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sulkerbox · 16 minutes ago
im watching the axolotl video and. all i can think about is how dream is just acting like a needy boyfriend /lh
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akvilenotfound · 16 minutes ago
I think Wilbur said in BBH's stream they all met and he tried to get George drunk lol
oh my god LMAOOOO i need to watch this vod asap!!! from the few clips i saw, it looks like it was a lot of fun :') omg i would love to see drunk george ifeufhiqowfjwwiafwoi
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sulkerbox · 20 minutes ago
omfg dream is so soft in george’s new video
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njat · 55 minutes ago
I watched the whole axolotl video with my sister again, I had to restrict myself from commenting on dnf, I failed at the giggling part because it was too cute. I have successfully brought my sister in to this world.
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akvilenotfound · an hour ago
George, Wilbur, Jack and Fundy were all hanging out and we didn't get a single photo 😔
excuse meee????? george met fundy?? why did i now know about this :(((
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redrosedream · an hour ago
idk streams like that annoy me cos i don’t like it when they kill george all the time and steal his stuff it’s frustrating cos he needs that stuff for lore
see i’ve never understood this perspective, they’re all having fun & if any stuff is needed for lore they’d obviously return it before any lore happens. they’re all grown adults who know the boundaries of their own friendships, if you don’t like the stream don’t watch. there’s no point getting yourself frustrated over something that’s supposed to provide entertainment :)
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dogin8 · 2 hours ago
The Tom Simons vlogs are secretly just the filming and recording of the reintroduction of GeorgeNotFound into human society for scientific purposes
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mariawastaken · 2 hours ago
besties at the top of trending together :,)
Tumblr media
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fogyblogs7 · 2 hours ago
" midnight river"
George had fallen in love with a human, he had been made fun of countless times for it, he didn't care, his hair blew in the wind , he has watched the human from above, he wanted see him closer , his wings flapped in the wind as he got closer, he saw the human, -dream pov-
I had saw a man withdusty pink wings
, "hello?" he said thought he was imaging things, george answered back with "Hello human", -to be Continued -
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pearl0654 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
@dreamrp and @georgenotfoundrp i made this for you guys...
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dreamquackity · 2 hours ago
No but I genuinely wonder if it was random and dream just went with it or if he chose yellow, explicitly told george he was green AND didn’t tell him the truth at any point
it could go either way tbh……. but no matter what the fact that he kept the act up the entire time so nonchalantly is hilarious. also can we talk about how funny it was that george wanted dream to edit his video in light of the fact that they posted their videos one day after the other implying they were filmed around the same time? like DUDE he’s busy editing HIS video wym edit my video for me 😭
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blockofbones · 4 hours ago
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dreamquackity · 4 hours ago
Does he do the voice on purpose or did the spirit of being a tiny helpless creature possess him
i think the second one n also he’s just Baby but he lets himself go full force when he does the animal videos. also can i say something. ‘i read heatwaves ur just cock sucking’ and ‘you’re a beautiful green axolotl!’ have the same ‘SOMEONE TELL HIM’ energy
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George: Steal me barbeque.
Dream: I can just buy it for you?
George: I want the stolen one.
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hermitdream · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
don't let him die
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ghstburr · 5 hours ago
George and wilburs "possible" meet up today !! (Or later idk BAHAH) ^__^
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