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#get her Loki
kimmycup · 20 hours ago
hey, Loki-multi-shipper-central! Thought I had: So Tony has his own Loki but what if Pepper gets her own Loki who doesn't like being called a Loki and suddenly Pepper _understands_. Sylvie definitely is Pepper's type in the "broken, wounded, needs care" category ;D
OH MY GOD THIS IS GOOD. And Tony keeps teasing Pepper using all the arguements she did when he got himself a Loki and arguably they're even more true now because Sylvie's slightly more feral...
@rabentochter COME SEE THIS.
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superhusbands4ever · 20 days ago
I don't know if anyone else felt like this, but when Sylvie killed Kang, to me it felt... anticlimactic almost? It felt hollow. Empty. It bothered me at first until I thought more about it and realized it was supposed to feel that way. It was supposed to be unsatisfying, unfulfilling, and disappointing.
The way Loki and Sylvie reacted to Kang's speech about killing him and starting another multiversal war was very telling to both of them as characters and what we've learned of them through the show. Sylvie did not trust Kang one bit. And Kang was right when he said, to an extent, she didn't trust Loki either. She doesn't trust anyone but herself because her life experiences have taught her that it's safer that way. Loki, on the other hand, knew it was possible Kang was lying, but believed that he wasn't because Loki has been in Kang's position. Lying and manipulating to get what he wants. To get the throne, to keep the power. And he can tell that Kang isn't doing that.
Sylvie doesn't trust Kang. He's lying, he's stealing free will, he's acting like a God. He needs to be stopped. He needs to die. Loki agrees that what Kang is doing is wrong and he needs to be stopped, but maybe they are going about this all the wrong way. They need to take a minute and think this through.
But Sylvie isn't listening. Kang is stealing free will. He's ruining lives. He needs to die, it's for the best of the universe. Loki is saying no, but what if it's not? If what Kang is saying is true then by killing him, Sylvie and Loki could be making things much worse for the entire multiverse.
The problem? In that moment, Sylvie does not care about the multiverse.
Before Loki, Sylvie has never had the chance to care about anyone except herself. She's been on her own for years. Because of this she has been blinded by her, at it's heart, selfish drive to get revenge on Kang for all the shit she'd been through in her life. Kang stole her free will. Kang ruined her life. In that moment she is thinking about herself and her own pain. The cause of all her pain is right in front of her and she can finally get her revenge. She's trying to reason and justify the decision to kill him regardless of his warning by saying she's protecting free will, but that's not what's really driving her.
Loki, on the other hand, knows what it's like to care about other people. Frigga, Thor, Asgard, Mobius, even Sylvie - people who will be effected if they kill Kang and just carelessly unleash the wrath of his variants and the multiverse. And we've seen this - before Lamentis-1, Sylvie didn't care that the Hunters she killed were variants too - they still needed to die as a means to an end. Loki is the one who says "wait, if the Hunters are variants then they need to know so we can help them." Because he's thinking about Mobius. He's thinking about other people, not just what he wants. (That's why, when Sylvie accuses Kang of being a monster for killing innocent timelines as a means to an end, he said "grow up, hypocrite. We've all done terrible, horrendous things to get here. We're all villains.")
Sylvie wants to kill Kang because this is what she's been running towards her whole life. This is all she has. Getting revenge on the cause of her pain and suffering. She says it's for the good of the universe, but really this moment is for her. Loki is saying "this might be what you want, but that doesn't mean this is what is best for everyone. We have to think this through." But she doesn't care.
Instead, she sees the care and affection Loki has for her and in that moment, she uses it as a means to an end. She may genuinely care for him, but in that moment, she kisses him as a distraction. She uses his affection for her to her advantage to get him out of her way. Because she only knows how to think about herself and what she wants.
But when she does finally kill Kang... it's not this big, triumphant hero moment. It's cold. It's empty. There's no heroic music playing. There's no celebration to be had. It's just... silent. Outside, the timeline is cracking, thunder is rolling. He's dead, it's over. She looks around and falls to her knees, she breaks down. She's done it. The thing she's been fighting for for years. She's gotten revenge on the person who ruined her life. But now what? She's alone. She achieved her goal, but she pushed away the one person who ever cared about her to do it. This should feel good, we should feel excited. Instead, we feel dread. This should feel good, but in that moment it feels like we did something wrong.
She killed Kang and freed the multiverse... but at what cost?
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magnetic-rose · a month ago
also loki/sylvie ONLY works as a m/f pairing. marvel would NEVER had gone there if sylvie identified as a male loki. and if they had gone there, we’d see countless articles about how disturbing and disgusting it was, instead of all these “ooooh marvel is SoOoOo crazy, self-cest is sOoOo funny, it’s about self love get it huehue?” articles. because m/f relationships are allowed to be weird and twisted and lowkey disgusting and still be allowed to exist and be portrayed on screen, but same-sex relationships can barely hold hands without people threatening to boycott the show.
no, loki/sylvie is not a heterosexual relationship because neither of the characters are heterosexual. i understand that. but it’s a relationship that is allowed to exist solely because one character has presented solely as male, and the other solely as female. them slapping “fluid” to loki’s medical chart and then doing absolutely nothing to show that they’re actually fluid does not count as good rep.
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worstloki · 10 months ago
Valkyrie: And suddenly you're overcome with an urge to do the right thing??
Loki: *looks at bruce who was convinced he was a monster but literally decided to join the avengers on a whim one day with the hope to change*
Loki: *looks at valkyrie who literally just changed her mind after thousands of years*
Loki: *looks at thor who literally changed a mindset he'd had for over a thousand years during a two-day earth vacation that one time*
Loki: *looks into the camera like he's on the office*
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funnyincorrectmcu · 9 months ago
Tony: As an only child i’m curious, what’s the weirdest thing your siblings have ever thrown at you during a fight?
Thor: One time Hela threw Loki at me
Loki: It was strange because, we never taught her get help.
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talesfromthecrypts · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I remember Asgard. Not much but I remember. My home, my people, my life. The universe wants to break free so much it manifests chaos. Like me being born the Goddess of Mischief.
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whirlybirbs · 27 days ago
Do you think kid Loki had a doc? Like the grew up together, rode the school bus together, plays together in the sandbox, type of love?
hear me out: kid loki and kid doc never got to meet but both had different nexus events. their love story happens in the void.
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worstloki · 5 days ago
i don’t really think it’s fair to say or imply that Loki was Mobius’ slave, or even the TVA’s. Mobius is just doin his job for one. And for another, Loki is a criminal, even if he wasn’t in his right mind when he invaded earth, he still invaded it. he does still have to pay for that, and in that light, the TVA went easy on him. Maybe their relationship shouldn’t have been presented as quite so friendly, but I think they were friends by the end of the season and saying all this awful stuff about Mobius being Loki’s jailer captor enslaver torturer and whatever…it’s too far and there’s no real canon basis for it.
ah yes, of course, bad things are fine to do if someone has done bad things. because they deserve it. got it.
Listen. I'm not sure what canon you've been watching but forcing someone to work with you under threat of death is bad, lying to and blaming them for future events is bad, putting someone in intentional distress and knowing they will react bad to their mother's death and leaving the images up is bad, telling them that they were born to cause pain and suffering and death (especially when their father is Odin, their siblings are Hela and Thor) is bad, leaving someone getting beaten up and rubbing salt in their fears (even as part of 'breaking them') is bad, casually dehumanizing people (words like "pet" and "my/your Loki" and "the Variant") and pruning/resetting/killing people en masse or on an individual basis once they're of no use to you is bad, I'm not even going to continue this list because the TVA itself has such BAD vibes it's literally an authority that's enforcing it's own turn of events and calling it 'sacred' with people like Mobius/B-15/Renslayer pushing their agenda forward because they simply believe it's for the greater good while invalidating Loki's questions until the point where they personally find out they were also Variants (and still express no remorse/mention of any moral argument or lives taken, they just comment on how they could've been happy before).
Like, buddy, pal, I don't know how to tell you this but Mobius is very clearly psychologically torturing Loki in episode 1 in order to break him down and get him to join their side, I would even argue that he physically does so in exercising control of where Loki can move or how he reacts with the collar after riling him up. He does the same thing in episode 4 even more explicitly for everyone who missed it.
Arguing he advocates for or sees the best in Loki is something that doesn't have a canon basis. very "that's not how I see it," "Is that possible? He can change?" "You could be whoever, whatever you wanna be, even someone good" is surrounded by interrogation tactics and "give my regards to Lady Sif" "What a incredible seismic narcissist" "He's softening in the Time Cell, but while he marinates..." "Just kind of an asshole and a bad friend. Yeah, chew on that for a little bit" "And, hey, if it doesn't work, I'll delete him myself."
There is explicit canon basis of these things, and whether you'd rather not acknowledge them is up to you, and I don't blame you for thinking otherwise since the narrative frames Mobius as some kind of moral pillar of righteous goodness (he ain't) and has he and Loki use the words "friends," but I want it on record I don't use words like slave or torturer or abuser lightly, and don't recall having used slaver/enslaver/captor/jailer for Mobius like you've implied either, though some of the words you've got listed would be accurate descriptions, I'd think, since Loki's only option was work for the TVA or die - until the end of Episode 3, after which he was accused of having 'betrayed' Mobius and been a 'bad friend'.
I'm not even going to address "i don’t really think it’s fair to say or imply that Loki was Mobius’ slave, or even the TVA’s [slave]" "mobius us just doin his job" "the TVA went easy on him" or "maybe their relationship shouldn’t have been presented as quite so friendly" because I don't think I'm capable of doing that without some strong language and a lot of caps lock and this post is already long enough I think.
I also want it noted that Loki's hardly done anything worse than the hero characters. Just because he's been framed as an antagonist doesn't make his own actions worse or theirs better, so do please feel free to apply the same logic you are on what Loki deserves on them too.
Here's relevant posts in the event you wish to read up: (on Mobius' inherent goodness and his job) (on Mobius' take on Frigga) (the holy grail of Loki (2021) meta masterposts) (on Loki supposedly learning to care in the show) (thor 1 loki doesn't deserve bad treatment)
#look#you're free to interpret things how you will#but there's no way episode 1 wasn't psychological torture and there's no way episode 4 wasn't at LEAST physical torture#just because it's presented as 'oh he deserves it tho bc he's a narcissist and he's in love and is a bad person owo'#doesn't mean im not going to refer to it that way#like how maybe someone interprets Frigga as a good caring motherly mother#that's well and good but i'm still going to call her a hypocrite who was gaslighting because that's literally what's happening#torturing someone makes them a torturer but even then I only use the words when specifically referring to a moment or in summary#and i'm counting the Sif thing as torture even if it's funny#even WITH the retconned backstory that's still torture#even if someone deserved it that's STILL torture#even if that's someone's job! that's! still! torture!#the act doesn't change because of context because someone is getting hurt#it's like saying ''well it's unfair to say loki attempted genocide because he was just doing what he'd been raised to do''#WHICH by the way has more supporting evidence for being morally okay to do within context than the TVA's killing#because at least Loki until the show wasn't denying any of the things he'd done or blaming others or being a hypocrite#while the TVA very much IS built on terrible concepts AND sees Loki's role as an evil scourge for not doing 0.001% of the stuff they do#AND PLEASE TAKE INTO ACCOUNT MOBIUS' TONE WHEN HE SAYS THINGS LIKE ''maybe loki can change? mix it up? is that possible?''#because not only is his voice loaded with doubt or 'eh he's useful so keep him' but he has Loki's whole life on file#he saw Loki do good before Thor 1 and in TDW and Ragnarok and Infinity War#so the entire thing just has me going AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA#YEAH loki ''betrays'' people and you LOOK AT THE LIST OF PEOPLE AND IT'S ALL VILLAINS (with the exception of Thor)#so AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is apt methinks#the Loki show
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adefectivedetective · 2 years ago
Forever and a Day (Loki x Reader)
Author: @adefectivedetective
Word Count: 3,030
Warnings: feels right in the heart
Requested by: moi
Prompt(s): none
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Author's Note: this is probably my favourite imagine I've ever written I hope u like it and I hope u cry
~l o k i~
It was a regular day on Asgard for the young prince, Loki Odinson. He walked through the palace gardens holding onto his mother's hand as the two young brothers were learning about the history of their kingdom.
"So your great-grandfather, Buri, was the first King of Asgard, protector of the Nine Realms. His son Bor, your grandfather, succeeded him when he died and became the next King."
"Was Bor a good King, Mother?" Thor asked excitedly.
"He was, my son. He was the one responsible for the victory over Malekith and the Dark Elves."
"Will I be a good King like him someday?"
"Whichever one of you succeeds your father and becomes the next King of Asgard will be magnificent."
"So it could be either of us?" Loki found his voice and asked timidly.
"Of course, Loki. Either one of you could be King."
"Wow." Loki breathed quietly enough for no one to hear him. He looked down at his feet as they slowly walked through the flowers and shrubbery, then looked back up at where he was going.
Up ahead of the family, Loki saw a small girl running across the path, a flower crown on her head, a chain with a key clutched in one chubby little hand, and a horde of people, who Loki recognised as servants of the palace, running after her.
"y/n, darling, drop th- NOT IN THE POND DON'T DROP THE KEY IN THE POND!"
"Who left us in charge of this monster?"
The little girl just giggled and ran faster. Loki thought that she couldn't be much younger than him, as she wasn't too much smaller. He smiled at the sight of her having fun in the garden and he looked up to his mother, wanting to see her response to this small child running through her flowers.
Frigga chuckled softly and murmured under her breath, "Honestly, that girl." Her smile grew as the girl, Loki knew to be called y/n, skipped through the pond, rapidly pursued by the gaggle of maids, a few of whom tripped over and made rather large splashes. Loki laughed, and he could hear his mother and brother doing the same.
"Who is that, Mother?" Thor asked before Loki had the chance to. 
"That, boys, is y/n Njorddóttir, daughter of the God Njord, Goddess of Nature, and a right little troublemaker. I think you'd get along with her, Loki." She smiled down at her son, who looked up at her in astonishment. He didn't have many friends of his own, and y/n seemed to cause a lot of mischief, which Loki was God of, obviously. Maybe they could become friends. 
y/n had hopped out the other side of the pond laughing wildly to herself, with only a few maids still following her, attempting to catch her. "Boys, I need to head inside to alert Njord that his daughter has taken the key to the greenhouses again." Frigga smiled, let go of her sons' hands and begn to walk back to the palace. 
Loki turned to his brother, who did the same. "I'm going to find Sif. She said she'd let me play with her wooden sword today." Thor said giddily, jumping up and down on the spot slightly.
"Ok. I'll let Mother know if she comes back." Without so much as a word of thanks, Thor was off, bounding down to the village to find his friend. Loki decided he'd try to go with the girl and talk to her, maybe find a friend of his own in her. She was heading in the direction of the greenhouses, and seeing she had a key, she'll most probably be heading there. He took a shortcut to the entrance in order to get there before her, and it seemed to work. 
In a few seconds, y/n came running around the corner, key in hand. She laughed again, unlocked the door, and sprinted in, followed immediately by Loki. She locked the door behind them so that the maids wouldn't be able to get in, the sat down with a content sigh next to a few plant pots, with seemingly nothing in them except soil.
"Are you Prince Loki?" She asked, taking him by surprise. 
"Y...yes I am. Who are you?"
"y/n." Was all she replied with. Loki nodded and sat down opposite her. 
"Aren't you the Goddess of Nature? What sort of things can you do?"
"And you're the God of Mischief, how do I know you aren't trying to trick me?"
Loki was taken aback, but immediately replied with, "I promise I'm not."
"Ok." Again with the short answers. Loki watched her in anticipation as she sat there, apparently thinking. He wondered what was taking her so long, but decided to stay quiet, just in case she didn't do anything at all.
Suddenly, she moved her hands and stems started sprouting from the apparently empty plant, which quickly turned into a blooming pink and white carnation. 
"Wow." Loki murmured under his breath. She looked at him and smiled, picking the flower and handing it to him. 
"Here. You're my friend now."
Loki's heart was beating. Friend? He actually had a friend? He took the flower then smiled back at her. "Thank you."
She beamed, but then became more serious. "Now that you're my friend, will you promise to protect me from the maids? They want to take away the keys so I can't come in here."
"I'll protect you forever."
"Not long enough."
"Ok. I will protect you from the bad people for forever and a day." He stated proudly.
She giggled and smiled again, their friendship blossoming.
It had been many years since the first time Loki met y/n. He discovered that she lived just outside the palace early on, and made it a regular occurrence to visit her. His studies and lessons of magic with his mother were beginning to take up a lot of his time, but he regularly saw the h/c haired girl running through the palace, usually with a horde of maids behind her. They talked almost every day and Loki was starting to feel like he had somewhere he belonged now - with her.
Meanwhile, y/n was also learning. She was taught how to use her abilities and how to control them. It was no longer just flowers she could produce; no, y/n could move an entire forest if she put her mind to it (she knew this would come in handy if she ever needed to recreate the Midgardian play 'Macbeth' she had read once). It was on one particular day that y/n was pondering this while skipping through the elegant corridors of the home of the Asgardian royalty. 
All of a sudden, she collided face on with a slightly taller figure. "Loki!" She exclaimed.
The figure glanced up from his book, smiling. "Hello, y/n. What brings you to the palace so late?"
"It's only six o'clock!"
"Hmm, agree to disagree."
"You can't disagree with fact, Loki." The boy in question rolled his eyes.
"I can disagree with whatever I like. Anyway, as I was saying, what are you doing?"
"Oh, just thinking. I had lessons all day today, so I was just trying to picture the kind of stuff I might be able to do next time. I read this fabulous Midgardian play where an entire wood moves, I wonder if I'll ever be able to do that myself."
Loki watched y/n in awe as she mused about her abilities. She was the only actual friend he had and he couldn't get enough of her voice. He wondered if they would ever be anything more than friends; after all, it was expected of both of them, being of royalty and nobility, to marry and produce heirs, but Loki could think of no one else he would want to spend his life with, considering they already spend all their time together. She was the most beautiful person he knew, the smartest, the funniest. He couldn't think of anyone, well, better. Maybe they might get married one day. Maybe-
"Loki. Loki! Anyone home?" She laughed and playfully knocked on his head like a door. 
"Oh, just thinking." He repeated her words from earlier. This made her laugh even more, and Loki grabbed her hand from his head. "About you."
This made y/n stop laughing. "What about me?" She asked, curiously.
"About how you're the most beautiful person I know. Not to mention the smartest." y/n blushed heavily, averting his gaze.
"Th-thank you, Loki. I think you're pretty too." They both chuckled. "You always know how to make me feel even more happy than I already am. Thank you."
"Thank you for putting up with me for this long. Even I couldn't do that, and I have to!"
"I wouldn't have it be any other way."
"Neither would I. I hope you put up with me in the future too."
"Loki, I will put up with you for forever and a day."
"And I you."
What once was childhood matured into adulthood; what was once immaturity developed into independence; what was once friendship changed into so much more. y/n and Loki continued to grow together in the palace, both minds and bodies changing. Loki grew to be very tall, so tall, in fact, that he often made it a joke to lean on y/n like a post. Only one party was amused. 
All jokes aside, y/n truly did love Loki. And for the first time, Loki felt that love back. It was in no time at all that he tot down on one knee and asked her to be his (obviously she said yes). It may have been months of stressing, but for Loki and y/n, it was months of bliss. Thor may have been annoying at times, but y/n wouldn't have it any other way.
"Do you, y/n, take Loki Odinson to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
"I do."
"And do you, Loki, take y/n Njorddóttir to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
"I do."
Loki leaned in. "I will love you for forever and a day."
Married life suited them well. y/n moved into Loki's chambers in the palace immediately and was welcomed with open arms by Queen Frigga. Surprisingly, they never seemed to fight, unless it was a rather petty argument, and nothing ever seemed to be wrong - until one evening.
"Loki. Loki! Loki look at me! Why are you acting so strangely? You've been at this all day!" She persisted, pursuing him down the corridor, the same one in which he had first called her beautiful. All she knew was that he had recently travelled to Jotunheim with Thor, Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, and that after that he had talked to Odin. She tried calling again, but he carried on walking. 
"LOKI!" Her outburst made him stop in his tracks. Slowly, Loki turned around to face his wife. 
"Why are you acting like this?" She asked, exasperated. "You've never been like this before. Why now? What's wrong?" y/n tried to put her hand on her husband's arm to console him, but he snatched it away before she could.
"Don't." He whispered. "I don't want to hurt you."
"You could never hurt me Loki. You know that."
"But if you touch me, I will hurt you."
"I'm a Jotun, y/n. My real father is Laufey."
"What?" y/n exclaimed, taken aback.
"Odin took me from Jotunheim when I was a baby. He never told me."
"Oh, Loki..."
"I don't want your sympathies. You don't need to pretend you care."
"Loki I do care. I care a whole lot. But not about what you look like or who your father is. I care about you. I will always care about you."
Loki looked as if he would crumble at any moment, his tough exterior diminishing. "Really? Even n-now? Even though I-I'm a.. Frost Giant?"
"Loki Friggason, I have told you a million times I love you. I will always love you. For forever and a day."
"Even now?"
"Even now."
Loki pulled her into a hug, trying not to let out the tears threatening to fall.  She was the one person he could always count on, and she had not let him down.
"Forever and a day."
It had been days, weeks maybe, since y/n had seen her husband. Last time they had been together, Loki had said that he and Thor would be back soon, just after they visited their father on Midgard. She didn't know how much time had passed, she only knew it had been unbearable. 
In the short space of time that the brothers had been absent for, the 'Goddess of Death', Hela, showed up. y/n helped Heimdall lead the people of Asgard to a safe place where they could stay, hidden from her wrath. She knew that if her husband were here, this may have been stopped. Would have been stopped.
They had know idea where any of the other royals were so they needed to escape - Heimdall had just told them that Hela was coming for them, in their safe place in the mountains. y/n was quick to action, herding people out the small gap in the rock at the back of the cave. It led straight back to the Bifrost, where they may just be able to find somewhere to go. 
She led her people down there, but just as they were about to get to the Bifrost, Hela's great big devil hound jumped in front of them, halting their movements. 
"Everyone, back!" y/n called out, and the large horde of people quickly turning to go back up the bridge, but ceasing doing to as they noticed Hela's army approaching. Oh no. Panic set in as y/n looked around for an escape. Nothing. The hound was advancing on them.
All of a sudden, a figure dropped unceremoniously from a nearby ship. This did absolutely nothing, however, and the dog kept walking towards them. The gathering huddled together even more as a few brave warriors stepped forward to attempt to battle the goddess.
Suddenly, the hound was pulled backwards by a great big green... Person? Where did the figure who dropped from the ship go? A million questions ran through y/n's head but it didn't matter as a voice echoed through the fog.
"Your saviour is here!"
She turned to see Loki, her Loki, finally here, and approaching the rainbow bridge in a large ship full of other people and creatures. He stepped off, his golden helmet glistening in the sunlight. Walking through the crowds, y/n assumed her husband had not noticed her yet.
"Did you miss me?"
"Yes, actually. I did."
Loki's head snapped in the direction of her voice. He had not seen his wife for so many weeks and he was beginning to miss her greatly. Her face was full of beauty as always, a smirk grazed her lips and her hair waved slightly in the breeze along the bridge. 
"My darling..." He murmured to himself, stroking a strand of hair behind her ear absentmindedly.
"Well aren't you going to kiss me?" She laughed and Loki grinned, pulling her into his embrace by her waist. It was a matter of seconds before the pair heard a voice from behind.
"Can you two do that later? We're trying to fight a battle here, if you hadn't noticed." y/n saw a Kronan, with a mace-like weapon slung over his shoulder, shaking his head. "Disgusting." He turned and walked off while the couple laughed slightly together.
"I guess we've got to go beat some undead army ass, right?"
"Indeed. But I'll be ready to greet you properly later, my love." Loki whispered in her ear, kissing the side of her head. Before she could react, though, he sprinted off, daggers drawn.
"That man."
With the Goddess of Death defeated by Surtur, along with their planet, the three royals of Asgard glanced out the window of the ship, into the great expanse of space before them. Loki had his arm around his wife's waist, with her body pulled into the curve of his. Thor stood next to them, unfazed.  
"Do you really think it's a good idea to go back to Earth?" Loki spoke up, breaking the comfortable silence.
"Yes of course. The people love me." Thor replied, a reassuring smile on his face.
"Let me rephrase: do you really think it's a good idea to bring me back to Earth?" 
"Not really." y/n laughed at this comment. They all looked back into the abyss of space, sighing. Thor muttered something quietly about needing to talk to Heimdall and left y/n and Loki alone.
"Do you think we'll find somewhere?"
"I'm not sure." Loki answered honestly.
"Well, wherever we end up going, I'm never leaving your side again. Not ever."
"I promise you, my love, I will never leave you. I will love you for forever and a day."
"I love you."
"NO!" y/n screamed. The body of her husband dropped limp to the floor at the hands of the titan Thanos. She couldn't move; her arms and legs were bound by pieces of scrap metal from the damaged ship that they were currently still on, her and Thor barely surviving.
Thanos laughed and stepped backwards through a portal he conjured using the space stone, and the two Asgardian's restraints were dropped. y/n's face was streaming with a heavy flow of tears, never ceasing, as she ran over to Loki's body, immediately collapsing on top of it. She was balling her eyes out, yelling herself hoarse, her soul cracking with every breath. Thor came over and put a hand over her shoulder, the other holding onto his brother's body.
"You promised." She managed to get out, gulping and sniffing subsiding slightly. "You promised to protect me. I didn't protect you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
She leaned further over his body, holding on even tighter.
"I will love you for forever and a day, Loki. I will never stop."
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worstloki · 5 months ago
i am forever baffled by the way the warriors 3 and sif immediately turn on loki in thor 2011. i mean. he's the next in line for the throne. he explained his reasons for continuing thor's banishment. they had not problem with it when odin did it but they immediately reject his rationale and openly turn against him. you'd think they'd feel more chastened since they too are partly responsible for the looming war. and loki was the only one who tried to argue against going or reduce the tensions.
Loki’s the only one actually trying not to get them to go at all, or telling the guard as a preventative measure, or stalling with Heimdall, or not going under pretense of peace in ceremonial battle armour, or accepting the peaceful offer to leave jotunheim, but no one cares about Thor starting a war because Loki’s King which is Bad and Oh!! he must be Up To Something™ planning to steal Thor’s position this whole time!!
And what makes it even worse that they know their lives were saved but instead focus on how Thor was banished because Loki told the guard instead of how he wasn’t killed but only after Loki reveals his part in it!!
Tumblr media
Loki even explains why he did it. And they all know he’s right about Thor not being ready!! But then Sif brings up that he’s jealous as an argument and no one disagrees!! 
Tumblr media
Fandral even points out how ridiculous their accusations sound, but he still goes with them and follows along.
Tumblr media
And then Loki tells them he’s king and they show no respect and ask for every other alternative to dob to, and he has to remind them he’s the ruler and he gives them another valid explanation along with the earlier one about why it’s better for Thor to be banished a bit!!
Tumblr media
And now you’re thinking “hey, it’s okay, at least Asgard’s most loyal gatekeeper won’t support their idiotic accusations and help them commit treason” but then think again!: 
Tumblr media
So we have Loki who already starts out getting no respect not even gain any support when he’s King. And he’s already been doubting his place in the world because he’s already having the Jotun/Laufeyson identity crisis! He is going around reminding people he’s King to reassure himself that not everyone is going to betray or abandon him... even as he takes note of all their behaviour indicating otherwise.
Tumblr media
Is it any surprise Loki’s plan only required himself? Everyone else turned cloak in a time of war for the imbecile and the only one who accepted the legitimacy of his Kingship and his word... was also Thor, who he wasn’t the brother of, who was on Earth as a mortal, who Loki was being pitted against for the purpose of filling the slot of son/heir and reasonably thought would kill him on sight if he knew he was Jotun :) 
 And! As an extra bonus fun feature, it’s extra fun to remember that thanks to the deleted scene at the beginning of the film we know Loki is honest and open to the point where he speaks and admits that he gets jealous, but he doesn’t mind because he loves Thor.
Tumblr media
He admits to his faults. Deleted opening scene of Thor 1 and he literally does what Frigga vilifies him for in Thor 2. 
Loki is literally that good a person. He means the best for Thor despite blatant favouritism and being overshadowed his whole life and the degrading comments where he’s looked down on for his skills. And along with everything else he faces in the film Loki comes to realize that it amounts to nothing because despite everything he’s ever done everyone doubts his love for Thor and loyalty to Asgard and he has no one that’s going to side with him regardless of who is right or wrong. Loki’s been on the best behaviour he could the past millennia of his life trying to be a good son a good brother and good friend and the second he inadvertently attains the throne there is not one person who will believe he intends to do well by it. 
#loki was. like. crying for over half his screen-time. having so many fears confirmed. figuring out how abusive his parents were.#here you've got a character that's never understood why things are different for him who has been told his whole life they're not#he's a prince who literally had to pull rank when king and still got no one's respect???#everyone just decided to side with thor because they assume he's up to no good#just because they were right doesn't make what any of them did a good thing#loki really lost his family himself his friends any shred of self-esteem and his home over the course of a few days#he managed to keep his cool except at the start and end of it all at which points he just needed someone's affirmation#you know how sad it is that Thor gets told he's already made Odin proud? Right after Loki's suicide which everyone is impartial to?#because Frigga is all ''make your father proud'' and the last time Loki speaks to her he says ''i'll make you proud''#Loki's goal the entire film was just to do whatever it takes to be something his maybe-parents would be proud of#and being noble and kind and himself a thousand years wasn't doing it#of course he went with trying the most violent course of action when trying to flip the script and make himself a hero#and then that doesn't work either and I wonder if Loki even felt any different in the following years when he went through more stuff alone?#I wonder if he just accepted it and resigned himself to never having anyone on his side regardless of what he does so he'll do what he wants#because that's what I see happening in the movies that come after#and it's definitely just another reason to laugh when the Warriors 3/4 threaten him because isn't it ironic that they fear his betrayal?
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i-dreamed-i-had-a-son · 20 days ago
The parallels between "I don't want a throne. I just want you to be ok" and "I never wanted the throne--I only ever wanted to be your equal"...he's still saying he doesn't want a throne. He's still being misunderstood by the people he desperately wants to trust him, an he's still broken--but he's grown enough that his brokenness isn't the only brokenness he can see. What Loki says after "I don't want the throne" is no longer about desperately reaching for and asserting his own worth and value, but about asserting the worth and value of someone else. He's able to explicitly draw on his experiences and pain to reach out and help someone, and I think that is incredible.
#marvel#loki#loki series#loki series spoilers#sylvie#and as someone who's gone through very similar experiences with my family the POWER in this is actually amazing#because you take something bad that's happened to you and you turn it into a weapon for good#you can move forward and grow through giving someone else the help you always wanted#and i think that's an incredibly bold move for loki#because while he isn't narcissistic in the typical sense by any means he has been a character very much defined by self-focus#not that he's 'always looking out for himself' or whatever but that he is always looking for his validation or his freedom or his belonging#he is so trapped within his own pain and loneliness that he is unable to really reach out to others to connect with them or help them#he has so many shields because he's worried about getting himself hurt#but here--for perhaps the first time--we see him actively throw aside those shields entirely and say i know that feeling and i can *help*#he admits that he's been where she is and that in itself takes guts but he literally lets her hold the knife to his throat#because at the end it isn't him who's unable to trust. it's her. she's bound by her perceptions of the world and rejects his genuine help#he is in the right. he is offering that help and shepherding the wounded soul to understanding. he's become what he needed when he was her.#and that's beautiful.#meta#my meta posts#quality meta seal of approval#not to hype my own post up i just put that on all meta posts so that i can find them#kay can i just catch my breath for a second#kay has a party in the tags#might reblog with those tags as a fleshed-out addition but we will see#because AUGHHH you can just SEE that he sees so MUCH of himself in her!! but he's also helping her for HER and not for himself#because they don't see things the same way because he's been able to grow!! at least a little he's been able to get stronger!!#but she's still scared and he wants to help her and comfort her and in doing so comfort the little boy inside of him who's always needed it
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iamanartichoke · 16 days ago
I rewatched the finale twice today (the second time was by accident) and idk, one of the things I kept thinking about was how hard Loki tried to get Sylvie to stop and how, in comparison, Thor barely tried at all to get Loki to stop. And it makes me feel a whole bunch of things I don't know how to articulate so I'm just ... gonna go wander off and take a shower or something, bc everything about Loki is just ruining my life.
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fanficshiddles · 27 days ago
Bargaining, One Shot (Slight spoilers for Ep5!)
Summary: You get pruned and think you’ve died, but when you wake up you find President Loki staring down at you. You beg him to help you. So he makes a bargain with you. In return for safety, he wants your body. 
Tumblr media
Warnings: Dub-con
Your eyes fluttered open, expecting to see some kind of bright light or angels, perhaps. Or maybe you’d gone to the depths of hell, so would see demons and fire everywhere. But you were surprised, and confused, when you opened them to see dark clouds above and a man with black hair and a weird horned crown popped into view, looming over you, with some others surrounding him.
‘Oh dear, is she dead?’ President Loki asked.
One of the others he was with nudged your shoulder with his foot. Making you groan as you blinked hard to focus.
‘Apparently not.’ Loki chuckled.
You rolled round and got up onto your hands and knees, looking up at the men surrounding you. There was then an almighty roar from not too far away. You looked over and saw the most terrifying monster in the clouds.
‘You’re not a Loki, are you?’ Loki asked you.
‘A what? Loki? What do you mean?’ You frowned.
Loki sighed and rolled his eyes. ‘Clearly not. Waste of our time.’
‘Do we kill her, sire?’ One of the men asked, making your eyes widen.
‘No, Alioth will get her soon enough.’ Loki sneered and turned around to leave with the others.
You quickly put two and two together that Alioth was the name of the terrifying cloud monster that was getting closer and closer.
‘WAIT!’ You scrambled towards Loki. ‘Please… Please, don’t leave me here.’ You begged.
He turned back to face you, raising an eyebrow. ‘Why should I help you? You’re not one of us, no one but Loki’s survive here.’
‘Please… I’ll do whatever you want, anything, just please don’t leave me here. I beg you.’ You cried and was literally begging at his feet. You looked up at him through teary eyes. ‘I’m scared, please.’
Loki tilted his head as he stared down at you. Then he tapped his lower lip in thought for a moment, before a wicked smirk spread across his lips. You noticed he was then actually looking at you rather thoroughly for the first time.
‘I suppose, having a woman around could be rather useful.’ He hummed. ‘It has been so long since I’ve felt the soft lips of another…’ He reached down and brushed his thumb against your lower lip, making your lip quiver at his meaning.
Though the thought of doing sexual favours in return for safety didn’t exactly sound like a bad idea in this situation. Besides, he was rather good looking. And considering you’d thought you had died, the chance at survival was too great to pass up.
‘Please.’ You whispered again, pleading him with your eyes.
You knew he was dangerous, it was obvious. The fact that he and the others with him were even alive in this place. Even at first glance you knew it wasn’t a safe place to be.
He stood up straight and slid his hands into his pockets again. Then he nodded once. ‘Come with me.’
You scrambled up to your feet and followed as he started heading off quickly, it was hard keeping up with his large strides, but you managed. The others were staring at you weirdly, not sure whether to trust you or not. Since they didn’t trust anyone, really.
The monster was getting closer, making you shake more and more in fear. But Loki was completely calm as he led the way. Then eventually, after what felt like hours but was actually just a few minutes, you came to a large circular hatch in the ground.
Some of the others opened it up and started climbing down. Loki looked at you and motioned to the ladder. But you were frozen, the thought of going down there and being trapped god knows where…
‘Suit yourself. You can come down and take your chance with me, or you can stay out here all alone with the monster. But no one apart from Loki’s ever survive here alone.’ He said darkly, smirking a little.
He went towards the ladder, but you quickly moved forward after hearing another roar from the monster. ‘I’ll come down.’ You blurted out quickly.
Loki grinned and motioned for you to go first as he took a small step back. You hesitantly began to climb down the ladder and Loki followed. When you reached the bottom, you turned around and were faced with even more people that you assumed were other Loki’s. They all had various weapons aimed at you, making your eyes widen.
‘Hey, hey, hey! Back off, she’s no threat. She’s mine.’ Loki growled at them all roughly when he got down the ladder behind you.
They instantly backed down, obeying their King.
Loki gripped your upper arm firmly and led you through the other Loki’s, he started spouting some green energy from his hand when one of them tried to get over to you. You gulped hard, just what exactly had you gotten yourself into?
He took you through to what you assumed was his private bedroom. It was just as weird and dark as the other room. But this one at least had a bed.
Using some magic, Loki locked the door without a key.
‘Well now.’ He said as he shrugged off his black jacket, leaving the rest of his clothes on. But he started rolling his sleeves up his forearms. You weren’t sure why, but you felt the green waistcoat and tie really suited him, like it was his colour.
‘Are you going to hold up your end of the bargain?’ He growled low, licking his lips.
You felt your own mouth go dry as you looked down and saw a bulge in his trousers. Not knowing for sure what he might be capable of, and holding up your end of the bargain, you walked over to him and sank down to your knees.
A smirk tugged on his lips as he gazed down at you. You were so nervous as you reached up and slowly started palming at him through his trousers. God, he felt so big. You were kind of scared to see for sure.
‘Come on, pet. Don’t keep me waiting, it’s not too late for me to chuck you back outside to the monster.’ He said in warning as he narrowed his eyes at you.
With a gulp, you began to free his cock. And when you did, it didn’t ease your nerves at all. You felt his piercing gaze upon you as you tentatively started stroking him, slowly becoming bolder and bolder as you got used to his rather intimidating size.
‘Don’t be scared. This beast doesn’t bite much, unlike the one outside.’ He chuckled.
You licked your lips and then looking up at him, you leaned forward and took him into your mouth. His eyes fluttered and his mouth parted in a throaty groan when he felt your warm mouth engulf him.
‘That’s it, good girl.’ He growled and reached down to slide his long fingers through your hair.
You felt a delightful shiver run down your spine at his praise for some reason. You hollowed your cheeks and tried to suck him down as far as you could, pleasing him that you were trying. But what you couldn’t take down your throat you made up for with your tongue work.
His hand in your hair suddenly tightened, and to your shock he started fucking your mouth roughly. Giving you no option but to take him down your throat, making you choke on him. You put your hands on his lean thighs for support and was pleasantly surprised with how muscular they felt beneath the fabric. But you didn’t get long to think on it as your throat started to hurt.
‘Your mouth is simply wonderful. Oh, yes. I think this was a very good bargain indeed.’ He snarled.
When he was close to cumming, he eased up and just rested on your tongue. You didn’t want to disappoint him, to have him toss you out. So you moaned around him, causing vibrations to dance all over his cock. And you moved your tongue along the underside of him, doing everything just right. So when he came, he came hard, shooting down your throat. You did your best to swallow all of his cum, some dribbled down your chin but that only made him lust after you even more.
After his loud moaning and grunting, he took a few deep breaths to compose himself. But his eyes were still full of dark lust as he pulled out of your mouth.
‘Get on your hands and knees.’ He demanded gruffly, his cock bobbing, still aroused.
You were slightly startled when he waved his hand and suddenly you were completely naked. But you didn’t get time to dwell on it, because he moved behind you as you did as you were told and got into position, you gasped when you felt his fingers sliding against your cunt. ‘Ohhh, pet.’ He cooed and rubbed over your clit, making your body jump. ‘It seems this bargain is not only satisfying for me, but it seems it is for you too.’
You hung your head down in shame at how wet you were just from sucking him off. But Loki’s firm grip in your hair suddenly tugged your head right back, making you gasp.
‘No, no. Do not hang your head in shame. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying sucking your King off.’ He growled seductively into your ear, then licked up the side of your neck, making you whimper.
He let go of your hair and instead wrapped his hand around the front of your neck as he lined up with your sopping wet cunt. In one smooth thrust, he was inside of you, filling you up completely. His hand around your neck controlled your breathing, only letting you do so when he deemed fit.
You had never been so aroused in your life. It was evident with the obscene noises coming from between you both as Loki pounded into you.
Your own orgasm hit you like a train crash, you’d never felt anything so animalistic and purely chaotic in your life. It felt so rushed and needy, but it was the most mind-blowing orgasm you’d ever had. Not long ago you thought you had died, and now you felt like you were dying all over again but this time in over pleasure. With Loki laughing wickedly over you from behind as he spilled into you from his own orgasm.
He collapsed on top of you, knocking you down to the cold hard ground on your stomach. But you didn’t care much, feeling his heavy weight on top of you didn’t bother you either.
‘Mmm… This is a good deal indeed.’ He murmured as he nuzzled his nose into your hair. ‘I give you my word, that I will keep you alive and safe, pet. If you keep your body available to me, always. Can you do that?’
Your mind was so fuzzy, you could barely even think straight. But you nodded and managed to squeak out your answer. ‘Yes… My King.’
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worstloki · a year ago
Asgardians: *pressure loki into strength training because he’s weak*
Loki: *becomes stronger and faster and more endurable and has a higher stamina than Asgardians on top of an actual fighting style and being smart and being able to use magic*
Tumblr media
#correct me if I'm wrong but Loki is the closest to Thor (in terms of combat) out of all Asgard#we're excluding odin bc he sucks#and thor learnt basic training with a sword just like everyone else BUT he also got his hammer when he was relatively young#well we don't know about when he got the hammer in the mcu but i'd reckon he got it early considering how arrogant he was in thor 1#so anyways Thor's got a magic hammer and doesn't need to practice he just goes straight into battle#we haven't seen Thor do any training on-screen ever but we have seen Sif and other warriors doing so#so Thor basically only gets into situations where he has to fight actual battles#but Loki doesn't have a magic hammer and magic is looked down upon so he would've had to learn fighting if he wants to get respected#sure he could only use magic but this is a warrior society who respect muscles and your ability to throw a spear and stuff#so loki spends years being forced by everyone into strength training and running extra and learning how to fight as a weaker opponent#he learns actual fighting styles and how to combat different kinds of opponents#thor doesn't need to do that when he can just roughly estimate which direction to throw the hammer#so anyways everyone treats loki like dirt because he's small and clearly weak - even GUARDS have more muscle than the prince#sif doesn't have the muscle but she's proven she doesn't need it to fight good and has a reputation and that's good for her but loki doesn't#loki gets disrespected and learns how to fight as a weaker opponent because its the only way people believe he didn't magically cheat to win#he proves that he can throw knives and stab people and continues training and when people accept he can fight without it he brings magic in#it takes centuries for people to get over the fact that the magic is useful and not cheating but everyone insists he keeps training#the asgardians don't even try measuring his strength they just look at his flimsy stature and decide he needs to gain muscle mass#loki wears long sleeves and long pants and covers up so people assume he's got to be gaining some weight right? WRONG#loki remains a twig and his strength barely increases BUT he's still able to fight thor and be pretty evenly matched#the only difference is that now loki can combat different opponents in different situations and in different ways AND be strong#he's got magic and he's smart and he's got enough stamina to run for hours and ridiculous endurance but he had already been strong#loki now has the widest range of skills on the planet - including when it comes to battle#and the worst part for the asgardians? they kept training him about how to take down STRONGER OPPONENTS#he was already much stronger than the average Asgardian#quick review of canon: loki can easily take thor in a 1v1 without trying and we've seen how skinny he was in thor 1 and how he was treated#loki also demonstrates fight styles while thor doesn't and loki also uses indirect attacks despite proving he is capable and doesn't need to#we also know that jotuns have strength which at least rivals aesir but have smaller builds (not height obviously - just less muscley)#so technically loki could be stronger than thor but not use the strength because after centuries everyone has him convinced he's weaker#he uses magic and evasive techniques to avoid a battle of strength but if it ever comes to it mcu loki might just win
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concerningwolves · 3 years ago
Dear writers, don’t try and protect your readers.
I was raised on Shakespeare and Esop's Fables and folklore from around the world. I read Dracula when I was ten, knew dozens of obscure Slavic tales and could rattle off any Norse myth if you asked me to. Can I still do that? Not really. Or at least, not like I used to. But does that mean stories are any less important in my life?
I’ve learned more from stories than I ever could from teachers, parents and every other guiding adult in my life. Most people were rather perturbed at the thought of a child being raised on Norse and Greek myths - both had their reputation - but it was the Norse ones that really stuck in people’s craw. The varied mythos of the Norsemen is not somewhere you would go for joy or fun. They’re dark, gritty and full of harrowing adventures. While at least the gods of the Greeks were petty, proud and insatiable, there wasn’t much to alleviate the cold truth in Norse myths. For the people of Northern Europe, the land itself was grown from an act of murder; Odin and his brothers killed Ymir and used his body to make the world.
Of all of them, however, Loki was the greatest teacher. He did terrible things and was often forced into redemption by acts of bloody threat. (I’ll never forget the line “If you do not get her back, Loki, I shall crack your ribcage like the wings of a falcon and flay the flesh from your bones.”). When he wanted to be kind, he was a force of loyalty and love; when he wanted to be petty or cruel, he was the biggest threat that the Asgardians would ever have to reckon with. He fathered the monsters that would one day end the world. He lay with giants and Asgardians alike, and at the end settled for the goddess of fertility and bonds as his wife. The people who breathed Loki’s mythology into being didn’t care whether or not he was problematic, or toxic, or how complex he was - and that made him the best of the Asgardians in my eyes.
We all knew from the very beginning that Loki would be punished for his actions, and we knew that none of it really mattered because whatever happened, fate was inevitable. As a child, I saw the Asgardians presented with this bloody, brutal end that they couldn’t escape, and was amazed by their indifference. The whole point was that good or bad, death came everyone. Ragnarok did not discriminate, and not everyone would be held accountable for their actions.
It was the truth.
All of that has made the basis for the way that I think and go through life. And you know what? The “child-safe” versions would never have had that same impact. If in school we had been taught that Apollo liked both men and women, that sometimes the good are punished for doing the right thing, that the right thing isn’t easy but usually worth it, that pride in your actions is not a sin but hating others for their pride is? Many children would grow up with a healthier view of the world. 
How many of you knew that Arachne was turned into a spider, not because of her pride, but because Athena was too proud herself to accept that Ariachne’s love of her work was justified? Being turned into a spider was an act of mercy after Arachne’s fear of Athena’s wrath caused her to hang herself. “You can create beauty forever now,” read one line of this variation, with Athena torn apart by guilt. That myth taught children that adults are not infallible and that challenging them is okay.
People were given voices or helped to find them by thousands of years of stories, unconcerned by how appropriate they were or what the content was. They trusted one another’s critical skills and held no illusions, and looked to their tales for guidance. Those myths and legends weren’t there to make a point, but to explain the point in the clearest, most unapologetic terms possible.
So tell your story how you want to tell it; not how you feel you should tell it - and I promise you, it will change someone’s life.
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lilithscontemplations · 21 days ago
So let's recap:
5 minutes of Loki and Sylvie wandering aimlessly in that castle.
35 minutes of The One That Remains (I suppose that's Kang?) talking and chuckling and making dramatic pauses while Loki and Sylvie sit there like bad kids in the principal's office.
The One That Remains saying: I kNoW EvErYtHiNg! followed by AnYtHiNg CaN HaPpEn NoW! five minutes later. (What's with the thunder? What changed? Why didn't he know the future anymore? Yeah, let's just sweep that under the carpet).
3 minutes of unimpressive fighting between the Loki who knows magic because his mother thought him but doesn't seem to use it (except to impress hot chicks with fireworks) and the Loki who claimed to only know 1 magic mind trick but then goes to use some offensive energy blasts...
1 "heartfelt" moment that made me roll my eyes and made no sense
1 one big cliché: We-love-each-other-but-we'll-fight-each-other-because-we-have-trust-issues-and-then-we'll-kiss-each-other-but we'll-still-betray-each-other.
Completely random and unexplained things happening at the TVA... (and even if the Timeline there is different now (why??) how come Mobius doesn't recognise Loki? Didn't he ever chased Loki variants there? Are there no Lokis in that timeline? Loki didn't invade New York? But hey, who needs logic anyway...)
And finally the biggest disappointment:
Where is the scene of original Loki in the Throne room??!! and the moment when he flips and says Glorious?!
I guess it was trailer bait only! I thought he was going to be the big villain (and the only good thing about this episode is that he's not) but I was looking forward to seeing original Loki for a few minutes. It was the one small gift I though we get from this terrible series and I've been waiting for it ever since I saw episode 1 and my fears about how it would look were confirmed.
I guess I must accept that as far as Disney goes original Loki is gone.
I wonder if Loki ever shows up in a MCU movie whether we'd get this Loki or something closer to the original.
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