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#get it and go

I am so excited! I’ve got a temp place and working a bunch for the next two weeks. I’ll probably move out by the end of the month/early next month! :)

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being constantly unsure on whether ur love is romantic or not, and even whether ur just in love with the idea of love, rlly fucking strains your relationships with people.

everything is overanalyzed, ignored, and overanalyzed again when they do something else. you don’t feel comfortable around another person in fear of reading things wrong.

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I would like to preface this by saying that many of you all know I am not one to actively participate in drama, or get involved in other people’s business when it doesn’t concern me, but not when it’s my friends. It has come to my attention recently that some of my friends here on Tumblr have been experiencing a rough time due to one user in particular. This post is going to serve as a warning to all, and as a callout to that particular user, and dissect everything that has been going on for the last few weeks. I do not wish to create anymore drama in particular, this post is mainly for informational purposes, so you can decide what you will by the end of this post.

I will add a read more for those not wanting to get involved, but as it is prominent, and relevant, to the K-Pop creator community, if you are part of, or participate in it, I do encourage you to read it.

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If there is no cure, no consistent or stable treatment and the number of people infected continues to rise each day, and there are still dipshits who deny that a pandemic has been going on and refuse to wear a mask when going out, then how the FUCK does the solution become “yeah we can reopen businesses again for the sake of the economy”

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It’s Just A Headache: Accepting

@chaosworthy​ said: 

👎 to catch my muse when they fall over // volt no


     After dinner dishes wouldn’t get themselves done and with everyone else relaxing in the living room, Volt didn’t mind doing them with the small kitchen window open. The scrubbing side of the sponge was placed against the plate to get off the leftover pasta sauce from the night’s spaghetti and meatballs when it hit. 

     From the left side of his head to the right, a blinding pain sent a cry from his lips and the plate to the ground. His cybernetic reached for the edge of the sink for balance, the walls spun and static overtook his vision. The sound of hurried footsteps barely registered as his legs gave out, but the feeling of arms catching him managed to get unfocused eyes to move in his partner’s direction.

     Why did everything seem so muffled. Every movement felt sluggish and it was exhausting to just raise his shaky hand to touch the face of his concerned boyfriend’s. Honestly, every movement was making the walls that he could almost focus on spin and the nausea made his stomach turn. But he tried to smile, at least he thought it was a smile. It was a pained showing of his teeth and an involuntary flinch as a hand was placed against his sweat covered forehead. 

     Harmony watched as her father tried to get himself into a better position, so he could try to focus on them, reassure them… 


     The horror on her face came as the amethyst eyes managed to focus for all of a moment and Volt had barely started to say he was okay, before his eyes rolled back and he collapsed against Arrow’s chest.


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yall will say ur feral and then wont sleep on the ground while camping. will complain for 7 business days when you are bit by a mosquito. whine about being allergic to pollen. can’t even identify the most widely available forageable plant in your state. doesn’t know what poison ivy is like. i will put you in the forest and you will die in two days because you failed to find a water source. 

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   mieczlw said:TUCK TUCK

“     call       me      tuck     tuck      one       more     time     and     i       swear      to       god        ——           these          blueberry         waffles       . .       amazing      by      the        way         ?          are           going          straight         to          emma.           “              he          stops       ,        one         waffle          for        emma        . .    cooled       and         the         second       for        danny          ;          big         ice         hockey           dude        . .       “              believe       me,         my        grandma          won             a        blue        ribbon         on        waffles.          “          

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