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#gertrude robinson
righteousbreakfast · a day ago
Oh boy the contrast between Jon and Gertrude
Gertrude tried her best to remain "human" in supernatural sense, but in the process abandoned her empathy and humanity
Jon tried his best to remain "human" in psychological sense, but became the avatar of Beholding and eventually, the pupil of The Eye in order to do so
Both of them remained "human" in their respective senses at their final moments, but at the same time they were completely inhumane
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p-alien-m · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
If only she succeeded
[ID: A digital illustration of Gertrude Robinson shown from the chest up from The Magnus Archives.
Gertrude is tilting forward, her eyes are cut in half, due to her eyelids, looking directly at the viewer. She is holding a turned-on lighter below her chin with her right hand, the fire reaching above her lip, creating a circle of light that illuminates her face, a bit of her hair, her shoulders and a small part of her chest, and the hand holding the lighter.
There are fire particles flowing upwards, and everything else is cast in a dark blue shadow. end ID]
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hogwarthoggle · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the magnus archives fears: the eye                                  ↳ a.k.a beholding, the ceaseless watcher, it knows you.
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apocalypselynchpin · 2 days ago
kid on a field trip: so. what does an archivist... do?
gertrude: burn books and disorganize the material
jon: get kidnapped
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staysaneathome · a day ago
“We don’t talk about Uncle Jon.”
(Warning for Encanto spoilers, lots of OCs, and deciding Helen and Michael Distortion would in any way constitute a good place to settle down and raise a magic family.)
Robbie’s heard that for as long as they can remember. They think they might have even heard that before their door-opening, though memories of the before time are…fuzzy, for them now.
Still. It’s something that the rest of their family and the whole village does. An unspoken rule, like “we don’t touch hot things while they’re hot” or “we don’t call Helen Michael when she’s Helen or Helen when he’s Michael”.
But unlike those other rules, which have fairly simple explanations for their existence (one, because a hot thing might hurt you, and two, because Helen/Michael will be Unhappy), this one is a bit trickier for Robbie. They don’t understand why no one talks about Uncle Jon and his faded, boarded-up brown door in a home full of bright, glowing yellows (and a few plain teals).
So they try to ask.
“We don’t talk about Uncle Jon.” Says Auntie Basira, as she searches for her book anew after Helen has rearranged her library shelves again. “And if you’re asking questions, I suppose that means you’ve finished your homework?”
“We don’t talk about Uncle Jon.” Says Auntie Daisy, as she sets down the florist’s cart on firm, ditch-less road. “Best not to dwell on it—let’s go get iced buns from Blackwood’s, yeah?”
“We don’t talk about Uncle Jon.” Says Cousin Petra, toes buried and wiggling in the dirt as she watches the plants grow, larger and more vibrant than anyone else’s in the village. “S bad luck, talking about someone like that.”
“We don’t talk about Uncle Jon.” Says Cousin Callum, his shadow stretching across Michael’s walls as he warms to his subject, growing into a hulking fanged behemoth of a man. “But he was a monster, who’d eat little twerps like you up in one bite!”
“We don’t talk about Uncle Jon.” Says Cousin Alexa, facial features shifting back from Miss James at the bookshop’s to her own as she releases Callum from a noogie. “Why talk about people who aren’t here? Now, d’you want to hear what the Stokers have gone and done?”
“We don’t talk about Uncle Jon.” Says Auntie Georgie, stirring gently sizzling vegetables in the pan while the Admiral winds around her ankles. “It was a long time ago now, and it would only bring back bad feelings. Best to forget about it—oh Admiral, no, that’s not for you!”
“We don’t talk about That Prat.” Says Auntie Melanie, expression growing darker as the cutlery she was setting out begins to shift and stir as if it’s ready to dance into the air, like it always does when she’s upset. “My tosser of a brother could’ve run off after those berks you call parents for all I care— er, no offense.”
Robbie doesn’t take any, because they can’t really remember their parents. They know of them, know that Robbie’s Mum was the eldest out of Uncle Jon, Auntie Daisy, and Auntie Melanie, know she had cooking magic that Auntie Georgie struggles to recreate the tastes of, know that they left with Robbie’s younger brother and without Robbie after their door-opening Went Wrong.
But everyone will talk about them, recall anecdotes of things that happened before the grandchildren were born, wonder about how big little Andy must be getting now, how hard they’re finding things without the magic that makes life so easy for everyone here.
No one talks about Uncle Jon.
Grandma Gertrude doesn’t say anything about why everyone won’t talk about Uncle Jon.
The way she stares at Robbie, like she’s waiting for them to disappoint her again, means they can never work up the nerve to ask.
So Robbie has their list of reasons Why We Don’t Talk About Uncle Jon, gathered from the rest of their family and ready in case someone asks them about it. To try to explain why Uncle Jon is the one family member Robbie knows nothing about, even if they don’t really understand them themselves.
Which people do! Quite a lot of people actually.
“Why?” Asks Cousin Des, snuggled into his bed on the other side of their shared room.
Des is the littlest cousin of all of them, Auntie Georgie and Melanie’s son and Alexa’s brother. He doesn’t have his own magic or his room yet, but his eighth birthday and door-opening is soon. He’ll move out of here after that, leaving Robbie alone in here. Their own room, until the next baby in the family is born. (They hope it will be soon.)
“Why?” Asks Mr. Martin, the nicest baker at Blackwood’s Bakery.
He lets them watch him knead the dough for bread and talks with them about lots of things, and sneaks them an extra iced bun if they’re picking up an order for the Robinson Family with Auntie Daisy. He asks them a lot about what it’s like to live in a magic family, and Uncle Jon. They don’t like the way his face falls when they can’t give him a good answer, so they try hard to find better ones.
“Why?” Asks Emil Walpole, the boy in the village Robbie would most like to be friends with.
He tends to translate Robbie’s signing to the other village kids, when they gather round to play. Like Mr. Martin, they also ask a lot about what it’s like to live with the magic Robinson family in a magic house (they’ve tried explaining multiple times that Michael and Helen aren’t just a house, but most of them still don’t get it).
Emil’s kinda grumpy, so he’ll frown a lot, and yell at the noisy ones if they’re interrupting too much, but he’s actually really nice with the little ones and quiet ones. Robbie even saw him give little Esteban Palmer a hug, once.
(They pretend they don’t wonder what it’d be like if he hugged them.)
Robbie tries to relay the reasons their family gave them to all the people who ask, but it never feels…quite right, somehow.
As though they’re “excuses” rather than “reasons”, like Auntie Basira always says when she catches them, Petra and Callum trying to sneak a snack before dinner.
Robbie spends a lot of time outside of Uncle Jon’s door nowadays, whenever they can slip away from everyone else. They try to make out details of the wide-eyed face behind the planks of wood nailed over it, try to guess what kind of person Uncle Jon was and what kind of magic he would have if he was still here.
They never try to open the door. It’s boarded up, after all, and everyone who leaves Helen and Michael to go elsewhere has their door lock forever, never to open again. Just like Robbie’s Mum’s door has.
Robbie knows. They’ve tried.
So they just sit outside of Uncle Jon’s door early in the morning, before everyone else gets up, or late at night, when the adults think they’ve already gone to bed. They make sure to sign “good morning” and “good night” to him whenever they have to leave.
Helen always warns them if someone’s coming, and Michael wakes them up if they start to fall asleep so they can go to bed. Robbie likes spending time with Uncle Jon. It's peaceful, and if they close their eyes and pretend, it doesn't even feel like they're alone. Like he's right there, with them, just keeping them company.
But they always have to open their eyes in the end, and see that it's just a locked door in front of them.
Robbie’s accepted that this is probably the closest they’ll ever get to knowing their Uncle Jon, and for a while this holds true.
And then one day, a large crack starts to form at the bottom of one of Helen’s walls.
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hisclockworkservants · an hour ago
hii! could you potentially do gertrude robinson and agnes montague buns?
alternately, if you don’t feel like those maybe a strawberry cake bun? :D (i love your work btw, the buns are all so cute and il them)
Tumblr media
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batterycows · a month ago
Tumblr media
Every once in a while I’ll remember that Elias actually said that and my hatred for him will just about triple, which is very impressive cause I already hate him so much :)
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morosexualhoratio · a year ago
good morning tired academics, monsterfuckers, bisexuals who wear hawaiian shirts to work, people who can’t pronounce ‘calliope,’ werewolves and werewolf apologists, angry cat lovers, homophobic gay couples, hot grandmas, goths with mommy issues, neon eldritch horrors, and lesbians who do arson
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righteousbreakfast · a day ago
I fucking love Gertrude like the fact that Jonah Magnus-two hundred years old son of an ass, the beating heart of the Institute with literal all-seeing-eye, the man who HIRED her-didn’t know her actual motive behind her action bc he was so fucking scared of her makes me very happy get his ass girl
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gretaghost · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I just think it was neat that Jon physically murdered Jonah after seasons of being hurt w/out being able to fight back. No avatar bullshit just stabbing. Amazing,,,, the vindication
(We do not talk about what happened afterwards just let me enjoy this concept without facing the consequences)
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so-many-efforts · 9 months ago
This is Gerry and Gertrude
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henryds564 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(ID: Two fan art drawings for the Magnus Archives. The first shows Agnes and Gertrude. They are back to back with their fingers interlocked. Agnes is floating off the ground and looking over her shoulder at Gertrude. There is a web pattern on the floor beneath them. The second shows Jon and Martin. Jon is floating off the ground and holding Martin’s face, while Martin is holding Jon’s arms. Their foreheads are pressed together. In the darkness behind them, many eyes are watching. End ID.)
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vent-fucker · 5 months ago
i put my curly blonde hair into a messy bun and get ready for work, no one understands me. suddenly my weird boss barges in! “pack your bags, i’m selling you to the distortion!”
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