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#german food
everythingwithwasabi · 4 months ago
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Laugenknoten; German Pretzel Knot 
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curlyburp · 7 months ago
They really just ran out of cheese names huh
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redhead7799 · 2 months ago
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I've missed this. Going out with friends. Getting a longdrink and a Schnitzel in my favorite bar and being less worried for a sec.
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marzipanandminutiae · 6 months ago
American Tries German Christmas Treats
so back in December, a dear friend of mine who lives in Germany sent me a box of marzipan goodies
because, as my URL suggests, I adore marzipan
​international shipping being what it is right now, the package arrived yesterday. March 5, 2021. nice job, there, postal carriers! (I know, I know- it’s not their fault and they’re heroes for dealing with all the Current BS so well)
but since these are mass-produced dainties and thus 90% sugar/full of preservatives, they are still okay to eat. yay! and the flavored Marzipanbrot (marzipan bread, in English) is entirely new to me, I was keen to give it a try. so, for the amusement of my German readers and the enlightenment of my fellow non-Germans, here we go!
The Classic
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OH MY GOD IT’S A RITTER SPORT SAUSAGE. this is the confectionery peak of my life to date.
perfect, everything, I’ve already eaten a solid quarter of it. 10/10
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(”Ananas,” said every other European language. “PINEAPPLE,” said English. Go home, English; you are drunk.)
My brain had trouble processing all of these flavors together. So I’d get chocolate, then marzipan, then pineapple, then marzipan again, then more pineapple, then the chocolate, etc. instead of chocolate-pineapple-marzipan. Not unpleasant, just perhaps not the sensory experience the manufacturers were going for.
Wouldn’t have expected this flavor, either. Are pineapples very popular with chocolate in Europe? I mean, they’re delicious and global food importation is a Thing, so I guess they’re popular everywhere; we just don’t usually do tropical flavors in our chocolate here. Especially for Christmas. That’s more of a “fancy specialty chocolate shop” thing in the U.S, and it’s more associated with summer.
A novel surprise, and certainly multiple great flavors in the same place! 8/10
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I’ve actually never had rum raisin anything, so this was very new to me. We do have it here, but it’s considered something of an old-fashioned flavor. It does get trotted out more around Christmastime, and it was really popular in ice cream when I was very little. Though I feel like I don’t see it around as much nowadays. (See also: the part of the 1995 Casper movie where Carrigan demands “a pint of Haagen-Dasz ice cream, rum raisin,” from room service.)
I liked the flavor! I feel like it was mostly raisin with just a hint of boozy depth to it. The chocolate worked really well with it, too. My one quibble was that it kind of overwhelmed the marzipan, save for a faint aftertaste of almond. But I don’t know if, in this sort of thing, the marzipan is meant to be more of a delivery system for the specialty flavor and not something you taste on its own.
Now I see what all the fuss was about! 8.5/10
Dark chocolate
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I was surprised to see this one, since I know marzipan is almost always paired with dark chocolate. And for good reason- milk chocolate + marzipan would just be way too sweet, IMO. Might as well just eat the marzipan on its own.
I actually busted out Google Translate to make sure my non-German-speaker instincts were right re: the flavor, but yes, “zartbitter” really does mean “dark.” So I think this is what we might call “extra-dark” in America? Or we’d just put the percentage on there- my guess is ~80%.
I didn’t really taste the chocolate as much as with normal chocolate-covered marzipan. It was a bit like an aftertaste, a hint of bitterness to balance out the very sweet almond flavor. Like a slightly more sophisticated version of normal marzipan. And like I said, I love marzipan on its own, so this is a winner for me!
Yo dawg, I heard you like marzipan, so I added a slight contrasting flavor to your marzipan to make it taste even more marzipan-y. 9/10
They were all delicious, and I look forward to gobbling them up with wild abandon. Thank you so much, friend! Merry belated Christmas!
(I should add that a LOT of Americans really don’t like marzipan, and probably more than half of us have never even tried it. I’m attempting to get my housemates to accept its glory into their hearts. Wish me luck.)
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certifiedceliac · 29 days ago
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Gluten-Free Spaetzle (German Egg Noodles) (via Meaningful Eats)
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me: *has Spätzle and a beer for dinner*
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morathicain · 2 months ago
Hey, it's me and not to ask you for a bodyguard AU! XD This is super random, but I have a German OC and well, long story short. Can you tell me the name of an easy German recipe that teenagers like and can cook? XDDDDD sorry for the randomness
Heeeey! How fitting, I am writing the next chapter right now XD
So ... okay, at first my mind was completely blank. Like: german recipes? what are those? easy ones on top of that? C.C XD
So, my answer won't be universal for all germans, but it's basically what I kinda grew up with. When we were teenagers me and my friends would always make Pasta with tuna and either tomatosauce or cream. That's not very german, but easy lol in German it's "Thunfischnudeln"
What we'd have at every party and what's definitely more german are "Nudelsalat"(pasta salad) and "Kartoffelsalat" (potato salad) and especially the pasta salad is easy to make from scratch, even for a teenager. And you can use leftover pasta and leftover anything.
more "german" recipes are "Reibekuchen" (potato fritter) and "Spätzle" (another kind of pasta, best with cheese and fried onions). If you make them from scratch, it's quite some work, but you can also buy them ready, which would then work perfectly :P
My friend also throws "Dosenravioli" and Spaghetti Bolognese into the conversation bc they are very common in Germany as well, just not "german" :P basically everything with Pasta works for teenagers, I'd say.
If you look at potatoes it would be "Kartoffelpüree mit (Blut)Würstchen", I guess bc you only need to cook and mash potatoes and fry some sausages (if you want to make it more rural, use blood-sausages *_*), but you can get that in other countries as well ;)
Okay, so this got way longer than I expected XD Thank you for the unexpected ask and I hope this helped you somehow! Have a wonderful day/night =^^=
Ps. if anyone wants to add anything, you're welcome!
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randomnightlord · 9 months ago
Saw someone call german food awful. Like bratwurst isn't the best sausage and pumpernickle the best bread. What fool would deny that.
Not necessarily a fan of pumpernickel but i support your choice in bread. I personally enjoy regular corn bread myself.
Also Bratwurst is so fucking good. Especially the cheese filled Variantthat burns your mouth if you bite into it too quickly
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aloveforspinach · 4 months ago
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We made this great asparagus and ham flammkuchen from scratch the other day.
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everythingwithwasabi · 8 months ago
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Apple Stuffed Bun; Vegan German Buchteln
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realneverever · 4 months ago
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Blaue Zipfel, Weinsauerkraut, Kartoffelpüree
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x1000words · 7 months ago
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5 Ingredient German Pancake With Cinnamon Peaches
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secretanchor · 2 months ago
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new dish 179/365: Parsley Soup vs what it’s supposed to look like and where it came from
Effectively a potato soup with loads of parsley added (mine did have more than it looks to contain - it just sank!)
A good, simple lunch
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svafa99 · 9 months ago
Just remembering that time I went to a food truck festival and ordered bratwurst from a German food truck. When it was ready, this older woman with a fairly thick accent asked me if I wanted the Sauerkraut that went with it. I said yes please, of course! She looked me dead in the eye, nodded curtly, and said "Good girl" before going on mini rant about how no one wanted the Sauerkraut.
Oh, to be called good girl again by a stern German matriarch....
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