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#german shepard

Meet Freya, she is a 10 month old Shepsky. What is a shepsky you ask, its a designer breed that is made from breeding a Husky and a German Shepard, and you get this awesome breed the Shepsky. Her mom is full blood husky and her dad is a shepsky just like her. She is full of energy, she sheds, she is very loving on her terms only, very protective, especially of me, she loves kids, especially her boys (my nephews), she gets the zoomies very often, the couch is one of her targets during theses, she loves going for walks and always wants to play with other dogs, most of the other dogs don’t want to, but her cousin Cleo a Great Dane puppy of five months, loves playing with her, when we get a chance to go see her. Planning to take her to a dog park some time soon, give her a chance to make friends. She is very friendly to other dogs, if your a human you have to earn her trust before your aloud to pet her, she is very timid. She loves hikes, waterfalls, the beach, anything nature. Follow our blog to hear about the life of Freya and our journey together.

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I’m 14 y'all!!!!!🎁🍰🎂👑🎉🎉🎊🎊🎈🎈🕯😍😉😄

I used gel pens for the confetti 🎉, marker for background🌌, and colored pencils for Diva🐕 and the cake🎂.

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