yeraskier · 2 days ago
There's something almost calming about watching Jaskier when he orgasms. It's always so loud, and intense, and powerful; it leaves no room for anything else.
It's as if his body is absorbing every bit of chaos that surrounds him until he can't take it anymore, and then he simply... releases.
Geralt's had the pleasure of experiencing it many, many times now, and it always has the same impact on him, if not stronger each time. It's addictive, makes him wish that he could spend all of his days, every day, his only purpose in life being to bring Jaskier to orgasm.
And it's possibly making the person in the room next to them homicidal because this would be the seventh time tonight that they’ve banged on the wall, and shouted insults at Geralt and Jaskier for being too loud.
Jaskier’s chuckle turns into a gasp when Geralt slips out of him— the slide slippery, the sound lewd.
Geralt grunts as his body hits the mattress, finding that he's aching in the way he always does after several rounds with the bard. Very few people can tire him out, but it is no surprise that Jaskier manages to be on that short list.
"Outstanding as always, dear witcher."
"And verbal as ever," Jaskier teases as he sits up. "Your ability to be so nonchalant and quiet after sex with me is becoming quite offensive, I must say."
"This is how I normally am."
"You had a lot to say an hour ago when I had my lips wrapped around your cock."
Geralt shrugs, "I was inspired."
Jaskier rolls his eyes, but there’s a playful glint in his eyes as he sits up and begins searching for his pants.
Geralt admires his back (and his backside) as he moves, eyes trailing over the—
Geralt doesn't panic, okay? Living the life he lives, he doesn't have that privilege, but right now, laying in this bed as he watches Jaskier get ready to leave— fuck, he might be panicking.
Because Jaskier never leaves after sex, not since after the first few times, at least. And yes, he isn't necessarily obligated to stay, but he always does, and so does Geralt, and now he isn't.
Why is Jaskier not talking him into cuddling right now?
Why is Jaskier not attempting to get him into the now-cold bath in the corner of the room?
Why is Jaskier not going on one of his very detailed post-sex rants that Geralt pretends to despise, even though they both know he gets invested each time?
Why is Jaskier not falling asleep right now? Hogging up all the bed space and stealing the blanket while using Geralt's chest as a pillow?
Geralt remains as still as possible, barely twitching out of place as Jaskier pulls on his doublet. He may not feel normal about this, but he can sure as shit act normal, even if it isn't normal.
"Alright, darling, I'm going to go fetch us some water. Be back before you can miss my presence too much," the bard announces, throwing a wink over his shoulder before practically skipping out the door.
The words settle him, but only for a few moments before he's ready to panic over something completely different because why did he care so much about Jaskier possibly leaving?
Sure, Geralt has become almost as fond of the after-sex things as he is of the sex-sex things, but he doesn't need them. He won't break down into tears without them.
That's sort of exactly what he was ready to do just now.
Okay, maybe Geralt wouldn’t have cried, but he definitely would’ve bothered… upset, even.
And he knows this because even with the knowledge that Jaskier is coming back, even knowing that Jaskier only left so he could make sure they both stay hydrated, Geralt is, in this very moment, bothered.
Which isn’t good. At all.
Because the last time he got bothered by someone leaving, it was Yennefer. And he was only bothered because.
But that wouldn’t make sense, would it? Because Jaskier leaves all the time. He leaves Jaskier all the time. They part for months on end, and Geralt lives.
So what if Geralt has begun to notice that it gets a little harder to willingly go every time they part ways?
So what if his mood during the months where Jaskier isn’t around is shittier than usual?
So what if his mood when Jaskier is around is better than usual?
That doesn’t mean anything. Sex puts most men in better moods, that doesn’t mean he’s in love with the bard.
Not that feelings would mean love. Because a little crush doesn’t equate to love.
Not that Geralt has a little crush, or any crush of any sort. Because he doesn’t. Because he can’t.
Because what they have now, friendship and lust and comfort, is the best thing that has happened to him in a while, and he will not ruin that over catching feelings, of all things.
He doesn’t have feelings for Jaskier, so he can’t ruin anything.
“I don’t have feelings for Jaskier,” he says aloud, into the empty room, but the words feel heavy on his tongue.
I can’t have feelings for Jaskier.
“I don’t have feelings for Jaskier,” Geralt says again, but this time, it comes out as a growl.
Please, don’t let me have feelings for Jaskier.
“I do not have feelings for Jask—”
The door opens, and Jaskier walks in with a wide smile, and that spark of electricity that follows the bard wherever he goes bursts in behind him.
Jaskier takes easy steps towards the bed, and it’s like he’s moving in slow motion.
Geralt desperately wants to run. He doesn’t.
He remains still as Jaskier sets down the pitcher of water, and the cup in hand, and fills it up to the brim before turning to Geralt with a disarming gaze.
The rim of the glass in Jaskier’s hand is pressed to Geralt’s lips, and the witcher takes in the sight before him.
Those wide blue eyes, and that disheveled hair, and those pouty lips— he realizes that he could probably draw every single feature of this man’s face perfectly without even looking, and he’s never drawn a day in his life.
I can’t.
“Well?” Jaskier says, “drink up.”
Geralt parts his lips, and Jaskier’s eyes drop, and Geralt’s heart thuds so loud, it seems to echo throughout his entire body, and Jaskier smiles wide, as if he heard it.
I do.
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penandinkprincess · a day ago
okay but 
Tumblr media
geralt getting all the way on his way to kaer morhen before regretting what he’s done and making his way to oxenfurt because if he gets there first, he can figure out how to apologize and hopefully ask jaskier to forgive him. 
meanwhile geralt is just fucking. tapping his toes in oxenfurt, waiting, getting more and more guilty the more friendly greetings he gets bc jaskier has spoken about him so lovingly throughout the years. and he realizes exactly how jaskier feels about him and how much he threw away on the mountain. 
finally, he just has to come to terms with the fact that jaskier isn’t coming to oxenfurt, and he has to head to kaer morhen for the winter. he knows jaskier. the bard must have gone somewhere private to lick his wounds, and geralt hates to leave him along for so long, but he can’t just not go back bc then his brothers will assume he’s dead. 
and then he actually starts heading back to kaer morhen. 
and suddenly the receptions are a lot less friendly than he got used to in his weeks at oxenfurt. 
and now he’s been called a fucking?? homewrecker?? he’s been called a lot of things but what fucking home has he wrecked??
and then he realizes
he’s following in jaskier’s path 
and the jaskier who came before him this time is not the jaskier of oxenfurt who loved him 
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fangirleaconmigo · a day ago
Geraskier concept
How about an AU where Julian Alfred Pankratz’s family is a scary, violent family…like evil necromancers who work for imperialists and do their dirty work. Magical mobsters. Something like that.
And when Julian is ‘brought into the family business’ as a teen, he is taken on an errand and witnesses a murder. He is so traumatized by it. He vomits. He rages.
He isn’t a hero or anything but he does have a conscience and harming others and violence sickens him.
He wants to run away but his father is too powerful. He would never be able to get far enough. So he asks his father to let him go. To release him from his family obligations.
His father is like absolutely not. You’re young. Once you get a little experience, you’ll realize that killing is necessary. All of this idealism and self righteousness is just naïveté and childishness. So just stay. You’ll get used to it.
Julian is like no I will never be alright with killing people.
They fight like demons about it and Julian’s father tells him he will let him go under one condition. That he consents to having a spell put on him. “The day you kill someone, everything will go black and you will wake up here, under an obligation to work for me.”
They are both so sure of themselves.
Julian agrees to it almost before his father is even done explaining himself. He has nothing to lose. “I’ll never do it,” he vows.
Julian’s father is so sure his son will eventually become like him. Will follow in his footsteps. So he casts the spell and Julian agrees to change his name to sever their connection. He calls himself Jaskier and he takes off.
Freedom is exhilarating. Jaskier drinks and sings and fucks and meets new people and sees the world. Most importantly he gets to be himself.
Of course his father keeps tabs on him and occasionally sends a messenger to ask if he’s tired of being a brat. He tries to get him to come back. But the answer is always no.
Then Jaskier meets Geralt. At first it’s just admiration and of course (of course) lust, like everything else. But it quickly transforms into something else. They spend nights talking by campfires, drinking together, talking shit, making fun of aldermen who are afraid of Geralt or who don’t want to pay him. They fit together in a way Jaskier has never experienced.
And Geralt is magnificent. Geralt protects him and pulls him out of danger and saves his life time and time again. Jaskier falls in love with his entire heart and soul. He thinks it is one sided. So he decides to never confess it. But oh he loves him. He harbors it in his heart.
But he cannot bring himself to tell him about his family. Mostly, he is ashamed, though he isn’t sure if it is of his father or himself.
Then one day, Geralt is set upon by superstitious villagers being egged on by a mage who wants Geralt run out of town. Geralt, strong as he is, can be overwhelmed by magic plus being outnumbered.
Jaskier is in a tavern performing, but he finishes and comes upon the scene just as Geralt has fallen. He realizes with soul deep panic that Geralt could die if he doesn’t help him. The only way to do so is to silence the mage who hasn’t yet seen Jaskier.
When Jaskier picks up the knife he knows he will likely never see Geralt again. He knows it will mean a life of soul destroying evil. Of conformity. Of captivity. Of being under his father’s thumb again.
But they are bearing down on Geralt and no one else can help him. Geralt who has saved his life more times than he can count.
And what is love if not willingness to sacrifice?
So he steps out of the shadows and buries the knife in the mages neck. By the time he pulls it out, he turns to mist and the knife clatters to the ground.
With the mage dead, Geralt easily overwhelms the villagers and frees himself. He didn’t see who killed the mage but there’s no time to figure it out. he goes to find Jaskier so they can get out of town.
But Jaskier is gone. Geralt cannot find him anywhere. He tortures himself with thoughts about why Jaskier abandoned him. Did he sense that Geralt had fallen in love with him and so abandoned him? Did he grow tired of dealing with the prejudice that dogs Geralt? Did he see the mob and say…no more?
And who stabbed the mage?
But Geralt cannot in his heart of hearts believe, truly believe that Jaskier would leave without a word. Would he? He thinks he can accept it and forget about him. But he can’t. It haunts him. So he decides he needs answers. He wants jaskier to explain himself.
If only he could find him and ask. He could put his heart at ease. But he realizes with horror that he has never actually asked Jaskier about his family or his life. What kind of friend has he been? And how will he find him?
Then he remembers something.
One night at a performance, someone called Jaskier some other name. Jaskier hustled them away, and Geralt doesn’t remember the whole thing.
The only word he remembers is Lettenhove.
He will go there. He will get his answers.
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mischievous-thunder · 2 days ago
Person A: How much has life changed for you since the pandemic?
Person B: I was reading "carnivorous" as "coronavirus" the other day.
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0dde11eth · a day ago
Jaskier dancing around a tavern as he performs.
Jaskier Leaping upon a table in a dramatic flourish
Jaskier Immediately braining himself on a low beam and knocking himself unconscious
(Geralt losing his shit in the background)
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andrudibuja · a day ago
Tumblr media
Están enamorados.
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aramblingjay · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
GERASKIER + LOVE LANGUAGES Quality Time 🎵 The Rockrose and the Thistle
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darkverrmin · 15 hours ago
Ciri: I want a dog!
Geralt: no
Jaskier: Why is there a dog in our living room?
Geralt: I figured Ciri could use a lesson about responsibility-
Jaskier: Right. Did she start crying when you said no at first?
Geralt: We were in the middle of a supermarket Jask, people were staring at me, what was I supposed to say-
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wannastayugly · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
SNIP. New post on Patreon to those who like art processes and details and Geralt and Jaskier being cute <3
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ghostinthelibrarywrites · 15 hours ago
made up fic title: whispers in the wind
Here's a pre-Geraskier soulmate AU:
Soulmate AU where throughout your life, you occasionally hear snatches of your soulmate's voice, usually when they're
experiencing a strong emotion
Geralt goes most of his life without hearing a soulmate's voice, until the night he wakes up to the sound of a baby crying and realizes with a sinking sensation, that somewhere, there's a baby tied to him by destiny.
Jaskier, on the other hand, horrifies his parents when his first word isn't "mama" or "dada," but "fuck."
Geralt, who has never been the most talkative person, essentially goes nonverbal in his attempts to stop his soulmate from hearing his voice. Still, Jaskier will occasionally hear a shout when Geralt is fighting a monster or hear him murmur something soothing to Roach. When he's nine years old, Jaskier awakens to his soulmate's voice begging someone named Renfri to leave Blaviken. When he later hears the stories of the Butcher of Blaviken, he has a terrible feeling he knows who his soulmate it.
On the other hand, Geralt hears his soulmate constantly: talking, singing, shouting, crying. The boy's chatter is a constant as he grows up. Geralt knows far more about his soulmate's life than he wants to--that he wants to be a bard and see the Continent, that he seems to fall in love and get his heart broken constantly, that his parents don't approve of his ambitions.
And then one day, about eighteen years after he heard his soulmate crying for the first time, Geralt is sitting in a tavern in Posada when he hears a familiar voice singing. It takes him a moment to realize that it's not in his head; his soulmate is right across the room from him.
Geralt tries to slip out, but is intercepted by the farmer who wants his help with the grain-stealing devil. Jaskier overhears Geralt answering the farmer and recognizes his voice immediately.
Delighted, Jaskier follows him from the tavern, knowing that he's found his soulmate (any concerns he feels about his soulmate being the Butcher of Blaviken are overruled by his soulmate being the best looking man he's ever met.)
Posada happens as per canon, except when all is said and done, Geralt leaves Jaskier behind. Jaskier listens for his voice constantly, seeking clues as to where his soulmate has gone. It's not until he hears Geralt asking someone to point him towards Temeria that he gets his first clue.
Jaskier arrives in Temeria not long after Geralt has faced down the striga and finds Geralt convalescing. He convinces Geralt to let him accompany him, at least until Geralt is fully recovered, and the witcher reluctantly agrees.
Jaskier knows that they'll be special to each other, either as friends or lovers. It will just take Geralt some time to realize that.
(It doesn't take Geralt as long to realize it as Jaskier expects.)
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pandalikeelf · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
what if geralt and jaskier meet one more time but in a different period of time? 
welly boots by the amazing devil
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on-a-lucky-tide · 2 days ago
hello imtyping through barely open eyes because my alarm JUST went off but. i would like to know about The Fairytale AU 💕💕💕💕💕 thank u :)
It's a collaboration! Eskel/Geralt/Jaskier. My Collab partner convinced me it should be an arranged marriage au.
“Huntsman?” The man asked. Eskel did not look up. He knew better than to meet the eyes of a member of the court, with the scars on his back enough to remind him should he forget, and he forced his chin down. Too much was at stake for his instincts to be mistaken as insolence.
“Yes, m’lord.”
“Ahh, well. We have a long journey ahead, and we shall be in close quarters throughout. Your name?” He paused. “You do—I mean, that is to say, you—“
“Eskel, m’lord,” Eskel replied.
“I’m… Jaskier. Viscount de Lettenhove, and the King’s appointed representative on this mission. I am responsible for—”
There was a murmur and a bark of laughter from over their shoulder. “Slept with the king’s sister and her handmaiden, I heard.”
“Haha, yeah, noose or the Wilds. I’d’ve taken the noose. Boy’s gonna get ripped to shreds.”
Jaskier clenched his teeth and stared straight ahead. Not through fear, Eskel imagined, but because he was fighting the urge to shout back and defend his honour. Such men—boys, for this child could be no more than eighteen summers—rarely feared the standard retribution of a sarcastic word, because there was always a defence standing at his elbow, shortsword at his hip. Where they were heading, Jaskier would have no such protection. Only the soldiers that stood leering at his back, and the Huntsman, unknowable and untrustworthy. The boy had a little sense then; an easy victory now would cost him a hard loss later.
Eskel examined the rings on Jaskier’s fingers thoughtfully, picking out the most expensive gems and marking the lack of calluses on the boy’s fingers, and then the expensive cut of his boots and cloak. It had been treated with dwarven oils, Eskel noted. Such a thing was hard to come by for even a nobleman, let alone one so far from home. Speaking of which. “Where’s Lettenhove? Never heard of it,” Eskel asked.
“Oh, it’s—uh, a little coastal province some leagues north. It was claimed during the Northern Wars and bestowed upon my family for loyal service to the Crown. Why—it’s a most industrious place, spices and fish, you know, I’m very surprised a man so well travelled has not happened upon it. I hope your knowledge of the Wilds is as superior as they say. Come then, let our adventure begin.” Jaskier tapped the heels of his expensive boots into the flanks of his priceless horse and rode ahead.
Eskel considered Jaskier’s back for a moment before he followed. The boy talked too much. That was a mistake most people made when they lied. They over-embellished the details, fearful that your mind might wander and fill in the blanks with unpredictable presumptions. Bad liars couldn’t adjust, because their narratives were built on foundations of sand.
As they passed through the tall, iron gates, Eskel retraced the march of his battalion down the coasts of the northern provinces. It had been many years since he had fought; every scar on his body was a mark of his survival and a memory to haunt his dreams.
He remembered the empty fishing boats bobbing in the blood-soaked harbours and the rank smell of rotting fish, the broken sloops and the burning—everything had been consumed by fire, and the overwhelming smell of death. Such scenes were seared into his subconscious; every footstep through hell an anchor in his memory. He had walked that coastline for months. And yet, not once had he stepped foot in the province of Lettenhove.
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penandinkprincess · a day ago
okay but geralt who genuinely didn’t realize that jaskier is Built until the washing in the lake scene 
like he met jaskier as an 18 year old. you met an 18 year old boy recently? gangly as FUCK. 
so in geralt’s head, jaskier has just remained a skinny, lanky thing, aided by jaskier ACTING so damn dainty. 
and then along comes post-breakup jaskier with a whole new attitude and style of dressing and carrying himself and THAT’S what makes geralt realize that. oh fuck. oh gods. bard is Stronk and this is now geralt’s cross to bear. 
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iwaspikyhair · 2 days ago
i’ve listened to mr. joey bateys song ‘welly boots’ approximately 156 times this week and every time i listen to it i relate it more and more to geralt and jaskier 😭 i know it’s technically about coping with the death of a loved one but don’t the lyrics just SCREAM geraskier ??
Oh darling lord, how you make me laugh/ Get drunk for me, sing louder than you’ve sung for me/ Grow young each time that thunder in your lungs begins to rumble at the world/ 'Cause you were always strong
They said ‘That girl, she’s wrong’/ But I’ll stick up for you, even though you haven’t got a clue, you haven't got a fucking clue
You’ll miss me, oh Jesus Christ, you’ll miss me/ Just as much as all those years ago, and you’ll look up at the storm
You’ll say ‘I’ve been so scared/You left me here behind, do you not care?/ How the fuck am I supposed to carry on without you here?‘
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mischievous-thunder · a day ago
Person A, texting Person B: What do you say about a wank down by the river this evening?
Person B:
Person B, blushing: Look what your autocorrect did...
Person A: Oh! I'm extremely sorry. I meant the lake, not the river.
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0dde11eth · a day ago
Jaskier: you cant run through a campground.
Geralt: what?
Jaskier: you can only ran because it's past tents.
Geralt: it's 3 am, I'm going to chase you out of the bloody camp if you dont shut up
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capaldisjohnlock · 23 hours ago
Jaskier, flirting: You'll never be able to get rid of me.
the thrilling sequel to this post
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