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#get a dog

i feel like a lot of ppl are getting tired of fandom and reiterating points that were made when they were 15 or whatever and that’s so okay!!! but it’s also so cute seeing newer people absorb these takes and there’s new art every day and new fics and maybe no new takes but it’s just nice seeing ppl still be happy over things that made me happy 10 years ago :) u can rest now if u want to kings, u deserve it, thank u for ur service

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dan and phil no longer have any excuses quarantine is the best time for them to get a dog ,,, what are those fuckers doing just sitting inside all day with no where to go ,,,,,,i’m just saying

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Don’t get me wrong, I support everyone’s relationship and all, but I’m not here for people using a relationship as a means for being happy. That’s not what a relationship is. Don’t get into a relationship unless you have one with yourself first because no one needs to shoulder the pressure of maintaining your happiness. Get a dog and call it a day.

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uggggh i never thought i was the type of bitch to actually get triggered by something like a photo but it’s really fucking me up rn. also still really want to fucking kill myself, at least ive blocked like most of the people who follow me from school so they can’t all be like “uWu u kno u can talk to me about ur problems!!!!! :33333” like haha go the fuck away you musty bitch

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omg so i was just playing competitive in overwatch and we were getting repetitively rolled and it just wasn’t fun, so we switched to quick play. I have stopped caring whether we win or lose at this point because im tired of dealing with rage babies. I Am Tired. I pick Mercy, but like i said, I’m pretty “meh” at this point. the ONE GAME i go into not caring there’s a fucking spectator that feels the need to comment on how bad i am in QUICK PLAY. and im like. sigh. yup. that must be it. 

it totally isnt the completely toxic community including people like you that make me lose my motivation to play and care about games lol. 

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