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#get your music on spotify and itunes
loonasbts · 3 years ago
most “meus” are always asking for a f(x) comeback, WELL GUESS WHAT ! if you support lunber’s sm station track lower, we can show sm that f(x) does have a lot of fans, and then your f(4) asses can get fed. don’t let this sm station flop like what you did with their other one heartbeat or better yet, what you did with free somebody.
so please, i beg you, stream the music video like there’s no tomorrow. buy the song on itunes, stream it on spotify and apple music, or if you can try, stream it on melon or any korean music apps if possible. post positive comments too and i heard somewhere that sm is wanting more korean comments, so just search on twitter or google ‘korean compliments’ and youre good to go.
ALSO please don’t go onto the music video comments asking for f(4) because lunber worked their asses off to release the bop,, just please
lunber and f(x) overall had a rough 2017, let’s please give them a great 2018
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lesbian-octoling · 4 months ago
Imagine. It’s 6 in the morning, and you’ve just started your hour-long commute to go work for 8 hours of manual labor and picking up poop. You decide that, instead of turning on Spotify, you’re gonna go back to your roots and turn your (very much pirated from youtube) iTunes on your whole list and hit shuffle, hoping you might hear something you haven’t heard in a long time. You know that you won’t be able to check your phone once you get on the highway, and you’re trusting it to play music you like.
You’re now going 85 mph, it’s pitch black outside, and you’re starting to dissociate. The final notes of the last song (the only thing keeping you awake and alive, at this point) fade out.
You hear the first notes of “I am Octavio.”
“Oh, sweet.” You start to think. “This is a good song. Haven’t heard it in a while, it’s not on Spotify.”
Then you remember the normal I Am Octavio isn’t in your iTunes list either.
All of this happens within .3 seconds before your car is rattled by the echoing boom of “WHAT UP OCTO VALLEYYYY!!!!!” But it’s too late. You can’t change the song now. You have one hand on the wheel and one holding your mug of scalding hot nutritional shake. The phone is plugged in on the far side of the passenger seat.
“ T H I S  I S  D J  O C T A V I O - ”
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barkingfortheocean · 3 years ago
Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher fandom starter pack
So I’m hoping with the success of Take My Wife (and their hit instagram video “you didn’t think you had to cook noodles”) more folks are wanting to get into the burgeoning Cam/Rhea fandom. Welcome! We’ve been lonely for quite some time!
Tumblr media
The good news is, there is A LOT of Cam and Rhea content. Both are successful stand-up comics who have been around for a while.
Everyone should now be aware of their TV show, Take My Wife, available on iTunes and Amazon. It’s a semi-autobiographical comedy about their lives.
Tumblr media
Cameron has three solo stand-up albums: Grab Them Aghast, Same Sex Symbol, and Marriage Material. All are available on Spotify, iTunes, and wherever else you get music-type things. Rhea has a solo album called Butcher, same availability. And they have an album together, Back to Back, which was recorded on their tour last fall.
Tumblr media
Podcasts. Bless Sappho, are there podcasts. Cameron and Rhea host a comedy show in LA called Put Your Hands Together, which is recorded and released as a podcast of the same name. The first 20 minutes or so consists of Cam and Rhea talking about their lives, current events, and everything else you can imagine. The rest of the podcast is 7-minute sets from various comics, and is well worth the listen! I’ve discovered so many amazing comics through this podcast, and there’s FIVE YEARS of weekly shows available!
Tumblr media
In addition to PYHT, Cameron hosts a podcast called Queery, in which she has one-on-one conversations with folks in the LGBTQ community about personal experience and identity. Past guests include Tegan and Sara, Evan Rachel Wood, Jill Soloway, and many others! This is such a good and important podcast, I recommend every episode even (especially?) if you don’t know who the guest is.
Tumblr media
Rhea just launched a podcast called Three Swings, which is about baseball. I... honestly don’t care about sports and haven’t listened to it yet, but I do plan on listening to it and maybe Rhea will change my mind about sportsball.
In addition to currently-airing podcasts, they hosted a podcast called Wham Bam Pow where they talk about action and sci-fi movies.
They’ve also appeared as guests on many many podcasts, which are definitely worth checking out. I can’t possibly list them all, but do a search of either of their names and you’re going to find a bunch! All worth listening to.
They’ve been in a few tv shows and movies as well! Rhea is a recurring guest on Adam Ruins Everything. Cameron has appeared in Sleight, First Girl I Loved, Operator, Mother’s Day (a movie I was surprised to have enjoyed and even cried??), The Hero, Maron, and voiced on We Bare Bears, Danger & Eggs, and Adventure Time. They were both in an episode of Bajillion Dollar Properties.
Tumblr media
If you can check them out live, definitely do! They’re amazing! They tour pretty regularly, and you can see them every Tuesday at 8pm in LA at the UCB Theatre on Franklin for PYHT.
Tumblr media
And they’re very active on Twitter and Instagram. (@cameronesposito and @rheabutcher) Instagram stories are where such gems as the noodle and butternut squash videos originated, as well as videos of their adorable tiny dog named Murph, #murphthederph
I hope this helps anyone who wants to get to know Cam and Rhea! They are truly awesome people and I would love to see a bigger fandom for them on here.
Tumblr media
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beeloved · 3 years ago
Get excited everyone.
I have OFFICIALLY finished my IT inspired EP!! It consists of 8 tracks, 6 of which I have released here. It’s called “Sincerely, The LoVers Club” and I am SO stoked for you guys to hear it all!!
But wait, there’s more.
I have arranged for this EP to be available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon Music, for your listening pleasure. 
It’s gonna take a week or so for everything to become available on said distributors, but I will keep you guys in the loop. 
I just want to say an ENORMOUS thank you to every single person who has liked, reblogged, listened to, or sent an ask about my music. Having my own content shared with people is my dream, and you guys are helping it come true, so I can never ever thank you enough. 
So get ready guys, I have big things coming for you!!
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mikeliebo · 3 years ago
In the words of yoncé (that’s what I call her cus we’re so close) …“I woke up like this”. And thank you very very much. If anyone else feels I’m adorable enough to persuade you to stream all of my music on Spotify and use up all those iTunes cards you get from grandma on my albums… then I say go for it! I want everyone to live their dream but also while listening to my music 🎶🎶🎶🎶
click here to listen to my music on Spotify!
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brianwithanh · 3 years ago
Hi, huge fan of Star and the show's music! I'm wondering if the music is available for purchase anywhere? I can't find it on iTunes or Spotify. Will there be a soundtrack released?
I get this q a lot, but I’m responding because I think your user name is just splendid.
The music is not available for purchase anywhere, and whether or not it hits an official outlet like iTunes or Spotify depends entirely on Disney. Maybe someday? But I wouldn’t hold your breath for it.
Thanks for the kind words!
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samanthuh55 · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My outfit for Tour !!!! Going as one of Tay’s background dancers from the Look What You Made Me Do Video! ❤️🔥🎶 @taylorswift I will be at 2 shows this tour ! ❤️Philly July 13th -Section F5 Row 27 Seats 3,4 ❤️MetLife July 21st-Section 13 Row 32 Seats 15&16 I have been a dedicated, loyal, overexcitable Swiftie since 2008, seriously everyone knows me as THE TAYLOR SWIFT GIRL, every person I’ve ever known, every job I’ve ever had! In 2010 you inspired me to learn guitar! I now write songs to releases emotion while sitting tucked away in my closet! You gave me the greatest gift, musical therapy ! I even released an original song on iTunes/Spotify last year called Be Just Fine! I could have never done that without your influence! Your album Fearless got me through one of the toughest times in high school, my parents divorce. That album was a safe haven for me, your voice soothed me. It still does. Thank you so much for that. I hope this tour I get to finally Hug you! It would mean everything to me! To thank you for all the joy you’ve brought into my life! All the lyrics that made me feel less alone, all the nights I’ve already seen you on past tours and had the time of my life dancing and singing along with you! It really is my biggest wish to finally Hug you! I love you so much ! -love love love, Sam Coyle @taylorswift @taylornation
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