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#get vaccinated
odinsbloga day ago
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Look, I understand that some people all of a sudden don鈥檛 trust vaccinations, but please get vaccinated for shingles. That shit ain鈥檛 no joke.
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resist-much22 hours ago
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highlandvalleya month ago
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spidermartini2 months ago
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Ok....The Baltimore Department of Health WINS.
Please share these....they are just SO GOOD.
(All I can hear is that last one in Trixie Mattel's voice)
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thesuperheroesnetwork6 months ago
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foxpost-generator2 months ago
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Posting for Greta's fox mask, while she's also correct about this issue and otherwise really excellent on climate change.
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legogradstudent5 months ago
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Receiving his vaccination, the grad student shudders at the thought of having flimsier excuses to avoid social interaction.
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odinsblog24 days ago
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Florida鈥檚 per capita COVID death rate is 50 times Australia鈥檚. In just one week, Florida surpassed Australia鈥檚 18 month death toll.
Roughly the same populations, but radically different outcomes from preventable coronavirus deaths. (source)
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theauspolchronicles2 months ago
It鈥檚 too difficult/exhausting trying to debunk every single anti-vaxxer argument because there鈥檚 so many. There鈥檚 no consistent single narrative that anti-vaxxers have about safety, or effects, or government. There doesn鈥檛 need to be, and in fact they benefit from having so many different ideas because it makes it harder to combat.聽鈥淥h you鈥檙e concerned about efficacy of vaccines? Here鈥檚 some info. Oh wait, you think vaccines are safe it鈥檚 just the disease is fake? Wait... oh you actually think it鈥檚 about government control? No it鈥檚 a private corporation? I thought this was about autism. I thought this was about the FDA. Now you鈥檙e saying COVID is real, and vaccines are real, but this is now all about privacy concerns? You鈥檙e talking about bodily autonomy but don鈥檛 care about the health and wellbeing of others? I thought this was about blah blah blah.鈥澛
So long as there is some kind of misinformation out there scaring someone then it鈥檚 mission success for the anti-vaxxer crowd. And so long as you鈥檙e addressing one concern, you鈥檙e not addressing another, and that division and exploitation of people鈥檚 fear responses can continue.
Basically: anti-vaxxers don鈥檛 have any consistency or solidarity. We can see this whenever new information becomes widespread that debunks one of their claims: they move onto a new claim. The motivation isn鈥檛 important. The motivation is secondary. The aim is to just prevent people from getting vaccinated through fear.
Don鈥檛 fall for fear. Get vaccinated and show off to the world that you鈥檙e not gullible.
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fixing-bad-postsa month ago
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[Image ID: A long tumblr text post, with large sections of text removed. Resulting text is below.]
COVID Talking Points
All/most of the people in the hospital with COVID are unvaccinated.
Hospitalizations are very real
Many people who have been told by their doctors not to get the vaccine because of their medical history are vulnerable
Hospitals/ICUs are nearing/at/over capacity.
Hospitals are truly overwhelmed
Hospital capacity is not just the physical space or number of physical beds. The number of 鈥渁vailable beds鈥 is also dependent on staff availability. Our economy is experiencing a labor shortage
There鈥檚 no evidence that the vaccine has long-term side effects.
there鈥檚 no evidence
Unvaccinated people are responsible for the Delta Variant
Getting the vaccine reduces your risk of getting COVID.
Vaccinated people are less likely to get symptoms
the vaccine is effective at preventing severe illness
We definitely need more research on therapeutics and other treatments to be able to help those who had a hard time with this virus.
Keep data in mind and look at severe illness/death rates for your demographic.
We need good data to be able to make good decisions.
It鈥檚 okay that we鈥檙e locking down, mandating masks, mandating vaccines
There have been good outcomes in the past
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politijohn2 months ago
You鈥檇 think the latest COVID-19 outbreak with the Delta variant would have changed the minds of ~some~ former skeptics by now. Let鈥檚 check in with some conservative Governors overseeing their states鈥 COVID-19 approach鈥
Texas:聽The Governor banned all gov鈥檛 entities (including schools) from implementing mask mandates. COVID infections are increasing.
Florida: Governor DeSantis banned mask mandates in schools. The state has unequivocally the highest rate of new COVID infections and he has doubled down on his approach.
Nebraska:聽The Governor straight up stopped reporting COVID statistics because the pandemic is apparently over. Cases are increasing.
Iowa: The Governor considers mask mandates to be聽鈥渃ounterproductive鈥 to ending the pandemic, denoting that such orders lack 鈥渃ommon sense.鈥 Cases are increasing.
Arizona: The Governor banned聽mandates for masks, vaccines, and vaccine passports. Considers these strategies to be ineffective and unhelpful. Cases are increasing.
Arkansas: The Governor signed a bill prohibiting mask mandates. Now, as the state hits record hospitalization levels, he regrets it.
In case you forgot, the country is run by buffoons
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dauntless-sakura2 months ago
Even if 100% of people got the vaccine it would not go back to normal. Look at Israel, Gibraltar, the most vaxxed places in the world, and most of their new cases are in fully vaxxed. Also, even if 0 people too the vaccine, the government does not have the right to control us like this. People need to be able to make their own choices "my body, my choice." Even if covid had a 100% fatality rate instead of a 99% survival rate, lockdowns are fascist and an abuse of power.
1) The vaccine does not 100% prevent the virus. No vaccine can do that. Viruses vary and evolve too much. What the vaccine does do is make your body able to respond to the virus more easily, so if you get it, the chance of which is already significantly reduced by the vaccine strengthening your immune system, your case will likely be minor or asymptomatic rather than leaving you bedridden for weeks or hospitalized.
Let's get into how the vaccine works. There are two kinds of COVID vaccines, and both have been tested extensively and are safe. One is an mRNA vaccine that directly gives your body protein "instructions" for how to make antibodies for the particular virus. The other is a standard vaccine that injects imitation viruses that look like the real virus but are completely harmless. This allows your body to naturally develop the antibodies to the virus.
The vaccine does not have a tracking chip, because there are not tracking chips small enough to fit into the needle. The vaccine doesn't cause you to get autism (you can't even get autism artificially, you're either born with it or you aren't) or any other sort of mental or physical disorder. The vaccine is not able to impact your body that way.
2) "My body my choice" works when it's only your body at risk. That isn't true in this case. Many people have chronic illnesses and conditions that make it impossible for them to get the vaccine. The more people who can get the vaccine and don't, the higher the risk is of the people who can't get the vaccine to get sick. It's not just about you. It's about everyone around you and your community.
3) Lockdowns are one thing when there isn't a good reason for them. Lockdowns are another thing when there is. And it wasn't just the government telling you this, it was scientists worldwide and throughout the nation that are not affiliated with the government. Take a look at the principle of Occam's Razor, which states that usually, the simplest explanation is the correct one. Do you really think that every major country is going to round up their scientists and make them join a shared secret conspiracy? No. That wouldn't work, from a sociological standpoint. There is no "illuminati" group controlling everything, because by this point, with the technology we have, there would've been actual cold hard proof.
4) COVID is real, and I've had it. Thankfully I had a relatively minor case, but I know people who have died from it. It's not the flu. It's not a branch of the common cold. It is a virus that feels and acts very different and causes similar but different symptoms. I've had the flu and the common cold before. They do not feel remotely like COVID. And again, there is absolutely no way that every single country would somehow come together homogenously to fake a virus. It's impossible given how human psychology works.
You aren't just responsible for yourself here. You're responsible for everyone you come into contact with. You're responsible for the store clerk you talked to with a rare allergy to the vaccine ingredients. You're responsible for the family with the baby you sat next to on the bus who can't get vaccinated yet because the vaccine has not been tested on the very young. You're responsible for the elderly war veteran with a dangerous chronic condition that you saw at the restaurant. And you're responsible for the store clerk's mother, who lives in an area where vaccines are scarce. And all the other babies at the baby's day care. So on and so forth.
If you're carrying the virus with or without knowing it, which is far, far, far more likely to happen when you're unvaccinated, you are endangering the lives and well-being of countless other vulnerable individuals all over your community.
Getting the vaccine protects your family, your neighbors, and by extension, your country. This is not political. This is science, independent third-party science that has been proven and proven and proven to be safe and reliable.
Do it for them. Do it for yourself. Get the shot.
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riseabovedefeata month ago
PSA: 聽Get the COVID-19 vaccination. 聽Just fucking get it. 聽You want life to return back to normal? 聽Get the shot. 聽Too many people have lost their lives to this illness. 聽Too many families forever changed. 聽If you are eligible to get the shot get it. 聽If you won鈥檛 do it to help others, do it to save your own life. 聽Covid is not something to be trifled with. 聽Take it seriously. 聽I just lost my cousin to Covid-19. 聽
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