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sgt-paula day ago
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PAUL MCCARTNEY photographed on the rooftop of 3 Savile Row; January 25th, 1969.
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about-this-girl95a day ago
Revisionism A Study: Get Back
One of the sites that I used to browse before I started my Tumblr account, earlier this year, is Hey Dullblog. I鈥檓 sure a lot of you are aware of the site, if you're not it鈥檚 a Beatles discussion forum with articles on discussion points ranging from whether or not John and Paul were lovers, the role of Yoko Ono in the Beatles story and, more recently, discussions on the upcoming Get Back documentary series. I鈥檝e pulled a quote from a recent Get Back article that be viewed in its entirety here I鈥檒l pull sections out one at a time which will form the basis of my discussion:
When I was coming up in the Beatles fandom, nobody had any problem with 鈥淟et It Be.鈥 We didn鈥檛 like it 鈥 how could you? 鈥 but we didn鈥檛 think it was lies. We didn鈥檛 have the same relationship to our obsessions as people do today. The Beatles made this movie, it seemed to show certain things, you might have opinions about those certain things, but it was accepted as the movie The Beatles gave us, and thus as factual as the tracks on Revolver. Now, fans have a very different relationship to all this stuff; there鈥檚 definitely a sense of 鈥渇an as customer鈥 working here. A significant number of fans don鈥檛 like the story, so Peter Jackson has been brought in to see if there鈥檚 another story in the footage, one that fans will like more. And pay for 鈥 while at the same time, the Official Narrative becomes a little more forgiving. Paul will be less bossy, Yoko less weird and controlling; both will be more sympathetic. Like those WWI soldiers.
Michael Gerber, Hey Dullblog
鈥淲hen I was coming up in the Beatles fandom, nobody had any problem with 鈥淟et It Be.鈥 We didn鈥檛 like it 鈥 how could you? 鈥 but we didn鈥檛 think it was lies.鈥
This quote outlines the fact that Get Back is not the first time we鈥檝e seen footage from the Get Back/Let it Be sessions. The first presentation of the sessions was the Let It Be movie from 1970, directed by Michael Lindsey-Hogg. The general reception of the Let It Be movie, both at the time and in the decades following, was that it showed the miserable disintegration of a once great band, John looked disinterested, Paul was hectoring George while he bristled under Paul鈥檚 tyranny, and Ringo dragged solemnly on cigarette after cigarette, seemingly hoping to be transported anywhere but there. That was the original perception of these sessions that was further bolstered by the principals, John called it 鈥渢he most miserable sessions ever鈥 and George likened it to their 鈥淲inter of Discontent鈥 so that must mean that Let It Be was a true reflection of the sessions then, as the quote above states, fans 鈥渄idn鈥檛 think it was lies鈥 so if Get Back tells us a different story, that must make it proof of Apple and Disney Plus鈥 duplicity right?
What this quote appears to be making a case against is that of revisionism. Anything that comes first must be true and anything subsequent to that is inherently false and less credible, but is that a historically sound argument?
I recently shared Erin Torkelson Weber鈥檚 quote with regards to revisionism but it seems relevant again here:
"Each camp in Beatles historiography has accused the other of revisionism. Yet revisionism is a part of historiography, and simply because a narrative has been revised does not mean that the new, revised version is incorrect. In historiography, official narratives are inherently suspect and early narratives are always incomplete and often incorrect. Condemning later narratives simply because they did not come first excludes sources and perspectives essential to understanding the truth of the subject."
Erin Torkelson Weber, The Beatles and the Historians
As Erin states, revisionism is essential to a better understanding of the truth of any historical subject, taking the Let it Be movie as the whole and only truth of that period of the Beatles history is, in my opinion, a myopic view to have. A lot of what Peter Jackson has highlighted in the new Get Back series we鈥檝e known from bootlegs from the Nagra reels for decades, that there was a lot more camaraderie and fun during the sessions than was originally relayed. The footage that Peter Jackson used as his basis for the Get Back series is exactly the same footage that was available to Michael Lindsey-Hogg in 1970, the footage is one and the same, making more available doesn鈥檛 muddy our understanding of that period in the band鈥檚 history, it enriches it.
鈥淭he Beatles made this movie, it seemed to show certain things, you might have opinions about those certain things, but it was accepted as the movie The Beatles gave us, and thus as factual as the tracks on Revolver鈥
Again, this appears to be insinuating that the first account of the story we've been presented with must the correct one. Of course, the Beatles were there so we can鈥檛 dismiss their accounts of the negativity of the sessions but Get Back is not trying to do that - just from the trailer alone (not to speak of the 6 hours of footage we've yet to see) the new documentary appears to be more transparent on the most negative aspects of the period that were "whitewashed" from the original movie: George quitting is literally circled in the trailer - this is something that isn't even referred to in Let It Be and Get Back also outlines the friction that was caused by Yoko鈥檚 presence, something suggested in Let It Be but never as explicitly as in Get Back: "It鈥檚 such a comical thing鈥n 50 years time鈥hey broke up because Yoko sat on an amp."
Something I think we need to remember is that just because John and George, in particular, were so negative about Let It Be in the immediate aftermath, that doesn't make Get Back less authentic or even mean that their original comments are wholly credible. Many of John's comments on Let It Be come from Lennon Remembers which was the first extensive account of the disintegration of the band and how it operated. If we follow the premise that the Beatles', and particular John and George's, contemporaneous view is the most accurate, we should also believe that the Lennon-McCartney songwriting partnership stopped being collaborative in 1962 and the majority of their songs were written separately - the whole interview was later downplayed by John as per his comments from 1980:
"Yeah, I was lying. It was when I felt resentful, so I felt that we did everything apart. But, actually, a lot of the songs we did eyeball to eyeball"
John Lennon, Playboy Interview 1980
Historical distance is such a crucial aspect when analysing historical events, John and George's original comments on the Let It Be sessions came from the emotionally charged time of the break-up when they were keen to portray the most negative aspects of the band and to break the myth so they could allow themselves to move on. As we see from John's quote above, the resentfulness he felt impacted the statements he was giving to the press in 1970 and 1971 so when we analyse his and any of the other Beatles' statements from that time we need to be aware that their comments come from an emotionally charged place so may not be reliable.
鈥淎 significant number of fans don鈥檛 like the story, so Peter Jackson has been brought in to see if there鈥檚 another story in the footage, one that fans will like more. And pay for 鈥 while at the same time, the Official Narrative becomes a little more forgiving. Paul will be less bossy, Yoko less weird and controlling; both will be more sympathetic.鈥
There seems to be an insinuation that Get Back is fan service for Beatle fans eager to see the Beatles having fun, not squabbling and hating each other鈥檚 guts. There鈥檚 also a reoccurrence of the suggestion that, as Paul is one of the last Beatles standing, that this happier depiction of January 1969 is purely at his direction (presumably with Ringo, Yoko and Olivia鈥檚 sign off too).
It's possible that the remaining Beatles wanted a happier portrayal of Get Back, but if the reality was that the sessions did have happier moments, showing those moments to us improves our understanding of that point in time, it doesn鈥檛 diminish it. Paul, Ringo and Yoko aren鈥檛 jumping into time machines to make their actions in 1969 more palatable to 2021 audiences, the happier moments being shown in 1969 were produced in the same context as the more downbeat ones that we鈥檝e seen already in Let it Be, seeing more of the picture just helps us to get to a more nuanced view of that time, is that such a bad thing?
The thing that I think we all need to remember is that Get Back isn鈥檛 the only project that may have been impacted by agenda. Let It Be would have also been shaped with by the agenda of the day. When the film was released in 1970, the band's break up was now public knowledge, in that context is it really so surprising that Michael Lindsey-Hogg decided to show more of the negative side of the sessions than the more upbeat side? If Let It Be was meant to provide the answer to fans to explain why the band had broken up, the early cut makes more sense but cutting the film to fit the climate of 1970 doesn't make it any more accurate than a film cut to fit the climate of 2021. The sessions took place in January 1969, over a year before the breakup announcement in April 1970, - why should Let It Be explain an event that happened in April 1970 better than the more harmonious Abbey Road sessions that directly followed it in 1969?
I don鈥檛 have anything against anyone that holds the view that Get Back is a whitewash, unless they release all 56 hours of footage and all the available audio, we'll never know what they've chosen to show us, and more importantly, what they've decided to keep in the vaults forever. But I do think we need to understand that revisionism isn鈥檛 a bad thing, not only has it improved our understanding of the Beatles, it's also improved our understanding of all historical topics.
The Get Back/Let it Be sessions were a broad canvas showing the band at their worst but also at their best. Why should we be beholden to a view of those sessions based on the tiny corner of the picture that we got in 1970 when the band was broken up and the world needed a film to explain why? Getting more of that picture only increases our understanding and highlights the nuances of that point in time. The factual reality is that the Get Back/Let It Be sessions may have been the last canonical word on the Beatles' recording career but they were not the last word on them as a band, after the sessions they continued seamlessly on into Abbey Road, if the Get Back/Let it Be sessions were as miserable as the original film and comments from the principals suggested, why didn鈥檛 they break up in January 1969? Why were they all so happy to continue working together? We haven鈥檛 seen Get Back yet (or the 56 hours of available footage) but I think the film will more accurately fit into the Beatles story and explain why they all still felt able to continue as a band in 1969, rather than why it all came crashing down over a year later. Get Back isn鈥檛 a lie any more than Let It Be was a lie, both films get us closer to a more true understanding of the band so I for one am glad we get to see more of the picture and gain a better insight.
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local-harristan12 hours ago
whenever i mention the beatles, EVERY ADULT SAYS 鈥渙h! have you heard of that new movie coming out?鈥 YES SHARREN, IT鈥橲 ALL I FUCKING LOOK AT 24 MOTHERFUCKING 7
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aboutelifdilara7 months ago
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Tumblr media
01.03.21 / I was really lazy last couple weeks. I have not wanted to read or study anything. It was a time with lack of motivation and productivity for me. But finally today I feel like I can get back to study and put things back on track! I made a plan to make March a productive month, with this motivation. I am planning to fill especially this week with lots of reading and study. Besides, If any of you are waiting for a sign to start something, that sign is that sign, join me!
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mccartneyiii3 months ago
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Tumblr media
John Lennon and Paul McCartney met on this day in 1957 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淭o lose your mum at fourteen is not easy. It was very difficult for a few years 鈥 just trying come to terms with it. But then I found music鈥 and John.鈥 - Paul McCartney 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淚 just saw a girl who said she saw John Lennon walking down the street in New York wearing a button that said, 鈥淚 love Paul.鈥 She asked him, 鈥淲hy are you wearing an 鈥業 love Paul鈥 button?鈥 and he said, 鈥淏ecause I love Paul.鈥濃 - Harry Nilsson
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anotherkindofmindpod10 days ago
Tumblr media
鈥淥ver the years, whenever Paul has been asked to talk about John, he usually ends up saying that John was a lovely guy.聽 Well I鈥檝e seen John be funny, I鈥檝e seen him be witty, I鈥檝e seen him be sarcastic, but I鈥檝e never really seen him be lovely.
But the lovely John that Paul has been talking about for years was actually captured on film.鈥
-Peter Jackson, on John Lennon in Get Back聽
Tumblr media
鈥淚 become whoever I鈥檓 with. And so, if I鈥檓 with a mad man, I become mad.
And if I鈥檓 with somebody I love, I become lovely.鈥
- John Lennon, 1975
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monkberrymoon-delight9 hours ago
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little moments in the get back trailer - part 2
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about-this-girl952 days ago
Beatle Hypotheticals #7
Aside from the Get Back/Let It Be sessions, if you could have 56 hours of audio and visual tape of the making of a Beatles album, which one of the following sets would you choose and why?
A Hard Day鈥檚 Night/Help (1964-65)
Rubber Soul/Revolver (1965-66)
Sgt Pepper鈥檚 Lonely Hearts Club Band/Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
The White Album/Abbey Road (1968-69)
Are there any other sessions you would want to see?
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todayesterday8 days ago
paul in 2021 saying that he's happy that in 'get back' he's be able to study everything about john him saying that he recently bought a lot of john's drawings and hung them on his wall so he can look at them all the time him talking about the love songs he wrote for john and him just reminding people over and over again that john was his best friend and that he's first and foremost a john lennon fan and saying yeah, i love him i love him i love him over and over again 鈥 all of this makes me so fucking emotional man imagine loving someone so stupidly much that even when you're basically 80 and they've been gone for half of your life, they've been gone for 40 years, even then you still love them the same way you've always done because that's the kind of love that never goes away that's the kind of love that lives inside you and that's the kind of love paul feels for john and it's just so damn beautiful
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way-beyond-compare11 days ago
Tumblr media
The official poster for Get Back, via DisneyStudios on Twitter. 馃帴
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reflectismo13 days ago
Even for McCartney there鈥檚 been a shift in perspective鈥攊n part, a literal one. 鈥淲henever I was in the band, playing live, I鈥檇 be facing out,鈥 he said. 鈥淛ohn was to the left or right of me, so I never got to sort of see him perform so much. Except in the film. And there he is in massive closeup. I can study everything about him.鈥
鈥 Paul McCartney interview with David Remnick for The New Yorker: Paul McCartney Doesn鈥檛 Really Want to Stop the Show. (October 2021)
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james-winston11 days ago
Paul: "The best bit of us, always has been and always will be, is when we're backs against the wall."
John: "All we've got is us."
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