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thanks to anyone who said nice things about the gifs itself in the tags!! I feel very flattered ;w;
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You know, when Bruno disappeared, both Isa and Dolores would have been, at most, 12 years old, so when he told Dolores that "the man of my dreams would be just out of reach, betrothed to another" she was likely a preteen. 11 or 12, most likely. Maybe she already had a crush on Mariano at the time and he saw this. He saw this and had a vision and saw that Mariano getting ready for a proposal to Isa and was like "yikes, I should warn Dolores"
Only, Bruno has very little tact for a grown man. He probably sidled up to Dolores in the middle of town while she was gazing at Mariano and was like "um, I don't think that's gonna work out." And Dolores is like "what? Idk what you're talking about. Who's Mariano?!?! Pfft! I don't have a crush! Lame.....why not?"
But Bruno doesn't want to cause any animosity between his nieces, so he tells her that Mariano is going to marry somebody else in the future, so Dolores should look elsewhere. He thinks he's being gentle when he says this, but he's actually rather blunt about it.
Dolores is, of course, devastated, because she really likes Mariano, because he's sweet and a little bit of a Mama's boy, and she can hear him recite his poetry alone sometimes.
So she's upset and runs away crying and Bruno knows he fucked up and now Pepa is gonna come after him and he already ruined her wedding day which, 12 years later, she still has not forgiven him for.
So he stays in his room for a few days, avoidant, but Pepa never comes for him and there are no big storms. It seems Dolores never told her mother about what her Tío Bruno said.
Anyway, within the year, Mirabel doesn't get her gift and Bruno refuses to destroy the family with another one of his visions, so he "leaves" and starts building a life with his rats in the wall.
Less than a month in, there's a knock on the wall near him and he jumps out of his skin, terrified that his mother or one of his sisters has found him.
"Tío Bruno?" It's Dolores. "Are you in there?" He doesn't respond, can't even breathe. "I can hear your heartbeat, Tío." He lets out his breath. "I won't tell anybody," she promises. "I know how...I know you weren't happy."
Bruno sighs. "Thanks," he says. Then, "Dolores? I'm sorry about Mariano. I just...I didn't want you to get hurt when you were older and he...I'm so sorry."
"I know, Tío," she says. "It's okay. Maybe it's better to know now than to find out when it's too late."
Bruno chuckles. "You're the only person who's ever said that about one of my visions. Everybody always blames me for the bad things that happen."
"Like Señora Díaz and her goldfish? Even I could have told her that Teodora was going to die soon. Her water was yellow."
"Right?!? You get it."
"Father Delgado still complains that you told him his hair was gonna disappear, but Mamà said that he was already half-bald when you told him that." She giggles. "He's been trying to comb it over. It looks funny."
"That's because he has, like, four hairs left." Dolores snorts. "Thanks for not telling anybody, Lo. It means a lot."
"I know," Dolores says. "Sometimes people give me dirty looks in the streets because they think I know all their secrets, like it's somehow my fault they don't know how to shut their mouths when they're alone."
"The line between a gift and a curse is razor-thin."
"Not for Isabela," Dolores says, and for the first time Bruno can hear some bitterness in her voice. "All she does is grow flowers and everybody loves her."
"True," Bruno concedes, "but you don't know what's going on inside her head. Or the pressure she may be under from your Abuela. When we were young, when we first got our gifts, Julieta was the perfect one. Anything she made, even the tiniest tortilla, could heal a sickness that had scourged somebody for years. She was expected to cook day and night so that anything the townspeople needed was at their disposal. If they had the tiniest little paper cut, they came here for an arepa."
"Really?" Dolores asked. "Just for a paper cut?"
"There's a reason Dante has such a big gut now. He would think of any reason for food. I warned him he'd get fat."
Dolores giggles again. "So what did Tía Julieta do?"
"She refused to cook for a full week," Bruno said. "She refused to even come out of her room."
"Was Abuela mad at her?"
"At first," said Bruno, "but eventually she realizes that she was pushing her too hard, so they came up with a compromise; Abuela cooks breakfast and Julieta cooks lunch for the townspeople. At dinner, either Pepa or I will help her prepare food. And she gets at least one day off per week. No cooking."
"That's a good compromise," Dolores said.
"I agree. She's much happier now."
There's a long moment of silence.
"Why didn't Mirabel get a gift?"
Bruno sighs. "I don't know," he admits.
"Abuela says the magic may be all gone. Or that there's something wrong with her."
"There's NOTHING wrong with her," Bruno says, fiercely. "Nothing. She's perfectly fine. Just...Casita doesn't make these decisions lightly. If they didn't give her a gift, there's a good reason for it, okay?"
"Take care of her for me, will you? She needs a friend more than anything right now."
"I will," Dolores promises, because she's already seen the way that Abuela is pulling back from Mirabel since her failed gift ceremony and Isabela is being a bit cold, too. "I'll be her friend."
"Thanks, Lo," Bruno says. "And thank you for keeping my secret, too."
"Anytime, Tío."
A few years later, Dolores starts to notice how Mariano gazes at Isabela and she gets mad at both Isa and Bruno. She knows it's not either of their fault, but she can't help how she feels.
Bruno knows immediately that she's upset and asks what's wrong, but she ignores him for a full week, before finally breaking.
"Why didn't you tell me it was Isabela?" She's 17 now. Almost marrying age. She hasn't been able to get over Mariano. He's the nicest boy in town. He's sweet and a little accident-prone, but cute. She's in love with him and it hurts to see him fawn over Isa, who barely notices him.
"I didn't want you to hate her," Bruno admits. "You two were always close, like sisters. I can't imagine hating either of my sisters."
"I could never hate Isa," Dolores says. "But I...I don't know how to be okay with this."
"It will get better," Bruno says. "Hopefully."
"No, it won't," Dolores says. "She doesn't even like him. She likes..."
She goes quiet for so long that Bruno thinks she left.
"She doesn't like Mariano at all. She never will," she whispers. "They'll both be miserable."
"Maybe you can change that."
"No. Your visions always come true. Nothing can change them."
It's Bruno's turn to be quiet at that. He can't tell her about his last vision before he left. He can't panic her like that. So he's quiet for a long moment.
"I'm so sorry, Dolores," he says. "I really am."
Dolores sighs. "I know, Tío. I know."
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Silencio! Bruno ||Bruno Madrigal||
A/n: annd here it is! The Prequel to ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’. Also this one is very short because I am just testing to see how well it will do.
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3.- ‘We don’t talk about Bruno
Tag List: 
 onlystarshere  || magnificentnachokitten || jordynanderson9 || sheacrowley || smallishboo || oceanspray5 || staradorned || futuremrsgoode || etoura || zavagebaby. || some-lovely-day
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were six when you first meet Bruno, with your parents knowing Alma and Pedro. Your parents were always protective off you, fussing over you though it wasn’t until the woman brought her children over that you’d soon gain three new friends and now six years later you and Bruno have become inseparable. 
Narrowing your eyes, you slowly crept up behind the young boy reading a book. Grinning you quickly leapt at the boy tackling him to the ground. You two rolled across the dirt before you pinned him to the ground.
“Pinned ya!”
“Y/n!” Bruno could feel his cheeks grow warm as he quickly pushed you off. A laugh escaping your lips as you watched your friend dust off his green poncho.
“Sorry! But you need to stop making it so easy Bruno” Still laughing you stood up bursting off the dirt.
Rolling his eyes, Bruno walked over grabbing his book off the ground though you couldn’t understand why he was so upset. He would tend to laugh it off then figure out his own way to get you back but right now he just looked sad.
“Bruno...what’s wrong?”
“I heard one of the people in town call me a freak.” Keeping his back turned to you, Bruno nervously fidgeted with the book.
“What? Bruno.” Quickly running over to your friend you pulled him in for a tight hug. “Don’t listen to them Bruno, you’re not a freak. They’re just idiots!”
“Silencio Bruno!” Placing your fingers on his lips, you could see some color in his cheeks though he was smiling. “Are you gonna stop?”
Nodding his head, Bruno pulled your hand away from his lips then grabbed your hand tugging it back to his home. “Come on! Mama is making my favorite tonight!”
“Yes!...um Bruno...we’re gonna be best friends forever right.”
Glancing over at you he gave your hand a small squeeze. “Y-Yea...and I don’t need one of my visions to know that Y/n.”
With a smile forming on your face you did your best not to squeal as you hugged the boy tightly causing him to stumble forward a bit. “Ah Y/n.”
“Hehe I’m sorry Bruno! that just made me really happy.” Shaking you’re head and still smiling you grabbed his hand again as you continued on your journey back to his home. Pepa and Julieta coming into the view, the redhead was giving you a smile as she placed her hands behind her back while she rocked on her heels.
“Are you two dating now”
“S-Shut up” Bruno could feel the warmth on his cheeks, he didn’t want to look at your face.
“He’s my best friend! we’re gonna be best friends forever!!” Hugging Bruno, you just gave his sisters a smile though Pepa rolled her eyes grabbing your wrist as she tugged you away from her brother.
“You’re my bestfriend y/n! you’re Bruno’s novia....now come on mamá says dinner is ready.”
Not getting a chance to reply to the girl, you let her tug you along as you gave Bruno a weak smile.
Julieta patted her brothers. “It’s okay Bruno, you don’t need to look so upset you know how Pepa is...now lets get you cleaned up before we eat.” 
Bruno could still feel his heart beating widely in his chest, he was to busy thinking about you being his girlfriend.
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Two more lonely people Part 2
NSFW 18+
Summary: “should we fight this?” “Si.” “I don’t know if I can” “neither do I”
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x fem werewolf! reader
Warnings: age gap (Y/N is 24 and Bruno is 50) thinking nsfw later on idk yet but imma tag it as such. Any others let me know please.
Word count: 2665
Masterlist PT1 next
Tumblr media
The air is cool as the sun makes its descent into the western horizon. The birds sing and call to each other as they prepare for the night and the colony of fruit bats nearby are probably preparing for their nightly flight, waking from their day of restful sleep. What a wonderful idea to watch the sun set and admire the colours painting the clouds.
You breathe in with a smile as you listen to your friends chat about whatever comes to their minds, Dolores mentioning nearly every little secret she hears across the town. You noticed though as the day went on that her mood wasn’t as bright as usual, slowly turning blue but pretending everything is fine.
When Isabela got up at one point, heading inside to get a drink, you asked Dolores what was wrong. She’d sighed and pulled her legs close to her body, looking away from you. You didn’t push her, just smiled gently and offered your thigh up as a pillow, softly stroking her curly locks when she laid her head down. For once she didn’t want to say just yet but you knew she would when she was ready.
“I should go home soon” you sigh as you lean back against the plush grass, taking in the scents of the evening air. Some days at this time you’d go for a swim at the river, enjoying the cool water as it washes away the dirt from the day, making you feel at peace. Or you’d run through the jungle listening as small animals scattered in your presence.
“You’re not gonna stay for Antonio’s gift ceremony?” Dolores asks, sitting up to look at you. “Abuela has planned it for sunset.”
“I suppose I can stick around a little bit longer then.” You tell her as you get up, offering your hands to the girls to help them to their feet. To be honest you thought it was tomorrow.
Others are already gathering within the courtyard of casita as you enter, the long carpet laid out along the centre of the room, leading to the curved staircase and candles placed in even intervals across the space. Flowers adorn the railing above and spotlights aim down to where Antonio will start his special event. All eyes will be on him as he receives his gift.
Everything looks perfect as you take your place among the crowd. Right at the bottom of the stairs, able to see everything. The people chatter amicably as the last few file in, nearly the whole town squishing into the walls of casita, your mother taking a place near the back. Isabela and Dolores quickly hug you and race up the stairs to join the rest of the family as they gather beside what will hopefully be Antonio’s new door.
A hush falls over the crowd as the red curtains are pulled back revealing Antonio, his hands clasping Mirabel’s arm tight. Her eyes are wide as she walks her cousin down the aisle, looking around at the people surrounding them. You wonder if she’s secretly hoping for him to be like her, to not receive a gift so she isn’t alone anymore. You know she wouldn’t want that though, she was devastated when the door faded before her hand, she wouldn’t wish that heart ache on anyone let alone her family.
She smiles at you as she approaches the stairs but you can almost see the memories behind her eyes, flashing through her mind like splinters into her heart. When she was younger she cried about it at times, ‘why didn’t I receive a gift?’ what did I do wrong?’, you told her that sometimes things happen for a reason and that even though we don’t know it yet, it’s waiting to reveal itself. It was what your mum always told you when you cried about the scars in your arm and the pain of your first few transformations. It’s what she told you when she carried you for miles trying to find the town with magic that she’d heard about. It’s what she told you when the seer said that there was no cure but that in time you’d be accepted in Encanto, treated like family by all. So far no reason has appeared to you but you hold onto that belief. After all what’s stopping you from just being the wolf if that isn’t true?
As they reach the stairs Antonio looks up at you and to your surprise, takes your hand too, dragging you up the stairs to be with his family, whispering that you should be up there too. You can tell by the look on Alma’s face that she didn’t entirely approve, her high standards well known, but the rest of the family smile widely as you walk up the steps behind Antonio and Mirabel, greeting you with open arms as you take a place beside them.
The magic in the door shines bright, waving in patterns like electricity through wire, just waiting for the boy to touch the door knob so it can give him his gift. This is the closest you’ve been to one without its gift already given and the portrait already on it. Peppa and Felix wait with bated breath, their arms locked together as their son places his hands on the candle, abuela Alma saying a few words before moving aside and allowing the boy to receive his gift.
Antonio reaches his small hand out, the glow of the door reflecting golden in his eyes and making his skin shine a beautiful bronze. Sparks cement themselves into the door and an image forms on the enchanted wood and something in your mind tugs as he receives his gift. You tilt your head curiously as a toucan lands on the boy’s arm chattering away.
“Yes I can understand you!” he grins as he looks upon the beautiful bird perched on his arm, chattering away to him. “Yeah they can come!” he tells it. The toucan calls out loudly toward the forest at Antonio’s answer like signalling to all that they are welcome. That something new and amazing is happening.
Dozens of animals run into the courtyard and up the stairs as Antonio opens his door, revealing a beautiful jungle with swings and waterfalls and everything a little boy and a bunch of animals could ever dream of. His bed dangling down from vines.
You stand still casting your eyes to the ground as his family follows him into the room, not wanting to intrude on the amazing moment. Camillo doesn’t let you stand alone long though, coming back out, grabbing your wrist and dragging you into the room too with a smile.
“Antonio was the one who decided you should be up here, Princesa” he smirks. You shake your head at him and turn to the wide open space.
Antonio takes in his room in style, speeding through the space on the back of a jaguar as other animals explore as well. Swinging on vines and ducking under logs as he laughs the whole way. You fidget with your skirt as you look around at the wide open space, instinct pulling you to play as well but training keeping you locked in place.
The family smiles and rejoices as the boy giggles in excitement, finally returning and practically leaping into the arms of his family.
The moon shines bright through your window as you collapse at the end of your bed, watching the small clouds pass through its light. On your way home you finally figured out why Dolores was getting more and more upset as the day went on. Just a little bit behind you along the long cobblestone path to your home, Mariano and his mother were speaking about the dinner at casita tomorrow. The dinner is for him to propose to Isabela, he has a ring and was trying to think of what to say as he walked home. Apparently his mother and Alma had it all planned out.
Dolores could hear every minute of them planning to wed the man she likes to her cousin. She’d told you one night when it was just you and her that she believed him to be the man of her dreams. That he was handsome and kind and perfect. She also told you of the vision her uncle had told her. The man of her dreams would be just out of reach, betrothed to another. Her being able to hear for a mile in every direction means she gets to experience his prophecy come true, every single second of it.
“Dolores.” You say quietly into the night as you watch the tiny bats fly outside. “I figured out why you were so upset earlier and I’m sorry. I’ll be there for you, ok. No matter what.”
You sniff at the ground as you wander around the town, your massive paws leaving marks in the dirt as you follow each interesting smell. For some reason you couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning and uncomfortable no matter what position you tried. Too hot or too cold and no in-between. Eventually you just gave up, wishing to feel the wind in your soft white fur instead.
As you walk alongside the casita you look down the hill into the trees toward the river, seeking any little movement or smell to stimulate your mind. Any reason to go for a run through the trees. Tiny squeaks draw your mind back to the path before you as you pause in your step, your front paw hovering just above the ground.
Four little rats stand before you, squeaking and sniffing curiously, staring up at you like they’re not even worried. You tilt your head, your ears flopping to one side as you watch the tiny animals with interest. Normally animals smaller than you give you a wide berth, not wishing to become your prey. Maybe they realised you’d literally never eat one cause eww.
“Where did you go? It was a quick trip out to the kitchen, nothing more!” you hear a male voice mumble, approaching the corner the rodents had just come around. You rise to your full height with your ears back, ready to figure out who this intruder with rats is and deal with them appropriately. “Dios mio!” he practically screams, launching backwards onto his ass, his green eyes wide as they meet your cyan ones. You relax though, tilting your head and sniffing as you recognise the man, approaching tentatively. Bruno?
One of the small rats runs up to you, climbing your fur and placing itself upon your head squeaking at the man while the others run up to Bruno, pointing you out with great excitment.
His long dark curly hair is peppered with white streaks and his jaw is covered in a thin layer of stubble. You pause near the end of his legs reaching your muzzle out as close as usually acceptable, recognising the scent that had drawn your attention twice already.
“H-hi [Y/N].” he says quietly, rising from the ground slowly, glancing between you and the rat on your head. You’re not sure why but your tail starts to swing and you see the moment he notices, a small smile curving his lips before he shakes his head. “I need you to do me a favour.” He whispers, reaching to lift the rat from your head, fixing your fluff where it sat. “I need you to not tell anyone you saw me, ok?” he says, tapping you twice on the head before spinning on his heel and racing back inside.
You stand there stunned, your tail falling still, not even thinking of turning back into a human to follow him inside.
Didn’t he leave like ten years ago? You faintly remember the disappointment in abuela and his sister’s faces when he just disappeared. They’ve pretty much refused to even speak his name this whole time and if someone asks about him they pretend they didn’t even hear it.
Has he been here this whole time? Hiding in the walls where you’d first caught his scent? Why did it smell so… good?
For ages you stand there, contemplating going inside to search for him. But what if one of the others find you inside when you’re not meant to be there? He asked you not to tell them… why did he leave? Why did he stay?
Eventually you huff deciding to just go home, staring at the ground as your paws kick up dust as you think and collapsing into your bed still covered in white fur when you finally get home.
Your nose tickles as you slowly wake up, the smell of a feather strong as you sneeze and paw at your snout and the sound of a familiar giggle making you peek an eye open. Dolores leans over you, a massive colourful feather in her hand hovering just over your snout. You grin at her with massive teeth before shifting back, laughing at her widened eyes as she takes in your form. You don’t exactly wear clothes when you go to bed.
“Why aren’t you wearing clothes?!” Dolores gasps, covering her eyes and laughing while she smacks you with a pillow.
“Why are you in my bedroom? Keep your eyes covered and I’ll put some clothes on.” You laugh, snatching the pillow from her and throwing it at her head as you get up. “What are you waking me up for?” you ask her as you pull on your dress and fasten the skirt around your waist.
“What were you doing at the casita so late last night?” you freeze at her words, glancing at her. You’d thought she’d have been asleep, it was well past midnight.
“I couldn’t sleep and went for a walk… went where the interesting smells took me” you told her as you put your hair up in different styles, trying to decide the best one. “What were you doing awake so late?” you smile, tugging at the ribbon in your hair. “All clear”
“I was having a hard time sleeping too” she sighs as she peeks up at you with tired eyes, making sure you’re dressed before relaxing. “You won’t tell anyone will you? About mi tio Bruno?”
“I haven’t decided yet…” you sigh, sitting down next to her. “Has he been there the whole time?” you decide as you speak that you’re gonna take him some things. Food, maybe a blanket or something and if he decides to tell you then that’s a bonus.
“Si… I’ve been able to hear him this whole time…” she tells you, spinning the feather she was tickling you with between her fingers.
“Why didn’t you tell anyone?”
“He asked me not to.”
“You saying just because he asked me not to tell anyone I should also listen? It’s not exactly healthy…”
“no and I know” she sighs sadly. You realise she probably wanted to help, to tell someone but feels powerless, like she has no choice but to just not say anything. Which is rare for her, usually she’ll say just about anything that comes to mind, except how she’s feeling.
“Was this really the reason you came all the way down here from your casita?”
“Everyone is getting the casita ready for the dinner tonight” she frowns as she stares at the ground. You reach for her rubbing your hand up and down her back and squeezing her to your side, hugging her tight with one arm. You see no reason to try say something comforting though. What would you even say? Maybe it won’t happen like that? Maybe he’s not the one? Bruno’s visions have never been wrong. There’s been misunderstandings and blame being placed on him but he’s never wrong.
“How about you help me get some things from the market? Then we can head back to casita together?” you grin, jumping up and offering her your hand.
A/N: I was so amazed by the amount of people who liked chapter one. Thank you all so much!!! This probably won’t be a slow burn because I can’t stand waiting! Characters in disney have gotten together way faster though so I don’t have an issue speeding through to smut 😉 Like and reblog the share the love!!!
two more lonely people tags:
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brunomadrigalislove · 14 days ago
Yandere! Camilo Madrigal x Gender neutral! Reader
They/them pronouns for Reader
He/him pronouns for Camilo
Summary: The madrigals and you go on a field trip or an adventure and you have some fun honestly just some fluff
Tumblr media
Hello it's me Brunomadrigalislove or Veszteseg and "Oh my gosh there is a part 3 of the camilo series?? But I thought part 3 isn't needed??" you're right but this isn't a part 3 more like a special or an aftermath. @homareswife requested this so why not lol.
Note: this will be short and there won't be a lot of yandere moments since this will be mostly fluff and all of this will be in 3rd pov. Also meet Ashp he is Y/N's friend Mini story He is a yandere and Y/N helped him get his lover by doing awful things. He won't be a love interest.
Tumblr media
Warning: do not read this if you don't like yandere content. What does yandere mean you ask? Yandere is a portmanteau of two Japanese words. The first is yanderu, which means “to be sick,” and the second is deredere, used here for “lovestruck.” A yandere is often sweet, caring, and innocent before switching into someone who displays an extreme, often violent or psychotic, level of devotion to a love interest. In short some one who is obsessed to someone they love
Tumblr media
You and Camilo were in the dinner table playing Uno and the other family members were also there doing chores aside from Mirabel and Dolores, You wanted to find them but Camilo stopped you. Personally Camilo wanted to cuddle but you guys were cuddling for 15 minutes. "Uno!" you exclaimed. "Ugh! You always win, this is unfair." Camilo complained while he threw his cards.
"Camilo, Uno is a luck based game. This is proof I have better luck than you" You told Camilo and crossed your arms and gave a smug look. Camilo rolled his eyes jokingly.
Mirabel and Dolores suddenly ran they're way to the dinner table or the kitchen. "GUYS! g-guys!" Mirabel said panting and dolores was panting too. "hmm, what is it Mirabel?" you said in a soft tone. You had a soft spot for Mirabel since you guys were friends since her ceremony.
"Okay. Sooo do you guys remember since we had our last vacation?" Mirabel asked the family. "11 months ago, Why do you ask la nieta?" Abuela asked Mirabel (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
"Well. Me and Dolores found a place where we could have a vacation!" Mirabel said happily. "After all we need a rest we've been busy helping the town" Mirabel went to Abuela and massaged her shoulder
"but the people need our help Mirabel" Abuela told Mirabel. "I don't mean to be rude but I have someone who Can deal with that" You suggested. "You do!" everyone exclaimed (except you) "You do! And you never told me?!" Camilo asked and a raised his voice a bit
"Well you never asked" You said calmly. Camilo looked at you suspiciously. "Thank you Y/N but are you sure they'll be okay with it?" Abuela asked you. "Don't worry Abuela they won't mind at all" You said while smiled 'After all they owe me' you thought.
"thank you Y/N, Well everyone get ready!" Abuela clapped as a sign to tell to pack up. As you were about to stand up and Camilo grabbed your arm to make you sit back down.
"Who is this person huh? What so special about him that you didn't tell me about him" Camilo told you with anger in his eyes.
"Well he's just my partner in crime" You told him. "I thought I was you're partner in crime?" Camilo said getting irritated. 'Gosh no way we've done more worse things' you thought "Aww Cam you're much better than him" You said in a loving tone and booped him and stood up and went somewhere private leaving Camilo there.
Before you called him you went to bruno's room and knocked "Tio bruno!" you yelled as an attempt to get bruno's attention, then the door opened in a few seconds "Oh hello Y/N, is there anything you need?" said bruno. "Well the family and me are going to an trip or vacation, Wanna come?" You asked bruno "Oh! Uh okay!" bruno said trying to hide his excitement "Okay then see you later tio bruno, I'll call you when were ready" You told bruno and waved and went somewhere private.
You called him and said "Hey Ashp I need you're help" You told the guy acting like a you're in a suspense scene.
"Thank you Ashp" You told him while smiling. "It's alright Y/N I owe you after all" Ashp said smiling at you with a small mischief in his eyes.
Camilo looked mad at the interaction between the 2 guys. "CAMILO! Y/N!" Abuela called the 2 of you "Well that's our cue. Make sure to take good care of the people 'kay ashp?" You told him in a threatening tone
" 'kay" said ashp and then you and Camilo went to the car (you, Camilo, Mirabel and dolores sat at the back pretend there is a extra seat)
WHERE YOU GUYS SIT ( you can skip this part)
You, Camilo, Mirabel, dolores at the back part
Luisa, Isabela, Antonio, bruno in front of you guys
Agustin, Félix, Pepa in front of bruno
Abuela and Julieta in front of pepa
You got out you're earphones and listened to music "Hey, What are you listening to" Camilo asked, he wanted to get you're attention so this was his attempt "Could have been me" you said and give him the other part of you're earphones Camilo took it and placed it in his ear and he placed his head on you're shoulder. You placed you're arm in his waist and kissed his forehead.
"Tio bruno, do you wants some snacks?" You asked bruno and handed him a snack. "Thanks Y/N!" bruno smiled and you smiled back at him. "Camilo.." you said "hmm?" "you're tio is really hot...." "WHAT"
You guys finally arrived at Tayrona National Natural Park (number 5) you guys to the in the middle of the ocean (there is a room like place in the middle so just search Tayrona National Natural Park in google and you can see it) "Woah!" said You, Camilo and Mirabel. "Guys let's go explore!" you said pulling Mirabel and Camilo with you. "Be careful!" said the adults
After exploring you guys decided to swim, so you guys changed outfits luckily there was 3 bathrooms for you guys to change into but after you changed Camilo knocked at you're door and you opened it "Need something?" Camilo nodded "I need help changing, it's complicating to change into this" Camilo said.
You sighed, and pulled Camilo to the room and helped him change. After that you guys swam so did the adults you guys had fun the day was full of laughter and joy you were happy Mirabel and Dolores recommended this.
after that all of you got tired and changed so you guys can get rest, and you guys found a place to sleep WOHOO! You and Camilo were still up because 1. it was hard for you to sleep fast
2. Camilo wanted to sleep the same time as you
You and Camilo talked about today and how happy you guys were "And then... Oh you're asleep" Camilo said and faced towards you. Then he smiled "Ah, I'm glad that were together and that I didn't need to force you to be with me"...
You guys were packing up to go home and went to the car and sat at the same seat you guys seated at. You and Camilo were listening to music and all of a sudden slept because of how tired you both were.
"Home sweet home!" you exclaimed and jumped at Camilo's bed Camilo also jumped at his bed and you guys cuddled
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totallyawr1t3r · 15 days ago
Yandere platonic family madrigal with a reader who just loves poison and carnivorous plants and just want to touch them and keep them in their room I’m want to know how the madrigals will react to this y/n headcanons
Yandere Madrigals with a Reader who loves Dangerous Plants:
Your favorite Madrigal would end up being Isabela even if you say you love them all equally.
You were just so interested in dangerous plants, and your inner child just couldn’t help but want to touch them, which forced the Madrigals to keep an extra eye on you around plants. 
You ended up sharing a room with Isabela because of the plant thing.
Isabela just finds it adorable and her ego is boosted about 10 times because of how much you love her plants. She’s willing to make whatever plant you want to see, and lets you keep it because you love it so much.
She’s glad to have her gift because your attention is basically all hers.
Which sparks a bit of Jealousy within the family but you’ll never notice.
Julieta always has something ready for you to eat in case the others couldn’t stop you from touching something poisonous or dangerous. She gives you that disappointed mom look each time as you just ramble on about some facts you knew about it, which ends up making her smile.
Mirabel would make you a bunch of clothes with plant designs for you, and even makes you a few plushies of your favorite plants. She loves to just see how happy you get when she hands you them, and how you go on and on about ‘Deadly Nightshade’ or something else.
Luisa was the main one in keeping you from touching anything you shouldn't. She does a great job at that as you normally end up giving up a few minutes later and you end up following her around while she does chores.
You and Agustín together in the same room alone is a no go.
You and Antonio do a fact exchange, He gives you a cool fact about an animal and you give him one about a poisonous plant. It's a very good deal.
Camilo sometimes changes into Isabela to spend more time with you because it's obvious that she's your favorite. But when he isn't, you two would pull a bunch of pranks together with some of the non-deadly poisonous plants. He gets the scolding while you walk away with nothing. 
Dolores just likes to listen to you rant about your favorites or something new you found whether she's near or not.
Pepa gets a little rainbow over her head whenever you give her something that isn't too deadly or dangerous to keep and takes great care of it along with Félix. 
Bruno does visions of you to make sure nothing bad happens to you while none of the family is with you while you're exploring for new plants. He doesn't want people to blame him for you getting hurt or worse, dying.
Abuela doesn't really get why you love them so much when roses and stuff were much prettier but she's still willing to listen to you and does keep the ones you give her even if she doesn't really like them that much. But they gave from you so she'll learn to love them.
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roxyfoxgamer150 · 9 days ago
Observer Mirabel AU
[Part 1 here] [Part 2 WIP]
"Okay. No. That's the fourth AU where Mirabel ran away, too much angst.." Observer Mirabel mumbles
She looks around, one way portals all surround her. She touches a portal and taps on it.
"Huh, this is a Mirabel x Reader AU, nicEOHMYGODNO-" She quickly shuts the portal down, blushing furiously. She mumbles along the lines "I was not ready for that scene damn it!"
She notices a glowing yellow portal appear randomly. "A new AU or Timeline?" She mumbles. Putting her hand on the portal it seemingly passes through.
'I can interact with it!? I need to get ready' she thought. She makes some supplies appear, a hoodie with the color yellow at the end of the sleeves, a green backpack, a dagger and some bandages.
She wears the hoodie. Putting her other things into her backpack. While she puts the dagger to her right hip. 'Thank goodness I know the Modern AU stuff'
Observer Mirabel sighs, puts her hood up, pushes her hand through the new portal, and goes through it. She activates her gift, making her eyes and mouth glow. She looks around, noticing there's no Mirabel in sight. 'Hm, that's weird, there's at least a TRACE of one here...' she thinks.
She makes a paper appear infront of her
AU: Dead Mirabel AU
AU Status: 1 Month before Antonios ceremony
Death of Mirabel: Died by trying to ^#&$*$^#
She makes the paper disappear. 'It won't show me how she died, that's strange.'
She slowly walks to the Casitas door. "Casita? Can you- wOah-" Casita opens the door and rushes her in, closing it afterwards.
"Wow, you seem happy to see me again" She wispers and quietly laughs.
"How many years has it been?" Observer Mirabel wispers. Casita lifts five tiles. Observer Mirabel is surprised it's been five years.
She walks around, Casita helping her by lifting up the floor tiles a bit. 'Thanks for making me silent Casita'
She walks around the doors of everyone. She notices there are quieted crying in the nursery. She freezes, she opens the door slowly. Antonio is on his crib. Not bed, but in his crib, crying.
"Hey, what's making you sad?" She says quietly, trying to not make Antonio scream.
Antonio looks at her like it's his first time seeing her. She knows it's a Dead Mirabel AU, but can't help to see Antonio.
He reaches up to her face while giggling 'Ah, so Antonio looks like that when he's still a baby' she thinks.
She grabs Antonio, making him laugh. "Well your one happy baby." she silently says.
Antonio looks at her eyes, looking at her in awe. 'What? Surprised seeing someone have glowing eyes too?' Observer Mirabel thought.
He grabs her cheeks with his baby hands, making Observer Mirabel silently laugh. A tear goes down her face while she was laughing.
'The Mirabel in this timeline may be dead, but I'll make sure you know your prima, Tonito.' She smiles
After that, fake Observer Mirabel kept coming back to Antonio when he is alone even after years later, even if she's still hiding away from everyone, she knows her Tìo Bruno is there just watching but never has the heart to talk to him.
Although she almost kept getting caught by the other Madrigals, she hides immediately... And panics.
'Where's the 4-year-old!?'
Observer Mirabel thinks that she will immediately get gray hairs from all the depressing faces. And Antonios sugar rush. "WHO THE FUCK GAVE TONITO FUCKING COFFEE CANDY???" "I'M GOING TO FLY" "TONIO NO-"
She immediately tied Antonio with a rope and made him sit of Pèpa's and Felìx's door, a paper saying 'HE ATE A FUCKING COFFEE CANDY, GET HIM TO REST' they all panicked on who tied him but is thankful at the same time.
Days later, it was now Antonios ceremony, she goes through the portal and into the nursery room, face planting and breaking the lenses of her glasses, she holds a present.
She looks around while getting up, noticing the noises of the commotion outside.
She sits down, "Everyone's waiting for you~" she sang, knowing Antonio is under the bed.
"This present will self destruct in three.. Two.. One- Oh." Antonio snatches it quickly. She looks under the bed "Nervous?" Observer Mirabel says. Antonio nods. She sits on the floor infront of him.
"Hey no need to be nervous alright? I know what your gift will be. Now open the present birthday boy." She chuckles.
Antonio opens the present, grabbing out a plushie jaguar. "I know that you're an animal guy, so I picked a jaguar, it's a hint on what your gift will be. So sorry if it's not enOuGH-" She gets tackled by Antonio.
"Thank you thank you thank you! This is the best present ever! I'll cherish it!" Antonio says. "ACK- TONITO YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE DOLORES HEAR ME CHOKING INSTEAD-" "Sorry!" He lessens the tightness, though still hugging her.
Casita moves tiles to let them know it's time. "Alright bud, it's your time to shine!" Observer Mirabel exclaims while Antonio laughs, "You're funny sometimes Bel!"
Minutes later, Antonio is already with parents and siblings ("Pèpa you're giong to rain on him!" "MY BABY BOY IS ALL GROWN UP NOW-). Mirabel watches from the side with her hood up and eyes glowing yellow, smiling.
Dolores pops out, "Abuela says it's time" she says. "Okay, vamo vamo" "Okay, vamo vamo- Alright I'm done!"
Minutes later, he's already on the stage. 'This feels like Deja Vu again..' Observer Mirabel thinks. Antonio looks at her, scared. 'Oh no. It's repeating to ME.' She thinks. Antonio lets out his hand and wispers "I need you" he doesn't realize his family heard him, all thinking 'Who does he need?'
Mirabel walks up to the stage, gasps around her. Her hooded figure only showing her glowing eyes and mouth (both are glowing), and her cracked glasses
She slowly raises her hand for Antonio, but he immediately latches on to her. Suddenly dragging her with him, startling Observer Mirabel.
"C'mon Bel! I don't wanna walk alone!" Antonio exclaims, not realize he said it outloud, making everyone hear him.
"Who is with him?" Julieta asks, suddenly familiar with the hooded figure. "I don't know! Maybe that's the friend he kept talking about?" Pèpa says, a mini raincloud forming from the concerned feeling.
Abuela looks into the figures eyes, burrying into their soul. Observer Mirabel makes contact with Abuela, scared that she'll be caught.
Meanwhile Julieta, Agustìn, Isabela and Luisa looks at the figure's cracked glasses. Julieta, surprise, and a bit with unnoticable tears, thinks 'Is that really her? She's alive?' Over and over again in her head.
Antonio was about to touch his doorknob, when he looks behind him, seeing Observer Mirabel behind him.
Deepening her voice, she says, "Antonio, trust me, you'll get a gift." Antonio nods, looking infront of him. And grabs the doorknob.
The door glows, showing the same carvings that Observer Mirabel has seen over and over again.
After many seconds, and Antonio talking to a toucan, she walks back down. When suddenly Antonio grabs her by the collar of her hoodie, making her grab onto her hood.
"Observer look look look! I have a jungle!" "THAT'S A JUNGLE!?" She exclaims while all of them walk into his room. A jaguar picks him and Mira up, "You wanna go where!?" He asks. And suddenly laughs while racing up to the top. ("ANTONIO WHY DID YOU DRAG ME WITH YOU!?" "You were lonely!" They both said, everyone hearing them while giggling)
Everyone cheers and fireworks get activated, all of them cheering and clapping for Antonio and his unknown friend that he loves.
Minutes later, they were partying. Observer Mirabel was walking around the kitchen, trying to find any cracks, finding an arepa. She grabs the arepa when she felt something grabbing onto her ankle, she yelps, she looks down and is instantly tied up in vines.
"What the fuOHGODISA-" She yells. Isabela walks up to her with a serious expression. "So, you're the one Antonio kept talking about. You are his friend, ¿correcto?" She asks, Luisa, Julieta, and Agustìn following.
"S-Sì! I'm his friend!" Mira exclaims, hood still up with glowing eyes and mouth. 'WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE ISABELA THAT'S MORE SERIOUS!?'
"What's your name?" Luisa asks in a confused manner. "I'm Mi- Uh-" Observer Mirabel tries to sputter a response, but couldn't.
Agùstìn walks up to her, pulling down her hood.
Everyone froze.
"Mirabel?" Her papì- no- she's just a fake Mirabel- hes not her dad Agùstìn says. Tearing up.
Dolores, Camilo, and their parents rush to the kitchen after Dolores said Tìo Agustin found Mirabel. All of them froze.
They all notice that she has glowing eyes and mouth, yet horrified that she has been found.
Isabela hesitates if she should cry perfectly or sob. Luisa is already tearing up. "...Mija/Mira?" Julieta and Agùstìn says to her.
"No- No that's not- that's impossible you- you died INFRONT OF US!" Isabela yells, confusion and fear in her expression. Confused and how she's still alive and aged yet scared that she's going to disappear again
'Wait, I died INFRONT OF THEM!?' she thinks
"Mierda. I'm not going to get out of this mess unscathed, aren't I?" She exclaims after a few moments of silence.
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giornosbestfriend · 2 months ago
Bucci Gang on a road trip for your serotonin :))
- Bruno drives, Abba sits shotgun, Giorno, Fugo, and Trish sit in the second row (Trish in the middle), and Nara and Mista sit in the very back
- Nara wanted to sit in the trunk but Bruno said no
- Bruno brought a bunch of snacks and they're in a bag under Abba's seat
- Abba is listening to music on his headphones almost the entire time
- The car is loud as hell bc Nara, Fugo, and Mista are yelling
- Nara says he needs to pee like 10 minutes into the drives and then again when they're in the middle of nowhere
- Mista and Nara fight over snacks and Bruno yells at them to stfu and share
- Fugo reads and somehow doesn't get car sick
- Mista makes deez nuts jokes
- The music on the radio is just mainstream radio music on low volume. Nara and Mista both want the aux and fight over it
- They end up sharing it and they play Tupac
- Nara and Abba fall asleep about 3 hours in. Giorno also takes a nap sometime along the way
- The car was loud for the first like hour or so and then everyone chilled out
- They stop at a gas station after 4 hours and the chaos starts again
- Nara and Mista race to the bathroom seeing who can get there and then run around the gas station looking for snacks even though they have a bag full in the car
- Nara begs Bruno for snacks from the gas station and he lets him get some
- Giorno and Fugo are walking around outside and stretching during the whole gas station snack situation
- Trish is with Bruno the whole time
- Abba was still in the car during all this
- After, they all got back in the car and it was super loud once again and then died down 20 minutes later
- Giorno suggests that they play a game and they play that one alphabet game (yk where you have to find signs and stuff with letters and complete the alphabet)
- Fugo and Giorno find the most. Nara and Mista are aggressively shouting an pushing each other, seeing who can find more, but they both end up shouting the letters right after the other three already found them and they think they won
- Trish talks about herself a bit and the others listen
- The kids bully Abba and call him emo
- Bruno thinks its hilarious
- Nara and Mista are cracking up
- Bruno asks them if they packed everything, just to make sure, and everyone says yes but then Mista freaks out because he realized he forgot to pack and Giorno laughs at him
- Bruno puts his angry mom face on and starts yelling at him. "I TOLD YOU A MILLION TIMES TO PACK, YOU SAID YOU WERE READY" and so on.
- Abba is laughing at him. Nara says he can borrow his clothes
- Nara is whining every two seconds going "are we there yetttt"
- Giorno rolls down the window while its raining, Nara and Mista are dying of laughter Trish is covering her face (and Fugo), and Abba and Bruno are yelling at him to close the window
- Basically the entire trip was complete chaos :))
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itsmesmileyface · 28 days ago
Encanto but in Camilo's POV
A thing I did for me, in case anyone wants to see!
You wake up (probably due to Mirabel knocking on your door and just doing Mirabel things)
Today is you little brother Antonio's ceremony
It's time to help the people of Encanto with your gift again (gotta make Abuela and the family proud, y'know?)
You go outside with your family
You go shushing a baby, giving the mother a break and entertaining the kids with a coconut(?)
You go back home
The decorating starts
(later on)
It's almost evening
You welcome people and their kids
You go back in the casita and Antonio is found
Your mother talks to him about how he's all grown up and you watch your father calm her down for a bit
You shapeshift into a tiny version of your father to try to get a laugh or smile from Antonio (in hopes of helping him feel less nervous)
Dolores says: Abuela says: it's time
You try making your brother smile one more time before going
✨Abuela talks✨
It's now Antonio's time to shine!
You clap of course, being the big brother you are
Antonio is nervous and reaches out to probably where Mirabel is
She shows up
You watch her walk Antonio to his door
The anticipation
A new room!
A bird lands on his arm
Bird noises
More birds and animals go to him
"We have a new gift!"
You are so happy for your little brother!!
You cheer for him!
And now it's time to see his new room
Once you and other people enter a jaguar runs to him and runs around with him on its back, jumping here and there
He falls...
And bounces back up
So cool!
He got a cool slide too! With a snake thing!
The jaguar carries him once more
You watch everything in amazement
You are so proud of him
It's picture time!
Now it's food party time!-
"The house is in danger!"
Mirabel explains what's happening
Abuela and everyone else goes to see
But there's nothing?
The party continues
It's morning once again
It's time for breakfast!
Even after that much food, you still need more. Yesterday was a lot, after all
You shapeshift into Dolores to get seconds
Then Mirabel approaches you and you weren't ready for this at all-
She's talking about something about magic that you have no idea about
Surely she wouldn't notice as long as you don't say anything??? Right?! (Also excuse- you're not the favorite older cousin?? Ouch. :( )
"Camilo, stop pretending you're Dolores so you can have seconds!"
Aaand you got caught
"Worth a shot."
Casita hits you in the back once- no, twice
Yeah, worth a shot
Thankfully you saved your food at both hits (:D)
It's officially breakfast time! (:DD)
Abuela proceeds to talk about yesterday, about Antonio's gift-
"aHA! YOU DO!" -Mirabel
Anyways, Mariano's proposal to Isabela
You sure as heck will tease her for it
When's the date?
And he wants 5 babies 👀 all the more reason to tease Isa for it
Flowers in your mouth :(
"La Familia Madrigal!"
"La Familia Madrigal!"
Now it's time to get ready for the Guzmans
(later on, again)
Oh? Mirabel is asking Dolores about Bruno?
Gotta ask Antonio to help with rat choreography just in case Mirabel asks
And come up with something cool and spooky to say
Okay going back to preparing for Mariano's proposal
You can see him with Abuela and his mother
Time for dinner!
"Time to eat!"
The dinner went normal so far-
Then Dolores whispers, "Mirabel found Bruno's vision"
You choke
"Camilo, fix your face"
*tells about the vision*
His reaction was amusing, but maybe now's not the time to laugh (how Mariano gasped is hilarious though)
Oh, ma's thundering
Luisa goes to get the piano, but she doesn't seem okay
Alright, Mariano's about to propose
Mirabel just being... Mirabel I guess?
"Will you marry-" -(Mariano)
"NO" -(Mirabel)
Luisa cries
There's even more thundering
The birds are freaking out
What's happening?
Your head probably starts to hurt, all this was a lot for you
Dolores is freaked out too
Mirabel hits something and is passed to Abuela
Judging by how Abuela reacted, this isn't good news
The Casita cracks up even more
Your gift starts to act weird
The door opens and everyone outside yells a congratulations
And it thunders again and starts to rain
This is a disaster...
Everyone runs outside the dining room
And you hear an angry "MIRABEL!"
And more thundering
You really need to be there for ma
You prepare tea and gently knock on her door before entering
You whisper reassurances and help her breathe while giving her the tea
She's startled and accidentally thunders your nose!
We'll need Tía Julieta to help with the burn/s
Pa offers to help calm ma down and you go somewhere else
So anyways you were told to help look for Mirabel
You did your best in looking for her but she's just nowhere to be seen
You're already so, so tired and in need of rest
You go back around the house for probably the third time calling for her
Ugh, where could she be?
And now your gift is acting weird for the nth time
You keep calling for her anyway, even if your voice starts to sound silly
Please, you're already so tired. Where could she be??
Okay, now flowers are everywhere
And cracks
You enter the casita with Dolores
And Mirabel is there
Arguing with Abuela
And a huge crack forms, along with many other cracks
Mirabel runs to the candle
You and Isabela rush to help, but your magic disappears before you make it on time
Everyone except Mirabel got sent out by casita
All they could do is watch her or call for her
She falls down.
Tía Julieta rushes to find her
But... your powers are gone
And what about Antonio? He only got his gift yesterday
Oh, and Mirabel is gone once again.
After many hours, she was found
Well, it doesn't change the fact that you don't have a house anymore.
Your father nudges you
What? That thing over there is not a house! Why isn't anyone else upset about it?
Mirabel checks the "house"
Everyone follows her so you go together with your sister
And you see Tío Bruno
And everyone's just fine with it not even questioning anything
They're all just happy??
And you just found out your sister knew that he was actually just in the house this whole time
Okay so now everyone in Encanto gathered up and offered to help rebuild the casita
You also help (and might have accidentally dropped a shovel while trying to spin it but no-one needs to know)
The casita is now rebuilt
The family gathers as Mirabel walks with Antonio to put the doorknob to the door
It's a heart-touching moment and it makes you smile
And now, the magic is back (and so is casita)
Once you enter the house, you take a moment to admire it
Antonio is back with the animals!
Family picture (and casita's hug as you get squished with the family)!
It's good to have a house again.
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thatsoanjie · 15 days ago
Let’s talk : Encanto (and astrology!)
I wanna see more from each character individually and their struggles with their powers- like :
• Camilo having an identity crisis over the fact that people value him more for who he transforms into rather than valuing him above all else
• What’s behind Luisa’s door?? Camilo’s??? Pepa’s??? Does it reflect their power directly or does it provide them a safe haven for them to feel like themselves in?
• Pepa’s struggle with keeping her emotions in check. Why wasn’t she chastised the way Bruno was? Her gift controls her more than she controls it and most of the time (during the movie especially), it’s counterproductive to the society they live in.
• Dolores upon receiving her gift- it must’ve been overwhelming for her to receive all of her power at once. Did the room just provide her with soundproofness just so she can hear peace and quiet for one fricking moment
• Do people in the village take bets on the type of gift a child gets
• Dolores knew that Bruno was living in the walls since like, age 7. She must’ve had this understanding with him to not tell the family until they either figured it out on their own or wanted to see him again desperately. Was she just shocked at Mirabel saying that she has a prophecy of Bruno just because it’s finally happening? At least 10 years later?
• Can we get a first person POV of Antonio’s world with the animals telling him the effects of colonialism and deforestation on a larger scale
• Do you think Abuela has this rule on her kids that when they find a partner, they have to bear offspring? Is this why they also chastised Bruno more than Pepa? Because he wanted a different life for himself?
Finally, my take on the characters for each zodiac sign :
Aries : Camilo. Pure middle child with comedic relief to be accepted in the family energy. Only an Aries is capable to have approx 2 mins of screen time and steal the whole mf show. Also carries the familial burdens without sharing much of his own, but remains loyal in the comfort of the family. A bit stubborn and pessimistic though, especially with the “what is this? Not a house” that Aries also portray.
Taurus : Mirabel. A great listener, emotionally sturdy (doesn’t let her emotions rule her the way others do), (SPOILERS) and, in my opinion, the best option for becoming the matriarch of the house. Ready to let bygones be bygones (as long as the other party apologizes then yeah everything’s fine lmao).
Gemini : Dolores. Isn’t necessarily agreeable to everything the family does, and we see that when it comes to. Just like geminis, Dolores picks her loyalties with great care. Imo, due to their natural dual faceted social personalities, Dolores can still function in the family and know all the gossip (literally) while only choosing to spill things that feels are necessary for the progress of the family.
Cancer : Luisa. Cardinal water sign. Luisa, although having a tough outer shell (literally), she’s still in touch with her emotions. In my experience, cancers always pretend like they’re fine to everyone, but have that sense of vulnerability. Cancers have that motherly nature, and, like we see in Surface Pressure when she weighs everything to the weight of Mirabel and the family burden, it shows that she cares very deeply for everyone in the household, even when it’s not reciprocated.
Leo : Augustin. You might think that you have the most boring character but uhm- NO. The way I see it, Augustin is socially perfect in a sense. Although he is clumsy (fire signs I’m looking at you), he knows he can rely on his wife to be there at the end of the day. He has that air of importance, but not to the point where it gets suffocating for his kids. Very loyal and supportive to his family, he wears a token to symbolize each of his kids. Leos are always first to treat others like the best thing that’s happened to em, and Augustin is the best example of that.
Virgo : Alma Madrigal (Abuela). Alma possesses the caring and social (see: giving back to the community) qualities of a mutable sign, while having the rigidity that earth signs provide. She is very nitpicky about her family portraying perfection for the sake of society, and makes that very clear when she ostracizes some kids for not wielding their power well enough, or not having one at all. But overall possesses the organizational skills to be the first matriarch of the family Madrigal, and that gets reflected in her Virgo nature.
Libra : Isabella. Listen ik you would’ve put her as a leo, it’s just that Libras act perfect for other reasons than self interest and she’s still social and open to growth either way. I feel like leos act perfect and treat other people like they’re perfect in self-interest. Which is not a bad thing. But purr. Everyone sees Libras as these perfect social creatures at the center of beauty, which is due to their ruler planet being Venus. Is there a more “venus” person in the movie than Isabella?
Scorpio : Is there a more acceptable answer than Bruno for this (i don’t think so). Look, he was just trying to do his thing and everyone comes and ruins his mojo without trying to get his side of the story. Scorpios are contrarians in nature, and although the gift he has is useful to the family, he is ostracized nonetheless (can we talk about the plate he drew for himself like he just wants to be a part of the family ffs)
Sagittarius : Félix Madrigal (Mirabel’s uncle). I feel like Félix has all the traits of being a mutable fire sign : Life of the party, great sense of humour, can put up with a lot of Pepa’s emotional baggage, and is very loyal to Pepa, even when Abuela constantly reminds her to keep her emotions in check.
Capricorn : Pepa. Listen. Everyone says that fire signs have the biggest mood swings, but Capricorns have it so that the entire society feels it 😭 absolutely no hate to capricorns whatsoever, because a lot of people rely on your skills in order to grow, cultivate and keep the society going. And I feel like the Capricorn-Sagittarius dynamic is perfect for Pepa and Félix
Aquarius : Antonio. I feel like it’s obvious, but having the gift to communicate with animals is a quirk that can only be attributed to aquarians. They don’t try to act perfect (we see this with his emotional vulnerability to Mirabel), and he communicates everything in a pragmatic manner without outright offending anyone.
Pisces : Julieta Madrigal (Mirabel’s mother). It might seem very typical for pisces to be attributed Julieta, but listen. She’s a healer. She doesn’t judge Mirabel for not having a gift (and is ready to back her up against her own mother, but misses the social cue when it comes to telling abuela to mind her business in the staircase). Like, no matter what her kids do, she’ll feel like they’re perfect in every sense and nothing can change that. She doesn’t expect perfection out of Mirabel, and I’m sure she actually reminds Luisa and Isabella to take a break when they need to.
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gyuphorias · a month ago
Tumblr media
away to a silence i need . . . — choi yeonjun, 1.2k
home — bruno major
Tumblr media
yeonjun, ever the perfectionist, always took all the time he needed to ensure that every choreography, every vocal, every lyric was pristine before he even thought about taking a break. he'd lost hours of precious sleep because of it and he'd made you well aware of his habit when you'd become friends and again when you'd started dating.
he loved that you worried about him, but he needed you to know that he was fine and your worry was misplaced. he was a grown man and he could take care of himself, even if he did enjoy the way you babied him. you were better off, he'd insisted, letting him do his own thing and worrying about taking care of yourself instead. he'd made you promise to not agonize yourself, especially during comeback seasons, because he could take care of himself and he had his friends to help if he needed it that badly.
even at the beginning, you'd never listened to him, though, which didn't suprise him in the slightest. it seemed that you cared about him more than you cared about yourself adn he couldn't even be angry with you because that's how he felt about you. you'd made it a habit at the start to bring him food and water, to make him take a break with you to give himself some cooldown time. as much as he'd told you that you didn't need to do stuff like that, it warmed his heart to see someone putting in the effort to do so anyways and how could he tell you to stop when your smile was so innocent when you appeared in the doorway of the dance studio?
now it's early january and, with the time just passing three in the morning, the snow has just started to fall over the quiet city. yeonjun, his body yelling at him to get some rest, finally steps up to your apartment door, unlocking it with the spare key you'd given him months ago. if seoul is quiet, your apartment is absolutely silent. he tries his best to not break it, closing the door and locking it slowly to minimize the sound. he toes off his shoes and leaves his things in the foyer.
he sees the remnants of your dinner and whatever work you'd been busy with on the dining table, empty plate and laptop closed, the chair pushed in carefully. he smiles to himself, picking up the dishes you left behind and putting them in the sink to deal with later. your laptop he cradles in his arm as he makes his way to your bedroom, ready to put it on your desk to charge, when he stops in the doorway, taken aback by the scene before him: you, in your day clothes, curled on your bed, not even tucked under the covers.
he knows immediately that you were waiting up for him, wanting to be awake when he got home. he doesn't even need to wake you up to confirm it because he just knows it to be true because this is exactly the thing he'd expect you to do. part of him wants to cry, simply because of the idea that for the first time, he has someone waiting for him to come home, staying awake just to greet him. the other part is a little upset that you're pushing aside your well-being for his own, but at the end of it all, his heart, pushing warmth and contentedness through his veins, wins.
he puts your laptop on your desk and plugs the charger in before he starts to plan his next move. his first instinct is to wake you up, to crawl into your bed next to you and just hold you for a bit, so that's what he does. your bed is plush and welcoming, inviting him in as he sidles up beside you, his arm wrapping around you and his forehead pressing against your own.
"baby," he coos quietly, his hand running stripes up and down your back. "you gotta wake up."
you stir a bit, trying to shake him off so you can keep sleeping, but he's persistent in his efforts to coax you out of your slumber. his breath is hot on your face as he presses kisses to wherever he can reach, soft and gentle and everything that isn't usually yeonjun.
"come on," he says, pulling away to look down at you and letting his hand drift from your back to your cheek, cradling the skin there and his thumb rubbing across it. "you fell asleep in your work clothes. you gotta change before you go back to bed."
"what time is it?" you ask, voice quiet and rough with sleep. your arm winds around him and you scoot closer to him, your face snuggled into the thick fabric of his hoodie.
yeonjun smiles softly to himself, wrapping his arm back around you and pulling your body on top of his as he turns to lay on his back. "a little bit past three."
the room goes silent, save for the slight breeze outside your windows and the sound of your breath, and he stares up at the ceiling, reveling in the heat of you permeating through his hoodie and the weight of you resting against him. the whole of the situation is precious to him, reinforcing the fact that you're here, always, just waiting for his return, and he finds himself wanting to lay here in this moment forever.
"sorry for coming home so late," he whispers into the dim golden light of your room. "don't mean to keep you up waiting all night."
when you answer, your voice sounds so far away, but it fills him with happiness nonetheless. "it's okay. i want to."
he laughs silently, his chest and shoulders shaking a bit with the action. his arms tighten around you, pressing you ever deeper into him and his embrace. "come on, let's get you changed. you can fall asleep after."
and when you've finally gotten into your pajamas and crawled under the covers next to him, the lamp turned off and the curtains drawn, yeonjun pulls you back into his arms, letting your head rest on his chest. within minutes, you've drifted back off and he's left staring up at the glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling he'd helped you put up a few months ago. he can pick out the constellations you'd designed together and he smiles to himself once again.
it's cliche, he thinks to himself as he rubs shapes into the space between your shoulder blades. it's cliche that he thinks that anywhere can be home as long as you're with him, that he'd lay here forever until he died just to be with you, that you were made for waiting for him to come home and vice versa. but with the press of your head against his chest and the warmth of your breath, he doesn't really care because really, at the end of it all, when everything else is done and over with, you're the only person he needs.
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i... did not mean for it to get this long um...... anyways bruno major is one of my favorite western artists period.
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Marry you
Tumblr media
I dont know I just had a thought.
Shigaraki x gn!reader
Warnings: drinking (bc lyrics), italic words are lyrics, there are parts of the lyrics using “girl” but reader is gender neutral so i used “babe” instead
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shigaraki watched you cook from the couch, lost in thoughts.
“Shigaraki Tomura, do you and Y/n have any plans tonight.”
Kurogiri asked after pausing his cleaning.
“Well, it’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do.”
He replied, not shifting his vision from you.
“Hey baby,”
Shigaraki said.
You turned around, soft eyes landing on the man.
‘Since when have you looked so stunning?’ he thought, ‘I think I wanna marry you.’
“Whatcha cooking? Is Kurogiri making you do all the work?”
He smiled slightly at the sight of you chuckling with your eyes sending him a loving gaze.
“Shigaraki, this is your last shot of alcohol for the night, or you might get a headache tomorrow.”
Kurogiri ruined the moment, handing him the drink.
“Kurogiri just head in for the night, I’ll clean up later.”
Shigaraki turned back to you, slightly drunk.
“Is it the look in your eyes or is it this dancing juice?”
He asked before taking another sip, content with the sight of you blushing and returning to cooking.
“Shiggy, Kurogiri’s right. I think you’ve had enough for tonight, don’t wanna get a headache tomorrow, don’t you?”
“Who cares, baby,”
Shigaraki had a light blush (probably from drinking) on his cheeks and they made you wanna caress him in your arms.
‘I think I wanna marry you,’ he thought.
The idea of marriage had never passed his mind before, but the thought of you being Shigaraki Y/n just makes his heart skips a beat.
“Well, I care. Plus, I made you food so come here before it gets cold.”
Shigaraki paddled over, sitting at the table and wowed with your cooking (I apologize if you’re not good at cooking). He had bites after bites, not noticing your loving gaze on him as he chowed down on the meal.
“Sooo, since it’s a nice night, what do you wanna do? I think there aren’t many night patrols tonight.”
“Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go.”
His words were a little mixed by the meal, but still understandable.
“Is it like an abandoned one?”
“No, we’re sneaking in.”
“What if someone finds out?
“No one will know,”
He replied, knowing damn well that the security cameras there are recording 24/7.
“Yes they will, their security cameras are recording 24/7!”
“Oh, come on, babe!”
You crossed your arms, pouting back at the pouty man.
“Fine, how about we just trash ourselves at a park or something?”
“Trash? Even more drinking? That cup in your hand holds the last sips of alcohol you will be drinking before you sleep tonight.”
“Who cares if we’re trashed, got a pocket full of cash we can blow!”
“Tomura we are not wasting money, no matter how much we have.”
“It’s not wasting money, it’s called spoiling my future spouse!”
He didn’t mean to slip it, but seeing your deep red face made up to it. In return, you took his cup and drank all his alcohol, causing him to whine.
“You wanna drink? Shots of Patron and it’s on, babe!” (For context Patron is a strong alcohol with 40%)
“No, drunk boy, you’re not drinking any more.”
“Don’t say no, no, no, no, no…”
Shigaraki said before yawning a bit.
“Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…”
He started sitting back up again.
“And we’ll go, go, go, go, go!”
You chuckled at his drunk form.
“Fine, we’ll go to the park WITHOUT ALCOHOL, only if you’re ready, like-“
“I’m ready!”
He jumped up, shining a bright smile, revealing his clean, organized teeth.
Although you had to hide from the night patrols, you still managed to get you and your drunk boyfriend to a nearby park to star gaze.
“Y/n why are we laying here?”
You loved his drunk form. He’s unfiltered, forgetful, and even to a point where you would consider him innocent.
“Cause it’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do.”
He hummed at your answer, cuddling to your side.
“Hey baby,”
You asked, realizing that he had fallen asleep.
I think I wanna marry you.
Tumblr media
Author’s notes: today is the last day of 2021 so I decided to rush thru this one to have one last fic for 2021
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Wolff Lady (Lando’s ending)
Tumblr media
Song: Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars 
Wolff Lady Finale | Wolff Lady Series
When you told Toto that you loved Lando he completely understood. But he still wanted you as his assistant and you were delighted by that. After you had talked to Toto about your feelings you went back to the hotel room. There was still some time before the race.
But how would you tell him how you felt?
Lando freaked out when he saw the footage of you injured. He had never reacted like this before over something. It was his radio guy who saw it first, but Lando had noticed the radio guys’ focus had shifted from him to the big screen and when he saw you hurt, something in him reacted. 
“What happened to her? Is she alright?” Lando asked frantic.
“I don’t know.”
“I need to find out.”
Daniel saw Landos distressed state and tried his best to calm the boy down.
“Don’t panic, we don’t know how bad it is.”
“But what if it’s bad?”
“Then there is nothing you can do about it at the moment. She’s in the medical center getting help. All we can do is wait.”
Lando nodded but it didn’t help. He wanted to be near you, to make sure that you were okay. But he knew that he couldn’t leave just minutes before the race. Not long after Russell called Lando.
“Are you watching?”
He was obviously talking about the incident.
“What happened?”
“I dunno!”
He and George talked for a bit and then hung up and then he opened his phone to record a voice memo to send to you. 
Hey (Y/N), I just saw the accident on the screen. It looked like a nasty accident, and I just hope that you are okay, please God let you be okay. Okay, talk to you later, bye.  
Please, let her be okay, Lando thought and looked over at the screen again. It really didn’t help him calm down when they repeatedly showed you being escorted towards the medical center with two worried drivers by your side, and then Toto sprinting towards you made it all even worse. The crew called for Lando that it was time to get ready for the race, but his eyes weren’t leaving the screen, he could feel the tears burn in his eyes. 
You will be okay, he thought and looked up towards the ceiling to not let the tears run down. Then he grabbed his helmet and got ready for the race. Daniel had told the radio team to tell them as soon they got information about your condition. 
The radio team soon reached out to Daniel and Lando telling them that you were fine and doing okay. 
But now Lando was focused to do the best he could in this race, for you.
He ended up in seventh place, which wasn’t bad at all, but now he was more than ready to go see you. He hurried down to the medical center and got inside, but to his dismay he was met with all the other drivers, and more were coming. He tried his best to get to you, or just to get your attention, but it was almost impossible and worse did it get when Toto showed up. Lando hurried out of the room and felt annoyed that he didn’t get to talk to you. But he would give up. He would reach out to you again.
You were at the hotel and listened to Lando’s voice memo for what felt like the hundredth time, but it both made you happy to hear his voice, but also sad because you could hear the sadness and panic in his voice when he recorded it. His voice broke at one point. You hadn’t answered him yet, because you didn’t know what to say to him, other than that you wanted to confess your feelings for him. But you felt nervous about it. You almost wanted to chicken out and not do it.
No, you told yourself and then searched for his number in your contacts. You shakenly pressed the call button and listened to the signals go off.
“Hello?” Lando answered. He sounded sleepy.
“Hey.” You said.
Lando hadn’t looked at the display before he answered and just pressed answer. He had just woken up and was a little disoriented. But with the sound of your voice, he felt wide awake.
“Hey, how are you?” he asked.
“I’m good, just a little swollen but other than I’m fine.” You said and he could hear that you were smiling, which made him smile. He sat up in his bed.
“How are you doing?” you asked, which made him almost chuckle. You were the one who got hurt but you asked him how he was. You are just the cutest.
“I’m good, better now that I know that you are fine.”
“I listen to your voice memo.”
He had almost forgotten he had sent it, because he sent it when his mind was a little panicky and not the clearest. But now he remembered, and he felt embarrassed about it.
“Wha-what did you think?”
“I have listened to it like a hundred times now, I think it was the sweetest message really. I wanted to make sure that you were okay, because I could hear that you were distressed.”
“Well, I was worried about you, and no one knew how you were doing. So, I kinda sent it to clear my head from all the thoughts.” He confessed and felt even more embarrassed that he just confessed it. But it was the truth. He had no idea if you were okay or if your badly hurt so he needed to tell you something that showed that he cared. Even if that message barely covered a percent of how he actually felt.
You smiled. “But you are okay?”
“Yes, I’m good.”
“I’m glad to hear it.”
You looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath.
“How are you getting to the tracks today?”
You knew the answer to the question, and you felt silly for asking, but you needed to start the conversation.
“By taxi, it leaves in about an hour.”
“Can I ride with you?” you asked and bit your thumb.
“Of course, you can.” Lando beamed.
“Great, then I’ll see you by the lobby in an hour.”
You tried your best to hide the smile that were creeping up, but it was impossible. You were ecstatic. You hurried to get ready because before you knew it, it was time to leave for the race. Lando stood in the lobby, bouncing back and forth between his legs, waiting anxiously for your arrival.
You soon exited the elevator and went up to him with a big smile.
“Hey.” You greeted.
“Ready to leave?” he asked.
You nodded and the two of you walked towards the taxi. You wanted to take his hand but didn’t dare to. The taxi ride was fun but you had to tell him how you felt before you arrived at the tracks.
“I have something to tell you.” You breathed. He swallowed hard.
“I like you… more than as a friend.”
Landos eyes widened. “Really?”
“Yes.” You said and felt yourself become flustered.
But before he could say anything the taxi pulled up at the track and the two of you had to get out. You were about to leave but Lando grabbed your hand and pulled you in for a kiss.
“I like you too.” He beamed.
You smiled and kissed him again. This kiss would be everywhere on social media tagging, Lando finally taked! And with the picture of you kissing.
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vixenpen · a year ago
Three’s A Party (Poly!Hawks x Mirko x Reader)
Tumblr media
(This fic is 100% based on this pic by @kamillyanna because HOLY SHIT. did this speak to my bisexual poly soul)
Might do a pt 2 idk
Despite your sparkly dress, You really hoped you blended into the background.
It was your first official black tie event as a new hero, and aside from a few friendly nods and passing: ‘hello’s”, nobody had bothered to say a word to you.
Seeing the créme de la créme all shmoozing and sharing inside jokes you didn’t get and amazing stories about epic rescues you weren’t even present for, didn’t exactly help matters.
So, you relegated yourself to keeping the punch bowl company and praying it was all over sooner rather than later.
Just as you began heading for the nearest door, a familiar voice called out.
Freezing, you turned. Your jaw almost dropped when you spotted the media’s favorite hero power couple; Hawks and Mirko.
Both of whom you had worked with. First as an intern at Hawks’ agency in your last year of school and then with Mirko as a short lived sidekick.
But you had never seen them like this.
Hawks’ toned frame was draped in a perfectly fitted cream suit and black leather trench coat. The immaculate tailoring conformed to every lithe muscle on the man’s body, and his windswept blonde locks had been brushed away from his rugged face.
He was perfectly complimented by Mirko who looked like she had been poured into the red silk dress she wore. Every curve and muscle was hugged deliciously; flexing beneath the vibrant, slinky gown. Her thick thighs peeked out of a split that ran up her curvy hip.
Your tongue practically shriveled. You were almost certain any moisture in the muscle had suddenly flooded to your pussy.
Time had been unreasonably good to these two who had been together now for almost ten years.
“H-hi, Hawks..Mirko.”
“Where’s the fire, kiddo?” Hawks cocked a brow at you, amused. “You looked ready to head for the hills!”
A nervous chuckle bubbled up in your throat and you scratched your neck.
“Ah, well...been a long night-“
“At eight o’clock,” Mirko chuckled, “the party hasn’t even gotten started, y/n.”
“I know, but,“ you shrugged, “I don’t know too many people here. Not much of a party when you’re solo in a place where everyone knows everyone else but you.”
Hawks’ looked incredulous as he held a hand to his heart. “You kiddin? You know us kid! Ain’t that right, honey bunny?” He asked Mirko with a grin.
The woman flashed a pearly grin back.
“Damn straight!”
He headed towards you and wrapped an arm low around your waist. He was followed by Mirko, who rested her hand on your hip as she slid beside you.
Suddenly, it felt ten degrees warmer despite your fairly revealing gown.
“Stick with us kid,” Mirko squeezed your hip. Her velvety voice was a purr as she hummed: “We’ll show you a good time tonight.”
Your pussy clenched at the innocent comment
“Hey, look!” Hawks pointed to a familiar hero with the head of a raven and an all black suit. “There’s Tokoyami! Why don’t we go introduce you?”
They left you no room to argue as they pulled you towards the bird hero.
Your plans to be a wall flower that night we’re null and void as Hawks and Mirko took you around the room introducing you to heroes, sidekicks, support members, medical workers. Anybody and everybody.
They’d also effectively gotten you tipsy on the ‘special juice’ Mirko had smuggled in her clutch.
Now you were dancing between the couple, your ass pressed to Hawks’ crotch and Mirko’s ass pressed against yours while the three of you moved in drunken sync. Hawks’ crimson wings wrapped around the two of you and his hands pulled his wife’s hips making sure her thick, toned ass was pressed right to your body and your tits were pressed against the exposed skin of her back.
Mirko turned, laughing.
“What are you doin’ Tweety, tryin to feel me up through, y/n?”
“I’m just tryna make sure both you girls are enjoying yourselves, bunny.” He winked. Then his voice lowered a bit, he knelt down until his lips brushed your ear. “You are enjoying yourself, right, y/n?”
The action took you by surprise and you jumped a shiver running along your spine.
Mirko laughed.
“Are you?” She asked.
“I am!” You replied with a smile. “Though I’d be having a better time if my feet weren’t killing me.”
Mirko frowned. “I second that.”
“Why don’t we call it a night, ladies?” Hawks suggested. “These Italian loafers ain’t exactly the pinnacle of comfort either.”
Moments later, you were pressed into the back of a limo between Hawks and Mirko. You leaned against Mirko’s shoulder. Both of you had abandoned your heels and were passing a flask back and forth.
“Guysss, I’m-I have to thank you for comin’ ta my rescue,” you slurred, patting Hawks’ shoulder. The man chuckled and patted your hand in response. “Seriously, only way this night would-could-could get better is if my damn feet didn’t hurt so much.
“Aww, y/n,” Hawks laid a hand on your knee, “Lemme see. C’mon.”
He reached down, picking up your feet and setting them on his thighs. Gently, he began kneading your feet. His touch was strong and self assured.
A groan escaped you. Then you felt Mirko’s hands. Softer, gentler. They ran up your exposed arms and settled on your shoulders.
“Ohhh,” she hummed against the nape of your neck. Her thumbs worked the muscles between your shoulder blades. “you’re tense all over, y/n.”
“Mmm, I-I didn’t even realize...” you slurred.
“Mmhm.” She murmured. “You’ve gotta keep your body relaxedf, baby girl.” Her hands began working your collar bone and the sides of you neck. “This line of work gets very stressful.”
Hawks hands slowly slipped up to massage your calves and he hummed in agreement.
“You have to take care of yourself, y/n,” his voice was soft too.
You could barely concentrate on their words for the two sets of hands working out kinks you didn’t even realize were there.
With your eyes closed, you couldn’t see the hungry gazes roaming your figure. The husband and wife duo shared a conspiratorial look. Their hands getting more comfortable.
Hawks’ grip was moving to your supple thighs. He groped them, lustful golden gaze zeroing in on the flesh hidden beneath your dress.
Meanwhile, Mirko’s manicured fingers slid down along the sides of your breasts, slipping underneath the fabric and caressing the smooth skin of your full tits
She pressed against your back, big breasts resting against you.
Your pussy was practically burning with need at this point. Your drunken mind was spinning.
Mirko’s lips danced along the shell of your ear. It tickled.
“Y/n,” she whispered, “we’re here baby.”
“Hmm? Where?” You mumbled back.
Hawks chuckled.
“Let’s get her inside.”
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hi hi!!! love ur milf reader content so much!! can i request some milf reader and bruno from encanto? that string bean of a man needs to be loved some more!!
"You know, I'm still not used to a place at the table, Julieta. It's. Nice."
She chuckled, adding more food to his plate. She hugged the side of his head tightly, giving it an affirming squeeze.
"Course hermano! Now, I don't mind your friends at the table, but can they at least get off the plates? I have to clean them."
"Oh, right right. Sorry, different place, different rules. Well I mean, same place, but like. Different- point is I hear you."
He carefully moved them off of the plate, and onto the table, continuing to feed his little friends. She smiled, before resuming her cooking. Luisa walked in a second later, sacks of flour over her shoulders.
"Ma, I got the flour you wanted."
"Gracias Luisa, I was almost out. Did you get what you needed from town?"
Luisa grabbed a cup of juice from the fridge, only to smack her forehead with her palm.
"Ugh! I forgot! I meant to get it after the flour, but then I had to deal with the donkeys, then the church, then everything just. Got away from me."
"Do you have time to head back?"
She grabbed an arepas from the pile, taking a decent bite before opening her arms in an 'are you serious?' Motion.
"No! I still gotta finish my dress, AND my hair!"
Bruno, eating his breakfast alongside his buddies, nodded at them.
"What's wrong? What did you forget?"
"I was SUPPOSED to pick up my new earrings from town. Heading to a party, and I ordered these forever ago. Ugh, I guess if I hurry…"
Julieta turned from cutting the fruit, to looking at Bruno.
"Why don't you have your tío go? I can help you get ready."
Bruno shook his head, perhaps a bit too quickly.
"I'd wanna help you, but I don't even know WHERE I'd have to get your-"
"Camilo knows- Pepa! Can Bruno borrow Camilo? He needs to run an errand in town!"
Pepa poked her head into the kitchen, looking around to assess the situation.
"Oh! For the siesta? Of course! Anything for my sobrina to get the break she deserves!"
She walked into the room to pinch her cheek, making her chuckle. Bruno seemed unsure, before Pepa walked over to pat his head, with a pinch of her classic attitude. 
"Come on, you need to go outside!"
"W-im FINE!"
Julieta put her hands on her hips as she looked at him.
"How's your telenovela going?"
"Wonderfully! I'm thinking of adding a long lost twin brother to the mix-and you're all looking at me."
"Yeah, you're going, hermano."
"So, place still how you remember it, Tío?"
He shrugged. Aside from the glances he got from the small community being too familiar with him (or not familiar enough), things didn't change.
"Kinda. I uhm. Definitely miss home though, I'll tell you that much."
Camilo opened his mouth to reassure him, only to spit out the salt Bruno suddenly threw over his shoulder. No one in the family hated Bruno, but his habits and quirks took some getting used to. He rubbed off his tongue, shaking his head.
"I can tell. Don't worry, I'm sure whatever happened then, no biggie now-"
"Didn't that guy kill your fish?"
Bruno gestured to the woman as they passed by them, only making Camilo shrug.
"Oh there's. Plenty of fish in the sea. Literally. Anyway, we don't gotta be here for very long, just gotta turn this corner."
Bruno followed him, albeit a bit hesitant, into a small shop. Bruno looked around the place, trying to recall just what this was.
"I don't...remember this store. It's new?"
"If you count three years now, then yeah. Come on."
Camilo walked up to the counter, knocking on it. From the back, came a woman's voice.
"¡Espere por favor! Luis!"
From the corner, came a small boy, no older than Antonio, if Bruno had to guess. He immediately ran to Camilo, who changed into Luisa, letting him hang on his (her?) Bicep. He giggled like crazy, before letting go suddenly, and hiding away from Bruno.
"Who...is that?"
"This? My Tío! Bruno!"
"The...scary one?"
Bruno was well aware of his fear. Nothing new. He knelt down a bit, trying to look small.
"I mean, I prefer the 'talented' one, but I can see the confusion."
He knocked his knuckles a few times on the wood, something he tended to do when he was anxious. That was when the child suddenly gasped, looking at him in wonder.
"You like rats too?!"
Bruno looked at his buddies, who seemed curious, popping out of his pockets and onto his shoulders. He chuckled.
"Oh! Yeah, they're my little buddies. You wanna hold one? Antonio is pretty friendly."
He was careful as he plucked him from his shoulder, and placed him onto his hands. He tried not to laugh as he sat there, fascinated.
"Oh my god. Rat man."
"Surprised you're not scared of rats, many are."
"Nuh uh! Rats are cool! And I'm not scared of anything!"
Bruno cocked his head to the side, hands on his hips.
"Really? You should meet my friend Ernando."
Luis looked up from the rat, at Ernando, who sat there, confident, fearless.
"I am Ernando, and I fear nothing!"
Luis looked confused, before suddenly laughing.
"HA! I like Ernando!"
"You should meet my friend Jor-"
They all looked up at the counter once they heard a 'thud'. 
"Lo siento- I was busy when you guys came in. Camilo, who's your friend?"
Camilo didn't see the need to hold onto his disguise, so he returned to his usually gorgeous self as he leaned against Bruno.
"My uncle Bruno. You know him."
Bruno pulled his poncho down, just in time to see who he was talking to. In front of him, stood what was possibly the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Older, definitely. Crows feet at the corner of your eyes, occasional scratches on the back of your manicured hands. Lots of gorgeous hair, thin strands of gray decorating your hair, almost unnoticeable. A real mature woman. You made the obvious motion of looking him up and down, chuckling.
"Bruno? The 'seven foot frame' Bruno?"
Bruno scowled at Camilo. He wasn't self conscious of his height, but when someone said 'seven foot', and they only got five, you could imagine the disappointment. Camilo shrugged, smiling awkwardly.
"Hey, in my defense- it's a good song."
Bruno sighed, before standing up, and offering an apologetic smile.
"Sorry, I uh. Hope I don't disappoint."
You chuckled, and he couldn't help but notice that this was why you had such prominent crows feet. From smiling. Not that it mattered, he just thought it was lovely, having a permanent mark of happiness.
"Eh, I like five foot Bruno. I like being able to look a man in the eyes."
Oh his heart thumped. Your own eyes were incredible. He could tell you were asmart, a quick wit that seemed able to handle anything. Confidence out the wazoo. You leaned against the counter, turning to his nephew.
"Take it you're not here just to play with mi hijo."
"Nope! I needed to pick up something for Luisa. Earrings, I think."
"Ah, yes! I was wondering why she didn't pick them up earlier, I have them right here."
Bruno patted Luis' head, before looking back up at you.
"He's your son? So lucky, your husband is."
You scoffed loudly, pulling the jewelry box from the stack you just brought out.
"Estúpido...no. There's no 'husband' around here. Just me and the little one."
Camilo whispered to Bruno, hand covering his mouth so you couldn't read his lips.
"He wasn't a great guy, she doesn't like talking about it."
Bruno chuckled awkwardly. Oh boy, figures HE'D bring up such a sore subject so soon. He accepted the package from you, and for a moment, your fingers brushed against his. So soft, delicate feeling, while his were scratchy, littered with bits of sand and what you assumed was salt. It sounded unpleasant, but truth be told, it was a delicate touch. Then you leaned into his personal space, almost making him flinch. 
"You know...you have such striking eyes. You ever thought about earrings? Studs are popular in men nowadays, and you have a real face for it!"
Bruno had no idea why, but he didn't push you away once you grabbed onto his face. Your nails grazed against his facial hair and his skin, and, with your other hand, you pushed some of his hair away, revealing his ear. He could feel his ears ringing, and his face felt flushed. He gulped, his mouth suddenly feeling VERY dry.
"I...never thought about...that...before."
He wanted to stay like this forever. He wanted to know if it was his usual nerves, or...something else. As quickly as it started however, it ended, given the fact that Camilo smacked at his shoulder.
"Tìo. We gotta go. She's gonna get mad if we're late."
He pulled away from you, but while there was relief, he couldn't very well say he liked it. He took a step away from the counter, box held tightly on his hands, and eyes glued onto yours. They were large, and green, full of skittishness and almost wonder.
"R-right. We can't make her wait. It was uh...nice to meet you. Antonio."
The rat squirmed out of the boy's hands, and climbed up to him, quickly getting comfy in his pocket. You gave him a small smile, before giving a very small wave of your hand.
"Adiós, Bruno~"
He hadn't stopped feeling at his face. He couldn’t stop thumbing over his facial hair, couldn't stop brushing his hair back over and over again, hoping to simulate the experience. He was so distracted, he wasn't even eating, letting his rat buddies have at it. None of the people hustling and bustling around the kitchen seemed to notice, aside from her older sister, Julieta (older sisters just seemed to catch onto this sort of thing, even amidst hustle and bustle). She put more food on his plate, frowning.
"Bruno, what's wrong? Why aren't you eating? Don't you like my empanadas?"
He seemed to shake out of it when SHE touched his hair, interrupting his little daydream.
"Oh, sorry. I do. I'm just not hungry. They love it though, so, keep it coming."
She pursed her lips, grabbing some messy dishes from the table.
"I make food for Mi familia, not for the rodents. Did something happen In town?"
He opened his mouth to speak, only to be cut off by Felix elbowing Camilo's side.
"Did you get him upset? Did you impersonate him again?"
Camilo held his arms out defensively, before removing the food from his mouth. He was eating as much as he was changing.
"No! I didn't do anything!"
Pepa joined in, putting a hand on her baby's shoulder defensively.
"Of course he did nothing! Hijo, tell us exactly what happened."
She kissed the hair on his head, making him smile. He was a sarcastic boy, but with his mama, he was full of love.
"Okay. We went into town, we picked up the earrings for Luisa, and she said he'd look good in earrings. Then we came back, and he just starts touching his hair and his face. I dunno, maybe he's freaked out because she touched him?"
That was when everyone's eyes were on him. He chuckled uncomfortably, shrinking on the spot. He knew EXACTLY what was about to happen. Felix's grin got wide, and he sat next to Bruno, nudging him with his elbow.
"Oooh...she touched you, eh?"
Bruno held his hands up in defense, wanting to stop this disaster NOW.
"She said I had nice eyes and a face for earrings, that's it."
"And you LIKE her!!"
That was the trigger. His sisters were by his side in a second, excited as all hell.
"Bruno!! You LIKE her?!"
"Oh! Hermano! Eso es tan lindo!!"
They hugged him from both sides, and while he loved a good hug, he was hating this one in particular. Felix leaned in, a huge grin on his face.
"So, what is it about her that you like? Is it the pech-"
Pepa glared at him, the thunder above her head only highlighting her glare. Felix gave a bit of a scared smile.
"It's a joke, mi vida!"
Bruno, not feeling like getting zapped by Pepa, decided to just answer his question.
"I like her crow's feet, for one."
They looked at him, confused as hell. He rubbed the back of his neck as he tried to explain.
"It means she smiles a lot. And she's...shameless about it. I like that, I guess. The fact that she's REALLY pretty, but not In a normal way? I-oh no."
He looked back up at them, and not only were his sisters swooning at how sweet his words were, but so was his mama. Abuela walked over to him, fussing with his hair.
"Ai Que lindá! And she's such a nice woman! And her son is SO polite! Oh my little Brunito! I'm so happy for you! I was worried you'd NEVER find someone!"
"Mama, please-"
"And more grandkids! I want MANY more grandkids! I want them as wonderful and as beautiful as the ones I already have!"
He exclaimed. His cheeks were violently red. So much so, he had to cover it with his poncho, hoping it'd go away soon. Abuela kissed his head, before doing the same for Luisa once she walked in. She chuckled.
"I almost didn't wanna interrupt, because that's SO sweet- BUT GUYS LOOK AT MY DRESS!"
She gestured to her look. New dress, New hair style, New jewelry. It made him proud to be her uncle, seeing her have fun for once. Julieta held onto her baby's face, kissing it over and over.
"Look at my angel! So beautiful! Oh where's your father- hold on, he has the camera, wait right here!"
She ran out of the kitchen, giddy. Luisa rolled her eyes affectionately, before nodding towards Bruno.
"I mean, if you like her so much, come to the party with me. She's gonna be there."
Pepa could blind him with how much sunshine she was producing. Her feet stomped on the floor, she squealed enough to hurt his ears, and her eyes were brighter than any star out there.
"You're excited!! Oh my baby brother, on a date!! We didn't think you liked girls! You never talked to them!"
"Are. Are you saying you're not a girl-"
"Outside the family, El tonto. Point is, we're happy! Oh! We need to give you a makeover!"
Bruno looked down at himself, before raising a brow.
"What's wrong with how I look?"
There was silence for a moment, before Camilo took a bite from his food, and just came out with it.
"You literally look like if a feral rat was a person. But like. With a hint of anxiety."
Felix looked like he wanted to scold him, before he shrugged.
"He's. Not far off. Point is, cuñado, you need to look GOOD. I mean, I look good everyday, look who I married!"
He gestured to Pepa excitedly, who blushed, and dismissed him with a wave of her hand. It was sweet, but he was hating this.
"I'm. Not getting out of this. Am I?"
"No. Now let me get Dolores! She's GREAT with hair!"
"Tío. You're sweating on my bicep."
"Disculpe- I'm nervous. Not exactly...popular."
He hadn't been to any real gathering, much less a party, in over 10 years. Suffice to say, he was nervous. Even when he was with his strongest niece, he felt anxiety.
"Don't worry. If anyone gives you any troubles, you come to me. Assuming anyone even recognizes you- you look great!"
Dolores outdid herself. She got him new clothes (a rather bright yellow, Pepa's colors. He was flattered to be given a motif, but he didn't ADORE the flashyness), and even tied up his hair. She wanted to give him a shave, but that was a bit more than he was willing to bear for one day. He chuckled.
"Thank you, Luisa. But you should have fun! You've been working hard this week and-"
"Luisa!! Come on! Dance with us!!"
Her friends waved her over, excited to see her. Her smile was huge, and for once, she looked relaxed. He patted her hand once she looked at him, as if in permission.
"Go have fun, I'll be fun. I'll yell if anything."
She chuckled, before running off to go enjoy the party. It left him alone, vulnerable. He didn't even bring his rat buddies (because apparently they didn't make for good party guests). He looked around for what to do. Not the dance floor, far too many people, and his niece was busy tearing it up. Maybe the food table. Sure, it's a usual hot spot for activities, but it seemed empty at the moment. Plus, the idea of some nice, Hot food, sounded nice on a somewhat cool night like this.
"You got this, Bruno."
He walked up to the table, and surprisingly, the world didn't end. He took a plate, and started to help himself. He kept shoving bits of it into his pockets, forgetting that his buddies weren't here to enjoy it. At least he had something to bring home.
He looked next to him, before looking down. Little Luis was standing there, dressed rather dashingly. He was surprised that he felt joy upon being recognized.
"Hey! Didn't know you'd be here!"
He reached up to him, making little grabby hands.
"I wanna play with Antanio."
"Sorry, he couldn't come with me today. But, if you wanna hang out with boring ol' Bruno, I won't mind."
"Don't you wanna hang out with the adults?"
Bruno shrugged, kneeling down to his level, and putting his hand on the side of his mouth, as if trying to tell him a secret.
"Honestly? Some grown ups aren't that fun. Besides, show me a cooler guy than you. Minus Jorge, he's a whiz at spackle."
He chuckled, nodding in excitement.
"Okay! Let's go dance!"
"Er no wait-"
Too late. He had fallen for the trap, and was quickly dragged to the dance floor. He looked for an excuse to get out of this, but the ever growing crowd blocked his exits. Luis was a real natural at it, lifting his hands up and letting his little feet do all the talking. Bruno, a bit nervous by the eyes, tried to dance. Which meant him awkwardly shuffling on the spot. Luis shook his head, tugging at his pant leg.
"No! Come on, you gotta get into it- here, I'll show you, follow me!"
He held onto his hands, and took a step forward. Then a step back. Looked simple enough. He followed his movements, and it was slow, clunky at first. But hearing the crowd clap for him, hearing the music really flood his veins- he got into it. His movements were a bit spastic, but soon enough he was keeping up with the young boy, making him woop and holler. Next thing he knew, Luisa was by his side, dancing to the same beat he was. He stopped for a moment, thinking he was ruining her fun, when she laughed, smacking his back and nearly sending him to the floor.
"Come on Tío! Don't stop now! What, am I cramping your style?"
He didn't know why, but there was something about this that made him...warm. He was out here, supported, loved, with people WANTING to be near him. It's all he could ever want. Everyone was loud, busy, crazy. He loved every second of it. Even when the music eventually stopped, he still found himself swaying back and forth, feet not wanting to quit just yet. He wanted to dance more. Hell, he forgot why he was even here. 
Then he remembered.
The next song came to a finish, just in time to see you. You weren't wearing anything flashy. Just something cute, something simple. If anything, you was under dressed, and he couldn't help but stare. The crowd seemed to dissipate for you almost, allowing you to walk right up to him, drink in your hand.
"I almost didn't recognize you. Didn't take you for a dancer."
"I uh...I'm. Not. Usually. But your kid here- excellent teacher. And relentless. Don't think he'd let me go home if I didn't try."
He patted his head, looking almost proud. You leaned down to kiss your son's forehead, and Bruno found himself wondering what that smeared lipstick felt like.
"That sounds like you, alright. He wanted me to bring him along because he knew you'd be coming!"
Bruno cocked his head a bit, motioning from the kid, to her, to Luisa.
"Wait, you're here because of me? I'm here because of YOU?"
He turned to look at his niece, but she was already walking away, your kid in tow.
"You two have fun! I got the kid!"
Bruno opened his mouth to try to call her back, before you nudged him with your shoulder. Such a nervous man.
"What, is the idea of dancing me such a scary idea?"
"Terrifying. B-but like, in a sorta, I hope I don't mess this up kinda way. Because you know, the hair and the clothes only do so much, and I didn't exactly shave and-"
He kept trying to communicate...something. Like peering into the future, it was all confusing and a jumble of mess. Then, when you grabbed his hand, he felt clarity. Your hand was soft, but he still felt the scratches and the scars. You were so confident in yourself, it was incredible.
"Come on. If you think HE can dance, you should see who taught him."
He had the tendency to look into the future on a whim, if only by a few seconds or minutes, and he saw ONE thing- him just blowing this. But for now, as he was allowed to put his hand at your hip, to have you sway with him the same way Felix and Pepa did, he didn't mind it. You laughed as he spun you, having fun, and having it shamelessly. Yet, he was still nervous.
"I'm sorry, you know, on the off chance I step on your foot or-"
"You're a very nervous man, Bruno. It's cute, but you should stop looking ahead, and live in the now."
The way you said that, body pressed against his. He swore his heart stopped. It wasn't fair, you being perfect in your imperfection. He was about to speak, when they suddenly changed partners. Sure, it was a part of the song, but something about the way you smiled at your new partner. It...made his heart sink. He was right. He blew it. He excused himself from the dance floor and just. Left. He walked until his ears were no longer flooded with the sound of music, till the warmth was gone, and the cold embraced him. 
It really was. Everything was empty, cold, the rocks cracked under his feet. He leaned against some house he didn't recognize, before slowly sliding down, and eventually sitting. He sighed, before reaching for his hair.
"Sorry, Dolores."
He un did the hair tie, and let his hair fall back into place. Messy, in a sort of simple way. He pulled the new poncho over his head, holding it I'm his hands. He felt so unworthy of all of this. Of this family, of her, even of this poncho. What would have happened, had he stayed? He groaned, rubbing his fingers over his stubble.
"You know you said you weren't going to do this. You just. Really want to know, don't you?"
He did. He wanted to know what his future with her involved. He dug into his pockets, pulling out a small pouch of sand, a few herbs, and his matchbox. Bruno's talent was unique, but not In the more obvious ways. His visions were more clear, more accurate, the more his head was cleared. He placed the poncho on the ground, dumped the sand onto it, and made a little well for the herbs. He then lit a match, studying the flame for a minute. A match, to strike at fate.
"Alright. Against my better judgment...show me her. Show me what our lives will-"
"You know, there's better uses for a poncho."
He turned, and sure enough, you were standing there, clearly seeing what he was doing. He quickly put out the match, standing up quickly.
"H-how did you know where to find me?"
"I didn't. You're just at my house."
He turned to look at it, and realized just how bad this looked. Ah. So THIS is how he really blew it.
"I'm. Uh. Sorry. This looks bad, I'll just go home-"
He tried to walk past her, only to have you stop him by grabbing his shirt sleeve.
"Let me ask you something. Do you NOT wanna be near me?"
"No! The opposite! I wanna be near you and-"
"So you left me at the party?"
He cringed at that, just now realizing that his social skills weren't. Great. He sighed, giving a small nod.
"Yes. Because I thought you wouldn't...want to be near Bruno. The bad luck guy, the goldfish killer."
"If I didn't want you near me, I got a really funny way of showing it. Look, maybe it's just the party you didn't like. Why don't we simmer it down a bit. You wanna come inside for a drink? Just me and you?"
Bruno thought against it. But he just. Really, and honestly wanted this. So, he nodded. She brought him inside, and it was just like her. Comfortable, in a totally foreign way. He thought it was a little forward, you snatching a bottle and bringing it right to her room. But it was as she said, live in the now. So he tried to think nothing of it as you both sat down at your bed, and a glass was given to him. He took a sip, and sighed. It was nice.
"Thank you. I know I've been...weird tonight. Not myself. Though I guess you don't know what myself is, given that we just met."
You chuckled, clinking your glass against his.
"I've seen glimpses, I think. You're not seven foot tall-"
That made you chuckle. 
"And you're not this 'guapo semental' that you were trying to play off. Bruno isn't clean cut and charming. He's...awkward. A little messy. And I like it when his hair is down."
"You'd be the first. Hell, my niece, Dolores, insisted I tie it up, and even tried to get me to shave my...face."
He just NOW seemed to notice the way his hair curled around one of your fingers. He thought you might be acting weird from the alcohol, but you had taken no more than a sip. This was real. This wasn't a cruel vision or even a dream. You let go of his hair, for the sake of grabbing onto his chin. The hold was firm, and he wanted to melt into it.
"Shave this? Don't. It looks so nice on you. I'd do anything to get you to keep your face like this."
You nodded. Your smirk was mischievous, and it made him terribly nervous. He knew why she was leaning in. Knew what it meant, when a woman like you, was looking at a man like him. You two were kissing in an instant, and the taste of wine was so much sweeter from your lips. He quickly held the side of your face, wanting this to last so much longer. You both parted at the sudden shatter. He got so excited, he just. Dropped his glass of wine. He winced.
"Sorry, I just got excited and-"
"Silencio Bruno."
You set your cup to the side, for the sake of grabbing onto his shoulders, and pushing him right onto his back. You was so forward, you rushed into this situation with a man you had just met. It was without restraint or concern. And as you straddled him, holding onto his face as you nibbled on his bottom lip, he adored it. You pulled away after a good moment, leaving them both nearly breathless. 
"I'm going to take off my dress. Then I'm going to take off your clothes. Nod if you want this."
He nodded VERY quickly. You got off of him, and he watched as you pulled down her dress. Your dress came off, then your underwear, then your bra. He felt himself gulping. You were...something else to him. Large breasts aside, you had plenty of imperfections-age spots, stretch marks, untrimmed pubic hair, even the occasional faint scar from one thing or another. You crawled right back into his lap, combing your fingers through his scalp in a way that made him shudder.
"Do you want me, Bruno?"
He nodded, slowly, not wanting to disrupt how your hands moved in his hair. 
"Then. Prove it."
You shoved your pussy against his mouth, and he didn't hesitate. He held onto your thighs, and helped himself. He nuzzled into the hot, hairy area, showering it in kisses upon kisses. He wanted to sit here forever, adoring you, letting your push herself softly against him. Then, he started to taste you. He has never known a woman like this, as it wasn't really important to him until now. It didn't taste sweet like wine or even salty, like he thought it would. It just, tasted. But what was intoxicating about you, was the smell.
It was a musk that made his heart rush, that made his tongue eager to slurp and lick at your folds. As if that wasn't enough, he could hear you. Your moans, your little giggles, the way ypu kept mumbling. He loved your mumbling. You mumbled for him to keep going, mumbled for him to be good and eat you all up, and even the way you'd coo 'my little Brunito'. He loved it. So much so, he whined when you pulled away, watching as a string of fluid still connected you both. He looked up at you, swallowing, before wiping his face with the back of his hand (and smearing it in the process).
"Did...I do something wrong?"
If he did, he couldn't tell. Not when your cheeks were flushed, not when your nipples were hard and your pussy was twitching. You shook your head.
"N-no. You were just. Going to get me there too soon. We still gotta take care of you."
You gestured to the rather obvious boner in his pants. Ah. No wonder he felt uncomfortable. He gave an awkward smile, before it was swallowed by your lips. Lips that went from his own lips, to his cheek, to his chin, stopping at his neck. He lifted his arms up to let you pull his shirt over his head, revealing his frame. He thought you hated it, given how you stared at him, and he was about to apologize even, only to feel your nail roam from the hair leading from his chest, down his stomach, even to the patch just above his pants.
"Tanto pelo...tan provocativo~"
You meant it. He could tell by the way you leaned in down, just to purr that into his ear. Your kisses kept going, following the happy trail and leaving lipstick smudges in its wake. Bruno wasn't a studly young man anymore. He was sort of thin while simultaneously having a sort of belly, he had a messy trail of untrimmed hair. And yet, you still found him sexy. It was weird to him, feeling wanted. Not just 'acceptable', but actually wanted and being lusted after. You then grabbed at his pants, and pulled until his cock sprang out, eager to be free. He was a little embarrassed over how excited he was, but it had been SO long since he had been touched, well over ten years. He was expecting you to ask, given how your eyes looked from his cock, to him.
"Let me know when you're close, understand?"
But you didn't. Because, like you said, what mattered, was now. He nodded, breath a little shaky. Then you kissed it. It was just the head at first, softly, tenderly. Then you drifted down his length, to the base. Your other hand was delicate with his balls, rubbing and massaging them oh so carefully. Just like his face, his pubic hair remained untrimmed, and you didn't mind in the slightest. Then, he was in your mouth. Your mouth was so warm, your tongue so soft. Was it any wonder his toes curled, and his back arched?
"Oh...Tendera. Eres tan buena conmigo…"
His voice was soft, barely able to speak more than a whisper in between him biting onto his finger. He meant it though. And it was sweet, knowing he wasn't looking into a vision right now, but at you. As you took more of him in your mouth, as she slowly slid him in and out of her mouth, he could only think of how nice it was, having a woman like you treating him so well. Thinking about that was probably why he couldn't hang on for very long. He throbbed inside of you, he squirmed on the spot, and he kept mumbling and mewling. He dug his fingers into the sheets below, breath quick and loud.
"I'm g-going to-"
Then, out of the blue, you pulled away. He sat there, leaking and throbbing, ready to have his long awaited orgasm. He almost did when you leaned up to kiss him, even.
"No. I don't want you to finish like this. You're a very special man, Bruno. I want to give you something special."
You got up, leaving him for the sake of going to your dresser. He let his head hang off the bed in order to see what you were doing. Even though his view was upside down, he liked it. Your hair looked nice across your shoulders, and. Well. You had a nice butt. Not that he'd just up and say such a thing, however. Though, he didn't need to, you could feel exactly where his eyes were.
"I uh...I like being special, but you got me nervous."
Then, you pulled it out. It was a mess of black straps, and some green...what looked to be a fake penis. He rolled on his front, despite the pain it brought to his own length, looking up at you, the toy, then you.
"Is. Is that supposed to-"
"I'm supposed to fuck you with it. Because you're just that special, Bruno."
You expected him to be hesitant, maybe even argumentative. But, instead, you just received a shrug.
"Eh, alright."
"That's it? That's really all it takes?"
He winced a bit, hard cock rubbing against the soft sheets. He wasn't going to last at all, he didn't need his gift to see that.
"I mean. You don't look like the kinda woman that likes 'no', and, well, I don't like saying it myself, so, long it's your bed I'm in, I don't see why I should care."
He thought he said the wrong thing, given how you just stared at him, as if you were bewildered. Then, you chuckled, bending down to pinch his cheek.
"I'm going to be so good to you, Bruno."
You crawled back up on the bed, and he felt you sit at his legs. Was it embarrassing, feeling your nails grab and knead into his ass? Not how he thought it would be honestly. Probably because it was affection, and if there was one thing Bruno loved, it was affection. He buried his face in his arms, trying not to make such embarrassing sounds as you kept kneading, teasing and massaging him. Then, he felt you spread them, and something being pressed against his ass. It was warm, slick with...something, oil if he had to guess. He felt you slowly glide it up and down, threatening to enter him multiple times.
"You've...done this before, haven't y-you?"
"Once or twice. Don't worry, you'll like it. Just ease your shoulders,"
He felt his body go limp once your nails grazed down his back. It was such a slow, tender touch.
"And relax."
Then, he felt it. It pushed inside of him. It was a slow entry, stopping at just the tip. It wasn't comfortable. At first. You pushed it in and out, introducing more and more, little by little. By the time he had half of it inside of him, his body was in fire, cock throbbing at the sensation of being stretched.
"K-knock on wood knock on wood…"
He reached up to knock at your bedpost, then at his own head. He could feel your eyes boring into him, and he gulped as he explained. 
"It's uh...m-me needing good luck. I'm trying not to f-finish already."
Your giggle felt almost sinister to him. He felt your legs coil around his, pretty much keeping him under you, and your breasts press against his back as you laid onto him. You were taller than him, so you were rather heavy to him. Not that he minded in the slightest. He felt you push the toy in fully, making him feel incredibly stuffed.
"Oh, Bruno, you don't have to worry about that."
Your nails dragged against his scalp, gliding through his hair, and grabbing a huge chunk of it, pulling it to the side to expose his ear. Your voice purred to him, making goosebumps form on his skin.
"Because you don't finish until I say so."
Then, you started to move. Actually, that was an understatement. You proceeded to FUCK him. As in, your hips started to smack into his, the false cock bumping against that perfect spot he didn't know existed, even just knowing your breasts were pressed against him like this made his cock leak all over your sheets. And the way you touched his pretty hair. The way you held it and pulled it, as If you owned him. And at this point, you did. You kept muttering and mumbling in his ear, lips occasionally grazing against it as you did so.
"You're so tight, Bruno. You handle me so nicely, Bruno. Do you like this? Do you like letting a woman take you like this?"
He was amazed he could hear you over his own sounds. He was usually so good at keeping quiet, but he couldn't help himself here, he really tried His cries were loud, his breath was shaky, he was a mess.
"I'm- I c-can't-"
"Shhh, silencio, silencio, Brunito."
His moans were swallowed by your lips. By your kisses, by your tongue snaking into his mouth, by your teeth grazing against his bottom lip. Bruno thought this couldn't get better. But what was even better? Was watching your eyes. Bruno hated that he did this, but he adored eye contact with people he loved. And you were no exception. He stared into your eyes, despite making the pleasure difficult, and you stared right back. He was letting you have all of him, and you were doing the exact same. Then, you made him lift up the lower half of his body. You kept going, threatening to make him cum with every movement. You grabbed his hand, bringing it to his ever throbbing cock.
"Show me how you finish. Show me how you like to be touched."
He obeyed. He always played with himself with no rhyme or reason. Just desperation. And while the speed was the same, the touch wasn't. So much softer, unlike the slamming into his ass. He loved the sound they made, loved how he knew he was smearing himself all over your pretty hand. What made him finally finish, was a vision. It was accidental, mind you. It was just the smallest glimpse, a few seconds at the most. Of you laying on top of him, smiling, satisfied. That was all it took for him to finish, staining not only your hand, but your sheets.
You were so loving during this. Still fawning over your with those owl like eyes, still pumping his cock and plowing his ass. You only stopped once he started to mutter grateful, pathetic 'thank you's, getting the idea that he was truly done.
You pulled out of him, leaving him feeling empty, before rolling him onto his back, and promptly laying on his chest. He tried not to breathe too hard, as to not disturb you, but damn his body was still REELING from what just happened. He had just gone to a party, danced in front of a crowd, and made love to a beautiful woman he hadn't even known for a full twenty four hours. And now, he was sitting in her bed, at her house, naked, sweaty. He stared off into space for a moment, before looking down at you.
You laid there, nails caressing the hair at his chest, bare body resting against his. He wasn't a mammoth in terms of body hair,, but it was just enough to keep you interested.. He swallowed, mouth suddenly feeling dry. What do you even SAY after something like this?
"You know, didn't predict this one happening."
You laughed. It was a loud, boisterous, shameless laugh. He loved it. You wrapped your legs around him, paying no mind to the toy pressed against his stomach.
"What CAN you predict, Bruno?"
"You...want me to give you a prediction? Even if-"
"I don't mean a real one, Bruno."
You rolled her eyes, turning to face him. He felt the toy pressed against his stomach, still surprised that it was inside of him at one point.
"I mean, what do you think is in our future? What do you want?"
He wrapped his arms around you, hands resting at the small of your back.
"I...I want you to have dinner with us at our Casita. You're an incredible woman, and you belong in an incredible family. Er, I'm sorry, that's a LOT to unpack on the first-"
He was silenced when you took a hold of his face, and kissed him. Something told him you was more than happy to take him up on his offer. And he could also tell, by the way you kept the toy pressed against you, that you weren't done with him JUST yet.
"No no no! Isabela, greens! Green roses, mi hija!"
"Julieta, it's nothing really-"
"Shh! Pepa! Pepa it's too sunny!"
Apparently when you briefly mention you'll bring someone over to dinner, the entire family lost their mind. Normally calm Julieta was losing her mind trying to organize, Pepa was beaming so hard, the sub was beating on them like a damn desert- it was a mess that while it was sweet, wished they'd calm down. Agustín called out from the kitchen.
"Honey! You forgot your food on the stove!"
She swore under her breath, before patting Bruno's shoulder, offering a loving smile.
"Don't you worry, we will make it perfect, I know this means so much to you!"
She dashed into the kitchen before he could reply. His sisters always did baby him more than they babied one another. He sighed, trying to figure out how he could calm the storm, when Félix wrapped an around him, grinning something else at him. 
"Give these two a break, Bruno. They're happy for you. Pepa always did worry that you'd be stuck with the rats forever."
Bruno raised a brow at him.
"What's wrong with the rats?"
"Nothing! You just need a woman too, you know? Someone special. And I can tell this one is!"
Bruno rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.
"She...is. A lot. I think I know how you feel around Pepa. Which is weird, usually I'm scared of her."
"That's how you know I've got a STRONG wife. But anyway, I just want to say I'm happy for you. And if you get nervous, or if someone is giving you a hard time, you talk to me, understand? You're my bro, I want to take care of you."
Bruno offered a mild smile.
"That's...sweet, Félix. Thank you. Sometimes I forget I really do have a brother."
"Ah, I forgot too."
He patted Bruno's head, making him chuckle. He had always been sort of intimidated by his size, but in a way, it was comforting. Bruno felt him turn his head to look at him, keeping his voice very low.
"And brothers...also get advice from one another. You know. That kind of advice."
Bruno took a second, before it clicked what he meant. He stepped back a bit.
"W- Félix, no, we're not doing this-"
"Listen, you got pegged for the first time, a LOT of stuff is confusing."
"Why would you know this?"
Bruno loved Félix, really he did, but his honesty was a bit. Much sometimes.
"I know the signs. You're constantly touching your hair, smiling a lot- I've been there."
"That's not-wait. You. You and Pepa…?"
Félix nodded, and Bruno wished being unalive was in his near future. He held his hands up, as if he was trying to keep him from freaking out.
"Listen, sometimes Pepa needs a stress reliever, and that's NORMAL-"
"I'm leaving to my prediction cave."
"But didn't Meribel destroy it-"
"Don't care, bye!"
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pies-writes-and-more · 9 months ago
a broken heart
Word Count: 2,543
Warnings: sad bean vibes today guys, sorry! Breakup angst and jealousy.
Pairing: Tsukishima Kei x Fem!Reader, Bokuto Kōtarō x Fem!Reader
A/N: I have no clue what got into me but we’re writing some sad shit tonight apparently. For all my broken-hearted beans out there, I promise I’ll write some fluff sooner or later! <3 Thank you to @thisnoodlewritesao3 for reading some of this for me and giving me the motivation to keep writing - sorry you’ll probably wake up to these feels (please don’t read if you’re not in a good head space, yall!)
Song inspo: When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars (thank you @haikyuutothetop and @tobi-momo for bringing it up cause I totally forgot to add it 😂)
Haikyuu Masterlist
Tumblr media
It was like life was stabbing him every few seconds, reminding him that you were no longer there.
Tsukishima woke up thinking that maybe everything would be okay today, pulled his headphones on while he got ready because he was refusing to be alone with his thoughts. But when his music shuffled, why did the first song to play have to be the song you had deemed your song? Why could he remember the melody so perfectly sung in your voice? The way you looked whenever the song came on on the radio.
He remembered how happy you looked that very first day, how you had dressed yourself up just to hang out with him, and how this song was playing in a playlist he had made you and was the one in the background when he had kissed you for the first time.
The melody made Tsukishima’s lips tingle. He wanted nothing more than to kiss you right now.
Yamaguchi’s half smiles didn’t help either. When he joined Tsukishima on his way to school, he just patted Tsukishima on the back like he normally did and danced around the question, “How are you?”
It’s not like Tsukishima would be honest. He’d just shrug and say, “Fine,” and hope Yamaguchi would fill the silence with some story or something dumb.
He knew Yamaguchi was still friends with you, that the two of you talked. He’d never ask for him to stop because if anything, Tsukishima could find out how you were doing without even asking.
“She’s okay,” Yamaguchi told him with a small smile, as if that was supposed to be comforting. Did he think that’s what Tsukishima wanted to hear? That you were doing okay? That you weren’t waking up in tears every night like he was? Part of him wanted to be happy that you were okay, because he always secretly knew you’d be better off without him. But he wanted to be angry at you, he wanted to blame you for the fact that he cried more in the last few weeks than he had ever before in his life.
Tsukishima just kept his eyes forward, like he didn’t even hear his best friend but Yamaguchi had seen the flicker of sadness in him. He had learned a few weeks into the breakup not to mention your name around Tsukishima, but not because the quiet boy asked him to. It was because every time he heard your name, Yamaguchi would watch as his shoulders tensed, how his fists would clench in annoyance. He missed you, but who would ever catch Tsukishima Kei admitting that?
Yamaguchi would never tell him, but he always wondered that maybe if Tsukishima had admitted his feelings more to you, maybe you’d still be here.
Tsukishima would never say it out loud, but he was already thinking the same thing.
It hadn’t taken long for it to feel like the whole world knew about your breakup. People whispered in the hallways, more than they usually did when Tsukishima’s cold aura came by. Your name fluttered into his ears through gossipy voices and the blond boy just wanted to tell everyone to shut up.
Why did your name have to follow him around? Why did people have to look at him like he had done something so wrong? It’s not like he had broken up with you.
“I just can’t do this anymore, Tsukishima, I’m sorry,” you had whispered to him, shifting uncomfortably in your stance. “It just feels like you don’t even want me around most of the time and I feel like I’m constantly bugging you.”
“I never said you were bugging me, did I?” he huffed. Looking back, Tsukishima wished he could’ve bit down on his tongue and cut the sass in half. You had winced at his bitter tone. It was the look on your face that made him realize you weren’t just being insecure or awkward again. You were genuinely trying to leave.
“I want to be with someone who actually wants me around… and I don’t think that’s how we are…” the words left your lips so easily but Tsukishima knew what you meant. You meant that’s not how he was.
“You’re the one who’s leaving,” Tsukishima spat out angrily, glaring at you as you picked up your things slowly, tears in your eyes. Why wouldn’t you look at him? Why wouldn’t you look him in the eyes and tell him why you were leaving?
But when you finally met his gaze, you were already at the door, glancing back at him with sorrowful eyes. Why did you look like you were mourning something? Had it really been that bad? Being with him? “You’re the one not stopping me,” you had said in a voice barely louder than a whisper. You waited there for a moment, as if proving your point to him as Tsukishima just stood there with his fists clenched.
He wanted to lurch forward and hold you to him, beg you to stay even though he wasn’t sure what words could possibly describe how he was feeling. He didn’t know how to explain why he was always so angry or emotionless with you. He didn’t hate you - how was he supposed to say that? He didn’t want you to go but you were already leaving. How pathetic of him would he be if he begged you to stay? What was the point of begging if you were already choosing to go?
The memory was still fresh in Tsukishima’s mind. He couldn’t help but think about it every moment of the day, even still. Some part of him had hoped you would come back - would show up at his house with tears in your eyes and beg him to show some sort of emotions so you could stay. He would if you had come. But he knew that you probably expected him to do the same.
But even if he did, would you accept it? Would you accept his apology? Or was he considered a lost cause?
Tsukishima’s ears perked up, hearing a familiar melodious laughter as he walked through campus for lunch. His eyes searched around and saw you with your friends, giggles erupting from your lips. He wondered how you were still able to laugh with your friends, how your smile still managed to brighten up the courtyard during your lunch. How were you so happy? How come you had never smiled like that with him?
Before he could stop himself, Tsukishima felt himself walking towards you. He needed to see you up close - needed to make sure that smile was genuine because it couldn’t possibly be right? How were you so okay when he was so not?
“Tsukki!” Yamaguchi’s hand grabbed Tsukishima’s arm before he could cause a scene, pulling him back from his zoned in thoughts. “You’re not gonna want to do that,” Yamaguchi insisted, meeting Tsukishima’s glare head on. “Trust me okay?”
Tsukishima watched him for a moment, his lips pursing into a thin line, “How am I supposed to apologize and get her back if I don’t see her?”
Yamaguchi’s gaze faltered this time and that’s when Tsukishima knew something was going on. Yamaguchi knew something. Something he wasn’t telling his best friend.
“What is it?” Tsukishima asked quietly, pulling his arm from Yamaguchi’s grip.
Yamaguchi started to say something but the most annoying voice you could ever hear was louder.
“Y/N! My angel! I did it! I ran all the way here just like I promised!”
Tsukishima’s eyes widened just slightly as he watched as Bokuto Kōtarō seemed to run over to Tsukishima’s girlfriend no, ex girlfriend.
“He didn’t, he’s just exaggerating,” Akaashi’s voice came next, trailing behind Bokuto with a look on his face that clearly stated he didn’t want to be here.
You were laughing awkwardly, a look in your eyes telling Tsukishima you really hadn’t expected them. So why were they here in the middle of a school day?
Tsukishima scoffed a bit, wanting to turn back and run away, bury his nose into his studies and pretend like it was fine. But it wasn’t fine. Because Bokuto wrapped you up in his arms and whirled you around in a hug that showed everyone nearby exactly how he felt about you.
“B-Boktuo, put me down!” You insisted through giggles, desperately trying to avoid everyone from staring at you but it was far too late.
“I’m just excited to see you,” Bokuto grinned, nodding towards his best friend. “Akaashi is too!”
Akaashi just gave a nod and continued his conversation with one of your friends, as Bokuto patted your head lovingly, “I told you I’d come see you today, didn’t I?”
“You weren’t supposed to skip school for it, you idiot!” You laughed, shaking your head.
“I’ll go back, promise! I just wanted to see you,” Bokuto grinned.
The smile on your face was wider than before and yet Tsukishima still didn’t understand why. How were you still smiling? How were you standing there with everyone assuming that you were dating Bokuto and not dismissing all the quiet rumours that were starting?
Tsukishima finally found it in himself to walk away, Yamaguchi calling after him and following his footsteps. You had left him and replaced him with a top ace. Of course you had. It didn’t matter how much Tsukishima practiced or didn’t practice. He was never going to be better than him, and he was never going to get you back either.
Over the next few weeks, Tsukishima would hear about everything that Bokuto was and did. He saw posts on your Instagram, which he still glanced at every now and then, and even stole Yamaguchi’s phone sometimes to see your Snapchat stories.
You had everything you ever wanted now from the looks of it. Bokuto would come see you every weekend, even if it meant coming right after volleyball practice. He’d crash on your living room couch or on your floor and according to your Twitter, your mom loved him already.
He brought you flowers one time, completely out of the blue, and there it was on your Instagram. Bokuto with a huge smile on his face and holding them out to you. Tsukishima could just imagine the glow in your skin as you accepted them, that shy smile that you had given to him, what felt like a million years ago.
Yamaguchi watched as his friend tortured himself with your social media, glancing at it with eyes said that he didn’t care, but his bad mood was just getting worse every day. Everyone on the volleyball team knew it too, and even the somewhat-empty-headed players like Hinata and Noya didn’t say anything.
“They’re not dating you know,” Yamaguchi spoke up after a while as the two of them walked home. Tsukishima shoved his phone back in his pocket, as if Yamaguchi hadn’t just caught him glancing at his text message history with you to see if you had randomly messaged him. “I think Bokuto just really likes her but she told me she’s not ready.”
Tsukishima wanted to tell him he didn’t care, but those words just twisted in his mouth and he couldn’t even make a sound. He did care. How could he not? He had loved you, even if he was absolute shit at showing you.
“He’ll be good for her,” was all Tsukishima said after a moment, staring out to the distance and trying not to note the surprise on Yamaguchi’s face. He wanted to mean it. He wanted to be happy for you because your smile was all that mattered to him. But... he couldn’t stop from thinking... from wishing... that your smile was at him instead.
As if the gods themselves had decided to torture Tsukishima some more that day, as the two friends turned into Coach’s shop to grab some snacks, there he was standing right in front of them.
Bokuto Kōtarō with his idiotic smile and a handful of snacks and ramen packets that he was plopping onto the counter in front of Coach Ukai, “Just these please!”
Ukai glanced uncomfortably at Tsukishima and Yamaguchi, clearing his throat as he started to check Bokuto’s items out.
Tsukishima’s ears were going pink - of course even the Coach knew. He wanted to leave right then and there, pretend like he hadn’t even come here in the first place.
But before he could turn on his heels, Bokuto caught his eye. The two of them shared an awkward look, Yamaguchi trying to walk towards the back of the store so that Tsukishima could follow him.
“Look man-” Bokuto started stiffly, his chest puffing out just slightly as he tried to come up with the words.
“It’s the wrong kind,” Tsukishima interrupted, a cold glare shooting right into Bokuto’s eyes.
“The ramen.” Tsukishima walked over to the nearby stand and pulled out two different flavours, dropping them onto the counter. “Y/N doesn’t like that one. You grabbed the wrong one.”
He should’ve just walked away then and there, avoided any more confrontational conversations but he didn’t. The two of them just stared at each other, Bokuto looking back and forth between Tsukishima and the packets of ramen.
“Boys,” Ukai’s voice was low, as if warning them not to start a scuffle in his shop.
After a moment, Bokuto just gave Tsukishima a smile, patting him on the shoulder, “Thanks.”
Tsukishima still stood there, even as Bokuto paid for his items (minus the ramen packets that you didn’t like) and as Ukai handed him his bag. The Fukurōdani boy gave a small wave to Ukai and started to head out, the tension just starting to lift.
“She likes flowers,” Tsukishima’s voice cut through the air like a knife, words thudding into existence. “She says it makes her feel like someone is thinking of her without an occasion. And she likes to have her hand held in crowds because sometimes she gets nervous around so many people. She’s not going to text you a lot at first because she’s going to think she’s clingy… and that’s my fault. I made her think she was clingy. But she’s not. She just wants to know that you’re thinking of her and that you’re honest with her.” Tsukishima’s fists were clenched so tightly, his nails were starting to sting into his palms, “And she likes to go dancing. It doesn’t really matter where but she likes to dance to music.”
You could’ve heard a fly buzzing around, or a pin dropping against the floor with how quiet it got. Bokuto’s back was still to Tsukishima, tensing slightly the more that he talked but never fully turning around.
“Slow dance with her okay? Because… I never did with her and she always wanted me to. Do everything I didn’t do with her, alright?” Tsukishima’s voice was louder now, as if desperately pleading with Bokuto.
There was another pause in the air and Bokuto only turned his head slightly to just say, “You got it,” before disappearing.
Tsukishima didn’t realize it until after he had gone that there were tears in his eyes. He thought about every time he saw flowers and thought about giving them to you and how stupid he had thought the idea was. He remembered every moment that he didn’t respond back to you right away when he had the chance to, or when he asked you why you sent him so many things on social media. The picture of that sadness growing in your eyes would haunt him for a while.
Worst of all, was all those times you two had sat in the middle of a field, just listening to music and humming to yourselves. How often you had looked around to find no one around and begged him to come dance with you. He had thought it was stupid. How childish, he had thought.
But right now, he’d give anything to slow dance with you.
Guess it’s true, Tsukishima thought to himself as he rushed home, ignoring Yamaguchi calling for him. He wiped his face aggressively, not even caring how crooked his glasses were getting as more tears streamed down his face. You never really realize what you have until you lose it.
haikyuu taglist (let me know if you’d like to join :))
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jostepherjoestar · a year ago
* kicks in the door * Risotto, Prosciutto, Melone and Mista, Bruno, Giorno when they have to hide in a very tight place on a mission with fem member. Not too perverse, but a little, if possible ;)
Risotto, Prosciutto, Melone and Mista and Bruno having to hide in a tight place with fem!member HC’s
fem reader // suggestive (slight nsfw)
Ohohooo this one’s a good one!!! The flavour in this request? Immaculate! Also you’re getting us a new door ok? (btw I dropped Giorno from the ask since 18+ reader sorry friend)
So much has gone amiss on this mission. Whatever could go wrong did, honestly it was the worst a hit has ever gone. Even for Risotto. It wasn’t even you guy’s fault. Your target just kept getting lucky and you two the opposite.
You were starting to get frustrated, sighing deeply whenever the target yet again evaded your attacks by just a hair. Risotto was getting antsy as well, but he had to keep his cool and focus. He finally saw and opening that would have a guaranteed hit. And oh god it did, finally your assignment was over.
Or so you thought. While leaving the building a whole parade of your target’s goons had showed up to finish you two. Time to run! Risotto was on the lead, making quick turns in alleys, jumping over obstacles like he’d been doing it all his life. You couldn’t help but be impressed and stare at his agility and the way his muscled body twisted.
In your distraction you hadn’t noticed he’d stopped in his tracks. You were headed for a fall until Risotto’s strong hand pulled you into his embrace into a small separation between buildings. Overwhelmed by the fast turn of events, being so close to your capo made your head spin. His smell was musky and woodsy but so refined.
Your head was pressed against his chest, the tightness of the split not really made to accommodate two. Both of you breathing heavy, starting to feel his large hand resting on the small of your back, holding you into him. Your capo didn’t say anything, he was still on the lookout for the goons that had been chasing you.
You didn’t mind your head having to rest on his chest but the way your legs were twisted was starting to get very uncomfortable. As you repositioned them, placing one leg in between Risotto’s, you accidentally brushed against a very sensitive spot of his. Risotto cleared his throat at the movement. “I think we’ve lost them. Are you ok?”
His voice reverberated in your ears from his closeness and you felt goosebumps rise on your skin. You could only muster a “Uhu.” in response. When you finally got out of the crevice, Risotto’s hand had moved to your hip. “Sorry for pulling you all of the sudden.” he said while letting go of you. “Oh... no. Don’t worry, it was nice.” before you realised what you said your face turned red from embarrassment as you saw his dimple appear in a satisfied grin. Maybe he’ll pull you closer more often if it meant he could see your embarrassed blushy face again.
The closet felt tight around you, squished between luxurious coats and your colleague. You had been at a party, masquerading as each other’s dates. The fancy gala was but a front to a highly organised trade. A lot of Passione’s high ranking members were attending, thinking your capo had sent his two representatives to pay respects.
But in actuality you’d both been there on the job. There had been some betrayals and Prosciutto and you were the cleanup crew. But you’d almost been found out. Before they could, your blond haired companion pushed you into a coat closet filled with the fanciest materials. But it was so. freaking. tight.
Because of the situation you had to wrap your arms around his neck while he held onto your waist. You could feel his hands get warmer by the minute, if it weren't for the lack of light in the tight closet you’d be sure to see his angry scowl covered in blush.
Your breasts were practically shoved into his face, feeling his nervous breaths on your mounds. You couldn’t help but notice how nervous he was getting as time went on. Even teasing him by squishing his hair buns. “Hey stop touching those. My hairspray costs more than your dress, I’ll have you know!” he barked into a whisper.
It only made you laugh silently, the movement of your body only pressing you closer. You were starting to burn up too now, more from the warmth of the coats beside you. “Do you think it’s safe to go out?” you whispered. “No, just a little longer. They like to linger. Stupid drunks.” his hushed voice tickling your chest.
As you readjusted yourself as best as you could, you swear you heard Prosciutto whimper. It was soft but you heard it. Curious and not shy to find out you moved again in the same manner as before. Your tightly spun colleague hissing in reply. “Could you not do that please? Your leg is in a uhh.. special spot.”
“And you’ve practically moved into my cleavage but you don’t hear me moaning about it.” You scoffed in reply. That was the final straw, Prosciutto opened the door to the closet, quickly checked if it was safe and stepped out without helping you. As predicted he looked like an angry cooked lobster about to explode. The sight only making you laugh. Wait, did his pants get tighter... or is he just happy to see you?
Illuso forcefully pushed you into the to the small indent in the wall behind some curtains that reach all the way to the ceiling of the fancy home. Melone and you dangled into each other while Illuso closes the thick curtain before you two. “And be quiet, we can’t get caught. I’ll get you back when it’s safe.” With a big sigh he leaves you two, arms twisted into each other, faces only a breath away.
“He’s so dreamy, right?” you jabbed at Illuso to the slight lavender haired man in front of you. He huffed out a laugh, remembering all the insults the two have thrown at each other in the past. You’d only just began to notice how close you were to your partner. It was a three person mission this time but Illuso had taken the lead and asked, more like demanded, you two to hide in case of uninvited visitors.
It was the short and boring end of the stick. Although the situation you are in now, wasn’t that boring after all. Melone breathed into your neck unabashed letting out a soft moan. You’d grown used to his advances and didn’t really mind it. He amused you with his weird behaviour so you let him be. His cyan eyes staring at back at you, mischief behind them.
You tapped your foot impatiently against the floor doing your best not to make too much noise. “Why so tense bella? Is it me?” Melone playfully asked, something of a seductive tone behind his voice. He picked up a strand of hair that was resting against the side of your face, playing with it between his fingers. “No. I just want to get this over with.” you huffed in annoyance. “Well then, I’ll make it a little more enjoyable mhh.” he purred into your neck as he leaned in to kiss it. His soft lips pecking into your sensitive skin, moving to your collarbone.
Somewhat surprised at his forwardness but enjoying it none the less, you snaked your arm around his waist to pull him closer. You wanted to see how far this could go. You could feel him smile against your skin while he kissed it, knowing that his actions were allowed. His ministrations only going further, he made his way lazily onto your chest. Kissing along the edge of your top, his hands exploring the rest of your body. A stifled moan coming from you as he squeezed your behind.
Oh you didn’t mind at all. Your hands had also not been keeping still, roaming his hips and toned behind as well. Melone gently pulled away from your skin giving you a hungry look. He looked about ready to pounce. You returned the look letting him know this was happening. With a sly grin he moved to his knees, now gently holding onto your hips pecking soft kisses into your stomach.
He was on his way downward when the thick curtain swung back open. Illuso standing there, arms crossed with an unamused look. “You have got to be fucking kidding me! Now? Really?” he huffed out. Melone tutted while standing back up, no shame in getting caught. You felt yourself blush a little, trying to hide it behind a nervous smile. “Guess we’ll have to continue at a later time, unless you don’t mind watching Illuso?” Melone retorted. You smacked his head in response, still not sure if you’d be able to continue this little situation at a later time.
“Is it... because there’s four pigeons on that bench over there?” you asked in a singsongy tone. “No.” Mista replied in annoyance while sighing. “And stop guessing, it has nothing to do with THAT number. Stop saying it, it’s making me even more nervous.” he scolded you.
While waiting for the rest of your team to arrive, Mista and you got into a bit of a sticky situation. While out on a mission you got attacked by a standuser who had frozen you two in quite an unfortunate position so they could get away. Mista had fallen on top of you, his hands still holding onto you back, his cheek right beside yours as his body loomed over you. The stand’s attack was wearing off slowly but you definitely needed your team’s help.
Mista had been acting very nervous and you were trying to pull the answer out of him to no avail. “Are your arms getting tired maybe?” you tried one last time. “Yea sure, it’s my arms.” he sighed not even convinced of his own answer. You were on the receiving end of a more fortunate position. Just lounging underneath your colleague, enjoying the view of the sky.
Your warm cheeks were pressed together offering a bit of warmth, a chilly wind had been blowing all day causing the rest of your bodies to grow goosebumps. “I’m getting kind of hungry, you?” you tried to fill the silence. “Stop talking please.” Mista sounded like he was practically pleading. “Tell me why you’re so nervous and I’ll shut up till the others arrive.” you retorted confidently.
It was the longest sigh you ever heard come out of someone. Why was he dreading this so much? Was he in that bad of a position? Finally after the deep long sigh and some convincing on his side Mista finally spoke. “Every time you talk your boobs rub on my chest and it feels good ok! I’m not trying to be inappropriate but you smell nice and you’re pretty but still my teammate. I’m just... trying to keep myself calm and it’s hard when you keep talking and rubbing all over me!”
You let out a chuckle in response, wow. That was more than you ever thought there was going on at this moment. You felt a little bad for teasing him with all those questions but satisfied that he said those nice things about you. “Well... don’t you have an answer?” Mista nervously asked. “I thought I was supposed to shut up from now on?” you whispered in amusement. Get ready for the longest annoyed groan ever. When did Giorno say they were coming to pick you up again?
While waiting for your mission to start and looking out for the guy you’d be meeting up with, your capo and you had been standing in an indent of a building down the dark alley you had stated as your meeting place. Your guest was late and the position you were in was growing a little uncomfortable since your legs were hurting from standing in one place for so long.
Bruno was squished against the back of the indent, letting you stand in front of him with his arms clasped around your middle. This was the only way that you weren’t showing yourselves if anyone other than the guy you were meeting would enter the alley. Your stand was out on top of a building above as a lookout.
It was comfortable to be leaning back into Bruno, his chin resting on your shoulder after you told him it was alright. Strangers might even mistake you for a sappy couple hugging in an alley. Comfortably giving off warmth to each other, you’d been silently talking with your capo about your lives, hobbies you missed, funny stories that happened.
A nice glass of wine and some snacks would have made it quite a fun date. But the closeness of your superior served just as well. While moving to lean on your other leg since your feet were hurting your behind rubbed against his groin, a soft sharp inhale coming from the man behind you. “Sorry Bruno, I forgot...” embarrassed and growing more and more red by the second.
It was just that his touch had grown so familiar. Maybe a little too familiar, you felt your thoughts go further and further. The dirtiest parts wanting to feel your capo’s reactions to your movements, his warm breaths in your ear as you hear him enjoy your ministrations, softly calling your name as he comes undone. But before your mind can wander any further Bruno’s hands let go and grip your hips on either side.
His hands holding on firmly, keeping you frozen in position. “You were still doing it.” he softly said, his breath tickling your neck. Shit. Your imagination ran wild and so did your thighs as they rubbed together against him. You weren’t sure if you’d reached the peak of your embarrassment.
It seemed like your meeting partner wasn’t showing up so you called back your stand and moved out of the indent. Finally being able to face your capo, you saw his rosy cheeks and chest. Smiling at his disheveled hair and look. “Here, let me straighten you out.” you said as you carefully put back the stray hairs. You swear you could see him melt into your touch, swallowing deeply as his blue eyes bore into yours.
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idesofrevolution · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Trying to spark a light under my ass. Three jobs, Covid, mental health, and on my last bowl. Pray for me kids. In the meantime, I'm going to write this one for me, hoping it brings some creativity for the near future.
Every now and again, when things just weren’t going your way, a brisk hike through the woods always helped to clear your mind. The rustling leaves, chirping of birds, the gravel trail beneath your shoes... it just seemed to help all the troubles and struggles of the day melt away. Today, however, something was off. You parked your car in the North Lot, and being so eager to decompress you left the lights on. Two hours later, you return to a lemon. The battery was dead, and with no one else in the parking lot, your only option was to run to the South Lot where the ranger station was. Thus, you sighed in exhaustion as you turned around and stumbled the long three mile trek to the South Lot.
The park was massive, and only had one main road for cars to pass from the entrance to the two parking lots. The winding gravel road was not particularly well maintained, and you thought to yourself on more than one occasion that the designer of the park must have had some bad Acid when he had routed it. Hard right turns, steep hills and filled with potholes the size of bowling balls. This was hardly the way you’d have preferred to get to the South Lot, but it was the most direct route and had the potential of a passing motorist saving your afternoon. Yet, a mile and a quarter in, not only had no one passed by you, but the sun was beginning to set beyond the canopy above. Surely a park ranger would have seen your car and gone looking before closing the gates?
Regardless of how long you had been walking, in your mind, you’d gone fifty miles. Just as the tree stump tumbled over on the side of the road looked awfully nice to take a quick nap on, a faint red light in the distance caught your eye. Just around the bend, on the other side of the ridge was a black car, and it was running. Relief! What modicums of energy you could expend, you did as you booked it down the gravel road, nearly tripping over your own feet three times enroute. Finally, the sound of a running motor brought such reassurance as you came up on the car. It was an old muscle car, a 1969 Mustang, not that you knew it. All you knew and cared about was the assistance from whomever the driver was. Walking up to the drivers side window, you sigh and prepare to thank the driver...
Empty. The car was running, windows down, The Weeknd blaring on the radio. You looked around the surrounding area for the owner, met only with empty woods at dusk.
“Hello?!” You cried out, now worried that you had stumbled upon a crime scene or a trap. No response. You turned around to glance at the car again, only to see the drivers side door was now ajar. You knew that you hadn’t opened it. You knew that there was no one inside the car, and after a peek under the car you knew there was no one around. It was an old car, perhaps it just didn’t shut properly? Ignoring the implausibility of that thought, you took a seat on the drivers seat, and tried to think of a plan. The sun was setting, you’re sitting in an abandoned car in the middle of the woods, and you’re still miles away from the ranger.
“Get in...” an ethereal voice whispered out of the radio, superimposed over the uninterrupted music. You turned to the old radio, second guessing your senses, not even realizing you had brought your legs inside of the car. The door slowly shut behind you as you examined the radio. The stick shifted into drive, and the car began to lurch forward. Panic set in, it was a trap of some sort. Kidnapping? You were poor no one would pay... Human Trafficking? Maybe, but this was awfully elaborate for that. A prank? A TV prank show was not out of the realm of possibility...
“Relax...” the voice cooed over the radio again, it’s soothing and velvety tone was certainly comforting. The car drove slowly, winding down the road toward the rangers station and the South Lot. Bruno Mars was now serenading on the radio, music that you were rather indifferent to before and yet in that moment it felt as if you knew every word and every verse. You allowed the music to relax you, to let you breathe.
“Smoke...” You looked down at the ashtray, a still smoking blunt sat waiting next to a metal lighter. It felt second nature to you to bring the blunt to your mouth, the dampness of its previous owners lips could still be tasted as you inhaled your first toke. You blew rings of delicate smoke as if you’d been smoking since you were a teenager. The haze of weed washed over you and you sank back into the seat, enjoying the vibes of the music, the smoke, and the drive.
“Let me in... Take the wheel...” You did as instructed. It felt so right to just fall, to just be, to just be driven. Your hands touched the worn leather steering wheel, and a shock ran up through your fingertips all the way to your toes. Your hands grasped the wheel confidently, and shifted gears effortlessly. Surges of energy hit you in waves, each one slowly washing you into a clean slate. Those woes and worries that had brought you into the woods in the first place seemed so far away now. Just the thought of snipping that life away, beginning anew as someone else. No cares, no worries, just the wide world and open road to wander.
“Just drive...” the voice now echoed inside your head, entirely separate from the radio. Zayn now crooned his sultry tones over the speakers, your personal favorite. He reminded you a bit of who you wanted to be: laid back, unbothered, stoic, effortlessly cool... that attitude of ‘I don’t give a fuck’ just gets under your skin and takes control. In fact, you wanted it to. You wanted that attitude, that vibe, that life inside of you. And as it began to flow into you from your hands gripping the wheel, you welcomed the change.
It started with pinpricks, as if your arms had fallen asleep. Yet, as they moved independently of you, grabbing the blunt, taking a toke, shifting into 2nd... it became a different sensation entirely. It was as if water was flowing into you, the swishing and sloshing of liquid within you, flooding from your fingertips downward. Your palms grew sweaty and calloused, doubling in size as they continued driving the car. Little scars and knicks from bygone bar room scuffles adorned your knuckles, drifting free spirits aren’t always welcomed in roadside haunts- so you had learned to handle yourself early on.
Your forearms were growing as well, the viscous sensation flowed upward into your arms, large biceps began to expand your shirtsleeves until your grey shirt had ripped. Poke and stick tattoos sprawled up your tanning skin, an outlet for your creativity and frustrations when you are bored at your Midwest rest stops or refueling at the lonely desert gas stations. Thick tufts of hair sprouted from your pits as the liquid flowed into your broadening shoulders, the remains of your poor shirt falling in shreds around you. A subtle musk started to emanate from your pits, peppery and sharp... one of your favorite scents.
Your chest expanded, two pierced Nipples perked brightly on your glistening, sticky pecs; the droplets of sweat rolled down to your navel, lean abs popping up as they passed by. You feel your posture adjust as your ass rounded out, two firm globes had you spreading your growing legs wide and leaning back into the worn leather seats.
One hand on the wheel, you grab your swelling bulge. The constraints of your pants and underwear was mounting rapidly, and in just moments you’d unzipped your fly, and released your throbbing uncut 10 incher. You groped your balls, cupping them as the grew and dropped like two golf balls in a sac. Just the slightest touch of your coarse, calloused hand on the sensitive tip of your head gave you an involuntary gasp. Pre flowed out like a faucet slipping under your musky foreskin, making every movement and jolt of the car an incredible barrage of ecstasy.
Your thighs ballooned out, and your calves hardened after years of hard work doing short stints in mechanic shops across the country. A couple hours per week, just enough to fix up the car, and keep going to the next place. Your slick, ripe size 13 feet were never going to be tied down to any one place. The world was your playground. You love your freedom, you love your independence, you love yourself, and you’re ready to roam the roads carefree from now until infinity.
Your face was the last to adjust, your eyes turning into a bright minty green, with a healthy scruffy beard sprouting up from your eternally youthful skin. As the liquid flowed up your throat, your Adam’s apple protruded even further, as the pressure kept mounting. By the time it had rushed into your head, luscious blonde locks curled out of your scalp, and earrings popped out as a final cherry on top.
You turned around, grabbing your bag from the backseat, happy to put on your favorite jeans, cleanest tank top, and well worn and loved leather jacket. Your car pulled up to a halt at the ranger station just as you were pulling on your rank harness boots. Musk, weed, and leather smells poured from the open windows as the ranger walked up to the car.
Tumblr media
“Hey there’s an abandoned car in the North Lot. Been there for a few hours.” Your velvety baritone voice instantly charmed the man, and combined with the wafting smells from your Mustang he replied,
“Uh... yeah, yeah. Thank you sir... I’ll take a... a... a look...” the ranger stared at the sexy drifter before him, his pants began to tent. You of course took notice, reaching out for a quick grope. He gasped and moaned at your confident grasp. With one single wink, a sticky spot quickly formed in his pants.
“Ay, hurry up and we can go take a drive, whaddya say?”
Tumblr media
I enjoyed writing this. Commissioners, your pieces are coming.
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murdockthirst · 23 days ago
[the only embarrassing fic I have written. on ao3 as well. but wanted to post here. only to channel my inner frustration caused by a very sexy good boy bad boy lawyer. i am not comfortable writing smut. so,ended just before the sex part. also praising my baby boy (mmmwaaahhhh)]
After a long tiring day at the hospital you are finally going home. Most days it’s not something that would excite you. But today isn't most day. More specifically,  this week hasn't been most week. Almost after eight months of no communication at all Matthew Murdock as well as the famous or infamous devil of hell's kitchen is in your flat.
For most people he is the handsome defense attorney or the vigilant who plays with death every night to keep the city safe even though they don't know about the later part. For you he is - Matty. You remember the movie 13 Going on 30. Matty and Jenna. How Jenna wanted to run away from life and Matty was the one who brought her back. Or Forest Gump? There were Forest and Jenny. Again Jenny is the one to disappear from time to time and Forest waits for her like a home. You wonder if this is the story of every childhood friends duo. One doesn’t want to or can't stay and the other is destined to wait and hold on with hope that someday....may be someday.........
Seriously what are you two? All you know is- you met this angel boy at high school and since then your life has been blessed and cursed at the same time. Blessed because you feel a special warm pride inside your chest that you have been the closest to home Matthew Murdock has had in his life. No matter what he will always come back to you and no matter what you will always be there for him. He has trusted you with his secrets, struggle, rage and doubt since day one. Even Foggy didn’t get this. You chuckle a bit remembering the childish irrational jealousy towards Foggy when you and Matt got separated during college days and Foggy was the "new best friend". Then again, unintentionally this friendship has caused you your "love of life". Which woman can resist falling in love with this angel? But you could never tell him. Could you? Before there was a chance to collect your feelings and tell him, you both did part ways. Then when he let you know who he actually is, you knew this man is a born warrior and not meant for home. He will be back from time to time but there is no guarantee when. He needs a friend in you more than a lover. He needs your shoulders to cry on when the world's cruelty and dirt overwhelm him. Something you can't imagine to be possible for you to give him,if there is a romantic relationship goes wrong between you two. Then again.....you are not attractive...... not like the girls Matt brings home that you know of. He can't see but he knows..... right? You are nothing compared to those stunning women...how could you tell him what you feel about him? What if he rejects you cause you are far from his type? You will do everything in your power for Matt like that Bruno Mars song says about catching grenade or whatnot- but you have never actually been ready to expose the last bit of your self respect like that yet.
Anyway, you need to calm and collect your thoughts. Within one minute you will be in your flat. You decide to buy Matt's favourite kitkat from the nearest grocery shop. You remember the school days when you used to buy these chocolates and break them into halves (like they are designed for) to share with Matty. That brings another affectionate smile in your face.
You reach at your flat. Opening the door, you immediately find that he is sleeping like a cocoon in a blanket on your sofa. Locking the door, you walk near him. God - words like sleeping angel or sleeping beauty would fall short to describe a sleeping Matty. The soft fluffy hair, the fluttering eyelashes (is he dreaming?) , the cute nose, the honey lips and the slow rythm of breathing. More than that he looks so peaceful like that.
You decide to go get freshened yourself before you could wake him up for dinner. Just before you reach the wash room- you heard a scream. "SARAH- FUCK......." and involuntery body movement. Shiever runs down your spine. Your brain immediately informs you what just happened but you yourself can't deal with that information along with surge of emotions. Sooo.... matty just had had a wet dream screaming your name?? The floor beneath you, ceiling above you and the four walls around you seem to start moving and moving.
You heard further noises. You immediately turn around and look at Matty. He is trying to get him out of the blanket in a sudden rush. And he does so.
"Sarah - I - I am so so sorry. I didn't mean it.... It's been three months since I..... never mind no matter what I say will not be appropriate.... please just know that i never consciously meant to disrespect you or our friendship...."
He runs out of breath trying to finish. You still can't say any words. You just keep staring at the side profile of a standing matty.  He looks tensed.
"Alright....I have stayed here enough and won't bother you anymore... I will leave- " " I thought you never liked me" - you try to say in a broken voice. "What?" - this time he turns to face you with confusion and disbelief in his eyes. Your brain registers from the front view that.....the clothe between his legs seem slightly wet. You can't take this anymore. You start walking near him.
"Matty, seat down. You aren't going anywhere in this state. I will only release you when you completely recover" - you tell him looking at his face and taking his hand in your hand. Your hand cups his face. "You don't need to feel embarrassed. It’s alright. I had had basic biology in my college. We can talk about this" - if someone in the above sky is collecting the records of moments before disaster, they can now record you before you completely expose your self respect naked and keep at Matt's feet.
" it's gonna be super embarrassing for me but we need to clear some things between us" - you start your- what lawyers say?  Opening statement! You two seat down on the sofa. Your eyes have started to fill up with tears of shame and absolute shame. You cover your face with your hands. "Well, since the first day I saw you in our school days, I have always loved you Matty. May be initially it wasn't in a romantic sense. I loved you as  my friend who looks like an angel sent from sky and his heart is as pure as well." - you start saying the words that you have kept secret in the deepest place of your heart's ocean. Matty knows better and he doesn’t interrupt. God- he has been always kind, understanding and well mannered. Hollywood has got everyone thinking that being a gentleman is not "manly enough" but your matty can destroy them just with a kind smile.
"After school I wanted to tell you that....that.... I liked you but you know it was a tensed time. You went to law college and i went to medical. You have your new friends and i have mine. Then life just started to run on it's own. The few times I got to meet your girlfriends........ they all have been stunning...... gorgeous..... perfect match by your side.....and i look like......."
Suddenly you feel Matty wraps a hand around your shoulder. Then he takes you in his arm, slightly moves you and hold your face with both hands. Tears start rolling down from your eyes and Matty can feel. Ever so softly he kisses your forhead and then your eyes.
"I have never told you that you have been my first home, have I"? Matty starts saying with his ever so gentle voice. "Sarah, when I had no one, I had you. You listened to my pain, my secret truth and no matter what you have always accepted me as I am. How could I find someone else as beautiful as you?" "It was never like I didn't want you. I just didn’t want to entangle my messy life with you in a way that would suffocate you. You deserve someone whose first priority will be you. You deserve a home for your own. I knew I never had been in a position to offer you those things, Sarah. I just didn’t want to hurt you or endanger your life for me, nothing else. I thought you always knew that. And now this evening you have had my embarrassment as proof" - Matty finishes while you both are hugging and pressing your foreheads together.
The last part of his sentence brings a sheepish chuckle from you.
"Well, we have been friends for a reason- we are both weirdos"
Silence fills the room and both your breath starts to get heavier to fill the silence. "I want to take care of you tonight" - you tell him whispering. May be all the blood you have in your body starts rushing in your face. Your heart starts beating as drums. The fact that matty can hear your heart beat makes you feel so vulnerable and exposed but you are now shamelessly or may be shamefully enjoying it. " Sarah, you know... are you.... are you sure?" - you listen his excited husky yet a bit confused voice. This time you shut him up with finally closing the gaps between and pressing your lips on his stupid stupid honey colored luscious lips. You push him again on the sofa,  place yourself on top of him. Your hair falls down on his forehead. With heavy breath you tell him " Don't worry about me. I am a big girl. And tonight I am gonna take care of my babyboy"
Tumblr media
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fuzzybonefluffy · 10 months ago
Jojo like cat
☆Jonathan Joestar☆
☆You got it, all of a sudden. Once your friend went on a business trip for two weeks and did not know who to give the cat to care for, and then you successfully turned up. Well, there's nothing to do, I took it. The problem was something else. When you returned it to the owner, the very next morning you saw this shaggy and dirty miracle on the balcony. On the fourth-floor balcony. You gave it to the mistress again, and it came back to you again. In general, this cute asshole changed the mistress, because you played for a whole month who is more stubborn, but you gave up in the end.
☆Not a cat, but a walking and screaming alarm clock. He rarely gives a voice, mostly purrs at your side, but if you set the alarm clocks in the morning and turn them off, and do not get up the siren turns on. A very restless siren, because this cat can lie on your face, without stopping yelling, just to get you up.
☆He sees you off to work, and if he hears that you're back, the apartment is shaken by such a trampling that Mom does not grieve. But the problem is different, and more precisely, that after speeding up, there was not a day that he did not run into the wall with his muzzle. However, he does not have anything to do with it, he will recover almost immediately.
☆Doesn't get along with your parrot. Well, how does not get along. Dio does not like him and seems to periodically strip him of tufts of fur, and Jonathan fights back, but never gets into a fight first.
☆Very fluffy cat. A very fluffy cat who likes to cuddle with you. A dark, very fluffy cat that likes to cuddle with you. In general, now you understand that you can no longer wear bright clothes.
☆Eats everything. Literally everything. He even once almost took a bite out of the decorative apple, fortunately, you managed to steal it from the table.
☆Joseph Joestar☆
☆He's cute and all, but he's an asshole. His favorite activity is attacking your feet, especially if you're wearing socks. It bites painfully, but without traces, oddly enough.
☆Literally the embodiment of all the stereotypes about cats.
☆Likes attention. He especially likes the attention of your friends. He doesn't let the guys near him, snorts and dodges, so you can only suppress a giggle at the sight of this picture.
☆You don't understand the spark that flickered between Joseph and Caesar, another of your cats, but they are either fierce friends or fierce enemies. Before going to bed, you bet on what you will wake up to: the harmonious howl of two moron cats or the sound of broken dishes.
☆A couple of times this idiot jumped out of a third-floor window and escaped unharmed. Fantastic.
☆Eats everything. Literally everything. (take two) But this specimen once still ate a decorative apple, he became ill and you ran around with him for about two weeks, only to find out later that he had been healthy for a week and a half and just pretended to be in front of you.
☆Jotaro Kujo☆
☆You got it from your parents' cat — Holly — when you were a kitten, so you had the opportunity to watch as the affectionate and playful kitten grew into a huge, arrogant cat that almost ignored your existence.
☆Mutual dislike with a parrot. Sometimes you think that one day you will come home, and there will be only paws and feathers.
☆Categorically does not allow himself to be touched by others. That's not even worth trying at all. You can be left without limbs. It's none of your business, of course, but he won't let you pet him for long. And when they pull their hands to you, they don't like it either. In general, if you have gatherings with friends, this asshole will sit on the back next to you, and carefully watch that no one touches "him".
☆In principle, not fastidious, but does not tolerate cat food. From any company. Feed it to the parrot and that's it.
☆Sleeping with you. Always. And if you stay up late, it bites where it reaches and drives you to sleep, and then it lays down near your head.
☆Very quiet and silent cat. You suspect that he likes to frighten you, because you have several times accidentally spotted him sneaking up on you, and when you noticed that he was spotted, as if in nothing unusual, he approached normally.
☆Josuke Higashikata☆
☆The cat is a stickler. Seriously. He likes physical contact, so when you're at home, he often lies on your shoulders like a scarf.
☆If you're playing something, he'll probably get in the way because he likes to watch you play. He is, in principle, interested in video games.
☆A proud and slightly aggressive asshole. Expect trouble if you accidentally step on the tail. But the tail of his pride-fluffy and soft, unlike the rest of the body.
☆Likes to spin around in front of the mirror. That's right very much. Sometimes you caught him doing it, but when he saw you, he would squeal and run away with his fur standing up. Far away in your case - under the bath.
☆As far as you know, his father was a pedigree breed, and his mother… Well, the usual one.
☆You're afraid to leave him alone with his pair of ferrets. If he found a common language with Koichi, then Yukako begins to create anarchy literally at the sight of him.
☆Giorno Giovanna☆
☆When you first brought him in, Mom said she'd throw him out if he tried to hurt her pets. Fortunately, Giorno was quite a calm and peaceful boy, so he found a common language with Doppio, but not with Diavolo. You're not really surprised, Diavolo doesn't get along with ANYONE in your menagerie.
☆A month later, you were ready to cry and thank the heavens. Giorno turned out to be the quietest, other than Bruno, in your gang.
☆You know your boa constrictor doesn't like him, Leone. And that he even periodically tries to scare him. But Giorno doesn't even scare a fucking Diavolo, so you're safe with them.
☆Very patient with your outbursts of affection. He never tried to run away when you were squeezing him. He didn't even show his claws, although you don't remember him showing his claws at all.
☆Sometimes you see Bruno dragging him by the scruff of the neck like a kitten, even though Giorno is only slightly smaller than him.
☆Somehow, he guesses your mood, and when you're not in the mood, and Fugo and Narancia are getting rowdy again, he calms them down in the most mystical way, although previously only seating them in different rooms helped.
☆Jolyne Kujoh☆
☆Your cat, Jolyne, and your monitor lizard, Enrico, are masters at ignoring. Sometimes so much so that they crash into each other.
☆Jolyne is a very strange cat. She loves water. She loves to swim and if you go to the bathroom, she will rush after you.
☆Doesn't like your friend's cat, like Jotaro's name. And when you go to a friend's house with her, she won't let him near her or you. Once, she even bit his ear.
☆A very energetic cat that requires most of your attention. She loves it when you play with her.
☆If you think that Jolyne is always sitting in the window when you go out, looking for you, then you're right.
☆Another scarf. The one who first climbs for caresses, sometimes she can even lick you in the face, so I show my affection.
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