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TI: Skeppy, you just lost. You just lost a fight to me… because of my muscles. BECAUSE OF MY MUSCLES, SKEPPY.

D: He’s gonna assassinate you, Tommy.

TI: He couldn’t. Because I’m too strong.

NH: I’m sorry Tommy, but what muscles are we talking about?

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Welcome to the dream smp! Only four of us can build and the worlds a mess! We’re all stupidly competitive and spiteful and we cant go two days without starting some sort of war! We’re all none paid actors! The creators of the server are never here, either or doesn’t matter, theyre side characters! Hope you enjoy your stay here!

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look dttwt, dnf shippers dont go wild over the unseasoned bland chicken made by ur british mother for shippin bait that dream pays george to do. dnf shippers go stupid crazy over the real, quiet intimate moments of understandin that can only happen between people that are that close (whether its romantic or not).

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