tugs on the fabric, and you immediately lean back and pull the shirt over your head, discarding it somewhere behind you. Before the material can even hit the floor, George has you pressed back against him, skin to skin. You barely manage to suppress a moan at the feeling of his warm, sun-kissed skin.
His mouth parts from yours, and he presses sweet, delicate kisses to your jawline. His lips continue their exploration down the column of your throat. He uses his free hand to pull you further towards him by your hip, giving him perfect access to your tits with his mouth. He flutters kisses down your sternum, then moves his mouth to nip at the breast not occupied by his hand. He sucks gently, kisses, lets his teeth just barely scrape against the sensitive bud. You revel in the sensation, eyes closed, sighs and staggered breaths leaving your parted lips. He moves to the other breast, repeating the action, and traces kisses anywhere he can reach. Yearning to taste him again, you shuffle back down, reconnecting your lips. Your hands are pressed into the mattress at either side of his head, holding you up. He’s fully hard now, and the flimsy material of his sweatpants does little to conceal it. His firm length presses right into your core, and the slight friction on your clit has you releasing a languid moan into Georges mouth.
You grind against him, gently this time, taking your time as your roll your hips back and forth. You don’t know how long you go on like that, but before you know it you and George are barely kissing anymore - the weak noises you both are emitting entwining in the minuscule space between your mouths.
“Wanna-“ George breathes, barely able to form a sentence “wanna be inside. Please.”
You are unable to repress the shudder that runs through you at the sound of his gentle begging, and you feel wetness pool even further in your underwear.
“Please,” you whisper back, tucking your face into his neck “need you in me. Yes. Please.”
“Wanna be on top, darling?”
You nod into his neck.
“Okay,” he breathes, following with a gentle laugh “- might not last long though. You’ve done quite the number on me already.”
You laugh gently in response, breath fanning hot across his neck.
“Dont worry, love. S’hot.”
He chuckles, and is hands move to your hips, lifting you gently off him so he can shimmy down his sweatpants and free his cock from the confines of the material. In the meantime you press soft kisses to his neck, gently biting at the fragile skin as he strokes himself a few times. He then moves his fingers to the hem of your underwear, then slipping down further and further till he’s cupping your core, and presses gently. You cant help but whimper at the sheer relief the gentle pressure brings you. He pushes the material aside and runs his fingers through your folds, collecting the wetness and spreading it around, before coming up and applying gentle pressure to your clit, all whilst whispering gentle encouragements. You moan, and unwilling to spend another unnecessary second without him inside you, groan, saying “Take them off. Right now”
“Easy now,” he says, and you can hear the smirk in his voice. his fingers withdraw from your panties, and he stills for a second, contemplating.
“These expensive?” He murmurs.
“Replaceable.” you whisper back, impatient, and in a split second he’s torn the material off your body.
You exhale in relief, and feel him use his hand to guide himself to your entrance as you lean up to slot your lips against his once more. He pulls away just for a second to check you’re all right before resuming the kiss, and with a swift move he sheaths himself inside you. The two of you let out a collective moan, his strangled and desperate, yours sweet with the feeling of fullness and relief. He gives a few thrusts before you take charge. Using your hands on his chest as leverage, you push yourself up so you’re straddling him in a seated position. The shift in position causes him to slip deeper and perfectly hit the spongey spot that sends a rush of pleasure coursing through you, building that familiar burn in your lower stomach. You lift your hips gently, up until only the head of his cock is inside you, then sink down on him again. The action has him releasing a string of curses, and you let out various colourful words of your own. You repeat the motion again, and again, rocking back and forth, opening your eyes to look down at George and observe the blissed out expression on his face, the sweat beading on his forehead, the way his eyes are scrunched in pleasure. It doesn’t take long till you reach the precipice, seconds away from crashing over the edge. You can tell George is close too from the way he’s twitching inside of you and the unintelligible combination of praise and pleading spilling from his lips.
“‘M so close, love,” he rasps “you’re so beautiful for me. No one else like you. Fuck, m so close”.
The dirty praise sends you over the edge, and you come hard, clenching around him. The feeling of it has George reaching his high too, and one of his hands snakes its way across your lower back, drawing you closer, pressing you further into him. Closer, closer, closer.
You all but collapse into his chest, blissed out and absolutely exhausted. He chuckles gently, equally out of breath, and wraps both his arms around you, hugging you. You lay there for ages, eventually engaging in small talk as George presses gentle kisses to the crown of your head.
Eventually, but long after he’s gone soft inside you, you get off him and head into the en-suite bathroom to clean yourself off. He follows soon after, cleaning himself up (and if a few kisses distract the both of you, its nobody’s business but your own), and then he is pulling you back into bed for a “lie-in” even though morning has long passed.
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lucymcyt · a month ago
Wearing his clothes/merch (hc)
George had just got some of his new merch in the mail so naturally you decided to steal it and wear it before he can plus its super comfy so why not. Since you put it on you hadn't seen George because he had been busy but when he was done doing whatever it was that he was doing he came into the living room to see you working away on your laptop.
He was kind of tired but as soon as he looked at you a huge smile formed on his face, he loves when you wear his merch or his clothes in general because you just look so cute in his things especially when they are too big for you. His absolute favourite thing is when the sleeves of hoodies are too long and your fingers just barely poke out the end he just finds it so adorable when you are constantly pulling the sleeves up to grab things.
Your laptop is shut when George walks over sitting next to you and pressing multiple kisses all over your face. He did open your laptop back up mainly so you didn't get annoyed with him but you put it down anyway relishing in the attention he was giving you because you often have widely different schedules.
"You look so cute in my merch" he says
"You aren't mad that I took it then" you say
"Not at all it looks better on you anyway" he says
You may have had a little too much fun with him taking pictures of you in his merch as if you were modelling but those pictures would never be used for anything just for him to look back at and possibly tease the merch on stream.
Some days it's just so hot that you have to steal one of Clay's t-shirts because it's big on you so it doesn't stick to you in any way. Clay loves those days because he loves seeing you in his shirts because they look better on you than him anyway. Today was even better because you were wearing one of his merch shirts which he wore a few days ago so it smelled like him which is why you were wearing it.
He has had his hands on you all day because he just loves to have you close to him even though it's like 40 degrees outside (this is in Celsius because I don't understand Fahrenheit). The both of you sit outside in the sun taking in its vitamins and with Clay playing with your hair as you lie on his chest, the whole time his eyes are on you just looking at you lying there wearing his shirt being as beautiful as ever without making any effort whatsoever.
Clay for sure takes pictures of you in all of his merch and even posts some of them if he has told the viewers about you because they love you and it means he can gush about you while promoting his merch. Some of his favourite pictures of you are in his merch when you both had an impromptu photo shoot when the new merch arrived, it was such a fun day because he kept telling you to stand in different ways and in different places.
You often spend the day with sapnap and then more often that not you stay the night but every time you never bring anything to sleep in but sapnap is more than happy with that because then he can give you his clothes to wear. Seeing you in his hoodie or t-shirt makes him so happy because it shows that your his and he's very protective so anything to show that your his is great.
One night you did bring things to sleep in but you didn't wear them because Sapnap wouldn't let you wear them because some of his favourite times with you are cuddled up in bed when you are wearing his clothes so there was no way he was going to miss out on that just because you remembered to bring clothes with you.
He gives you one of his shirts and a pair of his sweatpants which are way too big on you but they are comfy and he says they look cute so that's why you wear them. As you walk round with them on he will come over and put his hands in the pockets of the sweatpants or in the pouch of the hoodie and just have his arms around you taking in the fact that you're all his.
When you two actually go to bed he will lie half on top of you making sure you are fully protect form whatever he thinks will happen during the night. It can be kind of uncomfortable but its nice having him there to cuddle with and keep you warm during the winter because that man is like a heater at all times.
When he's not streaming his beanies are yours and there is no argument about it, you often hate the way your hair looks and his beanies are the best thing to cover it. Sometimes you two argue about who is going to wear his beanie because he usually wears one incase he gets recognised but you always win the argument because ultimately he likes looking at you in his beanie so you get to wear it while he wears a hat.
Sometimes you go out both wearing beanies and even matching ones being the cute couple that you really aren't if anything you two are a bit more chaotic but that is about the only moment you two are cute. The viewers love your vibes together because there is literally no difference as to how you act on stream or in real life when people meet you.
You two stream together quite a bit even before you told the viewers because you act the exact same as a couple as you did as friends but when you do stream together you both wear a beanie, each stream comes with about a million clips and screenshots of the both of you matching. It never occurs to you or Alex that people like when you match because it happens a lot just in everyday life so you think nothing of it but you are always reminded when you don't have a beanie on and people are shocked.
All of his clothes are yours too, he loves seeing you wear his clothes just on an everyday basis. Sometimes you will wear one of his t-shirts or his button ups over something to make an outfit and he just loves that because you always look so good and sometimes even better. On occasion you two will wear similar outfits and then Karl has to bring you out so that people can appreciate how amazing you look. He would just have to post pictures either on Instagram or on his second twitter of you both just being amazing because who wouldn't.
Of all the times you wear his clothes chill days where you have on one of his hoodies are his favourites. He always thinks you look so cute and comfortable in his hoodie which may be too big but who can complain when you have the hood up and it over your hands and you look so snug. He likes to cuddle with you because even if he isn't wearing comfy clothes he feels so much more comfortable just laying with you and snuggling his head into your chest.
He practically gives you his clothes if he wants you to wear them but he does it subtly by leaving them in a place that's convenient for you or quite literally putting them in your wardrobe. He has been known to carry a hoodie around with him just incase you get cold so he can give it to you. You always laugh to yourself when you notice these things because you find it sweet that he would do all of this to get you to wear his clothes and of course you do it because you got to reward his efforts.
When you do wear his clothes he gets all shy and blushy even though he is the one that instigated it but it also makes him super happy that you will go out in his things without a care in the world. It’s even better when he gets to be with you because then its even more obvious that you have his clothes on and he likes that although people give you looks they know they don’t have a chance because you’re his.
In the winter you both share his beanies as well because why buy your own when he has so many. Beanies is the one thing he will tease you about wearing and will move them around on your head even pulling them down over your eyes just for fun but he really does it because he can’t handle the cuteness of you wearing his beanie all the time.  
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angstyx · a month ago
may I perhaps request a headcanon of some of the guys catching you looking at their hands while they’re playing? if not, no worries :)))
this is more the guys catching you looking at their hands in general and some of them aren't when they're playing sorry! :(
Tumblr media
Catching you Looking at Their Hands
Includes: Dream, George, Sapnap, Wilbur Soot, Quackity
TW: none
Requested?: [Yes] [No]
Masterlist // Rules for Requesting
───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────
Tumblr media
during a manhunt
he'll let you sit next to him and watch
whenever he sees that the hunters are far away, he'll turn his attention to you and chat a little
but one time he caught you looking at his hands curiously
"Y/n? Why are you looking at my hands?"
"Nothing it's just... how do you do those cool tricks in your videos? Like your hands just stay calm the entire time?"
dream literally snorted at that question while you just rolled your eyes
"It just takes luck and practice, babe. And believe it or not, my hands don't stay calm at all―not when you're around..."
he muttered the last part but you heard it
while he's streaming
george invited you to be on stream and you said yes
you were just laying your had on your shoulder as your boyfriend read his subs and bits
soon your gaze made its way to his hands and stayed there for a while
"George, your hands look soft"
your boyfriend would immediately widen his eyes and turn to you
he wasn't sure if he heard you correctly
"W-What? What are you taking about?"
"They just look soft, that's all. Can i hold it?"
and you'll just take his hand into yours while george's face turns red
and unfortunately for him, he wasn't muted the entire time so his viewers heard the whole conversation and were now teasing him and his red face
"Chat I am not blushing! Stop it!"
He was in fact, lying
after he painted his nails
sapnap would be playing a game with his friends with you beside him and you'll just randomly look at his hands
and what surprised you was that they were painted black
"You look good with your nails painted black, babe."
he'll jump at the sound of your voice cause he didn't expect you to talk but would recover fast
while his friends were asking what happened, he'll mute and turn to you with a smirk
"I know, I look good in everything, babe."
you'll just playfully hit him while your boyfriend laughs
ignoring how fast his heart was beating and how warm he face felt, he went back to his game but couldn't help as a smile made its way onto his face
he was just glad you like them
Wilbur Soot
when he's playing his guitar
he'll be playing his guitar for you as you sit across from him
watching his hands dance over the strings, you blurt out something
"you're really good at the guitar, you know that right?"
he'll look up at you from his guitar and you'll laugh at how red his face is
he wouldn't look away from his guitar because he doesnt want you to see his still-red face
"I- t-thank you, babe"
a huge smile would be on your boyfriends face the entire time he plays the guitar for you and you'll be lying if you didnt have one on your face either
when he's doing his homework or editing
we know quackity is a law student, right?
so whenever he's doing his homework whether it be on paper or on his computer, he'll have you hold his hand cause you may or may not be clingy af
the both of you would even hold hands when he's editing
yes it'll be hard to edit with one hand but quackity isnt going to complain when the reason he can't use his other hand is because you're holding it
"Hey babe?"
"Yeah? Do you need anything?"
"Uh not really... can i just... hold your hand while you work?
sometimes late at night, you'll fall asleep by accident and when quackity goes to use his other hand hand―forgetting that you were holding it―he'll accidentally tug on something just to find out that you're still holding his hand even when you're fast asleep
a smile would then appear on his face and he'll try his best not to wake you up
───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────
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Send me an ask or dm to be added to my taglist! :)
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mothra-mcyt · 5 months ago
Could you please do an mcyt request with y/n who loves space and stars? And sometimes likes to just talk about constellations and astronomy related things? Thank you!
☾ MCYT's reaction to a reader who loves space and stars ☽
No trigger warnings
》 Dream 《
When he first found out about your obsession with space and stuff he was very interested
Loves listening to you rant about it
Definitely takes you up onto a mountain at night to go stargazing
》 George 《
He's not very good at showing strong emotions but whenever you start talking about he puts down whatever he's doing and listens to you
Takes notes on what you talk about so that he remembers and knows what to gift you
》 Badboyhalo 《
"Oooo that's sounds interesting tell me more! :D"
Listen this man is so sweet could listen to you talk about it for hours on end and loves how happy you are when you talk about it
Even does his own research on constellations and other stuff
》 Tommy 《
Is just so amazed on how much you know about it
Has absolutely no idea what you're talking about or how it works but it sounds smart
》 Tubbo 《
Doesn't really know much himself but likes listening to you talk about it to learn more about it
If you two ever meet up definitely plans to go stargazing
》 Wilbur 《
I feel like he knows some stuff himself but not that much
Would love to know more about it and whenever you rant to him about it asks questions
If you think you're annoying him he'll be like
"No no keep talking i'm interested."
》 Technoblade 《
Probably won't show it but he's really interested and would listen to you talk about it for hours
I feel like he also does love stars a lot and really enjoys stargazing
》 Ranboo 《
So very interested that whenever you talk about it he stays silent because he doesn't want to interrupt you
You two probably have late night calls when he streams while you just talk to him about it
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