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#get to know me

I am Ace, Cis (? Born as a female, wants to stay female.), possibly leaning towards other females than males.

I am sex repluced and leave the room if there is a sex scene on tv.

I never want to have biological kids- for personal reasons- may be persuaded to adopt/ meet someone already with kids, preferably older.

This blog is safe for Aces because I will never bash it/reblog stuff that bashes it and other LGBTQA stuff.

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🎁 : Best gift you’ve received and why?

Not a gift person to be honest, I appreciate them but I don’t need them to feel loved by someone. That being said on February 20th, 2019 I was blessed with my dog Bandit being born so that’s nice.


I can’t believe he was ever that tiny 😍

You can see a glimpse of his mom Bella in the background. She was a champ that day!

Get to know me, send me a symbol. OG post can be found here:

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Get To Know Me Tag

Tagged by @merisalright

Top 3 ships:

Bumbleby (Blake x Yang RWBY) (Canon bi Blake! Canon bi Blake!)

Bubbleline (Marceline x PB Adventure time)

Sinn/Fean (Finn x Sean Life is Strange 2)

In no particular order

Lots of others but if you want my current vibe that’s what you get okay.

Also Catradora as runner up cuz canon!

Last song

That I listened to? Francis Forever by Mitski 😁👌

Last Movie?

I don’t watch a lot of movies. Last movie I watched for the first time was probably The Rise Of Skywalker back in December. Last rewatch was the Steven Universe movie. Movie I hella NEED to watch is The Half of It.

Book I’m reading

It’s day 73 of quarantine…. I have not been reading outside of fanfics and the internet 🤡

Food Cravings?

I’ve barely gotten takeout over quarantine soooo Chicken Yakisoba from this Asian food place in my town.

I’m not picky tho just wanna get takeout at this point.


There we go I did it very chaotically. Y’all feel free to tag me though. It encourages me to actually post. I tag anyone honestly. I’m new here bold of you to assume I have friends.

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𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐦𝐞

hey, hey, hey!

  • im issa! im going into sophomore year and i simp for only anime boys <33
  • my pronouns are she/her
  • I love my bnha girls ugh they r so pretty
  • kitheth for everyone ! im v flirty pls tell me if ur ever uncomfy <3
  • im bisexual! believe it or not i lean more towards girls tho anime boys just hit diff 24/7

fav. characters + series’s ive seen

  • bnha; shinsou or kaminari
  • haikyuu; tsukishima or tendou
  • darling in the franxx; kokoro
  • hxh; hisoka or killua
  • kakeguri; mary
  • fruit baskets; yuki
  • ohshc; kyoya
  • my comfort characters are kirishima and nishinoya

fun facts!

  • I own six pets; three cats, two dogs & one bird
  • im half filipino but don’t know how to speak tagalog
  • I listen to dijon, beach fuzz, willow, arctic monkeys, the wallows, drake (his old music doe), tame impala, conan gray, boy pablo, and frank ocean on repeat
  • my favorite movies are ponyo, the princess & the frog, the perks of being a wallflower. and big hero 6
  • im a scorpio
  • im an only child

popular tags

  • issa speaks- just rambling n shit!
  • issa binges- i binge watch new animes & talk ab them!
  • issa owl hours- there are from like 11-5 am ?? kinda sorta & i talk ab haikyuu & bnha theories i have
  • nonnie <3- i love interacting w/ u guys !! if ur anon this is the tag i’ll use & that’s it !!


  • i write for mha and haikyuu
  • i write for girls & boys ^^
  • for mha; i also write for the lov
  • for haikyuu; i write for ukai too :)
  • i do not write for mineta, endeavor, or all for one.
  • i do not write smut, but idm suggesstive content :)
  • i dont take requests (atm!), i have a smau running and a multi-part fic in the process & it would be very overwhelming im sorry :(
  • be kind! that’s all my blog is about, i hope you enjoy my works :) !
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I was tagged by @bitchking-of-angmar​ and noooo, I didn’t use this as an opportunity to get lost in nostalgia!

Rules: Spell out your URL with song titles, then tag as many people as there are letters in your URL (I’m ignoring dashes obviously). I will link those that can still be found online.

M - Morderd’s Song by Blind Guardian: Starting of with one of my favourite bands. I can’t have this list without Blind Guardian. They are very dear to me and probably the only band I have watchted repeatedly live (always with my best friend and at Wacken). And I’ll admit it here and now: I really like stories about the misunderstood Anti-Hero (as long as it’s not taken too far of course)

O - One Night by Deine Lakaien: Love me some melodic songs that make sway like seaweed and makes me feel things.

R - Right Here In My Arms by HIM: HIM is THE thing of my teen years. I still remember seeing them performing in a game show and thinking “Blegh what is this…” and then I just fell in love. Ville Valo’s voice just hits my musical soft spot.

I - Immer Dieselbe Leier by Schandmaul: During my school time (many moons ago, geez) I was really into this German band. Especially their instrumental pieces were very dear to me.

Q - Quutamo by Apocalyptica: I love string music :P But no seriously, Apocalyptica has been part of my musical journey since I was 15, nearly as long as Blind Guardian.

U - Underground by Lindsey Stirling: Some more strings ^^ I really like the up-lifting songs by Lindsey Stirling and they always help me daydreaming.

E - El Cattivo by Die Ärzte: This is a German song about a cowboy who is “dirty, cowardly and mean”. One of my favourite songs by Die Ärzte.

N - No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine: This is my newest love. Since I heard Spectrum a few years ago I can’t let go of Florence + The Machine (the songs have inspired so much!) and there are so many songs I love!

D - De Profundis by ASP: At first I also wanted to choose Duett (Minnelied der Incubi), because that song just opened a part of my soul when I first listened to it. But you can find that in @bitchking-of-angmar ‘ s list :D check it out! So I also like many other songs of ASP and this one in particular just makes me want to dance.

A - Applause by Lady Gaga: That was a tough one. In the end I was caught between this and Alejandro, also by Lady Gaga, because seriously where would I be without her? Especially those two videos made me question a lot about my preferences and myself. I chose Applause now because as an artist I honestly… yeah… live for the applause

Huh… so that became quite personal in the end and I spent too much time on this lol, but well, maybe some of you also want to do this. I am tagging (of course. as always, no pressure!):

@nattravn-stuff @mellyora221b @derptaur @aquilaperplessa @coconut-orc @gemmamelon

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Each day I will answer a question from this “hi, I’m not from US” tag.

5. favourite song in your native language?

I don’t really have favourites when it comes to art because it’s hard and some songs or films cannot be compared with each other. But I do love “Pietre in alb” by Luna Amara, and basically the entire album “Perfect” by byron - the album features only covers, but they are good!

There are some beautiful song in my country that I think anyone would like no matter if they know the language like “Cine iubeste si lasa” by Urma (which is another cover, I know).

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i was tagged by @ohholywinchester for mutual Monday, thank you luv!

🌼 nickname: Kate

🌼 zodiac sign: Aquarius Rising, Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon. (or just Aries)

🌼 height: 5′2″

🌼 hogwarts house: Hufflepuff, last time I checked

🌼 last thing googled: ….my rising sun and moon sign

🌼 song that’s stuck in my head: Hot Knifer by Peach pit 

🌼 followers: 429

🌼 amount of sleep: sleep? who’s she?

🌼 lucky numbers: 3, 10

🌼 dream job: Anything with art or design!

🌼 wearing: a sweatshirt and pj pants

🌼 fave song/s: Hot Knifer by Peach pit lmao

🌼 fave instruments: Bass guitar and guitar

🌼 random fact about me: ummmmmmmm im a chaotic bisexual does that count

🌼 fave author/s: don’t really have anything, I just pick up a book and decide if I like it

🌼 aesthetic: 

  • having too many plants
  • tea whenever possible even tho I don’t finish it
  • literature
  • greek mythology/latin literature
  • eat the rich
  • being violently gay
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Get to know me better tag, thanks @redscrollsofmalec ❤️

Top 3 ships

hmm chOICES what have I written the most fic about and I won’t cheat and use the ones I’ve written

malec, wolfstar and wolfti

(honourable mentions to sizzy, jily, romione and percabeth)

Last song

I Will Survive covered by VoicePlay (listening right now)

Last movie

I dunno, I think Battle of the Five Armies?

Little Women, the new one

Currently reading

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman (dragons. ‘nuff said)


I’m really excited to get started on the third draft of my book, does that count?

tagging @the-silverfountains my only (other) mutual

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why.. why would you wanna do that? aha -

i was tagged by @another-rogue-trevelyan

rules: you gotta tag nine people… [do i even know nine people?? ah well] 

tagging - i’m really sorry if you’ve been tagged before, but, i don’t really talk to a lot of people here so.. - ;^;

@aveline-the-dragon-slayer @insertcleverpunhere @ghilanilavellan @elgar-somniari @scentedstrangercreation @queergaymer @whatwouldfenrisdo @trashwarden @inquisitor-commander @crystalessences

Top Three Ships; 

only three? yikes, okay - well, obviously, Madeline Trevelyan and Cullen Rutherford. [They’re my icon, so I had to include them.]

Sera and Dagna, you guys, they’re so cute together.

And.. I seriously love Varric and Hawke’s friendship so much. Like, c’mon… I wish I had a friendship that great. 

Last song;

I’ve been obsessed with ‘All as One’ - by Miracle of Sound lately, I usually just have that on repeat while I’m writing my Dragon Age Fic. [Which very shameless plug - right here.}

Last Movie;

Hm, it’s been a hot minute since I watched a movie. Though, my go to is RDJ’s Sherlock Holmes. I love it. 

Currently Reading/Watching/Consuming;

Reading: This amazing fanfiction on A03 - ‘There is But One Truth.’ It’s fantastic, if you’re a dragon age fan, I really recommend it. 

Watching; RuPaul’s Drag Race - I’m pretty much watching whatever season I can, at this point. I promised my friend we’d watch the most recent season together. And it’s been a little bit since we’ve hung out - thanks social distancing.

Consuming; Pft, the entire Dragon Age game series. I’ve just finished my Olive Lavellan playthrough - I think I’ve sunk.. well, let’s not talk about how much time I’ve spent on that playthrough. I did however, finish at level twenty four, which is massively impressive. Because I usually end the game at like… eighteen? Listen quarantine is doing something to me… I’m just gonna… goo…. 

Food I’m Craving..:

Frigging’ blackjack pizza, it’s seriously one of my favorite pizza places in my town. I dunno what to tell ya’

Anyway, I wanna thank you for tagging me, this was fun! And, please, check out the blogs I’ve tagged. Have a good day! <3

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Tagged by: @another-rogue-trevelyan

Rules: tag 9 3 people you’d like to get to know better/catch up with.

Tagging: if you’ve already been tagged i’m sorry!!

@elffyness @twinlaurels @purahs

Top Three Ships:

Hawke x Varric (they’re canon you can’t change my mind)

…Dean and Cas (Supernatural)

Rory and Jess (Gilmore Girls)

Last Song: Intro - Bo Burnham

Last Movie: …Barbie and the Diamond Castle (please don’t judge me skghdgshk)

Currently reading: The Keeper of the Lost Cities

Currently watching: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend / Never Have I Ever

Currently consuming: every bit of Dragon Age content i can

Food I’m craving right now: hmm. a burger? a strawberry milkshake, maybe.

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Hands down a million years ago the lovely @aneiria-writes sent me this ask and I AM HERE TO EXPOSE MYSELF :D If only for her sake and entertainment, but I’m doing it :D Sending hugs your way!

1) This quarantine left me with the time on my hands that I kinda entered a new fandom :cough, Army, cough: during it. My cousin is REALLY into BTS and she created this ‘online intensive course’ for me, walked me through music videos, the albums, interviews, explanatory videos, mukbangs, really all of it - and now here we are. My breaking point was the ‘Kinetic Manifesto Film’ Version of the ON music video, if you’re curious. It…was too much to handle :D

2) I am a grown adult, but Detective Conan/Case Closed still scares me shitless :D Like, I watched it far too young and was creeped out by the silhouettes they use for the murderers back then and still am these days. Their portrayal in the manga creeps me out even more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still reading it. Just during the day. When it’s light and sunny outside. Cuddled up in my bed. Possibly with a stuffed animal present :D

3) I am allergic to Hyacinths. I’d say they just make me sneeze, but honestly, they smell HORRIBLE. (I struggle with some other flowers as well, like Lillies, but they just give me a headache, not an allergic reaction). (I feel like I should kiss the Harry Potter fandom goodbye at this point, but we all know that’s never gonna happen :D No offense, Lily! I love you, just not the smell of your namesake :o)

4) I got my first real kiss while Broken Strings by Nelly Furtado and James Morrison was playing. In retrospect that’s pretty funny, but I was too wholesome for bad omens to register back then :D whoopsy daisy

5) speaking of wholesome: IT TOOK ME UNTIL 2019 TO FIGURE OUT WHAT ‘IF YOU SEEK AMY’ BY BRITNEY SPEARS WAS ALL ABOUT!!! That’s eleven years, folks! ELEVEN YEARS to figure out this brilliant innuendo, which I respect her deeply for, but ELEVEN YEARS. I can’t get over the shame, honestly. Because ‘F-U-C-K me’ - Get it? You get it? God, I was devastated when the penny dropped….

So I hope y’all had fun! :D Maybe someone else wants to join in? I’m curious! :)

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98. Have you ever forgotten someone’s name?

Pretty sure I’ve forgotten my own name before… so. Yes. I would say that I have.

99. Have you ever met someone that didn’t seem real?

I don’t meet a lot of people because of social anxiety so not really.

100. Give us one thing about you that no one knows.

I’m not very secretive because I don’t know how to keep my mouth shut; I literally talk and talk once I’m comfortable with the person I’m talking to.

That being said. One thing my mutuals and followers (probably) don’t know is that I have two nieces and a nephew. One niece is a little over a year old. And the other niece and the nephew are both a little over a month old. They’re not twins though because the niece is my sister’s daughter and the nephew is my brother’s son. The year old niece is the same sister’s daughter.

Get in my business please!

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Hades: what’s your favourite season?


Summer gets too hot where I’m from, autumn can be cold and winter is definately cold and dull, so spring is for me!


Originally posted by dreamsntangles

the muses: what’s your favorite type of music?

Pop music is definately the one for me. It gives me such good vibes and good energy 💜


Originally posted by urbanxdivinity

rapunzel: how do you keep yourself busy when you’re alone?

Luckily, I have no problem with being alone so I keep myself entertained easily. What I enjoy the most would be reading because I always get interrupted when I’m doing it and I hate it, so I love when I can do it in silence with no interruptions 🥰 but I also enjoy watching series and writing!


Originally posted by stardust-and-books

Thank you so much for asking!

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Get to know me better tag

@sharing-a-room-with-an-open-fire thank u for the tag!!

Top 3 ships:

  • Snowbaz (obvs)
  • Casey/ Izzy from atypical
  • Catradora

Last song: deceptacon by le Tigre (nothing but respect for MY ultimate baz song)

Last movie: you’ve got mail

Currently reading: carry on re read/ the infinite noise by Lauren shippen (I’ve listened to the podcast so this is just,,,,, a lot of emotions)

Food craving: nando’s oh my GOD (its a Portuguese restaurant for all u who don’t have it,,,, their peri peri chips are stupid good)

I really don’t have anyone to tag huh,,, gotta get me some more MUTUALS,,, also anyone who’s reading this pretend I tagged u Ily person reading this

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Didn’t think i would get any of these heehee 🙈😍

10. are you good at hiding your feelings?
UM, it is 50/50. Not when I am too worked up or something has struck a cord in me. I cry easily haha (took me a while to own that this doesn’t mean weakness), and also have a severe sense of empathy even when things don’t involve me so I even get worked up about things that 100% have nothing to do with me. I do however try to hide things with a smile most times because I want to be the one taking care, not taken care of, and only if you are reeeeeally paying attention, you can tell that I am putting up a front.

11. are you listening to music right now?

This moment, no, miraculously! But, most times you will catch me listening to a selection of the GG Soundtrack on repeat on Spotify while I do computer work.

12. what is something you want right now?

What I want RIGHT NOW is to be laying down in bed or the floor and just read amazing Brio Fics all day, buuuuuuut I have projects I am supposed to be working on…. Instead I am here distracting myself on Tumblr and sneaking ya’lls prompt fics here and there while lying to myself about getting back to work. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤫

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Thanks for the tags @theflyingpeach @amphipodgirl and @fight-surrender

Top 3 Ships:

  1. snowbaz
  2. First Prince
  3. Lams (Alex Hamilton and John Laurens— yes, I’m shipping historical figures. I don’t even care, they had a true love!)

Last Song: Giants by Bear Hands

Last Movie: Umm… I think it was “9″, but that was last month. I really don’t watch much of anything on TV anymore. 

Currently Reading: Wayward Son (again); HP: Goblet of Fire; There is a Light by @basic-banshee; and The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

Just finished: Heartstopper Vol. 3; Aurora Burning by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff; The Extraordinaries by TJ Klune; Carry On; Red, White & Royal Blue (for probably the 6th time this year)

Food Cravings: Decent sushi! And a frozen raspberry margarita from my favorite local mexican cantina.

Tagging: @sharing-a-room-with-an-open-fire @bazzybelle @anawkwardbibliophile @thehoneyedhufflepuff @krisrix @imhellakitty @vkelleyart @subpar-selkie @adamarks @motherscarf @nightimedreamersworld @waywardfangirl @f-ing-ruthless-baz @carryonsimoncarryonbaz @crisps-and-curry

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I was tagged by @impractical-matters and @sunel0 to answer 10 questions and come up with 10 questions of my own.

Thank you for the tag! I’m going to do it together 😂.

1. What’s your least and most favorite thing about quarantine?

Least favorite that my Mom is a nurse and she can not quarantine, because she has to work. And favorite, I can watch movies with my brother in the afternoons sometimes, as he doesn’t have to work (he is a teacher).

2. Is there a hobby that you have recently got back into? if yes, what is it?

I guess that drawing? I found my old drawing books and I sat one afternoon to draw. something I haven’t done in a while.

A little promotion ⬇️ 🤭

3. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?


4. What’s your favorite candy bar?

Kinder Bueno.

5. What is one of your favorite memories from HS/College?

Oh in College I had a very fun class in my 4th year. I went to law school and we did a mock trial. I managed to be the judge in the trial and it was so fun because the rest of my classmates acted as attorneys and witness. I got to threat some of my classmates to expell them from class if they didn’t behave 😂.

6. Do you have any siblings? 

One, a younger brother.

7. What is your favorite ship to read/write at the moment?

Right now i’m reading Steo the most haha. I have some periods of time in which i’m really into a ship, and right now it’s them.

8. Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? and do you wish you were there right now?

I love to travel, is my favorite thing to do. I’m lucky that I had the chance to know many countries and places. 

in Europe I love Paris and any city in Italy. I hope I get the chance to visit someplace this summer… 

9. What is your favorite thing to bake/cook?

I can’t really cook haha. but I do know the receipt to make Gazpacho. it’s a typical Spanish dish.

10. What is your favorite outdoor activity? (ie. biking, running, hiking)

I’m more an indoors type of person. But I guess, and at the risk of sounding posh, Horse Riding hahaha. I don’t do it very often but it relaxes me a lot.


1. If you are in/finished college/uni/whatever, what’s your major, or what you’d like it to be? Why?

I went to Law School, I have already finished and i’m studying to become a Judge.

2. Favourite pizza toppings?

Salami and olives.

3. Do you have pets? (with photos!)

Yes. two turtles. May I introduce to you: Manolito and Bartolito. We actually play with them in the terrace.


4. What’s your book recommendation?:D

I don’t really read much outside of fanfics… because i’m always with a law book in my hand haha. i don’t think I have a good recommendation to give you. The books I read were the typical ones everyone did in their teenage years: Harry Potter, Twilight…  

5. What’s your ultimate OTP?

Right now it’s Steo.

6. What’s the first favourite colour you had as a child that you can remember?

My favorite color is Yellow. it has always been yellow.

7. What’s you favourite word (in any language you know)? Do you have a reason?

Oh I love “Voyage”. It’s a word that can be used in french and english and also that every spanish speaker can understand.

8. What’s a skill you’ve always wanted to learn but never managed/got to it?

I would have LOVED to learn to play an instrument. Piano or Guitar.

9. What temperature you find the most comfortable?

Spain is a warm country so, I need to have at least 30º Celsius.

10. What fake scent you absolutely despise?

I hate the scent of tobacco. 

My Questions:

1. Have you ever had the same hairstyle? Or have you tried with different ones?

2. Favourite Disney Movie.

3. If you could choose between being a Werewolf, Vampire or Witch, What would you want to be?

4. Your Pokemon Partner.

5. Do you live in the city/town you were born?

6. A song that’s currently stuck in your head.

7. Do you have any allergies?

8. Subjet you hated the most during High School.

9. What was your favorite toy when you were a child?

10. If you were asked to name a law in your country and explain its content, more or less. Will you be able to?

I tag the ones who tagged me haha @sunel0 and @impractical-matters and @msmischief101 @tiniestawoo @fandomslash @thiamislove18 but ignore it if you want! 😊

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